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Donald Trump announces a few fairly useless executive actions, forges ahead with his plan to steal the election, and dismisses new reports of foreign interference by Russia. Then New York State Attorney General Letitia James talks to Jon Lovett about her lawsuit aimed at shutting down the NRA.

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that's another advertisers. It makes us to come up with new. Nobody websites are inventions. Immigrants is a website. Websites are inventions, I'm trying to think of worker. I can't remember now carried only one more light on one more line that I can see for yourself right now. You can trace it recruiter for free, zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash cricket once again, that is appropriate or dot com. Slash cricket Well, the replies of America, I'm John forever on John Mother, untimely death or odds pod loved talks to New York, state attorney General Latisha James File, the lawsuit last week to shut down the end, our aid citing
before that, we'll talk about trumps fairly useless executive actions has continued attempts to steal the election and new reports of more foreign interference by Russia. Charity ex all around love How is the show this week. Great love it or leave it now, paragraph, one of my favorite gas joined for the monologue and ok stop, and then I interviewed centre at marking congressmen Joe Kennedy about the primary taken place him ass. It she said to do which is an unusual one, and I was glad to talk to them and now we both had pretty. Are you now, the political answers about Tom Brady. That's all set That an official sanction debate that you that you health and secondly, a form because they did not appear on stage at the same time. Thank you for asking Ex. Also Ben Roads is new podcast missing America. Premiers tomorrow, Tuesday Ben is all over the world. The last four years, speaking to leaders and activists, about America's absence in the world under Donald Trump
looking into problems like nationalism, authoritarianism and disinformation. It's a show that That's the stage for. What's it say all over the world with this election systems I've been listen wherever you get, your pipe has exciting stuff. I can't wait. Finally, if you get a chance today, go check out crookeder com, We had a brand new look brand new redesign website looks fantastic, can find all the episodes of our pockets. Articles are newsletters all kinds of stuff cricket. Dot com go check. It out do self a favor. Check it out. I, let's get the news. Three months ago, Democrats in Congress, Patsy three trillion dollar economic relief plan in Response Donald but the Republicans in Congress did absolutely nothing. I think which Mcconnell said we're gonna hit the pause button. I think he's had a simple You feel a sense of urgency, then,
a few weeks ago. Suddenly, the Republicans proposal and that cut unemployment benefits, did nothing to protect people facing eviction. It did not thing to prevent state local lay offs of teachers, healthcare workers, first responders and others Democrats late last week. Offering to meet them somewhere in the Middle Republicans said no negotiations, Philip so on Saturday, Trump himself as for executive actions of his own on unemployment, benefits, eviction, student loans and the peril tax, so Tommy after a few days of reporters looking at the actual text, of these executive actions seems like they don't really do much for people. You want to walk us through the highlights of these actions. Happy too so that the term couple parts let's take the unemployment insurance extension piece of this first, so Trump claims that
executive order will provide a four hundred dollar expanded unemployment insurance benefit. But if you look at the fine for only three hundred dollars that benefit comes from the federal government. The e o says that a hundred dollars has to come from states but, as you know, states are already hemorrhaging money, be, as are the pandemic, their laying off people their furlough. People there cutting services, since no way that states and to be able to afford to pay that extra cash. It's also not at all clear. Where three hundred dollars, a federal it'll come from me says all come from reprogramming FEMA money, but it's a little squishy when asked about there's trump said if they dont they, don't that's going to be their problem, meaning the states if they I'll pay, these individuals so much colonel irish testing is taken responsibility, interest pushing it to this AIDS and he doesn't care if people get screwed in the process Inga was apparel tax cut for American making less than a hundred thousand dollars per year by
That, obviously does nothing for the thirty two million people who are unemployed if you're not paying payroll taxes, a peril tax cut does not help you. That seems. Obvious to me, but for some reason we are debating. It is also not likely to do much for workers who actually get it. These companies will probably just withhold the tax anyway until next year, so that a real benefit for you. He claimed one second of order will stop evictions but that language doesn't actually reinstate the federal addiction moratorium that adjust expired or provide assistance to people who have fallen behind with their rent payment. Basely tells age ass to consider whether its necessary to halt eviction. So even like last week I think, like Monday of last week, very senior Trump administration officials were saying we can, do what we need to do administratively. This can't be done by executive. And then Saturday morning we wake up, and we are to believe that no, they don't actually need Congress to act. We magic. Found a way to help everybody so there's just like a ton of spin, nothing, the
enough of substance here to actually deal with the problem. What are you got anything to add their anything really get your goad about these executive actions. When I was struck, so I saw that you know you, you too, you know my part. My boys were treating about this, as the president was doing it on Saturday, and I said you know what Fucking. Asshole has lied to me on too many saturdays. I'm going to take a look at this Sunday night when I'm prepping for the thought, but I'm just going to like let this one go, I'm going to live my life and is actually striking how inaccurate And how hard to follow the reporting on this actually is your trunk? it proposes a payroll taxes will actually even if you assume that employers will figure out a way through this byzantine system took enough the money into employees, patriots, it's not a car- is a deferral bill, o the taxes there really pushing up problems too
you're in a pretty extraordinary way, even if it is possible for companies to do this, which has Tommy points out that you really difficult. That is not clear that will be able to implement it. So so it's not accorded to defer it. Not eviction. Moratorium is again eviction. Suggestion is an eviction insinuation, there's no moratorium. There is no ban, though it was reported that way, even in articles like in the times there were trying to break down what was in this, you look at the? U I benefit, you know, John. You pointed this out that that wait. It's not actually an extension. It's a cot right as if we actually extend a lot. Six hundred dollars is three hundred to four hundred dollars, but but in fact, because this is not based on a law. It seems unclear,
how or if or whether this money will ever be able to be distributed, certainly not in the immediate future when people are desperately in need of help because being sent out to states there are already not just struck for money is ongoing it up, but extremely extended, logistically practically in their ability to gonna, get payments to people and figure out what people need. And then you look at. The student long peace, that's a guy yeah. That's it s, the only one that offers like, maybe some really right. Now I think it's like it's. It's super confusing because of how bad the actions are that, like you, people are just poking how many holes in them, like you, just need to like if, if you're one of them was getting unemployment benefits. You were getting your state unemployment benefits, plus six hundred dollars a week, you're getting a cut, no matter what, even if states, pony up the dough you're getting a cut in the benefits, and that means that over twenty million Americans right now, who are already struggling, who out of work, were going to fix a cut even if states components, at best, because as an executive action, they had to like me
money around from basically disaster response from hard gain funding. It's only gonna last another five weeks at best anyway, so this is only an extension of five That's all the money they had. The poorest Americans aren't eligible for the extension and unemployment benefits, which is also bullshit, and now you have, as you guys, both pointed out this byzantine system of states, China scramble to figure out what here, if you may be getting evicted. If you face the prospect of eviction, there is so there's no more moratorium like there was from the cares act. There's just a bunch of people at government agencies being told you might think about protecting people. If you can and then in the perils acted so ridiculous. Like yes M maybe in the next couple, paychecks not an equitable basis, because the businesses have to figure out how to like run this whole. System, maybe they'll withhold yourself security, a medical taxes, but you have to pay it back at the end of the year, unless by the way Trump says, unless he gets reelected, then he's gonna get rid of it for sure he p rest, which he knew
I was four and that would basically do drawing the Social Security Trust fund. So it's a promise to cut social security, but allow the report also says, but Trump pledged not to ever cut social security. Sick can do all of these things. Please stop I mean so love it like how much this appears to be legal, and I guess the broader is how much should we be focusing on the legality, because I do think, as you say, tweeting on Saturday. The initial conversation about this, I think, was mostly about it constitutional. It's not. We go he's an authoritarian bob. You no checks. Humour was tv and he said warmer I'll, leave this to the lawyers, and you know he get some shit for that, but like what think about the legality question. So I will say that I came to this being worried that Democrats, afraid of simply saying Donald Trump is being too strong on important issues, would avoid illegality. Questions because
from a message. One of you. It's better focus on the fact that these are inadequate and one actually helping people totally understood as a sort of you as you gotta, break these things down the student alone. A memo is actually continuing what you did before Congress past. The correct doesn't go as far as what the characters, but it seems like is actually just something that he's done before the payroll taxes referral not caught. You know, I see people like bends ass being like this is constitutional slop payroll is you know it's appropriated by Congress whatever and, as I know well bends ass about your balls, you primaries overdrive. It went on the great branch but down it's just for all right- and you know we begin the present abroad emergency powers either you I benefit is like the most. Certainly from a philosophical level like what extra a like the present just creating a basically a new one and programmes and Republicans come in and point out darker me about argument again. I think my
general view is that these legality questions come up. It is a sign of how many kind of proof Congressional prerogatives have been surrender to the executive that it's actually always becomes this sort of morass. When your side does it it's ok, when their side does it it's bad, and what have you? I think, one of the goals of the Biden Administration has to be to work with Congress to limit executive authority, something that no president ever wants to do, but I actually doing is legitimately important right now based. I have that was and silly a lot of these issues are- and you know the fact that is using we can see powers and taking money from disaster relief to go towards some of these actions. I would say focusing on the fact that they won't open of people is the right thing to do: that's my long yet tell me what you think about the politics of others, and obviously the trump folks think this our good politics- you know they get there.
The president, breaking through Washington gridlock, to get something done for people trump. Basically, dare Democrats to sue him over the legality of this because he thinks I'm trying to give people money and if they sue me, that's not going to be very popular. Are they write on the politics of they have a pointer or what do you think of the political wisdom of these? These moves I mean in the short term I it's probably good politics roaming. The press reported on trumps actions and made them sound bigger than they were that the media narrative is now baiting. What trump did or didn't do per usual rights all focused on him, and sometimes he gets credit for trying. Problem longer term is that the pandemic is not, close to under control I mean relic, and all efforts are reopen. Failed cases are skywriting rocketing where it like a hundred and sixty four thousand dead. The PPP grim has run out of companies or new start laying off more workers, its need money from the federal government because they're bringing less tax revenue and so like. I just think that
the near term press hit is gonna, get caught by the longer term economic reality and, ultimately, I do think on that, and I think the Republican Party, the Party in power, will own the majority of the fall out politically from above economy and from people who are really hurting so maybe they're just banking on on this YO announcement as a way to get some good stories. When a couple days coverage bridge to a longer negotiation, but that is a it's a pretty big risk, yeah I've This is a fucking disaster for them. Like a few days, bridge. I don't even know if they got a few good hours. Bushes, like like love, is said by the time you get to Sunday Monday, everyone broken holes and all the executive actions. But look like you know short termism is a problem in politics that, like predates tromp right, like people try to do things to get through. The new cycle is like debilitating for the trunk people write like they can't even see past a couple hours passed. The statement right, like
Donald Trump, in order to get reelected needs a boost to the economy. He needed this package more when any one else in Washington, except for the people who actually fucking struggling right now fixed the american people, need it most, but in terms of the pure politics of it he needs the economy to improve in order to win. If there is no deal forget about just for areas that he had executive actions for unemployment eviction of like that. This means there's no more direct payments to people that was supposed to be in the package. That means the PPP programme expires, which has kept a lot of people, payroll. This means there's no state and local aid Democrats for proposing a trillion dollars and others as euro, no money for schools to help reopen think about how much money is going to come out of the economy because they failed to pass a deal in what is going to do to like next month's job numbers, the job numbers after that the queue three gdp like this is going to be a fuck
disastrous. He needs this deal so badly and the crazy is part about this is Denmark. Were willing to give him a good economy, use running for re miracle in trucks humor had fuckin through a trillion dollars on the table all dominant had to say was like a he could have made a few. You know You changes here and there a few compromises he could have signed it. That would have boosted the economy and helped his re election, and he said no It's it's amazing. It did you stop when you think about it, and you have democratic that the party out of power, in terms of you know them to the White House. The Senate begging president empower to let them help him boost the economy right. It's the exact opposite of what happened after the financial crisis. What do you think I just went out that you is it the short termism like yes, he doesn't just need a rhetorical win, but it's similar to how, in his interviews about the corona virus, you can't say we have more work to do. We have to lie about how well these performing he go
in front of the fucking golf community of Bed Minister, says ends as this bill will solve this problem. Complete right just you just do you know There was this whole Congress, maybe Congress. Maybe people are gonna, blame Congress, but you know I own it now I own everything that happens from here, because this is now my plan, solving completely what I mean it's the you know, the secretary of how things should consider steps. That's the geo on evictions that he said solves it completely by the way. Even if Congress extended the eviction work for him, it doesn't actually send eviction moratorium to the vast majority of renter's for not renting from play affected by the congressional mortar here's. The plan, may I see for Congress that right, which is read messages we're going to sound reasonable? Basically, like we have a three trillion dollar bill, be Democrats Republicans have a one trillion dollar bill, let's meet in the middle of two trillion, but to get to that,
republicans- will need to resolve the interim GEO P fight totally sure that there's a path there, because you have some of the moderate and even traditionally more conservative lawmakers who are like we get it. We need to do something, and then you have like asked like TED crews and ran Paul philosophical opposition to more spending, and then you Reagan era. Like color on the blue shirt supply side. Economists like Arthur Laffer, who are in turn you're, arguing that all unemployment insurance benefits are bad and every policy should incentivize work. Unlike what I can wrap my head around is how The discussion over the stimulus is so divorced from reality. Hundred sixty thousand people are dead from covered. We probably should be incentivize in people to stay home and not work, but we're not really even the available data so far says it. The more generous you I benefit is actually doing that Trump their obsessed with the payroll tax cuts, which may technician doesn't opting for people who are unemployed, like policing, humour in this weird place where, like their deal,
with meadows and manoeuvre in and on these guys, who won't budge. They passed a deal months ago, Mcconnell refused to engage with them in so like there getting both sides to death and, like I believe, strongly that we need to pass a real bill. It gets people money that helps people from getting kicked out. Their houses funds opposed this election security, all these things, but it just hot in this republic in inviting and unlike at it is not clear to me how to fix it. So I'm so glad you write that up with a very good point, because I do think that that is the its. It has not been reporter enough that that may be the central problem and fixing this because- and I think the split Then the GEO P. This time is between republican senators, who are vulnerable and up in twenty twenty versus the ones who want to run for president, maybe and twenty twenty four point twenty eight, so you got the asshole who is in charge of the and receive in the Czech Republic and Senate Campaign Committee and he's Twitter and he's like you know what Republic
totally- would have gone for a four month. Extension of six. Three dollars a month. Unemployment Nancy Closing Chuck humor blocked it Bob on Blah, Martha Mcsally wanted to propose an extension and it's all bullshit. Because, like ok then have Mitch Mcconnell put an extension through the end of the year for six, four dollars a month: unemployment on the Senate for tomorrow and let's see how many Republicans vote for go, had put it on the floor, because I Mixed sally and gardener, and all these people who were might lose their seats and twenty actually want this to happen, and then you have fuckers TED crews tweeting today or at Marcie, was tweeting about his plan to give people two thousand dollars a month, indirect payments for the course of the pandemic, and TED cruises like what's next free soil lot is, and where were you know about this guy because, like TED Cruise ships and actually want to spend money because he wants to seem like the hard headed guy? Who cares about the debt when he runs for fuckin president again or whatever, but it Sir, you know
Is popular ones I gotta take her is clearly hired a new social media guy in the sole goal of that persons like job wake up in the morning and be the most annoying lame troll, you can possibly be, and then log off, like this tweeting about like Democrats, dont like trucks and you're like us away, latte boiling. Is that effective, Is this really what we do now TED Tommy? I worried of him. I think it's a different it. Skin, like Carver LAW, Goldman Sachs, why have you you're the you're, the big pickup truck guy TED is? Are we that, oh you are again, it's always very frustrating because soil milk is like for fucking minutes ago. You know how we you like run an o milk These are the mills we're talking about these cocoanut milk, rightly magnesia variety of non dairy milk, sir. That text consider this material. I think we could. You can see this morning that Trump has begun, to realize that he probably fucked up because he's now tweeting
Schuman policy call me now they want to deal. Can I get my executive action and ensure imposing we never call them and arrogant so that we never call them, and why does everyone like now? There was never any call anywhere you want, but suddenly now Trump knows he wants a bigger deal because he knows he needs the fuckin deal. I wonder what Schuman policy do from here like today. Just let him sit around her. They just hold their leverage and say come back when you're willing to do explains it. I'm just imagining trump. In a wandering in his kimono on the top floor of the White House in like full on look we're with Nancy Pelosi. Who is not there it is like the Good NEWS, I am very worried about the state of the country what's happening to people etc. Like the good for those of us who believe that getting trump out of office is the only way we solve this long term. As I do think Biden, isn't it The interesting position here in that he's, not part of the Goshi seeking to be a big picture. Guy talk about what he do as
it s, like you, saw this and his long medium, pussy didn't in July. You talking about. Money for testing and contact tracing and relief for states in and governors and just like painting. Your picture of what it would be like to have a president. That's actually responsible, they doesn't does that to get into the weeds about the legality here and he can say, like look at New Zealand Look at Europe. Let these people are shopping without masks and hugging relative. It's like we could have a normal covered response. If we just tried it doesn't have to be this chaotic yet mean look. I think that is what just happened in Congress with this relief plan and Donald Trump just did with these executive actions has handed Democrats more than enough content
or the convention next week, because you know the one thing in all these posts have been keeping trump even somewhat within reach of Biden. Is people trust him on the economy, although that advantages are slowly disappearing? But I would talk about, like you know, we are facing one of the greatest economic crises of our lifetime and Donald Trump's proposal was to cut unemployment benefits, got social security and metal, Herr repeal the affordable care act and let thousands and millions of lay offs of teachers, healthcare workers and other first responders and states happen on his watch in the middle of a pandemic? That's his economic well. I mean they just served it right up on the platter for Democrats next week, if their, if their willing to go there, which They did pod save America is broadly by carry home John get excited
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directing the postal service not to deliver certain ballots to stop and local tools from counting them after election day. We also find out that have from donor turn, postmaster General Louis De Joy met, Congressional leaders, he staged a shake up at the postal service that, according to the Washington Post, quote centralized power around a joy in DE emphasizes decades of institutional knowledge. Meanwhile, Republican operatives in at least sixty eight more like this sad. They are calling him delay, get it somebody that so much better and it's not good its noticed, but you may have to make it worse MIA. Meanwhile, meanwhile, republican operatives in at least six like two socks republican operatives, an area six days, including Wisconsin, have been accused of using fake synergies to get kind of west. On the ballot, including names like Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders
we now have an eleven was constant, who knew let's start with trumps, continue to sell on male in voting, one of the consequences of not reaching a deal on another economic This package is that there won't be money for the post office or election infrastructure love what are the next steps on this for Democrats for democratic lawyers for people like what what what do we do from here. Yet Only one thing is continuing to for relief package that not only includes funding for the post office but actually puts guard rails on that funding to make sure that the money it has to be used to say pay the over time, so that mail gets delivered on time that there's no interference in the election that it doesn't get held up, but they don't try to basically not spend any money that Congress appropriates. If we can, it mean get a bill. The Congress in again and viper up the Thursday POD had some really good thoughts about this. It is
weekly newsletter because arm he need another activity. I but the he's walks through a lot of what we can be doing, and unfortunately I think we are quite limited, but it doesn't bother com. And us as individuals putting pressure on begins and on the other post office itself, one of them. That, as of the post office, is incredibly popular is a very, very popular institution, and it is popular outside of politics, because it is how people get their medicine, it is that people get their social security checks. It is how people send each other gifts. It is our grandparents and stay in contact with their grandchildren and interfering with this non partisan, non political thing that matters to a lot of people. I think, as a great way to spin up calls congressional opposite Republicans and Democrats alike, there is nothing like not getting the mouth to get a bunch of all people to call their members of Congress. So I think that this is a very stupid thing. One other thing, I'd also say, is
be one reason Republicans have targeted at the post office for a long time is because it was a way to target some of the most powerful and important unions in the United States, and those unions have a lot of power here because they are inside. Of these institutions- and we should rely on what they're saying and make sure that we are giving the postal unions the other support they need, because those those male carriers are the people. Ultimately, that will actually do the work of making sure that mail and doubts are delivered an mail about are received on time. So Tommy, you know if we don't get another package of Congress, and you know the post office remains a bit of a mess. It looks right now and mail and voting sort of all over the place. You know on one hand we have our team of democratic lawyers and Mark Elias and all of our friend sort of suing people. What can individuals do like
If your voting, you try to get other people to vote, to sort of navigate this system, giving doesn't basic things which include yeah, send your ballot back as early as you can. If you're worried about voting by now, a lot of places have dropped off cans, basically or you can put your balance, but also there is a bit of this is just an awareness factor right because so far. Trumps attacks in the post office and vote by male have been largely rhetorical, which don't get me wrong. Are bad blight. This report with them, telling the post office not to deliver a ballot or prevent it from being counted, is a threat democracy. This is not a boring debate about funding. The post office. This is a crisis for democracy, There are literally suing states like nomadic either from sending bouts of voters. So you know. One thing I remembered was a couple weeks back Margaret Sullivan at the the washing posted this great com that had a media can learn from mistakes we
and twenty sixteen and not repeat them the cycle. Her first rate, Condition was to focus on voting rights in election integrity in coverage, and I do think the press needs to explain how serious this is and not let the conversation devolve into like the usual broken Achan forth about voter from that doesn't exist, which is ultimately spreads misinformation right like not inspiring. If people waiting line for eight hours is outrageous, its evidence of a broken system and so I think I'd like Mark Elias. All these lawyers fighting to make sure that ballots, postmarked by election day, are counted a thing we can do to help them Male your ballot as soon as you possibly can, but we such me, too, I think naked Your case in this is a long term project about election integrity in voter access and voter rights and, like Lovett, said, being a pussy and she already to fight like hell for that funding, yeah. No, I think it's. It is an excellent point of really sound the alarm and Mark Elias that the democratic leader whose whose fighting a lot of these rights in court
he's a there's, basically like four things that you do in addition to autonomy side, which is you vote early in person, Thirty one states now have early voting, so Europe. Likely to be in a state where you can vote early. Of course, then you avoid the lines of election day which could be dangerous in a pandemic. Use a ballot. Dropbox drop off your ballot at an election officer polling station, almost all states. Now you can drop off your ballot at your local action office or at the polling location. So you feel at home. You bring it there and then you don't have to worry about the mail and then there is also the ability to organise community ballot collection, where groups can actually come and safely get seal ballots from voters and then bring them, bring them local polling location of the election office. So I do think that something to think about, as we get closer to an election where we may not be able to rely on the post office, which is fucking great, was the fourth one. What was the fourth one, this vote. Early in person use a ballot, dropbox drop
your ballot at an election officer, pulling location that does reach eighty four hours does Richard everyone? Sorry I went to fast, I went to vast org. As community about tax. Ok, so trap is also getting some help once again from his old friend Vladimir Putin. On Friday, the office of the Director of national intelligence published a statement by country until chief William Evelina who said that Russia wants to see President Trump Reelected and his quote using a range of measures to primary they denigrate former Vice President Biden, he said, pro. Russian ukrainian politician has been publicizing. Leaked phone calls to undermine Biden as well as social media and propaganda campaign. If ever, need to also said it. Both China and IRAN do not want to see President Trumpery elected, but that their efforts appear to be less whites. At Tommy where'd. You make a statement, particularly the inclusion of China and IRAN, so this is total bullshit money. Just leave, do like the backdrop of the contest year about how trumpets politicizing intelligence community so a while
act from install this twitter, Troll named Rick or now was zero intelligence experience. This jackass would have reported to me when I was at the White House right. I was not qualified to The director match our intelligence they send sell him. They had in clean house pushed. Serious people and install loyalists in all these Hacks pressure, the intelligence community to change intelligence assessments to please Trump thing that would have been, should still be a massive scandal right there, a long, your time magazine, peace over the weekend detailed how the intelligence community was pressure to change an end. I e about election interference and- and I e is the most vetted authoritative census assessment of an issue. They foresees to change the energy intellectual integrity from saying Russia favour Trump to this watered down version. That said, russian leaders probably assess the chances to prove relations with the? U S will diminish under a different president, a very big, very material difference. So We know that in twenty sixteen, the Russians ran a huge
began to effort that that effort is ongoing. We know that they have the Nell accounts of democratic officials. We know they help them. Let them the Wikileaks as a car about. We know they pro Election systems in fifty states I think we all should be worried that it will be worse this year now. The Chinese. They have sophisticated hacking operations. There. Tons of overt propaganda and disinformation campaigns against the? U S against policies, but There is no evidence, there's no reporting that they did anything is focused or, as directed is what Russia did to help trump. Their guy? I'm sure the Chinese now eight trump, because he's freaking audience escalating tensions with them all day, but its nowhere near the same IRAN as like cyber operations and hackers and teams. But again we I'd like we see no evidence that they have done anything close to what Russia it did so. This statement to me was designed to muddy the waters. We are now both sides in the foreign interfere. This conversation, and we intelligence community. That is not telling people that
that we cannot trust to tell the truth, because they have been so thoroughly politicized by Trump and his team. Good doesn't love it. I I rather sir. I was just like fuck now. What do we do? yeah darling. It's one thing to know too that in that when I saw that the DNA that statement saying that there was this interference effort. I wasn't me like a while there are they responding to pressure from Senate Democrats were saying releases information is so interesting and, of course your me like. While I see why they added around in China, it was to make sure Trump didn't, feel bad and to help themselves politically and then read the robber Draper peace. This long, I think you know long the many qualities it has met with. No, it's a really important over the very it's. A very thorough looks at politicization of intelligence. By Final note in peace is that they put out the statement about
your view after they got the questions from Robert Draper laid out what Draper had collected. So they were clearly trying to get ahead of this time story, and then you have senator richer Blumenthal basically saying what I have seen it Chile shilling worse, it is worse than twenty sixteen. It is incredibly sophisticated interference, effort being run by Russia actually no basis of comparison to what's at what China and IRAN may or may not be doing and your left with this sort of pit the sick feeling of we are exactly where we were in the fall of twenty sixteen, and we are running out of time to get this information into the political discussion. So to ask about this Thomas, I see I see that Blumenthal a bad that freaked me even more than the this- the assessment that I had read the day before the time, Bertrand of Political asked Mark Warner if he would publicly disclosed
and tell on the Senate floor where senators are shielded from repercussions under the constitution, speech or debate clause, and wonder said I'm not going to take anything off the table. I never heard of that. Is that possible? That centres can just like Declassify Intel on the floor like that yeah Yes, so in eighteen, seventy one might gravel were, you might remember, from several primary debates. Reacted very and he entered four thousand pages in the Pentagon papers into the congressional record. That happened just before or the Supreme Court lifted, an injunction on publishing them. So is a slightly different scenario, but yeah me when I saw Blumenthal tweeting some of these things. I thought to myself. Obviously there's concerns about protecting sources and methods in making sure we're not. You know like getting people killed two are helping us out, but the point of having intelligence is not just to have intelligence right, it's too in foreign policy, and if we think did the Russians are about to interfere in our election in a way that could.
Disrupt the entire democracies, disrupt the entire democratic process like election to the core of that process than I do think it. Completely appropriate. In fact, maybe a moral obligation to tell people a this information, sound the alarm. Let us way know the challenge, for anyone who decides to do this is not necessarily like the politics around releasing classified information. It's do we live in a time when people will care with Will the media both sides is her? People pretend it's not a big deal will just be split in a partisan way. Again I don't know but like it sounds Ivan reddest intelligence, but it sounds like people pretty freaked out. People in a position to know are pretty freaked out and if you like we should maybe be disclosing reformation yeah because less We forget in twenty sixteen when members of the Clinton campaign and Harry Reed and others started talking about russian interference. The way the media treated them. We're, like, oh you're, just saying echoes your word. You gonna lose you're, trying to make excuses Bobby and take it seriously. Now that was before, we knew that Russia
we did interfere in our elections, and so maybe maybe we'll have learn lessons from twenty sixteen. But who knows I do think it's a moral obligation at this point I mean also when you have administration, as you were just saying, Tommy like Shading intelligence estimates and assessments right friend, politicizing intelligence like if we can't trust that the entire we're getting from the administration is true and hasn't been. You know changed to help Donald Trump and benefiting politically, then you know other senators we're getting briefings like that. What choice do they have. There is a m. There is, I think, a legitimate concern right that if senators or members of the house begin to use this speech to Bay paused for marched down to the second floor, the housework and just reveal intelligence, which they are completely constitutionally allowed to do,
sets a dangerous precedent. Basically, information is only as are protected and secret, as one member of Congress decides basely. Any member Congress can break that will that's it as a rest, but I do think at the very least. It seems to me that, like Mark Warner and others who are seen as information consider going much further. Not just sing is on the table, but legitimately threaten to use their constitutional power to go to the second floor and tell us what they know to elicit more information from the administration. I think it is very much worth issuing a threat at the very least on this year and look and pin likely the ministration response will be to threaten to cut off intelligence briefings for those members, but I think, like you're right that I thought sets in motion and ask oratory process that that they can then say we had no choice but to disclose information edging like Dick Blumenthal, any senators reading these intelligence assessments- they probably dont, know that the source
and methods right, like they don't know the person in the bowels of the Kremlin, whose whose giving us this formation and they wouldn't course they wouldn't disclosed that if they did you always have to worry that, like any legal costs, that information can be reverse engineer, you don't know you don't, you don't know what sources and methods you could be harming but again like. If these guys are this free doubt tell us why you are. I am that cheery note When we come back, we will have love it's conversation with near state attorney General Latisha, James While the lawsuit last week to shut down the inner edge, posit murder is broadly by frame bridge framework. Makes it easier and more affordable than ever to frame your favorite things without ever leaving the house spruce up your home. Fischer send the perfect gift to a loved one from art prince in diplomacy? Further sitting on your phone right now, you can frame bridge
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the podcast, nice white parents reporter hunted Jaffee, while you may, from this american life started looking this one school in her neighbourhood. After her kids became wage in New York City, hot dogs, in this public middle school traditionally filled with black and brown students afternoon of white families arrive and then not satisfy that she fully understood what she was saying. She went all the way, to the founding of the school in nineteen sixties and then up to the present day. Again eventually, Hata realized she could put a name to what was getting in the way of making the school better. All these years, white parents, nice way. Parents is a fascinating, listen! It's deeply relevant! Today, it's made by Syria productions and New York Times company the same, people who made a hit, podcast Cereal and S town, it's available wherever you get your progress and new episodes are released every Thursday joining us an apology, the attorney general for the great state of New York, Latisha James, while them back to the shell. Thank you for having me take me back
So last week you file the lawsuit to dissolve the energy, while you in your team were conducting investigation, is there a moment or discovery that major realize you were onto something bigger? Was there anything surprised you. So then the tat lay bare on the front pages of just about every newspaper corrupted country that the our had the ruddy millions and millions of dollars away from its charitable mission. It was allotted, inviting it became public and without reason, the ability and our duty and our mission to investigate and will be launched, an investigation and twenty nineteen, and we uncovered and confirm that
that is that they will looting beyond our aim and that they were doing it for financial gain for themselves, their families and their close friends, and because they wanted to favour, they wanted to get a favor with individual, whom I had the responsibility of investigating complaints by a complaint of whistle blowers, and so they attempted to curry favour with no big contract and five and unfortunately you know we confirmed all of that. We ve gotta responsibility. A duty to make so that individual comply with the law and particularly not for profit incorporated in state of New York. It has nothing to do with the second amendment and nothing to do with my personal.
In our view on gun violence, but all to do with compliance with the law and ensuring that individual adhere to our rules and read patients, so I understand going after the individual's people like Wayne Lapierre, who found it impossible to fight the second amendment. Without like a very lavish lifestyle you can't you can't protect gun. Rights, without at least a beach house in a private jets, not possible so you're going after him. I guess that Why also seek the dissolution of the organization itself, but let me say you can't listen. What does that going on up as Safari in Africa a mob and multiple occasion, tat to do with the second amendment and tell me what is it a member of the deal with going to the Bahamas at least eight times
how to call you wanna be relax. You're gonna make sure you're. You know you are well rested for that at a cost of more than five hundred thousand dollars and tell me what valued at this academic year with the pulse employment contract for seventy million dollars or for private security. Ok, baby, private security. Ok I'll! Give you that once more. What about about this, the lucrative consulting contract for Ex employees and board members worth noting? a dollar and what about the one point, two million dollars and give the vendor that golf club that it hotel and what about them? they ve been Mcqueen advertising firm. Where would you basically use that they passed through a company for the non contractual Adam pocket extended worth millions and millions of dollars, and I think it suddenly
Meanwhile, you can someone. I know you got a very, very moratoria. I remember what was missing. One tell me what to do with the second amendment, but we are during the dissolution of the re. Why? Because the right one deep its poor baby it throughout the entire organization end. It is important to note that the quota gave him not again, not just again
poor individual defended, but against the area of cooperation with Bell, because it's not just for individual corporation we're talking about a seventy six board member, which often time with you to look into whistle blower complaints. In fact it is dated them. I'm a has to do with day Audit Committee that, unfortunately, he whistle blower complaints from outside ordered it has to do with a compensation board which the individual, excessive amounts of compensation and the list of committees goes on and on and on, everyone turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fact that these individuals and others would basically looting the and our aid
and, as a result, the bat it left the and our aim in in a very difficult and stream financial position. So this is really nothing to do with the second amendment. Nothing to do I will check nothing to do with my personal view and all the more to do with the not for profit locked in a state of New York under which the and are able to incorporate it back in the early eighties. Hundreds So you know I've seen people you know their been, and I hear you pushing back against this idea that you know you're doing is because your against you and a re or against the second amendment, It seems to me you ve, basically, said to all of the inner raise donors hey this organization. That does something you seem to care about, that you want to. The gate on behalf of the second amendment has actually been wasting all your money that actually done a terrible job of advocating for your cause, because
expend all the money on yourself. If ever, if this, there's a climate change organization, Nora or a of CARE Organization, and we found out that they were bilking their donors. You'd expect people to say: hey thanks for figuring this out, to make sure that we have a more effective version of the organization. Has anyone else conservative any gun rights advocate anywhere suggests did to you? That actually was a good thing to root out corruption in this organization that they ostensibly view as being very important? Well, yeah all over. You know the political spectrum there are some couldn't conservatives do said: take you there are other to a better its political in nature. This is nothing more than a political act. There are other words what
and bring up some rhetoric that I mentioned during the campaign about the energy being a clearer, referred innovation. But the reality is that we have a responsibility. As the attorney general's office, we can supervise real powers in a party though, but not for profit incorporated in state of New York to ensure that the mission is actually carried out and that donor dollar are dedicated towards that purpose, and in this particular case again I mention what they saw the Far EAST and to the Bahamas and multiple. You know side deal then no been kind track. What did they have to do with their mission with their terrible cause and the issue with nothing? It was nothing more than
I've been, which meant nothing more than self dealing, nothing more than individual violating their fight. You hear a duty to this organisation and so, in addition to resolving the in our aim in its entirety, we are requiring the peace in the middle of a poor reputation. As you know, in fact, this at anything with the second amendment, but the bottom line is that the law requires that bit rested better restitutions, they knew for their travel charitable mission, and so I am required to take the restitution, an impact the energy is dissolved. I am, I am required to distribute that both spun to organisations that are consistent with their emission.
We also seek to remove them from the leadership, and you never ever allowed these individuals to serve on the board of a charity in New York state again. It's basically about accounting and about accounting, I imagine way my Pierre saying something like you can get this money from my cold. Very soft very well manicured hands one other, so just beautiful hands, absolutely incredible! That is well well taken care of hand. So How does this this sum?
effort against the and our aid compared to some of the other sensitive cases you ve taken on by going after the president's tax returns. I can't talk about any pending case that we have already pending investigation, but if people want to know the pressing, what's a precedent for developing a not for profit, please remind them that it was this office about dissolve the Trump Foundation as well. So we continue to again make sure that cooperation than individual than direct using all referred to entrust ease of not for profit a comply with the law. To simple: is that an end we clouded Kate for no other reason other than that and in terms of the coward
far. The calendar is concerned, we concluded the investigation, the quantity. The issue is, should I have filed it now or I would I should I have filed it later. I would have been accused of politics regardless, but that's, ok, that's why you know I put my prepared found every day I wasn't one last question I know. Obviously, you can't speak to any pending matters that you're you're dealing with, but you know where we're we're Threem the years into this presidency. That has challenge the basic rule of law in ways we really never seen before its put a lot of onus on two points, here at a local level prosecutors at state level. How do you feel These institutions are faring against, in general, against the onslaught from troubling
the strain in a Trump Department of Justice. That doesn't believe are the president is accountable to la listen. We followed the fat and apply the rule, but come to certain conclusions, each and every day and, as you know, democratically term general. The cross this nation been defenders of our constitution of freedom, the emigrant of marginalized vulnerable population. We ve been
bending the sand? Pit against attack by the administration were a court right now, as they seek to not include information from immigrants and try to change the date shorten the process, which would have had a chilling effect on the response rate of the senses. We of you know stood up against this administration on public charge. On trusty traveller. These you go on the environment over and over again on the algae, BT, Q, community, on food stamps or low income individual a we continue to a litigate against its administration and we ve been winning because we recognise the rule of law. Are we reckon.
The constitution- and we recognise that at this point in time- particularly during this point in time- what we need in this country now more than ever, if someone- the new spirit in the image of the- are to provide, understand and recognises that the importance of having a safety net and recognises that the dividing American does not ignored and does not make a great dividing american makes us. Unfortunately, a country which is at odds with itself
let's just Latin America in that's, why I urge all of you in the plenary all of your listeners, no matter what they grow, water, no matter what they throw with you. We ve got to organise. We ve got a boat, gotta, fill out the Sensus and got a stand up for what right, even against all odds and even against power, without cooperation Did you would think that their above the law attorney general Tis Jane? thank you so much for a time. You know you are one of our favorite gas, the audience when crazy. You are such a set of great. We had set a great time when you joined us at our Brooklyn, showing a hopefully at some point sooner rather than later. We cannot do that again.
In front of alive crowd in New York, it will be sooner, and you know people keep your head. The time will come when we get on the other side of the mountain without come together. Once again, we're gonna be stronger and more united than ever before. I thank you so much. I had a great time at that event. It was the highlight of Michael. We're and I truly truly be about all that you're doing in country all yours, while turn General Tis James. Thank you so much. Thank you face. It is James for joining us today, and I will take you guys later, And I just want to say that I have and about my bends, ass joke about balls, which felt very masked for me, and I just want you to know that like if I'm with you, unlike you, know opens alter less than the future of eggs job. Welcome? Hardly save America is a crooked media production. The exact
producer is Michael Martinez, arson. You're producer is Jordan, Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick. Kyle said one is our sound engineer, to tell you so many Katy Long, Roman, but Dimitrios Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our day you'll team, Eliza Cone. Male yell freed, and my look him who film and upload episodes as videos every week.
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