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"Half past a Handmaid’s Tale.” (LIVE from Brooklyn)


Alabama Republicans pass the most extreme abortion ban in history, John Bolton tries to start a war with Iran, and Montana Governor Steve Bullock and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio round out the 23-candidate field for the Democratic nomination. Then New York Attorney General Letitia James joins Tommy, Jon, Jon, Dan, and Akilah Hughes on stage at Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

Audio note: At 13:01, Jon Favreau's microphone temporarily cuts out in the discussion about the Alabama abortion law. For clarity, here is his question to Akilah: "What can people do in the meantime starting now to protect access to abortion and to fight back?" 

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What's wrong.
Replied, save America, I'm John Faroe, I'm IKEA Hughes on John Love, it Tommy Resort audience. I thought later in the show. We will talk to one attorney general, whose not afraid of investigating Donald Trump New York's Latisha James is here and done, progress here in New York somewhere, where I was late for the show, a lot of traffic There. We have a lot of news to talk about from this week. Not all of it that great, on Wednesday.
Ok Ivy signed the most extreme antiabortion legislate. You ve heard of us some of those the most extreme anti abortion legislation in the country into law which would allow abortion by making it a felony for doctors to perform the procedure, even in cases of rape or incest. Offend a felony punishable by up to ninety nine years in prison, Public politicians have pushed similar abortion bands and states like Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi Kentucky and today Missouri a killer. What are the practical effects of abortion bands and restrictions like these? Do they actually said? women from getting abortion. Now they don't stop women from getting abortions. They just force women to have unsafe abortions. Honestly, I hope that there is a hell. For her sake, get burned there and
You know I live in Brooklyn and I live I'm pandering hard, but I'm from the south. And see. A lot of people in New York, or not from New York and I gotta go, I wasn't surprise that this is the way it when I know my entire life. It has been just a fight for women. Maintain the rights of rosy way it, and it's just it, sir. It's very disheartening, but you know we don't get through this Tommy plan. Parenthood covers the most extreme abortion been since Roby Wade was, cited, and even Governor Ivy acknowledged when she signed the bill that this Alabama law, maybe unenforceable. So if she thinks it's an enforceable, what is this? strategy behind passing a bit like this it's a very good question me even Pat Robertson, said that the bill might have been a little too extreme
for him, which I think tells you a lot that Robertson who thinks that feminism causes witchcraft. It does and maybe also hurricanes. I believe as a very chequered record on what causes hurricanes. And it's a lot of gay stuff so I think the others what there's a pretty long history of republican to say, Absolutely outrageous, crazy things on this issue and lose elections. We apply, remember Todd Aiken, who talks How there was legit Rape, verses, non legitimate rape in and he said to the body had a way of preventing pregnancies in the case of some raises. That, clearly, is not anything ever where he was sent. A candidate from Missouri was later destroyed to me I think that there is a very real legitimate fear that all these anti choice bills are passing and states across the country are designed to get challenging courts and then run up to the Supreme Court. You know
an expert on this, but I do think that it's probably more like that a bit like the one that was passed in Louisiana, that you know, sir reduced abortion access at the margins by saying doctors who work in these clinics need to have admitting privileges that local hospitals, which is incredibly onerous requirement, which would use a number of abortion providers in the state and release access. That's more likely. Be the kind of thing that gets so the Supreme Court and also a chip away at abortion rights, ultimately lead to in overturning a rubber suicide, and it does seem like right now our hopes are hanging on John Robert, you and I thank you of all people the swing vote out, he John Robert, using on the plane with Mitch, Mcconnell and pets right thats it as well doing on the plane together. Anyone dick lugers sooner. And then I go they recover visionary they're making us Malta did. I want to know what the politics of these abortion bans
here's, a New York Times headline that just posted before we came on stage rip publicans messages messaging on abortion puts Democrats on the defensive. It says that yeah Look at this story goes on to say, report chickens have reset the terms of the debate quote forcing the demo rats to reassess how they should respond to attacks that portray the party as extremists on abortion. That would be the Democratic Party as extremists on abortion that track with your assessment, if I do spontaneously combust it over that have, I, I think, I sort of it feels almost uncomfortable talk about the politics here because of what is at stake right like This is the actual war. This is alive that situation for a lot of women in that's at stake here. With these decisions are made by politicians, so in that sense the politics does matter and when you look at the
the visual incremental predict Alabama executing the individual, incremental efforts to Chippeway Rovers while many of those are popular right, whether its red, The twenty week, abortion below the past is that they are going to send a few years ago, when you use the term, people you can get a plurality in some cases. Majority anthems war for Democrats for that. But when talk about the idea of overturning reverses, weighed in banning abortion. That A seven and ten Americans oppose that. So you would think that politics are bad for public But they will only bad republicans. Democrats make the right argue. Writing we can't get wrapped around. Actual about the specifics we have to make the case, which is the hour Bear WAR is the position of the republican Party. They may tell you that they living it's too extreme or you know they want these exceptions that is bullshit they are mounted Alabama. Has Alabama, took the secret plan to put it on the internet and
and I think this report, because it is, it- is the natural like to completely banned abortion in every instance, including rape in says, is the natural extension of the mainstream republican position and we to make the case that Republicans believe that women. Not have the right to control their bodies and a dad? We the consequence of losing the election in two thousand twenty, both for the in the White House, in everywhere on the ballot, because it is only because we did not win elections or run candidates in summer states enjoy in statements liberators in Georgia, Alabama Missouri Ohio did they can pass these bills, What did you think Republicans and swing states and Donald Trump want these bans to be part of their campaigns and twenty twenty I mean just today, even House republican leader, Kevin Mccarthy, said that he was opposed to the Alabama yeah. I think I think dance pointers right they
This is obviously the logical extension of their position. The only reason did not adopt it is because they know it's bad. It's bad politics. I mean you know There really are two kinds. Winning coalitions. One of them is the Republican one that runs the gamut from a chunk of the population a minority? But it's a big group of people that are pro life and take the maxim opposition, and that They can build a coalition with them all away to the middle or people that have, I think, more complicated views on the subjects. There's a we're credit coalition that runs from people who are approach? place and are probably pro choice and believe in protecting the autumn. Me of of women, also known as human beings and and there is a winning coalition that is built on on that base, plus a lot of people who again have mixed feelings on this issue, which is why the debate around abortion tends to be around
trying to make the other side seem extreme because they know that is special in the United States, which being honest, it tends to be more conservative on this than some other countries. There is a group of people in the middle that are able that that will vote in both directions, and so you know the idea that day Rats or on the descent defensive, because Republicans have exposed the maxim opposition. I think it's just not true, which is why I think you will see publicans take their me. This was a debate that went on during the Bush administration. George W Bush appointed Twill Supreme Court Justices and Roma Does Wade was upheld? You know the one thing I would add to all This is, I think, the question. Turning on. Will this Supreme Court overturn row verses Wade may give them a little too much power? nickel Leeway, because ultimately we may end up it vision where they uphold rovers. His way while using one of these state laws to dramatically restrict abortion further than it's already been restricted by some
the rulings, and so I think we need to be clear about that, because I think there's a chance the way this media environment operates. This article is an example of saying Democrats the defensive that we will end up in a position where rovers his wages. Held women's rights are dramatically restricted. And had seen as some kind of common ground when actually what it is rolling the clock backwards for women's rights, I think need to be clear about that: we're not just trying to uphold row verses, Wade, we're trying to hold the current regime of rights that protects access for women, you healthcare across the country. Which has already been restricted pretty substantially by the Supreme Court of death of varying forward, which is rovers. His weight is the compromise. I would add. That is how we got here, Supreme Court upheld that in eighteen, eighty, two of anything that they do to chip That is a dramatic reversal for the rights of women and is an incredibly slippery slope and yes,
There is a danger and saying that the Supreme Court will definitely overturn. Rovers is weighed this term. Whether girls what they do this term. You ve gotta from is allowed to appoint and other Supreme Court Justice Rovers his weight is one hundred percent certainly gone. This is, the planned. This is what they are doing. That's why it so important that we make it clear that the alibi opposition is the position of the public and party. It is their vision for the future of this country. What can people do in the meantime, starting now to protect access to abortion and have fighting? Obviously, you need to donate, and I think that you know not everyone's in a position to donate and sew, something I have tried to internalize and something that I think is really effective is when people use their voice. However, can- and so but you don't have a bug Gillian followers Instagram, but a lot of people are posting about it. I think you know, maybe that sounds like it
right thing like oh posts Year, Instagram about how you think this is fucked up last year, Instagram about how you think this is locked up, because that's where people their opinions now, unfortunately- and I think Honestly, you I can't get enough what, if you have the means to donate donate to local groups, red local newspapers in Alabama in Georgia. Don't just you know, read these horrific headline the New York Times. I think that. I went through a range of emotions when the official Alabama stuff came through, and I think that that's my microphones about to hold it that I'm done with this point, Minister, But I, when I was reading the official word from Alabama, that this is the way that they see women, This is how women you know, can
I have no control over their body is, and now doctors are going to jail for nearly a hundred years when rapists will not go to jail for even a day. Probably obviously, this shit's infuriating, obviously you know all of that red is warranted in. So I think that you know you can be mad, but you have to take action and you need to listen to people who have resources who know how to get the. People safe abortions, in Alabama in Georgia, in Kentucky in Ohio in the meantime, but yeah, we can't budge an inch. Women deserve rights over their bodies, Mendel
get to have this aid is time fuck all bad. It's ridiculous, like like a coup saying you know specifically in Alabama, you can donate to the Yellow Hammer Fund, which helps protect abortion access in a state of Alabama. Unfortunately, now because you know a similar bill, just passed, the Missouri Senate is headed to the Republican held House in Missouri as well. You can make sure you if you live in is, are you know, people live in Missouri? You can make sure you call your legislators in Missouri. You can donate to local groups in Missouri that protect abortion access,
Please don't do that Asia, you, because the easier you is suing the state of Alabama and they have one those lawsuits in the pass abortion funds as a nation, wide network that helps pay for medical care transportation and for people who want to escort people we're getting abortions because sometimes that's very difficult to walk through a bunch of antiabortion protesters and then the other thing we should do about is. This is a reminder of why local and state elections matter right because now that we're just sitting there waiting for the Supreme Court to to do their thing, there are states that can on a state level. You can vote to protect abortion us and in twenty nineteen there's gonna be a bunch of elections. We don't even have to wait till twenty twenty we re launched, vote save America. This
we had twenty eighteen. So if you go on go to America, you can find out. If you registered, you can find ways to volunteer and you can write a whole bunch of information and resources to make sure that you can vote in twenty nineteen. We have elections in Virginia in Mississippi and Louisiana specifically or Democrats could actually flip control, of the houses there? So that's a really big deal, and you know we can something I just wish in. In the list of organization we shut out one more yap, which has run for thing. Yes, an organization that recruits and trained people to run for office, the founder of which a man development is here tonight in the audience, and I notice that I'd want to one more thing about this issue because it goes beyond just. Obviously we need to let people who will respect the autonomy Of women, but also its worth, it's not a coincidence that these are also places that have some of the highest infant mortality. Rates and some of the highest maternal death rates as well
which is a reminder to that. A lot of these are states that refuse to expand Medicaid under Obamacare places. That claim beat that politicians claiming to be pro life while pursuing policies that have led to women and children in those states, and so so which is on the line in these elections. And on top of that I mean just to be real. Petty Alabama is fiftieth out of fifty in case in don't about how you care about children when you all don't have schools, teach them anything you we need to fix this issue and also The idea that Alabama has the politics of Alabama and that's the way it is. Proven wrong by recent history. Re elected Doug Jones not so long ago, in the state of alabama- and you know, with redistricting everything else like this. We can change things. Move the next happy top because They Republicans enjoy more than a war on women. It's a war in the Middle EAST
the New York Times reported this week. The national security adviser John Bolton was among a group couple John Bonham fancier in the audience we like, as among like tiny border booklover like them, That's Michael! so, a global issues among a group of. Why does that asked the panel? on four military plan that calls for sending more than a hundred thousand troops to the Middle EAST. If IRAN advances its nuclear programme or Tax Americans since then, on Wednesday, the State Department ordered a partial evacuation of the. U S: embassy in Baghdad, siding with the Trump administration, has called new threats from IRAN Tommy. How did we get from prompt pulling out of the IRAN deal to the current crisis that were in right now and how serious this is, how how worried should we be I'm the I'm very worried. I so
at some point or with any answer, I was looking for not worry about a it somewhere along the way. Someone told them that told trumpet Obama was nice neuron. Therefore, he decided IRAN is bad. We pulled out of IRAN deal despite the fact that IRAN was complying with the provisions of the iranian that we want them to to limit their ability nuclear weapon. On top. That they started slapping sanctions on the Iranian there were just crippling their economy. Designated the Irish Sea, which the military wing, IRAN, a terrorist organisation and then so recently we started reading these reports of intelligent, suggesting the iranian women who attack? U S, forces in the region or do something the various and so decided to send an aircraft carrier to the gulf and a strike group in a patriot missile battery and I don't want to under play these. The iranian are bad actors. I mean the Pentagon estimates it. Six hundred. U S. Service members were killed in Iraq between O three and twenty eleven by
Iran align she and militia groups, they provide the munitions that can defeat our armor and certain things like they're there, their bad people have done terrible things, but in this instance, we pressuring them into a place: where I am surprise it around decided to respond, because there is big clearly articulated a we regime change strategy from this White House. In fact, John in the National Security Visor said. The only to prevent IRAN from getting nuclear weapon is bomb them. So I We also need to be very worried about a couple. Things one now, there's some reports, and maybe trump is- is trouble is the adult in the room telling These people are right. It makes me feel better retelling. His is a national security team that he doesn't want them to go to war, but you know we also heard during the campaign that
I wanted to get us out of wars and he sent more troops who Afghanistan he talked to upholding our troops out of Syria and then backtrack on decisions. I don't trust these reports at all, but I mean it like that. In the in that area. In the strait of her moves in that region generally, the risk of a miscalculation or something happening that could escalate incredibly quickly is, is massive. And a war with IRAN would be way worse in a war with Iraq? in general. We plan to just send a few bombs over. There is not going to prevent an hour and a nuclear weapon. A hundred and twenty thousand troops is the high end of the options. Apparently, the trumpets prevented that is an invasion size force that basically, we send to Iraq, which is enough to get us to Baghdad and then get into a decade long quagmire. So I think Congress existed and so you do not have any authorization to go to war. I think that activists like the people in this audience needs march and make clear that this is unacceptable. I hope all the democratic presidential candid say that
in no way is in our strategic interests to go to war with IRAN to get a big deal. It's frightening, and I also worry that trunk could be convinced by the ruling. Right by the Israelis by the Saudis, ass personal attacks by the last guy, talk to violent Hannity by this latter day morning, Fox in friends, guy role, the fucking dice, it's good politics will breed them a diet. Coke last will determine we're so bucks cure tat night for news, I'm sorry, or doing this to Brooklyn? I'd, never get the go out with you all in Brooklyn. Only thing like you, I was wondering like you know, Tommy was saying in the washing up was reported. This to the Trump is annoyed with John Bolton for being all warlike. He wants. A more diplomatic approach is best way to avoid war here for time to have a time magazine cover. That's as President Bolton and then he'll firearm like what
This is our best bet here. I think so. If you look back when people started things Steve abandoned, was the present where's that guy now melting? That's a good idea to problem jumble yeah, I mean honestly. I think we have to try every penny tactic. Every reality shows that thing you have to pay. We stay, he can go eat, it didn't work of the pole. Takes of another potential war in the Middle EAST. My guide, but I question well, when I'm a hundred is woodwork, looking line up behind Trump like they do, everything else would republican. Voters, and I noticed this because ice of all fucking people Laura Ingram to yesterday war. With IRAN is one of the few, almost certain paths for Donald Trump, too hard his re election prospects, which are that was very interesting. Coming from her John I, before
answers, and I want your dad's answer. Do you such a relief to me about the volatile? Obviously, that's not nobly. Lord Ingram has a real us in a generous vibe and it's over the coin, its public. Without going with her, I had you did I'm gonna do not being happy the Belgian got away, I would say the politics of a war with IRAN or about his. The politics of war with Iraq. It is worth remembering that war with Iraq now not now, when I knew your time I like, let's go, I think I think we have to be. Rather, I think of politics are on their face. Bad leads me wherever couple things one If properly decided you, this worry Ingram and all the people on Fox NEWS will get right. Online
We challenge the patriotism of Democrats who oppose trumps base, who will probably bear a huge part of the sacrifice of that war. Will at the outset support him because he like when he says you get you some of its avenue, and that was a voter he's not fucking around like that. That is that is the reality of his political situation. With this base and But the question like with all these things is the politics are bad: They will only the reason why Bush could go to war was because he was able to bully Democrats and nobody can go to war with. That was my next question is: do we think the Democrats and democratic candidates president have been sounding the alarm loudly enough yet because I feel, like I've seen it statements here near some of them have been cautious, but I seen anyone's, be like fuck no Not doing this again, I guess a bright Bernie Sanders made it pretty strong statement, but I am, I think that people can always do better by its heart. There There are folks in the Senate. The few remaining was not running for President
Chris Murphy, who are raising fucking hell right and it's important to try to have a vote I think we should do the house and ascended to try to demonstrate the will of Congress Trumped does not. If you want to do this, you have to go to Congress in asked for authorization, and you can't you some bullshit authorizations, but on the books for eighteen years right which they try to do yes, labour secure bumpy. I try to suggest a dvd, a matter which is what we passed after nine. Eleven do after Al Qaeda somehow allowed us to go into IRAN, which bachelor crazy. The good news is that there is some this intelligence that so sit around was about to attack. Our forces in the region was brief to Congress today and then pull. He came out of that breathing. In said, there is no authorization to go to war. Trumpet have to come ACT of Congress. Now it's done tromp. You know that doesn't make me feel better. He thinks that he can. Get a cup of tea lambs into Syria, like you did after the Chemical weapons attack, and that things will be fine,
and I think that that would rapidly escalated would not be Assyria like situation. This would be. A war that will escalate quickly, you'd, see proxy forces like has a start to attack Israel. I mean it would be just financially. Worse situation again. So in this situation, things that are making us feel hopeful. Nano trumpet Lord Ingram from thing is a sort of an important point which is like yes, he did say that he was again. Wars in the Middle EAST, like you did, He also said he was against tax cuts for the Red yeah. He was again cutting Medicare, whose for your valuable phrases, conditions loose pro choice, a one point: yes, we here I take that it almost as if he has no actual positions whatsoever about frontier with ITALY. The reason you don't give matches to a baby is because the baby's profile there too dumb to have dangerous thing, and I I have I have a higher. I have
So what we? No doubt, the Donald Trump could be easily led into war. But when I keep thinking is he is president? Who is a low information, cable news, you're, that's through you, that's why he's been all his life exempting owns the network and Vieira? Because, because these that he knows that, keep he watched cable news all through the Iraq war, and he knows how unpopular it is and how popular a president can be because used to say this, but George Bush, all the time of rising that takes the country into war. When there's a ten year, quack may mean you learn. President George W Bush the first year turns out. Ok generally, though, for the president use heroically leading you, it's awards, three four arrive. I will some. I will say that as a young, another facet of I trust that is useful, which is that does have, despite his bluster, an innate and ink global cowardice to his conduct generally, it's why he was only willing to go so far in Syria and I think it actually does affect decisions. Now I mean
can't fire. Anyone face to face like like that Look, I'm scared of Emma Rosa did not escape. Nothing is made. Donald Trump seem smaller. I mean he's shocked himself or another is made. Donald Trump seem smaller than the powers of the presidency, and it is it's actually been, One of the saving graces for the country is that he is terrified of the awesome responsibilities bestowed to him, so Look, I'm looking for another silver linings here that our great by as one from the foreign policy expert, what what is the path towards d? escalating the situation by means of leave it on a hopeful, no like what. How does this because look we're we're not at war with North Korea How do I would do a side? No Frontiers Fox news scale than politicians, not awesome waterways, but it does. Those voters now think trumpets, not tough enough area. Okay, so Trump loved the pomp and circumstance of his negotiations with North Korea
That is a good thing, and there is therefore in the new Yorker recently that said, trumpet invited President Rihanna of IRAN to to dinner multiple times, but we're honey said no, but this sort of gets at the I now hear that he doesn't like majority yes now well, but this is a different. North Korea doesn't have politics, you have it absolutely tater ruler can do whatever the hell he wants. Iran has real policy the Supreme Leader, call the shots, not the President of IRAN, the Romani will have an election in Trump is backed him into a corner where anything that looks like capitulate. To the Americans might get him not. What did it might be that sanctions might lead to the collapse of the? economy which might hurt and politically like. This is how there miss playing this issue. We ve also completely lost the international community. I mean the Europeans have tried. Stick with the IRAN deal so like it. That's where he's completely fundamentally, Miss play this game. That said, if we're honey
in Yemen. I'll meet you Admiral logo. Well done stake like I think we could be added a thing. I just don't know how we get from here to there. I think I was so mixed or cure watching you isn't it Tommy. Like he'll say something like maybe hopeful, and I hope, like probably not, and then you just go with us I am so deflated in the past- and we shall we gotta wickedness nay, what are you a car leave me around banking, Little America's warming, etc? I will so. What are you doing? You won't bring that this guy is rash to listen I you're a killer. I come from a long line of Jews who knew went to get the fuck out of just If I've here we're cool,
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I'm just go. I would I want to do. Is I promised I would wait for the twenty twenty section. I promise I want to talk. I don't like a man, All right. Rudy went on. Rudy went on Fox NEWS to discuss how he himself did some investigating in Ukraine and just but something nefarious about one Joe Biden. Let's take a look. The reality is. This has nothing to do with the election of twenty twenty. The election of twenty twenty is a long time from now, and if I wanted to meddle in that election, which I doubt I could have held this for a year and dropped it right on the flat, I know he's being trampled we're not
Pretend we don't see this tat other ten already looking at the hair, like no other eyes will he's got work here. We didn't have that before he's using using Stephen Miller, Hairspray here's the thing I think that cool I think that rooted is going through. Something all right, he's goin theirs. I personally is going through something politically and honestly. If that new phase com, a new here color is gets him on that date. Him a little. Of comfort and happiness that stops them from being a roving lunatic for the worst president history Maybe the guys worth it. I'm gonna stay tuned to find out. The reality is, I came about this by accident. Investigating ukrainian collusion with Democrats. Ok, stop.
You Giuliani, has never discovered anything perker. The idea that you just happened to be in Ukraine mining, his own business eating is. Is this malfeasance, how did this happen? I just came I'm trying number. What cities are in Ukraine, I'm go for it. I came to Kiev to relax Little are in r and D for the Joe Biden is a criminal. To affect the election and also to help create the false narrative against the President and over the next three to four months. You're gonna find out all about that, including the corruption that doesn't sound like the worst part.
That's about it! I'm just saying I don't care to lessen the really Giuliani over the coming aboard of fate is a fake crime, hugger yeah. Five shrunk from zero Koenig you'll, never believe what didn't happen. It is up front seats, debuting I've gone by. Dossier and the corruption that went on Papadopoulos, and I think that here too, that's all heart of one large conspiracy that has about two or three parts to it. You are also going to find. I think, that some of the steel memorandum was written in the Ukraine. After all, steel didn't go to Russia for nine years. How could he have written a memorandum about Russia if you hadn't been there for nine years? How the internet? was. This hardware is even talking about. Does anyone know what he's tell Juliet
the internet is bad enough, but I dont know what he's referring terminate it somehow in the same universes repeated. Call me have accepted as often without asking ok right about a million. Now I may call it is insane for me to feel like this woman on Fuckin Fox NEWS need someone to step into the chicken. Heard that I feel compelled to advocate we have one earthquake. I hate you Rudy, let's go for intelligence information now cause I'm not us by word. I don't know who this is may never know. But that was gone
when call me sign that affidavit using the steel dossier, which he didn't bother to verify, which, if you read it reads like a poor novel. Ok, stop Does it phrasing Why would you say then go ahead? I would just say You know and what the fuck is a poor, not novel like in a supermarket or they like. Nineteen. Twenty five like once
you don't. You know at the picture in anymore, curl up my poor novel doesn't know about the lad was, I would pull me was sleeping for five months or he deliberately didn't want to verify that any gay falls evidence to the port in order to invade the rights of an american citizen who turns out to be perfectly innocent, who we want to know what you call that offers a coup, or are we making a full statement without sound? Really? two options are too and false statements, rain, but that's a rate, and he doesn't know what you call it. Didn't you to overthrow the government or tell a tall tail. You know it
It's a Wednesdays six day. I'd thing is: who is this guy? That is clearly regionally on these high under brother, because I gotta tell ya his arms just as crazy? It's not that that's, ok, stop! Now! Let us talk about the news again viable. Twenty twenty it's happening what an apprehension in those years this week to more men rounded out the record. Breaking fields of twenty three democratic candidates, guys sway. Montana Governors, the boy, egg, thimble advance and
New York City than mere bill, the Plaza now for everyone living at home. What your hearing is a room filled with a blog twenty twenty sign. What does that? They love it for President twenty twenty there, the sign up there, I may, as well as the Washington Post wrote on Wednesday. I quote: some democratic leaders worry privately that this army of candidates makes it harder for the party to call us around it. Standard bearer and deliver a clear message, no shit and for the candidates. The landscape makes it increasingly difficult to strategy stand out and make their case. Peculiar going to start with you cuz. I know what has a lot to say about this candidate, but you are a constituent of the mayor's along with all of you. Many of you,
What do you think about is presidential candidacy? I just don't understand why it is necessary. I dont get I don't care. I feel I feel like I field, of the now of like this on free colleague by beating, like keys, he crept I don't like it so many a lot of work on a report and I, like you know, I'm not gonna, learn your news like this now Riddick was it like. I live in New York, it I'm not learning above the lover, here's the thing, how much later for stuff in New York City. Can this guy can't because he's very tall, I just think people this tall have too much convict
and I just want to make a couple of points. One, I'm a fourth, shorter than Bilbil. Which means that if I drop that Groundhog, it would still be alive. I will also just say I get, but it must be very frustrating to be the mayor of New York City, the biggest country biggest city, the biggest city. Listen, you guys leave I'm coming Leah and your like way to say I run the most complicated city bigger than like fifteen american states and this mayor, south in Indiana, who basically runs three blocks of health kitchen, favours the utmost driving crazy he's mayors, south bending the Anna that you could fit self Ben between. Like I don't know
Madison in park, so like Burma, everyday must be invaded men. How fucking frustrating that is to say you know what he can do and I can do it and then eight million people say go fuck yourself come up with New York to work done. Hating you so anyway,. Long story short. I think New York either shorter mayor DIN so we can play doubled advocate if your bill the plaza or see black, and you see a field. This large talented diverse, why do you get in the primary at this stage? What do you see what what is the case for some of these lesser known candidate you don't have the name idea that some of these other countries have don't how you know that have been around his long like what what's what's the case, there isn't one
I think what we are asking for someone I mean. Yes, I guess anything is possible if you tried enough times has promised president because it that's the problem, is everyone works and says tromp wine right? Therefore, I can win with problem with that argument? Is that Trump had whatever sent name? I do he was leaving in the polls when he started. He was leading in the polls in the two thousand and twelve republican primary when he was kind of letting getting in trouble, it not a Horatio Alger tail of a mayor governor, no. One knows like working their way to the top right. Langley was famous people in the world, yet need wit, who it was done leading force in right wing media who said all the things that they wanted to say. That is not what I think we have to like a compliment. One anything is possible, but that doesn't mean that it is probable or even plausible for sending people to confront our second there,
the difference between saying you're running for president and actually run for president. Running to the democratic domination is about getting a majority of delegates. That means you have to be able to run real well stay well organised, funded campaigns and for early primary states of the twenty five fucking people who are currently running for president maybe ten of them can do that right and so on. At some point like yes, we have apparently very easy to get into debate right here, and we should do that. We feel that it we set up, but there is a distinction between the people who have shown that they and actually when the nomination, the people who just put out a really cute video earlier, I mean tell me how do candidates? How do the candidates, maybe the ten candidates the dense talking about that you now have a chance of theirs its stand out in command attention in a field. This large, like what are the good strategies? What are they not so get strategies
yourself on our I've spent the icy. I sincerely don't no exact, keep thinking about Martineau Maui member him ran against Bernie in Hilary, and he, break through or get press attention or make news that a debate? So it's gonna be explanation: The harder would there's literally two separate debates on different night. So look and not to knock the most recent entrance to race, but like there is a group of people who see running for president as a way to increase your profile. Get a book deal, get it speaking fees me. I think it's more true on the republic inside now think that Arguments everything were saying is that if Stacy Abrams got in That reaction speaks for itself right so like there clearly are a lot of people out there who look at the twenty five hundred people running in think, like I'm, not sure. Yet, what's next,
so you look it it's a long process we shall see, but I feel it gets gonna end poorly for a lot of these can end the argument against what we are saying is Peter Judge. Right, like this is the mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana and Pee gets in the race and his strategy is communication strategy is say yes to everything. Every media availability and he's got a lot of talent, a lot of charisma, and so because he says yes to everything. He makes a name for himself purely through doing a lot of media in a lot of interviews, and now he's you know one of the top five or six candidates and the race. So I'm guessing that a lot of these other candidates like while I could be put a judge to
you know now they can they care lobby, but maybe they can't. We don't know, you know, that's that that it really does. What of it is a you know, look this becomes ultimately subjective and the reason PETE Buddha gender is able to break through. Is he took a gamble that what he had to say was interesting compelling enough when I set it to our people that it would like him into the into the topped here of the race and that a good, an absolutely did, and by the way like to be serious, it is completely possible- maybe not probable but possum, But someone like see bullock or even someone like build a blog. You could do that. The fact that guided his own city, the fact that at its own city he is booed. We're running for president, though, is interesting and important and should be about like jokes aside like if you can logic and pain, and what your own city is gonna be angry, you for doing it. That tells you something does not booing vivid green. I went so that raises like people have. We have named recognition, it's also great window into literal media by us, because there is a lot of
the czech marks on Twitter who reporters who live in Brooklyn or Manhattan who, normally right objectively, I can answer that fuck that guy he's a worse just destroying heavily on a not either. We base on his record just based on having a personal animist. Yes, as I've made a Jimmy tenant, they don't like, as they don't like, is Jim routine. It like that he's late, two important shit and you know what I'd like to those things either honestly, but now they like to make five a m, its I've? U clock in it. I guess you are I'm supposed to be the exact moment I should be. I am I'm, I'm gay punctual! No, but like let's go home phobia, so they are now, but I think that, like the truth is anyone can,
this rates. Now it's not too late, but the reason you're getting in is because you look at a field of forty five days People are saying not and they none of them is right. None of them are saying what I believe needs to be said. Not only gives me, none of them is me, but also like. I believe that I have a strong and compelling unique case. That is the best case to take on Donald Trump and to lead this country, and so the later these, People are getting in. The more important is the words they use when it large- and I want to build a Bosnia's video and I didn't find it that impressive. I honestly didn't night and I've because, because at this late they say, you're going to run a campaign for working people doesn't cut it. It's not special enough when we have a lot of candidates making that same argument. So the later these people get in the bigger there. Are that the bigger the pressure is on their argument? So you know any one of them can make that deep. Outta judge move, but it depends on being extraordinarily unique and compelling, and really it is up to them to prove But they were right to get in and timing matter a Cuba since.
We haven't had you on stage at what who, in the twenty field, is interesting to you and if you don't want to say that what are you looking for in a candidate? What are you as it is your assessing this feel how many interesting people in the world. I would never be mean to our air in person he's very ta. I can't take him back. I I mean, I think Elizabeth more M is saying we are, I think, yeah, I'm gonna put. Applause for me, but I think that is one of the only people who has real policies on her website that you can read and that's important am. I think that a lot of people are treating this campaign season and the road to twenty twenty, as if its twenty fifty an umbrella We're gonna win like I don't care about that array
Like I said, half past handmaids tale. I think it's time, and so I think she's great, I think You know I don't know that council has been so outspoken on her policy, but I do think that she has shown that she's not backing down when faced with GEO people really don't have an argument which is important now, so let me just shut up my lady is that a closed shop? that that that that com, for I think, she's resourceful and that's not now, especially in the hundred him, will you and usually with legally employed in court in Cormick Mccarthy's twenty twenty about four mic woman. Well in the road you'd want to be with rubbish, aren't you gotta, be you gotta be cease thrice using our civil society, and I like that
By a you know the rest of it. I just think, like I said pity, Pablo too many people not really that interesting, Emmy Buddha Judge obviously would be a step in the right direction and I think another candidate who is say Emmy and maybe not as many policies on the website. What's going on, with their webmaster figure it out of bed and also this the love it's on its side. I mean I just feel like the party but would be lost. Answer, I'm down her elbow assessment. Get sixty five thousand donors. Ok When we come back have you with your attorney general little Pod, save America I d by framework which, if been listening to the show you ve heard me talk about frame bridge,
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positive and get her she's. A lawyer activists and politician currently serving as the attorney general of New York. Please welcome attorney general, with his James. Thank you feel like a home audience. Water, lots of water, your This has been doing everything you guys have investigations against prescription drug companies, Facebook, drifting president's and their families. You tell our listeners live in New York attorney General's office is so uniquely position too to seek restitution, damages. Investigate fraud. So tell me for
let me just say, welcome to the People's Republic of Brooklyn and to you are talking about Alabama and I will not allow anyone to silence the voice of women and to close and parenthood, and that's what's critically important. These are it's important, that everyone know that it's our bodies right and or choice and no one else is- and so I am confident that that Radical law that they signed will be uncle, do will be declared unconstitutional, but as the EU guess said their chipping away at Roby weighed and all of us have gotten spawned. So the office of Attorney general is unique. Its unique in the fact that there are none The bureau's, and particularly as we investigate the truck foundation. The trumpet
innovation in the end, our re Opium Lloyd's we're doing one. You know that we have a charities bureau in the cherries. Bureau has responsibility and I can think that's a staff member. And jurisdiction over charities in the state of New York, and it's really critically important. That we respond to the needs of donors, I'm as well as fisheries and that we make sure that organizations are adhering to the long comply with the law and so that's why we are investigating the Trump Foundation based on. Based on the testimony of Michael Kuhn and based on other evidence that we received, so does How you doing, I believe the state of New York has over two hundred legal actions against Trump and the administration right now
I would like to ask you about, one in particular, which is the twenty twenty senses case, prison trump once out of question today, twenty centres, which Almost everyone involved, politicians mathematicians everyone thinks would lead to an undertone of meal. In of latino asian and immigrant households. Why did your office decide to sue over this case and do you think we have a chance of preventing them from adding? this question so we argued before the Supreme Court about two weeks ago: Barbara Underwood, the solicitor general. The state of New York did an amazing job, an amazing jobs on it, but it was difficult. It was a difficult question and believe it or not You have to laughed to keep from crying is because the judge the vacation that they used is that they wanted in information to enforce them great I like, as if they can about the running Right act but nonetheless some some of them. Jurists believed that end
Fortunately, we respect the discretion of the Trump Administration What will happen to New York and why this is so important is one because immigrants tonight are hiding in the shadow too, because it's going to Heaven pack on re, there's a possibility in New York state. We may lose not one, but two congressional districts and three we will lose federal funding for districts and for municipalities all across the state of New York needed, particularly in most marginalized and vulnerable populations. It consciousness, but unfortunately right it's up to Roberts. It's really up to Robert, and so dont know how it's going to go, but if, in fact, we lose it's going to be up to all of us, to knock on doors and to get individuals out, because they're not going to respond to government they're afraid of government right now. So we must respond to the needs of our neighbours and communities and people in need and to tell our allies and our friends and immigrants
right now who are under attack. With their friends and we're here to help so as well as a lawyer is a law enforcement officials, I want to get your opinion. Can a president be die did in a state court asking for egg anxious nation. So let me so most of our investigations are civil in nature. There not criminal. Let me also go on to say you asked me a question and that I did not answer, and that was in response to our law. Suit. Most extensive lawsuit, Miss nation against manufacturers and distributors and the Sakhalin family related to the opium crisis in very favourable yeah yeah yeah there right and the fact is. That in New York, state and nine into nine into You will die every day as a result of the european crisis in one of the things that I promise to mothers,
to fathers who are crying before open caskets that I would do something about it, and that is why I am so proud of the Office of Attorney general and I'm so glad that we see the bastards Speaking suing bastards a few weeks ago, you open an investigation into the inner raise status as a nonprofit Vienna raise registered as a non profit in New York, which makes a tax exempt with their imports at executives in vendors, the organization Evans, if any off money from their budget millions of dollars, in fact, use said: quote the energy hold yourself out as a charitable organization, but in fact it really is a terrorist organisation, I guess that's pretty straightforward, but what did you mean by it? So, first of all, I said that when I was campaigning not as attorney general but as a candidate in its public advocated the city of New York, I'm in a different capacity. Now I got you Tommy quote. It was well
I know I don't know, I have to be neutral. The reality is that their imploding, and so I want to thank Oliver North. Thank you. So that I can say ok, so I mean I believe you the power to dissolve Vienna re. If, if you find evidence, I mean, do you think that could happen so we're the process of dissolving the. From foundation and because we have jurisdiction over a charitable organisations, and that includes the inner ear foundation, those that is but one remedied that we could possibly per so let me also give a shot out to Jarrett Hole by whose here somewhere is staff. Member Jared, how are you, how are you doing and you're lovely wife, Mallory serious jerk? As in the front row here, a guy like you, like you, didn't one, Take that one so. Purely hypothetical questions, so let's say I work in a fascist pro machine gun Rights Organization,
we have a leader, let's call him Dwayne, the rock Lapierre he's been spent two hundred and seventy five grand at a tacky boutique in Beverly Hills with that kind of blatant corrupt, in spending of a nonprofits money. Make you want to dissolve doings charity. Make me want to initiate an inquiry and investigation got it Ok, so the first two years the trouble administration there, which is no oversight by Congress, randomly nervous Republicans who let him do whatever they wanted. Now they Democrats control the house there being stone walled. How do you think states like New York, can fill those oversight, gaps really critically important in its important. Everyone understand attorney general's all across this nation, but most important the democratic attorney general's have been the firmest pillar about democracy and we have been active
in filing lawsuits from the beginning of time from death is protecting immigrants, protecting the PH standing up for El Gb Community standing up for women title to twenty the open oil crisis standing up we're standards in school lunch and the list goes on and on and on each and every day I wake up. I go to the office. I find out what he does. Added to rescind repeal I saw him and then I go home visit drive you crazy, when the first I'd say it's was running a charity that was just clearly design. To allow him to self deal in the Congress. Doesn't do anything about it: Gives me crazy. And it's the reason why ran for the attorney general costs, our Valley and our democracy is at risk. Because we live in a country where you have individual, whose impugning press, the independent in
and judiciary airy he's attacking immigrants. Law Rural populations he's storing institutions. He has no respect for the rule of law. That's what Drives me crazy, that's why I ran for the Office of Attorney general. It was the fierce urgency of now but just me, let me step outside of the office of Attorney general. It's going to be up to all of you. We live in a bubble willing, New York City in New York state? to leave this comfortable blue, blue, blue state and city. We need to go to a banner and Georgia and Mississippi and all of those red stakes and talk to individuals and in an register, individuals and audits. States that are struggling under the weight of poverty and autumn women right now, who unfortunately, are being treated like second class citizens,
What we need to do it's really critically important that again we get ready for twenty twenty and that we make sure that we have a democracy We that believes in liberty and freedom and status for all, you. U tweeted that be that this draconian horrible new abortion law in Alabama infringes on the rights that have already been protected, and we will continue to protect them in New York are their steps it states can and should take to protect women's health, for we get to that point. So in New York, you know well the governor and allege that the governor worked attempting to I defy Roby weight so that women's rights are protected in New York state and just have to make sure that we protect the one right, we have to make sure that individuals are properly escorted, that we can provide transport. To that end. The aboard
in pill is now on the internet. So unexpected applause line, mayor buildup, Lazo launched this campaign for President John that endorsed him tonight. How excited are you one to ten about President De Palacio skimpy. Ok,. No seriously this. And we need a mayor who is going to be on the job twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and so I asked the question has
the crisis in affordable housing been addressed. No, has income inequality been addressed, equal pay for equal work. How about cyclists who, unfortunately, are dying on our streets as a result of crashes, as that been addressed environmental issues have that been addressed. So what is the legacy? What are you running on Has school segregation been addressed. So all of these issues and more obviously listen. He could run ease the twenty third candidate. I understand that The question is: why gay like what's up he's a friend. final question.
Final question. Is there any chance that your office is planning to investing? the NBA or the NBA draft lottery. There is something happen. People are upset No, if you know tell me my history with the NBA and my history with the New York New Jersey, Brooklyn NET Centre of you know my history, so well There are worse team in the NBA anyway, so No upper. That's all I got. I mean this is spun interview, I've ever gonna stage attorney general with this game we get a
room does Panthers chunks of building because we all hope will be shipped. just say I love black people, so my thoughts are with us. We play Game New York Home to the best pizza and some of the best people on the planet. People like Jarred Kirshner, Bernie made off and of or Zion. Williamson explained Look, don't worry you right. So I'm sure the Knicks will land a
free agents, like our horror, I read sports drugs like Trump reads: condolence letters it doesn't ring true he's over reads about sports. I feel like I'm like going through the Indiana Jones, like I'd blades are going to come now. I gotta not spell the name of God, like I don't want any things happening happening. Al Horford. But New York isn't just a city for its young people who want to pretend there in broad city for a few years, for they finally get a job selling. Tori Loans that well Spargo, while developing a cocaine, addiction, It also happens to be the home to the southern district of New York, the? U S, district court, that is the best chance of taking down Donald Trump,
you see, Doll John Kid Pardon folks over crimes committed at the state level. According to the mother, big, Daddy Bobby I'm and his team of twelve socialist, Fbi agents referred forty, in different cases, other jurisdictions, and because of that New York is looking at a lot of shit. Between the Mahler probe? Another investigations? The public currently knows about six different trump investigations ongoing here in New York, with most a thing? There are many more behind the scenes in fact as the and why has so many current investigations? We don't think you'll be able to tell what's real and what's vacant. We are calling the only living boy in New York now being investigated by the southern district of New York. Travellers is out there with a microphone with someone out there like to play the game. Travis hi. What's your name Katy
Katy where you from Katy. I am from near, won't queens. Yes, you do we get judge and what is unacceptable is unacceptable you do here in New York City. I have a hair salon, Murray Hill I gave I am familiar with the president's crimes then you're ready for the game. Here is our The paddlers will tell you about four different investigations and you have to tell us which one is a real investigation. Are you ready s question. One Katy, which are the following is a real investigation currently being undertaken by the southern district of New York is a day investigators examining evidence. The Jared Kirshner offered russian oligarchy access to the president if they promised to bury footage of Kirshner walking around in a sailor outfit while carrying a
I love you pop up up up up up or the b there investigating Donald Trump Junior for allegedly approaching Whitehouse Tour Gowers and offering to show them the bedroom. Where the Lincoln totally bound for ten bucks or best offer. Or is it see there, estimating the Trump Organization is cheap financial upsurge in top executives to determine their role and payments to women to never discussed their sexual affairs with Trump, which is something out of women would do for free offers a day. They're looking into Trump campaign spending on the inauguration and whether Future Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, really eight hundred thousand dollars worth of split p soup at the Trump International. We rethink eighty I'm going with you we option. You're got you got it. You got a question to which the
How is a real investigation currently being undertaken by the southern district of New York? Is it a their wing additional charges against Michael Cohen, for watching fellows on his Iphone on a plane, full volume, no headphones or anything literal monsters are doing. This is it be prosecutors are attempting to determine if there is any true to their customers. Claim that he is the smoothness little boy in all the land, no one's weird was reared. That's true about, or that sea invest, here's a wing obstruction charges against President Trump at issue is whether that unlawful to attempt to collude with people who do not exist, like Santos Dumont republican cut it? I will get back up and come back to that one and once again, just remember what Tommy said: keep at it: you're mine or as a d their investigating to lobbying firms that work with parliament to forty determined where they violated the foreign agents Registration ACT.
It could make lobbyists everywhere appear somewhat dishonest and possibly even tarnish the sterling rotation of the lobbying industry. That last one really must me with an answer, Katy. So many I'm sorry, you're right was D. The tunnel, say, fauna tariff, unbelievable lemme course. You didn't see the movie, nobody would cheekbones like that's. Other movie became beguiled on Monday, loving yelled. The rest for nothing is still important, the call Tommy POD save America's Jared, Kirshner type, got tired. I am very, very smooth.
Question three, which one of these Israel is today their investigating weekly, five thousand dollars. Stipends allocated to millennia for quote touching Donald hands in public. Or at least not being too obvious about slapping them away or is it be there TIM to determine whether the Trump Organisation committed insurance fraud by submitting inflated claims in past years or, conversely, whether insurance claims are the one area where Trump has been totally forth. And honest or is it see you looking to report Jeff sessions offered several members, the trumps champion staff. One hundred dollars to put him in the stomach is hard, as they could or as a d investigators are examining the finances, have trump stakes, determine how tromp managed yourself? class USDA, Prime fortified, Angus Peace takes its global prices
Today's episode has brought you buy Trump stakes drumsticks. If the art of the veal dance, I say be because everything should be investigated. Yes, it's been got it. Sorry down that we made. You say that part question for which is real, We are investing anywhere the president's inaugural committee, including whether the committee accepted illegal donations from foreign nationals and submitted false information to the Effie, see whilst Alternatively, reminding everyone that three, down, actually played live in Concert Lincoln Memorial or is it be? Ok? If I read it, you guys, their meta name, one to shore is down to an thing. It's you who was a compliment
we were not ones like a view that too I don't know? Maybe one republic did you read answer yet no or the bee in figures have been examining issues surrounding the so called p tape. Specifically, they ve been tricking each other. Into watching it, then they laugh. And laugh being a federal investing There is a challenging job, but it can be fun to or the Tse Francois tape other looking into whether Looking at the weather, Donald Trump has been selling bootleg copies of home alone lost. In New York when the Morrow Logo give shop known as accused him of this. I just feel like something you did. The DE investigators are looking into whether certain I live has been clandestinely granted high low security clearance. Since, let me tell you
those gets a pretty close reality with this knucklehead administration, then the with bird of whatever the joke writer, I'm getting with a daughter and Katy
you've won the game guys give it up, give it up for Katie from Queen. Thank you and Letitia James. Thank you to Akilah Hughes and thank you. Brooklyn for coming out will see you soon.
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