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Velocity of Life

2020-05-05 | 🔗

Dr. Phil takes you through the anatomy of an emotion, stressors, and ways to maximize opportunities.

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Now you get thirty percent of all products just use code r M are thirty are you more thirty? we are, to be moving back into the world. I want to talk about what that means for you and what that means for your life. We live in a capitalist society and those who sees the day those who work hard. Those who do well are going to be rewarded, and I want that to be you and to do that, you need to be mentally healthy. What is The velocity of life
Let's not fulfilling your listing to fill in the bikes we're in somewhere between the sixth and seventh weak quarantine depending on what stage you're in at least in California. I think our forty seventh day of beef, in shelter at home, lock down quarantine, whatever you want to call it. I'm not here to talk about that, I'm really here to talk about your life and the fact that what ever day or weak you're in your part of the country- and I know there are some states that have not been sheltering in place at all. For a variety of reasons, most commonly that
there are differences in density of population and frequency of cases and death, etc, but limits are that about. Ninety percent of America has been in some form of quarantine, some form of locked down? I think everyone would agree that, six or seven weeks seems like a long long time, and I think everyone would agree as we are listening to our government talk and listening to a lot of people reacting that We are coming to a point where this is going to change. That people are going to start coming out of quarantine either by government. Summing up, guidelines or because people are saying I just can't- take this anymore and they're, going to going out on their own now,
just want to tell you for my two cents worth as I've said before Robin and I have been in. Contain. We have been following as much as I think as humanly possible the city the guidelines? We have been living in. Isolation. We ve been following social distancing you been wash our hands and washing surfaces in staying is icily it as we possibly can, because we think has been the responsible thing to do. We have been really alone together, as has been said by so many people with certainly been by ourselves, but we ve all been doing this as one as a society to help everybody what I when I talk about is the fact that, as this is coming to an end, as it appears that hopefully, Reese Possibly we are going to be moving back into the world. I want to talk about
what that means for you and what that means for your life. You know, I said last week that, when we're done talking about. Are we getting back to normal that maybe we're asking the wrong question. Instead of asking are we going to get back to normal? that may maybe the question we should be asking is: how do we move forward not Are we going back to what we used to do, but how? Are we going to go forward to what we need to do, because, frankly, I dont think that what we took four grand What we did every day is going to be a big part of what we do who, at least in the coming months, I look at it from my point of view for the last Eighteen years, I've gone to the studio. I've had a pact on every day to hunt
then fifty people in the audience shoulder to shoulder elbow to elbow engage in talking among themselves watching what was happening being invites of engage, participating, I'm not at all sure that that's what it happened in the fall. I think Doktor Phil, as you see it, on your, A vision screen may look very different. Not sure that it will be better, not sure that it will be The same, but I think that, if I talked about last week. We are adaptive we are creative. We use our heads and do the things that we need to do. We will find a way to make it work? while it seems like we ve, been in here for a long, long time. Think about this, Wasn't it just a moment ago,
we were doing the things that we ve always done well just a moment ago that you were going to your kid soccer games wasn't just a moment ago that everyone got together for Thanksgiving, and Christmas was just a moment ago, that you were going to a ball game profession baseball game, college, basketball, game, high school football game. Was it just a moment ago that you saw people when you shut their hands or gave him a big hug? Why, it just a moment ago that lie As we knew, it was very, very different. And in a matter of just Six or seven weeks. Depending on where you live there
entire social pattern has changed. And I want us all, not to survive these days, but to come out over them with a new place to stand with new tools, new wisdom and deeper, you're standing up how you got there. So that is it something you were doing. That was ineffective. Now is a great time to change it, and if its thing that just see to have come out of the blue. This something that seems random to you. Can whether it and be stronger for it, because you choose to find meaning and purpose out of it, you dont use, do it mindlessly you choose whose define meaning and purpose out of it. Now
Actually, twelve years ago, I wrote a book It was the most difficult book I have ever written and that book. Was entitled real life. Caring for the seven most challenging days of your life, I'm gonna Are you what those seven days were, and I can tell you that it would now be an obsolete book, because there would need to be an eighth day, the eighth day be the day the world shut down. The eighth day would be the day that they told you you couldn't live your life anymore. The eighth day would be day. They told you. You had to leave your job, your family, your friends, your life and go home And locked the door and don't go
outside, because an invisible enemy was on the attack, it threatened your life. Threatened your loved ones. It threatened your parents. The seven most challenging days of your life be one short of what would have to be in looted today, because it would have to end that day that the governments dump and said we can Do this anymore. We can't live this week, any anymore as a society we can't be who we are and do what we do. I would have. To include that day. Just a moment ago that would not have been on my list, but now today it would have to be on the list. And you may think well, this is to be a tough podcast.
But it really isn't. This is a podcast that is focused on hope and joy and strength and peace of mind, because it has to do with life balance. It has to do with learning to deal with the ups and downs it has, do with knowing that? Actually, we ve now been prepared for this. We go to school and they teach us how to read and write and added subtract they teach About geometry: they teach us about science, but they don't really teachers to cope with life and what it throws at us. They just don't do that Any of your forty years old you ve, lived fourteen thousand six hundred days if you're forty five, sixteen thousand foreign a quarter. If your fifth, You ve lived. Eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty days.
How many of those days jump out at you as something that really stands out. I mean really really stands out I'll bet you that this day, You got sent home these six or seven weeks are gonna, be something that you never forget. If you live to be a hundred years old and by the way. If your seventy today you have a tin. Percent chance of making it to ninety eight, so your days may be numbered. That means we need to make the most out of every day we have left. I did a survey when I wrote this book. Back in two thousand eight, it was not a typical Whereby because it was a web based survey and even then the internet was not prolific it as it is today
I did a survey and I ask people to rank Street, in their life on zero, two hundred. And I gave him a lot of events to rank, Going to tell you what that survey yielded and ask you How you would rank these things, but the number one stress event that, Sir, on top of the list of fifteen was foreclosure of me mortgage or alone now think about that. Because what is happening now is the entire world economy has been shut down the years, it states economy has been shut down, your jobs have been put on hold. You may have them to go back to you. May not. You might be able to pay your rent, you may not, but in two thousand and eight, when I did this survey, the number one stress event that people ranked
putting the greatest demand! The greatest worry, the greatest anxiety in their life was mutual were they going to be able to deal with the financial stress and demand and it was for clothes of a mortgage you're alone that they were going to go bankrupt, they were going to go broke. That was number one. And now that event- a common denominator among Why adult population in Amerika, the number one stress event in two thousand eight has now been: a common denominator for practice, everyone in our society. How astounding is that that event have conspired to make the number one stress ranked event com to almost every one, what was or to death Close family member,
sixty nine thousand people have died from covered. Nineteen number? One was bankruptcy number two, the death of a family member and those have been right at the top of this pandemic? What was number three may your disease diagnosis. So what living with right now are big sphere. Is it we're gonna go broke that somebody? We love is gonna catch this disease and die number three, We're gonna catch this disease and die Those are the one two and three stressors that came up in that survey that I did number four was major disease diagnosis not of ourselves but family member number- five was severe, Illness living with a chronic date of illness, six death of a spouse,
seven, not just foreclosure but complete financial ruin. Eight, change in financial state nine dramatic legal problem, ten separation, so eight of the top ten stress events, have virtue. Really been mandated by this pandemic, that's how But stress has been brought on and I have invading beating the drum by saying yes, we do need tat ourselves. We do need to be in corn teen, but we need to recognise that it brings with it tremendous stress, tremendous pressure and eight of the ten of they were ranked by at heard of people. When I did this survey aid of the tunnel events have been mandated by this pandemic? And the resulting
you in place. The resulting quarantine. Number eleven self idea: the crisis, El Change and mental health of a family member thirteen divorce. Fourteen severe injury fifteen of a close friend. So you can see the pressure, has been brought to bear by all of this. Actually were the tops s, events that were detailed in two thousand and eight That tells you why I have been so concerned about the fall out from quarantine. That's why! I I study these things. I know what they mean. As I say, you can see why I have been so concerned about this, because I know that this currently
It has created a lot of stress based on what I have been studying for years and years and years now. Let me be clear about a couple, a terms here. We sometimes you stress in the wrong way. A stress or Esther. A definition of stress and stress or. A stress or. Nasty, r e, o r is something that but a demand on the organism think about saw horses and a two before That's ten feet long and its strict, between the two saw horses and you Go in the middle and you put a five pound, wait what happens Two before starts to bow, come in put another five pound sandbag and it boasts a more well. What's your pudding,
On the board are stress, George you're, putting a demand on the board and its Boeing under the pressure. And pretty soon you add another five pound sandbag and you start to hear the board crack a little bit Those are stress, cracks. The Strasser is the weight. The cracks The board is the stress And when life piles up demands on you. And your mind starch cracking your body, starch cracking that's stress- when your body starts to break down when your body starts to show, wear and tear. That's this Rest reaction that you get from the demands that life places on you So, when you have the death of a loved one, when you go bankrupt when you lose your job, when
get a serious illness, those are stress, oars and your body shows the wear and tear, and wear and tear are the stress reaction that comes from the pressure, the demand, the stress that is put on you and why, I've just shown you is that eight of the top ten stressors that were reported by my web survey are exactly what this Quarantine, this covert nineteen and they make is creating in your life. How much are the stress cracks in your life it showing in your mental health? it showing in your physical health? showing in your relationship with your significant other, is showing in the way you react to your children in the way that you parent, in your pay it's in your tolerance in your life clear of, is your body
they came down, is your mind. Breaking down is Europe a good deal of efficiency. Breaking down are your coat the strategies being overwhelmed. No, I said if I was writing this book today, it wouldn't be seven days. It would have to be eight days because Would have to include this day. And let me tell you what the seven days are that I wrote about in two thousand eight number one. Of the seven most challenging days in your life was the day that you suffer a loss and your heart is shattered. Second, was the day that, Fear overwhelms you, because you realize you have been a sell out that you aren't do what you want to do with your life.
Heard most challenging day in your life is when you adaptability, breaks down, and you realize you are in over your head and life is just overwhelming you, the Fourth, most challenging day is when you get the news that your body is breaking down the z, he's has invaded. You also have shown up. Cancer has shown up something Your body is breaking down the fifth day. This most challenging is when your mental health breaks down. Your mind begins to play tricks on you meant Illness takes over neurosis psychosis. You start to him breaks in your ability to cope. The day is when addiction takes over
are you or someone you love whether it see Opie oil crisis of today, the heroin crisis that was so prominent when I wrote the book in two thousand eight, whatever drugs. Are that addiction takes over. In the final day that I wrote about was the day you realize you are in an existential crisis. You I've lost purpose in your life. You have lost direction in your life and you cannot find an answer to the question why I am I doing this. What is the purpose? I'm just going to struggle and then die Why am I doing this the day, the Existential crisis overwhelms you and you can, fine purpose. You cannot find meaning to what you're doing this
Those are the seven days that I wrote about in two thousand eight, and, as I have been following a long in my Social media tracking in reading the messages that I'm getting on Twitter, Facebook Instagram ever Where that I get messages emails from people that follow me on the podcast on Doktor Phil on everywhere that I show up Facebook everywhere. I'm getting all seven of these questions asked of me. Then there are talking about those eight events that showed up, in the top ten, when I did the survey, this is what people are talking about, and I fear that it is when to cause you to go back out into the world. Shooting yourself wondering if you have what it takes, how did you ever get where you were too,
in Wales is a great quote from Catherine happen she once said life is hard after All it kills, you know but he gets out of this alive? The question is How do we make the journey. And I know that we are getting ready to open this country back up. And your life is not going to be in his good shape as it was when we got locked down when we got locked down. You probably had a job when we go Lock down, you probably had more confidence in your ability to cope than you do now. When we got lock down. You probably worked in financial ruin. When we lock down your challenges, the hills you had to climb. Problems you had to manage prom.
We weren't as many and varied As they are now challenges, you, go out there you're going to need to have a tool kit you're going to need to be ready to sign. Ok. I've got some challenges, but I'm not alone, and I need the face these and I need to be a good role model for my children and for my family now developed, an audit that I'm going to put on the website and has to do with you assessing your stress level, and I you to think about these things. I'm going to read them to you now and I want you Think about them, but I want you to go to the website and I want you to answer each one of these things. The choices you're gonna have to each of the items is you're gonna respond whether that statement describes you all the time most
To the time some the time or rarely and I'm not going to read all of these to you, I'm just going to give you a sampling. So you know the kind of things that I want you to do by self assessment apple number one. How often do you feel that you are not coping well with the demands that are placed on you? How, when do you feel that you're not coping well with the demands that are placed on you. You feel that way. All the time so the time some of the time or rarely. Do you find yourself withdrawing from friends, family and colleagues, you feeling anxious all the time most of the time. Some of the time are rarely.
Are you jumpy and unable to relax? Are you having fights with people about everything and nothing Do you find yourself feeling sad, Down for Noah, reason. You are aware that you are experiencing stress and its affecting your life negatively, do you blame others for everything. I read you five or six of these. There are twenty that I want you to go through, and then I will, you two score this and I'm gonna have the scoring available for you. So you can see exactly where you stand, how many bricks or on your board and is When I tell you where you
stack up against a lot of people that have taken this simple stress on it, at all: east you'll know whether or not you are someone that is really on the far end of the stress continuum. Or if your somebody that his handling it pretty well. Any of your someone that is really out their stress, wise you're, going to have to Actively start embracing some stress fighting strategies. And one of the most important things you're gonna have to do- is to forgive yourself. You're gonna have to stop. Wasting time beating yourself for past errors, look the past over. The future hasn't happened, yet the only time is right. Now you can't live. Looking over your shoulder, you ve gotta, obviously manage your reactions you ve gotta, take for your body, you have to exercise regularly, you ve got to pay
just affirmations where you give yourself positive thoughts throughout the day you gotta on managing your body getting healthy sleep asking How often do you laugh? When was the last time you breathed out of the bottom of your lungs, I mean really were able to take a deep breath ass, anxious people breathe at the top of their lungs. Take deep short brass. People that are able to relax. Take long, deep brass. ailed really take a deep breath. How bout you. You ve, got a really take a look at that and see. How am I doing look Life is managed, did not cured how good a manager you good of a manager? Are you really. That's so important for you to think about me.
If you're not a real good manager, then you need to become a really good manager, and that means you ve gotta, consciously resolve to do that. You know one of the three This, I think, is really important as you go. Back out after this quarantine and get into your life is something I call velocity of life. What is your velocity of life. Are you some one that is rather stagnant? Are you one of those people that suffers from inertia? We all. The definition of inertia is the tendency for bodies at rest to remain at rest, and we know the definition. Momentum is the tendency for bodies in motion. Remain in motion. The last of life, describes people that her emotion, they're, not inert they're, not bogged down. You have to we ask yourself.
What is your velocity of life and of its stagnant? You ve got a really resolve that you're gonna change that you can't be paralyzed, and to do that you to understand your emotions. There is an anatomy of an emotion. There are four basic parts. First, an event, takes place in you perceive it in some sensory way. You use your site, your hearing, your smelling, touching. Maybe even tasting abilities. The same event can be perceived a thousand different ways by thousand different people, which is why he's. Investigators will tell you that multiple eye witnesses to the same event, seldom You have consistent or accurate reports there all king, through different filters, so when an event takes You perceive it through your filters. That's the first part of the anatomy of an emotion is what kind of filter you look at it through. Second, you,
Able it by using those filters to place meaning on the event could mean seeing an authority figure is threatening, maybe because you had an abusive father or maybe, on the other hand, using pleasure points like a warm and fuzzy feeling that we get when we enjoy birthday cake or the smell of an ocean, because you spent a blissful childhood. So when you see something that reminds you of Father or authority itself, positive because the authority figures in your life protected you. So you lay. Both things based on your filters and you need to ask yourself what are those filters.
All this may doktor fearless back with all new shows recorded before they stay at home order. I was an actor model: Hollywood bodied of mysterious illness. If I dont forced feed myself, my body will go into an attack. She feels a Tommy conquered and feels as if she's being electrocute all new drama. You better put me on ahead of her for a long time. You have been doing nothing but criminal activities, and I got a pack her off somewhere for ninety days, so you could take a break now all new story. Seventy four year old Norma says she's in love with three different man. She's ever even met in person. She says they are stuck in voice country. The grand total that you have said to Jeff is two hundred and twenty three thousand seven hundred and ten dollars and fifty shirt. I was time how can reform indulgently by an airplane Eduardo Doktor Fearless all knew all this may. Looking for ad free episode,
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If you see the world and you label it in your internal dialogue as a fruitful place of opportunity, you're gonna see, it is well put me Coach, I want to get out there, but that's, and be based on how you label what you see and in full. You respond behaviorally in a way that flows from the emotions that you have chosen by. Internal dialogue. If you label it is fearful, you're gonna withdraw. If you label it is opportunity, you're going to race towards it. We're getting ready to go back out into the world what Is the anatomy of your emotion about the world? Are you gonna see? This is a scary place like, oh, my god, they're sending us back out there, but all do is get infected and die you gonna say this is look. I've been very responsible I couldn, I love. Good habits of maintaining physical hygiene and mental hygiene, and I'm
ready to responsibly step by step, go back out into life than crew eight and seize opportunities. If you that person you're going to just really wrong: kick opportunities these today carpet deal. If you see it is oh, my god, they're pushing at the door into a petri dish and I'm gonna, get horribly sick and maybe die then Gonna, be anxiety, ridden and you're going to be inert nerd you're gonna be scared, you're gonna be afraid. I don't I want you to be reckless. I don't want you to run headlong out there and start to their body on the lips? I want you the move responsibly use, You ve learned, protect you health in a reasonable way, but looking opportunities, trust yourself to practice good mental hygiene, protect yourself with good for The co hygiene.
Observe social distancing, continue good handwashing, surface cleaning. All the things that are necessary to minimize your risk and maximize your opportunities, but that's gonna be a thumb of the anatomy of the emotions that you take when you go back out into this world dont let this. Its day be one of paralysis, one where you get stress, cracks mentally or physically dont. Let this be. The day that your body breaks down that you're mine breaks down, don't let this be the day, You fear that You ve been sold out this thrown back into the water with the sharks. Don't feel that your adaptable he has broken down, because when I look at the seven days that I wrote about two thousand eight, I feel like there. Almost all happening at one time as we re enter this life.
Even the existential crisis. If you're saying, what's the point, I'm just gonna get sick. Will you ve sick before. And you handled it before you got well and you moved on eighty five percent. The people that contract this disease have mine. Moderate or no symptoms and they get back to their life. Now if your advanced in age or you have some underline condition than you may need to remain sheltering in place, you may need to remain in quarantine, but a very small percentage of younger people, According to the infectious disease experts, according to the micro, I apologise that have been talking to me and I've had fifteen, ten of these experts on in twenty seven different broadcast. I've been talking to them when they ve been telling me straight up that the vast Madeira
the people that are exposed to this and contracted gonna have mile to moderate symptoms now If you're at high risk, you need to take different steps, I totally acknowledge that and don't take my word for it: go to the doktor, feel website and look at what doktor nag he says, look at what does your Glenville says: look at what these exports that I've had on telling me. So I can tell you. I am not an immunology EAST, I'm not Expert in infectious diseases are not a micro biologist. I deal with the behavioral emotional psychological aspects of this trying to be a coach for you here. I'm trying to answer your questions here and the things talking about, are based on the questions I've been getting on a regular basis. I dont worry. When we are released I can do the wild to be eclipse? I wanted to follow the city.
The guidelines I wanted to continue social distancing. I wanted to continue taking steps we had genetic to be responsible, but I want you to seize opportunities. Let other people stand there with their hands in their pocket paralyzed because they didn't prepare use. He's the day. You take the edge You take the initiative, you led your family. I am curable optimist, and I believe that this can be done and look. I don't care how much We want this to become a welfare state. We live in a meritocracy. We live in a capitalist society and those who sees the day those who work hard. Those who do well argued to be rewarded, and I want that to be you and to do that, you need to be mentally healthy.
The undeniable dont be reckless He realistic and do the things that you need to do to create the right, else. If you want to create, when you choose to behaviour, you choose the consequences, you choose to be reckless, you will choose to get sick, you choose to be careful and action oriented. You will choose to get good results and that's what I want you to do. This is about creating your own results. We're not victims. Here we have the opportunity to do what we need to do and About your children, This is intimidating to you. How intimidating has it been for your children think about that they're, not understanding everything. You understand.
All. They knew was one day they were going to school and then they were told they couldn't. They were gone. The soccer practice in baseball practice of having sleep over and then all of a sudden they were told. Oh no, you can't do that because it's too dangerous. How are they filling in the blanks? No pun intended. How are they filling in the blanks? If you're not sitting down with them and talking them about what this really means for them. What the law? full of dangerous for them. How they filling in the gaps any her hearing on television if their reading on the internet, that this is more dangerous for old people. Trust me. Even if your thirty five or forty two years, I could greater you're old people. They don't make
big distinction between thirty five and sixty year old people. If your thirty five so To tell you mom sorry to tell you dad, but Thirty five is old people to them. They don't make. Quantitative distinctions. You need to make that for them and let them know. That they need not worry if their careful and they know that you're being careful. We need optimism right now. We need leadership in a positive direction right now and the best But we can do that is by following the science and being careful but affirmative, the active and moving back into our lives, wonders Things that causes people to have the most fear and anxiety is when they feel helpless. And it's so important as you talk to your children that
they don't just walk around way, four lightning to strike and feeling helpless, like there's nothing, they can do to impact the outcome that Simply not true. They To understand how powerful what we have done has been, they need to be given great kudos for this, crisis they have made, they have ten their schooling, but from home. They have said, suffice time with their friends. They have sacrificed their athletics. They have said revised choir, they said suffice, dance, soccer everything they need to be Oh, how proud parents are of how well. They handle handled that they ve lived, cooped up with the family and they
to be told how proud, mom and dad are of how well they ve handled at how good they ve been what big boy, he's a big girls. They are how well they ve done with all that and how proud you, Of them and that when it's time to go back out there, that there is a plan that were Gonna just go back to what we were doing to begin with, that we're going to ease back into this and that the else. The scientists are working on things that are going to allow us to get back to a lot of the things that we used to do, but in in time we're going to do some partial thing some some partial stay. We're going to be able to go back out there. And we're gonna be able to see some friends, but we're gonna have to do it in a different way like for a Well, they're gonna be able to have a friend over and throw the football around in the backyard there
to be able to have some girlfriends over and have a sleep over and spend the night, but they're going to do it in a way where there, not, on top of each other and in each other's faces, are going they're gonna play some games and do some things but respects, boundaries and have some different measures of hygiene. It's not Then all were none situation, but they ve got to know how proud mom and dad are of how Well, they have adapted to this day to be telling their teachers well my mom and dad told me how proud they are of how well I've done this. So important for their self image is so important for what they say to themselves about this and they need to know that they are not help. They have created their own result here and mom and dad you need to model for them. If you
allowed them to stay in their pajamas all day. That leads to top right now because we're very close to getting back out there in the world and you they do not be in Europe a as all day. You need to not be where you haven't: combed brushed your hair and two weeks. You now To get up every morning take a shower groom yourself put on your make up brush your hair, fix your clothes get dressed. As though you were going out every day, It set a schedule and keep that schedule. You need to get them back. That routine same thing. They dont need be doing their school work their homes, schooling, on that computer, in pyjamas with no shoes on they need to get every morning take a shower brush their teeth, have their breakfast get dressed and be in front of that computer just like they were getting out of that car and walking into school? They need Again to mimic normal life just away, we're doing before this happened, because when
gate open and they do go back out there. You want that transition to be as gentle change as it possibly can you dont want them to go from zero to sixty in one day. If they haven't had shoes on, if they haven't had their clothes on, if they just hang it out in sweat paths and a t shirt and they haven't really gotten dressed and gone out, the They go out in six or seven weeks, that's, not a good transition. Transition is important, think about it when they go to bed at night. Do you have them running around the house and play and tag and chase each other right up until the second they go to bed. No, you huh them calm down an hour before you have them take their bath. You have them get in bed and read a story. You hey! for them down through the day, so they drift off to sleep, you transition them
Do the same thing when they're getting back out into life, don't oh from sitting around on the couch, without getting dressed to going back out there at full. Eat. What you want him to do is get used to that NATO and you do the same thing model that start getting taken your shower, getting dressed. Getting ready, setting up a schedule being is busy, productive ass. You possibly can be even though you're still in quarantine, MA That for them. And the same thing is true with you in velocity of life, you don't want to go. From zero to sixty. You wanna go from forty to sixty I realize it's different that you're stuck at home. I realize it's different, that you can't go to the office that you can't call on clients or customers. Thirty, seven percent a society can work from home.
Ok, the rest. Can't so a lot of people are duck at home and can't work from home, so it is difficult, but you have to start. Industrious and I'm sure you have been I'm sure you ve cleaned every clause. If you ve plain the garage, you clean the gutters on our sheep that everything you possibly can, but it's time I'm to start mimicking your patterns when you get out there so the transition is. As painless as possible? among the thirty seven percent that has found a way to work from home. I'm doing this podcast from home, Rob has become my one man, crews. She does hair makeup and, yes, I have to have some. I do my hair. She Herr make up wardrobe cameras, lighting everything and she's loved it I've loved having her do it. We ve had phone back here and I've got the greatest crew and television working from all over the city,
we're doing zoom sessions where they ve arranged for Gaston set up. All the technical lives of this stuff, and we ve gotten better out at every day to the point that it's kind of become second nature. Now I had seven hours of meetings in interviews and camera podcast, indifferent things today as busier today than it would have been to studio and I'm ok with that, because when they turn a world back on and I can go out the front door, I feel like I'm gonna- be able to take a break but of myself busy and I feel productive, and it feels good to do that I'm glad I haven't been a slug sitting around where now too lazy boy, We need to do that for a few days. You know it's all about balance, do that for yourself and understand. I am the incurable optimist. I know we're going to bounce back from this and it's not
gonna be an action in this because you and I are gonna- make it happen. I know that's true and I've talked to the scientist. I know they're working on mass producing antibodies. I know they're working on vaccines. I know they're gonna get a grip on this before the second wave. No, this is going to turn around and we're gonna get a formula in our lives that we can move forward in a productive way. Confident in that, because I'm confident in you. You guys it listen to me you guys that watch no, you are personally, but I feel like I do it's interesting. I was reading a study the other day and it said that Ninety percent of the people that watch daytime television dont want Doktor fill in Eighty percent of the people that watch doktor filled don't watch anything else in daytime. I have very unique audience theirs,
martyr than other people. Watch daytime television there more productive there more successful. They make more money, they're more intelligent there more. Oh, did and dedicated I know my audience. Know who you are. I know how seriously you take your life. I know how seriously you take your family There are a lot of show shot here in Hollywood and there are some great I did the talk today on love the Ladys at the talk there, so sincere and so heartfelt and hilarious mean these ladys are so much fun, great time with them love, do in their show. We this yuck it up and have the best time and talk about things that are meaningful, and I know my audience where book months in advance by people that are dedicated to what we do there loyal to what we do they believe in it. We talk about things at me. They are the people who care
and I know that to listen to me right now and I care about you, and I know you care about your lives, And I know we're gonna turn this around: let's they connected and let's move forward and, let's think about our kids, let's make sure they have the confidence they need. And that we role model what they need to see what they need here to have the car finance to know that you're leading them out your leave. No back out into the world and, worse, so fortunate to have the opportunity to do that. We're in America. And this truly is a land of opportunity and I don't mean to sound corny or lack of leading a parade. But I believe in this country. I believe we're going to turn this around and we're gonna do well. I'm gonna talk to you next week and we're gonna be. Oh sure, to getting out there talk about more strategies on how to seize the day. Let's make
this work. We ve made a lot of sacrifices over the last six or seven weeks and there it's time to start making it pay off. I'm Doctor Phil, Your listening to fill in the blanks I'll see you next week, beauty, sleep is real alert. As for my wife, Robin she's, the creator of Robin Mcgraw revelation in some of robins. Most effective products are designed for night time use only that's why you're going to love your beauty, sleep even more, with Robins Retinal night serum called Welcome back youth, retinal bushes.
Fresh new skin cells, up to the surface and vitamin c right, and you up get your welcome back used for your beautiful best at rob, Mcgraw revelation dot com
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