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“Girlfriend, you are so on.” (Debate recap special!)


Twenty Democratic candidates debate over the course of two nights in Miami, and Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down who helped themselves, who didn’t, and what comes next.

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Welcome to POD save America, I'm John I'm John love it and on the door. I'm Dan Pfeiffer got all four of us here in LOS Angeles. To talk about this week's democratic debates. Spectacular joining us soon floating into the office will be Merion Williamson, but you're going to call in from space on believe evil ball. While doing we've allowed to talk about a few housekeeping items, first make sure check out our various funds. The foot jet refund fuck gerrymandering very important after the Supreme Court yesterday decided that courts can do nothing about par,
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we joined by Emily Heller in a special love. It in hell are fourth of July, spectacular that you guys are calling it. Apparently it's going to be great. Where do Is it worth it? It's a new format, oh wow, exciting, so some of it will be great. Some of it will cut. If you want to hear that cut parts go to the Fucking Improv Cricket, dot, com, slash events, yes make sure you're all caught up on with friends like these this month has been conspiracy month. Thank you and Hunter, which is on his had a lot of guest on to discuss conspiracy theories and their effects in origins check that out also June's entire Krooked miniseries pride. Screen is out now hosted by trip. Anderson Director of Culture and entertainment magazine. The series looks back at moments in tv and film that changed the course of Lgbtq history. To check that out That's got to be, that's got to be the and housekeeping right. It's got to be the end. There was actually a couple more optional things, I'm skipping over Gibault skipping over because we got to get to this all right. Let's start with the first John. Can I get in? Can I get in here? Can I get a per second?
You'll get your ninety seconds. You'll get your ninety seconds, John Delay, so I can I just get in here for a second, I do need to get in here for a second to say that I was born on a farm I was born on a fucking farm is using I'm pulling at one percent, but I practiced a hit on someone who's pulling it. Fifteen or higher you just going to. Let me have to do that hit now. I don't care how awkward it sounds, I'm just going to go to tech, the person at the other end of the state. I don't the beta blocker into a venti before I got out here. I am pumped all right, let's the first debate. I want to dive into the substance just a bit before we get into individual performances, which is the whole as of analyzing the base. You know, and I thought that the first topic where there's an actual debate between the candidates was health care. We started when they were asked by the moderators to raise their hands if they are in favor abolishing private insurance in favor of a government run plan. The question was a little confusing because Lester Holt said these people in the idea the people at home who
They love their insurance plan that private insurance plan. Would you replace who won stage would replace their private plan with a government run plan the first night seem to get it. The second night people had a hard time, understanding it, but only Elizabeth Warren and build a blasio raise their hand for the for abolishing private insurance. It's interesting, 'cause previously warned, has talked about and talked about to Tommy. Here it positive Amare about how, even though she's on Bertie's Medicare for all bill she's all about whatever path there is to get to universal healthcare shall be for leaving. But this, but she raised her hand on this. So what what did you? What did you think about that? And I think she It's been four Bernie Sanders is Medicare for all plan from the beginning, and she had a choice which is stand by her original position or look, is it look as if she was shifted and I think she politically did the best option she picked. The best in there because her for as much as we talk about Elizabeth Warren, has plans what his
fueled her success in recent months is that she is had bold plants and she has been unafraid and I think the moment, where her campaign really kicked into gear with her student debt elimination plan, which four point where she said she would go boulder on issue than and Bernie Sanders. So if she were to walk that back and see more like a traditional politician here, I think that would be ten. Actually being very damaging. So she decided to own her original position and trying to shift and and mother the general election consequences for that this was the right move to make right here. Were you guys a prized like. I didn't think that the argument between the public option, folks and the Medicare for all folks, was all that stride. During either of these nights? I just think that most people were confused yeah, you know like I could kind of follow it most of the time, because we've paid a lot of attention to this issue. I don't think most people
at home unless you're an ardent Bertie supporter and you've, been conditioned to believe that position in Maximus Medicare for all is the only way to achieve universal care and get people the care they need. I don't know the you came away understanding the contrast, yeah its interest, Bennett, I think, did the most give the most full throated argument about the political problems and and practical problems of going to Medicare for all club got at it a bit, but then really, I think what we have here is a public option being defended defensively by p, buy clothes Shar by others, because it's become I mean even not even not the New York Times described it as incremental as confining call incremental us, but it was only a few four years ago that when it was too radical to the democratic Senate, so you know this problem in these debates, which is, I think, those who would the.
The maximal position is easier to fend politically, it's more fun to defend because it's boulder and there aren't people on that stage with the confidence in their views and the feeling that they have the trust of Democrats enough to tell them something hard or complex yeah. I was going to say I think in this especially to the second night, the first night, all sort of just jumbled- and I think that's was very confusing. I think on the second night, the people advocating for public option or Medicare from Eric or whatever it may be, thought made a more compelling case. Then Bernie did. On why you need Medicare for all specifically already made a great case on healthcare in general and why the system is fucked and we need to change it, but I think it's incumbent upon Bernie I guess because probably some of the other ones who signed onto his bill don't really care know that they're on his bill there for public option to be totally uh, there's no, they want. They want him to think both they wanted to thank both and it's over general right and Bernie is had a hard time I think so far arguing. Why
is that you need everyone to transition within four years to a single government run plan versus what PETE said? What These other process, which is look everyone in the country, would have the option to enroll in Medicare. If you want it, and if you don't want it, you can say in your private insurance and if you're watching at home, you kind of think like yeah, that sort of makes sense. There's a really good argument, I think, on the single payer side, why? That's not so why you have a more efficient system if you just ever have make everyone take the leap into single payer, but I don't know that I heard anyone make it over the two minutes. Yeah. I mean I heard I heard a lot of arguments that were like look. We all share the same goal and I'm sort of agnostic on how we get there. The other person I heard make bed work made an argument that was specific against getting rid of private insurance. Saying some unions had bargained for better of care in lieu of wages, and you want to take that away from them. I'm not saying that, compelling. Does the most specific thing I'd heard, maybe against
the unit yeah couple of those folks, maybe not during the debate, but other times are brought up the union negotiating point which is huge and John Delaney, who is very annoying the first night overall, but he brought up give me that you probably hear again from people which is he's like you talk to hospital administrators and you say under is bill your to get the same reimbursement rate from the government for medic air than you do now for Medicare kept instead of some of your patience, it's going to be all your patients and what would that do he's like in hospital administrators? Every will tell you what we have to close to yeah, I think now there any point would be that highlights the Prob which is with the for profit healthcare system. I think here. Other than Bernie in Elizabeth Warren, most of these p full, are full of shit on this issue. Listen to be totally honest, all the senators who are running for president as soon as they thought they might run for president in sign on a burnsville. They didn't there what it said they didn't care about the transition period. They just wanted to be able to tell voters. They were for Medicare for all, then, as soon as they started running and they had
to answer a question about the elimination of private insurance, then also then opened up a series of other less aggressive options: less aggressive the bird is playing but incredibly progressive in aggressive compared to where we have been, and they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be able to yen for Medicare for Gila Brand in the second night, who has been, I think, very slippery on this issue. Since your interview with her yeah, you said your for Medicare fraud is like yes, I W Medicare fraud. I think people should be able to buy into Medicare. I know when I was ready to hang about yeah. You know, and and and if you push on this and and if push her on the transition. She then goes to her talking point, which is, I wrote, the bill about the transition, and then you say but wait what happens during transition and she says well, people have a choice to leave their insurance Medicare and I believe they will choose medic air ultimately over that for your windows, not Bernie's bill. Well, it's not only the not Murray Bill, it again: it'll Ides, the actual political
reality of at some point. If you switch everyone to Medicare you're, switching everyone to Medicare yeah, so I think that was that I think that's the not last we've heard of that and as the field slims down and Bernie is still in that look down field he's going to start picking that fight a little more clearly with people and put it on the record, as he should next big exchange, the first it was over immigration, was between who Lian Castro and better Orc battle begin laying out his immigration plan. Castro interrupted to point out the bed. I was against the repeal of section one thousand three hundred and twenty five
I think we have a clip of this. A lot of folks that are coming are not seeking asylum, and a lot of them are undocumented immigrants, and you said recently that the reason you didn't want to repeal section, one thousand three hundred and twenty five was be cause. You were concerned about human trafficking and drug trafficking, but let me tell you Waht section eighteen, so I got title eighteen of the US code title twenty one in title: twenty two already covered in traffic. If you did your home could make one small point about just debates in general. Something that I have never understood there is no moment more likely to get a candidate. Far off in the wings to jump in and when
Two people are already talking. What is it about two human beings already having an exchange that get John Delaney, so fucking worked up bill to Plaza, building either end in the voting. They were just waiting like the most frustrating thing, like all red he twice as many people are talking at once as we need already. So for those of people for those of you at home, who don't understand what one thousand three hundred and twenty five is there unfamiliar with section, eighty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty two thirty four thousand and fifty of you living home, who aren't the physical manifestation of Congress, DOT Gov, so thirteen Twenty five is the part of the law that says if there is an unlawful or unauthorized entry into this country. If you cross the border, it is true as a demeanor crime, not a felon, but a misdemeanor crime, and that's been on the books since 1920s. The reason it's being brought up is the Trump Ministration use this old
blah to say. Well, we can pray cecut, anyone who comes over the border and if you come, for the border in your in adults, we can hold you and then we can separate your child from you. So it was. It was how they did the child separation policy. So what Astro is saying is we should repeal that law which criminalizes immigration, and we should basically say that if you come over the border cross border and it's on authorized, we are treating it as a crime at all or treating it as a civil infraction we can stay support you if we want, but we're going to treat, is a civil infraction and that way, no president ever can do this family separation policy. So that's, and by the way now most can dates in the race have joined Castro's position. Beto has not, though I think we would all agree. His explanation was fairly non tentacle yeah I mean on that I would say: look the
the pundits and the judges all scored. This is a big win for Castro and I think they're right. It was in part because the you need to do your merklein landed strongly at in bed. Oh just sort of seemed to not have a response, and it was a set time in the night where someone went after him and he didn't respond which, in this context, makes you look like debater and when we're all judging who can set up the Donald Trump, that's probably more important than any of the substance of what they're actually talked about. That said Castro started in on this answer. I was like you making a really important point in a fucking incomprehensible way, if you're, citing the number or code of a law and saying one thousand three hundred and twenty five, it doesn't. And it's tough to people at home, really understanding what you're getting on now. Clearly, he won the exchange. This was a big moment for him, but just as an observer in the moment. I I wonder how many people knew what he was talking about. I think it's to his advantage that they didn't like, now, I'm being dead serious. I was talking with a family member of mine who watched that they didn't really know a lot about Castro thought he did really well and thought
definitely one that exchange with that out, and then I explained what Castro was arguing for in my family it was like. Oh that seems like it might be a problem and not think that I think they think that it's a good or apolosi, but I think my favorite number is an expert in immigration policy, but it was like that seems like a political prop, and well- and let's be clear about why, because boolean Astro is trying to make. It seem like. If you don't want to repeal one thousand three hundred and twenty five, then you're not going to repeal the family separation policy. That is not true. It is true that one thousand three hundred and twenty five is what gives Donald Trump the ability to have the family separation policy. The next president, Literally her his first day in office, can just any family separation policy and basically has a ton of power to decide who to deport who not to deport all on their own, executive action. We remember when Jeff sessions created family separation, we can uncreate it exactly so this cast
trying to conflate it with family separation to make it seem more popular in truth and Jewell it came, who had been in the Department of Homeland Security during the uh administration, sort of laid this out on twitter that that night she said making authorized border crossings a criminal penalty. Just a misdemeanor, not even a felony is, is the basis for all of our enforcement and making sure that and in immigration into this country to just say that anyone can come here. So if better that's good answer what he could have defended his policy. By saying, like look, of course, I'm going to end family separation, mass detention, mass deportation, but at some point you don't want to have an incentive through our laws, to tell people anyone can come here without applying for citizenship or asylum or whatever you do. You just come across the border in your fine, it's only a civil, infraction yeah, I mean also just it's we're stepping back. There was a few moments nights, where the policy to be
in the democratic primary and the policy debate, a democratic present world. We have we're so far apart yeah as to render it basically pointless. It would be pointless, but for the fact that it could be politically damaging in a general you there was that moment on gun confiscation, there was a station about climate mitigation policies, which is basically discussion about like flood Sharon's backstops. If, if there's flooding in Miami got pregnant, denying the existence of climate change or like, would you ensure people who bought houses in flood plains like what planet are we on and a few more like that on on health care as well, but immigration leave having a a to be debate about comprehensive immigration reform for a very very long time. The axis of that debate is not. Should we decriminalize border crossings? It's can we get enough people to the table to just help dream
who came here as children I mean we've been and and if we can't pass that new, let alone let alone making sure that the eleven million who are you here, get citizenship, which everyone also agrees. Yeah, I mean Connell in night to me this point about you know she wants people who are, you know who have been attacked to be able to call the police? That's all that's correctly. There are in the important things we need to do around immigration and as part of getting to the point where we can help the millions of people who are here actually makes make sensible Paula. The debate will not turn on decriminalizing the border. It will be turning on some other, very, very hard compromises to get not just Republicans. But Democrats to go along with any kind of copper if immigration proposal guarantee the next democratic president will not be talking about repealing one thousand three hundred and twenty five or get it done in legislation in the next democratic president will say I have decriminalised creation by making sure that we only deport the most dangerous criminals and we push for
then ship for everyone else. That's what they're going to say and we banned the family separation policy yeah. Also, we know in mass tend to end by the way you can do all that and be better than Obama was on immigration. Yeah right like you, can you can still improve on what he did, especially in the first term, which you know, I think about it better by the end of his presidency, but you can still be better than that and not completely decriminalize immigration in the law and have no law that says it's a crime to come here if a president can, or general can unilaterally implement or not implement family separation boss? You can also put it in law, yeah you can say that as part weather, it's part of a dreamer package or or if we ever get a conference immigration. That's true too, you can, I believe, keeps whatever whatever on the books in ensure that is still a criminal felony come in the country, but you can prevent the administration from ever implementing this imagery sure anyone future recommending a cruel, any humane policy like family separation,
stepping back, which is the answer that better can and should have given step or anyone else F. Frankly, anyone stage anyone in the party who has gotten that question. Since then it's like we are in this rush to avoid to get to a position where we're not gonna get attacked by people in our own party, I know you can have a more nuanced approach. It's not a yes, it is not. I am for cash or four or I'm or Trump. There is something in the middle and someone should have made that argument. Castor, certainly succeeded in finally getting attention for having the immigration policy that was the furthest to the left of one, by far in doing it early and to his great credit, he came prepared with an answer to press that point when particularly hard about this, for better work in his campaign. Is that he also as a comprehensive immigration plan? It's an issue that he has real fluency and understanding of having come from El Paso to seem, like you are unprepared on a very predictable
back sucks yeah, I mean it it. It is in slight from a pure debate performance perspective. It did not go well for him. From an actual being a leader with a thought what he did the right thing, he could have just done what everyone else did, which was just go in media to the position. That will get me the most applause in this moment, and it is, I think, to the it is from the fact that he acts he lives on the border. The United States that he takes this seriously. Not then a lot of the up that Castro, who takes incredibly seriously, but these
The other people are like yeah sure before that that seems like that'll get me retweets yeah, that's right, but look if you're. If you're, you know, if you're an expert in this- and you know your position being misrepresented and you you did the moment. Yes, we were sure for sure. Do your homework. You have to say the moderator, I'm jumping Busher, Marcia and and and more important for bed to do that in this moment than any other candidate on that stage. Given the places campaign is that what the Americans, Broadway, blue apron nothing says summer is finally here, like a classic juicy burger whipping up a fresh tomato salsa or sharing a delicious meal. Alfresco like that New York Times Quiz for the can't alfresco this is experience the joy of cooking, something new. Trying new do you techniques and making cooking fun again with blue apron and with an ever changing mix of meat, fish and vegetarian recipes to choose from it'll. Be your take. December yet summer, yet the only llama dilemma will be what to make to get
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sleep number at any of the five hundred and seventy five sleep number stores nationwide find the one nearest you sleep, number dot com right. So the next moment was about IRAN. Moderate are asked. Who is president would sign on to the twenty fifteen around Dale's originally negotiated? Everyone said yes, except Cory, Booker, who said that if he has a opportunity to leverage a better deal he'll. Do it tell me what did you think about that? Okay, let's just stipulate that I'm incredibly biased, but I thought core workers, Annular biased against war with Iraq? No, but I I'm biased words, an Obama policies find stipulated right, but my my problem with Booker's answer and frankly, the whole exchange with him in club char was how to fill as if they were about the and like the IRAN deal had one goal: we are preventing around from getting a nuclear weapon and it was working
do not have to adopt all these. These republican talking points about how the deal was in perfect because it didn't deal with ICBM's and ballistic missiles, and it didn't deal with you know their malign activities in Yemen right. The IRAN deal was about nuclear weapons, so Cory. Booker should stand up for Columbus e that was working and, if you to get a better deal, get back in the deal deal with the problem that we're immediately facing, which is the Iranians enriching nuclear material beyond the thresholds allowed for in the deal and then negotiate a follow on agreement about that about other issues. Whatever. But this notion that we now have some added leverage with the Iranians is a fucking fantasy. We are more divided than ever with all the other parties to the deal, all the Europeans, the internet community in the Iranians. Don't trust us pulled out of the thing we empowered all the fucking hard liners in Teran who were opposed the deal at the begin with now the Rgc in the codes for some custom sulemaan in these thugs are running wild. So it's a stupid
answer. It's a stupid. Why do you think of what do you think of him of all people decide to do? He was hesitant to get in the deal in the first place. There were a whole lot of people. Invoices in Washington that were testing doubt on the thing, but you know what it's also good politics, not just in the democratic primary but general people, don't want to war with IRAN. We wanted to go sheated solution to the problem. It's an inexcusable answer from you. I I I I can support, someone that isn't full in defense of diplomacy and I think Cory Booker Was- has been like an undervalued candidate in stock in this whole process, and I, can't even stress. I disappointed I wasn't that much. It is thinking about but it's one of those things that makes you realize how different judging these debates. An performances is compared to judging them on the policy substance merits, because most people that first debate said Cory. Booker great night tonight Cory Booker a few good moments. I
We should say by the way none of us watch the debate on Twitter. We watch it during our group thread, which is a fucking blessing, never watching them on twitter. Again today in our echo chamber, if you had told if you would ask me immediately after that debate like who had an amazing night, I would've said born, did really great. You know Castro had that moment know that I would have said Booker, but I certainly shar before, but as I've as I've gone back like he had a really powerful answer on guns. I I do think that from Cory Booker, I agree to get a great job there, but might what, where I noticed by Booker most was on that around and throws like what is he doing there? It was very weird because substantively it wasn't good yeah, I don't we can get into the style points in a bad. I I don't I I was surprised people thought Cory. Booker had such a great night. I thought he once again failed to match the rhetoric like that from the the main message of his campaign with any specificity in any answer whatsoever. That's my that's my view.
Ok. Well, I will get him later 'cause. We should talk more about that, but what everyone think of the answers to the? What will you do with Mitch Mcconnell as Senate Majority leader? When you're president question? I mean nobody has a good answer to this question 'cause. I don't know that there is one, but I'm I mean, I guess it's a good question. It is very important I got sort of it is. It is in the vein of all these martyrs seeing how far they can push everyone to the left and how they can get that you know, because what they would they wanted. Someone to say is what you're never supposed to say is like yeah. I guess if I'm stuck with him as majority leader and I didn't win the Senate I'll sit down with them and try to hash something out and then you'd be kicked out of the program that would be it then. Then, then the door opens up under your chair put when you just go down Marian Williams and puts you in her, which is called he does wake up in your living in a crystal in our pocket. I mean I do think war war in the answer which you know some people are like now, I don't know is the best answer which is you've got to go,
but there in campaign basically go to republican districts of senators, who aren't with you on your legislative agenda and try to pressure them politically. I'm sorry, Barack Obama did that it didn't necessarily work on a whim sentence. Yes, I've got a one sentence right, I mean that's the thing that moment it's like yeah. We can you talk about hypothetical. What I'm doing this to set up. You just make the argument why we need to win the Senate. Yeah in a it's the other reason why each of these candidates and we've been asking them this when they're here should have a robust agenda around executive actions, knowing who you're going to point and your foreign policy, which are all things that you can control, because if Mitch Mcconnell is the majority leader you're not getting much through in your legislative agenda, so you better have other plans. It is ever occurred to you that if it was with morning comes president, she gives Mitch Mcconnell Senate seat for like nine months. Yes, I don't like it. She gives him a Senate seat, because Troy Baker would appoint Publican senator to sit in her seat for special. I feel like there's along the Democrats, change the law in two thousand and four in the expectation.
Probably right after exit polls came in that Kerry was going to win so you're saying this is rigged. You would get a special election, but it's like nine months later I mean yeah, Martha Coakley runs and we're fine too soon The last big exchange of the night was between TIM Ryan and tulsi. Gabbert didn't expect that code over Afghanistan. Do we have that clip? Let's listen to that 'cause. That was something
but the reality of it is. If the United States is an engaged, the Taliban will grow and they won't have bigger bolder terrorists acts we have got to have some present. There is power down there long before we came in before exactly well keep us and they were applied to Afghanistan. Thinking that we're going to somehow squash this Taliban. That is been there that say squash 'em. When we warn in there they started flying planes into our buildings. So I'm just saying right now, but we haven't been attacked us on nine slash eleven outside it. Well I'll, try and this guy nine hundred and eleven. I understand why I, and so many other people join the military to go after all, not all of it. I could have gone better for TIM yeah. You do a longshot presidential bid, you mad
score. Eight! The one percent you need to get on that fucking stage and then you just fucking, eat shit and toll Edward kicks the shit out of you on that stage. What are you doing there? I mean you can make an argument for saying we need several thousand US troops remain in Afghanistan to train, continue to train afghan security forces to ensure that we don't have a repeat of Iraq where we left completely and ISIS over around them it whatever. Okay, like, let's not argue, I agree with, but one could make it but to make. In such a unce this occasion and then confuse the Taliban. Qaeda is a huge problem, but also just quick thing about tulsi like she was really strong in the moment. She's credentialed and she can make this case, but just uh so all the tell c stands out. There should look into the thing she's talking about in terms
coordinating with the Russians and Weber. Putin on counterterrorism like she doesn't have the best record when it comes to the: U S, counterterrorism, any red flags that TIM Rank. If he's so, he said the next day he was like not gonna be lectured by someone who dines with the dictator who gas yeah it's a great job. George Costanza yeah. I was gonna referring to in her her her friend. Yeah is it turns out French and I don't know how to Pronounce that do it try esprit de corps mean spirited the staircase 'cause you thought about. While you leaving, I like the jerks, we called them like that callback, better. Somebody very nicely. I got you pronounce this. I think it's a spray, yes go, but I don't have to do friend store called them right.
I don't, however, that is not like the rest of these candidates that wasn't as strong as a moment as a which can it's were most impressive first night who help themselves the most castor help himself, the most yeah Castro has been. I got a lot of attention this race. He barely made the first debate. He is someone who who's been seen in her eyes as a rising star in this party for eight years now, since he gave the keynote at Obama's convention to the long rise yeah. I don't think I would have gotten even close esprit de L'Escalier you for that. This is an absurd thing to say, and I know but bill a blasio did himself some favors on night, one right I so I had this. I had this problem watching bill the Blasio, because I thought he was delivering a very strong, progressive message, but it thing he says so annoys me. He says in an annoying way, but he also landed some punches and you was mixing up.
And then you came in with no preconceptions about Bill Blasio, you didn't know where he went to the gym and when yeah then total probably think this guide. You know that that's what very proud like what he's saying? How many did these things buy? A people universal pre K, he did minimum wage. That's impressive knows what people done any of those things. Yeah there's a moment where I I think that Rourke you could see in his eyes like how the command the state are you in the bill, the blood? How is that? How is that? Where this it out over the war powers act build above? You took us six. Okay, I was wearing out of no, where I thought club, which are was pretty good. I thought Jay Inslee was good, I think, might be the only one who says Insley stand and yeah. He was good if you find it in like new, it's gained their campaign, yellow orange. We came in here we have a title, is with warm yeah a little more on the debate. I should, I think we all have a great debate yeah when we look hi John. It was interesting that no one challenged her great, not once not even no one even dared to scared. So she came in the leader. She left the leader and she stayed out of every fight.
I mean it could not have gone better for her. She did not take it. She did not challenge anyone. She basically pretended they mostly weren't there and just talked about her plans and her message. It was odd, though, that she was so front and center in the debate in the first half or three orders and the moderator sort of forgot about her, and she didn't really make an effort to jump in because she was probably thinking what these guys go out and I agree yeah they're out. There is one moment where they wanted to Laney and it was clear that, like I, I couldn't believe they were going to charge a Laney again I yeah there is, you know We talked a lot about you know. Dan talked talk about debates as being not the best way to pick a president and have nothing to do with the job, and you made the source for metaphor that I don't remember understand, but the the that it's like dribbling versus dunking, sorry about this yeah, but there is something you learn from the debate, which is one of these people over two nights is going to debate Donald Trump and I was watching for that that they who can captivate the state hold the stage? Who can
who can who does well on television, which is a different skill than being in a campaign and and and doing a rally, and when and with Warren spoke people went quiet, they paid attention. She was a leader on that stage. She could hold the room. She was big and you know we're all. We all can't stand Donald Trump. We all hate Donald Trump, which makes it hard sometimes to see what his skills are One of the skills are, as he is big. He is a larger than life figure and he has captivated our country for years. He is, he is taken our attention for years, he's a big figure big presence in our lives and in our minds, and so whoever has to stand up against him is going to have to be able to fill a stage and so I think she really did pass that test, really well the second test. I think that we did not get to see from Elizabeth Warren, but I think she We will pass too, but because she, who is not no one attacked her. She didn't attack anyone else. You don't yet know what we don't have. We don't have evidence of how she will do when she actually has to battle totally agree like I have great confidence will be able to do it and she's going to fight people in other debates. Just just about you came in the leader.
It's telling that no one had the courage to go after her. She left the leader and I I just wanna go back to for one. Second, I think he is, I don't know like winner loser stupid, but he was in danger of not making the third debate of sort of not being paid attention. He's done out of work, identify himself as a true progressive. Find civil rights and social issues in this campaign have come out with the immigration plan, a policing pan, and yet he had to take this moment. He succeeded and now he's in the game right, a chance. He would be here there with the swells and the delaneys in the Hickenlooper's, and now I he's on peoples minds, so he's giving himself a shot to be in the mix going forward and that's a big deal to we Think what do you think happens with Booker from here, because you know they that his campaign that they have they have like the best single day of of fun, raising ever after the debate, what it said you weren't as impressed, but he had a couple really strong moments. I think look Cory. Booker has a message about. Do you know what is it
it's yeah, it's a sort of about like healing the divides in our country right, and it's not just a very simple I'm going to sit down with me. It'll bring people together, but that, like you know, we can't be, hateful as Donald Trump, if we're going to lead this country forward right- and he also has a story to tell about what he One is mayor in Newark what he senator you know, he just had this big bipartisan accomplishment with the first step act in this with this White House that he can talk about happens to be about criminal justice reform, which you talked about. So he has something I was. I was a little surprised limit to that, so many people thought he had the greatest night 'cause. I thought he had a few strong moments, but I was only maybe I'm holding him to a very high standard, because I really like his message. I really like what his closing that was. That was when I got her. I actually didn't get frustrated with Cory Booker in fairness to hit to him until the end, when I saw his closing statement, because that whenever he did, is that larger message- which I think
Emily is a smarter, more sophisticated, interesting message about love versus Marian Williamson, honestly and I I was rather than williams- no, but but I I do think it's important, but he never to me I keep waiting for for it to manifest in his actual discussion of policy and and then you know in his head, your answers in his in his in his rhetoric. It's it's very. It's very laden with words and phrases, but I never like I'm hearing something interesting or different in terms of what his message healing actually would mean in terms of his presidency that distinguishes him from some of the other Democrats, and so I'm constantly looking for that- and I constantly feel disappointed because I have such high hopes for him who you think themselves. I mean that O'Rourke definitely did yeah. I think to be honest, like it's opportunity for you, there two groups people, there are people who have a line of sight on qualifying for the third debate, so just to explain that to get
third debate. They raise the polling threshold and they raise the online donor threshold. Two hundred and thirty thousand donors moe these the candidates on Stikbot stage, both nights barely got into the first two debates. Barely. It is really hard to get to the third debate. The candidates that was on the list of candidates who most likely is going to get to the third debate. So the candidates were going to get to the third debate. They have themselves probably short term and fund, raising, maybe a little bit in support, but it's mostly an opportune. Cause. They had a chance in front of the entire nation to define themselves. They didn't do it the candidate to have no line of sight to the third debate. Who did not do any remove themselves there. Then they hurt themselves, because now they only got one more shot to do it. 'cause. If you don't make the third debate, your campaign is, for all intents and purposes over yeah and I think better work has to do an incredible amount of work to fix that first debate performance before the second debate performance
I don't think it's like, like. I actually don't think his biggest problem was Castro got the better of him on that one exchange because to Maine when Savannah, kicked it off with? Are you in favor of a seventy percent tax rate on people making ten million dollars or more and heat? and answer the question he dodged it in two languages. It's just like you can't do that and look at this is like we all we all love bed. You know we got to know him during the documentary and stuff like that, but like, and I and I do think you know that the explanation that, like it was all about TED Cruz and no one really liked him is bullshit, like we've seen it up, close people love that guy in Texas they show up form and but that bed, oh, that was in the Texas Senate race, who was authentic, who talks about progressive issues in a red state, don't accept like we haven't seen him on this campaign. Right, that's the thing we just haven't seen it yet think about the better O'Rourke kneeling answer right. It was a direct question. I think the first word out of his
Like are you offended by people kneeling? The first word out of his mouth was: no, let me explain you what we were missing last night from him was direct answers that sound the conversational English do start your response about a painting that is hung on a wall somewhere that sounds to hand. It's a shitty anecdote to begin with. It's not it's not reaching anybody. What people liked about him he's a smart, thoughtful guy that speaks to them, like a human being. That seems closer to our age than most of the other people on stage, which is why he could use social media better and communicate with young people like yeah, bring back that individual gotta get there to say fuck it yeah! That's back, and it's specially. This point talk about the art of yet another general anymore, man, yeah. Okay, because you know you go up there and just let it rip for the next one. The only the worst thing you could do is continue doing what he's doing yeah all right. Second debate, big night last night, this was just in case.
One forgets: Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang PETE Judge Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Kamala Harris Kissinger, Lybrand, Michael Bennett and Eric Swalwell. First four get into anything else. What we think overall about night to compare tonight, one before we get into any of the specifics, just overall thought I mean I thought that was this is the real night you know yeah it may be just you know there was to bake an argument and surprising moments. I mean this was fast rating. There were many moments where I was just. I was sitting at the Improv Spinach artichoke dip with just just agog. I will say that I've gone back and forth on this. Since the debate lineups were announced, Weather Elizabeth Warren got lucky to be on her own night. I got a raw deal because she wasn't in the second night now, looking back at both nights, she got screwed by not being yes, I can see. I don't agree. I don't think Kamala took out Biden for her and she still sitting in a great place. I think
you probably be. But now the story is Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren is not in yeah, but that she might have been. If she was, I mean the thing is, if I think that, yes, that is but I think I think Elizabeth Warren, if you were at her headquarters, is probably not happy with last night, because I I don't know, I don't know I this is we. A gazillion debates to go. That's true right. Elizabeth Warren had a good debate. I'm sure she raised money coming out of it. She got support coming out of it. She delivered her message. She didn't have to fight with anyone. She just got to do her thing and she's going to she's doing fine. She feels good about where she is she's, coming in at least a stretch you leaving just at least as far as she came in and that's fine and so
I don't think, was bad. I just think if you had to pack in your her you'd, probably pick that, if you'd rather than star one night to be second on the second, I agree with that. I I don't think it's clear what what get an alternative universe. I I don't think anyone should feel. I don't know why anybody would be unhappy to have not been on that stage with Kamelot, because they the clear moment for one candidate. Now we don't know what it would look like if if Warren had also been there, but watching that second debate, you know Jill Brand, I had some good answers, but everybody looks like they were in black and white compared to what Hello was doing up there. Let me make the argument for the status quo for Warren, which is that you, right bite to be attacked, and you want his support to Wayne away You don't want to be the one attacking bees in Iowa. In particular, you want those biting voters to like you and much as comma. Looks like a president and was commanding, and you could see her going toe to Toe Donald Trump if you're a Stan that probably
Yes, you are that's a good point. That's good! That's a meaningful thing over time. The other thing that I think would probably would, if Elizabeth Lawrence's point about anything, will be most helpful for her would be for by now there comma of repeat, taken down Bernie. Bernie also left that debate on and they they are each other's greatest obstacle to the nomination. And eventually they're going to have to battle for those voters, but the ideal situation for either one of them is someone else to take down the other one, the app and then happen so they'd winter another health care debate at the top, which we just talked about. The other big question they were all asked at. The second night was raise your hands if your health care plan would cover undocumented immigrants. Candidate. Raise their hand of Biden was sort of like half up. No, quite I wanted one figure. Henry was very much. I don't know if it was a plan. I don't know what was going on, but it seemed to me his way to avoid raising his hand was to act as if I need to ask something about the thing you're asking so that I could say I it was it was
I think they can tell who is smarter, stupid. I think smart. I bet a bunch of really smart people who advise them on debates for living like RON Klain were like when you raise your hand, you look like a child and if you looked around that stage there are times where there are some like dorky hand. Up like teacher teacher calling me looks that you probably well you you want a little more subtle hand, wrist dance like what the fuck are you talking about, I agree, what was what was behind raising his hand, or was he trying to interject now he's raising that when the work? This is raising your hand? Okay, okay, I'm designed that way. Was there like a rule book. You would yet what, if you don't get it six inches off the podium, no, not a hand. I thought it might be that I try to say: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait wait, wait, wait and then never answer it love. It is right that he is hand raising, and his I'd like to interject here is the same hand. Motion with a okay get to the actual sub more hand raising their, so they all just said sure health care for undocumented immigrants with anyone surprised at this little bit. I very surprised that every that there wasn't one on that stage, including the people who are like screaming about,
Socialism, like five minutes earlier, I think, is a good argument to be made, which is that people are going to go to the emergency room and they're really sick, so we're going to pay for this, no matter what I didn't, kill him in that argument. No one defended it at all. They all just wanted to avoid the attack from the left without defending the position was funny watching peep looked like he was going to go there. He was like you, don't want people, anyone running around uninsured, it's inhuman! Then he goes it's inhumane, which of course, it's inhumane were all those of this in agreement on this for short- but I haven't seen any polling on this lately, but I I know that when we passed the affordable care act, one of the things that Brock Obama had you say specifically during his joint address to Congress in order to get Democrats on board- was that this is not a plan that gives free healthcare to us documented immigrants. You lie a. Congress yelling at the press during the state of the union or the joint address again
be a harbinger of the collapse of our society is probably problem. We like we like that now yelling at a black man is good. Was about this question. There was about- was at using to a Bronco bomb of lying on this very issue and yeah and look and look at the time is exactly right. There is a good are to be made to people in this country and say like we can ensure everyone in this country. Now whether they are documents are not documented. If they go to the hospital, they go to the men's room. You're gonna end up paying more in taxes because we're going to care for people in this country who get her to get sick one way or the other we might as well insure them. So there's preventive care and when we're not paying for in the back and there's a way to make. That argument, do you think there's any political challenges with and the same night decriminalizing the border and then offering free healthcare to the blue cross? The now legal border? I I do I mean
well. You know I hate to a liberal issue yeah. I know I know liberal she'll, NEO Liberal she'll time as well. I I I I believe that I am not yeah. It's got all the it love it love. It has the same position these everyone out there I was getting your. Can. I just get angry and mad about it, but I was at a little museum called the loop and there was a painting there. A woman and as the only gay man on this stage, who cares for a goldendoodle, let me just say: I got I get. I got it great job, so got other answering were there two parts about this? One is both on question of health care for undocumented people. No, you you're right. No one made the case for why it's good for everyone to do that. That is become largely true of immigration in this campaign is that we have stopped make The case for why immigration is good for everyone in the country wide the economy white is good for
security. Everything else why covers immigration form is right. This thing is even if it is good policy, you have to be full, the eyes wide open about the political challenges of adopting that good policy and Trump tweet about It's like six seconds after it happened is amazing. This he's in Japan yeah he was ready and I have to know that right now, the Trump campaign, the Coke funded Super Pacs, are gearing up and they are now going to spend every day from now until have a nominee drilling the idea that Democrats want to spend your taxpayer dollars on healthcare for undocumented people, which they will do in the most racist discuss, anyways what they were going to do that honestly, maybe our only saving grace because they will over do it. Well, I mean applying about something important to remember that what Trump says about this will probably be countered after because he will do it in a stupid.
Confusing racist way, but the way that Trump campaign will do it in the way the Republican Super Pacs will do. It will be very smart and will be targeted in it's going to be fucking. Let me in the media rex here in the media rafts in this incident. Actually the super facts are right. Actually, the Trump campaign is right. We will not have the fact checkers on our side right and when you yell at the New York Times for doing that on Twitter. It won't change anything. So we have to do something between now and then right, like the candidates, have to make the case on the stump for why they took this position and why it is the right thing and to the sent it some sort of larger progressive apparatus is out there. It's going to have to be fighting back up until the moment we have a nominee which could be on the third fucking night of the convention. The way things are going so
before 'cause, you drop that in there in case anyone just shuttered. Anybody not have a stomach ache. Happy Friday hope you enjoy the fourth of July. Maybe the last one enjoy the Trump speech. No, I agree. We deal with this in two thousand and eight the famous debate, where Hillary Clinton first You know stumbled way is over New York state, providing drivers licenses or id cards to undocumented immigrants. Drivers licenses- and you know the political belief there was like they are undocumented and you're going to give people drivers license now like what's going on, she said. Yes, I am no, I'm not yeah she. She she went back and forth. Barack Obama came down on. Yes, it does make sense to give them drivers licenses and it's a public. The issue and here's why, and he explained he didn't do it every stump speech when he explained in interviews and on the stump over and over why it was a public safety issue. Why it's important to do that, even though it may not be politically
and it was okay, he was okay. I will say, though, that is a different moment in republican politics in which the consensus view of Republicans, yes was, more comprehensive immigration reform which allowed me like this, has evolved much very quickly. The Republicans have moved to a nativist right, while Democrats have moved to the left, which is just a day. Print. It's a different debate and the debate we're having during that time. Hi there. America is brought to you by twenty three in me. We live in a world where we have access to data that gives us more personal insights into who we are. Yes, we do once more personalize. Then your dna now can turn to our genetics for personalized health traits and all kinds of things you can learn from 23andme John all kinds of things that they specifically now I've asked you to stop talking about. I don't know if that's part of
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that was corny with the cash app download the cash app put in the code. Pod save do it for Maine, don't tell anybody about the thing I just said: don't tweet Marcus, people are going to forget to eat in Ark. I know they're, not people who fight. Trust you. The way you should the cash out your element right so another moment, Meerpet was asked about the controversy over the killing of a black South Bend resident by a white police officer. Think we have that clip the police force in South Bend is now six percent black. In a city that is twenty, six percent black Why has that not improved over your two terms as mayor because I couldn't get it done. My community is in anguish right now, because of an officer involved, shooting a black man, Eric Logan, killed by a white officer. And I'm not allowed to take sides until the investigation comes back. The officer said he was attacked with a knife, but he didn't have his body camera on it's a mess and were hurt
And I can walk you through. All of the things that we have done is a community All of the steps that we took from. Bias, training to d escalation, but it didn't save the life of Eric Logan. And when I look into his mother's eyes, I have to face the fact and nothing that I say will bring him back this is an issue that is facing our community and so many communities around the country and until we move policing out from the shadow of systemic racism. Whatever this particular incident teaches us, we will be left with the bigger problem. Of the fact that there is a wall of mistrust put up one racist act at a time not just from what's happened in the past but from what's happening around the country in the press, It threatens the well being of every community and I am determined
to bring about a day when a white person driving a vehicle in a black person driving a vehicle when they see a police officer approaching, feels the exact same thing, a feeling not of fear but of safety. I'm determined to bring that day about thinking this man. How do you guys think Peter handle that situation? I think, He he did very well. Political science will say: don't mistake, don't explain what you did wrong. Don't repeat the attack essentially pizza both of those things, and that was the exact right thing to do. It was honest. I it felt like a very raw moment yeah. I think he had build that very well. I think that it would came off as earnest insincere, and I love politicians who will admit mistakes or say sorry, especially cuz it didn't describe. The conventional wisdom is that you never do those things, because it shows weakness and yada. Yada yada but I also suspect that there will be many people you heard that answer and felt it was insufficient and it just
showed that maybe you're out of your depth on this problem, because it's a problem, that's been around for a very long time and you're conceding you haven't solved it in there maybe has in the sense of urgency that folks in South Bend wanted five years and so I don't know that he's out of the woods yet with that with the community of people who care deeply about policing and and social Estes and center well to to people who weren't satisfied with the answer were John Hickenlooper and Eric Swalwell. So it didn't see this coming by night in John eight. What we did here was John Hickenlooper after this says well in, over many years ago, we put these procedures in place- and I'm wondering and they've, worked in Denver and I'm wondering why they haven't been replicated all across the country. And then Eric's walls are white and she fired the police chief and you know, p directly, can't fire the police but he can appoint members, fire members of the Public Safety board. Who then, can fire police chiefs and and police officers as well? and so I agree that, like I think,
I think he nailed that answer in the moment and it is absolutely refreshing, to hear a politician. Just say like I screwed up, I couldn't do it like and that that gets him a lot of points, but I think coming attractions there's a there's. A lot of other candidates were ready to to pounce on this one. If I was PETE campaign, I would be praying to God that when they do the drawing for the next debate, who Lian Castro is not Lancaster, was put out the most progressive, most aggressive plan on policing reform of anyone in this field, and this this is a glaring vulnerability for PETE. I think he handled the quest exactly right. I think he is earnest about his desire to do better for an honest about the emotion in his community, but when you are the mayor of South Bend, and you want to be the present states. You record as the mayor of a smaller city in that's all your. That's everything is a plus, and if you have a glaring problem on issue that is incredibly important to the
democratic party in the most important constituency, the Democratic Party that is tremendous challenges he is going to have to navigate throughout this campaign. On top of a glaring problem with reaching african american voters to begin with so at the end of the exchange, I believe, swallows yelling at him. He looks he's going to just lunch. It's well well, and I just want to I would. I would just want to point out that when, when Mayor PETE looked at air, it's wow well with that expression. It was actually a moment where I thought I can see that person in command of our country, because I have that was the most as expression. I've ever seen her face Mayor PETE wanted look like he wanted to rip Eric, swallows hey from his body and then I don't know okay,
reduce and, and then they just sort of be done, 'cause he killed them and then just to just to choreograph this crazy exactly as Soi Wells. Yelling at him, Marion Williams and pops up out of nowhere tight race and then th yeah. Well, I just because which it stopped. She had stopped the gear uniforms, Thursday on their way. The unicorn said: stop of stuff to the river Styx for a drink. And finally, you reach the debate thing so and finally, Kamilla harass them is says, the only person on this stage, I would like to speak about race, and then we have the moment of both nights basically starts by saying you know. Vice President Biden, I'm directing this to you, I do. I believe you are racist. I praise the fact you want to find common ground with people, and yet it really hurt when you talked about the reputation of the sector,
the senators and not only that but opposed busing, because I was in- and he has this thing, which is there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate or public schools, and she was bus to school everyday and that little girl was me and that moment you're just like a whole wow Vice President Biden, do you agree today? Do you agree today.
That you were wrong to oppose blessing in America, then do you agree. I did not photos Boston in America when I opposed is busting ordered by the Department of Education. That's what I oppose the year of of states to to internal public schools in America. I was part of the second class to integrate Berkeley, California, public schools, almost two decades after Brown, v Board of Education, because your city council made that decision was we need to. We need to be you because history to preserve the civil rights from the very beginning. When I the second thing I want to bring other all right from the very beginning, I'm the guy that extended the Voting Rights ACT for twenty five years. We got to the place where we got ninety eight out of nine eight votes, the United States Senate doing it. I've also argued very strongly that we in fact deal with the notion of denying people access to the ballot box. I agree that everybody wants stay inside this, my time's up. It was hard to listen to to avoid and that
What what was your, what were your reactions to that in real time? Dan? Would you think it's the bind part is hard. It really is because we said this before, but we all care about Joe Biden personally, he as a person as rock about his little vice president it was painful to watch and it was painful to watch him get beat up in a debate exchange, but was even painful was his answer on busing, which is a completely unacceptable answer to accept all answer in the seventies when I wanted to, One thousand because we he's essentially he's making a states rights. Argue on civil rights in twenty nineteen. Saying that, yes, of course, Kamel Harris, we could integrate your school. That's what Berkeley chose Birmingham Alabama or he we simply referring to my hometown of Wilmington Delaware, which had such a problem with school integration. There was federally mandated busing
to my senior year in high school and Biden tried in Bear Lee in almost succeeded, pass a law that would prevent the court from forcing school integration in my hometown and there were such an answer to say I was wrong. I have time to change. She gave him an out so that that's the crazing as she was fair in saying. Do you still agree today with the position you took back then and I don't think you're a racist and it yeah and if he had just said answer the question: no, I don't I've changed over the years comma and I'm proud of my civil rights record. I did a lot of wonderful things on civil rights. You can list the vote. Write all the things that he really did do and silver rights. But on that issue I was wrong. I've changed. We all change. You've changed on things to me like there was an answer available to him, where it would have still been a very powerful moment from from, but at least Biden would have carried it. He did not take that
because he like, as we have been saying he is stubborn and and it is- could I admit that his position on busing what's wrong, no one credibly argue that the federal government didn't play a critical role in integration in this country. Absolutely critical, and then for him to sort pivot to the civil Rights ACT made. The whole thing make even lessons. Yeah, it was a brutal moment. It was a brutal moment because every fear and concern about Joe Biden as a stand bear of the Democratic Party in two thousand and nineteen was laid bare. It was a moment in which his policy positions antiquated. It was a moment where he did not seem live and able to succeed on the debate stage. It was a moment where he was upstaged by the charisma and intensity compassion, passion of someone facing him, and it was a moment where he seemed old, so it was devastating moment for Joe Biden and now we should stipulate we think right,
Nate Silver tweeted. This and pointed out that there have been a hoe bunch of scandals all of us all the judges, all the pundits in the moment, thought were devastating for Biden and he came through them, relatively unscathed in in polling. So in in the corporate media change, Pole Biden was performing at, I believe, sixty two percent among african american voters. The next closest was eleven percent from camel hair. So we should watch and see if those numbers may but you look on a moral level like indisputable. It's the politics of this item, yeah and I I would say yeah, I don't know what will play out in the polls. I don't know what other people watching it. I felt it was devastating to me to see it because I want cuts to win and right now. Joe Biden is the front runner of this in this in this race, and- and I am you know- and there is a- and they are making a case- that he is the most electable he is leading in the polls when you can Jeremy against Donald Trump well, this was a moment to test out to see what he was like on a debate stage, and I think this this was a signal to
anyone who could support Joe Biden to have a doubt my self among them. I think it's like talked about being here, but we should also talk about comma yeah, which is in not just this moment, but throughout the entire debate. I'm not sure I have ever seen a candidate have a more dominating debate performance than Kamala Harris had last night. She, I can't, I can't remember she crushed that debate. She was charismatic on message she showed elected, should how she could take Trump down leg. She seemed like she was the leader on that stage. With of all the other Kay was not even close, it was head and shoulders above everyone else, and frankly anyone else I've seen in the debate and the Bye mom was part of that, but she thought she had one. She was dominating the debate and before the long before the provider, I want to rest after that, going to break up the Kamala Harris Love FEST for one second to read a clunker.
Hey guys. You know what America does not want to witness a food fight. She said they want to know how we're going to put food on their table now. Every debate every candidate has that line in their back pocket and there's always a moment to bust it out. It was still a little corn It was very corny, and yet because she was so commanding it worked anywhere and now is. It is a shame that she did steal that line from that evil. Nineteen nineties clown that wrote the rest of Eric Swalwell slice. She looks she but she still took that moment an ran with it hard all the other kids with the fuck. I was going to say that part of the in the Kamala Harris is so impressive is that she does have this cadre of consultants who give her lines like that. She can deliver them better than most and make you believe it. I mean a lot of her moments last night, the bide moment. Other moments you could tell were set pieces. She had practice those moments right I mean they said. I guess the Little said that her campaign had t shirts
to go with. I was that little girl on the teacher, so that is not great today it we did it to me. That was good yeah. I just don't like ok, debates are an effort to demonstrate authenticity to create moments that seem like they're off the cop. That's fine do not hang too much of a lantern on that yeah. I I just because it is indicative, like I have interviewed Kamala Harris knowing her like. I think she has maybe more, but so then anyone running for president. I think she is charismatic. She is strong. She she fucking nails it in those debates, but every once in awhile I saw a notice in her closing statement to there's like cheesy can Elton language that pops up there and I just want like she needs to be because she's fucking great the other thing so it was so incredible about it is this- is somebody that's not pulling at ten percent or fifteen percent point five percent right, she's she needed to win she's been saying this across the country. She said in her closing she said it at the Iowa dinner. You know I'm
want to prosecute the case, and then she had a bunch of cheesy and I think not good rhetoric about fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, which was a lot of language without actually a case. Fine. What she had done was set for herself, an impossible expectation for success in this debate, and then she met well What this, what that exchange with Brian was about was Trump. Because what it when she said they can prosecute the case against Trump. She did it once Biden on stage and she let Democrats see. Ok if Donald Trump is standing where Joe Biden is, can you imagine these two going at it and her winning and you could and Biden side even inside do you think of the substance of the disagreement with the two of them. You look at that and say: oh he's the to be the most electable guy? We want to put him on stage next to Donald Trump, and then you may trump to, and if he does, if he responds
from the way he responded to comma, you think. Oh shit he's not the most electable, the other. The other thing that she has and- and let's make this point about Biden last night, which is Eric Swalwell made the first of four hundred torch, related attacks, unbinding and the split screen was just swallow well and then Biden grinning in that grin said all you need to know about the silliness of that attack and brush it right off. Kamala Harris has this ability to laugh her way through it, the moment or a tough question or an attack that is credibly, disarming and and it it so for well against, should like from The other thing I just say about comma that if we ever trying to analyze this in the in the context of kind of nominee should be kind of president should be, is that she is a fucking clutch player every time she is. Add to deliver under the brightest light. She is done. Weather was Cavenall Bill bar Everyone was watching that yeah and she nailed it this debate, she nailed it shut, he's our kick off speed. She nailed right. Ladies. She she nails the set. I think the clutching his real, then yeah
I did think of one yes, the we we talked about before the debate that this is an opportunity for comma has to go after someone. We did. We set it and and joke before I said. Oh, maybe she's going to start with judge because he's he's, like you know the goon before you, the big boss Biden, but she didn't. She went right for Biden, but actually tucked into some of her language was that was a little had a good ad snows and she was just like justice. We get to the end of the head on Biden and she's, like oh yeah, and by the way when I was AG, we kept all those cameras, the police, cameras on and you're just like. Oh, she she was like, oh and I'm not done with. You is like a mayor, PETE sleep with one eye, open and pray during that debate, you're all next time, which is like a swollen eye. Stye orange long. As you did glad you didn't wear another sky,
Nobody! Nobody really now that. So, if you are talking at a small object that Joe Biden also took to them, hits from small well, I think we might have a clip of Eric Swalwell trying to make something happen. Here. I was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic Convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans, that candidate was then Senator Joe Biden. Joe Biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans. Thirty two years ago is still right today. If we're going to solve the issues of automation, passed the torch, we're going to solve the issues of climate chaos, student loan debt pass the torch and, if we're going to end gun violence, someone wrote a famous red sending their kids to school. That's the torch, fuck you! It was what I fucking could not make me so crazy. The other thing about that that was so fucking awful is he
it was so ready to jump into a tech Biden. He did that after Mayor PETE spoke the millennial on the stage because he was so pumped to go after Joe Biden with that garbage can handle walking speed if he had stopped at the first pass the torch that would have been passed. Decent Diane and how well it would have been enough. So you would have been like a medium okay moment. Making a case for general have installed on the campaign you're totally right that like have doing it right after me, your p, who looks even younger was was not the moment to do it, but you don't lean into it. So hard It was and then he brought it up a couple more times. He just he was he
He said it again like he was so proud of that the first time he's like I'm, bring back the torch joke. You know what I also just. I want to get some lines, the other member, the yeah, the rush, the breaking up, I'm gonna break up with rushing get back together with NATO. You know what the problem with that I want to make out when they don't get. I'm looking. Here's what's going to happen here. All right, I'm gonna break up with Russia with the tax and then go right to NATO's house and we're gonna talk. Here's the thing about our x. Well, it really pisses me off, which is your we're gonna pass the torch to you. Every word out of your mouth sounds old. You sound like you're a hundred years old, you sound like a politician, that's been in politics since before you were born, it is funny he does sound old he's he's our age early, my and just use. Now I just after that broadside when we interviewed him here. I agree such a perfectly nice guy friendly onstage. Like normal talk, the younger person is inching life. Experience yeah
that guy to the stage, don't bring the the memorized answer guide to the states. Well, you know what, though, like you're at one percent you're a long shot candidate. There are people out there who might think you got into this race to build your brand sell a book and on television I don't know what, if you're a answer to all of that is a bunch of cheesy fucking lines and no actual argument get off the fucking stage. I'm sorry get off the stage. It's too fucking important step of you interrupting to try to make a moment for yourself and it was important primary of our lives. Who else which carried her most impressive other than common that debate. Anyone as anyone else impressive anyone help themselves. Do you think he was? right. Yeah, he was very good repeat, like he came with a lot of expectations, absolutely met those expectations, no more no less, but just was like fucking solid good. And it's in it's it's worth giving him credit for me as expert agencies. The thirty seven year old mayor of South Bend, Indiana yeah who's on the debate stage, a lot of hitting him experiences, one sitting standing next to Joe Biden yeah, and he
he did deliver that moment, I think he got challenges going forward. These is going to have to navigate but just be up there not being nervous delivering your lines with comments and being the subject of a very difficult set of questions around your own conduct is different than most candidates with a lot more experience, have to deal with yeah and he more than any other candidate, has name identification challenges to deal with, because we feel like well here, but all the time. But a lot of people still don't know him, and so I think one thousand five hundred and sixteen. However many million people tuned in, if you stop doing that stage for the first time, I think you probably impressed Bernie was also yeah. I did pretty Bernie hey Bernie, he did. He was delivered his message. He delivered, as we know, is very appealing with some set of voters, and was I mean he did good, like I don't like he only improve his situation. He didn't hurt himself. He was sort of a nonentity after the beginning of the debate. I like Mayor PETE's answer in China. I thought it was a yes, smart and so fistic ated and actually got at the core of a b.
Challenge in a way that I think other people on this stage were not as adept at addressing yeah. I agree I thought The Gila brain started slowly because she kept trying to work this corruption message into into the first two moments where she spoke, even though it didn't fit what was being discussed, but when she right to reproductive rights and choice. She was passionate and may case that I think made her stand out similar with Michael Bennett. Nine point. Ninety nine percent of people went into this debate and having no idea who he was, and you probably learn something about him. Last night, which is Dan, has mentioned sort of half the battle one thing about the debate to think about it. After it's a lot of people, you know who Michael Bennett Is- and I think probably a lot of people were lost in that exchange between Joe Biden and Michael Bennett over whether or not the negotiations with Mitch Mcconnell over taxes works Ces or too much of a compromise, but in an in a good reminder. How debate some really reflect real life like that that are
inside of that, is one of the core challenges for Democrats and will define what Democrats do next right, where we compromise and where we don't and and the less learn during the Obama administration? On July, and Tommy. I think you're exactly right, there's a reason. We actually didn't talk about her very much this conversation, because she I like enter, and I like her and- and she has good things to say, but she just felt I felt like she didn't know she wasn't part of the actual debate that was happening, that every time she they went to her. She had some like replan thing that she was like take a nap because that's a microcosm for her campaign. That's right that I was going to say she is not decided what the campaign is really about, and there are times when she said, like I'm, going to be the candidate that talks about women's issues, women's rights and she leans into that. And it's and it sounds great there's other times she decides she's going to be the candid talks about corruption. There's another time she talks, then she decides she's, the cat who
was originally elected in rural upstate, New York and so can reach across the you know like she has like a three or four different central messages that she just sort of goes back and forth between right. It always felt like she was like at ninety, agree angle to the debate and not really and it it it was. It was confusing and also you know she was standing next to somebody having one of the greatest debates ever seen, so it was it was over. There was just is overshadowed overshadow right next to her. She did, but I do think that after Bernie, after the top four. You know Jill Brands get out and I think that I think it right now he's like Jill Brandon Bennett seemed to me the next to that sort of I love club or the night before too oh yeah. I was yeah. I was doing tonight now. Marianne Williamson said out for very different reasons. Can we can we play the clip can play
operate Segway and Miss Williamson, like the last Wallace to Prime Minister of New Zealand, who said that her goal is to make New Zealand the place where it's the best place in the world for a child to grow up, and I will tell her girlfriend you are so long because the United States of America is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up. I'm going to call the head of country reeling from the most terrific mass shooting. You could possibly imagine and say fuck. You are number you you're on your on we're going to we're going to have a competition with New Zealand to see who which she raised on the set of designing women. What is that? What is that cadence accent? I've also do they go a mid century MID Atlantic out? But if that's not right, you know it is not that it landed, because you know the minute there's a deal. Roosevelt had a MID Atlantic, that's MID Atlantic. It was wild. Everything about the the performance was wild every
last night, finding all of her to and tweeting a lot of Texas. Maybe that's why yeah that is not Texas. That is that is that is Texas. By way of LOS Angeles. By way of your rope, I the moon of Jupiter, like I I don't know if it's from too, but just tell me what I'm sorry. If I got the moon wrong a good. I interviewed her here and she's very lovely person and we had a nice conversation, but I did think after the interview like I I wonder how this is going to. I wonder how this is going to go on a debate stage well just be It's very. I think that person is different. It is different, it is different. You know when she I I feel like it's quite revealing when she's like asked an actual something the question about about. Prescription drugs and this notion the thing that that I do think. I don't believe. Marianne Williamson is a serious candidate and you know coming in my mentions Williams, and I don't give a shit, but so,
if so, bring honestly just where he's here to talk about the hard truths for the crystals that you wouldn't worry about. Yeah, that's fine, fine but the I guys, I think there was someone in my house. It smells like incense no, but but the message around, like Brazil is hilarious to be like I'm sick of all this superficial Medicare for all discussion. Let's talk about, let's talk about our thirty thousand foot view of how we're describing Trump, but the like the notion of don't forget that Trump campaigns. Something deeper than policy and something deeper than rhetoric. This idea of fear and hate is driving his campaign and the kind of the the deeper imo is that undergird our political debates right now. I do think there is value, and somebody reminding us of that. I just don't think she's the right messenger for it, and I do that's partly why I'm so disappointing Cory Booker, but it is
remembering to to always come back to those first principles that we're not fighting, Donald Trump. Ultimately, on policy, those policies are by a way of capturing r, values in our understanding of the moment. That's so candidates, if you did well over the two nights. What are they I have to do now to build on this, you're in a campaign now with a candidate who just had a great night. What do what do you do mean sadly, which you have to do is raise money the deadline, the deadline is Sunday night. I believe that I am today for this quarter and then next week, we'll start getting all these numbers from everything the quiet a good news for most of it like this, for to marks in jails most these? Can it's we're going to focus on raising money from grassroots donors online for the next week yeah? But you want, but you have a then you got to use it. You you better get to Iowa or New Hampshire like have a town hall you'll get more people that you would otherwise get you get different people who saw you on the debate stage could get those people signed up now that have you been trying to get endorsements arguments from local officials? Are other politicians now's the time to go? Make those calls, but you got
you got to come out of the gates blazing here in order to get something out of this. What do if you're a Joe Biden's campaign right now, aside from leaked to the press, that everything you did was correct, but it was your candidates fault which seems to be. It's been happening on that campaign, which I can tell you is fucking garbage way to be. I that is provides awful. It's awful to do that. It's because the l of of somebody that would do that will work on a campaign. That's at the time. So my guess is that duck and cover and see what the next round of polling says, yeah and then be able to say like see. That's been really matter. This is a media creation which, which sucks and that the very trumpy way to approach politics, but the you know there's a whole world of people that argue that that's we should well in a weird bit of scheduling can or Joe Biden's is. How is push rainbow push just retweeted, just retweeted a photo with him and Jesse Jackson. On. How he's probably talk about this race after dropping data right now? If I, if I read one thought would be, if I were them, I would find a way to address it.
Will ultimately, maybe just maybe stench stench, some of the damaged extent, dance, dance, dance, dance of leading the maybe stay Some of the damage stench stanch. The set will just try to make some avoid making matters worse, figure a way out of this terrible cycle, and then what I would be looking for is a big rally where I could pick a huge fight with Donald Trump. That's what I would be doing for job and pick a fight with trump, because, when you're arguing with Donald Trump you're much better position in comma hers, yeah, I agree Biden has this: damage to which is this is when he was in the middle of the the two weeks ago, blow up over Biden race around his praise of segregation. He was able to get people like Jim Clyburn and John Lewis to come out and speak on his behalf, and so he's going to do that again today, because the heart, what is so foolish of binds approach to this is he has very good parts, was record. He can talk about in the years since then. And he tried he sort of mentioned them, but he could have
Apologize in got on to what he's done since, and that would be a compelling explanation. I'm mistaken his record. You know one under discussed Biden moment. That was bad because there were so many of them was his Iraq war answer which was like well, you know, once I got to the White House, Obama put me in charge of getting all the troops back. I mean he certainly did not get really pressed on his vote for the Iraq war or count forward in any way it's going to be a hard won a duck with Bernie's net one other thing about buying two is. I would also look to get him out of get him out of his suit jacket, like go to the border. Go go, go be among see a problem with people be where people are being hit by this administration, be where the crises are like. Be that you know you, this electability argument that people are buying, they just want to win. They want to be safe, show them that you're safe and show them that you are in the fight with them. Okay, that's all the time we have for today. Next week, schedule cuz the fourth you can hear from
love it in May. On Monday, I'm on vacation time is on vacation Dan, and I are going to record a mailbag on Tuesday that will go out on Thursday. I believe So so we'll have some pots next week, but case anything happens. Have a beer eat a hotdog fireworks rule, Listen to our demagogue, leader, addressing the country on the fourth of July.
Do you guys want which clip you guys want to play us out? Do you want Marion Williams, New Zealand or Eric Swalwell torch three get into Yang that you would not be allowed to speak with somebody told me they were going to get blown up by the Yang Jiang Guys young gang. He didn't do well, he didn't he keep. You have one job yeah, one job, you're you're in fairness he to get called on much, but you got to jump in you got to say you got one chance to explain why you be. I was but then no one knew who you are or why you believe it's important here, some general advice for somebody to try to be somewhere between the Laney and yet the terms of your first again, forgetting your words and don't go the full, the blouse yep. You got a job and just a just a just a thought: perks. While a pick up the torch and set these speeches, you've written on. All we're out.
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