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Shutdown negotiations falter as Trump takes his demagoguery to El Paso, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar formally launch their presidential campaigns, and “The Best of Enemies” star Taraji P. Henson joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan live on stage in Durham, North Carolina.

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I welcome the broad save America John forever drawn mother, nor are they employ for girls. Packing. It wanted to be here, but she got stuck in Minneapolis. I think yeah storm we project, or rather through Atlanta,
in a soda. She she tried every Fletcher. Courage is very sad. She says hello. I now but later in the show, we will talk with the star of the upcoming filmed, the best of enemies which is based on events that took place right here Durham to P Hansen is here, would first hear something fun: We are less than a week away from another government shutdown, so Congress has so far. I just gotta snuck up on us didn't Congress has until Friday to reach a deal on border security funding, and both parties are currently saying that negotiations have broken down over republican demands for more barriers and more detention beds. That would allow ice to detain more immigrants. President trumpets threaten to declare a national emergency if he doesn't get some.
On five billion dollars and while funding, which is a non starter for Democrats in either way, Congress still has to agree on how to fund the Department of Homeland Security and seven other government agencies by the end of the week or we're in another shut down Dan. What you think of the likeliest outcome is here, and what should the democratic negotiating position be?. I have no idea, John Levine. If we were in a normal world with a normal present, an overall working party. Those very obvious solution, which is the working on in the working on a deal. There's no reason they can pass another short term funding extension for another week or two weeks, three weeks until they came to a conclusion, and that in a normal, that's what would happen. We just don't know whether that something that trample, except in whether he will put us in another shut down. I they demo have to understand, can't remember they have all the lever cheer. And then we should be reasonable. We should try to get the government open but we should not feel this pressure too.
Give tromp more than is good policy. Just to meet them half way because they started Wall way over here right, so we will have to get half witted tromp. We should just be moved. We want to have a little bit in their direction, but not in a way the compromises are principles. It seems like we're Democrats are saying here is Republicans, are asking for more detention beds because they want us to be able to you know, detain all of these immigrants and it goes with them rather saying is- No, we should we want ankle bracelet, or other ways of getting people to their detention hearing their immigration hearing aside from just Can people up indefinitely, which is what we ve been doing right now, cancer saying: oh, no, no, that's that's an starter. We don't want to do that, but feels like democratic Pro, really hold on that position right, I think they can it just a question of what the consequences of that will be the winners. But tight, among Republicans other than for another shot down just be question whether this will be the one time the rolling tobacco you I mean you, tv
Forget because he talks about it, so much any demagogues it so thoroughly the wall is unpopular. Most of the country does not want more walls. The wall is even less popular, if you say should trumpet a national emergency to get funding for the wall. So the dance point we have the leverage you set the withstand to sustain a whole bunch of gratuitous attacks in the present. States on twitter, which is its door. It also doesn't seem like nothing really era. It the Senate Republicans really have an appetite for another shut down right. What nobody does accept No, nobody does is only the the one person At the centre of this there's one terrible person, the you know, in reading it. There was a strange right. The way
its fastening to live through someone like Donald Trump being President after the time. And the sadness after that the because. You see out how nice more things can be around everything except the most abnormal piece of all. This in all these articles, running you're. The negotiations, you, you would be you would surprised to find similar paragraphs in Arctic about George W Bush or by Obama Of course, all of this is really a show right like there is a legitimate policy and ideological debate about what to do at the border and argument does take place on the hill and they'll be action as to how many beds there should be and how much money should be trumped up the White House ones. Point seven. We want zero it'll added to Atlanta three, that's all the normal politics and that's all playing out, but at the core The reason this debate as even happening the reasoning short term. Extension of funding of one bureau of
massive federal government is at the core of this debate. That we're Having- and I said In answer to the question is whether the government will even remain opening open is because Donald Trump immigration is only winning issue. That's why we're talking about it? That's why this debate is taking place. So, ultimately, you know what should set a democratic did send republicans you. It seems like that in the same way that people at the White House seem to behave as Donald Trump? Isn't, president, you walk around behaving like normal she's right he's an apple, that's the new ones. Take that we bring the other knows when Donald Trump, when the asshole is in India, waters knees watching tv in tweeting on the toilet. Eleven am which the what he does most is noted do ground Stephen Miller is is doing he can to blow up any of negotiation that might meet in the middle and prevent rather
ultimately point that all of this is a show, no matter what the There is none other than to go. She ate or say no matter what comes out of it, no matter the huffing and puffing what dot? What at the end of the day, there will be a moment were Donald Trump says yes or no, and it's very hard to know. What we're seeing right now, whether I'll do that at one time a day. It is based on debate what funds, whereas the oddest buck in feeding schedule, work. How many you know what one aspect of a dollar menu has he ploughed his face through well, one hint ass brown it's an image and image lovely one here he is not taking these negotiations very seriously is on the Monday he's holding campaign rally on the border in El Paso Texas, in which I'm sure he'll call for a thoughtful compromise and appeal to our better angels? What does it say about Trump's twenty twenty strategy that his very first campaign rallies
first Magda rally of the real act is an immigration rally at the border I mean does: does he want doesn't it, seem like he wants this, the issue of the wall more than he wants the wallet. It doesn't say something. It says everything about his campaigns, Reggie. Add its absolute core trumps campaign strategy is to scare as many white people as he can that not more people take their jobs. Take their homes, commit crimes are committed. That is what he wants to do. He even if we the wall tomorrow? Trumpet give up the idea. That is the sort of bigger all. Yet we will add, in all add bars to the wall, make it taller the lake. He will He cannot as part of it political rationale, give up the dark story of trying to scare people like that
that always has to be the that is the part that excites his that thirty six percent of voters who are his base in that's what he needs to even make it too. To the starting line, and there is plenty of evidence that this is not us. A hypothetical situation we Democrats went to Donald Trump and offer him five times as much money. Four times as much money exchange for four for border funding for border funding in exchange for for protecting the dreamers and was scuttled by Trump and the right wing fascist inside the administration. Who cannot accept the deal like that they can never accept any kind of deal. So aside. What are Democrats should respond? So trumps gonna go to El Paso on Monday Monday night potential Trump, twenty twenty opponent bet. Or Rourke will also be speaking Monday in his home town of El Paso. At an event, it's just a stone's throw away from
rally in a medium post over the weekend betters place of choice is it your canvas. Jobs is getting better road Monday. We all welcome the president, one of the safest cities in the United States safe, not because of walls and not in spite of the fact that we are a city of immigrants safe because we are in. Of immigrants and because we treat each other with dignity and respect, He then goes on to list a serious event with under was the series of detailed immigration proposals. What are you guys think of Bellows post and broader, what is the best way for the democratic candidates to engage an issue that Trump sees as his strength in twenty twenty, What was good, I mean it was very substantive. Young was using the little hasty graphs function on medium, which you know is good. Is nice like the other than he does. Media offered some concrete policy stepson solutions, but then one thing He never leaves out
is, is trying to push both parties to stop dehumanizing immigrants in using language that is insightful designed to fear people all things Dan was talking about, which I think is important. So the puzzle that Democrats don't always do because we can be scared of the issue, so I do we talk about heat up, better talks about immigration, with the confidence of someone who grew upon, a border town is lit. These issues is entire life and is not scared of the politics of it. I think like makes that approach a model, that's worth emulating. What do you think? So? I think. Democrats and generally are giving you immigration all times. I think the three parts to how you deal with it The first thing we have to talk about a firm position of confidence is Tommy said despite the tweets in the inflammatory Fox NEWS segments it and the talk about the wall the majority of Americans in a good portion. Republicans agree with Democrats on a comprehensive solution.
We have to remember that always because we use the press is like our trump is using as winning issue again in its another. That's not actually what voters thing if we hand out what we also we just had an election? We just. We just tried this out right. He spent all, toper, scaring people, but the caravan everyone at all with doubt they said Tristram strength is immigration, demagogue its are on the run. What's gonna happen, maybe Republicans going to hold a house now and it didn't work, in the second- is that's exactly right? The second part of Attica Democrats, it it was. You can't let tromp said the four corners of the argument right too often? I think Democrats, because we have approaches fear we We immediately accept trumpet scare people and now we have to do. We have to address that fake fear that he is driven, and so we
instead of talking about the contribution that immigrants make to America in the broader issue. Here we exist around this sort of fake invasion, the trumpet suggesting the border. So we we can't let him decided. Another thing is there are other issues, other immigration, so I think we have to take it head on and then pivot right in I think the way to do that is not till like construct. Something words like trauma sergeant, immigration, immigration also an economic issue and here's my economically, and I think we have to call out the game of what Europe is doing. He is trying to scare you because he wants a distraction from the fact that, while he's been president Biggest companies in the richest people have gotten richer in wages, have stayed the same that while he is screaming about the wall, he is allowing companies to make your your air dirty or new water dirty right like we have to call out what he's doing and I think that's the way to handle the postal borrowing hinder, drove us into this extended. We can't run from the argument and we can't live with in this.
Standard immigration. Only discussion has are so many more things that matter so many more people I mean. How do you think that How do you do the Democrats? Should handle the issue specifically of ice emigrations and custom? Foresman on one hand, We know that a majority of Americans disagree with some democratic activists and now presidential contenders who want to abolish ice. On the other hand, ice is still as out of control as ever just this week to good, undocumented immigrants were arrested right here in North Carolina, even though many of those immigrants lack any kind of criminal conviction or pending charges. What should Democrats do what did they say about ice since it's it's clearly, like you said, an issue that will then be able to avoid completely because Donald Trump is going to talk about this all the time using state of the union. He said: what's never abolish the heroes of ice
I think it's really hard question to answer in a vacuum: input for the same reasons that it's hard to answer, trumps attacks, immigration in a fuck you you know, I think, to dance point. Shouldn't be afraid of the issue, but it is another aspect of the way cats are afraid of the issue we tend to You're the immigration system is broken, has been broken for a very long time talking about comprehensive immigration for a very, very long time, so much the conversation is about. How do you? How do you account for, the broken s and the consequences that broken as it has existed for thirty years. That means that means
but I came here illegally. It means the children of people who came here illegally. That means people who overstayed their visas that meets broken S at the border. That means enforcement inside the country. That means caps on the number of people that come in and other kinds of rules that have no basis in our current economy and actually don't make sense at all and so into that soup of broken us, where we are dragnet conversations around border and then at the same time we see terrible abuses by agencies that are kind of run mark and also cut of the that sitting on top of this entirely broken framework? And so to me the most? thing, these candidates can do as you do. Need to start by taking on these little aspects where these, these so sets of the policy problem. What is your information. What do you believe of us? If we do comprehensive immigration reform. What do you believe the visa system should look like what should happen to people who, over
data reasons. What should happen, and we have a better system for people who do come into this country illegally. Be honest about it, be honest, the kind of immigration use. You think we should have when we dealt with the problems of the past and build something better and then, in that context I am very interested here will candidates would say about whether its abolishing ice or reforming ice or breaking ice up figuring out how to make the enforcement of immigration laws more humane without giving up on the idea that we are a country that will have borders and restrictions on immigration of some form when this is all done, and if you want One thing that happened in two thousand: sixteen is we. Had have the conversation we had. The we had. The conversation about how to help me. That have been fought by the immigration system, people like dreamers, and we had a conversation about how to combat Donald trumps, hateful rhetoric, but we didn't have the positive side, but what a good action policy which will include enforcement, looks like what does it actually look like, and I think if somebody can articulate that, then whether they want
abolish ice where they want to reform ice, their views for ice, I'm very interested in hearing, but to just talk about in a vacuum, I think is ultimately not a good idea? Promise is not a good idea, but it's it's a bad idea of our own making. We know it and we know that about ice does not pull well. I remember talking to a bunch of the credit candidates running republican districts in cash for me, I said was the one thing that, the National Party to do better for you and they said please stop talking about the abortion ice movement were hearing about it. Every of that saying that it's. That makes the policy wrong, but it was just an interesting data point for me at the time, those things if we that ice ice wasn't like a in the constitution, it's an agency that emerged after nine eleven as opposed to hodgepodge, forms, you can easily break part in recast.
Some of the key core functions of the agency, so that the really important thing they do to stop human trafficking and other enforcement components that we want to continue can continue and weak try to curtail some of the really abusive things that are happening. Like John was talked about North Carolina bees. It doesn't matter of european democratic President like there was there were stories of ice things that were complete, inappropriate during the Obama Years- and it didn't matter how many times some of the White House called over their say, cut that shit out. They didn't necessarily do it. So it's gonna take some a lot of work, I think our job is to not get caught up in slogans and it's like we can save Clearly we talk about immigration. Democrats are not for open, bore We ve never been for open borders and, by the way, were also for immigration enforcement, but we will not turn a blind eye to human rights abuse.
That are committed in our name by government it right and nothing wrong with it, and it's like you, don't have to say even abolish ice, but if there is an agency than his like run a marked its outcome all which we know they were doing in the Obama administration. They were not always following directives from the top, and they did some horrible things in the administration ministration and now they're doing it. The Trump administration, because their being encouraged from yet and I think we need to rethink what enforcement looks like in this country right and do we need enforcement? Do we need to be doing workplace raids? Do we need setting up fake education classes. So people go In an undocumented in immigrants, go take a class and then used as an excuse to arrest a whole bunch of people and deport them. When they ve never done anything wrong, and I ve been in this country forever like. Is that what we want our immigration to be, of course not so like you can easily make that argument without saying, because the problem is, when you tell people do,
polish ice and ices, how we enforce our laws in this country a lot of people going to be like yeah, I don't know if I were abolished. No, of course not it's like it's. You know I wasn't like when you're perfect, when you presented with too bad options right maybe you maybe you since you a way, there's incredibly good reasons for saying like if, if Democrats, behind her, like a plan that involves reforming the invitations. Isn't that includes abolishing ice. That does a really good thing like there's a good like, but when you return with two options you to talk about abolishing ice or defend ice sucks, there's a third option, a bigger vision for what you want, or immigration doesn't look like and by the way. When then, I think I think they ve always been a champion of a
I love a third here's. The thing here is the things I have heard of these aims are shown everyday guys as a centrist. Here's the deal- let's say you have a friend in that Friend- wants you. She and you have another friend that wants Italian. Some people say: there's no answer. There is an answer. You take some raw tuna, you poor mariner assaults on top of it all right, some parmesan cheese. Little came she just from another culture yeah now and you have a third way poke able. Front does have another vulnerability on this issue. The Washington Post report this week about our trumps golf course. Investments in New Jersey was basically built operate with the help of dozens of undocumented immigrants who status was known to their managers the whole time in the past several months, trumps, business fired and documented employees from five courses after report surface it about their immigration status. As some of the democratic be talking about joint one that Georgia's when under the radar result oriented like it
it is an example of how hard it is to prosecutor political case against tramp in this medium here is a very this piece of information that would be very persuasive to a lot of people will never see it because, you know hugely driving them all our investigation, the girl might shut down the state of Virginia letting itself on fire the it is impossible to like ever focus on it for a second right. Like me, we oughta joke about our imaginary super pack, but they were too exists and if their billionaires here, let's talk afterwards, but like would like what a smart demo The Cubans who pact will do as they would run digital adds showing this story too, our voters in key battleground states who believe Immigration is a top issue for them, but there Gorman Trump because This is a story. There's also just about tromp immigration, but it's not something bigger as well, which is that trumps. So, Thompson,
form. Is not America first. It's me first right right. He cares about immigration till he needs cheap labour. Yes, I mean no more visas for people unless it's for chinese investors that wanna work with jargon of all of you know, there's someone is winery right exactly. Let's remember that like it. If it is he's fine for immigration and on documents, immigration, if it benefits him, but for political political purposes to get re elected. He knows he has to be against it. Showing Trump is complete, bullshit and someone who broke his promises because he want to do anything to get himself re elected in to enrich himself like. That's the point that the very important because just saying Trump is a liar- is going to get us into whose every one knows he's a liar in well who voted for? I knew he was a liar and there are willing to take that risk causing all. Patients are liars and he was just different, but sure why he's lying right here what what the end result of hypocrisy is emitted. Greed. Do you think that's a more compelling message then the fact that he said I'm not during the swamp, I'm the during the swamp like org, you throw the DC fact
out of town, and then he named a lobbyist to run basically every single agency. We do think that of anti constitutional change messages better. The immigration, when I think calling bullshit with an actual reason, is very important in different parts of our different people right and I think the corruption piece of it of the Rwanda voters who voted for true light. Three, my trump did better n Carolina than Brok Obama. They did here they Mitt Romney did or John Mccain? Is. There were four time trump voters. Now people are normally vote and the hardest part meter offers time voters to have them. Their vote matter. You can show that they cared because they thought he would be drained the suave. You can show that he that's not what he did but you have to show what the consequence of that is, that our life for any one of us dirtier come into your point that an example of something that benefits have right drains, It was a good political message to get him elected, but when he
it is half the government he wanted to put a bunch of lobbyists and other were loyal to him so that he can so could help him right, like everything is fucking about him, Everything else is just a bullshit political message to get elected. That to me is the yeah. Maybe two quick points. One. I'm sick of how imaginary the super beggars fucking sick of it. If I sit on his say to this guy for two years, these are always great out ideas, imaginary, get it together. Make one that issue is America regulators everywhere, not so trying to run a slogan? Third party kid? I don't need to assume the method you know. American oligarchy is drawing up a new billion. Every five minutes grab grab one of em. You know, look if I know one thing about these billionaires: they are some gullible people and you can get them in a room or I get a good look powerpoint going, though par with there that's the first point. Second, why
Other part of the immigration story that I think Democrats fail to tell is a compassionate one about what exactly now, as happened because of this system. We all built together, you know, what's happening at these Trump golf courses is. Is this? Is the story writ large of of the broken immigration system in a man, which is as a country all of us live in a system that benefits off the labour of buck up. Basically, second class citizens that we told here legally? If you make it, you can see. As long as you want they'll be work, You have to live in the shadows, but your kids gets us. You will go to school here. You can build a life here, but there's, but but you'll be paid poorly and you won't have recourse if you're, if your employer abuses you and will do that for thirty years and then when it becomes politically palatable to turn these people into a scapegoat. All the pain of that system that has benefited consumer that has benefited corporations that benefit ever all of us that our citizens of this country, when we have cheap food, restaurants and cheap goods in our stores,
All kinds of cheap services built on the backs of this undocumented labour system that when, when it comes time to crack down its other businesses, that pay a price, it's not consumers that pay a price these people who just we're playing by the set of you, know shade grey area rules that we made over thirty years and it in my hand. I think that to me is why, like, when people talk about a path legalization, it's worth remembering that there's a moral case for it and that it is the right thing to do that. People say ocean. They have to wait in line, and should these people had to get the backlog of wheat all people to come here. There are here they did break our laws by accident. They weren't doing is against our will. We wanted people to break the law as a country, we decided we rather of a system of people, broke the law than were able to follow the lot. That's why these people are paying the price for, and I just its worth remembering that that's who gets the pain was
Years later, but first or employable again now, it's for a game called. Ok, stop role, equip and the panel can say. Ok, stop at any point to combat Ralph North him he's the. Is the governor of Virginia and a man who definitely thought Lala Land should have beaten moonlight is a good show. This Again, he sat down with Gale king to make his case for staying in office. The sympathy for gale. Let's take a look. What has been a difficult weakened, and you know if you look at Virginia history, we are now Four hundred year anniversary just ninety miles from here. Sixteen nineteen, the first indentured servants from Africa, landed on our shores and all point conference
We call now Fort Monroe and, while also known as slavery, yoga. Also known as slavery,. I know where you are in your life, there's a matter. What, happening. If someone is correcting. You saying the phrase also known. As slavery. You have fucked so back to it honestly. Also, just like the perfect tone from deal right there We could have done so much higher, but she was like now, I'm just gonNa Yazzi Youth. Idiot.
You know where we have made a lot of progress in Virginia slavery has ended. Schools have been these segregated where's it. No! You sergeant, you do take. No, we ve been to that region. And slavery? Well, that's that's true Virginia every was ended in Virginia. I know he expended Medicaid below you. Guess you don't think you're does it it's like man. On your racism, apology, Fuckin press, for we made it the progress we its slavery, like how fuckin that your bar needs to start. Waiter muscular Haider
like the Germans being like, we ended. The third Reich Historical out there, like we welcomed Lincoln IRAN. Its is also like we're not interested in you. Placing your clan black face photo in the sweet history. You know it's like. I see where it is on a timeline and the Jim Crow laws easier access to voting. It is abundantly clear that we still have a lot of work to do, and I really think this week raise the level of awareness in the commonwealth and in this country that we haven't seen shortly in my life tat. I guess you see it's a positive. Ralph Norton had overlying in their rather Georgia has raised awareness. It is, that you know, fires is awareness of fire fighting
they do you think you still deserve this job, and so many people are calling for you to step down where again we we have worked very hard. We ve had a good for here and an hour later, I've been in some very difficult situations: life and death situations taken care of sick children and right now the doktor right. Now, if I bet I love jail of guilt, ideas that site Dan overbooked. Whither is like so much to say there is totally unrelated points that I want to be governor. I have also been a life and death situations. I've saved children, that's the beauty of the EL interjection of just sort of this kind of, like, like you try to move it along like because your adopt
We know that you're, a doctor soaked its innovative. When there is also some ideas about how great interviewer Gale is, which is more People who would do this in every would come in loaded for bear and they would like jump down their throats interrupt him. It is a question of she sees that he's doing this. Who himself that's an email nor them you know. There's no one asking questions he'll almost move. You know, like literally led to his own devices, How can you he'll ended Could you know you don't need to? You may tell someone they can heal No better person to do that, then a doctor Virginia also need someone who is strong. Ok, I guess
This is also by the way. This whole thing has been the result of what happens when he's around yourself with too many consultants to many communications professionals, because this everything he's been saying sounds like a came from a fucking set of talking points by forty people at a firm somewhere. I am a strong leader. I am strong. I am a doctor. I care about people, I undressed thanks to a doctor is what will need to heal like that is such aid. Is it and see if you can see them preparing the talking important, but so interesting another two as it's, it's so old fashioned in a really important way, which is like there was an old theory of talking points of sound bites. It's that use this sound bite and because it's interesting breaks through right. It gets quoted it's in articles. People see it that's the way things are shared anymore and like what
really. Actually it's interesting is actually a good thing in a lot of ways like the conversation is more sophisticated. It maybe to heated that William an interesting point, a monopoly of not I'm like with like here. I met your threshold here right right. It's like he doesn't need to make a we're, not looking for a smooth way of him getting through the crisis like he actually needs to collate. Here is my. Small nation might sophisticated high level? answer, for I should remain in office. Why I'll be Well, to manage this crisis while I'll make the best of it by like trying to about the way in which I fucked up like he needs to make a sophisticated argument, not a pr argument, but there's nobody seems around his someone. The only to tell him look the thing you have going for you as a doctor, people like doctors, so emphasis this strategy. The strategy is PR. Man lives with a dash or confederate. History is like one step away from like like thrown on glasses
would you hit a man with glass? Do has courage and who has a moral compass, and this has been a difficult weaken again. I'm fine. It's been mainly difficult for Virginia in this country. So, yes, I have thought about resigning, but but have also thought about what Virginian need right now, and I really think that I'm in a position where, where I can take Virginia to the next level in it, it will be very positive. But did you make the governors explanation? While the interview was at seven o clock and he was there ready to go we're in this house? Of course he was ready to go and he was on time there was no way to four years person it? Ok, it's not hang.
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will be automatically apply to check that article dotcom, Slash America to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more, let's atlas side with the latest twenty twenty developments. Over the weekend, where we had two former presidential announcement events from Massachusetts Centre, Elizabeth Worn and one from Minnesota. Senator Amy closure. War and made her campaign official at the sight of a century old women led labour strike in Lawrence Massachusetts. She talked of from a symptom, not the cause of a rigged system and that quotas won't be enough to just undo the terrible acts of this administration. We can't afford to just tinkering around the edges attacks. Credit here or regulation there. Our fight is for big structural change. So clearly she's drawing a contrast here with a more
her mental brand of liberal pilot politics. She was also the first carried to say that getting rid of the filibuster is on the table What do you think her strategy is here how might be affected by Bernie Sanders jumping into the race which he is reportedly planning to do I watched speech today, she's so good it telling story that helps you. We stand who she is where she comes from her values and in the policies fighting forming, but she has been short story about how Accurate talking with the labour movement, the power of collective organizing, it informs me, but she has been stole a story about how right before she went to law school. She got name, but the lasting heed to figure out with childcare is like five days out. She can never squared away she to take her kid to a place to see if she did childcare, child care there. They said only your kid is potty trains or potty trainer daughter in five days. There's like this incredible humanizing story. Were you looking Ernie? Think? Ok,
she has lived the same experience I have like she understands me in my values. That makes everything else she says. So compelling incredible so when he talks about big change in fighting the banks and, like all the big meaningful think she wants to do you buy, You really wanted to now. I dont know how much she and birdie occupy the same lane. I was can Sunday waigel right up entering peace, great russian border post reporter about how See Bernie is really just like he just to. Tat have a bunch of policies in a row and like that's a stump where's warrant is very personal in and is the one on one politics in meeting people into feeling their pain. So, like It remains to be seen in my mind how much they compete, but I have been impressed. Step along the way. With warrants roll up damages, I think What I think is interesting and important about warns approach is that she is true, to bring
level. Who'd you trying to recognise the crisis in the country in meat it with something that is other than being the flip side of tromp guide and two words great credit even long before she was a senator chief. Recognize like this. Underlying crisis in our economy was affecting so many people that really wasn't being talked about, and so If that doesn't work, I grew Tommy. I don't really only anyone knows whether she many are in the same lane or indifferent lanes Erful with a list candidates longer than she's they factory menu, is not clear. That lanes or a thing that exist anymore. Yeah? No, I think I mean look I find it interesting when you talked about she's, not just the emphasising trump, which I think a lot of the candidates. But by saying like this, isn't just you know There is a symptom, not the cause. They the law Your cause here is getting rid of a rigged system and
the people who believe that the system is rigged are not just liberal progressive Democrats their regular Democrats, their independence, Some republicans writer, like we know that the study done the vote Who were trump voters in sixteen who, then democratic voters and eighteen they are more. Populist than either loyal Democrats or loyal Republicans? They believe the system has worked against them. Believe that Washington, stacked against them and so even though as before, and is thought of as this sort of progressive champion talking about it. System and what is done to everyday people? What the bank's due to people, what big corporations are two people how they bend the rules. That is if that is a message with very broad appeal, and- and she has that story down- that's been her life story, has been, were life's work and she's, probably out ahead of almost any their candidates running on actually do lumping policies to answer that problem, and so, like you know, had her wealth tax, which is credibly popular proposal.
Aren't Chauncey does not like yes, exactly like seventy percent of Americans and then Howard shoulders best so per usual Donald Trump and his spawn comes warrant the re spire tweeting in sharing a series of offensive jokes about native Americans last week were and apologize to Cherokee nation leaders for not having been more sensitive about tribal citizenship beyond that The strategy has been to largely ignored these attacks from Donald Trump. Is this the right strategy here and how much is worn, need to worry about this line of attack from Trump, which seems like his only line of attack against her Yeah, it's a real, you know, there's a reason he's doing it. I think he's learned a lesson from twenty sixteen This is the one place hidden gap between Elizabeth Warren. An american people can't do it on taxes again. Do it on policy any kind, can't you on corruption. On issue after issue. He loses.
Our by Miss he see something where he can. He can score a point and it's something he wants us to be talking about, and you know, I see a lot of people lamenting or did she mishandle it? You know- and you know, maybe she dead. You know in terms of the dna tests but which he, since four apologize, you don't trumps, never apologized for any mistake, has ever made I think it's also it important for us to remember that you know doc. I want this to be the story we tell, but it doesn't it and it's a story that I think the media wants a town because for a lot of the political Ras, women definitely democratic women. Their flaw our news and pre occupying their character traits like leadership and intelligence and vision. Not there does not news the flaws or water. What our news for women it happened with Hilary. You know the qualities that would make her good presidency.
The background. All we end up talking about is email. You know, even with his Amy closure announcement right has been overshadowed by the stories about her Lange objects at our staff and well maybe catch the eye, but we'll get yeah but to me, like, I think, for us, I think she's gonna largely ignored. I think that's right. I think for us. It's all also good to remember that this may be story. That's on the news, but it doesn't have to be the story. We tell each other Elizabeth Warren there, and her campaign, as feels fully baked, is because she's not it's, not a personality. Driven payments and ideological driven campaign here that of beliefs and core values that are dry her mission and its emissions?
talk not for a very long time, Elizabeth Warrant sounded like was with warned before everybody else did, and if she were, a man should be considered. The intellectual leader of the Democratic Party would be conventional wisdom. You know we have a consumer financial Protection Bureau, because it was an idea that sprung from her imagination and it was considered so dangerous to Republicans that they basically spent every single day since trying to destroy it. No one else running for president has basically created an entire agency and- and and thing too, and I think, like it so easy to get ourselves raptor on the actual, listen Warren would be a fantastic president, She would be a great president. We would sleep like fucking babies, knowing that the hard choices that are present to make will come to her death. Is anyone in this room believe that it would have to worry about Elizabeth Warren, compromising us on me
of corporations are compromising us for a quick political victory. Not a single person in this room believes that that doesn't mean you have to support her. We have a ton of gray candidates, but I just want us as Democrats to remember that they are. They want us to not like our candidates, but we can car candidates, and we should forget why we are very proud of the people running on our behalf. I, to your part, about how much Elizabeth Warren has to worry about It's really trumps attack since the issue itself right and I think probably challenge for hers. The Democrats in every policy. They want someone who can be true. So in their everyone's very focused on Elect ability for obvious reasons, because this election is so important, very nervous that are we going to nominate someone who could lose to trot now? I don't have a fucking clue. We knew there is anyone else in the world whether this would actually affect or elect ability, but what the For her will be, how will it affect
the perception of for elected building among democratic voters, and so how does she deal with that? I don't think you deals with it by talking about it all the time, because there's nothing you can say there is no good answer to their upside to engaging with Trump on allowing the damage? The conversation again, though, you can do it is the only way to do it is to run a really good. Really smart campaign inside winning in states like Iowa in places get to show that you are electable there right. That is the key just just run. Run a really good campaign. You're, not there's no answer. There's no Ralph nor thumbs. Interview to do that's gonna make it go. Why are they it's also by weight? Also, findings is the Tao policies and issues that take the microphone I count on our side of the conversation. What's been really interesting? Actually, I think, because a lot of these, policies that we ve been talking about. Well tat. Seventy percent marginal tax rate even abolish ice. The green new deal with interesting as there has been so much room for more progressive PA, these, and they are still quite interesting to the media that
two of the two of the things that have been successfully able to rest the microphone waving. Donald Trump One has been nationwide protest, but in a very fascinating thing the other is just interest liberal policy interesting. Liberal policy is news making? That's all that's more like it like a sees make right. Well, I think Elizabeth words. Well, tax has made a ton of news, and we ve been talking about that. The green new deal is yes, it's Elizabeth Warren Driven, I mean it's easy driven, but it still something that has become a big part of the congregation. That's interesting. Also, this weekend centre closure announced her can, in the middle of a Minnesota Blizzard, which still drew a pretty big crab. Closure has served multiple terms in the Senate and one each for three Senate runs by more than twenty points running the average Democrat by ten points. That means she's one over a lot of republican voters. She's also known for working with Republicans in the Senate, she's past more laws than most senators, Andrews, a more moderate, rather than most of the Democrats currently running. She hasn't supported Medicare.
All, but she recently just supported the green new deal. What is Amy Clover, showers, strategy and path to the nomination. Here. Anybody tell me that the problem this year is in earlier years, when there are three four candidates haven't you could assign lanes like there was talk much earlier. There is a progressive land. There is a moderate lane. You could you could go this up out when you have like six, seven, eight, nine ten people, the way votes gets but becomes impossible to to so I'm not sure yet I mean she's a good senator she's really well respected in Washington, letting colleagues like her lot. I watched the speech today. I wash the live stream of it and I too fast for to an hour in fifty into the live stream before it started. So God bless those people that stuck around but you know what I was this speech- I didn't hear what I heard from war and which was a really come telling Bio in story in narrative that help me understood how she came to believe what she use. I heard a lot of democratic possess,
and policy issues that I think are likely to be put forward by almost all the candidates. I think It will take some time and worked to break out in stand out in the crowd I mean, I think, team is selling and elect ability platform. Yeah, because they say if you can win a minister, that's more moderate states is more moderate. She can connect with. I will vote in people in the MID West, but I know that's, that's is that remains, basing the I guess I just said is: what's her team thinking right in like how she gets light rights there. The way you understand how these can think about is not what they say on this stuff right like that understand what kind of president they would be able to give a good speech seems like why they got the reason why they think they can win it's what they say when they get a room with you, don't potential prison happens. Iowa donors in New York, where browsing, I am pretty, that why maybe kilometers teams, as is is from neighbouring Minnesota and therefore she has. Any chance of winning Iowa that she
has midwestern elected but which is, by the way, the real thing, Barack Obama having been from Illinois. We knew at the beginning of our campaign. Use can be able to go to all the time and he knew Iowa, because you know stern, illigant media. The word I but also we so because the question with people like donors to ask is why you not come Harrison lives with warrant. In her argument, I would assume I don't know, that's what I'm guessing the army they would make. Is that I'm from the middle, the country these are. The states of Democrats need to win their from the coasts right. This is what to win. Michigan Pennsylvania was Keyser. You need someone from them, but the MID West who understands midwestern issues and that that's what she brings there, whether that are so that's what democratic, legislative or known as a clip. So what challenge closure phases as that in the week before her announcement, there ve been flooded is about how she's well known on Capital Hill for Miss, treating her staff so much so that she struggled to build a team for her presidential campaign. Politicos headline here. Is closures opening pitch sidetracked by staff
our story is not a good headline, not not your good out of it. You know when you're running president. Listen we ve politics a very long time. You see the word horror in your announcement. I just realized that you may have problem on your hands. Some have suggested there's a gender double standard at play here. Others have suggested that it shouldn't really matter if she's mean to her staff. What are you guys think I have three closet related thoughts on US wine. We are. In democratic politics in every. Democratic politics knows these stories. There is a list of members that you warn people not to work for right There are two kinds of men and women, men and women and their there are members who are demanding, but generally go to their staff. Were you know? If you go there, you have to work your ass off I'll call you at midnight but urgent, and we would then there are ones that are say really terrible in theirs huge turnover inimical, but our staff is one of those.
Again. We should also recognise that house. Issues like this do are affected in how their covered, because of gender stereotypes right? This would be treated differently. This was a man and not just a fact is not to excuse the behavior, but how will be covered is very different than it would be. Like you know, Demanding boss, who pushes everyone to his level of excellence, is just between development and one we saw and how was covered. We see that it was women in politics for very long time, but the therapies you think it matters not just cause. You can build a team, but because people who kiss up and kicked down are really see. That's what the worse traits in people write and we were very fortunate. Rock Obama was a great boss right. He was empathetic. He cared about ass. He was loyal to us and I think that empathy is What made him a great boss is also what made him a great president, and
That doesn't mean that any culture would be a bad precedent because she had done this in our past George Bush, famously. Credibly these into a staff, and he was an absolute Israel president, but it is something that I think people should consider, because that is that how people treat the people beneath them says something about them and us We so no from Heaven turn on the hill. All of us, and also I don't work on presidential campaigns. It is grueling, you don't get paid very much and what keeps you going. This is going to sound cheesy, but it's real. What keeps you going is that you believe is that your workin for and you you're willing to you, no sleep, ours and I travel all over the country not get paid. Much not talk to you for an hour tucked talk to her family, not just because you believe in a certain set of issues which is true, but that you believe in the person at the top of the ticket. That's leading organization and we
we ve all had bosses that maybe have not that standard. I think it is fair to say and we have all shared a boss but did meet that standard that, like rock Obama. Plenty mistakes has plenty of flaws, but he treated his staff like the best. You could imagine, never lost his pace never yelled at us ever get upset and then, like you, said, there's another category of bosses to where people say they do lose their temper once in a milder de what's from other demanding, but it's worth it because there and there's the category people were like they treaty collection. And you hear about Oliver and capital, and you hear about it, throw politics and it's just it does If you feel good- and you wonder, you do wonders- self like if the person's public it is one way be it. The people work for all the time have this. Have these stories and we'd offered these stories then you're like will. What is that that they have this different public persona than they do the way that they treat the people who work for them all the time. Counterpoint.
Sick namby pamby democrats remembering people's birthdays, check it out and when they have the flu, I want a fuckin nightmare tyrant. Who runs runs her office like a goddamn. Good luck! I want people to work away. I want to. I want the favourite to happen in the White House. Anything that would have taken six months takes five fucking days. Care for all January. Twenty. Seventh: stop at the nonsense of this, like Hillary Clinton, who had to deal with an incredible amount of sexism and she ran for President Throat or career right. She is someone who, as we all know, and we ve told people when we all get to know her- is famously kind and good to her. Tommy, you remember in the White House, you know
And she heard her arm and had a sling, and then you broke your arm and had a flag and she came and signed it for you and wrote a note. She, like barely new Eu Citizen icebergs, a good person. You know I like, I think that takes people very far in one. Others four point. Mothers who one thing I should learn from working for Hillary Clinton is actually when you're at that level a lot being nice is actually more than just interpersonal. It's actually like systems of niceness, like organizations of niceness like how to makes repeat, get things on their birthday. How do you keep track of the people you met like one of the region? I do think it actually matters how these people are behind the scenes, is that a lot of the lake Hilary I think, especially when you know republicans decide to hate it whenever she runs or something, but when she's in office they don't mind her, and what are the reasons it is is because I think she does build these kind of systems of relationships of kindnesses, of remembering people's birthdays, of keeping in touch with people uptake. Business card in that business cards get locked in and if you're in that part of the state, you get a message saying she's coming in like that,
is about a week of behaving had of decency that filters down into governing. It me this something that is uniquely relevant in politics. How you treat people who work for you and around you like you and musk, is like famously the worst person boss, our ever river, where or like well, you know he's like trying to create electric cars and batteries, and you can't be nice way of building electric cars outposts in then we invent the subway, really that's fairly bigger. Well, you know people Get a password for that in industry in politics, at a personal relationships are so much of the job, and so much of greasing things to get things done it matters. I would little surprise that I've heard I've heard these. There's an enclosure for ten years and you people for a long time, but I'm surprised it's gone. This much attention like maybe in really blood into her coverage, save her announcement. Usually with your announced in speech, you get closer a clean shot at like who you are what you're talking about what you stand force- that's prize me a bit, but maybe it's
You know when there's something this specific and easy to understand. Story like this in your relatively unknown. It's it's even more challenging it out The biggest stories are often the things that everyone is known for a really long time, but no one has ever been like every quarter is known as every staff numbers on it. You know talked about a year earlier, if only let it out. Well, that's the news. POD save America's bridge by Sherry's berries. I love shares berries, sheer personal, Valentine's day story. What are your must give so your met with the excitement enthusiasm as you two hopes of what you. What do you do to look good on Valentine's day? Listen looks luxury. I have not made plans. You might have noticed that this is the John Untimely duets had called edition,
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Come to Roger be hinted TAT. You can now everybody great crime. Thank you. So much for doing this. Thanks for trying to save the world, where were you know with whom we named the pod? Cassius must be ironic and I feel like that's gun last week. One of ourselves, so the movie comes out a few weeks. It's about some history, happened right here in Durham during the day? integrating the schools decades ago. Why is this story? You wanted to tell TAT, for so many reasons. You know, and Atwater was a civil rights activist in the seventies here and now very powerful woman,
who was a voice for the voiceless who went up there's a lot of men very powerful men. They would bark. Is she bark the louder she came up against Cp Alice, who was a coup close clan member? and I mean we all see was gone in the world today seems like were divided right down the middle. And the problem were having is that every these passionate about their side right but were yelling at each other and no one is saving bag listening so in that, try to understand each other and what happen amiss well how she was to appeal to this man's heart and changes. Mine was, what's love, love? What when every time we can go back in history, hey has never one if hate it will be the end of silk civilization, as we know it today, because hate it to destroy and kill. Love is life, so
all the way she was able to appeal to him ass, she tapped and so love and law. Is the search for understanding, So, have you really trying to love the next human? You have to try to understand them and that's what happening right now, no one's try to understand each other. So, Talking banana, what I mean when you prepare for a real like this again, what do you do to understand her and her motivation and who she was a human being and then what did you learn about her type? activism and how she was so uniquely successful. King meaningful change. While her fight came from a fight for her survival, You know she came from poverty so that things that she had to do to survive. As far as you know, going against slum lords, figuring out how to have a better way of life she learned an embargo
our process of learning. She reached back and taught other people who didn't understand did know how to fight for themselves. What did know the laws and ass makes her, so beautiful, like she could have learned for herself in just took care of her family, but she decided to help her community so a meme down from selection seems give in people who might have privately harboured like bigoted. Killings and thoughts, the licence to say those things publicly? You know just which we talked about the church Virginia this week. We all remember what he didn't Charlottesville. He just today, use? A slur to talk metal is with worn. What do you think this film and teach us about how to navigate the very fraught dark moment were We too, and in our history right now we
put a mirror to society like we have to put a mirror up to ourselves. You know when P, I'll try to put down have called sir it's out of fear. You know The Alice and men like that who feel like they have to go to the extreme of hate. That's out of you're own fears and insecurity sets out of a place of ad need to feel important and its fortunate, because you know I hate is so easy to hate. It just is just easier to do. Is much harm to sit back and try to understand some one, you wanna hate, you know and that's what we're being we have to do that you see guy as very clever on that China, perforce religion or anyone, but God clever? He made us all. He made us all, look very different and he
That's all, have very different backgrounds and beliefs so that we can figure out how make we had a figure to shit out, As there are no cut cars there, no cheat cards there's no way over it. We gotta go through it and we gotta go through it together like the movie talks about this, this almost impossible seeming story of a civil rights activist becoming friends with someone who was in the kitchen came left. It's one of those stories that is such be ending that, again, a movie done poorly, which, you as it incredibly well, could tell that in a way that almost saccharine and feels like it false kumbaya, ready for the Saviour like a white Savior came in and you are evolved and you see, but that's not how this movie is. How did you avoid that trap and avoid you tell a story, also real. We stepped to the truth. We start to the God, honest is sometimes ugly truth and we
May I won't see the beautiful thing about an and c p, I like say pay they were one and the same person. They were just as passionate about what they believed in and may literally were a mirror to each other, and and realized. She was matching hate with hate. The Czech ourselves as yet appeal to this man's heart. You know once she brought him down and faced him like a human em like it was also like us scorecard like you, your poor on poor, you have kids, I have kids like is the same things we want in just because I want and deserve what you had doesn't mean. I'm gonna take anything from you, that doesn't mean you gonna lose anything. If I have something exactly what's he made her recognize her as a human than ass when he was able to go. You know what this is silly,
said before you don't see yourself as very political, but I do in the past month you ve talked about. Government, shut down and out at her government workers in DC you set trumps wall is bullshit you are correct about that as well at me, because of you, a map of the wall. What about the waters around? I? It's really makes no fuck incense scientists, but whatever their political. I just know right and wrong. You you're you this year I form a lotta people care, we think and say how do you go about deciding where in what issues you want, engage on and talk about, and what sort of capacity at me Today you does have to be careful what you say. The climate is just so sensitive in for valid reasons, but, I just know who I am a person of love roof, seek I'm for the job.
Justice for all people. I love humans. We need each other, that's too the place I operate from. So when I do decide to speak up or something is because is it something helping humanity move forward like That's what I'm trying to go, I'm trying to make it. So our narrative, isn't this saying we should be having power cares about sit that That makes sense if, like obvious stuff there we should get. You know what I mean, but until the narrative changes here we are how you doing so. Half bird credit parties are running for president. I know I know you ve tweeted, some stuff about Centre Harris said Booker is there anybody out there that's running that really sites you or spires here that you want to jump in there, and I really am
Mama come back, I think. I'll buy it and ass. He can we think about it, and now we need to dislike, sent him love, letters and flowers them you know I don't know. I went up tweeted that it you know that's an honour of black history mob and if Margaret the king, in dream than those Canada's wouldn't be able to put in a ballot but yeah. I just. I don't know why a figure something out something quick sure do the movie is the best of em. Thank you so much for talking with us. You may want to stick around for a games. North Carolina burst in flight Last and voter protection, Your basically the duke of election,
Haggerty plays question. I recently learned about something called line: monitors. Are there any lie monitors here today, you marks over there are you tending I'd, want understand something. So you get you gotta. This place called Duke right, and its most any you're very excited and they need to get a route for one of the best teams. I guess whatever I don't? I don't know don't let this I can't. I can't see how many times am I going to do this? The point I'm making? Is you come all the way here you go to the school and then to get tickets to go, see the team, your team, you have to outside that's how do treats the people that live,
Duke power, I desire out Election integrity was the point of the game. The recent disturbing case of election fraud unfolding in North Carolina. Ninth congressional district is only part of the story, because the republicans- fucking with your elections for years. Thought we'd highlight that trend it again we're calling it was there european and I d district with the absentee ballots? You all have your cards in front of you with someone out there like to play the game as Travis find a participant. I will just point out that here are some people who went to Duke Richard Nixon
wrong. Paul Charlie rose Richard Spencer, Stephen Miller and Tin Cook, who took over apple and ever since none of the plugs plug into anything. They are jungles sick of it. I what's your name, Abbe Abbe and are you from North Carolina not originally. I broke Maclean Virginia, I'm so sorry baby. How long have you been here ten years honestly, the second we call someone who's not born and raised in the city. You guys Build a wall and should face it, you should base how you are, Are you ready himself question one or two thousand thirteen after the Supreme Court knocked down parts of the Voting Rights ACT, North Carolina immediately pass new border restrictions that targeted black voters there. Curly voting eliminated out of precinct voting and required voters to show with one want you to aid, even requesting a list of registered voters broken down I race and by who didn't
they driver's licence on file when this law was overturned. How did the judges describe law. Is it a overbooked under proved and not very scrubbing, or is it be He called it the most restrictive voting LAW North Carolina seen since the Arab, Jim Crow that Republican started African Americans, almost surgical, precision, Does it see they did? the law is interesting and very law like kind of seems like they didn't do the reading is a day there are like. If you pick just one word to describe this law would be overturned, then they have. Each other for a few minutes before court was adjourned? What you think I d be it is you got it watching too, despite there being no evidence of widespread in person Vodafone North Carolina? How do the GNP led North Carolina state legislature, respond to this manufactured issue? Is a day legislators passed a constitutional amendment that would require voters in the state to show photo. I d before voting. Is it be
legislators introduced an amendment that was just a picture of Elmer referred saying. You must be this tall to ride this ride patrol was crossed out and replaced with I should really before I get up here of poppies. It see a legislators took and also from an unmarked remarkable shell in this state. Archives. Blue some does off. The cover opened the voting, and Asians page and began Enchanting until all the voting machines on college campuses broke or as a de literally pass. A law that says you have issue will pull working. I do but then pull working repeatedly follow up by women. Into your eyes and say, but who are you really until your weeping talking about how you should have been a veterinarian. Would you think Abbe. Hey you gotta them. You gotta question three. Allow
is being made of the North Carolina House race, where Leslie Mccrae, doubtless of blatant, countless county, is accused of tampering with absolute balanced by discarding balance that had voted for Democratic Denmark Treaty or by filling out balance for the Republican Mark Harris without permission from the voters. What is the evidence that this occurred is a day it dialysis high school, your book, he was voted most likely to sign on as a witness for absentee ballots in order to steal and election. Whilst real people signed in his yearbook. Can't wait for you to commit those crimes. Have a great someone. Is it be Dallas, operate popular ass, a Marciano on Youtube and evidence of the fraud took place can be found in his video title whisper. It by normal, relaxing babbling tempering an election fraud with whispering and tapping, or is the evidence see the Butler claims claimed. He saw doubtless amidst study
recall that the dowager spotted, doubtless in his search search, please just before in the Avery, see pretty out of the ordinary for record snowstorm? Wouldn't you say only dal is new about the butlers affair, with the social life Margaret, so he must have secured the alibi through blackmail and Alice couldn't have covered the ground keeper with his coat when the body was discovered, unless the cult was already at the scene of the crime of my friends, Marguerite is telling me the truth. Though not about her journey from Salzburg. If we accept the pocket of Dallas is top coat, I believe will find the absentee ballots grab have been in some of the best films and reason memory we gave you that shit or is it, do
Dallas and into staffers. Frequently scientists witnesses may absentee balance, so they could deliver them. Sixty one percent the absentee battles and blatant county adverts for Harris, despite only nineteen percent of voters and blatant county being reticent, begins. And in blatant Harris's Athens. Even margin was twenty points higher than another counties. In fact, blade was the only county. We're Harris want a majority of absence events. This was also true of the primary we're Harris took on ninety eight percent of the vote and blatant county You got it out, but in fact there have been at least five elections in two thousand ten, where the candidate Dallas was working for one absentee ballots in blatant county by huge margin that doesn't match the rest of the district in two dozen ten dollars worth, the political operative for another candidate, the candle lost by around six points, but still one a majority, the out any votes it. Twenty. Sixteen three voters file complaints, but ass need islets collected in blatant and one vote. A report of the Dallas had asked her son asked her Whatever you say,
Is he sucks? There should have been a criminal investigation. It didn't happen. Correction for so after spending years pretending to want to stop voter fraud? North Carolina, the state finally get a clear cut case on their hands? How voter integrity champions in North Carolina GNP. Responding is a famously voter integrity board, released statement entitled our bad and moved unanimously to make November member statewide wide are bad day our bad raid every year, they throughout handwritten apologies from their parade flow to the lower and middle classes, or is it be they have had it up to here with this fraud that is its no more voting. North Carolina will give us democracy back when is demonstrated its mature enough or is it see after careful The liberation, a g spokesperson, recommended that the district be placed in the center of the room and then
candidates will each call the districts name anyway. The district organs to virus is the district real owner. Nell treats aloud where is he Dallas Woodhouse the executive director of the North Carolina GEO, be that is high name. I d for effective regulatory you're gonna, be reality pretty. You, get at the White House, That is what I am trying to discredit these allegations in saying is just another example. Democratic vote or fraud who is here but you know Democrats, will steal it if they can and tests to see if they can feel North Carolina from Donald Trump and twenty twenty. What do you think Gabby D?
You ve got it and you have won the game. It was a deal here that I districts with the arbitrary valets give it up or have you deliver. Ten years did were agreed and give it one more time for to Roger he heads of rejoicing movie ever being such a good for thanking girl, vague you so much for joining us, and I beg you becoming better to Roger Wealthy.
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