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Donald Trump and Jared Kushner let the states fend for themselves, Republicans in Wisconsin fight Democratic efforts to make voting safer, and Bernie Sanders’s advisors encourage him to end his candidacy. Then Elizabeth Warren talks to Jon F. about her plans to fix our public health and economic crises, and how she’s thinking about the November election.

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We think about that dies. Tweeting profanity at various republican governors fold into this, like, like, for example, Brian Campi, piece of garbage. I hate you, Georgia could have had Stacy Abrams, but instead there stuck with you is a voter suppression. You, son of a bitch I could feel your blood pressure is going down when you tweet it that we ve started. You started off on the right foot, the actual better tell me: will you be doing the motivational, music or prayer Brian. I need to do this. This is good advice, being I'm gonna, have the heart is timeless now, taking the advice plenty to also, Just to remind you guys, we ve also set up a fund for people hit hardest by the current a virus crisis, as well as the organisations providing critical support, resources, supplies and carry it this time. If you want to donate or spread the word. Please just goat
crooked dot com, Slash corona virus, and thank you to so many of you who have em. Donated already really appreciate. It did say it's a good cause and thanks to separated. I welcome the pod, save America. I'm John Favour. I'm John love. It maybe on today's a chat with Elizabeth warn about the fight over the next corona virus relief bill in Congress. For that, what's going on this decision to let states fend for themselves and compete with each other when it comes to fighting this pandemic- why we should all be paying attention now to how we're gonna vote in.
Member and the possibility that Bernie Sanders may soon and his candidacy, but first love it in a very funny show this weekend was very funny people Well, dad we had a great lover, alleviate Camille, Non Johnny and Emily Gordon play the newlywed game. We had. That was very funny that we were again was great. It was a. They were so delightful We had and also is good to finally talk to curtail about his physical transformation. Now I know because I defensive I was glad you took to the watch out on that one. You gave him a lot of shit for the unbelievable is less thirty pounds a funny, and the as any other and then our Wagner from our new pod six feet apart. I helped me call listeners with their new self care habits and sorry, Gyroplane came on to talk about the plight of restaurant workers and how we can help them, including through our fund, so it was
and an we did a live Schoeffer Seattle, which was really thought we talked to like fifty people, have resumed so was were experimenting: chicken up, good stuff as you mentioned, you had Alex Wagner on from Korea Media's brand new podcast. Six feet, apart with Alex Wagner, which everyone should subscribe to. If you haven't already, you are missing out in the first episode she interviews the ceo of a large food producer who is doing a great job. Protecting his employees from this pandemic is always a crew member, a trader Jos, in whose employer is not doing a very good job. It's a fantastic show. You learn a lot. You get to hear the very human stories from this pandemic that aren't being covered everywhere else to check it out. New epithets come on Thursdays finally tune into our instagram at crooked media or all your favorite cricket media I have been going live to answer your questions and talk about our lives right here. The copy it says, ad Lib about your lives. I theirs
Here's the thing about I living about our lives, there's no improving our lives. Now, there's no had led there's nothing. Our lives are all the same. We are having the same life small and said her right. Well, that's! Why should tuna, and also our video team has been churning out some faint? to explain, as in other fun stuff on youtube dot com, slash cricket media, so go check that out as well. This respect now the content here left and right. So here's where we are in a span of about one month, we ve lost over ten thousand Americans to cover nineteen, and there are now more than three hundred and thirty thousand confirmed cases of corona virus in the United States on Saturday Donald Trump said quote: this will probably be the toughest week between this week and next week there will be a lot,
death. Unfortunately sure his tone was just right when he said that, and even with ninety percent of the population under orders to stay home, many states are still terrified that their hospitals will quickly become overwhelmed and a really struggling to get protective gear for healthcare workers and ventilators for patients. Let's listen to what end Cuomo had to say about the current process. Look at the bizarre situation. We wind up in every state does its own purchasing so New Yorkers purchasing California purchasing Illinois is purchasing world trying to buy the same commodity. Literally this same exact item So you have fifty states competing to buy the same item. All wind up building up each other. Competing against each other. Where do you now literally we'll? Have a company called you up and say what California just out bid you like being on E bay with fear,
the other states, bid going ventilator and see that bid go up because California bid Illinois bed Florida bid. You you bids California rebates. Its literally what we do how inefficient and then, framework gets involved. An Fremont starts, bidding now FEMA is bidding on top of the fifty so fear is driving up the price work sense, does this make Tommy? Why is this happening. So this is happening because Trump Jared and his entire team are trying to push. Responsibility for the response from the federal government into the state so set of trying to centralize.
Purchase and manufacture of these crucial medical supplies? They're telling states? Basically, you, figure. I get the stuff on your own, don't count on us, but they're just to find it birth suppliers and manufacturers out there, so you have New York. Competing with California in Illinois and FEMA and foreign entity. And I know it's a disaster and going to call Noah saying it drives the price of ventilators from twenty five thousand dollars to forty five thousand dollars, but for some states is even worse than the price The who we are using state sang one we're about it, shift in order. The federal government swoop sand and takes our order. It happened in Massachusetts. I happen to Kentucky Charlie girl Republican, Governor Matthews. It said he three million masks and they were confiscated in New York so than they adapt to the New England. Patriots owner fly to China pick up a million more so this ad hoc harry what we It is a like competent, highly technical manager.
Nationalize, oversee and streamline the process, but the government federal government won't do it avenue some here in California, is trying to build a consortium of states to work together to put their purchasing power together and soft competing. As a cornerstone is best. He said, I think, a thousand better layers arriving suit from China or Dan is learning New York City hundred forty ventilators in a sign of kind some decency that we wish was coming from Trump, but it seems It's gonna, be there, like everyone fend for themselves, effort for a while, but love it that that thing that Tommy just mentioned about Newsome building a consortium of states to buy protective gear in bulk. Isn't that what the federal gum
it is for, if nothing else, lobby the they look. I think one of things you can do is you can kind of form this consortium of states and then maybe have account. I could get ideals you gotta have them work together, greatest set of rules like who's in charge of this needs or of a federal system. Good hygiene and safety, valiant objectives of checks and balances are getting too much power to accrue to that kind of consortium. Yet, Look, it's horrifying its compounding the early mistakes right, we learned over the weekend that it seems as though the trumpet illustration do not actively start pursuing purchasing of. Much needed medical supplies until MID March, so now they're coming and try to make up for their own failures. The governors are desperately trying to build up their own capacity because impart the federal government failed and the the end result, is the early failures to actually take. This seriously are now being pounded by the federal government coming in and competing with the states for resources driving up the cost of everything. Reading a chaotic
situation in which I know its, not just you know, Tommy's that can tie its Kentucky Massachusetts, its marrow and its Colorado. All these states are discovering that they are now competing with the federal government when the federal government should be coming in and making sure that every state has what they need when they need. It also seems to me that there are some politics driving these decision You know Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts Main received a fraction of what they requested from the federal government. Florida got everything they asked for within three days: it's not perfectly aligned to Donald Trump political considerations like apparently Georgia couldn't get what it wanted. You know, New Jersey is getting what what it wants. It isn't perfectly line up, but it does sort of fit both incompetence and, if you happen to know some one in the White House or you're in a state, the Donald Trump needs to win. Maybe you get your call answered a little bit quickly. I mean his Staffordshire saying on background that, like Trump cares alot about Florida cause, it's a swing state do so back on up spell it out
well yeah I, when there will, when there's no process when there's no one really serious running, this, and it's all done as Tommy said in an like ad hoc way of a well I'm call comes in and gets answered, another called doesn't get answered. It's all you know the combination of terms like venal, political necessity, plus just chaotic every story coming out of the White House over the weekend, yeah there's a lot of nefarious purpose, but there is also just incompetent boobs charge of things they have no business being in charge of great they re loved one? it's, the erratic red pepper. While you know where I'm going one placements theoretically supposed to help with the shortages, the strategic national stockpile, which manages the country's emergency medical supplies, except it's now almost empty. When asked about this, it Fridays briefing Jared Kirshner, climbed out of Donald Trump Pocket
said quote the notion of the federal stockpile. Was it supposed to be our stockpile? It's not supposed to be state stockpiles that they can then use this directly contradicted the description of the stockpile on the government's website. So, of course, though, it has responded by changing the description on the website. Jerry Bullshit guys. How do we feel now that our lives are in Jared prisoners? Tiny hands I want to start those are their skinny, their skinny, where they go on the other. There there denigrating him in his buddies, as this slim suit crowd, or something like that. I mean young Muslims, Jared Kirshner running a pandemic response is the a joke? It's the worst case response. I it's the reason you need anti nepotism laws, it's a reason. They are designed to prevent the situation and can tell from these breathings. That Jared is Just this like way fish little Idiot whose in over his head, he's actually like an actively vindictive little guy. He takes
same tone, rebuking governors that he doesn't like, that Trump dead and frankly like he, was just as arrogant and dismissive during the Middle EAST peace discussions and like just the quickest, I, the way you know Jared is very dumb is, if you told me, hey here's a giant like catastrophic problem. You could either tat twenty representatives from these big companies or harnessed the power. The federal government which fighter do you choose any There is obviously the federal government when you consider like the capacity the military alone has, but instead he's like bringing in like a p s representative to his office for some reason so whatever, but like it out like this, problem like love. It was saying the repeated this big survey. Figure out when federal agencies started this book purchasing so word away behind on and ninety five mask, which are hard to make an offer produce overseas and you have a scenario where, like this,
hospitals are running out the stockpiles about to run out. No one is really asking the question, then, what because it is such a frightening answer, whether what you think about about Jarrett, whose I mean it's not just like, such as Anti nepotism, laws, it's like anti- Dipshit is just even if he wasn't really to the president used a bit like is so unbelieving call various fail that everything he's done in life exists marrying into a wealthy family. Yet he look he's been he's? No success he's never succeeded. He has no, you can't say like what's yards biggest accomplishment, there's none But he's been kind of socially pass throughout his life because of money he bought a spot in Harvard you know, goes into real estate, buys a building on on that blows that obviously Middle EAST peace has not been resolved and now is in charge of this end, it very much like Jared Kushner has been.
The little baby seat with the wheel, his whole life, his whole life he's been driving dressed in a little car, in the passenger C drive and his little we'll, while the real person was driving the whole time and now he's was to be driving and he has absolutely no idea how to drive. He has no idea what he's doing there is a in the washing imposed peace. There's along long long story, yet another kind of what you call it? What's the Columbia Open up open up a corpse? What do you do it? come on autopsy is an autopsy burger. Does what it said in the peace right now how she is trying to roll out the most ambitious clinical trial ever implemented to hasten development of vaccines? That a former Signor admission, administration official infrequent touch with former colleagues? By the way I have a guess it do this as and yet the nation sob hell. The visuals argue calls from the White House or Jared steam asking whether it be nice to do this with Oracle, as though you have like little band of of dummies. Talking
preparations doing like what they did when they went to Davos in and went to build a bird and trying to build a burg. The fucking corona virus, while the real, professionals, are stuck batting back fake fake fake cures that haven't been proven yet and and whatever she Lady Juliana, saying and Fox NEWS and whatever doktor drew is up to, and you know it's it, not just that they're not successfully making a response that Jared Kirshner is act if we hurting our country's ability to help people, it's also it's like is build a burg lake. Global elites thinking they can solve problems combined with sir Look on valley, arrogant, slash, naivete that we're gonna, we're gonna hack, the corona virus or a hack poverty like you're, fucking more. And we need a grinding like logistical, organised effort. This isn't a hack
Well he's been installing his people in different agencies and whoever at FEMA described it as A frat party that descended from a UFO and invaded the federal government is just that is a hundred percent right where Miss built it. So you know Trump, isn't just leaving states to fend for themselves when it comes to medical equipment, but also when it comes to issuing stay at home, orders there are still eight states that haven't all of them read all them run by Republicans North Dakota. The quota island abreast of South Carolina Utah Arkansas, and why arming this is after doktor folksy said we should have a national state home order to which I or Governor Kim Reynolds responded quote. Maybe felt she doesn't have all the information about what states like hers are doing to slow the virus. What why has this been left to this day, its, and why is this so dangerous Tommy ones are so to guess. Is I mean first,
It's a lot easier. Rarely managing a huge problem like this. All the complex needs of individual states in the components of the government is very hard, and this is a massive, unprecedented challenge that requires competent people and trumpet fired all of them in lieu of hiring those who tweeted Magua at the date and time is they passed oilseed tests and what we know about the core Donald Trump is that he wants credit for everything without taking responsibility for anything and so he's pushing it off into this day, There is also, though, a deep seated leaf in some republican ideologues that you want a week federal government that state should somehow be in charge of most things, if not everything, There is the libertarian dont tread on me. You know, strain of republicanism and both those per se there's trumps lack of responsibility and the laissez faire don't tread on me. Government perspective are running, had four into the reality that public health.
A structure in this country has been under funded on a federal level and in many cases gutted at a low the level and it's a recipe for a very bad outcome, and yet look. It mirrors what happened with the medicate expansion in that, like I actually don't, have a problem with the vote at the federal like the president, not dictating a nation wide stay at home, I'm actually looked pretty comfortable with the idea that the president could say to the country. I am urging every governor in the country to issue a stay at home order, books What will we haven't seen is Donald Trump ACT, truly directs a policy that made it clear to those states that they should stay at home. In fact, when two santas was dallying and delaying dallying. I like it illegal. Definitely dallying, yes, dithering. When does the headache dithering, you understand is with dithering, delaying dilly, dallying, Dick in Iraq and taking around my pants
The brethren calling and decisive in transit and trumpet refuses to criticise him. You know that the same Republicans Who said we need to let the states do what they will with healthcare, have consign millions upon millions of people in southern american states strictly black poor, Americans do not have healthcare, because we gave states the choice and in states it and act on it. So you know I don't what it looks like a dumb tromp had been an actual leader early on. If, if stay that had yet done. Dunna shut down would have done it, despite not being dictated by I remember, but we'll never now, because the response was so mismanaged. That's all you need to two points on this: line. You hear a lot of these governors when asked about why they haven't issued stay at home orders very excuses. While I haven't heard anything from the federal government. To do that. I haven't heard the president say this, so it is that they are looking to Washington into the president for leadership on this, or at least the very least using Hemison excuse for doing what they want to do anyway? Second, there,
reason why this is a dangerous first, all its its tragic for the people in these states who are now going to experience higher rates of infection, because the virus will be allowed to spread and these states because people are staying at home. It also affects the to us, which is why it should be national. We have been home, we have been under a stay at home order since March twenty first hearing, California. We are now going to have to stay at home longer and probably extend these social distancing guidelines because there are going to be states like Florida and states like George and states like the eight or nine that I just mentioned, that still don't have say how mortars where the virus runs wild and what's gonna happen in those states. Those people in those states are going to travel to other states and it's you know just as we keep is to say, we keep infections down here in California, because we all stayed home since March twenty first. Well, what's gonna? Stop all the people from the other states where don't have stayed home orders to start coming, to kill
When you get it and in causing outbreaks again, I mean this is why you can't have a fucking state by state response to a national pandemic, a global pandemic. What for us as we so much about this is camp has so much political leeway to do the right thing here. If Brok Obama were president- and he called for a national shelter and place order. You would have liked Reg abbot down in Texas, saying that the government was gonna, come take your guns away. You know that all the fear green bullshit they did to him than Trump and that the Magua Cults has the police- the ability in space to stay hey, we really need to do this. This isn't owning the lives. We all do need to stay home because the key to social, since is to do it before the numbers, slowed and all Governors are too cowardly in their saying. Well, we haven't seen a big explosion of cases here and in Iowa. Yet I don't know a doctor fatty looking at and the reason is just time like you're, going to see a big explosion of cases. If you don't,
the right thing in that's? Why I find this a frustrating? It also. You know that Scotland. The former FDA commissioner, has been talking about this like it's also runs. Or to their economic goals right like ok, they don't care enough about there too cowardly to care enough about the health of their own people, find there just worried about that, their economic conditions going into November going forward. Fine, if you don't do what you need to do, you to contain the virus when we're all sing at homer. When what ninety percent of the country's thing at home, and then we start to come out and the disease is coming back and you can't trust that it safe. You will not see the recovery. You will not see. The recovery of people can be confident that when they go back to transfer back to movie. Theatres, go back to their jobs that the government has six we done what it said. It was going to do and say you end up with this slow rolling. Does after the same baddest. Making and fear and political cowardice that led us into our homes now is going to mean that be the pain. Economic pain continues far
under that needed so confusing development over the weekend with the new CDC guidance it all American should wear cloth face masks when going out in public Trump made this announcement at a briefing where he then said he wouldn't be wearing one himself, because quote just don't want to. According to the Washington Post the guidelines for the result of a battle between the CDC in the White House, the White S folks were against. The cdc was for it tell me Tom, you think Trump and his political people aren't thrilled with this, you know so, like love. A thing like this is one of those issues where, like I'm not as work up about it? You know that of sounding like trampling, I don't think it's the most important issue for all of us to be fighting about rights. Social distancing is the key and I would love to have bigger fight nationally about why some states are doing it but when it comes to masks. Civilian shouldn't be using yeah. Ninety five mass or even surgical mass- if you have to leave the house and go to the grocery store, It is now saying maybe where a cloth mask which might help, especially if you are infected,
you don't want to be special. If you don't know you're infected, you don't want to be spraying more spit. That has the virus in it on places and then inadvertently spread it. It's probably not going to do anything to protect you, the individual here, I'm guessing that I don't know. There's like two parts of this like tromp. Probably just is vain: he doesn't want to look stupid by wearing a mask on tv. It'll mess up his hair, whatever he's also petrol, petulant asshole, the face of any authority or common sense. I also suspect that he thinks the whole country wearing masks will make things look and feel worsens. Area for a lot of people. It is probably a cycle, I'll go element of this, but, like I don't know man mate, he just picks every fight love. It would hurt. You think I've, I'm sort of with the last point that I made that he is anything that makes this. He still in this fuckin warped alternate reality where anything that makes this look serious or makes this seems scary.
He wants to avoid, even if the science tells him otherwise. Yet native Americans are walking around with masks, it means the virus one and beat him personally personal rebuke gets really what's in his mind now, I believe there's some descends us about the value of mass mean that government has sent incredibly misleading signals for now about when and where to where mass getting there were correctly worried that people would hoard mass. They said you dont need mass while probably knowing that, on the whole, Might not protect you from getting if someone else it might help other people, even if you have a class math, cannot not a medical mass, but in there question about like well: have a bunch of people were mass? Will they think they're more protected and they are and put themselves at greater risk right? There sort of like unintended cod it is, but that is not what John Drunk cares about. Dull job is not not not gonna doctor algerian, saying- and I have looked at some of the data in the cross tabs. It's pretty clear that there might be some contravening back now. He's like it looks bad. It looks like I lost, but just let you know
you just normal leaders. Just follow the science right, the maths and not a cure. All the mass should not take place of social distancing measures, but they have clearly been enough studies that show that if everyone, whereas masks- and you know a large percentage of people are asymptomatic, who have it and you're doing social distancing but you're going to the grocery store and you have a mask on then. Yes, there is whether its ten percent twenty percent, whatever percent less of a chance but you will transmit the virus so take it right if the right? It's not, it's not a guarantee its, not seventy percent eight percent, but it some small chance that you might reduce the risk of transmission. So we should do it right. There's this tribunal, politics entering me consideration here. This is, but this is like with them thing else, which is now what he is enthusiastic about- that we saw yesterday
an anti malaria, drugs called Hydroxyl clerk. When that he pushed again Sundays briefing, despite the fact that doctors and health experts say that it hasn't yet been proven to work against krona virus and that it may cause dangerous side effects. For example, after Trump said, but you have to lose by taking the drug. The president of the American Medical Association said your life why concise? Why do you think he's pushing this drug so hard, love everything I don't think we know we, like general. We don't know like there's a couple layers. This one is He just wants to tat something he just going for new cycle to new cycle. Anyone's wants latch onto something is: maybe it'll go boost the markets, maybe they'll, send a good signal that we're gonna be able to get out of his thing and get him to the next briefing. There's too there's a bunch of you know her. People who circle him, like Red Giuliani, appear Navarro who
are our pushing this? We dont totally understand why I don't know it regionally on his personal financial interests are in there. Nobody does a kind of feeding him bad information, which is also being spread on Fox NEWS, then part of it who is that there is a kind of like a moment in the financial crisis like Goldman makes money whether you lose your not like. If it works, they're gonna say see, I told the scientists see, I told the doktor see I told the media and if it doesn't, though, just pretend it never happen and bounds onto the next thing. It's a completely just unethical o they grabbing at something in the news, in unlocking on but without much of a real justification. That's it yeah tumblr, It's so weird, it's so weird like looked so to love, is point like washing post reported Lady Giuliani has been pushing it and that he's getting information from a right wing doktor on Long Island who, according to the washing puss, once plead guilty to conspiring to extort, seize him Seagal. So that's I know about it at all
I'm guessing he's a financial interests, he's a scumbag, ready, Giuliani, terrible person who gives awful advice about trumpet peach but hey whatever. Do you do actually, I was reminded on good authority from joy, but a focus as works report it also that there is a big fight over the issue in a recent current virus taskforce prick meeting, and so she's in there and he said is publicly that he believes. There's only anecdotal evidence that this drug, my work literally jumped in and took a question to prevent Fouche from talking about it at yesterday's white Ass briefing, but I guess situation of meeting a Peter Navarro who is trumps, right wing traded, visor, exploded on Thou Chee and was like dumb. Studies on the table that he had downloaded and remember this, the guy who works in the White House because Jared Kirshner, like googled, how to learn about China and found his book on Amazon. So he has no medical expertise so
like initially when I started hearing everyone fighting about this. I was like I dont get. Why he's fighting this battle? I dont know how hard to push back to love. It's point like if it ends up saving a bunch of people, he'll say. Ah, I was right. I do worry about someone taking it. That they were prescribed. That seems like it could lead to bad outcomes. I worry run on supply for others who actually need the drug, but I can't stop him from repeating his bullshit, but then I watch, Sundays taskforce, briefing and so much time was spent by, like repeated individuals focusing on efforts to procure and distribute this. Drug to places and I'm worried about how much time is being passed away on high. Oxy, whatever verses like ventilators or
ninety five mass or all the things we know could actually move the needle or other treatments right. I mean DEN diamond politico reported this a couple weeks ago that there's a lot of government researchers who say that they are being pressured by Trump to chase down whether hydroxide clause can works when there are a whole bunch of other antiviral treatments that may be promising greatly. If it works, that's great. We can also like Trump was right. The whole time I don't give a shit. I throw per month Elias Great fine good for Donald Trump, but like again, just like the masks, let the fucking science dictate what treatments and cures and vaccines you pay
do not like Rudy Giuliani in a bunch of right wing, goons and like of course, I don't put a past any of them to have a financial motive here, but I don't you think they have to like. I think it is everything we have seen so far points to one explanation, which is the Donald Trump once an easy way out of this. He does not believe that we to be sacrificing as a nation that we need to have this like long period where we're all staying home like he wants out of this as fast as possible. He wants an easy way out. He's like the original fuckin get rich, quick guy right, he's a he's a salesman he's a snake oil guy like his whole life. He is believe that you can do something easy to get ahead and believing that there's some treatment out there that all he has to do is just yell about it. The briefing and that's gonna fix everything fits perfectly in line with his worldview. It also like the lack of expertise, lack of expertise like Donald Trump saying. What do we have to lose pattern of our
throwing down studies. He doesn't understand on the table. There's a reason. People like forty and other experts have caution in these moments because they have a a wealth of experience. We don't, I don't know anything. I don't have a wealth of. We don't know about this, but we know that their drawing on a lifetime of seeing potential medicines that ultimately dont work and do more harm than good unintended side effects. Unintended consequences of early pursuit of potential breakthroughs like their drawing on a history that teaches them to be cautious in the wake of potential, medical treatments and because people like Jared, cushioning, Peter Navarro and Donald Trump have never literally never thought about this stuff before their entire lives. There are doing they have their their arguing for things. They have no based argue for that all parties- Erika is brought you by policy genius. There are things we, look back on and think. How did I
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For the country to open up soon kept talking about that, how is this going to work out? How should this work out like what? What is the most realistic path out of Here we are now short of a vaccine which scientists keep telling us is twelve. Eighteen, the way in start, like real, quick, let start with how Donald Trump spends his time he does two hours of these briefings. Maybe every day he makes his whole taskforce, one sure working twenty four seven set days a week, stand there and just hurry up in way like that ours. Last time, you'll never get back doing a call with sports commissioners. Yes, we all love to see sport start again. It would be a welcome distraction from this nightmare were living in but like in terms. Sequencing giant. Thence with huge crowds. You're probably can be pretty far at the at the end of the list of things. They're gonna happen again. So just like it's your nonsense. So you know We had the ability to test people repeatedly and quick
we. You could see a scenario where things start to slowly open back up in a controlled way. Me I saw Age of China. Today, CNN, literally of stores in markets or completely closed down. There are now bustling with people. No they're several months ahead of us, they are doing with this horrible outbreak in January. You know: look there decision could be a disaster if they are not careful. The nineteen eighteen flu was much worse when it came back after the summer for the second season. So we can. And to quickly and also really concerned about healthcare workers? above all else need a break like that's. Why we're doing social distancing? Remember it's not that you know it too, to make these hospitals not should be overrun with patients who can see treatment, and, unlike word about these people heading a breaking point. So I dont know that this could work right now. I think it's insane that we are in the same breathing. Tromp is saying like there will be done
and then in the next breath, you says we have to open our country. We don't want to be doing this for months and months. We might have to do this for months and months. The next messages are driving me crazy love, it Trump thinks no upon the fall. It will make men really mad at him. What Eric and then will he yelled out about kneeling right right, it's on We only really get one shot to prove that that our effort tickets, this. The first time worked. We get one shot to come out in a way that is safe and based on science. That gives everybody the confidence that they can trust that that safe to go to the movies it safe to go to a concert safe to go to a football game, safety to the ballet or whatever happy they don't with more popular ballet or football, but less than ever. The big things are and did John, doesn't care about that He just he cares about November Think for him is now about November. He is seeing that the delays that lead to you know there's that,
the seventy days of stupid that led to this moment our meaning that his fall? This key moment, where he's gonna campaign for reelection election on, Economic come back or maybe starting to go away and he's panic, he's panic and he doesn't know what to do. But the one thing he doesn't care about are the people that will be heard and the pain that will be caused by too quickly coming out of this stay at home effort, when is the collar given group or circus allay or women, while Miranda I'm upset apple plus, shoot their season to people This really worries me, because you know I I am concerned that we are going to make the same mistakes and not preparing for the fall that we made and not preparing for what we're dealing with right now- and you know, people like Scotland who has transformed FDA commissioner, people like anti slavery, worked in the Obama White House, like all of these healthcare experts. Epidemiologists are sort,
coalescing around two things that we need to do right now to make sure that we can at least start opening the country back up and and Tommy you mentioned the number one. The most important is testing like fast, available, reliable testing all over the country testing. Not of symptomatic people, but asymptomatic people and a surveillance system, so that you know who's tested positive, who hasn't where there might be outbreaks. So then you can have certain
cities and states more open than others and like it's gonna, have to be sort of a series of rolling shutdowns and opening the UK back up, and that's the best case scenario here and then. The other thing that you know we just mentioned is serious investment in treatments. If we, if we can get to a vaccine for twelve eighteen months, are their treatments that make the disease more manageable and are we letting the scientist find out what those diseases are and pushing them just to discover whatever is out there as opposed to Donald Trump favorite drug, and I dont see either the testing or the investment in finding the treatments wrapped up like they should be right now and every time I see one he's fucking briefings. I just want reporters to keep screaming at the pump and the people up there until they get answers about the fall, and
gonna happen with the fall in eighteen. Oh Jake. Tapir did a great job of doing this at the end of his show on Sunday asking the President where's the plan. What is the plan for the fall? Speaking of the fall, as you said, Tommy, you know. A lot of experts believe that there is a potential. There are potentially deadlier wave of the virus that comes in the fall So even more outrageous, the Donald Trump in a bunch of republican politicians are now against making it physically safe to vote in the presidential election, either with universal vote by mail or more early voting or whatever political report on Friday that the President's re election campaign, Our answer are gearing up for a massive legal fight in the months ahead to stop Democrats from trying to make voting safer and easier in here. What New York absentee Voter Donald Trump said about why he doesn't think other should have the same privilege every. This country should be prepared for mailing voting knows where it is actually a lot of people cheap with male about voting. I think people should vote with de voter idea, I think voter
It is very important and a reason they don't want voter ideas because they intend to cheat when you get. Something when you buy something you look at your cards and credit cards and different cards. You have your picture and many of them, not all of our many of you should have a picture on you on you for voting. It should be called voter idea They should have that and it shouldn't be mail and excuse me male in voting? It should be. You go to evolve and you proudly display, self you dont send it in the mail where people pick up all sorts of bad things can happen by the time they signed. If they sign that if they sign that by the time it gets his tabulated. No, it shouldn't be male, then you should voted the booth and you should have voter idea. Because when you have voter idea, that's the real deal. Thank you if say so, I think this is very dangerous, What about you guys? What seaward Zurich
certain level here on voting Tommy High, and it's quite I look at it. It has been public and strategy for a long time to make it harder for people to vote, especially people of color low income people people have to work shift jobs in this, an extension of an incredibly cynical strategy that is born of the air coalition, older white people dying off and refusing to change their platform that might bring in latina voters, young people other right, so they are going to ride this strategy until the party no longer exists and you it's it's so cynical. It's hard to even believe that a party would push a strategy that might lead to people dying because they wanted to vote, but here we are marking. Susan incredibly smart election layer, wrote a great piece about all the things that we should be doing. That includes making curbside voting available for everyone. The lab disabled people now can drive up, get about thought out handed off. We
expand early voting and that should include we can voting for people who just can't get off work. We should adopt vote anywhere rules, which means you don't have to go to. Europe location and hoped to get up provisional about. If you go to the wrong pulling location, you can vote anywhere and then also needs to make vote by mail. The standard across the country that my take a little longer. But now that has to include include paying for postage making sure these signature, matching laws that are being used to throw tons of vote by male applications or ballots, aren't too onerous, etc. Yeah, I mean look at the end. In eighteen, sixty eight percent of poor workers were for sixty years old and more than a quarter of over seventy. So that's an incredibly address population that were asking to make our elections happen and that unfair them Love it does seem that democratic should be screaming about this and end demand voting protections as part of the next corona virus relief bill right. Yet
ass. If we may look, we were heading towards the November elections that everyone anticipated to be the biggest turn out in history right that was theirs. The turn out the turnouts gonna be incredible, warped, other public. It's your turn up the democratic monitoring, You know we have an election in Wisconsin. That's in chaos, re now absolute chaos right and why is it in chaos? The you can point to the that the efforts of Republicans to prevent people from voting for a long time that a continued now in a kind of truly nefarious way but underneath that it's pretty simple, there's two things going on at once. You need to stay, to stay safe. I need to leave your house about. They put those two things at the same time, both of those things are true and they conflict and its created chaos and its exact what we will had to in November. You know we, yes, we need. We're vote by male. They say that there is broad, there's only been one big case, a vote by male fraud in recent years. It was a republican scam in the Carolina. That's it there's! That's the example. It publicans trying to steal an election. So if we don't want to
Wake up. On Wednesday November force to the chaos of an election that didn't work on a grants, like what we're seeing in Wisconsin. We have to act now we have to make it so that, yes, there is more vote by mail. There is more vote sites, there's more options, there's more ways to vote early, and we need it. It states the money and the resources to put those things in place right now or we are going to head towards a potential, a potential illegitimate election that we but does not seen em. It's just a truly terrifying outcome. Yeah I see a lot of people talk about like what are we gonna do have Donald Trump cancels the election of Donald Trump postpones the election, for he can't do that. Only Congress can do that, but that's there's an equally terrifying and probably more likely scenario here, which is that the virus comes back in the fall. Donald Trump decides to downplay it like you did in the first place. He says it's nothing, but a
a hoax because they're losing the election and he tells his supporters go out and vote anyway. It's gonna be fine. Meanwhile, all the democratic supporters and and the democratic, Many and democratic governors and mayors are saying it is dangerous. It's dangerous to vote. We want to do mail in, but in some states we can't do mail and because these republican legislators and republican governors are refusing to do this, and so then you have Donald Trump and his supporters feeling like they can go to the polls, because their president told them to an hour supporters. Terrified to choose between the virus and voting and by the way, where the lines now right, when there's a big crowded, pulling place where the lines there, not in a rural white neighborhoods therein, the urban areas they are in black areas, therein hispanic areas there and poor areas, That is where we have seen these big crowded places. Now imagine what it looks like if the government is telling people they must remain six feet apart and a lot of
senior citizens pull workers have decided to stay home. It is a predictable disaster. It is a predictable catastrophe. I have to say public into the visitor republican strategy for a long time in the debate usually ends up being voter fraud, verse Voter access- and I dont think the Democrats have always done well in terms of making the case in fighting for this. I do think it syn go on discussing, as is it provides us an opportunity to say the Republican Party wants you make voting dangerous to your health, the Democratic Party, Do all these things to make sure that you can vote without getting sick. I suspect that that is a message that will cut across all party lines, especially for people over let's say sixty republican operative is quoted as there is a major feeling that absenting early voting are tools of the left to make up for the fact that they can't went on election day. Like think about that that the voting
safely is a tool of the left. Now early vote it is a tool of the left, making it easier and safer for Americans to vote is now a partisan issued its a tool of the left for these people forever. I think the Democrats, like whatever is in this next bill and Mitch Mcconnell's going to scream about it and Donald Trump's, going to scream about it and a whole bunch of republican senators are going to scream about it and I may have to hold up the relief bill for this. I think they have to. It. Is you know. There is stopping the spread of the virus. There is fixing this economy this economic disaster and then there is protecting our democracy. I just don't see anything more important than our agri yeah right. Let's outlets end by talking about the democratic primary which actually still exists but
According to the Washington Post over the weekend, sum of burmese top advisers, including his campaign manager and senior adviser, are now encouraging him to end his candidacy. Love it are, they write, you know, is primaries over its own, you know where your bad Biden is on track to win by a huge per se Jim was content now, that's what is advisors are expecting the corona virus hit in the days, and we really became a national crisis in the days following the final content, which Biden basically created an insurmountable delegate, lead like I understand how hard and painful it is for the Bernie Supporters and Bernie staffers, who put so much on the line for their candidate who believe in their candidate who saw how close they work having this nomination in their grasp and to see it slip away. I don't
see how Bernie Sanders our own goals are served by a continuing like I, if you believe in vision of a world that Bernie wants to create, burn has a lot of power now to turn to shape the platform to shape their kind of diminished Joe Biden puts together and he should use that power. He should use that power and that platform his candidacy has created and for an end, like they ve been people online or say like. Oh, if you think Bernie should drop out. It says something about how we could candidate. You think Joe Biden is it doesn't I just want to have the last chance in November. That's that's where we're out now and I don't see a path for Bernie to be nominee barring a catastrophe. Joe Biden is the nominee, and now we need to do everything we can to help Joe Biden win because we have eight economic depression, a medical emergency on a grand scale, plus a threat to our democracy unfolding in real time. It has never been more clear how urgent it is to remove Donald Trump from office, and that's it everything you emulate Bernie would have to win like sixty percent or more
of all the remaining pledged analogous to win the nomination and there's no indication based on polling that he is in a place where you can do that? In fact, the opposite is true, which is that Biden seems to be on track to rack up more big. Sounds like like lover was saying. I can't imagine how weird it is to run, election and worked so hard and then have it, come to a screeching halt because of a pandemic. That must be weird and infuriating. Hearted man, but I also think the writing was on the wall in terms of where this thing was headed before that happened, and you know like Think we need to figure out a way to bring the party together to help job. And raise money and the infrastructure he's gonna need to to women election. That's gonna be fought in a way this wholly different than what any of its expected hope that Bernie uses his leverage,
and all the good will he's built up to fight for a positive policy priorities and that the binding listens to him and and agree system. Things but yeah me too. I think it will be good. For ass, to have an army into rally round that individual bar Some major about yeah I mean Bernie would have to win every remaining state by the margin he where he won in Vermont. That's that's the only state in his home state. That's the only places, one by that margins so far, and you know
If you look at the polls since then, even the poles recently, it shows the same margin of by another Bernie Bernie hasn't narrow the margin at all, but like just from burning own perspective from like, what's good for Bernie here, I do think that Bernie has more leverage now to job. I need once Bernie to be out of the rates vary because then Devine can move forward on his VP process. He can start fundraising. He start focusing on the general election, so by needs once Bernie to drop out now, which means that Bernie has more leverage over Joe Biden now than he would have if he waits until the convention, which is now in August, and he has more leverage to tell Joe Biden, here's the kind of people I want to see in your administration here some policy ideas.
That I have proposed or that are more progressive than you currently have that I hope you accept. I think he has this leverage now and he may not have it later and so Bernie, who I know care so deeply about the idea that he's pushing the movement that he's built like it's just in his interest in its in the interests of the movement he built eyebrows leave to end at now, which is also what you know. According to the Washington Post, fast thanks, his campaign manager and a whole bunch of other other seas. Advisers on his campaign, so it does probably make that that the right amount of sense what he does buying can start doing to unify the party in in this scenario, that Bernie does drop. I'm here I think, would be helpful to identify some key policy areas that Bernie has been driving and moved to the left on them. So I think the easiest most obvious one would be on climate change. He needs a roll out, a big aggressive, serious plan soundly
he's, been taking meetings with some of the most important activists groups on this subject. The Sunrise Movement data for progress in their much a progressive groups have been talking to them. So I think he can to secure some wins on those major issues and cement his place. As someone it was done more bring the mainstream of the party in his direction in a short period of time than like anyone I can remember recently, and so hopefully just showing that comment- bent on key issues, will will do some work in terms of getting people on board love it when you think you're gonna think I think that's right. Gets embracing some of the ideas that excited people, thou Bernie, to begin with. Part of that, I think, is the rhetorical case to them. Many people who are Bernie Sanders supporters who have not seen Joe Biden as heard of it. As an avatar of their movement. Of their needs of their sense that America is in crisis, and so
talk about uniting the party, I think sometimes twitter makes people very brutal and say, like you know, support me or else get with me or else if you don't support me you're a bad person in every direction. Ass a whole bunch of sort of moral posturing, but in the average Joe Biden mounts unite the party. I just love to see him just speak say about the work he has to do to win them over and say I'm gonna do what I need to do to earn your support. If I don't have your support, that's not on you. That's on me! and I'm gonna, listen and I'm gonna, listen to TAT Bernie supporters and to listen to all the people haven't yet come on board to learn and try to bring you onto on your support I also say one last thing on the policy front, I think if, if this was before this crisis, I think the Biden folks I could see them saying. Well, you know what of course. Bernie of course wants us to move left on some policies, but We were right about what the electorate looks like an end and you weren't because,
you know there were more moderate voters or people in all that I of now that we are in what could be the greatest economic calamity of our lifetime, maybe since the great depression, maybe even worse than the great depression, and and face the greatest public health crisis of the century, I think like by the fall, there's no way that this electoral isn't more economically populist angry upset than ever before, like this, this electorate, is going to look more like an electorate that fines, what Bernie propose and Bernie Fort fought for appealing, and I think that- and I hope that dividing people see that and realise that, like where the electorate was
when we were running this primary. I don't I'm pretty sure. It's not gonna, be there by the time we get to the fall, and so I totally agree with their with Tommy that climate is a good place. I also think look. I don't expect Joe Biden to suddenly embrace Bernie Medicare for all bill, but maybe there's something that he can do on healthcare that inches his pipe. Closer to Medicare for all or some version of it. So I do think that you know in an appeal again, we said last pod too, like that the danger for Democrats in this moment where so many people are out of work in so many people are struggling, and so many people are are hurt from his healthcare crisis is thinking two small and not realising the scale of the catastrophe in how it is going to fundamentally shape reshape politics for a long time afterwards, just like the the financial crisis did in two thousand nine, but perhaps this even even more transformative
This is going to be even more transformative an end by the way in ways. We do not understand right now. I think it's also refers to sick, adding a caveat of we are in the middle of it. We don't know what the told We all know what the medical or economic or financial political consequences of this be not just what they cut. The crisis is unleashing, but how it will change the way. Well I mean we are really in such an uncertain on firm ground here that I think it is worth we won having humility as we approach the end of a primary. That was the only thing we talked about one month ago and somebody He knew right before we go to others before and is Tony The governor was constant, just issued an emergency order, shutting down tuesdays election and delaying it until June. I've which is good for him but wild because he called the republican legislature intercession this weekend. So they could do it. Does he felt that they would have to do it? They refused and now he's doing it himself. That's going interesting in Wisconsin, but I'm glad he did it I'm going.
The two, but there's there's so much punting of hard. Choices happening right now, like we're gonna go. Unites, fucking kidding me red gather and jagged the convention in MID August. Are you insane some of these you're gonna happen, start in September. I like maybe I'm wrong. I hope I pray to God, I'm wrong, but, like I do think the higher political establishment it we nice people, preparing us for how long this could be. The least you can wrap your brain around it now, it's just you like delay, delay, delays and people feel frustrated and say I thought rather, convention Bob obliges sobbing I'm with you on the I'm with you in the convention and the football. I think that on this it's not about- or it may not be about- let's all then gather in June, but now they have more time to do mail in voting to send out absentee balance for people to get them absent. Do all that in time you all and potentially they can do more the voting where they like you know. If you have three weeks you can Sarah ten people
location. You go and one time whatever that may make up your mind, you can make appointments about. That's one of those things more college asked about. We shall be able to make a running. This is like so by June. That might be possible, but certainly what you're saying It would not have probably not what this Wisconsin legislature for being honest, but, like hopes rings, it turned out. When we come back, I will be checked. With Senator Elizabeth Warring parties Erika is brought to you by square space. I any ideas for new Tommy. I don't know. I've been tinkering with an artificial, artificial intelligence site? we're under mimicking artificial intelligence to make. You think that I can do it, but it's really just some like tweets. I must send the sage of our time just knew. You know he knows a fact that guy
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Disrupt your house, they don't need to pay me outrageous monthly fees or sign a two year contracts who wants to do that you just order online, you set it up yourself and under an hour even in like me, can do it through you doesn't get I would technology, while that is very true, it's very true with very too in your own. Take twenty four seven with emergency dispatch for breaking Fire and more offered is fifty cents a day and were not the only one. Simply say if U S: news in World Report name simply safe, best overall home security of twenty twenty right. Now, when you had to simply safe dotcom, slash crooked, our listeners will get a free, simply safe security, camera that simply saved a complex crooked. To make sure they know that our shows that you from simply safe and all This year, we are wishing you safety in good health. I am now joined by the senior senator from Massachusetts. Elizabeth warrant. Welcome back to the show senator. Thank you. It's good to be back. Thank you, John. How you do it you know.
Like everyone else, I'm doing all from home, but I'm very lucky because I've got Bailey here and works of course, but yet, but believers of course there. But we are so He hears the he's the latest thing, keeping me up at night, which is a lot of things at this point. Let let's say we get to the other side of that curve and cases start decreasing and in May and June but we're still a year or so away from a vaccine. We know this thing could hit us even harder in the fall and then again in the winter and so on. Is it possible for us to return, to some version of normal, and what do you think that would look like, so there is a We question in here, so I think of what we should be doing right now with the government should be doing it, this in terms of three parts part one Is we need immediate emergency medical response
we're testing more protective equipment, more money into our hospitals picture. Everybody knows they can get treatment at no cost. So everyone comes in emergency to get as much of the medical, poor, this crisis under control, portrayed, we need should be focusing on emergency economic response that me, expanded unemployment insurance and help for small businesses and making sure that if big businesses get a bunch of bail out money that they really, spending that money in supporting payrolls and workers, but parent three right now is we need to be thinking about how to come out of this. So let me, let me describe it this way. You not by the end of April will have millions of people in this country who have have the virus and at least if this viruses, like most viruses, there
we have a lot of immunity against it and may, in fact, be people who can be out among everyone else, without any risk to themselves and without risk that they're giving it to some someone got millions of people who could start moving. You want to be able to let the move right you you want to be able to let the move to help support the healthcare part of this. They could be delivering meals in hospitals they could be drawn in Ober rights. You can move people back and forth without risk from the drive a risk to the driver. You also, them to be able to start on the economy, helping restart the economy So a small business, for example, that half its workers now know that they are immune to the virus would be able to come in and that's the production line started: that's how you you get things,
was moving again so, in other words its cover slope up, but all of that took hands on testing when in fact, the science shows that here or a meal. To know their whenever they planning right now, planning right for millions of the covered nineteen tests for actively? Do you have it but also millions and millions of those tests for sir. Testing for weather You already have a bodies to it, and then means or someone who can start to go any autonomy and start to get it up and moving and help of the healthcare crisis? Are you worried that this this becomes polarized by Trumpet Fox NEWS so that you have half of America thinking it's fine to go back to normal life when it may not be and another half That's fighting to keep social distancing measures in place. Yes, of course I worry,
I am worried about the impact of having a president who, for three years, has basically just been anti science right, Anti fact tie reality so that we all know, about how politicized the question around of climate change has become in the Trump administration, and I hope, will get a chance to talk about this shameful business, shameful business of the EPA Our reducing regulations so Sunday out big polluters can pollute Moriah, that's how we can solve this healthcare crisis, but but a big part of that, of course, trying to undermine the science to make fun of it to be I science, but remember that's been the case for the trunk administration from the beginning. What was the first controversy if the trumpet duration, how many people showed up at his inauguration
you didn't hear with photographs shut it. The photographs showed that a lot more people had been depressed. And Obama's inauguration than his inauguration. Then the answer was take down the photos, fire the people who posted up in that's been move all the way through. Administration, so they drove out the scientists from the Agriculture Department right over and over and over, and what I fear here is when reality contradicts what Donald Trump says that romp will double down all in danger. In reality in wage many Americans will go along with him and now that puts people's lives at risk. What I'm so Nancy plus he has started to float some ideas for what they're calling phase for another corona virus relief bill. What
economic plan look like to you that actually meets the scale of the devastation that we're seeing. Well, where I would like to see or things that get more structure and play over a longer arc I know that we needed to get out checks immediately to people which looks like once again always trope administration have a problem with science, the problem with competence getting those checks into people's accounts, but what I'd like to see is there ass, I stood alone there and that we increase payments to everyone who receives social security and disability? The reason I pick those too. Are that we know that money put in to those folks. Pockets is money. That's gonna make it straight back into the economy and keep going
into the economy and its called velocity of money. How fast can you get it in and then on through the economy, and it would help both boost confidence, not just of the people who receive that financial help but also boost confidence for small businesses, he'll say women. There are, folks who do still have their jobs and their folks were going to have more money to spend. That's right, if I can get the right people, maybe to crack my doors open a little when it is safe to do so so like to see us put money on both of those we're gonna have to put more money on helpings. Eight and local governments. Regular coals with my meares here in Massachusetts gotten slammed, and so is the state governor of Massachusetts this new target to have three
billion dollar shortfall because of this crisis, up, ended all planning in state of budgets in state because spending so much more supporting people in this crisis and trying to support our hospitals and public health At the same time, the revenues are falling like a rock, because small businesses are closed up because we ve done aid tax filing date until July. First, so we need to keep that money and because we don't want to see, lay offs at this. The local level, Wanna, see then be able to. Have the resources to have the public health response but we also want to have the money, so they can have the economic impact that a step. And strong state local government would have so? There are at least two three places
We should be putting money an unplanned to talk about more lunch. You want to keep going well. I was wondering what you thought about what some european countries are doing right now, which is essentially just paying people to stay at home and paying their employers to cover the payroll so long as they don't lay off or furlough workers in the first place, do you think we should be looking at something like that are or how do you feel about that? Yes, I do. I think that the economic response to this crisis, in short, her is that we try to keep people employed payroll support, that's what we're doing with small businesses and should demand the same thing of large businesses if they're gonna get money from the federal government- and this is what the airline package looks I am fat is there is money specifically available for
the airlines lots of money, but only if that, is used to support people, that is, people get to stay on their jobs. Any advantage rather than just increasing, unemployment is maintain a relationship with their employer, which is important, they can be put back to work when where it is safe and that's important and they keep benefits. They keep their health insurance, their continuing to contribute their retirement One look. It is a lot easier in a crisis to support an economy and try to keep it going even it somewhat to repress levels then it is to let a crash
then try to get it started again was somewhat the politics of this I mean I think, back to two dozen nine. Our ambitions for recovery were limited by the fact that we needed republican votes to pass the bill. Today we ve got Mitch Mcconnell saying we may not even need another relief bill. Donald Trump has expressed some interest, but he's not always the most reliable negotiator. How should push Democrats now? gate the politics here to get the next phase through what kind of leverage do we have? I think of the politics of this what the Democrats could do best. Is ignored all troubling normal recall and basically go straight to the american people and lay out a plan that works So, for example, the fact that we expanded. Unemployment insurance- and said it's not just gonna, be for people at full time, regular employment. In the way we thought of it back and nineteen, fifty four buddy
Stared is going to cover, give workers and part time workers and self employed people. That is real change, and this is what the Democrats fought for. It's what we got in the war and the fact that we just recognise that unemployment insurance, the dollar figure, is too low so we added a six hundred dollar federal check weekly on top of that so they're, roughly its median income, one hundred percent replacement. For most Workers in America. The median income bring worker and again the importance of this is people. They understand why you put this kind of money into unemployment now poor. The problem is, you know that those of Congress and weaken, appropriated and we can make the law that this will be available.
But you rely on the administration to be competent, being able to actually make it haven't push them money out an right you were saying, for example, on the the checks that went to everyone twelve hundred dollars in a based on your income, on five hundred dollars for each child The administration has stripped itself down, doesn't have people who seemed to know how to get this done and the states ever since the crisis in two thousand, eight in particular states stripped down therein vestment, inches basic state government, could I hire you, keep it go on data day and look there. Now long line said the demon Viet met, long lines of the unemployment offers the most people. Just
Can I get a well? What can you do rather than saying you know this? Is our government? We could make it work better, but now in crisis you see how does under investment has its terrible impact on how across the country, millions of people who are entitled to unemployment relief, cake it in the unemployment office to pick up the phone or to answer an email to try to make this happen. So I think porn. This- is gonna, be we to think big as Democrats, but we also need to push on the notion that we demand the competence from our government and we're gonna hold our government accountable commerce is willing to allocate the money than by Golly. It is there spots, ability up your government and state governments too make sure that the wheels turn
did these policies can be implemented and people can get their money. Should Democrats demand that some form of universal vote by mail is included in the next really feel as a edition of our support. I have three answers today. Yes, yes, yes, This has a setting me up in this way. We should be demanding their look. I don't have to tell you up vote is the very foundation of our democracy. This is the legitimacy of our governed and We have enough warning now with primaries that have been put off than in a health crisis. All voted could become an activity, the law. People don't want to engage them because their worried that it could threaten their health, So we should demand both parts that we put enough resources in for
by mail and down online registration and enough requirements there We are ready to make sure that every american citizen can vote come November, this week, I'm putting our whole plan around voting you know me, I, like tat plan, will even plans. You wanna get something done. You gotta have a plan by putting out one room voting because I think this is so powerfully important and it is part of our response to this healthcare crisis. We cannot say that democracy and her health are
hell intention with each other. We want every american citizen to have an equal chance to vote, and that means vote by male we're. We were still grappling with the political and economic follow up the last financial crisis when this crisis hit. As we look to the presidential campaign in the fall, What is the message and the platform that lets people know the government is is truly on your side for the long haul. What is the contrast with Donald Trump and and and and the Republicans on this? I think it's a bill Our actions in linking them each time two who were fighting for were fighting for expanded unemployment insurance were fighting. For us, small business relief were fighting for controls. Over the Trumps slush fund so
If money does out too big corporations, it's there to help people. I think that should be part of it. I think part of it still beyond the healthcare front there how it is that I was putting up plan for the corona virus. In January this, It is not something that we didn't see coming. We war warning about, as we knew what was happening in December in China and we knew the kind of risks posed the people of the United States. I think we ought to talk every day about the job of the president of the United States, and that is to keep America's safe and that safety is sometimes a bell. Military force. It sometimes about our diplomatic engagements but is also about our public health and making those investments seeing the warning signs early so that
If we started in January making For that we had plenty of may ask sand ventilators, we wouldn't be in white such dire straits right now,. This election, more perhaps than any other in our lifetimes, is one its bell. Role of government and the reminder that we need a government on the side of the people- that that's where the hearty is, and also a government that is competent in executing on each of its plans. Lives, are at stake in this work and we just need to keep now, over and over you had some really nice things to say about the kind of leadership that the Joe Biden has been showing during this pretty scary time for the country, if the nominee. What's the case, the you're going to be making some of your supporters or some Bernie supporters are other progressives who say I'm just
sure I'm just not that excited what would we be telling them he's the nominee. I think it's the time to talk about what we know about Joe Biden and First thing we know about him is he has a good heart? He gets out there and speaks from the heart. He wants to be a good public servant. There are times when we may disagree on policy, but I never never think that Joe Biden out there other than doing what he believes is right in part, two can beliefs and competent. He's been in government long enough to believe that government can and should be able to execute on its basic functions. That the centre should be able to meet and pass legislation that the Environmental Protection Agency should
be able to go out there and protect our environment. Oh here is one that will be a shocker that we should The Us Department of Education and a secretary education who actually believes and public education? All things have gone so far out of line with Trump and his aunt higher administration where so, theory of defenses of former defence lobbyists in the head of the EPA is a former coal lobbyists in the head of of the department event. Patients, somebody who doesn't believe in public education that trying to fool us back to just the heart of let's make government work and make it work for the people. I think that's a real, a key part of what the election
twenty twenty isabel, also under one more, and that is Times change and I think, Joe Biden realises that, in the same way, that burning realises that the same way that I realise that what is possible today, we still possible back in two thousand and eight, and so now that we have had Donald Trump for three years, we ve watched what happens at the EPA in the department of it, occasion we have also had this pandemic. That puts our lies in the wives of our loved ones at risk. I think people are ready to look again, at the role government plays and how government can be a force for good if, if we decide to do
and I think that opens the door for us to make some bowl changes to make this government work not just for those at the top, but to make it work for everyone, Without would you be interested in serving as vice president, if he asks that doubling presumptuous, ah for me to talk about an awful lot to say right now, I gotta take exactly where I'm entities on his crisis round it's about how we respond to the health part of it and how we respond to the economic We need to be doing things to day, not a week from today or a month from today, both to save lives and to save our economy so in out on,
air, as you may know, all the time pushing on this administration. We have got to act today to save our health and to save our economy last question. So we have a social distancing movie club crooked media and our producer is a big fan of the rock. As I know you are, what is the rock movie? You would recommend for this moment, or would you just say I go binge bottlers. Oh I'm ready, I'm really tooth fairy. One of my favorite repeats report. My about answer have you. I have not seen it. You know I don't want to I so dynamic collars nights varied. You see, I wanna see. This watched very when you're at global popcorn differ in when you're finished. Tell me, you don't feel better
okay, that's good! I I need a movie to make me feel better. So I'm going to take you up on that Elizabeth Warren. Thank you. So much for joining us give our best to Bruce and Bailey, and and and hang in there ok and you do the same, be safe out there, thanks to Senator weren't for joining us today. Good to see you guys always here we're just like like saying on this, the zeal to have a human interaction. So I ordered delivery. Barbecue overcame her dinner from where on which, with barbecue blood us, yes, Lublin and then on Sunday morning, either as a little extra brisket. So I chopped it up and I mixed with eggs and had left over tortilla chips. There are about to go bad and I made egg brisket
Nachos Anna had another Corrado mix that up I'm guacamole That is something that happens on Sunday. That's out amazing, We are John and they don't like ours, outdated with the slow cooker nerd The cook damage that we could thanks for asking. We did John, please take out on Saturday and Friday night we didn't Knighton market, where if you ever in LOS Angeles. Those are two phenomenal places, Jon and Vinny's at night market is like tie, ditches amazing foot. We did at the conference. Monica also great just finish up local businesses here, which local restaurants, which are important. Do I keep frequenting and then, and we made a fantastic stake dinner nice guy. I went to the grocery store on Sunday and I was well to do my prep for the pot. After where I saw a doctor Burke said: don't go to the grocery store this weekend, which was cool slip in there on a fuckin Saturday breathing. But I will say: oh, how is coming
information coming from the White House, art everyone, we will la we'll talk to you later by everybody Pod. Save America is a product of cricket media, the executive, user is Michael Martinez, our assistant produced Is Jordan Waller its mixed in did by Andrew Chadwick Carl Sagan is our sound engineer. Thanks to tie he's so many Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital team larger normal Coney and Yell freed in my local, who film and upload these episodes is videos every week.
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