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Donald Trump becomes the 4th U.S. President to face impeachment as an explosive whistleblower report is released, the Director of National Intelligence testifies, and Nancy Pelosi launches a formal impeachment inquiry. Housing activist Candice Elder joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Jessica Yellin on stage in San Jose, California. 

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work on reports in America, John Driver, I'm Jessica, yellin, I'm John love it I found these or here in favour later in the show will talk to the founder and sealed the EAST Oakland collective housing activists, Candice elders here.
but first we got some news we have to talk about my little ways with a Sunday. Some days from. We don't know what we're gonna come So I shall see this week. Donald Trump has become the fourth president. History
face impeachment gonna, take a while, doesn't have it here. We got some work to do guys. We have some work to do Jessica. This has never happened. You know it's not always like that. You have come at just the right time to excite me so speaker, Naples, the announced the inquiry based on a whistle blower complaint that was made public earlier today and begins like this. I ever saw
information from multiple. U S. Government officials at the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the twenty twenty election. That includes pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the president's main domestic political rivals, the president's personal lawyer, Mr Rudolf they'll, be Giuliani. Is the central figure in this ever attorney? bar appears to be involved as well. This allegation has been corroborated by a White House call summary rooted, Giuliani and the President himself Rumors on today, by threatening the White House officials who spoke to the whistle blower with execution. Giuliani, on the other hand, was last heard screaming on the phone or reporter these morons. When this is over, I will be the hero. I will be the hero you can't make giving it up here, make it up
Jessica. Let's start with today's news, which was the release of the full whistleblower complaint and the testimony of Joseph Maguire who's, the director of national intelligence. What was the most important new information we learn from these? big to developments to that? There is a lot I'd. Why foresaw the director of National intelligence said that the whistle blower did the right thing so that takes this line two out of the realm of partisanship. We could spend all night time about the details of that report. I guess there are three big things in the complaint. One is that Giuliani was all over it. We follow up meetings according to the complaint. The state department was so concerned that it was compromising national security. They were contacting Ukraine to help them figure out how to work around. All of that has not, according to Julia on a screen, shouted text into it. They were into any other super into the started. Parvenu there What's that
ongoing contacts to encourage them to play ball, and then the big thing is that it a lead. Is that the president that White House AIDS try to cover up the president's? on call by hiding the transcript in a super classified server, which I can how we can do a better job explaining than I could you tell it, tell us what's going on there with staff and all the call transcript and classified server, so so, there's like levels of classification, their secret, their top secret. Initially I email systems that can handle secret and top secret information. Then there's some stuff, that's called code, word information that is so sensitive and so secretive that it's good a special mean that literally a code word to learn that information you get redwoods, isn't that a crime. Now the learned about information you ve read into it reads like real document sign, it writes with its compartment, it information and so there's an internal.
Its directorate, their works over in the e o b, and when there's a national Security Council meeting when you're gonna talk about some covert action programme or something like really sensitive, they bring in paper into that meeting and ill table drop it and put it in front of you, because nobody, It doesn't get disseminated, otherwise they are taking like mundane, call transcripts of trump with foreign leaders and they were so worried about those things getting pushed around their pudding up on this secret server, which means that no one will ever see them, which is a total abuse of the classification authority to hide embarrassing or damaging information violet. The present directive act. It is a violation of an executive order. That overseas when and how you can classified information. So it's against the law as well, Crimea,
declassified server, mishaps, arrogant and if the unclassified servers that'll get your full circle day in one of the responses we're seeing from Republicans from some Republicans is in Congress has been. You know what the president did was wrong, but this doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. What I think it's good for all of us is to take a second like. Why is this unimpeachable offence? What the president With Ukraine, the most in peach of all action oppressing can have is abusing their power for their personal political game. That is actually what trumpeted here. He dang in some way shape or form critical. U S. Aid to a country is under threat from Britain on the condition that, as a legend, the call that Ukraine conducted we beneficial investigation into one of two
most likely political rivals. It is a text look definition is the answer to political science class. The question of what is unimpeachable fact is it is. It is an absolute to be of use of his office and what is important about it? Is it's not even subtle. He very explicitly asked for it out in the open and which is it like there was no option for Democrats other than what they're doing here, because, it is an absolute abusive aren't? You cannot use the power of the presidency jobbers up nuclear knobs up financially, tromp is doing both this one is the former, not the latter, about from a national security perspective. Why has this whole episode been so troubling like what well, I'm lucky withholding nearly four hundred billion dollars in military aid from country. Where are you a brand new president running on this anticorruption platform, sitting on the border of Russia, where the rush
as recently as twenty fourteen invaded they're fucking country in annex part of it in still hold like seven to ten percent of their territory he is signalling to this new President Zalewski in Ukraine into all these other foreign leaders that The way you get whatever you need from the United States is to take care of Donald Trump. Personally, you, Greece, him. You this guy Rudy Giuliani, but we are drunk guy he's like bang and around in your Kapital. There's gonna be like there's gonna, be a bunch other countries that think ok, Donald once election interference. What have we got like? Let's make something up attack, someone like there's a million different ways could go south in trumpet. Just inviting all these people to to look around at our elections, hello. It is me, and of Ukraine. Mr Mr Brittan Tromp, I have, I have two quick flags number. One really Giuliani seems to be asking me for favours,
who have you in reelection. Also, I dont know how to handle. He is crying about he's divorce guidance, appreciated, Jessica. Obviously, America sets in Ukraine that wasn't that semi so obvious. Nancy Policy in a lot of has Democrats have been reluctant up until this point to sort of come out in favour of and impeachment inquiry. This is after Robert Mahler found many instances of the president obstructing just Salon with plus plenty of evidence, there's all kinds of allegations that Donald Trump has been following: thousands and of taxpayer dollars into the Trump Organisation by trying to push people to stay in Trump hotels, there's all this kind of stuff. What do you think it
about this incident that sort of push the Democrats that were hauled out over the. It a hundred percent happened while he was president's. It wasn't a campaign time event here mitted, she would like he heaving alpha leaned what happened, and so there is no doubt that it it has. The appearance is very plain to see what happened there answer it's not as confusing and convoluted. As with the Mulder report was. There is also this sense at the Mulder report is about the election, so it was in itself, partisan and so that was divided that divided the public and doesn't have attained a partisanship? In the same way, I also notice, like some Republicans. Their first statement was oh. This is the Democrats time trying to nullify the twenty sixteen election, like what the fuck are you talking about yes or
Actually, it's its election interference with the twenty twenty election. He sought foreigners. He did it again. He committed the crime again, he well day after mother testify data related. He encouraged and then welcomed foreign assistance at twenty sixteen election. He got away with it, and in the day after Bob Mahler testified in any see. This in the call summary right, he calls president Olinsky and any was like yes there's. This whole thing is this: guy named Robert Mahler. He did a terrible job, bad performance anyway, I got a favorite ass. The other piece of this that is so weird, though, is he asked President Zalewski to touch based with the attorney general, the United States, because he's we'll thinks video, we Clinton's secret server is just like on the Lamb in Ukraine. Like a thing, I've got to find the right like fake name at a hotel in that bad boys sitting there like ripping sig and he can be absorbed, like he's been.
He's mentally unwell. He is so concerned about how we view the gee, intimacy of the twenty six in election that here, Gooding himself impeached wasn't as they like. I'm Dr Hernia, like sometimes step into the mega, mind. Well what What does he think he's gonna find if Hilary server who has in Ukraine is somewhere what is going to five unified eat? What is valid if we're going to find validation, because I'm telling you there's something on that server that he wants more than anything which is a video of his father, saying Danny, I love that's what he's looking for and all of us are part of the search. But there's no other element. I think that is how about this scandal, that is, how propelled this forward politically, which is it feels like an old scandal you- have a whistleblower right. It can't wake.
There is a secret thing that trumpeted nodded. He did not announced the crime on Twitter in advance, which is Emma Way, which is really it seems absurd, but that has confounded democratic cottages in the press for two years now, which is it, It's all crimes in the open, and so we now have this Watergate. Asked scenario of report, digging around and government in secret sources. Telling you think then popping a big story that exposes information like this one. It happened it according to the old rules, and so Democrats in the press treated it like an old scandals. The problem other things. He did all this with this intimidation on twitter right ends, we, like you don't know how to deal with crimes committed in front of us for crimes committed in secret is something that we have land foreign policy also release documents in this case, which is old side and on the past they haven't young under pressure. They had to do it without the owing to its is worth it's been quite a week. What we have this week began with we're gonna release that transcript and why
You guys you boys, are gonna, be out on your face and we had the fortieth far it's amazing by it. But it's worth remembering that. Ok, so we hear that, there's this whistle blower we hear that there's a transcript. We hear this complaint and that the that the administration is signalling, tolerates republican allies and the other media types. The goons, you know, don't worry once you see the words on the page, it's another mullah report will put it behind us, we'll be fine and we were worried about the two really well hold on guys. Let's not forget is not just about the transcript it's about the complaint. About the larger effort to corrupt the government in its work in Ukraine and then the train We have turned out to be far more damaging than I think anyone I you, fucking God. What's wrong or I could not. I was like and then I realized you know what I forgot that they are too morally, bankrupt and ignorant to know that the crimes they did,
They have that right, obey they didn't. They were trying to pull one over on us. They genuine. From genuinely believe now. The people who work random clearly didn't believe us because they tried to cover up the the abuse of power, but Donald Trump. Clearly believed that what he said in that direction was what he believed. He got a lot rule. He began the day by saying you're gonna see it's a beautiful car surprise and then inside of the of the transcript, it is okay. It explicit quid pro quo, the exact same exact thing they promised there wouldn't be in the transcript. We thought we were going to spend a week. Saying: hey, hey, hey, it's not about quid pro quo, it's illegal to get foreign assistance, even if there wasn't a shakedown, but the shakes in the tax revenue change every last part that the thing is that are set in the call explain why they release the call right. It's because he's.
He lives in a world of conspiracy theories where he reads the crazy article in the hill, as Rudy Giuliani, figured out, have we're too Oman his phone and He believes that the server is on the lamb and lay like right, and then he surrounded by people who are stupid enough to read that transfer, oh yeah boss, you did this, those that you're a genius there. You are You're going to grand calls him who says I just the transcript shows that I couldn't leave that you were that nice to your friends, and you can pick you can be that nice, it's shocking to me right so, like he used to did by the DE team, the people who forward or who would forward their internal talking points to every the Craddock Office in the in Congress, are the same people advising him about whether you sure releases call log in the first place, Jessica,
I mean there's also a level of cynicism around him where the people who are as allies defending him now say what he did is no worse than what Joe Biden did. Even though there's no there, they are the appearance of impropriety, because Joe Biden son was working at this firm blah blah blah makes its just politics, usually say, play this game of politics as usual and sell within that context. The argument is that would trump did is no worse than what most politicians to write. Well, that's their whole, that's their holders. Are all thinking very well. You think I'm beds the other guys bed too. So how many shirts do think Eric Trumpets, sweat through this week as dad pushes around opera research on a candidate Sonny's Russia with no they don't. You know there are rumours, I also think one of the yacht unsung heroes of all of this is its very
that Rudy Giuliani font size on its founder, absolutely extraordinary? He has to scroll together so that his bond is so big. At this point, we were not able to process the information that he needs a process before it takes. You know, three fingers a scotch and says whatever the fuck, I'm more Ingram Dan. What do we or do? We still need to find out like what? What other? What other witnesses are? We looking for here like in this investigation? What's the what's the? What what what we need to know so much mean some of the things that I most interested in hearing is. Who in the White House made the decision to put these calls in the secret system next, what other calls or on the secret system that don't belong there is it. The application is like. I want to know what tromp said the proven or to envy s when talking about starting a bit like what are the other things. He is desperate Kim Jong and who knows what you think I want to know what conversations Rudy Giuliani and the President had right before this causes a Wednesday
I want to know what conversations anyone the White House has had with bill bar about the forthcoming, whistleblower complaint justice, a formal not to investigate the justice of decision to for a legal opinion saying that shall did not mean shall, in terms of the obligation to Congress, to turn this over or the fact, by the way that the whistle blower puts in his complaint I believe there is a campaign finance violation that the President committed a campaign, finance violation, the intelligence. Community inspector General and the dna forward. A criminal complaint to the Department of Justice about the President, Putin really violating a campaign, finance la and bars. Is aided in this criminal complaint and bars. Dear Just like Nath. Now it's fine, it's goods are in the car he's in that these, the weed. If the complaint as a criminal code conspirator in a series of crimes in the Justice Department, is doing about it, they lead be in charge of the decision, whether to investigate or not what league
what pinion should be offered a weather can play could be turned over, and so I also want to know what conversations happened between the White House and bar about that. What happened within the Justice Department, that is as it should not to recuse like there. There is a larger web here that needs to be looked at you I want to add to that. So I didn't divided into the union divided into the crime in the cover up, but focusing on the crime for a second. Now that we have the complaint, what you realise when you read this complaint, just how much of government was subverted toward Donald trumps, sure venal purpose that he was pushing the justice Part meant that we know that he's infected the Justice Department, but the scale of had to happen here. It's not just regionally on each side, even just the White House, we don't know Pompiers involvement right? We don't know what else happened at the state Department. We don't know what other parts of the intelligence community were embroiled in this I'm so,
you, you realize just how much Power Donald Trump was wielding at how much of that power he was using towards his personal partisan. Go old And- and that is a historic and enormous scandal, and we ve only known about it for five days and it's already transformed our politics. So I just think it's worth stepping back and just seeing the scope of exactly what I was source. By reading the whistle blower can and one other just small thing about the whistle blower complaint inside of it that the whistle. Or makes a note of saying. I believe what I'm saying inside of this report is unclassified, but someone goes back and classifies this they should have to explain, etc, etc. You see inside of the complaint the paranoia of someone working inside of a government. That He no longer trust follow the law to do the proper procedures to be a place where he now you can turn to his inspector general or his job. His department or his boss, and you realize that the reason there haven't been more with
blowers about more things is because of how trumpet acted today by saying that they should be executed, wish that we should treat them like we used to treat spies. Tim Tim Tim Murphy had one of the funniest street I've ever seen, which was just I didn't do I'm innocent and all the witnesses should die. Also clear that there is a whole bunch of people that staff Trump The most serious matters that a president deals with national security relations with foreign heads estate, etc. Who have desperately afraid of what he might do or say at any moment. Spend most of their time and government scrambling to clean it up and hide it from us and prevent it from ever going on it just does not seem like a coincidence me that John LT in left the White House, as shells curative either very recently and theirs.
Mustachioed man on background in a lot of, nor have you seen everything the Fuckin witness protection. Postponing women are your her haven't heard from the station a wild seed, your administration, walrus shit. You say this is a shave. This national, not we're gonna, kill us Tommy. It was interesting that whistleblower complaint, the person who wrote the complaint wasn't on the call. He got the information because he said so many people on the call were so upset and concerns they kept talking about it right. So that is a sign that there are people around in the White House who, like have a true north what's right and are still you note, packing to it. This is one person who had the courage to write a report because that's been the story of the White House for the last couple years. How many people have tried to be the else in the room or told reporters on background that they were the adults in the room and the White House, and then they leave the administration, and we don't hear from the vote on the net security staff is like three to five.
Your people are really know what it is any more for the majority of them are not directly hired by the administration there detail from other agencies so that wherever there get near career, personal words of CIA or the Department of State or during the defence, and it sent over for a twelve to eighteen month? Detail in they fucking hate it none of them want to go there. It should be the crowning achievement, but they feel like this is appalling. A thing I'm just gonna get caught up in some shit and we're like you are right, but so that that I think is why, on the national security side, You can have a half a dozen people talk to a whistle blower about concerns they have in the neck. It's written up in becomes part of the public record, whereas in the White House proper side, all those Things were hired by Donald Trump because they worked in, like you know some, the dregs His golf, operation back in ninety ninety nine, I mean just get made an interesting point, which is. This has become a key talking point for the present the provinces, the whistle was not on the call.
When that talking point is so vague idea. You bid because everything that whistleblower said Was in the call right, When you read- and we know the whistle blowers credible incorrect is because of the president of the United States. He confirmed at all it doesn't matter views on the call anymore. We read the call now. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? You He wasn't on the call, but he mail the cull summary that exactly it is becoming a matter of them. No longer when talking about is it's raining ridiculous of big game Now, a cyber obese, not roll, equip the yoke has not been any point to comment on Tuesday, Nancy Blowsy announced or formal impeachment agree, and the White House had yet disseminated talking points. So few glorious hours Republicans run television like Maria.
On television like Marina, Abramovich, Moma, creating art through public deplete I'll, get it So far- few glorious hours? Republicans we're on television like Marina, Brahma Visit, Moma, creating art through public through shut up shut up. If you was, if you applaud, can't you get it, Thank you through public debt, ways of endless self regulation, see with a joke. Was forty five minutes. Whatever did you have therefore guys jokers great pearls before swine. Are I mean it
It's it's great to be here in the Houston California, up up up up tat. I welcome an hour. I just get an egg. I take it back? I think a beggar think about this dead. Cable hit, was unfortunate display when Senator John Kennedy Republican of Louisiana. What would happen if a gazebo became a senator? Why did take health away from people went? shut tied to discuss the pillows oppressor. Let's watch what we do know is this a russian oligarchy
higher two hundred batten paid him fifty thousand dollars a month gave a book it load of money, too, is law firm? It may turn out that they wrote the acid Russia not met the ukrainian ollinger. It may turn out the view Crimea Oligarchy that Mr Barton's name off of zip recruit now Arthur did ok, Joe, Ok, let's face it, but I doubt it and if you go to Mr Barton's Wikipedia page there or other similar allegations of thought, you are United States cannot use week period as your sword. If you can't do that in a weapons grade, history certainly should be able to do it. If you represent a state in the Senate,
maybe clean up, is Wikipedia page that yeah monitoring that. I'm not making an allegation of impropriety. A lot of people have attempted to. Look into this and they haven't found that they are there to look into it and that's not the point here. You got off the locked into apparently the ukrainian government, apparently every mainsail, maintaining and journalists plenty of people. Here we ve looked into it. There have been four or five different entities that are found. Nothing here. I just told you. Interesting, though, that it feels like Has finally had enough, have you ever seen, chocolate has not only around shadow that's what that's why he grew the beard, I do, though, right now Senator John Kennedy
ugly named, I would say, is metal? imposing a note to his staff, to say I thought, there's gonna, be Fox NEWS, Athos, Commission, candidate. But you also seem to think that it is ok for what Rudy Giuliani and the President did not not. Now I can't speak for MR gently on alleged I've. I've earned it a large fire. I do not hesitate for most unduly you're a fine America you're. What I thought can you roll back to a second shot? It's fine! Can you roll back transact? Neither can we do it You say no, no. That seems impossible using digital, Is it a digital.
It's a keynote out risk Rearing Silicon Valley, and I can't we head against heap rolling a clip. I always do much. Thank you, sir. With me. Now, wow have to digest me now in check. In with the Joe Biden campaign, and that's ok stop there that's where we started with the crimes and sober the punishment. The impeachment inquiry that was initially launched by the Judiciary Committee has now been blessed by Nancy Policy and a majority.
How's the representatives and if we have like she wondering We need three Democrats and one former Republican. There are more here Six different house committees will investigate the trouble administrations, potential crimes and corruption, and the Judiciary Committee will then right up articles of impeachment for the full house floor to vote on Jessica. What are some of the political risks for Democrats they head into impeachment. Well, the reason that the Mahler investigation became so unpopular is because it is perceived as a partisan inquiry for them. The goal is to try to make this as not partisan as possible, while having no Republicans on board seems challenging. The questions they have to deliberate over our. Do they keep narrow and limited to the Ukraine issue, or do you go wide and bring an old mother stuff or anything else they find,
how long do they let it go? I mean there's all this talk on the hill now that you're gonna be quick, quick, quick which, counter intuitive, like if you ve open this process that lets you get whatever you want out, from the White House? Why not let that goes through the campaign as both like a to get material and programming to whatever the president's doing so like some of the issues they have to deal with threat now did what it? What are you think on both the question of time. Like how long should go and the question of focus where it should focus Wilson, focused. So there is some reporting tonight that policy wants to keep this narrowly focused on Ukraine and I understand the impulse to knock over. Not appear like you going. I fishing expedition. Except for the fact that this is a pond stocked with crimes so fish all you want and having us an important way, the upside of a narrow focus is its very specific
Thank you have one story to tell you can tell it let's have a period of time. It's a very obvious impeach offence. It's not there's, not question about what a destructive The danger of it is that it the way in which this crime was committed suggests, that this is not an isolated incident. Not a case of trumps lifelong passion for eliminating corruption, Eastern Europe getting the best of them. This is just one of many examples trump using his office or personal total gain. If we start looking we're going to find them, and so I worry a little bit about narrowing. It in terms timing. I think it should be spread. Over a significant period of time. It should be so story boarded out so that every time issues like the stories about the Peter out, we have another rockstar witnessed the whistle blower at one point and then ten to fourteen Days later, it's Giuliani, and then it's big mulvaney about how the calls got classified, then it's compare. What do you do it? That way, and I you know- I said this as before, but I would I would do
it so that if you're gonna have the vote, you have it right. Before a right around trumps day. The union like. Let's make him about four already there. Excited Verde, Rudy Giuliani, has testify, think he's a bit like Sean Connery when he's in the plane in Indiana Jones and last crusade. It always like manning the gun and try to fired at the enemies. Any catches that catches you get. It shoot desirable aim, there is little debate about this. Do we all think Rudy should testify, and people like Rudy cause? We also the quarry women desk hearing. It was a fuckin circus Rudy is gonna, be you know we ve seen him. Oliver Fox he's going to be very Rudy. He's gonna show up. You know three sheets to that, Is favoured bar during happier, I think that every time ready Giuliani on Fox NEWS, he coughed up a new piece of information made of the fact that he's going every time ready, Giuliani he's gone on Fox news. He coughed up a new piece of information made of the fact
he's going on Fox as up tonight, holding up his old man cell phone with a giant. By showing text from senior State department officials means that those officials, the entire state department, implicated, concern would be If I'm in the house, I want to figure out how to drag out their end of the process for as long as humanly possible abuse. Our goal here is to make sure that every single person in the country understands what the president did all the abuses of power, all the way that he is wasting their taxpayer dollars, manipulating our foreign policy for personal gain. But then I am very concerned that the minute this thing gets to the Senate Mitch Mcconnell calls a vote shuts down. Ends. It there's no trial. There's no process over there that I think the Mcconnell will try to merit garland this thing in just make it go away. Yeah. I think, in terms of also focus, I think it's worth thinking of the Ukraine story as a kind of super crime like a gun them way.
Of crimes that Trump is committed in that it has at all. You know, there's foreign interference and if you want to talk about foreign interference, there's a pattern involving Mahler. It has corruption and the corruption of the government because he's illegally using you know the state Department and and other organs of foreign policy for his own personal ends? It has obstruction and cover up of these documents. It sort of capture that Anti democratic Has all the elements and by the way, in the reference to the Wednesday, staying at trumps hotel, How to arguments like the this. Somehow manages to capture all the very some ways in which Donald Trump has been a corrupt and
and criminal president, and so whether its focused on Ukraine or not, the goals to me is to make sure in what how we describe it. We capture it in the bigness and scale of what it is subversion of american democracy in the corruption of our institutions. So I think you know as Democrats, our dream for impeachment has been. You know, wall to Wall, televised hearings for as long as possible about trumps crimes from media perspective as someone who has covered politics for a long time, it CNN should follow her now at Jessica, Yellow Instagram region do a lot of their like. What would the news like went when what one would then get bored women, the media get bored with impeachment hearings or as long as their hearings would they cover at nonstop. For, like the next five six seven months, have to keep changing the topic. I think that the board, within three weeks, depending how you'd media
it's going to be looking for radical complain for like three months By introducing monsieur mystery, Olenin Mister Adams, simply but you you there's no reason this couldn't theories start with Ukraine and then end up in situation in the Middle EAST or an investigation of other contacts. If you keep changing the topic in the focus. Thank you reengage media interest? I think, though, if it stays on one topic for awhile and this kind of lake short attention Span universe, People are given said my aunt, I think that's exactly right, which is why you got a source story board this out in a way that continues to keep the audience interested, the thing is, though, those issues no. This is right like this is a shop, so neither writers why I came to come. Work for democratic address, its counter programming right, its counter programme and the Nightingale prestige Dramas. There will be a bit of a kind of lag in the middle. Will they stick the finale nirvana.
There is an argument for letting go till October October, twenty twenty quite a veterinary like what is like you in the old pre tromp world. Right. Where able was constantly changing topics. I guess I'm afraid they covered the missing play for and then I came to him. So they need a new missing players and then I got the thing is for years now we ve been covering the Trump Story Non. Stop that the primary thing on cable news in America and because it from our companies also promising to talk that is giving the social media conversation in this. The first opportunities for Democrats dictate the terms of that conversation. It's not that necessary about what from tweeted or what's crazy thing he said or who we promised exit it'll be about how Democrats tell the story about his crime and corruption in Are we at least? Would I get a chance to begin, America's assignment editor for some period of months or unity, while I
I think that, within the one story off its drawn out over, there still shiny object coverage and you need to keep changing with the chinese authorities and the Democrats Aren't you a very good job in that Corey Lewandowski, hearing so That back on me nervous about impeachment. Overall, I think today you know Adam Adams Shift is gonna, be running the impeachment process, at least at the outset, on Ukraine. I think he did a great job today, and so you know well soon he does. But look. I think the goal here right, like the Democratic ACT like the goal, is, of course, to get enough Senate Republicans to vote to convict president right, like we don't think it's going to happen, but we We should go for that, but the real, the jurors, or not just the senators, the jurors here or the american people who get to vote in November of twenty twenty and
the reason that we have been pushing for impeachment hearings for so long is because this is an opportunity to get the attention of the nation focused on trumps crimes. Corruption and criminality. Everything he's done wrong because he is able to take the microphone so often with his tweets with everything else he does. He is able to capture. Media attention. This is the one way possible the only way that the Democratic Party other than our presidential candidate who's gonna have challenges on her. His own grab the microphone and the media spotlight for an extended period of time. So the hope would be that if there are months and months have impeachment hearings that are driving Trump fucking crazy- and there is witness after witness telling a story not only of him. You know promoting his own personal and financial gain with the UK, scandal, but with emoluments with his hotels with the Mahler, with the obstructions F tell the story over and over again, then the impeachment air,
you are carrying the negative story about Trump, and our candidate who's running for president is carrying the positive story. Their vision, that's how we win and point like, and we have to be crystal fucking clear about what we mean right like there. These pulls out today would show impeachment becoming more popular, which is great. I feel good about that. But, honestly we should give a shit like those poles are more work, are more farewelled impeachment, because Democrats who were playing the role of self appointed puddens have now come around to the idea that the appeal to drop is good politics. We do now here why the people the mega that Europe has ever borrow New York. Think about in Pennsylvania. Think about this. We dont care with the big post. Where say we hear ultimate up what ten to fifteen percent the electorate in three to six states about that is it. That is how we should judge successor. So we should think it filled with which we should think about it
nothing else. The liberals who were angry that we're not doing enough the moderates who are shaking in their boots. None of that matters. We about whether we are taking information that can change someone's vote in putting it They would not otherwise get in putting in front of them. We know this from the pole. We didn't was content. If you last month, which is is actually know a lot about trumpet. They know very little about the things that affect their decision. If you tell them about how you feel the taxpayer dollars into his pocket. There are thirty points more or less like you just wanted to tell about how he wants to cut Medicare either thirty points licences for him. So this is an opportunity to put their information from the voters. That matter, and that's all we care about the complicating factor, the complicated
after obviously, is that we have this democratic primary happening right now, and if there is a big splash ye all consuming set of impeachment hearings, it will be very challenging for them to navigate this. I mean you, you might wonder if this will can freeze the race where it is because no one can get Oxford anymore and if you're Elizabeth WAR, You are now kind of in the way of your Joe Biden, you're feeling pretty good at. It was always abiden stance that warrants anti come after that. Oh yeah, I mean like they're all going to the other people who are not there hopped here now, having even harder job of breaking through in making news and getting notice and covered. So there's you're not going around them until the next debate, probably also just one other small thing, which is. I have actually been surprise just the past couple days about just how uncomfortable alot of Republicans are talking about this, not a it either. You have your kind of your you know: you're, stone, cold creeps,
your cruises in your comments and I'll say whatever, but even united, you're you're, you're Rubeus, but even Rubio he's hiding he's hiding from the news. He said more questions than answers, so he's a voyages what it says on the review of family crust yeah, but even even Kennedy, a that right, he's on television to defend the present his attack in all the Democrats and all the rest, but we need nobody Giuliani is a lot of any really give out. The remedies are an end, and you see a lot of Republicans. You know, even on the total committee, think I'm reserving judgment, I'm holding back a bunch of what's it out much senators founded down themselves unable to find the time to read the eight pay, complaint- I mean this is the mother of war, which was hundreds of pages, are very dense and pretty up to big foot come on come on up, but this is eight pages. Clear legit, clearly digestible information that they know they cannot allow into their brains. I was one more thing on this, which is important, which is this is probably the tip of the iceberg,
right like there, where there's a lot more to learn about Ukraine by There is this other secret thing this taking time others having in Washington, which is this? not the only whistleblower there is a whistle blower from the IRS who claims to its have evidence of Trump fearing into the quota court, ordered into his taxes that person has been at the ways and Means Committee for months now, and but we have heard nothing from that person, yet you do want to know what this person thanks, because the president messing with the arrest would be eggs, actually what happened in Watergate. And what other things or are in the government, because just the way this crime was committed in the way was done so in the open suggests that there are so much more like this, and it just gonNA is can take time to find it. But there is when we show the information to people it could have a very devastating effect for both for trumpet twenty and
endangered republican senators or can be forced to decide between voting against the base of their party or joining a political protection racket for a work programme. That is such an important point like it is not just Susan Collins, Corey Gardener did you vote to impeach Trump or not its Susan Collins? Are you running for reelection saying that you think it's ok for the presided states to trade arms for it? action assistance with a foreign government, because if you think that's ok, great, that's your they'd been you can vote impeachment and that's how you gonna run. You stand with the president. You think it's fine to trade arms for election assistance, but if you don't and you can vote for impeachment right, and I think she has to make that decision. Corey gardener has to make decision Martha Mcnally has to make that decision. Tom tell us
like he's already made the decision, because he was like it's a fucking which, on whatever so he's made his calculation or journey Ernst Joanie Ernst in Ireland has made that decision as well know she is doing the full. I'm ducking cover she's like if you want to ask me about ethanol, I'd love to talk about that. As a direct direct quote. No, I think I think it is a point. I realized. None of us really expect a lot of republican senators to stand up and be courageous and take the right vote here, but I think we should make the case to them. If we're trying to get them on board, I don't think I don't know you go to the american people with an appeal hearing. It be like. We know it's a lost cause, we're just run through the traps. Anyway, I think you go to a thing like we are going to make a case to every American and every In addition, Democrats and Republicans I did that is rather the president have betrayed the country that and I think that that there's a lot there's an impulse upon the tree, which is it does yet and it's never going to convict a set of, never gonna be good vacant. Maybe it is unlikely. Maybe it is unlikely, but that's doing their work for them, taking away the surprise,
of them having to vote for or against this helps them. It helps them get away with siding with tromp, which is the easier thing for them to the innocent Elizabeth Warren. So this a long time ago- and you talk about impeachment she's like I want them On record, where do you stand where in in history, where even a sand? I get on record that last last point on this last last, one of us, if all this stresses you out and makes it more anxious about the twenty twenty election gotta votes. If America Dotcom Slash Fair fight, we have raised you, raise the listeners. The show is eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars for Stacy Abrams, the bad as mother Fucker in the Democratic Party who is working to fight voter suppression and make sure that everybody gets to the poles. So we gotta hit a million we're close ten bucks. Everyone here are some books, and I didn't I:
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insurance, but you should, on time, had depositing dot com and compare quotes positiveness spend Tom, comparing life insurance in more time. Doing literally anything else, They were back. Our guest tonight is a housing activists. The founder in ceo of the EAST, open collective, and she was just name to the roots. Twenty nineteen list of the one hundred most influential African Americans in the country, Candice outer. Thank you so much for the union. Thank yous, my vision so, I was doing some research night and I saw a twenty eighteen huh report that said
on any given night. Twenty eighteen about a half, a million people were homeless in the United States. A third of them- were unshattered, meaning that they lived on the streets and into been building but not insincere facility. That was designed to take care folks That a quarter of the homeless population in the country is here in California? especially in cities like away San Diego, the Bay area. So I know we're too about hundreds of thousands of people. They have unique stories and circumstances, but are their main drivers or causes of homelessness reasons why the crisis is so acute here in California, The crisis is really acute. Hearing California because of the cost of living it it's one of the Ex in some states in the United States to live said the king ass of living is increasing the cost of housing is increasing
What we are seeing is, but the minimum wage is no barely moving. You know people actually need a living wage in order to be able to afford a studio. You know in California, that is driving people are losing their homes. You know they are being evicted out of their apartment buildings and therefore to live on the street Roscoe, seeing an increasing number of people living in their cars and people living in there are visa versing whole entire families. You know who are forced to live in their vans, mainly those folks actually resigned on my story. I wake every day and go outside to five vehicle dwellers every morning. So I do want to talk about the Trump administrations policies and some other things a federal government's doing, but you know we
in California this new state run by Democrats. Read the governors Democrat, the legislature, most of the mayor's I dont think about people. I think they care about helping people, but clearly their policies have failed. And I'm I'm me: there's a recent United Nations report that specifically called out San Francisco in Oakland for human rights abuses because of the way the homeless population was treated. What why are these? the current policies failing under liberal administrations and in what do you think city should be doing differently. So The, U N, called out the Bay area as being human rights Violators Ford, the condition that people are living in Seoul California, elected officials have been slow to address the problem. We are in a crisis. Governor knew some jests day passed a pet each of bills dad sound, very promising network help? But where would these bills you know
under no different leaders a while ago. You know we extremely behind the curve we're paying catch up to the policies need to pass. Renters protection, you know could be can also forget- about preventing homelessness making sure that the forty seven increase open since twenty seventeen does not baloney explode even more than that, so what we ve seen on both sides when their democratic, whether their Republican, nowhere that your liberal, our conservative, is there we need more compassion. We need to treat this like urgency and we need to treat it as a human rights issue. So our president made a visit helpful. Recently hence made clear that his administration menace is waging war on the almost population immediately the council that I'll make proposed
deregulation and more policing as their solution to homelessness The kind hearted man that he is said quote we have people being in our best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings, where people in those buildings pay terms. These taxes clearly showing that he care more about these objects than the people. How worried are you that there might be an inn mention by the federal government that could make the work you do even harder. Very. Were especially when you have rhetoric coming like that. You know from not my president right. We know from what he's been saying. He wants that. I put everybody entities, you know you know facility, then we know his track record of that right. So we if we don't want any more like huge federal facilities. You know we actually,
to follow the? U N recommendation and ass to you upgrade the environment in the circumstances of people now until you're able as the government to offer them adequate housing? If you are not able to do that, then you need to protect the folks while there on the street. Before they suffer anymore so add on, de. I don't trust you know trumpet all, but what he can do is give more federal funding. You know two states like California in leave it up to The counties you know to extreme actually implement housing programmes, because what he really wants to do is and what he has been doing to join. That he's, cutting You know, I'm social services he's cutting housing programs get a lot of people who are homeless. They have housing was you know, they are on waiting lists. They ve been on waiting lists for housing for years, but there is not enough deeply affordable housing so put their money into affordable housing.
So obviously the problem of increase housing costs is undoubtedly the homelessness, and drive people out of their homes- they live in four years. It can lead to gentrification. Folks living in a barrier in particular, have seen housing crisis skyrocket in the last decade. Plus. What would you think, The local governments can do deserve help deal with these skyrocketing prices and what you think that some of the companies in particular technology companies in the Bay area, what can they do the help sir the problem that many would argue they helped create. So on a local level. We can have. The government should build deeply, affordable housing, and I really want to stress that distinction of deeply affordable because because of the cost of living is so high. Affordable, is is the large a lot arrange now so affordable could,
and some Bayer cities over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but so it still pushes out the extremely extremely low income are note to low income residents. So we need to build deeply affordable housing. We need to look at non traditional housing. We want to put people into these cookie cutter models of everyone is needs studio are our apartment, but you know it takes like five to ten years to build one affordable housing unit. So why we're waiting you notice before zoning and to get permits and to get funding for affordable housing papers. Would dine on the streets. So why not look at tiny homes? No one, not look at container homes. Look at stuff that we can house people in right now. You know my organization in are in our my colleagues. We try to build tiny homes and in the city, terrorism down because they're not we know. Two called regulations, some glad a renewed, knew some passed today. One.
His bills is actually wool lesson. Those Reagan both regulations, while we're in this crisis selves, but that code doesn't have to apply to these tiny homes are to these container homes because windy housing. Now, the last part of your question about tech companies, tech companies are part of the reason you know why we're in this crisis, and being mean account be like don't move here, but we tech companies, I think, can invest and me no more pipelines to just two to stem jobs, invest and more working class jobs. You know even even outside system, so in also invest in, like is once again the recurring theme of deep Affordable housing. You know like coming put your money where your mouth is less do evokes grid.
So I bet Everybody in this room has walked by someone with on the street. Maybe you see the same folks every day, and you feel good by what you can see that person is going through, but you don't know what to do and should give someone money to get food. I mean Arthur. Things? You think that people can do day to day in their own lives to help folks who are experiencing homelessness. Definitely so folks, I know sometimes are apprehensive too to give change. But if you do give chain give a freely, no matter what the person is actually gonna do what they like that doesn't matter. The point is for this temporary moment. You are giving them something that day. Are going to use to their benefit and I encourage people even the most that the stuff tat we take for granted, toilets issue and lotion. A toothbrush is currently a car you.
Carry granola bars carry water. You know it's been extremely hot and in the in the Bay area, recently passed out words to people so that person- I you see on the the median industry, the person you seen on the sidewalk at the bus. Stop you can eat to just hand them about water, a granola bar you can make hydrogen kids keep them in your car and hand them out and support organizations who are in the trenches and who are making a difference like we help. You know coronary building tiny homes this, like spot, for a time you home, you know come out to a bill day. You know and put some sweat equity in. So that's. My last question tell us tell us about the EAST Open collective. What does it do you as do, and how can folks here and listen back home help out so the Oakland Collective, we do rational and economic equity work in EAST Oakland. We are
nor for the work that we do wasting on behalf of the house? We do advocacy policy in organizing work. We are in the trenches, sometimes when their larger nonprofits have a lot of red tape. We dump you know. So we can. We are in the homeless encampments. You know, Praetor four times a week. We are in how're? We actually people who are unhoused. I use the term on house that covers a wide spectrum of people who are suffering from housing insecurity. Empowering them to build advocate on behalf of themselves, either in their family into upgrade their environment in their living situation LA times, people just need help. People just need the resources. We have a large scale, feeding program called feed, the hood and since September. Point seventeen we have distributed: thirty thousand lunches and thirty thousand hygiene, kids, that every single encampment
across Oakland is sometimes we go into Berkeley and San Francisco, because there are ninety two one hundred encampments in Oakland, so we are actually on on call I'll phone basis, you know with, are encampment leaders and we really make sure that their their voices heard. While we are working on those long term, even short term, immediate solutions to basic care to solar. Thank you so much for the work, You and thank you for being here tonight. Pod emerges. By the New York? I love the new Yorker. The new Yorker represents the best writing in America. Today they also publish it, they publish it. Do they write it, they publish it, beyond publishing the best writers in the world. The new Yorker holds people in power accountable through rigorous reporting and compelling storytelling. Both
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It's a great organization, and you know it's. A good cause come on come on, cannot command download the cash Do it now and we're back you're gonna play a game Silicon Valley, I never you gotta, let it go, they will not forget. Twenty minutes ago it has in the past. Silicon Valley, the wellspring of a technological revolution that has transformed our society a place where the best and brightest man you skip their problems to write code for an apple sweeps porn sites for the most cement faces, Micro dose, LSD and parted big questions like what one everyone on earth was connected to one another, and what, if I had all the money
the power of tat of the tech industry is grown. Americans have begun to ask their representatives and state houses in Congress to hold these companies accountable, whether it's a bird of defining its drivers as independent contractors, facebooks failure to protect users, privacy, where the monopolistic behaviour companies like Amazon and Google, but there's one challenge legislatures. There's one challenge: legislator: always the most, shall we say: there's one challenge: listen, I'm a gay person who did a show, at the Castro I had a night, but there's one shall I get it? I didn't shut up
they believe for a second, and I had a night when biosphere you. I want to emphasise that the great british making sure they then other than the making further. We have another Walter, Legislators are them purse, shall we say tech, savvy calling anyone old in ages just and but let us say their eyes, exploded regardless. Page many members of Congress have no idea how technology works and when it comes to tackle the complex, important issues involving regulation, it can be hard to watch the episode of Anthea S uncle Richard Cancun to plan is Microsoft service with a password taped to the front that's why tonight we're gonna blame play. Can you please print the internet for me? So I can read it before the hearing.
But anyone out there like the way. I was your name Jason Jason. Are you in the tech industries? Are? I am then a problem. What thou who want before we're? What would you got your popular iron attacking mimeograph. What are you talking about? I'm sorry in, what's your name, Jason Jason, relatively I'm ready right, here's outworks we're gonna red quotes. Three of those courts will be real quotes from politicians about the internet. One will be fake. We could make when you having to make money out of crushing
question one which of the following is a fake quote: the following quotas from President Donald Trump: we're losing a lot of people because the internet we have to do something we have to see bill gates in a lot of different people that really understand what's happening. We have to talk to them, maybe in certain areas closing that in turn it up in some way or is it be? the following quotas from Senator or in hatch when it to computer. I'm team printer or is it see, These are also very reluctant to think the following quotas. President George W Bush will the high? ways on the internet become more few or as a day. The following quarters from Vice President Joe Biden, If you agree with me, go to Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty and help me in this fight. What do you think I'm going with Dan no
Joe Biden. It will be therefore, I think we are all ridiculous, an illusion here. What theirs the fake. What we look over the fake one, yeah you're wrong. I already got it fitted out our question to which the following is a fake quote, the following quarters from Senator TED events the internet is all around us. It's an wires, but it's in the air data flying through this chamber. But can we granted from the air or is it be the following? quote is from Senator TED Stevens. They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet and again The internet is not something you just dump something on: it's not a truck. It's a series of tubes. Or is it see, fallen, quote from Senator test
events. I just They got an internet was sent by my staff at ten o clock in the morning on Friday. I just got it yesterday. Why? Because it got to Hold up with all these things going on the internet commercially or as a day, the following quote is from Center TAT Stevens. What you do is you just go to a place on the internet and you order your movie and guess what you can order. Ten of them delivered to you in the delivery charges free tell them swimming across the internet and what happens to your own personal internet, which is the fake quote. What do you think Tommy Como Tommy? Now it was Johns, that's real, those
a fake one yeah. Now you didn't know about the internet, as you know, the Jetty Lucy Centre in charge of the internet. I did I remember through the tubes and he passed away, he's dead right Julia. I repeat, variety swipe with that question in the middle. Wrong to end on it, because it's that question everyone I dont know. Why did the feels like it needs to be? Our question three, which the following is fake, is a then of Louis Gomer said the following to the sea of Google quote: We do a search and we get Wikipedia. My chief of staff went on Hold me every night for two weeks and put proper honest information with proper annotations and Wikipedia liberal editors around the world would knock out everyday guineas, this is a ceo of Google, a company that has nothing to do with wicked or as a b representatives: do you have? It said the following to Google CEO: I do a weekly
and a while back Republicans in the House Pass legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. When I was writing, my blood bog about that. I googled American Healthcare ACT and virtually every, article was an attack on our bill. It was until you ve got to the third or fourth page of search results before you found anything remotely positive about our bill? How do you Explain this apparent bias on Google's part. Conservative policies. Or is it see Representative Steve King, prominent incest. Offender said the following Google. I have a seven year old, granddaughter picked up the phone go before the election and she playing a little game in upon their pops. A picture for grandma they're not going to say into the record what kind of language is used to run that picture? But I asked you: how does that show up on a seven year old Iphone or is it representative Kevin Mccarthy said the following to Google C, O Sundar European try
I understand you have an incognito abode, but can we trust it Is it? Is it really private, that's my question when you close the window, what folks we're looking at, is it really gone, because I'm worried about, let's say terror. What do you think. I know dad you got, it won the game. Really. Solar power should give card Geigy the playing with the call. Thank you play the game. Failure
and his elder beg you to Jessica Kojata. Thank you.
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