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America sends its best negotiator to denuclearize a dictator, and Democrats craft an economic message for 2018. Then Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Brittany on stage live at Austin City Limits. 

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these people who are so quiet. I feel like I'm in Houston. Well,
replied: save America, John Travel, everyone, I'm bringing magnet Anja another. As I resort Andean Pfeiffer We have a great show for you tonight, you're democratic nominee for the United States is also here. Not Andrews. Bands good note Alright, guys stop the news There is a madman on the Korean Peninsula, whose rock nuclear weapons, Three hundred million Americans, we are sending one man,
to convince Kim Jong Venetian give up his arsenal, Donald J, Trump you're in the deal may well so you're laughing. But here's some headlines wash employers, drumsticks, a diplomatic coup with North Korea for now CNN. Why trumps? North Korea Gamble makes sense and my favorite, also from the Washington Post Rodman praises plan for historic. That was indeed I have just a world. which Generous Rodman, is being reached out you for comment on the shenanigans of Donald Trump negotiating nuclear treaties that are world we deserve. It belongs in a news flash in a screen in a bad comedy about the future. You know and here we are, as I wanted we're here, tied interrupted happening,
written cheers for cooperating witness last night. That's dictatorship, that's funny. So I think we're all in agreement that the idea of direct diplomacy with adversaries is a good one week, It was a good idea when Obama was president as well, but Tommy. What is different about the way that Donald Trump, about this than say the way Obama went about negotiating the IRAN deal So if I were the process here for four just a minute The south korean National security adviser came to Washington debrief us on these meetings. North Korea troubles to see him until Friday. He heard he was in the building. On Thursday, we summit, to his office, so they sit down, they start to talk him through what happened and he's like Kim Jong and would like to invite you to North Korea I'll take it and he accepts a deal. Cycling seem there. There is no national security meeting, there's no com,
locations with the Japanese or the Chinese, and then he directed at the south Korean Norton National you're, devised to go announce it in this guy. Had the literally call back to Solon be like hey is cool can. I make this announcement now a brief decide about the announcement. This is a minor detail. There's a lot of places in the way that we can make an announcement. There's the oval office. There's the east room. There's the press briefing room, they send this guy out to the driveway at seven p m at night. He announcement in the dark not ideal for reasons. I don't need to explain to you. Why are you process points relevant because this stuff is really complicated, It took the IRAN deal took seven years to negotiate in that there was intelligence. election there were sanctions are diplomacy. There were secret talks that are not so secret talks. This is highly technical stuff have to agree on like basic terminology, what does de nuclear radiation mean to you? It's like a relationship. You have to
you have to figure out why, how you're going to verify that they actually got rid of their nuclear material, and so like the stakes couldn't be they have up to sixty nuclear weapons. And if head of state negotiations can sort this out what comes next a military option. So apparently Koreans are reading fire infuriating, prepared, hopefully trumpeted talking to his body Dennis Rodman Button. The challenges that trumped dismisses expertise. He thinks it's a relevant goes with the gut and he's so thirsty. Deal that in meanwhile he's accepted this site. Unseen Kim gets the prestige of this meeting and hopefully, presumably a bunch of happy in and by the way he's holding like eighty, two hundred three thousand people in literal concentration camps back home. So I prayed this works. I am glad that there he gambit was diplomatic in not Terry, but there is a better way to run. A railroad That would likely we do a better outcome and I feel this is
You remember when Kramer got burned by coffee and the copy company is like all right, we'll get offer lifetime coffee and a million dollars and they walk into the room and they say to Kramer give you lifetime copy I'll. Take it He was actually the same thing list of things that you come with the meeting that is don't interrupt you get. get used to say so much of the press is like in its course the windows and saying trumps known for his deals. He's known for negotiating and but bringing We learned over the last year about the success of Donald Trump. Go, should give a learned. He makes terrible deal very terrible for me, they're pretty bad for most people in this room.
A part of this whole thing now is that tellers, it is out here and used like look. I was very clear that I, do not believe this is the appropriate time for negotiation, and I'm just anticipating the press conference, where he gets by the podium inputs that everyone is. As I tried I'm not very good at my job, but I dig reserve, and you know what you like a you know who I am. tenuous, worried about any deals that he makes, especially when his staff is doing their very best, to prevent the meeting. From being what I want. If you are ideal maker, you can be state like an adult to go into the room and have the conversation? Clearly he can't be. I mean I just I don't know when we're going to stop referring to him as a deal maker. considering that says, he's become president civic, become president he's fail to renegotiate the Paris Climate Agreement, failed to renegotiate NAFTA, failed
sociate Middle EAST peace, which he said would be easy. Of course, Jerry, it's got that one fail to get fail to get Mexico to pay for the wall, failed to negotiate a replacement for about a care, fail to negotiate a solution and darker. Let the Republicans negotiate. The taxicab among themselves fail to negotiate gun control, well negotiate that to pay and failed to negotiate, but I would say that you're, forgetting the litter the dozens of very well negotiated, hush It's inside he keeps getting assign the paper where he may look. It's easy bungled at least one of them. However, however, don't it's like, see, you don't see their his successors Dodge Payment, but he's.
this right. He meets with you, know, Chuck Nancy about Dark, he strikes a deal and then the Republicans pull him back and the whole thing falls apart. So thinking about when he actually sit down with Kim Jong love it. What does the psychologist going about meeting? What is it you're kept jug? Where do you keep imagining it episode of thinking in the brain how're you? How are you playing it if your Kim jogger, we feel we talked about this before the Donald Trump Playbook? Is the simplest playbook in the world, you compliment him. You say nice things to him and then your best friends right, it's hard. Even say because I dont understand what they will be put in a room to talk about
I know babe, but sincerely. You know what it what Tommy said is true. We we don't have the same goals. You don't have the same expectations for what the outcome of this is. If the goal here is for North Korea to give up their nuclear Both sides have to agree to how to those two people talked. Are they going to meet at the end of this? We too, how did those two people talked? Are they going to at the end of this process are going to meet at the beginning of this process, It's the north, the problem. You know we can make fun of tromp, but it's really serious. Obviously we all know it's really serious, but it's case for decades. No one has known how to handle this, and it has gotten worse one is known how to handle this, and it has gotten worse and worse and worse for a simple reason. North Korea had realize that safest thing they could do- was developed nuclear weapons as quickly as possible, no matter what anyone said or tried to do, and they ve been pretty much proven right by that assumption. So the truth is
I dont know what Donald Trump can I don't. I don't Kim Jong can say, because I don't know how you change, that fundamental dynamic, which is at the hall, of this problem. It has nothing to do with personalities and does it you don't the fact that I'll is an adult. racist senior? Does it make better, but we had some pretty smart president's before him, who had no de. I have work this shit out. What I was going to ask: why would Kim Jong even want to give up his nuclear programme at this point? Do you think it's the sanctions? Were anyway? What are the possible reasons for him, to have this meeting? I don't know there are probably not a good answer that, as we know so little about how he thinks, but to love its point. The North Korea problem is unique because they are rate with a different set of incentives and any other nation in the world. They are not connected to the. Bored com in any way shape or form they do not hear if their people are starving, they do not care to be sure
aimed in the same way that other countries are being isolated as they been isolated from our time? They're fine with that and it. like? We don't really know, because if you read historian warriors about how this came about is the North Korea's in the South Koreans met, which is very good great this, our neighbours and for drinks. The young own, made common about how sure I meet with Donald Trump. They brought it back and Donald Trump accepted, and here we are like none of the work that way it is in this is the point I was making, which is. The head of state meeting comes at the end, the x. Let's get together and figure out how this works like what actual, like Gorka gets together, you get all the top mines again said. Gore know that guy from cable news last week we waters did in their government. You can help me and it is wrong that goes to the prom Rosa. We have their exports anymore, the exports of insured out Peter Tommy,
the best case scenario here and then, let's do it this scenario, and then we can all that's not. Worst. Enemy is necessary. Is pride reinterpreted before you know like best case scenario in my mind, is you know what this this problem has been approached for decades, like lover was saying, and it hasn't worked in so flipping the Apple cardan, trying something entirely new gets us to a different place. Maybe there's something climbed out of tensions, maybe there's some sort of ratcheting down of sanctions or something in North Korea, and they agree to allow inspections and people on the ground or what have you, but they already have an icbm capability that is assessed to be able to strike the United States. They already have two thousand two hundred and sixty nuclear weapons. According to intelligence, So they are a nuclear armed state that is developing the capacity to hit the United States. So this is a very different.
level of problem than even the IRAN deal was trying to tackle, and so It's not a lot I did have the weapons are not great outcomes area and I think that, on the worst case scenario, a mess senator Chris Murphy treated this today, like you, can this is an area where the negotiations does don't go well and trumps somehow feels slighted, as he often does. And then decides that diplomacy is over now it's time for military strike. Right I mean that's the downside to big downside if you will, but we're all point for you the worst scenario of a korean war, is depending on what kind of Weapons Kim Jong chooses to use you talking to Hundreds of thousands or millions of people that are used nuclear weapons or biological weapons or chemical weapon. It's a week or on a level that is so catastrophic that it's almost unimaginable to anyone, they didn't live through world war, one. So you know these. This is high stakes
We need him to be successful. We're all rooting for him here, but you know you'll be great if they approach this in a slightly more thoughtful. It also be great if he wasn't our president. I would like to say one of the more hopeful things I read today is that the way how sort of walked back the maid deadline for this meeting- and they said it might be longer than that- I'm like your push until twenty twenty February, twenty twenty one is meaningless, kick a care about the road you know when you like you're supposed to meet with somebody because they had some thing they won the talk to you about it, you're, not really friends and it keeps getting pushed back in July. I really doubt about it: you're not bad about both of you keep cancelling able to be one of those oh, and I am hopeful that Let's move onto the latest economic news, the Labour departments February Employment report was released today and it was excellent, the economy. three hundred thirteen thousand jobs and unemployment stated a low four point: one percent
U. S has now at a jobs for a record eighty nine months in a row, a strict that began in April of twenty ten thanks with that dual wool- upswing, their love it and with this. Also, it's no longer just statistics. A new axiom survey. Monkey pull out this morning says that half of all voters in the ten states that voted for Trump have democratic senators up and twenty eighteen say that The economy is better off now than it was a year ago. Question Brittany, you're running for Senate one of those states, maybe where you're from in Missouri, What do you say about the economy? Heinous areas? What do you say about the economy when you're on the trail with with these numbers? In this backdrop, Who am I am I actually trying to win, or am I just you throw it away
Are you trying to win synergies in the balance I mean I'm trying to win, but I'm just saying police in Saint Louis, like two tier guides me, so I don't know. If truth be told, the conversation that we have to have is not just about employment rate the kinds of jobs folks are getting, how longer able to stay in those jobs are unable to grow in those jars and are we distributing those jobs equally across sex This right is it happening across racial lives? Is it happening across rolling city lives is what we know is it. The wage gap continues to increase both the long rationalize engender life, unless we very clear, especially given, given where we are in the tech industry, especially we see, women
paid less than they should be, and women of all races getting even less than then than the average. Anything is really important to know. They. Donald Trump cannot fixed agenda wage gap by the hush money, heating, Spain, to the women he arrived at. The end of my stomach is, you know, did you VE gotta claim? That's why they sent me the same way. You claim to fix black unemployment? Yes, really were better hush money payment, but what's what's your storms, which other you're gonna? Why think it's versus important understand what those numbers me is: people's up the economy is actually a lot less about the economy? Then it is. What party there remember I've. So when Brok Obama was president, he inherited little bit of a shit sandwich from Georgia.
you a bit about small one? Lose it, neither you nor the centre, a thousand jobs a month economy shrinking percent a quarter? and if you, when you pull people you said, do you think they can he is going well or poorly people who gave the economy the highest ratings for African Americans and within us they also happen to be the people who were doing hurt the most by economy is because they President Obama the first Gallup Poll after tromp one the for all the green economy stayed the same, but the people who thought it was doing well completely foot and Republicans who hated it. When Obama was president now if it so it is. a little bit of a no to relax or a situation here that these republican states people believe that But so that's not what I would worry about. If I was a democratic senator running in the states, there were they have given us the greatest messaging opportunity in the world with the tax cuts, because they should be tightened up. fairness of the economy
is that people care so much more about that like how well they are doing, but whether the rich or getting advantages. They are not in this tax will die and so to make that argue, about the fairness of making the economy more fair for middle class and working class. Families is a It's a very easy match initiative as well. We know works, and that is how to do it. You can't get twisted into this pretzel about, like I gotta, like Craig tromp, and do this just just the same progressive economic argument that has been working for a long time, That's right. I dont know how to make this part of the right message, but I do think we're we're, seeing with wages not going up very fast sort of the same structural, economic problem. We seen for decades that the economy grows economy contracts and yet we
see benefits accruing to the vast majority of people. I think part of what explains tromp beyond all the obvious causes. is of some kind of fundamental sense amongst people that things aren't fair and We each of us don't have as much dignity in this society as we used to have an that's. That crosses. It is because I don't you see some of that same feeling and the desire for revolutionary change with Bernie Sanders. It's me, you see across races, Donald Trump appeal to it. By using racism for voters, but that same sense that something is broken in Economy in our culture. That sounds of dignity in our dealings with our bosses at work, but we don't feel we have enough power with the companies we give money. to every day the cable companies in the airlines in the banks and the people we deal with, and I think. Democrats,
Don't necessarily have none of us. Have the language got talk about this, and I don't have the language to talk about this, but I think about it all the time I think about it. When we talk about the way in which key we have the Trump administration and pay a price for it, and it's you like its disconnected but a culture that has it prize basic value, is about fairness in TAT, pretty honesty is a culture which people he was now they're not going to be. In which the only way to get ahead is too cheap steel and lie, and that broken. This is part of our politics and it's a huge part of our culture right now, and I don't think anyone has the language really to talk he's my reaction? Is this conversation makes me frustrated all over again about all the posts? Twenty sixteen presidential election analysis when everyone decided that, despite the fact that we are in
greasing jobs at a pretty consistent clip, despite the fact that unemployment was lowering that it was a failure to talk to and reach the white working class. Voters who weren't feeling lifted up its economy Was the problem in why Hilary lost when We seen this partisanship, every statistic that exists: how you feel about the economy mean just the latest? So you know it is part of the Roger Sickness and challenge that lover was just talking about about how everyone is doing. Things from of specific ones, it is breaking down by party, but No, we gotta work, and I we gotta talk to everybody in I think you got it. You get a look at the broader picture and it's what Brittany said that there is still a huge wage problem in this country. Last year, the top ten percent other wages grow by nearly four percent. Most people's wages right point: two percent: three million people ass their healthcare last year. Premiums are going up over the next couple years, particularly because Trump tried to sabotage sabotage
the care has childcare is our custom targets which ends up Paul Fucking Ryan, just denounce you this week that he wants to do a commission on social security to privatized that they want to cut Medicare. I mean this is the message. This is what the Democrats have to say doesn't matter how well the economy is doing it. I've got. You run a Paul Ryan because I know you have failed in our statement. Gives me most. There is no reliable retweet. More reliable criticism of Paul Ryan Dan tweets, I mean just he bodily breaks. The glass is heed this. This exactly right, Paul Ryan, did not give a shit about. A trillion dollars to the deficit to pass attacks guy, but now that we pass the tax guy in all those rich friends. In the coax got wealthy wealthier now, oh my god,
deficits again, we must get our security and so a message that says that the task at the Donald Trump, the code millionaires. A billion is going to be paid for with your by cutting your social security benefits will be the most powerful message tested in recent history and it has the debt, if accurate. The other thing that Well, mixes. Democrats is wall. You knows about some well did get tax cuts from this like it's with maybe seventy five dollars a period or it's gonna be a third ten bucks a year and the like. That's a thousand bucks. You can't be against a thousand bucks, but what it does it MRS appoint of human psychology and behaviour, which is you know there is a thing in economical the ultimatum game. Where you say you get someone I give loveliness outer dollars at. Is divided up between him and Tommy. Any only gets a key but if Tommy accepted the honor fees, Tommy I'll, give you thirty five of these dollars, but I'm keeping the rest people reject that like they don't
but there are thirty. Five dollars, if they know the coax, are getting two billion dollars- What would you like? Fifty five, forty five everyone. If the report were getting that like a distribution, the taxicab like data may be different, but that's not what they did and we have to make that argument
every single day between now and over. I'm really glad we're talking about this, and if I take your regional question about what I would actually say, if I were running for office, I would say what I'm looking to candidates and politicians to do, which is have the courage to talk about what is happening to the most marginalized in society is what we say. What we say in our communities is that when America gets a cold marginalized people get the flu. So if you are a person of color, if you are a woman, if you are disabled, if you belong to the algae me to cure, I community you have additional burdens and barriers that you are dealing with a long side of what other people are dealing with. So I want candidates to talk about? The fact that white high school dropout have more wealth in black college graduate.
I I want candidates who will talk about the fact that it is predicted that by two thousand and fifty three black people in this country will have zero wealth twenty. Seventy three lack next people in this country will have zero of. Like I politicians who are committed to being courageous enough. figure out how to solve the economy for all of us, and not just some of us. So it seems pretty clear that populist economics is a political winner in this environment. I do not know if it has broken through to every Democrat and Washington just yet, because this We seventeen Democrats joined with Republicans, to support it all that would deregulate twenty five, the largest thirty eight banks in the United States and include increase the chance of another bailout. So the senators we're for this Bill-
Their argument is that it would perhaps provide relief to community and regional banks that didn't cause the financial crisis, but are struggling you're, Dodd, Frank regulations now This is something that a lot of Democrats have worried about the last four years. Even Elizabeth Orange was saying you know, community eggs. We have to relieve them some of the most more burdensome regulations, but indeed bill threshold became bigger than community in regional banks and are going up to you know what would have been country wide, which was of a bank that you know, contributed to the crisis in two thousand and eight. Then why Democrats for this. Why? Why do these democratic? What what is the political thinking here I mean I. I will believe that their intentions were good at the outset of this process, but they ended up with a bit of a ship burger here, so what what's going on? I was eighteen for this one. it is legislative and political malpractice, in my view, one Republicans This will really bad if you're gonna give
the votes to get this building should have gotten a better deal out of it. Second, most, but not. All of the Democrats are voting for this are in states Trump One and in some cases by or why you think being with tromp on this bill is going to help you. Then you ve completely misunderstood twenty. Sixteen because being you re in two ways: one their problems are still going to attack you and they will probably attack you for siding with watery. For voting for this book is that's how they play it. you Know- ran against Wall Street in the banks in twenty six year. Donald Trump, it's not your candidate Donald Trump was out there. He would be all over this bill attacking it, but I would think that people are really pissed off about this. I I've been pissed off about it, but I do think Have to put it away bit of context of these Democrats, which is it not also presume the Most cynical motive of them break Mark Warner and TIM King, who have been world viable progressive champions. A lot of things are for this bill,
they're not into state the Trump one they are and came up for reelection. More more corner is not so like shouldn't be like we disagree with them on this: we're gonna, throw them out of the party because these are the same people who voted to save up MC here who have voted against almost everything that trap is put forward in. So I think we push them to do the right thing here, but we in the world where we're going to decide you're wrong on this work done with you get out get as a Democrat, I agree by the way, I think that's right if it can be a little bit more cynical about the motives, but that us, but the has side. I am more angry about the political malpractice. Then the poor As you know, I don't like the policy. I don't understand why, even now they aren't demanding more. At this time we were blaming I'm talking about this like they need sixty votes to pass the spell on in the Senate Democrats. Of easily said. Okay, this
these regulations on some banks that are a little too big that we don't like but mid moving. is running the consumer Financial Protection Bureau right now temporarily and there's no one, there's no permanent head of that bureau right now. So if you on us to vote for this bill. You give us an independent consumer watchdog. It is real that will make sure that eighty testy american compromise about this- and I understand whether just given in the votes against something they could get, that is actually something they could get. They could get a mom, or its reasonable kind of? in a Craddock leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That Trump would be ok with and promise democratic votes and get a new appointing that's absolutely achievable. I mean there are just some really disconcerting parts of this bill on just a base policy level, I mean they currently. these. Fifty billion less are not subject to certain additional oversight, like stress tests and other things. It raises that level, the two hundred and fifty billion, which
John was Saint Countrywide Financial was a two hundred and fifteen billion dollar bank and it was a huge peace. The sub prime mortgage crisis in two thousand eight so people who wrote the bill of said yes, five zero is too small, but two hundred and fifty is way too big. So that to me seems like a totally screwed up legislative priority. The other thing it does is it exempt them from certain boarding. That would allow us to understand discrimination in loans in and how that got into this piece of legislation is. It makes no sense to me, so I think you know a little scrutiny here, a little bit of pressure on these democrats waggery they shouldn't be thrown at the party by any means, but if they hear from could sit, once that we're really unhappy about this. They won't do it again. The other thing is liberals: were correct in saying that you know doc was a compromise. Dad was: there was a decision that dog wouldn't be a nationalization of the banks, it wouldn't be a giant reform of the various systems that currently oversea the financials It was targeted
Tommy's. Talking about this threshold is extra scrutiny for bigger banks. It was spent civic and specific because what we learned after the crisis is, if we don't, get banks in a more systemic way. We won't notice that cross all their balance sheets is a ticking time bomb that can destroy the economy. That is what happened right, that all these different banks were doing similar things and it added up to a crisis. Nobody nope, not enough people saw coming take Dodd Frank and its targeted right, practical, compromise oversight. Opposition and then eliminated for huge swathes of enormous financial institutions just because you're worried correctly by community banks. I think it's good. I mean
What also happens, as we have seen, it contributed to the wealth gap that I'm talking about with people of color right, because we know that banks specifically targeted blackened lack next communities with sub prime loans, which has led to additional crises and our communities. So I am hopeful that will see far different things coming from this bill, because I am deeply worried about what crimination can happen under this. I'm also opening, while their negotiating in saying now big you're, finally ready to have a bipartisan conversation. Moby now actually push the republican colleagues have finally have a bipartisan conversation about dreamers and actually possibility that there is one other thing about this, which this goes with legislative practice pieces, the house still has to pass something so we're going to pass this bill power it's gonna make it a lot worse. Indeed, now these democratic opposition, where they are, they have for it and so do either have to foot flop. Vote against it or pay an even worse, Phil, add so they should have,
The house pass something first or started the negotiation much further in their direction, and so, If we get out of that, we can't lull ourselves into reducing oversight during the good times and get to a catastrophe. Again, we have to keep the pressure but just noted ass began. I think we ve not run out of time on this. Yet you know the bill has not pass yet, and so you should still be able to pressure, though senators, who voted for it, to try to change this bill for the better and, like you said, I dont think you got him and say you betrayed us, and why did you do this like? We have to tell them to have a tougher bill
to enter asked for more from Republicans, and I think, if you put that pressure on and the pressures already happening now than we can actually see some changes and can't. We also say that if we feel betrayed, we could say that to say that two phenomena like time we had about earlier on stage Tommy sad likening negotiating, is a bit like counselling two bit like couples and yet sport to start with. I feel I feel I feel, King John, that you should give up the nuclear weapons. I don T all TIM Kane that this bill does it do enough to not be bad. I would like you to I hear you I hear you so we just hear you, but I have a deep sea fundraiser on Tuesday night came ass me feel when you do a bill. That seems too
an official to Wall Street while we're also raising money from strike the only in front of him yeah. What's going on, I don't want a five year again. We talked about this. You know I don't like talking you. Let's deal comfortable these men in their fear and when I got a pod, save America is brought. You buy, audible, who love audible, audio books are great for helping you be a better. You strew, whether you want to feel healthier, get motivated or learn. Something now do feel healthier when you use audible, yes, and I like to that rhymed Write books like
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We'll stop it whenever we wanted by saying ok stop. As we have all learned in recent months. There is a crisis in our society in a different way. We treat men and women. Men cannot it affects shaken you can't just let me lad, I you seem sceptical, but a man by the name of this Tucker Horace will convince you, let's roll the club What are you a lot about female empowerment in this country and, of course, were totally for that were for empowering all Americans, but for some reason he was never hear irrigating about how met just before we get to. It does want you all to know if you're listening, that the words beneath Tucker said, say it as men in America era.
Every day I felt like Minute America's Erin every day, all the time they are doing. In America's we took a close look at the numbers we found them so shocking towards voting the month of marched with special series on men and Mirror man, secular and his banks. Crack me. Ok, so many things I get it. Black history months, women History month, it's fine Your turn
very exciting, to see what you do with it. When you finally give the equality you ve always been looking by the scope for the crisis, we were it's a largely ignored disaster and it is a disaster. It affects every person in America. Ok, stopping he's got a point, the men being in charge of the fucking disaster, I will tell you: there was a slightly higher tone to those chairs in previous cheers.
Also heartened by some. The potential solutions will. Can we kick off tomorrow, night, with renown, psychologist and thinker, Jordan Petersen, vital if you were to give parents of Vietnam, but it's a white to live under a psychologist that sir,
piece of advice for how, in their small way they can fight against this trend for the sake of their own boys. What would it be if you have your children in school and they talk about equity in theirs class and they talk about equity, diversity, inclusive anti white privilege, systemic racism? Any of that you take your children out of the class. I wish you had warned me MIKE. If you read the whole world dictionary that was really hear anything. I came here am I find this retro Eleven Jays,
and my thankfully accurately flesh tone microphone, sits, L, him and anybody who thinks like that to have a coke and a smile and a seat visit always happened, because when you have always experienced privilege, equality and equity and diversity in all those things you name up, they always be like oppression is just make it being its you'll, be ok. That is exactly right in like a win win. Meta room. It started in this country a lotta people look out and said this is unearthing real problems in a country like solutions, we have. What sort of active is more innovation? We do to improve behaviour and programmes this country- Can you? I see s sweets, weak, move together is that there is a real true to a which is based this is not what you just as they have done as it contributes the first is a way to make money
do politics around white victimization This is exactly how they're gonna play me too, which is oh, my god, men are a huge trouble watch. Sean Hannity at nine I want to note the disguise talking Aboot America from Toronto, their not being educated there being indoctrinated, and there is absolutely no excuse for. I grew that completely. You might not just fine assume figures it it's hard to express my gratitude to you for telling the truth. As you do. Thank you very much. Ok, I just I don't I feel like you did not prepare well for this interview very we're clip sentences. I won't say you know, there's no crisis for
but what they're not wrong about is that there is a crisis in masculinity which terrifies them specifically There is a crisis in that we have decided a certain way of being a man which, search for men and no one else. For roughly a hundred and fifty thousand years from literally the first from the beginning is There are parts of that that have wrenched our society and help people down and and hurt people and hurt men too, and I think what Fox news is exploiting and they are noticing. Is we don't have the next thing right? we are learning a lot about the way men aren't supposed to behave, and I think what we replace that with is We scary, because its uncertain for people- and I think it's uncertain for four fox news- viewers and there's nothing. They like more than
yeah surveying the fears and uncertainty of their aging white male view is it that we don't know what to replace it with their wages? Don't like what we're going to replace that yeah. I feel like the fear here is actually the loss of power rate and now we're talking. They be updated. Any bald version of masculinity that we're talking about seeds, power, and that is actually what people are afraid. I think that's right now. I think it's a few things. I think. Obviously, a big part of this is the seating of power, but separately. I do think that there is like a feeling of for a lot of men who were quite comfortable with the way things used to be an unjust our power and was about identity, write me. A lot of what Socrates is is white male identity, politics, whether we really transfers. We used a punch people, we knock em around, he speaking to a way of being mail that appeals to me
but that they liked about themselves and they feel is being taken from them because of all the damage is done. and also the damage is done to their own sense of self it. How they're supposed to being what allowed to saying what they're not allowed to feel the closer to wear and not allowed to wear, and maybe they want to wear scar, you know, but so I think it's yes. I respect in here you're feeling thank you for sharing means the world to me and I'm so glad we had this conversation, this conversation, that's ever been had never will be had about that television. When we come back, we will be talking to you congressmen lots of America's brought my Spotify blows, mother. You know we No, you liked to say up to date on all the latest news. It's why or listening to Collective America will now
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Our guests tonight is the it readily impressive congressperson representing the sixty business we need. I think I, like you, do I hear you graduate and on the primary things will be here so demagogue, turn out in the primary on Tuesday broke all kinds of record. You got that public and still cast a half million more votes in their primary. So first question where you gonna get those five hundred thousand votes,
First of all, let me just say thanks for having me on and I'll tell you from all of the people that I've met with a friend of the pod shirt at one of our town halls. You were given so many people, so much hope right now, at a time that we need to accept. Thank you for what you're doing. Thank you are more than a million of our fellow Texans voted in the democratic primary. It's the high water mark for a midterm Senate race, four hundred and thirty years going. I love love that one point five million of our fellow Republican Texans got out there and voted it? the high water mark for them forever. That's it you'd think protects us. We we are a non voting state will not read we're not a blue state people, traditionally have not voted in Texas. So this is good for us and I'll. Tell you as the son of a republican mother who might convince
the boat for me, and she did the other day and as someone who was just in Cooper, Texas in Pittsburgh, Texas in Paris, Texas, so many People said to me voting in the republican primary cause. That's how I pick my county commissioner, my county judge- maybe my men, of Congress. But I will be vote, for you in November, and there are a lot of people out there like that. So we're talking to everyone, not writing anybody off, not taking anyone for granted and we're just going to keep doing that so. The way like the path of victory is two groups of people free right. It is committed people like like your mom people, vote public and before we maybe this agenda tribe? This agenda would take crews getting them to vote. For a Democrat and Maybe even more importantly, Texans have never voted before What are you gonna say those peoples you see on the trail, both groups together not about this is my opinion, but more imports, than what I say to them is the fact that
up, and I listened to them so we ve been going to places like beauty asked him. Maybe you have heard of it, but we have also been goin to tc you into s m you and will be going to ts you live here soon we're going to everywhere listen to everyone and note Sultan worth their salt, whatever allow us to go to college campuses or talk to a high school senior class, because they say those don't vote. But I don't blame them for not voting if no one ever showed up and listen to them and heard what was on their mind, so we're going there and we're listening and we're making their issues are issues when someone we've, we met this young man named play in the county in Clarendon, it was going to go. Community college study to be a welder, and yet Hell Grant was working as a cowboy part time rustle of cattle in the Politburo Canyon too. for his education, but he said I dont know that I'm gonna make it have also taken on debt and obtain the
note on alone and I may just give up, and he wants me to be the person can a champion his cause and make sure that his education as affordable and that he doesn't graduate with a ton of debt on back in that he can pursue his dreams, his passion, his people want to know why. Forty five years in we're still waging war on drugs and we're doubling down on that in this administration and why people who want to use marijuana for medical purposes in this state are treated as criminals in the eyes of the law or why we have the world's largest prison population bar none. And it's the young people. We were just Georgetown Texas and was a high school, see who came to the microphone and said before you say anything about your thoughts in your prayers. I want to know how
gonna keep me and my fellow students safe, that our high school and I think any any time we ve had the top is most important change that this country has had to me it's been led by young people. You think of this. Nonviolent coordinating committee, you think of my colleague, John Louis, in the house, he's my all time here. Oh it's, those students and its those young people who are going to force us to do the right thing. They have become our conscience. They are our leaders and so by going to them in listening to them and following there not only. Is it a to get them to vote its away for this country to do the right thing so you gonna find us there. You can find us everywhere. Across the state. So what do you make of the fact that TED cruises first chest move here was reminding people of what you
first name is and calling you a liberal like what he's really so you're running your race you're. Talking about the issues, your meeting people he's clearly going to try. get in your head. How do you what's your thought process there? So not lost on most of the Texans that I'm meeting with is the fact that for the last five years for the better part of that TED crews has literally not been in the state of Texas. He has visited every single one of the ninety nine counties of I. What he's been in New Hampshire he's been South Carolina, he's paint in Nevada the best applause or laugh line that I can deliver in a town hall is asking people in Waco papers, or
When was the last time TED Cruz held the town Hall Meeting in your community because he never has, and if he had, he would know that Texas wants to lead the way from going from the least insured state in the country to making sure we have universal Healthcare for everyone, every man, woman and child in this country. They want to make sure that our race gerrymandering laws in this state or change so that members of Congress are no longer picking their voters. He would learn that people like play like folks all over the state want to be find a job that pays more than a living wage return, some dignity and function, and peace in their lives in this state? The defining in? went story. The connection that America me
to the rest of the world should be the one that leads on immigration rights, those laws in our own image, from our own experience and, as you all know, the ninety eight senators who showed up to work for weeks ago to vote just to proceed on a debate about racial for specific to dreamers, two hundred thousand of whom live in this. There was once senator who turned its back on all them in this country, and the state access, and that was TED crews and that's what people across a state are telling me. So we can talk about nicknames and we can talk about the silly stuff or we can talk about the big opportune Texas has to lead this country. That's why you imagine you mentioned the high school student. We brought up keeping him safe. How You go in campaigning for to make american state may Texan safer from gun violence and what may be the most programmes state.
in the union. What are you doing that it cannot work? I think you begin by acknowledging that we have this incredibly proud. Honor tradition of gun ownership. So many people have stories about hunting with. Their moms or their dad's or their grandparents, and gun for self protection. Learning how to shoot. As I did when I was taught by uncle Raymond. Who was a captain in County jail, sheriffs, deputy champion marksman- and he also taught me guns safe and gun responsibility so what state better than access to lead the way to say that we should have universal background checks without exception. We know that in those states that do you see a massive reduction gun violence against an intimate partner if your girlfriend's her boyfriend being killed, you see a dramatic reduction in gone by against law enforcement, fewer cops and shares deputies being murdered by those they were. worn to serve and protect, and this could be the state that leads the way
on saying weapons of war like an air fifteen that artists find for the sole purpose of killing people as effectively and efficiently in as great a number as possible should not be sold to people in our streets to go into our schools into our churches. Indoor concerts and kill one another, that's absolutely wrong and we could be the state that leads a telltale you just a quick anecdote. Weeks ago we were in Brown, would Texas kind of between Fort Worth and Abilene and woman stood up at the town Hall meeting that we are holding there and she said I was born in a ranch. Just outside of Brown would, with a twenty two in my hands and independent voter, which learn my mom's taught me the code that mean she's a Republican and she says, but I also have forty six granted and I want to know if I can trust you to stand up to the inner Ray which is not the question I was expecting her to ask- and I said MA am not-
by not taking a dime from the NRA? I don't take any money from any political action committee any corporation, any special interest. When I vote for something or work on legislation or take a stand, it's always going to be for you and your grandkids. No one else and you'll never have to worry, but she she can be forgiven for asking Russian, because TED crews in two thousand sixteen just one year took over three. Four thousand dollars from the energy, so who does the guy worked for the energy or the people taxes. So I think that's the way that we have a conversation in this. If you in this race, there is a pretty some chance that it means the Democrats have taken control of the Senate What? What are you telling the people that you me about what a democratic Senate could achieve with Donald Trump as president in the next couple of years?
Let me start where there there's always. There has already been some progress. I sit on it spirits, affairs Committee and we a. We have a crisis in mental health care access for veterans in this country that is connected to an alarming rate of suicide veterans in day. It's conservatively estimated every single day in this country. Take their own lives. those veterans. We have what are known as bad paper discharges they have and other than honourable discharge. The suicide rate is twice as high David Shulkin, the secretary, the VA, the presents nominee confirm. Two hundred zero in the Senate has made using veteran suicide. His number one clinical priority and so were able to work with him in the administration. On this issue, I think that's one of the most sacred obligations we have. I would like to make more progress on the Republicans as well as Democrats, big city Texans, as well as those living in the smaller counties. One
sure that they can see a doctor that their kids can go to a therapist that they can afford. Medication. A school teacher just died this, and whether for Texas of the flu in two thousand eighteen and I'll go so Weatherford or all go to Henrietta in I will say what we have right now is not working. They may say I dont, like Obama, Karen, they may blame President Obama or the Democrats for it, but they don't want to go back. They say get something better for me and for many of them that means Universal Healthcare, making sure everyone not as a function of lock or privilege or circumstance. Everyone can see a doctor and they just get that that is so much less expensive in so much better than what we're doing today. Lufkin Texas, not a demo, stronghold woman to the MIKE, the town hall, and she said I just want you to know that my brother gets arrested so that he can get mental health care at the county jail. We have learned that the county jail system in Texas is the single greatest provider of mental health care. services in the state.
access is so wrong. It is so expensive. It is absent. the worst way to deliver care to people who not only are going to be better if they can receive that care, but they are going to be better for all of us, are gonna, be able to work and pay taxes and finish their education and start business right novels, tour, the country inn punk Rock bands play music for people who need to hear it, raise their families and and do so at a fraction of the cost. And who knows, maybe that idea is so so important, so urgent. Right now that even with administration with enough Republicans regrets working together, we can get that done, it is connected to every other issue. If you're not Ok you're not well enough to go to school. You not well enough to go to work well to raise your family and take care of yourself, and so we absolutely have to get that right. You
gave us a great start in the right direction. But we need to finish the job and make sure that every single person can do that so that if people want to get involved in your campaign, wanna help which they do I'm so glad you asked type wifely. The easiest way to do this is to text pod to nine zero, nine, seven, five, so pod guys. Seven five! will sign you up? You can become part of this and you can make it?
in great happen not just for taxes but for the United States of America, so nice and lastly in and maybe just for tonight. Most importantly, if you want to join us for a beer will be Buford after this on six may have a beer with us before we let you go. We wanted to play one game again and I believe we have come up here to us as the often so good to see you again. You know just come so far since you got your start, unloved or leave Texas, one of the greatest places on earth and yet maybe the greatest and yet you are represented in the Senate by the principle from the breakfast
if the principle from the breakfast club thought he should be present. Here's the thing about TED crews exactly currently has a lower approval rating than Roy more head on election day. It TED crews were wrong. Tomatoes score he'd, be GEO Storm, if tat cruisers, I'm a. U S using old report college ranking close, he be Trump University tat. Crews was Texas, barbecue he'd be the mic rip, so we thought we'd highlight some of TED cruises achievements in and we call
The senator who wasn't there? Would anyone out there like to play the game? You know I'm gonna make an exception. yeah. I want to make an exception she's wearing March, but it's better march. It's happening just called the contestants row. The prices Roper: what's your name, Emily Lobby, to meet you, are you from Texas? I am able to those better socks now its attachment to Texas, The text has had to the case. You would forget it came. I live in Illinois for a while. So I needed to remember is my home good. Emily. That's good. Are you ready Are you ready to play the game? Yes question number one
after serving less than one term in the Senate, TED crews, let the state of Texas and traveled around the country running for president which became an exercise of being humiliated by Donald Trump. When asked whether he leave Texas and run again. What did he say? Was it a Absolutely not the people excess deserve a senator. Who is there for the needs of the state and not eating corn dogs, and I were not only that, but a big scary, rich man was mean to me and I don't want that to happen again. Maybe what happened was it bay after watching the first season, a fortnight lights, I realise that it must remain in Texas because, as they say, Texas forever, then I saw us he's into a fortnight lights. I really think they should have held Landry kill that guy device will. Therefore you I do not apologise, because I'm TED crews and, of course, I soil shit or was it see life is long, we will see what the future
it's ok, there's nothing that can stop me from running for president. It's how I'll prove to every more on out there that I'm likeable see Emily at sea yeah you didn't, it only makes sense. You know that question about what motivates had crews. I don't think we can, and I think we should be armchair psychology about, but I do think it's pretty clear. He's gonna run for president till the day he dies. Question number to immigration is one of the most important debates we can have, especially in Texas, a border state, and yet, when the centre recently voted to started immigration debate, take crews was the only senator to vote against it. Why was it a according dues? but he has to get into these ten thousand steps and ten boats that piss everyone off to hit is witness calls you think tat if tat be
then tell me: did you ever whenever he was worried? The immigration maybe go late in everyone would see what he becomes at midnight, or was it see during a classic whose very long speech on the floor of the Senate. He said the data recipients don't deserve in the country and Republicans voted to even debate. Immigration are to the left. Barack Obama and for some reason he also said, I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, waking up reliving the same day over and over and over again, and of course, we can only hope that that is true because maybe at the end of it, he'll be a better person, see Emily at sea, starting to think about how you feel that we put our thumb on the scales on this one little bit question number three:
Taxes is a state where people don't like to be pushed around anyway, when Donald Trump attack the appearance of TED Cruises wife, and also claimed that his father kill J O K. How did it cowboy TED crews response? Was it a he chose Donald Trump on the spot to a no holds barred fight in the octagon. He ripped off his shirt spit on the ground and then punched himself in the face shouting, I love pain. Let's do this one babbling grated image in your minds or that be here accorded a five minute straight. The camera add where he went on the crisis in american conservatism, shaking the anger and humiliate inhumanity. He defended his family and the norms of politics itself. Innovators I Democrats as Obama good. Oh, I see
gave a speech of the urgency and got booed, but then, like two days later, he totally chickened out and Foam Bank for Donald Trump, even though Donald Trump never apologize and still, which is incredible. I wish you- and I know he has a terribly principle phase, but now I see it is easy to see. I take me to bomb a good video from crews unfortunately you're doing wonderfully you doing great. Thank you. I so admire this shit. Here, I think you're doing a lot for democracy. We gotta collecting, leaving, leave it and leave it in your final question, being a successful senator requires you to work alongside your colleagues to make law which are the phone, and quotes is something a republican colleague has said.
about Senator TAT, Cruz Peter King from New York called him a con man and once it on tv? I hate. crews in I think I'll take cyanide if you ever gets the nomination was John Corner in the other centre from Texas, said: Billy didn't come here to remain in the Senate. He came here to run. President. Was it see John Bade, her former speaker of the house that I have The great friends and republican friends I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. In my life Lucy Ground, the senator from South Carolina who said it
You killed to crews on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate. Nobody would convict you Senator John Mccain from Arizona who said you know
it's always the wacko birds. They get. The media megaphone wasn't! Former President George W Bush, you said I just don't like the guy J Ted Crews, Senator from Texas who said, if you want someone to grab a beer with. I may not be that guy. You gotta you. I guess who are there? I ve done it. Thank you are playing this alighting. Better is gonna. Wind is even his colleagues on his party. Don't like him. That was the you totally got. The message has been better. Thank you.
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