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2020: Eric Swalwell on gun control and being bold


Tommy talks with Congressman Eric Swalwell about gun control, what it means to be bold in his campaign, his work on the intelligence committee and how he plans to win over his Trump-supporting family.

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Welcome to POD save America. This is Tommy Vietor and welcome to the latest candidate profile. As you know, we're trying to trying to talk to all of the candidates running for President democratic primary in twenty twenty twenty today I sat down with congressman Eric Swalwell. We started the conversation by talking about his ideas to get guns off the streets because he has made gun control, really the focus of his campaign. We also dove in to the roiling debates in Congress and on pod, save America about impeachment and the reasons for or against talk a lot about his work on the House Intelligence Committee.
What challenges he sees in the world that worry him about IRAN? We talked about China. We talked about a whole bunch of top top top secret documents, getting leaked out going to in the CIA and how the hell that keeps happening and what- Those are the road if anything should be put in place to limit cyber activities in cyber espionage. We also talked about his likelihood or not to win votes from his parents and his brothers, who are trump supporters and what he's learned from talking with them and you know basically why he thinks he's the best candidate to do this. So I really appreciate the time there was a lot of pod save the world. It's in there, so download rate review subscribe positive, the world quick. Look for myself. I'm not going to do it now, Michael. When am I going to plug my own show, but with further to hear is congressman error. Wawa,
I'm honored to have in the studio and Krooked Media HQ congressman Eric Swalwell, California, 15th district and a candidate for President United States. Welcome yeah thanks for coming on tv show had enough doodle time on your way in. Do you see any of the dogs? I do not see. The dogs, but we have a black lab who would just absolutely fit into how how big should Many pounds name is penny and you know we got her and it was just kind of a typical get. A dog get engaged get married, have kids and now like when someone asked for a picture of your dog, like oh shit, I'm taking a picture of my dog in two years. This is the ghost of Christmas future. We were selling the dog and there are seven thousand photos of LUCA. If you ever want to see one, but we have bareback at home with my mom, who is a ninety pound black lab who likes to sit on your lap so make some of your favorites just so you can have him like right at the top when people ask this is the place is good advice, but I digress hard,
but here you said, the focus of your campaign is gun control. So I mean you call for a mandatory, buy back and of semi automatic weapons like the air fifteen, there was a, a shooting at a school this week. I actually don't know weapon was used, but regardless I I think your policy is bold. I think the right, the right approach, but I'm also ground down by how difficult it's been. In my experience, it even modest gun control policies, like mandatory background checks through Congress. How do you think that, as president, you can build a movement in and get this done? Well, it'll, it's taking advantage of the moment.
Item that has shifted in this debate and not negotiating down. You know, after sandy hook you up during my congressional orientation. That happened. We stop background checks. Republicans won't go for that after Orlando crazy idea that if you're on the terrorist watchlist, maybe should be able to buy a gun right, they won't go for that after vague ISS guy took a semi automatic rifle, convert it into a fully automatic rifle and we just said: hey: let's ban bump stocks and they won't go for then parkland lane change? I think the dialogue in the country started to change. When you saw again, you know kids slaughtered and their school Holes in the moms in the Brady group in the Giffords group and every town have started to converge there's this gun safety majority. Now that is more powerful. And more of them than a very vocal being bowling minority that wants us to do nothing So it's really just seizing the opportunity and doing something. But what if those vocal tweeting bullies make up a percentage of the Senate. What do we do about them? Beat him
yeah and there's opportunities. Now right, Arizona main those are two of the top targets: Colorado coming up you beat him or you know, also the senators. I think should be pushing pass the background check bill there. You know we worked our off to win the house, We beat seventeen NRA, endorsed candidates to pass background checks. We got people like Lucy Mcbath in Georgia who lost son and was one of the leaders on the Judiciary Committee with me and others to pass it now. We should have please be forcing them to have a vote. You know whether it's filibustering or you know what have you in the Senate to get a vote there, but you know it's really building on that momentum or making Cory Gardner explain to his concert. I was in Colorado where they just had a shooting. You know why he isn't you know pushing for background. Yes, center, Comma Heris, California said the
she would sign an executive order, mandating background checks for firearms dealers who sell more than five guns a year. She wants to close the loophole that allows some domestic abusers to buy guns. Do you support those policies and do you think we can accomplish those things with executive actions? Well, do you think gun violence is a national crisis right now. What I would hope to do is nominee would be be to support Senate candidates who you know could in and give us. You know a governing majority in the House and the Senate. So you have the force of you, know the article one and an executive at passing these laws that that is ideal, but I will do anything it takes to prevent you know more and more.
Loss in our communities, but in that spirit of negotiating up you know not just background checks. I I believe that just as Australia dead and just as New Zealand has done, that we can take, you know, assault rifles out of our communities by banning them and buying them back. I'm the only you know, Canada right now. It's calling for you know a mandatory by back and it's been it's not because I don't value the in amendment I say: keep your pistols, your long rifles or shotguns, but these weapons I saw when I was a prosecutor- are just different. They leave no chance and even if they are smaller percentage of the deaths in America from assault rifles, and it's one hundred percent of the fear that a student has in their classroom. Is there going to be victim of an assault rifle and you can't measure what that does to the psyche of a student who's sitting in fear in their class to
with that buyback plan, require congressional action and and significant funding to pay for the buy back. You know the number I put out there, it's yes, the number I put out there was a thousand dollars. Miss all right for the century would be market rate. That's that's what Australia! I did we're not gonna get office cheaply. They pop back about seven hundred thousand another mass shooting, since we have by estimate about fifteen million assault rifles in America. Now that does not mean fifteen million people own assault rifles and if you watch the news This week you saw that there is a Bellaire family. It was there thousands, you know, one thousand guns and a house in Bel AIR. What the fuck is going on a lot of people. You know they collect a number of assault rifles and so you're, not talking about fifteen million people have to sell. It could be significantly less but again the part of the problem here is we don't even know who owns them now, because there's no federal, you know gun registry like a river. You know we have information about. You know when you get a driver license. We know who has a driver like
Who does not? We don't know who owns a gun right in America GIG, so Cory Booker talked about proposing that all gun owners be licensed by the federal government. Do you think that makes sense yeah I do yep. I support that so your campaign. Mantra has been go big, be bold, do good. So, besides the gun, control policies, we just talked about. What do you think the boldest thing you put forward is or the big e idea you'd want implement so, and I hope people see that boulder it's on gun safety can also be projected on education, on health care, on even governing so, for example, on healthcare. Like we're going to have a coverage debate, I mean absolutely. We have get away from this free market coverage plan, where you know more and more paychecks, are being being eaten up by prescription drug costs or know premiums is the father of two kids under two? Like you become like a health care, expert when you're in and out of the er- and I know now call my wife after she's been fighting in insurance. You know all afternoon so we live. It stay off web MD
yeah never ends. Well, that's right. So I hope that it also in the boldness that I would offer would be cures in our lifetime. I see this generation that is very collaborative and inventive in the private sector, but have lost faith. That government could be a partner. Is it battles disease and wants to believe that we can invest in genomics? research, targeted therapies, data sharing and using innovation as a way to bring down the cost and I'll give you an example friend of mine, Brian Wolak. I don't know if you know him not. Brian worked on the Obama campaign was a FEB prosecutor year, he called me and told me he has a less he's. Thirty eight two beautiful girls and he represents a generation, that is going to do this on his own. He started a foundation to take the fight two ls and find research, but he all
so wants to believe that his government, you know, can be a partner and also invest and cures and I want to be a leader for the LS patient, the Parkinson's patient, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's patient, to believe that their government is up to the job and that going to challenge the country to invest in like yours. Yes, Brian is doing heroic work and anyone who wants to support that works to check out. I am a last dot org because he inspired all of us who worked with him, and you know it could be anybody yeah. So it's a but we're we're living through this like go, find me generation where yeah, the hope is, someone read your story, clicks a link and gives you a chance, and I I just think the government should be someone you can count. I agree so there's some. Some other ideas have been proposed by other folks that some would call bold others would call unreal Stick yeah, I'm curious what you think about Medicare for all debt free. Village. Legalizing marijuana are those things you're interested in talking about
Medicare for anyone who wants it. So for me, it's a public option recognizing that were such a large country that you know in some places say you have a large still working poppy, asian or you have you a lot of electricians. You know when a community a lot of people who have the union plan and they want to keep their union plan because that's what's most affordable for them. I want them to be able to keep it. I just think the government has a bigger responsibility to invest in a public option so Medicare for anyone who wants it that that would bring down the cost for private insurers have, but also that in a public option we would be able to negotiate for the cost of prescription drugs that we could import prescription drugs if we could make them safe and also make sure that any of the manufacturers could be held liable. If something goes wrong. A yeah. I know me that that to me is doable. We almost did, that is you know yeah
you know when President Obama was in office, but the Senate you know had you know. Obviously, there are some other ideas out all other ideas on education yeah. I know I'm the first in my family to go to college, came with a cost and paying off just under a hundred thousand dollars now in student debt, and I see this generation that is deferring the tree as of buying their first home, taking a good idea and starting a business or you know starting a family. It's like a first date. Conversation now yeah. I know how much student at It was interest rate yeah, that's like a tender category now and so wanna do is put more money in pockets to realize their dreams. I think you can do two things that actually can can't get past and its bipartisan one would be to bring the interest rate to zero so that you know you're the government's not making one dot. Six billion
hours a year on student loans to would be to allow employers to contribute tax free to their employees. Student loan debt, just like a four hundred and one K contribution, that's an incentive for the employer had to do that when it comes to college. You know- and you know this free college debate- I support free community college, but for a four year university, our college bargain is, if you work through college, you do work study. You work and you learn and when you come out and take your first job, if you do community service hours for people or communities that needed that adds up to a debt free education. So you work for college college works for you and I think it just represents that you know. In the end, nothing is truly free, but if you're giving back to a community that that adds up to a depth for universe, debt, free college- and I think I could pass that in the house-
I'll. Just tell you tell me the challenge. I've seen being someone went to Congress when I was thirty one was that one over half the Congress is made up of millionaires right and to him most of those folks. Most people in Congress went to college a time when it was affordable. So they're completely are doubly disconnected from the problem because their kids are taken on student debt or they went to college at a time when it was affordable. So they just don't see this issue now we have now and I've. Let a group called future form in the Congress. For the last five years we have over fifty members in the demo next slide and our 40s and under a large chunk of us, have student loan debt. So I think this issue is just ripe for action, or are you one of those members had to sleep in your office and cutting costs me a lot to rent, but I was not so shameless to do that. No, I don't think anyone should sleep in a government building, it's just a weird. It's just weird yeah, it's not ideal! I guess you have staff, you have people trying to get in and out and do their job
abs, it's bad for your mental health, gradually get the hell out of the office. Yeah yeah, that's good advice, um speaking of Congress uh, but the President United States has been giving Congress the finger repeatedly recently this morning this is Thursday, speaker plus declared that were in a constitutional crisis. She, echoing cars, been nadler Congressman Schiff subpoenaed. The full report and related evidence sounds like the house is about to hold attorney General Bill bar in contempt like how do you think Democrats can fight back against this obstinance in this utter refusal to put up people like Don Mcgann or other to provide testimony yeah. You know, I think the best way out you know it's through like easy. We just have to meet them with force and consequence like we. We can't be on our heels with them, because that's where they were
us, and so you know I start with you know the president's own words. He said he's not going to cooperate at all. Okay, take him at his word start showing that there's consequences for this behavior, I think Bart, should be impeached. You know where we held him in contempt yesterday. That will come to the full house and probably two weeks, but you know this report is not about red jerseys versus blue jerseys. It's about a country that attacked us. It lays out the contacts between the president's team and this country, and, if he's not, going to be a part of letting us see what that country did and how we can defend our country and then he's got to be removed and show that there's consequences for lawlessness. I think Stephen who, it's probably on the same track like the laws, pretty clear, you have to turn over the tax returns, he's not going to do that. Okay, hold him in contempt, seek to impeach him and
I don't care what the Senate's going to do. We should send it over to them anyway, and let them deal with it and let them explain to their constituents why they think this person doesn't have to follow the law. But again I did it part in all the parenting metaphors, but we have got a two year old right now who like loves to just throw it toys all the time. So I'm doing the one hundred and twenty three method. My wife is really. You know we're just harder for her to do it because he's so cute, but I count to three: if he's still throwing stuff, I take a toy put it on the fridge and like, if I don't do that, he's not going better he's going to get worse and his little sister, the six month old, is going to see that and she's going to be bad, and so I think one I want not the president from getting worse too. I don't want a future president. Look at what this Congress did and say? Oh well, I can conduct myself at that low standard because President Trump got away.
And even a majority of Democrats in the Congress. Let him get away with it, so you have to think about present and future, and that means force inconsequence. So we've had a spirited debate here on posit, Erica over whether ah not really whether impeachment is the right thing to do, because I think that ten eleven counts of obstruction of justice make clear that you know those were pretty impeachable, offenses and probably should be in beach, but whether it's a politically advantageous thing to do for Democrats. So if we move to impeachment, do you think that would help force Trump's hand in terms of allowing people to testify and then forcing him to turn over documents? I don't know if I would help force Trump's hand. I think there are people who don't want to be a part of that and that's why I think Bill bar. You know he needs a wake up, call he's broken the law. He thinks he can get away with it, but I think he's actually a serious lawyer and if we started to move on impeachment of bill bar, I think it might give him pause and I think you might get him to do.
Which you wanted to do, or he would resign or be fired by president Trump. But I think you have to start sending messages to these underlings that we're not going to let them get away with and see if that shakes them up a little bit to either imply or let trump fire them, but with the president. I honestly, I don't know, I couldn't tell you if it's politically advantageous for us to move on impeachment with him or not. I don't think we should think about it that way, and I also think that it's a chicken in the egg problem because If you don't hold him accountable and you just go on with the public opinion- is right now you may think: well, it's not popular but who did hold him accountable and the public saw through hearings and testimony all the stuff he's done all the laws he's broken. You may see the public dramatically change as far as what they think about it. So, if you think about it, just politically, I think you're getting it wrong sure, but so
there's sort of two options, are you can be sure not impeach? If you don't impeach you, you know, we think we should have been able to hold a series of hearings to bring to life the mall report to get more testimony to to have people testify on camera under oath that he's blocking all those efforts. If you begin impeachment proceedings, do you think that makes it easier to compel those individuals to come forward? I think she was still trying I mean again, what's so crazy about this and so Madding as the guy claims he's one hundred percent exonerated right he's one hundred percent blocking right. No, I think he he still figures that he can just you know try and stand on these privileges he's going to assert tied up in the courts. He does, he seems to know it's funny. He doesn't know much civics, but do remember when he was talking about you know I'm going to do
Is there going to sue me here? It's gonna get overturned is going to go here like he knows the judicial, so he does he's been in a lot. So he knows that like he could probably try and drag this on for a little while and maybe run out the clock, but I just think we were left with really no uh. And so that means you're. You think we should, I think, we're on the road to impeachment. I'm willing exhaust. You know these final remedies, but I I think that's where we're going and it's unavoidable, it's not a road. Any of us really to go down, but I mean he's he's taking us there you're on the intelligence committee. You get top secret all the time on various intelligence programs on countries on are there things you hear or areas you've been briefed on that? Were you the most that you'd want to focus on this president? Yes, I mean
Certainly one. I want to make sure that you know we put a hard stop to what Russia is doing, and that means not just in the United States but just trying to you know really undermined democracies around the globe, and the only way to do that is one to stand strong with Nate. You know continue to see NATO grow and you know counter. You know what Russia is doing in the region. I will say this: I first thought like most people did when Russia did this, that they were doing it to get a transactional benefit, a guy in place would reduce sanctions, pulls out of Syria diminish the role of NATO. They certainly that was part of the collateral benefit, but the real reason that I've come to learn just seeing on the classified and unclassified briefings what Russia's done.
They're doing this, so that Russians don't ask for democracy, because they want Russians to look at our democracy and think well, that's a show like third, You turned them against each other. They have a point yeah they in the last couple years. Yeah. They have a point. So the best way to be this idea that no matter who you are where you're from what your parents did, who you love, who you worship, if you work hard, you can become anything is that idea could be true in America. It could be true anywhere. The best way to beat that idea from coming to Russia is to beat it at its origin, and so what they did was they know use are freedom of speech they weaponized social media they've turned us against ourselves. They have us questioning. Just exactly what they did to help the person one and so Russians. You know in Moscow or not going to say we don't want that and then, when we call them out on the world stage. You know for human rights violations are encroaching into Ukraine.
Less standing, because we've got a mess at home so that that's why they did enter. I think you need a president who understands that can counter that. What's you know, what's so frustrating for me I think, ten years from now we're gonna look at this. The Mueller report came out last month laid out two hundred pages of russian contacts and that Russia attacked us and our president call the fucking guy who attacked us. I mean that I mean that is just insane to me like he at at the president's request. It wasn't like things called five times, so I got call him back. No, he requested to call Putin to him for ninety minutes and describe the call, is Putin was smiling and then he was What did you tell Putin not to do this again? He said no, no that didn't come up. Like you didn't have time. For it to come up. It was a ninety minute call, and that's that's where president is, I think people you know is this passes, are just going
that is nutty. That is absolutely nutty that the present United States the way he defended his country. When this report came out, was he called the guy and describe the conversation is yeah, it was also not a video conference for for so it was face time. Who knows how they talk your Alesis of why the Russians did that it makes perfect sense to me it's something I've heard from other Russia experts. It's pretty equally worrisome when you see an adversary, cutting down the idea of democracy and then the next week the White House invite someone like Viktor Orban, who's done more to unravel democracy in in Europe than anyone in the last decade for an oval office meeting I mean
when you when you hear about things like that happening. What's your? How do you respond that this president would rather be an authoritative leader than rule in a democracy and you're? Michael Cohen, pulled me aside when he testified a couple months ago to the intelligence committee were both walking back into the skiff, the secured compartmentalized information facility that we meet in right? There's: no phones, no cameras! He going to this facility and with a bathroom break and- and I just happened to walk in at the same time and he said to me- he said you know. What really worries me about this guy is that he won't leave office very he's not going to accept the result of an election, and you know that is a guy that has worked as as fixer knows him best and Indian Cohen said he said this guy wants to be a dictator, and you said: that's why he likes Kim. That's why he likes are the one. That's why he likes, and that really worries me that do you think it's my speaker, Posey echoed that sentiment recently.
Yeah it's it's because Trump is setting up the well. The elections may be rigged right. He did that in sixteen. He did that a little bit in eighteen. I think you're going to see him start to do that again, I think we have to seed for the american people. This guy's instincts really are so that they're prepared. If he tries to do it, I mean he. It wasn't a coincidence that you know Jerry Falwell Junior a couple days ago. Tweets Donald try is owed two more years of his presidency because of the Russia Investigation, the President retweets it and then starts to say almost the same thing I mean, I think you know he would love to try and do that, and so we just have. We can't be on our heels. This time like we need to make sure that under no circumstances is that even discussed and yes she's right overwhelmed the ballot box to make sure that you can't deny the result. But your other question I just want to
China economically, is is, is going be one of the biggest challenges also for the next president. You know know there there an economic force; they don't really respect intellectual property. We see that through economic espionage, we see that for intellectual property, theft. They continue to your again is we're dealing with democracy challenges at home. You know they continue to grow and expand the military presence in the of China season. I think the best way to take them on is not. To go one on one is this president has done. I I think he's correct and I will give him credit that China, especially when it comes to trade, is a bad actor, If you think about this, like a lawsuit like when the little guy gets screwed The big guy and and right now we're getting this in it. When it comes to trade button, the trade deficit is so big between China. We can't really take them all. You know kit for tax
there are a lot of other countries who are victims of China's trade. So you former class action, you form a class and go at China with Australia with Japan. You know what South Creepy was supposed to do. Yeah. I mean it with better labor standards in Vietnam, right and some of the environmental issues, but you I did get the former class class and he is alienate he's insulted the Australian. You know leader, he is told the Japanese and the South Koreans that they should get. Nuclear weapons will pay us more for our presence there. So I do I do see you know countering. China is a challenge. Yeah man telling the Japanese and south to get nuclear weapons is just one of those crazy just legally insane things. He says in regular basis that just doesn't even get really covered, and I don't think he understands why if we could have non double the true presence over there, like that's a good thing for us to have a window into China. Look at what's going on in North Korea, like they're good partners, yeah
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systems that you've seen and what, in your opinion, still needs to be done. I think the most important thing we can do is have awareness as american people affect how our social media platforms have been weaponized, and I think that sadly comes from the top like you need a president to unite the country, explain what did challenge social media companies to not let this happen on our platforms, so that when we see you know these types of you know defensive posts coming from foreign intelligence services. We recognize that and we dismiss it and it doesn't come into our political either. That takes leadership from a president right now. It's even with the majority in the house like it's gonna, be hard did like lead that dialogue. If the president is in acknowledging what they did it, so we Fund election security, he defunded, the Republicans defunded. The three hundred and fifty million dollars that had gone to election security was supposed to but in the last cycle we can put that back in place as we go into this budget battle. You know in September I've written legislation called duty.
Report Senator Blumenthal and I have introduced it. It would require any candidate campaign family member. If you're approached with dirt on your opponent by a foreign agent, you have to tell the FBI about to introduce legislation same thing for social media companies. If you see foreign interference platform you have to tell the FBI, so just so that we see it and if they have a responsibility not to take or We are taking money in rubles, as we saw last time that the FBI knows about it. You can counter, but I really think it's awareness more than you think the hardest part about this is biting your tongue and not talking about it too much, because Republicans would love for us to say that the, Russians might influence the next election because they want that single mom who's. Picking up her little girl from daycare has to get her bath at the casket are fed on election day. To think you know what I can go to the polls. Wait for one slash, two
our if the results are gonna, be read like. Why does it matter like that? So they they would love for us to click. You know scream about. You know the voting, the ballot box not being secure, so we have to be careful, yeah hi. Agreed this morning, Chris Hughes, one of the original co founders of Facebook, wrote Qu The government needs to do two things: break up, Facebook's monopoly and regulate the company to make it more accountable to the american people. Just breaking up Facebook not enough, we need a new agency, a powered by Congress to regulate tech companies. Its first mandate should be to protect privacy. Do you agree with those proposals? I think a private and national privacy law, like the endeavor, that you know Europe just under one and now has the the different disclosures that you know are made to consumers and if any of your listeners you know go to any european website or any website that goes through european server, and you have to opt in as to how you know your information is being used. I think we can. That in the United States I also think we need a federal breach notification, right now, there's forty nine different breach,
certification laws. You know in our country and so when you have like the Equifax breach or the target breach. I think we should have you know so what we but the challenge here, I really believe, is laws around our antitrust laws, were you know large, written around weather monopolies were causing the price of goods to go up, and here it's almost the opposite right. So it's really about how do you value data and now? What are we giving up as far as our data, because Google and Facebook are free but we're giving up a lot as far as the data they have on us? And second, you know they are gobbling up their competitors and their questions about whether they are using? You know the data they have to gobble up the competitors. I think the best example is with like Amazon, like you know, there's there questions about if the whole, like diapers dot com, which was on Amazon, and might you know
buy a lot of diapers in our household. If Amazon is using the data of people who buy diapers, going on Amazon and buying diapers from diapers dot, com and Amazon is using app data and then they- fracture their own diapers and sell their own diapers, based on the data that they were getting from people buying from diapers dot com like that, may not technically e violate our laws, but it raises the question like do. We need to rethink like how data is used? Yeah, you know so. You're, not putting businesses out create a quick foreign policy grab bag. Here, I'm not quick necessarily but on IRAN. So Trump recently deployed an aircraft carrier in a bomber task force to the Middle EAST. Reportedly, in response to some intelligence passed through us by the Israelis about
threats from IRAN, have you seen that intelligence and do you think that the response was proportional or appropriate? What I can say is that I I think that the president is being unnecessarily provocative with IRAN. I I think Congress should demand that every person in Congress gets briefed on this and that you know we Very carefully set limits as to what this president can do, because I see this and just a few dino steps leading us into you know of a war in the Middle EAST and I think the president is spoiling for a war with me. Po plus out of the IRAN Nuclear Deal. Has now you know, is gonna punish. You know other countries and companies for doing business with the wrong which is
reduce money flowing into IRAN and- and I think, is really spoiling for a fight and in trying to almost provoke around. To do something so we can take. All that's at all run is a really a really bad fund. They fund terrorism in the Middle EAST, they're constantly targeting our ally in Israel. They have a ballistic missiles program that you know it's not compliance with any weapons treaty. They need to be punished. That's why I supported the IRAN Nuclear Deal. I thought the best way to deal with the country that funded terrorism and had know ballistic. Kohl's was to take away their ability to have a nuclear weapon. We took them from three months to a year now they're saying that they're not going to follow all parts of the agreement, we're not going to be able to monitor them. And verify what they're doing and so they're gonna get closer to having having nuclear nuclear weapon and by the way, continue to do that. Other stuff, which is going to force us to have to do something I think we may have to in Congress, set some limitations on what the president can do. That was
something that you know speaker, Baynor and Speaker Ryan were unwilling to do. You know whether it was through President Obama or President Trump. Related to Syria or the authorization for use of force. You know in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think we need to update all of those agreed in China. The Chinese have put up to three million members of a weaker muslim minority group into what Trump's own assistant secretary of Defense called concentration camps, It seems to me that this is a crime against humanity and given scale, one of the most under discussed under covered under acted upon things, I've heard of in the world today. What do you think we can do to stop them yeah? It is a crime against humanity, and the president should include know human rights when he discusses trade with China and- and I I don't want to be trading with the country,
it is treating you know, millions of people are like that, or at least trading with them, and not bringing it up and telling them that were watching. You know that this is something where the United States typically would show leadership on, especially in the United Nations, but instead you know this. President is having us pull out of you know: human rights conventions in the United Nations, and again this goes back to a president who is alienating us. You know from the war, and when I you know you mentioned earlier, our mantra for the campaign go big on the issues. Be bold with solutions do good in the way that we govern- and this is to be a part of like the doing good next president's going to have to go on a global affirmation, tour take the oath catch a plane sure our allies were still with them start to hold up again. You know the principles that make us so special. You know human rights, freedom of the Freedom of press freedom of work you know getting rid of the Muslim ban ourselves, but I think it's hard. You know for us to have moral leadership and call out
time use for the way that they're treating ethnic and religious minorities when we have a muslim ban in place and there separating women and children at our own borders. Yeah. You said on the intelligence committee, as we've talked about guys, pray that oversight of the Intel community. Somehow our most we held highly classified secrets and programs keep leaking. It started with the weeks and there was snowed in. Then there were the so called Vault Seven documents that detail the CIA is global. Cyber espionage programs, like a two part question for you. How is it possible that this kind of material keeps getting out in two? Do you think it's time for to develop some clear public rules of the road that put limits in guardrails around cyber activities to include what the US is doing via the NSA or CIA, someone I I have supported it, banning the scope of the it's called.
Publix in civil liberties Oversight Board is that right. I love people so P club used to have access to classified and covert actions Then their access to a covert actions was taken away. When did that happen? I think it was the last five years, so I want the public to have you know an independent authority to look at what the intelligence communities are doing to look at any abuses. Now some of these leaks that you talked about exposed abuses. Now that to me is not, you know, ah reason to leak, but I would rather that you have an independent. You know. Watchdog groups where people could go to an express concerns and p club lost a lot of its ability to do that when they didn't have access to covert programs. Second I am concerned in the intelligence community that may be relying too much on independent contractors. I would rather- and I get it
there may be some jobs where you know people don't want to commit to a career with the federal government and they want to be an independent contractor and to get the best person to fill that skill. You need an independent contractor, but you also give up something when you don't have that fidelity to the government and so I think we have to look at that and then I chair the intelligence, modernization subcommittee on the Intel Committee, I'm very interested in getting an intelligence community that looks like America. You know it's not a very diverse group. You know the briefer's come I'm the widely and you've seen this. This white males, you know in a white male briefing me on like what's going on, you know in Africa or a white male briefing me about you know different. You know muslim terrorism groups like maybe we could get. You know people of color or you know just different. You know religious minorities to talk to us about these issues because one they would just culture
better, understand them and into its just. I think it's better for us to defend the country with you know people at with it with the Intel community that looks like the country, so diversifying the intelligence community is one of my highest priorities. I think that would also just frankly, you know, make us safer pivot to politics here yeah, so you had your parents, and I believe your brother Trump supporters, my my parents have a Trump pence magnet on the fridge. I hope that's come down since I've announced I was going to say so. You're a member of Congress you're, a member of the intelligence community. You are probably better versed in the facts and arguments against Donald Trump than anyone else in the country. Are you able to sway them at all, and, if not, should that depress the hell out of the rest of us. I'm still gonna want to see either about let's, okay, before they mail them back um. You know my parents, I think, are the of the sway able type there there Ronald.
Even Republicans they like someone who's? You know tough and represents America. Well, they like they like that Reagan stood up to the Russians. They like someone who keeps their taxes low and doesn't you know waste their money? They always would tell me. Oh Democrats, you guys just want to tax and spend all of our money. So I think one like a president who recognized shrank that we have in the world is with our alliances, and that means you know fewer wars and by my started, to spend on defense at home and to calls out this president for the deficit spending. You has a specially and his tax cuts in the debt. That's racking up. I think you can appeal to a lot of Republicans. If you, you know, offer a vision that will keep us safe in the world, but also, you know, be more prudent with the taxpayers dollar than this president is being we're not going to get all of 'em realistic about that. But I go on Fox NEWS Alot to make my case
it is probably the only way my parents could see me on tv, but I don't want to dismiss people who were counting on someone who said he was raise their wages, lower their healthcare costs and brighten their kids future, but I I do want to dismiss the guy. That's utterly failed to do that, and I've seen pay off of that. I've seen people who probably never vote for me but come up to me and say hey, I respect that you go on there and I think that's that's. The first step is just getting like a mutual respect with some of the viewers. Second uh, the people who come up to me and say: hey, I'm, not a Republican. I want Fox news, but my husband, you know, is a Republican and that's all he watch so I have to watch it. I'm getting that person I'm connecting with that person or the tender who doesn't have a choice and what's on the tv and Fox NEWS is on so I think going into some of these uncomfortable places.
Served us well, and it doesn't mean I have to sign up to agree at all with you know some of the crazy views of the hosts, but I don't want to dismiss the Are you seeing any indication that those people are peeling off because you know I I do feel like there has to be a lot of people who feel like that tax cut. Didn't help me at all, who are worried about their health care premiums going up who feel like a lot of the promises are being broken, but I'm never seeing his approval breakthrough You know a floor of thirty nine. Forty percent. I have a theory on that my theory, is that his approval you stay the same or slightly go up, but the number of people who are Republicans is probably going down so it and I actually call me crazy, but I think we've already done the hard work. I think the hard work was the midterms like. If we not one the mid terms, we would be fine yeah. We we would be interested real trouble. The hard work was winning the mid terms and if you just look at where we want right, we added two seats in Iowa almost
want to third and western Iowa. Where I was born, we, added a seat in Oklahoma. We added a seat in Kansas, almost out of the second seat in Kansas added two seats in tech, listen in statewide. We wanted Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania. Those are the three states three states we need. So when I think about the next two years, like Donald Trump's, not going to get better like he's not going to fulfill the promises that have already been broken. He had two years with a repo looking governing majority and he failed to pass the health care repeal right. He tried to build a wall and it shut down the government and he passed a tax cut that added to the deficit and saw his majority wiped out. So he's not things are going to get easier or better for Donald Trump. So I actually think this is beginning to rise. We just haven't really noticed it yet because we're still just weathering the day today. Drama of President Trump, but I think the hard work was done in the mid terms and a lot of them were those Republicans you're talking about, I think came came over and we had to do it again, and this
moderate districts, you have talked about the importance of representation and knowing when you can speak to someone else's experience, and you cannot. You also about how you would ask a woman to be your vice president, but I ask this in the least truly way possible, but, like some might argue that the most you know sincere form of promoting rep. Yeah and equal rights would be to say support the great women running for office. How do you respond to that know what it is? I may end up. You know at that point and I look forward to doing that. I happen to believe that you know I have an experience of being the first in the family to go to college scene why my parents worked really hard and what they expected it to add up to and that when you go on a journey like that, and you have your eyes open, you see all the other people who work hard and they're not benefiting from a good economy or a good stock market. They're just running in place, and so I feel responsible we fight for them. I'm still generationally optimistic that we could solve a lot of these problems. I bring experience of being.
In Congress for seven years and on the intelligence committee to know who our enemies are, and I think that's a the nation that can make sure that you know this country is one where if you work hard, it adds up it's one where we can defend ourselves against the enemies that are attacking us and I'm not gonna, be able to speak to everyone's experience, but said I I know where to look. I see other identities on, I would put together a diverse cabinet to lead the country, and I would ask a woman to be vice president and if, if my candidacy does not develop out the way. I hope it does. Then. Yes, you know I there are plenty of women who would make great presidents that we have on the debate stage. Last question I mean the what I think is it's in particular interesting stark about your candidacy versus some of the others is a generational gap. That is why I need to talk about how you still a student loan debt, not forty. Your thirty eight year were the same age. Do you think it's time
for some of the leaders in the Democratic Party who are from that previous generation to move aside and let younger politicians get a shot. Well, I think, when you think about that, when you think about that debate stage, who's gonna be standing next to Donald Trump. We want our candidates ideas to be fresher than has. I think, that's really really important is that our candidate is one of new ideas, new energy and offers new leadership. I think you're going to need that contrast, now? That's a mindset, I don't think that's a specific age or era. I think it's a mindset so you, but that means you have to understand autumn mission and what it's doing to the workforce in the anxiety is causing. It means that you have to understand this generation. That's in
student debt, it means you have to understand, like how scared kids are in their classroom today, because they don't think anything is being done about gun violence. If you have that mindset, then you can have that contrast with the president. But if, if the president has the freshest ideas on the debate stage, he's gonna be reelected him ma'am our cars as well. Thank you so much for coming by this great you. Can you say? Yes, I let me
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