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Trump calls off the North Korea summit after Mike Pence was called a dummy, and the NFL restricts the right to free speech after threats from the president. Governor Deval Patrick and Ambassador Samantha Power join Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Erin on stage at the Wang Theater in Boston.

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I have often whereby it is good to be home, welcomes the boy Baby America on Joint barrow, I'm John Mother, I'm Aaron Ryan aren't army. These are, I know, sure, love it really.
You mean the Mets. Where I met shirt, unbeliever, hey, hey, hey John Body- would do a funny sport through the air. Maybe The enemy of your enemy is your friend You know, I think about it. We have some great friends of the pod from the state of Massachusetts joining us tonight former governor Devolve, Patrick, is here your former ambassador to the United Nations, the the powers, their rights through. Do some news. Sure, ok,.
I mean you gotta your cousins here I could probably do some news. I think, like half of our wedding is here, so I regret to inform you that it's it's back. The drawing board for the Nobel Prize Committee. Norwegians are angrily so close role. The red carpet back up. Donald Trump is careful. This June twelve summit with North Korea's Kim Jong own after a north korean affair? called vice president, my pants political dummy because he told Fox NEWS that the model for the DE nuclear rotation of North Korea was Libya, where dictator Mama he gave up his nuclear weapons and was later deposed and killed by rebel forces. So I think that was a clever play. Tommy was this a big when, for TAT
where the biggest when stuff this is very pressing right, I mean when winter. In his letter, he sent the copies of the comments about pence where the last straw, which is funny get out from says, worse things about his own staff zone cabinet on a regular basis, John mention that pence men, Indeed, the libyan model again about North Korea, just not to put too fine a point, but the libyan model ended with Gaddafi, getting sodomize by a bayonet and then killed in the streets, so We surprised that that offended Kim Jong and in north korea- and they didn't want to go that direction. No, this, you know I'm not happy that these talks blew up. Nobody should be happy. We all want like a realistic diplomatic set of this guy. And to try to get too many. A crisis that still exist today. Now that these talks are over, that's stupid letter was sent, but they re
into it there's no process. There is no for thought. It was all about chasing a headline in, of course, like a shady process, Please do a shitty outcome that that is as a rule in life. Do you think that pence, Meda? stake there or because John Bolton also referenced the libyan model a couple weeks ago and that pass them off and then, Suppose I hadn't does it again? Is that strategies that them just being morons like work. I mean, I think, would happen. Is this opportunity to have a meeting was brought to Trump and instead of taking the Tennessee down the situation room talking through it, fitting out exactly what they mean. What do entailing what steps we would need to take to get North Korea to take meaningful actions he sent the South Korea and National Katy Visor out to the driveway, at seven or eight at night in the dark, and how to do a press conference to accept the invitation, and there was no for thought or planning that went in that would enable, to be a success so Trump when he saw Kim Jong on getting squid.
And maybe not being to give up all the things we need to give up decided to dump him before you get dumped Erin, here's a sample of the right wing reaction, Fox host, almost vs Secretary PETE Exit, said Best letter ever good for Trump State, set the terms, no reason too long at a bad deal. I guess he meant lunge. Did you really say long? Yeah he's had long everyone along in a bad deal cruelty, and it wasn't it wasn't just from media. Here's actually is this move is pure trump. A reminder that he milked his adversary and gave them nothing in return never talk about milking milk people, so milk people was this a clever ploy all along. What did you think of this?
whenever I see right wing media response to two Donald trumps, clear losses as wins, I think of the Drake Lyric I think nice for what nice. What why are you debasing yourself to this extent, Donald is not going to be president forever he's, not gonna live forever and at some point you know the lights are going to come on in the bar. The lights are going to comment on the bar, and these people are going to see that they ve been. They ve been completely humiliating. Given face friendship, this awful person, another thing that I please friendship- other frontier you, I think, what other, whereas what is usually the phases was no I'd. I would I think that this exposed, as, though is the fact that that Donald Trump can be based we let around by the nose of people flatter him in and give him like his, if
firm, his biases that he's the greatest person in the world, and I think these people are kind of hang out and hanging around hoping that at some point they can get a job and a White House and then have their life. C b disgrace and never get another job again. It's it's kind of a funding to me. Also, I think that the invoking of the libyan model is really funny because it sort of like if you went out with a guy who had like a terrible personal history like maybe he had burned down as Ex wife's house or something and you were like- oh I don't know, I'm I'm a little worried about letting you come into my house. You might burn it down and he's like yeah, but I loved my ex wife, it's like heavy fucking burned down, I guess I just think that this is very confusing to me and I dont understand how the meal ego works, and I dont understand why these people are constantly. I don't I don't understand what this is all leading to an what they hope will come of it. I don't John in the letter from prefers to him as his excellency
he said a wonderful dialogue was building, as we all know, he made a coin with their faces on its way now a collectors item. What else did Kim from this deal here and what does that tell us about trumps negotiate? style. He is. He is the deal maker out of the deal. I say first of all, I propose this earlier, but I believe that the coins should be cut in half Kay where one half and Donald Trump should, where the other half and didn't, we almost have it all. Over over years and years, it's passed down from generation to generation, overtime, story of the two halves is lost and then one day many generations from now to STAR Cross see each other from across a space train and catch each other's. I she smiles
It was meant to be now yeah the letters DOM hoping DOM right, but what I was doing today, just feels as though we're trying we're laying over a Donald Reality, tv store over. What is a thirty year structure? problem or like at least two decades long structural problem of there's this country did the world. They said we better get nukes or somebody's gonna bombers until we're dead and then they ve slowly moved towards doing that and they ve never proven wrong. I dont think things were demand like media went too crazy about how much better things were because Donald to open this avenue for talks and all the cop caveats that came with it. Cast aside, I dont think things as good as they were. I don't think the things were as good as p claimed when Donald Trump was going to have this meeting things having gone that much worse because this meeting has been withdrawn. I think
we're learning is Donald Trump has said for better part of his I'm in public life that all we have to do to be present. Is bring the the gifts of of negotiation to the table. That he's learned over a lifetime is on the world stage write it the apprentice on the world stage or that the lessons learned over a lifetime of heralding a lot of money and only losing it all some time ago, but it s so he's trend this. He talked about this for years. Here's woman doom and walk into the room, I meant to say: let's do a deal damage to get up, walk out of the room Ok, now he's trying it nuclear annihilation, or that as is, is, is on the table but he's trying it and what and we're learning is it just doesn't work it is doing just stupid. You know it stupid. This is a ship it drives me clever, This is a sure they drive me crazy with the press because understand
We they write day after day after day of awful stories about dollar shrunk. Because, day after day, we learned that he paid off. A mistress, like lied about it. We learned that, like literally every single person be ever in the next May or may not be indicted, it's going, they did months and then tough going they they, he gets talks the North Koreans and he floats that he may be should win the Nobel Peace Prize, hundreds or, like you know, maybe either is there a lot like big radium on such a fucking curve leg, insane amateur, Osama Bin Afterdeck Republican say deserves a Nobel Peace Prize Democrats. Disagree when we come back we'll take a look at the Nobel Debate over Donald Trump. Does he deserve it? Yes or no? We ask you to submit your ideas. You know love it and they, the fiery cauldron, loving nation that he's not a good negotiator, and you know it. What is really frustrating to me is that he is good at one.
Streamlined. Specific thing, like he's, he's good at structuring payments for his mistresses he's? Guy he's a I'm. That is a genuine compliment like good for you, Donald you're, able to somehow structure payment two women who you had affairs with shortly after your wife, had it the Ross during two thousand and five two thousand seven was a very horny time for Donald Trump, but he's able to somehow to obscure who gave the like it's been years and when we didn't, we didn't learn about their until just now. So he's he's good at something. Why can't you be good at? literally any other thing. I don't. He puts a lot of effort into it so that the North Koreans responded tonight They said basically We are happy to meet any time- we're sorry this happen, so their basically trying to take the high ground right, which they should never be able to take, because
country run by an awful dictator, puts people and labour camps, but now on the world stage there saying well, we were doing everything you told us to do. We to go to this meeting and now Donald Trump, because we called his vice president pull called dummy is calling it off right and which they stole from us. That's also plagiarism and nobody is talking about it. He put out Trump release, this letter rejecting the talks without tat. The South Koreans, I mean this is big deal for us, because their developing missile technology that might be able to strike San Francisco or New York, or you know it's a legitimate that for us, if you live in South Korea, it's been a threat for a long time. You live in Japan has been a threat for a long time in pumps debate they try to sell, would like crazy man. Nixon theory is somehow being beneficial negotiations. If you live adjacent to North Korea, it's just fucking. Terrifying, and so yes, like the president, Mood
South Korea really push hard to get the toxic ass. You scared, shitless and now there is a chance she's, more scared, what we're gonna do than what kinsman and by the way, how many? U S? Soldiers are sitting on the border, one thousand five hundred. So that's pretty scary, but I also think, though, I think part of the reason the press was open to the idea that trumps craziness could bear fruit. Is you do look at this situation? they well, there did. There was a need for something new. Because Democrats, Republicans you try to hard nosed negotiate. Can you give a really get it? Will they lie? They keep developing things are getting worse and worse. That programme gets worse and worse and worse and so Oh well, maybe this someone you know changing? things trying something different. The problem, is you don't just if If the careful measured approach by both parties for many years wasn't working, it may mean that there is a better approach, but that one
also going to be pretty hard to find and get right. It's also gonna take thought and disease when an effort, even if it does look different and even if at first the exports aren't told we sure about it, but that's not what I'm going through yeah, that's not what right does go and munitions got is nonsense. It is usual to repress picked the wrong thing. That was good, indifferent about Donald Trump approach. They thought, maybe it's a tough guy tweets. Maybe we needed some stray in this country, maybe we need someone to tweeted a madman that he was called little rocket. Man, as opposed to the fact that from said, I'm willing to talk directly with the leader of a country and I'm willing to engage in the main consideration. We like from Obama Eric and going back to the devil, madman theory, at the only reason that the madmen three work does because the madman had an end game in mind. I think Donald Trump is constantly stuck in this step. One step two separate question mark step for profit: he's Cardiff question mark phase of the of vat, and so, if you're, you know madman theory, he uses
and of doing a lazy version of it because he doesn't really, he hasn't really pictured beyond him, winning at before winning a Nobel prize. What that would actually look like This is advisers like ok, thank you, much for doing the madman thing for two weeks, but we think you should go back to being. What are you up? What are you talking about remember that what madman thing oh yeah. No, I was doing it yes demonstrates just human Ok! So once I wasn't bananas on Wednesday, a major you ask duration announced that it would restrict its employees right to free speech in response to repeated threats from the present I'd states, the owner of the National Football League, cited too. The new policy that will punish players with fines if they need on the field in protest of police brutality and racial injustice during the national anthem, Donald Trump. Splendid to the news. During an interview with Foxen friends this morning, saying you have to stand proudly for them,
general anthem. Will you shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there? Maybe you shouldn't be in the country. This follows last fall rally in Alabama. He said: wouldn't you live to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now he's fired here? fired and apparently they listen to that area. The NFL says: compromise because players who want to kneel can now say locker room during the anthem, though the NFL players associations said in a statement that they were not consulted about. The new policy at all is that is that to Firstly, our fuzzy about this compromise is a first of all that Foxen friends interview that the air this morning was taped yesterday and also during that Foxen Friends Interview Donald Trump was like the North Korea's summits, probably happening so by now. He might have totally changed his mind about that. Secondly, you know, apart from first of all, I played in the interval, and they were like you
Does Canada hang on the luck room for longer? I believe so. We are the log room for as long as possible, but the third I, this is theirs, maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think footballs bad. I pick up all the bad part. I think I think football is a bad sport. It has. It has a long history of excusing in enabling domestic abusers. It hurt The players it has at the city is a huge problem that the animal has its has worked to obscure people all the way from you know, school level through college in and pro football have like major brain damage. From playing the sport. I think that in the future we will look back on and I fell phantom in the same way that when we watch madman episodes, we see Betty Draper Smoking when she's pregnant and think holy FUCK repeated that back. Then they did that back then. I think that football should be on its way out. I think that this is this is an expression of how outdated and ridiculous a sport. It is- and I say, good riddance.
Oh yeah. The idea that supporters and are not political, just ridiculous. I mean like Jackie, is in breaking the color barrier. Barrier was political David or tea. He's coming out after the bar embalming thing? This is our fucking city with a political statement. This is just a political statement that some people dont like and it's very frustrating these. The the median where we talk about has allowed the underpinning of what cap neck, and these players were actually protesting to be completely lost and completely twisted. They were protesting. The fact that many, many african american men we're getting shot by cops step on Clerk Clark in Sacramento might Brown, garner Freddy Gray, observing this war killed by police. That was the protest in four voicing concern about something that I think should concern all of us here.
Black ball from the NFL he's gonna he's gonna win a case against the NFL. Probably the showed that No one thought he could start NFL team, but they kept them off because he was seen as do politically charged and is just what I think and look. We have a long history of protest in this country around solar rights and when people are driven to protest and to do and to kneel like these players are in the game, they don't do it Because they like the attention that comes with it, can't cabinet and all these players that are kneeling- that's tougher them it's time to be around their fellow teammates. It's just It's not easy. It comes with a lot of criticism in the reason that people protesters, because they try lot of other avenues to try to enact change in those avenues were closed off to them, and so, if Europe,
liberty. If you're someone of notoriety and you decide that I'm going to users and by the way like veterinarians offended by it, it is kneeling for five minutes quietly and then they go back to play the game, and nothing else happens like the idea that that is something that is so outrageous that we can't as a society that we're not strong enough to tolerate that. Even if we disagree we with and the NFL thinks that their their reply, that the That would be has so little regard for its spans over the people watch that they need to kind of keep this out of their faces. I mean Annabel has done is turn something that could have been something that was just a part of the game that some people debated. Some people, like some people, didn't like just to a part of was going on. It turn it into this massive controversy that has made the idea.
The protests so much more salient for people such a bigger part of the experience of the game. You see people talking, but it constantly all because they just didn't allow this to just be part of what people saw during a four billion right. I think the NFL really shot at it really it really shot itself in the dick. With this we have because here's what's gonna happen. The rules now is that you can be out on the field, and can you can stand for the national anthem. There are plenty of ways to protest, while you're standing there, and, and now it's going to become a thing that people try to turn to work around and one of the things that that is also really for us bidding for me and John you mentioned this- is that the idea of the the allegedly Pro Freedom Party, the republican party suddenly coming out against speech in many ways or trying to police speech in arenas that they want people to grew. So you know
NFL, they also try to police the speech of doctors when it comes to abortion care when they try to tell how to force doctors to tell people medically and accurate information before before abortion in many states and so they're fine policing speech and there they lie. Freedom is as long as freedom means you're free to express exactly what they want to express. My concern about the Unifil Donald Trump is started, calling totally allegations that the FBI spied on his campaign, spy gate and that is our thing, reinvented fucking Spidey reply in years by gay, if he's too stupid, to know that Spain is a thing that is troubling on a whole other level review. That is with at least one nfl executive jets. Chairman Chris Johnson said
Who will pay the fines of players who want to protest, go if the fucking jets can do that? Looking at you, Bob Grass paragraph step up and now now for a game, we call ok stop here is how it works. We roll equip. We can stop it when everyone by saying ok, stop it. You have a television in a deep desire to feel and you ve, heard of a channel call for news and on that channel there is called the five. Where the five IQ points you lose every time you watch it, like Fox and friends. Without that, charming charisma, earlier this week, the NFL imposing new final players who kneel and the five one
all over it. I throw the clip but enough I'll, adopting new rules today to deal with this controversial issue. Teams can now be fined if players decide to take a knee and don't show respect for the flag so busy story. We're ok, you're, ok, stop the test and free speech is the ultimate way to show respect for the country that the man! I think expressing yourself really nothing now Vienna Bulgarian for next year and be they're trying to get ahead of this. How do you think they came down? Political expression is different to me than this celebration. Access that you see their boat, that you should be penalised for unsportsmanlike, conduct and sows celebration. Access is unsportsmanlike. Introducing politics into a game is gazed guardsmen.
When ever someone says there shouldn't be politics in this space. What that means. Is this space? is for my politics I am totally comparable and knocked out, because I have you know what it's very political to have fighter jets with red white and blue smoke following flying over the stadium. That's very political. The national There is a political statement is one I agree with I'm glad they do it, but it is politics when someone says they want to get politics out of football owing to get politics out of comedy get Paul off my television. What they're saying is I like the status quo, the status quo is so good to me that if you challenging it in a place where I don't want to be challenge. Your introducing politics is the defence of the politics of the status quo,
It's a sport to its unsportsmanlike like imaginative, our viewers turned on the five and instead of doing political conversation, we were throwing the ball around for an open up their revenue. It you're in love to see great got felt so I'd I'd, throw audibly go much. Yours would not notice
but for a lot of people, the five is what you put on when you're switching the oxygen tank live as on to swap these bad boys out, get some fresh air and these lungs, some good and proper Gooden pumps were handed a baby. That's no different than turning on arable and having somebody introduce politics. It is something that is both to be enjoyable says a very vague. It's written very vaguely in its written to punish players for using the right or not unless we work unless we very clear owner the flag is nothing without our constitution and the first Amendment of Council, my freedom of speech and the private company. You know it is about the lad, I mean so it s a flash. I knows about police brutality did Agnes lag, and I wish I came here and where teachers that
a bad word written on. Ok, dad, please, where a t shirt with a bad word written on every great I've got a bad words. The people on the five is crap company all is the ratio nobody's going to. My son is rightly around on the street, where there are others that I, like the third tiptoeing around something which is seated a lot of my freedom of expression to this company. I work for its automatic boxes and let me say what's on my mind and I think it's.
There's an orange is want to put it taking me first of taking the before this whole controversy was a sign of reverence rubber commodities took away the God loves it again. There were hey. Ok, I'm sorry, we should admit is clear. There is a rule on the five. A black person is not a lot. You finish attendance, that's just a rule that they have. It's been a long standing. It's a corporate policy. This is the part where the idea of dialogues really moving forward. Learning we advanced. Are you really going to always in front of a police station? Yes, that's the case. Why didn't he he's so disrespectful to this entire conversation that you can barely remain in his seat, using hat happily on the fucking floor, Gregg got field is most pompous, asshole on the entire. No thank you talk about the next way. Those due to several years.
The coach is talking to the places we take an easy. You can hear me in her me told me why it is a sign of red. I have noticed that way, you're going with his cause, it's so clever! Ok, so I just I just wanna. I just want to point out. The Kimberley Gulf Whale has had very little during this. Entire segment and I think it's because she's will shoot you know she's member to be dating down junior Ike, like she, I think, just sitting there being like what it. What is my life? What my I is that we should vote on so working working now there. Wonderful, just sex. That was wonderful. I think they solve it. Ok,. We're gonna have our under the radar segment where everyone goes around and mentions the most important story that we did not cover Tommy. Let's start with you. Thank you, John. A couple months ago in ITALY, there are two populist parties at one, an election, and recently they were able to get close
To establishing a government that would be the most anti establishment, fascist right party since Mussolini and they ran on attacking immigrants in attacking the European Union and are blowing the status quo and you know this is sort of a trend that is troubling in Europe, because the economies are fragile. The EU is fragile Follows I'm like Poland and Hungary, and some other places that, if it have really gone and not are not, there authoritarian direction, and so obviously there is troubling history of fascism in ITALY and some of the Like First people in Europe, like Marine Le Pen in France, night for in the UK, the ban in whatever dumpster he. Currently living in or cheerleading this, because they view this is like.
The beginning of the end of EU and it's a real problem, because normally the United States would be trying to old things together and in talk, the parties in trying to like keep together International systems that have kept peace since world WAR two but Trump is into the burning all down vibe. Bubbly one and so were pushing away allies like the French and the Germans, when we did IRAN Deal and we are sitting idly by while Europe takes these afraid. Turns to the right? It's a real problem in it, something that is a long term challenge that just not being worked on. So that's uplifting.
For that, given I escaped check on that part of iranian awhile bedtime stories of time, we would like our under the reader whose go what story. Let me know if you like ominous, like with the rise of fascism in Europe, a Europe that is slow boil. I like what I like John Errand, what you got so the Senate has passed legislation, advancing reforms in the way that they handle sexual harassment cases among members of government among lawmakers. What it used to be was that if you were somebody who was sexually harassed or discriminated against, you had to wait for thirty days for a cooling off period. So you could, it'd be like was I really harassed? Are you really so mad as it was at that? it wasn't bad. It was right and then you have to do three months of mediation and you had been then, after that, if the person who
you allege, harassed. You was found guilty than at the? U S, Treasury would pay for the settlement. Basically, now the Senate has passed a law where lawmakers will have to pay out of their own pockets if, if If so is it will have to be out of their own pockets? Is the if it was sexual harassment of your discriminated against. For another reason, are you it against it wasn't harassing you just didn't get promoted because of who you are. Instead of you got your ass slap because of who you are then the? U S, Treasury so Passport, they also change the mediation and the cooling off period is so. There are still people who so the Senate verse This bill is an echo of something that passed in the house in February in the House version the bill is alot stronger it. It has the Us Treasury completely out of the picture when it to covering the prize from Erasmus. Yet as the Senate billows is people are kind of pissed about it. So what's gonna happen now is it's gonna get
back to the house. They're gonna have to reconcile the differences between the two bills and hopefully sign the most obvious political, designers, humble have signing ceremony with? We are women yeah, no matter the Hooters Hill I was gonna say, will sign it with one of those pens. That's like a female torso, unlike lines over the pen, is where they had suitably that's Donald hopeful signs. So you know this, but just a reminder, Texas, former former Texas lawmaker, Blake their whole to resign.
In disgrace, little guy he's still has not paid back the eighty four thousand dollars that the taxpayers footed for his harassment settlement, so reminder areas lobbyists while he's getting suit. Yeah Goodwood pale pay up lake strong. Yet so the Supreme Court recently rule against workers seeking to sue in a class action, their employers, because they have an arbitration
because in their contract. I think that this is a growing problem. More than half of non unionized workers have an arbitration clause in their contracts, also as consumers. Every person in this room, whose engaging in some way with you know the economy, has signed. Many arbitration forced arbitration causes, whether its with a cable company or telephone company or a you know, a company providing you with service. We have all, basically seated a huge amount of our rights and our power to these private arbitration systems, as opposed to the courts where you traditionally could get redress and its especially problematic for harassment cases where, because their secret, and because you can't do it as a group, there's no way to know that you're, not the first person and not the last person who was harassed at work or not the first person, not the last person to be discriminated against, and what have you as consumers as individuals? It seems as though we simply do not have the
our mission pretend we have the power to stop this. We can make demands and all the rest, but every person and hear myself included has clicks yes on countless end user licence agreement and a lot of people in Europe sure have negotiated with their employers over salary and over benefits, but you'd rather get the benefit, then have a fight over removing a clause about arbitration from your contract, and it is a lot of people who just say: oh it'll probably worked out and people are just being people it's, because our laws and our regulations have so empowered employers at the expense of employees across the mommy and corporations at the expense of consumers across the economy? We don't have a lot of authority and I think getting those arbitration clauses out of these contracts, making it harder for them to use them, make it helping Congress step in is something that Democrats should be talking about more and more so, what
it's gonna, be the greater is the fact that teachers have been on strike for better pay and better benefits, and it's been states like West Virginia in Oklahoma and Arizona North Carolina, so pretty red states in some places just are paid so little right now that I've had to move back in with their parents have had to apply for food stamps in some school districts. The pay is so low that these school district has been forced to recruit for teachers overseas because they are the only people who will accept Hey that love and- and the reason I know that is because one of mild teacher sent me that story, And a bunch of them are here tonight and there the only reason I'm up so that the Good NEWS, the Good NEWS is Democrats in Congress, just propose repealing the Trump tax cuts for the top one percent.
And using the hundred billion dollars for it your raises and investments in schools all right? So you know rather talk the Democrats, Rome Anti Tramp and don't have any new ideas. This is a really strong idea that Senate and House Democrats therefore, and hopefully every democratic candidate running and twenty eighteen will be behind when we come back, whatever interview with Devolve Patrick pod, save America, is brought to you by quip grip, quip. I'm here Capitalism, master, Monaco and Aaron Ryan. We're at Boston stopped a saying it. Where the Boston calling music vessel recording some ads for this bonus episode in retro locker room, yes, we're in some kind of Harvard locker
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Promo code crooked. Today, that's promo code crooked for twenty dollars off your first seek purchase. I'm doing it now hear the civil rights lawyer author and served as the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. From two thousand and seven to twenty fifteen million zone develop Patrick research. You switch to an egg far away, and so you ran, positive hopeful, optimistic message back into an insect those with the day, those were the Dave, but in two thousand and six it was also a time where there is a lot of anger at George Bush
There is a lot of anger about the Iraq war, about Katrina. What advice. Do you have today for politically engaged people who are so angry by what Donald Trump is doing, that they can barely see straight? Sometimes, how do you tell people to not let the anger, consumer someone shouted run for office. While everyone can do that. But more people should sure sure. So, with with the qualified that I have only run for one office two times First of all, I think as a citizen, I want to vote for something not just against something. And so I think I think you know it's not like it's not like. I wasn't angry with George Bush in with me so the republican agenda back then nationally and here It's not like I'm not angry today, but I
think we have to offer a positive alternative. As Democrats, I think we have to offer positive vision and it has to be not a vision that is about you know just day perfected critique. Of what's wrong with the other side, but where we want to take people and not just where we want to take Democrats but where we want to take Americans And we all have a stake in. I also think I also thank you know you have to and again, I say this as a citizen if to run willing to lose and by that I mean stand for something You know this notion of trying to try to outsmart the electorate. You know figure what you think they want to hear. Rather than. Figuring out what you actually believe.
Expressing that same time being respectful of a different point of view, because no party and no individual has a corner and all the best ideas as the voters reader fraud every time ever time and they know when they being gained- and most of us kind of gotten used to grating. People on whose playing the game better so when somebody comes along who feels more genuine like Burma? Obama Just so sticks out, it's so unusual. But how do you? How do you think Donald Trump fits into the because He seems like a frog seems like you can't people, At the same time, I think a lot of people saw him. There was some genuineness to his bullshit right, What would it well? There is one, but don't throw anything.
I think there was one truth that candidate trumps bulk and that was that dumb, a stab Ben or conventional politics wasn't working well enough for a whole lot of people. By the way, Bernie spoke assemblage amid Senator Sanders spoke a similar true. And I think that I think that what followed from from candidate trumps truth was a lot lies, but I think that what. You know if all we do is is Is run down him in his campaign and stop. An implied that always To do is get rid of him and we can keep on doing what we had been doing. President Obama leaving office made that point that then politics needed to change needed to adjust in did reach all these people who felt like they hadn't been seen or heard.
You know he he wasn't. He was I didn't believe in candidate trump, but the point had had a kernel of truth. I think I think it's toolbars do do you think Democrats have adjusted base and I because when you say that there is a colonel treated, the establishment was failing in some way when you're talking about be established, Damn democratic party you're talking about the apparatus of the Democratic Party in the policies was advocating in the candidates was putting forward. How, we changed our we speaking to those problems. Now, where were we look back at this moment when we feel energized. We all feel enthusiastic that we still didn't get it. We still warm bold enough. We still weren't attacking the problems with the kind of policies that would actually make difference repeat Jana today? What I'm worried about, and I am reluctant to talk about democratic. In her blob as blob? I think that you know we we we think of ourselves here, mess juices, or we are thought of
as reliably blue state. In fact, we have yeah, I mean yeah go ahead In fact, there are more on enrolled independence in Massachusetts than there are registered demo. That's an registered Republicans combined. We have had you know we ve had We had sixteen years of republican governors before me. We have republican governor now. Well, no way men and women hold on hold on, where I'm going with this is that I think we In this state we are more discerning, I think, frankly, are more discerning. And then we sometimes give them credit. And I am I am,
concern that we aren't listening closely enough. We are patient enough with people, I think that will, I guess we're I'm going is, I think, the dynamic here I does a candidate and, frankly, as governor is not so much Democrat Republican, inside or outside her, and I that dynamic is at large nationally, so this notion that folks feel like they can't break in and they can get. You mean you know their whole bunch, a new candidates who are feeling this way. There is, the break in lots of volunteers who come to campaigns or come to politics who feel like it's hard to bring Can they want to participate and they finding their ways in through other means like parts America frankly and and all these other marvellous movements were folks of feeling their way.
B to be more engaged, and I think this incredibly exciting in important and I think it in our in our politics and our establishment parties, we Figure out how to do that better too, a few weeks ago, you told an audience that the woke need to make room for the still waking does the great line. What what did you mean by that and then do you think you think we're doing that today So first was not my line. I wish it were, but I I I heard that line in his speech at the at the first, oh boy, I've found summit last fall, but is it so is an incredible I've. I thought a particularly important idea, because here there are a lot of, and but there are, people were different stages on their journey. People is far along.
Our are still needed As the speaker said still waking- and I think the moment suggests we could actually build a coalition woke and the waking there could some profoundly important change and capture, I think or reinvent. The character of the country we want and the character of the country is what's at stake right now the character of the country is worth a separate and well, I think their character should be generous giving and broad and inclusive. I think there are people at different stages of that.
And so I think we have to leave room for people who are at different stages of that and bring them along, and you know I'm at different stages of that wanna be brought along. I want I, I want people to show me and teach me what I don't yet know What what's an ex was an example that I ever you know, so I think the reason I say is examining with I've. I agree with the sentiment, but then you who are you talking about reaching who we disagree, whether who has views you wanna, we would they are wrong. What what are we? What are we try? And yet I am not saying they're wrong, for example, of uniform for thereby went I spent, three days or so before the election down in Alabama with Doug Jones? and it was so much fun and I was in places I had spent time in before. In in sell my end and in Birmingham mainly Effie, going back to my day,
with the little against Jeff sessions, way back when yeah, yes, indeed and dumb, and so one of my assignments on Sunday I was there as to get around to some of the sum of the black churches and- and I like church, you know, I'm I'm a man of faith. I know something about the politics in that part of the world and in some of those communities and they often come right down to to race in religion and the and you know it. It is too much to cholera, subtext cause, it's is right on surface, and- for some folks B, a Democrat in some of those communities. Isn't
is viewed as not being consistent with being a Christian. Because folks, talk about Democrats being pro abortion, which, by the way is not the same thing, has been pro choice, not the same thing. And so you know, you state you're in these pulpits, and they give you a little a little time, and I would talk about my own faith and I talk about a story, a particular favorite story of mine from the fourth from the end of the fourth gospel, where. You don't want to get in all this, but anyway, we're ban. Is it about pass over? There have happened but anyway, but it has to do with the lesson where we're crisis, knowing that feeding a sheep and I M an end it.
It really is a story about the importance of. If you are a christian of pay. Attention to your neighbour that is the charge of Christian. That is the charge of and so my point was in my case my personal case, I'm democrats, because I'm a Christian, I think we, have to be willing, we we have to be willing to have this conversation and that that doesn't that doesn't mean that if you are not a person of faith or you know, A person of my faith that there isn't place for you and the Democratic Party, but it seems to me that we as Democrats have to be a little less squishy the language of faith because is our language as Democrats this answer when you won your first gubernatorial election. You are just a second african american governor, we elected since reconstruction in this country
Democrats in Georgia nominated Stacy Abraham about who you know if you win, the general elections will be the first female african american governor in the United States. This very obviously Georgia is tougher than Massachusetts for any Democrat. But what advice you have four four Stacy Abrams She's she's, amazing she's been doing terrific work, I've been following the race and- and I can't I can't be too involved because the SSC rules and work I do now but I'm incredibly proud of her and impressed, and one of them has impressed me is that damn you know she's. He's talking to Democrats everywhere. You know she hasn't limited herself to the
to the limiting advice that the experts give she's going to Democrats in the places where Democrats are way outnumbered. You know in rural communities in, but where immigrants, have not participated, and so she's asking people we have checked out to check back in and that's enormously important. Frankly, whether she winds or not, whether she winds were not an ash she's doing that. She, I think, is finding that she's talking to others. MC, not Democrats. Who have also checked out. And inviting them to check back in again enormously important- and I think that's that's her path to the victory if you think about possibly twenty twenty,
I see our time is a paper bag. You offer come after us anything here, but what is What is some of it? What does your thought process around that pretend. Does it? What are you thinking about as you as you look towards the future you, I can't believe he asked. I can't believe we asked that politics, you think about it. Even if we know what you have, if you have a strong view about, you know where this country should go but I know you both duke as I listen to the pirate now look seriously. I'm I'm I'm this time. I am very focused on twenty eighteen. Adam I'm gonna be You know consistent with my day job. I am I'm going to try to be active in twenty eighteen, been asked by a number of Canada. To come and help and I'm gonna try to carve out some.
Time to do that, it was fun to be involved with the Joneses campaign and try to be involved in. The campaigns where again, where I we have been invited where, where I can be helpful and I think you know, I think it's all hands on deck right now and their lots and lots of different ways to sir So that's my focus in the year in the near termed, I think you know looking ahead to a tutor. Twenty they're gonna, be a lot of great people in that field? and I'm look I'm watching that to see who comes in and how to be hopeful Roca, while we will
we'll cut that out my thing. We're gonna play a game. Now, yes, shrine you graciously volunteer to devolve Patrick, has agreed to stare. Stick around for a game. Tom is going to come back out. Also, keep warm united taken Battery United Nations Adobe, annulling professor of the practice of global leadership in public policy and Harbours, Kennedy School but most importantly, she's a sob span. Please welcome Samantha power by you, SAM Peggy participating, so cited to do this.
Listen mass halls, get ready you dumb, some Duncan to the harbour horrible. You bastard our! I try it again. You done some Duncan donated to the harbour two hundred years ago. Have you been cosy audit? Ever since I wrote that form you didn't, you can forget the time you saw. Surely beef cake do a magazine. Photos spread we're so impressive. You chosen to replaced at entity. I welcome your hatred, you see, America needs your help muscles and this can make up for pretending. You weren't a little bit just a little bit on
Trouble with Tom Brady's whole vibe, I'm not saying I'm not saying you don't love him, but you don't have to love to provide all right. We're all troubled a little bit admit it. By the whole, by here's the thing you know what I'd a backup in case you boot. I was wrong. I told them. You work where you are. They were at the back of do less than every time Tom Brady goes to the Magala. He does he hurt Reputation more than bill lock. Nor ever did that ball went through his legs. Like TAT, Kennedy Senate see just brutal
two thousand and eighteen mid term elections are around the corner and New Hampshire, Asperse District. You have second desperate main second district and New York's nineteenth disregard all up for grabs come November, and we need motivated overconfident, semi, drunk metals from Cape COD to the Berkshires and go apes. The head out and knock on some doors, so we thought we'd highlight how Massachusetts can help take on trumpet again we're calling. How do you, like them apples, power, someone other like to play the game that we are. There are weak in the house. Look for somebody and merge. Gonna come out. Oh I see, and I'm fine, sir. There is new,
this, as you told somewhat pick someone very deep in the wrong way when we were. There is not doing this she's running our companies, the ceo of printed media right there. She built an empire, Sarawak, school outside Boston paper. Do you guys know where she went it we're take. Crews went. What are you doing? Hi? What's your name and Christie Christie, and are you from Massachusetts? Yes, we're in Massachusetts, Most Republic, Cambridge, and are you ready to do what it takes to help take back the house? Hell yeah? Ok, so then you're perfect, Question number one: what canvassing in me
Second, district against Republican, Bruce Pollack, when investment managers who just voted with tropical fifteen billion dollars in children's health care, voted to reappear, Obamacare and voted for laws that deregulate Wall Street to benefit millionaires and billion airs you're gonna want to knock a bunch of doors. What's the best way to make a good impression with the quiet people of main. Is it a. Repeatedly ringing the doorbell and yelling yeah buddy, while offering them a lukewarm keystone light through the people. Is it be? You ignore or the door Bell and just scream, so we can run through the male slot and eagerly wait for them to reply with Bob Is it see now. Politely on the door and then take a step back Word allowing them to see you with a smile and clipboard or the day.
After the answer, the door wearing a you measure, you should yell zoom ass babies. Zoom asked. Are you asked if they want to see the shamrock tat to you drew yourself? What do you think Christie, so my parents retired to means I can tell you one of those is gonna get shot sergeant, but I think the answer see that's correct. One for one questionable to a new Hampshire, spurs district democratic rip, democratic representative shape Porter only one or last election by one percent. Now that she's retard This is vulnerable for a public and take over. So when you knock on the door of someone who reveals themselves as a transit border, what is the appropriate response? Is it a smile and say thank you for your time and walk away, Is it be asking if he wants to take this outside and when you reminds you that you are already outside
You ask him if he wants to take this inside, because the Celtics game is on and you want to watch a team that lost their to all stars, still feed Lebron and go to the NBA finals. I thought you panda. That's good see now, just I'll come get hurt. Insult him. And then, when he insults you back just yo, you MA. Over and over again, because there is no better come back. Then You are or the day you wouldn't know. Can't waste your time, trying to change his mind without be a project that took longer than the big dig. I mean you remember that shift
Jesus, what a mess! That's you! Nobody, zero difficult ass projects, got it breakage all right socks or is it a walk away, but right when he sums watching you start filming in from across the yard, so you can all of his place ahead of time what are you going? What are you going? What are you are you going me receive? We need an answer, be it you know, sure yeah right now. Ok is correct. Question three new: here's, your second district democratic, any love that I love that Democrat any customer champion of women's issues and a strong supporter of the meeting movement needs our help to keep this a goose and when you're knocking on doors were what should you always bring me? he was a day is What is your oversized? Cargo shorts configure oversized pockets. If it be, those split clubs
have a bottle opener on the bottom, because you never know when you might stumble upon a frickin clutch rage or, in the woods exit, say an extra wall burger, because this is the most walking you ve done since two thousand for when you it over there, the boat in head to hide out from the cops it salaries duplex in bill rigour or is it day, catalogue issues a pen in a wicked good attitude? I think the answer: Be because sure sure, Christine final question in New York's 19th District Republican, John Faso likes to say food stamps, cost people to commit crimes and votes with Trump. Ninety percent of the time so you're going to want to go volunteer against him. Why are men assholes the perfect volunteers for democratic candidates? Is it a
It's about time. We start doing something meaningful between all the binge drinking and honestly, our accents are incomprehensible in we can really be of use anywhere else. Is it be because we. To make it up to America for introducing them to Mitt, Romney and Scott Brown. Is it say, big we're relentless and determined and we'd all mind, annoying people to get things done or the day his remit rough around the edges? Maybe too loud for some folks, but we believe passionately progressive policies and we're going work. Our asses officer that Yankees Van Donald Trump, but he can mess with the determine motivated, proud working people of New England
what the Yankees, what it says in the guard so Christy, What do you think? What do you think? You know, John I've listened to you long enough. It's your question. The answers E Oliver
that's correct. Give it up procrustes, won the game, Boston back to it in the coming weeks and months to zip up those north based jackets and help Democrats when a new Hampshire purse demands your second main. Second, a New York nineteen. Thank you replaying. How do you like to have apples Paul Ryan? Thank you to devolve, has regularly here ever being such a good sport. Thank you. So much will be right back with it with Tommy, in an interview with ambassadors and power, as always positive american. Brought you by the catch up The cash we're not using the other one for not using the other was grew the other, while using other ones. Now I switched to the camera switching to the cash opt out. Do you go to the app store you go to the play store?
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You're, never gonna and escape room that such a weird allay thing. Guys. Well, guess what I don't have noted his was a Erin ME maybe they lariviere blocking it I'll go to an escape from an ally, and then one of us is gonna pay somebody else and catch up, and it's gonna be terrific. That's great! I can't wait to escape and about Paul America has brought you buy only only the big in plant based oatmeal, originally from Sweden. That's now available for the first time in the I'd stay all the whole hold on John how many times have you heard anyone say quote, I think keeping the middle man end will be amazing for everyone or mom. I have a wonderful new boyfriend, he's a middle man, probably never exactly, because no one, the middle man like back in the day, There's some scientists in Sweden that instead of growing oats to feed cows and letting the cows process the odes milk, what have we skip the cow altogether just turn oats into milk- and you know this it is meant to John I'm going to guess. It's open
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the former United States, Ambassador, United Nations, huge socks van. He's our friend from way back in your socks ban to thank you again for being delighted. Sit down six zero. When I last checked, alas, but The first place. No matter what happens tonight, six one of the great live update. So just say it to start often something light ambassador power, Let's say american diplomacy is a car, How long can we just our hands off the wheel. Before we could in into a cannon. Would this car do you have to remember the? U goes yes, yes, that's
car that's being driven at present and it's sort of sputtering along and had a lot of fuel in the tank? I think when we handed over on January, twenty and it's now you know in the sub rented zone. I think the truth is that stepping away from all things that are in our interest to remain open of, like the trains Pacific partnership, RON, nuclear deals actually in our interest to prevent IRAN from having a nuclear weapon. That's more and our interests than it is to just gratuitously sanction IRAN with no specific objective in mind. Associate with sanctions. Sanctions are fine, IRAN is the iranian regime is terrible. Clearly regionally in terms of its for terrorism internally in terms of its repression of its citizens, but
walk away from something that's actually in our interests and replace it with. Nothing is, of course not in our interests, the climate agreement. In a we spent years negotiating initially with China in it. Bilateral way, and in broadening it out, as you ve known The planet is melting flood insurance is going up across american Citys. I mean consumers, Americans, who have it tough some of the very people who voted for Donald Trump. Are the people paying these higher premiums? Now it's actually hitting home for us so pulling out of all those things? Not only are we not advancing the interests that each of those specific agreements, actually promote we're pissing everybody off you piss everybody often and you turn to them and use, Excuse me we'd, like your help on this over here. It's deplore She is very human, it's just a bunch of people and they have p. Pulls reactions and
when you ve offended them when you ve lied to them. When you ignore them, when you ve, And pulled on something that you ve, built together when you ve insulted them publicly earth of our closest allies. When Tommy mentioned earlier. Make decisions about a very large country that has nuclear weapons, North Korea, our informing them when they have the name the chairs one of the two words with North Korea, namely South Korea, they find out about it through the press that the summit is being pulled down this is not mean diplomacy is not an end in itself? Diplomacy is a way to get things that we need and that we want and that we believe, advance the interests of the people in this audience and all across the country, and car is running on empty and again it was a? U go to begin with because it was Donald Trump Car, so I guess just to rephrase like how what's the difference
is between where we are right now and where the point of a rubber ability as well We have such a nice lights, even saying fuck the Yankees an hour with our here that by Syria, but we can we come back to the yet think the biggest so desirable caviar. But provided we can avoid nuclear. War with North Korea. So does it put that to one side for the sake of argument. And what would be seen everywhere and which would be a self inflicted conflict with IRAN. So put both. To one side the boy his game changer about the current moment. In answer to your question, is the China factor so this and other so many young people out in the audience and just to orient everybody about the colossus that
his bestriding the earth, and that will be with us for our lifetimes and that will change the world as we know it, and they end the way the world is organised. That's China and just to give Wonderful hint of this statistic really sticks in my mind between two thousand and eleven and two thousand thirteen China used and used more cement than the unit. It states did in the entire twentieth century right. Ten to fifteen years, China is going to surpass us as the world's most potent economic power, but that's That's not all China. Model is a very, very different model and their advertising it at very explicitly as an alternative model to the? U S model, so they are not taking it for granted. That in our democracies is just going to continue to spread around the world. They like their model, better they want to censor the internet,
They want to use. They don't want there not like Russia there not of a revisionist power that wants to destroy the and you know the rules of the road because they're not benefiting from those rules they want to shaped the rules in the direction that is in their interests, which means not budding into anybody. Internal affairs. We tried that that's what gotta Second, were war. Basically, that's what governess the reason we have all. We have chipped away at absolute understandings of sovereignty and its because the governments treat their people tend to have really profound effects, also on the regions that they inhabit and on the so the world and in it can lead to too much bigger complex if you don't try to enter. Things you no sooner rather than later. China wants us to sound very familiar to Donald Trump, wants to sort of the wall up again the borders of a lot of different countries where nobody really prying in that's what they say. But then
they doing their bringing their cash in their bringing their bulldozers in their bringing their workers in and their having profound facts on the internal affairs They have their way and we received, as we have done over the course of the last eighteen months, they will rewrite the the rule rules and the rules that we have had a chance, to write and the international order that we have shaped has not only been. Fitted the rest, the worlds and brought about in an unprecedented prosperity and helped Reno lift millions and billions of people poverty. But its benefited us and when someone else rights, the rules. Chances are there not writing those rules without with us in mind with the american people in mind. So that's a long winded way of saying. I think that what with the China rise was happening. I mean this is not there are many things we can put put at the door step of from China's rise, not one of them, but by. Stepping away from the Paris agreement by handing over the renewables industry, the energy and industry and basically
and go out at China by leaving it in specific partnership from which China was included. We ve now allowed China to build its own trade partnership, which is in the midst of negotiating which accounts for you know. Huge share of the global global gdp and which leaves us on the outside, so having said all that you know, I know from having been at the? U N when something happens when you have a bowler or what, ISIS in O begins to take over in a vast swaths of territory which- and I think, he's still tram. I'm sure this is still true today, either eighteen months into the Trump Administration people waiting to hear what the chinese ambassador has to say. China is not yet taxing its muscles global, its doing so regionally. And it has ambitions to do so globally, but still a window and- and I think that the way to think about that window is one of the things- that we as citizens,
governors in this country. Mayors in this country are doing on climate alongside and administration, that is doing nothing and indeed still litigating the science that is long establish. How are we building in a record in a way of american leadership and American, even diplomacy, without having the support of our actual governments what kind of message we sending in November to the rest of the world when we repudiate in at the ballot box with a colossal blue wave. When we repudiate the decisions that these people have made, which are destructive to us and destructive again everything we believe in so we pulled out of IRAN deal. We are pulling back from these North Korea talks at least momentarily, but the underlying problems don't go away right at me. A rhyme, still a malign actor and is still likely to start back up its nuclear programme.
North Korea still has forty. Fifty sixty nuclear weapons has an icy IBM programme, so the threat is still there. China was dragged, kicking and screaming to put sanctions on IRAN and Obama and you and Susan recently, people who were leaning on them. They they helped us and they put on these multilateral sanctions that squeeze them to the point where we got the around. They haven't really been all that helpful with North Korea in curbing their programme. Do we think they just don't share our priorities, on those security threats and if we step away and allow this to exist in a vacuum Does the rest of the world care about Non proliferation and some of the things that we ve is our number one priority globally, a few. If, certainly, if you If you ask presence she now Emperor emperor for life, he has the title. The doll trump desperately wants for himself, but you ask President she
I think, even you know sort of off line not that anybody his ever spoken to him off line. You know give it to me straight on the nuclear weapons thing. I think is absolute preferences for them not have nuclear weapons. Until Trump frankly did. The occurrence of this summit has had this very unfortunate there or the now it's been pulled down, but the these scheduling the summit and the warming between the Republic of South Korea and North in the apparent relative warming between the United States in North Korea the very unfortunate effect of driving China, North Korea? In the kind of relationship that we that many people sort of thought they still had, but that cease to exist over the course of of the last four years. Basically, since Kim's your gun took office
Ah, you know there have even been a meeting. You know among up between the two two heads of state, so that negative relationship. The Maputo will serve almost unprecedentedly negative. Since the korean WAR was Something that really trouble China, and so You combined, you know a demonstrably unstable ruthless, Peter. Who then has assassinated? You know, as you pointed out, I think, on your show, using anti aircraft weapons, the war person in the inner circle whose close to China and who seemed to be somebody who has that choice what kind of covered that man is then assassinate is one of the first moves by this young you know unstable dictator you have almost channels of communication. You ask them not to test. You know at the time
the Chinese New Year and they just deliberately do a nuclear test. Basically to ruin your holiday. I mean that that is what the relation between China North Korea was. So they don't want great have nuclear weapons, they they hated and that's why they they, the chinese ambassador in prison, she was sort of himself a red lining, the text that the did we got through the security council? We put in place the tougher sanctions against the country and more than twenty years against North Korea, and we could do that without China's support. However, they air, more about the room, SK of state failure and prosper act of millions of North Koreans coming across the border? The prospect that and then of the twenty three thousand. U S, troops or in the Republic of Korea coming up prospect, then worst of all world North Koreans coming across a border Americans at the border, like that was what they tried to prevent in the first place back in the korean war. So it's it's sort of like they have a mattering map and
The mattering map rate is their regional status and its stability and so where we ve struggled is you know them actually putting in place those sanctions and enforcing them. And really you know, turning up heat and turning up the pressure. I think one of the things you know in the show. We don't always say the good things that the tremendous regions as done clearly but could learn that many end one runs out of the very quickly, but I do think trumpeted too important things early on by accident, I'm sure, but the first was just the salute privatisation of this issue. Just like me, a clear like no kidding. This is because prison Obama in their little what must have been deeply unpleasant meeting for the hand over personal Mamma said like. If you hear nothing else and knowing He could hear brought presumably only one thing
you're this North Korea major issue. This is the thing is going to consume you and this thing is is being prepared to follow through on secondary sanctions against chinese companies that were violating the sanctions that we had put in place so the long and short of it is now. Where do you go? The underlying issues haven't been dealt with, one The thing that again may have a lot to do with the fact that the Republic of Korea, South Korea, is so frightened by trumps, tweets, trumps, instability, but also have to do with the pre existing preferences of the president of the new president of South Korea there, channels between south and north, that didn't you before. Now that was something that president was going to do no matter what, but that is been hastened by sea, the concern about the risk of some kind of crazy escalation to war is saying. As insane as things feel to US data Day because of the tweets because of the corruption, not abortion
There has actually been a major international crisis that required like global. U S. Leadership manage I'm thinking of the financial crisis, the Fukushima disaster, a bowler is there something on the horizon you see that makes you nervous or or. Are things calm down a little bit from one we be certain that are well, I mean it. Some extend it. With sad, very sad about the current moment, and this has been a trend again. The predated Trump is that you know this phenomenon of psychic numbing, am we're numb to the then too, which conflict is raging around I mean you know, there are sixty seven million people displace more since war were to sixty seven m in every one of those people is a purse
who had a whole him and now doesn't have a home either, because there are refugees and they cross the border or because their running around their own country. You know ducking terrorists or their government or whatever, or you know, drought because of the climate change so that level of placement, the syrian war. You know just raging the brutality of it, the Yemen WAR, which we continue to a bet, backing a coalition that cannot shoot straight and doesn't care about human consequences and enough. Ghana, Sammy you just go on and on non profit, been made against ISIS, that's for informed, but just to to tweak the core in a little bit there's the sword, steady state should show you know is something we can't look past and what's tragic about you know the last eighteen months is that there has been no diploma dick effort. You know really of any kind on any of the things that I have just mentioned.
Again. I could give Boca ROM, you know they like either the list goes on and on not I mean parts of our world, burning and there's like no fire fighter right now now on showing more energy, they wouldn't much he has a heart beat. He has a pulse which you know. Has is a contrast and but he's also pressing, I think, importantly, respect for the foreign service and Save II said today. I think that in the last couple days there is no deep state, you know and innocent already intention with the president, whose attacking the dip, that's who are trained, make our world more stable and advance american interests around the world. So I think there's that then, though, thing I would point to, though, because it could be a perfect storm of you have all of that, and then a crisis China is not yet in a piece. She too or doesn't have the muscle memory would even kind of think to put itself forward to manage
this administration would presumably run away from or try to build a wall around and You mentioned a bowler there, now Annabelle outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It's mine, size so far, but that's unfortunately by definition, how they all start sixty infection. So far thing twenty seven or thirty people have died. Democratic Republic of Congo as you know, from your may know, from your geography classes, borders, nine countries, so the ability, to go from there to a lot of other places in a hurry is great and The people move the biggest challenge so at the the time that this outbreak was declared by the World Health Organization, the trumpet restoration decided to demand basically the two hundred and fifty million that we have in reserve from the
asked a bowler response, which prison Obama led lead heroically, putting troops and health workers into harm's way when the politics wanted nothing to do with that, including even by Democrats. But from decided to ask for that money back didn't why didn't want it to live in this a bowler account and now what you have as a major funding shortfall for the W H show as they seek to deal with this, but I just I can't imagine the meetings in the situation room, your trouble the person when, when Obama was doing the right thing and leading the world and ending an epidemic that sign, thought would in fact one point four million people within six months of when it first really sort of itself on the global stage. One point: four million and Obama said. If we don't, you that there is going to come here and they came here in in in some and very small numbers, but putting you know- buying the politics effectively, defying both parties to
out of the recognition that we are connected and You can't build walls What was then twenty fourteen? And you certainly can't bill walls in twenty eighteen and expect to be able to fulfil your these as commander in chief, but at that time trot was one tweeting sang in. An american girls over there and say those lives. They should just stay there. They should go and Anne had that per se They ve been the one embraced by the United States. Not only would you have seen whole countries or swaths of countries disappear, but you had many more debts, you know in the United States and in other western countries, so you ve watched a lot of what you worked for nothing to go duck, but you ve lost a lot of what you have already there I mean that's it go darker. I mean we're. Cavan follows territory right now. I don't know if you ve seen a ventures infinity war, but where in the US
you ve lost a lot of what you worked for be systematic. The undone by people work and of care and messy about the ways that their undoing at all they really want to do is undue everything that their Obama's and on the lips, basically, what. But yet you're still here, you're, so public you're still talking about this? How do you do it like? What What makes you optimistic about what is happening right now? What makes you keep going? Well, first, I stop. With the premise that you know thing we did and try to do even the things we didn't. Do well or didn't succeed at like Syria, like the investment we made in diplomacy in Syria. That was all were doing cause you know, but for what seventy eight thousand votes in three states, but for Jim co me, but for Putin,
all those things would still be in place. You know I mean it was a very good of you know. I've been it's like whatever. The expression is about the butterfly and other butterflies wings. I mean you know and the butterfly were made of shit, but but guess I you know, the people are asking I don't tom if you find this too, but more and more like how does it feel to have your legacy dismember Obama's legacy dismantle like legacy like I care about the fact that Our planet is boiling, and I have its and I want them. I mean I want them to live in a safe and secure world. I care about IRAN not having a nuclear weapon like we actually meant it. We didn't do these things for Obama's legacy. And so right now that's part of my answer is not about us right. It's about our com
security and our common humanity and how we promoted- and you know, before we landed at some of the things that are being dismantled. We tried a lot of other things. First, like we had those conversations, the situation room about what to do about IRAN racing to a nuclear weapon. You know military options or not, active options, to say the least right we ve we ve looked, we ve looked inside aw Box there's a reason that a bunch of you know, people who I think, were trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. Right we weren't out for profit like we didn't. Have you no corpse motives? We were just looking at the problem and trying to run our minds around really really hard problems, some which predated us somewhat landed. While we were, there
and again like we were not perfect and we didn't have crystal balls and we couldn't see what was coming in and their fair questions about what we might have done differently if it was that hard with that set of motion without set of motives and with that set of experience, thoughtful people who spoke languages and had been around the world and had been involved negotiations before you know it's a whole lot harder when it's a bunch of when you're firing or your diplomats are there. There vacate premises- and it's not Clear are always that your motivations are, bout, actually solving the problem, but the butt better answer. I think to your question terms of hope and where we can find hope like. I find hope in the fact that you know a bunch of diplomats who are fleeing the state Department have gone back to where they went to high school in a running for office. You know Twenty five thousand women or whatever the latest number is, are running for office at all levels. You know
and that November is actually not that far away, and we are about to not only the final Retrieve a powerful check and balance raid on what the president is doing and and and also with with a capacity potentially special we both thousand, but even if we just have one to set, agenda, entered into force them to answer, because one features of this first two years first eighteen months and will be two years is the impunity they feel. And in America, when you do the raw thing, we have checks and balances for reasons like that's what the founders and the framers we're up to know impunity in this country. We have a rule of law, you don't get to make the rules up
we have rules that apply to everybody and should apply to everybody equally and that's what's at stake in November and people are owning the importance I think of this moment, Vassar power. Thank you for all the Obama by Drop Boston. We love you. Thank you so much for coming out with so much.
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