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John McCain leaves behind a complicated legacy after a lifetime of service and sacrifice, Republicans worry that Democrats will investigate the scandals they’ve been covering up, and Democrats reform the party’s presidential nominating process. Then Democratic candidate for Governor Gavin Newsom talks to Jon and Jon about his vision for California and the future of the Democratic Party.

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Welcome to parts of America, I'm John Feffer on John Love. It I'm Tommy for later in the pod you'll hear our conversation with California's democratic nominee for Governor Gavin Newsom stop by cricket headquarters. Last week, first, the first guest, a new student. What's a what's old, is new, some again okay camp in slogans. There you go we're also going to talk on today you win some, you lose some in kind contribution. Keep giving that good stuff for free we're also going to talk on today's part about John Mccain's legacy about the republican fears but I'd be investigated. If Democrats take control of the house, everything
and about this woman. His running mate would be a new some to some cool talk about the Democratic Party's recent move. To reduce the power of super delegates, love it. How is love it or leave it? We had anyone, listen fantastic, love it or leave it. We did a very special performance of a one act play about Paul, Manafort and Michael Cohen, sharing, sell, starring, Andy Richter and MAX Silvestri. It is the debut of a young player right famous for what it is that you're really the turning some heads, but it is a great Yes, tell me, listen, Tommy! What's up with the world those man they're everywhere, two quick plug check out last week's episode with former CIA director Michael Morell, we talked about the security clearance issue in NY tax.
Pretty big deal and then for this week I am going to sit down and have someone explain to me Donald Trump's, bizarre tweet from last week about how white farmers in South Africa are having their farms ripped away from them and its claims of white genocide, this horrible white nationalist rhetoric, it's real, what's not and to figure that out. I am excited to listen that one, because I have no idea either yes and didn't dig into the crate. So weird, it's it's worse than you think: okay, good yeah, whatever there's no wilderness episode out today called the filter. It's about! across can break through in this media environment by rethinking their communication strategy. It features people like day. Pfeiffer heard of him. Laura Olin and Cricket media's chief content officer Tonya, so yes in her pod debut. I will and that on the way home lots of people are talking about it online lots of everyone. So everyone is
she's, very back home and made Thurs someone. It stands some. What can we do this on? Your sense news is all right. Let's get to the news. John Mccain, the war hero Senate, veteran and former republican presidential candidate died this past weekend from brain cancer at eighty one years old He lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda and receive a full dress funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral, or he will be. Would rise by President George, W Bush and Barack Obama. In a farewell letter that was read on Monday by close aide, Rick Davis, Mccain, wrote quote, I live and died a proud American. We are citizens of the world's greatest republic, a nation of ideals, not blood and soil. Do not despair of our present difficulties believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here, Tommy you. I worked for Barack Obama when he ran against John Mccain in two thousand and eight
some of your memories and impressions of the man. You know the primary in two thousand and eight was was, I think, far more contentious in the general election was and like a lot of us, went into the turn election with some mixed feelings. Because would you what you know about John Mccain, the public figure? It's it's hard not to admire him. I mean the courage. She showed Dean, Vietnam when he was a pow, the fact that he refused early release when he was offered it and spend another several years being tortured in captivity in solitary confinement. Sometimes I mean like that kind of strength is remarkable. I think that there's a ask when a public figure passed away that we end up doing you know: hey YA, Griffey in line Ising people treating them as perfect. There's also, I think, some value in talking about those imperfections, but I think what one of the things that was great about Mccain,
Why is that? He made a lot of mistakes, but he was the kind of person that owned up to them all the time like he. He admitted that calling the confederate flag, a symbol of heritage was was politically expedient and a mistake. I think that honesty says something about your character. He apologized for voting against a holiday to honor Martin Luther King Day, which is a very disgraceful thing that people did, but he apologize forty minute, the rock world's mistake. Ultimately, he turns experience as part of a the Keating five in that scandal, went to a crusade in for campaign finance reform. So I think he is striving to improve himself and you know try to put values ahead of himself as something that we should appreciate in honor, even if you hate his policies, so I mean those are my initial thoughts love it. You were great piece on cricket dot com today, titled morning, a patriot whose politics you hate. What made you want to write that piece?
They there are two pieces to it. One is simply what happens when a public figure dies today and the debate that begins immediately in the fact that nothing is going, stop an immediate debate from happening ever again. You know there's this effort when a figure on when it, if it prominent Democrat, were to pass away. You'll, see democratic pundits, saying things like can't: we save the criticism for another day and vice versa. So when a prominent Republican Die this is not how the world works anymore. Everything is immediate for good and for ill and the truth is it shouldn't wait, because every eulogy is a closing argument in one way or another and the legacy of a politician matters, because the legacy of a politician shapes the views we have of the policies that they espoused. So it is important to have that debate and because of twitter because of social media because of television because of technology, that debate begins immediately, but at the same time the the kind of navel gazing, as we have public morning about
who's morning how their morning what it means, what it doesn't mean. This kind of argument, this quarrel around how we feel and how we're supposed to feel- and I found it frustrating and what I wanted to do- try to write down what I was thinking before I saw what everybody else was saying that this would have I'll be honest, when I saw the news that Mccain had died, my immediate thought was: oh man, Twitter's going to be a fucking nightmare was my first thought too, and I thought let me stop myself for a second. Let me stop for a second and think. How do I actually feel? How do I actually feel and how actually felt was sad. I did. I felt sad. That is how I felt, and I, and, as I then watch, what unfolded on Twitter. I just wanted to write something down. That said, this is now, I'm reacting to this. This is why I think it's appropriate. I John Mccain's leg he is complicated? You know Tommy lays out all the things John Mccain apologize for and it's a reminder that
The pain got a lot of fucking stuff wrong and caused a lot of damage in his career, but at the same time it is foolish and I think, childish and incorrect to reduce John Mccain to simply a republican, partisan, simply a right wing politician. He was more than that. He was special and and it and it doesn't make you a worse Democrat to note that doesn't make you naive. It doesn't make you silly at it doesn't mean you're capitulating to terrible policies it. To make Medicare for all less likely. You can take him and say this is the good, and this is the ill and it's worth voting and appreciating someone, because if you can't stop and say John Mccain is the kind of opponent you celebrate when he dies, then no one is, and maybe that's how you feel, but you should admit that yeah I was. I was all so sad and I also I've had this respect for him ever since I first knew about him from the
with two thousand and eight campaign to the two thousand and eight campaign. Two, I remember the three of us were sitting there. Why, during the ACA repeal debate play out and at the very end it seemed like Mccain, might vote against repeal vote against skinny repeal and again Twitter was a mass Evans like stop holding out hope for John Mccain he's. Not the courageous person you think is all, but this isn't a Sorkin drama. You write me a liberal cat word and I thought to myself: maybe I'm being a little less. Maybe it won't happen and sure enough he did. He did the right thing and look look. He was not a centrist. He was not a moderate. His politics were very conservative, except for these moments of independence, on campaign, finance reform, climate change, immigration, torture and then, of course,
health care, but even on those issues, he went back and forth on some of them right, but why we think this about John Mccain is not because of his policy and the policies, but it was something about his character in style, and I think what you get at Tommy was exactly right, which is. He is someone who is self aware enough to know when he was wrong, that he could make mistakes that he was fallible and he was always trying live up to his own standards, even if he failed off and doing it well, and also I mean I think, it's impossible to judge Mccain today without contrasting him to Trump and just a few thoughts. In that I mean we all became pretty close friends with a lot of people who work for Mccain and they love him. They revere him and I think that's actually telling because that ain't the case that a lot of offices in Washington, a lot of people get to know their boss and they think he or she is an asshole and the Mccain
people loved him. A center gram told the Washington Post that he Mccain had visited active warzones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Forty seven times that shows genuine interest to get out in the field. Talk to service members see what's happening on the ground. Donald Trump has not visited war zone one time. Again to the point about like admitting mistakes, Trump will trouble, never admit he's made. A mistake will never apologize. I think that's like that's one of the things we all dislike about him most and it's one of the things like we've all had in friend that we genuinely didn't like fuck, you Tommy are wrong, but you would be wrong all the time like everyone is dated that person or been friends with that person, and it's like it's the worst. It's like it is a character thing, and I think we today more than ever. We miss that kind of character. In politician, yeah and, like I think it's not just a comparison between Mccain and Trump is a comparison between Mccain and the rest of the Republican Party like there. There is no doubt that if the Republican Party were filled with John Mccain's,
that our politics would be a lot better shape. Yes, not not that not the Senate or anything, because you still a Democrat there to fight against all the shitty policy that he hath right right, but if, if every senator and the President I'd states right now we're Republicans, but they were more in the mold of John Mccain, there would be more copper there will be more things done. They would still be pushing pretty conservative, pretty right wing policies, but at least we would be able to deal with people who had integrity in mind as a value in public service yeah. I mean- I said this I said in the piece which is just the world would be worse if John Mccain got his way, but the world would be better if more politicians were like him. That's right. You know it's funny to to Tommy's point about Trump. It is such a testament to how awful trump is. That anytime, there is simply a statement of american values. In this case, it was John Mccain's statement that he released after he died. Jet simple statement of american values reads like a rebuke to Trump, which is certainly is, but the fact that
he sang America is a land of ideals and not blood, and soil is seen as a rebuke to the president is actually Well, it's it's worth noting, and it makes me think that Democrats should take heed of that. For twenty twenty, when and in two thousand and eighteen to when you were running that, like simple statements of
can values of what we stand for. What this country has already been about are going to be some of the starkest contrasts with Donald Trump. I mean and liked to some of the major criticism that there I mean the Iraq war was a disastrous decision. I think there's a lot of people. You know I think people get over. He did about some of these things and calm the war monger always like. Yes, he was very pro intervention abroad. I think that was a decision born of his public service in the Navy. So I you know, I understand respected so that I mean I think it's a valid policy critique. I think it's a valid to critique the choice of Sarah Palin. I think it was in hindsight inexcusable to pick someone so clearly unqualified for the job of the responsible, but I don't know that we could have- or he could have known ahead of time, that she would like unleash the pre alt right, Maga forces of your culture warrior awfulness that ultimately happened. I think he publicly regretted the choice ultimately
he also probably a little guilty 'cause, they hung out to dry out. She wasn't ready they humiliated and for the country. With these interviews and things I will say, I think I think that is his properly to greatest mistakes in his, but in career. One is the Iraq war, which he not only supported like a lot of Democrats, did both also cheerleader for for a very long time, and I think the second one was the choice of their payment and I think, you're right time. I think at the at the outset. He thought he was getting some rough former from Alaska. We all did by the way, and we all thought they were all that she she to be much hello didn't know, what's their pound yet to be calm with their account was picked so go. I remember as soon the moment that she, you know she was packed, and everyone is like. Oh god, she's going to be an effective, the key candidate. You know, Democrats are screwed and then, when I saw her at the convention, it was when she gave that convention speech that you could see the darkness and clean us in there and where this thing was going really and then it got it got really bad and you look in heat, gone two ways, though she could have gone two ways, but she didn't know she did not wait kind square
this is I mean that I was struggling with even it's one of these people respond to what I wrote about, and I I think it's worth considering. It was a question I had, which is. He was one of the leading cheerleaders for on Iraq and it caused an incredible amount of death, and while it was a massive historical error, incredibly close this is not not enough to say well, that is his legacy, all the rest, the character, the choices that the goodness and I'm all of it pales in comparison to the harm in cost of Iraq. I think you've been president at the time. You know it is George Bush's legacy. I think it's harder to say about a center specially when there's so many votes in favor of it yeah yeah, I mean look, it's it's. It's an important piece of this on it shouldn't be glossed over by any means I mean it get we go through the same thing. We think when people say you know, trouble so much worse than George W Bush right. George, W Bush's decision to go into Iraq lead to greater human catastrophe than anything Trump has done. So
But you can still say that Trump as a president as leaders, a human being, it's been far worse right. You know, like George, but had a worst policy consequence during his presidency, but Trump is still degraded. The presidency in the country probably works right. Would you want to talk about going back to two thousand, a campaign sort of the the pale and Mccain thing because, as Mccain watches sort of Pailin unleash these forces, you can sort of see him struggle with it, and you know at times he decided to go along with it and I think in the Obama campaign. That's what got us angriest at Mccain during that campaign. Right is that disappointed us so much when she was out there doing those rallies talking about Hannah brought around around with terrorists because of Bill Ayers and look. There were ads the Mccain campaign where they went after the Heirs Association as well, which you always could tell the Mccain, was uncomfortable thing he. He wrestled with this
that that really crystallized how he wrestled with this was a moment that has been talked about the last couple of days and Greg Jaffe at the Washington Post wrote a piece about this. This is when, towards the end of the two thousand and eight campaign, a woman stood up at a town hall to Mccain, and she asked him a question and we'll just play the clip of it right now. I gotta ask you a question. I do that I can't trust Obama. I have read about him and he not he's not he's a he's, an error. He is not no, no, no, no man. He he's a he's, a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about he's not thank so now people were saying things that
Mccain should have. That was the least he could have done that Mccain should have gone farther. He should have said you know, so what if he was there, so what if he was muslim whatever she was trying to say there. I didn't take it that way at the time being in Chicago at the campaign headquarters watching that I vividly remember watching that and thinking in this moment, John Mccain did the good and decent thing because it wasn't. He was saying no he's not an error he's decent family man if he was saying no to basically her in Thai characterization of Barack Obama, which was you can't trust him he's in other he's a foreign terror like that's what she was getting. I mean if that's the standard, we're setting for Mccain, then it's a higher bar than we set for ourselves in two thousand and eight when we were responding to those charges, when people would call me and say, there's something out there that says: Obama secret Muslim? I would denounce it and say no he's not the second half of that sentence should have been and who gives a shit if he is what's wrong with having being in Boston. What's wrong with their whole religion. But.
That was not the underlying charge and we all knew that Mccain knew that the charge was your other you're, a terrorist you're, not american you're, not one of us and that's what he was responding to and he was doing it at a time where is campaign was losing an like. You know he chose to take this more stand, unlike Trump, who decided to embrace all the da. Guess, Mogae Altright forces an use those to ride to victory, so I do think we need to give him credit. I just think It's a shame that that woman is not going to be a senator from free Burgundy is running mate, Trump's running mate next time. No, I totally agree- and I know we- we tested our own ads on attack ads against
Brock Obama, about Jeremiah Wright in about Bill Ayers, and they were much tougher ads than the Mccain campaign ever ran because John Mccain, even though they ran a few airs ads, they pulled back because Mccain did not want to go harder at errors and go harder at Jeremiah Wright. Then they, then Kaylin and some of the other people in the campaign did- and there were other moments besides that moment that we just played to their you know one moment where someone in the crowd yelled. We want you to fight Mccain, responded, I will fight, but we will be respectful. I admire Senator Obama. This is at the end of the campaign booze to him saying that from the crowd, another person person said we're scared. We don't want to bring up our child in a country by someone who cohorts with domestic terrorist like William Ayers, to which Mccain responded. He is a decent person and a person you don't have to be scared of as president, and this was during the campaign. So there was this. You could like the end of the campaign,
on Mccain's face almost every event. What have I least here with Pailin, and how can I try to walk that back right in the of course, the truth as he didn't unleash it with Palin G O P, the GOP base was unleashing it with Palin Palin Palin, who is many things, is an observer of people in a survivor and she saw where those people were going and she's like I see where they're going. Where are my people going so that I may lead them? This was this has been a strain that that is a strain that was there. It's been there forever, but we saw George W Bush push back against it and then it times, harness that you saw against John Mccain against John Mccain and favor of his own policies. You saw John Mccain face it. This roiling racism.
Animus and bigotry and kind of the conspiratorial minded base. Was there already by rush Limbaugh Infowars, all those pieces that were being put together, and you know you see it slowly and slowly take over the public and party until you know I was present well speaking of Trump, it's sort of We talk about his reaction to Mccain's death. The Washington Post reported this weekend. The president rejected a White House statement that praised the heroism of Mccain and instead tweeted condolences to his fam on Monday, Trump backtracked and the White House released a statement from Trump saying he respects Mccain Service and is signing a problem to fly the flag over the White House at half staff until Mccain's funeral, which is custom for didn't soar well known senators when they die, especially those who served this country and combat and military. Of course, it was so basically the flag and down to half staff, and then, on Monday morning it was raised to full staff, which is not what happens when someone's lying in state like Mccain, will be all week and
and then there was this outcry. Apparently in the America region and senators from both parties and probably will hear from you know and York Times or Washington, Post story, the White House staff pushed back and then be grudgingly Donald Trump does what he should have done originally now. Are we surprised at action yeah we're we're real gobsmacked. I will tell you I do not plan on reading the story about which staffer convince him to do it. I I I I I completely not surprised. Donald Trump is in our,
so he's always been an asshole. It's an asshole move. He cares about nothing and it's all. I have to say tell me where you think about it yeah. So it's not surprising is just you know. It's just one little anecdote that tells you everything you need to know about the smallness of this man, but of course we should have seen it coming. I mean he very recently refused to mention Mccain's name at a bill signing where the bill was named after John Mccain. He still talk shit about him voting, it's Obama care repeal, despite the fact that he's been dying of brain cancer, they refused to condemn or apologize for Kelly Sadler's remark: the White House staffer, who said Mccain's opposition to the CIA, how many didn't matter 'cause? He was dying anywhere, so it's a cesspool of awful people doing terrible things. This is the president who wants you to believe the kneeling to protest. Police booty already during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag and to veterans, and he refused to lower the flag to half staff for
the Senate's most famous war hero- and you know it's about more than Trump, because it's about everything that led to my Trump doesn't feel like he needs to respect anyone someone beloved by the Senate, Jim Inhofe, who is disgraceful in a reminder that there has been a brokenness in repo new politics for very long time was asked about this and he said well in a way Mccain's fault for disagreeing with Donald Trump, so so Jim in half a senator Oklahoma, climate change denier. Disgusting person had no problem. This urging John Mccain, who are. I simply had the audacity to disagree with our president, so you know what and I'm Buckham it wasn't as it was the trump still he he never has never will learn what the job of president is supposed to be the job of being head of state. You know it was like the Mccain thing. Wasn't the only thing he did this weekend right that there was a mass shooting in Jacksonville Florida.
Three people died, including the shooter. I think eleven wounded and Trump is tweeting about approval rating like Tiger Woods and Tiger making up in approval rating there's no evidence that the he is taking it up. Fifty two percent great: why not make it higher buddy you're, making him up, but it's like he's doing this well, there's there's some news about am at everyone. Is reading about news about a mass shooting you know watch on? I think that's great, I'm glad I do not want Donald Trump to figure out how to do the basic, easy, things. This is who he is. I I don't want to pretend I don't want to figure. Diversify the White House Interns. I don't figure out how to put out a decent statement. I want to be his disgusting self until he's gone yeah I don't the co dot. James is just I don't have any. Of course you won't change I don't want to pretend I don't want anyone there to help him figure out, get one over on us and do an impression of a good and even for one fucking. Second,
one final word on what happens to Mccain Senate seat. Since a lot of people have been asking this Arizona's governor Doug do see. Republican must now point Mccain successor to the Senate. That person will serve until two thousand and twenty had Mccain resigned are passed away before May 30th. There would have been a special election this year for a seat according to report in New York Times, people under consideration to fill the seat include Mccain's widow, Cindy Former Arizona, Senator John Kyle and a few other Arizona Republicans. The question is now whether do see select someone in the mold of Mccain or a trump, your Republican or someone in between him, and I don't think we know we have no idea, but I mean look at Arizona just another, but battleground between somewhat normal republican politics and and trumpets and you've Joe Arpaio hi, you've Rep, Martha, make Sally running for Jeff Flake Seed and and the Republican primarily against Joe Arpaio. One of the worst human beings in the world recently needed up up a pardon because he saw
awful and then a former state senator named Kelly Ward, who is out there campaigning with MIKE certain of itch of pizza, gate, fame. A man who said date. Rape doesn't exist in the Clinton to running a pad of firing and that the Syria Chemical Weapons attack was sponsored by the deep states. So that's the cesspool out in Arizona, and you know, tell you what and their primary is Tuesday, and you know one of the only reasons I think Sally might end up winning this thing is because crazier pie and crazy Kelly wore I don't know who's crazier splitting the awful vote that'll be like forty percent in I mean the one hope that it will say that do see
select someone more in the mold of Mccain. Is that do you seize up for election and he has a much more competitive general election against a Democrat than he does a primary challenge on the right, so you would hope that he at least politically he would be thinking about his general election yeah. I just want one last plan. All this, which is you know we talk so much about what happened republican Party. We did actually change it's just because, whatever I do think one of the central questions we should be asking is.
How does a party the produce someone like John Mccain, stop producing people like John Mccain? How does it go from elevating someone like that? Someone who had a safe Senate seat for deferred for decades to a party where Jeff Flake doesn't think he can win where people like Kelly Ward, have a shot where this kind of toxic Dvs vile hateful kind of politics is just practice down the open and seen as dangerous to oppose and- and I don't know the answer, but it really is one of that the day. It's the the great challenge, at least inside of republican politics, and I don't think anybody has the answer, but I think it's another reason just to be sad about John Mccain dying yeah I mean I and the sad- and I think true answer is that well, like the John Mccains, the Jeff Flakes the Ben Sasse is all the other people form they. Just some of them might have tried to ward off these forces at times, but they didn't do enough. They didn't do it and a lot of them allowed this
media apparatus with Fox NEWS and Breitbart and all the rest to sort of take hold of their based and they participated, and it went on all the time and they they all sort of knew that it was getting. Crazy times. The talk radio is getting a little much, but it was also getting their base to the pole, It's not my job to solve it. Not my dad does so I get you know if, if I don't win, if I don't make these compromises to win, they'll be someone crazier in my seat. Yeah it has to have caused them to lose. Is the only answer in Mccain's fat defense on just on the media front, though, like I, I think no one spent more time cultivating the mainstream media. John Mccain, like you, can see it in all the cupboard every reporter have personal experience with him. They personally appreciated him. He ran like a radically transparent, open campaign in two thousand. That was, you know I think would have been groundbreaking, could have changed the course of of elections if he had one. It's disappointing that George Bush beat him by running up vial racists
your campaign in South Carolina, but here we are yeah. He did. He say he would end in even long after the two thousand campaign reporters will say he was. You know one of the few senators who would stop and answer their questions at any time of day, no matter when I talk to them all the time. Pod. Save America brought you by blue apron, incredible home, cooking, accessible to everyone. They she supporting a more sustainable food system, setting the highest standards for ingredients in building a community of home chefs with quick recipe options in perfectly portioned ingredients delivered right to your door. Blueprint makes, makes dinner, quick, easy and oh yeah, insanely tasty Skip meal planning to get straight to cooking, with blue apron experience the joy of summer with weapons, favorite, grilling recipes and mouth watering, grilling options for summer chicken with barbecue sauce and juicy cheeseburgers with spicy slaw. Whatever minute pretzel bun, I missed the pretzel bun and
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Congressional Republicans are terrified of the investigations that might finally happen. If Democrats take back the house in the fall, so these republicans have put together a list of potential scandals that Democrats might investigate because Republicans haven't, that list includes Trump's tax returns, his family business dealings with Russia and his for invite a mere Putin, his payment to Stormy Daniels Treasury Secretary Steveman, Ucchan's business dealings, the use of person, email by White House staff. The response Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Cabinet Secretary Travel, his firings of US attorneys, his proposed transgender Ban Military Jared, Kushner's Ethics office compliance, family separation. And more tell me what does it say that Republicans know exactly where Democrats might pursue oversight? I'm If I am a Democrat and saying, thank you, that's a very helpful list. You put together the way our interns yeah. Thank you can question all attack people yeah interning, for the investigations to come. Yeah poked, save that one next to like the the list of happy hours on Capitol Hill, or whatever I mean like I mean I think, what
sad little list does is just highlight the fact. They've completely abdicated their oversight responsibility. These clowns were bragging, about how they had compiled a whole bunch of things that they are preparing to invest if Hillary Clinton won. The presidency remember, what's that what the goof balls named Jason Chafetz, who was so sad, you didn't get the best give Hillary that he quit to go kind of be on Fox NEWS, although he peers have disappeared off the planet. These dumb book two fists, I think it worked, can you know It's like yeah guys, you guys haven't done your job for two years, so there's a whole lot of it's got to get here. Is the list of scandals we've been covering up? He has a son, the democratic, some demo, but campaign apparatus. If we still have those, I think we do it should take, should take that document cross out whatever is at the top and say here is what we will investigate and then put it out over by next question, which should democratic in its be handing out this list of their campaign. Events take the thing and say republican republican honchos.
Are saying, they're, afraid we're going to investigate these things. Damn right, we are because these are the crimes these are. The abuse is, and you know what thanks it's good list. What list my too loud I was a little bit just in my head. My ears hurt a bit. I ask that, because a few democratic strategist told CBS News and I've been seeing this in a couple different story. That republican scandal shouldn't overwhelm democratic messaging in twenty eighteen and that the culture of corruption issue still won't be a huge issue. This fall and that you know he's got, got gotta focus on only the kitchen table issues. What do you guys think about that?. I mean I don't know. I guess I'd like to see some more polling, but I kind of doubt it like those those ads write themselves. You can make a pretty compelling thirty or sixty second spot based off just Trump cabinet
Jules scandals, let alone Duncan Hunter blaming his wife for stealing a bunch of campaign money allegedly light. It looks like it. Okay, fine spin that go ahead. That's your spin! I'd like to test our concern. I just don't think it's that hard right to to do both of these things, like the Republicans who run Washington are enriching themselves. It York's! Well, your health care costs go up. Will your wages haven't moved? Well, they've done nothing to improve your life there getting rich, though staying in power there breaking all the rules and they can get away with it. Trump ran on drain the swamp right. It's also happened. We've at least had to head that. We said this so many times, yeah yeah, it would be great. If the questions candidates on the trail, we're going to be asked for the next three months were all about pre existing conditions and tax cuts for corporations, but they're not we're about to see a bunch of new. About Mullerin, Cohen and Roger Stone. I need a video of himself saying I didn't do any crimes today. You wait. You
Read a story soon. That said that I did some crimes. I just want to go on record and say not true delete the story. This is Roger Stone, signing up brother, don't catch. On the flip side, this is Roger Stone. This is a step. I'm trying to think of a stone name. Doesn't matter this is what is going to be in the news, and I think Democrats need to know how to talk about these corruption stories in a way that it helps them because they have to be able to tie Muller and and Russia and corruption into it. They want to talk about, and I think, as John said it's not that hard to get from corruption and collusion an abusive power to their failure to help people afford healthcare or in many cases, worse Duncan Hunter Republican Congressman California, now indicted, for I don't know. Just using his campaign fund is a personal slush fund paid for vacation him. It is, I know it's all his wife's faulty blaming his wife or it could be. Just I'm sorry. I don't know we didn't get to talk about this in the last pot, so we should so fucking funny that he's like
yeah, I don't know I didn't sign off on the numbers. It was my wife. You got to talk to her talk to my wife. Who I love. You don't think that the a response to that like Duncan Hunter has This campaign funds for personal slush fund for him and his family. Do you have a personal slush fun to do it? You Campaign slush fund that you can use to pay your medical bills while yeah, I think that's a great message, while Republicans in Congress were covering up the president's crimes allowing him to steal in the government, they were in trading on the White House lawn illegally spending campaign donations, cutting taxes for corporations and making your health care more expensive seems I that wasn't in that was a sentence yeah and look at me we have. It does seem as if the cone for news from last week hasn't completely broken through, you know the news is sort of moved on. Partly that's because of you know. John Mccain died but NBC Wall Street Journal. The
holes one before the Cohen Manafort NEWS in one after and Trump's approval rating take down two points, but that still within the margin of error, do we just sort of let that slide still drives me insane that, like the present, has it's been implicated to federal crimes. No one in Congress is saying that they're going to do anything about it. This election may ultimately be about Trump, but the of vagaries of Trump's approval rating. Don't really matter. Is it possible that we may see Trump's approval rating back into the 30s and drop down into the early 30s, like George W Bush is eventually eventuated. Maybe can't count it? So we have to win in a world with Donald Trump maintains this rock solid forty ish rating that forty one. No, but it's what he's from day one it's hard to move on. Much above forty it's hard to get in that down below forty. This is where he is live so the environment. It doesn't matter what we wish. It were. That's what it is yeah I mean Duncan Hunter, wanted some shorts to go golfing and he couldn't afford them. So his wife said hey
side by at the pro shop, saves golf balls for wounded warriors okay, so that anecdote that ad is right itself against Mister Hunter. Everybody else. You can just ask them. You know to comment on why they have enabled Trump's corruption, why they haven't done anything but Tom Price, taking private jets or any of the other scandals and, like you, put them on the defensive I would love to see his approval rating plummet to zero, but it you the world. We live in you're right that have you asking them to, because up VOX went to go. Ask eight republican right editors, what they plan to do about the fact that was implicated in there go. They were like. Well, I like more is finishing his stuff up and I don't know, isn't that the court's going to handle it. I mean it's definitely troubling. I tell you what you think. No good answer: they, none of them had their real answers, confirm the judges as fast as possible. Yeah. This is it. Is the fire sale? What you know it's going they're going to try to get as much done as they possibly can there these guys. If you
an upside down democracy is falling their pockets. I also talk about the fact that the Democratic Party voted this weekend too dramatically. Due to the influence of super delegates and the presidential nomination process. For those who don't know, super delegates are sensually. A group of party insiders and elected officials were able to cast nominating vote for president that aren't pledged to the results of the primaries or caucuses which are decided by people about they're. Super delegates role within the party has been controversial for some time, particularly in twenty. Sixteen twenty two and a two thousand and eight. You know we knew in the Obama campaign that Hillary would have a large lead with super delegates, because the Clintons had a lot of connections. Around for a long long time, the democratic party- and we knew that was a sort of a hurdle for us, and then the same thing happened with Bernie Sanders in twenty sixteen
A reform package voted on by party members this weekend also clear the way for several states to move from carcasses to primaries. Art first looks like with the super delegates the critics of this move say. That means the party will have less power to stop the nomination of a trump like figure into twenty that, if someone can cruise through the primaries and caucuses, somehow in a very crowded field- and we get to the tension in this scare a person that we don't think can win. Is there then you know now will be powerless to stop them. What what you guys think of that seems unlikely. I mean look super delegates, were twenty percent delegates, two thousand and eight there, fifteen percent of delegates in in twenty sixteen. They have never Tipton election
They can change the momentum and the narrative around a race in and they clearly created an appearance of sort of a rig insider process where party boom was come in and they get greased by candidates and get promises and they buy their boat. So I like I, I think we have to have more faith in voters than to plug prepare for scenario where the Dnc rides in saves us from ourselves. I think it's absurd, but it's totally absurd. I think I think super delegates are overblown in terms of how they are treated as some sort of rig deal, because they haven't played that Roland. They have played any role in an outcome them tipped the scales at all. At the same time, I also think say silly and anti democratic institution, and I would have no problem getting rid of it completely. It is a sop to power brokers and leaders inside the party. That is why it is hard to get rid of it and The idea that we're going to nominate the wrong person- and then a bunch of I don't know about
of assemblyman from the Midwest are going to ride in and steal it from who want it, and not just capitulate is absurd. Is it sir? It's never happened to favor delegates from the waste of time, so we don't get that never overruled the will of the people they were never going to, but if the perception is that they make, the process seem more rig. Then get rid of them that little some absolutely what scenario or they're going to be like all you meet that didn't happen, the republican convention, no, they were sitting there being like all these voters want Trump and and we're going to help his message along. It's saying that the party insiders in DC you're gonna, take it from a no it's gonna. Do that? No nobody! Now! This is a man. There has been pushed back from our
american groups in other super delegate. To say like this is the only time I get my issue heard and if you take away that opportunity, then that reduces the influence of minority groups in the process. I think you know supporters of the change dispute that charge, saying that State party still have diversity requirements in their delegate selection rules and that will insure that diversity is there, but I do think like that is a concern that needs to be heard in research. Didn't need to figure out ways to be more inclusive, but you know there are strong feelings on both sides. I mean there was a person who went on a seven day. Hunger strike in support of super delegates.
Seven, a I'm sorry now, but the Democratic Party should look like democratic voters should look like the face of America, and so the people who represent the Dnc the delegates, the party, the people who are make up the party structure should be far more diverse than that absolutely. But this is about party insiders in DC having more of a say than your average voter, and that shouldn't happen, of course, is not that of, of course not. It is just a this stingy. Oh it's also, it's a political artifacts also like, but it's not even like an old artifacts from like one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. This is uh, fairly new part of the process. So I like, I, don't know why everyone got so precious about it and, like someone who's been on a campaign, it's super fucking. Annoying having reporters call you all the time Well, you might be doing Okay and Iowa, but Hillary Super Delegate lead is like through the roof, is like a dumb horse racing thing to report on that. What's at issue it came, it came
artificially raise the difficulty level for Obama to defeat Hillary, even though it didn't actually it would it didn't matter couldn't have matter. She was ahead around Super Tuesday in super delegates, and that was a big piece of the narrative and by the end we had more super delegates but like because it impact there's a reason. They're super delegates: they wanna back a loser right and they all knew yeah they all the bill. Clinton is getting calls and yeah. So the way what state, caucuses or government will also change. One of the reforms with state parties now required to accept absentee votes, rather than requiring caucus voters to be physically present to support candidates at the events Tommy. You worked in Iowa for a for a year leading up to the Iowa caucuses with Barack Obama. What do you think about that reform? I mean I was Democrat
Party seems to be good with it they're happy that day, the the Dnc wasn't too prescriptive to tell them how to meet the standard, and there are a whole bunch of open hearings and figure out how to implement the changes. I think there are very legitimate criticisms of Cox's like if, if you, if you can't make it out, because you have to work if you're disabled, if you're elderly, like it's hard to get there Subsect accepting absentee votes, is important. Maybe it will change the fundamental nature of the boxes. Maybe it will devalue organizational strength that helps you that night, maybe not but probably accelerate a broader switch to primaries, will see. I mean You know it's notable that if Obama hadn't been good at caucuses, we wouldn't have won if Bernie a lot of his drink was derived from his organization and doing well caucuses. So they're interesting, they will be pretty impactful. I think what do you think you are on the Clinton campaign when they? You know, you guys end seven hundred and eight didn't like the cock. Is that now so I'm of two minds of it because
part of the reason Obama was able to win the Iowa caucuses. He was building a new and more sophisticated kind of organization that helped him win after Iowa and helped him win the presidency and there was value in the value that continues to this day. At the same time as somebody who was on the Hillary campaign in two thousand and eight, it was frustrating to know that the io cock is does reward people that are not just passionate but every time so that does skew towards younger people may be students. It doesn't help people who are shit. Workers or nurses or others who just can't move their time around or maybe just frankly, don't want to spend a night dealing with this, because they have two jobs and a kid and all the rest. So so that has always bothered me not even just a Hillary person, which is a person who thinks the democratic voters shouldn't, have to give up this much time and have to meet there at that spot. Time, so I like the idea of anything that allows people to participate. No, I think that the absentee you know accepting absentee ballots is a great compromise here, while still keeping the spirit of the caucuses and
A meeting together on a snowy night yeah, you know, debate democracy incentive for people. That's great, but now you know the more participation the better the Democratic Party should be as democratic as possible. That's why it's good at the super delegates. Are there? That's why it's good the report yeah, but it's it's funny too, because I got the shins are like. I lay that there's a mix of caucuses and primaries, ultimately, because it shows you something important because it actually tells us that you don't just want somebody who can win broadly softly. It's good I know that there is also a passionate committed, energetic group of people who back someone, so I'm up two miles of it, but I think this is a good change. I mean just last point on this: 'cause we've been hard on the Dnc about some fund, raising issues like credit to Tom Perez and the other party leaders for vote to reduce their own power, yeah yeah, see that very often so credit to them. Absolutely that's good good point: Tommy thanks Bud before we get to get to interview Gavin Newsom. Should we also just briefly in the story in the New Yorker last by Adam Dentist and Mister Rao Farrah
about a memo that was circulating around the Trump National Security Council and fury early on in the administration, about a group of group of people who are trying to sabotage Trump's foreign policy. Nagaru people was us so absurd. What a bunch of paranoid, crazy people calling us the echo chamber led by Ben Rhodes and Collin COL call our puppeteer. The puppeteer Ben Rowen, Tommy and Pfeiffer Anne Maine and left my fucking name out of it, but they did say that you and John were roommates yeah. They got some stuff wrong, there's a seer, of this was like Ben Rhodes. His wife is mentioned, and it feels like there's a decent chance that this information in this memo ended up in the hands of black cube, a shadowy pseudo spy organization that was actually telling people around. That is not cool. That is very soon
I thought it was notable that the memo mentioned that people are being mean to sub Gorka on. I highly suspect that means Mister Gorka had a hand in writing this memo, and- imagine that happened because he didn't have a secured. And so we don't really have, should they do. We just banging around the NSC all day, making a paranoid memos that apparently can travel to the NSC Black White houses idiot anyway. That is so crazy, though, but I mean like we know that they have this political hack installed it as the head of like the intelligence director like there are people working in very sensitive senior national security positions that were believing it's fantasy world of ECHO chambers in like a combo all to take them down, and it deep state like so the depth of their paranoia and meet there. Not that bright Tell. Can you imagine, with all of the issues that you face in the National Security Council, that they would spend their time worried and, like writing, a memo about like the fat.
The big revelation that we are against Trump's foreign policy. We have a whole fucking podcast. Right? It's like a it's, not a secret cabal. You can download it at night to bring the free podcast, get you get on your phone, okay, so weak, but we know the genesis of this. It's like what room I remember when we were all all except Gorka did something crazy and we were all too think about it. You and me and Dan everyone else and then, like all at once. I think a blocked. All of us remember like me, you like to Emily, blocked I'm blocked, but can't get my name in the fucking memo the echo chambers were friends. I mean I just I just imagine someone on the Obama NSC writing this and Dennis
walking to their office snapping them over his knee, like Bo Jackson with a baseball bat in returning to work it's so I can. I can imagine one person in the entire about ministration would remember. Yes, it's not it's like now. It's like playing White House from yeah. It's! These are not the you know. If your other Trump White House, it means you're, the kind of person works. The Trump White House, which means you are a reject of politics. Yeah, I'm not the sharpest go on Gary, not two groups anyway. He, allegedly anyway, you can buy ECHO chamber teacher, it's now online yeah. We are selling those we want to give it to a charity that will really upset the people who wrote the all of the proceeds so take it with that is at least less exceptions in Krooked Media, active media, think of a charity that is very good at Seb. Gorka with this, like you, probably have your pic
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I knew what I need is a kind of political nonsense is a rumor that jump and it is a work in progress. A little work. I need to work, but will look to the future and in case you didn't recognize his voice. He is the current lieutenant governor of the State of California. The democratic nominee for Governor Gavin Newsom good to be here honor to be here, honor to be It's good to have you by the way Lieutenant Governor's. It mean Can we talk about lieutenant governors? Lots going on she's I mean come on. You know I mean it's the perfect family important position, it's a lot like cinematographers there. They don't get the credit they deserve. The I'm saying a beneath the directores, the cinematographer. No one with me- and I don't really know the cinematographer does yeah know exactly exactly as it is in a, but you know it Kerry said John Kerry. You forgot was lieutenant governor. Everyone forgot John Kerry. That's what lieutenant governor said the most important job. Lieutenant governor is waking up every morning, making your way to the front door. Picking up the morning paper,
going to the obituary section scene of the governor's name appears in. If it doesn't you go back to bed it's the number one job, according to John Kerry. Now I don't subscribe to that point of view. It's four thousand. I've heard that before I don't know that was a John Kerry, so we're going to bring it up to my knees here, you could have come in September. Verify that you know that's the ten ago. That's that's kind of that's a that's a lieutenant governor job like that. That's what we talk amongst ourselves, there's not many of its. It is intended governor in joke. It has. The meetings are speaking of the secession done. This is start with the fact that we're recording this there is a split screen on the news in on one side, Paul Manafort is being fat. Guilty on the other side, Michael Kohn, is pleading guilty. Michael Cohen said that he was directed by a candidate, doesn't name the name of wonder who to commit to
Martin O'Malley. Was it O'Malley when in doubt hello can't get a break? They said lock her up? Maybe it's just not what we expected. Maybe it's a circuitous path. That was Hillary. The whole time, let's just start with that. What do you make of the ramp criminality. Well, that's the only way to describe it. You just set it yeah rapid criminality, but it's interesting bank fraud. You will we'll get to the money laundering trial, which is the obstruction of justice trial, which great irony of this this was the tougher case to win on. Metaphor but is relates to Cohen and everything around Trump that goes back to money and at the end, the day I mean what help either way, how long Does an audit take at the IRS? I mean sure. Is it when it's done will obviously get the benefit of the tax returns? I'm just curious
How long have you guys know? What's the average on it, I know it seems to be taking a little listening to it, but if it's a, if you get that's at the end of the day, that's that's that's the that's. The the fear factor for Trump Administration money all goes back to money. Fun mentally in that sense, so it's not surprising everyone around of the circles getting smaller and smaller. I mean what do you think like? Well, you know we've been talking for a long time in this podcast about yet the potential of criminality. We now have Michael Kahn, saying he was directed to commit a crime by the president. It states it's still early, where of course recording this on Tuesday. People probably listen to this, but a couple days in our week from now, if we get to this point where Donald Trump has been basically named: an unindicted co conspirator in a crime. You know for a while we've been saying. Democrats should be not be talking too much about Russia. That's not what care about we should be talking to peach with that. Much does this change the calculation a little bit. Do you think the Democrats need to sort of stand strong here and hold the president account
yeah? I mean it it again on the the Russia side of this. It's still a circuitous correct right, I mean so we're just getting a finance malfeasance around everybody's surrounding him, which, by the way, has been his legacy. It's been is history I mean there's the folks that he's constantly surround himself, so it's not surprising it's bleeding into his administration, but now look at that Russia side. Muller finish. The investigation locate the facts as it relates to a subsequent shoes. Dropping obviously millers got more and get up in that respect. He's like it was a Melda Marcos. With the amount of shoes he's able to draw lots of shoes. There was a poll well done by the way that sends you back, I'm impressed, I don't even alive. You are like reading about that in the history books all gave you my heart and know about those shoes. I love it now his jaw dropping, I mean the normalcy of all this. I mean the fact that you know, as you suggest, split screen, but more potency. You want. One of these things is uh
after administration in the traditional sense, but this is just Tuesday, as you suggest just Tuesday, and you know so between himself out and least in a new direction when forty eight hours and then we'll see where the dust settles. But it is extraordinary and I have no car finance that we can stick on one there at one story for even a weekly basis: yeah, that's the problem, so you said that you're looking, run a state that is a positive alternative to Donald Trump. If you take office as governor, what are the two or three most important things you want to get done in that first year to sort of prove that case that it's positive altered, but it it's hard to say the first year. But I'll tell you if we don't address the issue of wealth disparity, just income inequality, issues of social mobility. This all pyramid collapses. I don't think there's a bigger issue in our country. I don't think the bigger issue around the rest of the world all grappling with this issue. These disparities you know it's interesting. I was just talking America City
from LOS Angeles, and he made a point that a reporter made to him, which I thought was interesting. I never put in perspective the California is the only state that's attached to the brand, the California dream. There's an Iowa Dreamer, New Hampshire dream, it's not necessarily sort of part of the conversation, and it is really fact about California. Perhaps that's the size and scope or just what we've represented at pioneering spirit of being on the leading and cutting edge. So in that sense, as someone who believes the future happens here. First in California field deep sense of responsibility to address the issue of those disparities, but that can't be done overnight. It's been a four thousand and fifty or trend line. That's now a headline, but it's simply not sustainable, and I say this as a business guy. I've got twenty three small businesses a close to little over seven hundred police in the state and that's not to impress you but to impress upon pond a strong entrepreneurial bias, meaning I am a pro job pro business Democrat, but businesses cannot thrive in a world. That's failing, and this whole thing is in peril.
If we continue down this path and I'm worried about it and causation deadening same time, the nature of work changing in real time, the future of work is related to automation that this could get out of hand. So we have to dress at number one. So we've talked to some people. You know, there's a lot of talk about universal basic income as one potential policy solution, that's very popular in the area and all round California. We talked people who talk about federal jobs, guarantee state jobs, guarantee we're in some people, we need a combination of both. Where do you come on some of those really big policy solutions in inequality? Voltaire said it best work. When did it by the way I'm replacing Jerry Brown so give the guy a break lieutenant governor, Jerry Brown, but there's a plastic. Let's get away, I'm not doing it in Latin. So I'm going to do this in English. Thank you. Alright, I'm just trying to be as heir apparent, but the holders and work at Sol's three great evils boredom vice in
you can address the issue of need, but not necessarily dressing the issue, boredom advice and I'm not suggesting that there's not as notion of universal basic income, allowing all of us to find our inner renaissance self. I get all that intrigued by it. In fact, just had the privilege of spending some time with Chris Hughes and others that have done a lot. Thinking on this and, of course, someone who been on your show who's a started really one of my most favorite politicians in this country, not just the state Michael Tubbs from Stockton, is experimenting in California, local level. It's intriguing to me: that's I'm more interested in in dancing the earned income tax credit extended into classics Danny at the to caregivers, doing more in that space, child tax credits and, I think, more absolutely in the short term, address the issue deep child poverty. I think the is we child poverty is the we got to tackle first and I live in the richest in the poorest state. Seven point: four: people live the poverty line hundred four thousand homeless. Anyone comes California, you sitting
what the hell is going on, not just the big urban areas here in LA or Northern California. San Francisco San Jose, but increasingly in the in part of the state That's an issue that happened on our watch. We on that and we got to things up and we've got to look. I think you suggest your question and novel approaches: employment, insurance, not just unemployment, insurance, look at opportunities a around the Marshall Plan around apprenticeship programs in book. Strategies, not just rhetoric in the margins, which, frankly, has been our toolkit in the past and stuff at homelessness for it. Because San Francisco has a thorny, terrible homeless problem. La has a terrible homeless problem where the mayor of San Francisco do you That is a place where you failed you place where you make progress. What is your response? People who have hold that out as a big negative for you, a lot do but there's a lot of lazy. Punditry on that haven't been mayor in seven eight years and we actually decrease
population by forty percent when I was mayor, so we made no, progress in the short term, so you think that with all these abandoned have have have things gotten worse, since you left no, I am not in in no effect other gotten much worse and in this respect, the street population change. The overall numbers haven't radically change. Here's the problem, though it's not that it's a it's a static number. We start about seven thousand people on the street. We got twelve thousand people off the street. There were still close to seven thousand people on the street. We that survey our annual surveys. One survey showed over ninety percent of the people on the streets weren't from San Francisco, so as soon as he has two or three people. This dynamic population continues to challenge: there's cities, large and small, so there's no way mayor can solve this. It's got to be regionalized. The state horny needs state of California and nowhere to be found in almost policy in the past, shelter saw sleep, housing and supportive services is the closest
automation to a solution to homelessness. But the federal government also needs to reconcile the fact for four years: housing and urban development gotten out of the housing in urban business in the uh, any businesses section, eight housing vouchers, public housing, providing the kind of support that cities and counties and states need. So this is a animated. My why, when I ran for mayor in anime my successes and failures, to answer your question quite honestly and my critics, it field them, and it also feels on my sense of purpose, as it relates to a candidate for governor that recognizes that Mera Garcetti here other mayors simply cannot do it without significant resource and resourcefulness from the next governor. So on re, this is one thing you said in praising Governor Brown that you can be a progressive without being profligate. Someone said that you've have gone back and forth on um projects like rail and other mass mass transit projects.
Where are you now on high speed, rail, California? And why and what is? How is your position change? Will that mean when the facts changed? If you don't change, then you're an ideologue, and then I have strong critique of ideologues have also I was the coach arrow is a very passionately engaged in the original On the nine point: ninety five billion dollar bond, but there's a thirty three billion dollar bond. Third of the month going to come from the private sector. One slash three of the money from that's sort of money from the state will only three point: five billions come from. That's not one dollars come from the private sector and state no longer can afford one slash three, because the price of this pro fix on the low end. Seventy seven point: three billion, there's higher. Ninety eight point, one. That said, we have a bread business plan and the old business plan. I criticize the old leadership. Frankly, I was very critic as well and those reflect previous comments. They have completely reconstituted the plan focused it not North south, now e
West, primarily a Valley Valley, Silicon Valley to Central Valley plan, and I believe you can achieve that. We're still short of billions of dollars, but if we achieve, then we can invite the private sector and get it down here in southern California. Is one thing that to be plaguing cities playing the entire country? Is these projects are extraordinarily expensive? The length time it's taking to complete them is going up and it seems to be something that everybody is wringing their hands about- why? Why has infrastructure in United States become prohibitive expensive to the point where we're not build process process process, you Know- and it's one of the great things about our democracy process. People the right to apply and people have a right to engage. People have right to a post, not just support people. The right to due process be the right to access justice courts. Eminent domain proceedings is a substantive answer to the question relates to the issue the state doing acquisition for right away for this system. Being part of the delay are environmental review which embraces
taxi to no one in my passion for the environment, but there is a I value, a social with that and obviously costs there's no Equa in when they did that high speed, rail fence, Shanghai and Beijing. They were worried much about land acquisition, as we are in the United States due process, an access to justice or mediation, let alone the issue of a environmental justice in the United States. We do and we the price for that in some levels- that we also are the envy of the world for that amount of levels. But the bottom line is this: it goes to the issue, trust you're, going to say you support something. Damn it something changes have the courage of saying it's changed and you know what it's there's: trade, offs, honesty and transparency, and you talk about those trade offs, and I just prefer politicians that are open argument interested in evidence and not ideological democrats. We can stand the ideologues on the right and yet, when folks in our party are
presented certain facts and we stubbornly dismiss them because they're easily knitted into the progressive frame, then we're playing in the same kind of I think cynicism that invites critique. So I just think he got to be more honest, more transparent and large scale projects. Rarely do they come in a time on budget and that's uh, I'm just going to suddenly have to be more honest and transparent, but it has gotten worse. I mean it's a problem. It's gotten worse mean these projects are costing more in taking longer over time. Basically everywhere do not. Do you see that something to address you see as a problem for next yeah? I mean overnight to it to deal with the element to it. Just a very brief without boring you, but let me just tell took modestly Bori over the is sixty second versions of so I I it's up in a long term care facility in San Francisco, the good Heart hospital in that matter, what it was, but as a two and a ninety, nine million dollar bond was three hundred million. It wasn't three hundred and five is two hundred and ninety nine, and I said- as a two ninety- and I find that's because a poll tested well, but it wasn't what is going to cost,
and so I expressed that very okay. You know we're making that number up and folks were outraged, said care about seniors. You don't care about the health, because I was not opposing the project was opposing the construct of the project, because I knew it would disappoint people exactly what happened wildly over that significantly more modest in the projects hope. So when I became mayor rather than criticizing, I had that to rebuild our public hospital. Eight hundred and eighty four point: six million dollars. So why eight hundred and eighty four point six, because we actually the pre development work, we put money up to figure out actually how much because you know in doing so. The voter overwhelmingly supported it, because we were honest about it the polling said, we probably better to say it's four hundred and ninety nine million? My point is, if you're, honest, you're transparent by the way it came in
right right on time and on budget, interestingly and other than that. The last American take credit, not me, because he was on the back end of that construction project. But the point is that's how I think you approach these things. Joe, must be damn honest for change. So, let's talk about something very costly, single payer. Healthcare you've been very supportive over the course of the campaign you've expressed in the past, support for Senate Bill five hundred and sixty two single player health care here in California, and ended yes right, so it passed the state Senate. It died in assembly. Do you as governor? Do you have to revive that build. Do you want to see a new bill? What how do you? How do you plan to get single payer pass? It needs to be pulled in the governor's office executive needs to lead it about. Okay, I would not have happened. It was just exclusively a legislative fiat that said Nancy said Nancy did and magical job organizing it, but it required the concert contributions. Cop, the President knighted States, the only way in a state
populations larger than one hundred and sixty three nations. California's economy is larger than all, but four nations- the fifth largest economy, to approx a strategy for universal to is with the support, can to the governor and that's frankly, it's not an indictment. It's just what's been missing in the past, so I bring that into my office. I brought it well beyond a bill that basically started a process. If you read five, fifty two, which the vast majority of elected officials that were for and against it didn't, did not four and again did not because they would have actually known what it said. It was created a committee that began a process to come with strategy and plan to finance an organized with thirty four prescribe benefits. Are you personal strategy for single payer financing that process I'll be done without a bill that process be done by the next governor not committed to it for no other reason than health devouring our budget healthcare state is the biggest driver of unfunded retirement benefits. It's a dry
driver of a lot of a cost, not least of which at the Uc and Csu I both those boards tuition, is pacted by the costs of employment personnel costs, which is impacted by healthcare. It's the issue: it animates most, the voters I talked to still in even this post, I'm care world inflationary burdens are self evident in the vandalism. These guys are doing in the federal level is only going make. These were so I'd like to see control our own destiny. I'm not naive. I did. I did universal health care when, as mayor fully implemented, regardless of pre existing condition, Billy pay and regardless your immigration status, only universal health care plan for all undocumented residents in america- very proud of that, and we proved it can be, and without banker, but in the city I'd like to see that can extend that to the rest of the state. Is it the biggest circle in the way of single payer health here in a lot of the states that have tried and failed to do? This is the financing I know you're a policy wonk. What are some of the
financing ideas that you think you know we might be able to try here in California to actually pay for this. In the stake we make. Is we allow lazily a Cbo report to come out and somehow suggest that we're going to build on top of an existing system when, in fact we're replacing the existing system with a completely new system? We assert some foundational facts for give me facts. Point three trillion dollars a year: we're spending on health insurance in this country, eight thousand seven hundred dollars per capita at seventeen point nine percent of GDP. Those are last year's numbers, wait for the new ones, look around the rest of the world, the beverage model, the biz park model in Germany, the National Health insurance model in Canada. All of these OECD countries, D, developed nations, developed universal health care for per capita, sir about half of the United States because of their we will financing framework in the states with a multi payer system. What we're proposing Medicare for all is rip a that existing multi system with the news,
the pair financing system, it's transition, that's the challenge! It's going from salt oldest something new where the white water is and that going to be the struggle for those promoting at the federal level. Those are promoted at the state level and that's the new in the detail lie in for me from a California frame that requires looking at things, and I already bore you looking to so the voters to get approval on our constitutional set aside for education dollars prop ninety eight Gan limits, Arisa issues, issues related to it, deductibility of employer based an employee based health insurance, which they go away. It's a tax reform conversation. You can go to one thousand one hundred and fifteen waiver, one thousand three hundred and thirty, two ACA innovation waiver. Forgive me again for being walkie. It's just to make a point. You have to be pragmatic about this. It's difficult requires federal, support and waivers requires voter support required
other reforms within the system, not just health care reforms and requires consensus and from a play, the frame and that's what makes the sea even more remarkable, that the above ministration was able to go as far as they were, and that's why it's critical as we're having this debate we protect. What's left of the ACA particularly most individual mandate, world right. I know I lost you on all that. No I mean we are in there. We were there. We were there. We were there, two thousand nine we're we live, but they're still, twenty seven, a million people without health insurance in this country and an inflationary costs. Now with the jump plans, the skinny plants is only going to go up and up and up and with all due fuck, Donald Trump and Republican they own it they own it now. Do you think it's Paul for California, have a single payer system. Ah well, the base structure at the federal level remains the same: no we're going to have to we are? We are going to have to have support from the federal government, and that
I mean I walk into that with eyes wide open. I mean we're struggling right now, just an emergency declarations related to fires, let alone allowing us to move forward with a radical. The tooling, and that's only way you can describe it. I know that word scares people, but is a radical retooling of what we've known our entire life. No other state near at United States ever done single player financing The states have asserted it. Falling short, go news is been done around the the world in almost every case very successfully, with lower infant mortality rates longer lifespans, we take care of cancer patients a little bit better but chronic disease. We do a little bit worse with 37th this year when they came out with the quality index for health, around the rest of the world 37th right around Costa Rica in Cuba. So there's a lot of mythology about what we do these of either the world, but my point: its success leaves clues power of emulation, bring those values to bear operate those values with your values, an initial
get the conversation if it requires waiting past Trump too, the Harris Garcetti Shin whoever's coming and I'm all for it. Okay, let's talk about the Harris, Garcetti administration, so. You said when asked about potentially running for president. You said something very political wait. You said not my aspiration and then now you had a great conversation with political about this where they asked. You said no next question. Thank you, but I didn't say: no is a different interview. People want to know, you know you're not exactly facing an incredibly difficult race for governor right now. They want to know that their vote for somebody that they can count on to be there. That's exactly right and so your pie,
nothing not to run for president in wet. Was that your promise? Yes? But let me give you a proof point, that's great less! You don't even need the proof that he just wanted. That quote, because we just want this tape, you promise not to make a promise. You broke whatever I get breakers. He just wanted to see. If you want to be she wants, it is a resident I wanted. I wanted. I got every person have a naughty running for president anybody. Anybody, but are you thinking about it honestly? I haven't ruled it out. I've made no promises like this, but by the way, let me just say this uh by the way. Here's the ultimate proof wanted couple years when Kamala Harris and now she was running for the Senate. There was a lot of fun. Ok. What are you thinking I could have given the well? You know I'm still enjoying my job is lieutenant governor and, I said, look rather be candid than koi, and I said you know what My intentions are run for governor and people said. This is preposterous. It's outrageous! It's too early, and I said well at least I'm being transparent and honest, and I been equally transparent and honest when I say I am not running for
other office, I'm running exclusively to represent the most digital place on earth. You did in the present or needed it in the president's personal words just going by, but we got the promise that you guys got it now. Jerry Brown, on the other hand, ask him that question. It will be an interesting spotless and I'm a I'm a I'm a Jerry Jerry Brown Fan. I I agree with you. I just a couple couple years at the top and he's he's he's in he's only eighty yellow youthful lady, I'm Oklahoma as love, it was saying it's not the most differ, campaign, but you're facing a campaign you got to Challenger Donald Trump could be coming out here campaigning. You are supporting my opponent, John Cox, and it's interesting. What's nice about this race were so partisan in this? Can, but you could imagine here: in California, ours with ours dies with dies that we love our own party. We just cannot stand the other party and in that frame it's a challenge, as we know statewide Republicans in this state. So the Good NEWS is
spend a lot of our time and energy taking for granted, but also working all the down ballot races in coordinating with Nancy Polo in the federal races, these fourteen congressional seats, which a minimum seven and play, and we are working hard with the party and getting people to be animated about California's outsize role in TE, in fact, the house- and so we've got this web Gavinnewsom DOT, com back, slash Blue ca and that back this blue CA has detailed toolkit of how people can get involved, how they can get plugged in to other campaigns and the broader cause of our democracy and saving it from Trump and Trumpism fantastic yeah we've been targeting first of those seven congressional races that are most likely. Mobile and then we added an eighth because we hate Devin Newness cannot stand. Thank you right
We now is getting right. Thank you for adding on to give up on that. You know it's a long shot, but might as well it's twenty eighteen. How is it have been a long shot, though? How I don't know interagency got a good candidate. I know we actually do so have an honest man. Hi Jess, you going. If you want to be that Krooked to be a little smarter, that's there so well in trouble. Let's just yeah. I have one last question sort of story. I've always wanted to know. Obviously you became very famous in two thousand for nationwide because of your courageous stance on gay marriage. As mayor of San Francisco talk about making that decision making the decision to open hall to couples who are going to marry, knowing that at the time it was not popular nationally, but I'm popular within your own yeah and also illegal right and deciding I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to do this anyway. I mean the fastest
substantive response. I can give you along these lines. I was invited back to Washington DC by Nancy Poulos E Center was there and find site among others, did a little of that, because I just want my election for mayor and they were gonna. You know you know a little bit of whatever it was one of those that thanks I was going to go back home. Nancy said to me. I Paul or husband is not going to go. Watch President Bush give the state of the union. We got an extra ticket. You have any interest all right. One day before I go in there, I'm in the rafters sitting up with everybody else, but my phone away and say their listen to the president. Talk about the war understandably, and then he started talking about abstinence. Okay, interesting state of the union talked about drug testing. Interesting talk about steroid I was a really it's an interesting. You go back to the two thousand and four Saturn, and then he ended it with a crescendo marriage is, between a man and roman and he supported a constitutional amendment because he
something wrong with the constitution. He felt a need to be amended as our it's the issue of same sex, marriage. Here's what happened! I'm getting back my phone in your in the scrum as you get out of there and you're waiting in line at two people. Never forget it was like yesterday are sitting there saying, I'm so proud of our press. That was an amazing speech and said quote: unquote, I'm so sick and tired of the homosexual agenda, and I said I literally wanted just introduce myself as a San Francisco mayor and tempted to do that. I do and I remember walking out one of the hallways, no one I was walking one direction or walk another get on the phone to my the staff openly gay chief of staff, which is an interesting story. Another time- and I said we got to do something. He said what- and I said I don't know, but something more than a press release came back home a week later start have this crazy conversation around having one couple. It feels line Intel Martin they've been together almost fifty years. The man
the station of what marriage is all about- faith love devotion. They had lived through everything and we said if we can just get them married. We can then file a lawsuit against the state of California's prohibition on same sex marriage but put a human face on it. Word got out we're are interested in doing this Democratic party was outraged for a, other time, God. I can't wait to have the converse to tell the conversations of our greatest political leader short that had it out on me, outraged, excited and the and we doing it. The problem was we found out. This group was coming in to stop us to get a t r o. We don't even know what was at the time temporary restraining order and they were going to open. The court's federal courts are good, but but nine we were going to do our first marriage, the stay at nine hundred am, and so I realized wait a second I'm good to be mayor. I have to open at night we could open city hall early, and so we open sharks office before the Federal Courts Corner could stop us and
Phyllis Adele got married and we waited bated breath for the t. R. The judge came back, turned out a few hours later and said. You know what there's no irreparable harm being done here and I a what's that mean they said you can still do this and all of a sudden like got a couple, been together. Fifty years but there's other couples here then, together, two and thirty years, they're saying well what about us, we weren't even prepared for that conversation long story short the next month for one thousand and thirty six couples from forty six states. Six countries around the world came to Francisco and what we do, the winter of love, not the summer of love and the amazing thing about it. We weren't prepared for that. The amazing thing about it was how it stored in early uh on into seen it was in this respect. There wasn't one image: anyone could exploit buckskin run when image. It was mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers. We realize it wasn't just about the couples. It was about:
the kids and grandkids about families coming together and thing so normal about it that just struck a ward and ultimately struck a chord in the chief justice. The California spree Court run George, who was across the street where his office was it. He said in his book. He said years later, since I was looking outside and hearing these roars of applause as every couple would come out in throngs of supporters would cheer and hug and he saw that the faces of these families- and he said it changed his heart and his mind, and it led to that that that one majority that his majeure opinion in his one vote that led to California granting same sex license which then led to prop eight taking it away, which then to have the Austin and others that David boys coming together in a federal case. So a series of events but I'll tell you, because only way to describe it bliss at another level and it was just for me that you know it's, why
politics matters what it's about and in his connects me I I'd be out office. I had the sorcerer when a unit is Cray, Austin and San Francisco. You know he's a me press, you know it's just you know, there's people getting arrested, you know do this and I uh I thought I we got a private attorney. I was worried about being still recall. It was crazy time, but I look back in it was a mad as a magical, magical time. Sorry for the long winded. Now it is sorry it's a great story, all these years later now I get bothered by my mother- oh sorry, buddy that when I'll get married. So thank you. Thank you for your role in fact. Come full circle. Gavin Newsom! Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate having thanks for. Thanks again to Gavin Newsom for joining us, and you know, will talk to you on Thursday. I wish you guys could see Gavin Newsom's hand gestures.
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