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The President trashes the city of Baltimore because Rep. Elijah Cummings criticized his immigration policies, Trump advisors are telling reporters that racism is a good political strategy, the House Judiciary Committee effectively begins an impeachment inquiry, and 20 Democratic candidates prepare for the second round of debates. Then Pod Save the People’s DeRay Mckesson talks to Tommy about Trump’s criticism of his hometown.

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what repulsive America, I'm John Ferber on job of it and Tommy Retort later in the bud. Tommy talks to our friend you re Marchesa, hometown of Baltimore, which President called disgusting off the weekend before that we're gonna talk about the term campaign is now admitting to reporters that they're using racism is a political strategy. Also talk about how the Judiciary Committee is kind of moving forward impeachment angry and will preview the democratic debate this week. Speaking of debates, we are bringing back. Our group thread this Tuesday and Wednesday night. For this one won't be live streaming. The debate itself, because CNN legal Department wind about it, so
But it was a very nice email from their head of global comes. It was fun. It was fine. So to be more of a second screen experience. Whatever you watch it on tv, you look on your phone. You see. If he's gonna be groups can be great. The three of us Dan Prick Arab windy and critical go directorship economic London will be discussing the debate in real time and will take audience questions in common. Two. As you know, I should equally not going feud with love it. So look for some attacks coming within the group thread and on the debates that we brought Chinik onto the live stream, Last week to I got it out or got heated, you can watch the debate with us enjoying the group thread when the debates begin at Youtube. Dot com such crooked media Chicanos, which it and, if you prefer to get the highlights from Bates will be re. Everything you need to know in our what a debate newsletter you can sign up at votes. Have America com slash subscribe for that
tell us about love, really great love it or leave it. We had met walls from deep. We had Dielo Riddle, we had reporter Emily Jade Fox. It was incredibly funny. Also, I put Emily Jade Fox on the spot and, I said, tell us, something that you that we don't now and she described life in prison for Michael COIN, which was fascinating and we treat some federal prisoners to well. They perhaps in a foot, there's actual tennis. I really like with with wrath courts and rackets they're. Not grass quarter, does Wimbledon better me, fuckin, grasser, clay They put up, keeping grass and clay you this week. I think our rich, also almost made of you with Bernie Sanders that we released on Friday he's the eighteenth candidate, who sat down with us and were in the process of scale in the last few remaining candidates, with the glaring exception, Joe Biden. If you're rhymes with smiled. What are you doing come on in hello?
on his campaign. We know you all. We allow listeners Liese right back to our emails. Your boss has literally the only one who has not scheduled, down here, be the question. I would have what why you think millions of progressive listeners shouldn't here from Durban we intervene before To quote Donald Trump. It was fine. What the hell do you after was anyway, but the Bernie interviews, great check it out. Bernie was found in the office to you now just right to type great group The whole thing was fun literally wandered off. I was trying to tell him about my deceased grandfather who loved him, but he didn't very charming, whereas it was good for us get to the news. The press, Spain is weakened, trashing, an american city of more than half a million people, because one of its representatives, as the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, whose investigating evidence of Donald Trump corruption and criminal Eddie in retaliation for congressmen logic
Mings criticising the administration for its treatment of immigrant children being held in detention facilities, so bad that the Department of Homer security own inspector general, called them a ticking time bomb. The president called the congressman's district, which includes part of Baltimore, a quote disgusting rat in rodent infested place, were quote no human being would ever to live. The president went on to call Cummings who's, the son of a South Carolina share, proper, a racist and demanded that he be investigated. There is also the first question that I asked when I saw these tweets, where this all come from his friends from the television told him, a story that made a mad to different quest. And where this came from is he grew up in a household in which racism was taken as a fact of life, in an assumption that black people were left and white people, and the only acceptable black people were those that showed incredible amounts of deference to white people massage. Racism are. The only two consistent features of Donald Trump World uses the timetable
the boy where it came from was a clip of Fox idiots, yeah, we'll foxen friends, yeah foxes it a segment on Baltimore in certain parts of Baltimore. Were they basically just like found some garbage and decided to film it and say that that was bought? more and the recent but ass, it was getting lost in all this today now day. Three of this fucking thing on Monday is like reason that there are criticising Baltimore Cummings is because he dared to speak out about the fucking detained. And facilities in the in the treatment of children on the border yeah. You know You have said that children are being forced to sit in their own filth for days on end, something that should outrage all of us, and so he brings that up. Something that Donald Trump has direct control over and don't firms like oh yeah. Well, you're city fucking, sucks in his poor. I saw it on tv, that's where this gave resort. All these conservative now once again, as I always say, love at the intellectuals and Bonino combat well power in a bell. Baltimore had a lot of power.
In crime, and so do a lot of american inner cities and and Democrats have been in charge of them in this has been the case for years and now we're not supposed to bring that up without being races. Like none alone does not have fucking thing started? Yeah, you know you don't look. He also go back to. Actually you can do they well actually is Actually, many of the Republicans that he's been praising this week come from districts with higher unemployment rate in and higher crime rates, and also by the way, Kentucky has a higher unemployment rate than the district that allows you to represent, but nobody's directed at Mitch. Mcconnell. But, of course, that's beside the point. When you know many, as many have no daddy when he wants to call place infested is because it is filled with people of color when he's no human being would live. There is because the place where black people, if yeah, there's an obvious racial onto us and it is so exhausting and so frustrating every time he does something like this that were forced to
We examined the words alone and obstruction like it's. The rose at a stone in a first time, he's uttered a racist statement and, like not like, there's a clear pattern of him, making these kinds of statements of targeting black communities. I mean it's a fact that he's a racist right has been established. Seventy three lives in Washington he's a racist, that's Donald Trump Sluts stopped the baiting that piece of it and just called out every time you see it. Does anyone also spend a few seconds on what's wrong with a president, blaming congressmen for the crime and poverty in a city that he partly represents young its clearly like it's, not the role that Congress please at the mayor of the city, I fully he understands how this the government works. Also, this is Emily. This is important because it goes to a broader issue of Trump running for reelection. You know someone via clips it. I've Trump and twentieth fifteen, saying Baltimores a mess and, if I'm president I'll fix
you know, which is what he said about literally the whole countries, are now dolphins and present for four years. Last week, two weeks ago, I think we had a report that the Trump Administration is cutting three million Americans off their food stamps. They ve been trying to take people's health care way for four years. They ve cut housing aid by double digits in their budget. If cut transportation, fuckin funding, there's no into structure bill. All the federal government has enormous power to help american Citys to help poverty to help crime. Donald Trump has done nothing. His economic agenda is passing tax cuts for rich people in hoping that you know everything else is great, using a more than the other way hurting urban areas and other high tech tax areas across the country by tilting. You know, by making decisions that rewarded republic in areas of the country through this tax bill, so it's more than just is more than just neglect. It will let endless its purposeful harm. Well, let's point out at republican areas, this country
we used to be republican areas. This country, wealthy people living in there's plenty of rural white areas, remote working hours of this country that are doing so well under trumpet out of court. I have met with a tactical added. I think you guys are being unfair. He does employed Jared Cushion or who owns, I believe, nine thousand rental units in Baltimore that have been singled out for having pretty awful conditions at times so he's employing someone who directly part of the problem, but if you go back during the inauguration, when John Louis dared to say he would not attended, he attacked him and said he should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is an horrible shape and falling apart, which was not true in any shape or form, but clearly he called the mountain target that language, because of his race, because we talk about
urban areas in an african american communities, if they're at fault for the conditions in those areas, and we talk about West Virginia and the opium addiction, the people there always white and victims of their circumstances, its clear pattern with trumpet, frankly, a lotta republican. I also think remember, last when or two weeks ago, when the squad, when AIR Sea and I went on tromp, was attacking them and tell them to leave America. He said. Well, it wasn't racist. I told them to leave America because they criticise this country because they dared to attack a rash Stephen Miller went on you know a Chris Wallace and start talking to about. You know. Yo see once said that some other some some pie, see plan was garbage that to say that she said America was garbage well so now the trump. What have you're not was a America's garbage, but Donald Trump can say any part of the country is garbage and trash that he wants to say.
Right without from contracts the country, but other people contracting well right, it's some! It's a symbol! do you represent the people of Baltimore too, but of course he doesn't see it that way, and you know too Tommy's pointed to your. It is part of a larger cultural political problem about how he described different parts of the country. It is simply accepted that you are allowed to vilify cities right. Scott Walker can make fun of. These Republicans can make fun of cities. Sarah Palin can describe the real America or the state of California or the state of California or Massachusetts, or what have you that is sort of an accepted part of like any other? very old trope in american politics of the kind of dirty sophisticates and cosmopolitan elite with their trip. Free and there and their their ways of of abusing the real country which is or a rural areas and suburban areas to some extent, and so it's it is tromp. It's always the same seem conversation. Is it
Is he unique? Is it a combination? It is both he he is making a longstanding, trope and dialing it up to it and showing you the for the full racist, pure The divisive version that exposes the rhetoric republicans have used all along. You know he saw ran Paul. Basically going up to the camp. In writing an intellectual eyes, vulgar version of go back to where you came from You Omar, because this is part of the instinct of republican politics that has been around for decades out- also want to point out that the governor of Maryland Republican Larry. Malaria is very popular ultimately, moderate and apparently considered voting against Trump in the primary. What I got his response has been static. Absolute value
Do you think I I'd as a right now this recording I've been seeing things been feckless empathetic eyes, one remind everybody about a time in two thousand ten in the depths of the financial crisis, when Brok Bomber had the nerve to say quote, you don't blow a bunch of cash in Vegas, when you're trying to save for college in Nevada officials had a knelt down like you ve, never seen before, including Harry read, you would have thought that he kicks their dogs or single them out. Personally, they had this proof, They have over the top nimby response, which is frankly kind of how politics should be played right. You should defend the area, you represent the people, you serve the folks who elected you, but, like even Larry Hogan, a guy who was talking about primary trump, is just caving in scared to respond, and it is so sad to watch so a few weeks ago, in Trump told
for Congress. Women of color to leave America is White House staffers. When I'm background to tell report is that they thought that the president's racism was a bit too far or at the very least, some republic wait. I staffers and republican centres that was a politically dumb move. Now, according to the Washington Post, the president's adviser say his racist attacks are good for him because their galvanizing support, with quote the White working class votes voters. He needs to when reelection and twenty two So I guess points to them for just finally admitting that getting why people to be angry and afraid, and a black and brown people is the President's central political strategy. Is that where we are just otherness open about it yet
her saying it is. It is the opposite side of you know we had this memory torture. We talked about the difficult challenge for Democrats of kind of like having to navigate through the laser beams. Catherine data Jones. You know, Donald Trump does have his version of that, which is the opposite of our task right because he does need to you know this is this is reductive, but there are people who are inclined to hate Trump but feel good about the economy. He needs them and there are people who are inclined to light trump but feel terrible about the economy and he needs them to and so whenever he is bragging about the economy, its you know in part about look at em. I am I a piece of shit sure, but how bad things for you? Not so bad, but this is the other side of that summit. He also needs to do, which is convince people who are not doing well, who wanted a more change in the system who are sympathetic to try
on trade and immigration, especially to say, see, I'm still fighting for you by using these kind of racial troops in these battles. As a as I stand in for the battle they're looking for him to wage the kind of cultural battle they're looking for him to it yeah, I may I think it's very clear what he's trying to do It has been clear for long time, republican subject to this. For a long time, the people who live in rural America and Ex Urban America are have been left. And in many ways, by the global economy, there not doing that well, and you know trump is telling them is it's not my fault. It's the Democrats fault that the Democrats fault because they care if they spend all this money on these cities. Cities are getting all twenty four. What's crap, that's partly why Trump added, because it wasn't in the Fox news.
Added, we should investigate alleged come right. We should investigate, because every somehow of your tax dollars are going to help all these city people and their still trash, and you, the hardworking people, are rural. America are getting nothing because we're not gonna be good for Trump. Is if the people the hard working people in Rural America realise that up his only two policies and its economic agenda to cut taxes for its people and have trade wars all over the world? There are fucking them over. Just click update, I just Google Larry Huggin and he is called the comments outrageous and inappropriate, which is better, but I would argue, still completely feckless and is actually no reason that should take this much time. So very common still stands licked. The political whitewashing of this racism is deeply frustrating to me at lay, obviously like there's historical evidence that racist, political ads and attacks work and purely native this sentence.
Can be effective. We remember the Willy Horton. Add, there's not a lot of different story, not in the caravan stuff. We saw twenty eighteen, but I do think right now. Trump is in a situation that the completely the reverse, if he would stop being racist if you'd stop tweeting. This raises nonsense. He could probably do better with like suburban women, which are the he too Democrats winning in in twenty twenty and are key to why we took a bunch of houses and twenty a teen. So when it, Spain is some sort of political strategy or political. Millions is deeply frustrating we also know that this non and usually arises because his danger gets up because of literally a fox intrinsic minutes every time it's the same exact thing yet and what I think this is interesting to be no his trumps native, his em and racism. Turning off college educated voters. We saw that in twenty two in a huge way, but run bronzy had a piece in the Atlantic a couple days ago where he notes that pulling throw trumps. Presidency has indicated that
is belligerent and divisive. Nature raises concerns among white working class women who ve been drift, away from him. Since twenty sixteen and new set of focus groups from democratic pollsters stand green Borg this gender gap among the white working classes, hardening in small towns and rural communities, so Trump support again among Non college. Educated white, males, astronomy, ever been, if not stronger, but non college educated white women might be. Some of those voters were cross pressure. It right might think you know the economy overall is doing. Ok, my life is not doing so greater. I'm not you know financially better off, but trumps Putting all of these fights. Picking all these battles gone on these all. These races tirades isn't just offensive to some of these voters and some people. It's also like dude. Why you workin on fixing everything? I know the country you're not governing make any one's life but are all you do is just getting into these fuckin argument. Sixty three percent of voters said the tweet attacking the squad across the line of fifty seven percent, so they do not think he respects racial minority
I mean that's a pretty overwhelming number in the Trump era. That would worry me if I were his adviser is trying to spill spin, some nonsensical strategy about this being a pre planned strategy to win over voters or get his Bay excited like work. We are a little far out from you, to be having a get. My base excited strategy with pure racist tweets at is absurd on its face of the agenda yeah me too, and I think that's that's right. It's a little bit like you know, you is there begins or another, and are going to this campaign with drop and they no that need they have. This been vice grip between the fact that a generic Republican would be performing much better because of the basic economic realities in the country. Right now, Trump loses a lot of those people, so they have and make it up somewhere. How are they gonna make it up what we think there, They make it up by shoring up his base, but of course, shoring up the base cos him amongst the voters, who would otherwise vote for ages
Republican in an economic situation like we're in so they have. They have. This kind of you know they're trying to get to lose three. Get three lose two and die. It's your Democrats have the opposite. I just think you can sharp the base without this double edged sword tat. Messaging. I bought energy around there, much more Pietro there, much more palatable message like on immigration policy or whatever the million dollar way, you could go at this and they just choose not to for some reason the one they want to point out. That really pissed me off this weekend was the washing posted along profound, our commissioner, and that's fine whatever like it was about. How is now on top of failing to accomplish anything policy. Wiser white, as is now basically running the campaign. He was supposed to be this moderating force with a vodka. We ve evolved mocked that narrative,
years into long ago abandoned it, but he didn't get pressed on now being in charge of a White House in a campaign that is openly spinning that their approach is going to be over racism and that's frustrating Familiar murmuring, Jonathan Swan pushed him on this during their access interview. Tendering is those president racist. That is right before these two very You know that was, I reckon races taxpayers I putting cotton candy a bucket of water yeah, I'm not criticising the reporters or the piece about it was interesting, but like we'll get, I guess It should be front in center we're talking to your those great reporting by Swan when Chris over the weekend pushed MIC Mulvaney, the chief of staff on these races tweets. He did a great job of trying to hold him a council that should be a piece: at every story written on these goobers dont give them some white washed now to go on and on their role. Well, what Republicans want to do with this is say: if you disagree it the present
criticizes anyone, or if you disagree with anything that the Democrats say your called racist or sexist. That's what they want this campaign to be right. So we talked a lot about the need to condemn this presents racism, call it out as a strategy and then sort of talk Trump's failure and a whole host of issues. Well, according to a report released by the Commerce Department on Friday, the economy on the group by two point: one percent in the second quarter this year, the weakest increase since the first quarter of Donald Trump's presidency. The new report also includes provides data for last year. That found the economy never reached the administration's three percent growth target for two thousand and eighteen, favorite talking point of theirs. So is it? Is it time or is it smart for Democrats to start talking about the Trump economy and not just the trump economy? But these specifically, I think the Trump economic agenda which so far has been tax cuts for the rich and trade wars, and now oh god. Yes, I mean. I think I think we should be calling him a fail, president on basically every front
and I don't think that means criticising his inability to reach three percent GDP Atomic. Those are the terms we want to talk about it and I think it's like you're fell. President the countries acceding, in spite of you, Americans, are working hearted overcome your trade war to overcome your tax cut for billionaires, your corporate giveaways that have hurt them. Jason Furman, who to work with at the White House pointed out. The business investment outside of oil and oil and mining is actually slow during the Trump administration, the interest tat he trump any Cresswells again over the weekend reminded us. All. The trump promise that you said about the budget and five years he's utter. We failed on that front thought everything he said he would do. He has failed to do he's lucky that he inherited and a strong economy with a tale winds from Obama now was his only economic policies to browbeat the FED into cutting rates, and in now we should call em up
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no fanfare whatsoever. On a Friday afternoon, Chairman Jerry Adler, announce that their formally asking for access to secret grand jury, information related to Robert Mothers Investigation, a step that now there says is basically quote in effect the launch of an impeachment investigation. Here's what you said to Georgia novelists quote: we have impeachment resolutions before the committee. We are conducting investigations to determine whether we should report those impeachment resolutions, house or direct our own report, those to the has pushed again and whether that qualifies the impeachment investigation now there said, were investigating whether to approve articles of impeachment before the committee, since Mahler testified on one they more than a dozen democrats, including a number of policies. Leadership team have announced their support for impeachment, which now makes a hundred and seven of two hundred thirty five has Democrats. Only eleven short of a majority of the carcass majority does, but if the carcass
guys what's going on with this one, is this progress? Is the semantics what whether we are, what we think? Yes, so there is a terrorism Monday really interesting arguments made. After this are or or around this around what it means to say. We are seeking information to see if we should have an impact an inquiry, because there is a kind of paradox at the heart of a lot of this conversation which is in or to decide whether to launch it. He turned inquiry in some sense, you have to have an impeachment agree right. So when you know there's all this
debate about. Oh, you know what. Why should we do impeachment? It's not enough succeed as I can succeed, succeed. Well, one of the reasons you do impeachment impeachment is because it is widely recognised that, through the power of impeachment, Congress has a stronger hand than its usual regulatory oversight, because its ay a power vested in Congress to investigate the executive and they would have greater access to materials and and it might be easier to hold the administration accountable within the question becomes well. When does Congress get his powers. When does Congress gain the powers that come within a patron agree? While there should really be a paradox, you shouldn't have to impeach the president to determine whether or not the president should be impeach just to gain the powers of in peace. So rightly noted that that's right so nobody else. So I think that's why not? There is doing this little dance about in effect, but I think the the reason I think it. Ultimately, a good thing
That is a signal owing to the country, to the Congress itself, to the administration, to the courts that this body is going to begin to use the inherent powers vested in Congress to investigate the president with regard to impeachment, whether or not the word is officially invoked in a committee vote. So so there there. I want a separate, because I think this might help people understand this so that the legal argument for this versus the political argument from his eyes legally there. There could be well see with the court's aside an argument for doing this, because what they are trying to do basically is gets. The versions of the Mulder report that are currently rejected because they have to do with grand jury proceedings on rejected. So how do you do that?
well during Watergate the way that they were able to get grand jury information is argued to the court that they needed, because not for investigative reasons, but because grand jury information is needed for a judicial proceedings and in the past, courts of only given out grand jury information when it's connected to another judicial proceedings. So during Watergate the House Judiciary voted to begin in impeachment inquiry, but basically they argued where energy she'll proceeding it's called impeachment, so give us the grand jury info. So now there is trying to do this now. So now there once to argue the court. We are in a new digital proceeding right now called impeachment. He doesn't want to just say, were investigating now he didn't formerly vote for it, but he's hoping the court will side with them anyway on this Yeah I mean look I'd. I personally feel I've read a lot about the ways that starting in the basement, proceeding may or may not help our legal standing and our ability documents. I believe those who think we can, but I dont,
totally understand it all. I did this whole. This conversation does underpin. For me, bizarre the narrative was coming out of the mother hearings themselves. I mean like a dozen the concrete, came out in favour of impeachment after Mahler testified, and you are reading stories in politico, there were, like Donald Trump had a great week. What plan We live it then the need to like be able to give him a win every once in a while prison foe balance is so absurd. Now, so who knows? We will end up here I mean the people. I've talked to some journalists People who work in government say Pelosi sincerely believes in impeachment would tear the party apart and is just terrified, politically. I do not know what they're basin that on. I have not seen any polling evidence, but if that's what they say and it does feel like they're gonna, be a massive roadblock for a long time, but it's the fact the Jerry Nobbler is like pretty publicly moving in that in the path of impeachment is interesting while an end.
You touched on the political reasons for this, so you may ask why not just vote within the Judiciary Committee to open in impeachment inquiry so that any strengthened your case even more to say that as part of a judicial body will clearly there still some anxiety about holding a vote in the Judiciary committee. Now there is clearly for this, but he has apparently worked out the language and everything sound Friday with policy with policies blessing so she's on board. With this whole thing, where you get to start in peace an inquiry, and you get the legal power that comes with that? Hopefully, without making any one take the vote, they could sort of, in her mind at least hurt politically. I also think it's there's a flip side to that too, which is, I think, part of the reason they want to do this way, as they understand that once the once once there. An actual whether its articles? peach men whatever of motion to proceed to meet him at whatever process they they land on very hard
no for a Democrat right now very, very hard. They sincerely bootleg democratic voters believe that Donald Trump should be impeached. One recognizes even those who are in favour engagement, that Donald Trump is committed. It committed unimpeachable, offends my senses from a moral point. I believe nobody wants to go on record, be against this thing, so I think a little bit theirs understanding that there is a big snowball at that. Of a very snowy hill and is what she said to me last week, and once you push it, that's it It's gonna go all the way to the bottom, and so they have a few more bite at the apple. This way before that process starts because once that vote, and then it signals- and they signal to the country that the pursuing this every Democrat, have to go on record. It will Dublin the House floor and then every Democrat we'll have to go on record again and they may get there in the mail to Billy be ok with getting there, but they are not there. Yet. There are simple
at the hearing that show that it didn't really change people's minds one to the other and in no surprise there was one day of of testimony. But fifty four percent of people who I guess watched her at understanding of Molly hearing said they don't have any confidence in the? U s his ability to defend itself against another electoral attack. If you're looking for pretty firm ground to stand on when it comes to an indictment of dumb Trump, there the path. Why don't we demagogue batten, demagogues wrong word? What are we? Wouldn't we lift up this critical issue well about the ability to have a fair and in free election from foreign interference in talk about that all day, and I should be part of an issue this is. I was just going to bring this up like at some point. We have to such hopping about the process of impeachment and all the legal process is not like. I like I realize I have to go through that now, but the reason that all of us here are for impeachment is not from your moral,
is not purely the moral case, as we said in its not because we believe he's gonna get convicted in the Senate, its view, because we believe that Democrats will have the attention of the nation on them to tell a story about the president's corruption and criminality that will hopefully assist in removing him from power in the election. Twenty twenty she guessed art the story you know like we ve to start talking about the issues where he has you know been very up or when he's broken, the law and other kinds of you gotta tell the story, I talking about fuckin process and give it and given that one that that that out of the smaller hearing we had several more Democrats come out in favour impeachment a a pundit narrative that says it lacked but a recognition that a lot of the substance was quite bad for Trump bribery, literally, a HANS Zimmer, score away underneath and impeachment inquiry who, now this, from being able to tell the story, we have two tat. We just need that we just need a kind of justice, solid orchestral, hum
and I will set you know. We have wondered aloud if Pelosi is just trying to drag this process out so that you know we can get to the twenty twenty election to sell. Now, it's too late to do impeachment and she said over the weekend. The decision will be made in a timely fashion. This is not endless, so Could you know we'll take her at her work right? She says that it's that it's not going to be dragged uprisings meal. You know maybe she's, maybe she's got some possessed a tale of two he's right, like Democrats in the house to having a good faith discussion debate about the process that would lead to impeachment twenty twenty candidates are talking about. Medicare for all or republic option drums attacking major american Citys, and today he said that again that he was down at ground zero on nine eleven helping out basic Americans first responders, I mean they are just full crazy and we are still having these. I was. I was agents as driving today, it today and I had NPR on and it was a app because it's you catch you catch yourself, forget,
the timeline in when she live in and that they are the new starts in its and it's like it. It's one the anchor saying Donald Trump continued. His attacks on the city of Baltimore. Today, it's it's like flatter and living in bad Vive episode. One more thing because you mentioned that ABC Paul didn't show that didn't really change people's minds. Fox news had a pole. Last week, forty seven percent of the country favour either impeachment or impeachment and removal, and only forty five percent oppose impeachment. That's a Fox news, but also an answer: Has it taken about one of the primary twenty them presidential candidates, will meet in Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week. For a second round of debates, the first night of the debates, which are being hosted by CNN, will include Bernie Sanders Elizabeth. And people to judge and better work. The second night will put Joe Biden back, the stage with common Harris and also include Corey Booker Lillian Castro. For all the other points,
mental candidates, their performance. This debate may determine whether we ever see them on this debate stage again used one talk about why Dunton turn because there's the next, eight has much stricter rules leave as of as as of right now, five to seven have qualified six as our six six of all of us usually grandfather talk the talk as though Booker discovering not yet these close he's he's gonna qualify because he's almost at the number of donors he's he got, he got the polling, so it was after just like everyone else. It is. A hundred and thirty thousand individual donors to qualify for the September debates heard three thousand individual donors and at least two percent in four national poles. So qualified are Bernie Biden, Camelot, Warren, Peat and better cord workers. Very close he's got the pulses almost there in the dome tat he might have done at last. I think I'd really. I think he call by together and so then the
the people who are close are clover char. She has the polling, but not the donors Yang and Castro, who has the donors, but not the poles and thinking doesn't have the poles either or maybe the donors either, but no one. Else is close, so that would be even if all those make it that would be ten people in debates age. That would get us down to one stage in one night, I think, is a big deal, the people or not focusing on, is also a big deal for me, because if it those that unites the second night Is during radio city love it or leave it, which is very frustrating my hand, So a lot of things are at stake here. These debate rules are interesting and I'm glad were about to hit a winnowing period. You are starting to see reports about the money. Democratic candidates are now spending on
irish donor is just something funny like a task lending money to get people to give you money. It's like your other level, marketing north more, like you're. Like my voting either or lifting your entering a new market, you have these massive acquisition cost to get a user, but it's just so stupid. So in this debate that we're about have this week, woody due to get noticed. If you are one these candidates who have not qualify for September area, and you are- and you ve got a couple months to do this exact. Even you ask a question, making me feel nervous on, thereby our athletes, because you know this isn't Yedo law J Broadside against another candidate that is so sophisticated and sharp. It attacks them and makes you look like a president with a unique case, for why should be in a job no, the scene, I'll put you know the scene and airplane when there's a partnership passengers or of having like a mental breakdown and then like one of them. Sleep Third, a trial I calmer down into the whole line of people, including professional box there, and that is a woman with a gun like that
Everybody lining up to go after Joe. I'm not that I have this. One is going down right now, you're, seeing like some amazing, so many opposition research about hope, Gillette. They ve been like what was it like: newspapers, dot, com or something like that? They ve been like flagging, these articles of airlines record preparing to go after its apparently there's this hidden by the jailer brand has been pursuing or or quietly pursuing that he had voted against the expansion of the child expert at which, on a policy level? Of course, I should say that that's a contrast, but before you, the prince, said publicly was some damn democratic its quote- do not believe necessarily that it's a good idea that women work outside the home there's a slight difference between that in opposing the child, her tax credits, which I am for you should be for opposed for, explaining that health care is executed by dont know if that of that's that's a fitter analysis, a number of other kinds of previous contracted by nevertheless weeks Booker on criminal Justice Reform Castro on immigration.
An interesting one, Castro may traded due to bide what he did to better. It's interesting Castro's, saying but some of us have learned the lessons of the Obama administration. Immigration Biden hasn't it's it's Castro is saying that because he knows that other people are gonna, have he's gonna go after people. Immigrants The people there say. Will you not only were part of the Obama administration on immigration You never had any problems with it, while you're part of demonstration any testified on their behalf at times about their immigration policies, so at least he can tell like I did that and I've come to see that some of them were bat, an odd about immigration. I think that we should ensure Biden would just sort of figure out some version of that answer to two pivot away from some. These policies themselves you'd be in a much better place you're allowed to evolve your loud to learn new things and improve your understanding. A policy: the eighties until now, a brace it. That would be a good answer from him. I mean. What would you think Biden should do at this point like what? What what what would you be
telling the vice president, knowing that all these hits or common, I would say, I'm just take the hits and then asked for someone else to speak he's gotta be ready on the substantive rights or respond substantively and defend its own record or lease offer some explanation for how he's maybe evolved or learn more of our time, but I think what a lot of voters are looking for is for him, the punch back really hard, and given that half of these attacks have now been previewed, I would want to tee him up to look like a fighter, because I think everyone wants someone who will get it a debate with Donald Trump and be ready to punch him in the mouth rhetorically yet, and he did so. He was too polite. Nonetheless, in the last debate at the age of jugs aside, if I were looking at someone like mine, where are we saying is you need to respond forcefully, but put
in a frame of I've been in the arena for forty years I ve gotten the lot right. I've gotten something's wrong. I have evolved and I've changed, like any person has, but here's what I would do nears experience. I bring to do these things that we need to do to fix this country We can spend all day going over our records. You know I'll and then attack attack it academic, but we to talk about what will do to fix this country because, as election so important that that would The argument I would be making of our German, so I wonder what someone like calmly Harris does to keep up the momentum that she gained from the last debate. I was wondering about. And then today, on Monday, she released her own Medicare for all plan, which I was surprised that you did, but she she was one of the first CO sponsors of Bernie Sanders Medicare for all bill. She stood with him at the opera. Conversely announced it. She has been, I would say, unclear on various aspects of better care for all and like the women who have been living in private insurance over the so she's bingo,
at a time clear than unclear than clear again. Yes, today, she decided arcade, I'm gonna come over amenable, my own spent on the plan and her plan would be Please say: there's a ten year transition to single payer, in addition to the four year transition that envisioned in Bernice Plan. She also would mean contain a role for private insurance companies who are tightly regulated by the government like Medicare advantage plans under Medicare, so basically at the of all this, hopefully everyone's on one Medicare plan, but if there are private insurance companies that want to do a version of the government's Medicare plan, their tightly regulated, the government still sets the pricing. The government still has all these restrictions, then you can play in our system, but only if you play bar by our rules is basically what it is in. The other key thing she does on financing. Bernie Sanders basically says that anyone who makes over twenty thousand dollars a year will face,
tax increase for to pay for his plan. His argument is well, you might have a tax increase, but you won't be paying. Premiums are cope hazardous chemicals anymore, so you it'll be a wash the end Kamel says, the only people who will pay higher taxes are those who make over a hundred thousand dollars, and then she makes up the difference by taxing stock trades, small amount as well So that's what why do we think she or you think she did this? I think could say she was full throated Lee behind Bernice Plan. She could say she was against Barneys play. But I think she could no longer do this sort of tightrope without telling people where she was walking towards because there is a lot of it. She gonna raise your hands not going to raise your hand where she on private insurance? She said she was for it not choose for getting rid of it. Then she said she wasn't. She raised her hand and she said she to understand the question she was getting attacked for her positions, and so she needed to say here is my view here is where I have landed so that you could actually articulate not just a kind of
abstract position but like way out upon the emails that some reason polling suggests that remain. Private insurance is a very unpopular position. I've seen other anecdotal evidence. It is particularly unpopular with african american voters. CNN, reported that so this new plan seems to account for a lot of the political deficiencies that people see in burmese plan I mean. Maybe that will help, but in time are, elections have been fought and lost over being for something before you were against it for being perceived as flip flopping. On an issue me look at John Kerry. Look at every race before Jim Carrey Baisley, when when politics went crazy. These last two years I mean so, It will be entering the Democrats or people on stage go after on these policy changes during the debates, because how she deals with that would say a lot about how she would do with that against Trump yeah on the substance, I find myself,
more in line with Kamel as new plan with Medicare for America, which is better plan, some of the more robust public options, but I still think Medicare for America and and Common Harris's plan are better just because not because I am against single pair ultimately will because I think the transition is so difficult, not just politically difficult, but subsystem substantively difficult that it should be handled in a gradual way, not gradual and saying oh pretend to get their Sunday but wink link. We won't like really gradual, like making sure that, if we're having every one in the entire country on one government plan that it is a good plan that people like it, that it works, that its proven to work right and that we have some time I mean you know four years, which is what Bernice plan envision. It seems like alone
But you know we had a couple years to get the affordable care act together and that wasn't enough time honestly, like we still, you know Healthcare Dhaka launch in there's all these problems, so it takes a long time to transition to some of these plans. Now Bernice Argument- and maybe Elizabeth warns because she's on his playing to their argument would be you know what it's easier. If we just do this, it we all hold hands and jump together and also the more you have private ensure the longer you have private insurers involved in this shit. The more money governments gonna and and waste, and it's not going to be as efficient, but I think the biggest point here on the politics is we are now headed into a phase where relatively small differences between these candidates, healthcare plans are gonna, get blown up into these huge fucking fights? And I do
want everyone to make sure that, like you're, going to hear me were already hearing like Sanders, attacked Kamala Harris his plan Biden, attacked Kamala Harris is playing Harris text both of their plans. I think the attacks are going to seem like a bigger deal than the actual details, the difference in the details of the plant right there. We are all headed towards universal coverage, with heavy government regulation of prices and costs. That's what they all want, how fast you get there, how generous it is. All these are details worth debating, but let's not lose sight of the fact that all of these countries are in a very good place on healthcare. Goes it as they are interested in how the debate over the common plan goes, because it is actually a genuinely kind of new offering into the public up near the the Biden CAP public option very robust public option, somewhat automatic and roman forsake children into a public plan versus she.
That means newborns, ended, uninsured or automatically rolled yes, and then you have the kind of that. The the Bernie Medic, for all plan in writing single player plans, but that sort of the alternative. It's interesting how this does seem to sip between the two in a lot of ways and I'm curious how it ultimately is perceived right, because you know one of the gaps in the public option focus plans. They try to bridge this gap between me, forty percent or so Americans, who say they want Medicare for all versus the seventy percent of Americans who support a medical care for all who want it type plan and This seems to kind of sick between both of those ideas while pervert preserving private insurance, but in a much more restricted way. So it's I'm just curious. How ultimately is perceived by other democrats on the stage by
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your hometown in this unfair, bigoted. You know only when I think about it. It's I was disgusted by not surprised right, because we ve heard this rhetoric before we have seen the actions that support the rhetoric before we see them together. Communities. We see him trash the city of Chicago. We ve seen him poor kids in cases like we ve actually seen this comprehensive continue to be discussed here. Budgets, not surprised, I think what was really troubling was to see people participate in the logic of the racism they he esparza. There were people who were like yeah, Baltimore is a good place instil made? These statements about poverty is if poverty as a result, a personal choices in the result of systemic things that have happened in communities or you hear people talk about addiction and they talk about it as a moral failings and not as a public health crisis. That's what I want I kept hearing when I heard the Trump thing is a group of well meaning people who were still Sarah.
Dissipating in this underlying logic. In any part of our work is to push people, understand that logic is racist and they actively work against that logic and trumpet. Continues to Greece space and allowed to take hold yes and there's no way to talk about the poverty of the city of Baltimore without time of the policies that enabled it there's no way to talk the crime, the city Baltimore. Without talking about the condition of the city. They have not alleviate it. So what does it mean that the school system still under fund they re? What does it mean? The police department, a whole division got indicted for corruption, where these are like structural things. In there's no way to talk about the city without talking about what they have done to the city and, frankly, the lack of investment from the state air from the No government? Yes! legally, and I want to get into some of those policies in one minute, but I saw you tweeting about this and frustrated me as well. The Governor Larry Hogan, he belatedly responded to trump this morning. Called the tweets outrageous in inappropriate but like ease
popular governor. He reportedly consider primary trump, the state itself, leaned laughter. What do you think took him? so lot wise Leary Hogan of all people scared to call out trump when he does things that demean a city. He represents Ino, good, cautious, awhile, gonna seeming these scare. You heed and even call trump. I name what did he say? He says something like people in Washington. He would even name tromp ray, and that is that the weakness in car it is of the Republican Party took so long for any of them to say anything about that. We let alone condemn it, which we didn't even see an organ. You know when the reasons why Hogan Ding Condemn is Hogan actually participates in the same logic. He just knows if you, as overt about it, people would deem the unacceptable in mail and behold him is the same governor who understand the National Guard to the city of Baltimore. The same governor refuses to fund,
school system in Baltimore City in an attic away and the same personal, make similar disparaging comments about crime and drugs and City Baltimore got rid of the red line, which had been an important public transportation edition in the city, so Hogan actually participate in the same logic is tromp. He just knows it to see it as clearly and overtly a trump would be a political problem for him. Yeah good point, so you mentioned some of the other than policy needs. Earlier I mean clearly there. There are some challenges in Baltimore like there are in every city or every town. Have any of the presidential candidates. On the democratic side, talked about or proposed ideas at the federal level that you feel might significantly help. People who live in cities like Baltimore or need better schools are needed, and some extra help units I'm here aren't, I think, is assuming the candidate still have not committed to anything in writing raid the day it is. It is still a very lukewarm space siding
the policies around wealth, redistribution that come. Oh, what redistribution or loans and have come from war and that have come from Bernie the just passed, something that I'm still trying to remain at around. I think that those plans are actually really important ain't that call he's plan around marijuana is an important planet would have a huge impact on on places. Like a Baltimore, I think, the stuff round college with the importance of better will see the bottle. Carry biodiversity community college I do it's around one to three percent bp by re. Part of the problem of the graduation re unbeatable, see ease people are saddled with loans, its people who are poor who get these loans are just, cannot pay off community college credit in wages making any country or we may contrary for people's ended plans would actually have a huge benefits. I think infrastructure is not very sexy, but the city Baltimore would benefit immensely from an infrastructure project. And you know the reality is a lot of the candidates have given a lot of really cool speeches. The wings
go to the website to see what they committed to. You are still struggling to see. I commend so hopeful. I am hopeful that gonna get better. You know And I think that some people still playing in the middle, I think the countless playing in the middle with a lot of things, she's gonna lotta speeches- and you are like what does she believin into Question- Mark PETE the same thing and I still live in the city of Baltimore and I'm interested to see how these campaigns will continue to grow to, like actually create something meaningful for people in cities. You know damn well how about you, you lived about where you workday ran from air, when you were walking around like canvassing voters talking to people white, the good things you hear from them. What were people looking for from the local or federal government that they felt like they weren't getting? You know I ran from it and when I was the chief human, the school system in Baltimore, its agreed
apparently talked at people and communities that nothing was particularly revelatory. Why you think I want to live in the same city. I want to live in a city where my kids can learn how to read and write, and it is not an uphill battle. I want to live in a city where people get treatment services when they are in need, and I want to live in the city generally healthy and re that those with the bucket of things in the hard part of the city Baltimore, we have just seen leadership time and time again fail the city level. We ve seen some glimmers but allotted struggle. And we have also seen a continue- lack investment from the state. A mare lemme, give you haven't seen the followed through that you need to actually like make a meaningful and best man, seated Baltimore, so Those are the things but like talking to people neighbours, it was actually really simple right in that. So we say organizes at most of the things that are changing allows a simple banal, small, it's a simple idea to say that we I've treatment for everybody needs treatment around addiction in a city? That's not a small! Being now be huge thing
So how do we start to normalize a simple banal? Small and that's what I her when I heard people when I knocked on doors in I, when I worked in education in the city of Baltimore you yet so we talked about a bit about this today I mean it first reading, when Trump tweet, something like he did over the weekend that so nakedly racist in you know them a kind of does this dance. Where we talk about whether this called racially charge or whether they directly call anatomy howdy wanna see, Democrats democratic Artie Democrats running for president risk bond when Trump does these kinds of things, yet you know when, with Michelle Obama, said when they go low, we go high. That was not about pacifism. It was this idea that we actually return tar convictions right, that's what it means to go high like you go high to the things I called you into. The work in the first place
in a moment like this people should be like even more defiant like people there should be more AOC. There should be more of the squad, should be more people with structural power, fighting back and saying like. No, we just won't do this. There should be people forcing their begins, actually use their structural piratical am accountable at that's. What should be happening at moments like this? That the Good NEWS is that most of the change that we want to see is local happened at the local and stay level. So they're still has a lot of good work. That can happen there, that people can fight form press and everybody can do- is force people to not participate in the logic of reach. That trunk, his espoused agreed with that are happier happy in the second round- a democratic debates of this week, how you feeling cited nervous somewhere in between Tommy Honesty feel like there are some there still too many candidates, but I went and present to Miami and issues like
is she so many people you know you're like I don't really know what is gone. I spend a lot of people say I am interested to see you know what was what was really interesting are commonly imbibing going back and forth and each other is calmly has yet to have to account for our own record. However, you feel about, as she does has impressed about a year in public, and I'll be interested to see. If somebody goes after her record in this next one, because she went so hard after Biden, and then you seem that we are back and forth Korean Biden. Yes, does very strange yeah like I just don't know, I don't know what to make of them and, like honestly, I don't even know the debates are happening into somebody told me I think I'm pretty plugged in so. Yes, you oughta be interesting to see of people even like watch this, because it still a lot of people in Mary Williamson ease. I am interested to see what she says: the schoolroom yeah I mean adopting that these debates are taking place in Detroit
I wonder if they will have at least a section where they talk about the fact that it city right down the road in Flint still doesn't have clean water and there was a public health crisis, the likes of which our country hasn't seen. Maybe ever thou be a good thing for the moderate or to ask about the think that you know, I think the Dell pander to that question. I think that to say it's a travesty: adding nobody's gonna talk about accountability. I think worn and Bernie actually might what they might say that somebody should be held responsible, I can see a lot of people. A lot of people to stay is giving lip service to fly and then just sidestepping the like. How do we avoid this in the future? In what do we do to do any sort of like right? dress for the harm that the citizens of my face. You know, yeah, that's right. I totally agree I leave it excited that there has been in a really substantive conversation about policy, particularly on health care. So far in the democratic side, I do think it's a pretty stark contrast to what the Republicans are fighting about, which
Donald Trump being the worst person on the plane. Yeah. I think you're right. I think that bad, I think, I'll get debate is going to college debate is good. I think that the wealth debate is interesting. I think what is what we can never forget. You appreciate this cause. You also like no politics. What is it? There are a lot of people who keep making these statements, but like have not really committed to anything and policy stance right. That, like p, is a really good example. Like he answered the question in the debate, you go to the website you like will. Let me just understand what you say and there's not there's not and there's nothing. They are right. You don't know how long will let people get away with adding that's also combat com. Allah has has committed to things in in talks, and then you going you're like a. What do you stand for in its act? Is not really a plan yet, and I don't know how long is so she with war in showing us it there can be plans. You know how long that last year, I grew theory we are. We are now well into this primary process. Everyone has had an awful lot of time to formulate and roll out plans and substantive ways, and if I,
Damn, I would advise them to get going on that front. Yes, Agri Well! Everyone listening should subscribe to positive the people. To re great talk to you. Look for to see you in person soon and That's all I got men. Hopefully Donald Trump will stop treating disgusting shit, so we we know by which will keep talking about if he does and hopefully we will just remember this on four years as a bygone era and we'll get somebody Annetta fix it. Pretty quick amen to that. I body great talking both banks a drive for joining us today, tomorrow, night Tuesday night, we will be on our group thread talking about that debate, watching it with you and will be doing the same on Wednesday night and then on Thursday. The four of us will be in studio, for a debate, recap episode, what have you done by
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