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New polls show a majority of Americans now support an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, while the President’s campaign hones a re-election message based in conspiracy and grievance. Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and VICE News’ Shawna Thomas on stage in Seattle, Washington.

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sector with Abdul I'll say it now on Apple pie, gas, Spotify, sticker or wherever you listened to your favorite shows O welcome divisive America. John Trevor, I'm Chinatown us a vice, John Mother, I'm our shops, audience. I've heard a lot of people have been upset about how our children's decision to run for president but I'll tell you something that bother me long before it's what he did.
Do the basketball team. I thought you know. I saw you not remember alive because of what he did. What happened and he said it would stay. And then it immediately went to Oklahoma. Where. Where, as I told Dan earlier, immediately got a man named having Durrant I get you're a little off and its outcome, so I will say: you're like eighty percent there, one, in times of an imaginative sports thing, backstage it's not going to Why did you tell him we're gonna be thinking about it every day anyway, we ever
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I mean it, I dont mean literally gonna throw something uh huh. Didn't call you guys, the Houston of California negative. That went over really well that in that didn't go while it was when you set up or are gone, I got a lot of my love: it's a better people all along the stalwart wool dude here, too, the news there has been rapid shift in public opinion over the last week as new pulling shows that a majority of Americans now support and impeachment inquiry into Donald where they have allowed is Portland when you said impeachment, but with a little bit later, it may have been a little outer when he said impeachment. It's a weird catch up. According to today's CBS Paul, that's
Four comes from nearly ninety percent of Democrats about half of independence in about a quarter of Republicans, so this largely tracks with other recent polling, including an ABC poll that was released today. That showed sixty three percent of Americans believe it's a problem either somewhat of a problem or a seriously a problem that the President asked a foreign government to launch a phone investigation into his political opponent that might help Trump win re election damn. Why do these poles matter? Why should we care about them? John? As I always say, formerly, pull that matters is the one on election day that unless it's a good for Democrats, These poles do matter in the short term. In two ways, wine, the good pulling numbers, will put steel in the of the Democrats who have to conduct these investigations- and that's really important- is the fastest way for to go off the rails is for Democrats. They get scared and divided. In start.
You know, sharing their intermodal lie with a full report is that political about either had started thanks. So as long as something like that, faced with the other far why this is important is the they can only or primarily covers politics through the prism of principles of the poles are good than the narrative about these hearings will be good. That's important because we live in this world. This social media will now we're everyone's abundant in the meadow narrative really influence. If things like like in the polls you mentioned. Some of the movement is Democrats so moving towards supporting piecemeal. Now, every Democrat thinks trumps should be impeached, but they were holding back from it because they had decided that as a matter of political strategy, impeaching tromp was bad you say: Democrats, oh you mean, like average, yeah average rotors. Yes, we are a nation abundant, we're all blunder on making judgments, and so, if, if the narrow, the media narrative about these hearings becomes bad. Did you see those numbers change? Receiver gonna gets that on the substance, but on the objects of having me
says yeah, I notice that today, when there's a near time, sorry about you, know, Democrats has members going homes, talk about impeachment and sort of like the fine line they had to walk in a sorry interviewing some voters and one voter was You know. I support impeachment, but I heard that its very divisive and even people who think that Donald Trump deserves to be impeached, still think it could be politically damage. So I'm worried about it, is like the person might as well have been on a meet the press panel. Yet we know that a self perpetuating meditative. Yes, that's all I'm saying so when voters here that now more Democrats afforded etc, gonna move but part of that media narrative is. That is that that is something that needs to be. As projected actual, yeah that she remembers. Ninety ninety eight and Bill Clinton and what happened to the Republicans after that, They want. They want the president yeah. They wanted, president quite its, but she has helped
that narrative know for sure and in we're not gonna, do not cover the speaker of the house, and so yes, I can see what you're saying, but it also because that is also what some of the politicians are saying to us. Right, like that's the cycle right, which is pull number say. One thing the partition say at the press reports it where the poll members are info, once by then it goes on rights under the pressure and cover it, but in the era of Facebook and Twitter in the way? Cable is right now that the police, Local conversation is influencing the facts on the ground in a way in which it never has. Before so
not only did the polls show that ninety percent of Democrats are for impeachment out also said. Ninety percent of voters who voted for a Democrat in twenty eighteen in the mid terms are for impeachment. It also said that people now list impeachment is one of the top issues. They believe Congress should prioritize right now, it's tied with healthcare. What do you think accounts for this shift in what, if anything, using those sort of moderate swing? District Democrats, democratic politicians will take away well, there's two things I think part of what accounts for the shift. Is journalists like myself in that the way this is being covered now, because some ways. I'm gonna like insult myself, while also trying to promote myself, that's the way to do it exactly the Crane narrative is a much easier story to tell and that's the same thing. The Democrats are saying to pre openly that it,
much easier to say: ok, there's this and then the White House really something that resembled kind of a transcript and then pay read it more like all. This seems weird. Maybe someone should investigate it. That I just summed up the story for you. That's an easy one to write, and so on people are seeing Madame and it tells her people who are paying attention to this and are like ok, we should actually investigate this. I think in terms pulling, and what this says to those democratic one in this sort of purple districts it gives them cover to do kind of what they did, especially the this seven nor security Democrats who went ahead and and wrote that up ed to say, ok, I can go to my district and I can have this conversation and I don't have to avoid the conversation, and so that will allow them to sell the idea of impeachment more letting the important thing about this. Lying is- and I brought notes for thanks. I went back and looked at the NBC Wall Street Journal Pool where they ve asked about impeachment inquiry in June between
Nineteen they were at twenty, seven percent of Americans were pro, may have twenty nineteen it with seventeen percent, and so the importer. About pulling, I think, would agree, is trends and I think the trend going up. That is a good cover for Democrats to go ahead do this and not think as much about the politics. It also an ongoing crime right, which it makes a difference in the Mulder report like they are actually committed. The crime right here right now on Sunday shows repaid. You just second already doing so crimes against there's language crimes against the country, but no one is different than what happened in Russia also think it important piece of this is the flip side to everyone's upon its positive is a positive lesson which is we ve set. We were then our heads against the wall for for a long time, saying whatever you think about impeach
it- is certainly bad. Politics have the democratic position on impeachment B. Should we know, and so we spent all that time where the Republican said he should never be impeached, he's so good and democratic position was we're, not so sure. Maybe it's good. Maybe it's bad and sure enough. It pulled terribly strengthen leadership, but solidarity and unequivocal leadership shows up and says it's time for an impeachment inquiry theirs. Unity amongst Democrats. By the time you get two three or four days later, which, as you know, pretty quick for democratic and- and LO and behold that unity This is a change in early as they also, let's just be careful in two months. The poles me not look like that. That's true when I see how it goes normal? China have tonight trends the thorns, and none of us know how this is going to play our politically debated it in my own head for months and months now. But what we do know is a couple things one.
Mccarthy, the leader and Republican House Congress was on meat sixty minutes tonight and with pressed on Donald Trump call to the point. Didn't on Ukraine, and it was one of the worst interview performances ever seen in my life, you see clearly doesn't want to have to defence defended. So suddenly democrats are playing orphans all the Republicans in the house in the Senate that are vulnerable have to defend the other thing. The other thing that's happening is that this is making Donald Trump lose his fucking mind We know that we want to share for that. He like just like an we're ago, retweeted someone saying that there will be civil war in this country if impeachment happens right like bachelor, crazy stuff. This morning he reach we'd his eighteen attacks the weekend anchor of Fox and friends.
That is not the behaviour of you know. Personally. I come from a very strong political situation. A very they'll do so like we're we're on often here, like all there. They are labeling about four swans there were tacking, Adam Schiff were attacking Joe Biden were attacking the Democratic Party like This is not good ground for them. I feel very comfortable about where we are these of E Donald Trump, so that that is right and I think what China in time it will go through. So, like I think in this case, the facts are on our side. I think that the story is easier to understand its more accessible. It's a crime, that's happening in real time, but I also hope that democratic politicians take a lesson from this, that you have more power to
eight public opinion by leading in showing political courage, then you think you now and again we don't know where will be in two or three or four months from now, and you know, facts and circumstances could make it more unpopular. But Democrats can Anyone to you know pound on one message over and over again show Eddie showed so show strength beyond off and all the time can help Make this successful, it's not a guarantee that it can meet. You can up our chances anything either, not an impeachment. We are seeing that actually play out in the twenty twenty election in that having a message and hitting it there's a reason why Elizabeth Worn is moving in the pool, and this has a message she has a meme. She has a plan for that, and that is something people respond to also, I think you have a point to the full
This time we only forty two percent of people in this pole believe that Trump deserves to be actually impinged with another twenty two percent, believing it's too soon to say, and Only forty one percent believe actions where legal with another thirty one percent saying they were legal but not proper, what does that tell Democrats about their path forward and like the work that we have to do for Israel? It tells me that we put people on the dumbest in mid. You find live five hundred non lawyers across the lazy legal wrangling. I will not judge, but yes, that's illegal for lawyers and that's a lot yeah, I think ultimately, The answer to your question depends on what your goals, your goal is to convince the entire kind, three, that down from the criminal and thus get two thirds of the Senate to convict him like we have a long way to go. But I don't really think that's our goal. I think our goal is to convince a
significant portion of the country that Donald Trump is corrupt in using the office for personal gain, and but like the slice that we need to really move like all Democrats are coming around. But then there these, like Obama, Trump voters that we know are sort of in the middle here we can damn or a percentage of them. They download hundred something really egregiously wrong in that helps us when the election in twenty twenty, that critically important, I think the other the said the answer. The last question to a right, which is this, is distracting Donald Trump and causing him to melt down more days between now. In November. Twenty were trump, is you know, retweeting random shark by about at Henry and streamlining of the things you know that's fewer days that he's making an effective case against the democratic nominee. A thing we know from polling is that people might
like a lot of things, about an even like his base. A lot I wish he would not tweet that he wasn't so cost all the time, even TED crews, coward that he may be criticised. Tromp retweeting too much at the tread fast. This weekend rights like it's a well established narrative that people don't like any despoils away on weekends. Anybody decent rate that our president is melting, on twitter right now I mean I do wonder, just take a step back and be like he is the leader of the free world and, Moldova has a lot of access to bomb he added I gotta, get an important point which you ve gotta lotta buttons in front of him, that he could take his anger out with and I'm fine, if its twitter, things where those days radio like he said that or the diet company, here he said that Adam ship should be question for treason today, because he paraphrased his comments. Cynical
rational, are going out context, trader trader of any given data would be the craziest thing that oppress United States is ever said. In order to be fair trial has a long held passion for action. In presenting you can see why there's gotta be amazing. Those numbers do tell us that, despite the fact that you know the facts are on our side of this is in the story like it is a long way between now and in impeachment. Vote and Democrats have to make a concise, consistent case and also let people know that question about? Is it legal or proper? Whatever else like this wasn't just some that was wrong, but what Donald Trump did makes him so manifestly unfit for office that he should be. The third
president history to be impeached like, and that is a higher standard, undemocratic every Democrat who finds himself in front of a microphone for the next summer months has to say the words Donald Trump abuses office to punishes enemies, help himself and enrich himself but I think we also have to figure out how to explain like what law does. What law applies, that if he were just a normal person and not present United States, went to go through impeachment process that what what they would take him to court, for, I think to figure out how to see that message- and I want to say a name that probably gonna make some people his. But I was listening to this week today and Chris Christie made this point. Our paths for it. I love him, but he made this point about. If they go to faster, they do kind them. If they're gonna do they have to go kind of quickly because we run into election stuff, but if they go to
fast and they don't explain themselves well, it could end backfiring, I kind of agree Oh, I do too. I think that's right. I also like we're. You know we ve all the collars unspeakable were we're about to doing. Ok, however, we see how, in spite of organ me and where it will, and we ve seen a bunch of different messages, Republicans are all over the place. That won't necessarily be the case even as soon as next week, that number that shows twenty percent or some twenty five percent of Republicans are open to an impeachment agree, once this machine gets up and running all of a sudden. They come home and this remains a kind of murky. Fifty fifty eight like every other issue in this country. To that's it, that's another, less sanguine possibility that we could end up in and we should be prepared for that too. I also think that the other important point for Democrats to keep making and many of them have already made this. Is you note the argument from some people were opposed to impeachment, but still think downtown
for offices. You know what we have an election in November: twenty twenty, that's the time or we can vote him out of office and Republicans in the centre are going to convict him anyway. The reason that this scandal makes that different is because Donald Trump has tried to through the crime that he has committed he's trying to prevent a free. Fair election in twenty twenty and so the whole hope that twenty twenty November twenty one, if we he is going around the world to get favours, To criminalize his opponent so He can win the election and twenty twenty and the only thing you can do to stop. That is too. You know that the best chance you have to stop it is through the intermediary bodies drunk timely for compromise, Mr Langen I waited for having Castro is. His opponent love it. One piece of news: that's not grieve for Joe Biden in this pole is that only twenty, eight percent of people
leave that the allegations against the vice president and his son do not deserve further investigation, Has the media done a good enough job debunking these completely false allegations of criminal? de on the part of either Joe Biden or Hunter button and has a binding campaign like what what happened there yeah. So you know I do think what we have seen in the past few days is a lot of journalists who have learned some lessons, but not all the lessons from twenty sixteen. You know we ve seen some pretty antagonistic interviews of people trying to represent the trumpet in points which is you know a manufactured. Legation that Joe Biden try to get this guy. Ukraine fired to help. His son right is actually, opposite. We ve all got over this everyone. Go over two million times. They will continue to stir up this false story. The reason that they will do it.
The reason you see a pole number like that is, I think, again, a lesson from twenty sixteen, which is they may hype it They may make it they may lie about it. The media made you a terrible java holding an accountable for those lies, but the reason they want to do it is because they know that underneath it there's something, this is a little bit squishy and a little bit gross. Right, wise hundred binding on the border. This company, you know he's not an expert so clearly, either for respectability, politics or influence in and Joe Biden is a man of integrity on this matter. There is no evidence that Joe Biden ever did anything untoward with regard to any of this, but that doesn't stop them because they know that there's enough cynicism, up there and enough corruption out there and enough of an understanding that washing and doesn't work for ordinary people, that it is a means of an elite, enriching themselves. In their loved ones that they can go into that cynicism,
stir it up and use it. I totally against the Democrats, your hundred percent right. It is weird that Joe Biden son got a fifty thousand dollar month, retainer to work for a company in an industry, he didn't know well in a country he didn't live in, but Donald I'm just made his son in law, the Fucking Middle EAST peace. Though she had her, you don't look like it's a weird. It's weird path to walk. I doubt they are trying to drive, but like that's the thing like they know that they know that as well. They make everyone. Look terrible. Everyone look corrupt. Everyone is the worst. Everyone is evil that they can kind of e gout and ugly victory in the mud and ever thing goes back to the main trunk strategies always been, I'm never going convince anyone, I'm good. I did
in every one of the other. Guy is just as bad as I am yet, but I think this is sort of over complicating the like. You can think that Hunter Biden getting fifty thousand dollars a month to be on this board of foreign company with no real qualifications, is sort of scummy sounding right. That happened. With people all the time right who are connected in Washington with ramp. It's the swampy they re. All you have to know is. It is a fact that, Joe by firing or trying to get that prosecutor fired, increase The chances there would be an investigation into his sons, company increased the chance it like. I would you say if I were the Biden campaign, I would stop telling that story I would unload my Otto file on Don Junior Eric
Now I was: U Aerial. I leave Tiffany the Hell Loan, I fuck yeah. I would punch standards, we hearts have video seizings nice. I would I would he and she was the anonymous official who wrote that Europeans I found a few months ago. I think the lesson that Donald Trump is taught us all is that you have to be an offence all the time and also, if you start bring his kids into it, he will lose. It shifts the idea I agree with you that they should dump the opera file, but I dont know. I think that this story that the firing of that prosecutor increase the chances that hunters company would be investigated is something that people do not know, and I think what happens now is a bunch of people. The defences is, there was no wrong doing. There was no evidence. No, not only was there no rocked and no evidence, Joe Biden did the opposite are what you're accusing him it is a complete fucking opposite I look yes, they should be. They should be saying that they should get that out and actually you know, Jake Tapir Jim Jordan said that right, like Krispijn Chris Wallace gets at that, like these
they are getting at that, but what they are relying on. The fact that, like we, we should try to get that out to people, but it is in time like they are relying on. The fact that you can always know It's there were lying on the ground and I take over them. Aren't saying that, though, that he acted against his sons, financial interests Jake's had that data is an ethical rules might have to, but it I'd look I think guns regardless just they are counting on a kind of miasma confusion on this issue and anything the binding and can do to kind of cut through. That is the right thing to do. The point I'm just making is the reason you see those numbers in Nepal, oh, that underlying cynicism, that people have rightful the more about these. That's all if I was sitting in the binding campaigns have been very nervous right now, because, even though all facts are on our side? He that there is a real chance. He is sacrificed, I'm the impeachment fire, because this like, where it organ about nothing other than appeasement in this country. For the next few months in Biden has been the apart, that conversation unfairly, so, but every like Democrats,
Tromp Republican, says by because they know they can't defend Trump, but are they Take your mind out in the process than that you two terms benefit in the end. Is there a problem you think about it? I mean? Is it by and actually needs to do, an interview with Hunter, and like all they need when it what I need to get a little a minority behind a little bit, so I will do the following things: virus them. I would pick someone on my campaign who was a person with credibility, you new politics and knew the law, and I would have and become the face of this and have them do tv. Twenty four. Everything will move into the scene in anything studios, ITALY, every time Rudy Julianne unit on you should be. But yes, someone like it like ride buyers, wooden kind bars with Rudy everything it out like like someone like like run Clane would be like a who is vital. After so that's it. One said too, as I would start advertising now doing, face gas, because this is where you're going to club for sure I, even if Jake Tavern, Cresswells everyone else's fair, you're gonna get destroyed because, still to this day, the
we are what moves if it comes Facebook and other things, the way they can help their feet there, Volunteers and their supporters in this, as they should give them tools right like a need a forty five second explain or video of the truth that people could, Aaron Post on Facebook or a graphic like make it a little you'd like there, they are right now in the middle of a modern information war, they cannot. They can't fight this with statements in tweet They have to go on talking. Reporters on background is the new fucking world when they need to understand the ministry has the biggest problem they have is. When you hear something enough, you start It's probably true, and you don't want to send people- think that Hillary Clinton as a kill list, because there dumb friend shared it on Facebook fuckin seven years ago, honestly that women, you could talk to John Bull
actually that's right. I learned, if I may, I will briefly on it. We need to argue the people who ran focus groups for Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen. They will tell you the most common thing in the focus group of swing. Voters was people saying not the email scandals none of us have like that and that she had a kill us seriously because a facebook, shit and minutes it's not bad, so there now and then we ll again now it's time for a game, we call ok, stop we're all acquit. We can say: ok, not at any point to comment. Republicans into the Sunday shows to defend the president like mouths to a flame. Receiving Miller eating Shit on Fox there, GNP leader, kept Mccarthy failing to speaking sentences on sixty minutes and then
There's been Jim Jordan on CNN, who ran into a bug that definitely makes one of Chris Qualmless Instagram when no one's around namesake tapir. Let's watch Linsky wants military aid and President Trump seem to look into the bite, and I can't believe that that's ok with you, the lids case brings up. He wants to drain the swamp in his country like the present is doing here. The presence has do me a favor. Can you figure out what happened in twenty six and I thought well cared about what happened in the twenty sixteen election and then he wasn't exonerate the violence, wonder what, when one hundred by August up we just sort, let go, he wants to know what happened in twenty. Sixteen, that's not what fucking happened at all the President ass, the present Ukraine, about a crazy fucking conspiracy. Theory that the Russians actually didn't interfere in our election, but it was the Ukrainians all along. He thinks Hillary Clinton emails over his hiding out in Kiev? That's not a joke right
it is that he actually thinks that somewhere in Ukraine, there is Gluttons emails ever it is so fucking bonkers. But this is what happens like and Jake knows that it's not like you can only not so many crazy comments, but like this is the kind of thing like this is getting out there. Now. We have to move on to the next thing. We just sort of. Let fly the first one. It is eight. The right wing machine for pumping out this kind of misinformation are like the chocolates moving in front of Lucy, and unlike Jake's picking them up in his throne and sure enough eating salmon, is you didn't get? It echoes, culminated trying to get them out and media matters has taken some of the big had taken up and then you know an end and then, all of a sudden there just spoken chocolate Moving down on inspected, but you know.
So this look any attack on this point in maybe you haven't noticed alienating painted two thousand and eight when the company that's paying him that money is under investigation, guess what daddy comes one into the rescue, the vice president. I see that what has always sought to sit exact Jake, that's not what I can feel just his head starting to explode, as this interview is going good. I am. This is a good on this. As you know, a rich text for the Trump era, because Jim Jim ordinance, has no scruples right. He is laying down. This. Is someone going out there in saying I'm gonna lay down the Information case in fall like a freight train, and I will not be adopt he's good at creating a narrative. He is good at it s doing Gordon. Do you think he saw no enough? That's do you think he knows he's lying or do you think he's grain is here
have convinced himself that he he believes the silk. So he's being very so now he's doing what you know: trumpet In that add, what Republicans are doing all across television right he's, lying on a sequence of events he's leaving out the most important detail, which is what John just pointed out that by was firing, was seeking on the part of many countries, many international? They hire world the entire world. The removal of of someone who wasn't punishing. Option so that they could have somebody who would go after corruption. It is opposite but he is laying out in the sequence, with these kind of semi true sentences to make them a damning indictment of Biden, which is why it requires Jake to say, wait a second wait. A second wait, a second out also I I interviewed Jordan about public too. To go, and I asked him pretty point blank was the Molitor report. Likewise, the Miller hearing two months ago, Think, like I interviewed him that day I witnessed uncle, I asked him about whether he thought was there anything
Being in the second half of the obstruction of justice, part of the Mulder report that bothered him at all about the president and he looked at me any basically said no, and I believed him, and I did I I think that's what he believes in its Georgia's George, who stands a fake It's not a lie. You believe it I need. It is like wheat, when we think about the damage. In fact, nuisance doing often think about our uncle. Right or our grandfather who are fighting, but I am sure, and public policy the huge public policy problem that America is that its members have caught republican members of Congress. Get all the news from Fox no result that tonight with Kevin Mccarthy on sixty minutes where Scott Pelee reads in the description of the the call summary and says, and then Donald Trump says. Do me a favor though, and Kevin I think
say that negotiation. Do me a favor, then it goes you just added the though, and he goes no, I didn't that's the transcript and like, genuinely believe that Kevin Mccarthy genuinely believes that he added but also kamikaze genuinely a moron. Yet again, we believe they have a majority thought. The word there is spelled t h, O Eugene was a different worry you genuine. Best known for fetching Donald Trump, his favorite starboard, that's true, but he believes it that, sir: that's not what happened. The European Union, the Obama administration thing, John International Monetary Fund, pro
Clean government activists in Ukraine thought that the prosecutor, yours, was not prosecuting corrupt. You said Joe Biden was trying to get a prosecutor who was not pursuing corruption fired and it was the more gazing it was ass if you guys go through to defend what use everything by fax device print. I wouldn't I somebody who's been accused of things in the last year and two would be more sensitive to having a plan for going to tat. Jake
you get Jake's gonna cover you really revolving that we ve all been sending a delegation. Not while I'm going out the facts you got hired for what the President's daughter right now is having all sorts of copyrights were granted in foreign countries that does in alarm you, the President son in law, are doing all sorts of these rights all over the world that doesn't along want what we started. I like that come on earth is the coveted sort of like come on. Don't I know, don't you take this there, don't don't want you know I don't have an answer from you know. That's not my points the, the islands they also to like you notice. He keeps coming back to that issue right of like the fifty thousand dollars. Why was he getting the money right like this? Is this is similar to what they did on Hilary and the speeches, what they did on E mails, what they did on Gaza, which is you you take that little colonel and you ask
the question that you know the answer to imply that the answer is far more vast and sinners, sir than you could possibly imagine an as what's their good at their That's ok! Stop to. Lastly, we talked about how impeachment is affecting the democratic candidate strategies. Tonight I want to talk about own teach me to shaping Donald Trump relation strategy. Already. The president's campaign is spending ten million dollars on a television and Facebook add campaign that accuses I'm of trying to quote steal the twenty twenty elections or impeachment in Trump has a video pinned is twitter feed right now, with the tagline quote there trying to. Not me, because I'm fighting for you we laugh but so shot.
From advisers, told NBC quote: we're not gonna, take this lying down and said there modeling their response on the strategy they use during the cabinet hearings which receive organised right. So what? What does that say? But what we can expect from the trunk campaign and in what is there and we will through all of their sort of sad explanations on the merits of the substance of this allegation, but what's their sort of political message here, they're gonna use for the campaign on a beach that they're the ones under attack. So there can attack back and they did it. They did it effectively with cabinet that it was pugilistic Everything the Democrats are saying is incorrect about him and he deserves. To be Supreme Court Justice, they're gonna, say everything. You're saying is incorrect about President Trump and he deserves to continue to be president and it doesn't whatever the actual reality is, and I leave it to everyone else to decide what the reality is. Whatever it is there.
Going to write their own path and nothing else is going to get in the way and we saw it with Cavenaugh now this is a little bit different than cabinet, in that we have something that resembles a transcript and, Congress saying: ok, we're gonna dive into this thing. And there are even gonna- have hearings. They're gonna have like depositions next week with some of the people mentioned in the transcript and mentioned in the whistleblowers complaints, so that makes it a little bit harder than the cabinet situation. But if you, if you we're going to make your own reality in some ways and there to do it in its didn't. I don't open work or not, but they ve been really effective at it. The other thing you have to realise is that you the president of the United States, who is right, for reelection and yes, there's a couple of people out there who are challenging him for the nomination sort of on the republican side. But he's he's gonna get emanation and run for president again they have
have the ability and the fund raising prowess to be able to have a singular message right now in a way the Democrats can't because the Democrats are still running against each other, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I only like we're sown and actual real democratic primary. He can focus or his campaign can focus. He has a heart, I'm gonna, focusing as we see on twitter, but his campaign can focus unlike something very singular and putting their message out, and that is that the kind of beauty of being the sitting. President, when you're running for president. I think, there's the cavern thing, is very interesting parallel. Is it like it? It worked for them, but it is a different. There are two elements over their different: one is The cavenaugh strategy was not run out. The White House. It was run by the federalists, society Mitch, Mcconnell, the Coke network, and they were the ones who drove it reacts right alike, part of the more discipline, side of the Republican Party than the Trump side
but it also was very focused on Red States Where did it have persuaded him? One blue states, They are really only had you get put pressure on democratic places like North Dakota, West Virginia Indiana and keep to Republicans home. Which I think is actually a proxy for the strategic position they have to make, which is, if they the actual concern about trumpet, leaving office right of being forced out of office. Here the way in which you prevent that, as you hold the forty percent Trump Base together right, but it is a different strategy, then winning plurality in battleground states around the country. Where you have to like this right You have punch back as hard as you can deny reality, speak to shun. Hannity praise mark live in that as a strategy for keeping your Magda based together that not necessarily directly get you to the forty. Forty nine, fifty percent. You need to wait in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and so
I think matters to us and what we gotta think about is What is our strategy to folk is on the up for grabs voters in those states right like what is a thing that has there in there like you, we are interesting but trumped up, because it's a different strategy to use. Tell me when real action is obvious survive the moment. Yet I think they're shaggy right now is to find out identity of this whistle blower and destroy that person You saw that I'm the eighteen retreats that diaphragm, morning attacking at Henry on Fox and friends? It was in response to a rant by this radio hosts name by going Levin where he said that wants to know how many die, The whistle blower has how many de wise they ve had how many marriages they re there. Decided that they are to stop at nothing to destroy this person's credibility and therefore absolve Donald Trump, citing that's the kind of nationalist scorched earth strategy that we should
prepare for, and it's not easy to know how to fight that interesting. It's sort of a flip side who are China sandwiches it is true that there is no unified, democratic, judge. But that also means that there is no single enemy for Donald Trump to point out there trying to make us about the west. Lower, so they offer this egg laughable spin that oh the whistle information was second hand but wait. We already got this report with a memo that has the the quotes. That are very that If I were the whistle blower said Sophy submit, but it, but it's because they're, all of their sort of you know their instinct. To kind of find someone destroy them, and that's why I think Donald Trump tweets, the o the savages in Congress, etc. Any course savages turn out to be too jewish members and for people of color. What a shock But it's again he's looking for he's, looking reveal any looking for an enemy written for someone to direct this machine at. I think one built an advantage of impeachment verses and election
is impeachment? Isn't one single opposition percent that, if you vilify and bring down to your level, you succeed it there's shift. There's Pelosi theres many other housing am proud to say that that well, it has It is very easy to make her. I think it's what I think she's she's one of anyhow, like they ve, been going after shift in Rudy, is going after twenty succeed in Hilary in Soros Rights, like all the finale enable men have been policy. Could that's what I think that the Donald, up and the Republicans earn worse shape when they are having to argue the facts and the details of this case when they're talking transcripts and was blowers and crane and who did whiteness. They lose because you know that x or on our side, and it's just so crazy. They should there making up from the real election campaign standpoint. They have a much bigger. Canvas to paint on and for them the enemies, are the enemies. The Donald Trump is always head. It's the deep state, it's the elite
It's the media, it's the Democrats, stove and they are now. That is the line that, in that video for him, Trying to stop me because I'm fighting for you, my enemies, are your enemies, and his whole re election campaign. The whole message is gonna be grievance. It's that, like look at all the partisan assholes, not getting anything done for you, because they hate me so much that they want to take me down, and here I am I'm fighting for you and I have all these enemies in the media in the deep state in the bureaucracy that are trying to screw around this. I'm the one. They can help you I'm the one. The conflicts things- that's that's the that's the larger reelect message and that's what he's going to try to fuse into the impeachment. I would be very surprised if that is the message in his re election campaign. That is the one they put money behind, because you think as for the forty percent, have you got the forty percent and it is. Very it just Churchill, Europe has a here somewhere he's more advantages. As time is densities, gonna head start he's not more money, he is the boy
The presidency, but he's going to have to get to a higher number in these states than he didn't want to sixty percent the likely could win the forty six percent. He's not gonna, be able to do that in twenty. So what are they put money behind an ape up money behind economy, Manhattan, arms, economy, jobs and tearing down the Democrats. What are the one thing? I wonder you notice Tommy there. So a lot of pundits, including half the New York Times up at page The trunk campaign is right about the politics and argue the impeachment will rally trumps base and increase turn out. How much democratic, be concerned about this, and and what can you? do as I do wonder if they at some point this campaign. If they give up on trying to win over the middle, they think are if we can just boost turn out among the base, we can get there. Yet I read those I've azure. Your referencing, like none of us, can gain out what the politics of this are gonna be
rights and silly to predict it's silly to let worst case predictions drive? Our decision making like David Bluff believe that the turn out in twenty twenty four trump is going to be record numbers storage, high, massive right and you, at eight to ten percent of trumps turn out in twenty six. Yes, so like we should assume in, should build all our models to assume the Trump is gonna have a massive the way we match that with our turn out is not I trimming our sales in kind of like hoping infrastructure. We this one day right. We had adopted this fucking sociopath. We did. We should fight him in stand up, for the constitution and prevent him from welcoming foreign interference into our election, while also telling, while also telling a story about what we would do differently and I think the long term debt has gotta. Be that somewhere in the back of our brains. We
kind of remember what it was like to have a president that was cool but boring re like Brok. Obama is a cool guy, we're dad genes on the weekends, unlike hung out with his kids and didn't like tweet insane things about starting a civil war relic. We, I think we would all like to go back to a time where governance was normal and so that we might add but also I mean look at the applause you got when you said the word impeachment in this crowd that I assume is mostly liberal. I am there was that you got import lead. I do think there is something to this. I'm making a point that wasn't set was it to be mean the yellow sensitive? That was you projecting but
I find that some of these arguments interesting that ok, this idea of impeachment will boost conservative pro trump turn out, and I think that that is possible, but I dont know why people think it will boost democratic turn. Our to learn. How to welcome to our screening is not like I'm not saying it's gonna cancel each other out. I don't know how hard the boost is going to be, but I do I, I think that this will also energize this side of the crowded. To obviously question is: will it energize them all away to November? But that's the question for both sides to your point, like obviously Cavanaugh, like Lindsey, grim wit himself on fire and cried out a hearing, and it like spark this thing that a bunch of red state senators winner keep seats, but we also one forty how seats, rather it cut both ways we forget Jose precisely story is a real correlation, causality question, yet with Cavanaugh yeah I'll
like you know how these, how the politics of all this plays out over the next many months. Nobody. Nobody will be able to know for sure. I do know how played out in the first few days and I We would rather be a Democrat this week than republican this week. How did so one that one thing you know we can control what happens with their turn. One thing we can control is you know. Inevitably it's already starting trumpet republics are going to say. Ok well, because the Democrats are obsessed with impeachment going through impeachment they're, not just on other issues that people care about? You know this is this is like Mitch Mcconnell play up. I would have passed on control. If it hadn't been for impeachment, I would have
giving everyone health care if it hadn't been for impeachment. But these damn Democrats were so focused on impeachment. They didn't want to do anything else for the american people which we laugh at, but I guarantee you, like you know we're like ten media narrative cycles away from somebody who likes to the Democrats be worried that they're not doing other things and like what it what's the Democrats response to that it took like Trump was in the oval office with Wayne Lapierre the head of the inner re. Like this, you deny figuring out what the latest quid pro quo was to block any gun control from happening trade issues it's so cynical, and I know we can count on the media. To tell the story about cynicism for us, because it does not really their job, but I think we have to make the argument that they were full of shit and civilization bells. Let me say something that cynical. We are well aware in almost in October sedate area in October, now, tomorrow, until September, I have no idea what data as we are, where we are
most two hundred and twenty twenty, let's be honest, Congress, was going to do anything in the way. This is how this is: how presidential election cycles work like they're, going to fund the government they're going to make a deal to do that they did do a short term deal they're going to keep going and then, after that, once we get to next year, there are going to do the very basic stuff. I have to do to avoid a government shut down because nobody wants to do that during an election year, and that was what I was gonna happen anyway, the strategy you mention of painting picture for the american people of the cost of impeachment. The opportunity cost the things that did tobacco done because of it is a strategy that we know can be successful. Transatlantic bill Clinton ran in the way nineties. He pay The Republicans is obsessed with it with. Personal life here focused all his time and energy on what, Will he give you for the country the problem with that tromp is it requires a level of discipline
he is not known for, and you can't argue that? No, that's it! Yes right! You can't get like he can't go out and sell this case. That folks and help the american people, and have only now it was, you wasn't impeaching. We do all these things. If he's tweeting seventy five times a day about impeachment, when it was one of the one of the things they did was Europe's separate out and of the impeachment fight the kind of keep it away from bill. Clinton keep a cordon off from part to the White House so that he could do other thing. Yet. Eight they hired is a specific press person. The president would not take questions on impeachment. There is another person who would do that these are not things that Trump is capable of cancer or his organization. I just. The Democrats needs not if you be operative you. You can't be afraid right, like when peoples are saying o the demo,
we are not trying to view no past priorities. The american people stuff like that is to say that's. Fucking bullshit, like Donald Trump, had full control full control of Washington. The Republican Party did for the first couple years. Do shit Mitch Mcconnell has like a hundred life story, I don't know yet we bring out a misbegotten, does have like a hundred bills passed by the democratic how's that have gone nowhere because you, like brags about the Senate being a graveyard later this week before this impeachment began, they were trying to blame better work. Not a member of Congress. Perhaps policy position as the reason they might not be able to do a background check that a different ball different all guy. I also do- just like a serious. You know in twenty eighteen What I'm trying to focus the country on this caravan and stir up anti immigrant resentments, and you know it is right now. As dance said,
Nice at the button he's pressing is twitter, but I do think it's also worth bring too that we are in a period before he has figured out exactly how he is going to respond to this, and he is someone who has shown quite a willingness to use the other levers of the presidency to distract and he'll do that with immigration policy threatened to do that with homeless policy, so I also do think it's worth. Remembering the stakes, because I've I've thought a long time that the most dangerous moments, we will ever have with Donald Trump, as president will be the time, but win him, no longer being an office, after he believes, he'll loose, and that is something be worried about to think about to remember that could get a lot more dangerous and a lot more frightening and you know we're we're in the big fight is a huge, huge fight and isn't it
that's the list. Nobody you're Heineken out about, like nobody thought it I'll find out about our later. What's the losing all stately thing is that nobody? It's like I you know I I I was thing about Adam Shift- gave his opening statement and you do see when Adam she speaks genuine emotion when he was speaking about the fact that, like this democracy. You know why we use you heard about the stakes of benzene is like we win when we remind people that the stakes are big, Donald Trump is gonna win when he makes us talk about small shit all the time when we get dragged into the small stuff, the petty bullshit, the tweet all day long! That's why is counting on. That's how he wins. We win if every day we're reminding people that their big things at stake. That's what she does so well and that's what you're talkin about yeah yeah I when we come back we'll have love, is interview with your lieutenant Governor Cyrus happy.
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It is a lieutenant governor of Washington, please walking to the stage my friend Cyrus of each country. I hear exactly what was used so you recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. You were inspired your inspired by another climber whose wind you climbed, Everest and several other mounds. You did it to raise They form a group that helps people operative Spain, outdoor activities, kids right,
Yes, of course, for all boundless want help. Young people we- nobody's gonna go outside enjoy amazing outdoors, and so this is one of the one of the states in the country where democratic control, the governorship, both houses of the legislature, lieutenant governor, should stay passed. A minimum wage increase automatic voter registration recently passed a public option. And yet you know there was there were a couple attempts at a carbon tax that were unsuccessful. A compromise? Is it took to get to a public option What are the lessons in washing and in a state where Democrats have control on sort of
what it takes to get progressive legislation, progressive policy through the system, Of all you said, the first of which is that you actually control Legislative, James, since wine so important. I know We talk a lot about the presidential raised. We need to talk about it. We cannot say you have raised You'll need to have a majority is particularly important for us to read majority. So what is the first thing that we did? Was we took control of the states that, for the first time, a year and a half ago, we have been able to pass a number of progressive legislation, leading the way that we did. That was first of all,. Legislators were are latest advocates in going out and telling the public
like this is why I want to vote for this thing. I know I'm in a swing district, but here's the reason listening to their constituents and then actually be able to defend their position and guess what we got swing. District members will be going to send you should never vote for Three should never vote from this kind of car zero by twenty thirty five, you should never vote for this and yet be God Swing District Democrat to vote in a programme. Manner. I guess what their consent a broader them for doing this last speech that we gave way sixty we actually do the majority that we have said in the house, so I think it's important. To be able to take those progressive stances, without also to be good at communicating? Why you support about impeachment. That win folks, actually I am proud of the opposition- are taking point will fall
where is your head out impeachment we're? Yet, on a basement, you gotta be crazy. That's up his gavel, even grave, reunite John. I will tell you honestly, you need some of my constituents may know this. I was not the most gung ho person on impeachment early on You know I was out of the mindset that we want a speaker trust. Her political instincts, I think, she's the smartest politician and wash since in Washington, Dc And- and I believe there are instincts that and impeachment can be quite divisive and also that House Democrats have a great agenda policy agenda to run on and that we didn't want to distraction. That said things of change and they not only change, because we have a clear record of what the president said. This is what the White House themselves say that the President said
Right, which is you know, I'm I'm gonna get you the weapons. You want but we need you to do me a favor and investigate my number one, my leading democratic opponent. So that's over one, that's that on the record. It's a smoking, God, it's much more clear cut. The other thing is- and I think somebody said this earlier- maybe even you said that you know, differences. This is now interfering with the twenty twenty election and There is no way that we can stand by and I think it does make enemies. I think it is a huge lost opportunity for us in the house, I would rather members a con We focused on policy, but we cannot let s
in practice. The United States get away with actively rigging in election from the oval office. We cannot do it so dear in Washington state. We have impeached him and we have convicted in, but we need Patty, Murray and Maria can't well to get a vote on that question. So I do support, and I say one more thing, though, just what is it with scenario that about Biden? I do want to say by Vice President Biden, which is that I know that the audience We split on who there supporting for them examination, but I want to urge all of us who care about that process to remember. We cannot allow ourselves to benefit from these acts on Joe Biden, not only because it's wrong in their lying, but they will do it to war and they will do it too Sanders. They will do it too. May repeat. Donald Trump will do this to any of this game that he plays this game that he plays. Where he says
Well Cyrus. Did you really go to the top of Kilimanjaro or not? I don't know, I hope he did. I don't know but you'll do it to any politician whom he perceives of as a threat, and it will if we do to our nominee. So we need to set a precedent now of rallying round Joe Biden doesn't mean you need to support him for the for the nomination bud. I'm gonna be very disappointed in any candidate who tries to take advantage of this for their own gain. In the nomination Hunt coherency out over in the shadow of Amazon H Q, you know it's a company that employs ten. If these people work for Amazon by the way, the ones that are bowing, that it's dark there. If you, No, let's isn't here
Yes, there is. Amazon's a company that employs tens of thousands of people in the state. It also accompanied space, a ton of scrutiny and criticism. Private treats alot of its workers What do you think about the role of Amazon? right now as a kind of. Harbinger of the changes we ve seen in the economy yeah, I think the biggest challenge with Amazon in similar tech companies, is for me, is what they're doing to the vote to the labour market. And uh. You know it's it's an acceleration of of forces that were already there but We don't have a good answer. We have not as policymakers, yet developed a sufficient answer to the twin rats of automation and globalization that the american worker has faced- and I think both of those are serious challenges,
I'm not someone who's for turning away from the rest of the world. I am also not for someone who's for Turkey if the engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, but I do that particularly those who have benefited the most. Which means tat companies but also means the larger ecosystem a finance and others have a particular burden in helping us to solve the problem of what we're going to do on the future for the american worker. Let me give an example: we're very close to the first Amazon GO store and for those who are maybe gotta be listening this you don't have one in your community. This is store that has no checkers right now, That check out counter varies employees, if any you just take your things, you swipe and you leave. Run by Amazon. Now I think, it is possible that, and it would be unfortunate if we live in a world in ten or fear In twenty years, when we don't have folks working in our grocery stores, but I
there- is also an opportunity to make sure that, for example, the people too, working grocery stores in the future could be perhaps trained to be nutritionists or to be those who help Guide and help you, but if you think, there's a crazy idea think about a pair, stores the people were, apparel stores closing, so there been you decide what to wear it. Wouldn't crazy idea to have folks instead of just simply checking out your groceries, maybe in the future. Some of that is replaced by automation. You may instead be helping people decide what's a healthy thing for your kid. What's a good diet, what's a good plant based way to eat? All of those are things that have you, but, but in order to get to that point, we're going to need more education and that's true all across the entire account
We need to invest more in Pre K, K, twelve and yes higher education as well to adapt to the changes, and I think that tech companies, tech companies have a particularly strong responsibility, an obligation to help us do that, which is why this year, we down in Olympia past eight, acts increase specific we targeted at tech companies. Above all, sir, for companies and others, and the money is all going to higher education, particularly for financially. So we do more. We pass more policies like that and we need them the federal level. Let me ask you this yeah, how hard you take it when Howard shall trumped up how heads. I didn't hear my heart into that campaign. That's that that's, the name of his biography, autobiography I think our curiosity, I think look. It is easy enough. I want to say this precisely because I I do understand why people
what kind of market and an end dumb and one of our chosen. I think he does to answer for this onyx. Continued all unaccountable, but that said all of that said, though, I do want to say this in all seriousness like, I think we ought to view with gray anybody who Donald Trump and says this guy's unfit to be president. I want to do. Something about it, I'm glad that he made the decision that he made in the end, but this is not a time for us to be sitting around and mocking any body, whether it's Tom style, whether its Howard shawls, whether Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders. This is a time for us we rallying round and getting every person left Centre Republic in to say this, president is corrupt.
He is racist. He is on american visa cancer scourge and we need to remove them from office. So a born, that's is important. Just ran right the over me to get to that end. There will be no it's my god. It's mine so what or leave at sight of love it or leave it right now I can tell. So the governor injuries out, he ran a campaign focused on climate. He had a brief moment. Where let's get a round of applause for governor and now that the reality is that what you think of some of the other candidates? Would you like
I'm glad you said that it is out because I well, I would have been much more comfortable that question two months ago, because I could give you a very easy answer, which is generally I am really really impressed with the field that we have and no, I'm not be had you not catch an hour or so here's. My here's my point we, we need a nominee here here's a number to be looking for a nominee, because I've not throw must provide any Canada. We I want a nominee can demonstrate more. Just elect ability. I will candidate, who can demonstrate that they can unify this country, because I do think I do that this? I Nancy policies right that in Each man process, no matter how it ends is gonna, be divisive for this country. It just is
and we need to do that. We need to pursue this right now because he's left us absolutely no choice. We need to do it in the name of justice and fairness, but it will be divisive, and so we need a nominee who can reach out and who can say you know what we don't hate, you no matter who you voted for and twenty sixteen we don't. If you voted for Jill, Sty, well, what we don't age you, whether you voted for just died, Donald Trump, you stayed home Hillary Clinton eroding Bernie Sanders whatever it is. We need everyone, and this is tickling born in Michigan, Wisconsin Pennsylvania. We know what states are going to be bad, but we need a presidential nominee who's going to be able to do that. So I'm going to be looking at this next debate to see who uses these current. Of this impeachment process to further we need divide this country and who instead is concerned?
in the streets and leadership in these public forums to say you know what here's, why we're doing it? Here's? Why Democrats in the house are doing this and here's how, as per and I will knit this country back together. So you know, I love I went to grad school Bear PETE, I love mayor p. I have deep respect for Joe Biden. I think he's a deeply honourable person. I've gotten to know Elizabeth Warren and I've got in and out Harrison Ford's. We got great candidate. I will tell you one thing as I would like to see. The candidates are a little bit lower down the poles, who have done amazing things in Congress, particularly Corey, Booker and Amy Curvature, who have managed to pass bills. I hope that they, and stay in the race. We'll see what
happens with their campaigns by biting. They contribute something really valuable, because whoever this president, whoever we replace Trump with they're gonna, need to know how to pass bills through the Senate. That's gonna be an accomplished. Senator it's gotta be someone who better have some senators as friends. Last question. So you overcome a lot to get where you are You lost your vision at age, eight you overcome cancer, several times the first and only arranging American to be elected statewide in this country. How is that? How is that shape your politics and your approach to seeking public office? I would say it taught me the feeling of being excluded of being on. Outside. I think I I've. I've said too, I may have
set it on on love it or leave it before. But you know when I was eight years old. That's when I became blind It was an eighty nine. So all eight years I could see took place in the eighties all my visual memory still from the eighties so you also look like Cindy Lop, ear and boy George. When what and when when that happened. As you can imagine. There were so many instances in which, was counted out and excluded, and the most notable that I often share- is that when I was in third grade didn't want to, let me pay The playground with the other kids in knowing that I just become blind impart knowing that my mother was a litigator, so they kept me on the sidelines with their kids replaying. I went home and go home and told my parents what had happened and my mom I told the principal the school the next day, I'm going to take my son to your school and I'm going to teach him how to get around the playground he Mesa, fall. That's a fear that any mother has, but she said I
fix a broken arm. I can fix abroad. Norm. I can never fix a broken spirit, and so you know. I share that story because the sperience of being excluded was something that I learned early on and it's something that every American is felt in one way or another, and then entire classes of Americans have felt in an inn. The traditional way since the bird this country, and so what I try to do in my politics is always figure out who are those who are outside, whose not being given access to an education who is not being given equal access to the economy, whose Being of giving a voice in our government as that, when my political Northstar is, is that feeling of being a little kid being on the
outside the playground, while Europe gives applying and every other time after that so soon- and I just want to close- and only say this- that then I truly think that when the twenty twenty election for one thing, let me, but when I was twenty, twenty election has come and gone and acting my pants has been defeated I think the new president is going to be someone any of these nominees any of these Canada. I think he's gonna be someone who her else or himself knows the feeling of being counted out and being regarded and being viewed as disabled, insufficient a warm men, a person, a collar someone count it out and I think there are going to bring that wisdom and that sperience to bear to make sure this is a country whose economy, whose educational system and his government leave no body behind
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As you know, its the fastest its the fastest people back and get paid back rain It's not here. I'm sure you would have a compelling story with the protagonists. Is the inventor of the stuff. Also. Yes, they went to and escape room slash movie the APEC. Let me it's wallet, rather, I mentions, eaten by also says I think, you're so funny. Can I give you a dollar men? They some movie, Sir John, with three cached apt each other and then there's a whole story about John MC why it's like not as good as Gemlike, too and John require it goes down like a little pathway there. I don't see any the wicks. I saw the first one end because you know, but that doesn't mean you should download catch up because if you do and you put in the code pots,
Spencer or Spencer's, and real five hours goes to five. Those goes to donors choose which helps plan classrooms all over the country. It's fantastic organization when you get to lose what he gets go down to catch up that I got away game Twitter is a fantastic social, Work where the world's not leaders comedians get together with the common man, you're fairies, you're in cells, go to collectively in one voice, proudly call Brett, Stevens Abed Bug, here, with an hour. Central candidates there on twitter to some pretty good at others whatever. But they weren't always so it helps especially back when they first using it. So we went back to some of the first tweets ever since.
By twenty twenty candidates and found I'm pretty revealing stuff in a game. We're calling early. Tweak gets the fate, but anyone out there like to play the game. Hi. What's your name I Emily? Are you ready to play here's outworks each panels is gonna reader, real tweet from oppression, your candidate and then I'm gonna ask you which one was sent by a specific candidate. Ok, oh yeah, you're ready, I hope so all right question one which of the following tweets was sent by who, in Castro in two thousand and nine is a day, when Grandson Brody smiles. So does everybody else or be less lonely. Boys cowboys, Dane Hall tonight, doors open at seven tickets are twenty dollars, or is it see,
I know a lot of you took pictures of your thanksgiving played, so let's see them reply to share the day every fuels on some level like an alien in this world, because we are government other row of consciousness and long for home. What do you think Emily? I'm never Tommy no no, that was Marian Williamson backs, it was the most lonely voice, getting them also from Texas, but yeah context line was very low does our dance was Marian, lousy, Johns ITALY away. Question to emulate do the following tweets was sent by tells he gathered in two thousand. Eleven is a day work
on the street to go by launching a Burgess craft on my arm. Is it be so happy for had been ass, like an Argo tonight, we're cheering for you, is it see, spoke out in the speediest conflict today, except for understandable trauma associated with guy showing up with two huge dead, smelly carp, it went well or the d When a woman is pregnant, you can feel a new life jesting within her. We are collectively pregnant now, the consciousness of humanity. A wound worryin, is forming a new state of being. As with any presidency, there are limits with a miracle that life is on the way. The pattern right, you know, these Miriam lions, I do
It was the arm. Crap one was tall, see Argo. One was Elizabeth Warren. The carp one was closure and obviously dance was Mary question three weeks. Following tweets was sent by P Buddha judge in a thousand eleven and not a single retreat, is a day if you want a simple explanation for what's happening in America, Watch avatar. Yes, if it be, I was lying awaken. My bed worrying about something when a voice in my heart said quote: most people in the world do not have beds, is it see. Ha ha ha. Thanks to everyone who came out to walk today in the Saint Patrick Day, parade acclamation. What check us
the photos. I've uploaded note. There are no photos attached to the post or day your body familiar space station with your being here along those lines relating to station, relate to the beams like for cards, and I have one c got it. You got, it didn't, attach any photos to oppose them. We know the other ones or yes, provided a far lower your right and They are all Williams and makes you know what maybe she was right about now. There are three there, five more those movies coming next question, which of them
tweets was sent by Corey Booker is today. Ashton creature saw you on half post loved Why you? What are you said about changing way. Media is distributed in letter and consumed thanks for introducing me to a new world for chain. Two hundred forty character is: is it be getting for I am you realize, a very important truth: coffee is a food group. All caps is at sea. I used to be a tea totally being mayor has driven me to drink dot, dot, dot coffee. Now, I'm like those coffee drinking aliens for mentioned flashback or the DE suite and I broke up a few nights ago. I'm getting coffee now, she's hot,
I think it's de wearily which wanted this word burger. All of you. Anyway, you gotta go you I'd competence in our last answer, you were right. You ve won the game, baggy replaying early. We get the bad guys. This is our last show of twenty nineteen. This is our last we ve had a fantastic crew. That is maybe shows possible. Our tormented, durable and Mercer give it up for her back there. Our audio is frank. Take back there somewhere, we got Travis Torpenhow, Wigs Bonanno tours at least
here as normal Coney Island, Elijah, cone, the entire cricket staff and wealthy and twenty twenty,
They do not obey.
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