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Paul Ryan needs Democratic votes to keep the government open, and the Democrats can’t decide whether to demand a vote on dreamers. The White House covers up a senior aide’s domestic abuse allegations, and Pennsylvania may be headed towards a constitutional crisis. Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Alyssa are joined by business owner and community activist Wanda James live on stage in Denver, Colorado.

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I want to pay team humble and that the people at home, no, that there was a standing ovation,
No I've done her work in the body of America, John Barrow analysed the master Monaco. I'm done mother Tommy, these or the environment. We have a great show for you this evening. Business owner and community activists wandered James is here
new color new era, Colorado is also here. They are the large. This is the largest youth motor Mobile Evasion Organisation in Colorado, one of the largest and probably on the way, and they were registered voters. Please see them if you haven't and also if you haven't registered- or you have friends that have a registered GO registered boat leave right here. Murano you'd be higher proportion of millennials in any swing state in the country. And you guys a lot of good work here I just do your millennia of Colorado. If this, even though their lineal, don't let him out of your sight, you're get the form between their phones, their faces,
are the news. As you guys know here, in trumps, America, we only fund our government in six week. Increments as we are an aging banana republic, so at midnight this evening. The whole thing shuts down, possibly what will we do? We will save the day, so here's the state way right now. Both parties in both houses of Congress have made a deal that includes increases in defence spending that Republicans want increases and other spending. The Democrats want, including more funding for community health centres, disaster relief, opium treatment, mental health initiatives, medical research veterans, health clinics info, picture and funding the children's health insurance programme. For ten years, in the Senate, thanks to the lash down minimum colonel has also promised that, after this deal is passed, he will hold an open process on a bill to protect the dreamers allegedly unlike me, so
this means is instead of starting the Senate debate with the Trump cotton keep out people from Shithole Countries ACT of twenty seventeen. Which he was never going to do what you gonna do before the shutdown. That was the plan to start with the captain bill now he's going to allow a vote on whatever bill can get the support of sixty senators. So now this brings us to the house a rubber nowadays we where right now about fifty Seventy of the worst House Republicans hate the sentence budget deal because it spends too much money keeping people healthy. I guess so. That means that Paul Ryan needs democratic votes to pass this bill and keep a government open. This is the same Paul Ryan, who has refused to allow any vote on any bill to protect the dreamers unless Trump Okays it. So damn what do the Democrats do in the House of representatives with this leverage that they have? Well, here's what they shouldn't do do Paul Ryan job for him
I mean, let's have a little history here. The reason that we, the dreamers are facing the threat of deportation is because Donald Trump unilaterally decided to end the darker programme and Democrats want to solve that problem. Donald Trump claims is that he wants to solve that problem, Paul Ryan claims he wants to solve that problem in Paul Ryan needs Nancy Pelosi to deliver votes to him to fund the government. When Paul Ryan is in charge of the Republicans in the house, then he better give Nancy Pelosi something, and I think it is totally worth asking for the same, the other, Mcconnell gave church humor witches. Let's have a vote in the is employing, does not want to do that because he knows it'll pass so So it looks yesterday on Wednesday, like Nancy Policy was heading that way. So she spoke on the floor for a record bread.
In eight hours. What do you think of the speaker with everything I know everything and anti movies, where I know you're a big municipal earth. We know my nickname for his nasty policy in the best possible in the best possible way, killed it I mean she was down there. I mean, like I thought the foreign feels like she would sport the same points without them by it I mean a sea. She killed that everybody was there, but you know the end of the day. What does it do? Also? But that's the question, so I suppose it gives this very long speech And yet today it does not look like she is actually whipping the entire caucus two votes against this bill. She saying she certainly against it unless Ryan holds a vote for the dreamers, but there's a lot of confusion about whether other Democrats are supposed to vote against the bill or can just vote their conscience.
What do you think's going on her Tommy? I don't know- I mean I think, that the unfortunate realities we have lived leverage in the Senate, which shimmer has used. Some would say deftly to get us to hear into that. The budget is currently on the floor, it has gotten a promise from you now notorious liar Mitch, Mcconnell on Doc. I so we're not thrilled yet, but we got something we're chip. We get some other budget priorities in the house. We even even less leverage and she gave an impassioned eight. Our speed that I think, when a little ways towards again highlighting this issue and how important it is in showing the democratic parties commitment to getting a fixed or the dreamers who were left hung out to dry by Donald Trump, as mentioned earlier, but the machinations of just begun in terms of this process, it's hard to predict, building it so hard to take the Republican seriously for anything. This link. Seventy five percent of republican support dreamers.
So why not just do a good faith effort and do that do that vote first, if everyone like that, you feel like doing George Bush without their today saying: do it Mitt Romney within? Do it everyone like do it so just do it, and then you know you can drive the government of the cliff. It is a strange phenomenon which is we are trying to use. The few levers we have to get Public in so doing what they claim to support the reality is they would rather not deal with this issue. They don't actually support doing something for the dreamers they might have we're doing, for something for the dreamers, with a gun to their heads political gun, to there, but they don't want to do it. Paul Ryan says I can only go for something that Trump wants, or I can only go for something that the House Freedom Caucus wants and he acts like he's a hostage like he's, not an agent in these events. Buddy is it's you.
The Freedom caucus, Donald Trump they're, holding a super soaker at him and he's like, oh, my God, take whatever you want, because the truth is, he has the beauteous the votes at any moment. So the reality too, is wretched, pursuing two parallel strategies at once in part, because we don't know how this will shake out, trying to get a vote in the Senate for Miss Mcconnell. That's fair is about jamming Paul Ryan right. There is still a chance we can get this done. Even if Paul Ryan refuses to promise a fair vote for the tree. I guess I'm saying is: this might the most that Paul Ryan will ever get jammed, because I ain't gonna say like what I, what I'm trying to figure out is why Nancy closing the democratic carcass can stand up and say to Paul Ryan. You need anywhere from fifty to sixty democratic votes, to pass this bill, because you have fifty to sixty defections in your own caucus because the freedom of access and to do this, you want those votes. We love the budget deal the past. We think
by partisan, it's great, we agree with the Senate. Our asking is to get the same deal from you that the Senate Democrats got from which Mcconnell, which is a promise that you hold on. Per down. Vote on the dream act, knowing that it will pass this house and other stand I do not understand why the Democrats don't say yet: let's try. That's always played out. What's that, what's the downside of them doing well at first, I was he's, got Nancy policy strategy, which is we worked with her for all eight years, Barack Obama's. President she is. Sadly, a legislator has ever walked the halls of the capital. That's for sure. She knows what she's doing and if she would, There are members who are nervous about this they're nervous politics, they're nervous about how the shutdown played out when the Senate Democrats way the white flag after breakfast, basically
then last as long as Nancy policies speedier. So instead of going through these members who were maybe in the closer districts- and I think we have to face and say you have to vote this way, she's going about their conscience but she's, making a very clear the way, she's gonna vote in trying to get them to come to a decision on the role, and this is how she does for a lot of really tough. Ok, Bob demonstration in every single time she delivered and that's the best way to do it, because if you try to rule with a hammer, it's not gonna work and pursue here's the danger of of the process. So let's say the Democrats do not give the votes the bill fails. My heart is India, which funds things that we care about additional four years, although good things I just talked about those things and then what the house does is, then it turns around and passes with only republican votes, another six weeks after three months, CR that goes to the Senate. We
No, there are more than sixty votes the heap the government open, because that's what happened last them to the same Democrats plus Republicans who voted to end. The shutdown will then vote for that, and so we also now we lose all the budget deal and although that is another it so everything that was good in the budget deal which is better than I think we thought we could possibly get incompletely republican control government goes away in the dream. Are still aren't out, and so I think that as part of the calculus of some of the members who believe very strongly that Paul Ryan will never put a bill, a dream, a dream act on the floor of the house, because it only takes two dozen house members to call for a vote, a revolt for his leadership, which is why banner quick and so that their view is we're. Never gonna get the dream act. So, let's at least take this is weak and helps to people we have so little? Britain needs to help people when we're the minority like that's where the council is. Will Rhine lose some people on this vote regardless? Because of this and then I mean they asked me- point five trillion dollar tax cut these crimes,
the assholes that have hijacked the government has represented the Freedom caucus like the dumbest people. You can put into a peaceful columns. They all the values. They were going to explode the debt ceiling in two thousand eleven because they were so if men did by Brok Obama's bending suddenly we're throwing what three hundred billion over two years of additional military and domestic spending at me like that, like I'm, not saying that think these guys are coming at these from a deep well of principle, and you have done their offended by this year. No, they they think they will that's. Why he's mazurka what they think they have lost about? Fifty to seventy Republicans on us, which is why you think Democrats, I've leverage, but you right in the scenario. I guess, if the government shuts down Ryan says we opened the government with a quick cr, and so basically, what's the proposed the House Democrats problem, is the Senate Democrats then turn around and saying? Oh, if we get it
They are from Ryan, will just keep the government funding and we will have this dear. So why walked a plank if the set of Democrats are? I also like others would dance that I think is really important. It's a simple question: do you believe political pressure can get Paul Ryan to promise a vote in the dream act? If you believe the answer to that is: yes, it's worth going all the way forward, but it really may not be the case. He really may not be able to put himself in position, and he has. It already has been asked. This question me the answer he said no and he squirrels away by saying, I wonder if the dreamers I'm totally committed to doing for some for the dreamers, but I'm gonna do something that the present supports and what that means, as I will not bring clean dream that I will do a dream act, but it will have some noxious anti immigration piece of it right. I can get the House reading caucus along and keep my speakership. So I guess, if we wake up tomorrow by the timetable, is for this protest and the Democrats have caved in and they give Ryan voting needs to pass it. What are the prospects of a deal too
check the dreamers at that point. What comes next then, because now so now the Senate moves on to it a bill. Perhaps it seems like you could get sixty votes in the Senate because there's enough normal Republicans there want to do this, that you could maybe get a bill out of the sand and not guaranteed, but maybe one that people could swallow and then does it just dying, How goes again Ryan says no. I dont want to bring this Bela, it's a real fear. Yes, I mean that's what had like week. We ve seen this movie before in twenty thirteen, after Republicans were so concerned about their poor, showing with Latinos Ed and other in other folks, they had to get right on them again. And so Marco Rubio of all fucking people got together with Chuck shimmer much other people and they passed a good bill. It hasn't things democratic, not like there's a lot of border security and there and it went to the house in the house that we cannot vote on the senator Dilworthy must start over and that net they were never going to do anything and then they receive
Margo Rubio back to his day, one set out to see what would happen when they ran it again that he actually went the opposite way enemy to interrupt him. I mean you can always be operating in Iraq without with a Rubio arrived attack or more or less worlds. Rather, I may look stepping back from this. The problem is: no matter how remember how you calculate this week are in the minority and we do not have the power necessary to really get the stuff done and we would look. We wanted Democrats to stand firm in the Senate against a long term. One bill. We made a big deal about that occurred in media and to govern shut down for a couple days, and I got this promise outer Mcconnell and we were disappointed when the government, where you know it, just caves as much as anyone, but when you really look at the whole situation now, the long term answer
here is to fucking when the election in November, because I think about it this so you take the bill. They can get sixty in the Senate. If we do all these elections, we might have more Democrats right. Maybe a fifty fifty cent really have the majority and then Nancy Pelosi. Across the floor of the house right, so she can pass whatever this anniversary. She can sensibly over the Senate, which this epoch making that amend its back, and then you get us there. The trumps desk men troubling, then we have to force trump to veto. Look. How many, how many dreamers have lost their status money and we have a parliament. Where do I look? totally agree, I think that's, but you know when we extracted this promise for Mitch Mcconnell during that flickering
shut down. The government eclipse with their episodes idle, should break up Flickr precisely during the lights, govern shut down, or did I just have a weird brain think we're we're talking. The shut down, so that when we extracted a promise we said at the time is one or two ways this can go. It can either be meaningless and it was wrong to give up on the shutdown when they did or there's a chance that it could be made meaningful. We don't know what the outcome of that process will be in the Senate. I think, and we can control what Ms Mcdonald S, but we can control what we do and I think we have to push democratic senators and republican centres to make clear that that they stick to what they said, which is that fair process on in the Senate that protects the dreamers and that
even goes along with border security is by the way, this dance about the wall. We ve done it once before and at the end of it we gave him his fucking while young, you know what will give him the wall again today, just braced foreign, it's happening. It's the only way we can protect the dreamers and we already made that decision once. I think we should make it again. It is a positive to get a bill out of the Senate that does borders secure in a way that we don't have to agree with that that protect the dreamers. It is possible for Mitch Mcconnell to get Donald Trump to think it's a good idea, because Donald Trump has a fit of whenever he read something in his idea. Grade sounds like a good deal sign it. Yet he and then they tell all right ass it. It's not inconceivable not done. That's a hopeful scenario that some gets out of the Senate. Somehow they get the you know they get
from a room they sort of like a Lock Stephen Miller and they're, giving them up much ahead shots and they slip the villain. What did I say, someone someone gets onto the set of fox and friends and the extent of the cameras has signed the bill challenge asylum giant. You know, there's a good idea, and I know that is in those where they go on thoughts and friends and deliver a message is granted its go. Tell them if we have. If we somewhat, we get something out of the Senate, we get Trump, then its. We have the maximum pressure on Paul Ryan and that's our best chance, its orbit giants and everyone should fight. For that. That's that's what we need to do right now, so you write with to keep the pressure on democratic centres and republican senators to do what they said. They're going to do, has a fucking bill out of the sun, the sober the waiters yeah the White House staff Secretary, Rob Porter resigned on Wednesday afternoon
men released pictures of herself with a black eye that came from Porter punching one of the women released pictures of face with a black eye that came from porter punching her in the face and the other revealed that she had filed an emergency restraining order against him before porter of multiple white to defend, including chief of staff. John Kelly of way to defend him. Kelly called him a man of true integrity and honour and a trusted professional. Multiple outlets then reported that senior Whitehouse AIDS have no but the allegations since late last year. In since that time,
He was elevated, helped right. The state of the union also, let's start with what is the way those dots are deterred, do and wise at such an important job. So there are so many funny things about. This was actually not funny at all, but in so the staff secretary is the person who receives all of the documents that people want to send like all the problems they were having with from how people, just like leaving shit on his desk with a proper step secretary that doesn't happen, they get the information they check it. They make sure that everybody has signed off like a stakeholder in the memo and they run the entire process that gets briefings to the president. They usually have a ts ass, the eye clearance because they handle all you know, foreign,
a seat on women's like those that simple its transport secret. Compartmentalize information is the top secret in the sea. I was about ass, the best of all the clearance of us about Amerika. What made you could hear the one they get Krishna would not actually having Germany so the thing about it is the office that these staff secretary, actually citizen, is called a scare because the person should have essay. I clearance so Larry as he sits in an office with you, no higher clearance, and he has- but you know, something funny to think about it. You see that he just sort of like floated round. I just wanted to case you guys didn't know who other staff secretaries had been David Bergen was Deaf Secretary John Podesta was staff Secretary Harriet Myers was staff secretary and our staff Secretary Way Prescott to the White House. These two brown was from the American Constitution Centre and is now the legal counsel, the general,
council at Georgetown University, so they're like some proper, some real proverb, professional crimes, old, so Tommy, porters, Ex wives, coldly Holderness and Jenny. Willoughby also said that the FBI asked them about these allegations during their background check in specifically asked whether they believed porter could be blackmailed to which will be answered. Yes, because so many people knew of his abusive behaviour, are you surprised that that keep him out of the job. Yeah I mean talk about the FBI, background checks, whether what why they asked this question, this fuckin guy so
I agree that the Epp Ed Akron Jack you, you felt a form you talk about where you ve lives, where you're jobs were, who you remit were arrests, drug use, felony, pencilly, everything in your life, it's incredible intrusive. They interview you about it. They that it with people, friends, family and the whole thing is designed mixture year worthy of trust, national security secrets, and so ultimately, that process at the FBI leads. It runs it, but it's a Jew dictated by the White House to the president. Say you know what I know so and so make mistakes along the way. But let's get the clearance the fact that they were sitting on this information that these women felt so strongly about this guy in health fucking evil. He was to them that they told the FBI they suit. He couldn't be trusted basically could be blackmailed, and then they just like, turned a blind eye to what is fucking appalling. No, I wouldn't be surprised that the president who sexually assaulted a dozen women this is at present United States who endure,
a man who molested children rates alike there? They have taken the moral depravity to another level, but this one is truly shocking and then hours before this information is revealed, you have John Kelly, the chief of staff coming out in giving this quote about his honour and integrity when he should have known full well now the reality is the process to defend him was problem. We run by hope picks his current girlfriend, who was probably convinced by this scumbag that it was all bullshit. I now, but they all the terrible, but I mean, In a normal environment? Where you had a non jellyfish is bigger than a non republican set in house. People actually exercise oversight. We would be. Thus giving to morrow? Why this guy? out. A clearance was looking at every piece of paper and why jeered, commissioner, by the way whose in the Middle EAST peace process in like hanging out with all the Chinese, I dont you guys interim clearance,
your election was fought over Hillary Clinton emails in her ability to protect classified information, and these people are as reckless is anything I ever heard of. My life is up it's not just just line is not doing. Oversight pouring is actually walking oversight on this, because Democrats have been requesting for almost a year now information on how the White House processes clearances, because it is unprecedented for people in that position- is the highest sensitivity operating for months and months and even a year with these interim clearances, essentially region. The recommendations of the FBI and Intelligence Committee about these people's fitness for office. There are getting the Pd B.
We're going to. Let me also it's not like the f B. I keep that kept that information from the White House. It's not like the f B. I heard that there was someone applying for a security clearance whose exposes believed that he could be blackmailed. I mean that that has been reached is I just have a very personal example share sure. So we all filled out our assets. Eighty six forms together a person or persons is going to be its personal ops wary about whether like have you smoked marrow When I was like. Oh my god, this is a thing, it's a thing, and so I was so afraid because they teach you they teach you that wine is worse than any bad thing. That's right! That's right and so disposed like jarred push neurons ninety seven revisions to his s, happiness at poor, so you ve gone through a bit, so I answered mine, very honest
and I got a call and there like a problem, and I had to go see our chief of staff, Rama Manual and he's like. I understand your than person, but you're gonna be drug tested like randomly for a year, and I think that's fine, that's fine, but like something so small in comparison, I had a conversation. I knew he knew Now that I felt guilty about it for a long time. I don't anymore what I'm doing really important, because one thing they tell you when you're going to this process is you can have done things that were bad in the past, but they need to make sure that your trustworthy now and that's making sure that you're honest about what your past would happen. Your past so that you can't be blackmail blackmail. The fear number one thing that there were
about their word about putting someone into position like staff secretary, who literally determines what the presidencies and does not see and had someone having access to that person enabled in When's that person give me those documents. I want to see those papers. I will tell the world about your spousal abuse. That is what that. That is the thing they are afraid of, and it is extremely dangerous. This is even this God put into the basket of Trump add staff staff and Gorka ridiculous, and he had a hungarian Warren for whatever the hell you do that shooting for shooting a rifle on the anniversary of forward as soon as these winning in thirty two but Gorka,
trying to get invited to meetings and like getting booked on Fox and friends. This is a new level of sensitivity. This is worse than cushioned. I mean this is appalling, and if this were a Democrat, if this were a Democrat you can, this would be the source of a giant scandal. Months of hearings, every single committee, its as it rightly so deep, and rightly so. This is as close to the president as a person can get they were and the White House knew about it. I've done began apparently, reportedly gotta call about it. Why our council done Mcgann one of council done give us all about a woman from a third or over a third woman warning them about this and I think two things about that one. It was his responsibility to get back I out of that job immediately and to the world we're living in. He did not think the fact that his staff secretary is a serial self. Spousal abuser was the hardest legal problem on his does that,
really it just. It seems self evident to me that these awful awful human beings who work in that White House right now are more worried, a story resounding on the president's reputation, because they know he assaulted women. They know the horrific things he was accused of in divorce filings by his Ex wife. They know he's a bad person who, if you fire someone for spouses abuse suddenly they might make suddenly might show just this much the actually giving. About protecting women in that they might hear about it out the window. That is the red ones through worry, more Roger, ales, billow right in this, and how do I M old, sleeve wine, which is the what White House believes for Donald Trump to John Kelly, to sell archivist enters the to believe a woman is to admit the Donald Trump
guilty and like unless there. Nor is one how the actor that hard fought. My house, which is if it is a woman at using a Democrat than they were immediately all the reservation. I was about Kelly too. This is supposed to be the adult in the room. He was hailed as hailed as a true leader when he came to the White House in a briefing room to give a speech ones. Moderating forest for Trump. So far, he has refused to apologize for falsely I can get democratic, congresswoman blame the civil war and a lack of compromise said Robert E Lee was honourable said. The dreamers didn't four dhaka because they were too lazy to get off their asses, and now this does doubled from protract bad people or does Trump make. People bad. That is my question. John word nurture we ve grappled with this. I gotta say I was,
one of the people that I like you have to be pretty impressive person to rise to get a four star or to be a combating commander. You have done a lot of things well in your life, and I was impressed by that. Obviously, everyone is rooms. He also lost a son in combat and then just days later gave a speech at a funeral service for two other Marines been killed and combat. That is one of the most moving decoration, dignified, decent things you ve ever read, and I
that like make me emotional and think that there must be like a strain of goodness that ran through this man. I really am deeply regret feeling that way, because when you talk about Dhaka recipients getting off their lazy asses some the things he said, I mean it's a sort of the same native IST coded racist language that you hear from everyone else in the trumpet, if anything it so interesting. Now, if the every other member of the military's had the opposite, so that's what makes him so outrageous added today, like whatever its low hanging fruit but he's like it. You are doc I you're in the military. You won't be deported right, but like every time, Donald Trump, come out and said something did when he wanted to ban transgendered from the military. All of the joint chiefs stood up until we're not fucking doing this, but, like Kelly, is like that outlier like I just I never saw that coming, I would like my tweets did not age while I was a colleague
We knew that he was a hard line on immigration that he was going to be native. It's like Donald Trump from stories about him at the Department of Homeland Security. If we knew that if he went up the chain of command, he got closer general. He became more extreme on immigration that that was in the works. A lot of this other stuff, though, the lazy asses and the attacking Frederico. And talking about civil war and all that bullshit like that. I definitely do not become so much in six just to keep up the happy talk. I want to cover a brewing constitutional crisis in the state of Pennsylvania we have so after tweets and elections, Republicans one full control of Pennsylvania of the state government and they gerrymandered the shit out of the congressional map. They now control thirteen of eighteen congressional seats just to show how crazy this is demo
it's in twenty twelve got fifty one percent of the vote and they want only five of eighteen seats, so June of twenty seventeen Pennsylvania's League of women voters filed suit to have the map invalidated as unconstitutional so it's Breeze Data Supreme Court recently read in a five that decision, they ordered the republican ledge, nature and democratic governor to submit a new map by tomorrow, February night. They said that the League of women voters is right. The map is unconstitutional, submit a new, by the nice, and they said if you can't do that, the court will draw a map itself. So Republicans then appealed to the: U S Supreme Court, the use approving court, denied. The republican request to delay will have to prove it. It's not quite a happy ending yet guys. So now some republican,
Legislators are threatening to impeach the five members of the States Supreme Court that rules in the majority. In this case they haven't, we Democrats, It requires a majority in the house and two thirds of the Senate to impeach judges, which the Republicans have Dan, yes gerrymandering how much does this matter politically? What it wanted? The stakes here politically, if that, if the map is redrawn, boy could be what precise control the house. It is if the maps or drive as they should have been drawn up in him if they are drawn in a fair way right, depending on how it's done. Democrats can pick up.
Redefine seats, which has huge huge or dry or is it a twenty varies from three to five? That's the end, so in a normal democratic and if it got through to five and a wave here, they could pick up more, and so this is ground now ground, zero in the battle for the house, which is why republicans are considering such an extreme measure, because if this happens and then just democratic reform, as you would expect in districts in Hilary, one republics are unlikely to hold a house, and so this is going to be a real test of whether there are any norms that read the Republicans are willing to adhere to like. If I were a betting, I think they will try the impeachment think, as we saw what happened in North Carolina, where the Democrats, one the governorship and then the Republicans in in the last session changed all the walls with the outgoing overbooking governor to dramatic, reduce the ability of a democratic of an hour to root, to implement policy and make it easier to vote.
Right, as the big thing was Republicans one all their power by undergoing NASA voter suppression, cutting pulling places and its democratic owing to fix that, because you know people should be able to vote in. The Republicans then took the power from the from the governor and gave it to the locally elected election boards which were mostly republican and so like, we are staring down the birth of a true constitutional crisis here, and hopefully there is a Republican. A daughter will stand up, but I have yet to find that person in the last seventeen months. So that's the point. What politically could happen? Tommy? What's the institutional damage here that they could happen? I mean I think this is one of those moments. When you teeter between democracy to Banana republic, they got his way out the door he go. Child
is named thirteen new touches. You like that. Now we just lost all bunch and legislature, let's just pack the courts and when you show that kind of totally reckless disregard for institutions, especially judiciary, when you refuse to play by the rules- and you pick up your ball and go home in this instance beat the shit out of the other guy and declare yourself the winter. I think like that, is a truly frightening scenario and one that, as we ve seen with everything else in the Trump administration like if that kind of activity starts to get normalized in not be like Ay
You know nationwide uproar, it's something that could be frightening, love it with a yes, I agree with all that. What we are seeing at state level is what I think we need to worry about. Having next to the national level or in some cases, is already happening again. It comes back to the way these guys are like rafters, and I ve been testing the fences and what they ve discovered. What they discovered is a lack of interest among voters and people who don't go, who would largely vote against them adaptation of the way we consume media, the declining power of shame in our culture, all of its remove these social barriers too deeply immoral behaviour on the part of politicians. They see that with Trump itself Mcconnell, they see with Ryan, I see with politicians every single day they sought with rum re more and in Alabama and the discovery. The scary discovery is once those Shane barriers were removed. When someone like Helen Conway could kill the part of herself,
bowling green in bowling, green and prevented people simply from so let us never forget a thing: that's not serious adults from looking into the camera and lying or simply totally ignoring the question acting agreed when they're making it up all of that once they killed that a lot of people discover that. Well, it turns out that the political barriers What I think of it works this lot easier. Now, it's a lot easier. Yet where did the shaman? Politics was simpler than we could have imagined. The local papers are gone, people are paying attention and we can run roughshod over democratic institutions. So I agree. We have to fight this tooth and now we have to be very honest about what it looks like and what it feels like that, just because America can't be a state can start becoming a democracy right. We saw that North Carolina was viewed in some
our national survey, as not being a democratic state, fair enough there trying in other states too and try and other states and by the way this is also part of voters suppression. This is part of what conservative activism doing across the country. This is the destruction of public sector unions. This is about stopping people who can stop them from having power in the voting booth. But we need to think really hard about the larger forces and ask ourselves what do we do to raise the political price for this kind of behaviour? And I think anyone who says they has the anyone who says they have the answer. That question is not being honest thing: it's a really really hard and serious question that we can for going to fight this a bunch of different fronts, but we're gonna be doing this for a long time to we figure out how to win this game. We Democrats do right, not immoral.
Not by destroying institutions, but in a way that actually is equal to what's been brought against us, because right now we have lost a lot of what was and what are they teach us about like what Democrats can do? I love it was a Democrat. Is gerrymandering is gerrymandering and they do it here. But nobody is good, but when we know you had your gerrymander filibuster Jerry Buster, loving plaster, faster in Illinois. Ring this energy too. Don't you worry in Illinois? Three, there is a congressmen Dan Le Pen ski he took his father seed. He, his entire district, is gerrymander to keep him in the sea. He is the most conservative democratic out there. He was the first. He voted against Dhaka. He voted against the affordable care ass. He was the first Democrat
I think, to March in the March for life, he's completely pro life right. So why does he have a seat? Because the Madigan machine in Chicago has gerrymandered it, so he can keep it. So everyone should just like putting the back of their head. There's a wonderful woman, Marie Newman who is running against him. She's! marrying him and she's a small and an ice, and me Rollin Anthea you're behind her, but the real one, she's wonderful, but the real story, like we all have to be held in the same standard gerrymandering, is terrible, its ill. It also due to this by the way that we focus on presidential race and twenty twenty is. We should worry focusing on the twenty eighteen congressional elections, but this is why
you go and fight and run in local and state election. Why, like life state legislature, races really matter, Republicans robins, you a lot of shit to stop voters that we don't do, but they dont gerrymander better than us. They just one all the election. No, and that is the drill This is true for two thousand and losing in two thousand, and ten was not just about us losing the House of Representatives. It was about us losing the right to draw the maps for that sent us here and we have been living with the consequences ever since, on the state level on the local level in Congress and twenty twenty is the next census. In the next time you get started so if there is one more thing to make this the most important election of our lifetime and twenty eighteen, it is a party that wins twenty eighteen, the party that gets to draw the mats- and we have some good news to you by the way in Missouri this week on Tuesday
grievous twenty seven year old procurement manager, Analyzer Bush scheme, picked out. A win in a suburban Missouri state has district the trunk carried by nearly thirty point and the details. The digital, see by the way, the democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just added. Seven. More seats to their target less so now or at a hundred, and one sees that the disease has its good poles again type. Read more seats, so gets work yes and you're not gonna happen, that does not in your stomach will not leave enjoy it You reminds you of what is happening. Right now, I'll write so transition, a similar secular, even as we can
age. When the house were also to fight to win the centre. The president has said it is a man they might pets. My pants is Donald Trump closest Adviser who has no idea what's happening at the White House is informed of EV thing from the news which brings us segment. We call ok, stop you! Logically, when it pigs are injured from rang, ok, stop and then we talk about it. This way going. Ok, stop vice president and botox these. Yes, my pants, really failure to get the little rivers with a clear warning, the little isn't all currently in South Korea, the Olympic Games when he got off the plane, was ass about some new. His back and watch again throat clip
We that these allegations against us? We have died more than a hundred podcast. This may be the first time ever talk about my either it's what we want to do this staff at around so many closer tonight. We couldn't figure because then we saw them open skies like wait. Yeah we ve met. Talk about where the fuck is even very seriously. Today when here with a guidelines, and do you think right. Question was good point. John Thinking about the audience question my pants with asked is leader blah blah blah reporter? Do you believe the president is being well served by his senior staff? air Force base. The Japan we're on our way to the Olympics. Ok, stop
That is certainly the most mundane filibustering billion interviews. Brag Obama was ever like matters red and misuse, or about have an annual audit about this morning of those elements. So I guess I'm just here about that when he woke up this morning? That's when my pants Donno trumps right hand, man work from a timezone perspective, migrants.
I believe it is immoral to not beyond Bethlehem time. I still get out have been brutally administration for at least the last year about an abusive senior staff are- and you just found out this more in fairness to my pants Donald Trump, also Lars most of his information. When you make in the morning from such, like also your might pens. Would you ever go to South Korea not knowing what the help transmitter No, I mean like what you want to be on the other side of the envy. Yeah the common issues like us to get back to wash briefly, I guess I just got a new rule, which is, I only can answer, questions about Washington
Washington, Washington, stopped at the waters. This is now a number of times when you found out of vice president, your number to name a decision. We found out about something very early after a number of other seniors: ok powers, both friendly deplored, actually part. I was my uncle John Thursday. You showed to actually Parker king, just yearning fastball might pensions head and what happened was in here for the reasons, love admit vengeance. I stared at you staring at her currently like I'm kill you apathetically. Ashley is so good at asking a question that nasty so polite.
Nice? You are the president and the vice president, your number two in the government. You do not know shit Anything ever. She did work for more he's out. Could you please comment on that? Not knowing shit about anything ever there was a bubble over. My parents have- and I would say this is why my wife is meet with women are out about it began to understand, were standing your baby, I'm an unwanted, seem a little, then the only ones to green on information is voiced, grows from donors. How much xanax did take every morning on, but I can't to my insecure guy that
That was an answer you could have given to literally anyway, it's a great honour to be the vice presidents, Two months ago there was an opportunity, since given me, sir, representing the United States on the foreign stage we have European will later today, South Korea or said the love. You can't see us at home, but that is his Reagan's mark kind of that thing. He does and man of all the dipshit mediocre politicians that have succeeded because of Donald Trump. We should just always remember that he is the luckiest took this together, a losing race Indiana. He was not. He is a surprise. Does anybody anybody genuflecting before the biggest moron from New York,
raise money from thinking in the back of his head, like I'm, probably have a better chance of being president than most of these private browsing data. Maybe I can defected north korean work for less of an ass, pretty sweet, it being abducted. Also being involved in the legislative process, and I am very grateful for that. Will leave those White House staffing matters when we get back White House staff matters at so we got from my pants thank you, moral Euro when we come back we'll In our view, with Wanta James, further work is brought about. Apron, blue apron, the leading milk delivery
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listeners to thirty dollars off your first order? If you visit blue apron dot com such crooked, so check out this week's menu and get you thirty dollars off a blueprint, our complex cricket, blue apron, a better way to we don't do extra staff on this one could in the middle cook. We are so excited tonight that want a James. Now she is the owner of simply pure a medical and recreational cannabis company right here in Denver she and her husband with North african Americans, only Dispensary Colorado issued a Porter Navy, lieutenant an influential social justice activist in political activists. Please welcome
Wanna Jameson. Are you? Are you? What are you doing? I'm good very good. We read all these people here for you. So before you got into the canvas business, you were affected personally by how our drug laws are weighted enforced. Can you talk about your brother story in what that experienced hot you about this, bullshit impact of drug laws on young people who get arrested. I dare say you know it's crazy so in to ninety nine. I had the pleasure of me: my brother for the first time. And when I spoke to him he said you know I want to know. I just got out of prison and said he had a felony and he was in a maximum security prison.
I'm listening to this story, like oh, my god, my brother murdered somebody hurt somebody. Something horrible must have really happened, and he says I got caught with four ounces apart. I dont believe it I want to university Colorado older. I may That's good major importance so that everybody in my world, no one we're got arrested, we'd role, joints in front of living? Hardly my member Libya and see you PDA would want buying, be like kids, but that away get roll back up again and after I graduated all my friends were lawyers, doctors, business people and they smoke pot and no one ever went to jail, and when I met my boy there was like this can't be possible? You definitely did not get a ten year prison sentence for four ounces apart, so I take case to a friend of mine and allay who happen to be a lawyer and he opened at my brother's paperwork closed it put it on his desk and he says. Let me talk to you about something: eight hundred thousand people a year,
rested for at the time, ninety nine for simple possession. Eighty five percent of those were black and brown, mostly boys, between the ages of seventeen and twenty four, it's called slave labour, Erica has never never not had a slave labour class. So he finishes this thing and taxes and comes out to Colorado, and we get off of the Brok Obama two thousand and eight presidential election. You guys know some. About Osborne. You ve heard about their work a lot of money for him here and cholera. And has been, and I decided to make this a political thing. We said you know what let's open up a dispensary we just spent in a year in the room with the next president. We ve been vetted we're both in the military, wouldn't bet it our entire life. I says you know what they can't make us criminal. So, let's do this we opened up,
We opened up a dispensary and started talking about it on tv and all of our friends or like girl, you going to do now, but you know what thing is the more open you are about it, the less. They can kind of touch you. So we have talked about it and talked about it and talked about it. We have talked about mass incarceration. We have talked about the eighty five percent arrest rate with black and brown people here in Denver thirty three percent of the people who were arrested for simple position.
And were black and how many black people have you guys seen in Denver anyway, but yeah I mean it was shocking that my brother went through that, oh and he had to pick out just real quick. This is the most disgusting part of this is my brother only did four and a half years and the maximum security prison, but to get out early, my brother picked cotton for four and a half years in Texas. He had to pick a hundred pounds of cotton a day to buy his freedom. This wasn't eighteen sixty five by the way it's horrible, yet is disgusting, walk through the process of how you got, and this is how to someone opening statements were like, whatever the hoops you have to jump through, to do that, while in two thousand and nine there were no loops because there were no rules, and so you, when you got a licence to open up a wellness or yoga studio
everybody had yoga studio, great great but now in two thousand and nine, there really were a lot of rules, rules making started happening in two thousand ten, two thousand Levin, two thousand twelve. Of course. Now there are tremendous amount of things that you gotta jump through, so lots of money, one to five million dollars pallaby to get into a dispensary here in Denver, there's a moratorium. So if you wanted to spend three, you have to buy one. You ve got to go to a background check. They checked everything from your student loans to your child support all of your taxes. All that has to be cleared up. You have to be of good moral character, yeah it's it's quite the run around back. When you started doing this. This was sort of over a new thing. Now you have lots of people talking that the candidates industry, you publicly traded companies. You have people all over Silicon Valley, talking about venture capital investments into cannabis, related companies?
Very many african Americans in this space, despite the disproportion impact in the african american community that you are talking about earlier How concerned are you about the way, the trajectory of cannabis industry and what things can we do deserve course correct as we're just started, I mean that when we talk about all the time right, so everybody is getting ended s, and even here in Colorado, his the amazing thing. If you have a drug phelan, juggling cannabis possession, you can't own cannabis business Ten years from the discharge of your felony. Now, if you're a rapist or a murderer, you can do it within five years, so yeah go figure. So, basically, when we look at all of the visionaries in cannabis or locked up, because if you were growing we'd in the seventies or are they These are the nineties you're the visionary
You would do in your garage kind of, like you know, Steve jobs in all those guys right, so I mean it's interesting and we locked up our visionaries, but you know we came back, the rebellion lived and we taught a whole bunch of people in Colorado how to grow cannabis. And but the problem that we're seeing, though, is black people a ended up with the most balanced. So we work cut out of the business and then too we didn't trust this. You know I mean my brother was arrested, people cops busted into homes and in inner city neighborhoods, so we have been very nervous about coming into this industry, but we are now seeing a resurgence of people fighting to get in, so we're seeing Massachusetts Set, has laws on the books that doesn't
doesn't allow peddled penalizing people who have drug felons. California in Oakland, are trying to set up laws to allow more people to get into the industry so that it is becoming more diverse, but even right now one piece of all the spends less than one percent of dispensary owners are black. Now what some news was made in San Francisco recently, where marijuana- was legalised. The about California that started in January of this year and then the district attorney as our Cisco went back and clear it alot of convictions for people who were bus like this. Without with marijuana and I'm curious, we're seems like the right thing to do, of course, but I'm curious whether there is any momentum do something here, similar Denver Colorado in what can folks here do maybe make that a reality. So. I saw today that the governor is considering
in a number of people who are in jail for their third shrikes for marijuana. We ve been trying to fight these laws for a while. We ve had a couple of bills and having been able to get our communities to be able to arms a sponge people's records or seal their records, if what they did would no longer be considered a felony, so we're try and really hard because I think look, I'm not a fan of beer, but I dont think that anybody should go to jail for drinking beer and I think that that's cool the field for cannabis right now, whether you in Georgia, you don't enjoy it, nobody should be going to jail for the use of cannabis. America's favorite, fascist people arrive. Just sessions, said good people don't smoke marijuana listen up audience? Yells continues to push, despite so much evidence to the contrary. This notion of marijuana gateway drug to opium AIDS in the summer recess.
The opiate crisis? If you were sitting in this chair, what would you say to him and in can you tell me like what are the people who you meet in your dispensary? What are they like? Who does smoke? Marijuana in Colorado, is educate him. I haven't seen the file numbers for last year by think we came up on one point: four billion dollars worth of sales. Yes, there's about a billion people out there are smoking. You know everything that we see with cannabis is that people who drink beer, some of them small cannabis, the people that drink wine, some of them small, cannabis moms, some of them small cannabis, college students, some of them small cannabis, wiping
some of them small gathers black gables Ganem S, I'm I mean it's, there is no, there is no demographic, and I just saw is well to that. Republicans have now decided at the number of fifty one percent, that cannabis should be legal or people. Republican smoke cannabis I mean really there's I have, that to me anybody at well. I personally have nine other out there. I personally not met anybody that is completely anti. Canada's most people will say I tried it. I didn't really feel good about it. So normally small get good. People smugglers Wanna genes, you're a hell of an effective spokesperson candidacies. Thank you for being here and I thank you for all the work of Honor POD save America's. You buy betterment betterments alone
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pod save America. Listeners can get up to one year, managed free for more information visit, betterment, dotcom such crooked, that's betterment, dot, com, slash cricket, great! I Algeria there. How do you pronounce it marijuana now, while the local thing? He had ridden, but never heard of that right. As you may or may not know, Donald Trump save ability numbers have been inching up after the state of the union. The sub, like a numbers, have been on the upswing as well. We obviously all like you, reacted to the news with shock and despair. However, we pulled ourselves up from the doldrums and realise that there is probably a better way to react to the vast
relations of Paul numbers and we thought we tell you about them in the form of a game now virgin. We call polar coaster who the dash with some dash yeah with an adjective it's a dash rollercoaster game roller coaster name will talk about the dash. After this, they give us an audio medium. Certain rhythm look here. There was no dash hollerin poster with so many other like to play the game crowded house, and I what's your name, I'm Gina g hygiene? Are you from Denver originally from Colorado? Nothing number made up of all. But but now you live in Denver, your equivocating Europeans
Where are you from websites and how long have you been in prayers? Great, raise? What's the difference, Therefore, I ask you guys are tragically I've gotta guards the game earlier this week, the queen it be hacked Taco Bell, Poles, the devil, losing ground Republicans in a generic out. Their lead shrunk from fourteen points. You just seven points. What should you do with this information? Is it a? Is it a calmly methodically debunked, the polar twenty four part tweets and hope for a retreat from AIDS, or is it be point out in a five hundred word, Facebook Post? Why the person who conducted the pull runs a company is refused us up advertising on bright Barton or is it see remember that your friend Todd went to Quantity ACT and he was more on cities,
Holsters must also be more head on. Could it be, I d get off your ass. We can go knock on some fucking doors forgot dwell with your answer. Delegation that doesn't fucking do not make the noise the altitude requesting member to its nine months into the mid term elections. The Porsche Favour billeting Amber slowly, inching upward, Do you remember who was ahead and GEO People's just seven months before the last I will carcass? Was it a Ben Carson who had no idea Running for president was it be. Skywalker It would just been caught throwing union members into a well. Was it see Christine O Donnell, that nice woman everyone
was a which was a day Margaret Rubio. Sorry, this is an obvious joke answer. Margaret you, never let any Paul anybody, a tragic figure if you didn't think he was the hero in a saga. We are all blessed to be observing that had some real answers in one minute. What do you think I haven't here want to? Friends? Is Ben Carson, Skywalker Casino Donal, or Marker Rubia Casino. Where I get to say: not even close women got Walker Verde shouted wrong, there's no way out of it. We knew your trouble
when even tell us, where you're from it in number three just days before the olive Amis special action, Doug Jones, is losing to really more imposed forty nine percent to forty four percent. How did Jug Jones and up winning? Was it egg teams of volunteers on the ground and extremely motivated democratic elect? in the hope that Alabama would do what's right, be millions of them Thirteen gang members flutter over the border workers into letting them vote for a centrist Democrats centuries really see the Illuminati, he's had corner at the Denver Airport, you can look it up days, Alabama Republicans moved by a sudden feeling of democrats
economy, remove the number of barriers to voting, including a punitive voter ideal after Jeff sessions weeping set in a press conference. I don't care for publicans lose voting. Is the bedrock of American. That's it You got it right. Final question on me final question: following Donald Trump's, historic state of the union address where he managed to finish the speech before blundering into an obstruction of justice. In twelve hours, forty eight percent of respondents were seen in pole, so they had a very positive reaction to the speech. What is the proper way to respond to this information? Was it? Was it a texture, Trump supporter cousin, tell him he's uninvited.
Well, I guess you can't have that energy on this measure will be three that seen in pundits explaining why they should not televised received unanimous it's wrong to give tromp apply for these are hitting liberal. What are the good? I was mighty, don't come home and what its directed at our own. This is a model which was questioned breach of you was it see, remember that George W Bush and Brok Obama both had stated the union's with forty eight percent positive reaction from CNN and both of them still mosques. For all of the house. That senior was due printer photo Trump Ryan and pants during the speech
place it under glass and preservative in action, a piece of tungsten carbide, a series of pictogram, the tell the story of these three men causing the downfall of civilization, then bury the photo and black under an obvious in the desert, so that future humans will define it and understand why, faced with what what I offer an altar no now you can offer majority, when you see your right, you won the game,
how'd, you get back to where you also remember, even though you one and even though these poles will go up and down, we can assume, will win the house. We have to stop reality to poles and do what we can to win, which is. Why should go to crooked dot com? Flash crooked, seven look up close to swing district and don't it as much as you can see the democratic candidate that all you can do that Porto thank you. But when we come back questions human
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Hungary and Austria ha ha anyway. Go get your free debit card, known as the cash card today among the fastest growing car programmes in history, cash at when using the other apps anymore. When I use neither banks aim when I'm talking to people use the other ones, catch up However, we have time for four or five questions. Travis is right there with the MIKE. I am very sorry. I think he got so much for kind of getting out there in trying to help us doc. Do you not know my questions on really seriously, though I've lived here for a very long time, and this is the first time I've ever been scared of not biggest
so, which insist? You guys think we haven't they Utah forth You were shot alone over their makes us rhymes wasted. As you say, we go emotionally prepared to answer Lucas.
I mean I don't know, I don't know it. To be honest, I don't want to think about the districts. I know that, obviously Donald fronted extremely poorly in Utah. I think that was mainly because of Donald Trump himself or not because a surge in democratic support neuter, but I don't know what you think: that's the old, Jim Matheson District right. Yes, Terry Manner, so the Democrat, how they differently, forgot, gerrymandered out of their sea and look if it is a plus six republican district is one honey.
Percent winterbourne away, and so does that mean it's easy? Does that mean the most likely tipping point to two? Eighteen is Utah for no by white has in two thousand and six when Democrats, what the house? What happened was as we ran people everywhere and we won districts, they don't ever thought you would win because the wave cake- and so if there are people on the ground, organizing and we have a good candidates, there is a legit shot. You can win that history, just gonna fuckin workforce right and so that it does so. No one there's no district that we should write off into John Point. This out of the deep sea has expanded their map to a hundred more districts, but we can do better than It's not up to these rules. They decide. Utah forest gonna be a target not on over its own that west by the people. You tough work and go when that district right. I just wasn't- I know, was in your question, but I just want to say thank you for coming here. Thank you for asking the question
Thank you for talking about being a dreamer. The stakes involved things I think, these cowards in Congress, who won't look a dreamer in the eye before taking a vote. If they hear the stories that people understand, the individuals were talking about the stories, the contributions to society, to the military, twenty thousand,
teachers. It is no brainer decision. So thanks for Fight Denver been feared that back baby. So my reticent about what the letter.
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