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Pelosi tells Trump he can’t deliver the State of the Union until the government opens, Trump advisors tell him the shutdown is hurting the economy, Kirsten Gillibrand announces for president, Sherrod Brown announces he’s exploring a bid, and Beto O’Rourke takes a road trip to help him decide. Then the Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand talks to Dan about Attorney General nominee William Barr’s confirmation hearings, and the latest in the Mueller investigation. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events

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I welcome the pod, save America. I'm John February Ambient Pfeiffer later in the PA, you'll hear dance conversation with the Atlantic. Natasha Bertrand has been cut. Recovering William Bars, confirmation hearings and the smaller investigation prosecuted, about the latest and shut down and the latest press, until candidates jump in what is becoming a very crowded twenty twenty pool also pod save the world this week, Tommy and Ben cover quite a bit of international news and on pod, save the people The re chat with La Professor, Laura Babylon, about restorative justice for wrongly convicted people. Finally,
in America, love it or leave it as positive. The people are all hitting the road in the weeks ahead. You can find more about the cities where we're headed and how you can get tickets and crooked dot com, slash events, and if you can't make you can always watch pod, save America online at Youtube, dot, com, slash crooked media smash that subscribe button. I throw Eliza, ok, you know we're going to start out talking about the shutdown I was going to provide an update, but instead of me just doing it, you know we have. We have a special guest who's going to provide the latest on the shutdown, yeah. I guess one of Romania because there's been a little bit over three weeks. Ok, it's been alone but three weeks tribe is now ordering, as is something better Government work is to go back to work without getting pay.
Now. I don't want to hear your more focused welcomed by all, but Obama set down the government for seventeen days year. Bits blackouts care, so your grandma could check a blood pressure. Are you the lodge a gap in the Vienna causes. We normally book your problem now I'm sorry, I don't care because out of work with a government or your pirate, they have a job, but this is really lucky serious blow. This shit is crazy, like our country is in a hell by now awful fuck you all. I really need to take this seriously. I feel that we need to take some action. I don't know what type of active base, because this now what I do, but a bitch, I'm scared. This is crazy and I've really bath for these people they gotta, go to fuck. You work to not get mother fucking paying arise. That was car to be. Saying very elegant way what we all believe about the shutdown.
Who's, she posted on Instagram on Wednesday night. I believe- and you know, as you would imagine it- it went viral. I have a lot of thoughts about this one up jeez to everyone who is listening this, while they're bringing their kids to or from school in the morning. We apologise for what has happened. There, searchers sick kids. I have spent the last seven minutes since Michael told me that we were gonna play this audio trying to come up with some sort of government trump related pun, foreboded, yellow and I have failed. Well, I'm sure we'll get a lot of suggestions, I am also waiting for the heartache. It says that this video spired by the social media strategy of Alexandria. Cassio Cortez Do you see last night that Brian Shots or Chris Murphy, one of them was going to treat this and they decided against it, because who shot said it wouldn't be senatorial and the like checks? Humor, replied above them on twitter and was like hey
You two are you going to post the cardy, be very thought. I was George Humours best reading history. It was great ever what is going on here Ok. So on Wednesday, how speaker here policy wrote a letter to President Trump saying that he has to post in his state of the union address to Congress later this month until he ends the longest government shut down in american history is cardy, be told us about. In her letter policies could consider delivering the addressed to Congress in writing, which presidencies to do back in the day Trump Card to refuse any kind of compromise or real negotiation from Democrats or Republicans that would actually open the government, even as officials in it own administration are admitting that it's starting to hurt the economy day. Let's start with policies letter in the letter. She writes that because this The union is designated as a quote: national special security event. It requires quote, reeks of detailed planning with dozens of agencies working together, prepare for the safety of all participants. Sadly, given
Kennedy concerns and unless government reopens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date. First, does the speaker of the House have the power to descend via the president from delivering a state of the union? Yes, yes, she does. It is called the speaker of the house because she the house in the house is where the speeches given and requires, but the house in this to pass some sort of resolution two and current resolution has come and so, is well within her rights to decent bite him. Even if it is it's not unprecedented, but it is unusual to say the least, but he's our natural Diane's Raven and your president and looking up in the prostitution. It says that the president, should you know, like Congress now with the state of the union, is, but it does not specify that the present has to go to Congress. You know president's for a long long time wrote the state of the union.
Limited to Congress and things up like a pretty boring letter? But so yes, oh it's she's well within a rights is obviously you know it's unusual, but what the question now is: is it a good idea or are there any risks It is a good. I think it is a good idea. I was surprised and impressed by a because it is the sort of strong power play. The Democrats usually talk themselves out of for fear of upsetting the etiquette judges in washing and so it was, I was not expecting it. It was bold it is here is why I think it is a good idea. Which is this came even after in similar reporting that happen after speaker, pussy sent that letter by it. If you are someone who is sitting in the White House- and you were trying to figure out when two fold, your cards or how to fold your cards,
You could convince yourself that the state of the union is your last best chance to change the political dynamic. And so there is a chance that if this day the union were to happen on the scheduled date, you're sort of God, add the shutdown will continue for at least two more weeks and then whatever time. It would take after that, for the trumpet Republicans to see that once again at the worst, that there is still the same should apply position, report position there in now, and so he had to it was a good move. It sends a. No. This is another signal, a trump which is Trump only respects power. Politics, and this is the ultimate form, a power politics. I think it's a. I think it's a good idea for two reasons: one. This is now a crisis for a lot of people in this country and I at least one party should act that way in the idea of having sort of the pomp and circumstance the state of the union, where every ones
smiling and sits down every child dressed out. They go to Congress, while there's eight hundred thousand people working without paychecks in this country and a lot more people hurting because they're not getting government services, it seems extremely discordant. And you know I sort of inward over the last week that, even though you know we ve been talking about the shut down a lot, the media's talking about the shut a lot in this media environment there are still too many other stories competing with the shut down, and yet this is something that is turning into an emergency for a lot of people in this country. And the people who want to end the shut down which in this case, seems to be only the Democrats. Weeds act like it's an emergency, and doing. Something unusual like postponing the state of the union for a reflects that concern. I also think- and you know CNN reported- that Stephen Miller and in the White House are writing.
Writing a state of the union. That basically lies in blames Democrats for the shutdown so the idea that Trump is gonna get up there. The state of the union with policy standing right behind him and go on forward. Fifty sixty minutes lying about how the Democrats have caused the shut down and lying about immigration like he did on in prime time. The other night is crazy, like theirs we need to. Let him do that. There's this this really interesting on several on somebody levels, the I mean if you like, I've been too fascinated by the reaction of the residents of conventional wisdom nation about this. It would have of two strains of thought why is that policy risks a backlash because people in this country it a state of the union, the president, should be respected right and that this disrespectful and
There is some truth that there is a backlash you being disrespectful to a normal present by it trot but Nancy Pelosi has no obligation and the public actually does not expect Nancy Policy to respect the presidency more than Trump respects the presidency, which is not at all and We cannot live in a world where Trump spends the last two years, stopping on every norm of american democracy and then the etiquette judges get you throw a flag Nancy policy for violating some nor like this is not how it works, and I think the public is too smart for that. The second strand of thought which is coming from sort of right, leaning political, strategists and sort of the wise. I never tromp world which is well. This is a sign of weakness from the Democrats. Could if they really thought that I trumpet Lucy message them would want him to keep speaking Why is it so stupid right? This? I thought I saw the from the Federalist among others, but it's so
renewed focus. We actual this is not a theoretical exercise. Trump. Actually, speech to forty million people last week and he convinced no one to move it, camp, but I'm not kidding me. There are pole to choke Supercilium Peter Brazil. Paratrooper sounds were convinced Are they change their mind or know which way they change their might mean but people change your mind and the poles of route in the wrong direction is s feet. So there is no reason to be afraid, but they also have an HO obligation to invite tromp to lie in their house.
You know it's disrespectful. Making eight hundred thousand people come to work and not fucking paying them. I did. The disrespectful thing is also completely crazy. Also, the letter couldn't have been more respectful by let's work together to find another time like so what you think about the security concerns that she raised, because it is a national security special event. You know we know from when Obama. You know delivered the CID Vienna many times it is this event where looked the most important of the entire line of succession, except for one cabinet member is in one place all members of Congress. It takes an enormous amount of coordination between federal agencies to make sure that everyone is protected and that the state of the union itself is secure. There. I imagine that's not just some pretext to turn this. Invite him like. There are security concerns right. I mean I like us out in an extra this, but I I was texting with our front alyssum astronomical this morning who
who is, she was their chief of staff in the White House was in charge of this right. You is the person who oversaw the White Ass his wish you a secret service, etc in these sorts of events and says yes, this is very real and people should be concern. Here is just this discordance between the Trump administration sang That we are all about to die because of terrorists and Emma thirteen Everyone else poring over the border and saying that we can put the entire one of succession, into one room, while people While agencies are partially staff, be working without pay and they fight like you got up either we are all about to die or toy fine. You gotta pick one of the two narratives for your presidency, so on There was a little bit about how badly the shutdown is pulling
reason wise, because you know this thing is really starting to inflict pain on a lot of people and disrupt replied people's lives. The typical federal worker has Miss five thousand dollars and pay from the shutdown. So far, the white has his own counsel of economic advisers had to revise down their economic estimates this week and they believe that the economy has already lost half a percentage point of growth from the four weak shut down. That is, Huge Dan is this something that might finally get through the trump that it's not air, a great reelection strategy, too The? U S, economy over a hundred miles of steel, slats didn't get somethin. I might I finally get home before we get to that. I had a question for you which is so we're going on tour and lie three weeks right now and You are a noted how famous nervous flyer? if the government is still shut down and air.
Wait. Inspections are not happening at their usual rate. Are you coming under with us? I don't know I've been thinking about this and I thought like well it's February. What fifty six we leave and like it has to be. Things have to be back to normal by then because look yet it is fucking, scary and ice. People on CNN saying it was I get someone who runs like the air traffic Controllers union. You know that CNN Agar said so. Do you think it's less safe? fly now that it was a month ago. She said. Yes, you have courses, let's say that that made me fucking nervous? I mean that. Is it's ridiculous, that air traffic controllers and t essay? genes and everybody got. There were putting all the strain on these people who are supposed to protect me millions of american lives every single day over this? magic, airy crisis, the border
No I it is. It is scary. This is absurd. I would bet that Sarawak in the very first more people who run your company have been planning for this and our like investigating the cost of a John Maddened style bus to get you to Charles did in time. For that, Charles and sort of a sort of a long flight always take offence can be as we allowed bus ride, my friend. But what are they on the economic front. Like you know, this has been trumps. One thing that he likes to point to yet economies never been doing better and and now his own counsel of economic rise. It is saying that that they're gonna have to arise. I was a person who worked for tromp, which is that of ASEAN is not something I could possibly imagine. But if, if I were to do that- and you were trying to convince him to do to get out of this mass, the only way
due to get out of this mass. The only way in which either you have any success was to say that the economy is historically the biggest determining factor in the re election of incumbent President's and your taking your single greatest asset, and you are single handedly tent, ruining it. I didn't like Kevin House at who seem is the head of the council economic advisers, who seem to be ah sort of a moron, which is a hard thing to say about an actual economists, but every time on tv, he suggests that he's quite stupid said that they fail to include a lot of the impact on their initial analysis. Now that you could, we could accuracy contraction in the economy. The economy would shrink because of this really stupid temperature from from Trump, and I so why it should that should be the thing more than anything else, and Trump is lives in a fog, whose information bubble so he's, probably unaware
the short term political pain he suffering and he is, constitutionally immune to the to the amount to the actual human cost of the shot down. The only way do I think it it's. Him would be to explain how this affects him, and this potential effects is real. I re election in a railway also president's tend to get blame for when the economy does poorly, they get credit for when the economy does well, and a lot of economists will tell you that you know linking presidents to economic performance can often be tenuous, even though we all do it anyway. It's not often that you can actually point to a direct. Link between something that a president did an economic performance, and in this case, if the economy contracts, if we
into recession, or you know, growth. Even if growth slows down. You can point directly to this shut down, which has caused directly by Donald Trump actions as the cause of the economic slowdown. That's fairly unique. It is add, on top of that, the credit rating agencies have suggested that if this is not fixed in the next few weeks, they could downgrade the. U S is crap, Eddie, which could cause the market attacking calls. All kinds of other problems are the within the economy, and so this would be one of the greatest self inflicted economic and political wounds in american history yes, it's the Republicans brought on the other, the debt ceiling crisis and not as an eleventh educated, Spain. There, enroll man that is so Republicans in Congress as they should be or finally getting nervous, and there could be cracks emerging inside of the White House, the walls region report on Wednesday that some senior officials have been aiming to make clear the president that this is it
is the messaging war any more and that he's quote playing with live ammunition, no shit Meanwhile, bipartisan group of centres led by Lindsey, Graham and Chris Coon's of Delaware, signed into a letter to Trump asking him to reopen the government for three weeks. While talks continue over funding for border security, did we think Trump can be persuaded here now, let me at least not for, I don't think the addition of Lindsey on the letter, a significance, insolency gram, has reinvented himself for the hundredth time as trumps, most loyal support so that that suggests that this not just like a bunch of modern trying to solve. The problem is that Linsey, Graham senses problems for Trump and as someone who is up for reelection and twenty twenty he sees as for trumpets problems for him. The problem we have here is that, even if Lindsey Gram were to get to the president and make his case
read this letter, would have rouses that every time there is some movement towards some sort of resolution, an Coulter rush, Limbaugh tweet urge say something that continents as they ve Trump folds. The base will leave em and he not only just grows vacuous original position. He moves further to the right, and we have this proper terms outsource the presidency to some of the dumbest scriptores in american life, and so I dont it is. I really don't know how this ends or frankly, that ends anytime soon, while here's, how summary can think it ends the washing impose Robert constituted this yesterday. Couple senior republican lawmakers tell me the only way this breaks open is. If TSA essay employees stay home and Americans get furious about their flights. That's the only they say in their close to the White House like are these reports
lawmakers aware that their title is lawmaker that, like they have they have the power to make laws to hold votes. I mean I cannot believe I cannot imagine going on background in hoping that ts say bales, you out tier, say: workers bail you out of this crisis, because you're too fucking afraid. Tell Donald Trump to open up the fucking government mean in its wild This is why it is not even like this isn't some complicated political calculation on the path is Republicans. It is the actual mentality of the Republican Party over the last decade, at least, which is party over country. It is unfathomable to them that their constitutional duty would exceed their obligation to the Republican Party itself in republican president, whether that is it, do with with workers getting paid the safe. Of our airplanes, the safety of our food supply. The rush
interfering in american elections? It is as they can, and comprehend the idea that they have an actual obligation to the country right. These are not patriots, their partisan hacks, and it has been what is the Bin like it's worth decades now of this metallic republican Party in every generation of Republicans is worse than the previous one on this vector. Yet again, this especially includes Mitch Mcconnell here and- and he keeps saying he won't possibility- that the president will sign, even though he and his fellow republican centres have the power to override the president if they choose- and this is just really frustrating to me we also see a lot of hill reporters political reporters who you know or year they think they're, very savvy about this kind of stuff and those they are well. Anyone who thinks that Mitch Mcconnell is gonna override the president, like, of course not. Of course it's like yeah, I get that Ms Mcdonald doesn't want to do
Yes, but that's not reason that the rest of us shouldn't pressure him to do it because he has the power. If Mitch Mcconnell put a bill on the floor to open up the government today, it would probably pass in five minutes he's just refusing to do this. It is not ok that either do this like when he says. Of course, I wouldn't has above the president, one sign everyone just like stopped there and takes him at his word. It's like you abbot that you in the constitution, its is that two thirds of the Senate and the House can override the president's veto. So you can't lay at all on d drop. It is a. This is like structural problem for Democrats on capital. That's been around a long time, and has to do with the fact that Mcconnell has been so cynical so without principle. So, frankly, for for so long that that is the expectation.
Vacation among the Capitol Hill Press Corps or the pundits or anyone else. The Mckenna will do the right thing, and so there is no pressure on him into the right. No one says like botanist Ricardo, the people of your state or being hurt. That's not the question its Nancy floating church humour in Democrats here. The question is yes. Stay and that you disagree with the shut down a year. Your technically right on that. Do you know that their? We should just reopen the government, but Peter being her. Why don't you don't you have an obligation to solve the problem? No one ass, much Mcconnell that is like he's. Cynicism is so price into the baseline of his coverage and, frankly I'll be honest. It is not true of every report on Capitol Hill, but reporters on Capitol Hill are traditionally frankly and both parties, in particular the Republican Party over the years. Close to the leadership right like there. There's a lot of source raising the goes on and Mr Connell has been getting away with murder, Paul and got away with murder. John Maynard got away with murder. These people, who have been
call wires for a long time get away because get away with it because they are not under pressure from the rapporteur, they passed around with in the halls of the capital every day, yeah Especial yeah, Mcconnell staff, Mcconnell advice there's the roll out their former advisers, current advisers with the same thing with Paul Ryan. They are very close to these reporters and is that, like look so, therefore, I want to be biased for them, but you're right. They just sort of Greece resources and their porter sort of by the spin are lot of them. I should say not all of them, but a lot of them just sort of by the spin and, like you said, I think the best gummy may there is. The cynicism is priced in their like. Well, that's just whom economy is so worrying Adele. What are you dare take? Well, I mean, One thing if you did was Alexandria, occurs Cortez and a bunch of other freshmen intemperate crafts when over walked over from the house to the senate- and you start looking for Mcconnell yesterday that this money- and you know as just saying to the cameras, where's mitch-
but I certainly I like the where's much thing I think everyone should and they everyone should get it on that and me, I do think like look. It does in the Donnelly it does in the Donald Trump is immune to pressure. Of course, people should continue to prejudice trump but it's Mcconnell may be immune to political pressure. But at some point, like you know, Susan Collins, Corey, gardener Tom, tell us Joanie Ernst per in Georgia right like there's an there's gotta, be enough people who were up and twenty twenty in the Senate, who republicans who might feel vulnerable to this event, we or Republicans who have plenty of federal workers in their state whose who currently starting to feel the pressure here and maybe vacant pressure Mcconnell. So what the debt political dynamic here that is, that I believe, is going out with Mcconnell is the following He is sort of pulled between two political tensions right
one? Is that their wallets? It's not a guarantee that the Democrats can take the Senate two thousand twenty. They have shot you write in so he does have some number he's got his Falada seeds, it's a bad map for him, and he as members who are in states that are going to feel much more blue in a presidential election year than they did in the mid term, and if people are less elected in twenty fourteen and so, and he wants to keep. You must be. The Senate majority resembled me to send a minority later and Sonya schemes. We believe that the other problem is its Mcconnell himself is up for re election in a very conservative in a state that has had a democratic governor in recent times, by it also has a very conservative tea party ask republican base in so he is trying very hard to not be the person who undermines trump on the wall and he's been very good about this. He
always when it was banner in Mcconnell Mcconnell, was either in the majority the minority. We read some sort of stand off with the Republicans. He always sure that sort of Bain had to be the one who took the fall right. He would eight back to the last minute. Let banners step on seven hundred rakes in a sideshow about fashion and then coming to the end and fix it. And here he's in this position were now the Nancy policies in charge He put something like there is a war. He could easily solved this problem, but in doing so he would have to commit will be considered treason for imagination and he's. He doesn't want that on his honest resume heading into election bite in due in taking that stance it by putting himself over the country. People are getting her in Does not. It really does not feel like there is any The possible solutions for this are Mcconnell. Does the right thing, which is
actually a possible solution, because that require him to do something here. I've done before, or Trump ass default, which will require shrunk to do some. He does it not naturally do, which is why we bid in the stalemate for a very long time. How do you think this ends. I don't know I mean I don't like this is. What is I e? I made an emergency thing was gonna get us out of it at some point, but I may ice. I think that that is like the one in its trump has not encumbered by his previous statement, so he can. He can still do the national emergency. That is that is still as off. Tearing and dangerous as it is it is still seems, like the only the most. Palatable solution for tromp, which is he can get out of. It He can say he fought for the wall. He can still
why? In claim that he's trying to build a wall, and then liberal courts can stop him from doing it, and then he can complain about the reports and then use the judiciary is an argument for his re election to the people who may be mad about the lack of a war? bite me there are, I think there is a reward or we could be in this for many more months caught. I dont know how that happens. I mean that, what sort of like hanging on by a thread right now, these federal workers who are getting paid like I don't know what happens to folks and another couple weeks when I've missed to paychecks through paychecks of NATO and the ripple effect now no businesses in the DC area, businesses in places where there are a lot of her workers and lots of other states around the country. You know are really starting to feel the effects of this. So I dont Abbe Pierce question view where the fuck, the business community yeah yeah we're alive.
I don't hear all the old economic Council, the Trump convened in over we're all those legal Like a met, so imagine as if we are not inspecting, let us right now at the at the normal levels. Right like our food inspections, are down, if you own a restaurant chain or a food company, and then you you are, and there is some sort of foodborne illness that happens on your watch. That is devastating to your business. If you sell cars or homes or you're in a manufacturing, business and economy can track that reduces your customer like like this is downsides. United, the airlines, like what yeah I dont like. I think there they. There is a world where I dont know that the ceos of the airlines and the food companies and the law, three banks or or any one else could have influence on trumped per se, but they could have influence on other Republicans and they seem to be by every like this is the problem of everyone who wants to kill
a curry. Some favour with tromp for more tasks are less regulations. Whatever else is that they are being searches. Stupid and cowards here there be strategically stupid cowards because, like that, the long term impact on them. Ah, if this continues to go the wrong way or something really bad happens dramatically, outweighs the short term pain of stepping out of line, but it like were we live in a world of corporate cowardice and its impact on the economy have really like to see some of these companies who I'm sure they're run by Republicans, but like there there they they are more responsible for their shareholders in their customers, and they are too Donald Trump Jared, Kushner and so do something. People give it. You could actually improve your business and approve the country at the same time or protect your business like the country? If you spoke up and deepened, the silence has been deafening, in my view, yeah. Hopefully that changes in Ok, why scented little ice attitude about itself?
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unbridged. I come from a good crooked. Ok, let's talk twenty twenty. Build a democratic presidential candidates. Grew this week with New York, Senator Kirsten Angela Brand, announcing on Stephen Colbert late night. Television show that she's forming an exploratory committee for a White House run Meanwhile, Jellyband Senate colleagues, Senator shared Brown of Ohio, announced on MSNBC that he soon begin exploring a potential run of his own let's start with Jill Brand, who will travel to die with my weekend campaign AIDS told why should impose that reply
from a we built around quote: Universal paid family leave, publicly funded federal elections and a Medicare for our health care system, as well as a number of measures to combat America's racial and gender disparities in education, healthcare and criminal justice. Those policies like ending cash, bail, postal banking, really cool policy that we ve talked about before reducing sexual must conduct in the workforce. She came to the Senate after serving in the house where her legislative record was quite a bit or conservative than it has been over the past few years Dan. What did you think of children's announcement on Colbert? What what's the strategy there? While I think what everything a lot about these announcements, whether rescuing Castro's or other brands or warrants, and I think one of the things we have to resist is getting overly worked arbour wrapped around the actual about the optics, good or bad of the announcements.
Because it is a sort of our pro forma element to the whole process in his pretty disconnected from, end results right. It made it how you saw it may tell you something about how their thinking about their candidacy or what, They view their path through the white asses but like whether they said my finger delivered in the right format. Is, I think, a dramatically it's part of the theatre, criticism aspect of political coverage that I'd like to try to avoid, at least on Sundays, Is a great you ask a in Africa like? Why do it on Colbert, like that seems crazy? makes him crazy like ten years ago in the argument. Is you wanna put yourself in front of his many eyeballs as possible being I, in a unusual format on a widely watch show, with aid in a very talented hosty brings out the best in his gun ass. If you were to have not only of looking your best in a moment, but also creating some fire,
Letty to your analysis will be seen by more than just a people who will be seen on Facebook and indiscriminate. What are and not just the people who were watching cable coverage of the morning shares, and so for that points like it, it's a gets raging, suspect we're gonna, see lots of candidates trying to do something very similar. Yes, yes, they sort of. I mean we. We did a lot of this, I think, and twenty twelve, even more than in two thousand and eight it sort of about getting in front of an audience. That's not just a political audience right which are or people who are, who pay really close attention to politics, which are the people who watch CNN Msnbc. I mean if she did a typical announcement, where you know you go to your hometown. You have a big crowd. You give a big speech. You probably get a good amount of covered, on CNN and MSNBC for Democratic Fox talks about Benghazi,
and then maybe you get a couple seconds on the nightly news, maybe with him in Vienna, with twenty candidates, possibly getting into the race at an even over the nightly news covers every single one, so you know it's tough to get that kind of covered. The goes beyond just the activists who watch the political actress, who watch But, but you know, CO bear while he is certainly the most political of the late night shows, you can make an argument for reaches millions millions of people who don't pay, really close attention to politics and I'm sure deliverance thinking, especially since her name identification is relatively low. She wants to introduce yourself to a much broader audience from the gecko. So in that sense, You know it's a good idea. It is an interesting way about how much the media has changed. Remember in two thousand and nine, when we first got into the White House, add we work, added to LOS Angeles. To do some sort of every act of vent or something
We are going to hold a scheduled meeting and the cops team had come up with the idea, I think, led by then Presbyter Rubber Gibbs, that Obama is workable and allay should be on, went out and so in this big scarcely meeting the Rosemont room. It was like you know some camp people like myself and Gibbs and Alyssa David Axel ride in a bunch of like new, people who we hired, who were detained network on the campaign by the sort of or Traditional Washington Democrats. When gives proposed Obama going on went out, you would have thought gives proposed. Obama differ, delivering a programmes with his pants down like it can't do that he can isn't, it cannot go on a late night. Talk showed that is, that would Demille, office. I mean I don't fronts. Residents of seed like sit on I think there was quite a bit of criticism from Republicans and the denizens of Washington about Obama doing too many late night shows. Don't need em and actually did it there
There's a lot of hand. It was interesting, the other thing that was actually bachelor breads announcement. Is one of the things I think is important in a multi candidate field? is the short term description of your candidacy. Yeah. I, like Canada, acts Is someone Sarah candid excess running, because of why right inlay account likened Bobby it like a children, forty character elements, so I was the interested when the clip of Gillette Brands, in the announcement of export or committee, went out and to all the press, and I got all these negotiations on my phone fraud, the posts that I'm six others in annex at our that were Kissinger elaborate centre, a curse, Angela, bread, a leader of the past, allow me to move a leader. The me to movement or a strong advocate for women's rights, says she's running for president, which is interesting, that she has a very clear vote, like forever
Let her keep painting exact was exactly what they want is of a very clear dynamic, you should know who she is in what she's running for in a way It will be a way surprising number of Americans who could soon that information is what its forest. Were read, will be the notification they get on the phone or they see in a social media feel, and I think I think that some logic What to think about which is it sort of the is the short term answer of why I'm running it's, not the Roger, my had Kennedy like sort of x. Another, but it is like who are you re like? Why are you different than the rest, these people and I think to her credit, she has a real shit is is a very specific identity that came through in that announcement. What's interesting, I because it's not just a new, no Malta candidate field, but it's a field that you now for the first time will have multiple women among the top tier of contenders for the nomination, and so it's interesting because you can have
Warren, probably Kamel: Harris Gillette Brand, potentially Amy Clover, Char, Tulsa, Gabert And- and brand seems to be. The first woman running. Who is you know intentionally focusing on women's issues and in a issues for women's issues and family issues, and so she talks a lot about an inch and throughout her career in the Senate, has worked hard on issues of sexual assault. She sort of took that on military a couple years ago, she's been for paid family leave and universal family leave for quite a long time now, like you said, as as she sent out her announcement materials, she talked about the me to movement, so,
very explicitly identifying these issues in a way that I think you know, Elizabeth worn wasn't as explicit about that when she announced and it'll be interesting to see how Harris or clover char take these issues as well, and that he did anything. It's gotta be very what I mean. I don't mean it didn t like gender or at the city or religion, or that I mean identity in terms of how you would defy who your candidacy. Can we really important when there is a massive amount of clustering around the same policy issues right were we to everyone? who is announced thus far, and I think everyone who will announce asking to be for green new deal, Medicare for all, etc, etc, etc which I think is all grade by me got, your points of distinction are going to be about what you have done
What's your leadership style would be if you were present like how you going to go about bringing to fruition the policy ideas that we agree about the other interesting things you did as she talked about on Colbert, taking on institutional racism and institutional discrimination, and then she sort of connected that with corruption, special interest influence in Washington. So you see her trying to sort of fuse the economic argument answer to the corruption argument. With issues of race and sexual discrimination and how you know- she's positioning herself, as you know, a woman and a mother and someone whose face some of these issues herself. As someone who can take on some of these big institutional issues of discrimination, corruption, influence, I thought that was an interest. To watch as well? Here, I think the challenge fur Jill bred every candidate is going to be like
and she did like this is not a critique of how should it, because this is an interview format. He said why are you running and she lifted off like seven bullet points rang, That's how you an answer, an interview, but over the course of a campaign you have to weave those bullet points into a story: right like how are you gonna die all of those things together, the tells a story who you are, what you're gonna do and where you see the country going and that that is ultimately what makes what is there between a successful candidacy and one that? Is it yet, and I think that she will probably put more meat on the bonds of that story. As she goes on, I mean her initial line. Is you know I'm in a fight for other people's kids as hard as I fight from
and I imagine that is a line that tested very well if the people of kids in families, but I do think that, as she goes on, the question is: can you match up that line and that sort of motivation behind your courtesy with the moment that, where in right now that Trump has led us to that, the Republican Party has led us to that. Our politics have led us to anything she started talking about through the institutional, racism and sort of the powerful forces, she's waiting and she sort of getting around to it, but I am interested to see sort of where she goes from here on that Eureka really eraser, really a point about attesting while it. If I was running a presidential campaign right now, the thing that I would insist that our pulsars not do, which is phone is
this group specific language yeah, and I don't know they sometimes people say I think it was a fine line, and it wasn't so. I dont know right, but but the other we're gonna ask people to react to a certain set of words, always leads you to happen, sometimes into some Frankenstein version of paragraph that includes the seventh thanks, attested bass, even if they are only here. Did by the word, and if I give you don't like you for prescription up, you understand where they were, the electorate is and how they ve or Kennedy in General, but it should not. They should not issue Nobby speech running my focused roof, many my own personal rant, amen on that as a speechwriter, you come in here. Well, this this group of words tested well exactly how they together in the you. You'll get okay. Well, that's fine great, while some version of that in a language that doesn't sound like a fucking robot were probably ok and I all the John this speech only has the words mean
class in it. Seventy times double that or we terrible terrible, Let's talk about shared Brown who announced this week that he'd be embarking on a dignity of worked or in primary states like Ireland, Hampshire, South Carolina, as well as a kick off event in his homestead of Ohio, as per the Associated Press Brown said whose goal is for the tour to elevate the dignity of work. Message is an issue in twenty twenty, regardless of whether he's a presidential candidate in that race on Wednesday he told him Pierre quote too many Democrats, the National Democratic Party, see this kind of false choice. The Democrats you to speak to the progressive base or speak to working class families regardless of race. I think you need to do both then what did you think of Sharon's quasi announcement? Think and inadequacy oratory for an exploratory exploring and forgery I'm curious like how is actually doing that within the confines of very rigorous give. It violates La but the
like. You know me, there's a two step process right, like the press is required. Aired by their own norms to cover you when you're, not your export committee and the real. So we went out export or activities both in most cases is so that they can have an official announcement later. So you get a media like Crystal Lake Jailbreak and go on Colbert this week. Then a month from now. She s talk to the people of Amerika and she has decided to run for president she's gonna hold up the tree, nor Ventnor Home Town or you know, in some sort of historic location, with the crowd and do a speech. But this is a new one. Turning into a three step processes, this kind of clever I mean look at each round would be a very interesting can in the race. He has one of the best economic messages, his performance in the Keystone of Ohio in its most recent election mix. It
a strong talking point for him and, frankly, number intolerance, racism, evidence about his ability to win over a subset of voters that we need to take back. The midwestern states that that we lost between sixteen and to do so, while still being liberal on. Most social and cultural issues, almost all I mean I do the most fascinating and at so I've known chaired for a long time. I think he is. He is the real deal. He is a genuinely decent good, human being. He believes everything he says he has worked on these issues for a long time, but what's fascinating Jared to me is you know, he's one Ohio state wide for quite a few cycles now, and he does so without me. To the centre on. You know whether, immigration, whether its gay rights, whether its women's rights, but whatever the issue may be. He does
moderate himself. He did not move the centre in order to win over the very culturally conservative voters of Ohio. He might emphasise economic issues more but he doesn't whether its race, whether anything else, he has not done what some of the more brain dead pundit suggest Democrats do in these state, which is be centrist when it comes to social and cultural issues and then be populist when it comes to economic issues and he's one which is that's, that same alot nets at its eight here he's what will be a very interesting candidate, whose presence is what impact the potential in coalitions in Rwanda, different candidates, thousands it. I also think it's interesting that shared potentially cuts into the coalition that Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren and potentially Joe Biden might try to put together. It does seem like there's some overlap and the voters they might be going after death,
for sure. So all that brings us to better or Rourke, who has very publicly not made a decision just here and is currently on a road trip figuring it up. This is from jobs many of CNN story from Wednesday night two weeks after in Congress Orourke drove north this week on reach fifty four, he researches families, history in Northern Mexico, visited college students there in Oklahoma men. He described what he'd in a travel diary style post on medium is the trip that apparently surprised even his close friends in El Paso who say they have no idea what he will decide Dan. What do you think about this? Is it ok for better to take some time here, or does he need to make a decision soon? I think the most important thing is to be
Sure of your decision, like you can't jump into a presidential campaign, is a massive commitment and it is something that and if you do it without understanding, why you're doing it and being committed to the idea, you will fail anyone barish yourself, it is like it is. It is a big deal, and so what ever tat it takes to make the decision you have to take. Now there are pressures, you know. The population society. Only. The only thing you can't get back in a presidential campaign is time so every day that he's driving around and not try to put together the Plex Organization, you need to win Iowa or to introduce himself to voters in California or South Carolina or New Hampshire is a day that you will never get that I back and so There is some time pressure were you're. Not I don't think we're at D were die moment, but, unlike some of these other candidates? He doesn't have a national network born
previous presidential raises or two years of planning from our organizational trajectory, he's a lot like Obama in two thousand and eight by he. He'd, reticent, racy wasn't expecting to run for president, so we hadn't spent the last year using I when New Hampshire in creating lists in building a large. You know donor net. Anything else. He just he just he's gonna be is starting from scratch and that battle put him Savannah, just not too late, but I think he promised a move soon. Yeah, and I think you know from what I can tell he's trying to refer your out. Can he run the type of campaign that he ran and Texas, which is very grass roots, very much you know I'm sort of like live streamed, a lot of it right. He was driving around the states. He went to every county in Texas and he sort of like told people what he thought he's very authentic he's very like he tells you what's on his mind
and he's he's trying to figure out. How can I run that campaign as as a presidential campaign and You know he does he like someone whose very allergic to political contrivance and stunts, and all that kind of stuff- and I think a very interesting were watching him. Try to figure out whether he can run that sort of campaign and- Like I don't you know it's clearly not a stunt at all like he. I think he is genuinely trying to figure out as he's talking to people on this road trip like. Should he do this or not, and I, like you said, I think it's important,
that out, because when you do- and we ve been seen as with every single candidate when you do decide to run for president when you say I am going to under present, I believe that I should you know should be in this position, this extremely powerful position, and I can do the job better than anyone else in this country. When you decide that you need to have a really good reason. Why you're the person for the job at this moment in history. Why me? Why? Now- and you know, taken some time to figure that out is is a good idea. Why not is a terrible reason or run for president, and it is yet who often a reason the reason that people choose to run on also, I gotta do not offer election this. I got I'm pretty good politics. Why not working at wait? Let's see what that those people don't mind. I think you know, there's been a lotta reaction to
the union hit the unique way that better has been communicated his feelings of this medium posted? You know he said that he had been in a funk at times in this post and the other, the hell, I'm that scene Mps, something that says in a funk Does this and a lot of tradition, a lot of political observers, not just like tacky pundits, but smart people look out and said this seems problematic. Right, isn't like this is very different. It is going to turn off voter is. Are you know the sort of people you need, and I have a new Hampshire to win? Are they gonna be concerned about this The answer is maybe right. Absolutely, unlike Harry at in long term front of the pod so, we said like Twitter. Yes, I like sincerely what is better doing here like what like what does he actually trying to do, and I think the only answer to that question is he's just being Adam and like this is how it works it worth. Having done worse, it doesn't work. That's right! The end here
like when the report came out, that he might go on a road trip right. Everyone has been in politics for long time their head. What exactly to all the other fake listening to her she was gone. I like Oh, he can go here any kids randomly, by a hockey practice- and I a wine- It's a shocking visited, more restricted reform, already be there how that happened. Worthy, I didn't have a bunch of suburban moms who are undecided Y, ever just to be around the large table with good camera access at a diner in New Hampshire Liberal. Well, thank God, Jos pie heads spotlights in the backgrounds we get, this thing lit- What he really met was, he was gonna, go talk to people and he was not grow. And this is this is serious. This is how we ran. It was good enough to make himself an ash sensation in Texas in almost unseated crews, will and after when the present, I have no idea, but if he were
try to run like everyone else? He would definitely lives and so like. I have no idea. If it's going to work, it could completely backfire, but the only path to victory is something that sort of looks like, yeah and what he should know in his campaign to know if they do. This is, it will confound the DC press corps and the Pandit any. I do not think he will be the candidate of the tissues scorn the pundits, because they are very logic to anything that seems different and they are very cynical. And so you know when your say, I'm just going to talk to you by Matt live stream it and it's going to be about. You know when penguins fire movement all the time when you say that two people to the people who you know, make a living writing and talking about politics. They are going to be more than skeptical they're, going to be cynical about it and they are likely going to market, and we know this because they did that to Obama for many many at the beginning of two thousand and seven, two thousand and eight I can remember when brag Obama went to the audience,
winter meeting early in two thousand and seven and said I think you know that our greatest challenge is not even the other party or anything that its cynicism. It's the cynicism, people how about politics. He was locked mocked by so many pundits for saying that, and lo and behold, people in the country ass. She said you know that that is actually a huge problem. Right now is our cynical about our cynicism about this political system and the question is: can we do some about it as citizens to change it, and so I did. But I think I think his campaign would have to be ready for that and have to be prepared with dealing with reporters, because it ain't be easy for sure. Ok, when we back. We will have Dan's interview with Natasha, Bert but the Americans broadbased stamp start What a new year's resolution you can actually keep. Yes, sire! with two hundred years ago, and more and more, I was valuable
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And that's that's. It got how the cash I'll catch up. Everybody loves it catch up everybody's doing catch up. Now. We're excited to be joined by Natasha Bertrand, Stafford Theo Anna who covers dash security, intelligence issues, Natasha thanks for being here. Thank you for having me I want to talk to you a lot about the confirmation hearing a boy in bar, but before we do that, I wanted to get your reaction to legally eagle, already Giuliani appearance on Chris Cuomo last night? Where he's here too it and admit that who, with in the trunk campaign, Colluded with Russia, but Trump himself did not, or at least did not know about it. Housing get in a mission of is that firm, ready. Yeah look Rudy has been moving the goalposts since he joined trumps. Legal team I mean he's. His whole thing has been collusion, is not a crime members of the campaign.
Then you know we're not necessarily what they were doing was necessarily known by the president. Now he's saying that if they did collude than the president, as an involved. So I think that was just the logical extension of how much and trying to wall the President off from everything else. That may have happened during the campaign, but it does signal something bigger, which is that, given everything that's come out over the last few weeks. Few months about the extent of Nepal, forts communications with Russia and you know, for example, giving pulling data too. Creating oligarchs everything like that It really just makes it impossible now for Rudy to say that there was no collusion between the campaign and Russia. Because that is pretty much textbook collusion right. I mean when you have members the campaign, like George Papadopoulos meeting with
You know a Russia linked professor, whose promising dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of emails. I mean what else? Can you possibly call that? So I think his new strategy here is going to be to divorce the president from the campaign, which of course is pretty ridiculous because he was the head of the campaign. Is the candidate it's kind of a last, ditch resort. Does it portend anything about what, coming next for smaller would would really have I species that there was another shooter drop soon and is there something you in particular somebody was covered? This close any one is looking for in the coming days and weeks. Yachts. Definitely possible Rudy tends to try to get ahead of the news. He did that when he was on John Hannity, and he said that Trump did in fact reimburse Michael CO and his personal lawyer. Or the payment that he made. The stormy Daniels to keep required during the election may later came out, of course, that the president actually Despite denying that in the past, did actually repay Michael Common, for that was in was involved in that in those negotiations, so so
He does have this tendency to try to get out ahead of it and in a kind of less The blow in the news does come out that there is a smoke gone, perhaps between the campaign and Russia. That just makes collusion completely undeniable, but you know We're all just kind of waiting to see what Mahler brings next in terms of an indictment were still waiting to see, for example, what he's going to do with Roger Stone. We know that he asked for the transcripts of his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, which is usually the first step before you actually bring nothing red jury and bring an indictment against someone, so we're just waiting. Waiting renown and will have to see pivoting to the test me on the hill Fromme? general nominee William BAR Yes, it was your reaction to his to his testimony generally yeah
so he came across as obviously someone very experience, someone who clearly loves the Justice department me. You know a very solid choice among the conservative lawyers that the president was going to have to choose from anyway by he also kind of unnerved the Democrats who think in my conversations with them, made by several things the fur does that continued to defend that. You know bizarre. Page memo, he wrote about how the obstruction inquiry is fatally flawed. Even though we had just learned from the New York Times that the obstruction inquiry as part of the larger no counter intelligence investigation that there were conducting to see whether or not trouble is a russian age and because you know it's a national security issue. If he's trying to impede the investigation because working for the Russian, so so that struck Democrats as a bit odd, it also struck them is odd that he gave
The memo to the present legal team, instead of just giving it the prosecutors if he was really just trying to warn them about the unintended consequences of a wide range obstruction inquiry. The thing is that he refused to commit the following ethics officials advice. If they tell him that he should recuse from the investigation. Precisely because of that memo that he wrote precisely because he has prejudged an aspect of astrogation without even being right into the facts, said that really kind of irked them, and then the last thing is that he, would not commit to releasing a full report. If Mahler does in fact do that, he said that he would have to see that he doesn't know for sure with the rules and regulations say about releasing such a report. Audibly. He did not actually know expire. And upon what those rules and regulations are, That is something that Democrats now are very concerned about. If you were to take over as a g which it looks like he's, peace definitely going to what's going on,
and demolish bindings. What explanation did bar offer HU. We shared the memo with and why so, here, the two ROD Rosen's die and the deputy attorney general as well as very members of trumps legal team, and he also actually gave it a jury cushions lawyer, which is very kind of bizarre, but his explanation was that he wanted to give advice to everyone involved in these discussions. As a former turning general ass, someone who you know apparently steeped in these issues as what he said, but of course he doesn't know any of the facts about what mothers investigating. So the fact that he was kind of you know auditioning for the job really for the job of attorney general. With this memo. That is what Democrats think. He doing, and I think we have to look at everything Trump does, especially with regard to his appointments through. Lens of he's peace been trying to control the justice depend men and the FBI. Since the moment he took office because he so afraid of this investigation varies of good,
workers, as I was watching this on Tuesday, I couldn't really figure out the answer. The two since why he once the job in why Trump wanted him to have the job, because, like I from trumps respectively, generally, his head to criteria fur appointment, to his cabinet, one is slavish devotion to tromp and the other is if they critical look the part like his going to generals right and BAR doesn't seem to fit either of those criteria. And I also veto know after what happened with mad and every other pursued minute, Frumps Cabinet I was curious if at had any sense of why we in bar, who is a card carrying member of the republic, legal establishment would put him in this position that it worked out very poorly forage accessions before him a question and its one that we ve all been scratching our heads over four months, since he was first named and for the position I mean this is someone who you already have,
the job he clearly has been exposed? to the attacks that trump his has waged on the Justice Department, and his explanation, you know, is that he just loves the department his children work there. He is kind of a creek of it, and he wants to service country again that's all well and good, but you also have to ask the question You know a given the amount of pressure that has been placed by this administration on the FBI and the Justice Department. Why? Anyone would anyone would want to go through that? And you know added to that is the aggravating factor of his clear antagonism for a central element of this event negation- and you know it's. We can surmise confidently that there's no away that he would have gotten this job or gotten appointed are nominated this job. If he, Tromp intimated in any way that he intended to accuse himself from the investigation. We saw how that worked out for Jeff sessions. It was
a year and a half of just all out war by Trump on they turn in general. So there there are a number of, is to consider here. I dont think that we're getting the full story when he says that he is just doing it out of love for the Justice Department because Lucky making millions of dollars in private practice. There is no reason why he needed to do this now, certainly not for reputation a very powerful position. Obviously you get a lot of you know. You got a lot of you lot of influences, the attorney general, but still, I mean just given we know about his positions, specially his position that the Winton uranium, one foundation probe, is actually more worth investigating, then the collusion probe, which is something he told the New York Times last year. It just all smell, very fishy, and what kind of it need general dignity like I wish you all the coverage, your story, every losses focus very. I think appropriate
we on the impact of this appointment to the mother, investigate but was there a sense of what how he would the job on the other issues, because just sessions was enough for people who care about criminal justice reform, or Just general, criminal justice policy in General Jeff sessions was a progressive nightmare on voting rights and those sorts of things. Any sense of the perspective that bar would to the non criminal investigation of the present approach of the job. Right, yeah and some senators did ask him about other issues. Besides the mauler investigation, obviously I think he'll bring a standard kind of conservative. Two to the position. I dont think that hell necessarily be a slave to the positions of Donald Trump Emine, one of the things that he did and piss. During the hearing, though, is how much things. A border wall is necessary and how you know he apparently
thinks that that is completely within the president's right too to pursue I'm so he he does seem Kind of you would aligned with Trump on immigration issues, but one thing that's me as well. Is that he didn't seem to know what the emoluments clause was of the constitution? Gyroscope ask you about that. I was very surprised. Right, re, witches, eight, which is fascinating. I mean I think he, hedge Tibetan, he said. Well, I don't necessarily know how it up. It would apply in this situation, but it seems like he was bringing a lot of the knowledge that he had from serving his attorney general, maybe Fetnah thirty years ago, as a power. To the issues that have reared rear their head in the last two years, three years with regard from many conflicts of interest that he brought into office with him, so that was definitely a red flag. I mean he said flat out when he was asked about it. I couldn't even tell you what the emoluments clause says, of course, is going to be a major issue for Democrats. Moving forward is true
to discern whether or not tromp has profited from foreign governments Wallen Office eat, during the hearing we know so, I regret very tough questions. All the Democrats by eccentric, humble Harris who are contemplating a raw president already said there are no on bar. But there was a sense among some on the left that committee was overly friendly to bar or even, if not all, really friendly sort of restricting this as a fait accompli that he would be confirmed is there any sense that that Any Democrats will vote for him and were you surprised at how Democrats treated him in the hearing. You know I think that if anyone is going to vote for him, it'll probably be you know, someone like Centre to Chris Coon's, who is pretty moderate and who you know it
in a call that he had with with reporters this week express some scepticism about bar, but no didn't all all out say that he would oppose discrimination. Think they believe that this is the best possible scenario for the many general position because of the nightmare that has been met would occur as acting a g just the fact that You know this is someone who is very experienced is very steep. The traditions of the Justice Department does have various members of his family who work there is, is kind of you know, an establishment choice and who is not someone who been the eyes and ears of the Justice Department inside the White House. Like not Whittaker has been good Them a sense of relief, and you know: That's not necessarily a good thing. I think you know the shock of not would occur is still with us just because he was so on qualified to be in this position, and people were so concerned that he was going to interfere in the more investigation. But there is a sense that now
they see that this is someone who is experienced, who is not necessarily a sycophant and at least you know It has at least some respect for the traditions of the department. Speaking Whittaker is assumption that he'll be gone if in one bars confirmed yes he actually said yesterday in at an event, at the heritage foundation that he thinks bar did a fantastic job as confirmation hearing and that he would be happy to hand over the keys to kingdom. So it doesn't seem like we'll get any kind of fight out of him to you now hand over the job before I let you go. I wanted to ask you about the vote in the Senate about. The happened the other day about russian sanctions, an elbow that was notable for two is wanted was a proposal from a Democrat and actually got a vote and even though it fail. There actually were Republicans voted with Democrats to stop. The trunk administration for removing sanctions on a number of entities, including Oleg therapy What was the significance?
What is the significance of those sanctions remove on how it is Do they tie into the larger Russia, Russia scandal yes, there is a lot of scepticism, obviously about lifting the sanctions. On this russian oligarchs companies, it is order Pasco companies more. Because all their public, of course, as a central figure in the Trump Russia saga. You know he was talking to transform our campaign. German Paul man afford about perhaps receiving classified briefings about the campaign he did business with poor man afforded cetera. So people know his name as some who perhaps try to influence the election along with Russia and an influence. The Trump campaigner perhaps serve, is kind of a conduit there, the announcement by the Treasury department in December took over one by surprise, because the Treasury announced that it was going to lift sanctions on his companies, which of course would would severely we in the sanctions regime that was that was imposed. Congress in twenty.
Nineteen, and that pretty much tied the president's hands on what he could do with regard to a change in sanctions policy. What started to happen was that this is the number two aluminum producer in the world right. I mean this company that their Pasco owns a large large stake in and so global aluminum, the market, just kind of tanks- and It really started to affect our european allies, and so we shall see a lot of lobbying by Europe and the United States alone. Lobbying by people who work for them companies to remove the sanctions, because you know it distinction under Pask are still there, but the sanctions on the companies were just hurting alot of people I'm so the flip side of that those that Republicans eleven Republicans who voted for the Democrats were still very wary about this because they are typically. These are people that are typically Russia, hawks and typically hawks and foreign policy, such as marked Marco Rubio, and they set lock. It re really doesn't matter. I mean we need to keep these sanctions on just because we need to send a signal to the Kremlin that their behaviour is not acceptable,
ultimately, though, I think that all of the considerations about how this was affecting the global kind of market, one over and that's not necessarily surprising, just because if it really did have a dramatic impact, I think what we have to watch for, though, is whether not dare Pasco. Does Gama follows through with this plant actually divest from his companies and actually keep those promises that he will essentially completely for himself, because if than that, of course, raises serious issues about whether or not lifting these sanctions was appropriate. Well, We'll keep an eye on that and we and how do we hope to have you back on? Hopefully, when enough? From our perspective at least we get some indictments or some new information and the Miller investigation. Thank you. So much after condemned to be with us today, Daphne.
I thank you so much for having me thanks to its azure burden for joining us today, and we will talk to you also next week the king day on Monday, John and Tom and I will be doing the pod on Tuesday morning and it will be at the same time to say that's usually on Monday, so we will talk, you know by everyone,
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