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Trump’s fake national emergency gets legal and legislative challenges, Andrew McCabe reveals the panic at the FBI and DOJ over the president’s potential criminality, and Bernie Sanders enters the 2020 race. Then the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel talks to Jon Lovett about Bernie and the 2020 primary. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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The presented spots. Pod save America is recruiter in honour of president state. Let's talk about one of our hardest working President's Donald Trump. Getting the Abe Lincoln Abe Lincoln. Did you know that over his career, Abe Lincoln works a farmer, boatmen boatmen boats and the Boatman Boatman, a farmer boatmen, store clerk. Land, surveyor militia soldier lawyer congressmen. Of course, you as president, obviously he was a pretty qualified candidates for a lot of jobs. Is it recruiters the place smart businesses gotta get off. I can't it's fast. They find the perfect people for your job. Actively, invite them to apply how effective the procurator Eighty per cent of employers who post under pressure to get a quality candidate site within first within just one day day one we're walking through the door. Don't take honest aims word for it. That's right
the record of this Marser it ire friends the park and tried to freeze up Gerda. Come such cricket again, zip recruited outcome, such cricket once again for fans of the gettysburg address, sip, recruiter d calm, slash crooked, I can we allow towards none chair for all and that the second inaugural, not the gettysburg. You know that I can't imagine just saying, like I'm just such a fan of the Gettysburg Address Yosemite, but like Lincoln's early work, I love is Gettysburg period, yeah, welcome to plug a I'm John beverage. I'm John Lovett, I'm Tommy Detour, let's Starbucks and talking about how should compensate
complicated faces a map of the world. What are we talking about? John? No, your planet of airport later in the bud, love it likes to the Washington Post, Dave Waigel about Bernie Sanders, and twenty twenty were also in its eye what the least efforts to stop trumps national emergency declaration. Former deputy fbi. Director, Andrew Mackay, press tour in the. But the Bernie Sanders is joining the ever growing field of candidates vying for the Democratic nomination Woof, what it How is the show on here there was a leather, is a hose all we're in autumn other leave it with making gaily Travail Anderson Maccallum, against? We also had a proposal at lover: leave it you check it out. It was very moving mail and melted our cold hard, I'm glad you're too, for due on the proposals like, hopefully one of them. Does it go back well, you know Elisa whenever something we ve now had to proposal propose utterly that whenever a LISA gets a wind of one, she
how's the person who's gonna, do the proposing an grills them like put them through a full psychological workshops like marriage is a social contract. You don't need so the person proposing has to ask permission of their partners, parents and aliases. Yes, a visa. Just like you is real or husband situations. We are proposing to a stranger to football game. Yeah! Well, Larry on check it out, aren't let's get to the news. Churchill on Friday Donald Trump. That there is a national emergency on the southern border in an effort to bypass Congress and get the money for his wall. The White House says: they'll, be taking the money from military construction like housing and hospitals, from efforts to stop drug trafficking from ok, Projects at the present is simply not usually authorized to take taxpayers money from in what I they're from Twitter was a real sharp press conference.
The planes home mister, you gets of. Fill me in the president acknowledge that he was likely to be sued over the decision and then both The legal argument of the people suing him by saying quote: I didn't need to do this, but Rather, do it much faster is anything else before get into that? I missed anything else from the press conference. You should just note that he did sing it like Canada, so the hired. I knew that because then I assume I elegant all Gordo. So then I was like what is Alec Baldwin doing. I had to go back to the original impression. I say you're like that you're like memento. For that I'm just too still. You know, low information, whether this be original was very weird, so few questions to kick off here Where does the power to declare a national emergency come from hell usual. Is it for president to declare one and what are the potential consequences of trumped doing this? The power comes from Congress. Nineteen seventeen they passed. The national emergencies act, I believe, is what is called
which allows president's to declare national emergencies to do certain things happened a lot of times. Bill Clinton did at seventeen times pushed to the twelve Obama dated thirteen. If you look back at the Obama declarations, most of them are like sanctions because a political unrest in Burundi that one literal example, this one is very unusual because it's actually taking money in using it to build things that in it was not appropriated by Congress? In fact, Congress specifically said we will not approve funds, for these means of this is very bad part is unprecedented. It's what's an unprecedented happened. Twice. Bush use a national emergency. Coloration after nine eleven for military construction then happen one of their time previously. I camera, but would also was the Gulf WAR, but it wouldn't civics our Eu Usa, but was unprecedented, is not that is so there's two times the construction projects have happened. The money was unprecedented, is a present never declared national emergency to spend money
Congress specifically rejects absolutely that's, that's! That's it! That's the new territory and its. If there is a very big deal, it is a very big deal and it shouldn't be sort of. I think it doesn't deserve to be put to the category of O. Presidents have been expanding authority for authority for a very long time, which is certainly true. This is a new level because Congo, being in charge of the money Congress being in charge of the purse strings as people in DC would say. However, the purse is fundamental this is why we have a congress. It is the is the organizing principle of our government that the present is powerful, but he can only spend money. He can only use money that Congress has given him permission to use he's not in charge of the bank like that is a very poor getting area we are gliding over in the constitution that you know the president's job is to faithfully execute the laws not to make the laws that Congress to Congress breeds the money that old, alas, the kind of Tibetan that'll think so now the the
you got a minute what type of illegal towns later, but I guess what messy here is the fact This national emergencies act existed in the first place, right, which basically congresses is very vague. It doesn't. It doesn't define exactly what an emergency is, not criteria to define in the law passed by Congress. What a national emergency is in general, the courts have been pretty deferential. The president's about what their declaring a national emergency only though not the court's, aren't usually calling balls and strikes in saying you know: that's not really an emergency. Therefore you're. You can't do that. You, too have authority here so, but I mean real quick before we move on like there's a three point: six billion comes from military construction. I just want to point out that the DOD budget is big and bloated, but military housing is really bad to do. In a lot of instances. There was a poll of military families living in base housing and it sounded more than half of responding.
At a negative experience living in the privately managed housing. Some reported living in dangerous conditions that included mould lead, paint. Faulty wiring pour water quality. Mice squirrels, like what's reasoning, is permanent that permanently damaged your child's brain if they lead poisoning. So I you know this is not a small thing. In over the weekend, Linsey Graham was asked about budget money. That's going to construct a school and in grams scroll response was a blow those kids. Only the new school first, they need a safe border like that. The rationale are crazy. I was gonna. Bring that up. I would say, is better for the middle school kids in Kentucky to have a secure border than a school it's a key ingredient, Turkey, the border down by Mexico as waste. If a Democrat said that the art like that would be the quote, the Republicans would paint the entire democratic party with for an entire campaign and
should it like that is the dominant and it's hard to well done trumps quotes, while all the dumbest people are coming out with their dumbest stuff it. It is open my night for more guy, oh yeah, we're going to Florida, human frat paddle gigantic, Dick! he said. I dont want the next national measures and sea to be that some Democrat president, since we have to build transgender bathrooms in every element school in America, so that we can actually opposing the national martini. It allows Hey Buddy, stop helping This is a guy who tried to throw out the father of a student who was shot in parkland from here. That's how bout a humanist values very, very bad. So if you know, if the court's say this is ok, I mean the potential the Quences long term, for this are, if incredible, in a very bad way right like that means that a basically future presidents can declare that some thing, some threat is a national emergency,
then therefore spend money that Congress has told them not to spend, and you know, people some of these republicans who have opposed it are giving that, as a reason for saying, like you know, is mad gates did, which is of a ridiculous one, but there's a more serious one. It is in our climate change, which is a national emergency and it's a global and an actual one. Guy actual runs a gun. Violence in I'd sets gunboats as its right Are these? Are real emergencies, water crisis, infant? You can come on with it and I urge our end of them and its end like legitimate slick, said this, and we ve been doing this like a great next president. Cannot next democratic president can do a green new deal by executive authority and worst sort of joking, because I don't I don't take it good idea for any president to be able to Ben money, because told him not to spend. That is a fucking autocracy that is an offence. A representative democracy with checks and balances knows needs very dangerous and the only reason we are not current like. I think that there has been two kinds of, actions. One is this: is the
actually is fascism, Moses, fascism for the tv cameras and, of course, with trumpets always both, and I think we're all relying on. Oh he's doing it to save face, oh he's doing it because gonna be tied up in the courts, and all that is true, but the next Republican will be better at this and Everything that's happening now. You know we talked about this new beginning with what are the? What are the you know? What rules he's bending that will bend back and what are the rules that he's bending to the point where, when you try to get him to shaped like a hanger again, he cannot code on the other thing it's worth mentioning is no one no one believes not Donald Trump, not the white has not the Republicans, not anyone else that there is a national emergency, the southern border, it is this thing that we're all talking about, but like no one whose mentioning it believes it attempted crossings are lois level. Nearly four decades most
are intercepted at the ports of entry. There is no invasion. There is like everyone knows this and he's a Chris Wallace Fox NEWS, trying to confront Stephen Miller with these facts, Sunday and see. Villages did his thing where he just like yells and That's! Ok! I don't just through time single ivy, I didn't. Congress can take up a resolution to block this national emergency declaration and rising Democrats do essay Republicans. This is your chance, believe in the constitution. You believe in your authority to do what you were elected to do, let's block this. Otherwise. This is now press and we will be doing it when a democratic as United Period, That is a reality, which means we cannot play by two different sets of rules can happen. Just reminded me, you know in terms of what the courts will do. Originally, the National emergencies act just allowed for a congressional voted disapproval and then it would stop. The national market
see and then in nineteen eighty three, the Supreme Court gave presents the power to veto the congressional Resolute arrive disapproval. So that's it great sign, for the courts are gonna do at least the Supreme Court. Ninety three, but but that's there too. So let let's we talk about the reaction from we started with a little bit, but the reaction from the party that spent eight years call Brok, Obama, lawless, socialist tyrant, who abused its power. Send a majority leader Mitch Mcconnell, who spent the last few weeks, advice using Trump against declaring an emergency immediately announced on Friday that he's now for it so far, according to account by five. Thirty. Eight There are nineteen republican senators who are supporting Trump on this there, couple others who haven't decided yet Do you think Mcconnell in a bunch of these senators or backing trump on this? And would you say this is the most hypocritical thing reply You have done in the trunk era. Where does it rank it's up their me with it? Do we want to argue you see, is you know it's
such a shame right there they're they're not coming out against it, they're, not specifically saying they like the national emergency, but what they're trying to do his claim? Because of democratic intransigence? You have forced Donald Trump to do this right, that you're putting Donald Trump in the position of having declare this national emergency and then, on the other hand, you see a bunch of kind of soft, very lukewarm statements of you know. I'm can harness I'm concerned we should ought. Gotta give us pause. Margo, Rubeus, make similar an dot? You know it's the story of the last three and a half years, just total capitulation following yeah. I think that they know that their base once the wall, because their base once everything trumpet and so they're scared to oppose him. I think that they don't want to shut down the government again and they think that he's unhinged in these partially unhinged because People like Linsey, Graham, are making the even crazier suggestion that
hi funding for the water, the debt ceiling, which could explode the global economy. So this is the path of peace. Since this is the way out of this mess, that an cultures mean tweets, have led trump to bring us into everyone should read Adam generals, ends up in the New York Times about Mitch. Mcconnell, which I think is fantastic and am sure gentleman has been writing most of his life. He was a former chief. After Harry read. So he knows, Mcconnell quite well in heaps are pushed back notion that Mcconnell is some sort of institutional astride who jealously guard the Senate power and will set its parts like this. Let us move by Mcconnell follows holding the cedar four garland getting rid of the film for the Supreme Court. He's back. We challenge campaign finance laws wanted to make brag about one term president proud obstructionist wooden sign off on the russian interference like major Mcconnell. His it will be known for handing Publican Party over to Donald Trump in order,
in order to Light Donald Trump. Do it's better area? That is what he is one way to launch a judge's there. That's it there's one counter example of that which is Mitch. Mcconnell has not remove the legislator, filibuster, sofa, I'd, love people whom no this, who know these things to tell me why much, but there is not It's it's a fascinating, because it s really does run cut round, can't run counter to that argument. There is whatever Whatever he's actually done. There is some interior logic for him to talk to himself about and I guess them charitable interpretation of why Mcconnell decided as back trump on this. Is he just wanted to avoid Another government showed tat. He knows its political unpopularity thought right trumps, either going to shut the government down or I back among the national emerge,
see and that's it. So I might as well do that he wants power. He wants to be in charge, I mean the New York Times. Profile of him was like just ten thousand words of celebrating cynicism from from from the Garland Supreme Court seat to today, and that's what he wants to be in charge. He will do literally anything if you match blocking campaign, France, where he didn't really care about campaign finance from here? Not maybe you is it maybe is good is bad, but he knew that if he threw himself in front of that train, it would pay him huge political evidence on the road and you can take a bullet for members who didn't want to fight or re perceived as fighting here It's it's like he's a cynical Washington fixer. I also do think there is there. Is there not acting upon it because I think they're craven, but there is a. I think there is a bipartisan consensus behind closed. How's that deep that the national emergency powers are being abused by this president that it's wrong that it's dangerous. They are worried about. Democratic vote me in future. That is all real, which is why I think, even though the
than it does have the ability to veto this. I guess Democrats in this house should force. The scent to vote to uphold or not uphold the National Yazzi. It needs to go on and on record thousand remain expression I mean was so there's eight Senate Republicans, who are publicly opposed the declaration. About fifteen more who were in the eye concern me out of those, but but eight opposed is quite a bit. That would be enough with the Democrats to have the resolution passed and then I mean trumps First ever veto as president would have to be vetoing a bypass seven resolution of disapproval on him declaring a national emergency to spend money. The Congress already told them he can't spend. So even if it does, work because they dont have the two thirds majority in the House and the Senate and then override trumps veto. You gotta think it's worth doing and it's worth noting
that. This is something we're Mitch. Mcconnell doesn't have the ability to stop about yeah, which has vast within NATO Daisy Hasta. So it it's a isn't it the national currencies powers are really. So the house can decide the house can for the house passes a region. The national emergency. The Senate has to take it up. There's no there's no way from Mcconnell to get out of it, so his members will have to be on the record and there I do not understand any argument against making that vote happen. About has to happen. I greet amid the bigger picture. Trump is giving Congress the finger every single day under the magnets key sanctions. He was supposed to submit a report to Congress or believe, last week that that indicated, whether he put sanctions on the Saudis as a result, the cash hoagie. And why he just blew it off? He just gave them all. In all the the sad sack Marco Rubio, tweets in protestations did nothing. She has put them all in the record, he's a guy. If these eight senators vote with the Democrats on the national emergency that creates a critical political problem for them,
with the mega base in their reelections. It's good for US period I am interested to see why all the Republicans were vulnerable in twenty twenty, how they vote on this journey. Ernst and Tom tell us and in that crowd, if This lack of strategy fails is also illegal strategy. On Monday, a group of sixteen states file the lawsuit in California Federal Court, arguing the trumps move as unconstitutional according to the suit cunt to the will of Congress. The president has used the pretext of manufactured crisis of unlawful immigration to declare a national emergency. What are the legal expert saying about the chance? These lawsuits will succeed and what they hoping for at least in the short term. I think it's complicated trumps little sing song. He assessment for what happened was pretty good spot. I invited me to go to the ninth Circuit first in your probably side against salmon and got the Supreme Court. Chile in their likely to go with the mean that there's a near turn challenge which is getting standing to hear the case because its
clear, whether any of the fencing would be built in California or New Mexico to the states in the lawsuit that would have to show that they are being harmed by this decision to therefore get a hearing and obviously there's not going to be harm in New Jersey or New York, which other states in the litigation. So there's a bunch of New York epps- but I don't know- I Didn'T- go to Moscow HEAT of the US out- what you think you're the one that the existing national, but also the thing s writing about this is Ultimately, you know judges are very reluctant to step in and adjudicate the facts of whether something is an emergency up. It's a pull. It feels very much like a political question and a question. That they will defer to the president on, and so I think you know it's all just will have to wait and see. You have to see what Congress does will have to see what happens with these cases. Anything anybody know yeah. I think you're vocs title like eleven legal scholars who all seemed mostly doubtful, though some said you know that their
The judges will either decide. Congress did approve this by passing the national emergencies act in the first place. Slowly there said that and say you're right. We can't find what it is or they'll say, though, just look at the President be like. We cannot have a situation where Congress which drove the purse says we will not find something and then the president's, as I will find it anyway, by declaring something s emergency when and by the way, there's something: a national emergency. What you're saying is you know I want construction funding for to help the military with something. Well, the military is now The military would be used to help build the wall. The most hurried is doesn't need help. Now these are Stephen Miller's look shaded shook the attempted get around this by saying. Will now we have troops on the border, so they need to be protected with them
which is why we're stealing money for their kids schools riled stupid, while at the border, where we're forcing them to go and again. I would not underestimate the make real joke about this, because he just trumps as crazy thanks but saying I didn't need to do this, but I want you to do it faster, really. Does undercoat the argument. Court. Look, you know, the facts are the facts right he had He had control over both houses of Congress for two years didn't passed ass. He shut down the government to try to pass this. He couldn't pass it. He tried to pass it again, can pass it and that's when the emergency begins. The that, never glamour, there's no way to look at the facts and not come to the conclusion that this is a vague emergency. The question is whether or not judges did we willing to do that anti your point on whether they be willing to go so far as to say I'm in a step back from this specific example and look at what we are saying here, which that the president can just spend money anyway that he wants no matter what Congress says, which is incredibly dangerous, but again like, as has been case from day one. We are we
position where we are without waiting for Republicans in Congress or judges with my time, appointments, many of whom are republicans on their way up it has been court which is controlled by Republicans to be courageous, and to show great moral character fortitude and for the country. Good luck! Everyone healthier so sir, as ever the politics of all. This was this trumps smartest political move ahead of his re election. His advisors are saying that the new slogan is finished. The wall, They said really means finish what started and is about the entire Trump presidency. It's a whole to get the whole picture dunce, which horses. Meanwhile, they also there. Some say that he'll use this issue to run against the establishment in D c. I do I mean he. The base, only strategy, and so every
he does is designed to make his hard core base. Happy Fox NEWS had appalled has fifty percent to fifty six percent of the country opposing the national emergency declaration. Thirty eight percent approving it of it. So that would track pretty well within all based strategy. This silly dance of can keep building the wall and they haven't built a single square inch. Your wall is laughable on its face, but so, the idea that Mexico is going to pay for it. So unsure it'll work with the same people. I mean that can I have is whether the cultures of the world teeing off on him calling the summit, seeing the national emergency is actually the fact that he's an idiot correct will. Will you know, cut off little bits of that data that he needs to actually winning so that that was my question is out. I wondered if, but if he hadn't declared the national emergency Van, he runs by saying you need to send me back to Washington and sent a bunch more republic,
with me. Rather we can build this while he does the national currency if its held up in court. And get it done now. It looks like he's just fickle a whole bunch away. You couldn't get it The Congress I mean- I don't know who knows, but that the one that we do know is he did try this political strategy before about the wall and he did it in twenty. Eighteen again, why we always forget that last month of the twenty two, action, was all war all invasion. All care at caravan. He'd had the whole conservative propaganda. The machine with him he had adds the Republicans are running in every single state, every single race and it didn't. It certainly worked with his based, but the base was not enough and twenty we want. We want. We want ascendancy in Arizona right where, where there's gotta be another raised, we almost picked up a seat in Texas. If we almost one Georgia, where only reason Stacy Abrams, isn't a governor right now is because of shenanigans will heard, probably only one that sea on the border in Texas, because he was against the wall.
You know and it was a massive landside. So you know I don't know how you know well trying to attribute tribute to much thinking into their strategy, Donald like talking about the law he likes it. He doesn't totally understand why he thinks it helps him with his base. He prefers talking about that than the investigations into him style domestic agenda. Actual doing the job of president, which has no interest, and so you know yet his staff constructs strategy around his actions, ex post facto I thought like it's like on it's a bit like basically Donald Trump broke into he Donald Trump, it's as, if Donald is a baby and he found a paintbrush in a bucket of paint and has been running around and empty warehouse, throwing paint against the walls Kelly and Conway and neck. I Brad par scale, and all of this fucking advisors are falling behind the naming each section of the wall being legume call resident right. This is called this. Is that the delightful
of being alive. This one's a darker peace, this one's a story about loss like you, just walk there walking around as he spent you know. I think that not, unlike how things go it like Christy's. In some of these fine art warehouse But it is annoying me cd, shocking poles when you see his approval, tick back up to or where it always has been pushed shut down, but it it's reminder It is incumbent upon us, as Democrats to use shut down all the crazy stuff. He does as a proof point in a broader case about Trump being temperamentally unfit for the job or corrupt or whatever it has to be to make our yet well on that? No two: how should Democrats talk about the wall in border security and twenty twenty this week, Republicans of unhappily pushing around better works answer to a question about whether he take down the existing while in El Paso, which he said? Yes, the while hasn't made the many safe
in fact, it's made it more danger for people who want to legally petition for asylum. I don't know I mean, I think what would better referring to is the fact that, back in the day before the wall, workers would come from Mexico to the United States to do jobs that no Americans wanted to do and they work for a six month. Drink. You know some sort agricultural season and then return home to their families, and then we built the wall and we made it so hard to get back and forth. The people started. Staying in in remaining nine states undocumented. So Is this like original sin of our immigration policy, of these draconian steps? We took that made things worse, not better, I don't know, I think, there's probably the best argument is some kind of. You know that we need, you, know, walls and fencing in some places and technology in and border patrol and in the middle of the desert we We don't need a law and they have always been our point. I think that's. The interesting thing right is like this. It's a two thousand mile border and people like better.
Who live on the border represent the border, and this is true of some Republicans like well heard, as well You know that this is a complex. You'll security and a real, solid immigration system along the border is a combination of some fencing, some security, some human resources. Some like letting people come live and work and then go back to my like it. So much more complex and the question is: can Democrats talk about this in the new complex way in an election where you know down from going to say either the wall and everyone safe or you tear down the wall, and there are coming in, and they're gonna kill everyone and abolish eyes, open, they'll, say about as the yacht. You know I I think This is about finding the attack by the border and tongue by the wall, but also making sure that you're. Never just talking about that, you know we do have a broken him. Patients are some. Do you know what it's like? It's like? We keep. We spent thirty years. You know making
into the ice- is illegally more and more attractive, while trying to make it harder and harder to get in. We built this crazy system. We don't punish the people who are responsible. We only punish the poorest and and least able you know. We only put. We only punish the the poorest people, the people working there, the people who bear the brunt of the pain of immigration system were just doing it to try to get a job. So I think, as long people are talking a broader way about their vision for immigration system, in which all the pain and visited on undocumented people just trying to build a better life but actually crackdown on companies abusing immigrants. You crack down on system that pits amiss, Can workers against undocumented workers if you make it about trying to sane, rational system. Doesn't that doesn't led to a man the buildup of security along the border, while millions of millions of people have to live in United States on the shadows, are talking about it. In that way, I think we're winning. I think whenever we're spending all of and hung about a wall even if
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call very normal presidency, funny dude get us they'll. Catch up would set him off with sixty minutes interview with former FBI, deputy director Andrew came out with a new book like everyone else, my cave confirm the New York Times report that immediately after James coming was fired the F b? I want the criminal investigation into whether the President obstructed justice and a counter intelligence investigation to determine whether the president did so because he was copper by the russian government. I mean he also told sixty minutes the deputy attorney General Right Rosen steam, whose now reported to leave his job in MID March once discuss possibility of wearing a wire to record the president, as well as invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove from from office a spokesperson Erosion Stein said MC caves. Account is quote an accurate and factually incorrect Tommy What is Andrew came up to hear how credible his claims about Rosen Stein, and why do you think he's making them now? I mean it
great if one of these brave former tromp official, true tellers, did so when they weren't Hawkins. So let's just be real honest that you talk to you doubt they're hawking, a book I have, I don't, know Andy Mccabe. I have nothing the reason to like or dislike him, but you are not some hero pal. You are in money office. The most troubling anecdote in that route to me was Mikhail, saying Trump, wouldn't believe, isn't and steam. When they said North Korea has got its laws, they get hit. The United States, because prudent told him that was fashion, occurred, the quote was I dont, I believe that is not. That is like not that is fair noble intelligence, whether or not those north korean tunnels. Can you talk about ads Spock, cast our lives agreement. This is my second does, is my new add just add the just has damaged. I'm saying I don't I believe, prudent, that's that's the Trump slogan for Twitter. I don't care, really put its also clearly Mikhail hates ROD, Rosen, Sun and maybe has risen to runs
has clearly been lying to us for months and months and months about this anecdote where he said he would wear wired to the White House or try to invoke the twenty fifth amendment, and you know what Trump has every right to be pissed off is. Deputy attorney general was trying to invoke the twenty fifth amendment against and also how fucking stupid are these J? These sub cabinet official idiots colluding in their little Deo J meeting about wearing a wire on the present I'd states in invoking when for the men here, here's we're really no real you're, all buddy ROD, Rosen Stein, didn't even bother fucking googling. What happens You try to invoke the twenty fifth amendment, he's comin up cabinet officials. It isn't. This has been a thing in people on Twitter. Do this to this resistance folks do centre guys here's the deal with the twenty fifth amendment. Yes, it's running up the cabinet members right and if a majority, having the vice president vote to remove the present for office. They can do that while the next in that can happen, is the
President can send a letter to Congress, saying no, I M fit for office, and then you know what happens. It goes to Congress to vote and you need two thirds of majority in both houses to keep him out of office. Just like you do with impeachment stop talking with a fucking twenty fifth. It's the dumbest fucking thing. No one's ever going to do it. It's for a president whose incapacitated in camps in that letter back to Congress Counterpoint, I respect their moxie. I spect a couple of guys in the in the deejay, one of whom ROD Ravenstein is who help Trump come up with insane rationale to fire call me, which is another weird part: the rod, Rosen Stein, Wikipedia. Entry that nobody can really makes Andrea, my question is: can we wrote Rosen same hero villain or neither of does, of course, neither yet and into Tommy's point? You know what's real
clear has been really unclear about this story about the twenty fifth amendment about wearing the wire from the beginning? Is it was one allegation that was actually just joking around. It's never been totally Sarah serious it is. It still is in clear how serious it is. I don't feel as though what were hearing is the truth, like I think that their versions of the truth, I good parts of the truth, but this story doesn't make sense. The way they were talking about it doesn't make sense. I can't tell what was just an off had comment was Firstly, the serious conversation, what is clear and what has been true about Mackay for a very long time and this is, I think, the most important thing, which is a bit lost when it's part of this fucking bookstore is early in the Trump Administration, There was a moment of genuine panic that this could be the worst possible version that what we could be seeing is the worst possible version of an election compromised by a foreign government and that the present himself was compromise legally
compromise by a foreign leader for some personal reason or some secret, and that there is a legitimate concern Amongst career officials who are seeing something, ever saw before, and I think what we are now is laden handle it well, we'll get thought experiment for you guys imagine if, instead of going to a conference room with rod in the cave in no kidding around ideas, college bull session, but between for them- and they walked out of the building called a press conference in publicly aired these feelings in concerns. Then I think it could have been actually pretty impact full in that period, so Here's here's! What I've been thinking about it like me? seem very alarm, obviously Rosen Times very alarmed. They seemed alarm because they're like well. What if he fired, call me because- these compromise by the Russians right, that's just a kind of her. Crazy thing to just throw out there unless there is underlying evidence and things that I know that we still don't know
to me. I wonder if this goes back to just how bad MIKE Flynn What is right because remember this all started with Trump told call me let him go in there. When he didn't. Let him go, he fired call me, and so, whatever. Flynn was involved in and we know now. You know, Marcy Wheeler is reminding us of this. The other day that I was so alarmed by flings misdeeds and the judges, the first one. It's either. Dammit Sullivan, is the first one outside of most investigation to really see exactly was gone with. When that he said you, If we sold out your country, you betrayed her country at present. Flynn clearly did something so bad that for trumped then try to tell her to let him go and then to fire, call me something that they know that we don't yet. I hope otherwise, it's just being a random alarm, isn't like made then no co me and then Rosen's die and then became very very fearful,
exactly what you're saying What would your one little thing so Mikhail, ultimately got forced out of the FBI, because the inspector general that investigation by his contacts with the media and it was determined that he had been untruthful about those contacts so like to greatness One trump basically sought retribution and had him fired the day before his pension kicked in. That alone is a big scandal. I thank you. You shouldn't be able to personally destroy someone's life in financial future like that it's fucked up, but to see we get in trouble for weak into to the press that he was trying to push forward on the current foundation investigation over the objections of Obama's D J. So again the leak made me You look good Hilary and Obama look bad. It was a pro trump week that is always lost
I was also part of the insane rationale: merriment boot. That was what a fire and go away and that that that and that that's, why cushion or thought Democrats would be cool with that, because he was firing. Call me for being too hard on Hillary Clinton again, none of which has ever made sat services to every everyone was fired for being too too hard on Hillary Clinton, Brok, Obama and their eyes on it, but it, but yet as a conspiracy in a coup to overthrow drop, may make sense about it. So also This morning, the New York Times story that Trump told Matthew, Whittaker the former acting attorney general to put Trump ally, Jeffrey Burma in the. U S attorney for Sdn, why southern district in New York, charge of the Kohen case even Burma has accused himself the hush money payments case, Whittaker refused, which good for Matthew Whittaker. I guess, though he testify before Congress at the White- has never asked for promises or commitments concerning the special council invest. Nation or any other investigation. So here we are
another example of Roma. The Michael Common Crime, Michael Michael Cohen, an federal prosecutors, not just Cohen's word federal prosecutors have implicated Donald Trump in a campaign felony, and in that investigation Trump wanted his ally to then take it off. I mean we have a whole mother obstruction case. Hear me a thousand obstruction case. Bloom title tramp. Tramp tramp in this case reminds me, like he's just there's a desert observe the sopranos where, where Tony is going to buy, we killer, and he goes up to the guy the cat and I like AIDS, and we can learn and all we have this kind like none. I want the heart stopped committed, DDT, Gimme, some that illegal shit, an ivy league trump, just walks around two people in orbit. Just like eight will cry for me: give you some no just goes further use if you say that way, because there's some.
Forcing on the denial from Whittaker Right, which is never asked for promises or commitments, just a guess how it is. I have like tramping like what, if anything, you do it. What do you do this idea? I got a crazy idea. What have we have strict just as in New York to yeah? That's the comments We often talk on the show about how Trump's tweets if they were emails or calls they would be skip more scandalous than they're treated. We finally found out what the emails in the call say right as long very long York Times, story that can leave gather a whole two years of attempted cover up in an in effort into one beautiful narrative and again, and this is of obstruction- is even worse, at least what we probably then the rush investigation so far because he obstructed a case in which he is being implicated in a crime. So it wasn't like the the explanation that may be trumps is doing this, because this political reasons he isn't like the rush investigation, because it makes us politics bad nano this time he wanted to obstruct because he commit
right like there's. This is, I think, that more clear cut in that. Can you help me? I may be ensured with the law I would like to obstruct it from taking. I would like to use my power to make sure that this investigation into my crimes doesn't in a way like I'd like to build like up, I don't know some sort of a wall or obstacle for the prosecutor. Some kind of follow are an obstacle that justice can over. Here is a barrier, perhaps some kind of an obstructing indiscriminately barrier. Anyway, bad. While what lies one of its not one. Last point, as I think that there's something that ties all these stories together, which is crimes after Trump, is gone sooner rather than later. We're gonna have to figure out how to safeguard our government from a president who feels no shame and no scruples and no respect for president, because that is true, what's been happening with a national emergency has been true, what's been happening with Justice Department, so we're going
find a way for your norms, more laws, you're enormous moral, lotta, Canada, lesson of the term, absolutely at it, and it's gonna take a lot and is going to require laws that stand up to a Supreme Court, which is why we gotta figure that all Supreme Court things here people who know what norms are anyway get rid of and make them work, love laws, laws. We have a new candidate running for president, who is it remarked, Senator Bernie Sanders analyses joining the feel this morning with a video and a longer interview with CBS John Dickerson, the seventy seven year old, socialist runner up for the democratic nomination in twenty sixteen begins. Twenty twenty is one of the front runners as pole, consistently show that he's in one of the top these spots in his video this morning, he promised quote build an unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that will begin with at least one million from across the country in order to have a more in depth conversation about Bernie, between love, it and deep waigel. But what are your first impression? burning roll out his strength. His challenges once limit
we start by just saying I think is important I am for, every candidate for about two to three hours after I've lost their announced with a sucker for an I love and announce a video berries announced, a video was fantastic. I thought you did a great job arguing for the ride. Now this candidacy? I think that he did a great job, also making clear, I think, question. I had some way I talk to her till I go about as well. As you know, I think two thousand and sixteen he vacillates between somebody who wanted to be prayer believe you could genuinely when this thing and somebody who was in it for morally totally valuable dozens of like I want to get in here, and I want to move this party I wanna make. I want to take a claim for a different kind of politics and I wanna pushes party left which he achieved and deserves a lot of crime four, but what I take away from this video is it. This is somebody that is in the race because he wants to win the rice. Guided to, I mean, there's a lot Bernie content of this morning, to the point where I I kind of had a hard time sorting out. The short version of the video which is currently pinned his twitter feed is really good to make a compelling case for all the ways he is move the party to the left on issues like Medicare,
I think that is not only smart to point out because speak to the power of his candidacy last time, but all the feasibility of his ideas and the Kennedy itself right, be there in a few people, I got said: there's no way, you'd be elected. You know, free college is crazy and you know you can't pay for it. Whatever all the things that people said Sixteen, the Dickerson interview remind you how the CBS Dixon interview remind you how consistent Bernie has been and how funny he can be. Come on. I'm gonna play just by looking at my laptop his response to a question about Howard Schulz that had me laughing but our children's now said he would not runs and independent. If the Democrats moderate, No, it isn't that nice that is the perfect responds how's, that is just the right amount. Dismissive about this puts, who is trying to do hold the Democratic party hostage by saying nominated, moderate Aroun it for everybody yeah. I we look in all these amounts and videos,
or announcements and general I'm always looking for you know this is an incredibly crowded field. Why are you Why you are you standing out at this moment and Bernie answer that question in the video and a smart way by saying, like all these things that are his Democrats are proposing now this was this. Was me but then he mix it with another message: was I've been waiting for some democratic candidate to use? Elizabeth Warren has done it a little bit and you see potential candidates doing it like better did this in the Senate race. You see possibly Kamel inquiry Booker doing this to, but it is, about a movement right, Bernie Sanders. Dickerson too said whether it's me there is any other candidates. None of these but none of us are gonna, be able to get all these big policies past just by electing us it's going to choir movement of Americans, pushing over and over and over again and he's emphasising the movement and that you know,
eventually the question, because we talk about hard you gonna fight about things right like you, can remove the filibuster or are you gonna? Be there? person who says you're gonna work with Republicans re, but ultimately we know that all of these policies that were about none of them are getting past without mass mobilization of people the continued long after the presidential race is over anything Bernie at least recognise that many challenges for Bernie Sanders. It's a front runner Seriously yeah Bernice have run. I mean, as I was tired, the front runner this early. A lot of people have climbed onto his major policy positions- or you know, acts or but say nicely sincerely have believe these people, position for a long time and have gotten into the right people like was well that's, and I think that makes him also a victim of its own success. I think there's two. I think there are two big challenges coming for Bernie at once and have to do with the difference between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and twenty and two thousand, and sixteen
basically he said his rationale. Is you want unaltered two Hilary and you want someone that advocates for a more left wing vision for the country and in that context, he's somebody who was getting between forty and sixty percent of the vote in these races right, he was a very popular Kennedy ends up with forty five percent at the end of the primary starting from starting. At the beginning, of that raced back down by fifty right. I regard as changes as he is. Why the front runners now he's, and in these poles you see basically Biden Bernie in and common law, sort of in the top three spy out, I was a he's, a front runner unless bind jumps in thrashing just by for someone who only in a recent Paul. I think sixteen percent of people had never heard of him. It is up. This is an issue with Biden to both of them of Bernie and Biden have incredibly high names
emission, and yet their numbers in these poles are at the top of the field, but not great twenty six percent, twenty five percent of my that, which means that there's there's a whole bunch of people, democratic voters who know exactly who Bernie Sanders is and what it stands for. Who knows who Joe Biden has? What is it? four and yet are still either thinking. I'm not ready to be with them now and am also looking at other candidates, and I think we're Bernie has to figure out. Is he built this coalition in twenty? Sixteen in that listen, there's some competition in that coalition. Some of those people are die hard, Bernie fans, and You're gonna be with him right now. They are part of this movement and they're gonna be with him and twenty twenty and then the group of people who voted for Bernie because they did not like Hitler Clinton, for whatever reason- and the question is that group of voters that was with burning twenty. Sixteen
will they be with him again and twenty twenty or they looking around it Kamel Harris Elizabeth Warren. At Joe Biden at any number of any other, a number of candidates who may now have had be bag that Hilary had for some reasons that are not her fault at all, but summaries unit so that out yet at an end, but also on top of that end does matter in a race where there's gonna be twelve, fifteen. Who knows how many Democrats, what is it going to take to win you? I think it's a hit. Sorry to hit me more and more just how how hard it will be. To understand, let alone predict the dynamics of what playing out in each of these votes. It is it is going to be a chaotic process and we don't know sitting here right now. If this is the winner of the regret at primary gonna, be someone who's winning early states with twenty percent right when you five percent thirty percent eighty percent. We know and that's a tough and those differences really really matter and thinking about, and it was the first time I really thought about that hard this morning,
When I was watching Bernie cause as like this, this is totally on double what might happen because we have. This is maybe first time we ve had a field this large with so many really really strong contenders now you know, people here, nay, was pretty structure that there was pretty strong, but even that boil down to Edwards here, in. Why not Dodd right Rana that as the three really strong contenders, india- and I think in this field, you can have maybe five or six in the top tier agri in those people and all those all of those candidates are building up a real fan base. Bernie has fan base used. You can see calmly developing a fan base now in some of her crowds, and then- Those are the way like that is well worn as well, and so how that plays out over the primaries these votes in and who wins is its. It also means relatively small percentages of voters in a given state, could have a huge impact, and so I think there is
the real challenge for Bernie in that a lot of the hard core Hilary suppliers and twenty. Sixteen still blame him, their laws in in or maybe less for their loss, but they they are very Nan, greet him, What they feel was a refusal to stop, say abuse from here porters online look. I am not referring this insane. Data happen, I'm just telling you that that there is a very strong undercurrent of former Hilary people that still have deep, seated, hard feelings and he's gonna have to heal the wounds. That could be a huge chunk of people in a private. And I will say in its tough to figure out. You know how much of this is conversation online on Twitter, how much of it is real life in real life when people pull the field, we have a field of Democrats better well liked by most democratic,
there a very few of these people have very high unfavourable ratings, and that's true Bernie Sanders, that's true just by everyone else. So it seems like everyone is well like by most people, but you will you can talk to a lot of Hilary supporters and, and we ve seen a two Bernie Sanders supporters. Met. Many Bernie Sanders. Supporters and campaigns differs in real life. Wonderful people, like fashion, We just got Jane Eyre campaign under whose brilliant, greater brilliant and You know when you on a lot of these people, just great people when you meet them online, Bernie Bernie Supporters- and I know some some people just botz right but like some of the poorest supporters- can be quite difficult to say the least, and that is the irritable interpretation of it, and you know I saw some. You know we were women, Twins Hilary supporters like. I want to say anything about Bernie, because I knew my mentions we're just gonna get just attacks by people all day long end.
Is look if you are- and I would say this to temporary sport is an all- spend every candid supporters. If you are looking to build a movement, if you are looking to bring more people in, you need to persuade people and to persuade people, you need to be somewhat respectful of them out of it and that your argument is correct. You know like doktor everyone maybe a neo, liberal corporate shell right? I just think that the hard way to support a coalition, but also on, I think that there's it's out, I think it's ESA and Bernie doesn't do that now. I also think it's a kind of failure to recognise success in that there are no, I think, there's two ways that this persuasion to pull the Democratic Party to the left have played out. One is with a positive vision, right and one is by by kind of relentlessly crew
sizing democratic orthodoxy for being too centrist for being a network of an old fashioned way of viewing the electorate for failing to recognise the change in the country. Failing to take economic inequality, serious enough failing to see the trends that will lead to someone like Trump, and I think that there is a roof. Duration. There there's a validation there and what we ve seen in the past few years, but- that is one way of persuading people. Has a real. It has real value, but I think when it runs to his logic, collusion and your accusing every single person who maybe agrees with you on policy grounds, but then worries that? Oh, maybe it's not practice or maybe there is some religion- reticence on the part of voters or maybe that day waigel reports that on campaign trail. He finds people less ideologically conferred. Did than there are on twitter, that even pointing that out
A conversation about that, as some have seen as giving in or not being progressive enough, I think, is very frustrating. Yes, we should never make policy decisions based on you know what the insurance companies going to say or what Republicans are going to say. We should never be scared of corporate interests or what Republicans might say, but that doesn't mean there's not room for policy disagreements based on substance. Not everyone who disagrees with you on a policy is doing so because they are in the pocket of corporate interests, or they are afraid of what Republicans owing to say, sometimes good faith. People just have good fate. This agreements on the best way to come up with the palace and people who believe that their goes through the most good for the most people as quickly as possible. Come to the conclusion that say a public option or medicare by and for fifty plus will help more people faster than purse doing single pair right now cause they don't necessarily view it as something that's achievable. You can disagree. You can argue on the politics, but you're not
comrade: Adele Sherrod Brown, but he's not a progressive gimme, a fucking break some value. There are some value, I believe in single pair I like Medicare, for all I support Medicare for all. There is also value in showing a little bit of respect for people who want to say something as simple as I'm for it, but maybe harder than you think. Maybe the transition is more difficult than your imagining, because we haven't done this before and those of us who were in the fight and saw how hard it was just to get Obamacare through and what it took to get through that in the backlash that have some legitimate, questions about the right way to pursue it and a debate about how to manage that transition is a good one to have done some personal effort just now I don't even know where that was coming from. I don't actually Most about this just came spontaneously territories by big fund.
Those remarks about Iceland may is unlike what is that ground like him? I write down early, went through this with me Tom its before that, so basically it's a chaos. Theory diagram that shows you what happens as a system that is stable as you get further gets more, more unstable, our shared on twitter, but basically, I think it's a metaphor for the democratic environment or greater fitted up. It's a man is a metaphor for the democratic primary here's how you can predicting when there's one candidate. Oh it's a hard to predict when there are two candidates. Now there's four candidates: oh shit, nothing's, clear, sea, sick grab. It was a grab. The basically do says when there's a lot of kids. You know what's gonna happen, it's a metaphor cut out, You are right when we come back, we'll have loves conversation with the Washington Post day. Waigel positive Roger by blue apron is brought you by blue apron. Are you looking to switch upper cooking routine start fresh with help from blue Bring your secret too easy meal planning shoes from a variety of plans, including their kid approve family plan
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Give you a few sentences about this product. A lot of aryan love it already bought of chicken. That may nothing we can do here with Canada, but now that now get me to buy a salad, you know yet another take some time The catch of our guests today is a reporter at the Washington Post, where he also rights the trailer newsletter about campaigns in elections, if you're into Prague, rock and good. For you, It is also the author of the show that never ends the rise and fall of progress. Please welcome back Dave Waigel tape. I do it. It's gotta be harmed and great things were taken at a moment on your vacation. To do this you're in Portugal, Ryan is like you that cut back on the socialist and Communist Party are in power. Is a camera You will have to operate freely with Britain are able that's a great that's a great subway into into the topic at hand. So even following
these decision pretty closely? What opening does he and his team see in a field that gives him the competence? It there's a path to the nomination, it's interesting. It is a combination of a narrow path and the primary abandoned, extraordinarily broad path and the general. So you can pretty explicit- and he hates talking about Others needed the media about proper. He called the gap that but who puppies time about who they were he wants you to forty five percent lifetime. He in a debate you may need to win thirty percent to win that whole thing. And he s a devoted a supporter if he has a method that has been consistent were if you're on satisfied with her with him. Even looking down the alchemists come on, can explain what you throughout Europe. Europe, though he thinks a combination, support will get them into. The nomination and then his his of politics or so you need
It will be able to appeal the voters who have another democratic or for anyone in years and like compete across non swings did so. In twenty sixteen it sometimes seems as though Bernie was running to win and then at other periods. It felt more like he was running because he wanted to push the debt credit party on a key set of issues that that was what ultimately, is driving him. You know that the policy use that he's espouse a very long time that have now become far more mainstream stream. It was striking in the video and message that he was living this weekend that ambivalence seems God you agree with that year. He doesn't have confidence that he didn't have started again they last time. I can't come second, going attended with pretty relevant. I think the problem, a girl, the people who had been mixed up logic, lifetime and voted for standards who are not interested in him anymore. So his coalition in twenty sixteen included a lot of die hard to avoid,
as everyone about again quite appalling and a lot of people who kind of one the primary law longer at cheap Hilary on the issues, but I think Hilary Watershed information, and then he would have liked did Hilary and want to vote than on every candidate. You saw that new, Kentucky and West Virginia concedes were way too. About all that disasters in his mind it because he wanted this. They coalition, before most of our coalition, must be ready to go out again so TAT, an academic whether each in the debate or not you wanna when I buy push on this website idea was that in three weeks ago, and he said
you would be running a race not against the candidate of couldn't, do them can be established again. Several people who coastlines, Roger legislation and without I got him, was that he is so far reaching inconsistent and left wing ideas that he's in there to win. But if you're, not how much do you go? Get away, counterfeiting, his ideas on a planet? I think there was a real work for him. Certainly, for Lahti, supported admit why, if you turn twitter, and I don't know why you do that to terrible to it out the most anger per cent It is often directed like a camel Arabs or urgent deliberation Did I hear a phoney trying to get on his ideas? There's a lot of a basic. They would debate them honestly between themselves. I think from offenders camp so he'd data greater that that's interesting now, because it almost seems as though it's like looking for the same rationale right that that ok in
Sixteen there was a an opening because there was a hunger for me left wing policies, and there was a frustration with who the party was heading two. Nominate without much of a debate. Now you have a much bigger field and a lot of the people in that field there espousing Medicare for all is with oranges. Just put out a big proposal about I care the the debate has shifted in part. I think because of those with war in Iraq because of Bernie Sanders in part because of Trump and yet seems like when, when you say oh, but they are not really for these policies that you're actually going. Back to that rationale up. He needs to be here to keep them on us, and yet they are I dont believe. Those other campaigns would agree with that right, they would say no wherefore this. This is this is what this is, where democratic Party now is again see duty struggle for rationale, and that I don't I don't want you think it's a struggle, because
you can honestly go back and feed Bernie Sanders. Anyone style healthcare system. At lawyer, be making eighties me bright, said it before the patrols and video taking back into his opinion, and it is true that when other Democrats described with a Stick America Rowan earnestly, regrets ascribe maker all, even if they say that all in either take responsible legislation, they described something more. Her incremental em away sender senders had said he you signed with endorsing the car. The agreement that we need to end up in a few cosponsor- maybe you think we can do it for ten years. Okay, we gave you don't want to. I don't agree. The president or two and two are four years even better, but he was in the film, didn't see anyone who actually agreed with him: a hundred percent on the policy on the implementation of other Democrat,
I could go back to her about it. The bumper up just to choose the person about the most recent interacts with this Loki when asked what you do with the private church industry get kind of leaving question, but if a request- whether this would eliminate that industry and she kind of sounded like you said yes and then she walked back where centres would give a carbon an answer You really think that the industry should shrink down too little submersible insurance. All these men there should happy, and all the other big farmer companies, certain mandatory healthcare companies of striking the earth in determining get even Warren who support Medicare brawl when she, when she's pushed on what she would get done, a boy incremental, and I could go on with your critical Bernie run again say even given me The pointer. Everyone agrees on this concept in different incremental ideas. Why would you run again one of fear from
Sandra supporters leader. A lot is that maybe democratic, adopt these ideas, wines don't do anything and were even for further back than when we started under Trump. That is something I think Sandridge worried about service and biggest supporter going about. So even if everyone agrees on stage who do you trust actually do this stuff, you oughta be awaited. The strident online is that of socialism or barbarism like feeding, people believe do not go for Bernie Bernie, the gender you end up with rightly not nationalism, so back of it all day to look at people who view the stakes in that way and horse. They want brain around the course. He believes in your position whenever again. So do you think that that logic applies to Elizabeth Warren as well? I'm if there is a lot of reporting before they both got in the race that may be only one would do it that, if alluded, warned gotten the race Bernie might not in part because they are colleagues in France.
In part, because they do share a lot of use. I mean it in a lot of ways. I think the message about being there first, that Bernie is out there fairly is one that allows with Warren could argue for as well yeah I think so ve never reached the deal. I don't see how seriously they got into it don't think Ferny would have run into m16 if she had. But at this point it is easy to resolve it. Reputation and then her. He certainly the coroner You're really early point, although actually existing health thing is bitterly pulling asked about.
Biden in Flanders and Biden takes up this huge chunk? One is always an we teach. It takes a huge chunk of people who might not the ports Anderson the second round, but the thai government body at the boiling Sanderson see reason to back out is if the handing agreed with the most was not clearly winning. If he was that spoiling her chances here, despite being a third party candidate in Vermont, is really interested in not spoiling things for Democrats, that's one of his operating principles. I do think that they could reach a deal is about nothing serious minded burnt. If a poll showed that one of the forty percent inquiry beating everybody up with you, paper needs, but I would have had a second thought now because it so divided with so many people here. He didn't trust trust quite as much. I think that creates more her about spacecraft furnished have inadvertently. Bernie too, I mean in some of the attacks you refuse to make an twenty sixteen. It was always clear that, even though he was running hard, the party to the laughed he had a kind of
He felt a sense of moral obligation to make sure that, ultimately, the Democrat One so one thing you- you recently wrote this in that the damage it when you were. I think, on the trail with with the centre, heresy said, the democratic electorate showing up to meet its candidates is far ideological and sceptical than the one that lives on social media? What did you mean by that? And do you not find twitter to be as elucidating as as how do I mostly here the main surviving big names that were three months ago on my tiktok and then taken make online the other matter, my thirty day, I make an- I make my medical twitter, their people think too much because it probably an evil. Terms. Is that how you reach voters? Facebook is still more effective than reach that reaching new than targeting people that might not be turned in than then Twitter is twitter, is raging. Conversation that I think it into
and you're gonna media coverage works at least for now, but not really that representative of our- and Nor am I correct. The boy was, but about the take off for a week and with summing up what I'd seen so far this year and after going on all these town, all I think, delivering out her second frank inquest. Today or yesterday, but I see one cranking automobile ground. There isn't one or two new american question for war and nothing to do with what we have at times has a story today about them that way to Doktor Warren scandals are not caring, There is on the almost no questions about the things that were seen as big vulnerabilities certainly narrative. At the same time, there were not many questions, really willing people on how whether they would implement the perfect version, I care for or the green new deal etc. Yet at this people were, as we saw anyway,
team there, not settling for like lightning Democrats or corporate democratic, recalled by by one person left. They just went very easy to maybe to play with the Democrats who can win They stopped from from being president pushing on the issues they have an eye towards that. I think a lot of democratic voter asking not will you do everything that I I'm dreaming up, but will you do what you Do things in a way that you can win a majority. The country was the same year in southern California. If you'll get Orange County the voter, nor is any we're not making better care for all with the staff for their candidate, the ones who did say they report. Around some point or another that was not what they ran in Bonn. The questions being asked of a lot of these candidates are resident. Are the kind of questions you oughta be mobilizing around the Democrat wines in twenty twenty once they needed t it up,
In the conversation right now, we're better laid before the green New deal right, like taking climate from something that we discussed to something that everyone has the planet. But it is not really. The people showing up in Britain are not ask us Arafat and we have not yet seen what will happen when people, too when people won T tat. If an idea is gonna take off or not, but for a moment it really is not like the eye. What I saw on twenty six fifteen early stage, the Publican primary would ever so many litmus test on. What are you fought? Obama hard enough on this policy or that policy here this executive order? It just is like a very information, all kind of tyres here to fit all events that you feel the Democrats will be able to have a couple of questions but how they're gonna run the campaign we often hear my Liege requires reported. What's gonna, stop is. How can we help you were working with computer happening at? How can we get
focused on not be negative against tromp that Europe about what to do about it. No one is standing up on your trouble. They are really talking about him. Their company asking and I think, a lot better than Fatima quarter is pay any Democrat who does not support these ten domestic agenda items. Careful, it's not really. I fear there right now. You know it's interesting to, because even even pointing out that there is this difference, because it's twitter is then taken as a sign that your shoes, aside and in in one of the great twitter wars right even point out that may be, the electorate is less ideological, is isn't something striking a blow against the twitter laughed somehow revealing that actually you're cool with a public option, a single pair and your part of the problem? But there is value right, you can you can there is value in understanding better the reality on the ground. There is this problem on Twitter, where, where
as you know, on basically every issue that, if the, if you sharing a set of facts that don't conform to a certain. You know clicks, who's, on line that somehow your attacking them or denying the validity of their arguments. But but again, that's not how people are discussing these issues in the world. I guess I know I know that's why I tried to call the audience question or the candid answers on the page and saving will think of. Often there is a desire to make things get a very clean, storyline attic. Andy, it's really driven what'd! You lived in a week ago was so when there was a fresh round of question about inequality, shards staff and how she handles, and she had open on the getting everything about it, but
When I was the conversation, people really ask you met in the crowds, rather aborting Exxon people, Europe and much about the war in the American. Stop him. They don't ask him to talk about other candidates in one I'll say is: have you different yourself differentiate yourself, your candidate? So, but there is also all these events. You know thyself start there. Just then the rift that's felt sorry twitter, maybe more- has takes forever to go to a campaign of embryos or to start accountants and argue that there is a cookie. I appeal for niceness public. The tragic event, especially the London I wouldn't South Carolina and Twitter to resemble at all like no rank and file democratic sharply meetings wants to hear people real real to get twenty sixty. Without a burning with one even nominee. I get me found in last. In local democratic party groups, the breed activists,
who wrote the party did very well unless they believe it. Everybody they talk about wanting to clean over time like twitter is still Have you have arguments and still thing? Look at this? Thirty. Second clip of a quota to the terrible answer. All these ever the camel s entire prince Michael hackers, tell her about boxer border. Did you not democratic socialist, and she gets here ten thousand heads of a programme for for doing this prediction that house and caused a boat and at the risk of anybody who writes in public opinion seriously to bet that person disagrees with bivalve preference that mean they lost, but it's not really clear, commentators and refusal to people that that was the problem of her right. It tells you know it's funny it sometimes I wonder if all this isn't just boil down to all the sort of the the breakdowns of how Twitter is different. Maybe it just boils down to
people are nicer in the real world and the niceness has big implications. You know in in twenty sixteen, there was this roiling argument online and then pull after poll showed that both Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders had what like high eighties approval ratings amongst all Democrats, Bernice Borders, Hilary orders that then Business of the world has genuine implications, but I wonder whether Republicans are one thing very. Let you go anyone other than bill weld going to get in republican primary. Installing tromp think. Why do you keep it will flirt with it and decided eventually decide against the world has absolutely nothing to lose and he was defeated in the primary. My landlady these still it was attention one relevant one microphone I think, wearing open it. Also, probably
what I M going to try to get sick at every gold. Gonna commanded them to show them losing by ninety point ran this guy. If you care about that a thirty year, political future, you're you're not going to jump into the say everything its, but we haven't been focusing on a couple issues recently aware: republicans are very unpopular positions. But these two do you dare to use you? Definitely. Every Democrat is reached with eyes tat, but Venezuela and abortion laws and things that nature to study terms given less than opening to get in against them? Damn maybe are defined He took an ugly and any other, never come up again as much. If use repeating peach candidates there, some if it becomes possible but is incredibly weakened, but nobody wants children, then they jump in or failing that I don't see what they would take the rest, but it's pretty clear I believe,
yeah, you know. Look, it's been a time. Are there her any so lasting any candidates making interesting musical choices you ve been following a bunch of these. Can that's around Elizabeth Warrant is using Dolly parents. Ninety five anything! That's surprised you in the sir, by playlists but see so Harris is probably the best pure playlist, isn't that she has the juicy than dart networks. Biagi song she has tried conquests. She has just a very good boy was, I think, if you already are destroyed client, like her you're gonna, think it's solely, but the the room, people who have been waiting for a while our tire really excited here. Can I get it accurately arrived, so she got that. Aren't you the mostly uncensored,
Farmers in silence on her soundtrack, that's about one Corey, Booker doesn't known as one who has a sound her. I was hers prizes, but no one else is really invested the time or have like the kind of event we walk out and get a big couldn't get a big open. Your big big moment like a big entry music. I once migratory bugger cannot born around. Which is a core cliche about unequally, terrible thing. I had never been so like it's time for me to step up its come. Let us clearly has the best the best play with what the best I ever heard. Probably and I come on like no one can do fight time again they happen right. Ardor she's, the first burden is used. One nation under grew upon the delicate. That's been waiting there for Ghana to use it for decades. You know out there. There is a staffer who is a second wave millennia all and if they want they can make that places are
our computer right now and really make a difference. So you know it's your challenge to them. I think day waigel. Thank you. So much for joining us is really really fascinating, represent. No thanks for all moves, happy to them. Gonna go back to bed. And so I delete twittering bargaining with her for legally believed that they want to do that with twitter from your phone. Can you take it off your phone? Can you disconnect? I will do that basically waigel for joining us today and will see you get on Thursday by
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