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Republicans do whatever it takes to pass their Donor Relief Act, and Trump reminds us why he’s unstable and unfit to hold office. Then White House photographer Pete Souza joins Jon and Dan in studio to talk about his bestselling new book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, and Ana Marie Cox calls in to discuss the latest sexual assault revelations.

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I don't know why it also we're gone on target. On the road towards this weekend, but were also announcing a whole bunch, new cities for twenty eighteen you'll be able to get tickets Friday morning December, first of more details on that and some of the city's Phoenix Denver, Vegas Houston Austin. Alice San Antonio Miami, Orlando Clearwater in New York, and there will be other cities there were announcing, and twenty eighteen as the days gone. There's just we cannot some halted at, but will start Thus we can be busy if, in twenty eight, which are saying, is that if your hometown is out on this last Africa just show just where we patients de patient. It's you know we're not on twitter time here. Ok, let's start with the donor early fact, twenty seventeen, which is now speeding towards passage because, in fact, by the time you listen to it,
it may have voted for it. Yesterday, Wednesday, all fifty two republican senators voted to start debate on this bill, which is one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation they ve ever considered. Just so, everyone knows by twenty twenty seven, this bill make sure that people are no more than a million dollars a year, get in total. Five point: eight billion dollars and tax cuts. The lot of money for people who are billionaires, while eighty seven million families making under two hundred thousand dollars would face a tax increase. So I guess my first question is the bill is so incredibly unpopular. It is so incredibly tilted towards the wealthy, not just at the expense of the middle class, but by asking the middle class to pay more in their turn
this, which is different than somebody's other tax can bills. So why republicans doing this was? Why aren't some of my favorite moderates smoke court? Quotas are here here is that there are here, as are the resistance. Why haven't they stepped up, or even, like you know, had any real concerns that would lead them to say there may be. Not voting for. While I was ranting about this to Halley this morning and she said to me. Obviously this was going to pass. It was always pass. For the same reason, the conservative Democrats, like Joe Mansion and others voted to pass a formal, correcting give healthcare to people giving up. Three was why Democrats run for office, giving tax cuts to people primarily to rich people is why public service it is who they are now refer to them. They have a philosophy
possibly of smaller governments if they want to starve the government tax revenue and trickled down economics review, give more money to rich people and corporations that that money will trickle down and raised in new jobs investment in irish people. That philosophy is wrong. There's no evidence. It works there s a lot of evidence that it hasn't work. Yes in. If at any time it happened. Yes, they have tried it several times and every time it failed in Democratic had to come in and clean up the mess so, but that is who they are. Second thing is: the Republican Party is primarily funded in wide by billionaires, the coax the aid or since hedge fund managers like Peter Singer, on Wall Street who provide veto, if you want to run for present from a party, you need to get your own billionaires or funnier super back. This brilliant ocean are perfectly happy with the way things are going because they had access the internet and they have not been contributing to republican campaigns at the radio.
Its Republicans had hoped, and so one way to get more campaign donations is to give more money to your letters campaigners though there they got up- and this is not just you know us liberal podcast. Hers is making this accusation about the donors. Linsey grey said we need to pass this bill for our donors, so that our too risky business to republican members of Congress and Chris Collins and someone else also said the same thing. So we have the ball republican politicians on the record saying that they need to pass this bill to please their donors. This is We called the donor. Elisa has its an actual. I can't believe that they actually said that, but they said debate points fur. Experiencing agenda. We went for transparency. No, but I guess my question is: why was the bill, or did they will have to be I find this poorly, and by that I mean you know
Neither your eye were big fan of the Bush tax cuts in the early two thousands vapor disaster. They increase the deficit by a trillion dollars. They didn't do anything that they were promised to do that and create a bunch of jobs. We lost jobs throughout the two. Thousands when bushes president sluggish job growth, sluggish wage growth, so that date, the tax cuts to work, but when they were passed, the Bush tax cuts were more popular than unpopular and Bush administration and Republicans, then could credibly say yes were cutting taxes for the wealthy Barroso cutting taxes for everyone else, and that's that this bill. This is like you know. Huge tax cuts for corporate
actions and they'd get an even bigger tax cut from moving their profits overseas to foreign countries, because many people and cook calling for that America First strike repeal of the individual mandate and the affordable care act, which could increase the number of uninsured by thirteen million and raise premiums. Ten percent higher taxes for graduate students, higher costs for college students, one and a half trillion to the deficit more expensive than the Bush tax cuts, and then you know marker Rubeus or to give up the game yesterday when he said that tax cuts that adds the deficit of the first step. The second step is to close that deficit by cutting social Security and Medicare, and by the way you know its third Their debating the bell today, their hoping to vote on it by the end of the day and none of them details of. What's in there Our lot of the details of words in this bill are still missing.
So why wise at this bad, oh and is also of the near tense at a great story on this, you sent it to me last night. Basically, I think it's called start as attacks cut. Now it's gonna reshape american life, which shows how how far beyond just simple economics as gross there's like a provision in their it gives like legal rights to fetuses, from the house, this old drilling in Alaska, as in this bill, to buy off laser Mukoki S. So what what would happen if half of that it will worsen in your time, starting out, I was re in reading and on the flight here last night and I was kind of a visit, your attended by a coffee finer, my furiously texting and a hook over thing. I next to me and he's watching interviews of marker Rubio on standby, on his I found not live just like Youtube cliffs of it. Was it a marker, Rubio staff higher? I can't even imagine that love it may be that we found marker reveals one delegate. Look. This happened for a couple reasons, one the Republicans
had no fucking idea how to govern we'll, don't they have been arsonists. Eight years and now they're in charge of the fire. So they don't attitude strides, that's one too. They don't give a fuck about what they do is also do something. That has been clear dresses process, and then that has been more clear by the way to some. A lot of people are asking wizened dislike healthcare with healthcare. They they felt they need to do something, but they weren't feeling the heat just yet now feels like on this one. It's like you, don't pass this tax cuts and you also to pass health care. What are you here for that, and it is taking healthcare way from people is a core belief, appliance right. But it is not a court belief of all, public its. They don't run they they didn't for office is to deprive healthcare right which is why they are so afraid of formal, correct passing because they don't agree with that way of providing healthcare right.
You haven't alternatives that way, but that is the philosophical concept. They did all run for smaller government and more Scots in Reno Republican runs for officer in Greece, tax the sale run, profits detect, but that the four since the beginning of time- yes, thank you Ronald Reagan ran what is interesting about this is and the wish tat. Skype is an interesting and because the Bush tax guide was just attacks got, there was no reform. It was a temporary which at the time was also a budget track. Your shoes, like they're, doing here, to stay to be able to pretend, like you have less of an impact, will never said that and the arguments I was you nice he's had a surplus. I mean it's hard to imagine by the and he was so good in the nineties with a democratic presidential that we had more money, we are bringing more money than we are spending as a country and Bush ran on the idea that it is your money right. The guy we should have the money you should organise. We're gonna give that money back to you
with that idea was disaster because a balloon, the deficit that Barack Obama had to spend eight years getting us out of, but what they do here is the other, so you can give it the fact that you ve been wondering if taxes to people to lower taxes or you can reform the tax cuts. Were you go in there you take out the loopholes that don't make sand simplifies, amplify makers are, which is a good. That is the right thing to do. We actually had a corporate tax reform plan that was deficit neutral, the lower their aid, only twenty eight percent and paid for itself by getting liberals right. This is neither tax reform. Nor attacks cut is a mix of the two so that they can say they did tax reform, so they carve out some things. They don't like to push conservative policies. They lower the corporate rate. But they dont are another unwilling to take on things like a carried interests loophole which go, which benefits headphones managers to be they really take that political he to pay for it. So your cutting corporate taxes and you're trying to pay-
some of it by eliminating things it help individuals who are mostly Democrats, and so the whole thing is this. Frankenstein amalgamation of terribleness and it makes no policy since it makes no political sense other than the idea that we just have to do something I was gonna say I think so. Many of the worst parts of this bill came to be because they're just there so desperate to get too yes and to pass something and some one in the New York Times. Peace said this ethical, some lobbyists at it. There's like a Christmas tree. Yet like aspect of this bill. Where you just keep adding things onto a in order, so oil drilling in Alaska yeah. Absolutely we need. I we need. We summer Caskeys vote a couple crazy, things on abortion and the house. Yet absolutely we need a bunch of house conservatives to say yes to this, and so they just keep adding. Shit onto this bill. So they get he s and the difference with healthcare was the sort of puzzle where you know. If you gave on one thing
to get a vote, then you'd lose some other votes on something else. Here you can just keep adding I and spending more money and adding to the deficit. And if you go past one point: five trillion dollars, which is the magic number were you can't go past, because then you need sixty votes in the Senate. Then you just add a bunch of accounting gimmicks on paper so that you know ten fifteen years from now, it looks like it balances out, but right now does it so between the accounting gimmicks and between adding anything necessary to get the votes that you need. It's gonna, look like a pretty. And that you raise a really important point, comparing it to the formal caracks, because no one will believe ass by the affordable care act was paid for yet did not acted ass. It so If some senator came and said, I need an extra ten million dollars for community health centres which benefit mistake. If we were to give that to them, we gotta go find ten million dollars. The cut somewhere else to keep it zero, or so we had zero dollars to play with their hooligans? Have one point: five trillion dollars,
to play with, and so they can give stuff the people all the time, and it does it very responsibly, Various not so immediate is the absolute worst possible way to governance from the are times today about how Stephen hawking producer of such films suicides. What I've been of women s, King S, foot on the Treasury is working on an analysis that is gonna show that not only will this not add one point: four, oh Mister, Jackson, Hocker. You concerned Not add one point: four. Oh mister Jackson Hocker. You concerned that one point five trillion dollars: that's it don't worry we're working on this and we actually think it's going to reduce the deficit by up to a trillion dollars which now positive ways, but they are times finally contact the people at the Treasury department. Who do this analysis and Eric? We have no idea what you're talking like they will
They will lie, borrow steel and do anything to pass the spell yeah and look again Republicans like tax cuts, and so, if that's what they want to pass, that's what they want to pass. But you can. We should at least expect these republicans. You know at hearing to the principles that they lay out right so with Mccain and Corker and flake three people who I will not be running for reelection again, who do not have to face voters who do not have to face bright barred or any that they don't have to worry about their donors on us. If there all going to vote for this thing- and you know they ve all complaints, and about the fact that it might increase the deficit and yet- and it's going to increase the deficit by Allah.
And yet here they are all voted for it. I'm not sure. I understand why flake and Corker and Mccain went down this road and less it's just pure tribalism. Pure like these are my colleagues and you know I don't want to piss them off too much, and I sort of do like cat tax cuts and yeah it's going to increase said, but maybe it'll pay for itself, and who cares that? That's all I can get out of here. That's all I can think about it. I can't really tell what the motivating factor is, because there are two schools of thought on this for all of these from all the applicants, because on paper Unpopular Congress passing a pauper piece of legislation that raises acts, a middle class there will be signed by an equivalent popular present is not A typical form of electoral success. Answer their sort of there's two theories: one is if convince themselves that if they do not pass something, this is the end of the relevant parties like this is I would disagree that anomaly that lead one and the other one is the Republican Party is ending anyway we're doing. Legislative looting
That area we possibly Ryan Boilers- boy, yes, grab a grab it on the way we're gonna lose and just to take what you can on the way out. The door billionaires were another street flat screen tv right out of the middle class life. So the question is: what do we do? What happens in a lot of people saying- and I was their time- can I do something? It looks like in by the time you hear this podcast, that you know. I think this will pass the Senate. So what happens then there's the hospital? Is it for them to send a bill, so that needs to be a conference committee. A conference committee is made up of members, the house in the Senate Republicans and we'll work out the differences, but then both chambers have to vote for the building have to pass the bill again. So you know we should still put pressure on
all these members of Congress, particularly in the house, the members of the California delegation, the New Jersey delegation, the New York delegation, who, because of the repeal of the state and local property tax, deduction, the state income and local incomes Seduction will be hit especially hard by the tax increases in this bill, and so I do think it's worth. You know Benwick Larry, mother sister. Learning from move on. If your India, near DC, there's in protest at the capitol today and they're gonna keep protesting until this vote has passed and then from now. Until you know Donald Trump signs, this bill, people should making a lot of noise about the effects on states. I California, in New York in June. Because of all the Republicans in in California, New York and New Jersey, and a lot of the Republicans who voted against the affordable care act in the house and lot of the Republicans in the house who didn't vote for this tax bill. In the first place, all vote, no, you know you can still you can still see
I don't think the chances are great to be completely honest, but we might as well keep the pressure on and we should keep the pressure on not just to stop this bill, but if it passes, I think we need to be incredibly noisy about this bill, and let people know what is at stake here, because I think this could be the kiss of death for them. And twenty eighty, don't you think, that's as accurate was aiming to your point. There will likely be two more votes after their sole about a conference. Can they have sent out the vote again and we should make, we should put pressure on those rights and there are significant damage to the house in the Senate. Bill which could cause trouble and is putting the sort of really skew together is gonna, be hard and so you know: we don't have a great shout. We also have a great shot at defeating before Will character on several occasions. We did right. So do you make noise, it can make a difference and we have to make sure people know. This happened.
And what's in it, because a lot of the impact will be our whole idleness beer, entire message, yes from now until one tell me what happened in this tax bill if it passes and what they tried to do the affordable correct. I mean, I think, this It is incredible to me that the road to a democratic has majority and possibly a democratic Senate majority, runs through some of the very districts there will be hit hardest by these tax increases suburban swing districts with a lot of like middle to upper middle class taxpayers. These are not like Trump base. Voters who watch fox all the time, no matter what happens and never gonna change their mind. These are people like the people in Virginia who won the election for Ralph, North em and defeated at Gillespie, suburban rights and and people who own homes were gonna, pay, more taxes and so like. I think it's crazy that they're doing this, because, like all these Republicans that represent districts in California, who, with people who
to be heard by this prostate local property tax stuff like it's crazy. He how we ve all tweeted and talked about the Spock Ass, the political ramifications of doing us. Yet it seems in saying to Us- and that of course requires some of them. Most people on Twitter to respond we like. Will you also thought Hilary was gonna win right? It's like yeah that did not have elevated eye when you got me, but that doesn't That's because tromp one, the electoral College, with the help of the Russians and Jim coming too much other things does not mean that all the old rules of politics are gone, and if you look evident in exactly look at Regina, I'm not gonna get british whilst can happen by there is real. To believe that very sure isn't believe that an aggressive case about the Republicans who are literally taking healthcare away from people
charging students more in raising tax, a middle class to pay for tax cuts for corporations in billionaires will be a winning message. Virginia proves unequivocally that the rules of politics still apply, and if you look at the exit polls in Virginia for all the discussion leading up let election about MS thirteen and immigration and confederate statues. The number one issue for people who vote in Virginia was healthcare and those voters went Ralph North EM. I even a larger margin that he one and so that was healthcare, so you can buy healthcare with higher taxes on middle class people. You can have a deep red places, maybe not, but Purpose places places the Hillary Clinton one with a republican sitting in the house and in the district or play like Arizona Nevada, where we have senators of wicked flip Senate seats. This, as you know, we gotta keep fighting, and so I think you know if, if, if we lose this,
does not. You know people should not sit back and sail. We lost one of his and the same thing. If you know if Doug Jones loses two like yet it could be it, it could be a very tough December that doesn't mean that were down out, there's gonna, be a lot of you know winds and losses on the way to a bigger when, in twenty eight have already lost the war. On Christmas, I heard we less rewards the were on Christmas. I let's talk about the deeply disturbed individual running our country. Donald Trump has been I think hitting the crazy pills pretty hard. Recently, I think you, my heaves, maybe he's not heeding the insight crazy. To recap. This week I'm gonna leaves about whether this Heine endorsed a child, molesters hates gaze and Muslims for the Senate. Yesterday he shared fake racist anti muslim videos from our rightwing british bigot has been charged with religious harassment and said the police should be able to
shoot Muslims. That was something where the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had to condemn Trump and then from protector on Twitter, theirs The scene in the british parliament yesterday was in me all these parliament members just talking about like the racist crimes, present United States. I can imagine anything more fucking embarrassing. He yesterday he accused various NBC hosts and producers of sexual harassment and murder. He told people to boycott CNN. He attacked his own justice department the FBI, because of a Fox news story about how they are not participating in disgrace. Enrichment Devon newness is planned to obstruct their investigations of Donald Trump. There's a New York Times story this about how he still believes the Brok Obama was not born in this country. He believes that the access Hollywood tape with his voice on it isn't real what the fuck I
and mathematical refresh. So I am, I know it's a tory stipulate with, although I am now or nuts was to diagnose, die, I'm not diagnosing him of any sort of psychosis, so I met a man, but what I will say is if someone who was not resonated states said these things to behave like this. You would be deeply concerned for that persons, on emotional Bobby and like it lives, I kind of funny in a gallows humor sort of way, but it is fucking scary because
we have been there. We know how much power and influence the present has. We know the gravity of the decisions that they are supposed to make on a daily basis that affect people's lives that affect national security and like there is no question. None at all. The Donald Trump is dangerously unfit for office like he, if he believes which which, by the way some of his base, voters wouldn't say that, but I would say the vast majority of elected Republicans who were in Washington and a good portion who work and his administration
We probably agree with that. I mean tremendous if he like their life's people, read that near time story about from thinking the exits climaxes. I would take this fake or add, saying the Brok lamas pursue forget his forged and the people there to ways of them he's just lying. You know when you yes on us on Monday lover was saying the trunks kind of like trying that out and you got responding to the previous, or rather the story they came out since then, is much more evident that he can probably believes it. Yeah and that's really fucking scary, like that is like there's no chance that Stephen again and Scott Programmes and Betty Divorce, forgetting that can go to the heart of the moment, but they have if I it should like it is dean, these things have not yet happened. I always think above and waved it. This person is in charge of making those
since it's fuckin scary, put aside the decades long damage the trunk is doing to America standing in the world, so justly idea of decency in this country to governing norms and rules. But that aside, just an that's half that has happened like we are going to spend the rest of much of the rest of our knowledge, digging out of this? It's fuckin scary, you just really is you are bringing up a appointed the brain boiler made yesterday. I think he's running a learner piece about this which the year he said. Turning to answer the question is tromp a pathological lyre does he do this on purpose? Does he believe these things, and he was saying you know, I am sympathetic to the view and concern the Trump might be delusional. Clearly his in decline, but Trump
is the lie to everyone until he was put under oath talking about you know way back when, during his one of his many lawsuits brought his business he's put under oath and did tell the truth. So the question is just Trump just tell these lies because he knows he can get away with it and if you were to sit down with Mueller and you're, faced with a choice between lying in prison or impeachment, maybe then hit. I tell him the truth like does he know. Does he have the capacity to know what's going on and tell the truth and he's just realized that he can get away with it and which is why he is lying every day and believing in crazy conspiracies there? When I worked in a campaign a long time ago in South Dakota their results, radio, personality and sort of a prominent representatives, I've gotta- and he and I had breakfast with one schisms, low, pressing oratory out through media outrage, and he spoke to me. I preference exactly like
He was on the air like he his. I think at one point in time there was a Donald Trump, the person and Donald Trump Persona, and he understood the value of Donald Trump. The persona in terms of his celebrities, famine, is business. I think over time those two things have more into one will he be? Is he's smart enough to listen to his attorneys and be in dancer our questions from Bob Mahler? the fuck up all our under oath, maybe, but I think he is who he is. He isn't as a capacity to create and live in an alternative reality. He does I mean. Did you see the Washington Post Peace, my say about why or was yesterday Heredia US, yet the law
this ninety six hours are alive. Reasonably it's it's a bunch of people. You know in the administration s idea, mistress and saying that he does these things because he feels that he is impervious to the consequences. So he lies. He says, he's crazy things. He is, you know, shit these tweets that are bigoted and racist sash sexual assault, women, sexual assault, women, and he doesn't because his he is an entire array of propaganda outlets that defend him. His base apply to him because of the propaganda outlets because of how they get their information. Republican leaders stand by and say nothing there all try, their tax got done so yesterday, heroes of the resistance, Jeff Flake in Bob Corps. All these people were, like the others, treat her bad publishing. On those. But anyway I gotta go past the tax cuts and his aids on trying to control him. So I thought. Oh yes, there is treating me. I keep think I always think back to that access peace. When they talk about the
many to save America witches and look. We give access our time. It's it's not necessarily their fault. If these people told them this- and why has but but the idea that these republican leaders and Gary Cone and Dean Powell and Mc Master now these people they are stopping Trump from doing the worse and they're all together, trying to make sure that he doesn't do any damage doing a great job, you guys not doing a great job, John Kelly not in charge of the tweets. That's not why that is think right was ill and I'm so it so annoying to hear the tweets as if it's like Some silly social media, your financial area is dog or presidential stately ethics, I'm not in control of the statements. The president makes to represent the United, of America, to aid the whirlwind. Our activities that, when our closest ally in the world has to criticise,
Our closest allies world, led by a fairly conservative prime Minister Erna, not some liberal democrat that they should be friends right here I mean then you I have to pay attention to its like it's nice, that is, Eighty per cent of John College. I my great uncle even put in place a better process and a morose. I cant do bridle shoots in the White House anymore, but get into just fucking phone body in that Washington, Post peace, Roger Stone, who is a disgraceful human being, did have an interesting comment where he, Tromp necessary, doesn't necessarily have a strategy. His instincts on the new cycle in how to tweak his enemies are extraordinary. The end he believes it only thing worse than being wrong is being boring and that's what's driving him. I thought to myself. I agree with everything: riders, dutch Ceta. I mean it.
It's so he does have because Evans I go. Oh you care calm down, whatever nedda he's done when a whole bunch of shit, he does have instincts on how to troll people is a very good troll in here he D. If he thinks that being boring, worse than I mean it's is some insight into why he does what he does like. He knows that, if he's not in the news that, if he's not saying anything that, if he's just sort of hanging around and and our president. Then people might not tune into the show if EU wide too but that is a strap. I say that as a strategy that gets you from new cycle to new cycle. The idea that he's play you know he's got this long term strategy. That is every another he's playing chess is absurd, but he does have a tragic get him through day by day. It is if you were design the perfect person to
maliciously and cynically game a fi, our current media environment, you would take some one who had deep experience with New York tabloids and understood the power of reality, television rights that is Trump and the power of right wing propaganda land who happens to be a famous billina and so Trump. He trump always knew the previous president. When he was justs famous guy in New York, the keys power in his money was revenge of his fame, and so he had to be the paper and if he wasn't in the gossip columns he wasn't being covered, then he was losing money, and so he said outrageous things did outrageous. Things went on Howard, saurians at hardly offensive things in order to keep himself in the news,
and that is so ingrained in his head, and that is his tragic. He wants to drive the conversation, and that was a good political strategy to at least beat you know almost two dozen qualified republican presidential candidates and better yeah and Hillary Clinton sort of vehicle when it's a little, if he, because you unpopular values as a rash. Yes, I'd caveat there so that the other than this and that peace was that more lag posters him up that he gets crazy when he goes to Morocco because he's Frida Rome around the club and just here from the rich patrons there about. You know whatever crazy thing their hearing and he watches more tv, and so he desserts tweeting, which just goes to like the to get this guy to even be somewhat norm? All you have to have. How many generals and officials around him staring over here. Older, yet have camera like you once you let him go. Who knows what I'll do this? Is the portuguese presidency
We know the first and experience how busy the job of the president Meetings all day, long phone calls leaders into an I'd briefings ray I'm at Saint Trump. Does all these things, but even if just cause seeing through the presidency, is a really busy stressful job and you finally get some time off. World events require you get out. A Washington you get with your family in a warm weather. And could you imagine your life choice being sweet? I get the cash the five live, I'd smile. I get to watch all that Fox news of his. He read it s, Plan Fox and friends. In the morning I got eighty eighty holes of golf come back it's time for the five has some dinner. World, some rich, a crazy people at my club and then at nine p m. I got Hannity and I'm going to bed. I gotta get to be a burly tomorrow. I gotta be overly next day to do the tweets fly
but falls on basketballs on binge want stranger things like that. You seem normal shit. He's nuts so beautifully attack this week were Chuck Nancy Member of the whole thing so easily he treats it may epilepsy and tumor they're supposed to mean negotiate on how to avoid a government shut down, and he basically said the tweet theirs. I don't see a deal because their week, I'll them immigration and cry I'm an injustice is like crazy tweet, and so please, in shimmered decide not to go to the meeting since trumps evidence. He added and so now wherein shut down territory. Here. The government runs out of money on December eighth. They need to pass a bill to fund the government passed December, so the latest on this is Ryan Mcconnell and Trump are trying to put together a bill that wood from the government actual yesterday that the strategy was from the government through January this morning I saw they're gonna fund it three December. Twenty second, basically do something:
tax cuts passed and I have a shut down to Christmas, and then they will have another bill that funds it through January and then another bill so they're doing this and increments question is: if Rhine can get Paul Ryan, he get a bill through the house, pass with only republican votes for short term, a short term funding bill Van it good, which he could get a long term funding bell to keep the government open pass through the house, because a lot of us conservatives would say fuck you. I want deeper spending cuts, go find democratic votes, which is their whole problem, but say that Rhine can tell these conservatives
just give me a month. So then he gets the bill. Past goes to the Senate. Now, the only way the bill can pass. The Senate is if Mcconnell finds democratic votes, because you do need sixty votes in the Senate. So what a Democrats do here? What demands they make? What are they sat in my view is no Democrat, should vote for a funding bell until we have passed the dream act, stabilization money for healthcare and sat sudden play some process to talk, but how we're gonna have a bipartisan process. The fund, the government going forward. One more thing in there. I would say the children's health insurance. Yes, yes, yes, yes and no votes, because I've been evolving to shut down when the public has shut down, the government would preserve our most president was either you were gone. I was right when I left it. This was in the fall.
Twenty thirteen that's his eyebrows. I found myself with my one of my first television appearances, I found myself on Jake tapirs show with Bill Crystal yelling about monuments and close parks, and it was for the efforts it wasn't that maybe cable is not for me. Fucking somewhere need accompanying yelling and crystal about a fortnight now now built crystals merrily identified Gerda and which the politics of shutdowns are a bow, blame right. Who's gonna get blamed for it, and begins Scott blamed overwhelmingly for it, because they are the ones shuts. Government down This is a unique situation. There have been a handful of garbage our towns in our history in every time it's happened. There has been a president of one party and a congress of another there control all of government. It seems like Democrats should be able to ensure that Republicans get the blame at all. Helps the Donald Trump- is deeply unpopular Republican Congress in its leaders
per and more say more popular than Trump Paul Ryan. In MR how are so unpopular. It is like possibly hard understand, so this is a battle we can win, but they are in charge of the government. It is their job to fund it and because they cannot mushroom efforts on their own. They need Democrats in democratic, not be giving their votes away for free. This is a battle we can and should when year, and I think Democrats should say funding. The government means keeping the promises that the government has made its enemies funding all of the governments promises that means funding the children's health insurance program that make sure the nine million children this country have health insurance. It means disastrously for places that have been hit by a hurricane. It means that when Donald Trump in their public later said that they would not deport eight hundred thousand young american immigrants that you keep that promise and so no we're going to fund the government unless we,
the entire government and all the promises- and I think that they should mean we already had Durban. Durban, said he's ready to. You- know: he's not gonna vote for any government funding bill unless they passed the dream ACT: Comma, Harris, Elsbeth, Warren or Booker Bernie Sanders there. I would imagine that most of the Democrats and getting there would you they Muslim Democrats in who are up and twenty eighteen and these tough states. Mc Caskey Donnelly highly stag can like look. These people know their states better than I do, but once run agenda. That does not work in trying to put the difference between being with Republicans in May, with the upper hand over those and so fight hard fight together and when the battle yeah. I agree, I think it's the end. Look Democrats have leverage now, They give in to two weeks of funding the government and then have the fight or three weeks or four weeks. I dont know that that makes a huge difference, though
Well then, I would say this yesterday live stream, the closer we get to the debt sailing, then the harder it is to make these demands, because I dont think Democrats should fuck around with the details, because I think that I think that you know that's when the global economy collapses once you breach the debt sailing. But I do think that, like Democrats need to have this right, we have leverage and we should use. We should have the debts of discussion at a later point. I agree with you by now that you're the normal rules applying abnormal times yeah, although I I mean we just talked about the crazy person, who's running the government, and you know some Republicans, my of leaving no matter how much they push Brok Obama. He would not let us default and our debt and cause a global economic collapse, Donald Trump Ebby. Then there's ain't, my shit, Think I have here. We should think about it. Ok, when we come back, we'll talk to our old friend Pizza Obama's? Why has
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studio, the former chief, official Whitehouse photographer and our good, I'll pizza peat, has a guy's pretty good I've seen a lot of friends of the pod out really are they behaving or why are pretty much behaving? There's some hissing owing to Lisbon and, among those more say, he's lost that war PETE. You have a fantastic new book Obama, an intimate portrait which are binding for all my relatives this Christmas start with some questions. Cuz ever doesn't know you as well as we do. You were a photographer for Ronald Reagan as well as Obama, we're both presidents different and in what has changed over time about being a White House photographer from when you were there in the Reagan years two to the above I and then the role of retired hasn't. Really change is still Primary mission is to document the president for history. May I did that with Ray, and I did that with President Obama.
Of course, back in the eighties. There's no such thing as digital cameras. There was no such thing as the internet and the the pictures didn't. Get out there like they did with President Obama, where we had Flickr. Instagram White House that govern the on and so forth. That's interesting. The similarities between the two presidents is they're both fairly even had that even keel disposition. Know what I'm talking about yeah with President Obama will present Ray and was was pretty much like that to PETE Thus, you been with your with present Obama, all eight years in the White House, but you you relation with who goes back before that tells us. How you got to know present Obama and how that went, he being the White House photographer so Oh, he was elected in to the Senate and two thousand, for I happen to be working for the Chicago Tribune, based their Washington bureau. Jeff Zoning, who was then a correspondent in the bureau, came up the idea of kind of trying to follow
The new senator offers first year that process. I got to know him pretty well professionally. Somewhere, I have a picture John Pharaoh in shape and his little cubbyhole office there. Center Obama standing over him dictating a speech. I remember that those efforts, tribute. I was in the Tribune, so you you became one of a bomb is closest friends in the White House. Do you think that this is a type of job being? Why has photographer where a close relationship with the subject that you're photographing is as important. I once I was one of his closest friends I mean I was he might you're yeah. I was in his space every day and majority being mere that most of the time it was as observer in and photographer, and then you know occasionally there were some interaction be between us. I actually think its valuable to have
I don't think it has to be a friendship, but I d you, you ve gotta, have to respect the mutual respect for each other to build a photograph in these very intimate situations, including the non official situations like I did a lot of family photos in our essentially private sector. Agents and you really have to have the confidence of the president and though it ought to be able to get those kinds of moments you do you go into events with a certain shot in mind that you want to get or do you going to event, take everything that you can and then look later to figure out. You know, what you want. I wish was that simple knows nothing of her photography, so there are some occasions when your definite going after certain shot so, for instance, the fiftieth anniversary the march from
Selma right. Where are you trying to get that bridge in the photo right? If you think about that yeah. I think about that ahead of time or honestly. Think of another example is leaving the office for the last time. I knew, story was gonna leave. So I really thought about trying to make that a really good sure, in bright a ladder around in the latter, because I wanted to get as wide a shot as I could from above. The kind of shows much of the office is, as I possibly could. Occasionally like that, most of the time it's taking in what taking place and try to figure out. What's what kind of mood what kind of motion? What's the best way? All the story of what's going on it's not a lotta like Hitler missed things. It's really trying to get a lotta hits. And then one advantage of being a seasoned.
Photographer is I've been on a lot of different situations, so intuitively I sort of no, you know what to look for. You took one of the most famous photos. I think at least recent american issue, which the photo of the present as our security team on the night Bin Laden, must kill. You talk a little bit about the sort of how you got that photo and how, to day Plato shirt. So I wasn't privy to the rates self beforehand, but about a week before Cindy Chang who worked for John Brennan and her office was next autumn. I came to me and said, You need to be available next weekend and I said Ok, you said it's either gonna be Saturday are Sunday and when she said that I knew what it meant and met. There was some mission that was dependent on whether right that She did say that to me, but I figured out ass fire so
I knew something was going down big. I just didn't know exactly what it says: Maura intuitive unperceptive than us, which at worst around the correspondence was I take up a joke with Osama Bin Laden. Why that rapid, exactly announced that was ardor, Friday or Saturday Saturday, so how it turned out that it was Sunday and and city of giving me a heads up later in the week. It's going to be Sunday, she said that's when I really do okay. This is a special ops mission, and it wasn't until the first meeting that day Sunday around one o clock where the team gather together is about three hours before the raid. When I learned what it was So then around. I forget the exact time, but sometimes late afternoon, like around four is when the re took place, and they set up in the small converts room across from the big situation. Room too.
Monitor as it was happening and everybody was jammed into this room. It was probably against the fire code that many people in the room- and I got stuck in when I couldn't really move ahead, like five people basically around me and then for forty minutes, as they were watching this raid. I was photographing Zuni moment you wish you could have captured, but didn't I've had some people ask me there and I as including me on Wednesday. I wish I could never come up with a good answer to that. But couple weeks ago, Reggie Love was in the audience. And when I said I could really think about Kay leave his yellow the elder out there. I didn't get the picture when k of do to the White asked because, Duke in one, an actual championship and reduced to play for coach Kay that I didn't get the picture of coach Kay
Reggie and president together. That's a very, very unready response, also worth for those you dont know that Reggie wrote a book largely about his relationship with three men, his father coach, Kay, Brok Obama and I feel like that he really miss the cover shot. Did I do not accept that this is about reducing the question about ready, and so I urge you never lets me forget. I is also probably annoyances. He heard a question which your favorite picture, as you probably have a bunch What are some of your some of your all time, favorites well, and if you go to the back, cover the book a home in that's Try one little Jacob Philadelphia, the use for touching the head of the present I'd states, because he had asked a question that is friends had told him that his hair cut looked like the president's and once when he said that president bent over and Jacob touched his head, I think it
NATO with a lot of people. My I'm a part of it is you ve got this four year old kid whose touching the president of the United States who looks like him, but it also tell you something about Brok of Alma that, like at the behest of a four year old, he would bend over and let this kid touches head. I think So, for those two reasons at scale on my favorites- and that was, I think, was hung up in the White House. The halting the whole time as one of those. I was up for a long time and Jackie cops are the New York Times Notice, tat all his other pictures of being rotated out and this one so but she decided to write a story about the photo and that's when it really got a lot of attention and then sometimes like, in twenty Jeanne. I was asleep I this is gonna come now, so I took it down and next day I had three staff people
individually, come into my office, pleading with me to put it back, because when they are given West wing tours to their families, at night they love to stop and that photo. I always tell them their story, so give it a back up. I put a beggar. That's ok peopled under this one. One of my favorite part about working the White House is all of your pictures are turned into what we called jumbos bigger PIG as pictures in there hung up all over the White House, and then you rotated them what once every a month or you know every couple weeks we put it in maybe ten or fifteen new ones. It was so cool. You come to work and all these new pictures we up all over the world has ever look and see if they made a jumbo that for that rotation, yet you count them out of our hall. Was I've ever an agenda He wasn't a jumbo? We will put it Twitter is a great jumbo of love an Reggie love that
we may damage the sitting in like a little tiny trains, the National Park store back and twenty ten or eleven so since leaving the White House, you ve been posing pictures of a ban on Instagram that often correspond with the news about Donald Trump, for example. Yesterday, when Trump attacked Muslims, you posted a picture of a bummer shaking hands at a mosque. What are you hoping people will take away from here? Your instagram feed posted a post. Why has life? I am, I think, I'm a funny I take great pride in in trying to find just the right line to accompany my photographs. And my wife, the other day said to me. I don't know you're this funny eyes like
just haven't pay it have you enjoyed being called a like you're, an expert trump troll. Now, that's that's good. Now for the first six or seven months it I was doing this. I had always people wanting to interview me and I just didn't do any interviews, because I thought letting it stand for itself. Was more effective. Now one thing that happens when you're promoting a book is that everybody ass you like it, I'm trying to figure out the best way to answer and still sort of, not say anything else, frigate yeah, I think so so PETE you flew on air force, one with Brok Obama more than any other civilian seated. Almost every survives thank the only time I reflect our first one and you are not on the plane, was on a return trip from Boston where the Red Sox are playing a run series and you dropped off too
which is only understanding excused absence, I believe, as do you, have a favorite trip in in protein millions of male shipowner force. One lesson: caution. Probable way when we had like an a really cool cultural, stop self resonance. We I forget, if you guys were there, we want the Petra Jordan I was therefore that surveillance by a place that I probably would never have thought to go, and it was just it- was amazing, climbing inside the pyramids. That was cool, I'm app, those regular centres that that was pretty cool, gonna Stonehenge, so as those kind of things are made, as as you know, Dan and John, a lot of these four trips you're stuck inside some key, red centre for some summit meeting or hours or going to you presidential palace sir. I do not really
yet to see that the city that urine, but like a few times and like the places that I imagine you do, get to see some really cool thing. So those are the doesn't want to stick in my mind, pizza. Thank you. So much for out for joining the pod. The book is Obama intimate portrait. Everyone go get a copy. It is excellent. Christians press and just the excellent nostalgia. The Obama administration thanks round me, I'm John, absolutely pod, save America has brought you buy, tipsy else, ha ha ha ha ha ha prove everyone, than ugly Christmas, whether this time of year, if you want bragging rights for the most talked about, what are your Christmas parties? Listen up, I'm listening Tipsy else has hundreds of Christmas what're designs that are like nothing. You ve seen before they're, not for the faint of heart be delayed for the party. Hello, hilariously, Leah designs, didn't Tommy. Where of funny Christmas. Sweater, too, are true.
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So thanks to catch up and they say you guys. First, switching catch up and not using those other apps anymore? But hey, listen! You know, I know you guys are out. There are pretty You can divide twenty thousand by five and figure out how, You haven't done it yet cause I therefore think that we are in a happy place. We are, but let us remember that there are people out there that I've heard a side where the cash out of lunch and there still like now fix it, Kasza cash out safe and about but on the points we have the host of with friends. Like these item recall, how are you I am good, but well I've been thinking about is that question has, as you know, we usually I'm fine, entrap, adjusted terms today. I am furious and Trump adjusted terms which I feel like occurs, extra furious. We had. We had a pretty angry pod today to actually we so far we ve covered the tax cut fight obesity.
It is angry. We did it, the general. General area of discussion on Trump in decline perhaps will decline by your? We know we don't because we don't. Does anyone know diagnosing no databases but with a very clearly there's something amiss and clearly has a pathological, ire and and dangerously unfit for office, which he has reminded us of many many many times this week, so those are the two things we ve had time to cover. What's, on your mind, what you got Well, I don't know if you guys, if I have been following the news try try not to be. There have been some men. In positions of power who I too have been assholes
with our have, unfortunately, of ask which ones are talking about a year. I know there's as there's a lot of them. I mean that it there's a range of what kind of asshole they ve been. Some of them appear to have been actual rapists, Matt Lauer, for instance, alleged The alleged actions heat he took include. Something that I dont know why it's not being described as rape in the headlines egg. He had forced sex with a woman in his office, that's on one end of the spectrum, and then you know we have these allegations about my senator Al Franklin as well and in a way we are all too about these things, in the same breath- and I do wonder, acknowledge that these are different scales of awfulness, but there's awfulness out there and were finally talking about it and
I guess I want to ask you guys as guys. What do you think. I think it's horrendous and its disgust I know it's funny I'm has Hating to say, I'm surprised because I've obviously I follow this on Twitter and when a lot of men say that surprised a lot of women say. Why are you surprised like we're, not surprise? We ve been noticing this for years, and I guess I say? I've been very aware that there is obviously a culture of toxic masculine. Out there and that a lot of men are pigs and and pretty awful things, but you know I've. Never as far as I know, I've never work with anyone who What Matt did, who even did what L Frank and it
oh, and so it is sort of I just every every headline about this is revolting, but it also just it is. I have to be honest. It is shocking to me dad you wanna? Yes, I am taking this end and I actually won the region's I'm asking you is. I wanna allows some space for youth express surprise. I don't think so. Women should be scolding men for expressing surprise so Dan yeah I mean I I feel the same way about John and as these things have come out and like you know not naive about the idea of that sexual harassment takes place in the office that there is just a general institutional level of sexism that affects the workplace in society writ large. But you know some of the things we are hearing about people. We know right and people, we have worked with not closely in the same office by half
average white houses or campaigns. We ve worked, honor been on the shows that they are they host, and we know the thing I've been wrestling. Is why I am surprised by this right and why, cuz. I I have spent much of my time since we started having this conversation a few weeks ago. Thinking back to the workplaces that I've worked in, and we know where there are things that I miss that I you know either did not was too naive to see, did not just missed, because I was dumb or took to be, nor we know saw things were how things were done a working. I obviously can't think of anything along the lines of White Charlie rose, Matt, Lauer and Harvey, whereas some people are a key
dove, but then obviously is happening. It's not just the hosts of morning shows and Hollywood executives is obviously happening in workplaces across the country and all love whether its Congress to sports teams to Wall Street, to you know like a local. Sharon's office somewhere and service industries are actually mean. Similarly rife with this the hotel and the restaurant industry, I mean you can imagine, wrote the kinds of abuses that go on there we know in we're finding these things out about Matt, Lauer and other. Because they are journalists and or other journalists looking at them, because they were powerful people, not the story. Who are the people who goin to what are we gonna do about the places you're talking about where there's no one came to see what's happening- and you know it at a local restaurant somewhere or a bar somewhere or like the insurance office,
like you know it, the solution to this problem can be entirely investigated. Rescue journalists are not going to root out all right of the bad men. That's not scalable solution to what is obviously a widespread and chrome is serving problem about male behaviour in this country is so, I think, Like I said I sort of wanted, it seems weird but like out, not scold from you. Specifically civic gleam in general, expressing surprise, because you know tree is invisible until it's not you it now and then once you see it, hopefully you can't unsee, I believe this is true. I don't know how many people it will be true, for I hope, the vast majority It is certainly something that I think you know let go. I was complaining yesterday that tat our collective memory is now you know about two minutes as a country. I This has now been going on long enough, just
the wine seen story, I mean really start with ones are withdrawn. An alien o Reilly and then the wines in story and everything that happened, and it happened at such high levels of so many different industries. It is my hope that this is something that we cannot on sea and that we do not answer your turn away from. It does feel differently. Yeah, and I think what is happening for a lot of men, who feel surprised as one of you who have filigreed be careful in this had a phrase. It is that you I probably knew the statistics about rape and yet all right, you're like which is like one in five women, are raped in their lifetime, one in four experience sexual assault, but those probably did have like an emotional truth for Eu Roy. I'll tell you, I read your excellent Esquire piece about Franklin
and you talk about an incident that you had not with Frank and but with someone else was well known, and I don't know if you remember, but you told me that story when we first met like years ago, when we know each other, and I remember I remember because it stuck with me and it stuck with me, because I had not heard many stories like that before, and it was interesting, as you say in the piece you know at the time you after often you tell that story almost laughingly as what a creep and when you told me that story, that's sort of what I thought to like what a creep back is, and it is interesting since this has happened. I looked back on and I've looked back on that story too and think like why I
you know. I know you told her to me and sort of but laughing manner, but I was like I've wish. I had taken up more seriously than you know, because I think that women are reexamining their experiences to. I think. Actually, those numbers, one in five women being raped and one in four for being insulted are actually greater Are they salt, especially if we use the technical and technical definition all this unwanted, touching right, unwanted sexual touching I honestly, believe: there's not a woman alive that hasn't experience. Some level of it and I guess what I think that I want to encourage people you guys specifically, and just men is like just you got it both talk to the women in your life and talk to each other about this right. Yeah lake. If you start asking, hopefully, her to understand, like the threat of sexual violence shapes every woman's life It is something we think about almost every day. Went for run yesterday and I had to think
well. Is it gonna be dusk when I go into that overpass or not right and I know you, men also worry about, like being robbed, that's a different fear It is also not a fear that constantly reinforced by like this unwanted touching, is that what what that unwell touching and groping is, is a reminder that you could be a victim of mine. That is what the it means it is a show of power, a show of power that is ultimately expressed in rape, even if it's never actually expressed to that woman. That way, I want to tell a story like I remain, the first time. I realise that my life was going to be different and my life is going to be governed by. Avoiding getting raped. We're just crazy. Do you guys maybe, but I was high school. I read on the road by Jack Kerouac and, like all good, rebellious, high school students, I was a totally inspired. I wanted to be out there, and do that thing in the freedom of being on the road, and I realized oh, I can't do that. I can't
level. I can't I can't go to trick across the country cause I'll get raped, remember crying about an that's just a truth. And I am tearing up now like I wanted is. I hope this is starting to stinkin for you for people for men I hope that it, as I know that there's a subset of men also that have experienced this themselves sprained sexual assault and raped themselves, and Obviously, I think that for them, this man, is really important to you know, cause their lives had been shaped by it, but that's it Sunday with me, and I know you know I have been talking for both women and men and in my life about this, and I think it's true for a lot of people. You know it's something. That's You know when we talk about issues in politics, sometimes the that the challenges at the small world of people who pay attention of politics, but I think because this has happened throughout the entertainment industry that the media industry, for so many recognisable people. I think this is a much larger
in relation to people are having. It was essentially hope, so I also want to try it actually and everything else you talked about today, right, which is that One of the reasons why we are having this conversation when the reasons why a hot topic is it being minimized of sexual violence against women is being minimized in order to pass a tax. Look. Dad is thing that has happened aimed like. I can't think of a better example forth from our politics right now. You know and then, of course there is the fact that we have someone who is admitted sexual predator in office, and I say to you guys all the time I am get tired sang it that a daily reminder that women have less power in ITALY when I click on a positive note like this is the moment like we can't let this lit by
I also believe that we as Democrats need to call this out on our own side, and you know I think Conyers should not be in office. I think specially after the stories today that Frankenstein Be office. I do. I just think it. It is crazy that this that, in every industry where this has happened, the accused
immediately resign, except for politics so far as its and as people, who is people who care about politics and want people to believe in public service and believe and the possibilities of politics. We can't just sit here and and have no accountability, for these means a sad statement on american life today that this issue is being filtered through partisan and tribal filters bright and where it's like. The revelations about our frank and our opportunity for Republicans and right wing media types to say to attack Democrats, it's an opportunity to bring back up the allegations against Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton,
very inappropriate behaviour and when the victims of what is him, you know what is what has happened. It was have across the country, it's not republican or democrat right and adjust its minimizing. What should be the biggest most important story in America by saying when you read the pieces and in Washington publications, that say bad day for the debt, the Democrats, sexual small problem, it's like no, it's America She will sign you know. Donald Trump is Publican These are liberal media figures, Maynard or donors democratic. Everyone seen that's not the point and of the fact that we can even take something that affects society, in this way outside of the Roma politics, is one of the reasons why we struggled so much in the country. I agree- and I worry about this moment allied I have said to you Guys- know offline
I worry about a repeat of what happened with the Anita Hill experience, which is that as a similar kind of awakening about the reality of sexual. Harassment in the workplace that that was kindled actually buy. Another big failure right than other, if you consider Thomas being, pointed to Supreme Court a failure at kind of do there. This moment where a woman tried to get hurt and wasn't heard in that created a awakening among women, the year of the woman, one thousand two and then Bill Clinton's issues came forward and a lot of you know a lot of feminist found themselves defending him and we got a lost the thread a little bit, and I that's gonna happen all over again, then I don't
like, I'm, you guys are already prepared for your twitter mentions to blow up right like when you say out: Africa should resign. That's that's gonna happen, but I just it's. It's bothered me especially because, as you know, of course, I look at the two dimensions orbit I like it, treats I've ever seen, mind it's if, if some people want to argue where they at least admits the facts of the case in the Franklin situation, and then say: no, he should resign. Oh yes, he should like. I can deal with that argument. I have unfortunately seen too many people who were doing what so many trump supporters do, which has said like she made it up or the photos now real or it was Roger stoner. This, like guys, do not buy into the fucking conspiracies that day do like just in it. We can't do this if you want to argue that that these are the facts of the case, but then you don't believe he should step down. That's fine
We can disagree about that. We can have an arguing about that, but at least accept the facts of the case here. Or as we say, I get least believe the women story. Right right leg is adamant that. So the case has also I mean we can have other conversation about whether the language we use around this, and sometimes I think we over overly legalistic write about it like this isn't a case is here: it's not that Africa is guilty or innocent. Its is gonna be accountable to the two these his chance, and is he going to uphold the idea that wins experiences matter I am of the opinion that outflanking, if I think you should resign, but I also don't think he needs disappear from public life we're just what I don't know story yeah I mean I think he could do a great service to men and women of this country by being someone who stays in in in public life and talks this and talks about this as the experience of someone who used to think this was funny and now realize it's- it's not me-
need that person will need people. We need men who were going to go ahead and take that role, because because because if it's just about shaming someone out of public life This moment will also not end. Well, I totally Gerda and that's what data centre which is like you know, invest. This is not like the role of investigative journalist just root out every single one. Everyone publicly shame them. Then we move on. That's that's! That's not really the point of this so. Ok well who's who's on the shoulders, and we consider that transition great military. This is actually have Lizzie, o Leary, whose is it she's awesome she's it. I think we still in DC like, so she- and I are rather a major kind of came up through Deasey Journalism. On parallel paths and she read a great peace for the New York magazine, the headline of which, as you know, what I used to shrug off horrifies me today, which I think is created a lot of women are having right now in the same way that men are lacking back on their behaviour and wondering about the things that
they may have thought were innocent, they weren't a lot of women are like wow. That thing that happened to me, that, like you, like my story to you, wrote Lake that was sexual assault, and I can I need to call it that it is important that I call it that things are to her and then also does that Adam Sir, were I shouldn't have pressing last name, but he wrote that great piece about the Nationalists. Delusion fair, the Atlantic, which I had a good few nice red time at that. But let do it that's good episode. Yet engine episode better. That's grappling with some of this sum that the biggest things that we talk about on the show so dear Everyone everyone to an end and also everyone should go check out you're the bonus episode. You did where you went to a Hillary Clinton book signing and you talk to Hilary supporters waiting line. I thought that was that was listen for you. I think that's really actually really proud of that, and I want everyone to know that the episodes and as a joke, because I
private in the same language that people are using to take targeted from voters like I went to and went out to investigate what they're really lake and, if their Oliver, you know how strong as their loyalty, but it is, I think, actually get a p its allowing these p who do represented a majority of Americans to speak for themselves. Excellent, warmonger check that up. Thanks for journey- and I think this is the ultra there it how they love. It must be sleeping still because he's not in the studio. There's only three forms existence already. We will will see you guys next week taker by guys here
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