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Steve Bannon and pals have a bad week, Trump goes full Globalist, and still tries to hold health care hostage. Then, Obama pollster Cornell Belcher joins Jon and Dan to talk about the Democratic coalition, and Indivisible’s Ezra Levin talks about how you can get involved in the Tax March and Congressional Recess.

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welcome to plug save America. John fairer, Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer today and applaud. We have Obama, pollster and an author of the new book, a black man in the White House, Cornell Belcher and negative director of indivisible, Azra, Levin. First I to Oliver Pods pods If the World CUP, How a mark Warner this week and call on call about Syria, love it or leave it. The jug continues and with friends like these tomorrow, Morrow on Saturday, did a live show in Pasadena with you, Jellicoe Pastor, Jeff too, and it was a great show and also she talks to rip Wilson again this week, so check that out, that'll drop tomorrow, Friday.
Ok, I'm much happening in the crooked. The empire there's turns happening. It's a lot of gas to listen to so we should probably start by playing the game of Cox who's up and whose down? Where the thing we always love about Washington. Let's go through that we're! Let's run we're gonna run through this red. Quickly and will just do it based on whose had a great weak? and who hasn't had a great week, will start with who has had a really great weak and I think, top of the list is our friend Sean's by Sir Sean shine. So John is. It is briefing on Monday. Everyone's heard this by now, I'm sure, but he eat eat moved into some off the cuff Hitler comparisons, which is rule number wine. If you're going to be a spokesperson, don't don't
Hitler comparisons in other areas it's very simple. I don't think difficult to abide by Sean Dead, he's trying to talk about Assad and Syria for some reason he called him a shod. I don't know where they came from and he said at the White House briefing. Not even Hitler used chemical weapons, so you know reporter asked him to clarify, because you know chambers and all he said, Hitler Quote was not using the gas on his own people. The way that a shod was doing so the jewish people of Germany were not Hitler's people, and then he continues to stumble, and- and this is my best This was when I started screaming at the at the tv like pleased starch on stop. Here- he said. Of course, I realise that you know Hitler brought people to the in the Holocaust centres point
You can't laugh it because, when you're laughing at the Holocaust, throwing it also just ambiguous yourself: do not name this pod. Gas chambers, and all I mean laughing squarely at Johns. Blazer fur lay ass. He you could just you could see the train wreck, you know he's like he's just leaning into it. You know you just can't stop himself, there's where he gets a follow up question from pursuing a vague for maybe say yeah you can see. He knows he's fucked up like that. There is legit panic in his eyes and he doesn't know what to do, and now he doesn't it's like what he he just doesn't. No to get himself out of it and it. There's also like at least
up until later that day, theirs is monitoring the trumpet that you never apologize for anything. So we can't admit he was just say like I'd miss so he has to was quiet. I'd justify what he said, but now he knows his dangerous territory. I think he doesn't know what the court of, every word is so he just like VON it's out the term Holocaust Centre and that everything also why he called them a shot Assad, which is a great day air happened, I mean it's just like. I do not think that proved that sons by Sir is Anti semitic. Buddy Anti smart because event? I smart, I think, but there were two larger problem with what he said besides, obvious right, number one the site is worse than Hitler. Why did the President Fire
few missiles at an airfield and then call it a day. You know that they are fully policy: the travel ministration to premature leave aside and power. So that seems like a fraught comparison. Number two the reason he did this crazy Assad Hitler comparison is because it was floating around on rightwing conspiracy sites the day before, so it was on news max, maybe the info wars. People sets an and all those wackos we're talking about it, which means that the White House secretary is getting off his news from these places like that to me is pretty big problem and I don't know why you would think that would be a problem, but Did he do you feel bad for Sean, no I mean I don't
because if you take a you, take the halt, like shuns Baisers decision to work for Donald Trump, to support Donald Trump to allow this to happen, and that is happening to our country like anyone who voluntarily participates in this, I dont really. Not bad, for I think you sort of made your bed. You know if you isolated, all the things that shun Spacer has done before that moment. Yes, as another human being, who is just sitting there, trapped like an animal and people to get out of this awful situation that he's in yeah guess I could say I feel bad for that I did. What am I mean? I was tweeting like stop. Stop please stop talking runaway may. He did like I said I do not take this as the to your point. That is evidence that such anti Semitism launch on spreading I have no reason to believe, is Anti semitic at all. Know him well enough to know that this seems dislike a massive guy.
That is dramatically exacerbated by the strangely anti semitic, things that have happened around the trunk campaign, Tromp White House right is a merry those angler generally yeah. If Steve Ban, it doesn't work there, if I hadn't, decided to put out a holocaust moral statement without mentioning the Jews, because the Holocaust affected lots of people. You know absent that There's a context for this within the Trump administration that make that exacerbates Johns giant fuck up buddy fucked up, and so in this sense it here I do not feel sorry for men in the sense that he has made a decision to work for him and he added be part of this. But we fucked up. Administration where he, which he knew made this faustian bargain that he's that he's gonna get famous and propaganda five in a few years, whilst prosecutor bide, so
but I do feel sorry for him in the sense that large swathes of the world think he is an anti semite. Could he said this and then right? Look in a much of it and he apologized he apologized. Do you good for him good for him for apologizing? Like you know, Washington loves a good apology. Although he's gonna get invited all the cocktail parties after he gets fired his press secretary, everyone's gonna love shot again, you know, he's he showing his remorse, so that's great, but pretty bad, pretty and wait for Sean's by Sir. Pursuing no such thing as a good week, perchance, my no such everyone every week, it's worth no such thing as a good week. Another prison at a bad week is Bill, O Reilly who, after losing most with advertisers, announced, he's taking a two week vacation I'm sure it was long planned and completely voluntary, or do you think tat only
I don't know what you say about. Maybe maybe shuns poyser gets fired, you can just host the real effect. It looks like its predecessor data Marinos, filling in for dollar. I lay so. This is never the reduction of wonderful things. Wonderful things happening. There can happen to a worse person, Biller only really, really, really. Really, that he's a is what I've Hillary Clinton call deplorable. Maybe redeemable too, the people not having great weeks Carter pay Paul man afford. I want it Carter, page man, the sky, is it true idiot, so was imposed reports. The just department obtained a wiretap for the Drum campaign adviser Carter page based on evidence that he was operating as a russian agent to get such a wiretap you you'd probably cause for a court to approve wheel.
Under the FBI, has basically been tracking him for years, russian spy first tried to recruit Carter, page twenty thirteen man that guy we have, They have secretly recorded Russians by talking about MR page as and quote Susie, Aztec Idiot, but not you, many. Many people are saying that you're communications pro with wood. If you or one of your one of your clients had just bed cod on fire, a wire tap fur, speed. I would your first move to be doing interview which are chef Annapolis on GM? May? I am prepared I'd book. I'm on all the morning shows us I'd say, look we're in a situation like this. What you want to do is you gonna go out and just speak as much as possible. No talking once just whatever comes to mind, I would just say whatever I mean you're in the middle of an ongoing investigations are certainly gives some interviews, death,
You know he told me the asked him, if you know he's ever discussed, easing sanctions on Russia with Russians. While he was part of the Trump campaign, and his very that response was quote, let's see what the fuck, as a transcript, say referring to the transcripts of the secret surveillance that he was under its It makes me the fact that the russian asset- maybe this do face real undermines the view of Vladimir Putin, nefarious world dominating puppet master. Who is Do you know just point the strings to to advance Russia if, though, how they have all MRS do this well look
It goes to the theme of the entire Trump administration and from campaign which, as you know, incompetence more than malevolence right like it's just a bunch of you know, I think my or else said this former Zaire Director way back when it's not like Trump You know was secretly plotting with Vladimir Putin, but Vladimir Putin saw Trump as a useful idiot and I think, like My guess is: if there are revelations about collusion. It is of more caught up in Trump people thought we're making money from Russia as they love money and they were idiots and they started got caught up with these spies in their being used by this. I don't like, like gets more- it's like up it's a bunch of a comedy of errors but of course, lead to horrible interference, election and Donald Trump being President, so not so funny, but I think I think- the story is going to be more idiots, like Carter, page sort of getting caught up in this area. I beg you
useful idiots, the rat. A rise in even more rapid demise of trump isn't whose Gimme a great tight the adores curtains Goodwin Book, buck atmosphere in our history agreed agreed not to be outdone poem, if we want to be getting on the action, the sweet? Do we in a couple of things about manner for it, he received millions from a pro russian ukrainian Political Party offices at leisure. The courts have been reported during the campaign. But more evidence came out that he was actually that, company was actually paid. This money, so we know that he now to register as a foreign agent thanks he forgot earlier and then the greatest thing on the day after he stepped down from the Trump campaign. Poem afford formed a Shell corporation and took out loans. Were thirteen million dollars from business? is that were all connected to the Trump to two Donald Trump witches Crazy coincidence. I don't
I read the story seven times in preparation for this Pied SAM and I could I understand. I do understand any of it mandatory under sentence- you just said so I'm not announce my surprise or like. Why did these people, whether the money is it hush money for something. Is it just he might these relationships and they want to invest in hand. I just thought I'd. Why do we need the money? It means he's he's like a rich beyond rich consultant. You know he's made plenty of money from dictators all over the world. Why did he mean thirteen million dollars and loans? What is he doing? I just I just don't know none of its good let us be very clear. The disease, but I dont know why it's bad, but it seems bad. There were I think joy Reed reported yesterday that there is another source? That said there was a second person who was wiretapped connect
The trunk campaign, much like her to page has to be manifest. I think I mean There's someone in this whole thing: that's probably going to jail. It seems like parliament afforded you, ve gotta be up there in the EU he seems like someone who is probably done some stuff, that's wrong, before during and after a time job the other interesting thing noticing somebody stories is the Department of Justice. Basically said or sources within the premier. Justice said that during the campaign. They want to make They didn't get any Pfizer warrants too for surveillance on any one. That was with the Trump campaigns. Are they waited until Carter Page left the campaign to the surveillance on him because they were worried that if they- started a surveillance on. Anyone is part of the trunk campaign. That would look political and they want to cross the line so that that was pretty interesting to death. Interesting well and also so therapy.
Common effort you know who didn't do anything wrong that we found out this week. Susan rice, whites thought. I read on the front page of the New York Times that she had been accused of a crime by was powerful men in the world. Not named Vladimir Putin. Cnn story Quote After a view of the same intelligence reports brought to light. By has intelligence. Can chairman Devon Newness both Republican Republic, in and democratic law makers have so far, No evidence that Obama, administration officials did anything unusual or illegal money. The ball sources in both parties Tell CNN fuck you Street Journal Editorial Board Buck. You, national review, weekly standard, Federalist, Fox NEWS all rested his people than for an entire week dry. Susan rice, through the mud, cues to have all kinds of shared crime wrong, doing called her a liar. I can't me I just
I mean it is who is some of the world that when someone accused of wrong doing it's on the front page of the paper. And when their exonerated from said wrong doing it's on the page Twelve behind this Sears coupons, you it was coming to like when all the is happening. Susan, unlike I know that liked we are now there's gonna, be a story buried somewhere in the back of a newspaper about how this whole thing was bold. Because Devon Nunez was lying in the Trump and ministration was lying and envy. You know everyone just took it his face about, took it and face value. I made this point about. We know a one verse de twelve ed on Twitter yesterday and I got some aggressive responses from the members of the mainstream media, and It is not wrong that the New York Times put on the front page. That done tromp accuse Susan Rice of a crime. I don't know what
and they did even though the first had my they put out- was wrong the when they fix it for this aid, Found evidence accused like it that way, its accuses summit of a crime. It is news like this, that's the lesson here is not that people shouldn't right. It is that the prisoners. It should not accuse people of crimes right without evidence, full stop, but but For me, it's not like I said that might be for the New York Times thing was, and this is a very small thing like I was ensure wide glad actual use. The word crime in the interview to bait trump, and so just wrong doing or what did she do something on ethical or whatever? But that's it? That's a small thing really, like you write the president, Usinor crime you put that in the paper. That's a big deal bigger problem, is with the conservative media and especially the conservative establishment media, because you know we are more info. Bright bar the real crazies that they go on one side, but all these, I it conservative, intellectuals or conservative pundits and a lot of them are never trumpery too. Like those people went off
fucking in on it, acting Susan Rice the other week, and it is really groves and the Washington letters Toil Board, especially like the Wall Street Journal, had reporting at the time that was content that was saying she did nothing wrong. It was not unusual what she did boa and then their editorial board was contradicting, our own reporting in their newspaper and just saying that, like she would have had no reason to do any on masking it's. It's really pathetic. I great, the wash your journal editor award is terrible. I've always thought that I still think that I will always like that It's just that all in there also smarmy to like all people, the federalist knowledge, it's just its grass anyway enough of that, the biggest loser. The biggest loser in the game of cuts this week is Steve Bannon. Do you know that do you feel bad resent ban? And then let me let me read you now me read you the lead of today's Washington Post war.
Stephen K of reported for work Wednesday. He didn't. He did not act like a man who had just been publicly humiliated by his boss, the White House Trump and chief, a seat in the front for meetings the President Trump and took a seat in the front row of the EAST room in the afternoon. The afternoon visited NATO Secretary General, flanked by some of them. Very same advisers with you with whom he had ridden feuding because Seen great. Now Stephen K Bannon that you are going to read the part about sorry. That said that, first of all, again Washington, post we'd like to actually Parker about this earlier in the week. Twenty one sources in the story, just there I'm trying to outdo themselves with each new story including one ban and friend who, like can ban into a terminally ill family member who had been moved into hospice care. That's quite a friend s whenever a friend
what about you re living, thereby how our people, our people in the in the Clinton campaign, are always described as friends of the friends of the Clinton's and then they always have like the nastiest What about the Clinton's? Yes, twenty one sources? We are living in a time. It's like a leak bubble, videos that will burst one day like. What do you think will happen when a normal person becomes president, hopefully in it half years and reporters circling around and they could only get to sources for their story? I mean, also happens when, like none of these people, loyalty, Donald Trump, no one's been the Donald Trump through most of his life, so it's not super surprise you know that crazy thing. I wash post story is the Well, this was source to a well connected republican operative, the fundamental assessment is that if they want to win the, why hasn't twenty twenty, the trumps or not?
and to do it the way they did in TWAIN. Sixteen, because the fame brand would not sustain the collateral damage it would be. So protectionist measures and backward looking that they'd only be able to build in Oklahoma City or the Ozarks man gotta play well with the base. Our hats, do you want do our schedule? I do watch scandal so, do you know the Donald Trump Character that they had this passes and yeah I forget, related cod in the in the end, in the classic scandal, fashion role of the Pope gets into the tapes secretly tapes of talking about how he was this pretending to be a racists deck so that the people, the ozarks and commissary, would like I'm right rather feel similar to that accepts Donald Trump, not pretending just to its effect. But what was caught? Children are I mean I can see that is true to neglect. This autumn? We will talk about this. This hold the Jared and vodka and
globalist, Gary Cone Wing here, like these These are like New York Manhattan nights right there, their social aids, they they were, you know like they are these: they are they to being establishment, and you know they want are, these days they like being establishment. You know they want to be part of the establishment. And so they are going to try to protect the brain that way that to them is going to be more important than whatever sort of you know, revolutionary Plan Steve Ban and has to like tear down the administrative state, and you now have a worldwide revolution of populist. I don't give a shit about that. All stories say that, like getting rid of banning Wade, hurt tromp with is populous nationalist base. Do we think I mean it, may hurt him with bright bird and
unknown populist and gazillion Rebecca Mercer behind what do I find it hard to imagine the people wearing the mega hats, who should have those rallies well I've night or care who Steve Baroness who, I think again we move? We focus every one focuses too much on on personalities and not policy, which you know that that that's only didn't, hurt ass price rise and say as whereas were going through a list of people that have had good weeks in bad weeks but look at us. I don't think it's it's been in. That's gonna, get these people worried and look for some people on the mega had to like you, nice trumps etiquette, go shoot one of his supporters and it still be with him bill. Mitchell would be one of those people. But look I think him him deciding to move to the centre on echo I'm a policy and have
economic policy run by a dude from Goldman Sachs, and, and sort of moderate his views on a lot of these other things, like, I think his throat working party now, has it working class base more than they ever have and in the history the party for a long time now and Trump flip- being on a lot of these positions and moving to the centre economically and socially center. I should say it's more like its establishment. You know it its Goldman Sachs running the white as policy its, and I think that really heard. I actually think I'm happy about this move. This move to the centre. Because you know the scariest parts of Steve Ban and we might not have to deal with but be because if I think it is good to hurt him politically re like they are now trying just ass. He was trying to get the applause of the people. Those magyar alleys, now he's trying to get the applause of the Washington establishment in Washington establishment? They really are
good it politics, they don't great track record. So like yeah. I know so like great they're, gonna start talking about a minute in a positive way. On morning, Joe and, like you know, Goldman Sachs we put in a like em, like I don't that's really gonna help and politically that much, I think, that's right, I don't like you, said this, and we should is is not moving to the sector reg there there are like in policy. There is left It is right and then there are some like general governing tenants that are kind of the same almost reached, regardless of who is in the wind. Right in China is one of those supporting. Nato is one of those Thirdly, a democratic or republic. In position or conservative or liberal it's kind of just white this, like the reality of governing grade the? U adds he's right.
Reverting to some sort of normal mean on some set of issues that he paused. He couldn't have really broken from anyway, like we were not getting out of NATO like that's, not a thing that was can happen. We were now going to put up a budget, terrorists, China, because, although ceos who trumped meets every day would have what the fuck out for good reason right land, so like there's not like, ever because this has to be this, you know of Cox. Narrative out who's out whose down his Let's not forget those like a bunch of other horrible shit happening that bad glow. Lists Gary Code edge of vodka would be embarrassed to have to tell people their Manhattan parties like There is a story in the post about the deportation force. They Jeff sessions is forming as we speak,
yeah, someone's others this morning to you this morning, but my Paypal Wildman did for all this by banning the most in his force. In this way has right now is Jeff sessions like life, I mean, There's the deportation force is part of the. But he said put at a memo the other day where he threatened to prosecute anyone who harbours undocumented immigrants by back, the war on drugs cracking down on minor offences made clear that he's not gonna, do anything about police abuse based throw away the report the Obama administration dead on you know: systemic abuse and police departments despair, being a forensic signs commission that, were there so glad he wrote. That is the craziest thing on fuckin leave a ball. There's a commission of scientists to make sure or that when you, when you
Q somewhere when you try some one for a crime, that the evidence is all scientific and that you get that some Minos. There are any wrongful convictions based on faulty science. Why would you dishpan that, like the other things, I find a portent in terrible and p de Guiche, but they are. There is a position right, the you be against criminal. Just the sum of the criminal justice reform thing by parts produced reforms that about there worked out of the war in the White House. You can think wrongly, but it best way to deal with crime is thirty one job presented with that its position. It is not A position to be four howdy forensic techniques that put people innocent people like that's, not a position that is just I'm gonna walk or- and this is actually a deck like it's insane. Jobs since its just bad his bed who else is bad Donald Trump? He is like
well he's not just some vessel for either Steve banning or Jared and Gary Code and Dena PAL. He is a bad person who was unclear farther for the job, doing bad things, and using a twitter account. You threaten war with North Korea, which seems concerning yeah his his sort of like diplomacy, the twitter and now his new he's replaced sad exclamation point with just USA. At the end of all these tweets, that's all about, but I am now. Let me look on and on domestic policy, you have like campaigned as this populist protectionist, economically rate, and he's moving on that to a more traditional republican conservatives, dances right, so the export Import Bank, which provide its financing to companies,
export overseas Sophia bogeyman of the tea party for years. They said it just helps. Big corporations Trump yesterday said he liked it, because he found out help. Small businesses, too, is now for the export import Bank. During campaign he said, he'd labelled, Trot China, a currency manipulator because quote: bear the greatest currency. Manipulators ever always crazy, because they hadn't devalue their currency for years. Everyone knew that he was just lying at the time, and so now he finally realises that, but they are not in fact currency manipulators. But again this was a more protectionist position He took a now he's abandoned it, JANET yelling She was awful, is fed chairman. Now he respects now ordinary may keeper soap. This economic stuff he's going from Caning is a popular switches. You could argue one reason that he won and now he's Lucinda Globalists Gary on foreign,
policy were saying that he campaigned as an isolationist America, first Nay said NATO is obsolete. Yesterday he said me who is no longer obsolete, and then the whole Syria thing. You know a key he'd be how many times have you criticise? Obama is say, Obama should not attacks area should not involve. Although Bonn you know he launched as he lashes missiles by the way but that Maria Barter Romo Interview O the chocolate cake, the delay chocolate cake that he was eating, while telling the chinese President Relaunch Tomahawk missiles at around is what he said instead of Syria, that is there as part of the review is he had detailed vivid recollection of the cake, but he was if he on which country he wants them to watch them missiles at I mean
I think, the glee with which he described launching the missiles to was just very unsettling, very unsettled. And Maria by rum, oh by the way, just like laughing and smiling in its. That was talk about tangled softball interviews, Jesus she. She was auditioning for either another interview or shots by Sir Straube yeah. Well, she could get it. But the last really awful thing that he's been doing lately. That really is more of a minor ones that traditional conservative position, but certainly like the Paul Ryan position on health care. He still, you keep saying to people he's he's gonna do healthcare reform, even though it continues to die. He keeps trend, bring it back so the latest part of the affordable care, includes a subsidy program that helps ensures payment
Kabila's for low income customers without these payments, out in short, giving insurers these payments. A lot of these insurance companies would pull out of the market and that would leave millions and millions of people without any options for an insurance company raise cause for just about. Everyone COS go up, there would be a basically help meltdown the insurance market during the Obama administration Republicans sued in the demonstration didn't have the authority to make these payments that law suit remains in limbo right now, so On Monday Trump Superman. Health and even services said you know what I think I will keep the payments going, because we realise that might melt down the markets. Finds this out gets redeem Fifthly, pest makes them retract. The statement and men said he's using the payments as leverage you said quote I dont use into the Wall Street Journal. I dont want people to get hurt. What I think,
happen. Is the Democrats will start calling me negotiating so basically trumps position? Is you know if you don't I, if you don't come to the table, help me take away healthcare, Twenty four million people I will take away healthcare. Twenty four million people. Look, I don't understand what does is it? I mean it's evil it's a horrible. I don't want people to get hurt. You sound like a fuckin like you're, holding someone hostage. That's what people while people has to say but it's also dumb his wife, with Democrats really right. What, instead of a Democrats possibly have they come to the table there yet under the table, you kind of the table to help me help me get people off their healthcare is its basic. I am going to light myself on fire politically by
single handedly kicking people officer that if they had passed Acta, if you will or TAT Lake, it would have been a horrible, but it would have happened, incrementally over the next months and years, whereas the does it as the implemented it here with what, fell swoop. They could do it, right there with their name on it. In. But there is no them. I should have no political fear over this and Republicans income this, would theoretically read the fuck out about it. Theoretically, yeah, I mean look kind Paul recently. Seventy five percent. Of Americans want trumped maple at work and Sixty one percent said but the are are responsible for any problems: the affordable, caricom forward versus third, one percent who said they blame Obama.
So obviously somebody, whereas it while trumps crazy basis, just gonna, make them believe that is the Democrats fault? Yes, of course, they're going to be some people who that's going to work on. It is going to be a very small minority of people. Most people understand that the President knighted states, you know and his party controls both houses of Congress that, if the insurance get melt down because they didn't take a step they could easily take. Then yeah. That's that may be as their fault, that this is not good, but it's bad. I mean, I think it tells, what had told everyone is to keep the pressure up during congressional recess this week- and we know we already seen as it somebody's town halls is- people yelling at their representatives, particularly obviously there republican representatives too, you know, do not back Trump care or Ryan CARE, her wealth care or whatever the fuck it may be. Now. You're gonna do Go without wealthier thing to the very end, united third in because you never know.
Muttered your mother day, George, like off until its day when it's dead completely its trump care, when it's all I've its wealth care. That's that's on and one more thing, before we get to our guest today, we shack about thee the race in Kansas Regret James Thomson lost by six and a half percentage points after Trump one district by what time something points, that's when something towards other points, I think yeah. So here's the thing on those like I was pretty. I thought that pretty good news that we can. As we were never supposed to win that seat. It shows that You know if he is, if, if a democratic and come out close and the reddest reddest district, one of the essential from the country, then That means that people are the act on our side of the ILO and are ready to fight
and doesn't really necessarily predict what may happen going forward, but it should tell us yeah it's time to fight now. There's a bunch of Folks on twitter, who are just you know like well this shouldn't excite us. We still lost and it's all the DE triples. These fall in the DMZ fault for not pay attention this race and if they had thrown more money and then Thomson would have one now. Look My reaction is like I dont know why the DE trip ignore this race. I dont like, of course they should, you know, but, like I do not think, of course they should have helped out, but I dont think that, should all this this notion that we should all hang our hopes on the DE trip, the digital c and d and see to fix everything. Just it's crazy to me. You know like if if you're annoyed by them. If you think they're too establishment, if you think they're ineffective, there's a million different ways to go around them and help these candidates. When you know yeah I mean the the
if such a emotional rollercoaster on Tuesday night, which feels like when our play this pied I'd forgotten in Kansas? because so much news happened basin gone Wednesday, he but it for states. You know I'd very low expectations for this. Maybe we come closer than you're on Twitter and either cone, saying how we know get. The early vote is for the democratic and you're feeling good and then much other recent elections, a memory doesn't it it doesn't and gray. But then we were like, while this is a great site for Democrats, that's because this means are fired up and there's been a shift against Republicans, and then cats are cheating on each other and it feels like the day after the elections. We can't be sad like he'd, be better if we won winning is better than losing truth. Is You'd hold this see this habit and specialised. Sometimes you hold the sea temporarily its be much harder to win this in a non special action environment yeah of ever so much
the winning would be guided. The winning would have a you know, probably a real impact on how Republicans thought about passing things. Like quote wealth care if they can't even hold Candice. There are a hundred republican districts that are less democratic than this one or so you can, if they ever. If this were a hole through November, this sort of shift towards Democrats Democratic, the house by massive margin, you I'm sort of torn. You know I sort of followed the debate around the Dietrich will see whether they should have invested or that some people were arguing? people in a smart people who work that each of us in other places, but work. There now say that they were speaking on behalf the troublesome, but we're saying that in these a special action to place like Kansas. It's a mistake to national, by having the Democratic Party, come in
right by that, our gibbet in been guided by his name is sort of you know it's not. You can get on with their diversity. Ass. People is a Democrat, then the other argument was money is low. So if there can spend a million dollars here, Kansas in what is a very long shot endeavour. There can be some race why, in a more winnable district somewhere down the line that they don't spend that money? and then there are some logic to that and I've made that we know in the course of defending things, that, I would put up operation and I've made that argument that you have to be strategic in your deployment of resources. I'm not sure in this case that money is actually that limited for Democrats in the trump environment. John ass off can raise eight million dollars right for a special action in Georgia. It feels like we it s the proposition that we can't raise enough money to do all the things we want to do.
That too. I also think someone suggested like why doesn't the data will see put upon the field in every district, especially in a special action just to see. If you know it, its closer than you'd imagine from the last rays and a completely fair argument. They should do that. I also think you're right like money is it? If you can, you can make it s a big deal nationally these days easier than you ever could write and us a good example of that eight million dollars gonna that re so yeah, I think, there's a guy. Did it dieter will see, should have done more for sure, but I just think letting your annoyance with the digital c and d and see you know me You decide that I want to pay attention in this, isn't worth in Democrats. Raw fallen bob, it's like if you, if you You want to give money to the race, give money to James Thompson directly forget about the terrible. You know like weaken and there's alike, I talked to Ezra from indivisible swing. Left. There's all these she's organization that are providing money, support, volunteers, resources to catch
It's all around the country like what's use them the digital see as in stepping up its fine. These organisations are not the be all and end all agree that they play an important role: and of course they do and they showed. Is there no do better? There are other ways that you can support directly discuss issues he doesn't get above his mean you can't get involved right. These are not all powerful committees here, but I agree that you know they should maybe next There's a recyclers. The digital sea would get involved earlier, and that would be that we have that we ever my Montana race covered up. In addition, at you Tuesday, that's right! That's right! get a and the mud Henry's having his late may weaken our loose talk more about that in future. Epicenter. Ok, when we return, We will have Obama pollster Coronel. Belgium this is pod. Save America stick around more great show coming away, which Robert dog about leaps meant system square, the catch up. Again, I was asked,
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Coronel how're you they attack they for have me all. You showed us actually that that true, I'm depressed like most of washing of democratic Republican, we're all the crap world. I press doctors tell us about the book, you know and thanks to bring it up. I thought at working all the book actually into thousand eight. You know when we were working on the army Obama campaign and as part of that fantastic polling team there you know we sit and talk a lot about. Raising two thousand eight but we did look into how ratio attitude would in fact impact the the the bubbled and, in an hour, little Alex all chances So whilst I started doing pulling actually on my own around indexing racial attitude and a team, I thought frankly over the course of Obama's present
we would see a lessening in an racial aversion, ah, but frankly, and I kept going from two thousand a wide open to the path of the primary suggests path, and I was really hoping fear lessening of operation in reply to your member knows allow conversation about oppose racial America after nine thousand election, but through them matters. That was a rallying point where Americans were proud, but there we saw a viper occasion a hardening of racial attitude and was a wise up, a group of people who felt ass though they were losing their country, and we heard the cries of take back our country I was born out of
that time. Do you think the trump for have contributed to the racial polarization, more than Obama, less than Obama's presence on the ticket? What what are your thoughts on it or not? But I cannot help, but this in a book. Look, you know the Obama coalition and you get a new cats noted by the Obama coalition was unique. You know, but about a coalition took advantage or where the campaign took advantage of the changing demographic said in his country made. A lot of people are demographic on their destiny. Graphics or destiny quickly make themselves one of the first conversation that we had within Senator Obama. When a small table we had accomplished work and it was the Obama talk about building a movement right, you're gonna, build a movement
more people into process and make the electorate book that more likely that the emerging american electroweak, which, of course, is increasingly diverting if you look at millennials and in particular in the most diverse innovation of Americans ever in our history and about eleven Kristen about both in two thousand eight Workpeople Newt processing and within about six percent of those with those voters millennia about these, these young, these younger voters right so for the first time ever in american history, someone could lose the vast majority of the White Bunk wow winning right and it wasn't, naturally a we look at the numbers. It wasn't like clock. Obama made a huge racial breakthrough that was different, come from them on what democratic gun before Rock Obama one we're gonna go
three percent of the other whiteboard, while jog very long gone, employed to explain away, but one in two thousand and twelve. We got what thirty nine percent otherwise. Also for the first time ever because of demographic changes know we could win back to back majorities with a bath module. White voters breaking the breaking breaking the other way, and that was I argued for a real challenge to wipe political from the same country in a way that it had never been before the war was at. The door would be about what the Obama coalition and you ve got backlash about. Coronel I'd stay, and how do you think about the white voters who voted for Brok, Obama in two thousand eighty doesn't off with then switch to tromp and twenty sixteen. You know that I think the way we spend too much time on the Amazon
right and were their Obama Trot borders absolutely where there are also Rami celery voters, you know absolutely did the Trop one at the score among blue collar whites more so than them, their army did absolutely He did, but also look at. The other side of that is no truck, didn't do as well, with younger, better educated White Mitt Romney did and in the end it it's almost in the area. It is almost a wash mean only sector, for example, crop yield. What if they want to get in Florida right? He got point nine percent losing track that point. Iverson women goes Pennsylvania, God with concepts, and you look at what Trop did his coalition doesn't look that move much remarkably, I'm life from asleep percentage
what raw media right, but it wasn't to me about what it was about. What we Democrats failed to deal with a lot of voters on the table, and you know you: Member of the Lord of Arkell, going into the election talk about young borders being disenchanted right and its protest vote. Were rejecting the binary choice of the lesser of two evils that we thought we were, that kind of force them to make you look at eight or nine percent of millennium breaking third party. It is a real problem. I look at you know eighty seven percent of the African Americans under under thirty breaking third party, it
that's where the Obama coalition dissipated, write to me wisting off about time. Talk about how do we gather more of the vote, which is a less than a mature electoral pull out evoke right, as opposed to talking about how do we in fact gorner and bring back together the majority of voters throughout their you notice expanding? Have we have an expanding? You know a letter that is going to younger and browner end and more in line with it. With us only issues right and then we have a winking quickly, older, more resistant electorate that that is not what does not with us right, though, from a market. Therefore about is running a business. Don't where would I spend a lot of my time and effort? Husband? Might my my time and effort at the expanding less resistant marketplace as opposed to the shrinking more resistant marker
Why should we do better with blue collar? I was absolutely absolutely. We should, but we'd better, also try to cobble together. That is younger voters who are not identifying strong with either party but Dear Papa, bomb corner? Where do you think the failure was in twenty? Sixteen with, though, like why? Why was the current campaign unable to turn out the corner I'm a coalition is an unnecessary level to win. Look. You know it
our party campaigns in a law. No, we did a laughing, only Obama campaign that we took when you in coming forward people quality about I'm not gonna, beat upon the current camping living for most why they did an excellent job, but people began to also tat. It was a candidate who had incredibly high negative right and then you do have young people. We thought that regardless she was asking them to vote for leisure to evil, but I do think this is how we can create a more democratic, more broadly look out. We have to spend more time, resources are politically with wood with yacht with with the younger borders, and we have to turn over and upset the apple com or how so many of you one have campaigned what we spend, what sixty seventy percent of our resources on television and in the end in I was absolutely right when he said after the election, he was more effective and social media
campaign was with all their millions the dollars of of advertising in, and there is some studies out there. That actually pointed at being being true. I think that there was also a miscalculation in that go six. Seven months out from from the campaign for from from alive. Today I did. A lot of Democrats argue that, while she doesn't have to hold the Obama coalition is tired Certainly you can do better among white women like suddenly corner you can do better among women. Well, You didn't write to better among white women. Electorate was so wisely polarize, though she actually had a whole that coalition tighter, but is also a problem for Democrats could look. Yellow borders the garden and have been making. They were abominable democratic folders. You gotta work hard to bring them in a mine and keep the men are dry to go back to a second. For a second to this emerging demographic majority, I think, certainly
if you are running a truly national campaign, you would think there are more of our voters than their voters right, but in the states Do you think, there's enough of these voters and states adding up to two? indeed do you think that we are in the right geographic concentrations like when you talk about Michigan, Ohio, somebody's midwestern states do do you think that in the battleground thesis? of the emerging sword, democratically Listen for us, too, you know future elections in the battleground things? You don't look at the battleground these where most of the demographic the explosion is happening in a we're. Having conversations about Georgia becoming about they now right, not because you hope, because of demographic change, is right but good, but look here, but you can't look at Florida. Amateurs two meters know more about Wednesday for better or worse import arising.
In order was actually grandma. You know this election in one thousand. Twenty twond like, if block a bomb, have one run in Florida. This time allow. No, he would you Bye, bye, bye, bigger margin and over all the Nationalists, the electorate called the ESA cold. What we're about to points browner was turned down. A someplace is absolutely tickled. They do not go away with you, not aid currently made it harder rank by. I reject the idea that we didn't have a wider likely, because if you look at how younger boys made up a lot of water, they liked within been seniors which is different from permit terms right. And if you look at this alacrity to point browner, I would argue that Barack Obama, we have had this elected. You would allow fifty two. Maybe I'm off fifty three percent audible and then looked at from a battleground state where calorie one demographically, they did the Obama coalition
she doesn't wyndham by the same margin and it wasn't a book for trot. It was that day, no she's off brothel bombers, Martin, almost exactly the percentage that with their party Michael, I think about cobbling together. The Democrats, do you know be the coalition again battleground stake now, that's not house districts right could we know gerrymandering is real and that's real problem to have a house of that is not a representative body. It is a game, but that but one from a national campaigns? The point I think we have to spend a lot of time trying to cobble back together this expanding, diverse younger good as opposed to trying to double down on going after you know, some some of its body fits were said who actually body into the argument that that he believed tat. He was making light. I you know, I think that the path of least
justice is actually going after these younger voters who are on our side on on the issues. They are point, but our sole disenchanted with the system in politics as usual, interesting, so one one last question: will let you go. You mentioned Clinton, Romney voters. There certainly seems to be a lot of those in the sixth congressional does of Georgia, where they're going to special action on Tuesday John US, making a real play for what are you? What are your thoughts on that raise what little input
at present. All my company has done some work on the EU side for that another, but I think look a Democrat who, first of all, you know, these are republican district right now, really Republic initiative its notice. They should not be a swing district that that it is apparently disclose. I think, speaks to the problem and we saw that in special action in cases where you know anybody. Twenty point drop often is over. The top of tat, I think, is real and its democratic going to be able to pick up This time around waiting for some aloud, I figured it out. Look awful lot like these districts.
That therein, Georgia, where you do have a college of a better educated, more flawed white voters. Air could remember it want to campaign going into the twenty November a lot of people working well she's doing better. Among you doing, work among caused by borders, then typical Republican Canada does right having in the end we will you don't cautiously white gate and that breaks and legislate, but you also theme in the political right now a rose in there among the better educated, more fluid white republican right republican border, and if we can keep up the energy of our base, could you know they look? The mid term electorate is very different.
Farm, the general I could they are older, more conservative, less diverse and that's not how it has been a large part of our common currency. We can keep up the energy level that we see that's what the marches in weekly. We can keep up the energy level, and yet some of these more fluid are better educated voters and I'll tell it to a roadway or work or rejecting what they see in truck. I think we have. We have a great shot if we have strong hands. I think you do have a strong candidate excellence. All we shall see aunties day Coronel. Thank you, as for joining us, we appreciate coming on Anna and come back against them. Thank you. Have me without ketchup, Graphic Rick sometime soon and TAT bottle caught for sure for sure, let Us- and I was newly- let us know- and you had to go- ask us build big guy. I take care. Don't go anywhere. Is pod, save America and there's more on the wider public America is brought, you buy, zip recruiter. Posting your job in one place is enough to find quality candidates. If you want to find them
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M watches dot com such crooked, join the movement and our guest. Today, the executive director of indivisible, as well as you are, welcome to the show a great could be here, a long time for them, it's great to have you, you guys are doing some great stuff out there. I appreciate your garden and pretty great step over there there. Thank you. Ok, so Tuesday is the special election in sex and congressional district of Georgia. What can anyone who wants to help John us off the democratic They do over the next couple days as we get into the home stretch here yet walked away one thing I would say you can't talk about you say without reflecting on what should happen in the fourth history. And this is what was going to
Question for your great! Let's gots do about a great while I mean that the republic and what we ve seen district. That win by only seven point two republic- and this is a difficult might compared with now. Unfortunately, CIA director, one by thirty two points. Last you did it absolute disaster for Trump it reminding every single member right now that oh yeah, there are elections next year and oh yeah people actually are in love with what Europe is doing in his first hundred is let alone when he tried to accomplish the next few months. I think you're gonna see huge impact from that election on exactly what Congress is doing in the weeks and months to come, but for what's happening, George, you sick, you worry were really excited about toward your sex recoveries and one is that there is a tiny energy there too, there are nineteen indivisible groups for the CASA, three counties, adroit effects, which is just
crazy. We started is there a month or two ago and doing coordinating also been doing weekly called, and you hear the individual stories of these groups and they they all have their own firing. Origin story, one that a group of mom that formed right after the election they came together. Twenty people living room, and now they ve got five hundred people and their their ethically building up an organization. They got a diversity Kennedy doing our resale eighteen, oh indeed, these communities in the district and lay there doing GEO tv training in their doing a whole bunch of camp here believes that, in addition to the advocacy work, so here's what I would say if you want to get involved in Georgia, six, you should do with everybody else. In thirty, six is doing which is get together. Your local group, maybe that's an indivisible, grew. Maybe that's a deeper gripped ordinary, that's fine, but find your local group and participate disease on election is gonna, be determined by voters, not by money. Although nice, to hear that you ve got a lot of money to but money,
about people about, and so whether or not this is an outcome we, like the look of, is going to depend on whether people actually get up and go out and get the job as returned to us about the tax march. That's coming at this weekend, yeah two were excited by czech mercury to we're smack tab in the middle of congressional Reed s end. We call it congressional recesses colloquial terms, but actually we called in Congress eventually Dietrich Work period right. It's called district work theory because there are no votes or no hearings in DC evil that members a carnival spectacle back home to their home district, your home states and two different work that in listening to their constituents, ask me about their cause
burns and we saw a lot it is going on in the February congratulates if that was the first one year on from Texas. I love being that he saw people with southern accidents in Arkansas, demanding that a sinner Tom cotton, no might vote to repeal the affordable care acknowledge vote to take way, help a church from twenty four million Americans, and we saw the direct result of action during that congressional reset. That especially, was I modern Republicans dropped off the bill. Disease Republican, like Barbara Comstock, wintered Lancer Rivers in Freeland, heighten the town hall going on during the congressional recess in before where people were pressuring them any change their behavior. So
the catch much it actually Billy exciting. For that reason, now too, because this Saturday April fifteen, both in Washington DC but also in a hundred and twenty one communities across the country, they're gonna, be taxed marches. Any additional just people coming together to pressure president from to release these tax returns, they're going to be all of it in public events with members of Congress and the reason why this is exciting is good, but I dont think Donald Trump. It suddenly looking to find Jesus in this idea. I am going to relieve my tax returns writing issue. Every presidency. Nixon has done it, but what we do know is that Congress has a unilateral ability to Kitty Africa. There is legislation has been on the books for ninety years. That gives them the ability to do that, and we know that
your responses to their constituents because they care more about with their constituents. Think of them than anything, the don't trumpet traffic that, though the April fifteen tax money your opportunity for constituents across the country to face a member Congress, you ve got the ability to actually get these african needed use it and we ve already being actually increase research that working there that there's a story out of order. A relative Yo Ho who is not any kind of mortar, revolted, conservative Republican, but I can talk to a local, individual member and that individual never change his mind. You know yet he wants to see Donald Trump tax returns to just today. Actually, there was a poorly through with a global, tragic group and move on issues of all down. The eighty percent of Americans want eligible to release a statutory, including sixty four percent of republic and which is not a partisan issue. It ain't nothing, but tat is either right. They catches are born united, progressive tax,
all the work and did long form of words. I understand that not everybody gets you shall have a better idea, but the hidden just about taxes is its international in free gifts. He deals with transparency and ethics is you I don't know whether or not Donald Trump is engaging in white veal cover up is a ceiling to his entanglements, Russia and other foreign dictators, but we do know that if we get tax returns, which Congress can do we can find out. So I think that's why you see so much interest out there and you can just be thousands of people across the country by tax margin and participate in just to give a plug. You can go to invisible guy dot, com type in your zip code and, finally, he sat marches or just go to tat marked out of work, and it could be. That is part of the message of these tax marches. Also Gunnar involve sir trumps push for tax reform. That's gonna happen that I simply because I think I'm in healthcare form, as we saw for tromp in the Republicans, was about cutting taxes for each people, tax reform, arm is going to be about cutting taxes for its people
and also increasing the deficit, because they don't see what they want to pay for it. It seems like it's so pretty fruitful method to go along with you now alive, trumps policy. And taxes is gonna, benefit trump yet is right, you're, absolutely headed? Look. You say that from here with about tat, is they did their gearing up in a lotta? We ve got to contact the rich people. It really seems like at every thing. They're doing is ultimately what they would like to get down were Paul Ryan image from. I would really like you just cut acted correctly. With a that's one goal, and so yet here they they were focusing on on the affordable, correct because they promised it their base, but fundamentally what they would like to do is allow rich people to pay a lot less. Ah, I think there are plans for put on hold tax reform or new different when they talk about tax reform, there actually organised they really like millionaires and billions to get a little better
there lies just so darn heart right now. They really need some support. You know what what we see is that there is absolutely well, I wouldn't say, dear support, but there's almost you're support for that kind of a boat reform. Do people do not think the millionaires and billions haven't you heard right now and so yeah. I I think one of the messages coming out. He sacked marshes is look. We don't know how much Donald Trump is trying to save himself when he, when he tried to get behind, said these tax reform plans, and we certainly don't wanna, see the social facing our programmes and programmes that the board, the poor, the sick, the the young to all the people who depend on public education. Everybody who d been doin that services is a federal government provide. We dont want to keep those caught at the scene,
time is your cutting the tax, the taxes for the Hoover Wealth age. It makes no sense and is gonna, supports. Yogi pushed back to an attachment on that scale. Azra. Thank you for coming on the pod. Everyone go to indivisible guy dot com, form. Your own indivisible group find out. We unaware local tax marches and and go get involved. Eggs are much of the other things as we take here that's our blood for today, we'll talk too soon. They were not bad guys about leather leave it now now a shared whatever would have broken out of it or leave it. Music is starting to the magic of Pakistan doing the. Maybe that was funny the first couple times and now it's not funny we are equally. We play it at the top of the shell of it during every time whose above related this week, Yahoo is unlimited and, I didn't know I've seen other our questions. We have re, a butcher, might sure zoom in pursuing its a great panel, people should subscribe,
well like to related.
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