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Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down all the highs and lows of the second set of Democratic primary debates hosted by CNN in Detroit, Michigan.

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debate analysis for you too, that a reminder that our LOS Angeles LIVE show is taking place at the Greek on August, seventeen with performances from Maggie Riders, Amanda seals best coasting Jim James proceeds from this be donated to organisations at the forefront of the fight to protect the vote across Amerika so grab your tickets. Now a crooked dot com, slash the Greek also, we have a great new episode of with friends like these. It's going out on Friday, you can hear an interview that Donna Marie Cox had earlier this week with E Jean Carroll. It's really powerful and you should subscribe to the show and be on the lookout for it. Okay,. America has just endoored two straight knights of democratic primary debates hosted by CNN in Detroit for the first reaction. We go to Colorado, Governor John him up and what a night did you litter the only one to seven what else was exodus a lonely opinion on how to move? I was sitting in bed last night like trying to calm down watchful and networks like man, that's sacked yeah,
feel good, we're gonna get it. What did you watch we're getting married? We watch remember something boring on purpose. I watch John with three has at the It's hard to follow if you're looking at what are yet we are. We watch too broad cities, versa, Gill, ass, we ve been watching shits creek its anyway We're gonna get to why the second I felt so horrible, let's over the first night, which you are splendid, but there are the first night which featured Following candidates: Bernie Sanders Elizabeth warn people to judge better work, Emmy Club a charge on hidden lucrative. I enjoyed Delaney Marian Williamson and Steve Bullock. The evening began they feisty debate about Medicare for all that pit, worn in Sanders against John Delaney Cliff congressmen Delaney just referred to it as bad policy, and previously call the idea, political suicide that will just Get president tromp reelected. What do you say to congressmen, Delaney you're, wrong?
Ok he's wrong, who do we think, made the better case for their health care plan on the first night and why warn the Guardia, and only when I think Bernie did a very good job but war and was able to explain the policy and easily understood turns, but she,
so did it by telling stories about who would affect who would have an effect in hell yeah. I think she also her point. She kept coming back to the point about insurance companies and what everyone really hates about insurance companies wishes. You fill in others, paperwork com them fifty times to try to get something paid for and their whole business model is to taken more in premiums and they pay out an actual healthcare. In the reason they make you do all that paperwork, because they're trying to scare you. Why do you think that the non medical care for all folks are having such a hard time? Making the argument for their plants, so I actually think, what's happening I think you saw us or of the debate, like kind of it left the real substance of the policy difference between the Medicare for all advocates and the medic, air Father, wanted public option advocates
John, the Ladys broadside against Medicare, for all, I think, is very kind of it is using republican talking point that it is of attacking the idea of doing something. This big and the response from Elizabeth warrants are attacked him on that level, but there was real substantive debate about why switching to a Medicare, for all system in the cost, efficiency that come with that and the access that comes with that and the fact that you remove it from from Players and businesses from the backs of individuals is a better approach than keeping the private system and having a public option in place. You kind of o that debate entirely in so that it becomes a debate about values and the debate about bows is advocating for Medicare for all. You can just take such a strong position and say it so plainly and you're left, arguing with moderate, saying, wait, wait! Wait! We should do something more practical, less expansive go! Go, not us
I mean I think of doing these argument was not even values. Basis was political and in there's a reasonable case to be made that taking people's private insurance ways. Incredibly unpopular. This significant evidence to suggest that that's just a hard case to make to a Democrat, primary audience and the rejoinder from warned at all, as you said, was I don't run for president to do. Small things are at present. Do big things? and you kind of sound, petty and small in that moment, when you're responding to that I'd say on top of that, when he was kind of annoying in the way he went after it had to sort of like didn't land. Well yeah I mean I I did cringe. At both Delaney and Bullock, saying things that did sound like republican talk and points that I dont think were fair Delaney talked about taking health care. What taking health caraway, not not changing your health insurance basic Healthcare way, which no democratic plan is taking health caraway, it's just a false and telling
If the country quote your insurance as illegal, which is like ok and then Steve Bullock, this is wishlist economics. It just used to just be Republicans who wanted to repeal and replace wishlist economics isn't a thing. No one else had heard that phrase. Now that I gave you know some consulted from the nineties fed him alive. Yes, at this point of view, do economic suit to do onstage exam. It's a classic example of something we all should keep in mind in our daily lives that a brainstorm can get out of hand inside of a brainstorm. Someday can make sense, it's a real. It's a trunk. We have a trunk on our hands. What does economics is a classic trunk talk for a long time. You end up at something, but if you didn't see the steps to get there, you sound like a dream. Yeah, I mean look, I think the heart of this debate, where there is real differences and its fair to go back and forth on is the taxes and how much this costs right, and you saw it got there, but you know and ends happen both nights. The non Medicare for all people
say: okay, well Bernie, at least is being honest- that this could be an inner up to thirty. Troy our plans, and it would require tax increases on anyone making over twenty two thousand dollars a year. Now what they say is the taxes go up, but you're not gonna pay anything in premiums anymore, but that still that, still an argument to have an you know worn was they tried to pin worn down on this, both onstage and then occurs Matthews did later, which is like, but there is going to be a tax increase. Nobody says yes, but whatever warrant was like we, yes, but total costs will go down, which is true thing to say, but the only thing you mean it's funny that no one in this case, if you're you're employers paying for your healthcare coverage in your important players, her being to it and suddenly they don't anymore, because the government is yours, gonna end your pay. Now you have to pay more in taxes yourself to get that single payer. You're, not gonna. Real
feel like you're paying less in premiums, because your poor was covering a lot and there are some people whose health care costs are less than the amount of tat. Their taxes will be increased yet, and every policy has winners and losers. Why it's incumbent upon the advocates that policy should make the argument for why that is that why the winning outstrips the losing, but I think the over The point here is there is a legitimate good faith debate to be had about Medicare for all, as advocated by Santos and worn, and some of the other plans out there. Just you can't have that debate if the chosen fighter to make the other case is on the lady who is essentially a rich guy who ve paid millions. Out of his own pocket to be unsafe. She is the He has raised almost as much money as anyone in this campaign because he's given it to himself to buy they spoke- adds to be on the stage and so
what sort of denied the healthcare plant debate we deserved, because by didn't Harris had different plans were on the other stage and better work in PETE who have different plans is split. The difference between or has better Psmith. What's the difference in peat is for a public option, they were doing really may pass. We could to avoid getting the middle of this fight because they had no incentive to do so, and so we really have the real conversation about that puts in the takes in the trade. Also come with these various eggs and also last thing. You can't have the debate in a vacuum, because what How are you wait? The amount of money you spent many political capital spent on health care, so the other elements of your agenda ourselves at exactly and- and this is why it's it's
I think it's really annoying that the non Medicare for all candidates continue to use the force you off your private insurance, take away your private insurance language, because it's just its misleading. You know you like under Medicare, for all your private insurance becomes a government planet. It's more generous, like it's not like anyone's really lose anything. There are costs and people should be debating those costs and those tradeoffs, but that language is pretty lazy, though it's an easy political head, yeah, it's some, it is frustrating. I do think, I was the Lookout Elizabeth warns face had was like. I can't believe that there are so many more serious candidates who support a public option and I get to basically punch the monopoly man face her face said I've been blessed tonight. Yeah and you know it twenty to you- can kind of like this. One of the main thing is very good that Sweden will ideally the last time the candidates are split into two nights, because I do think that there were other arguments made in the second part of the image of the
healthcare debate on night too, that might have been a good part of the that, the more substantive anything ultimately better debate. Had a night want. You know, because the debate, I think here aren't necessarily fair. We didn't get into the actual substance like either Yang in night, too, made a strong defence of Medicare for all and what it would mean for people, Medicare for all and what it would mean for people and white light, a good thing to separate insurance from employment. That, I think, should be part of a substantive case at the single pair advocates, make but, of course, that didn't come up and night wanted only came up at night to so big in the analysis of the first night- was that a pit, the most moderate candidates in the race, like Delaney Hickory Blueprint, bullock against the two most progressive candid senders, and warn that led to a debate over pragmatism versus idealism that gave Warren too of the biggest
and the night. Here's the clear you don't! I don't understand why anybody does to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't doing shouldn't fight for. Do we also the clip of when she talked about not being why we can't be afraid with women, I get it. There is a lot at stake and people are scared, but we can choose a candidate. We don't believe in just because we're too scared to do anything else, and we can't ask other people to vote a candidate. We don't believe in Denmark. That's when, when we figure out what is right and we get out, and fight for it. I am not afraid, and for Germany, to win. You can, the Euphrates are now We talk a lot about flexibility, that's her elect ability, argument, and that is gonna, be
probably the central argument in the home stretch of this race as we get down to whether its Elizabeth Warren or any one else was more progressive verses. By nor possibly anyone else who is an alternative to Joe Biden What did we think of Warren's argument there and did any of the moderate candidates make a decent counter argument that pick up, but this is the first time we look. I think it's a good line. It's good sentiment, it's hard to argue with there's a pretty bad strong man buried in there, and there is also the fact they like? We should do Now the upsides in the downsides of various policy proposals and candidates. Inward word we are fooling ourselves. If we don't have a tough convert, patients not just about what we believe in The realities of those plans are impact on people and Republicans will say about them. Yes, I agree with PETE that way and worry about without trouble say. Donald Trump will lie but
That does mean we should be blind to the political realities of the things were were taking on as a party yea, it's like we ve gotten fuckin crazy. If we we shouldn't, worry about what Donald Trump says. We shouldn't worry about Republican say we shouldn't worry about with the insurance companies say we should worry about voter, say yeah. Because we are trying to raise talk. We are trying to win voters so, like don't we ve got is a million times on his behalf CAS what PETE said. You know which is they're going to call you. So That's no matter what so dont baser policy on them. That's true, Dubai! your policy, at least in part, on what the american people want. Ye I shoulda wake up in October of next year and see the most devastating it's possible run on purely policy grounds. That would be a bummer. If there are accurate, I think they're you'd. It is worth exploring the premise of the question yeah, which is as is discussed. Pragmatism is tied to winning and idealism is tied to losing and there is a lot of
out of political history, recent or otherwise that says that in your sales is a great tragedy when elections, and so I think, the pragmatism, was idealism. Is it a very important governing discussion right like what is the? What is the best policy we can get through the system of the consequences, politically with India finance of trying to push for Medicare for offers a middle class task adverse anticorruption. What kinda system, bear in terms of actual implementation, because Obamacare, which is a fraction of a complication of Medicare for all in terms of number peopled effects, was a huge undertaking to get down so trying to do that at least trying to do Bernie Medicare plan in a full with its four year transition period is going to be hard worth exploring that budgets in terms of pure politics. The idea that Middle the road pragmatism means winning is not I think we should not accept that premise. Yachting right. So I think that part of the problem is right idea. Also, idealism versus pragmatism also become
they stand in for left versus sent and popular amongst Democrats and brow. The popular, but, of course that's not true, you know there are would have become. You mean from democratic positions, previously thought of as too idealistic or too liberal things like a well tax that are now broadly popular amongst Democrats, Republicans and independence. To me, though, I've then really important about that moment. With what Elizabeth Warren said there and I think Millie? If she is the nominee, it will have been a pivotal mom or at least shows the Argo and tat she was going to make tat to put herself on a path to becoming than nominee. Is there something regarding what you're saying she sang you like me, you, like the policies I promote, you think I'm smart, you think I'm ahead of some of the other people you tell posters I made up, you know it implied in the pauses. I may not be electable budget, but you like what I kind of present and I would be I'm a leader on policy. Take the truck, You haven't me there and trust me that you don't need to be.
Of making me the nominee trust my judgment on the action that you trust me that you trust I have on policy, and Well, when I mean it, and I think whether not it's true, I don't know, but I do think it is the first time she has had on said. I'm not you know. You like me, and you think, I'm smart, you think you can trust me. It is incredibly important questions come with me. The last part of the drive, the last part of the trip in its work and its illegibility argument because which she saying is. I think it is easier to win with everyone back, candidate. They truly believe in to win with a candidate that we are only backing, because we believe that there, the most delectable person and that they find sheath and should make the argument that that passion that intensity- will help bring out more voters than purely focusing on who I think, and when so that's Ragman went again, it's we don't know, and it also No, you see it in her conduct. Right like she is incredibly feisty an energetic during that debate. You know she's
stays two to go on television told all hours of the night? She does the selfish stays on she's, like everything he's doing a signalling that she is but is fully committed invested in the fight and confident in every step that she's making and trying to inspire people to have the same confidence. So Delaney response was yeah. I think Democrats when we run real solutions, not impossible promises. When we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. So the whole exchange actually reminded me of exchanges that used to have the Brok Obama used to have with Hillary Clinton in two dozen in development and Bill Clinton, and it just you and love. Did I got this to being on the other side of it, but you knew that we had her when One person in a primary one can eight in a primary is arguing for like idealism and fight for what you believe in and the other cannons response is just constantly
Rowan, cold water, on the hat and saying, like you know she used to say bragwaine was, is giving people false hope you making promises. You can't keep I'm doing real solutions. I think that was one of our slogan. Bernie use this exact argument very effectively against her. He almost one with this. This line of attack The challenge that we're after have is the yeah. I, like I totally agree trimming your sales are not effective. Governing strategy hasn't seem to be an effective political strategy. I'm trying to hold that thought side by side of my head with pawing the says, like sixty six percent of Democrats, don't want to lose their private insurance right like. How do we as Democrats or is that its people are people? Sorry people, rather than one of the Reverend shirts like how do we bounds, I know very heart, no one at something like what the trick for the moderate is. I think, there's a case to be made for the moderates, but it's it's tough to make that case from the state
point this other candidate is promising you something that you can't have believe less. You know like. I think one thing I think you can say is: why of the reasons the american people are so cynical about. Politics is that politicians over and over again have made all these promises and then the elections over and they go to Washington and nothing gets done because they over promise things and if we really want to make progress than we have to persuade the american people and now it's a tough fight and I'm gonna fight for but I want you to know that I'd rather take something that nothing at the end of the year. This unique weeds and since there are missing sort of like that, you know Shared brown would have been the Canada to do this right because he would have you know. You can't you. I don't you. Gonna attacks are shared Browns Boniface, as they say, ah, not being
grasses. But so there's like there's people would there's a heartfelt argument to be made by someone who say supports a public option, rosemary care for all saying this is, I believe in this, not because I want to do less or help people less, because I think we'll Pisa, that right will PETE Beyond is the one who I think has made made that the bet the closest to that argument. Peat is the only person who is making be moderate argument on moderate policy ground not political calculation. Everyone else howling himself Mart yes, everything, which is why its unfortunate we can have a full engagement of this debate, because You don't know one once thus to wear the scarlet em for moderate. They just wanna like maintain their elected Billy, but also still seems you progressive on Twitter, but this is why you know, I think it is important that we get to the next debate working of everyone on stage, because a debate between Comma Harris about her plan, Joe Biden about his public action plan and then burning Elizabeth is a
much better debate than John DOE. Any is a stand in, for something else is doing urgency talking points. So quick takes us about some of the other candidates. How do we think that Bernie did he did not? He chose not to go after Warren or contrast himself, foreign anyways or of locked arms with warned that ruins and sang and took on everyone else. How did he do compared to debate did help himself. Nobody was got yeah. I think he was a little sort of reticent. Not really, but he was really present in more than in the first debate in this debate. He will he sort of reminding people of why they really liked about between sixteen right. A charm to Bernie right He says I wrote the damn Billy, I'm funny you like him. I like that guy, like that version of Bernie, and I find it played yeah he was he was. He was tough. We need to be, but he was more happy warrior needs habited. Duncan TIM Ryan fermented yeah. I thought you did. I thought you did a great height totally forgotten timber. I was in that debate. Does not
what would we think about Mare PETE? We decide whether you know a bit. He came in fund raising leader is, if, in the polls last videos, ok, I think it a much stronger debate this last time you know to me there there is basically kind of there is there. Worn and sanders who I think both did well, but I think warranted herself more favours by think making the same similar arguments but doing it with a bit more stress and Bernie, then you had the moderates kind of I feel like that was a bit of a hash aspects. John Delaney stole the microphone and, and then you know, put hotel on her place And then, but then separate from the moderates, adding PETE Tat was kind of alone and didn't participate in that debate, but kind of stood outside of it. Sometimes he does his poetry thing. Greece, as yours, really going on here, and that has some value, but I gotta do well from some everything about Peter.
A soothing you now even the way he talks, he was to return a common all bound talk, a little slower it. I thought you did. I think someone problematic allowance, someone prepped him after last, to jump in more and make sure you get your message out there. Even if the question Does it lead you they're, naturally, because there are a few moments he just jumped in it sort of pivoted to his Billy message or something else, and I think sometimes it felt where's, but overall it made him more of her presence in this debate, and you know what he stands for more. So I think it worked for him. I
saying that it was a slightly awkward Saguenay Benita requesting on climate change and turned it into the political benefits of being a veteran running against yeah Donald Trump Cards, and whenever the lawyers I found rose, I voted. I was all of force one, but you know then people here, that's beechnut, look! Ok! Well now I know the message you get it did it well of you as far as that transition goes, I was in, I don't know who he is at its very best when he's doing set pieces right what he gets to his core message and that moderators will not lead you there, and so he went on, and I think, sort of both peat and better with the two other candidates onstage who had qualified for the third debate, resort of sort of their strategy. There are performers reflected that fact where they didn't need to cormorants, they kind of it felt like both of them rapidly be. There are they took advantage of moments, they came, but they were sort of embellish Jackie in fashion. Keeping their their plays. Their best plays in the play book until the game, the manner and come along for this, and I thought you would be there. I was hoping it meant cheating by stealing.
Teams city, I had a video camera, the coroner, yet we should. I bet oh, did obviously way better in this debate. Then the last debate mean that was a low bar, but also, I think I saw but our work up there and I was reminded why I liked him so much during the Senate campaign Yellow ISA Thoughtful, a decent, reasonable guy. I think he saw a few too many can't lines. I dont need to hear about the car of his convictions ever again. But please a race that from the prayer book and throw it in the trash, but other. Now that I think he added your agent, He didn't need as much of it. You need to do better, which we debated in much of as much of a strategy in this debate. I think the next debate he really has to figure out. Where do I position myself among these candidates and again the question he has answered? Why?
should I be president at this moment in time, is opposed to all these other characters on stage unknown. I don't think he's nail bout, yeah yeah, that's right, it's the it is. He has an argument like they all do, but the why his argument is distinct has not been fully fleshed out. Yet the September debate with nine or ten other people will be. Moment when he has to do with any one else, help themselves Steve Bullocks, first time up there, how we think stability as someone who expressed some frustration that Steve Bullock was not in the first debate has he was a cause he's a sitting governor from a red say: are yours excited about him, as you are about the loop supping, gossipping disappointed by these Mount state governors? I just You know you fought so hard to get to the stage complain so much about not being on the last stage, and you came therewith if, with a smile and a talking point and nothing else, attitude, I'm very frustrated. Like you have a you, you
You could be if you were, if you, if there was more substance there, an alternative to buy, you could be, say you know, I offer all the elect ability argument that Joe Biden does, but I'm for only one in a red state, an expanded, medicating there's a case that he could be making it just doesn't make it. You got a really effective electable. The argument just come sit in their didn't totally come through. For me that he did ok in the beginning with fine dust, an awesome cobwebs, but then He got in this exchange with Elizabeth warn about when you use nuclear weapons and just like exposed by you bit that he literally that nobody is talking about. She was like she was so happy to be in this exchange. Does he dismissed literally getting it completely wrong when he said you know, I like her the moderator, ass, the question of her and then I think what then Jager whomever just asserted that he disagreed, I think was how and he said quote. We need get back to nuclear proliferation.
That is any more than it is. I believe that today's it I mean deep proliferation. The other living great landed. Nonproliferation wants is less nukes everybody is. It was look see book in love it I get what you said about steeple, look on paper, Windsor Red State stilled you know took on campaign. Finance reform was but to expand Medicaid with republican legislature. We have a lot of friends and politics have been like pushing stable for a long time. People who I respect a river smart and I've always been sort of interested instability, but when I don't know both when I interviewed him and then when I you know someone sage- is just it's a little underwhelming for me, and I know some more the moderate pundits out there thought he he did well, but I just I did see it. It was a little too there wasn't a lot of substance. There was a lot of tongue points are not a substance risky, but he is a good typical politician
Why, I think a lot of people who have been in politics for a long time really likes the boy, but this is not a time that calls for typical politicians. That's a good way. To put it should and the first night debate by talking about Marian Williamson, who gave stirring answer? I'm reparations and ended up being the most googled candidate. Following the debate the barbarian Williamson I feel like I want to take, set aside the answer in reparations guy did think she offered a lot of honesty and clarity about the history of our nations, racial history and how awful it is and how unresolved a lot of it is setting that aside, I thought what What me about Mary, Mary Lamps, she has a very good job of diagnosing the fact that we can't be Trump with just white papers and with our brain thrust me some emotion and some you know, sir
level connections with people, and then she goes on to offer absolutely no path forward for how to do that and just dismisses everybody else up. There is a budget nerdy egg heads and its offensive when you haven't given a fuck about the Democratic Party until fifteen minutes ago, yeah. She definitely has much more of a I've, been watching politics on tv and hear my opinions, five yeah. Yes, very trompe, and after the day, it's almost like now, you type but foreign policy. So like what experience you have she's, let go my family. They were world travellers. Several verbatim, Re like that is disqualifying. I just also forget. Like that you're going and paying attention to polish fifty minutes and only she's been paying attention to the on the primary in which he is currently apart, because I am very sick, honestly of her going on that stage in saying no one on the stage is dogged about love, no one, speaking to the deeper tional trauma that the country is going through. Bugger. Does that does it? It's his campaign, I just I find it very frustrating disease a far more serious and thoughtful candidate than she is, and she or written
literally pretended doesn't exist because she thought of the three did that she wanted to say on the debate, so that is very specific. Her problem. But I really feel you're right, you're really frustrating We want to be in the next debate. Yes, I don't know she. I will skip and I mean look at em. You know Fox had the story afterwards. The the other issues, Mary Williamson, is because she hasn't got lot attention because you ve been one percent. You know she does have some views. Troubling lies. I learned why the troubling, so you know she did call mandatory vaccination orwellian interconnection. She later apologize pointed to statements in the past where she said everyone should get their kids vaccinated. She did say that issues its very she's, one of people who goes there in the dust go there and is so it sort of, and then you know, she's also talked a lot about antidepressants being over prescribed, though, and that is also set. Of course people should take anti depressants
there were prescribed so like there's a debate to be held in these things, but you dig into her views on medicines of that year like it's, not it's not complete crazy, but its troubling shears not like it is unfair and ridiculous to converted outcrop yeah like based the opposite people, but there is this Ellen and of a person with no experience and see me we limited knowledge pontificating for years right and what is happening in the world with no consequences for being rocketing their position now running for president and yes, in all the in all these courts that come up from her box. I dont need someone with. Like you know, bachelors of arts telling me went to tick, Anthea depressants or not raise our really how this goes well, I'm d: should we talk of organs of the second night about the format moderators? We canyon, I will say I will. I don't find
self and I've been watching these debates, thinking that the moderators are really responsible for the quality of the debate were having, and I think you actually can make make that case based on what we want. We watched over two nights because I came away from the first night thinking yeah, the rhythm was weird in the beginning there is, and maybe there was too many times where people got caught off, but I thought it was ultimately a substantive debate that I came away, feeling kind of good about the field and how they behave. That night. At night to I went directly to a Mcdonald's drive to get up and get mcnuggets because I was felt it was like sour combative small. It made me think we're going to lose so I dont as right enemies, the same group of people moderating boat knights, who, ultimately, when people have a problem with questions. I do think mostly. It is a problem with how the how did it responded, there's always an element of somewhat over correcting from the previous debate right there. Too much interrupting in the first debate on CNN, set a set of rules to do that there was people really hated. The one word answer and raise your hand, questions of seeing got rid of those. I think that
AIDS or moderated fine. I agree that in the very beginning there were little overly doctrinaire about the time limits when you're cutting off was with more than one of a storm and added Barkin, that's probably not ideal, but they adjusted for it, and it was better as the debate went on and it was better the second night, and I think generally like we can disagree with the framing of the questions we can disagree with. So the perspective, the brain to a but ultimately all the dates as far have been about policy, and there have not been a bunch of the sort of political got, your questions that have dominated debates, media cycles. I think that is a positive, the better it- was a moderate, a little bit tight in the beginning. In the end they relax. That I mean people are, I think, rightly frustrated by the framing of some of the questions. Bernie call them for public and talking points, but its incumbent upon you, the person on stage not to take that bait the answer, how you want to Answer- and you want to learn-
to do that, watch Elizabeth Warrant, she could teach him master class. I think the beef I had with the CNN debates generally it just like the amount that their milking them for as much cash as humanly possible, starting with the power ball, pick em process and then a fifteen minute, PETE Pre role into a commercial break. Before we start the fuckin questions, like that's a little ridiculous and so yeah me, but not jake its autonomy said: Diana Bash, their great journalist, there's more people are doing their best tart. You look. Do I wish that all debates were moderated by people who were issue experts in the areas and activists and then maybe they'd be more substantive and we get the weeds on policy yeah, but, as long they are put on by networks and moderated by journalists. I think that you have journalist going to an end and networks are going to search for conflict between the candidates. Now some conflict as import to have these are important debates on. We need to have them some. Seem like, there are little sillier, but
When you are a candidate. Your job is to reject the premise of a bad questions. Or an unfair question and deprive it to something. That's no more important and, more substantive, like that's your that's what you learn in debate when someone ass you stupid question is a stupid question. I also think what, where there were a few moments to debate and in the throughout that United Debates were, you saw candidates, take advantage of the format and the kinds of questions that were ass. It was honestly deplores YO. Did this, I think Warren did this. I think Booker did this. Pete did this to some extent which, take a moment and say I mean a step outside of this current debate that unfolding and put this in the larger context of the fight that we're having to save the country. And to me what was missing in the first NBC debate that was a bit more present now was a room. Was Kennedy willing to kind of step outside of the format to kind of remember that yeah
moderators from CNN or Embassy NBC are in charge but you're running for president of the United States, who are supposed to be commanding and you're supposed to be able to hold the stage, and sometimes that requires taking taken, microphone and resetting the debate and showing that you can do that in part, because we need them to do that as president and because we need that we need someone. Who's gonna be able to do that when they faced Donald Trump. I I think as a broader discussion to have at some point about the wisdom of the Democratic party handing over the top. And most important knights of the primary process to media entity. Whose interests go far beyond informing democratic voters. Not the democratic policies of democratic candidates just There is no reason in the in this age. At the Dnc could not put this on itself stream, it offer broadcast quality, streams to CNN Msnbc Fox, who would almost certainly take it and then, the debates conducted by progressives, subject matter, experts, the
It is ultimately unseen. Animism, you see ABC Reverences interests to make it good tv, because this is a profit making enterprise for that they have to get a return on their investment, you can do it in a different way and I think I wish. Would there have been more outside the box. Thinking about this. Instead of re running the same planet, we were running on debate since the sixties. Pod, save America's broad you by the New York Times, You may or may not know it, but the New York Times often behind the stories that you hear about another news outlets or online? They did reporting on Harvey Wine scene and Bill Riley reporting its credited with helping to spark the meat to movement. And they ve been doing a ton of reporting on immigration, family separation showing which really happening on the border. They even found the youngest known child separated from his family. At the? U S, Mexico Border a four month old baby. Fourthly stories Times journalist go to extreme lengths, putting together facts and details from interviews documents and on the ground reporting
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No response center, absolutely unfortunate. Vice President Biden, you just simply an accurate and what you're describing the reality is that our plan will bring health care to all Americans under a Medicare fraud system. Our plan will allow people to start signing up on the first day, babies we'll be born into our plan and right now, four million babies almost are born every day in America or every year in America. Under our plan, we will ensure that everyone has access to health care. Your plan, by contrast, Leaves out almost ten million Americans so I think that you should really think about what you're saying but be reflective and understand that the people of Amerika want access to health care and do not costs to be their barrier to getting so General Biden hits Harris on the cost of the of her plan. Thirty trillion dollars by seven, seventeen, fifty billion near transition. He says you know
where, if anyone who tells you that is me something good, but it's gonna take ten years. It's a sacred random. I now is the vital you lose employer, base insurance and then does talk as you heard, on the plan because she signed onto Bernie, originally and then change to this other plan last week and then here sit on buying is that it leaves out ten million people, and she also mentioned the killing civilians, who was Obama's health and Human service secretary during the SBA, endorsed her plan. How do we think this exchange went compared to the first night exchange over healthcare. Only my very simplistic take away was it felt like Harris had a hard time explaining own plan, which meant I imagine most people had a very hard time. Setting out the differences, yeah and violence? I think both of them sort of both did not have very serves strong defenses of their plans
it got into the weeds very forgets at that: the challenge of almost single pair, almost Medicare for all versus the clean Medicare four hours, which is much easier to tell people what it is right for burning worn. What would you think I agree? Neither of them did a great job of making the case for their plan for the sake of their plan. It was a sort of defending the individual parts of it. I am curious about the political rationale that brought Kamel Herriston, this version of the plan for me too, has the part it. I think it's a. I think. It's a good plan. I think from like, at eight from a governing perspective, arguing that he's gonna take ten years rather than four years to get to sit to universal coverage through a medical, for our plan is a very it's, a very rational argument of which you can make a case for, but the part where binding hitter for doublespeak is on private insurance in the getting rid of private insurance,
but she has developed a plan. It still does that, and so I'm not like. I don't know why you wouldn't just I don't think she his solved or political vulnerability that she got from sir, from signing on a burmese plan depriving perceive honour like she clearly so there is real political risk in having signed on a Bernice plan, so she adopted a plan that is less aggressive but maintains most of the same political respite allows you this talking point about Medicare for vintage plans, which is different. People are not people what some people are afraid of losing their private insurance. They are not die if the opportunity to buy an additional private insurance planned. It serves as a supplement to Medicare for yet so Biden is technically correct when says her plan would eliminate employer based insurance. You employers would not be allowed to give insurance to employees anymore, but employees then have or every American has the choice at the end of his ten years, where you can either and role in the government Medicare Plan or you can buy a private insurance plan that is
heavily regulated by the government and has the same regulations almost as the government plan. So it's like yeah, you can choose that, but it does do away with a system of employer based insurance, which you could say, like Oak, if I enter it? Is it is genuinely addressing and honestly more bold from, Harrison. I actually expected based on you she signed under the Bernie Plan, but I think a lot of Democrats did and then had the same political concerns that Dan is raising, so it wouldn't when she was coming out with a planet, I would have been thus surprised to see her and up where mayor P. Is or where some of the other candidates are public option. This is not that this is incredibly almost feels very it. It's some the ten year window and the keeping of options for people when their signing
four Medicare plan, it feels like its many in many ways, answering practical governing questions more than its answering some of the political questions which it I kind of respect in terms of waste in terms of reaching it. But then what I found striking during this debate, which I think speaks to the flip side of the strength you showed in the first debate, was she's tough debater. She makes you can hit align but like what I didn't feel was like someone dying to get out there and kind of pitcher plan and explain why it's the best plan of just was, a lot of very that they argue. Between Biden and calmly, around healthcare reminded me, the part of a comedy when, when two dad's you ve never fought the forest are fighting. You know, pulling at each other in like rolling around on the ground, but not really landing punches. They both stand up in their covering shit to dad what movies this mighty It's like you know what I mean you don't move in. The movie were too like kind of like pudgy dad. You ve never thought before end up fighting Pablo marker that you guys, don't I didn't we
the hit on binds plan leaving ten million out is, I think, a fair haired that errors in one because own plan says it yeah. Well, what happens is now that the individual mandate has been repealed me affordable, correct. That was the tool to make sure that everyone buys insurance and you want to when to buy insurance because of a whole bunch of wealthy and healthy people don't buy insurance than costs go up for everyone else. Now, there's no individual mandate, it doesn't seem like binds plan, will bring back the individual mandates a while. He has a public option, while health care would be available to every single person in America. There's a lot of people who might choose to go without it and that harm new overall insurance pool, so it is a very it's a figurehead and he sort of like my plan covers every one. Does not yours like well your websites as ninety seven percent of people, that you don't think that was that was what part of this debate was so can so frustrating that you know, Biden also try to launch, I think, a hit on single payer that no one had made in the previous debate, which is it's true, that no one would pay a co pay or deductible, but because taxes
up for everyone according to Bernie in a way when does have today What I'm at that deductible is out of your paycheck in the form of tax, yet you're gonna name organise a fair hair. It's affair had everybody's, going to collectively pay a yearly cost for everyone's healthcare, which is how how it should work, but he just there's a kind of lack of. Facility in delivering some of these punches that I just eat. You you're not really following core buggered good job. When he served jumped in and said you know try. Was enjoying this fight more than any one, and we are dividing our party in the face of the real enemy here also warrant had said something like that the night before then, he said binding to face any fair by an affair. So there is a big exchange over criminal Justice Catalina by an inquiry bugger unless backlit pressing the serene grounds the arm. Why do you announced in the first day as Euro tolerance policy,
of stop and frist, and higher ruby. Juliet is guy in two thousand and seven, when I was trying to get rid of the crack cocaine miserably present is a saying in my community are deepening the Kool aid and you don't even know the flavour of the city of nor and see the reforms that we put in place. A new Jersey head of the eight zero you. I said that I embrace reforms, not just an action, but indeed, sir, you are trying to shift the view from what you created. There are people right now in power and for life for drug offences, because you stood up and use that tough on climb phony rhetoric? We got a lot of people elected, but destroy communities like mine, the better of this one at the and what we think about Booker's performance in general. I thought it was quite good. Corvo credit great second debate really dead,
in its funding. He is a happy warrior. He smiling big he's laughing. He even then, when he was sitting by even at the expense of reminds me of Wind Biden, would debate and twenty twelve and two thousand that Big Cheshire grand rightly we sought I once last night from by the rest of the time he looked pretty unhappy to be up there, understandably, citing Corey Booker went in with properly lower expectations in far exceeded them. He also didn't take a punch from anybody read this. I will equip the moderation like on the foreign policy questions you could ask where Booker. Why he's? I think the only person on the stage it doesn't. We're getting back in IRAN Deal and read, thus starting up negotiations with Cuba again returning it so that diplomatic agreement and yet we didn't really get it. That contrasts point for him. Would you the global Booker was great and then he had the best. Bait. Perhaps of anyone, and though I put a small african that because Elizabeth Warren was phenomenon the first debate, but it is not, we need to see her debate. Someone other
and already right. You know she's right, like you just not. I think you are We began with anyone, but we haven't seen her debate. At half year, contender she's been a bit like when Kramer's to fight those kids article. As you know, I think Booker did work lover. What annoyed about Marian Williamson, which, as you say, that book are always talks about sort of the healing and of in the bigger problem. I think he does but he's because he'd been taken Biden in the press of last couple weeks that part of his message is sort of been lost, and I thought it was back last night is opening and closing statements which are usually awful for everyone or quite good for Korea Bucker, I thought, and then he had. He had this balance where he got his message out a positive message out, but he did draw contrast with Biden when he needed to draw contracted by an end didn't do it. None of it seems to smaller to nasty it wanted to line a few times, but I think it was all fair and he did it with a smile, humor
and humour that they mean that was going on to obey line was the most we. A line of the entire debate means is about president I'll send you know I was very frustrated great book after the first of all, because anything other than his opening and closing. There was no actual delivery on that message. Around healing and love and being bigger, and then I think, actually at a few key moments throughout this debate. Did that- and it was incredibly welcome in a debate that was otherwise very small and very sour and ass, a surprise. It Biden has not figured out a way to talk about the crime bill, yet in a satisfactory way, which is like there's a version of this where he could say yeah, you know what it was. It was wrong a lot of things we did that bill and it was a bill that was supported by the congressional black hawk us at the time. By a whole bunch of Democrats, we all made a mistake and we ve learned over the years- and I spent my entire career since then trying to fix those errors in you know trying to end the disparities
and crack at a crack, cocaine, sentencing and all the rest of the summer, he talks about that gives way to do that, but it it's sort of speakers larger problem. You gotta get back two saying starting With- and he did this Iraq or vote later yeah. I was wrong, but what I've done sense than that Rejoinder is so much more powerful than hey Brok. Obama vetted me in two thousand and eight didn't have any problem with any of this stuff. That sounds like you Brok Obama as a human shield, and I don't think it's gonna work with Biden. I wonder if I think I wonder if that works with some group of people other than I think it. I think it probably does by buying, would make his life so much easier if he could use a line using that Charleston speech when he was doing clean up on his comments, are working, segregationist, witches times of change, and so on so have I, right leg, just saying that voters will give you a wide berth for things that happened a long time. It was the most interested in what you ve done recently. What you can do, your president and Biden has a good story to tell their on all of these issues, including criminal justice reform, which we tried to do it
I'm not. He seemed more interested in attacking Corey Booker about what happened, inquiry Booker City than in that case from someone. I think that is a mistake, as I know, I'm not sure what medical goal that serves other than showing punch upon some of the face. Yeah yeah there's a there weakness actually shared by binding and common law, which is their making their case again. Its trump. That's what they're openings in closing are about. You know it and it is a fight for the soul of this country that the peace, I think I'm missing from Biden is this statement of. I've been in the arena, I've been hearing, for forty years, and I made mistakes and I've succeeded I've and I've and I failed, but you know you know I'm not. I don't need to run for president, but I'm running because I care about. His countrymen defeat our job and there's a really important things. We need to do, there's no, he doesn't go, from saying we're in a fight for this offer solve this country a fight, we were and if we win the election right, I mean that's basically what he sang, and so it was.
Invulnerable when someone like where Booker comes after him, because he doesn't have that that that that kind of high ground to return to of the kind of president he's too yes, he's gonna be rather than just argue about the past commas exact same problem, because once What comes after her when she's attacked she can't take, it should get run up the hill and say here's my larger case for myself, not just against Trump, not just about the past, but what I will do from day. One. The best politicians turn their weaknesses in the strengths and binding could take his long public wife, which, like me, these arguments, but what bind did in the seventies and eighties but let me just add witches I've been doing this my entire life and have made mistakes and I've learned from them and a bed in that experience in the things I've learned is going to I'd and should, if binding, could say, aversion what Lovejoy said, which is. I've been doing this my entire life and have made mistakes and I've learned from them and the
then, in that experience, in the things I've learned is going to make me a better candid against Trump and a better president. My high tech, like may make you're your age in your experience, an advantage on a disadvantage and he has been unwilling to do the things you ve been on the defence, the entire time ally in these debates, and part of that is because everyone else has taken shots we're gonna go through every one else doing that to buy, and so it's hard it's a hard thing to do. But in your mind. You have to be say: ok, I'm going to defend this attack and then I'm pivoting and I'm gonna talk about my positive message. He didn't get a chance to do that, really What are the tense moments when buying was criticised repeatedly by hooligan Castro and Build De Plaza over the Obama administration record on deportations and bite? Support for the law that makes crossing the border
illegally, a criminal violation, verses, a civil violation. Here's a clip, our former vice president. It looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. Let me begin by telling you just sort out by answering that question. My immigration plant would also thinks the broken legal immigration system, because we do have a problem with that. Secondly, the only way that we're going to guarantee that these kinds of family separations don't happen in the future is that we, to repeal this law. There still gonna be consequences. If some Crosses the border, it's a civil action also we have six hundred and fifty four miles offences. We have now of personnel at the border, we have placed we have the we have helicopters. We'd have a security. Savary has not. We are politicians. I'd ask. I have some doubts on this issue. Thank you secretary. So, do you think the critique
a binding on immigration and deportations. The past is fair. Yes, Diving Biden has in most unsubtle way possible wrapped himself in the clock. Brok bar the selection- and so you like anything either way bucker unequivocal. May this final stage was you? Can have a good and not have the bad. Now I think the There is more new wants to that critique. There was apparent on essays last night because what is true is that- and I think Brok himself said this was we did not do a good job of having ice. Take a humane approach: deportations. When in the first in the earth in the first few years for carriers. But after that point Obama Chuck Save executive action not just on numerous, but on a broader class of immigrants later on it changed over time and so think you can write, it is a fair critique of those early years and Biden has risen.
Its president has some response has responsibility for that. He must. He should answer for that, but we have to be, I think, fair and appropriate to everything else that happen under under Obama, the deportations, the other thing I was surprised to hear from Biden has he was unwilling to defend any deportations whatsoever by the end of the Obama administration. There are two categories: only two categories of people who were targeted for deportation, dangerous criminals, which everyone agree with, and recent arrivals people who just came over the border and then they are caught and their than there are sent back and you should be able to stand up for deported recent rivals, because, if you're not willing to devort recent arrivals to the country, people who just crossed the border illegally, then you're not going to deport anyone. Then it really is over borders, and I, but I think there is a fear mats days from bite and others to defend any kind of deportations whatsoever. So when you hear who, in Castro talk about you know, we got to the second debate about one thousand three hundred and twenty five again you know you her Castro's. They look. Weather
what, whether one thousand three hundred and twenty five is repealed, or not? We're still going to be able to detain and deport people who come here illegally. You're like oh yeah, that's correct! So then why are we? Huge debate like that. The thing that drive me crazy about this immigration, on stage is the so much agreement between all these candidates on the major planks of immigration policy and immigration. Reform, stop Donald Trump, inhumane policies. Stop mass detention, stop mass deportations, family separation, you know make sure that asylum seekers get fair proceedings then by the way, legalise eleven million people who here who were undocumented. They all agree on that and all of them we push for that as president yeah. Some once again, we were left with build a blog actually being the one to stand up and say what are we doing here? You know, let's
the actual reality of our broken immigration system and what we have to do for the millions of people who are already here. You know we have become trapped in this one thousand three hundred and twenty five debate and park is what John is saying this her fear of saying anything that runs counter to the left position but also because I think a lot of us can it soon have a strong argument if you'll come while making around broader immigration from their just not comfortable inside of the issue, but if Turkey, their cultural and ninety percent agreement, but right now the promises of a reminds all over the healthier debate that you as an acre pain, which is health care, was the most important domestic issue in that keeping, at least until the economy collapse. At the end and oh bomber continent, Edwards had very very similar plans and we ended up fighting about the individual mandate, of which I would not have AMO and all of us, sign of by like that became the issue where it was like auto, enrollment verse. The individual mandate was the core debate in We're Donald Trump is locking kids up in cages right and trying to basically put in place,
ads on immigration for all non white people. The idea that were arguing about a section of war that is only cause. I related to the thing Castro says it's related to is, I think, a huge it's. It's a huge problem for the larger narrative, almost Commandest primer, yet, and so this before, and I think people to judge did a good job of making this point the first night, like you, can make a good argument for hulyan pastors position that we should repeal one thousand three hundred and twenty five. You can make a good argument against it. But either way it's not going to change a president's ability to either an family separations, or still do people who shouldn't be here. Peanut made both sides that argument. Pete was the only one who made it created some problems for himself on this issue because it did like he was offered getting rid of one thousand three hundred and twenty five in the last debate. Miss debate- you didn't say so explicitly, but it does seem, like he's, maybe walk backwards
and he he ended by complaining. That's what's wrong with raising your hand, type questions which you can tell us him saying he didn't really want it. On that position right I mean you know, look fundamentally the what will encounter us as the only way we can stop a president from conducting family separation in the future is by repealing thirteen twenty five when it seems like that's not true, you could just pass laws, part of comprehensive immigration, that bans families operations are a lot of things you can do legally as executive order legally. Without introducing this very, I think, politically risky criminalization, verses, civil debate. You can pass a law that says no asylum seeker ever will be subject to criminal prosecution and no family will ever be set. You can, you can still say that will be a criminal violation just for people who are not asylum seekers and not come and tell you. Dont have to waive compress immigration forming Nancy Pussy, good path that tomorrow, in a present, by the way through
action could do most yet another bit on the book since, like nineteen twenty- and it's only happen once right, ok, so since a Biden wasn't the only candidate who took some incoming at one point, tells you Gabert, unloaded opposition research file, Uncommonly Harris's record as a prosecutor. Let's take a lesson Senator Harris, says she's, proud of her record the prosecutor- and that should be a prosecutor present, but I am deeply concerned about this record too many examples to cite, but she put One thousand five hundred people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it. When she was asked, if she ever smoked marijuana, she blocked evidence. She blocked evidence that would have created an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. Chic people in prison be on their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California, and she fought to keep cash bail system in place that impact poor people in the worst kind of way
cigar birds attack fair? Do we think about exchange. No, yes, a little unfair. I mean, I think that we are talking about this We are in the office Amene Kamel Harris has been criticized roundly for not supporting the death penalty in the case of a police officer who was murdered in San Francisco. On the flip side, when she was attorney general in California, she defended the policies of the state. So it's a hard thing to be a lawyer, yet I think I think Gabarus attack was like half in places right having like really dug into common Harris's record for paying tribute of our series. It is very complicated and there's some parts of her record as a prosecutor. She should be very proud of, and she was out had ever mean that sort data. Story about the death penalty thing out of. If you realize it's like she, so she decree
to seek the death penalty for this cop killer at the funeral. Diane Feinstein stands up and says this is not just a tragedy. Is the tragedy where the perpetrator should have and subject to the death penalty. While Harris was sitting right there at the funeral, and everyone turned her just like laid interfering and Harris took in so this is what I believe so, like that's a very courageous thing to do: she's attorney general. She defends the department of Corrections instead of California on behalf of you know, pursuing the death penalty so was in his great when she said well, that was my jobs, but my client was the state of California to follow the law. This is sort of What were come was dealing with. I think, as we near the term, Ernie, general and you're, not just purely a political figure. Sometimes you, you know you have to defend things. You don't want to defend yeah I gotta say I mean I think he was in a very effective attack from gathered them just to be a shitty pundits per second, I was surprised at how hard it landed
surprised that once again, no one on that sage was willing to say to tell gabert. Ah I don't take your criticism from someone who hangs out would Bashar Al Assad there, seriously it like that is. Come was set out in the debate. They all keep doing it out. They are debated in the spin ruby. Now what I'm not saying that a fair, substantive critique right mean like worse or have been the Pandit in pundit land now, but you could punch back really hard now something that also Gabert is going to reach a swathe of the left that likes her dance I wore intervention is pro marijuana legalization world. I think she'll get some traction under this. I really did. I would make the point that toxic, embers of very good debater yeah. She is good in these moments. He delivers points clearly and simply and strongly I mean she crushed him Ryan and at first debate we cannot forget that we tend to forget him right,
but I just I forgot my last minute since you ass much it's it's very easy. The riot dim Reign was done Don twice once by ones by Tulsa, Gabardine time by a seventy seven year olds. Brooklyn, you just sort of just just getting bad at around the court. How do we think that come did in general. I dont think her performance in general was strong, as it was the first time at all. She said I think part of it was you know she wasn't as comfortable debating turbine about health care. She was about the sing issue from last time, and I also think because she took some incoming herself as now awaiting him, you know she was on the defensive a bit more. Yeah. I don't instead of a good night. I don't think it is terribly, but I think expectations are really high and her case is when you are not going to have a really clear vision for the kind of present you be when you're not going to lay out exactly why you care so much and I'm going to fight so hard for this nomination, and your case is about
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like you follow the you know. You follow the curve of the other side of the of the area, but like you're, not like you know, using it like a fuckin piece of laws, lay all my life, but now a commercial again. No one asserted that that is all in your head. Anyone. You know like in that in one hour Spencer's, but today, Well, you know what he's only recently had a flag that we talk about, surrendering to having sex on a previous add zone. Was their hats you said it, for ago. You bet you did that you did you calculated it anyway. What are we talking about? The cash Alianza payment at its payment that everyone's using, including answer number one most downloaded finance.
You know those up, you know the old. Could the old allergens cartoon oh yeah, whenever they gather shower they? Would you take a talent? You can you go along the back and they will go on the run duties that it that's what spent as what has been answer? How do you set your claiming on your face down the cash I helped on his shoes and help Spencer Spencer, good dry last person pylon Joe Biden was cares. Angela, who sort of attack out of the blue one, kind of out of the blue. Is her staffer accidentally previewed at that yeah, so this attack workings of Ngos is that was previewed in the press before and she she used to calmly. This answer on equal pay too, then pivot too, and The Joe Biden wrote in nineteen eighty one where he argued against expanding a child tax credit for wealthier couples,
Let's play that club, I think we have to have a broader conversation about whether we value women and whether we want to make sure women have every opportunity in the workplace, and I want to address vice President Biden directly the sun was debating middle class affordability for child care, He won't do not that voted against the always vote. What would he eroding our bad was that he believed that Women working outside the hall would quote, create the deterioration of family He also said that women who were working outside the whole world quote avoiding responsibility and I just need to understand as a woman whose words my entire career as the primary wage earners as the primary caregiver. In fact the second, my second son Henry is here, and I had him when I was a member Congress. So under president bite analysis, Am I serving in Congress. Region
seeing the deterioration of the family because I'd access to quality, affordable day care. I just want to know what he meant when he said that suit the factory workers have waited on this, and I have pointed out that she has completely miss characterized the opt out in his position. He never specifically mentioned women. The what his argument was in the bed was that a child care tat subsidy should go to middle class and poor families, and those families should not, through their taxes, subsidized child care for wealthier families. And then he went on to say that if you are wealthier family, then, if you just always leaving your children day care than you are somehow, maybe shirking responsibilities, which is certainly something to take us,
but it was not the other thing and then you know, Biden responded. It was like you know. I have one wife was deceased, my current wife, how both of them work they worked. While I was in office, we had two parents working, Our families, and also by the way I was a single dad and raise both my kids- So I know what it's like to be a single parent having to work. You know, so I don't know that it landed at all between two points, one just in general, don't tell us, If your attack like by knew this was coming, he was ready. He had a scripted answer. Sicily be smart about this right. This would be like if Doug Petersen were to medium postmark, fairly special before the Superbowl at what are you doing like you just so stupid and to its binds record is filled with problem, Maddox dances over a long period, partaken a lot on choice in issues, women's reproductive freedom,
and I need a hell you, that's you totally fair to talk about that. It just don't understand modular brain pick, this one overstated the case and when asked richest. It made no sense and then shoot interview at this morning on CNN. We should try to defend this and they played Biden for jointer, but he said you said all these nice things about me before and I know things change when for president and asked her about it. She's, like you know, I stole up Joe Biden, respect them. Is it you can't love respect someone, but then also think that they have this horribly problematic view about women that is massaging. This is massaging the stick and outdated accelerate. Just it's very. It's just wasn't great yeah I mean look, there's a reason. I think Corey Booker's exchange with Biden, redounded, decreed Booker's benefit and this change with modular brand, blew up interface and its because, when you're gonna go into somebody's record, when you go into somebody's history, you're not doing it, because that
an incident all those years ago is incredibly salient unimportant. You're doing is you're trying to build a case against the person today. This is the kind of her they are now. This is the kind of leader they'd be now. This is what's wrong with them now and I dont think, Jellyband could conceivably stand by the argue. That Joe Biden into doesn't nineteen, please women should work out of the hall. I didn't say tonight, eighty one, the Abed Nigeria, one is bonkers right. It is. It is very old. It's like it's a people putting Dozens of nursing homes and day care centres is a statement about our lack of taking responsibility for o r r r r families. It is very old fashioned, but you, you have to criticise it in that way. You're a weird up at yeah is doubly were bright Blake. If you're going to put together this big head in the sand, really accidentally preview it you have to be as precise, locking that possible. So this morning, her point give me a break who one thousand nine hundred and eighty one was going to stay home to watch children, it's obvious typical fam and typically in most families, it was women. Fair OKC
but in the debate she said he wrote in the op, was that he believed that women work outside the home would quote, create the deterioration of family, and it's like you just can't be that in precise you, not put those words in his mouth that that fundamentally change the meaning of the opt out and think you can get away with common Harris when she went after him on buses that first debate. She like the prosecutor. She is locked that shit down she had. It was precise and again it's a problem of like when you get to present day. What do you do up us in aggregation, their problems there, but in terms of what she said about him in the past. It were she made sure that she had it mostly right and I think the children do not do that. I like centre, occurs in Japan. It was not a sincere in case she was making. It was not something she sincerely believe she could stand by, as evidenced by what she said the next day in what she said about Biden in public in the EU, ass? It was an attempt to find a moment in a debate in a campaign. Does not really working, and it is not now
working as she has failed to land punches on Joe Biden in the past. It is not working because she has not articulated a reason for her to be a candidate. She has offered bromides and talking points and and and various arguments over the course of these debates and over the course of her candidacy, and I was just mad about it. I just was like this is This is your. This is your final play to get to the third debate, to find an opt out from nineteen eighty one and launch an unfair attack against Joe Biden on that stage. When you couldn't stand by literally the next morning, we all over learn the lesson of the first debate in every one was looking for their common Harris dismembering Joe Biden moment, and it led to a whole two and a half two hours and forty five minutes whatever it was that just felt ugly endless socked argues that this Plenty of things are criticised. Vine about you, know, Kamel Harris picked up after Jill Brands attacks I him on his past support for the Height amendment and it was fair right. You
You just change the position of the high demand because you were running for president. It was a fair attack on Joe binds record on reproductive rights in the past sheet. She did it totally yeah, and you know what else you even in the clip you played of children and that it be. It actually spoke to the larger problem of what she was doing very they liked you, We need to have a broader conversation here at every man. When she has asked a question in that debate, even when it was in the midst of a heated argument on the stage she avoided a completely. There was a moment where Biden, an uncommonly were going at it. They go to jail. Ran on health care. She avoids basically the question then, when they go back to Camelot, she just disregarded jellybean entirely and went right back to the debate with binding, because that was the debate taking place on that stage. One July Brent refused to enter did anyone help themselves in this debate and why
it's a think. Elizabeth warrant did herself for sure quite a bit of good, because now she's had two very strong debate, performances and now we're waiting for the main event where she actually is on stage with both come layers and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders all of an MP british olive sir. The top five can her did himself a lot of good in this, and I think, I think for the to night to think Elizabeth Warrant did herself out for sure quite a bit of good, because now she's had two very strong debate, performances and now we're waiting for the main event where she actually is on stage with both calmly Harris and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders all of an unimpeded olive sort. The top five can It's your. I find it argument a little personal leaf frustrate. Thing maybe a touch unfair, but I do think Castro probably made a pretty good case for himself again in the debates in and didn't didn't take any punches. He was solid lessening he was all always I mean I think I don't see any like big moments like it in the first one, but I think he made his case from self deplore.
YO again at a good message delivered quite annoyingly, when he told our Vice President Biden that what we believe in redemption it was just so smarmy and obnoxious and really bugged me. The plaza- makes the best points in the worst way. Yes, but how our sitting buildable In short, the lady, in the same vein, is the kind of person whose report We not getting invited to a party is showing up anyway and they did so why we feel so bad about in general. I think I mean for me there is just you know. This was the debate where because everyone learn from becoming Harris hit on job, I'm in the first debate. They all six shots at Biden and in the first debate they were also fairly contentious as well. It was just it was way too much democratic Democrat. I was it felt like a debate that if some other reports and was president or it was an open race.
It would have been like, oh what a silly debate there just going after each other Donald Trump as president, and then this happening on stage people talking about you know, records in the seventies and is not over and over and over again, it's a start feeling like guys. What are we doing here? Were hundred and eighty six days out from, I would say that we have a long time for this thing, the heat up. Normally this stage we're talking about things believe in were were celebrating our colleagues on stage with us, which has got a little too this is the unintended consequence of the day and sees debate threshold, which is on stage last night, which is what made it different from the first night is only Biden, Harrison Booker had qualified for the next and everyone else doesn't have a great path to get there with the possible exception of Castro, and so this was do or die for everyone they had to empty the chamber with. Every attack every strategy, or than they had to do to have a chance of getting this one was hard for the reason you point out our wishes. You would no doubt metropolis president like it, we didn't
talk about it. That's why think Booker did Wealthy brought it back to that. We have this debate, debate seem small and diminishing in also we know a lot of the people on that stage. Right like we worked with island, we worked with Castro. We commonly Harris for a long time and there like savaging each other at this world, in which Donald Trump is doing insane shit to me, This country, worse, every single that I will say that anyone I I will say that even about some of the purely positive messages, Elizabeth Warrant, who reappraise all time there are still times and Elizabeth Warrant is talking. We're, like you, could be saying this in two dozen. Sixteen two thousand Doesn't it about the massive inequality and our common economy in the fact that trade, which I completely Amal in four but and I We ve also said to people. You don't need to be taken by our trump all the time Everything is about balance and while you shouldn't be talking about down from all the time, I don't think it's a good idea to over correct and pretend that somehow dont have a president in power who is not just a
racist sexes, xenophobe buffoon, but is danger in our democracy and the planet if single day he's an office, and we know it today, down is a symptom of a larger problem. What is the law? your problem. We are talking about the larger issues we're dealing with right now, yeah mean that is, I think, ultimately it. I think. That's the reason that the first, the knight of the first debate, I think, felt better to wash and the second because. There were moments in first debate, where Elizabeth Warren, as the kind of strongest and and and and candidate stay out, there can took the mantle that along with that and set the stakes and reminded people how big this fight is and how important this fight is in you know, with the language about idealism: em in an optimism rooted grapple in the car precision on night too, that was the job of either Biden or Harris. And neither one of them did it, and so Booker did it at times and can build a blog. You did it at times. Entities editor Bennett did it too, and I think
then it did also have, I think, ultimately, I think, a better night for himself. Then you can probably one of the better moderate argument of Argos can and must not easily who, I thought, had a view as James. We did a great army and charming figure up there, but in that This is, I think why you look by better than he did previously, but if we hadn t, Biden has such a terrible night. I do not think we would be describing what we saw as a front runner maintaining his position. He D better than before, but still not well. He simply does not have control of that stage, and it is very very unsatisfying as a result, because he is the ostensible front runner of the Democratic Party and he cannot command the state, should get it for one moment. Very started the debate when he made a really lovely point about everyone being: oh yeah. I really there was one of his best moment. It was one of his best moments. It was his only great moment and for the rest of the debate. I watch somebody on their heels, try to keep up and basically make it all the way through. But when you're supposed to be the front,
the Democratic Party, there's a reason we have not in our summit at the end of the debate mean you guys, probably member anguish, the ABC debate in Ireland, two thousand and seven when every single person, when after a bomber on foreign policy, was a foreign policy to be out, and it was about time the policy in negotiating with a ran and all of these things that are now the pulses Democratic Party in the rubble. But it is very hard when everyone's coming after you get so like. I want to pay by its performance, in that context, that if you were taking incoming from nine people, onstage it's her heart. Having said that, It is holding at times it there There are a lot of warning signs in it and we lights. We can ignore the fact that he, just in the most classic old person, thing possible mangled his website at the end right. I built at three three o three Joe, the I think. That's like me yesterday, trumps
zestfully browbeat the FED chairman. It's a cutting rates to help and politically and then lashed out a Navy prosecutors, because some right wing cause celeb means you have to support a Navy seal who probably murdered someone in captivity. Chuck suppose that with what we say, they didn't it didn't feel like we are up to. The task of kicking is ask as we need to that. I think I landed in feeling like Biden at a worse night, then the DC pundits redid in part, because I dont think his challenge in the first debate was really around. The substance of the bus in question is important, is all that is. It was that he kind of looked old in unprepared to take on. Donald Trump and there were a bunch of moments last night, where I thought he was halting like dance said- that the messing up the website thing, but also just sort of
didn't seem to have a handle on the rebuttals. He needs to have a handle on, and that does mean he's like old. It just means he wasn't ready to play. Any shit yeah, I think, would be improved on between the first and second debate is you know he has some of the best debate. Prep people in the country, you know, run clay. And he d done- and I think he on some of the rebuttals- he ran the playbook that they gave him and he got the lines out and it was effective. But I think when you are state with all these candidates and, most importantly, when you're on stage with Donald Trump, you have to be nimble and quick and off the cuff and a lot of times the play book that happened in debate prep go out the window, because there's gonna be a new issue and you have to be ready to fight, and I am worried that he is not there and by the way, you know who the good new, who is there good news is before we get to Donald Trump. Joe Biden is going to have to be honest age with
was with Warren Commonly Harris, Corey, Booker and PETE Buddha judge among others, and I think that will be a higher level. Challenge for him because Warns. I can let not gonna letter punches go by internet is gonna. She's gonna take her tat. She had taken shots. I I think we think of all these debates, in the context of who will be the best person to stand on the base age against Trump, and I do worried that is not the exact right way to think about right. Well, since Hilary one all that they might be dry Hilary one all three debates against tromp and still lost in this So the debates are not important, but I think there are other things that we should be working. For in there that both given confidence or concerns about various candidates is worth Angola's with war and has done very well thus far, but it
Like you see, Como Harrison at first debate and even a moment's last night, real like she would descend, bow Tromp just eat lake and he would be scared shitless of her. There is no doubt that he would be very afraid to be unsafe with, which is why he doesn't really attackers measures people, but there are other parts of our debate performance that give me concerns about her larger candidacy, which is, she makes the best most powerful argument against Trump Butter argument for herself thus far is that she makes the best most powerful arguments ass. Any new want candidates. You can both make the case against trumpet the case for themselves. Not just on the debates age, but on the stump every single day? from the data the intellectually. Three, a M agenda is not the case. It's an agenda. Its good is important. It is not the case for your kind, and I say this as someone who likes come on her. So much energy has like limit
potential? Yes, and I think you can even put together a theory in your head as to why she is the person if she can meet that threshold. Who is better able to put the other electoral coalition to get to do seventy if anyone running and she so in so smart- and it's like right there now in you like the coffee, as it is, early candidates grow oven. The was not rate at this. At this point, no sucked in some of these debates are always turns a terrible debater. Yet I think you're right yeah, that's where I found myself that was part of my answer was dry can drive through. That was a part of my like. What I was saying to myself was like commoner can take this nomination? If she wants it, she can't you can take it and there is the missing piece in it so important and very frustrated that were another debate in and that weakness is still there you're totally right. Let that ultimately, we'll be won or lost in the debate. But when we're the debates,
that we're evaluating basin who's gonna go Toto, Donald Trump, and that's the peace that still missing for her, that that, like got level, is why the healthcare part such as that she wasn't, I think, as you, know, live in describing her own policy positions, except when she describes her plan. It feels very much like she's running through the points of her new plan that that she came up with to answer some of the criticisms she offered previously. Not this, like gut level. Here's what I'm fighting for less thing I'll say is. I do think that, in the September debate is going to be room for someone on stage to say enough of all this fighting Donald Trump as president. Let's focus on that, I think's Who does that consistently like Warren Booker and Buddha judge all dead at times? In these two debates, I think that person will do really well and in we ve learned what this before. It may be the case that,
These things sort of wax and Wayne here, like the next debate, could be a much friendlier affair, because this one was so nasty. I let my plea that I would make to all the cannons you make that stage in September is you're. Gonna have ten plus million people watching that debate. Everyone take a little bit of your I may make the argument against, because it's not just the amber herself yet but like if we making of herself, but instead of arguing with it don't spend as much. I make an argument against rubbish, your against Biden or Harris Nemorin or centres like weeds, so rare that we actually get the hold the microphone in trumps America. That lets take advantage of it to articulate a case against it, so lost in this. It's like there's. No those does why the bide moment at the top of this it was so good. It's like hey guys. Ultimately, this is a team of people. Coming together to try to pick somebody to represent us together in the most important fight of our lifetimes and just that, ass to be there, because otherwise, you leave feeling, like somebody punch you in the face, tourniquets kitchen and in China.
Listen if you want to hear more about this, go to pod, save America, three three up dot net Walter, the British, there's this campaign by Europe. Thirty thirty, what a draft a youth that guy listening to Hamilton just by we'll go out nerdy. Do it I'll find you in already don't do that? It is better, have other I'd everyone. We will win, this again in September, when we just have so far. There's seven candidates on stage in September and cover more my club. If we, I think we're, I think we could be done to wonderingly get twelve. It's two nights. According to the rules, yeah, here's the thing we also you know if we get a physicist to September we did not discuss Andrew Yang, whose climate policy is moved to higher ground regarded as right? Well, that's that's a lie.
That's all, remember and worrying for in this debate that he talked about moving to higher ground for climate and he's he's gonna, give it one thousand dollars, and then you moved, I wrap. Wake me up in September ends. Right got it right Van Ryan. Reference, though, is this: are you can reverently lessening o tumble unwritten
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