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Obama returns to the campaign trail, Kavanaugh lies to the Judiciary Committee, and Democrats see their chances of taking back the Senate improve. Then musician Jason Isbell talks to Tommy about music, politics, and when artists become activists.

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I welcome the pod. Save America on fervour should not, however, under another retaliatory later and these pod you'll hear Tommy's interview with musician Jason, Isabel yeah veto.
About that how to come about. Well, it was my birthday. He was playing at the greek knobs, giving he's of really awesome artists, who is from muscle shoals Alabama, like listen nationals who have in the countryside, but, as you see, progressive views on politics use it attacked recently by the inner a c b, as he did. A dent fourfold. Reticent just has like really ensuring thoughts on trapping ministration, the state of politics- and you know the world is. So great we had a great conversation while really cause at the Greek Theatre pine stage. We were there too late for that answer. Unanimous birth. Thanks for coming. We were thanks for having us. Ok I've got to talk today about Brok Obama's returned to politics, the next phase in the fight to keep bread, Cavenaugh off the Supreme Court and the race for control of the Senate. Some encouraging signs for Democrats, hopefully, but who knows ok, how I believe it. We had a great love it or leave it in. It is one of my Besides, what am I every panels?
our Brown Josh Barrow, Emily Yoshida it. It was such a great show and on Thursday night at the El Ray after the policy of Amerika Show, we added a love it or leave it show, and there are still some tickets left for that, which you can get right now come for the politics day for the discussion about a dip in your chicken fingers, diet, coke and you know what I feel be surprised- tough shot at one parents, but also happen, be the the gift Emily and hannah- and I give you four april- I enjoyed the wine with the food tremendously. I just never understand were like this goes with barreaux level, Jackie called it a fact that That is why we also set your diet coke, which, what's going on with save the world this week, has heard of Ben rents. I heard movies. A lousy little obviously mean studio tomorrow, we're gonna go through all the things are happening. The news and foreign policy apparently were planning coups Venezuela a kind of bats. Go down and Afghanistan. It will be a crab bag of things that are in the news. I'm just glad that we ve moved it
state our headquarters to elect West Coast echoed chamberlains, lava, hesitant a new window. He's he's the echo chamber, fighting the block, yeah right right, radical into this, would set a new wilderness episode drop Monday. It's called the bench and it's about our Democrats can recruit and run a new generation of winning candidates. You also get to hear from recently elected Democrats were part of that new generation. Dana Carogne Jennifer Carol, Foy, who, on their bases for the Virginia, has the delegates and twenty seventeen and set molten on Iraq, war veteran, who came home and ran for Congress in Massachusetts. Also friend of the pot check it out, artless get NEWS, Gus Barack Obama, is back. So Our own boss delivered a major speech on Friday in Illinois and hit the campaign trail here in California. Over the weekend we hated it.
Spoiler or get right to the point we hated it. In both appearances, he finally broke in silence about his successor, saying that Donald Trump is a symptom, not the cause of our current political crisis, which he blamed on a republican party that is, traffic in division, resentment and paranoia hasn't selling the Republicans. We know he also made clear that the biggest our towards democracy is indifference and delivered an impassioned plea for everyone to vote, especially all you, young people. Let's start with the message of the speech, particularly his critique of trumpets Republicans Tommy. What do you think about his analysis of our current situation? and were you surprised that he didn't pull any punches yeah. It was a strong speech was a full throated indictment of Trump's in his worth actions. Didn't pull punches on Sage Charlottesville on his response. Did Nazis parade streets of me, he hid among all the things that we are. One of your brok. Obama criticise him on I think that there's value in that message, I think there's there's some like nice level setting to hear from him how far we
if they also to see what a normal president looks like. So I imagine this, inspire and motivate Democrats and volunteers on the trail. They also remind me you how hard it is a counter programme trump, because it was an hour long speech with a lot of nuance in context. Yeah. I mean he told the whole story and it's hard to do that and then be intellectually honest when trumps gonna go out there and
hey. You know the countries actually perfect North Korea's fixed and of protecting from crime, and only I can save everything and there we go. So you know I think I'll, tell your speaking two totally different audiences breaking having about on the trail. Will fire people up and get Democrats of the Poles or least volunteer and more love? It oh bomber, said of republican politics, it's not conservative, it sure is it normal? It's radical! It's a vision that says the protection of our power and those who back ass is all that matters even when it hurts the country. What did you think of that critique eye for the most part? So I really like the speech. I really liked it in part, because one thing he does in this speech, which is identical himself with Democrats as opposed to against Washington, which is something you did for very long time, which was of a value
I also think too Tommy's point. It was long and it was hard to cover all that he said, but what I think is good about it. Is it really lays out a very sophisticated, I think, ultimately, hopeful argument while still having the critique of Trump and there it is just a valuable for democrats who will be campaigning to have this as an example of how to sound, because in a heap, Barack Obama continues to be the most popular and unifying leader of the Democratic Party. My problem is with saying this is not conservative. I think there's two ways to go at that. There's one is a true, and is it value Is it true? No, it is not true, it is conservative. I think one of the fantasies we have to dispel is the idea that there is some nascent form of conservatism that just about to be in charge right, we're just waiting for the for the three reasoning
sounding up ads in natural, when national veto can become sentient would run for Congress was John Huntsmen moved back to the states yeah, I see I see I sort of saw as small of sea concern from a long time ago. You know like I think we were he used to do this during his presidency. To like you talk about conservative conservative, is caring about the rule of law is caring about our institution that unites all this kind of stuff, and I think he would probably say that the Republican Party hasn't been small, see traditionally conservative in quite a long time of course or or ever re will only have the other matter in a minor errors, so that gets to the next point. Is it a valuable thing to say, I think that's debatable one of things I was, about while watching him say that is well. Who is that for, and I do think there is value to having it be part of what we say to people who mighty independence not be voters say, wait a second. This isn't about democratic Republican. What's going on, it's crazy, even if you consider yourself conservative, even if you don't considers
The Democrat you should come along with us. I value in that. But there is a it's a short term proposition when what we also need to do is make sure people understand that what's happened to conservatism, has its roots in conservatism, and we too stamp that out and we need to say this is what republicanism has become. This is what conservatism has become. I think I think in word, for this is some antics, because ultimately I agree that that's the larger case I was, I was impressed, end relieved that he sort of late
the blame for Trump ISM at the feet of the Republican Party, because I was like we ve had we had this debate around John Mccain Funeral right in its order, been a debate or trumpet bit stretch back to twenty sixteen, because at times it seemed like in TWAIN. Sixteen, the Clinton campaign and Obama were saying. The trump is some sort of aberration from the Republican Party because they were trying to get Republicans to vote for illegally right and it's decided it like this, isn't the Republican Party we know you know, Donald Trump is different and clearly it is the Republican Party, and we saw right like the trip. Donald Trump is here, because the Republican Party became sort of rotten to its core, which is something that probably started way back, and you know when Gingrich took over Congress in the early nineties, paving maybe even as far back as the eighties re, but we will in any Rock Obama's presidency, we saw this all the time, so the fact that he at least went right at the Republican Party as the problem was
fuck yeah. I grew that to either gets at yes, and I think a lot of this is about how how honest should you be to make the best case so when he says that the speeches common ground exists that she really lovely part of the speech when he says you common ground exists between people? I know that there are publicans in the world who could care about this. I know that there is compassion that there are places where we can find common ground. Even it doesn't seem like it, and that is true. But of course the logical conclusion is there is common ground in the country, but not in Washington. Why not well, because of a massive propaganda effort, a sense of these people
above democratic reproach because of gerrymandering, invoked suppression and the power of the COPE brothers network? And if you really do believe in a country that that where people can find common ground together, there's only one thing we can do, which is stamp out, this former republicanism defeat a completely and govern without them until they learn that there is a price to be paid for out of politics. They practice. Of course, that's not particularly uplifting ray, I mean he's up like two challenges for prison of Alma is always defend. Institutions in government, in turn like tried a rally. People towards took to strive to create a better kind of government that actually works and delivers for people is also always in the unlikely, honest or least far more so president trumpet say things like better is good in that's out a big rallying cry winter when compared to I alone can fix it and, like all the shit, the trumps. So it's up, it's a it's a tougher. It's a bigger challenge for us
like what we are trying to practise I'd better type of politics to beat a demagogic monster and that's tough anything look we're we're time. Others, it's not really in abstract, either in on about as a former president, but like this is sort of the test it better. Rourke is assured, adding on in Texas re many he's gotten all these counties that have never seen a candidate lotta, Republicans lotta independence, who may be considered themselves, conservative, evangelical, something that he's trying to reach out to them, not with a middle of the road central message, but a progressive message and seeing, if that he really can't do that.
Look. The sad fact is eighty seven, eighty five percent of Republicans support Donald Trump. So, in a way it is the republican Party. This is this is what they believe, but we also know that you know less people Republicans now that protein mix up thirty percent of the country and so there's a lot of people who left the Republican Party who consider themselves independence and a small, tiny percentage of the Republican Party who is not you know, doesn't favour Donald Trump. You know that we could possibly regions and look. It is eight. It is a fundamental problem at a problem we been grappling with as Democrats, it's a profit and give it a basic, almost mathematical problem. What do you do when one side totally abhors key?
Burma's and believes in power at all costs, because you can do you play the same game that they play or do you find a way to uphold your values while still finding a way to win? I think it's really hard. I think that there is a contradiction inside of it, which is in order to prove to these people that their scorched earth to earth tactics are fruitless. Ultimately, we need to do. We need to stop treating them like reasonable people. We can work with because they're not we needed to feed them, and obviously that's a tough thing to discuss. There's nuance required there. I thought he did. One of I think he did the best job he's ever done as candidate as president as an Ex president in describing the current menace of what's going on inside the Republican Party, and I think that very good. Let's I, with reaction from Trump and other Republicans trumps at last week, that he fell asleep during Obama speech, but he has spent the past several days showing that he was particularly so
If two Obama's assertion that Trump doesn't deserve credit for the current economy, he was whining. This all weekend long can you just before. I do want to quote him because it so stupid he go It was very good first we ban, which is just literally the insult the come triumph formulation, it's that struck. He might as well have said for me to put one, but it is a very because like he could have, he could have stayed with that as his line right like it was boring, I didnt pay attention. I fell asleep, but then he just you know four four, as ever right before reside, recording he just put out another video Obama talking about the economy? It is tweeting about his Monday is the occur he, is so good, perhaps the best in our country's history. Remember it's the economy stupid that the Mc rather flailing lying like crazy, phony books, articles and tv hits like no other
Paul has had to endure and they are losing big. Very dishonest people tell me was the truth about who is responsible for the current economic recovery. I mean uh just a broader point. First, one of the things ass white ass is really good at keeping shitty stories about them in, but not by constantly referencing them. So I'm so glad Obama came at him on this because it clearly bothered him in this. This I shouldn't go unchallenged, so a couple facts in the nineteen months since trumps, integration, economies, creed of three point: five, eight million new jobs- that is less than the three point- nine six million created in the last nineteen months of Obama's presidency. So their imperfect comparisons has Trump hasn't been there for years, but other do we ve hit four point: two percent in the sector, quarter of I think, tat economic growth, unemployment is weighed down but has been unsatisfactory to go down since you known deep recovery act when place alike
This has been a long, long run of really great economic news. They like to point to the big corporate tax cut for billionaires and say that that somehow is the reason for all this it. It doesn't seem like there's much if any evidence that the case they also like to point to it. These, like soft feelings, like Larry cut low, said Trump has ended the war on business. These ended the war unsuccess like that's the kind of bullshit they have the default to bees. The numb literally dont back him up to the point where his top economist today was asked to explain something, trumpet tweeted awe and was like, while that just factually inaccurate I can't defended here. I also think this idea you know, ruin the narrative out. There is Donald Trump is unbelievable, unpopular like most unpopular president in decades, and if only he
and so crazy, and you know he was more message. Messaging talked about the economy, more he'd be in better shape, because you know you point of samples, saying the people think he's better on the economy than a lot of other issues. But I also think look when Brok Obama was leaving office and we had all that job growth and we had all that growth. All the pundits in the all in the narrative in Washington was brought about by saying that the economy is great, but really people are feeling the recovery. Well right now we have wages, are barely growing and costs are growing faster than wages. Forty three percent of all households donor enough to afford a monthly budget that includes hasn't food. Child care, healthcare transportation in a cell there, isn't a county in America or someone earning minimum wage can afford the rent for two bedroom apartment, like I dont think that Donald Trump
running around saying how wonderful the economy is that it is the best in the history of the country is necessarily the best message. Yeah. Doesn't I dont, I think, you're right. It's excellent! That Anna went Democrats be scared away by that you know. I think it is certainly true that, if the account, if we had exacts him economy and Donald Trump, were were more disciplined. He would be more popular, but there's also something inherently. I do know this revealing about the way he brags by the economy in the same way that he sends out my pants to say that Donald Trump is where the greatest president in history. It's it's interesting. Just how much the sub text is always see, see it's fine that I'm president rights line with it was so bad that I'm president, if I couldn't do the job, how could the economy be doing? Ok or, if
I'm not sure they don't. They don't need to just say, he's doing a good job. They need to say he's doing as as well as an american president can do because they know funding not legally not based on a Russia scandal, but food The mentally as a man he's illegitimate, as a human being is illegitimate and the job. So all of this is kind of wrapped up in that you know, we talk about it and it's always. It's always true. President's are not as responsible for the economy as we want, as we say, Bill Clinton, credit for tens of millions of jobs. Brag Obama took her took it took, hits for the fact that the recovery was slow, from the worst financial crisis ever dont. Is going around bragging I've, it's pretty impressive, great. Ninety four months a job growth in eighteen months, pretty amazing, so all bulshit. I think that I mean right. If you, if you look at the reality of the policies actually implemented, I mean he's made it to a few people of healthcare and he's passed a tax cut. That is overwhelmingly waited towards the wealthy. Not to your point.
About the messaging I dont know. If it is the wrong message, be his, when we are with Obama ever was the polling, shows the people don't feel that great Maybe you shouldn't go out there and talk about how great the economy is at the field. There pain- and I don't know if that was the right call all the time or that held him back trunk is up there and he's like everything's, perfect he's great Does that mean nukes anymore I'll get were perfect, unlike a subset of the country, believes him to meet. You speak to the completely partisan nature of almost all information news, at least now in the Trump administration, because consumer confidence, basically just flipped in terms of partisan feelings about the economy when we went from Democratic Republic in, even though none of
underlying economic conditions change right though it is interesting. There are there's a difference in the numbers. When you ask people, do you think President Trump is doing a good job on the economy in which he's getting probably the best rating of almost any other issues, but in all the polls? The came in the last couple weeks, where he's had really bad approval numbers when you get to the question, does Donald Trump care about people like you he's doing really poorly on that now and that I think that number I think was like forty per se think he cares about people like him, fifty five percent, I think he doesn't in the in the latest, in the quantity apple. That is a real warning, sign that number for him, because he is at risk. I think, of looking out of touch and again time not for his Magda base. That's watching a fox, but for life. The maybe ten percent, a Republicans who aren't fully on board is numbers with independence. Is it like record those and a lot of these people? These are like you know: working
ass. People in the middle of the country, the supposed to people that need to be abolished, Trump, voters that that went from of amateur Trump and Donald Trump running around just echoing what the financial press, as which is like record profits. Everything's wonderful, you know, GDP growth admirer of stock markets up in there the mariner like. I don't feel that in my life right now with interesting about that, Quinnapin Apple is all these numbers are in the thirties. Like you know, is he about his temper man about us honesty, but he's at forty one percent approval and forty one cares about people like me right. It is natural that an interesting be at its I'm. Sorry, it's our at its forty one percent of people say he's fit to be president. So it's interesting as there are people ass. They think he's a liar. That thing is unstable whatever, but they still think he's fit, because I think he cares about people like me it is really important number had Tommy's point though it's interesting is Republicans, have a have a built in advantage on these economic indicators, because they are partisan.
They're more partisan for Republicans so Democrats, thinking he's doing better under Democrats Republicans they become even better and Republicans, but the but the effect is more pronounced for Republicans. So there is an inherent by have the propaganda machine absence or without for all that for various reasons. But yes, that means that republican winds of a sudden consumer confidence has an automatic bump, because people are inherently biased, put the by policy genius September national life insurance awareness month. I can't believe it's here again already got another with its peculiar got you a death as a gift. It feels like yesterday we were gathered around the fireplace burning, our old policies and singing classic insurance songs like frosty the credit risk Why a weird bows again as we learn to love you were before you get carried away in song. Remember that behind all the celebration as a message to get life, insurance,
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Ok, let's talk about what's next in a fight to stop the cabinet nomination confirmation hearings are now over after a week were Democrats picked a park avenues, views on rovers, weighed in presidential power other, use Democrats also zeroed and on whether cabinet level had lied to senators more than a decade ago about receiving hacked documents related to judicial confirmations when working in the Bush Whitehouse Tommy. Now that the hearings are over, what new info have we learned about our friend, bread, Canada. We know that he is not nearly as slick and polished as Roberts or corset, were in their hearings. We know that there is a damn good reason. The Republicans are covering up in withholding hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that we know about, and then probably
may be millions more from the period of time where they didn't even requested documents from when he was staff secretary, because there is a chance, he hasn't been coming about. His record, is positions. Ah, he potentially light under oath. So there are a whole bunch of things we. Ninety eight, we would be talking about Indeed, eight we would be talking about what was this nomination in real trouble, given the partisan make up of the Senate, you know it's that conversation is not happening right now, but it does seem like he might be in some real trouble that not telling the truth love it did. He de cabinet perjure himself. That's a debate that we go. People are engaged in love it prepared for this I'd. I dug deep I've diet coax and a couple reads, as do this: one Starbucks all right. So there's this question about whether or not cabinet perjured himself. There been a few different issues on which there was a question which is around what he told Susan Collins about about row.
When was about this out prior nomination and whether or not he was involved. I think those are both cases where someone was misleading. I think the real serious and more obvious case of willful obvious lying is around a what what he did when he was working at the Bush White House. Basically, it's a three part story. Part one read not received, obviously stolen and firm. And from a republican staffer of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is working on judicial nominees for the Bush administration in the White House. He is working with the Republicans in the Judiciary Committee to try to get their rightwing judges confirmed. They get stolen information that tells them at what is going on inside the democratic side of the committee. There is no question about the provenance of this information the subject of the email with spying, the email, reverences quote a mole who is referred to as it to avoid gendering the person, the materials or mark not
distribution and cabinet is told that the information should not be shared. That step. One step to this all blows up in the public, ok because and again as the current LISA Graves, who is chief counsel for the Democrats who document it all this whose information was stolen. It was her materials were part of the stolen, cashing information that got two Cavenaugh so step one. You get store information step to this blows up in the public. Ok, there's a b investigation the Senate, sergeant arms, according to reports of the time, seized more than half a dozen computers, including for judiciary, to hers. The staffer who did this had resign and Orange Hatchie ran. The committee said he was quote mortified that this improper unethical and simply unacceptable breach of confidential You may have occurred on my watch. That's what Orne Hatch says about the stolen documents, is all the public then step three shortly. After all of this happens in the public agendas from LISA Graves, you should go reader article on Slate Orange
Ask him directly if you received any documents that appear to you to have been drafted or prepared by democratic staff. Members of the Senate, Judiciary Committee Kavanaugh responded unequivocally no and that's not the only time he denied his involvement again. He is clearly not just unaware, not just forgetful, not just misunderstand the question he is lying and he has to be line because the information was obviously stolen, simply not possible for someone this smart to a forgotten or not understood, white matter, especially when there is an investigation, the Senate, right before he was asked about it. So, I do not see how you can deny that he wilfully lied under oath. I am not a lawyer, and I know that there are some lawyers on vocs dot com. You say I don't think it's perjury you gotta go, ask them, the hell they're talking about I'm looking at this, and all I see is something that is so obvious and everybody should go release graves again. Who is at the heart of this? Ok,
and read what you wrote on slate because to me it is such a cogent, an important argument, and I think it's something that is core to our argument against Canada. This brings up a good point which is like: why isn't this a bigger deal- and I think the book Tommy pointed this partisanship in this? it is probably the biggest answer, but also its hard to sort of boil that down into a simple story about like what he lied about yeah I mean It's a bizarre in terrible fact about the Senate that they have this tacit agreement to make Supreme Court confirmation, hearing fucking useless infuriating right, like they all know, lighthouses Republican Democrat tell their nominees peep, literally cabin was a guy in charge of telling nominees, don't say anything relevant to talk. What your positions tugela hypotheticals, on talk about a role specific cases
So it's assumed that, like you, just kind of smile- and you know evade your way through these things now on the specific point like it is hard for me to understand what the gotcha Ruth you that, like there is a pretty strong case that he just lied in this two thousand, in turn into warriors insects. So what would have to happen here? Like a republic, and would have to say this is a big enough ethical breach for me you, maybe not before on this domination, right yeah yeah, I mean so. I came here the question I came away. Having like read about this and seen just How clearly it is that he wilfully I'd under oath to Congress. I think the question for Democrats is for a solution begin this, but should we should not let this go like of divorce lawyer. You know I mean when we talk about core packing, like
guy lied under oath to Congress. He has no business being a judge. We're gonna find out after getting the court that was lying to Susan Collins too. You know this is grounds for impeachment. Whether he's confirmed or not confirmed yet I mean, like you said: Tommy like the tradition which cabinet has schooled nominees in himself is to evade, is to not take position, something it seems like he has taken this step further witches. He is like he was not truthful about many part. Of his record. An like. You said some love it or maybe close calls whether its perjury not benefit the whole debate about whether its perjury not is almost beside the point like you. Even if I wasn't under the legal definition of perjury, he clearly wasn't telling the truth when he said that he didn't know, he receives stolen documents because there's emails that he's on where it.
Secondly, it meets that their stolen hired him holding avowed simple. You know I put it, and so, if it is on the point, our guy, he knows where this came from. He knows it was unethical. He knows. Listen, I'm saying so like if, if and if you're gonna be on the Supreme Court, and you're willing to lie about something, even if you believe it somehow Relatively minor. Iconic you know. Did I work on the prior knowledge? No, no known in this all these emails. Where he's in meetings about the prior information, if you're not going to be honest about these things like how do you get a seat on the highest court in the land? Who thinks that? now- he elect yet you you need to do we not the Supreme Court and confirmed you need to have convince everyone that you are not only. It really legal mind, but the you're upstanding ethical. You put the rule of law above before anything else in there No doubt in my mind that Cavanaugh does not think that way and that he is first and foremost a partisan endeavour.
All of them round by the federalists, society in a fuckin, petri dish for exactly this moment will that's exactly it and brain boiler on Crookeder. Come makes this point today in his peace, which is one of the reasons that he is so quick to not tell the truth to lie about these things is because he has been part of republican politics in advancing the interests of the Republican Party for most of his career which is one of the biggest lie he's telling of all refugees is up there being like no I'd. I wasn't part of republican politics. I've just been a good old judge in DC for all these years and real, he's been like at every moment of intense republican politics of the last twenty years when it's like intersect legal issues, Bread Cavanaugh, has been there can star investigation, democratic hacking, scandal prior, like all the stuff he's been there, and also at the time I came away reading about this specific instance, a lot less pleased with the senators on the Judiciary committee. Why? Because this
such a scatter shot approach. I know they ve been fiery, and I know they ve been fighting and I know they been pushing him hard. But I look at this and I wonder if we couldn't have made much more of this. If we have focused on this specific case and said laid out plainly, you got stolen materials. It was investigated by the Senate, While you watched, then you are asked about it. You're a confirmation hearing and you fucking lied. That is, I don't care about the real That, though, by during the year and I again and again and again, all the big dramatic moments were run a bunch of different issues, but this specific things could have been a huge could have been the main focus of Democrats attacks guy, you know look out on a Monday morning: quarterback they all push really hard, but for a lot of reasons we struggle to make this the thing, but in because there are all these other questions about whether we lied about other topics too, but this one
but again we shit. We keep you saying this as if this is some kind of like you know the american people get to vote on this or something right now his office. Every single thing here is for Susan Collins or LISA Kuski, provided that the Fuckin ready Democrats forthright wet, but if they do its offices in conflict Kuski. So, according to a story from the Portland Press, Harold Cons still undecided aunt Hannah, she doesn't seem worried about views on road for some ridiculous reason cause it's queer. He wants to overturn this, but she did say quote if in fact cabin I was not truthful, then obviously that would be a major problem for me about these scandals. So I guess the question now is: how do we put pressure on Susan Collins to say: ok, you said if he wasn't truthful, it would be a major problem. He wasn't truthful. I mean to democratic senators. Do this? Do we hold Prescott than it has ever collar office to them?
in a minute. I merely everyone listening who lives in Maine or has a friend who lives in Maine calls them tell them to explain this. And then encourage them to call the office meme that she's pretending, there's some reports that, like her interns and stuff, aren't even like cataloging post for and against when you call the office, but I don't believe that for one second, We need to put maximum political pressure, I'm so yeah, every woman. You know it looks like the Democrats will push the committee on cabin other judicial committee vote into next week, and then it looks like we are headed for a final vote on this. The week of September Fourth, so there are a couple weeks left. We know it's an uphill climate spending programme from the beginning. I think our first step is to get. Certainly all of these rights are Democrats who were up and twenty eighteen to vote again. Brookhaven onto announced, they're gonna vote against brick, Havana, and now it should be an easier vote that has ever been before, because what we said this unless, on the last pod, she was Russa hey, I
to give him a chance. I wanted to be fair. I wanted to cooperate and put a just and court, but he has not been truthful yeah. I would. I would say that this needs to be the third plank. So it's you know. I think that that we were expecting a lot of Democrats who are squishy on us to rely on healthcare. I think it should be the three planks, our healthcare row. And light under review and address, not honest and we gotta make sure and thrust him cannot trust them, and we have to make sure that any democratic puts out a statement makes sure that their hitting the fact that he lied under oath, because I think it's really serious and if Susan caught soon called very rarely keeps furbishing promise like that, but man, if she'd, if she means it, this is enough and Mercosur. Been very tight lipped above the whole Collins's seemed more in favour of him, even the Murkowski. So far, so Alaska main you live there, You got friends and family there, let him know and that and call the offices. Ok, so we what a time during the past several months, trying about what Democrats can do to foot the house, but it is increasingly
clear that we also have a real shock to take back control of the Senate, which means that Democrats could block the confirmation of any more trump judges, including Supreme Court nominees. So important Democrats need to defend twenty six seats, including close races in North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Florida and West Virginia. If they do that, they need to flip too, of the following four republican seats: Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas love it wiser Senate, so much harder than a house for Democrats. That the sort of three thousand foot reason is the Senate always been anti democratic. But by the likes of luck of history, we have now sorted the country. Into democratic big states and republic in rural and smaller states, you know I do love. You will then be like oh descendants get even more anti democratic. I dont think quibble. I dont know that that's true, but would certainly true, as Democrats are more more concentrate in places where there Senate votes, just don't care as much weight that and it's just
the way send election works as a third up every six years. Ended it bad your bed, and so on all these states that we just talk about Democrats defending Trump one, those states by ten fifteen twenty points and just to give you an idea of how tough it isn't the Senate. We talked a lot about you know because of gerrymandering in the house. Democrats need to win the popular vote in November by six seven eight points in order to win the house because it so gerrymandered, while so neat silver today sort of did a rough calculation. He says the very rough estimate. Democrats would need to win the generic ballot by eleven points to take the Senate, so that just goes to show you how much of an uphill climate is Mommy republicans are starting to even panic about Texas over the weekend: Senor Trump official Mick Mick. Any told donors that crews could lose to better work, because he's quote not likeable enough through our former crews. Communications direct Tyler, also set its possible crews could lose wise. Crusoe
honourable and what is better have to do to win this race love this question, first of all, which summit with a fuck the rector of the Owen, be, and the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing out talking company in the pain donors. That is like the most inappropriate person. I can imagine hitting the trail to have this conversation a hidden we may get caught talking to donors a couple months ago, Yahoo. I always liked basic lobbyists on call me in a kind of checking on calling by her rough goose Zoah regarding Texas. In better, I mean first of all, Republicans know that Texas isn't republican state as much as it is a state where a lot of people dont folk and if you can turn out people that, having voted before like say, there's a big wave election, That is hopeful for us to better work is a truly special candidate. He is someone who is firing up. Liberals ceasefire conservatives,
being crews voters to given the look he's excited voters in that state in a way that I don't think anyone ever remember some undemocratic side, so he's especial candidate. We also need to be clear that there is a cynical piece of this she's like these are the cruise lackey's sounding the alarm for the Fucking Koch brothers in the conservative groups, in the packs to get more money to get independent expenditures and Super Pacs to come into the state and so cranky, and because a six months ago year ago, this is a stay where you, the national republican campaign committees, thought tat should have discovered, even though he is the least likeable human being in the nation, but all of a sudden it a real race like its tied. That is raising a ton of money, so they are, I think, legitimately, nervous, but this is a play to get the grossest republican donors to dump negative absent. That was heading,
you literally sort it started today. You have wrought Rana, Mcdaniel, nay, run around him again over dropped, her middle name to appease tromp before she threw extra money at Roy more after him probably queues at La Moldavia and wish it. We should never forget ever never forget what Brahma Romney Mcdonald s name on me. She said and then I thought was so revealing, which is in the context of saying. Please help us with money. She was tongue, but how excited Democrats are- and she said they have their enthusiasts We have our interest. I saw you we'll call you her wow, that is Quite an initial basically saying. Please help us use money to drag people to the poles to vote for these fuckin works
got on the ballot all across America, these trump orcs that nobody really wants its ever this tiny base. That Trump has, I should say we know we talked about that tow a lot because he is, I do believe he is a once in a generation candidate, and he is one of the more exciting candidates I've seen in a long time- and that was true when we went to Austin in March and talk to him and I've never seen a response like that from anyone we had on but we should also say if we want people to be hard, headed and pragmatic. I've done a lot to better, because I really believe in him, and I think it is a very inspiring candidate, but Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi high Camp in North Dakota, Joe ME, She was really. I know what people really wrong their eyes, like other, so can there bill now sent Bill Nelson and for their jack aware Claire Mc Ass girl in yet we only we need, although we need them, and so you know you should, and I realise that they
voted in ways. Sometimes the drive you nuts, but these are good, solid, democratic votes in the Senate that we need to take the Senate back and the Senate is about who is leader of the Senate, and it is a very big difference if Chuck, humor or whatever is the leader of the Senate verses Mitch, Mcconnell and if you need a few, need an example of that. Just look at the cavern off right right now, so we do want people to support all of these democratic standards because a democratic centres it ever condescend, there's gonna be some that we
believe in more than others. I actually think, even though, if better winds, if members representing Texas, he's probably gonna vote, the way that we like the progressive like more than some of these red, say Democrats, because he has that sort of courage. But look all these all these and Democrats definitely need your support. Just imagine Ruth Vader Ginsburg, seeing that the Democrats have won the Senate and she can take a day off. Not do yoga not do leg day just chill for a fuckin. Second have achieved Berger relax eat, something unhealthy, Gopher walks it in the sun, go skydiving, whatever have a fuckin blast, Ruth go crazy out there, I am do drugs Ruth. Finally, you can do drugs- oh my god, no. That was very funny and I don't wanna oversimplify thing of your as I can see us, a year from now in the Democrats and try to the Senate and there's a Supreme Court Reagan's
can't it wait. I now ivy high calibre Giordano. We like we don't know. If we want to block trumps nominee, I recently, I think, riding robber Borg. Ghost is actually a common sense judge right in the mainstream, but I will say it we'll go out? He going well in Britain, as even in essence, you have to ask yourself: who's gonna be easier to persuade us that he is going to be a red state, Democrat, or is it going to be a fucking Mitch, Mcconnell Republican? I think you know the answer to that we're out of one of these potential democratic and its right? Now we didn't get a chance to talk to monitor in Nashville a few months ago, but filled reticent has a very real chance to win a Senate seat for Democrats in Tennessee, and act if you look at all. The data is technically in an even stronger position than better Tommy. Who is Phil and why don't we hear much about its rice? Why don't you hear much measures? I think you don't hear much but his race, because he
He doesn't want his race nationalized railway easily, like I think some New York magazine reporter tried to get em like one you protecting national parties. Well, I don't care about you, I'm focused locally, but he was a governor of Tennessee from two thousand to two thousand Levin use a mayor of Nashville. Ah he was a very popular governor. He was elected, over fifty percent several times be someone who has a real chance at sea against an opponent that is pretty out there. You know if it was a sort of generic Democrat in this race. The point wouldn't bees as close Bredesen, is beloved in Tennessee. I think his approve rating is somewhere around sixty percent right now, because he's a very popular governor, and I think is trying very hard to be completely under the radar here, because you know he's testing the proposition. Can I be a fairly non partisan candidate in Tennessee and sweet
to win that way. Yet it really is actually the long tail of a certain kind of politics in which the Traditional Democratic South went republican because of national politics and the changing politics around race but for a very long time there are a lot of southern states that retained state, democratic strength and state democratic governors. He is one of the people that was an example of that that continued and now he's trying to go even further without by carrying it back into the Senate. International politics, which is seems eminently possible level the Marshal Blackburn, oh she's, very bad, Marcia Blackburn, is earned a reputation among public interest advocates as the quote biggest enemy of internet freedom on capital hell title she has that on a card. Yes, that trust is one that award shoes want to download from its biggest supporters in the house. Calling herself quote political incorrect and proud of it. She wants accused plan parenthood of selling baby body parts
demand. She has an a rating from the array and she believes the Jew. He's still out on global warming and rejects the theory of evolution. Man. The latter I shall Blackburn jury is still out. You re out, I warmly on evolution, juries, an illusion postman for baby body parts and then was either thing biggest enemy. If internet freedom on capital held from persons cutaway, that's martyr, Blackburn raise yes, she's been she's, been one of the trump here from your Congress. People over the last couple years so feel Breton legal gap. Hopefully I mean I. I do think that she is too extreme for a lot of Tennessee voters. You not to your point Britain is especial candidate from the democratic side. I think she is it especially bad Republican Norman.
In her approval in this is why so that the latest Paul has brought us an up like forty forty six, its within the margin of error, sets a completely type tied race, but her approval disapproval is much worse than reticence. I will also just say in his important Philbrick Edison looks like ha a sweet person who takes yet in when you car breaks down by a farm at the side of the road, but not one of the horror ones where it turns out that Animals are something evils got on the good once they stay for a while, and it helps you fight the zombies until some goes wrong. Then a bumper sticker think that's that's his feathers, dumb speech he's one of the good ones he's coming that's an area, you be glad to see him or it so we ve talked it over. Is it is time for the endorsement We endorse filbert then. I think we need to endorsement music when we let them, but they are happened today,
happening alone recorded and endorse the music is playing rising to a swell go to commercial when we come back, we will have Tommy's interview with musician. Jason is waning, positive, it has brought by blue apron blueprint blueprint over fresh ingredients and step by step recipes right, your door. Their mission is to make credible home, cooking, accessible to everyone. They achieve this by supporting a more sustainable food system, sitting the highest standards for ingredients and building a community of home shoves. You know how it works. You choose your chef, design recipes, bring, delivers fresh, seasonal inspired ingredients. You cook incredible me: and as little as twenty minutes like this month's crispy chicken tenders and mashed potato hamlet, you no one will ever know and we applaud. You are right because you knew you had a gun cup chicken tenders potatoes with a lot of other discriminative words. Often it's like you know, with Harry,
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Put in a code. Pod say Pierre de as AV. You get five dollars and then five dollars, because, as a poor work helping immigrants at the southern border, we raise tens of thousands of dollars for for good causes from classrooms too high. Cain relieved. Refugees were now raising money to sport. Work going on at the border, plus you get five dollars just for you, for just you being you to win win catch up. Some random person, semi downloaded, said for disturbingly intimate nightmare about quip toothbrushes You are not had you, a dollar Vincent your creep, no use gotcha when I was younger than I am here at the great theater and beautiful LOS Angeles, we're backstage. If you hear some drums that sound so you should think that's cool. With one. My favorite artists, Jason, Isabel Jason thing. For business hearing. You fly over country to be here, Ella so,
I will start with this on Euro called elephant, because it's like beautiful heartbreaking, song that lets. You haven't I before you may want to pause play the song. You're wasting your song return to the podcast after you draw up your face. Settle! It's it's about! You know a couple of washing someone. You love die of cancer right, and I ll never get walking home from my. The storm, arose, avenue and allay lessen the song, and just weeping like like everybody else, walking down. Mailros was doing. Tat is a lot of cry. We are lacking on theirs, but was amazing about that moment. Was it. It created real empathy in me for a fictional character, and I think that empathy has been missing in like political discourse, long before Donald Trump
ever came to be, and I'm wondering if there is a way that weaken like steal your mojo. Indeed, the empathy creation magic from artists to fix this. Well, you know discussion about tickets, better for everybody. If we just try to pretend like or somebody else, every once in a while, you know but yeah you're right, I mean the Trump thing would never have happened. If, if we were still acting like civilized grown citizens, you know, I think that that was probably a result. You know not lead. The Trump administration is not the disease, its justice The money in the disease to me is people have really. I don't want to say that they ve stopped caring about each other, but I dont know that they ever really have as much as is as they should as much as we should. You know, because I dont believe that this is as bad as its ban on America. May we almost didn't make it all the other countries in the world
laughing at us? You know around around the civil war time saying legalese Gaza just got started already there, killing each other and watching from the bleachers, and you know- and we were shooting ourselves to death and ditches and more people bad diarrhoea, civil war than anything else. You know, and it's it's been worse robot. It's also been a lot better and and you know I still think of it like we ve fallen a few wrongs on a ladder that were still trying to climb. You know, but yeah. I think part of the problem is The idea of delayed gratification is really, I think, hard for people to grasp. I think it's a lot easier for people to say you know that the low hanging fruit conundrum for if to say this is right in front of me, some gonna take it read. Then really realizing, I'm not talking about lack of a financial system. I'm not saying people should be socialist communist ecevit.
Conversation, but just in the way that we treat each other on a day to day basis, I think every once in a while. It might even be in your own self interest for your neighbours to be happy. You know that's something that we sort of forgotten live. You can still be a selfish as you want right. You're just gonna have a way better day. If everybody's being treated fairly, your neighbor comes, it says I think, someone's trying to break in yeah you get I'd be good and you know if everybody is getting treated fairly, will we wouldn't need to break into so many houses perhaps might not get broken in the first place? You know those are worse alive and I'm not saying that you know you should, because I love o guitars and sneakers way too much to be a communist. But I do feel like. There's there's a level of fairness there where you know there's a certain manner success you can have, and then Did. You really need to start thinking about. Ok is more than I need you now and not just financially, I'm talking about you know in every pulse.
Why do I have more power in general than I need? And if you do, I think it's probably time to start sharing that. So I come out of the gate, hot with an empathy question. The reveal myself to be a hypocrite, which is to say, like politics basically, Wesley enrages me these Asia and that's like I- have a off now ray I get to talk about a four livings makes it easier but like in person, I'm a pretty measured person. I like don't, usually tell people what I do for a living. If I think started, should he broke the right, but on the other, on the internet, it's like! Let's go, let's get angry. Let's get profane and sometimes when I am, I am rage. Tweeting at something tromp said this on Euro called hope. The highroad comes into my head and I feel their guilty. So I'm here too, that's what that song is for some here to ask. Is that? Is it an aspirational song for you? Are you able to like live by that not get pulled into the muck? Oh, no. I still get
all into it all the time you know, and I think even even having dignity and self respect in this course is a privilege. You know, because your dignity in your self respect is going to go away as soon as you don't have any water or as soon as you don't have any food you know so the opportunity to say you know, let's take the high road is yeah. That's a that's a privilege to have an opportunity to turn it off and go about your daily life and not have to bring it up. I don't have to bring up politics to people on the street, because I've got on shoes need help him. I was walking barefooted. I would be talking about the politics of gettin me, some goddamn shoe. You know. So it's it's you I think realizing that privilege. I don't think you to be on all the time because within that privilege there is a point of diminishing returns. You know, and you you kind of have to us, are at a certain point. You have to be a hypocrite
to really get anything done. You know, as I do from my position, because if I'm not a hypocrite, that I'm walking around scream and all the time you know, and if I'm Walker and scream all the time nobody's listenin to me anymore and unity, how me up somewhere, so you sort of have to you have to use that privilege keep yourself sane enough and functional enough to create rational arguments that might get across to people who otherwise wouldn't listen but
as an over all theme. You know that song is it's, it's it's. It's sort of the impossible dream there. You know it's like listless. Do our best to try to stay civilized in this, and now you know it's not it's. It's not gonna always be possible. Sometimes you just gonna get you know so angry saw you haven't to me all the time, but I have some friends who you know that the only thing they post on Twitter account is rage toward the administration, and I guarantee I'm just as angry as they are. But man you're, you're gonna, turn everybody off. If you just scream and about it all the time and the only really good thing about hypocrisy is being a hypocrite, does not mean you're wrong that not make your point wrong. You know it you can be just you can be right about everything and live by none of it and be a hypocrite and ingenious Siena know speak
some non geniuses the inner receive, the National Republican in senatorial committee came on, criticise you the other day. It was you in Denver, headlined rally for Phil in the former governor of tendencies run a percentage. We should pause for. Second, on who benefits If you have an order, then folds five check him out here to Sancho Brick that as a bit or up everybody in high school for a while. Yet until I'm everybody realise what it was about United sites like super saddened and all of a sudden, they realize it's a song about abortion oh, my god, oh my god, this is my favorite. But benevolent is like this. Like Virtuoso piano Blair on the Board of love like that simple Organ sir, I like a very thoughtful for talented super super grown up, do yeah with a really really sick. Weird sense of humour that I just love. I have always been a fan of of his work. I think I think that song Satan is my mask
Where is he buys Metallica records? For me, I think that's genius, nice old, that's all been fall. Silent, deep cuts. That's our three! That's pre tv tallish show judging they involve bearing a day so there's a lotta layers of Ben faults. The generosity desire to attack EU and Ben Fold by saying Filbert Edison was pardoning with unhinged left by doing an event with you as a concert. My region, that is like a recovering political professional. Was this to laugh at how stupid it is tat? Everybody seemed like a popular local artists and then folds, who we discuss now, but will fit you make of this. Oh, no, they totally missed it was. It was laughable. I was proud of it. You know, because being insulted doesn't bother me. No. I know what I do and world fine with myself. You know, but I thought it was a great moment for four fails campaign for one thing:
because it just completely backfired in a really showed you how out of touch the people who crafted at particular insult were because if there is anything that might Career has been about over the past six or seven years. It's been hinge, Ignace how to get rehinge to stay that way and pretty easily it was great. I went to my therapist knows that you know you tell me I'm supposed to take some more risks. Now I'd like Kaliko Two, but not you know, like measured risk will now on here, and I think you ll feel, like that's, probably pretty good for me so you're on his she said: they're not going to shoot you are they and I was like no, no I'm not that popular. You know at this point, but but but yeah I'm going to hand it's good, it's good for me dangerous. Your dangerous, I mean life. Looked at me differently after the Azure Blue you're unhand. Shall we get a motorcycle? It's like part of this
trend where athletes, celebrities, artists are criticised for having an opinion or talk about social issues or politics re like Lord Ingram, famously total abroad and Kevin Taranto shut up interval. These everyone wants a year what she has to say, not them. How do you deal with that or view your spots? Billy is an artist to talk about things that are important in the world It really is in its a non issue in the real issue. Is you know Kevin a? I disagree with Laura and so lawns or as doing everything, she can do to get people happy Do you not? Nobody cares where those voices are coming from it. Nobody gives a damn. If it's me, your TED neutral. Lebron James or you know it's real the issue is not that it be nice if, if they really meant it, you know, but we we know it's a game, it's it's a game. Listen I played this benefit. Show in. A crazy ski town, a while back where I just went up, played like forty five minutes for all those people who donate at a time and money
some organization, they had I'm not going to get awfully specific about it, but it was a good thing. I had a good time I told me until after I played my said, TED crews was in the audience, probably smart, To do not tell me that of, but I didn't a white man's world, so I was so mad that I didn't find out until the show is over and they packed everything else is like. Can I just run up to him and play the song in his face right now? he's out. There listened the lyrics, unlike Bob and along they don't. Leave any of this shit. They doe the far right there just doing that, because they think they're gonna get more powerful Nobody really believes that shit, maybe pants pants, looks like enough of a man and night can maybe go along with that kind of stuff. Like your exact Canada wooden where, unlike wooden marry a woman who wore pious, he won't send a dinner with them. Exactly exactly prior phrase: gonna pick up the cheque, but he you know most men,
most of the people who are at least two pundits most people who are running for office to you on the phone right side of things. They know all that's ridiculous. They know that we're right, they just don't want nobody listened to us because it threatens their power right. It's me trumps red pastime right now is is telling NFL Natalie its african american athletes how to stand or sit during a national anthem? Radio, unlike. It hardly the first time that patriotism has been we have demanded a specific type of patriotism in the Dixie. Checks were essentially run out of country music when they criticise President Bush because they were women. Yes, yes, hundred percent Andy's we're in that insane period. In two thousand three, where you couldn't say the Iraq war was a bad idea. I was all cuz, they were women if any of it TIM Mcgraw done it. Nobody would have came here. It was because they were women. They were talking out of turn I watch Eric churches record sales, they're, not gonna drop, you know
for his interview and rolling stock. Where he talked about. You know how assault weapons are not the best idea. Everybody in our United, he talked like you didn't really predict lovely and our aid that nothing's going to happen Eric Church, you know a guy like me, can say whatever you want to say, but that that thing happened because Natalie was a woman and I thought for ever. I thought that it was, and I thought it happened because they were selling their records to people who weren't similar enough to you now, and I thought that's what happened popular on country, radio, you know Middle America's, bind these albums and Natalie is not the kind of person who believes the same thing as the majority of her audience. So when she allows yourself to be,
herself, then there's this huge blow back within one day we were playing that very same venue where that happened in London and I was walking around the place on the sidewalk and it just hit me is like no, that's not. That has nothing to do with. It just happened because she was a woman and people want to hear her opinion because she was a woman and it gave them an opportunity to push another went out of the entertainment business. But back to your question now. Let me look that's part of the question because you see this like page It? Is a music factory in country music? Sometimes, but then I listened songs. The Euro, like tv, was about that this value? Thirty, unlike like what it meant for the whole bunch people or dress blues which honours death of Marine Corporal Matthew calmly, but he's overtly critical of the Iraq war and I think those songs are hell of a lot more patriotic, then like I and roll around. Oh shit was coming two thousand three. Now I love my country very much. You know I love
daughter very much, but you know it's my job to try to help her be better. You know, and I mean that I think that's a type of patriotism that rings more true to me than anything else. Nothing is your job. Day reasonably educated. At least you know, as educated as your privilege, to be about what goes on in your country and try to do what's right. Try to encourage people on leadership positions to do what's right. You know, I don't see blanket acceptance as ever helping anybody. You know I mean or blanket encouragement, maybe blanket acceptance, but not blanket encouragement. You know you don't have to in order to love and institution you'd
most, certainly don't have to agree with every decision they may even- and I don't think you should you know I love Gibson guitars with their bankrupt right now. Are the yeah yeah there in a bad shape, I'm a tailored yet, hello jailer before here, yet for the acoustics. I liked them all, but the tailors play really really. Whale is just as they get that big booming dread Is that, like your the thing you I like the loudest guitar as possible for acoustic guitars, I think it's kind of like the Green MM principal. So you know you may already know this, but about used to give and Helen our time about the green, eminence known rain Eminem on their right, and I thought that was just envy and pray Madonna's. But Ellie and Daily Ross talked about this in his book, but really they would put that in rider in order to make sure that the entire writer was read because they were on a tour with airplane log terse markets and they were doing rooms where they weren't assure
that all of their stage production could be supported by the room. You know, so somebody could very easily get hurt. You know if your, if you're blast and off a bunch of pyro and jumping off the speakers in the civic auditorium in Columbus, and somebody has gone through the proper channels and they haven't read the entire rider, so they knew as soon as they walked into the dressing room, if there's in Yemen in that ball, somebody either didn't read the whole rider or didn't care about what it said. When I see there's no green emanating they could gone stage without fear of getting your neck broken by falling lighting truss. There was a reason. Added to that there was a reason. Emanates is silly, but I love that story, so is the is the green
MR relate to Martin some. Yes, the volume of the guitar is the green Eminem to Miata. If I play an acoustic guitar and it is louder than any other acoustic guitar rooms, I know all the pieces of it or put their the way it's supposed to be. I am I bought myself, the guitar that I remember, seeing in Qatar Centre and wanting with all every fibre of my being when I was twelve years old and I realize two years ago that I'm old, yeah and I can buy whatever. I want so I dislike Koa wood, beautiful Taylor. I said I used to have a tailor that I really liked it and I bought it with some student loan money in college. One year I went to all my teachers and I was like I'm not going to buy your textbook, because this is a scam. You know it's a scam and I'll study I'll, take notes and you know I'll get whatever I need to get from the library, but I'm going to spend my.
Our money ourselves than it actually. Does me some good. Our eight yet worked. Every single one of them was great, where the made one b and the rest Asia Semester shit yeah it worked out on off, it would work now, but you know in those days it was like they were looking at. And I was from Alabama and I was like, but you know they're like well, I'm sure if he you know, he probably didn't, have a whole lot of money coming into here. So we're not going to scam this semester. Look at you, Indian, from out of them. I mean, I think, I've seen a bunch interviews with you or read them where I feel like they look at you like this rare political specimen, shouldn't exists in the: U S, because a white guy, Alabama with an accent who hangs out at country. Music festival shouldn't have like a super work. Take on white privilege were like you know how women are treated horribly, Do you think that gives you some insight into? Like the other, for the country that they assume you are, I think, to people
I grew up around in the people that are related to, and you know the people who are still spend some of my time with. Definitely that does give me some inside. I think that you know, as I do get a kick out of people saying I'm and like a Hollywood liberal allay this term in some kind of bubble. You know when I was little yeah yeah that North Alabama bubble yeah man- and I think I know what rural people for the most part- I'm not I'm not in a wonder groups have hawks together too much, but I think I know what a lot of middle Americans are interested in and what makes him happy and where their priorities sit. At the very least, you know cause I'm super close with my parents, and I mean they grew up in Alabama, Sixtys and Seventys
Then you know when I got a little older, I started making music with people who would work in the muscle shoals, saying and, and you know, people who have dealt with the convergence of black artists and white artists around that point in time when things weren't all rosy in Alabama, you know and there's a lot of different opinions on you know what that music did. You know some people don't know, we believe that it was the best thing, but for me you know I was so heavily influenced by a wreath, then Otis, Redding and Wilson, Picket and Percy Sledge and just got lucky enough to at some point Monday, element decide. Ok, I'm not qualified to make this type of music. I would love to do that. I would love to be. You know: blue eyed, soul, singer, eyed, and that term makes me cringe, but you know- and I just can't do it- then I'm not gonna get up there.
Do that because that does he have to software see after that's a big deal for me, because I mean if, if I didn't have that I could very easily be up there trying to sound like Otis running and that that doesn't belong to me, pull it off pull it off to a certain extent. You know, I know all the words and I could hit all the notes, but I couldn't like I couldn't do it in a way that would make it necessary. You know it is better for me to listen, odors running and let the spirit of that find its way. The music did I make it so I obviously wasn't alive for Woodstock. Not quite even like the one was lit biscuit, motivated blacker than that you weren't elaborate. Our everything was on fire burned out. Ninety two twilight. Forget that wasn't. I call for one like so my window, into this documentaries and books, and when I, when I look at docks about like the sixties, that Vietnam protest.
Would suck. It feels like there was unity from music among those groups of people and I sometimes wonder like where the fucker, our protest, songs, medium track that I just I'm not into, or are we like lacking that cultural unifying force there they're they're, just not as that that type of music is not promoted like it was in those days. You know they're still, people out riding those kinds of songs and and and trying to get their way through. You know how to make this a good song without like we're talking about earlier getting past at pointed diminishing returns, we're just elitism body, but that's not what's being consumed, so that's not getting to people's ears as quickly and as often as what was happening back then. You know I mean you haven't. You had poke rock musicians who were selling more records than anybody on earth in those days and and that's not happening Now- is still there. You just gotta, look for Oliver yeah, you just gotta look for. I don't know that anybody has written one.
Like we shall overcome type of anthem for the time that were in right now. I was talking to David Crosby about that at Newport a few weeks ago, and then you know you're saying which one of you guys is going to do this. You know cuz, like I'm too old and I'm too old. I've already had my movement but which one of you folks is going to write this song. That really unites everybody, and I don't know that that's possible in the same way that it was Excuse me, but you know I know I get a lot of motivation and inspiration from my fellow songwriter. So hopefully somebody will make something that just seems perfect for the time. You know almost done here, I'll, let you go perform account for other, really happy people. I know you spend cat. Was ours like writing song, perfecting them we're getting the craft deliver, show up at anyone. Think like that she's place and covers like,
You know in the air or t minute in memory of Elizabeth Red, yeah yeah I we could do there, we ve done it before you know. What I like to do is no one ever think about doing that. It mound shows because out, that's not Faxa yeah, that's not fair, I'm not exactly trying to upset People in the audience at this point mockery- or maybe I was early on, but but I do like we played in Austin last weekend and we played three nights there and then, on Saturday night I went out to the continental and play guitar with David Grissom, an essentially Joey's backing band, and they ve been together for like thirty years since they were all plan together with Joe and they're called the booze weasels, and these great together, like once or twice a year.
And they play a bunch of covers at continental club in that happened to be the night that they are doing it, and I know David a little bit. I dont think any of em knew whether I can hang or not. So it was like when I got there is like you know, just come on up.
Great it'll, be fine, and then after I got up there there there I can you stay, and I was therefore like an hour and a half mile. Yes, but I didn't have to saying or gettin a micro anything it was, it was so much fond legal dont yeah just loud led guitar, that's funny, so that's really therapeutic for me. When I get to do- and you know like well play with Amanda my wife, I get to do that. Just play guitar and sing harmony, vocals and I want to say you know I like singing, but not as much as I like, playing a tar and singing harmony, vocals cassettes. What I did first ran, I feel like singing, is kind of work for me, because it's very very focused- and you know it's- it's really like the whole- set concentrating really really hard like balancing egg on a spoon for two hours every night, but I enjoy that. I, like the challenge of it- and you know I love plan- shows but every once in a while,
if I just really want to do something just for selfish enjoyment purposes, I'll just play guitar with somebody loud ask just really live well outer than it should be well Jason. Thank you were taken time. They everyone's check out all your stuff yacht assign Applebee's. All that you know everywhere. I would love it if you just go by, but if you worry about you can buy at if you have a local record store, that'd be great, if not even ordered off my website. Great Jason is, will dot com perfect, I go there that's it backslash. Let me give you your mama dot org, thank you too. Jason is bound for spending time. To me before a show. Whilst family was there, while he's been on the route, spherical I beg your restored and I would say you were sunk, Alabama points which I think is one of my favorite songs of all time
most and I M not a music connoisseur, so I didn't realize it was his song to her at the concert. That's one of those guys on repeat from Michael O Neill, oh you and put it on a mix for me in DC. I'm a big fan of twenty four that was my Michael Annual makes the best mixes only through public on spot. If I use its search for Michael O Neill, they asses of their love had their fence. Michael you just gotta, bomb Easter Egg, wise outcome, one more thing that we have to say in the outrages realized. We will not have a regularly scheduled pod on Thursday morning, because on Thursday night we will have a live show at the El Ray here in LOS Angeles, is sold out, but you will be able to hear it on Friday morning and I'll be the three of Us Dan five be in town. Aaron Ryan will be joining us as guest house. Michael Cohen, Michael Cullen will be their George Papadopoulos will be there the stepping up
pop adopt was Joseph we're just terrible and constant. Who else would be there? I don't have to read the greatest. I don't have a job maybe some other fun people scare emerges gonna come in I remember him. Member number one he was someone we talked about. Bread Cavanaugh will be shifty, I'd recommend darting when Eliza there. I think we ve overstate our work of the later on. I can read
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