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With six days to go before Election Day, Trump floats repealing the 14th amendment via executive order, the most racist member of the Republican caucus, Steve King, faces a backlash, and we enter the home stretch with a huge number of districts in play. Plus, one of Trump’s dumbest supporters attempts to frame Robert Mueller, which goes poorly for him. And Kentucky congressional candidate and former fighter pilot Amy McGrath joins to talk about her experience and her race for the House.

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Welcome to POD save America on John Love. It I'm in favor it's a jetsons, Flintstones Crossover Dan happy Halloween. These are apologizing for their costumes, how you doing I'm great who's apologizing for the cost. Well, I saw an athlete apologizing yesterday, just sort of comes up in your twitter moments. Just so, and so is apologizing unity me, you have to click to find out the costume, and I don't click still I'm wearing rainbow pants, but that is the extent of it. I think my costume is wearing rainbow pants. That's because that's because it's Wednesday this Wednesday, today on the pod. We are talking about Trump's final play to the fears of his base by floating the repeal of the 14th amendment.
Negative order, which is not how that works, will look at where we stand in the fight for the House and the Senate. It's been a very long two years and we deserve it, Take a moment to discuss a bizarre scheme to frame Robert Muller by a real trump under Kinde, which is it was too stupid for words. Yesterday, Dan, yes, yes, we'll also hear from Anne Mcgrath and exciting democratic candidate and former fighter pilot running for Congress in Kentucky six district. Also, we've got our final mid term special for H, B, O It's Friday night in Irvine California, to Tunein. For that, then I'm excited, that's right, excited I'm very excited our last. So we're probably going hang of it. So now we have to stop your for a for You know maybe they'll be more. Maybe there won't be. Who knows? Who knows it's a cliffhanger also. I want to thank everybody who went to vote. Save America com donate because
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promo, for you appreciate the part on here. Yes, we still can dress in if you post a photo of yourself and your friends campus saying it with the hashtag. Yes, we still campus. That would be great and if you go to website, give a chance to win a free, a free book, something to pass the time as you are looking at five hundred and thirty, eight or the upshot or whatever else in between canvassing shifts and phone bank shifts or the pod save America lost or the parts of our lives and that's correct so Dan this is it we're in the home stretch for candidates, I'm picturing, I Jesse Owens racing for the finish line: they're, throwing axe yes in front of him, throwing a caravan in front of him, throwing attack ads in front of him and like Jesse Owens. If we win the race, the Nazis will be Pist. That is your most extended sports metaphor ever yeah my ability, reference sports ends around one thousand nine hundred and fifty two alright. So, let's start with Trump's last ditch effort to refocus election on anything other than health care and his response, his abysmal response to national. In an interview with Jonathan Swan,
Jim Vandehei of Axios Donald Trump claimed he could end, what's known as birthright citizenship, with an executive order. Don't spend too much time in this because it's a fuc employee, but it's worth touching on the substance of this, how access handled the scoop and then finally the political implications, let's start with stance Dan? What is he talking about? What is birthright citizenship and can the president and it with an executive order? Birthright citizenship? Is the idea in stride in the fourteenth amendment that if you were born in the United States, your ssn and it was the forty- the man was put into reverse the most odious Supreme Court decision, american History Dred Scott, which ruled that slaves were not citizens even if they were for the United States, and so this is at the core, or of cleaning up some of the most the worst parts of american history. Legal scholars have looked at this for a long time and believe that it is very clear what the what was meant by the fourteenth amendment
Trump is suggesting a very clever ploy that, instead of going through the long and very hard process of changing the constitution, which requires two slash, three The Congress rather being ratified by the legislatures in two slash three of the states that he would just do it with his pen, which seems challenging to Maine. But who knows yeah so the 14th lemon says all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside according to virtually all serious constitutional scholars from across the political spectrum. Constitutional lawyer, lawyers, Paul Ryan, TED Cruz, George bucking, Conway Right wing Publicans establish drink or president. The meaning is completely plain an uncontroversial. If you're born here, your citizen and the jurisdiction Lang
Right, which is what they hang their hat on- is there to accept the children of diplomats and the children of foreign occupiers, which, thankfully, we haven't had to deal with for a while. Even the federalist, Federalist, which is bright. Bart if it went to Dartmouth Radicis with granite piece saying ending birthright citizenship, will make Republicans look like the Party of Dred Scott. So this is not a complicated issue. Clearly, this is kissing Donald Trump up this morning, he treated Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows, nothing about our new republican majority will work on this closing migration loopholes and securing our border. So he is frustrated that a lot of Republicans have not rallied to his side, although he does have the support of people like Lindsey. Graham who thing this is a great idea. What do you make of Lindsey Graham's friend
reviews on this issue? I would like to know what position Donald Trump could take in the run up to Linsey Grams, two thousand and twenty republican primary. That Lindsey Graham, would not adopt. Yeah when Lindsey Graham goes in, he goes all in and he's decided that being a trump Sinka Phant is the best way to maintain political power. So he's doing that, I had a question for you on this, which is: do you think this was intentional from Trump like this was part of his closing playbook? You know, I don't know the answer to that, actually that that brings us to the to the axios of it all, because what street what would happen in his interview? Something has happened with Trump in the past, which is he's, asked a question, and the question Dennis necessarily give him the idea. But if you go to trump- and you say, hey some people that you have the power to do this race is fucking thing. Your basal love. Do you, he never says. No, he never ever says no to that question. It really does speak to something so sad
about the state of our politics that the idea that there could be a debate as to whether or not the president can do something by FIAT, which is what it is order, is or and which is the lowest threshold for action right. It's the one, there's no act of Congress. That basically just says it's rooted in the president's power or it could require constitutional ma'am at the most onerous way to make a change in our system so like when he's asked the question he just says: yes, you could tell Axios was pleased that they had the scoop. Jim band had tweeted siren exclusive Trump to terminate birthright citizenship. I think I saw Jonathan's want basically saying like this was based on reporting the fact they were going to do that she wasn't leading trump to this was based on the fact that this is something they be considering. Something they've been discussing it semi truck knows
out is not willing to talk about, has talked about in the past. Of course. That's that's true, and yet it's not clear to me that Trump went into this to try to make the conversation about an executive order on birthright citizenship. What did you make a v access interview and how they made news around it? I take Johnson Swan at his word that he was reporting vests and someone had told him that this is on the truck, but it does so. I don't, I think, Trump seem legitimately surprised. The Johnsons wind asked him about it, and so I don't think that, like on Psalm White Boarding, Stephen Miller's office, they had a list of like racist cards to play before the election and they were just and and, like you know, Tuesday was the day to turn over the Birthright citizenship card. So I think they sort of stumbled into yet another way to stow quite anxiety before the election. I think the challenge with the way Axios did it is, when you say like Trump, to end birthright citizenship, because that's not something he can do and like the problem like we're in this
world of media, where everyone has to condense everything into it and eighty characters, but everything with Trump requires context either fact checking or the actual reality of what he can and can't do that Trump said he would do this, but he can't and almost no one believes he can an that isn't as important in the headline as the fact of what he said and then both axes in like seventeen other news organizations, tweet it out the things that Trump said about the USA, being the only country that does this or whatever else, which are totally false and they just sort of pass along what Trump says. Without looking to their credit fix that. But I think that this is. You know you always use the term he's like the raptors testing, the fence, and this
is, I think this is one of those examples of you could sort of see in his eyes as it was asked like he can sort of do the calculation of how many white people he can scare into voting, as this is happening in decides to leap on it full bore, even though it wasn't part of the plan. I think the Ryan, the Paul Ryan response to this suggests that we kind of know like tells us the racist line that mainstream Republicans won't cross. It's like. We will run incredibly racist ads against minority candidates. We will the Stoke fears about disease and gang members in a erevan that thousands of miles away, but we will not be the Party of Dred Scott, like that's the line that causes people to respond to Trump's, which is, I guess, interesting. If instructive yeah. It is interesting yeah. So in turn, on the press front it was there was this sort of range a lot of ways,
did cover it well, they would immediately say that this was a fringe view that most people that the vast majority of scholars and experts republican, Democrat disagree that he has the power to do this, but then you also did see others pass along with. You know, pass along credulously. This claim that no other country does this. When thirty other countries more, like thirty other countries, have birthright citizenship. Many others basically have it in the in the sense that if you're born in the country, you can easily get citizenship, it's just not true, and it was frustrating to me, but the actors interview is they were. They were very invest in getting the news, but not invested enough in the subject of the news to be able to push back against him in real time and and as always like. This is the art critique of ICS, which is incredibly smart. Reporters credibly well sourced reporters, they do great work, and yet, at times you feel as though they don't understand the implications, the human implications for the politics debate around politics. We have every you know, even if this is a fringe idea, even if this is a
only notion that will go nowhere when the president says it's acceptable to if you're born here, you're, not necessarily a citizen, that's really dangerous, which brings us to the political implications. On the one hand, this was a ploy is Donald Trump, taking advantage of a moment to make this about the gration an yet. On the other hand, it is important when the President knighted states attacks the fundamental tenets of american citizenship, which is the basis of all of our our rights and our quality dignity as human beings. So how do you think Democrats should
and are they Democrats city? Think of responded? Well at the Democrats, you think responded poorly. We thank you know you raise a really important point of human implications. I was at a fundraiser last night. Former in organization is raising money for all of the Obama alumni you're running for Congress, and I talked to a number of people who are affected, would be affected by this policy, and it's it is not that they were afraid of their citizenship and they, you know there are people in this country many many years ago with the idea that the president I'd states, even one as odious to all of us, is on a trump saying that you were somehow less of a citizen. Is it just like that matters to people? We should not
lose that for the Upson downs of how this effects the horse, race, etc. So now I will talk about the abstract and how it effects the works right. So this is one of the up and downs, and how does it affect in order? For that moral caveat, so I can feel better than the average funding. I am not super concerned with a short term political implications of this, because I think for the most part, it's going to be a little bit of a flash in the pan for the reasons that most press covered it pretty well, which is like he said it doesn't really matter, nothing's happening, it's probably a net negative for Republicans, in the sense that now trump and Paul Ryan are in a fight and just divisions, five or six days before the election. It's not great. It does matter in the long run, because you, like Trump, has an ability to take
stream positions they generally sort of live on the edges of the in a Reddit sub threads and move them to the mainstream of the Republican Party and then so. I think that we are going to be involved in a long debate over the next between now in twenty twenty about birthright citizenship in Trump is the ability to rally mainstream elected Republicans like Lindsay, Graham but also republican voters, to these positions, and so I think that that is the real danger of his raising this issue in such a way. The second thing is like in the short term of this election Democrats have to be as disciplined about this, as many of them have been about the caravan, which is to point out that this is the Republicans trying to distract you from the very real fact that Republicans, if they maintain maintain power, will jack up your premiums and catch your Medicare to pay for them
tax cut. They password billionaires corporations that Wall Street traders. It just Trump wants us to chase him down every single rabbit hole, and I think one of the lessons of twenty. Sixteen is when you do that, you lose that narrative thread for voters, and so we have to be strong and disciplined about what are the messages that we know works and not in fact every shiny object, yeah. I think that's right, and that doesn't mean that it's not really important and dangerous. What trump is doing? It's not saying that you're diminishing the threat of what Trump wants to be our policy to say he is doing this to rally his base. He is doing to make this election about immigration, as opposed to his failure to respond to national tragedy. His position on healthcare, his position on taxes, saying that we shouldn't fall into a trap is not to say that what's in the trap, isn't I don't know a bear, I'm not how to trap work. It doesn't matter. I think the bears
gets trapped, who knows, but so so that I found very frustrating, because it's funny there have been so many different racial racist appeals from Trump and even the past week and a half, I'm honestly, not sure if what I'm thinking of is Andrew, Gillum and better or corresponding, to this particular example or previous example, but basically saying this is yet another example of Donald Trump trying to appeal to fear and division, rather than our better. Nature's is a reminder of why we need chain and as a reminder of why we need a better kind of politics and by the way, this is an effort to keep us from focusing on what really matters to people which is their health care, their jobs, etcetera to etc. So I think that there is a way to talk about why this is danger without falling into the trap yeah. I think this is a very important point, because the wrong way to think about this is Donald Trump is trying to place this wedge issue in here in the way to nullify a wedge issue is to accept it right and so,
and you see Democrats have done this in the past right. We're say well, this is an interesting debate. We should have the debate or their strong feelings on both sides, or I would help him find his wall or whatever. That is, is the way to deal with a wedge issue in polarized. Politics is to call it out for what it is and then give it back to what matters right, and I think people should point out as a sub it or worked at this in his town hall last night and other Democrats have is. We should say that it is that Trump is wrong. You don't take my word for it. Take the word of Republicans. Democrats, Paul Ryan, constitutional scholars, kill him Conway's husband. Thank you can point out. You like you, can isolate Trump by pointing out the wide bipartisan and ideological wide bipartisan opposition to this idea and then move on, and they point out. Why he's doing it you don't we don't have to accept the premise that it is okay or is not very, very dangerous or on america- and you know, I've even seen some Democrats try to get
around even answering the question right, refusing to take a position trying to dodge it. I don't I get that, but but come on like where are you that feels like a really old way of handling this. You don't need to simply of aid the topic to get to the top. If you want to talk about you just have to you, just have, to be honest, just be honest about the politics of this moment and that honesty gives you the ability to talk about what you want, because everybody what's going on here and the people aren't stupid yeah, and I mean, even if you needed a poll to give you an iota of moral courage. This was pulled last year and which bipartisan majorities disagree with Trump's position on this. So you like there's the moral thing to do. There's the there's the easy putting too it's just cowardice is never a good strategy in politics
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I have a joke ready. Oh sorry, already even butter has turned on Steve. King for better, I say even with even butter has turned sour on Steve King. How about that yeah? That's great! That is terrible, much content, so Steve King hasn't changed Steve. Has been a racist conspiracy theory for a very, very long time. It's the only way. He knows how to be. What has changed? Do you leave than that? It's finally happened. Have Republicans grown a conscience? No, I do I believe that no Dan come on that's what's going on here, they're waking up things are changing. I would love to know more of the back story about Steve Stivers. The Nrcc Chairman
who did this in that? There is a political story about it this morning or yesterday. I guess that said that he did this tweet without and made the decision to stop funding Steve King. Without anyone else in the leadership, not the White House, not Paul Ryan, not Kevin Mccarthy, and I very curious as to what happened. Is he facing pressure from all these energies? I'm not sure like. Why am I writing? My corporation? Is writing checks to your organization and you were using our money from our public corporations to fund just a racist cloud. Did he I mean Like you would say like? Maybe he just looked in the mirror and said I can't do this, but at the same time his committee is running some of the most racist ads possible against Antonio Delgado in New York, and he came in New Jersey off topper of all,
ohio- and so it's like it's very unclear at this thing- is very fucking notable that political went and called the offices of Paul Ryan Kevin Mccarthy to ask them if they agreed with. These diverse and they refused to respond. They are such fucking, cowards, Ryan and Kevin. Mccarthy are still one hundred percent fine with a white nationalist in their party, and I would note that Paul Ryan made Steve King, the chairman of the subcommittee on the fucking constitution. Every time we wonder like where Donald Trump came from its remember that every week for many years, mainstream Republicans go and eat a sandwich with Steve, king and pat him on the back and court his indoors.
And everything else also. I would note that it was four days ago that Paul Ryan was on being interviewed on face the nation by John Dickerson and lamented the state of our politics and posed as if it was a rhetorical question. How do we make an inclusive, inspiring politics, more strategic, a better choice? How about stop supporting Steve, Fuckin' king, how show one ounce of backbone. You are leaving Congress, you are done you're going to Wisconsin to make money for farm or something can't you tell the fucking truth. You are leaving your not even running alright Kevin Mccarthy. He wants to be speaker of the house. Republicans keep the chamber, or at least he wants to be in the leadership he Paul Ryan you're, leaving your leave. Giving exit interviews about how you lament the state of our politics, Steve King, is the cause of the state of our politics. You can't say a fucking word. It is laughable
You know, you said, like maybe stivers looked in the mirror. Are there no mirrors were Paul Ryan lives? Are there no mirrors at the gym? Is it doesn't work out of a fucking mirror? So I mean it is. This sounds extremely say, but Paul Ryan is as responsible for Donald Trump being President as anyone else in America because, like Steve King is the most famous of the pre Trump republican racists,
but with Donald Trump the reality star was pushing the birther conspiracy. I don't ever Paul Ryan standing up and telling him just to pipe down. I will Paul Ryan was. He has courted Steve King every republican candidate, courted Steve King Paul Ryan, admit Romney when they were the true ways off nominees were endorsed by Donald Trump and campaign was Steve King and there is a white nationalist in the mainstream of the Republican Party, and everyone just seems to think that that is the price of doing business in his republican Party, and it is mind boggling and it's important. We call it out. I would also note there are some other political implications here, which is in Iowa for rod. Blum is the one of the most endangered Republicans in the country and Steve King is sort of been an issue in all the vinyl patches, including that race and in the Iowa governor's race, Kim Reynolds who was lieutenant governor. Who took over when Terry Branstad became the ambassador of China
Joyce? He she has made Steve King one of her campaign chairs and has been under a lot of pressure from Fred Hubbell who's running a very competitive race there about that fact, and so Steve King is becoming an issue, and that is a good thing and we'll see if the public responded that, since morality, indecent these will not cause him to respond yeah. I wonder also if what we've seen in just the past week of all of this violence propelled in large part by racist, xenophobic propaganda has drawn new attention, fuqing, because they can no longer act as though this fringe then have real world consequences and they can't totally ignore it or pretend they're not complicit in it as well as they could in the past, which brings us down. We've accidentally talked about Paul Ryan, but which, which brings us running out of time. We only have a few more weeks left in this. I know we got a lot of rants lifted, yeah, there's so much left to say
all really, I'm really sort of doing a nationwide search for who will be my new Paul Ryan come next week who will get the rose so so all of this is happening as we are days away from the Midterms Donald Trump Schedule in the final week of the election has been touching down in eight states for eleven rallies Bloomberg reported that Trump is passing over opportunities to campaign in competitive house districts in favor of stopping and states with competitive Senate and gubernatorial races like Florida, Missouri an Arizona Dan? What does that tell you about the state of the race and what people listening can do? Well, I think first off, if you were listening- and we certainly hope you are all of this is interesting, but all that really matters is that in the final weeks you vote, you volunteer. Do everything you possibly can. If you requested a ballot mail it in find every friend you have and make sure they vote,
Jack go to vote, save America all of the action items that we constantly tell you to do, because everything else is just like sports commentary to what is actually happening, but it is Trump's. Schedule is interesting in some ways it does speak to this view of there are places where Trump is tremendously helpful, or at least many Republicans believe that these are these reads: the Red Trump States states He has done better than previous republicans and there are states where he is such an anathema that he even flies over them. It could affect the ability, rather than going to keep the house, and so he staying out the states that Hillary one or there get him out of my air space. That's right! Keep this guy. My fuckin' airspace, all right. He's flying over suburbs. You keep him over. The mountain West
keep him over rural areas. I do not need him over exurbs. I do not need him over changing suburbs, with educated Republicans hit like He asked his that keeps the air force one approximately seven hundred miles from any whole foods or Panera. But so I think this is what is interesting about this. Is you stay near the cracker barrels trump is the you can maybe go to a Fuddruckers. I love maybe go all right, I'm alright! I'm salt of the earth. Sorry, So what is interesting is that the problems trump is no ability to save the house, because the it will decide. Two thousand and eighteen are happening in states. Trump can't go too and won't go to whether it's California, New Jersey, Virginia etc. What they think you can do is prevent huge losses in red states. So the difference between the Democrats winning
two thousand three hundred and twenty eight thirty and Democrats winning thirty, five or forty, and that he can help save the Senate and I solved several people in their analysis today say that we are headed towards a split decision where Democrats will win the house and Republicans will win the Senate now that you think about that one! Don't listen to those voters go vote because yeah the same people who said those with what's this also told us that other would win, so don't listen to them and so Kent. The trouble is, is the house and governor's race in singlish phrases all across the country but hold on to the Senate, even because he had the most favorable map in the history of Senate races and the press conference? It is with decision I'm going to melt the fuk down, because that's exactly what happened in two thousand and ten when Barack Obama was president and no one covered in a split decision, they covered it as a massive rebuke to President Obama. Yes, I would also say the fact that they do not necessarily believe Donald Trump
helpful or, as helpful in the house doesn't mean winning. The house is a foregone conclusion at all. It does not mean that at all, it just means they believe at this moment, given the map, given the distribution of voters, given who trump appeals to it, makes more sense for him to go to the Senate races that they're still vying for even we're talking about deep, fried states, whether it's you know Montana or Missouri or elsewhere. We've also seen these competing stories. On the one hand, we've seen in the past few days. This worry that the democratic may be evaporating, that there's no blue, wave or Democrats overplayed their hand and then, at the same time you saw a story in the post. Republicans are scrambling to save suddenly vulnerable candidates and congressional district that President Trump one in twenty. Sixteen as Democrats have charged deeper into conservative strongholds in their bid to win the House Dan. What does tell you about where we're at?
I would say several things about this. One everyone who was talking to reporters is is lying. They have an agenda. It is Democrats, spinning something republican spinning, something no one knows anything. The only poll numbers that, like internal poll numbers that the reporters writing stories have seen are the ones that campaigns decide to show them, and they only decide to show them if they have an agenda and Republicans have an incentive to
to go out and spread panic in these stories, because one of the things that we saw earlier this year was that Republicans sort of living in the Trump Twitter Fox NEWS bubble thought the blue wave was a fake thing and therefore they work in this renounce and now you're trying to scare them. You have Democrats outspending Republicans because of grassroots enthusiasm from our donor base, and so you have the real incentive for Republicans to communicate with their donors through the press that we need money fast because it would be like. Oh my god, all this democratic money is coming help us, so they can get those big corporate checks in the last week, and so no one who is saying anything knows anything, and so we just have to go into this. Knowing that all that matters is what we do over the next six days, and if you have any confidence in winning the house or you're getting tired and you don't you, don't you don't want to sign up for that last canvas shift this weekend or or phone bank tonight after work or whatever it is. I would think about this
you look at all these rosy predictions about democratic in the house from five made up shot every every place that now has some sort of needle or something the Democrats take chances of taking the house are less good than what we thought. Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the White House were, and I don't know if you ever how that turned out. John love it, but it wasn't great. So all we can do is just run through the tape here and do everything we possibly can in these last few days to make sure that we in the most important mid term election in our fucking lifetimes. Absolutely I do remember Dan. It is seared into my memory because I was doing a live stream, the what we, what we doing on election night, where we're going to touch that same hot stuff, so yeah- I I would also say when does have value right in the sense that it has helped us figure out. Where should we put resources? Who should we donate to in the home stretch? I mean we, we started the show by talking about how we rate
one million dollars for candidates based on the polling and other information, saying that these races, where the the places where your dollars would go the furthest at the same time, if we have elections, would turn out election night wouldn't be suspenseful, no matter what happens when lose or draw there will be surprises. There will be house races, that we didn't know we could win that will win. There will be house races that we thought were a layup that we're going to lose. The same may well be true of then it wherever you are right now there is a house race that you can make a difference in and house race, maybe the race that surprises people in take back the house. We we don't know, I mean one of the things about this map for the house. Is that. There are so many races in play. The fact that there are so many races in play doesn't make it more likely that we win, but it does make it more likely that you can help in a way that makes the difference. I mean that that to me is what I take away from these stories about the widening map, not that somehow this is gotten easier,
but that we can't know where the house will be won or lost, because there's too many districts in play, because the politics of this moment are transitional, be cause. I learned in the past two years that we are at an inflection point in this country and his inflection point about who will turn out. Will it be this electorate, this older, wider, more rural electorate that sees its power and some sense slipping away? That feels the appeal of of isn't that feels and anxiety about what is happening to this country that has been stoked and prodded and made frightful and angry by Donald Trump and Fox NEWS and the Republicans in Congress, or will a growing electret, a younger, more educated, more more urban electric that we believe in Barack Obama won. Two elections was the powerful future of who will determine the outcomes of elections in this country. Will it show up in a mid term in a way that it hasn't before and will they be joined by the kind of people who may have
either stayed home in twenty sixteen or decided that politics was so broken that they couldn't support someone like him? Clinton, they voted for Donald Trump will. They have been so turned off by Donald Trump, that they'll come out and vote to rebuke him and vote for a check and and to me you know we just do The answer? I don't care what the polls say. I don't care what the data says. We just don't know because there's never been in the mid term election before where Donald Trump was president and we were facing such a head win with gerrymandering with voter suppression and a massive propaganda apparatus from Fox NEWS to the angels to Adelson and all the money being dumped on these candidates. So nobody knows fuqing anything and everybody has to do their part yeah. Everyone do everything at the last thing. I'm saying this is to just put a finer point on what you were saying about the map. Getting bigger is it's not just that the House map is getting bigger, which it is which is very important, which means more people in the country. We have an opportunity to determine whether
signals back right like if you live in Kansas. You have an opportunity to deliver, not one but two seats to the democratic majority, which is not something you would say very often, but it's also for the first time in recent memory you have Democrats running for everything up and down the ballot all across the country. So even if you were in the red is state, you have the opportunity to send a democrat to that your state legislature, Senate Democrat to your school board, you know I've been in politics for awhile now, and these elections, where there is a potential for wave, don't come around very often they have consequences that extend long after the election itself, and so this is a generational opportunity for Democrats to put in place people at all levels of power all throughout the country, and we know from the special elections we've seen. Thus far Democrats can win everywhere. They can win in North Dakota, they can win in Oklahoma, they can win in California and so
matter what state you live in. Your vote may never matter more than it has. Then it will on Tuesday absolutely and I'd even add. On top of that, that we have these ballot measures in places like Utah and Idaho, for expanding Medicaid. We have minimum wage ballot measures in Missouri and Arkansas and we have Stacey Abrams in an incredibly close race in for the governorship in Georgia. We have better are in Texas. Every state is a swing state in this midterm and California House may hinge on what happens in California. You cannot point to a state in this country Cortana Jon tester I mean we could go through the entire map of this country. Every state is a swing state, where you are in this country. You are part of this election yeah, that's exactly right. Last but not least, an alright! So alright! So
That's our that's our mid term appeal. I think we've bludgeon people enough. I swear to God, Dan. If people are listening to this I'm assuming everyone listening to this is going to vote or has already voted or has their ballot in their hands and is going to mail it back, even though, damn see numbers that across the country there are a lot of people with ballots and there are more republicans sending them back so far than Democrats, which is shameful, I'm not going to blame the people listening because I'm assuming you're voting, I need you have to do more. If you're listening to this and you're not planning to canvass or phone buying this weekend, get it together, that's right! I do. I do. I just know my dog back little an hour ago. So now, because you know I get like this I wanted to make sure that, had I had that box check before I got it before I got on the stock at demand
and as a reward for all of you who have voted plan to vote. Will mail in your ballot have mailed in your ballot will be canvassing this weekend. I do want to take one very brief moment to talk about one of the stupidest and yet also most frightening stories. We have seen in quite some time, which is An effort to frame Robert Muller by one of the dumbest human beings ever to attempt a scheme like this Brian. I did a great job summarizing the scandal in the what a day newsletter notorious pro trump grifter Jacob. All got caught. Organizing a fraudulent scheme to falsely accused special counsel, Robert Muller of sexual assault. The plan involved approaching multiple women who have since told reporters. They were offered money to publicly accused mall of misconduct. Muller got wind of the deploy and immediately referred to the Justice Department for Criminal investigation because it may constitute wire fraud and obstruction of justice. It is honestly too dumb to go through all the details of this
may have been an attempt to frame mall or it may have been an attempt to frame journalist, but similarly to Devin newness. You cannot be this dumb and try to do schemes at the national level. This was high school level scheme, maybe a middle school level scheme. My favorite part of this is as Jacob Wohl who drummed up the story and denied involvement was facing blowback. They looked into the company involved and it's phone number. Jacob walles mothers voicemail, it's just so good, it's so good good. I have always thought that when this period in our politics is over and HBO does their limited series on the Russia plot, just the group of laughable criminals around Trump, it should be titled conspiracy of dunces,
Jacob Paul is like the fourth trip, the how many times have wings. Are there he's like the fifth from sibling he like he really is in is: can he really could just be there Don and Eric. He really is the third stooge of that group, and you know what honestly that's a compliment him. So I'm sure Donald Trump Junior is his idol look. This was a very silly story. I just hope, because we live in a world where we know people like Pope HAT on Twitter replied to him. He said I'm going to do a good deed for you shut and do whatever your lawyer says: just shut the fuck up and do what your lawyer says- and I don't know why I'm trying to help you, but I left it yeah. I love that Pope at tweet it at him an I read s, Paul's analysis of this. We live in a weird weird world on it. If we're and those are the good guys, but SIRI is Jacob Jacob Walker to use an alias in this process yeah.
I lead also just all the all the photos from the fake company trying to do this. It's just man you bit off more than you can chew. It's all. That is the guy. That is, they also like get. It can make a friend, you know, get off the internet, the internet. Is there some people whose brains who just can't handle being on the internet go outside, throw a frisbee make a friend learn to live, live amongst the people. It's b b brains broke all right, but that before we move off for this 'cause, it is it's obviously very silly is a serious implication here. You know, find boiler wrote a great piece about this, a while back. It was very prescient for cricket com. Re basically talked about the fact that Republicans and republican operatives will at some point, weaponized me too, that they will see what Democrats liberals, what the culture
set is a reckoning around believing women in recognizing the prevalence of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexism in the workplace, and they will take that as permission to turn it into a political weapon and turning the fact that that we believe in believing women into a political tool, and this example may have been too stupid to stand on its own two feet. But that won't be true the future. The future we saw during the Kavanaugh. So many conservatives either believed or decided. It was in their interest to believe that Democrats wireframing Kavanaugh by drumming up these stories by by getting people to make things up and what it felt like at the time was projection, because they recognize that this could happen on their side. So I do that as much as this is silly, it's also a bit of a warning shot under. You think absolutely, and I think what we saw with you saw
sort of how this could work with how the Republicans handled Kavanaugh right, which is one to disbelieve women on its face. If the- and then second also, if you remember at the end when republican, would take all of the craziest calls that came into their tip line input, these crazy accusations that there is a way to dilute the attention and the credibility of the very kredible patience, and so I look. I think this is where we have seen that there is, snow line that Republicans won't cross and particularly the trump grifters like boy genius, Jacob Wohl, and so I think that this is a we're going to see some very dangerous things going forward, and
it's also a warning sign not to bring this back to the for the two thousand election. But I'm sure Trump is not particularly. He probably applauds the the go get if this of Jacob all for doing this, and that, if we don't win these elections, it will not be sabhal Trump grifter who tries to get rid of mall. Are it? Will be trump itself and, let's not forget that one of things is a second selection is whether or maulers got to get it get to finish his investigation or not. Yeah, I mean if, if, if reporters hand caught wind of this and kind of pre empted this here by saying that this was out there if it been handled with even a little bit more sophistication than the right wing sites that originally but the allegation wouldn't necessarily have to take it down, and if it had stayed up there, it would have absolutely done what these kinds of smears are meant to do, which is to go from the swamp to the shore
to to that to the the more mainstream republican sites to Fox news to the president's twitter. I until you know- because this was so thoroughly debunked so quickly or at the very least so thoroughly mocked and expose so quickly. It didn't make it into Donald Trump, twitter feed this morning. But that was a close call and way closer than I think it's being treated as because it was so silly yeah, just someone who is slightly less stupid than Jacob Wall, and this would be a massive story in this election that the entire right wing, propaganda apparatus and the White House office would be jumping on and that no crazier than what Devin Nunez has tried to do to various members of the Justice Department. Absolutely, and it's a reminder that if this were to happen again, it really fucking matters who holds the gavel in how's. It really matters who's in charge of the intelligence.
It really matters who's in charge of the Judiciary Committee. It really matters in a position to call hearings, issue subpoenas on the hill, because our ability to fight back require some power and that's the power we can get. If we win the Fucking House Great great, close great closed thanks Dan trying to build to a finish when we come back, we'll have our interview with Kentucky congressional candidate Amy Mcgrath she's. Also somebody who released one of the best ads of the cycle, she's one of the best candidates running so stay tuned. For that comedy, the daily show, with Trevor Noah elections in full swing with american sanity hanging in the balance Trevor Noah in the world fake US news team, try to make sense of all the issues that keep you up at night. Every election needs a hero, they'll, let you know when they find one
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We love the cash app. Everyone should download the catch up. What else is there to say? John I'll say this I enjoy when people make ridiculous request to me, but you're not getting twenty dollars for me to pay for you to watch HBO. That's good money! That's good! That's money! Well spent! Yes, yeah! That's true! Catch up, we've been hearing stories of candidates in the run up to the mid term elections. So today we're gonna, hear from the first woman to fly, combat mission for the Marine Corps, she's a damn she's, a woman and she's a military veteran. This is an extreme liberal name, Amy Mcgrath. So the question is not who Donald Trump is. America knows who he is. The question is: who are we without? Ok, hang in advance, when I was a United States Marine, my oath to the United States Constitution,
it was not to a president. It was not to a political party. That's the same attitude. I will bring to Congress it's time: Amy Mcgrath, the democratic congressional nominee for Kentucky sixth district, which is running against republican incumbent Andy Barr can six is central, Kentucky it's Lexington and the surrounding eighteen counties. It's very much an urban core of Lexington, but then sixty percent of the population is more rural, close out as far EAST as Wolf County, which is close to Eastern Kentucky. The district has a has a lot of agriculture, it's horse country, lots of bourbon and U K walk at, but I was a tomboy. You know growing up. I was the youngest of three kids and I loved the sports. I
how to beat the boys and then pretty much every sport imaginable, but you can only win competitions when you're allowed to enter when she was eleven years old. She saw a documentary on the history channel which had these fighter jets. Are these jets flying onto the backs of aircraft carriers and I basically fell in love? I mean I looked at that documentary and I said you know that is cool. That's what I want to do. I'm going to do that as I started. To look at how do you become a naval aviator? How do you? How do you fly jets on the backs of aircraft carriers? in in combat. Well, those were all men and there was an actual actually a federal law prohibiting women called the combat exclusion law. We're talking the 80s here Back then women weren't allowed to become fighter pilots, but even at the age of twelve Amy was no pushover. She decided that the law wasn't right. She was going to right and change it. I remember going to my mom and saying: hey mom, let's just change the law, I mean: how hard can it be right
I can do this, I'm beating on the boys in basketball and soccer and everything else. I can do this and she was the one who taught me well, Amy, you know you have to advocate for change. You have to write your member of Congress what's Congress. And that's how I had to learn about government. So I wrote my member of Congress. He was a pretty a conservative guy by the name of Jim Bunning and I he wrote me back a fairly condescending letter, which basically said your girl go. Do something else now that was an awful letter to send to anyone, let alone a child but Amy didn't let it stop her and- and then I wrote my my senators of course Mitch Mcconnell never wrote me back, but I I didn't give up. I wrote every member of the House and Senate Armed Services committees and by that point I was twelve or thirteen years. And I got several letters back, many of them were just like Jim Bunning's. That said, you know, go do something else. Women shouldn't be doing these things in our military. Fortunately, not all the letters were so discouraging,
That was my first understanding of the difference between Democrats and Republicans at that time, because all of the Republican said no go do something else and the crescent wrote me back never say never said to me: you're, a woman. You you deserve that place in the cockpit and never said that what they said was you ought to be able to compete and, if you're good enough, if you can qualify, if you meet the standards, you should be able to do that job, whether you're a man or a woman, and that made a huge impression on me at the age of thirteen and it's. Why I'm a Democrat today Amy still wanted fighter pilot and she stayed committed to changing the combat exclusion law throughout her child. The one issue voter before I was even about her in a nineteen ninety three, the year Amy turned eighteen. She got some good news. I didn't have to fight it as an because we had a new administration and New Congress. They resented the law, they changed the policy
open doors for women in the military. They had never been opened before combat ships, combat aircraft and it really changed my life because I into the USA Naval Academy two months later, raise my right hand to swear and defend the constitution. United States and all the doors were open to me after I graduated from the,
Naval Academy. I was commissioned as a marine core officer, because the Marines were the best the toughest and that's what I wanted and you could also fly fighter jets in the marine core. So to me that was a win win because he didn't have two thousand and twenty vision. She started as a back cedar, which is a weapons system officer, should combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq after nine hundred and eleven, and then got vision, correction surgery and eventually got her dream job. And then I went back to that same squadron as a as a fighter pilot deployed again to Japan and the far e and then again to Afghanistan in twenty ten during her career, Amy was an eighty five combat missions. Then, after spending twelve years doing the most dangerous job imaginable, Amy founder next battlefield. She got into politics. I went to Capitol Hill,
I was a congressional fellow. I just got back from Afghanistan and I work for a member of Congress for a year and then went in the Pentagon for two year. Tour as a marine coarsely is to all other federal government agencies. After a few years in DC, Amy began teaching at the Naval Academy. It was this experience that ultimately inspired her to run for office, one of the courses, I'm teaching them as basic you government, and what I found was that my students had lost faith in their political leadership. Ideas like character, integrity These things my students didn't see in the political leadership and the twenty. Sixteen elections were what fundamentally changed me
as a marine corps officer, but also as as an American, and I realize that you know we have an entire generation. Now, that's a losing faith in in their political leadership. In this, isn't you know who we are? I took a step back after the results of those elections in two thousand. Sixteen and oh, my gosh. You know this comes down to leadership and that's something that the Naval Academy taught me at something. The marine core taught me and we need better leaders in this car. And we need them now and you know I'm not perfect, and I don't know everything, but I know leadership, and that's when I decided you know we need to step up.
I'm a marine, I'm somebody that runs toward the fight not away from it and the fight right now is is for our country in the fight right now is to win back this Congress any started running towards the fight by announcing her campaign with a video that tells her story, the video went viral, getting a million views and helping her raise three hundred thousand dollars in just two days. When I was twelve years old, I knew exactly what I wanted do when I grow up. I wanted to fly fighter jets and land on aircraft carriers, because that's the toughest flying you can do now, I'm running for Congress against any bar in my home state of,
and we didn't know that it was going to, but I think it tapped into what a lot of America's feeling you know we. We love our country. Many of us fought for our country and we're proud of that. I always said I don't stand for liberal values, a conservative values, my husband's Republican, I'm a Democrat. You know, that's that's America, I stand for american values and that you know manifests itself in in less having leaders that the you know care about, not kicking people off. A health care I mean is as basic as that is. I think, that's what that video really just sort of fire people up, but his campaign is also fired up. The opposition and they've been going negative. I mean people warned me about the the problems with
politics in America today and I knew it I'm I watched it being the person. That's in it with you know. Twenty attack ads and three million dollars been spent to to attack me just get my hair cut this morning and I look up at the at the tv you know in in and there's I look up in the moment. I look up, you know, there's there's another attack, add Amy's campaign hasn't spent a cent on attack ads, I'm going my message: strong I've decided from the very beginning. You know that I wanted to run a a substantive campaign uhm. I want to be positive because that's what our country needs right now. People are tired of attack as they are tired of the lies people, don't trust government, that's why they check out and why they don't vote. They don't know what to believe an I'm somebody that you know the basic core of
good leadership. What I learned in the United States military is the basic Course trust its trust. It's telling the truth, it's honesty, and so we've got to get back to that, and that's that's why I don't want to you know, attack back in the same manner. Instead of slinging mud, Amy chose to stay focused on the issues. It's personal to me because my mother was a doctor. She was one of the first woman to graduate from the university medical school. I have had my entire adult life with mom talking to me about health care in America, mental Health care in America, and so I have some idea of that. My mother is also a breast cancer survivor and my father was dealt with cancer for for fourteen years as well. So I mean it's very, very personal to me. I understand at a very basic level that if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.
And so it's also personal and an this is reason why it's in her one issue to to the voters here in the sixth district I mean people are seeing their premiums rise, they're, seeing the incumbent in the seats and an administration that want votes continually to try to take healthcare away from people. So you know, that's that's why it's the number one issue in in my race. One healthcare topic that really bugs me is the idea that a male dominated Congress is making healthcare decisions about female reproductive health. Part of why she's running is to advocate for her constituents, but she's also running because she's, a woman. You can't change things unless you're in the room you have to be there, you have that we have to have a voice. So I think women are starting to see that the studies show that women win at the same as men.
The reason we have such a lower percentage of women in places like Congress is that we don't run ok at the same rate, and so I that is coming to light two and a lot of women around the country, and certainly here in Kentucky I mean we are seeing record number of women in Kentucky running at the state level. That's how you change that you got to run Amy's gotten the attention of a lot of voters, but she's also earned the support of one of the Democratic Party's biggest names. I was fortunate enough to have former vice President Biden. Come to help me with my campaign, which was amazing and awesome, and we went out to bath county and more rural county here in the district we had amazing Rally you know, I'm really proud of that. We fired a lot of people up,
The lesson that we have to learn back. It's from have to compete everywhere. You can't just focus on the. And that's what I'm trying to do. I want to go out. I want to make sure that everybody in this district knows that I want to represent everybody, that there isn't a county that I'm not going to compete in that I want to be the representative for all nineteen. No matter how well you are Z, Mcgrath, the democratic nominee for Kentucky's sixth congressional district she's in amazing candidate in the full version of that campaign. Video is pretty awesome check out boat, Saveamerica, dot com, where you can learn about other exciting candidates in competitive races near you, and you can even see a sample ballot so that you're ready to vote on
That's our show Dan, it's yet another successful flintstones, Jetsons Episode of Save America with two of we've never met, but it's change. When I get to do this bye. Everyone talked everyone next week.
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