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Announcing: What A Day


“What A Day,” Crooked Media’s new daily news podcast, is here! Hosted by comedian Akilah Hughes and politics reporter Gideon Resnick, What A Day cuts through the chaos and crimes to break down the biggest news of the day, help you understand what matters, and how you can fix it—all in 15 minutes or less. New episodes come out every morning, Monday through Friday, at 5 a.m. Eastern. Subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts.



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Hey POD, save America we're here with some bonus content for you, but how you probably heard us talk about crooked media's new, daily NEWS podcast, what a day you guys have been asking for daily podcast. Basically, since we started pod, save America and today that show what a day is officially out in the world out there and if you haven't subscribed what the hell are you doing subscribe right now now the news is hard to keep up with his only so much we can cover in two episodes of POD save America Week and what time he's doing his part and positive the world
my part and love it or leave it. But every morning, you're going to wake up and you're gonna get an episode of what a day and your warm fully charged found. Aright funding warm it's nice and it's it's hot, hot off of hot off the charger. What a day will be hosted by comedian, a Cuba, Hughes and reporter Gideon Resnick very great, so much fun to listen to ad Lib. Compliments about them! Well, I feel like we did it I'll order. What else can we say? Smart funny, concise a joy to be around and it's a truly entertaining informative, show that you'll get all the news you need in fifteen minutes or, alas, the chauffeur
every morning Monday through Friday, five a dot m eastern for you early risers catching that worm. You know, obviously, should all be subscribed already, but in case you haven't we're going to play the trailer right. Now then, please go smash that smash? It enjoy everybody I'm here. He is a writer comedian and I'm getting Resnick Politics recordings ring for the daily beast: the Atlantic and the wanted hills. Icicle chatterbox. My lesson was really that, as you know, the news can be overwhelming and it's pretty hard pressed keep up over here: the crime and corruption and a giant ass jack, the jailer or an hustlers. Why was it so vague gets a great question. Never gonna try to answer. That's why we're launching what a day it's a new pike S from your friends and crooked media, the people that are behind pots of America. I mean, let's face it, you're busy your strasse, your single Europe, projecting ok, the pointers and fifty minutes. We're gonna give you a quick download on the news that you need to know from imports.
Meant to peat wits gay the base where, from far boy we'll be back in the news at some point there we're not just gonna, tell you about what's broken and what's not working every single day now, like some other nations, were also gonna talk a little bit about what people are doing to address these systemic problems and what you can do in your life as well, because, even though the news can be pretty frustrating at times, it's important to remember that we're all in this together hashtag some years ago. The idea that there was a six year period, what a day, what a day subscribe wherever you get your podcast, are. First episode is out Monday October twenty. Would it do what the day, what a day
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