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“From Charlottesville to Pittsburgh.”


Right-wing conspiracies echoed by Trump and some Republicans help fuel an anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh, and the President responds by attacking Democrats and the media. Then Tommy talks to Democratic candidate J.D. Scholten about his race for Congress against white nationalist Steve King.

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tell me, talks to JD shorten the Democrat running for Congress, and I was fourth district against Republican, Steve King, whose actually white nationalist you the herb, terrible terrible person like actually what national yeah. When, when asked, if he was a white nationalist or white supremacist, he actually did not deny either and every he was TED Cruz's national camp CO chair, Paul Ryan. Let's him in every meeting they ever have with the caucus they fundraised with everyone kisses his ass during the Iowa caucuses. That's your party republicans! So that's going to be hearing from J, Shelton who's trying to take him out he's got an uphill climb, despite all that, because a pretty conservative disk Iowa and Iowa, but that time has good conversation with him. Tell interviewing for positive the world this week, back in the saddle man back in the saddle. Well, you know there's a lot going on I'm going to talk to Mehdi Hassan, who is a fantastic writer and podcaster to intercept, and zero. I want to talk about this ongoing test of a Saudi Arabia.
And more importantly, focus on what they're actually doing in Yemen, because it's a humanitarian catastrophe and I don't think it's getting the attention. It's do. I'm also trying to figure out if I can figure out a way to talk about what just happened in Brazil somehow, because that election is frightening. So I really about that. Ok, stay tuned, then John. Ok, everyone should also check out this week's love it or leave it, which was hosted by our PAL earn Ryan Tastic to check that out and we in Irvine CA on Friday. For the last of four midterm specials for HBO, we just were in Philadelphia. Great check that out. It's now on HBO Go and HBO now, so you can check that out and check out the last one in Irvine, yeah and Chrissy. Lance really cool check out our campaign, she's, firing she's one of those people you meet in your like. Oh, not only excited about your election. I'm excited for someone like you to have the job and do it better
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Let's get to the very sad and enraging news today on Saturday, a gunman use an Ar15 to fifteen to kill eleven Americans who a attending a a at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Half a dozen more people were wounded. The Anti Defamation League called the shooting at the tree of life, synagogue, the single deadliest, anti semitic attack in the history of the United States. The man arrested by authorities told the Swat team officer. That quote, he wanted all Jews to die and he also had nearly two dozen guns registered to his name, because that's what we allow here in the United States tell me what else do we know about what led to the shooter, whose name is Robert Bowers, to launch this attack at this particular moment. We know that he believed that the Jews quotes are working to destroy America by bringing in immigrants, and so I believe that that
conspiratorial crazy. Whatever you want to call it belief is directly tied to the idea that you're, seeing in the mainstream media that there is a caravan of people coming to invade our country, full of gang members and ISIS like the President says, and that George Soros, who is a billionaire financier who happens to be jewish, who have been demagogue by the Republican Party for decades, is paying for Caribbean a like secretly slipping in, so it doesn't require using a slur to be Anti Semitism if you're talking about Globalists controlling the media or politics? We know damn well what you're saying Steve Bannon you're saying that Jews are in charge, issues are: are running the media or they're, bringing it there subverting our democracy. Some out. This is a disgusting anti semitic slur. We should call it for what it is. I and this is been part and parcel of Republican Party's messaging.
In some places for a long time and trump is just main lining the six rooms yeah I mean, I don't think we can emphasize the link to the caravan conspiracy enough here yep last week, it's our last week, Matt gave Florida congressman the dumbest person on the fucking planet again is a frat paddle come to life, I believe is love is line. He is at deplorable idiot, but he's dangerous well again, I mean like so many of these people. This is now someone who, who knows but like it, genuinely believe this is like a rich dude who went to You know college and everything like that. He he knows better and he just decided to cast his lot with the far right now right now to Donald Trump, because he knew it would help. Is group people who, knowing people to make it feel like this. Guy knows exactly what he's doing but he's just doing this purely for his own ambition. You may have heard of him before because he invited a holocaust denier to be his guest at the state of the union. That's right,
so that's what a good guy in that guy too. So he started whole thing last week by saying by tweeting a fake picture. It isn't real, it wasn't. Actually the caravan saying this is the caravan George Soros has funded this caravan. This question mark right. Just asking a question in the queue in the in the caravan are dangerous people who are coming to the United States. That, of course went on to Fox from Fox. It goes to the present I'd stay at his thing Tank Johnson friends. So now we have the President knighted states telling everyone that the caravan it is that is, one thousand miles away from the border is filled with middle easterners, dangerous people, possibly terrorists, other kind of stuff, and then it's possibly funded by the Democrats.
And so now what happened was on gab, which is a social media platform used by many white supremacists and NEO Nazis. Glad we have one of those bowers is the guy who did the shooting recently complained after all this last week that Jews were helping transport members of the migrant caravans called the jewish organization that helps refugees, a sugar coated, evil and then finally said I don't care about the optics. I can't take this anymore. I'm going go! Do this thing, and now we have this. This mass shooting tell me what we know in general about rising anti Semitism over the last few years. The ADL reported in
February that the number of anti semitic incidents was nearly sixty percent higher in twenty seventeen than in twenty. Sixteen, that is the largest single year increase on record and the second highest number reported since the ADA started tracking incident data. In the 1970s and of course this coincided with Donald Trump's campaign in twenty sixteen and then Donald Trump's presidency in twenty seventeen. So the question is: does Trump bear any responsibility for this rise in antisemitism? The White House obviously says not at all. They point to his statements condemning the attack in Pitts Burg, which, according to the New York,
times were written by his jewish daughter and his jewish son in law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who I guess had to persuade him to condemn these in super harsh terms, which is always comforting? But what do you think? What sort of connections, if any, can we draw from Trump's presidency Trump's rhetoric to sort of these rising attacks? I think that the key to understanding the link between Trump and these fringe anti semitic extremists is just listen. Into what the fringe anti semitic extremist say and they take solace when in Charlottesville. He blames both sides or doesn't condemn them look to him and they are inspired and they see leadership and they feel emboldened by him when he calls himself a nationalist. These right wing nationalist parties have been blaming Jews for all their problems for century.
They know damn well what it means when Steve Bannon sits his fat asses in the White House for six months as the chief strategist, they look to him for leadership when he's inviting these pizzagate lunatics into. Three things, and you know these people walking around making the like okay, White NASH, sign in and they like. What drives me crazy about this. Is you know, all these people. That say: oh they're, just trolling, you know they're just they're, trying to own the libs by making these science like are what you do you know and then and then the response like, I think it drives me nuts and I think the African Convenience dealt with for very on time as well. It's like when you point out something as racist or anti semitic. I think people are think that that's like the the worst thing you could ever say about someone that they're racist or there an anti semite, and they act like pointing out the facts and making that charge is somehow worse than the original incident. We need to call this for what it is right I mean to paraphrase Andrew
I'm not saying he's an anti semite, I'm saying the anti Semites right he's. An anti semite Julie, Offi friend of the pod, wrote a re great piece for the Washington Post about all of this. You should go check out, but she, basically you know, sort of laid out Trump's evolution on this in two thousand and sixteen he joked at a meeting of the republican jewish coalition that it wouldn't support. Him quote, because I don't want your money here during the campaign
He tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton, superimposed on a star of David over dollar bills. After Julia published a profile of melanija which the White House didn't like she was deluged with anti semitic threats. Trump was asked to condemn those attacks on Yahoo from his supporters, and he said quote: I don't have a message for them and of course, as you pointed out, the worst example is Charlottesville people marching in Charlottesville chanting, Jews will not replace us and Donald Trump saying there were fine people on both sides. I want a reporter. This is very simple. To ask Donald Trump: ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Ask anyone at the White House today. Does the president still believe that the people in Charlottesville who were chanting Jews will not replace us we're fine people that they were fine
people among those margins. I want someone to asking that question because if they really say he's not anti semitic that he condemns this kind of attack, he condemned the kind of hate that lease these tax. Then then they will answer the present it to. You know what I don't believe they were fine people. I'm sorry I should have said that, but he won't because he hasn't, because nothing has changed since Charlottesville. The only thing that's changed is somehow like news move so fast. Their collective memory doesn't really remember the fact that in Charlottesville he issued these horrible horrible statements and has not apologized for it right I mean there was an article last year where I think is the independence of the UK, where Trump suggested that Jews might be secretly committing anti semitic hate crimes on themselves, so that he looks I forgot about that. I mean Sir, were who writes for the Atlantic wrote. I think, as Crystal clear, a piece about how the spark for the worst anti semitic massacre in american history was a racist
hoax. That was kind of came through the weird twitter ecosystem through Lou Dobbs and then got on Fox and friends and then got to the president, and he decided that he was going to demagoguery caravan of desperate people 'cause. He thought it was going to be an election issue that inspired this individual to do what he did yeah period. You know I keep thinking like the republican line is well, no one can control what their supporters do on either side and there's bad there's rhetoric on both sides. That's gotten out of hand right, but what would we be saying right now? If these perpetrators of these crimes of this hate in this violence that we've seen over the last week or Muslim, exactly what would we be doing if there was a connection to ISIS? Wouldn't we say
The ISIS propaganda inspired some of these people, who said I'm doing this in the name of ISIS, which we've seen all the time, of course, and and we would be calling on every single Muslim on the planet to denounce this act in to do better somehow into somehow somehow fix the problem. I mean these these people Are these right? Wingers are incapable of looking within their party within selves and seeing the harm that's being created here, and so it's not just trump Nrcc after George Soros was sent an IED a pipe bomb. They put up an ad attacking George Soros. GOP leader Kevin Mccarthy Tweet, did we cannot allow Soros, Steyer
Berg to buy this election gee? What are those three guys have in common yeah? No, I mean look. It is true that a politician or a leader cannot control what his or her supporters do all the time there are people who will will do crazy things. We'll do horrible things all the time, but you can control your own words and your own actions they like to point out. It was a Bernie Sanders supporter that shot Steve Scalise and he was doing it because they Republicans right. That is correct, and yet can you point to a single word that Sanders has ever said or any Democrat they told people to commit violence. Can you do that to Donald Trump? Yes, how many times did he say he was going to pay the legal bills of his supporters, who beat people up at rallies, How many times is the inside? How today today he called the press, the enemy, the people? How many times in his stump speeches he called Democrats, evil and crazy. He says that every single day Democrats don't do that. No,
also worries me because their e see this a lot among, like young men in particular, there was a big part of the appeal of Trump was he's just trolling he's talking Yeah he's generally anti establishment. I get why, like anti establishment sentiments are appealing to young people. Use your antiwar right yeah. This is a different time, but that stuff can has man. Tested itself online in dark ways. I mean: there's racist, Anti semitic, jokes, that pop up on gab, four Chan, or God forbid, like the daily stormer and when people you know it's sort of like a race to the bottom to see who we can offend in in, like upset the lives, I think it that's of laws you into thinking, it's acceptable and some people see that's often can go further and further and further I mean TIM Mcveigh. The white Nationalist Oklahoma City bomber was inspired by anti semitic books in teaching and he perpetrated a horrific terrorist act so like we need to
to keep an eye on these things and we need to understand that leadership comes from the very top You can't tell me that Brock Obama, amazing grace in a church. Wasn't an important healing in the lack of that grace or any kind of unity in our country. It's like you, can feel it or get take George W Bush right right. Who will go down in history as one of the worst presidents because of the Iraq war was one of biggest catastrophes that any president is ever. Let us into okay, but George, W Bush made a point of condemning attacks on Muslim,
made a point of saying. The muslim religion is a peaceful religion and whether it's George Bush, whether it's round regular to any of the Publican president when they were, if their supporters started attacking people, you wouldn't be able to draw the same kind of links that you can draw with Donald Trump and Republicans. Fucking know this. Of course. They know it damn well and so, like whether it's Brock Obama George, would ever like for some reason, these anti semitic people, these races, supporters. They look at Donald Trump and they think he one of them after Charlottesville, they said we think he's on our side. We know we eventually have to condemn it, but they forced him to condemn and we really many water sack. What other president no have a have anti Semites in races ever said that about it trying crazy, the people that are elevated in the media, because they're sharp trump fans were sick of fans like Erik Erikson lame blogger two weeks ago, tweet it it's not a coincidence that this caravan to the south of us is happening. Two weeks before our federal elections, he was on meet the press. This great booking, Guys Lou Dobbs, who is a particular
virulent brand of washed up and intolerant had a guy on from judicial watch, you said, talked about the Soros funded State Department, financially back it was so bad that Fox actually to pull the episode in band the guest in perpetuity, but, like those are the people that Donald Trump watches those are the people. He on the phone during his nine hours of executive time, which is code for him. Sitting around in tweeting and calling his buddies right. We have like a part time, president, who
so in the time he actually does, work just divides the nation as thoroughly as you possibly can. If the President, United States and Republicans in Congress truly believed that these kind of attacks in this kind of hate stuff like that was awful and they wanted to condemn it, they could decide to comport themselves differently in these final weeks of the election right. Instead, this is what happened. This is Trump's. Let's talk about Trump's general response to not just what happened in Pitts Burg, but all of the incidents of hate and violence. Last week, in addition to the worst anti semitic massacre in United States history, we saw a mass assassination attempt to democratic leaders in the murders of two african Americans, in Kentucky by a gunman authorities, say tried to enter a predominantly black church in the moments before the attack. The president has responded to these incidents by continuing to hold political, rallies
and send tweets where he attacks his opponents attacks the very people who were sent mail bombs. George Soros top Stierheim starrer Maxine waters in attacks. The media is the enemy, the people which he did this morning and Republicans at the same they're cute. As you said, they continue to run these ads from the congressional leadership Fund, which is parents what is going on here. Why are they doing this? I I cannot fathom it. I cannot fathom a in like I just a quick aside. One conversation were not having which is very frustrating is about gun control, yeah, and you know one. Fifty eight people were killed in the LAS Vegas massacre. Five hundred of them injured. He promised to take action on bump stocks and background checks on these things, but he did absolutely nothing here. We are again the guy with an air fifteen shooting up a community, but I mean to your broader point. I I think they gave up so long ago on checking him in a.
Anyway, and I don't think they will find any courage until we win in the midterms. That's our only hope. Well like they, they could very easily have said. You know what this is all gotten too far. We don't want the votes of racists. We don't want the vote anti Semites and you know in this life in these last weeks. Let's make this an election about issues. We're gonna have adds up about tax cuts about immigration, about the issues that we differ on okay, but we are not going to make these attacks on Democrats, we're gonna cost ranma tack, George Soros we're gonna have of these gross adds up. It is time for the country to get. They could have done all that good idea, yeah, they need the votes. Sad yeah, sad sack policy wonk, Paul Ryan could have run on his big tax cut his crowning achievement, but no he's not he's running a series of racist ads through Super PAC. Where calling out an african american candidate for having released a albums coming out. Aftab note for
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amazing book about this election. It's so good. We all read it and then, in the book and in the film a private scandal became front page headlines for the first time. The front runner is about the turning point in american history when privacy and it- and we as a country decided. We have the right to know written by Matt By and J Carson. This is the scandal and the story that started all there's a lot of people who believe that this scandal around Gary Hart is one of the things that kind of changed the way we talk about presidential politics. I actually think it's a really good debate, actually don't totally agree with the conclusions in the map by about whether or not the shift in no longer giving people like Gary Hart, the privacy to have affairs and mistresses was a good thing or a bad thing, whether or not that deal where politicians were more open about policy, but less open about themselves where they could have secrets in hypocrisy. I don't know if that's a good thing, but I'm excited to see the movie explores it, because the book is fucking. Excellent, awesome anyway, go through the front runner. The book is great sure. The movie great the directores great writers, great go see the movie. How do you think the media should cover this? Are they doing it? Well, you know, Republicans are
pushing the message here that both sides are to blame for the rhetoric I mean I think they're like I was apoplectic a week ago during the caravan discussions, because I thought that they were just getting let down this road of manufacturing crisis because it was politically helpful to Trump. I think we've gotten away from that because of horrific events, I think a few things in this instance in there is a sense. I think that threats made online, maybe or conversations online are as real or aren't as dangerous, and that is completely false and there all these people, who who live in a world where they follow these white nationalists in these white extremists. Online, have been trying to sound the alarm about the stuff, and we need to take that a lot more seriously like I. I keep thinking about in two thousand English on the White House DHS release this report that it actually been commissioned by the Bush administration about the rise in right wing, extremism and radicalization's, and basically it said you know these economic conditions could lead to increased radicalization and recruiting.
They felt reminiscent of the economic conditions in the 90s that led to Timothy Mcveigh. People were scared of war gun control. There were stockpiling weapons and the thing that was sort of politically explosive was that they were trying to recruit veterans and basically, the right wing pc police shouted down. This report lemonade us walk away from it and instead of having a real conversation about what was happening and in the threats from within we dismissed it. As you know, somehow, targeting Republicans like I since nine hundred and eleven we've been so conditioned to look externally for threats in the things we fear from like ISIS and Al Qaeda and that's standable. We really do need to focus more on these right wing. Homegrown, extremist groups, communities of color did
either being literally terrorist right and murdered. I think Democrats should handle this. Does this change the dynamic of the mid terms in any way it does feel like over the last week, there's been a she. Ifttt where a things I've got a lot. Scarier yeah be the focus has gone from. You know. Trump was able to keep the focus on. First first was Cavanagh. Then it was the caravan. But you know it's. A funny thing happened here is Trump said all he wants to make this election a referendum on him because he was out there doing all these rallies he's out there. Given all these interviews and he's figure like I'm, the one who can choose Republican turned out because they I love me so he's put himself at the center of the selection. Well now he got what he wanted, and now the midterms do seem like they're, more of a referendum on his actions, his behavior and his words, which, in the wake of two or three tragedies
right, I'm a massive Sassa nation attempt. The worst attack on Witcher community in US history and the killing of two African Americans in Kentucky. In the wake of this, he has not tried to bring the gathered. He is not offered any consoling words in. In fact, he is double down on his attacks on Democrats in the media and I'm just wonder like what how how should Democrats handle this in this last week. It's hard to know. Right, I mean notable this morning. Is the Gallup Trump Approval track last week? Use at forty four approve fifty disapprove this week he's at forty approve fifty four disapprove. So the country is not happy about his handling of the the I e d incident. I don't think they've come to process Un Polling at least what happened over the weekend. You know so that's just sort of the context of what's happening in the country. I do think this mid term was always going to be a referendum on Trump yeah. I think that Democrats should continue running on healthcare in the
shoes, that they know people care the most about, but I do think that most of the country thinks he needs to be checked and that's going to be even more salient of a message now. Well, and whether they believe it or not. Certainly, I do think Democrats should make that part of the closing message, along with health care and everything else like if you give Donald Trump a Republican Congress again if he wins a selection of Republicans when the selection he will absolutely take, that is an affirmation of his behavior actually fit what he did was okay in that he can continue doing that and for the next two years he will say and do whatever he wants, because the Republican Congress will let him they have. They have basically shown that, no matter what he does or what he says, they will stand behind him, a hundred percent right, so even if even if you sort of like trying, even if you think that the economy is going great, even if you said to yourself, you know what I like them, I'm going to continue voting for my republican congressman wilder. You have to think to yourself what
I've. Seen these last two weeks will only get worse over the next two years. If this man on November Sixth gets an affirmation that his behavior is okay and then for the next two years, he will do whatever he wants. He will shut down investigations. He will take away people's health. Past more tax cuts for the rich he'll deport warm against you'll. Do whatever you want. He views everything terms of winning and losing so he thinks that the church, the way he treated cutting body Ford, is okay, because cabin I got confirmed right so like yeah, that's the only lesson he ever learns that I do think that there are a lot of people in this country that, like kind of like Trump's anti establishment stuff, but that shows up in polls are like I don't tweets. Well, the tweets are a big deal yeah when the tweets are inspiring radical, frightening, violent people,
then that should really rise to the top of your answer and to how you're voting and look we seen this happen before two: his lowest approval ratings came after Charlottesville after the Helsinki Press Conference, with Putin, waster with Putin just moments where he has to really dropped the ball in the worst way in his role as leader's national unifier. As president, it mean like people in this country do want. Someone I was going to consult them during times of tragedy, who's going to try to bring the country together. Who is going to try to rise above partisan politics? He can't do any of those things. He's a part time. President. We know this 'cause. We read all the stories like the guy had like literally three hours in the middle of the day routinely were just does nothing but watch tv in tweet right, so we know that he's not doing the job generally. This part, I think, there's parts of us were like out. That's probably good that he's not more effective, but you know you can't hide
you've completely abdicated your role as a moral leader or a sort of a healer for the country, and I- and I do think Democrats and he's in this last week, should think about including in their message when they're on the stump it is. It is Democrats job in a way because they're such a vacuum of leadership on the republican side to show people what real leaders sound like and look like, and what really there's too you know like. I keep thinking of Andrew Gillan's. You know closing statement made in his debate with trying to set this when he said you know. In trumps, America we've been led to believe that we've got to step on our neighbor shoulder and they're back in their face in order to get ahead. While I reject that- and I do think we got to give people a reminder of- what's you know America can be, when has real leaders were willing to rise? Above all this bullshit? You know- and you so I mean you,
Some of this, in the wake of Pittsburgh and a CBS, reported that Demi's Cell Berrios, his family drove to Pittsburgh from New York City as an african american family, who were also first responders to the manual and me shooting in Charleston, and he said you know all faith communities matter now melody or race need to stick together and support each other. In times like these, there was the leader of an islamic center in Pittsburgh, announces that the muslim community has raised more than seventy thousand dollars for his and a dog attack victims and, of course, think about the jewish. Center itself and the and the jewish organization that is helping refugees were Muslims of that were targets. The tech like there is good. There is good in this country, and I think Democrats have to remind people of what that is in the final week. Just a real, quick point on the refugees. I mean Trump has demagogued the the concept of hell sing out refugees, he is made that somehow and evil or bad thing right, because he claims there. All I seen you think the history of the jewish people, who are
Stateless. You know who have, but you know like had to flee the most horrific thing you could ever imagine in the Holocaust and there's no more disgusting, undercutting or or misunderstanding of the history of the people or nation or country, right well, bringing refugees or people fleeing something so anyway, he know he's awful. He needs an enemy to win. He needs people angry with each other and afraid of one. And so you know whether he's pitting men versus women in the cabin I hearing, whether he's trying to make people afraid of foreigners and brown people and immigrants, and now the press and the media and Democrats and mobs he needs this enemy going his enemy trump's enemy is unity, yeah this country Together voting in this country voting and people engaging people supporting each other. Even if you don't look like each other pray like each other love like one other, that's the worst news for him. He doesn't because then there's no need for Donald Trump. If people fail together, you know so he is going to try his fucking damnedest in this last week.
Make sure that he calls out all the enemies can't today, it's the press, he sending five thousand troops to the border because he hopes the care of. Back to back in the news nonsense? They are desperate for people to find enemies to hate one another to be angry with one another, and I think the Democrats have to do is show the country that there is another way yeah there go people. There are a lot of people showing grace in this moment. It is deeply unfortunate that our president isn't one of them yet, but we can elect really good people to Congress who can make it a better place and I and you'll be talking to one of those people. Next Jd Shelton who's running for Congress against Steve King Iowa, join us after the break. Is brought to you by Tommy John Guys follows here and, as you switch out your word I've done neglect. Your underwear now is the perfect. Upgrade to restock your jars with all new fall, colors and prints from Tommy John. You know what I would say to that Tommy Autumn is here orange. You glad! I got new drawers, I'd say, leave
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TIM Cook Maria. We generated the omens, yeah download the I get that get the app or switch of the cash I'm not using other apps anymore. They go to spots that cash out on the part today is Jt Shoulder. Who is running for Congress from the great state of Iowa in the fourth district JD. Thank you so much for being on the show. It's an honor to be here. I'm so excited that to you because I love Iowa. I truly I lived in Iowa for a year in two thousand and I know that I was hanging out with a bunch of liberal caucus goers and that other parts of the state are far more conservative, but you know I personally found that I when ice is not just a cliche, it's real and that actually pollet in Iowa is one of the best brands of politic. Never seen because it was thoughtful and substantive, which is why I can't understand how that state continues to re Elect Steve, king and I've been to your disc I've been a Sioux City in Fort Dodge in Ames and Spencer and Clear Lake and
you struggle to understand how so many good people vote for a person who, I truly think, is a bad human being. Who is doing doing and saying things that are harmful to uh? asian and I'm curious what your take is. Yeah I mean his re elections are complicated and there's not really one thing. You can really point to it, but I was blessed enough to play baseball in seven different countries and within five minutes you know I was from Ireland. I guess we share the and it being a fifth generation ion in. I know this strict. I don't know the other parts of the district is or other parts of the state as well, but like this district were hard working people. It just it's very frustrating to have this person, as our representative in tweet it out. We can't restore our civilization with other people's babies, my phone blue up from people who aren't from Iowa who aren't Is this
who you guys are- and I would love to say that he's not a representative of who we are but at the same time that's in his job title and so that's it's kind of the first step of a long process of how here today yeah I you know they're just people who are listening right now and we're trying to decide what candidates should I support and who should I help out in the last days of this campaign. I want them to take a look at your election, not just because you are a thoughtful smart, highly qualified individual, but I'm staying on Congressman king for a minute like if he lost it, wouldn't just mean one fewer. White Nationalist in Congress. It's the disproportionate power of Iowa in the press. Control nominating process means that TED Cruz. Made him his national campaign. Co chair right, like every Republican, goes through the state and has to kiss the ring for Steve King and I I do think it elevates him in a way that is, that is damaged. Exactly
in it's so frustrating, because of that. He's gotten away with a lot more than what age is random fringe. Representative would normally get and it's it's is a thing like he endorsed TED Cruz. For that presidential election in TED Cruz is the number anti ethanol right. Only in DC in this district is the most producing Athan on. So it's it's: just heads But here's. The encouraging thing is his abilities in this district are he's only favorite about forty, forty two percent of words on favorability is equally the same, and so we've been able to take this national rate or this race that from national for a ratings programs that have traditionally twenty point Reyes in five, national reading programs is taking this off of a safe race and what we were doing I just
old school style of politics. My two political heroes are our local Democrats, Senator in in Berkley Bedell in in nineteen. Eighty four they used to represent percent of this district and what they did was just get out to the people, prove that they're trustworthy, improve, you're going to fight for the people of your district earn votes regardless of voter history and and that's what we've been able to accomplish in. We did thirty county tour. We just finished our third thirty nine county tour and did a town hall in all thirty nine counties, and we call it the can't fake showing up to her and we in his great week, we went into Dickinson County that hill We didn't get thirty percent in and we had one hundred and eighty three people and it was just electric getting were pulling these crowds and there's a buzz, that's happening here. That's like the Beto O'Rourke strategy I knew nothing about this. We've been referred to him quite a bit. Yeah. Well, that's cool! I! So you grew up in Iowa you.
For a while to go to college and play professional baseball. What tell about that experience in in what brought you back to Iowa yeah. I mean I didn't make a dime, but it was an absolute blessing of being able to play all over the the world, but first time candidates. I was influenced by what happened in the twenty sixteen election, but then after then I went to go visit, my grandma, who is my inspiration, not only in my life but for this campaign, and the last thing she said was you need to move back to? I would take care of the farm now. I I was raised in Sioux City in the farms, four hours away and we rented out to a family friend, but that being our last conversation and at her funeral I felt that pole to come back home, so I started to look for a job in the best job. I could find in the Sioux City market was fifteen dollars an hour, no benefits. No. Here I was working in technology and technology and as a paralegal in innovation.
In one of the largest fastest growing economies, and I was just started looking into things and, let's just say I got more and more fed up, and I finally said you know what I can't the silence anymore? And there was nobody in the race for about a month, and I said I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to launch his campaign and we started very humbly, but again we were focused on getting out to the people and what we started as s roots movement and just continue to grow and grow and grow. So on that point I mean about struggling to find a job in Sioux City that they could pay the bills. I mean, if you been to DES Moines. You know that it's like it's a bustling city and there's all these tech jobs and it's like innovating and doing cool things. Why do you think that those types of jobs don't exist in city and how do you think Congress could help you know improve things or or create opportunity there yeah, I mean it's It's one of those things. Were we the focus on rural development in part of the
We don't have real Democrats anymore, and I fear that becoming: the Party of the Whole Foods party or there's a lot of talk about that lately, we don't have a whole foods in my district and so we're trying to be that. That Democrat, that's not a coastal Democrat. That's in Iowa Democrat to working hard working people just try to engage with them and say: listen, we're talking about economic populism, we're talking reason, raising them not only raising the minimum wage, but in this district we need to be fighting for fifty thousand. Five thousand and seventy five thousand dollar jobs in in part of that is bringing technology throughout the district, because I was state graduated fourteen Students last year in two hundred and fifty eight are still working in Iowa. That's what's opening in Iowa. Right now that is the with that. I know when I'm trying to change that narrative. I moved back because I wanted to change in a lot of people like that. I have friends who want to move back, but there
they don't want to raise their family in a place where they can earn income to support their family and that's what we're we're talking about every day. It's an and again it was a long time ago I was like eight hundred and seven, it did feel like the state was sort of trending, more progressive you had, blue collar base, especially in the northeastern part of the state. But then there are socially was becoming more liberal. I was shocked in twenty sixteen when I looked at the results and- that Trump had won a lot of those sort of like Eastern. Counties along River and even you know some more of the urban areas I mean. Do you think that the demographics of the state or shifting sort of way early. What do you? How do you account for Trump Winning Iowa? I don't know, but
it it's it's something that it's gonna take a lot of hard work to get it get it back in right now, yeah. What what you saw is there's a lot of great candidates. That said, you know what this is the way we wanted to go in the lot of younger candidates and that's what's encouraging about it and All my town halls, I started off every step with town hall at this stat, that the average person Congress is fifty eight years old, with a net worth of one million dollars, I'm different twenty years younger and I'm a million dollar short of that average. And but that people relate to that because it's you know, blessed the travel the world at the end of the day, I'm just a hard working guy, door that that's just trying to get this district, going back in the right direction where we can have a good quality life and have good schools and and pay for health insurance. I mean it is really cool to see. People like you,
stepping up like people like Abby Finkenauer who running in the first district in Iowa who's, twenty nine years old, saying you know enough of the leadership we've had for a while? It's it's my turn like what what got you to the tipping point where you thought I'm going to take the plunge and do this honestly, there's a lot of things but but to the podcast. I I I was influenced by the pod, because, you guys, gave me the ability to say you know what I can do this I can't sit on the sidelines and be honest, I was not that good at baseball player, but I worked my tail off and that's who I was known. I was a grinder and I knew I could change or have those skill sets to go straight into running this campaign and- and we thought very strategically early on how we to do this in a race. That's traditionally a twenty point race. How can we not only compete but beat Steve King and we
We did a lot of unconventional things we've very strong on Twitter in really had that social media presence were at the same side or on the other side really just getting out there to the people and and really doing pushing hard to go to all thirty nine counties it's a five hour, drive EAST W three hours, ns and so uh. Typical model for I, where you just raised that stay at home in race, one race, fundraise, it doesn't work in a district like ready and so in and my two political heroes, Senator Harkin in Berkley Bedell and for folks who don't know Berkley Bedell do yourself a favor, look him up because he's ninety seven he's he's amazing person, but he would win in these Ruby red areas by sixty percent yeah and his. Re election poster from nineteen eighty two or eighty four, we don't know what quite what years, but I talked about the one controls our government. Does the ninety nine
have a chance and it just like she was. Ahead of his time, yeah, just it's it's been pretty amazing, but also like, I pretty much have lived out of my winnebago that the campaign our campaign, Winnebago 'cause, that's made in our district, and I tell folks all the time, I'm the only congressional candidate in America that probably sleeps more, not Walmart parking Lot God that God, that's all like. You know we need, in Congress, Grinders the people that are gonna work cars and go to every single county in show up, and so does that economic populist message is that what's resonating like what's the playbook, that people could steal from you if they want to win in these these Ruby red districts? Well, it there's not one easy solution. I wish there was but It is so much about showing up in in. If you just stayed in put your commercials on the air that, regardless of how wonderful they are you if you vote, but you're, not really going to turn the tide it's having
Engagement in what I notice when we first did r thirty nine county tour people were like, oh god, Somebody should run against evening and the second time it was more like. Oh he's, not just not Steve King he's actually standing for something an third time. We see that hoping that Energean, that buzz and not only are they going to be voting for us. Then they get other people to vote for you and I met early on with the native american activists who lives across the river from me in South Sioux City Nebraska, and he he told me JD We want change you're going to have to get uncomfortable and once you get uncomfortable, you have to convince others to get uncomfortable, and I tell everyone's for fifty months. I've been uncomfortable just, but it's that that's burning inside you and just I can't. I can't just sit on the couch anymore and complain. I had to do something, and- and it has not
easy, but I knew how much hard work it was going to be, but I didn't realize how much fun I would have really that's great. I mean just. I would note for people listening and thinking. What's the big deal but sleeping in then Van, I believe your six six yeah standing tall for all Well, that's a tight squeeze in winning yeah, so one last and for you tragedy in Pittsburgh. This past weekend it was like the deadliest, anti semitic attack in the history of the country. You were running against this individual who has sympathized with some of these hateful far right, and how would you describe the urgency of this moment in the urgency of this last week of your race. Given all that's happened in the last week, yeah it's so frustrating We have a representative who David Duke said: God bless Steve King or a representative that decided to
of course, the mayorial candidate in Toronto and then, who who is white nationalists, and then he says. Oh, I didn't know he was. She was a white nationalist was like two weeks ago and didn't oz. It yeah in like The bar is so low, just announce it, it's not hard. It's it's, it's tricky in, like we go back to the answer, why he gets reelected. Well, it doesn't. Make it into this district as much because it's a seven media markets are in all partial media markets. It's it's hard to get into the newspapers. And they don't like to print stuff like that? and so it's not that easy to. Even though You and I see that and it's it's a no brainer, but but it's frustrating an It's one of those things where If you saw the even the polling shows, are you ST with him? Yes, but Yes, like
and so we wanted to be that healthy alternative in in Sioux City Journal, which my hometown paper, I'm the non incumbent that they're they're endorsing amazing and one of only two Democrats that they're endorsing yeah and they said our appeals not only to Democrats but Independents and Republicans and that's what we're pushing this final stretch and we're trying to make sure that we have enough resources to get that, How to say, listen trying to make you a Democrat, but I'm trying to get your vote is we deserve better in this district? Damn right, that's a great closing arguments! Jt yeah! I am inspired by your race, I'm selected the cool thing about twenty. Sixteen is the number of people who said I'm stepping up and it's people like
you who doing really hard work. That's not glamorous sleeping in a van in a Walmart parking lot that are going to change the face of our Congress and get a hell of a lot of good people serving in Washington and just make it a better place man. So I'm we're rooting for you. If anyone out here is is listening to the pod right now and they say this guy sounds great. We need a six six, binder with a curveball, in Washington. How can I help you out, you can check out our website and donate at on our website that Shelton for Iowa dot com. That's s c h, o l, t e n the number for I WA dot com, alright Iowa. I can't wait to get back to Iowa. That's like that's on the top of the places to visit in two thousand and nineteen. So I hope we get JD thanks for the odd man. Good luck out there. Thank you
and in May I just place. Thank you for we're a very Moneyball style of campaign, and thank you for saving me. I, instead of paying consultants, I just it works out. Good luck! Thank you again, a! I deeply appreciate things about it thanks again to Jd Scholten for for coming on the show. We need you to win. That would be cool. Please Wednesday, king sucks, and Dan love. It will be on Wednesday morning and then well I'll. Be in Irvine for our final show on Friday, Friday GO vote. Thank for watching! Please go vote. Please grab some friends who not and asking to vote now. The time bye, bye
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