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Trump and conservatives target Ilhan Omar, red states restrict abortion, Mayor Pete’s meteoric rise continues, Cory Booker kicks off his campaign in Newark, and the new primary calendar may have unintended effects. Washington Governor Jay Inslee joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Alyssa Mastromonaco live on stage in Concord, New Hampshire.  Check out more Pod Save America tour dates for 2019: crooked.com/events.

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what's our new air welcome aboard Save America John forever. I analyse the master Monica John Mother, I'm Tommy before and then five for later in the show will talk to one of the many candidates running to be the democratic nominee for President Washington governor J. Italy's here, let's talk about the news from this weekend, president has been tweeting up a storm,
Including one with lots of Kapital letters and exclamation points where he assures us quotes, I am not frustrated I am not prostrated. I'm not persuade your prostrated. Why and why you here's, your shot, you're shouting, I'm not your shot. Why are you shall you are making a scene Do you call this? but his most notable tweet was about Minnesota Representative ill Hung Omar, whose I ve been the target of multiple death threats and anti muslim bigotry. A few days ago, right. Wing internet people dug up the video of a speech she gave earlier this year at the council on American Islamic Relations, where she said that the Muslim Civil Rights Organization was founded after eleven quote because they reckoned is that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. Conserved express outrage over the phrase. Some people did something and then too treated a video that splice together Omar.
Saying that, with phrases of with images of the World trade center burning on nine eleven tie, I want to start with a conservative reaction to O Mars comments representative. An Crenshaw said that they were quote unbelievable and suggested that I was minimizing nine eleven by refusing to use the word terrorist Brien kill me too Foxen friends said quote: you have to wonder if she's an american first Why? What do you think Omar meant by her comments? And why did conservatives pick this old speech to pants off Yet in grants are rubbing. Irishman retreated this. He is also the one famous when on personnel said Americans can forgive each other? We can still see the good and each other not a particular charitable retreat by himself Ellen Omar, was speaking to care which the muslim civil rights Group and she was, gang right after the New Zealand shooter shot up to MOSS and killed fifty people, and she was talk about how, after a tragic event like
Muslims are often told to lay low, maybe don't go to pray. Or maybe to where he job in public and, ironically, you know. After ISIS does something or you know, there's a nine eleven The Al Qaeda does attack. There told us, thing there ass to reassert there it meant to America or denounce all Muslims which are things that I'm not ass anew after New Zealand, Shooter, a white guy, a white terrorist shoots up a bunch of Muslims in so She's talking about the erosion of civil liberties for Muslim Americans and how they been treated like second class citizens in so Dan Crenshaw and Donald from sweep in to prove her point for her in with her words in and take them out of court text into in the reason from did. This is political right. He sees her and he does not hear her. We're a in here that what she said sounds a lot like what George W Bush said just now. Nine eleven when he said the people who knocked down these buildings will here all of us soon. She from people
knocked down the buildings. You just call them the people, that's right. He sees her skin color and he sees that she wears He job any was it for political purposes and it is so cynical, especially If you know who she is, I mean you're, no more family left Somalia in eighteen, ninety one they lived in a refugee camp for four years: users of civil war in Somalia before moving to United States. Any hope she and her family might have had of moving back to Somalia, was destroyed by Al Qaeda Usher. Bob islamic extremists so I think she understands the horrors of terrorism, so you know heap the they treat these things because it's good politics, but the the unfortunate reality is it increase restore her. I mean the coastguard. The visual who was arrested recently wedding, kill list of a bunch of liberals had her name on it so it's really cynical nasty
to do in its it's, it's something we all should be condemning. Also in that same speech, she talked about how proud she's a fur country, how much she loves America and there's a bill to Hell, provide benefits for survivors, nine, eleven and first responders that she is a co sponsor of that didn't Crenshaw is not a little. Why was Trump a particularly bad messenger on this one comes to nine. Eleven. I, like, let's start at the beginning now looks at this all sort of got going with the New York Post cover of towers coming down and Olano Mars comments right, so so cool Donald Trump friends the people who own the New York Post, which the best part of this is that the many bodega owners actually boycott little or no longer selling the New York Post currently in their bodega, because of how? Because of how Europe spoil his comments were, but like you guys, what is that,
one thing. We know about Donald Trump he's a new Yorker like he keys. Nothing, but a new Yorker like what I'm going. I guess he's president but he's Nobody is. And so what he did ass. He turned two city's. It's like. Yes, the the countries worst moment, but the city that he purports mommy. He doesn't support anything I mean he lived there. He decides to you know, go ahead. And just turn something that was so terrible that he lived through into this like this. Lasting spliced political video which I want to know who paid for by the White House tweeted without did the White House place her comments into the towers, burning and justice? As someone who was not, who is a new Yorker, but who was not there during nine eleven, I I did work in the World Trade Centre and I could not imagine every saying anything like what he is doing in his our president. Well, I would also say, on the day,
The towers fell on nine eleven Donald Trump called into a radio station and brag that his building would now. The tallest dia yeah. Do you actually not to the towers building brag on nine eleven, it's one of the strangest moments, because even in the moment, Donald Trump is like. I can't believe I'm how about a person I am. Which is rare to hear in his voice? He also pretended clean up the rubble on nine eleven, that's another one of his greatest heads and even that two he he knows when he lies about nine eleven, that its for him wrong. So when you talked about he said, I went down to the rubble and cleaned it up a little bit
He had to give her a little bit like his room was bullshit. I hope a little the clean up, he'd be making them pass the nine eleven responders bill because he'd want in he also by the way, cheated the system to get a small business loan that is reserved for small businesses that have been affected by nine eleven and he applied to cheating. If that loan for his own companies, although it was- and it was like fifteen grand he is not a billion air. These are not billionaire level grips so anyway, so this happens. It's grows its Donald Trump being Donald Trump, the right wing being right wing. So then the then the controversy
over two. How should the Democrats respond to this? Ok, so that this was happening over the weekend, so many, including most of the presidential contenders, accused tramp of inciting violence. Others, like Nancy Policy, didn't go. Quite as far some didn't mention on oh Mars, names specifically in their statements, This then caused in our poor. What do we think about all this stand? That's it I dont like any of it. I just a couple of things that are worth knowing here, which is wine. Every republic in who talked about this new. They were full of shit right. This was a completely add fate. Argument like what they do. Is they told the internet and look for someone something or Anything that can fuel the outrage. Machine. And if that is a woman of color, all the better, that's a woman of color wearing hijab. That is exactly what they want. Cuz. They want to scare the shit out of white people like that is there for
Strategy, so they did that so then the Democrats respond to that end. There were good responses. There were ok responses and there were some bad responses and they ran again it from understanding what tromp was trying to do, which is to and I this is very important because if you like, it is four and understand the argument is made in bad faith. So, if you in in your response, like yours, Angela Brand, who we love, but I did not love her response it talks about minimizing that's what happened and then you are thin, waited that perhaps on Omar, yes Miller, I separated the bad faith. You know I'm faith right. You are you're brigadier attempting. The premise of the argument yeah there's a problem. There are people who mentioned random people didn't mention her name and Democrats got very upset about it, and I have a couple things to say on that. One is.
You have like the democratic candidate that I want is one who knows. The Republicans are full of shit, but we'll call them out right. So it's not just. Are you going to mention it? no Mars name. Are you going to attack what I'm saying is I want someone who's going. Call out why trumpet Republicans are doing this. This is a game, play every single fucking gay fulfil its white like like why? Why is that? They want to scare Americans by distorting the words of a muslim american congresswoman. What are they trying to distract from the corruption and criminality? the fact that we have an energy lobbyists to now runs the interior than I had states like. That is what they are trying to have been called out for what it is and said that we have the car became a city I again nothing I'll say, is people got vit Democrats got very mad about this. I think we should put pressure on our leaders to do a better job, but we also have to recognise that the entire fucking Robles on
fire, and we are not one killer, tweed away from solving this ultra problem. So I'd like that, if they're proposes. Firstly, wasn't great, let's teller, that banana suppliers he's also pretty fucking great stone of another great things and those move on yeah it was good book, is a deeply and deeply frustrating unwritten rules of politics thou there, where we were observing in real time, which is there so you want Omar said a comment about a pack that people viewed as suggesting that the only reason you support the state of Israel is for political donations that she apologized for. She said another comment that people thought it might have been suggesting that members of Congress to support Israel your loyalty and thus so when Dan Crenshaw retweeted the emblem of peace, an australian emma that I'm sure he follows regularly and is constantly retweeting wedding afforded by some right wing organization. Saying: hey, retweet this to kick up a shitstorm people. Our man she stepped in it again, while we will necessarily full throated, we defend her this time and that is
bullshit, because we need to evaluate each of these things on the merit and is so clear that you, no way minimizing the nine eleven attacks and it was just political gamesmanship in in the the the score and sort of body politic scores these things in this way. I met a way, and it is. It is garbage- and I did a lot of Democrats reject its awesome That's very clear. This was a fucking plan. Someone found this they're like who is the best person to raise this point maybe I'll unassailable person do it and they picked entrench all because He's a Navy seal who served, I think, five tours overseas and become this lake. You report, in response to respect, because he was I if one of us can only David's that attacked yes, I do think I like, I wonder how we deal with situations like this overall because you could imagine a controversy like this taking,
every weekend, every week from now until twenty Twond, that's the fucking play RO, that's that's their plan and on one hand, you can't say just ignore this Democrats when when Trump doesn't denied that when he attacks Iran or mark you know, takes her words out of context, tries to incite bigotry. Potentially, violence like we should, just you can't just say organ ignored, but on the other hand, on the other hand, we also can't just let ourselves be consumed you know, I wonder what sort of this strategy is here to make sure that we hit back call out their bullshit when they do it, but then sort of move on to the next thing and not let them own the whole narrative you. I think I think it is what data saying. I think it is pointing but this is the strategy- and this is the plan in this- can happen again and again, again. I think to Tommy's pointed out one of the reasons they would. Used to do. This is because there was blood and water from last time and They saw how, which is a little
but a bad faith. They could get. A crass to say things against Democrats on the APEC stage, right that that adds value to them worse right where we're talking about a right now is for story right, we're talking about it. We're not talking about the things we want to be talking about, because. This does command attention. It matters when President ah uses incredibly anti anti MA. From sentimental and uses it to try to do. Gee demise a Democrat, because they don't like the color of their skin, and I think it's politically useful to them, even if it stirs up the kind of animals that will cause some per person to take into their own hands, because that's what's happening again and again and again so, How is this is the central problem tromp right? What do you do when the person and in the office is so fundamentally unfit? It should take all
our attention? All the time when the feeding him depends on talking about anything else at heart is also by the way we ve been talking about. These comments the whole time, but let's remember Donald Trump rain for president on the promise that he would ban all Muslims from. A country from companies Vicki called they may land that whenever there is pressure like it's, not a bad he's like it's a ban so the trying to figure out like what they meant by this? What they are trying to take. We know what he was trying to do. He read resident saying I want to ban all Muslims from coming to the country and then he instituted a travel ban that affected all muslim majority countries he's a cheese, about how Muslims are treated like second class citizens and the erosion of their civil rights and he soups into Four point better: we just have to call that out time and again it is the right thing to do and I think, ultimately, being strong in the face of that kind of bullshit people will see through it and they will understand I will end with to a that's, been a little more under the radar. But every bit as alarming in three different states. Republicans have recently passed fetal heartbeat laws.
The ban abortions as early as six weeks into a woman's pregnancy, some before many women, even though their pregnant in the past courts of law, that similar laws or unconstitutional, but with bread cabinet on the Supreme Court antiabortion activists are making a renewed pushed to overturn row. We wait. I was a. How alarming is this an do? We know so far about bread, Cavanaugh views on abortion, since he's dishonor Supreme Court set out this HU, this fake war he's waging against Ilan Omar right. We're all talking about that. Very few people know that in and I wrote the stone said and want to get it wrong: people know that in and I wrote the stones, I don't want to get it wrong, North Dakota Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and soon to be signed in Georgia is the heartbeat ban. The reason, as fab said this makes abortion illegal after a detectable harpy, which is approximately six weeks which has before most women know their pregnant. The reason that you know
some sort of like liberal folks aren't that worked up about it is cause they're like well. It's still illegal, it's illegal under Roby we'd. These laws are illegal, but this is the whole point. They want these cases to be brought up to the Supreme Court, where we have Neil Gorse edge and bright Cavenaugh Brett Cavanaugh, whose Susan Collins said he says Roby Way it is settled law. Ok, logically and thanks Joe Mansion for endorsing Susan Collins like thank you good, bye, bye Sorry, It's not my fault there is a sort of where this is getting to uneven. Crazier places that in Texas there is actually a law. That's been passed that says a woman who has abortion can be legible for the death penalty like this is where we are, and none of you knew that did you no one knew that
it's really happening, and you know what I just have to end is like what about the fuckin dude, like the woman and get pregnant on her own, but she is going to go on death row and, like all these conservative do they're like yeah, it's her fault, so she's gonna go on death row, but he's fine and but this is what's happening when we all pay attention to this stupid stories that Trump kicks up every day. Is it the Republicans are super organised, and this is happening in every state, which is why Blake, when everyone starts talking about twenty twenty, which is great and sexy in its exciting. It is nothing compared to the local elections that are happening all the time where this stuff happens. So obviously we can do anything, but the Supreme Court right now we're waiting for President George than twenty twenty. What can be done on us? eight level to protect access to abortion.
So one, I think that everybody should sign up at their local Nehru, all ordinary role national and are now Follow because Elise, her, who is the executive director and the organisation are really doing everything they can to make sure that everybody knows what stake in their region in their state in their city in their town and are they have super active, especially through Cavanaugh, and because its I mean the thing is people just have realized, what's happening in their community? That's the most important thing in a number of states that have democratic majorities wrote can pass laws protecting can they can take them. They have they had. Some of them have, and some of them since, as since Cavanaugh, since the election and since cabinet was put on, the court of several states have passed on put protections for abortion in case row was overturned. Ok, we will be robot
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Let's be eighteen years are older in a resident of continental. U S void! Where prohibited the official ruled in details at luminary dot link valid cyber ok, stop the panel can say: ok, stop at any point to comment because palm Sunday, I thought we'd enjoy clip from the foxes journalists. You most often causes me to smack my face. My palm of speed, of course, of everyone's foxes hosts to ties his heard about I Tucker Karlsson? Last week he was pretty mad Democrats were making it easier to vote. Let's take a look. Lowering the voting age to sixty four. That again, what we are trying to do with HR one. It's guard against. You think it's ok! Stop. That's right when adviser, who is that I don't have. It has never seen in my life, not just
I will say, turtles and does not know how to love. No, it is hysterical yeah. He laughed like like you push somebody into a pool whose wearing a tuxedo allotted day, seven hundred children should look in in a lot of states in the country. People are taking measures closing polling places, reducing the number of data for early vote? I well it's it's empty whip, operational hysteria and actually african can voters in the last couple of elections in a lotta play so much higher turn out? There I just Not all of them are not voting. Also because Black turnout is up. Then suppression has happened anywhere in a lot of places. Black turnout is above the place,
is where the voters suppression is occurring. It is down you fucking prick. That is the whole point and brothers. You say like there are laws in place to try to suppress the vote. Sometimes they worked, but something They didn't have it. Otherwise we will overcome those laws. What were the reasons? One law was overturned, one of the laws using was impasse because it for Rachel racial reasons. The supreme Court turn it by saying it targeted African, arrogance with surgical precision, that is, they are from the court ruling, These laws idea that there's I'm sure that there is crummy voting behaviour, maybe even suppression in isolated places where these guys that he made it liberal choice, to ditch the boat. I why,
He looks like he beat up a local prep school kid and took that tie that he's wearing. Also not your other five minutes of Bavaria. Very subtle imagery with the black donkey there to the percent of the truth, actually is well known. Give anything you like going bigger numbers still if they were anything irony turn out that whitefoot. This isn't what so, let's let's be real sounded like possible all the democratic through, like you know what we should go on Fox, more just go on fourchan This fucking guy hasn't said to work. It's not a fair fight. When you go on the raving a tool marker isn't some environment where they let you on the show and they, like a fair. I don't know why democratic debate on this network right yeah, like everyone, not racist. Finally,
Democratic voice is breaking through tuckers errors and cracking that Dell get lad his work of propaganda. That may be a lot of things is not suppressions. What's up saying that, does it scares people? Well, no it it's! It's a demonstrable fact. Take Georgia's an example where you know what happened. There are always people who would strip from the voter roles who are disproportionately black. I mean you call that what do you want to see? It feels like what its appraisal icing. Everything only makes people s daughter is racially racial icing. Everything is on the wall in the bathroom. At facts of her mission statement, they they printed on Strasbourg raised. I am in the country- let's expose it, but single suppression when african american voters voted a higher percentage than white voters. It's just its
Eritrea, but if you're stripping people out- and it so happens that their disproportionately black, you call that what you want and this looking at a fact and that putting a label I'm not sure we send our best here now, if you think he's doing ok, I want to be fair because doing ok you have raised it out with those people. It's actually met, but you know I know it's that's why it's always Doggery right. It's not. Are they say something now wayward guard people, Thank you very much for nine hundred. One bedroom apartments and SAM Cisco rent for just four thousand five hundred bucks a month, and if you, afford the regular be able to see for yourself just how repulsive sandwiches goes. Trash covered, syringe laden streets, have rumblings gate of California filberts. What it's why, John John? How dare you,
and that's ok, stop that EU flow. Twenty twenty, since we're here in the home of the first in the nation primer, Easy pander easy can vary too demo candidates had been an exploratory phase efficiently kicked off their presidential campaigns. This weekend, cellphone air, PETE, Buddha, judge and neutral. While very interesting, you really feel who's your own corner, so I want to start with me. I know what ok burning here: either
he's also candidate, anyone it. Yet we have here a long time, the other allocated we can name of all Anti game thrones. I wanted Murphy, whose meteoric rise in the polls can be traced directly to the poor Dave America Interview he did with Dan last you're welcome, maybe the Dan bump. Then raise more money than all. But three other Democrats he's probably receive the most glowing the coverage of any Democrat running. What are his challenges now? What does he need to do to make sure this is more than just a moment for him. He has to take the momentum. Has the money has in turn into an organization and they can run a real campaign in the fall early primary states to set em up to have a chance to compete in all the It's a come right after softer line right. If you can get lots of press coverage, whereas lots of money, but if you do not take
opportunity you have when you have been translated translated into with everyone in your new Hampshire, knows a real campaign for organizers, evolves years ago door to door in build a true Ass? Reorganization? We don't do that. Then you Let's have your moment in the sun they'll be summoned all sister and do you think, when a candidate has the momentum is over. Segment behind them that tea currently does that? Obviously, even you're starting very late, building an organization as he is because he did not obviously expect to get this far. You that obviously helps bill that organization? You think there's enough talent, organizers on the field right now, you're for sure. I think there are a lot of people who and holding their fire. You know they ve been very few endorsements from I owe in New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc, like political leaders like the leaders, because a look into this huge field that is huge, though, but very talented people and be in, sort of holding their fire for later on. I think the former mayor
The challenges is gonna, be figuring out what his path is right like. Where is he going? PETE Housing appeared. How can you maintain this momentum, like generally, you wanna have your momentum way. Like we know, framework for present Obama. We came in the race into the early two thousand and seven huge gangbusters huge first quarter fund raising, and then it was a fucking slog until the month before Iowa, we were down thirty points in the polls to Hilary. We hit our momentum righted right in at the very last minute there was right about when you buy sent me to New Hampshire, the second, So the question so the question you know there's also say down when thank you New Hampshire that decided to make a choice Six year old, very sad speechwriter was very tired, hold out hope. No six. This idea.
So. The question for mayor Fleet is like this: this momentum will go away right in its momentum comes and goes when organization is what sustains so? Will we be able to build an organization he'd get him through what are invariably bade us now, three campaign and slow months too, when it actually matters when people start voting listen what to make of the mare PETE Phenomenon, south couple things: You guys know that I have a very different perspective than some other people. You know, so I thought that, like I watched Mayor PETE's entire events day when I was on my way here and just kind of building up to it, I think that the one thing he's done really well is that I think that his campaign has like a real aesthetic and then, like an ethos. Like you know, what Mayor PETE stands for. You get a sense if you go to his website here, The media tool kit, like just unlike very sort of granular things that I look out for in care about but I think they ve done a really good job of like slow building under the radar to today? And so he had this dislike, I felt very good lawn. She had you know I will just keep.
Can anyone whose, like announcing for president just like fewer people in your pre, programmed it's kind of a bus? Kill but no, you know, I think that he came out with like a really good, like I feel like. I know a lot more about who he is and what his campaigns about. Then I do some of the other Canada That's why we said when he first announced an exploratory. Then he came up that video. When most people barely know, we were right. You instantly were like, oh general, will change their message right, there's a story: it fits with his identity if she seems hunters revolts here, you know like some people are like preaching you're like ok, I get you that's what we want to hear, but I feel like that. Really kind of, I think he's being for lack of a better word like pretty authentic, can that his campaign is really fuelled by people who get what he is win or lose. You know, I'd like he's, got all the right people on board to help him. What is real freedom of speech for me, if I may repeat speed,
Fgm, emotional connection with the listener when he talked about his parents needing health services and the fact that his husband, to several years ago. He would not have been able to Mary could be there because of laws or pass like it. It made me their stand, who he is And its values and why he cares about change it. Deep emotional way and you can trust that was on the other speeches. We seem like, for example, Corey Booker Speed, also this weekend in what he is incredibly passionate intense emotional person, but that speech was it s a story about himself in what he done in New York in the things he cares about than a litany of policy areas like mere beats me Was actually policy free in earnest range way, but I connected with what that emotional story. Just because of that's how humans work. We connect with stories that we learn, as we understand things right. It's a good lesson for anyone
let's run for any office, you have to gear audience understand who you are and what you care about is. That makes you Meanwhile, you before them- and so I am- I get- the people really the most most. I felt most speeches. I mean platitude psyched mean just beyond the right sort of what the announcement speeches figured I'd, say: detroiters, how to say: you're, ok when it was early dawn, our eye. Shame on you decided to you what I ll come with us. We love. Haven't you arrived, we think of you. It was a dear friend or you get on the sages you just might as well just whereby my career in the ground, what about Johns auditors make them
I am not going. I drive with platitudes on my part, escape I'm just a bit like he did a good job of punctuating. The platitudes, as Brok Obama did with personal stories with it was the name of your book with a bunch of emotional stories that made me feel and want to know you better. Oh, do you mean so here's the thing? I will say this enormously right about the story, the great because the people who say I'm historic, hidden a ton of policy. There was like a ton of of substance right, but yet It was an emotional speech that forged a connection right to other people who say like: oh he's gotta have policy and substance. Of course you do that's the basis of any campaign prisoners leading with the most policy in the campaign. Right now is Elizabeth for right, but I will say this If warns announcement speech, which you didn't Lawrence and she told a story about a strike. There should hold story about her own life. That was an x
announced and speeches. Well. Why was that noakes excellent announced in speech now because she rolled off all her policies that speech she did not agree. And told the story about who she was and her rationale for running, like obviously like PETE, that's at some point soon is going to have to have some substance. Like, I think, and that I think in speech. The ending of his speech was beautiful and powerful and and and very good. I think the parts respectability, freedom, security. That's fine! You know, like that's the yeah, that's a rationale but like whatever that will be filled with substance, but I think the emotional parts that speed The parts that really connected where the parts about his life. You know and what he is doing in the race and what's driving him to run for president want to serve? And I think that's that's where I also think you know it Dan Point out about organizing. I do think a child for all of these candidates who are all being very ambitious because they know where their pitting. Then it with a try
region where there has right right now, very ambitious and painting telling a story about a fundamental shift right. That's not just away from trumpet there's been an embrace, a very big ideas in big policies and and accepting the notion that American, it's big changes that its part, partly how we ended up in this mass and kind of facing in reckoning with big problems. All struggling to put forward platforms that rise to that level, but I think even that's true for Korea Booker that we'll be true for Mayor PETE, making sure that when he does put four policies, it reaches the eight of the kind of second story he's telling about it. That's it that's nice and we always say in Obama world that campaigning not telling a story, but the moment were in how we get at that moment, and why the candidate is the better person uniquely suited to get us out of this right? And so you have to have a good story, but I think what is important to make repeats rise is it totally fucked up media environment, where we must start what ill on Omar and everyone's tweets in a thousand channels and a thousand options Ba
tell your story to people like how do you get it from your mouth in the peoples AIDS is a fundamental part of a. We have a lot of candidates with great store, is that how you make it the people know who you are and know why you're running in may repeat to his great credit. Found a way to break through. In this environment away a lot of other candidates have it And that is important to someone just in a primary of a thousand people too to rise on top of that, but it is also in a nominee when we all say in poles. We want someone who can win, because, obviously we don't somebody's gonna lose. Could that be a waste of time but like part of it, is like how do you tell your story if they're just responding to Trump story right that's what we want in a nominee who is not to be wrapped around the for the Trump Axel the whole time, and I will say the fact that the thirty seven year old mayor of South, then in the end, the fourth largest city in
stay, is able to rise to the point where people know who he is, and it gets a loud applause in this room in New Hampshire, which actually be the point state is a credit to the fact. Never change. Your answer is a credit to his ability. Not just have a good story, but we were communicated. What, then, what we are actually, what is it, Why do you think what the thing that has allowed PETE bitter Judge to break through because I don't He would see it in a transcript right. Look what what exactly do you think has managed to cut through because he's very mild, mannered right, that's as part of a makes, an impressive. But what do you think it is? I think it is. It is both a question of message and a question of message: delivery. On message he very clearly knows why he's running it is. It is very much about generational change, which separate from everyone else in the field, because most people who were running
not everyone that most people have a very similar reason for why they're running they think they ll be able to present a job, which is a good reason. The present. It's like belated, fulfilled better residents than Tom. It also would exactly it's true of three hundred million Americans as well, but he also has been on afraid to go, everywhere he has been Omni present in the media, and he understands that in this aggregated media age, that you have to speak to everyone all the time so he does positive American, which is obviously very thing to do, but he's doing, prepare hearts. Parker seize on seeing any on these it? Yes, everything. He says. Yes, everything as what he understands is that, like most more traditional old school politicians, think I'm going to say one thing, and then it can be the media outlets job. To take that my message to communicate, voters Peter understands it to get your message out in this environment. You have to work harder and longer and speak more often than at any other time in american history.
He's doing that. Now the question room will be he's now that all these interviews, what comes next rice can have to find ways. That is more than just telling the peat booted story to gives messy and he's going after fine substance different contrast battle battles with twelve hours, with Democrats of allow that message to keep going for it their year now, but he is that is media environment better than anyone else running in the oppo people are going outcome in his way, and that mean that asking him as much as they ve been attacking said the other, though, that if the other thing is that up until this point, I think the other candidates untreated bear. It is their nine threatening friend seems like a nice young man, we love to, have we made me, I mean the way you guys treat me what's at anchor. I think you're very for it. So you buy me a lesser? No, I don't love S army, you look beautiful air, we admire. So, let's talk about New Jersey, Corey Booker was also american city, almost three times
Large itself then went on to become a: U S centre with some notable accomplishments around criminal justice reform, and now finds himself trailing candidates like judge in both pebbles and fund raising and is in the middle of the pack. What's what's what would you think of a speech first? Tommy, you started talking about that, but with his strategy to break out of the Packer MIA, I mean I don't know you that's the problem right away. I thought the speech wasn't is good Corey Booker's speciality but because you compare mayor, to Korea, Booker, Corey, Booker's however, much bigger set a city. Now he with some success, he's a great story to tell me the great story to tell about. As time is mare, he has lived his values. He still lives in New York in a low income. Neighbourhood he was elected to be a: U S, senator and he's done some impressive. Thanks, and he is someone who is brilliant and you know like I'm here
I think he is a undervalued stock. I think he has ignored potential to break through, be they think that a hopeful, optimistic message about love in in uplifting people has the chance to be what people want to hear in that era of tromp, we haven't gone there. What do you think of it? Like you? As you all know, I am every candidate during that's my videos for at least fifteen minutes thereafter until the glow of aids, I in their speeches. When I spoke of emotional, I tend to be either What made me excited about Corey Booker is in his announcement video. He reminded me about what makes Corey Booker interesting and he does have a language about love that sometimes a bit extra but is hand at, is compelling and and what I was disappear, but I'm the pointed with when I see Corey Booker speakers when he sounds when he gives us be
that other politicians could give because he's not other politicians, and so I dont need to hear a litany of democratic positions that Hillary Clinton could take and would take and because their good policies or another candidate might have on their roster too, and that will certainly be the democratic, clapboard matter who's nominee. You taught you say interesting thing about the importance of love and how radical it be and how central list or politics you talk about compassion? for even people we disagree with and making it a point of difference with other candidates and talking about you're the importance of compromise. I want to know what that means, but I do think it's interesting. I do think it's important. What do you mean? What do you mean by bring people together in a deeper fundamental way in which you recognize Europe? opponents as human like. What is that? Actually do and what are we not doing right, because certainly you can't be saying that the way we bring people together is just by winning right. We're must be doing something wrong to what is it, and I think that if he can start telling that deeper story, which I believe he thought about- that's right, he's he's stakes are carrying on that rationale. Ass, yes, and I think that is too Tommy's point. What makes Corey Booker special
and different, and I think, That's what I want to hear. Moving for sports equivalent of Corey Booker's speech is when you down twenty points you don't think at all twenty points back in the second quarter write it like that speech, which had a lot of really good words, can I noticed good work harder than because there's lots amateurs there, because you you don't you to make him back right. Awake is only the third quarter and if we get five point, seventy five. Seventy seven point: six points, if you needed to address you on a map ad, why he did that you're to solve all your problems. Right now and he was sure I felt a trying to do a lot and that speech anew in doing are trying to do too much and that's me: she lost the parts that are the best about glory broker witcheries. Story newer and where we want to take the country a reality towards the end of the speech on the only centre that goes home and lives in a low income community, and I would like to start with that so well,
thing to talk about the gun that specific advice? Sometimes we ve had very tactical unaware that I like binding it introduce Treasury helpful know I'm in a hurry, we're pull. Now. Revolver yeah thirty one August, as well as its organisms we're here. New Hampshire as I said before, the state will hold the first in the nation, primary applause, but recently asheville about it? The BBC about this thing. The rest of us notice. We like voting to I sense, but recently us Assholes in California, decided to move our primary up to March third Animal. In our early voting, will begin about a week before the new, Hampshire, primary and it'll, be seventy eight and sunny Dan
How does I got a real, laugh love it. How do you care? for New moving up Texas moving up, says how does that affect New Hampshire, and I was in South Carolina Nevadas influence on the prime reprocess here's a rule that you can take to the bank Robin you can take a lot of rules or the bank, which is would ever the intention of any democratic party. Primary reform is the opposite of so the goal was to reduce the influence of Ireland New Hampshire. In particular, It's a will, move these giant states that are too expensive in too big to or I then we'll move to two days after the earthquake. After the South, Carolina primary there for making it the four these states
massive. We more important because you in a here in a party, a field of nineteen people, your important, we know it in the field of nineteen tv, I you know there is no candidate. We don't like reminded be reminded that we're second, it makes us feel bad. I mean I just want to say: I've always come to New Hampshire. Never I, alas, evolved to feel sorry for me. Is it no candidate is going to be able to skip I, when New Hampshire to campaign in California, the nominee will almost certainly be someone who one either island or Hampshire, because the you need the momentum of winning one of those two states. If not both of them too,
the name I and the funding you need to run real campaigns and a state as large as California, taxes, Tommy states like New Hampshire, our hour where you have for years Obama's press secretary. Why you have all that I will love, do get system for their early status because their small, because they're not as representative as the population as a whole. Why are these early contest valuable and worth having? or maybe you think, they're not know. I do up this guy said Dan for yourself. Honeybees also, like Democrats like, what's reduce the role of money in politics by me, in the two most populous. The states in the country earlier in the process, therefore, increasing need to advertise in them and raise money, but I digress. Your question My year and I were, which is obviously rose, color glasses. I look back on it, but ways with marked by hundreds and hundreds,
years of town halls with incredibly well informed, well educated voters who, through fast balls at Barack Obama, all day every day and made him the better candidate right. Like the first time I heard about some of the most onerous problematic. Provisions in the Patriot ACT were in a back yard in Iowa, and I oh fuck. I hope he knows what farmers asking about, and luckily he did, bs use a constitutional law professor. So I think. I hope. I hope I helped truly that we never lose. We never lose the part of the political process that is mom and pop in candidate driving around in a van do in five stops in in cafes and restaurants and shit like a united stance, which is why should I have to tell you know it's like so Look. I was ninety percent, why that is That is not
representative, a country is that representative. The democratic party, I think, There are real rapids station problems them Credit party has sought to solve by moving up. Nevada, vat in California, in that by moving up those states in South Carolina, is as much larger african amount population, but I do think that the way politics is practised in some of the early stage. The way that voters in the press of real access, these came to ask them. Questions is in credibly valuable and makes them better candidates better for it and it's a good way to that them. We don't like him games that are run on television. Now this ox just about ok, is what are ya. Artesian faiths are when we come back, we'll have Governor James Pod save America is brought to you by Indo Indochina, though
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I'd say about echoed Spencer. Putting the good Spencer is not real. We know Spencer's not listening to this five dollars. To you. Five dollars goes Land Parenthood Action fund supporting women's health. So make five dollars and also having a really cool payment up that works really great, as he down Gotta do it. He is the governor of Washington State and now he is running for the democratic nomination for president of the United States, J annually, How are you I'm happy to be here and looking forward to get everybody who game thrones, whose weekends no spoilers? Yes, there's all about climate change, etc.
So we have a dandy a longer interview with you as part of our candidate series earlier today, so that will be out on Tuesday, but will do little short interview. Now I noticed You were. You are one of the first two or three candidates to issue a statement in support of Johan Omar over the weekend. What made. You act so fast. What was your thought process when you saw Donald Trump tweet. Outrage. Everyone into consistent pattern of, however, responded to his incredible hatred, individual divisiveness
I was the first governor I was the first governor to say we should accept syrian refugees. This has been inhumane with Trump has done to refugees. I was when he announced his muslim ban. I went right to the airport to try to reunite families, something I believe very strongly in this was an obvious attack, because he not Stan you just can't stand the thought that we could have. A woman of color we're in a job in the United States Congress. I stand that we believe The diversity is a strength, and so there is the right response when he exposed your personally to violence and by the way that was not just an attack on her. It was every single single Muslim in America, including people in the service in the arm service of the United States
So it was the right thing to do and I'm glad the others jointly difficulty does. I bet he is intentionally inciting violence, or do you think he's just now thinking and being his office self and treating shit like that you know I'd never want to go into that dark space devised my ears, Billina czar, Listen, we know for a certainty that he has an interest in just minister up his base. I think he has demonstrated a callous indifference to humanity in so many different ways that I dont think I would bother him if in fact did result invite that's really hard thing to say so- is very hard thing to say, but I believe that it is true So it is our responsibility now to do everything possible to restore democracy and justice and that Why I intend to make him a blip in his
in twenty twenty miles, I saw you. I meet the press this morning talking about trumps, so called threat to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities Seattle is one and you welcome this on the bridge, the question of immigration reform. You know, one of the candidates running Lillian Castro is put into detailed immigration plan, and here proposal to decriminalize on authorized border crossings so that they'd be treated. As a civil offence and not a criminal offence. What do you think of that proposal you have talked a lot about that, but by the way I just want to mention. Trump has coat threatened us by some refugees Gladsome. That doesn't, redness. At all, we know refugees become part of our community. I just want to say that so we need a truly complex
save immigration form. We have eleven million people, some of the hardest working people. My state need the path to citizenship, number one, Number two! We have to stop Donald Trump from treating dreamers like poker chips. These are some of the most ambitious people and I I have been very successful, getting them away to finance college education, I'm happy about that. We know have to increase the capacity we have to fear. Process asylum seekers. We know we have to do that and I think that could be the most single, most important thing: the weak do you won't have to make the changes that you just suggested as long as people have fair day in court now Other thing we need to do is a lot of these p for Refugees just asylum seekers. They are climate refugees there, the tip of the iceberg, so here you have Donald Trump who calls climate change a hoax. Fusing to do anything about the thing that is driving migration in
DR millions of people, is climate refugees in the future it is time to have a president who make defeating, I'm a change. The number one job United States- and we have that- would obviously, as you just said, and a lot of democratic or most of the democratic answers. Others you want to make sure we have a path to citizenship for eleven million or so undocumented immigrants who are here, you want to make sure the dreamers can become citizens. What do you do? immigration enforcement. Would you go back to the enforcement policies? of the Obama years or do you think we need something different why think that we need to be responsible on a variety of measures, number one we have to be human and how we treat humans, and I've cigarette separating children from their parents number one number two. We have to follow the law which today allows asylum for legitimate purposes in those
deserve, and we deserve to have a system that allows them in a timely fashion? Have their case the Judah created. That means a lot more hearing judges, but Trump says he wants to get rid of judges, We need more judges during this guy and I'm glad we're a team in oh and our lawsuits against your right now, by the way, this a pretty good track record. So we need to have not the wall which we know is the Vanity project convention, how many people we could put to school and how much healthcare we could. We could do do with all that money, gonna wall. It is interesting to me because even the Republicans rejected them right. Even the Republicans rejected the wall, and I am hopeful that the core sir to throw out me that'll be nineteen and right now, so you know Talking about how democratic candidates stand out in a crowded field, you're doing that by four the on climate change you just mentioned, as is the issue, is the reason why you're running for president?
It is now one of the top issues for democratic voters, but it still. Being covered or talked about at a level? I think that's commensurate with the challenge. I'm sure that you degree. Why do you think that is and what are some of the strategy's youve pursued in Washington to keep this issue at the top of the agenda honey, make people care about this. Well, what makes people care about this is the disasters are seen. I personally try to help make sure people understand this. I was in Hamburg Iowa Day before yesterday town of eleven hundred. It was founded, eighteen, seventy, eight or fifty. A gamer which never out of flood now has been inundated by the flow, the Missouri River end in substantially destroyed I was in seminal springs in California, in the Foothills LOS Angeles, we're a hundred people with mobile homes, beautiful little community devastated,
and I went there to bring attention to this issue, and I met a woman, a Marshall MOSS. It sticks up out my mind, share you can see her home or what was left of it, and I went I looked at. It was just this pile of you know, melted aluminum, but She told me was interesting. She said: I want to show you my entire network. I've lost everything in life because you wanted people are ensured nor mobile, but I have this. I have driveway I be this driveway by hand, and she did this kind of intricate rock work there was very proud of she's at I'm. Proud of. This is still something I have number one, Here too, I have a measure of hope because you have come here today as a governor, and you have said that you're gonna make defeating climate change so that Forest fires don't devastate other cities, and that is We need- and I'm running for President voted states phenomena. Lake as I want to be able to look at my grandchildren, the I and my life
the earth and said I did everything I could to save them from the scourge of climate change gonna make this job number one. If I am giving this honour because of its not job number one, it won't get done, and there is one candidate saying that, and that's me, And I'm ready to fight climate change is present United States. So that's what I'm doing. What, in your opinion, is the most exciting promising climate policy that we're not talking about? Well, I think you're, the one I've learned two things and look I've been at this for twenty years. I co authored a book on this in two thousand and seven it was about the cold, was fire ignited America's clean energy economy by the way that movie rights are still available for anyone who is interested snap, in our part of the? U S, climate alliance with Jerry Brown in Governor Cuomo? We now have to
the three states who are in the Paris agreement we to demonstrate to the world that there is intelligent life in the United States? We were able to do that. Ok, so I ran for Congress in eighteen. Ninety two saying we should reach. We should limit carbon dioxide weapon at this, for time. I've learned to things number one The most important renewable fuels, perseverance. We We cannot give up in the face of frustration, because this is our last chance. We have come this can on the road. For thirty years we have one more shot to save the planet. It's the its presidency and that's why we have to understand this is a matter of urgent peril. Where we only have one chance, we have to take it second thing. I've learned is that there are multiple ways to skin this cat, and that's good news. So am I state. We built a six billion dollar winterborne industry because of a renewable portfolio standard
am I state we're gonna, have fifty thousand cars are all electric here in the next several months in my state were spinning off businesses that are clean, fuel businesses. In my stead,. In my house past my one hundred percent clean, Trinity bill we're gonna, have one hundred percent clean electricity with no fossil fuels in the decades to come and were closing and were closing. We are closing our only remaining call Platt, and we are getting yourself off of coal based electricity, but there is more to do with one of the things we have to do is we have to end Caput.
In the gravy train of twenty seven billion dollars of tax breaks goin to the fossil fuel industry. We need to end that right now we need to we need to stop. We need to stop allow the pillaging of our public lands and stop these leases of giveaways fossil fuel off of our public grants. Now we need a new president to make sure that that happens. I may say Much of the of the green new deal is twofold right one is we do We think we need to do to tackle climate change. The other is Do so in a way that ensures, not only economic opportunity but economic justice for underserved communities and that's everything from a job guarantee to healthcare, to making sure that, in an undeserved communities, communities of color dont bear the brunt of the transition. Do you think that second part is absolutely necessary do you think that we can focus on the on the climate change
and then it would be nice if we can focus on this too, on the I'm excited. How do you see this there's two fundamental parts of the american character that need to be imbued in this national mission, and it is a national mission, Number one we have to make sure we have not just a transition, but we need a just transition. We know we have. Transition off of a carbon fuel based economy to one that is based on clean energy in in period. We have to have justice and can have justice to use this system of reducing income inequality of riding along of the ancient wrongs we had in our society in taking care of the marginalized communities. It's usually people in poverty and community. Color, who are the first victims of climate change and so on. The target them for relief and protection in our infrastructure in a variety of ways. We ve gotta help them like I'm doing in my hundred percent clean bill were giving protect.
For low income people to help them with their utility bills. For instance, we have another bill called the heel act which will map the state. Find out where these communities are poverty or been injured by climate change, but we all we have to think about justice in another regard. We can forget the people who have their lives and industries that are going to go through through transition, and we have to we have to take care of their needs and their aspirations. These are great. People have worked hard on their life, they built the american economy and we can't forget them so let me give an example were closing our our first call are Lascaux fired plants used in shudder off until those leaders all those workers your fish, we created a fifty five million dollar fund to make sure that those people might not be able to continue their careers to get into another careering at the training. This necessary in a plan help small businesses to grow and a plan to help local communities in their infrastructure? We should
what justice into this transition and committed to that another. Second thing I think we need is optimism in conflict. And I'm an optimistic person. I believe We can do this, we innovate, we create, we build today, clean energy jobs are growing twice as fast as the average in the rest of the economy. The number one fast growing jobs isn't solar installer, then We're too is Winterborne technician. Donald Trump is wrong when turbans denied cause, cancer. They cause jobs, they cause that's what they cause. So we need to have we do look at. This is an enormous economic opportunity in this. How this? How we will look, I was dim, a cure. The democratic governors assure we flip seven seeds from red blue. We want we won by the way. I was right in Heartland, Michigan Whiskey in Minnesota Illinois Kansas we
these seeds because we took a message to people of economic hope associated a large part by clean energy jobs. This is how we win. We know how to win and I'm confident our ability to do so. One last question: you recently said that Washington State has America's best marijuana. Is that something that you hear: how can you prove that. While I was it was. I can tell you area. Reasonably good two occasions in the nineteen seventeen perfect. That's all I've, always looking for love of before we go. I want to say something I can see is not just about climate change. It's about a progressed a template for progressive values in the United States. Under my governorship, we ve done the best paid family leave in America.
The best minimum wage, the first net neutrality bill in the United States to guard or freedom of the internet, the ban- gender pay equity were radicals in Washington. We need women should get paid the same as men. The best reproductive parody act, and you know this year are gonna twelve percent increase for educators and my stay in every problem. We done some good things. We want to take that to the nation actual Governor ITALY. Thank you. So much wants the ground, for the game are gay. You better put New Hampshire, we re or die in a car accident, because it's the only state where you are required to wear seat belt, live free or go back to him ass. It use its live, free and ski on. Basically
ice. Yanks, melted, freezes, Imelda freezes. What do you think is what is happening? And shore knew him might seem like the south snuck up into the woods and decided to cosplay as liberals, but you're also hiding a secrets. We have here, is a fantastic place to vote. the bird or turn the voter turnout in New Hampshire within the top five for the two thousand sixteen election, with nearly seventy percent of eligible voters casting ballots a big reason you have. Your traditionally has made it easy for granted staters to register and task a ballot,
but don't worry why she Republicans passed a lotta change all that the New Hampshire Tony, since I believe how is the word will will need to pay to get a new Hampshire driver's license and register their car in the state of a soon can afford that they can afford to vote. So, let's talk about New Hampshire is proud tradition of voting, Republicans plan to screw it up in a game. You're calling vote your die, like the old man of the mountain killed himself when he found out Trump, would be President Wade, someone other light to play the game pie. What's your name calling? What was it Corey? Coordinating our eye, see Corey? Yet
I'm a teacher european. What are you teach English Ngos and are you from New Hampshire? No ok, but every time I caught work. Second, somebody says are not from here and again you turn into a Trump rally. Have your cards ready play governor. Thank you so much for have endured this entire thing. I just did question number one New Hampshire, publicans claim that the new residency requirement is designed to prevent voter fraud, but fraud is already a crime and already extremely rare. Why might Republicans actually want to keep college students from the pole, Is it a have you ever tried to do literally any human activity and a college down just a bunch,
fully grown: adults and hoodies flannel pajamas with no voice modulation who think they're tired because there hung over and I've never actually been tired. Their whole goddamn live or is it be young people prefer a Democrat. In twenty sixteen eighteen to twenty nine year old voters in New Hampshire made up over twenty percent of the electorate, and they preferred Clinton over trumpet eight point Margin Clinton, one, the state by just zero point: three percent, roughly three thousand votes, whereas at sea routes Organs were mostly interested in keeping out the jocks from Kappa Sigma after speck in those paths governors anew or the D. One republican legislator was quoted seeing these very handsome athletes with their perfect toned arms. No business? Making me I mean my wife uncomfortable or is it e
college huge want to devote. They should have thought of that before. Turning eighteen, while American sliding into a kind of post empire, semi literate, authoritarian decline, waiting inquiry be. It's being you got it built your own bill, O'Brien, said to a tea party gathering two thousand and eleven is what he said when he was New Hampshire, speaker of the house. The kids are coming out of the schools are basically doing what I did when I was a kid which is voting liberal. That's what kids two God bless. You question too in twenty. Twelve publicans pass the first voter ideals in New Hampshire. It vote. Didn't have any approved former a photo id. They could sign an affidavit or have an election official verify their identity, which doubled, wait times appoint places, but the law wasn't suppressing enough, so Republicans had another go and twenty fifteen just in time for the twenty sixteen election, New Hampshire voters, without an approved for photo photo idea, can only a about if you let a pull worker, do what is it a
tell you. A game of friends are totally overrated, which is so annoying its anti american. Is it be spend one night with their wife voting rights organizations were quick to denounce this policy, calling it truly and indecent proposal. Thirdly, a weird ninety movie thing or is it see, Your picture voting rights, groups called the lot attempt to intimidate voters and over one hundred new, Nay Hampshire election officials. Criticized This bizarre rule, or, as I d give you Biden style showed her up and then Cromer, three men and not apology about it. Ok could be that or is it a user, We are now login, even though he just said he hates game thrones, because it turns out, he actually wants to watch all episodes of Hung
The third reason: what do you think? I hope it see you gotta last question. In spite of all this new Hampshire, seventy percent turnout in TWAIN. Sixteen is above the national average, fifty six percent, but why should people from New Hampshire feel bad, anyway, is it a granite state? Your named after countered or is it be? here is a reason to feel bad knew him. It doesn't have a signature. Food visit basis
the ending of their say and people will be like you, gotta try, the gumbo or we put crackers on our spaghetti here. We're fucking insane, but New Hampshire has what lobster sorry that belongs to mean clam shouter. We also have Susan Collins, so careful clam shout are really started to those matters out there. Well, we'll get you home. Why? But smile on your goddamn faces way clam chowder, that's Massachusetts, so what we saw to pull out of the way and that work, no signature, food. You know what you said: fifteen food and none of them are famous, or is it see
You try sharing a two hundred and fifty mile border with a bunch of Subaru driving granola mergers granola mergers over there, and this will be a republic of her mind. We need a wall and remind is gonna pay for, or is it like it? I primaries late Many countries do better than seventy percent turnout, including Hungary, Finland, New Zealand, Israel door- the iron island most of western US, South Korea, Australia in Belgium, because they have laws and encourage voting instead of trying to make it harder or
is it a One reason, and one reason only it uses has the Kennedys
you have this issue is: what are you doing exactly think about what you're doing think about what you're doing face? What your booing there's a question in there with an obvious answer. Did you figured out Travis told me: it was d you gotta Corey, you gonna powers, you give guard and a butcher box gift card. It's an sheets gets me! Thank you, Corey! Thank you, governor playing our game for being here. I was so fine. Thank you so much we try. Retry fake you, governor beg you, cargo recovered bag. You guys I've gotta go.
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