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Trump is off-script and unhinged at CPAC, the 2020 race starts as a toss-up, Bernie Sanders kicks off his campaign in Brooklyn, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper join the Democratic field. Then Daily Beast reporter Asawin Suebsaeng talks to Tommy about the right-wing craziness that is CPAC. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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Zip accoutred, our complex crooked, one more time, zipper quota come flash I welcome the pod. Save America, I'm John Bedroom, untimely death, or germ of it, is flying back to LOS Angeles from Milwaukee. I believe we have to his stellar two of them later in the popular Tommy's interview with Iceland. Soothsaying from the daily beasties await our rapporteur, who covered see pack server of political action. Committee conference this week sounded fun, yeah good sides, once it has been some time talking about Donald Trump, bonkers speech from that conference. A new path
that shows his approval, raining his ticked up to forty six percent and the latest is about the field of Democrats, who are fighting for the chance to replace him, also check out This positive the world bonus POD, which includes an incredible rant from Ben Reds. Very emotional, then wrote about our Cushman, yet Gyp Ben hadn't seen the report that tromp actually intervene to get charities, topsecret clearance. I made him. I read a tomb in real time and he flipped out. There really is an episode about the North Korea Summit and why it fail, but also about India, Pakistan. Some developments at of Israel Netanyahu, my good jail, spoiler alert bonus. Grapevine also check out Friday is positive. Miracle bonus pod, that's an interview with PETE booted, by land driver Murphy, great guy and a brand new lover leave it that was recorded in Chicago last week is currently out as well. Finally check out organizing core twenty twenty dot com. This is a brand new programme from some of them field organizers in the country
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staff of young people who are re to be organizers all throughout the country. Yes related outward and check it out, let's Donald Trump who had himself quite a weekend after the collapse of his nuclear summit with Kim Jong earn in Vietnam, which the president tweeted was partly the fault of Michael Cohen's. Testimony seemed questionable since this, but what he said trumps it. He walked away. Souci blaming counts, money for why he walked wailing logic is irrelevant here, posing a logic here. He got upset by the testimony that decided to leave. The summit like injunction was like. I was gonna, give him more in terms of nuclear programmes, but down? But you know Michael Cohen, really steer me away. I'm worried he's implicating the crime. Now this isn't a stretcher too. I was hoping to negotiate with second baby, so Trump then delivered a speech to right wing activists at the conservative political action conference, a speech that lasted two hours
It was the longest speech of his presidency or maybe any presidency. It's like Adele Castro. Hugo Chavez add at the U N linked speaking, so we do have a whipped from the speech that our pals at Saturday Night live put together. It was on weekend update and I thought that's probably the best. The best highlight reels or going to play that for you right now, but I can text you trees in big trouble. Folks, because we have to get it back. The wind blowing today, I'd like to watch television. The attorney general's alarm letter refused myself in the wide as ours loudly. I said: let's go to Iraq channels in general, one general to general three. I said what you name, sir. my name is raising what kind of a day I said raising like the fruit
seven trillion dollars that we have to fly in with no lights. Please get us email. Please I'm going to regret this fix what a great kicker while so I know that year go talk to us went about this later. But what else do we miss here from the speech? I know that you are a man like. I was in you. I think you are even more this I while we were texting about it and secondly, I mean like the truest thing he said. Is you know I'm totally subscript right? This is how I got elected by being off script. I mean this speech was wildly entertaining to me at home, to the people in the room he was and TAT he was raving. He was saying crazy things. They had one piece of news: they were trying to make, which is some executive or their pretending that an offer that will help protect conservatives on campus near she brought up a kid who get a punch in the face at Berkeley which obviously terrible but there's nothing that
republican audiences love more than we can agree to college Republican said Alice, presumably that the message of the day but I mean the guy starts forty five minutes late. He goes for two hours, plus Munich, darling is the wind blowing head like to watch television got him ranting about wind energy, apparently not understanding that a thing called batteries exists that consistent or a power ivy the whole thing was his wild, and then I mean he just indeed as a counter intuitive in terms of all the old rules of politics like going and just rinsing about Bob Mahler for twenty minutes. He called you got them all. Investigation, bullshit he's a little shit. Why they're trying to take me out with bullshit and then he's repeatedly deny that he ever made fun of Jeff sessions or his accent, and then he just did it from the stage smock does you know so like people in the room loved it manually democratic President marked the backside of a southern it would be treated as a career, ending slight
he also call them investigation bullshit. He said the new green new deal would eliminate cars planes buildings in cows. There's a lot of cow. Tolerate housing are hack the fucking weekend. He attacked. the Federal Reserve chairman that he appointed him the Washington Post Day waigel for not flying private? He accused Democrats executing babies and hating our country. One really interesting and probably they're stupid thing he did. Was he in work hunting how he fired Jim call me. He talked about how he had a conversation with Maloney the first lady about why it might be a good or bad decision which probably implicates her. All these issues is gonna go down and if they actually made her away so stupid, I will say it it. It's one of those speeches that it's like you're watching it and you are laughing but is also absolutely terrifying. I mean something that even that, like given new they're trying to make some
gave order that mandates. The protection of free speech on college campuses and takes away federal funding from colleges somehow doesn't protect. Respect would like yourselves no definition of that. There's no way. How would you in force that it's like such a thing? He literally also hugged the american flag. He drowned, I mean, did it was real me: go watch the club. It was really lacking where we heard the man is unwell, we know that obvious, but you washed avatars and you like an initially we ve, been watching. All of these Democrats. Do announcements yet is It is like no matter how you feel by any these candidates there, just like normal people delivering speeches like as having the tax rate wherever and then there's Donald Trump out there just fuckin say crazy yeah. Meanwhile, I watched Bernice announced in speech immediately after I watch Trump because C Span just rolled one to the other, and that was how bored I wasn't Saturday, and yet it was it
speech about policy after the two, our trunks unlikely. I dont like that. I filled with Russia. I am embarrassed, think back of how entertaining the debates were in twenty sixteen, but like this is what we're running up against this time. Boys want to do this is what we're running up against this time? Why don't do you think there was a message buried somewhere in the madness and did the speech tell you anything about how he's gonna campaign in twenty twenty year ass. I mean, I think, the way tells us about how is in a campaign in twenty twenty is that he will be just as loose in undisciplined as he was last time. He's gonna say all: wild is our stuff and he's gonna try to entertain his audience and keep his base and keep media attention on him at all times. I mean the reason that could be an the strategy is because ultimately, he has for can use in the right wing press there to be his communications director to filter out all the best messaging, the best pulling stuff and then are that the rest of the press corps is like how the hell do. We even begin to fact check this, and even when you do know, one
there's sweat- and I talked about this like was saying in the speech. Literally no one is left the speech the whole time, It's amazing that one of you is walked out of been going for two hours and you could see people streaming out. I mean it reminds you of Michael his conversation with Michael Cohen, like there was no Russia business. done during the campaign. You know we weren't investing in Russia. We just like you save lives, does matter. I that is in in a few areas like he had the immigrants, are invading us in coming to kill. You argument, which was basically in the centre, of his twice eighteen mid term campaign is only talked about immigrants invading caravans, Vade Alek, I stuff it didn't work format the thousand and eighteen largely at the one of the worst midterm defeats in history. So that in their he's, all added, accusing Democrats of infanticide executing babies, based on this, like comp,
lie about way term abortion that are there really going and hard on these go hard on that they're gonna go higher than that in twenty, because that's how you gonna keep the evangelicals get them excited, so he's got the xenophobia go in for the folks who who are interested in that he's, got the fantasize go in for the event: Jellicoe Conservatives, the other thing, he'd been missing so far was in sixteen he really anti establishment had this sort of populism going where he went after the establishment. He went after corruption watching you talked about the swamp, we talked about jobs, go and oversee, outsourcing source it have any in eighteen, and I think what he did here is all the talk socialism and renewed new deal at what he's trying there is it's interesting. It's not, he doesn't know but socialism like it's gonna cost. Much money. It's governments to beg. It's! You know that, like Republicans
traditionally talked about it. He said socialism is about only one thing: it's called power or for the ruling class. And it is very like He'S- got it he's trying to get twenty sixteen sort of anti establishment message back by saying that socialism, basically as all the lives and Democrats that you hate, consolidating all this power in the governments like the people that you don't like the most, are going to be running the country. If you don't like me, me, they'd, vapor, the really now, just as well as we do that? What was and they see pull over the weekend there with socialism does not pull very well among the general population. I like it, turns of our democratic should deal with this. I mean I'd love to see some polling on the best attack on trumped, but, like he, here's one option I also find was with worn on this done today. I say: did you see down its impact this weekend. He gave a bizarre rambling profane to our speech at a conservative conference, but you know- The most offensive thing about that conference, its run by a shady lobbyists. Shady lobbyist has away
whose await US communications director. The swamp is not drained. Folks, therefore, I propose the following lobbying reforms relic. You need to talk about what he did but use the pivotal. Your message so you actually get covered bees. This rambling to our nonsense did drowned partially than Korea, news drowned out the on hearing rates are new big shiny object that everyone has to cover because its nuts year- and I think I think that that's exactly right. I think you could also say like in two hours to Donald Trump say one thing about people who can pay their medical did. He say one thing about people whose wages are enough to actually the rand or pay their bills, or anything like that. Did he say anything about the challenges that Europe sitting in your life right now you just it was all it was. I mean, come on, ours this wasn't. She talks about the Wallaces Vanity project rate. It was it's always about Donald Trump.
always about him. It's about his power, enriching himself and reaching his friends and like helping you know basically dancing with the people brought on which are the right wing activists and see pack and had very little for anything any one else near us when we are covered I will let start you brought that up. The NBC Wall Street was returnable lesson. From standing heading into twenty twenty, this pole without this we can found that forty Percent of voters would reelect Donald Trump today and forty eight percent would for generic Democrat trim. approval has picked up to forty six percent in the pole, which is roughly the same as before Obama and Bill Clinton at this point. In their first terms, used the approval of ninety percent of Republicans and fifty nine send a Republicans. Don't think that another republic, should challenge Trump and the primary Tommy what those numbers tell you about the president's strength as a candidate in twenty twenty
It's a good reminder, and we all need to hear these reminders frequently that this is a fifty fifty reelection and that most incumbents get reelected, and we should, Approach this as an appeal battle, I mean his. His approval rating has been remarkably stable since he took office in January. Twenty seventeen- that's like the NBC Journal. Pull has added between forty three and forty seven percent approval that taught. We should say that is very, unlike almost any president recent history, like Obama, Bush Bill Clinton, all heard much bigger swings in it. It s very, very stable yeah and look at me in another important data point is that a majority of Americans are confident in this economy, and so I think we We need to remember that that's a pretty significant Dallas for any president and people are gonna, give him credit for that, and in probably understand- and I think I mean Republicans are going to stick by him and the Paul numbers and four January in December, when they were lower during the shut down
A lot of this was Republicans sort of drifting away from him. The early Non college white men, but those people are gonna, get angry with him from time to time. You're always gonna be back. You cannot count on those voters, and I think you know it's. It's news this week that enough republican senators are going to vote. Against the emergency declaration so that he can build a wall on the border? And you know it's great- Republicans during Democrats in the Senate to voted against his declaration, they don't have. votes to override, is veto on it, but that's gonna, be there section, rather than the rule. That kind of thing, because when you have ninety percent of Republicans sticking with you, let's you also tells you something about why these republican politicians in Congress are in the way they act and seeking by him, because their voters are with him and the ones in the house are and Jerry Manner districts are. They only have to answer the republican voters, mostly in a lot of public and senators or in the sparsely populated rural states, where there's
all republican voters to so. The polarisation is such that the reason that these people are. We also, although our act, cowardly, they do, but that's because their electorates want yet looking Lindsey, Graham RE, like he's the ass example of someone who pretended to be a maverick when John Mccain was around, and that was his brand and now that he's word about a primary he's all in four trump and in part Look you look at these numbers and bad news for Trump foreign ten say they re elected, but fifty eight percent do not think he's been honest and truthful regarding the Russia probe, sixty percent disk. Proof of the recent national emergency. So maybe why you're finding some guys who some senators were up in twenty twenty opposing, Finally, on this issue and potentially voting for a resolution that would block his ability to do this merges occasion, but I wouldn't anticipate any courage among republican elected officials anytime soon. We need to at every Democrat turn out, we need to get independence eternal overwhelmingly. For us, it's gonna be tough yeah, I mean,
the other sort of warning sign to. He leads a generic democrat. Forty six, forty in Indiana Michigan, Ohio, was constant Pennsylvania. Now, Sir said I don't know why they picked those five states like if I had been trying to sort. Of course, these pole numbers, I dont think I would have thrown Indiana and I would urge Katy and so did I get that's just something to keep in mind, but he also trails a generic democrat. Fifty two thirty nine in Arizona Florida, Georgia, North Carolina in Texas Resources, more surprising that yet emigrate has that we by that add states. It was baffling too. To be honest, the Georgia in Texas then, would the generic dark eyes. When we look at this as well as our next, but I think what you are saying is we have to. We have to win Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and twenty twenty years some combinations he's, but at least we have to win. Hath were Michigan. Michigan was content got some of those southern said. You could probably do that, but regardless those three states are very, very important you have.
At all. The Democrats in those states, you'll have to get a lot of independence in those states and the people who have voted Democrats in the past, but are up for grabs up for grabs and people have voted, and so it's not easy, together as we're talking about like how a democratic input, The coalition, if you're, not figuring out how you can win Pennsylvania. I can finish in Wisconsin, then you're right, you're going to be in some trouble. So let's talk about the Democrats, the NBC, whilst fraternal, pull, ask democratic voters about their preferences and a twenty twenty nominee pull found by a fifty point margin. Democrats would rather vote for a nominee whose views on issues are in line with theirs. Then vote for one who the party, the best chance of beating Trump next year, fifty five, said they want to Kennedy whose policies would bring about major change but cost more, while forty two percent prefer, can it whose pulse? would bring about less change because less and yet only forty five percent, but who intend to vote in the democratic primary said: they'd be comforted with a socialist candidate, thirty three percent said it becomes.
the candidate. Seventy five or older than other warning sign in more than ninety percent of democratic respondents would be comfortable or enthusiastic with an african American, a woman or a white man, but eighty percent I'd about an algae bt, candidate, tell me. What does numbers tell you and was there anything else the jumped out at you about Democrats and pull me is interesting. I mean so socialism pulled poorly with the entire dataset. Having was eighty percent favourable, fifty percent unfavourable orders, you have all voters. Capitalism was fifty percent favourable, ninety percent unfavourable and then them the numbers you mentioned a mean a very low percentage of of people on this poor said they would vote for socialist or someone over eight seventy five. I think a lot of people rightly pointed out words as a warning sign for Bernie Sanders. Yeah lobby, as you know, I beseech exploit those boxes. that said. I mean I think it speaks to. Is the disconnect between how we label? policies in the parties themselves be, as most voters want. Fifty five percent, one
the government to do more to solve problems and meet their needs compared to forty one percent, say the government? too much already read by the way just on that number. Yet we should know that door I was looking up surpassed, yours on how that that question pulled in into thirteen. That was me four people want a government to do less than do more, when Obama was president two thousand and thirteen, so it does tell you something the fact that we are at now fifty five percent of people who want government to do more right. I mean Democrats A421. The government should do more independence side with the democratic view by fifty four percent to forty four percent. So Democrats and independents do want the government to do more, of course, Republic, state? The government is too big and does too much by till one margin, but of course they d Iraqis. They ve been demagogic, big government forever. So I dont know that we should over learn from the result. this poor. But I do think like what as to me, is the Elizabeth, worn approach of embracing a lot of big important yeah, bold democratic policy.
While rejecting the label of a socialist might be a very smart strategy. We want no for a long time, but that's what I read from I do. socialism is hard to define and sort of poorly defined total, hardly even by democratic socialist themselves, where only we grew up in America and like we were taught as American, that democracy in markets in capitalism are good in communism and socialism is bad and we all watch rocky for it. It's all tied up in cultural bushel, yet, unlike the today's ds, AY and Bernie Sanders they're, not proposing soviet style. So I do not like all right, I'll, be accused, arrive, coral Devil, Venezuela, exile current. You can't even really call Bernie Sanders policies. Socialists he's not nationalizing a single industry. Re views, I didn't mean even met, here for all. You know docked in people to judge this all the time like the real socialist position there would be two. I have
the doctors and hospitals work for the government right. That's not that's part of the plant and the planet just get rid of the middlemen and treats executives there and to actually have doctors, and supposin providers be reimbursed by the governments or even that's like the most far left policy that's not nationalism, things like socialism, so there I would bet that Bernie Sanders himself right. You know paces socialist. I. Why did you know ass birds, but is it is it's it's a warnings? It's a warning sign it worth noting its relevant, but I do think like people of and her Bernie is he's pretty popular. His big good ideas like we invited yeah. I also thought that the you know Thirty, three percent of democratic they'd be content with a can't. Seventy five or older is interesting to because two leaders so far in all of the poles, the primary poles are
two candidates over seventy five. I am not alone in Bertie Santer. That sometimes I think we owe to specifics and in pulling questions, people really know what they want. There's come guessing. It is what it does is poor They are warning signs and potential weaknesses for both Bernie Sanders and Joe by better. You dig in their people and it could have that issue then the New York Times in Washington Post both ran stories this week about Centre and centre left folks were worried that Trump MIKE Reelected of the Democratic Party is pushed too far to the left, the Times peace for on Pennsylvania. As we said to stay, the Democrats have to and back in order when the White House, in a quotes, former credit governor, Ed Randal, saying quote them are we have democrats talking about the green New deal Medicare for EL socialism, the more that plays into trumps here reparations. What are we talking about? Tommy. Is this something for us to worry about? I mean so. I read the story and it annoys me because you know you juxtapose quotes from at random who is very easy to get on the phone border.
Who is last governor into a Pennsylvania's, has eleven and more recently, the governor of the morning to agree what exactly are the lovers DC and angry rooms? You juxtaposed those from a window with common lamb, whose Conor Lambs brother, whose recently led to the Congress, who said that personal while these matter more to voters and ideology- and he said quote, I dont think the only way to win is someone is practically goes a little. I think it's more important someone is authentic. Who says that they actually believe in think so you know the framing tends to be where to level for the party, but I like what really, but We want these worries. I really can the under current here is race, and they just don't say it because in the time stories, Pennsylvania story, one woman's as Democrats only want to help people on welfare. One guy says and being a woman could run the country a retired sheriffs, as none of the twenty twenty Democrats could get his vote because quote the Democrat Party, let their people down
they are going so far and into the different extremes that they forgot to put the main office, the middle class white male. So it's like so many these these articles about what states we should focus on or candidate should be. There are about race engender in this country, and it would be, I think, better, serve the reader if they are a little more overt about you, So there's that that's a he asked me a huge problem and look if there are people who are uncomfortable with and candidates a cartoon with black candidates or think of them kind of party favors black American, and women or any other minorities too much, then we're not gonna get those people back. Those people are probably lost and they are very small minority which we just learned from the NBC Wall Street Journal, but right On the other hand, there are people like in the New York Times story a long time Democrat who voted for Trump, but then voted for Conor, Lamb in ATM in and now says his vote is up for grabs anything. Ok, trump voter,
wherefore Conor, Lamb who's, this guy one to vote like a Joe Biden Type and he goes probably comma yeah exactly it's it's not all of it. I always about raise ray and in some of these- and I think you know Denmark away and the folks at data for progress did like a real, great, deep dive into votes, which is right so people who voted for trumpet sixteen but voted Democrat and eighteen and one of the most interesting things that they found. Was that the sum of the votes which were more populist then either loyalty? are cats or Loire Republican and they D, Populism is like you know I in the in the wisdom of ordinary people more than experts, the system is stacked against me. Like me right and so voters are possibly right for the Democrats to win back and I think, figuring out now that doesn't mean together. Where's back that we should ever a ban, and our values when it comes to race when it comes to gender comes anything else, but
framing our argument and economically populous terms in trying to persuade those voters is incredibly, raise the only way to win Pennsylvania and lit and I guess this is what an oyster resources Brok Obama was elected to times in a lot of these same states with the populists economic mess Ryan? It sometimes seems like we ve forgotten that when I read these pieces yeah, it is but he was also any, but he was also very careful and thoughtful. What his message was short, you know you also a person that people just liked as it is an individual any look. He approached voters the approach politics by saying what I should not assume that these people believe what I believe necessarily and my job is to pay wade them of my agenda hurry up, and we shouldn't forget that, because sometimes you know on twitter, people do So meanwhile, the post story talked about tension. Capitol Hill within the democratic caucus space quickly over gimmicky show shovels. The Republicans have forced house members to take like an amendment to last week's gun, Control Bell that pass the house
but the Republicans were able to get an amendment in there. That would require undocumented immigrants who try to buy guns to get reported ties and a few of the newer more moderate Democrats voted for the amendment. Then Allison because your Cortez said that by doing so, they are making themselves targets for both Republicans trying to unseat them and progressive activists. And then there was a bunch of back and forth on this tiny wooded Democrats do Is it good for these debates to play out in public or or is this a problem solving The debate is about silicon motion to recommit which basically gives them in or tea party a chance to amend a bill going to the house floor. They almost always lose these motion to recommit because they're in minority, but with respect this gun control bill, as you described it was reports like. Do you think that we should report on document immigrants ice if they try to buy a firearm. So that's a tough vote, that's a very tough out and you, the background, builds the past, but
liberals who want to abolish ice had to vote for a measure that was seen as empowering ice. That's hard for them. I tend to believe that amber should be allowed to vote. However, they need to vote for their districts in what they believe and I think that the harm this vote ethically causes someone who wants to abolish ice is less harm voting against it, could cause Democrat in a safe district like a Conor Lamb. You know so like I totally fine with Democrats vote, conscious on these bills, I dont think we need to show unity on every vote in the house. I'm not sure why this is such a big deal other than everyone's recently seeking for a Democrats in disarray story. I'm all, Fine with Democrats primarily other Democrats who are in safe seas, but we should not be doing it and toss up districts right, here's the thing to understand. One of the major consequences Republican Party moving so far to the right and sort of marginalizing themselves in the political sphere. Is that the democratic are. You now has a very, very big, diverse coalition, and
that diversity is ideological right and We don't have the house in twenty eighteen. We do not when the house, if there are not of moderate Democrats ran purple and reddish districts who were able to win their seats and guess what a lot of them didn't when their seats by being bold, progressive threat. Lot of them, when there's even that these exceptions right one of our every new members of Congress. Katy porter analyse with Warren Protegee ran. A very republican district here, an Orange county and ran in a bold progressive campaign issue still one but mainly she was the exception. That's right, you know, I think, those unstated in this peace and what frustrates a lot of activists on the left, is how much instantly. Inertia their fighting against rather corporate interests. There's lobbyists thirsty establishing media and the consultants in the pulsars who will all default toward the status. well or the so called like moderate middle ground in that
and always a line with general public opinion or or certainly not with public opinion among Democrats so centre. Bennett is, is quoted in this peace, a centre who I really like and respect. I think, is incredible. Market thoughtful. He says we don't want to be like the Freedom Coxe, who are like the far right members in the house, but I think that's. A false Harrison whereby you were a long way from that. Yeah, like the Freedom Caucasus, a bunch of arsenic is growing in political nihilists were happy to burn the city down if it cuts government and makes it ineffective light, so but take her example. You used to Katy Porter, take for simple congressmen, hardly router who one seat in the fortieth district. He was not out there met abolishing ice. I dont believe The co sponsor of the Green new deal legislation, but he defeated Dana Rebecca who is, climate denier in a Russians So obviously we are so much better off. Having hardly rooted in the house in primary him would be idiotic yeah. Of course I mean look, I think
here's what we ve. We ve learned over the last four years right when you're crafting your policy or Democrat, you put the politics aside right, you put out a policy proposed, that meet the challenges of the moment. Right right now we have a climate crisis. We have an economic crisis in both wage stagnation and inequality, We have a political crisis to come up with a series of proposals that are actually going to meet those challenges. That's why you get things like the green New deal Medica for all, but you you do what you think you wanted once you have, those what was then and then you go seldom to voters in your district. It's ok! If their, if they're, big and bold aggressive, even if you have a moderate district but people going to ask you: how much does it cost right? How much will it cost me? What will change about my life this Vienna? Will it change anything like in We can't do is wave away those questions by being like I'll fuck deficits, deficits, don't matter, We believe that with care too much about deficits, which I happen to believe you ve gotta, tell people why we're going to persuade them
If you think, like oh people, will you know, people will take a tax increases for Medicare. For all, will you gotta make that case? people also, whether or not you support eliminating private insurers? You'd, damn sure should be ready for the Republicans to say you do. I mean they went around saying that Obama want to kill grandma ready to assume the worst case scenarios gonna come. It was death panels for us, it'll be killing all the fun in cows rice, where the green new deal. So that's it you're already. That's the part that is liberating further That's right, like they're gonna call you a socialist no matter what so you might as well put out a policy, you believes gonna meet the moment, radio that logic, but what we can Who is then be lazy about pursuit? in people who might not necessarily grew that's an anathema Republicans when I get them can about these independence. These democratic meaning, like we ve, got a job to do pursuing these people that our policies are correct and we have to answer all of their kind,
yes I'd, look, I greets liberating in one sense, and other centres should be sobering because voting your conscience when the coat brothers dump ten million the Africa. Now your eyes on, you can be a tough way to go lasting. As one member Congress, whose quoted saying alleging that Alexander Alexander Abkhazia, Cortez is putting people on a neck sony. Unless I wasn't really my red of what she said you'd be, I think she was trying to say if you vote with Republicans on these bills. Progressive groups are going to notice and in could target you. She said that an shit. She said that then report. You will know that you're one of their targets to be because you're, a moderate and twenty twenty. What point out the light right now. That's all issues of assessing the political situation in a good kids stories, framed as he silly extremes when I think that solution is fairly well. That's another piece of advice. Democrats too, is the reporters always going to look for a good democrats in disarray. Battery bright ass, it's not because they're out together
right that's their job. There not reporters, aren't on our teeth and that's not their job to be, but they are going to look for conflict at any moment it any chance they get the democratic august- and you know I dance had this like last week on the bar to like just stop. If Europe, stop being an anonymous democrat, stopping economic strategies like if you have problems part of you upon with the strategy resist. Fuckin urge to pick up the phone when the New York Times in the Washington Post call you and your lay it out there in the press, because even the time these disagreements are get me magnified times a hundred when they get in the press, sure are don't get while you pick up the phone speaking of horribly uniting or that are going to magnify. I know anything you say so Howard Schulz, van size Asshole, but we drink Duncan doughnuts impedes coffee. Here I won't hear anything else. Ok, here's what Herschels tweeted from the sad spectacle, of the Kohen hearing in a craven defence of the President by Republicans to the reports of fights inside the democratic
between the ascendant left wing and more moderate wing of the party, this is another sad weak and american politics. So he's comparing apples, that it whose knowingly committing crimes from the oval office with Democratic Debate in policy right, closed or meeting having having small argument about emotion to recommend whatever What do you man with this here's? The thing we fuck and heartfelt rate He let his campaign like to say in Howard, shelter the conventional wisdom in Washington there, no one in the twenty twenty field right now that is more conventional, that represents the fucking more Joe Green Rum, a seller corridor view of politics than Howard shalt. He was is moulded from by the convention, so that that that's what you know that it's like the false equivalence hall of Fame there and but no problem.
going back to that NBC Wall Street Journal Poll, thirty eight percent of Americans have the two party system is broken and it's time for third party, and that is the highest number. Since one thousand nine hundred and ninety five so again in areas like. Oh, don't worry about Howard Child, like everyone's panicking too much worse yeah we're both hearts, because that number should be a warning sign to people and even if the guy gets one to three percent, some of these states. It could be enough to Tipp it, so he also doesn't care that is full of shit because he's making all these wild accusations about the democratic party drifting left when he knows that if Biden jumps in he is the front runner yeah. So your candidate could be right. There, Howard, you don't need to run around attacking a democratic party for a couple months, while also could have run as a Democrat and tried to push the party to the centre in that way, but he's decided he's too rich and he doesn't have to compete in primary coffee. Sucks. Pod save America is broadly by com. Com asks who needs to come down the mode
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Governor John PIC Rupert announces candidacy. This Monday morning, former attorney general Eric holder announced that he won't be running for president in Bernie. Syn officially kicked off his presidential campaign over the weekend with big events in Chicago in Brooklyn or has announced in speech a crowd of about thirteen thousand people according to his campaign? Let's start Tommy. What do you think of Bernie Speech so as I said earlier, I do is hard to watch trump directly into Bernie views. Bernie's is a software we smoke human being that sad, I mean I do think it's smart of Bernie to include new point about his biography is worries? Farming is critical to tell voters like what informs you're value It was a good. He drew a good contrast with tromp, yes growing up middle class, not thinking he was called a fire people algae something Warren is doing the bio into values, into platform, the best out of any one, but it was good progress at EU level. We send the greatest hits from the last Michael Bernice policies. That's not a criticism. That's you know, he's a big basis.
Bored he's moved the party to his positions in a lot of ways, so maybe that's all you need to do to win this party and he's gonna lean into that strategy. I don't know I wasn't blown away by the speech it didn't like stir emotion in me, but honestly none of the speeches have so far what I want to see Bernie do is, is uncourteous running its Iowa because he great and I were at the personal politic, sign year supporter card, take us selfie shit, every hand has every baby like it. I understand why it feels artificial pride does to him. But that's gonna be key. Well You hear this from a lot of dsl folks socialist people on the left there, like You know you neo lives, and everyone else spend way too much time on personality character. Stuff like that, like what really matters is issues right like we spend too much time folks and Kenneth, and they point we do focused too much on personality, but when he s, voters like voters, don't spend a lot of time. Thinking about
ideology. They want someone who believes what they believe they want, someone who shares their values. They do care a lot about issue, but like normal human beings. They also care about the person's character. They want to know about the person's personality, and you see- burning advisers, therein up their peace. This weekend saying we know people want to know more about Bernie himself and that's why they put that in an idyllic. Basically, the speech was his stump speech from twenty six. In twenty eighteen, except for the personal stuff and the contrast with Donald Trump, which I agree, I thought was the most effective pause wolden and look, I think It might be a criticism because is that some speech, which was very powerful and very effective and twenty sixteen enough to broaden his coalition in twenty twenty. That remains to be seen, but it was interesting. The trumpet made me and again we ve been saying this, for. time now, like democratic connection, focus all their energy on Trump but as we're having all these debates within the party in so much
coverage lately has been about. Are the Democrats moving too far the left on, the green New deal or Medicare for all, funny that it was Bernie Sanders of all people who laid out in his speech. The difference between the Democratic its agenda and Donald Trump, and I do think, that's probably think that's be important going forward, because you know we can you about green new deal or no new green new deal, but Donald Trump becomes president its though it's over yet be the climate denier. We will not fix anything. We can argue about Medicare for all and what's the best way to get to miracle grow, Donald Trump becomes. President again, the affordable care. Twenty million people lose their health insurance like we have Remember the contracting agri. I look out obvious. issues are important that the most important part of electing and Canada, but we're all human beings, and yet We communicating, we learned things by telling stories not by sending around factually We should remember that in the media sure is focus most of its time. issues in factually they focus on fighting and stories, and so drawing that country.
Smart and it allowed him to tell a story that himself as juxtaposed with Donald Trump that got into the things he believes in white, the better president yeah. You can complain that that's reality, but its reality is how we allegedly, but it isn't it was I've been through. amendment five. Thirty eight did a peace on this like what per cent Age Bernice coalition was just are never Hilary voters in weather he can win in an election. This sprawling primary, this sprawling with just his original base. Maybe he can't I mean look, maybe the whole strategy is these people But if we last time this is why they love me like: let's run it back in a big, yield. Maybe my twenty five percent at enough and I were- and you know he's leading in New Hampshire and maybe that there can be a yet it's it's very possible. But, like you look these primaries ever way of humbling you, yes, stupid things will become the focus.
Of every single new cycle for months? Look at Hilary email, Bernie Sanders has never face an attack at that, which is That's that's a lot and I don't know who you know. I am I'm hoping that none of the Democratic Kennedy start attacking each other, but as the Ngos on you can see that you know elbows can get shuttle also, but that's it like look. I hope that the primary phases positive an optimistic as possible but I'm really glad that reverend right came out during the primary for a permanent. We get a vet out all those issues before we got the general actually others through good to kick the shit. Each other a little bit in vat and go to records. Unlike the that's the get makes you better. Can it right I also by Washington, Energy ITALY, has promised to make climate change. The defining issue was candidacy. Italy served as Washington's governor since twenty thirteen he served in the house before that In these times, Governor Washington has legalised marijuana ended the death penalty, ray its minimum wage last year, Washington, voters.
Directed a proposal he backed pushing for a carbon tax. It had been the first of its kind in the country. He's no said he wants to get rid of the Senate filibuster because its end quote Anti Bellum rule and the internet age Tom you going on what's ITALY's path to the nomination here. I have no idea. I really like AIDS Leah like he wasn't one we use them on. One of our very first live shows we wanted to Seattle and Hungarians, and I don't like it just because he was nice who s been like. We spent a lot of time with them. We really we stayed on stage that further than ours, he answered detailed quest about light rail projects in the state and which all these are things like he's very smart he's here, lot of success. He was a governor which I think shows you actually can can run a buddy only to state the thing not sure about is: I dont think that odors you? The presidency is a one issue, job and so Wonder about the strategy of just saying I meant to be the climate candidate. I just dont know that that is going to fly
I thought you know who's really thought about this. A lot is the people who put together the green new deal and the critics renewed deal will say if climate such a national emergency or an international emergency right if it's the most urgent issue of our time, why you got all this economic stuff in there? Why you talking about healthcare and job guarantees? And you know, training opportunities on that kind and the reason is because you know before twenty eighteen galloped on climate changes, the fifth most important issued a democratic voters behind health care and wealth inequality. So we have this issue where climate changes and substantial threat to humanity and would probably who we have ten years to really do some about it and yet a lot Well, don't believe that in the country we have you, no Republicans are our climate and either deniers, but even people even Democrats are thinking like you know, I think about my job, think about my paycheck, I think about my health care and they put out ahead of climate, and so the question is: how do you get people too air about this national emergency. Unlike will you write like will
but look at dancing and say this is the climate change guy and he should be president. I dont know but good for him, at least for saying, I'm gonna make this part of the debate in twenty twenty and I'm gonna to do it by being the one hundred in the field who talks about it all the fucking tat yeah. We look for him, and maybe it is really smart strategy. Maybe it will be the reason he broke through any defining himself in a way that no other candidate will be I'm with you look, I'm schedule, dinners and two weeks that I don't want to do tomorrow, because I like to punish my feet yourselves. So I have no idea how of are going to react in the situation where, but like that's. What the primers were yet. Finally, Cholera governor John Hiccup Mover Analysis presidential campaign today, the sixty seven year old, is a former brew pub owner who served as mayor of Denver and then to terms as governor during an economic expire. in Colorado, where the state expanded Medicaid legalise marijuana and enacted gun control. Hidden loop recalls himself. An extreme, moderate and said in his announcement video or does this stuff come from one citizen, announce a video quote, I'm running
president, because we need dreamers in Washington, but we also need to get things done. He told George stuff a novelist. that would be able to bridge our political divides by sitting down with Republicans quote Go to Mitch Mcconnell to his office, and I would sit down with and say now. What is the issue again and we would talk so silly right, but this works doesn't work time. I started twitching when I saw that I mean come on man. I look Again I, like you, can lose her. I think he's been created. You ve, been a great on owner, ought in Colorado, isn't a lot of good things, but it really bug bothers me when I say people say things like what we need to have a dialogue and bring people together. That's I used to naval believe that she doesn't seven erase. I believe that, and then Mitch Mcconnell made his life's worked too deny Obama, reelection and block everything we did so no going too conservative mayors across Colorado in trying to get them to work with. You is not remote
the same is going to miss Mc Connell's office in getting into work with your commitment. doesn't give a shit about working with you. He wants you to lose any wants power. That's all he cares about. This is maybe the biggest challenge that all of these democratic candidates face right is talk to voters like their big concerned. maybe they're overriding concern. Is this sort of political crisis we ve had Washington for a long long time, and they look and they say nothing gets done and they said this for more than a decade right and as you when Obama was running, his response was that's right, that nothing getting done Washington, partly because there's too much for money and lobbyists as parliamentary parties, because every fighting where we find the fights the ninety ninety and we got us its intense it together, get stuff done. We got to Washington and realise that wasn't gonna happen, because Mcconnell set of making one term president going obstruct everything and there we all fellow, when a didn't play golf with them enough was yea afloat and beer, Romania, so TAT
I dont know how you look at that at the Obama years and say What Obama just didn't sit down with her I enough that was the problem after everything we ve seen after Merrick Ireland after from a common, what he did with Russia Investigation after Fucking, Donald Trump after Paul Ryan, like how do you look at that and say like if only Democrats in Washington reached out to their colleagues, we could get stuff dont, you don't need a Robert Karabakh and I call it up Michael Bash loss to tell you that this is like a couple years ago. The same people are there in there actually, their way worse, Ryan, and they look for the worse than Speaker banner and the reason is a problem, because the other thing that voters think is, I dont like the fact that there is constant political warns country right, like I don't want this country to be so divided so then that's also a real feeling out there and that's why people like Joe by instil and that's why, people are like looking for some moderate candidates as well, because it's it's a real feeling out there, but as a Democrat
What do you do with the knowledge that voters hired a division in this country the same time. You know that it is impossible to sit, with Mitch Mcconnell and some of these republican leaders and get anything yet? Look? I've watched a lot of events. I've seen an appalling to understand why a lot of these democratic in it, ongoing early states into hammering Donald Trump forty minutes people do reject the politics, a division, their sick of it. The Haiti acrimony, I think, that's kind of a perennial concern. But when I see a comment like that from Hagen Lou Bryce, we two choices, one that its naive or to that you're just telling voters that that's how you are accomplishing things in either way is going to leave you unhappy because it's not gonna that and we should actually have a real plan to get things done. We should target the continent and in take him out in at the voting booth next time, or we should figure in another way forward, but he's not gonna be come by our meeting in his office. I dont think that voters look at Washington.
and say what would really make me happy is, if you know the demo Republicans, got together and and had a beer right and get along what they're looking for is for Washington to pay policies that are going to improve their lives. That's better sick of the gridlock, great, so there's other ways to get around gridlock, then just trying to act Lynch Mcconnell over right and backing that? That's why we ve so much time talking about filibuster, reform right, like there there's only so many ways we can get things done, Washington. We have one party that is obstructionist that has gone off the fucking deepened and why of those ways is to eliminate the filibuster which definitely was asking about you know. There's a whole bunch of other women. A lot of elections where a lot of elections right and not just focus on the President focus on the Senate. Focus in the house focus on down bout elections, focus on redistricting vote. there's a million things we can do to go around us and I think it is incredibly important for every democratic handed running to talk about not just a bold progressive agenda.
But how they are going to get that agenda passed in her? loopers theory. Is you know that he's gonna sit down with much Mcconnell and in Good luck to him selling out there I think you know we can hear a lot about from Joe Biden too, but I do I do every candidate, whether you believe in bi partisanship, whether you believe in getting the filibuster. You need to talk about your plan to actually get your agenda pass, there is a lot of cynicism right there out there right now. well earned cynicism from people that someone's gonna, try something during election and they're gonna go to Washington and nothing is gonna. Get that yes- and I don't mean to pick on making labour, but I will be even more cynical and sceptical of Biden goes out and tries to say you can sit down which Mcconnell, because he try for years right, saga, work and he and You can send bind tried for years and by also had a pretty good relationship with much Mcconnell those people and it didn't help. Brok Obama had a pretty good really ship with John Banner
John Maynard. He would talk all the time. John Maynard, like you know what I would like to pass immigration reform of EU competence, immersion where I have guys in districts. you have no Latinos to speak of no immigrants to speak of its all white districts and they're, saying we're not going to pass immigration reform, so I can't get it done. That's what John Boehner said Barack Obama. So it's like, Does the relationships or find a have, but their obvious doing if they don't hurt her. No like they're, not that they not the answer to getting stuff done, and I think the Democrats have to really dig deep to find out what the answer is to get stuck. The mess art when we come back we will have Tommy's interview with us subject. Hardly America's brought to you by twenty three in me: Tommy we live in a world where we have access to data that give us more personal insights into who we are, but what personalized than your dna. Now,
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and weekend in Paradise. But now I do this pro bono, okay, so for lizards you don't know what c back is. Can you give us like the one on one on this conference? Short absolutely d, annual, you'll, see that conflict that used to be held in Washington DC now help just outside of its army. National Harbour Maryland, basically boy ring be relatively new, MGM Casino there, which you know can be happily useful for buying off steam when work is said and done? affair that is hosted by the American served if you him, which is headed by lobbyists, match lap also an official Whitehouse Surrogate and from ally and his wife is Mercedes slap who, just so happens, to work as a senior official in Donald Trump White House. Now for many years this has been an annual gathering of grass roots conservative. After this business interests politician
and other heavy hitters in the conservative movement and right wing spheres of What's in american politics, to get big speakers, have break out panels, sort of awe whip up the crowd and get as much media attention can be better at that are now in the years asking the advent of trumpets and in particular in style Trump roast powers, leader of the free world and twenty something it's very much become. Quite simply, just the Donald Trump shall either. Forget they Multi Day festival of not so much ideas beyond Trump ISM is good. President Donald Trump is day college habit. Political correctness is terrible. And once again we love Donald Trump and everything is administrations built? The real point that out and why I think that the relevant, when Europe frozen viewers are thinking about feedback. Is my formative. Experience
The co rapporteur covering see pact during the middle of the Obama era. I gotta say way more fun yet, and it is now because there were the wrong polite railway. The bright boy and see that was really getting under way before. Basically, anybody do what Steve Bennett name even meant. The were all these different factions, even in twice exchange, is basically tat. Crews countries, even though Donald Trump was well ahead of tat crews and everybody else Twice sixteen front runner during the presidential election. So, though, all these projections intentions that bled into not just the data programming of the night life than the sea pack, so vibrant and exciting. There was I had this boy and in cap solution of a bomb owes its big that Socialist
HU. We have to defeat and is ruining America and religion and everything else so ill. This abhorrent Lee dazzling shit shell, particularly when a Democrat is president. Yes, and ever since postwar sixteen election The friction has gone yet. Action to got everybody is united under the Umbrella of Donald Trump is great that land. If, as long as you, believed that an oil someone who openly identifies a white nationalists. They don't really fear reason too, like a big deal, taking you to the curb necessarily here. That is a fantastic overview it. So, let's start with The main event, the headliner of the Trump, show Donald Trump himself, so I I watched because I have a big and fulfilling life. Where I sit on my couch on saturdays and watch see pack, I was on the I was messing around on Twitter. I got a couple snacks like us play with my dog,
thing went on for two plus hours, what the hell was it like having to sit there in the hall and pay attention to trumps, oh a two speech. Well, it was very much like a Trump rally. Your trunk political, then I'm doing whether all the mid term elections were use, jumper country or twenty teen, and twice extinct up into a lesson. I basically he was there to do a very stereotypically- or, I should say, characteristically trompe. L stream of cod his rambling, and it was an airing of every grievance and not just grievance praise that bubble to the top of his head, which is very much his style. If they are to basically be a sort of perverse rendering of a wedding and see. Is that for a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands, of his arm from agitating up
go allies, donors and or supporters, so loosely defined, because one of the things that happened to me. towards? I think, the middle or the end of the afternoon at sea? Back on that day went from spoke on this path. Saturday was he went over? He was originally flavour, like fifty minutes end up talking, for, I believe, about two hours and also hitting the stage about forty five minutes late perfect. So if you want to the schedule, though, still good amount The gun for the rest of that Saturday, which was the final official day of sea pact for this year, including Represent representative met gates, who was supposed to speak, later that afternoon. Here, of course, is the Trump loving congressmen representing a district of Florida and has not been shy about throwing himself on any number of Troy,
related grenades, including basically threatening Michael Cohen, in going actors. Personal life on the day before coin last week was set to testify in capital, help now as I was heading back into be hotel and conventions that are giving an hour or two something like that. After trumps, rambling long winded speech, I happened to bump into that gave us chief of staff, and I just asked him if you still speaking any simply said nope. I was a quota willing, volunteer artists rendered forego my time in the service of our trump negative. Of course he was so Oh it's sort of served. I I don't know I'm going on about this. I guess just to say that serve disorder, perfect metaphor, encapsulation for the kind of person that mandate yet in the crop era, wrote a grey profile at him for the utterly useless soldier he is for Donald Trump, but anyway sorry I got you.
You know: I've gotta you run a grey profile of my least favoured congressmen. That's on the daily beside the people should check at all. While we wait until cool, I do a bit of so much of what we had to get back to the content of trumpets, speed, yeah. It jumped everywhere from a federal prosecutors and capital Democrats traded mail, you with bullshit that are imported into direct quote from his speech. He kept going after Democrats, including John Podesta, forgetting their ass kicked in the toy. Sixteen election you talk about. Why is administration policy? Are draconian policy, something like immigration or policies on trade and
oh, he is handling or failing to handle. All the korean Peninsula is absolutely perfect and you can get the credit he deserved. True, he talks about you talk about how there are several people- military personnel he's at the pleasure of meeting overseas, who look like they were straight out central passing any talk multiple times about how handsome he thought they were and how they could basically be Hollywood stars and he went out of his way to praise the people. which is, I believe, a portable Whitehouse special people back home loans is about border for one and in the White House, and I think also other places the catch up on his shells. He also point out how useless his tv set would with out it so, like I mentioned earlier, are there was really no three? Why, between point a to point b and from speech, there is no direct narrative to it other than what bubbles up to the forefront of Donald Trump, mine and and- and you know what,
Whatever else can be said about that form of oratory in trumps America, his supporters at sea, backside political rallies, those watch Fox news. Everybody like that again, absolutely love it at any event. Like that already Donald Trump Speech, you just look around you. You just notice- and I am sorry to say this to you listeners, but it immediately this really. We are, how much more one these attending to having an event like this then compared to even say, like Hillary Clinton, speak gigantic rally during the twenty sixteen raise. I mean they did their just gobbling it up. If, like the watching their favorite reality, tv show, except with lace, would significantly more xenophobia,
then you might typically sat at its it. It's just a chauffeur yeah and a perfect example of that was poured the end of his speech. He went out of his way to say that he was monitoring the doors in the sea back ballroom and emphasise that you know what we have so much fun you we love each other somewhat. Nobody is left early, not one person has left early and literally while he thinks there is very conspicuous procession of students and attendees who had been filing out early because they can tell he's about to wrap up fighting. They want to be a put traffic or something, and while I was sitting in the press that there was also a US standing room area of prompt supporters and and and see pack attending standing behind me and you could hear them audibly, laughing and gossiping about the complete juxtaposition. Jarring juxtaposition between what tromp was saying about is the borders and what was actually happening directly in front of him and the key.
Between trumpet reality. There was playing up, or the rise so be so you could. Even here is about sport like sniggering, in the room about how funny and disconnected from reality he was at the time now. They probably thought it was more often than you're. I do and less comically dark, but there are numerous moments like that when you actually go to a Trump rally, that sort of underscore in a pornographic way, how his absolute point issuing of what it means to see. What is right in front of your eyes just does not matter to us about the total having too much fun. They love what he's doing too much with policy and rhetoric and owning the lips it just doesn't matter because of maritime and point out the trousseau meter about Donald Trump at all, you can to he's like base of the borders and, as we ve seen with Paul after pull up all over the past few years.
What don't efforts that now that the whole thing is both things, Russell Chrome, gladiator rights. Are you not entertained? I mean like the speed, with him dry humping an american flag. I guess the news the White House wanted to make. Was them I think that is really some executive order. That would help guarantee free speech, a colleges and universities. By putting, federal eight at risk if they dont protect the political speech. I guess for conservatives I here. If the way I can actually take this kind of step through executive action, but you know details details Why do you think I have alluded to this? Why do you think these big conservative crowd love nothing more than an aggrieved college republican, because it's a perfect boil, and as long as these types of gathering, including
certainly not limited to see back to. I think that this is a decade old play like this is nothing new. It's it's basically tell it all the time. In terms of American can derive doctrine to point, a college campuses, corrupt left wing for batteries, whiny protests in college kids and tell you that this is the bees or the people, but young and old, were are coming for the America envy fast middle of America in particular in particular, that you know and love so Donald Trump and other be speaking feedback this year. But what do we gave? It knew they were just playing the same old vine. All that has been collecting dust on the Michel for many decades and it works just as well, if not better than writing about so
There's more alleged socialism on be I'm conservative conference stage, people who were decrying this new democratic socialism or whatever the stoning to in rapture chunks of the grass roots movement and Democratic Party and Capitol Hill, and saying that Donald Trump is a one man in the twenty twenty race. Staying between you what's darwinism or whatever I would really going to make. It seem like the Democratic Party has never done anything like it before, and this is a unique are clear and present danger, which was sort of jarring and and fibre, gassing, at least to me, although not at all surprising, to cure that, basically, within the same hour or so of match slap bang from BC, backstage that we suffered through eight years of socialism under Obama. Yeah like, and I mean I don't know- maybe they'll be aid.
Scare republican voters enough with this sort of new Bernie YO see branded democratic socialism, but when I hear a democratic lawmaker, a politician getting part by conservative activists or figures or Donald Trump, as being a socialist agitator, I mean: doesn't no matter what you do, you can be MIKE Bloomberg and if he ran as a Democrat, he'd still be called a socialist by fax, rather like what without at least rhetorically agreed you, mentioned a couple times this back chairman as it is, is Deasey fixture named match slap is one of the most annoying people, on Twitter that ever come around my wedding, that's his wife. Mercedes works for Trump. She famous we stormed out of the White House Correspondence dinner when Michel Wolfe was to mean to scare me Sanders so did this
Our family get really upset about trapesing profanity or when multiple paneless attacked the ghost of John Mccain, literally from this day to day to day storm out of their own conference, because their big moral crusaders no quarter. I, of course, guy got it looked like so much feedback was dedicated to how, much. You want know more about how much of a raving destructive, corrosive anti semite. He is, and I mean like, ok- we can get into discussions about her tweets in a rhetoric. Fine there. Twenty people willing, I have good features, discussion about that- are both on the right and left in terms of political discourse. I just have zero interest whatsoever of hearing how much they don't like the alleged Anti Semitism coming from her when Donald from its present and he
say things like Nazis, Charlotte though I know why dusting all budgets not from point seventeen, but it still stands ready. The boy that he didn't say something like nobly. The toilet go or verifying p and all of these people who I am each and every day to defend him will not say peep about that and just sword brush it off, whereas literally anything else that you're no more says they deem is immediately destructively at its very like this. There is no good faith to be had another argument that these people- and that is grammatically underscored whenever they started using anybody in the Democratic Party or Congress on the liberal side or left wing side of being raving bigot like I guiding bill, it's almost to die clean humorous to entertain as an argument when Donald Trump Express better I, but but, but I I guess that means I'm going out.
What about it's better. That way it's what we do here so like. Let me start by what it's like to cover these things from it, because it s like the journalists I think. The increasingly understandably feel a little bit threatened or under siege. A trump events see pack is like that. Craziest of the crazy trump people. I mean you, members of the proud boys hanging Were white supremacist group you, like the wildest conspiracy theory, you been kicked off twitter, chasing elected officials around demanding to get ready platform you treated as a journalist, and what's the bar seem like when the speeches are Oliver, you mean, however, have basically been treated as a political. The boy was very open about not liking, Donald Trump and being by I mean I obviously electors anybody you good following social media, yeah secret but you knew how am I treated like after hours of place like see back or even like?
see that didn't going on like one dealing with administration, let me look only got more when you're walking around the conference at sea back and there's, like literally you. No members of the problems there, who you know recently beat the shit out of a bunch of left us in Brooklyn uniting those people that are pretty overtly threatening to journalists at these events and wondering like it did, it feel like you're and hostile territorially. What is that yeah. I guess I got the earth with you. I tweeted a good amount about this, so you use my division. Yes, there always gonna be like assholes at Trump rallies or these types of conserving political events who are spoiling for a fight, or at least a throw one flabby punch, whether they met at a member of the enemy of the people, press or a liberal protester. Whatever lawyers will be, people like that, and but my the battle
My experience, I tromp rallies or places like see. Pack is yes, the entire audience will immediately be activated whipped up in her forever are the second down from the start saying booty but the brass over there? That is the enemy of people, fake news, blue, but so much of it is like progressively right, because the second Donald Trump is done doing that- and I done this many times at from events, from speeches you walk up to the people who you ve seen like fifteen seconds ago. Boone you in your face and if you ask them Oh I'm, a reporter, the daily beast or whatever, and I won't talk allowed them. Also me smile and say yes, I would sure why not and just talks are talking you like a random human being. So yes, there are people who will be total fucking get sheds and like drag their farm across their throats, simulates slid,
your growl, or actually want to do you physical harm, those people really few and far between that majority people there are you? Can you can deal with them? Pre respect actively? Ah, they may not necessarily up courage to be rude to you to your face or when, speaking to you one on one- and I am like I said he, It's fuckin correctly, like they're in Algeria, Donald Dog, from me, the heel, if I'm using that the wrestling term correctly and so often times it's the people typing in the past, been about withdrawing my experiences. If you talk to these people are very few people have stones to be as violent, whether verbal your physically too directly one on one, as they seem like would be on twitter or while down trumpets telling them? Do you tell if
I know, I'm excited it makes little sense. I mean it. It does feel like everyone's it on the joke, everyone's acting last question for you during his speech out took a shot at d Why goal is washed in post? Journalists has been on the show a couple times for not flying on private jets. Would you like to roast Dave for being in South West like beer sea, like glass, this guy down you're, very All you want, but I need a joke. When you are. You me about backslapping up ass MA am I mining is Apple disclosure day, while actually was a grooms and my wedding. Last year you want my dearest, the nearest closest friends, so full disclosure to get that broke clearing out the way, but one morning I think about covering up the path. I yourself is how he slowly but surely started to
Dave Waigel David waigel David? Yes, I'm more and more into a stump speed, grievance spewing, like like. I noticed this trumps oratory, historic dimension. Why friend boy. You terms like topics that just come to his mind, clearly, if not let go over the past couple years, waigel awhile back tweeted a screen shot of a Trump event that had yet to fill up yet and marked trump. For saying it was quite a good deal to the rapporteur.
And he later deleted between, because he was sword. Misleading those day was just trying to snipe represent were but the boys have until it had built up here and be a winner ended up being weary, much filled to the brim with transporters. So I'm someone on the present team sawdust we down from Himself- and he said this during his secret- cease back she pack speech. I didn't feel himself personal because I quote: don't follow the guy onto it. And they killed them, and then I think what happened was Trump had been draft up a tweet too, like own table idle and whether by tagging him like a day waigel fake news watching imposes lying about like the size of my rally, crowd and that should have been bad. But
after all these anyone. Let me bring you up at rallies, I don't get it it's normal break. Person would have let this go ages ago, who the hell cares, but he won't stop trying to own Why go online and in real life about it today that it is a vision into like the rank pettiness diagrams minded. Quite frankly, he applies to foreign affairs and a duration of a global domestically that applies to I'm going after Dave Y. All during a rally speech I mean it is fascinating It is absolutely mind boggling. I can't wait to see how this is read about in the dark As usual, I definitely speaks to the shallowness of him eyes: character who uses a human being, but also like hey Jeff bays us like at your boy, private jet would solve this problem, and I and this roasting once and for all I know I I want to fly on the gay while trying to address the major and until then we're gonna roast away swim
Thank you so much for doing the shine or too crazy day with all these announcements about people being subpoenaed everything else, so I appreciated and thank you for wearing your eye. Your combat boots into the Sea tat conference in reporting on it for us because it was a very entertaining pc refer. The beasts Amazon and you'll. Like see back week every week in Rome roles annually. If I could see you there next year,
you're all right. Thank you. Swim come on. Tell us all about c back good times and we'll see you guys back that.
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