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Jon F. and Dan answer your questions on 2020, the Senate, campaign finance, their top Spotify picks, and more.

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Our annual holiday mailbag Rience, some of your question so exciting what'd you do. What a tradition, quick housekeeping note positive in cricket media listeners, then so much since we launch and twenty seventeen everything from all the work you did to flip the house, to raising over two million dollars to support fair fight. You shall be very, very proud of your work, and so we compiled some of your biggest achievements in impact report called. Is this hope I feel you can check it out at crooked outcomes, lush impact to check it out, pat yourselves in the back, and let it inspire you before we head into twenty twenty and ask you to do more work. I see that my suggestion of naming gets get slightly. Less cynical did not take. You know
that must memory to get lost in the email traffic? I'm sure? Let's start with some questions, were you start topical and then we're gonna go in all kinds of different directions: straight Isabel cooed, all I'm gonna say from Instagram asked: could the house impeach Trump twice? Take it easy we just go. The first one. Yes, yes, technically, yes, it can become a million times. Your everyday chromium impeachment today, but let's hope so we don't have tools that we have a different path, didn't buy them, like anything, is on the table. The second term I mean it is an interesting question. Just in that There is some worrying concern among many, I think rightfully so that he's gonna get acquitted and then what happens when he commits a whole bunch more crimes between now and election day or potentially trying to read the election, which is the abuse of power, is currently impeach for yet it then it's a concern-
its own concern about that, but that is, but that was an argument against him being impeached, but there's a flip side of the argument, which is what, if president, commits a patent his crime emitted. Your national television isn't impeached when that also encourage it to do more crimes. Right I mean this is the The problem here is, you can say the Democrats, you and bright boy was made this case. I keep the inquiry opening case, there's more impenetrable crimes We got a drag it out, we gotta get include emoluments. We get include mulligan citizens. All of this rests on Can you get any Republicans in Congress to ever vote to convict the sky seems as if the answer is going to be no and they are impervious to political pressure on this kind of stuff right of nuts,
like the number of crimes against like we just we have to beat him at the ballot box if we have to beat the Republicans who are trying to protect them. This is not about some sort of magical powers of persuasion that Trump has or intimidation. That Trump has. It is about a broken democracy that drowns out. The political power of the majority of Americans because it puts the decision about whether a president can be held accountable for crimes in the hands of an entirely anti democratic institution like the sun, it yeah Laura Renee on Twitter asks I still I want to hear how focus groups work. I know what the stills from are they paid? How do you find these mythical swing? Voters? How much time do you spend with them? Is it hard to keep your face straight when they say they still might vote for Donald John?
go for it you're the focus group. Yet so we worked with a polling firm, jolt denizens pulling firm. Who was our is our friend and the and Brok Obama's poster. Last time I did I work with David binder in his research for him he was a heat connected focus group for Brok. Also, our friend also our friend David binder, there's plenty appalling firms other they can do this. So the deal with focus groups. Are there not just political lot of companies. Do this for consumer focus groups, and I dont know exactly the science of how they go out to people. My guess: that's the sea
some of the of the polling firm, but I will say when they recruit people to do the focus group. They don't tell the people their recruiting exactly what the focus group is going to be about. So you dont know you're going to political focus group. You could go to focus group for some new product, but you ask people a number of questions, so you can get. This is where the social science comes in. You can get the exact demographics you're looking for in a specific Rodin group, because you ask people a whole bunch of questions in sort of the application for the focus group that you can figure out who they ve, but you know who they voted for. Party there from their age. Other demographic characteristics of these, how much they watch the news. What new sources they watch. So you can really narrow it down to the kind of group that you want. How do you find these mythical swing? Voters yeah, I was like no hay them. You do pay them
I paid a small stipend. I don't exactly know how much it is, but it's pretty small. How do you find these mythical swing? Voters I dont know, but date in obedience. Group was incredible at this because I asked I was very specific. I wanted to find a for different types of swing. Voters who I thought would be critical in the two thousand and twenty election, and specifically when I went to Miami for that focus group. I wanted people who voted for Barack Obama in twenty twelve and then stayed home in twenty sixteen or voted third party, because so many we talked so much about the Obama Trump voters. We don't talk enough about the people who stay home and I also said because the people who did say home and don't tend to vote in to disproportionately be younger and black and latino. I wanted to make sure that the focus group was very diverse and they found like those people for me and I could cuddle it down to ten, so it was actually really really useful. How much time you spend with them. I spent an hour and a half with each each group of people and then it's it. Is it hard to keep your face straight? It was a little bit because I
All I told people was they want to. Let people know who I am. I didn't want to biased them in any way and so I said I was producing a show on politics and voting and I had to them. Act like I am not a political experts so when they said things that are hard reset for you look. I'm sure that I wasn't that smart and even an expert I dangling, I didn't know really anything about politics so, but I got some questions do like. So what is in the Medicare for all plan, and I tried to act like I had heard about her on the news I come. You know I've. Just someone had been sent in the news once in a while and you do here- some really wild shit. You know, but the key to a focus group is you want everyone to talk and to be honest and feel calm, trouble. So you don't want to shame anyone. When someone says it's a little off. You don't wanna, you know, you'd want to make them feel bad about it. So all you can do as a moderator is really just sort of sit back and let people talk amongst themselves and it is interest
somebody like in Milwaukee. I did the Obama Trump odors and people are so shy about saying that they voted for Donald Trump and then, when one person did suddenly, another person did and in the whole group suddenly realized they were all trumpeters. You know they felt a little more comfortable but yeah. It's pretty fascinating. Have you set an unfocused groups? Yes, I've never moderated by much of my poor dear. I sat like through the the half window like an watch through the mirror, ANA Miranda, video situation, and I have watched them online for hours my life. I will never get back in the run up to drivers relationship, but there I find them incredibly useful and illuminating and dumb. We will have most of these focus groups, not just in the wilderness, that's coming out January wilderness season two but you'll be able to see video of the focus groups themselves on the wilderness website, so that'll be cool.
I quit Advance Zile from Twitter asks the election. Cycle is lasting two years now. Is it a good idea to shift primaries back six months to give more focus to the general and lessen the financial burden on the primary candidate stand when you think so. This question is so instead of the I will talk as being in February two thousand and twenty it would be in September, two thousand maintain, as at the I get yeah, I I think we would be better off compressing, not extending the and the problem. Is it isn't when the primary itself happens? It starts the campaign, the start, Genesis cited by when the first Kennedy gets in the race, and so when bill and ran for president in ninety ninety two. Eating it in the recent of a fall of ninety one right. Brok, Obama denounces for our committee on January, thirteen two thousand and seven a full year before the hour August and so they're getting longer and longer. It was with foreign announced on New year's eve. Yet so thirteen months
four and so the thing that drives, unlike the primary that the date of the primary it's our campaign. Finance laws require you to spend all this time raising money in order to be able to pay for your rotation, your ads, Exeter yeah. I wish look. I wish the primary was lecturer because one of the consequences of a long primary is we ve been there, like these candidates start running out of real differences that they have with each other, which they do and You have to keep make a news, and you have to keep you now, keeping things interesting and you're. Trying to you now get ahead in the polls and it gets all nasty and if you have duration, where the primary becomes nastier than the general, because generals wholly three months long, it certainly not good for the Democrats. Party you know now. I think there is regardless of what happens in the twinkling election. I hope there is a very big thoughtful conversation about how we change that,
I wonder, if an arm and how we select our nominee in a way that makes more political sense in the carnage Ellen Cone on Facebook asks, since the democratic base is about the same size as the republican base. Why is it an effective political strategy for the Republicans to exclusively focus on their base? but not for the Democrats because of a little thing called the Electoral college gerrymandering and gerrymandering and in the fuckin, sent me The problem we have here is there are more democratic voters and more potential democratic values and our republican voters pleasurable voters. The problem: is there not Jake ethically distributed evenly if everything was cited in the popular vote, a democratic based strategy could work, but unfortunately it does not work.
In the primary base of the Republican Party, which is white men often without a college degree, are massively over represented in the Senate, the represent electoral College and Jerry Machinery, as it has happened across countries and specifically to give them more parenthood. Loot, the power of photos of color. The other problem is the republican base, is very homo genius. At this point, it is older white men without a college, education and then white women. Without a college, education as well make up part the republican base so too, when you're talking about that as a base, you have sort of an easier message policy agenda, because your messaging to people who are more the same in an ideologically,
same as well. The democratic base is much more heterogeneous, much more diverse, not just in its identity, but in its ideology is media diet and its media diet, and so we are trying to have a coalition that includes more moderates, more centrists and then very, very progressive people centre left people. Democratic socialist, like we had to have a coalition where Joe Mansion and Alexandria Cortez are in the same coalition and that's when you talk about our coalition bigger than theirs. It is, but it's only, you're than theirs. If we include both of those kinds of people that demand
of the world and the agencies of the world, and so that makes it a lot harder for the Democrats to just talk about their base, then for the Republican Party. Now it's hard to better parties that were right in the wrong. Yet in our party looks more like America, the narratives that ninety percent of House Republicans are women, but weary, we're a big tent, big ten party and its sir. It's pretty noisy under that it, nor Hagen from Facebook asks thoughts on trumped suggesting he may skip the debates having its highly likely. You think it's likely yeah so imagine right the democratic nominee, whoever they may be, and the republican nominee Donald Trump have to agree on three debate. Moderators. Can you find three human beings who could possibly moderated debate the trump and job Elizabeth Wine, amicable, choppy visually because we always fuckin give in, and so I shall say Chris Wallace will be like ok, Chris Wallace like in that
be fine, but it's after that you may be wondering what happens after that. I now it's like yet What he said about NBC Abc Cbs likes At any rate, I mean it is I worry that at the end of it, he may show up for these debates, but the effect of the drama before that, when he threatens over and over again to not show up, is working the roofs and so he's going to get the debate moderators that he, wants because they're going to say, while we want you know we wanted to date. You want to show up at the debates, and so we know what the debate commission is going to try to like a peas. Trump like everyone else, tries to fucking appease Trump, because he's like crying and screaming, like he always does Ultimately, its negotiation between the other negotiators picked, whether democratic nominated Ceta wasn't picked by Trump and they're. Gonna have to agree
free and if it seems hard to imagine what they can possibly grinned other Chris was who Trump also hates right, yeah your thoughts Criswell, as he said, but Trump as a threat to the free press. You know the other two so I could either and I think properly. How Trump is doing will determine this right. There was some speculation. He would not debate last time, but he had a very different calculus because he was losing yeah or so we all thought and he was also in it for attention back then, because this was part of a larger play to fill the unfeelable horn as ego, but this is different right where, if he is winning and heat Lake- and he thinks he could get his clean, as with all the people to judge wherever else he may not show up any he bore. Do they hurt the democratic candidate? If I don't want this job, maybe very very maybe you have to make it case against Trump and he already has a giant megaphone as president and controlling american social media.
So he can get his message out and could it could make a case? It would hurt him that way. You could that the demographic and say that Donald Trump, too scared to the baby It could, in its going to depend on the ability of the Democrat to make that case by nothing about her current media environment suggests they have. Rights will be Trump says, Debate them affair. Democrats, as you should use its news at eleven. So I think- and you know- and you just have when you are less well known- and you are making decisions come at you have. You know we always think about campaigns in terms of five moments. There is the moment you pick your vice presidential, dominate where you will get huge saturation coverage. There's your convention speech and there, the three debates and so have trump, could starve the democrat of those three moments. That may not be great for the Democrat, I wonder if the solution is just for the Democrats
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well with smart accessories. When you use promo code cricket check out the debit levied at tee, o n, a l, dotcom, promo code, crooked tonal, be your strongest Christian Patel Ass from Twitter. Please talk about the structural bias of the? U S Senate towards white conservatives and how to exit. We decide about this a little bit with a sort of the republican base, but we should like what the Senate itself and the structural bias of why the Senate is so bad. What do you make law I wrote an entire chapter, my book on this, because I think it is one of what does that book called again. It's hot untermeyer, That's right: you can order an hour it. You can send I promise everyone that I would stop doing vocation and if you can order now, everyone Untrussing America by Dan Pfeiffer, go on go on Amazon and where were you get your books, Exxon? Thank you so much, I think, of the math of this right right now. It is mathematically possible for eighteen percent of United States population to control the Senate majority.
And it's fuckin brutal and that any that problem is getting worse over time? As you have population decline in these rule, mostly white states headed too without with either just general population, fine or young people moving and people of color moving to bigger bluer stew, AIDS. Then you have a lot of power. California and Wyoming have the same amount of power and that that is a huge. I get a problem where Democrats on have a put forward. Aggressive solutions is to begin with a filibuster adding states like DC we're gonna be in a world where a shrinking white, conservative minority has Vito power over the policy preferences of a growing, diverse, progressive measures, in this country, and that is an unsustainable problem for a country that prides itself on the concept of democracy and just for it? to understand a real example of this: the same
it is even more problematic than the electoral college in this regard right because we talk all about you know, are we gonna flip Texas at some point, you flip Texas? Finally, in Texas, turns Blue and the prizes, but thirty four electoral votes, I think, is Texas, something like sure. So that's that that really helps in the electoral college. You flip Texas, blue in the Senate, to two more senators Meanwhile, all these other states, like your Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania Ali States, had been harder and harder for Democrats You start losing, though senators to the republican side, and we cannot there's just not enough states right now that our diversifying that are getting bigger, which are states like Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, there's just not many more of those the Democrats can pick up like you can get yourself over the next ten twenty years.
To fifty one fifty two votes in the Senate. You can never get to sixty so again, Erin, oh, who care but filibustering against the filibuster about like there is no universe with the filibustering place or Democrats will ever be able to pass, not just progressive legislation. Anyway, you want to name a I post office. Yeah you'll need Europe only republican vote, the question I believe everyone with is: do we really need two Dakotas, that's Just think we talk about adding porter ego and in DC know their retirement. Taking away, states and understand I've been a region, crunch the numbers on what have we subsumed West Virginia in Virginia, whether that would be a net positive or Democrats. Ok Ricky got Instagram asks what issues do you The media hasn't give enough attention to. Since the impeachment inquiry has started all the issues. There are the issues that we have I've noticed it here. You know like with we wanted psycho impeachment, because it's in the news- and I think that you know it was the right decision, but a lot of issues that have fallen under the radar
under the radar issues like you know the planet's on fire and it's an existential crisis. That's that's one that on the day, had hit justice to pick one. Also, trip, is committed many more visual offences that are not given the attention they deserve to refocus on the other one year. That's true, there's a mean we're. According this the day after the last a Democrat, debate. There's a story in the washing oppose this morning on the front page about how of senior White House official said that it was Putin himself who told Trump that Ukraine we metal in the election and entrust believes it because he said Putin told me so and calls him my friend and even then I noticed it on the way into the officers like. Oh, that seems like a big story. I saw that as we were walking past the television set briefly on the scene and car on the other thing to Us- and we are all talking about this for the debate last night.
They start talking about court reform, and they mentioned this. This case that came before the fifth circuit on the affordable care act, which could mean the end of the affordable care act, it's being remanded back to a district court. It just in terms of the twenty slash twenty. Forget about ten twenty thirty years down the road with the climate crisis that we have to grapple with. You know Trump getting rid of the affordable care act which has tried to do which his Department of Justice is arguing that it should be held on constitutional, that's, our only twentysomething million Americans, more than twenty million Americans losing their health insurance that could end up being one of the biggest issues in an election and Democrats aren't talking about not nearly enough. I was surprised that it wasn't a more for discussion during the debate
state or whatever it was well for recording and I've been its after a Thursday night out over the day was, but he had them in this is this? Is it's not just impeachment? This is wife in the Trump era. Is the trump blots out the sun on some of the most pressing, important issues that are either of substantive
cultural importance, the United States or would actually be very important, persuasive in the context of his re election, but because he plus Facebook has turned himself into America's Simon editor. We end up talking about the set of thinks a trump does and says entreats about, and not the other things that are next to it, that he ought that often nurse to his benefit politically, and I think we have to have a tremendous amount of discipline in the coming months in twenty twenty two sort of fixed that problem by having not allude democratic nominee in their campaign, but all the other democratic candidates and all of us sort of sharing content and talking about the issues that will be beneficial to Democrats in the twenty twenty campaign. And it's a really big deal. Never it's like the rising cost of health care for people and how troms fuck that up student loans. Like all of these issues that affect people's lives in a tangible way. We have to be talking about him. He has not fixed any of those issues because that's gonna break through
but more than you know, as we just heard him being bodies with Putin, nerve, the Ukraine stuff that everyone who is making their decision on trumps romance with Putin, is they made their decision already. Michael Colvin asks with more billionaires in the debates now than people of color. Should we have a new conversation about campaign finance reform, irony, need a new conversation about it. We need to fight, can happen if the same Relation is just being blocked by again we're in this catch two to the win right. Even this isn't adding. This is an important point, which is say we win, but you're the Philip US we add two Supreme Court justice. Is we overturn citizens united? That would have nothing to do with our times. Dire can buy a billion dollars. Oh that's was often stage you need a constitutional amendment to address the idea. That speech is money right right like or we have to move your public financing of elections, which is also the right thing to do with what other countries do. It would be. The big,
scheme change or for us, but prices is United Tom. They could about others, add smuggled Limburg about all those adds going. There's mayors, grubby wealthy people running for office spending money from their pockets is something that people both parties have been doing for a very long time. So I do think people should have some context. What we normally think of the processes. Internet era? That's not Styron Bloomberg of the different interests, so people know publicly funding. Elections is one solution in the reason its dissolution people talk about. The most is having simply limits on what you can spend in an election personally gets into free speech, constitutional issues. Right rather that's why you that's why you need a castle from his even like we had public financing a presidential elections for a long time right, but the system was not update enough to give up the cost of things and First, let me watch opted out of it in the primary than broke, my laptop and general. No one has been in it really since
Even in that world, a wealthy person could run and they actually had would have an advantage as enriching as they could spend more than the federal limits, because the limits only work is nearing contingent upon receipt of the public Financing Dan asks a from twitter. What are the results in the UK portend for the twenty twenty presidential election? Nothing and everything what? Ah, what appended answer right? Amazing you paid for this, let me personally Fraga, listen to positive the world Ben and Tommy. Have a great discussion with David Lamy? Is parliament, member in the in the UK,. About this. What do you think down? What we're we haven't? I got the whole. Can Naxian between Brazil and twelve. Sixteen, trumps. Victory is, I think, not discussed and perhaps the most thoughtful astute way. What view does not a predictive? What's gonna happen in american politics right, because it's not America right one.
It is important to know what the hell is it, but some of the forces that led to this success, of breaks it originally and then to the large sweep that the Tories had in the UK are also present in our politics. Rain terms, the geographic distribution of power, of veto, conservative media plus a whole bunch of other things that are warning signs for that. This can go without telling us what's gonna happen, but I think we should look at it to see if there are lessons to be learned and one pretty simple lesson is don't nominates someone to run for president who is incredibly on likeable, in german, carbon had a negative forty approval rating, which is nowhere near Trump. Anything we're gonna, get AIDS or any Leir I've seen anywhere in awhile, I mean it. You have to really try to be. Underwater. Forty point, that's ok, Mcconnell numbers that my face very nice.
And he wasn't always that way I picked when carbon came to power. He was I read this. He was like negative too. Was his favourable, If you ever met if scooter negative forty just so, you know like Trump trumps sitting around negative between negative ten negative six approval. You know it. All of our democratic candidates. Unfortunately, we now or like slightly underwater too, unfortunately, because of polarisation this country we may just have candidates for president now were both underwater and their approval because of what both sides due to the other one but negative. Forty, is a special there and the way it played itself out us also, you need strong, clear positions. Labour did not have a clear position on Rex. It on breaks it, and I was with the election, was formerly about and so we don't know anything you and I was the first sure talking nothing. So listen about save the world, but I did into their episode, apposite world. So now I'm an expert. Oh yes, I think so.
Let me let me hand the magazine and second zapped thinking things predict other things. I thought, though, I think, but it's like what lessons can you learn from a thing that happened, that you can apply to your different situation? Yet broad trends are one thing, but I can't do too much predicted cause. Lears asks up until six months ago You guys slowly puke in your own miles when you heard the term elect ability, but now it appears you ve been using it without pundit howling in despair, and I'm not quite what that means. What happened? How did the word slip back into the show again? Now? That's the most accurate characters of happy did, but it is a is a fair question and that which is why I wanted to address it, and I think I understand how this can be confusing. Here's Willie's what I believe in electricity. I think what we have said for a long time is that it is impossible to predict what is electable, who is electable and when pundits are running around predict.
And who is the most electable candidate oftentimes they get that wrong because you are basing it on poles here and there and you kind of have to just see how people are voting right. But we are also an election, and I think I underestimated this at the beginning of the primary as well. We are in election? Where so many voters are doing and by. I think, rightfully, so, a fear that Donald Trump is going to be respected and that fear overwhelms almost everything else, and so, when you talk to voters whether we ve I've talked to them in focus groups, Tommy says he talk to them in Iowa when he did his eye was special, and this is all he heard on the ground in Iowa. People are afraid they want denominate someone who can be Donald Trump. That's what voters are saying and they're, not just saying it because, they heard people talking about it on morning job or they heard people tucking a Bonaparte save America. They turned on CNN they're, just people who,
on and make sure they nominate, someone who can be dealt with and that's not new to our current media, environment or twenty people have been voters have. Worried about flexibility. As long as I've been in politics, it was. It was on the front of people's minds in two thousand and three, when I was working for John carrying people wanted to be dark. George Bush again hard to do Herman. What's electable that I agree with you on, but elect ability is on people's my right. The only likes more candidates are winning candidates right in We're losing candidates may have been the chronicle most electable choice thought here. Hypothetical. No one really knows. I think we have tried and if we have failed at this, I apologize for. We have tried to do not make predictions or assessments of which candidates are more electable than others right. We have tried to talk about how the candidates talk about their own of accountability, which, by the way they all are for end like it's, not just
YO binds the only one corner on their talk him. I would like to build on that debate stage in last week's debate. Bernie Sanders was up there saying I'm the most electable, because I can build the largest coalition and bring in the most new voters. That's his electricity case Elizabeth Warrant, I'm the most electoral, because we have a crap president and the best contrast represented someone with an anti corruption platform. That's my leg, debility case in each of their own ways there all making intellect ability case because they know that's what motors care about and vote. This can and should make their own assessments about who they things must like running. They should be eyes wide open that most of what people tell them is wrong. They should be eyes wide open that most of the media discussion elect ability, is both racist and sexist and is viewed through this incorrect filter that the way you in elections is persuading a small group of white people that's a new eaten one. Certain dine every running your times, five like, but you should make our system because we need to be jump into
dollars in us. Look at it again. It's in. Maybe you throw your arms. I have therefore include as a person I like most then do you for that proves that right, I'm I'm all for that. We are all partisans right like a an you know we're gonna go for where the democratic nominee isn't and going to be happy about it, and probably a lot of you list, you're, going to do that in a lot of friends are in that's great and for Republicans they're gonna go Donald Trump, no matter what their they're all big from people there, a ton of working people in this country who are not partisans and we're not just talking about the white guys in the Pennsylvania Diner talking about all the people. That Democrats often talk about who are people who don't voter dont vote that frequently and for those people there are certain candidates. You can go talk to them. There are certain candidates they will vote for if that person is running against Donald Trump and their certain candidates that they won't vote for. If that person is running against Donald Trump, maybe they'll stay home, maybe they'll vote third party, maybe they'll leave the top lank, but it's a real thing that there are tons of people in this country who could decide on election were not necessarily gonna vote for whoever
Emma crafts nominate and that's that has to do with the like debilitated. So it's a real issue in this race and it would be a disservice not to talk about words. Also why you should have a sort of a wide, an aperture about who voters are because that it may be, like everyone's gonna- have a different way of getting too their win number. It initiates the two seventy right. Some candidates can be better at persuading the swing. Voters of others could be less wall, but fill the gap with increased turn out it. In so point is we don't know. We talk about flexibility because voters care about it and we try to never tell you who we think is the most electable, because we do not now I wake up every day in office
talk to you every day about how do you think this person matured? What? How would this effect does it? Just? We have no clue who it is, but I think it's worth talking about. I think they can and should make their case to voters about trains, mutable cork, uninstall I view this. My very parted in the mailbox is Dan doing the book torrent, twenty twenty. If so, when or dates gonna be released, I M doing a butcher and twenty twenty. I will start the weedy comes out with two separate team, because I'm not talking the buck renounced. I promise you, I would not do it. There are I work by the book. There are already some dates on the calendar in New York and DC that first week, but I am a all a lot of places and am I try to hit swing states? It is as though I will be Pennsylvania and was concerned. It may make up other, though swings dates, so that your router, yet after the new year, we're gonna have a couple of announcements about some fun things, we're gonna. Do it to try to get this far
her camping going so publisher doesn't tell me, I told you so, and we also announce the that relates, I missed, from Instagram asks I've shows in the new year. Yes, yes, we know that we can make it announcements on this pod or else I mean years impact Ok guys go your gear or they commonly will double check on this. We will back on the road in the new year. It will start in March. We will back on the road in March and stay tuned from or updates on the cities, we're going to and the dates but yeah we're we're. Looking for it again on the road and twenty twenty four shore easy from Twitter, or John and IRA come to a truce in the new year. I don't know. Is he up to IRA up the IRA? walked by my office every morning when he's here just spits into the office. Really now I'm just that's a rumor
spreading essay like yours, God, that's further rumor has it load, glass gives the furthest away from the door, and so, if you're, like Tommy, is getting the short step, it asked us it's a fucking outrage. I do is just try and try and try again. In a nutshell. Hardly America Roger by the ACL. You do you, you could have an immediate impact in the fight against dont trumps abuses of power. Yes, you can by becoming a member of the American Civil Liberties Union today today, since Donald Trump took office dsl, you was filed over a hundred forty lawsuits against his administration. That's a lawsuit ever a day slot towards this year alone. Acl use challenge the Trump Administration in the court's over family separation, abortion bands and voter suppression and one a lot the issue you, and unsupported like you to fund these fight in the corridors and to take action? The streets for this
second time in their ninety nine year history? The issue of Eu Borders voted to support the impeachment of a sitting president, it's time to protect the constitution from Donald Trump. If you're ready to be a parties, fights donated offend our democracies. Acl you dot, Org, slash, pod, save its ACL, you dot, Org, slash pod, save, don't wait for election day fight. Now with the Asia. Oh you we love the sell. You support these Heliograph. Please don't regret its important pod. Save America is brought in by the shop now at a cash with investing. There are lots of great goals to invest towards like retirement college or just Rainy day fund. But, let's be honest, most of us only want one thing: what are you on John? That's during that big beautiful The New York Stock Exchange Bell, Ding Ding Ding Ding, Ding Ding, but only especial few get to ring it. How can it be you How? Well, I think. First, you build basically a giant ponzi scheme with a bunch of credulous venture capitalists till all comes crashing down like three months after the appeal or
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subsidiary of square in member, as I p c hearing that those are those who say farewell to those arms are too strong, Sharon from Twitter asks three share: your top songs from twelve nineteen from Spotify or your guilty pleasure song from twenty nineteen. Don't go. What does the owner my guilty pleasure size Spotify as a father of a daughter who really enjoys system, reed songs. Mice, not if I wrapped was very different this year, and I dont know if any of you have ever hit shuffle led the three parents out there on the system treat songs playlists on Spotify bed, there is a version of the Macarena that justice is leaking out already gives you every time also because I was writing this year. I have us into an ungodly amount of nazi mystery, music and, and
almost all of my top songs, were off the chance, the wrapper novel ogling. I have what a chance Lazo Maggie Rogers, who performed at our at our show at the Greek and then as the husband of by Taylor, Swift, bigger. Fan the new lover album. I can. I can blame Emily for part of this. This is my guilty pleasure because she did play the album forty five times in a row when it first came out, but I have to admit sometimes when I'm in the car, I listen to it myself as well. I sort of reject the idea that there can be guilty pleasure music. I know I like Itunes, music, if you like it, it's not guilty it just pleasure. I, like a lot of you, know they're, giving guilty pleasure television shows by getting closer music. Now on on the Taylor. Swift, no, so Hell's asks. I would like to know how the team plans rearrange Taylor, Swift, podcast appearance and twenty twenty two. Can energize her fan base vote? I am not a plant Emily family Oh did not send me. I am not pause,
This is not Emily's Burner twitter account. First of all, the eggs very possible. We would love to get Taylor on the pod she's very political, these days, she's she's. Finally, is Emily always said she, she has come out as a Democrat, she's progressive, so if Taylor. If you want to talk about politics where here and we If you do get plugin devote save America, she did. She did put something on Instagram where she had the vote. Save America logo on one of her Instagram store was that on purpose we don't know heck. It's great either way. She's got a huge fan. So anyway. Anyone who can Taylor. Let her know will have on the pot. Charcoal asks from winter, which episode of POD save America. Is it's not great? Dan from I have idea, I don't either. I just want to say that I stole that is by many people might know from mad men from the famous me and you know P campbells in the elevator by events and walks entities has not great bob, and now it's unflagging tee shirts, but you can't even order because we're still hunks
If this is sweeping the nation, dens wife, we tax? It was like how do I get and it's not great didn t shirt for our house for Kyler, she just you know tat we we. Finally, we finally have a few in our house now, let's get I'm glad that you guys got some Leon from Twitter, asks, besides doing all your podcast, where you scream into the void and we listen, what kind of self care activities routines, rituals, fun, stuff, etc? Do you do to avoid going totally insane in today's political climate How do we know we haven't gotten said I with a light on Skype. I promise you that at all, what do you do then I do and I don't do anything- I need to do more. This is one of my nears resolutions and an expert It is also one of mine I Do really try to unplug at night, for my fun, at least from politics, my phone,
In a very competitive, fantasy, basketball, egg and so I'd varied Dialed into that to my fate is vast, pile up. But in general I have tried and in my house, unless a present as being impeached. There is no political news on the dollar: oh that's good. None debates too. I guess the impeachment in debates with joint I've done. Everything else is something that I find enjoyable, that's interesting. We did so well on that for a long time until impeachment began, and then we start putting some cable on once in a while to follow the impeachment stuff. Made me realize how much I dont like that, and so we that that my only unwinding as when I go home at night to try to turn on the television and watch some some good show or a movie or something like that either
though, I'm realising, if it doesn't totally capture my attention, I'm still looking at my phone once in a while looking at Twitter Texan, you guys so in one of my resolutions for the new year is, I have to read more and have to read non political stuff was. I was in bed the other night, unlike these reading, a book on her Ipad and I'm on my ipod and she's like what are you reading and I as like honouring the news you didn't work and like No I'm reading the news for pleasure and she's. Like those the saddest thing. I've ever heard, you have to start length things that are for that thing I did when I left the White House was. I do not bring my phone when I go to bed. I plug my phone and away from the bed and I do not look at it after them. And I used to read books on an Ipad bide. I would find myself being drawn twitter area observer and off the wifi, and so I that's, why do an airplane does have a candle in so smart? So you, reed and stay away from the news? and I think I think that it like that, is, I think, embedded in this
Is our conversation over an hour is away for people to think about the next year, which is It is going to be a marathon, not aspirin. It is going to be fucking heart. It is gonna, be stressful. It is gonna, be scared. Tromp is going to be horrendous. He's going to make the last three years have trumpet fucking nice. It is gonna, be terrible. And we have a lot of work to do everyone right. Every citizen, this country, who wants to undo what Europe has done, our view, but it is also okay to unplug, from the horror, show watch something good on television read a book, listen to music talk to another human being. Am I take a bath
from it and not. We don't have to marinate and the toxic stew of Trump twenty four seven for the next year. Knoweth, that's was I mean that leads to the last question here from Christina. How shall we be preparing now that the twenty twenty election is imminent hoarding alcohol for the debates doing specialised care? sing exercises at the gym requiring voter registration proof before long friends into holiday party that one fuck. Yes, that is a good one. I guess the above our know. How else are we will be preparing for? I think I think, what we do, something like the mental, an emotional preparation for it yeah. I think it is to channel the tremendous axed we're all gonna have and the tremendous anger towards what tromp has done and will do and activists of the. I always think about you, and I from we started this on keeping at sixteen hundred, although we took it from play,
You know the bed wedding that get right and we don't don't. You bet wedding and obviously everyone should have been bed wedding because sooner be less election, but really what that was about I've been, Going about the M, you, the serenity, prayer, that's It is a long way it's like required, embroidery and missiles. Grandmothers house right. It's also like alcoholics anonymous. They say right: it's, like God, grant me the serenity to know the things that I cannot change the the courage to change what I can in the wisdom to know. The difference, I believe, is the prayer, and I do think it's important to apply that to next year into politics like there are certain things in this election and in politics that we cannot control. We can. Change. We cannot control the portals every day. We cannot control a trump does. We cannot control the money that he's gonna spend their whole. Thing, can you control what happens in our attempts uses we're trying but it seems like we can't. We can't that's another than we can but the media coverage to appoint. Sometimes it works sometime
Reporters understand and eight you know, do better next time, but there's a lot of that etc. Are controllers? Well, there's a whole bunch of things that are out of our control and I thank them This is a message to myself, as you know that I think we need to figure out the things that we and change, and not spend a lot of time, worrying and anxious about them and then do worry about the things that we can control, which is getting out of our houses, knocking on doors talk from people by politics, sharing content, that's gonna, help on our social media channels, making phone calls visiting, swing, states right, there's gonna, be so much. We can do to affect the outcome of this election and we just have to know the difference. What we can't control. What we can in this way we experienced as well for the country on a positive note, doing our are shows and I've been forced into experience of accidents recently, which is every time you feel doc. And depressed and cynical about not just trump, but everything that lead to Trump yeah right in
the authority for ok with tromp everytime. You feel that way like you and I so to get down. I find myself either on tour with us, or I was at a swing fundraiser up in the Bay area last week in your round around all these people who who feel the same way. You do and are doing something about. Right in our like when you can be around people who are you who have channel that anger that acts and activism you're going to feel better? It's infectious that energy is infectious and I wouldn't just encourage people not just like you shouldn't think about canvas. Volunteering phone banking, whatever else? As sort of this thing, you have to do because it so important and it is important, but it is also a way to manage your emotion, hunt psychological state in this. He upcoming here, I will tell you I'm really excited for all you guys to listen to this season of the wilderness and in part of that was not only debate. Do these focus groups which sometimes can get you little afraid, because it's a focus group a swing.
Matters, but I got stuck to a lotta organizers and activists on the ground. We interviewed alot of people and I every day that I turned from the news to working on the wilderness and working on this script. Writing in hearing all these organisms activist. I just felt so much better because there these you, you just hear about these people who are on the ground in these really important states, doing brilliant certain things and it's not like they're all. You know we're gonna win everything's, fine, but it just like they dont focus on a barometer whether we're doing well or not doing well. They just doing the work you know in every day. There, the work in their meeting inspiring people on their hearing inspiring stories, and I do think that for all of our mental health doing the work will actually help us feel better between our November as you'll feel like you're doing. A few this from me about a month or so ago, it was in the middle of impeachment kicking up, and just as it is
disturbing feeling about how the Republicans or a spot voters and others and refining appeasement, and I went to this book event in San Francisco that for the book that as a legitimately agreed Borg. The founders of invisible had an ad good, it is store and we get there and it is packed where there's a handbook for political activism. It is a rainy, pretty cold. In services, go on a Friday night, the right add it is packed in there all these people of all ages. Kids parents, grandparents, all wearing their individual shirts from various all they ve got travelled some cases more than an hour to get there and use. If you sit in that room and you talk to israeli about what they're doing and how they got involved in Politics Post Robin form advise when you're like. Oh, like we can do this scenario,
and that is the feeling that I want people to seek out in twenty twenty, because we can do, but we won't do it if we sort of give in to the darkness, like that, is ultimately at an earlier conversation about political strategies, right cynicism is the friend of conservatism and cynicism is a guarantee that we will lose. Yes, that's for sure everything even into that is the guarantee that we lose gerrymandering, verse, oppression, trumps screaming, get us all the noise. All of that is a strategy to make use of cynical that you will now knock it off you're, not megaphone kind. You went out and that is how they went. The train are any one. So merry Christmas day after Christmas that your hearing this, which also means happy birthday Dan. I know your birth is. The twenty fourth raises went forth. Yes, so happy birthday, Merry Christmas makers and solve you happy holidays and will of a new year,
resolution pod with me and John and Tommy that's going to drop on the thirtieth next week and then the week after we'll be back by everyone. Pod save America is a product of cricket media, the senior producers, Michael Martinez, arson, in producer, is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick, Kyle Smuggling, as our sounded junior thanks to Caroline rest, Tom, you so mediator and came off production support into our digital team. Eliza Cone, Normal Coney and Yell freed in my will camp who film and upload these episodes as a video every week.
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