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The Parkland students enrage right-wing pundits, Trump’s legal problems get worse, the Department of Veterans Affairs gets a new boss, and the Census gets a new question. Then Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, joins Jon and Dan to talk about her new book “Dear Madam President: An Open Letter To The Women Who Will Run The World.”

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The present exports are pod. Save America is recruiter, recruiter what when you're having a staffing crisis at the executive level. Why are you fail to address international crises around the world? You do about job as president I turned eye doctor and put him in charge Hey I enjoy shooting the shit with you physician. How would you like to run an agency or when someone quits, you throw them a state dinner as if it's a visiting head of state like how picks everyone this morning is just hope, Hickses leaving how the White House ever run normally betwixt them running it's so smoothly, literally like a pool sprang, were they in the press corps in the rose garden and they brought her out through those oval office doors, and he like held up her arm. My shoes with Rocky only said good bye this way out. This White House is a Lamborghini and they just two
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prove on all right son, my power. He cannot be here to hear me wrong, starting right now, I'll be strong I'll play. My fight song and atomic impairs roar to fight on one more time to lose crooked I welcome the pod, save America. I'm John Favour, I'm dyin Pfeiffer. Later in the piebald we talking with our good friend former Hillary Clinton campaign Communications director Jennifer Palmary, whose written a new book oh dear. Madam president, an open letter to the women who run the world there's still tickets to are far too shows will be there next week check it out on the dot com, slash events for pod schedule, we We are trying something New Dan where we actually are gonna record Monday's
On Monday night and put it out Tuesday morning first thing, because we are reclaiming our sundays, I have not know now you ve done that for a year and a half, now I'm happy for you as yet will get us that will save everyone freaks out. Also that works, because our normal Thursday pod next week will actually be out Friday morning. It will be our Thursday night live show in clear water. So we get a Tuesday Friday schedule next week for everyone who is listening. Ok, I'm gonna find whatever restaurant has a bottom. Mombasa Sunday branch and invested in West Hollywood and with the other that allow be doing Sunday acknowledge that before my parents for Easter, ok, and talk to you since the march for our lives last weekend, but I saw twitter- that you spoke at the March in San Francisco. How is that any idea? It was very nice of them to invite me to do and it was almost entirely students and then a couple of
politicians and one pot, castor, who were sort of injury, talk a little bit about our experiences in the back. All four gun, control and introducing the students, and so it was really a wonderful experience. The people the students I met there were just unbelievable that Scutcheon was very broad, based in a way that I think is important. Just wasn't just about shootings in schools like parkland. It was about gun violence writ large about police shootings beat other, where a lot of people who work representing organizations are who were in schools or communities who lived confounds every day, but it doesn't make sense The New York Times or MSNBC, or whatever else it. People were fired up, but in him an inspiration away like it was not anger, lay out and in this. This had been the trend I've seen with every march, tat we ve been too. Is it be so easy to be angry and about it?
well it doesn't like this joyousness of being together a fresh or something realises that it was a really some special tariff, and my parents in TOW Halley was there was a rose who it was wonderful yeah. I was talking with love it about that too, because he was saying like it's a good place for everyone has been so angry about everything to show up. But our saying you don't see that anger at the March, like you, saw two thousand and ten with some of the tea party rallies. You know the tea party town halls and rallies. We're not like joyous, peaceful gatherings of what an angry people, the rose yelling on tv, and I didn't out of the women's Martins hit see that at the march for our lives. We should act, but some of the reaction to the march for while they drove all of the worst people in politics, absolutely insane so, yeah congressmen Steve King from Iowa noted racist attacks emigrants As for wearing a cuban flag on her jacket, Eric Ericsson, it read state spread false farmers at friend of the pod, David Hog wasn't actually at the
cool during the shooting which he later had to correct and Lord Ingram mocked Hog for not getting accepted to his favorite colleges. Last night she looked a seventeen year old, shooting survivor for not getting into college because she doesn't like his political views. Wish that was a joke. I see these attacks a sort of evidence that the park and students are winning hand that The people in rightwing, entertainment really dont know how to deal with it. What do you do you think I am there? A couple of things my hair first need silver had a tweet this morning. That said something to the effect of It's not that the parkland kids have been spot on everything they have done. There been some things. They said that have been off tone, or maybe not exactly right in the moment, by the fact that they are so Aid at political communicate, their as good a political communication as pundits and put up
cable hosts and political operatives. You ve been doing this for years is threatening to those people, which is why they may act the way they do. And so, if you have spent years the toiling away and the Fox NEWS Green Room in a working your way out from the five two fox in France, Ingram Angle and then all the sun. Some kid walks on a high school and, as is good at being appointed as you are, that's probably threatening The other thing is that the incentives structure in trumps Republican Party is, b as big assholes possible that I get clicked attention that they get a presidential pat on the back, and so people are trying they want. To appeal to not just trumpet the people that trumped up you'll do and you get. That by being ass, all now being understanding or thoughtful and that's all people, like Lord Ingram, got famous to begin with, and your It is if you watch the pie in the eyes of the inner re in Danish, they can feel the political terrain, shifting underneath them and
the only way they know how to react is to lash out in at. Attacks against high school kids in so it's a sign of everything, that's dead is wrong. Political, mandatory, everything's wrong with the republic of politics or movement in everything. Is right about where the politics on guns is going in this country, like Highschool snatches high school students, high school students who have survived a school shooting like I can't put myself in the minds of these people like there's. One of the park and students This young man named Kyle he's much more republican in his positions on gun control and he's been out there speaking as well and obviously like I don't agree with a lot of them. I can't imagine in pushing- but I can't imagine in a million years this online and criticise him yell about this kid and just him through
As of what has just been through. You know, like I, dont understand these. What what? What? What things them to think themselves like yeah. It's a good eye and spend, might like Eric Ericsson looks like obsessed with fucking Irene The David Hog says, and does you will get? Is twitter feed in like it's all about, even hog, all the time with what is with the weird obsession with these high school students, I just don't understand it. It like there's an important point make about this kid Kyle, which is, it is ok, but you don't have to pretend to agree with a Gonzales or Cameron County or David Hugger. Anyone like you can. There. She can and should be a debate about the points they have inserted themselves into a national mate and they are not immune from. Criticism or disagreement about what they're saying they are in the arena that is fair and that goes for people the other side as well by it takes special kind of asshole to decide that the way to respond to that is not substantive, but you tried it Herr them down in its way
we have trump didn't exactly. There is a there. Is a market are being ass, all on their public and party, and these people responding to the marketplace. Yeah there's a sickness, and it is a signal that is much more prevalent on one side right now, one Listing reaction to the March came from a retired Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens Road, in the New York Times, calling for the repeal of the second amendment. This lead Donald Trump between in our caps. The second amendment will never be repealed and then chucks rumour merely so that's not the Democrats position. Repealing an amendment. A constitutional amendment requires a two, the house, already vote in the house in the Senate or a constitutional convention called by two thirds of state legislatures, ten, how likely is this to happen? It is impossible. It's not gonna happen, so why do we think started he Emmy Stevens is making a three hours the answer, but I think he's making a point that I guess I put this right,
confused by Siemens. This point because it conflicts his dissent in the sea cream court decision that held that the I can amendment meant that people have a right to bear arms in the way in which we commonly think about this. Decent Heller and dialogue and the islands and the descent and the majority one so their humble things are thought matter. Glazier of vocs had a good point about this Democrats. Don't have to repeal the second amendment is actually a lot of gun control that we can pass that the Supreme Court. Has essentially held is consistent with the second amendment, an assault weapons ban limit on high capacity. Epps, no open Terry, open carry universal background. Checks is in Scully as opinion an Heller he makes it here that this is it did that right to bear arms, not an unlimited right, It is also worth noting that, prior to Heller, there was real disagreement. Whether these specific work the second amendment as a related to the right to bear arms is part of a well regulated militia meant that people could
had a constitutional right to own a ham gun on a rifle whatever. That is, and it was only in a fight for court decision that held that to that point had been I understand and untested situational question and so We actually need to repeal the second amendment. We should pass a whole bunch of laws that have broad by parsons foreigners that are consistent with the second amendment as Inter did in this Heller decision, and I would like to see them arguing that, if here the presidency. We will appoint Supreme Court s suits, who will do a certain set of include being overturned. Citizens united, but also overturned the Heller decision. Yet no, I totally agree that, like now a couple people are saying that Stevens by re met up ad is trying to you: no move the Overton Window here, which you know I could see that too, but at the very least. I do think medically ceases point that indeed see they're all these very strict gun laws that pass muster constitutional muster.
Even based on that Heller opinion. So it should not stop us from trying to In the meantime, for a number of very restrictive gum us the next steps for me, for our lives. Students are organizing a town hall for our lives and pushing every single number of Congress to host a town hall during the next rational resource that a Saturday April, seventh there organize members of Congress to whole town halls and then I think recesses extends to the eighth and ninth as well so I'll, be on the lookout for that and will get you guys details about what's happening there as we get them Let's move onto the president's mountain legal problems which now span from obstructing the investigation into the russian attack on our elections to paying hush money to adult film actress, Stormy Daniels few stories of the last couple of days on this, the New York Times, reports The trumps former lawyer, John Dowd, discuss Trump issue
pardons to Paul man affording MIKE Flynn. We their lawyers while they were under investigation last year. This raises the question of whether Dowd price them pardons in exchange for not cooperating with Mahler Flint, of course already. Cooperating with smaller. He put guilty manner, for it has thus far refused dance. The seem like the typical above board legal maneuver, you see from lawyers with innocent clients, John Doubt is sort of like the attorney who represented every one in the box to accrue from the wire Psmith have TAT is sketchy, as you can possibly be also answers the question that people have been wondering, which is: why has Manna Fort not cut a deal? Yeah He has been his face and just don't yell time and he's got so much money on lawyers cost given me
a fourth age, many people speculate that he will spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted of crimes has been a key, he has been charged with, and he seems very guilty Is that what we have read in seeing he seems super guilty So why would he not if, given that hands to reducing certain significant way, not turn on the person who fired him, in an embarrassing way for racist, blogger, stiff baron and carrying family. So that's always been a mystery to me like. Why does he think he would win this case? answer. Maybe this is irresponsible elation on my part, but Maybe that he's weighty he's holding out for a pardon and then when I go to jail at all. I mean maybe irresponsible speculation, birth also sort of the obvious softly its explanation. That you'd. Imagine because, like you know, Trump has pardoned people that don't deserve pardons before sheriff jar.
Pio, the Pardon power, is pretty expansive. Now you can use a pardon for corrupt reason. And certainly preventing people from I bring with the man whose investigating you for crime seems like a corrupt reason, but my Why should this whole thing was like what stopping tromp from waiting Mahler out and pardoning everyone. Maybe nothing! You know, that's that been everyone's very focused on Wilt fire mauler, but Trot may decide. That firing Mahler may be too much of a headache and he might as well just wait him out knowing that if he, hardens everyone or if Mahler really This is a report or at least releases report. Just a Congress saying that Trump deserves impeachment one would do anything, because the Republicans have protected him every step of the way up This point the his a real interesting usher.
Of justice. Choose your an adventure for trunk, which you do you fire mother now before he sends a report. The Congress which details the many crimes with you and your coterie of the criminals heads committed or do you wait till mothers, He done it and then part in everyone involved, but I guess I don't know them from- can pardon himself at the problem untested proposition yet in the Hague in mind all the geek impertinence zone. I think at some point he has do. You know lean on his goons in Congress to help him out here, and to say you know the the eye is corrupt and mothers group is corrupt, and this is fake news and blah blah blah they sort of way. Now. You know if Democrats take back Congress
in November. This is a little more problematic for him, but, as we said before, you still, you could get an impeachment in the house if it comes to that. But you get to the Senate and you know you need something like sixty six sixty seven votes and we certainly don't have that the Democratic Party and I dont know that we can get there with even the Republicans Hoover, breast grave concern about Trump and his be means both of them lots of the Republic of Austria that grave concern yeah. So that's an issue I mean it does seem, like trumps a little more nervous than usual hereabout Mahler Politico has a story about how trumps meat goons are unleashing opposition research on Mahler now, on Tuesday night by Mahler, filed a statement in court that says former Trump aid, current cooperating, witness Rick AIDS was in contact during the final weeks of the twenty sixteen campaign. With a business associate of his who tied to russian intelligence in the theft of the Dnc emails thou.
Pretty crazy ha now, why do we think Molly did that hit view we had gone back to December twenty. Sixteen laid out the set of things that have happened since and in one of them was that trumps deputy campaign manager, tray fishing, official and overall began insider had been in touch with a russian intelligence. Official means that what we were like case, closed dine, Paul, Ryan and Mitchell, caught off guard the White House and told him to resign, but instead It's all my page see twelve because, while the other crazy shit this happening, I know like it happened, late, Tuesday night, and so I had even see until Wednesday morning is vain than we were all on to the next thing. But I'm like wait a minute wait a minute. What the fuck is business associate, was russian intelligence was former russian intelligence who still had ties? What do we think they were talking about in those final weeks of the campaign who knows
it is worth noting? I think that this sort of does- and I think that with this can planted the stormy diagnosed conversation is like you know, tell that story mean we are obsessive news consumers. We are consuming at on twitter, we're think about it. We are posing an slack about it. We live for. This is basically urgent, in your act, your actually media, mobile and we barely noticed it, and so you know voters did notice it like. No one knows this happened. A bit. If you pulled reporters, many of them would know what happened, because covering other things, also worthwhile things better. So probably does it matter. The voters don't know it yeah like what matters is a mother knows it. Mauler knows it I think Mahler was doing it and making it public and filing it. As some people speculate about this, One of the reasons it was following the statement was Send man afford a message that it's time to cooperate because look what we have like Molly
keep trying to show some of his cards to man afford in order to pressure him to flip, which you know could be true or not. But no it's funny when you said that we notice it even- Brian Boiler, editor of Cricket Dotcom, who I'm pretty sure has like up what's in board up in his office, with like red string connecting all the different players from her Fisher investigation. Even rind of no I founded on someone's tweet must sending in IRAN yesterday is wild. Also if something where that happened on Tuesday, which was Chris Coon Senator Chris Coon's from Delaware and us in her, tell us, put out a statement calling for the poor section of Bob Mauler, just out of the blue, and I dont know if there's something afoot where there are little more nervous than usual, the trumps are gonna make a move, but I thought that was pretty weird the Ike. I agree there we don't know anything by it It suggests that at least there are rumours happening are discussed
happening among centre As you know, the republican senators about that, we may be getting closer to a point where Paul farmer, I mean in he is firing everyone he barely gets through, breakfast not firing seven, a tweet, so Can you can imagine what people think this was coming around the ban pretty soon so the other potentially wish you, the President phases has to do with a potential your campaign gift, which would be the hunt thirty thousand dollars. His lawyer paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about having sex with Donald Trump, which seems like something you'd keep quiet about for free Anderson Cooper, integrates romantic Anderson, Cooper, did stormy and sixty minutes in highest rated broadcast in ten years, good job, America. She talked about her affair from she talked about her at one point: twenty eleven one of his goons physically threatened her in her daughter, or at least she thinks it was one of her goons. It would be weird that we also know the story, so did I
choose very compelling. I don't know anyone who doesn't think she's telling the truth. Obviously she told the truth. I guess the question now is: matter to conservatives and Republicans, I'm afraid. I know the answer to that. Wanted it's more rhetorical. Will it mattered to voters the near times had a story about how quote the semi sex allegations, MR trumps erratic style could end up alienating crucial blocks of suburban voters and politically moderate voters who might be drawn to some republican policies but find the president's purported sex antics to be rapporteur, sensible. So what are we think about us? It doesn't matter possible. This could be the thing that fails: tromp legally right there, could be and how matter lingo it. Yet Al Capone in the tax returns. That is for sure, I dont think voters are gonna, give two shots either. I we know there is nothing that will separate the evangelicals for the train from drop? They made a compromise concession on this two years ago and decided that
was the person for them, and that's that price in it. I don't think this is, can be any different than May. We are how the access Hollywood tape come out right before the electorate and people still voted, for. Nineteen woman who said that he sexually assaulted them. Yes he'll give allegations of sexual assault did not convinced voters to leave em allegations around it hush money. Consensual relationship is not going to do it so I do worry a little bit like this is very legitimate story. It is not just sort of salacious gossip, although it has of salacious and fairly nauseated details in it. There is an actual legal issue here, and it is being compounded by the idiot that idiot lawyer. Michael coming went out and found a dumber lawyer than himself was at home, who is going all over tv in, say incredibly stupid? things, including this morning on CBS that trumpet Michael I don't have a lawyer, client relationship with more. My friends are colleagues which
will then be used, and what may be the first time of Norah, O'Donnell and Gale King being used in court in the evidence to suggests that everything that Michael coming cannot use turning my privilege to not do not testify or discuss things. He said to Donald Trump, so did the arrears real news happening here, no doubt, but I do. Worried. That is, it is a distraction from the things that will matter most of us and ass. The one thing we know about tromp disease can sort of. Behind these things, that are horrendous an salacious and click worthy and newsworthy by our now the things that are decision acres for voters and I think that's a lot of what happened in twenty sixteen yeah. I know we should the parliamentary about this too, when she's on, but I mean I thought about that to this. If there's a larger debate here about, do you go after trumps, personality and trumps, dishonesty and trumps racism,
sexism and all of the things he's done wrong and twenty eighteen and twenty twenty, or do you focus on the policies and in the actions that his administration has taken, that will affect people's lives in a real substance of tangible way, and I think that we need to do the ladder. I think that most people in this country have made up their minds about Donald Trump: either they hate him or they loved him. I don't think there's a lot of people who are in between, and I think that you were, if you are a democratic candidate in the most liberal district or in the most. Servitude district that you should be talking about what your plans are, what your policies are and why the republican policies and the Trump Administration's actions have been so deeply damaging to the country. I think that is your best bet, no matter what kind of district running that's, I don't know either by opinion is very somewhere. We have just over time a better deal as a mess.
And you know somebody critique that people gave added, which was probably slightly overblown n, people's reaction to it, but the challenge of it is. It was a slogan in search of a story. Not to me as always the biggest mistake that happens in political message making which you try to figure out the bumper sticker first and then use the bumper second to tell a story when what you should do and when I think Barack Obama Alma, I withheld a very able speechwriter did was have a story and figure out a slogan from there and I think the story the Democrats should be telling is around stopping the chaos in corruption. In trumps, washing and that allows you to run against Ben Carson thirty one day dollar table Tom Parry is flights everything about all the special interest giveaways in the tax bill Prickly when Paul Ryan gets a half million dollars from the Coat brothers first in exchange for passing the bill everything trump enriching himself you need a run against corruption in care,
because we know that from research, I've seen that the chaos bothers a lot of republic of people who would vote for public Amerika Congress and that is a story to tell now the challenge you have yours like we're. Gonna say that in press secretary isn't democratic races run around the country are gonna, save rightly Every time I boss goes out, they ask about stormy Daniels or collusion, or should from fire Mahler and the only way we get coverage to do that and that that was the challenge. The clinical in face, and that is a very real challenge and you change. The press is going to come Someone saying that they spanked the President states with a copy of fortune magazine with his face on like that is gonna, get cover this other. You can do to stop that, and that is that, is they indictment of media today, that would have been true in the days of pamphlets. Hearing by You can control what you're candidates You can control what your ads are and eat. That's Democrats have to be incredibly disciplined to carry a message.
That shows both why problem is wrong and what they're going to do about it, and I think that's both a populist economic message that includes everything from fifteen dollar minimum wage too Medicare for all or improvements on our health care system, and that includes a set of ethics reforms. Keeping finance around making trump making resonate. States include in the conflict of interests, laws and all the above, so you have to story in an agenda and a half the pair with one another year I mean, I think you have those questions by saying axis just another example of Trump protecting himself in tching himself, his friends, his donors, at the expense of caring about the American. People? This is a man. Is a Congress who have told us that if you put them back in power, they will try to finish the job of ripping away people's health care and driving up their premium.
These are people that, if you put them back in power, they will continue to pass more tax cuts for the wealthy and got programs like Medicare in Social Security and Medicaid. They have told us this. They have promised us this. They are out of control, they are unchecked. They are corrupt. They protect themselves the expensive everyone else and we need some accountability in Washington to keep them in check to protect people. That that to me is what how you can you know it of getting into the issues about stormy in this and Mahler in the lawyers, but you said it just all: corruption and its corruption at the expense of the american taxpayer, and I think the answer they like clues, Russia dominates the news coverage register. So just answer the question we need to. Let mother do his job, what I'm focused on his axe, yeah? That's right, by way, America's broadly by betterment better
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Events go. I got my sister s on us for our Christmas. She loved it. So loves it yeah my parents to do. I get them one anyway, I'm gonna get Zono sets Gimme your wedding, get there. You told you that you know it's, but it's almost a year almost is right. Emily to host, I find I gotta get a different April. Sweating from last year, then I'm onto your June wedding gift, I'm getting that's right. Thank you. Notes, fur gifts that I've received before the wedding rid itself that tonight we amend Emily, wrote them to read and heard Ami Mohammed earnings. Very bad looks like a fourth graters anyway gets on us, the greatest out this had to speak about it. Once I want some other weird removed from Trump this week he fired veterans Affairs Secretary, David Shokhin, and replaced him with his own way. House physician, Doktor, Ronnie Jackson
who we know because he was an Obama White has physician. He took care of the staff he took care of us. He did. A great job is doctor for us, but do we think the doktor Runny Jackson can run the biggest hell? care system in the United States. Does he have managerial experience? I don't know, I don't think so. Shocking This was a hold over from the Obama years trumped like come. He reportedly picked Dr Ronnie because they have a good personal rapport and you know he thinks he's out of central casting which of course is a big one for Trump, particularly when you're on Fox cuz. He was almost going to pick a fox person, for this So what is it? What do you think about? This then mean? As you point out, does tax, a friend of ours. He traveled everywhere present Obama went? We travelled over and we spent days and weeks on the road with them. He, when I had helped
and ass. He took great care of may well have bothered me I'd want anyone could have asked ass for at a he's, a great doctor and a really good person who has served his country incredibly, absolutely over and over long career along a distinguished career. She is your question. I have no idea if you can run the vizier who have now. Talk to him about veterans policy or his managerial experience, and he does after run the white alphabetical unit. In that mean that, as a manage your job Obviously there is no obvious experience to prepare you for running the vizier other may be being the deputy vs secretary, one, what it is the second largest department. I believe it's a huge management chow. I worry for Doc Jackson that trumped is putting him on a tough path here, because for were the best legislative affair, staff communication
people strategists it's a hard thing to get a person confirmed its a hard thing to get a person confirm for a job that it is immediately obvious why they are qualified for does not have the best legislative affairs that he does not have the best medications people is that have strategists full stop so I worry for Doktor Jackson that trunk through his name visa tweak as he likes them and is impressed by him and then we'll do none of the actual work it takes to give him a chance to fairly make his case to be confirmed again to take us out of the purely personality realm, which is what the press always does and put, The policy Rome here in a silken were not bad this morning in the or times about why was fired and he said you know he. He basically attacks trump political appointees in the visa for trying to privatized the viewer and accuse them of one.
The quote rewarding select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans. He ends by saying it shouldn't be this hard to serve your country, It's interesting that you know. Now we don't know exactly what the causes were, but We do know that there are a lot of from political appointees in the visa right now we're trying to privatized veterans care which is a very bad idea and I think that the other thing that Doctor Jackson's going to face during his confirmation hearings is lot of questions about whether he agrees with these ideas about reform the ba by essentially privatizing it and you know, why this care to private hospitals, where the costs are much higher for the same kind of care? Immediate? There are definitely people in Trump rural to want to privatized, Thea, I am somewhat sceptical that that's why shocking did make it probably a lot to do with personal
managers forged emails near the other european problems involved in and now that he did those things, because it's totally fide trouble. Who cares if you get caught doing those that he gets back Prescott he's like is he's not mad. You're, corrupt, he's manager, incompetent and corrupt, hustled member, how in two thousand and twelve, when we are waiting for a Supreme court to rule on health care and you had to write like three different speed. For Obama for every possible outcome has bravely overturned it. They upheld that they did. This half thing do indeed, that for us firing kiss he's her ever. He didn't like give our by Sweden that in turn this aren't, he had this written for when from fired him. So I imagine you like, if I get fired any attacks, my credibility I'll do? This is much fired on the toilet I'll. Do this, it's
working for tromp seems terrible and if you chose to do that, you deserve what you got so either that the scheme is Trump Cabinet NEWS. This we came from the Department of Commerce billionaire Wilberfloss, the calmer secretary over reportedly career? U S census employees and push the bureau to announce that the census will include a question asking every american household about their citizenship This is a problem because critic say that it may scare millions of undocumented immigrants from filling out the surveys. This is important because courts have ruled that every person- not just U S, citizens must be counted in the census if they are not counted. States with under counting, don't get the funding or representation Congress that they deserve cities get hurt? The most states with large immigrant populations get hurt the most. What did you think about this news down? He I that
people may be concerned about given that information to a trumpet gas, nor should I rise. Of course they are concerned about it. There rating every place they can to deport as many people as possible and every time they deplore more people, they get a real attaboy from tromp. Of course, people are worried about. Of course, it's gonna have a negative effect. It's gonna be really bad for states with large immigrant populations because of the way were funding has allocated is it it was can have massive implications for the way. Districts, are drawn in after the next redistricting. It is incredibly Iraq I will end dangerous and of course, they're doing it, because we, if, given the choice to do this shit this thing possible, they will always do this hideous thing possible. Wheelbarrows who had really, who had been according to access is reporting of inside Whitehouse. Gossip had really been on the outward form for a long time for falling asleep in meetings is now
back in trumps, good graces for being a trade war and now being for a racist census like that had about it. Yet I had a reason I m sure Trump fucking loves this interest. Even Miller loves this and that's why they're doing it, which it generally Asinius Stephen Miller like something Trump like something it's a bad thing, but I want to get this out of just the sort of this is another awful thing: that's unique to trump because What can be done about this? A twelve attorneys general have filed suit against. This include. Have you ever Sarah hearing California, but in addition, also legal avenues here. Congress has oversight over the census. Congress could do something. Will Congress do anything where Oh here's marker Rubio. He tweeted the other day that this is an absurd freak up over the Sensus and he said quote: districts are poor. Based on number of people, not here illegally dilutes the political representation of citizens. Well, Marco! That's not what the fuck
courts have said, for I don't know how many years now that that with this This is supposed to count all persons in the country where the undocumented. Not that's the way it is fucking. Marker Rubio man There has been a lot of discussion about Marker Rubio online these days yeah. I know that a lot of very sad, never trump conservatives. If trade. Explain as someone the grand theory for why no one likes marker Rubio. Clears not area, thought that grant there's no like a marker, Rubio, his eight Empty suit, who scared of his own shadow, who takes bold smug positions in immediately backtracks for them at the slightest sign of political turmoil. He is the walking talking and body met of everything that every hates about politics. There is almost nothing that the bright bark crowd and the friends of the pot agree on, but I do agree on this
Her Rubio sucks, forget about the brave our crowd. Don't take our or don't take the races blogs word for it ask any. The republican carrots and their staff, who read against Marco Rubio in toys. Sixteen what they, about marker Rubio and you hear something that sounds like you're. Listening to pod save America, ask republican voters right who took a long year and a half long look at marker, Rubio Undecided, you know what I like aid crews a lot more yeah there's about people on twitter. Mostly. Never trump. Conservatives in like a few former strategies, marker Rubio, who defend him and that's about it, I find it anyone else, the person who reminded us that the Republican Party is why we got Trump and a trump is not some. Aberration is never Trump hero, Mitt Romney, who said this, we quote
I am also more of a hawk on immigration than even the president. My view was these Dhaka kids shouldn't be allowed to stay in the country legally. She we be surprised from the person who, during the twenty twelve campaign, talked about deportation and attacked Texas gum a Rick Perry for being too favourable to dreamers. Probably not. We have no Mitt Romney was bad for a long time yet, which we convinced ourselves. Everyone wants. A republican hero We need an already VIC in our lives. To be too represents some other better version of the party, because we need a two party system to function. We need hope in need a like a healthy normal republican Party and adjust conservative, not horrible. That does not exist. Do you take opposition? It like Jeff, like us, cried, and so what is he found TAT he had to leave. You get shunned out o the party for not being here, immigrants- and this is where we are,
and there is all and yet another reminder that law. After we be tromp, we still have to defeat Trump ISM, because nothing is our system of governance, not gonna work until that is beaten out of the Republican Party, and that's all you have you know some of these, never trump Republicans who We become independence or Democrats and actually left the party, but goin in one direction he soon You see in the long term Republicans leaving their programme party. You had seen a bunch of Democrats becoming Republicans are becoming chump people. You don't see that right now, you see it the other way around and look I think with Romney and Rubio, assist reminder like that. You said there are certain, Republicans who, on specific Issues speak out in show. Political courage, but there are very Few Republicans! If any, who have you no taken on whole system of corruption. That is at the heart of that party right now, or extremism that is at the
that party right now and you just don't see that because they're all either, you know afraid of them. Publican base or they Jim, only believe these things, so that's all we ve got an that's gotta. Think about again we go back. Twenty eighteen is that this is not just about Donald Trump. This is about tire party that made impossible. The only way to solve this problem is to beat them. So fucking bad and twenty eighteen, twenty twenty, that they are forced to reform themselves, That is the only option, and we have to do that and if we we're gonna, be stuck in this shit spiral for a very long time break. The fever. Is our old boss used to say it was ok when we come back. Be talking to Hillary Clinton, former communications director, General Mary, partly America's brought by square space? Here we go greatest. Your new business make it stand
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It was a transaction and it happened at the wheel. Place and it was greeted the cash out you did. The funny thing is the point on the point that we are very happy to welcome back our good friend for we're Hillary Clinton campaign, communications, director, Jen Palmary who's out, the brand new book called dear. And president an open letter to the women who will run the world the Golan Palmary. It's going grades were so happy to have your I'm really excited to be with you guys, yeah, look as Do Honeywell sold down on Amazon on Monday night before it came out, but also I know I was a good sir, so the because a ton of great advice and lessons learned from the Clinton campaign, one of the things you talk about is how you felt like Hilary was running for president with half of her humanity tie behind her back. What do you mean by that? And how can future candidates avoid that?
What I mean by that was it occurred to me and I remain for the moment. I was sitting on the tarmac and and it was October. So it was really laid a twenty sixteen and just heard to me in a moment that what we had done was right her as a female, facsimile of the qualities that we look for in a male president. And it was got pine punch. I thought in that moment, while a the mental flaw in the design. You know something you would need to go back to school, so go at square one eggs and two that it probably robbed her of her. You know herself what we're some of those qualities so the thing is John. I can't tell you, because we don't
have any other model from which tooth think of when we think about qualities and upright. And other than men and after no a year and a half later. What I think is that light women in her generation and other professions, the first woman candidate, it happened to be Hilary The first nominee had to prove that she could do the job just as well as any person has a job before her and that that means as and I think you know now league see I have certainly always felt that I could do the job that any man dead and do it just as well, but I don't really two. I wanna do it the way I wanted there. You prove that many times so it is, I think, a
this election, and why gene which she went through and then the outcome would it proved to me was the way We think about women in leadership is just broken and I thank them tat. Women have made a lot of progress in the last hundred years and mostly what we ve done is followed in both politics and in the workplace, followed a model. The only model that there was right, which was built by and for men through no fault of anybody, says just how the world was So you know you have to prove that you're tough. You have to prove that you can then, it's. You can take a blow. You have to me now. Maybe work a lot harder. You have to u cant cry at work, you? You know you get news. You got a nod to gotta absorbing you gotta move on, and I think that those sort of tools served women really really while up to a point, but without a
improved to me. Was we have plateaued when it comes to by a certain set of rules, but the politics in the workplace, and now women can imagine something else, and you know after from one and the first chapter of the book, which I thank you, You were disappointed in the election. Is you know, sounds a little raw to reach. About my own experience on that night and that morning, after but I want people to stand what it felt like. I hope that the same way, which was you woke up on Wednesday of ever ninth in a different universe, and I remember, two people: men and women. Both felt that same way, which was you up on Wednesday of ever ninth in a different universe, and I remember desperately want to go back to the one that was
just we were in just thirty six hours before when I saw our former bus President Obama in Philadelphia, the last rally that we did with him- and you know pointed at me and laughed as I do not messes up and says that we had it- we got it I really wanted to go back to that old universe, that I was comfortable in a new, but then had to women had made a choice where to a choice pretty early on after the election there. You're gonna, think this guy one and that's what men. Is meant to happen in America, and women may be early meant to go so far or we have to fight harder to get what we want and I think what most women, who you know, at least those of us who didn't vote for Trump. I did in the moment, which is sort of remarkable, is no it doesn't mean he was meant to when it means we are playing the game wrong and we're not gonna limit ourselves and our own thinking about,
we lead how we participate politics, how we participate at work, how we produce faint life, we're just gonna make up our own rules, and I think that the first manifestation of that was the women's March, it happened again with this women's march of this year. I think, is another manifestation of people saying men and women. In both while we ve really limited ourselves and we're gonna think about this in a whole new way, so that is what I wanted to try to convey because its remarkable thing? How and we talked women across the board. They do feel empowered in this moment and I think that's what it's about assessing the doubt. It had been in the back of our minds like well, you know, inhibiting myself- and maybe I shouldn't be your eye, but you know I want us this, but the rules tell me that's that's not how a nurse was to behave at work so and then his when so approved Yes, so validation that we needed that this has broken. We know your book
the very great for someone say your book is really fabulous answer very emotional and important smart reed. Thank you but it's also a message to women. Erica, join, but also women who want to run for office and let you know there are in, part, because many women made the choice that you just talked about. You have record numbers of women running for office all up and down the ballot across the country. If you could sit down those women. What advice would you give them? So I think that you, have to be aware of the calls that still exist women in part said women, insarov leadership positions, and I think that it is that as far as we ve come, you know, and as far as women made of you step back and look at it from the scope of human history. It still really radical thing for women to be in the workplace is liable in the last hundred years. It's a radical thing for women for a woman to be in charge. If you you know
we spent centres and centres in centuries, making politics and workplace a comfortable place for men. So don't mix backed that you're going to fit in neatly rain. So when someone says to you, you know your voice is a little shrill, but you really need to project in your thinking that doesn't make any sense, you're saying trajectory fangs in her. Don't think that someone has the right answer: has you're making a new model and that scary, because we it is more comfortable if we understand that there is a set of rules at worthless to play by- and you know in induced, tell me what to do and follow them, but not much doesn't exist your creating match, but you shouldn inhibit yourself so, and I think you know I do, think that everybody who didn't who didn't four Hilary did suffer sexist reason answers or You know that this is a conscious, biased people hold on their heads against women,
it's just for in uncharted territory and the other thing are lessons I learned you now with you guys. I think the and fight for comes across really well and dear. Madam president, I appreciate that varies very nice. You yeah because when I first went have on the White House, you know both you and plus. Were you now you're like This is gonna, be good. You're gonna be in all the main aims, and you know you set all the right things to me to make me feel like, I was gonna fit in well, and you all had only one White House had an unfair reputation. Thy learn very unfair reputation, being inside e, and you know and not being up I said had as many women in charge and it was not. My experience once I watches doors was couldn't, have been more opposite than the reputation of my first day Danube. Like ok, we gotta go brief protest and I was like o o
oh ok, so that was for real me, really meant that ok, I'm gonna, have to go to the oval office and tell the President of the United States. Would I think you know in some ways it be easier to set out. The of office and complain that you're not a meeting right and, like second guess, all the decisions that are being made in there. But realized. I I'm doing my job. If I don't speak up in that meeting and tell the present I'd states what I think that is when I'm here to do and there was one meeting I was in, and it was all women and he could tell one of them was holding back and he said to this purse them speak up. You are in the room, look Look at the rounded walls say of office. It's the only one. This is it I I need you to speak up and
I really do you realize that he's not just being nice he's not just wanting women to feel empowered. He wants to know what you think and like that, away that I got over myself, and beam even me, you guys have feeling intimidated to say too tell him what I thought he should do and like That's what I want to tell women now is: if you hold yourself back. If you inhibit yourself, you who are not just in had been yourself you're like robbing everyone else of your perspective, and if you don't look like everyone else, and if you're a few women in the meaning is you know, can still off often happen in this world. Your perspective matters more, not less. And then the other lesson. I taught myself and the Obama White House, because I still fell that at times like wow, there's, probably a lot, repeat theirs. I can keep on our profession. They believe me better than me at my
as White Ass communications doctor. I am in us I've still second guess my inner before I speak about what kind of vices gonna say and think you know that somebody else might have a better idea. And finally, I just had decided that if you had a national context for somebody who could be the White House communication stricter. You could find somebody better than me, but not that much better, probably not by the way the geek. So you know these are things damn that, like I would talk to Halley about and things I would two other, of my female colleagues in the White House, and this is like how we, how he rose and occasion of a scary but amazing opportunity, and I think it's those lessons that I want women we're going into politics who might several little fear to hold onto, Polly what always say J Palm, gives the best advice and
was really. She sat here in Russia where the whole Balkan basely one sitting on the couch the other night and was very kind of you were doing it for that very reason, so that everyone else to hear that advice yeah. I had hardly my head a lot during the right in the bud because she in her she was one of the ones who had told me. Will you should use issues right this about turn from a communications protective we're just talking about us is how do you think the next presidential candidate, but I guess also the next congressional candidates who didn't they now have a gate. The Trump show So you are on a campaign where, every day you woke up- and you guys had a message and you had a girl like you- do- want a campaign and you go you give your speech and you hope for your headlines and then was differ. Is you got Donald Trump and the entire media universe revolves around every offensive awful thing he says and does and then you are sucked into responding to that, and then that becomes the news the day. How do you break that psycho or I guess how do you navigated yeah? I feel,
every that dynamic is changing of Hannah. You guys of bill. Pod save America, you know it has a big risk every day and there's law Some other outlets in our platform that you make your own at every day that change is more than ever. Today, the mainstream legacy media becomes less relevant and it becomes more parents what a dying beast. Television news is and what a facade it can be with the God? She questions in the way that game is set up to keep the game of. You know the people who are the press and- the people they cover the game is to just sustain the game. To you know it's all about process. It's all about why somebody did something not the repercussions of what they did, and I think
changing dramatically every day becoming less important and even the Muslim thing- a presidential, candidate or Canada running now can do- is make your own Platt former seek out ones like this because this is what the the future is is one that has more power. Form is less gates, and I think people, are yearning to hear more authentic, convert Stations and not observe a game and that encourage him you'll stay I'll deal with tromp. Dominating the news, such as we know that that maintains itself in that space of them and free media that back and forth- and I think the best can do and what I really believe we did. A good job with Hillary. It with is,
Try to use those moments to show qualities about yourself in what you are made of even the and how you deal with what he does in it end how you respond to it, because you, he and ignore it, but that second put the most useful thing you can do for yourself there's something I've been thinking about is the next democratic candidate. They will try scandalize him or her just like they did with Hilary. I now you say that Hilary actually wanted to address the email stuff head on, but the staff convinced to leave it alone, and that this is a mistake but that when I read a few weeks ago, your colleague fully brightness redder p, in the washing imposed about how to be Trump and twenty twenty and one of the leaves pieces of advises. Don't apologize ever since ITALY, you guys maybe had two different takes on this. What what do you think about it? You know it's really where the fleet and I would have been different. Eight boy I mean: what do they do that, because I can see, I can see both sides of the coin here Ray like on.
On one hand, you wanna say like why wanna be forthright, and I want to tell people what really happened, and I want to explain myself and then I guess in fleets, mine he's thinking you. That you're, just gonna give the whole thing more oxygen and you might as well just move onto your issues and in I think, a lot of candidates have had to navigate that. What what do you think about it yeah. It is I'm innocent right leg. We would navigate this every day rate in the above White House. It's like that's like that was the question. If you respond, on your giving more oxygen to it? So you know, sir, I got it out and not do that and I think in today's world you cannot do that. I think you have to respond, because even if something from the staff on Twitter because your supporters need to know what to think at a minimum rate. So if it's that's getting attention and you're just trying to act It gets not there again that
You know, that's part of the game right, that's part of how we used to play it that the press set something up its base where she has to take. If we you know, we ignore, we try to keep it contained and hope it goes away, but and that words you know four ago that could still work, but I think now, if you don't address it, you're supporters, thinking well, maybe it's true, I don't owe them suddenly thing and you have to engage yeah and that that was a world where there is like for new cycles. Instead of like you, no one, cycle every minute to set you you could maybe hope back then that it wouldn't get into the new cycle. You really can't hope that anymore, I with Palmary on this, because the old worlds of dont gifts on the oxygen was a world in which there is limited oxygen right and now there is unlimited oxygen for any and every story, and something in Facebook and Twitter to spread those stories without any sort of contacts. So you know it
we face the birth certificate. Problem in toys exceed seven thousand eight. We would appreciate it in a different response to it, but. Jen. Thank you so much for joining us. This is fine. As Catalonia I loved already has come to allay and visit now yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna. Do then I'll be there later in April. I am to see you on Monday night. Oh, you are examined your about. That's terrific, you! How, in our common wicked backers, that's great the book is dear. Madam president, an open letter to the women who will run the world go by right now: fantastic greed, Jen, Palmary! Wonderful, as always. Thank you for coming on thanks and thank you to Europe. Thanks for joining us again. We will see you guys, while the pot on Tuesday morning in a pod on Friday morning will be in Florida at the end of next week. Have a great weekend will talk to you soon dark everyone next week
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