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Donald Trump says he’ll have done a “great job” if the coronavirus death toll is between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans, some reporters praise his somber delivery of this news, and Nancy Pelosi begins to float ideas for a fourth economic relief bill as weekly jobless claims surpass six million. Then Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler talks to Jon about how he’s fighting to ensure a safe and fair election on April 7th, and the importance of voting by mail in November.

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The present exports are pod. Save America is zip recruiter for those from home. Here, a few tips from our own experience at crooked h, Q. What are you staying busy with guys? Zooms presumes lots of zooms are mini quarters that we require the high quality, audio or, and the apple use constantly is called zoom and we we share terrible news together all day long all day long, youth, unhelpful for working from home is finding the fur this place away to set from your spouse when you're both on conference casket. Everyone talks a little too loud that Smart Maria I have a door that closing this office, which is nice we ve also set up a fund for people who were have been hardest hit by the krona virus crisis, as well as organisations providing critical support resources. Supplies and care. If you want to donate or spread the word, if you can please just go to cook,
calm, Slash corona virus we ve already raised around five thousand dollars is helping a lot of people in need out there. So we appreciate that and we appreciate hypocrite welcome the pod, save America, I'm John fairer, I'm dyin driver on today. Pod. A chicken with Wisconsin Democratic Party. Chair been whistler the election they're supposed to have on Tuesday, what can be done about voting in the middle of a pandemic before,
I will talk about trumps, grim, new corona virus projections and what should be in congresses next economic relief bill, but first we have an announcement in the midst of all this awfulness. In a span of about two weeks we developed, a brand new PA gas for you, people, long time, friend, of the pod and brilliant journalist. Alex Wagner is the whole of six feet apart, which will shine a light on the hidden worlds of this pandemic through interviews with everyone from grocery store workers to prisoners to immigrants and many others are the very human stories that the news, as it always cover that frankly, we don't always cover another pods, very excited and Alex is going to tackle this. So This episode is out now the progress is six feet apart, you can get it wherever you listen to your pod exciting, then new pod. Is that a no to the HBO show It is not it is. We have got be added apart from each other.
What's executed, Parsecs speed under there's like a very bleak it's either by two in each we, OSHA, a classic case. We show the early twenty first century or death, so I would inform her it's an amount to something. Also, on this week, positive the world Timing Ben talk about how protest movements can survive corona virus and how we can governments from using the pandemic to consolidate power, shut down the press. Again, as a foreign policy show, then tell me talks with former: U S, ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, about people, developments in Israel and Ben talks with british Labour MP, David Lamy about the Uk Corona virus response final, a big shout out to a killer, use Gideon Resnick in the entire. What did they team on their hundredth episode, which is out today, There has been a hundred episodes already. If you already subscribed why are you waiting for this? Is the way too, up. Feel same and informed and entertained. It is a fact
stick podcast twenty minutes long it'll get you have two speed. So if you have not bribed already do it new ever Drop daily on Apple pie guess, but if I stitches where every listen, you're podcast the team is banned, casting a Cuba and Gideon are great and they just he's got work so hard. Every night you know five days a week to do this pact has so check it out. It's well worth it. Ok. Dan. What some? Let's about the day that Donald Trump finally became president, I think I there was one of the most stunning disturbing white has briefings, maybe history. As the president said, states and his team told the country that in the best case scenario. Where we all follow strict social distancing measures and keep most of the economy shut down for months, we would lose
Queen one hundred thousand two hundred and forty thousand american lives to the virus, then and Donald Trump said that if that storing and absolutely horrifying loss of life comes to pass quote. We ve done a great job. We ve done agree job. There really happened right in what will it mean? Is you're? What was your first reaction? Sort of watching that unfold? I mean You say it happened. I vaguely remember seeing it by it It seems impossible to imagine that it actually happened in it I guess if there weren't, graphs and charts, we wouldn't have noted for sure, but they had those. So I must be real. I mean it. It was disturbing and upsetting and infuriating, and the thing that I think I
took from it was like we obviously had heard foul. She say this on the Sunday shows, and we know we have been consuming every bit of chronic since we cannot- and we know we ve looked at- we re we have. None of us have looked actual model, but we read the reports of the models. We look at what the possibilities here. You look at the numbers and this is why many people suspected. It was one thing the hero felt she sat on Sunday because he saw it a beacon of hope that if he sang at the that mean he's the percent, we have, as a nation, have come to trust the most for this information But then, when you see trumps, say it. It's a reminder that this is the person whose job it is to save us, and that is fucking scary. Well that's my first reaction was I became really angry thinking about what other countries are right. Now, like Sir Korea in Germany,
South Korea reported, I think, a couple hundred cases Yesterday, you know United States in South Korea both had worse, infected person on the same day back in January in their curve has not only for and it's almost and was gone now, and you know Germany's instituted mass testing, and this this isn't a trump wants to treat this like. It is some that no one ever saw coming that it's this natural disaster. This wasn't a fucking earthquake right, where, even even or or like a series of wildfires right, where you can look back and say. Ok, Was the government prepared for this know they were right and that's that certainly true of of the trumpet duration on this is that, as the crisis hit, they still factor so badly, and we know that, because other countries are high, doing this and have handled this better than we are and then also may be very angry.
As he saying this, and as they are showing us these charts. There are states at the time there were states like Florida and Texas. And other southern states and other you know, rural states bits still haven't fucking issued. And a Tory stay at home orders you ve got Trump Administration, saying that if everything goes well that if every abides by social distancing measures van organ. Have a hundred to two hundred and forty thousand dead, chickens and theirs up there, any hasn't put a fucking phone call in Tehran, dissenters, the Governor Florida to tell him to keep it with Florida in Florida at all finally that happened late in the day yesterday, long after the briefing happen but it's just unflagging believable to me yet thee The numbers that tromp was talked about the scale of human devastation that was being talked about somewhat lively by the president
yeah, it's so disconnected from the nature of the response. Right like this is we are honest schedule. Nearly a thousand Americans died yesterday from krona virus as this continues. We're gonna be a situation. The not too distant future where we are having the equivalent of Katrina or a nine eleven. Every single day in terms of the loss of Americans and to the approach like that would seem like eight, let's get serious, all hands on deck approach and it just you don't see that from that administration still like they may be? they have finally publicly acknowledge the scale devastation, but they have not scaled up their response or there to meet that right. You too You like there is such a lack of urgency and how this is being approached. The only thing that they are expressing, urgency around? Are the public relations in the politics? Not the public health response right so yeah. He he wants to basically frame
hundreds of thousands of deaths as a win for him. This is, you know we ve done. A great job is what he said, Now, in order for him to do this, he s to completely rewrite history. He keep saying now that there were supposed to be two million deaths, and then you know he heroically took all these steps and others only was to be a few hundred thousand dead Americans how does he get people to believe this? I don't think he get people to believe it in it like watching that argument watching him make, this argument was perhaps to me the most infuriating part of the entire briefing, which is look policy. Hence including our former boss, Barack Obama, often make strongman, argued that's right leg. There are these people over here who have. It's completely extreme position and others people over here with this other extreme position, which therefore, based on these two extreme positions which generally. Sometimes
our like even extreme version extreme, but given those two extremes, my version makes complete it's a strong argument in part. A storm in our committee have to invent a straw man to make the argument so trot was making a strong argument about these he's people in the press is framing. This instrument are met. These people who thought We should do nothing or do very little than what it is The flu we shouldn't panic, except Donald where's, the fucking straw, man and the argument. He was the person making that argument and like he has to be called on it right. I dont think eventually reality catches up to spin. Right, there's no number of press briefings or tweets or fancy interviews they can spin thousands of american debts as a wind, but. Trumpet we'll have the ability to rewrite history. If all of us, let him do that yeah I mean, and on that note you know there is, there is a video I came across yesterday from its an
From Republicans for the rule of law- and it just because goes through all of the things that too has said about, virus and all the ways that he downplayed it by the way. You know we're gonna play the clip now, as you like, do this all the things he saying here are in February, and most of them are in March, while the case is in the United States started going up the honey.
Its and then in a thousand. So here's the clear words about a pandemic at this point would not at all how concerning, while we pretty my shut down a lot of people think that goes away in April. Contain this. I won't say, air tight, but pretty close to air tight down to close to zero. It's going to disappear like a miracle. It will disappear. They can have back scenes. I think, relatively soon you are concerned. They are not taking seriously enough CNN President say, for example, he's gonna continue with political rallies. Is this setting the right message going to rally? There's no reason that you shouldn't go really work it out residents shaking hands in our line of work. You shake hands now I don't take responsibility, and that is something that we have from Indus Control of what you read. Your response to this crisis admitted tat. This is a pen democrat. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic. So you can see
you can. You can hear they're all four times that trunk told us, to worry about this, that it wasn't a big deal. I also think at the press briefing itself he made, a rather huge admission that you know wasn't really seen as that. Although the New York Times story, the Peter Beggar wrote about it sort of got this in. Your times he wrote Mr Trumps said he played down the seriousness of the threat because he chose to be reassuring. I want to give people hope I mean, vat rate. There is an admission from from that. He did downplay the crisis because he wanted to be hopeful but like what that's missing is the fact that, because this the virus in it downplay the virus, and you tell people not to worry about it. They go spread the fucking virus. They will leave their homes, they will travel, they will be around people when they shouldn't be around people which could spread the virus like by
I'm playing the virus in a way to give people hope he was spread. He was celebrating the spread of a deadly virus and he basically admitted in the briefing I mean the first rule of any crisis as we prepare for the worse and hope for the best and Trump did the exact opposite here and he did not prepare, and then he gave or false information which put their lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk and this- isn't a situation where there is like a range of expert opinions and he'd picked some of the more optimistic once he ignored all of the advice of every single medical experts, every single epidemiologists, every single scientists. To tell people, something did actually wasn't true, which wed to thousands upon thousands Americans getting sick in a way that ninety two it facilitated. These states Florida in Georgia from doing the right thing. He polarized this issue in a partisan way which made It's so that reply
looking. Governors thought the republican thing to do was to downplay the virus and p in their states will die because of that, the governor of Georgia. The republican governor of Georgia said Today the heat, no that asymptomatic people could spread the virus until yesterday and that's why he didn't issue a shut down order sooner. Fucking c d c is located in Georgia and the republican ours that he didn't know this, like I mean it lying? Is your fucking moron, probably both was he just getting all his news from Donald Trump and Fox NEWS, probably like what the fuck it just like Not that you need another reason to say: elections matter. Costs down front reminds us of that at the briefing every single day. But
I'm pretty sure Stacy Abrams, but a Czech CDC website, where she D be governor of Georgia right now. What you should have been if brain campaign not stolen the election, so One problem is trump, may have some help, rewriting history from his friend unease in the media, you showed up at the briefing was able to somberly deliver the news that hundreds of thousands of Americans will probably die. And, as a result, multiple reporters remarked on his performance here are some of the highlights quote this absolutely new message and new tone from Trump quote. The tone of this briefing feels different quote this is the most effective job of communicating Trump has done during this crisis and quote this. A different Donald Trump tonight. I think he gets it. Do you wanna talk while I just quietly scream into the void here,
I think it was very nice of you to put no names by those courts. Yeah yeah, it is fucking nice of me. His regenerates. I've got an hour I thought about it last night and I thought it will we'll talk about this in a second breakout overall there's a lot of reporters out there who were working really hard to report on this very dangerous conditions, and I dont want to sort of paint the media with broad brush here, and I also respect a lot of the reporters who said these things, some of them are quite smart and usually quite good about this stuff, is I don't need you know? People are right now, but come on. I mean John Look, you gotta see from that perspective, Donald Trump, a man. Whose entire life assent around the idea of serving the american people and when he finds out that two hundred thousand of his fellow citizens. It he serves so devotedly could be killed. Of course, he's enveloping new tone Turning to Churchill, Roosevelt Bartlett way
and, of course, because that's one thing we know about what what what is the bar here like do they expect that he was going to laugh when he delivered this news. They expect him to be jovial when he talked about hundreds of thousands of Americans dying like what kind of talk did, you think was going to a company that kind of announcement is just as a couple things about this, which is why we, have to stop grading trump on this, this fucking curve in history right, because it is actually to your point. It It's possible that Donald Trump could deliver, it drove a ridiculously your organization like that is actual on the table, and you can see, saw how people who cover him a database is might be surprised that he did not trip over the very well bar of expectations, the press in the american public, except for him, but Having said that, what I think drives this. Do you know this
for that reason. We ve seen this a thousand times the scene at first in the union's we solid after he launched that strike in Syria, does in other times over the course of this presidency were Donald Trump. Does the bare minimum of the job and then is applauded you know I mean so much to the that unwanted Republicans eventually chanted Nobel at him for doing the bare minimum of his job. I hope but what I think what drives it is this intense hunger four normalcy among the press right they were like they desperately want trump to be a normal person to be something resembling a normal present and they are to adjust They have to recognise that you can't fit these where peg of a sociopath into the round hole of normalcy and, like you going to get burned every time you credit, tromp for something because he is,
inevitably going to do something that going to make your take look terrible within the next twelve hours and in some cases, even the cases briefing with In thirty minutes. He did things it made. Those new tone takes what terrible. Yet it's just also the need to judge S. Thing. A politician does by style and performance. Rightly it's a bigger problem, because I get that those reporters just want Donald Trump to be normal and to be a good president and to lead the country through what could be its most trying time in history, and I think a lot of people in the country want that too. Like I get that feeling, but if you walked away from that briefing thinking that story was that tone and style of the president and now the news that he delivered like you, ve lost the fucking plot. You, like, I just dont. You know like that. We ve gotta,
even in the middle of a pandemic, were still doing the fuck. Style. Critique really like Please put that aside, maybe just for the pandemic. The main policy it's complicated, the trade offs of how you respond in a pandemic are complicated, the fact checking summit in real time has complicated the way he crouched political reporting is optics. I try to fix. What the audio version of Optics is like that, I mean that's what Tony S little, whether that bit like that. You know it in this, been a problem forever right, like during Pre lake, I almost call BP oil spill, the crisis, but I feel like that term has been redefined in our current period, but I may they remember that the. It was very hard for reporters to cover how you stop a still at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
Complicated piece of engineering and physics and science, but it easy to comment on whether Obama was mad enough about the crisis according to the media. He was not. He was not mad enough. Now. He wore out for anger would have plug the hull, yes well. What if you can get a ventilator, a somber tome can help you breathe and looked have been burned before just a few weeks ago, March. Seventeen New York Times why President Trump changes his tone. Ap Trump changes tone, gets real CNN. What drove trumps newfound? amber tone. This is the week before then he decided to go a tear attacking Democrat. Governors heads companies, start twitter wars. All that kind of shit. Then Thank God. The daily bees had a story yesterday that had Trump AIDS. Telling
We base quote that for the last three years, the president has laughed about easy it is for him to trigger praise by acting stirring, weighty moments. He laughed at them He knows that when he does, that he's going to get good reviews and he laughed about it-. If you're one of the anonymous people whose quotes John just read, Hopefully, this morning you wake up before your cup. Coffee you look in the mirror, and you say I got played by one of the Thomas Mann in history will One other development from that press briefing CNN didn't take trumps. Opening remarks live. Then MSNBC are cut away later at one point. To basically, only Fox is the only one it's now taking the full brief. And live the for two hours, is now doing. This is progress. I think its progress ends,
the briefings are dangerous misinformation. You know we ve talked about tragic example of the of the couple. Took the thought there. In the drug? Their trump has been promising in intervention of science and if the guidelines at were somewhat master life interest in general. Let's do you know, you see the asymmetry of Trump saying his wise, like on live television? And after you turn away from the briefing Like I, we usually wash on CNN in our house, you see Daniel Dale, whose tremendously towns, in fact checker immediately go through. All of this lies, but you have a president briefing at a podium in, and you have a scene and reporter on asylum zoom, and it's just you can't. They know what is for you to have in fact check him in real time and therefore, as long as you show him her even quote him you are in danger of passing misinformation along, and that is bad, in general, in its has life or death consequences in a pandemic. How are you
the press has been covering the response overall finance and I think it's important to separate the coverage from the conversation all about all this political analysis. The tweets you mentioned that able panels. That's the conversation right that covered the stories written in newspapers or on the websites or the pieces put together for the local and national news. That has been I think a tremendous triumph and I think it's That's an important caveat to all of the complaining about the press, which is reporters, literally putting their lives on the line to cover the story to be. In some of the hot spots in New York and elsewhere to say what are in ITALY, to say, what's happening the report also go to the briefing room who we, whose question sometimes frustrate us. Putting themselves at risk by going in the briefing room at least one White House correspondent has country. If current virus and believes he did so by being
the briefing room and their coverage. Arrest is done, has sort of told us the stories of the heroes, the victims and the villains of all of this and I think, some of the stories of actually prompted stay in federal action by getting to the bottom of things that trumps administration was unwilling to get to the bottom of an the fact is there all doing that at a time in which their distance the disruption economy is crushing. Their industry, like I was angels times, is doing great coverage of what's happening in California at the time. Their having to shrink the paper down in sections, because advertising dollars are drawing up and so anything it's worth noting that some, the rapporteur is doing. The best work here could very well be out of a job and a couple months, because a lot of prickly welcome outlets may not survive this crisis. Yeah, I know is very important and you know the reason that we yell about. Conversation instead of just the coverage is into the converse
does have an impact, particularly not it's not just on Twitter, where a lot of people aren't. But reporters on twitter and it had the conversation, also takes place on television and there's a lot people at home. Just watching televisions right now watching cable news, and so you know it it does have an effect on people wishes, which is why we are. But it is like you said it's important to highlight the tremendous and courageous work of so many journalists and covering this So, let's talk about what effect all this has on shaping public opinion about the response that we've been talking about, how Trump has seen slightly higher approval ratings during this crisis? According to five hundred and thirty, he's currently at the highest average approval since the beginning of his presidency, though there have been few recent polls suggest his bounce, maybe levelling off. Why you. That might be. I may reality is catching up here. Right like I would encourage everyone to check out the the novel
earth tracking Poland Corona virus navigator. The navigator pulling its collective for progressive groups have been funding research projects over the last couple years in their doing daily. Rocky poles and create a virus and on it Ellie basis. You're, seeing more and more people be personally affected by the virus either they know someone who has contracted it. Or they know someone who has lost their job because of an ad. They could do more and more touches people's lives its in two, take away from the. So the rally round the flag, a fact that has affected trump and part of What is driven his approval ratings are increases and support from Democrats who are most likely We not going to vote for him in November by it the more he makes his partners in the more he attacks, Gretchen, Whittemore, Nature, Cuomo and other governors. The more he's gonna lose as people that doesn't mean that We should not focusing on the election. November pay. Very
very close attention to those numbers and be very nice. About them, but you're sick, then come back to earth a little bit as more and more information about trumps performance, is becoming more and more relevant people's lives. How much do you think that, I've been wondering about this Trump or trumps opponents us how much care either due to shape public opinion about his handling of this crisis, like how much of this ultimately dictated by. The reality of what is happening in the country- verses arguments, people. Making advertisements, organise and all the other kind of stuff, because it I'm starting to think that More than almost any other scandal issue that we have dealt with over the last several years with Donald Trump. This is something that he can span and
We will have sort of limited ability to make an argue about and shape public opinion as well like. It seems to me that the reality of situation on the ground and how people are dealing with this in their own lives, is going to be the most important factor in how they respond to this. This is something that people like you and I prohibition and publicly, which is even normal times the word. The politicians say the messages they have, the communication strategies they employ effect eggs on the march so right? It's always the big thinks right. It's the what the economy is. It's the you know how many people are legally allowed to vote in a certain state. Why it? What did that chemical, how the demographics bear on the electoral college is overwhelmingly more important than the polluter, strategies in the ads, and all of that at The euro that is I've heard discredits way for that's the vehicle unit right, that's that's what comes in and a close game in wins it and
and it s particularly true here, but I think but because of how things are going, it is imperative that we do all of those they all of the the ads, the organizing, the messaging, the search know what it is right now for two reasons, one sure is it possible that this is that this can be one of those events that up handles either so great seems unlikely were thus far. That the american people applaud him and he would win an easy reelection or handle so poorly and the action will take place in a way that allows It's the historical paths towards polarization in electoral college of Republicans. In you see, a intellection were Joe Biden, winds by a margin, much larger than you would suspect in normal times. Yes, that is possible. That only should plan for that. And I do think the more most like a scenarios, almost no matter what happens this,
still be an election that is decided by, you're a thousand votes, spread out over forty five states, and given that, since we have a lot of work to do, I think the other thing. This is why all the advertising, all the messaging or the organizers, so important right now. Which is This is a moment of hyper engagement. Were even people vote, if you could never reach this, from an election are paying attention, and so the they're, paying attention to what trumpet saying unbelieving him or the attention what were saying to show by they shouldn't believe Trump. So if we we'll take a step back and say this is not the time for, as this is not the time for politics, we would be making. I think, a potentially fatal error, because not really it's like yes, Burma trumps pool number bad because approval numbers are kind of what drives political conversations of his numbers are bad. He will get worse coverage I will be your person, but that's not really how we're gonna when the election, what we're
do right now is provide people with information. They creates a cow text for the decision they'll make in October and seeing the opportunity right now when they are paying attention, would be seeding the field to trumpet. I think that would be a tragedy. I think this sort of thing I have to options available to Trump and how he deals with this crime? as from a message standpoint, One is probably the more option at most traditional power emissions of either party might choose which as you know, he's gonna say: look. This is bad as it could have been. I stopped something worse from happening, everything's actually better than you think it is. Yes, we lost an untold number of Americans and crimes in the sugar, but wasn't my fault No one could have seen us coming. I think that. That sort of has a limited effectiveness
I dont know that he can do that, because people who have lost their or lost loved ones from crisis are gonna say what doesn't seem very good but the option the Trump can choose, which is much more trompe and is that he blamed others for what's happening, so we yet to November, and somehow he is blaming all the democratic governors for The deaths in their states or for the job losses he's blaming the media. He's blaming Democrats me, you already seen him start to do. This, I do wonder like yes, people are going. People are going to be angry and furious and upset in a way that we haven't seen in decades, maybe a century by the time we go through this? And the question is: who were angry at, and I think Donald Trump is going to try to tell a story. It's, not my fault. I was fighting for you the whole time. It's all of these peoples fault and that I,
guess why everything there. We do matters the ads? We run the organizing. We do what we say because he is going to. To rewrite history. Not just two You know absolve himself of responsibility but to actually point the finger of blame. Towards some one else. At a time when the country is going to be extremely angry, I yeah. I think, like that, some of the treaties and a half is he in his most recent breathing, which well, which I would note, was a different tone than the Tuesday briefing, If we do our deal, our daily tone checks around here, but he blames you know you ve seen Republicans payment, peach, The new cause these are on the right is that its China's focus? I they lied to us about it right and the third. The trumpets during its whether this morning is blaming local officials for not of preparing, and so,
I don't. Ultimately, I dont think those are those three arguments are going to be effective. Impeachment is basically announcing that you cannot walk and showed up at the same time to bring about idea blaming. China is essentially saying that, yes, I read it myself as the tough on China President, but I played by China. Oh and by the way I don't read, my intelligence briefings not evade argument. The problem with blamed democratic governors, is according to the navigator, kroner virus tracking pull this morning. By a margin of fifty four to thirty three, the America. In public trust, local officials, mourn the Trump administration even twenty. Seven percent of Republicans trust them officials more than the trunk administration watch can do, and this is where Democrats have the most work to do his convince people that no one could have seen this coming. This was beyond his control. He did the best he could under a very forgot situation in view. There's tend to give precedence a pass thanks for at least a period of time
as you, and I remember, working for Obama, that, for it was, I think, almost a year and a half in our pawing voter, would hold Bush in Wall Street more accountable for the state of the economy than Obama and that's what if his approval numbers above where you could possibly imagine to be at ten percent unemployment but so now like I think we're gonna see point like whose fault is the state of economy, the krona virus, or a trump or how much you will jump. Responsible work I have to make sure that enough of the voters that we care about whole tromp responsible for this and we have to do it in a narrow window of time and so that's why all the stuff about inspired prepare. He is not listening to the warnings. His day playing a so critical to the argument. Positive miracle America is brought. You buy athletic greens today's pro, has brought you athletic greens, the all in one daily drink for better health and peak performance
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I'll be the worst american history. The sheer number of claims is overwhelming unemployment offices and crashing systems den One consequence of losing your job is losing your health insurance and in response to that, the Trump Administration announced that they want even open, a special enrollment period under the affordable, correct. The newly unemployed can get health insurance at a time when people who are hospitalized for covered without insurance face medical as high as seventy five thousand dollars. Why would they do that? Because terrible people John. That is why I will give my anything like doesn't wasn't cost money from the federal government doesn't require a just turning the fuckin switch on any be good for the economy, because if people had more money than they could continue to buy goods a paper services which would mean for people lose their jobs. But I think that the example of how their handling healthcare is
important reminder that the completely fumbled response to current virus, both from a public health risks A governmental preparedness perspective in an economic perspective is not simply an indictment of Donald Trump. The president, it's over Publican ISM. As of political philosophy, because here is one thing I fucking know for sure: if JEB Marco Rubio my pants Tom cotton, even resistance, hero, Mitt Romney, where President right now they would not they would have done the exact same thing that Donald Trump adopted. It is a core to the republican philosophy that giving health care to poor people is a sign of political weakness and they would not have done it and that like. That is something that we should remind voters, and we should remind voters it in a bit of a pandemic. Republicans are right now, with the help of a trumpet measures in court, tryin to kick millions of Americans off their affordable, correct policies, you point out then yesterday morning to us that the
still more, even though there is no special enrollment period, even though they shut that down There is still a way for people who lose their jobs because of this too, insurance on the affordable care act market, you type other, yes, Oh, it is morally and abhorrent that Trump wouldn't do something simple. That would help people who are uninsured get insurance during a pin in part also because during a pin You want people to call their doktor when they had symptoms right because we want them to find out if they potentially have a virus that may take the steps to isolate themselves and if they have insurance, they can't do that right, telemedicine, something that really works for the uninsured and so you wanna do it. It is morally parent, but if you are one of the only ten million Americans who have is actually the number much higher than that, but at least him Americans have lost their jobs and you are losing your health insurance with it. The affordable care act.
Allows you to apply for an effort for and affordable care act plan. Special circumstances and losing your job as a special circumstance. So you can still go to healthcare, DOT, Gov and apply. Ants in see what your options are for a plan and if you are in a state that expanded Medicaid, you can get tremendous financial assistance where the costs of that plan could be diminished if not zero and so I would encourage like. I think we should treat out the information about how people do this by If you are one of those people who Is gonna lose their health care because that you have sixty days to apply for an, or will correct. Let you down portly. You mainly document taken, you been laid off issue, make sure you get that from your employer, but they are Is there, regardless of what the Trump administration does with Especial aroma period, or not so Lot of people have been asking, you know: do you think this crisis makes Medicare for all more likely, because one thing that this,
has taught us, is that people near insurance is tied to your employer and Europe we or lays you off, and then you don't insurance in the middle of a pandemic, that to say the least, that is not a fucking ideal situation. And you know there have been some polls that show answers for many care for all has been up. You know, because, since the crisis began, what do you think about this I mean it's very hard to speculate about the politics of a piece of legislation on the back end of this pandemic. I think it was with out a shadow of a doubt that America would be in the american P. I would be in a much better position if we had Universal government provided healthcare right, yeah, obviously now so I that this is a reminder of the arguments it Bernie Sanders, warned the medical for all crowded been making for a very long time, which is, as you said, when
power to how do you get help you're not lies in your employer and insurance companies, then always at risk- and that has never been more true than in a historic economic crisis, but also an fourteen point, thou fur everyone who saying that this is time to pass Medicare for all is that even under Bernie Sanders is very aggressive timeline. There was a or your transition, and so this could be a response to ensure- and I hope people take it on board of the hope- there's a massive expansion of healthcare. This country, we know if you can get a single payer plan would be great. If you can't, we should be very clear that the binding the caption plan would be would protect people in this situation as well, maybe not to the same extent, but would go a hue, be huge improvements where we currently are, but It is not a response to the immediate crisis. Right now is something we wish we had in place and could be a way to protect people future crisis, but right now, people need help
in the available help is what they front or government can do for them right now, yeah. I realise this is like a nuanced answer which is not satisfying to a lot of people, but but you said, of course we better off in a single pair system right now, but the main argument that is within the Democratic Party over Medicare for all, has never about sort of the worthiness of the goal of Medicare for all or the fact that a single pair, system would be more efficient and more just it would we know that the debate has always been about that transition and all about seeing the bill in the first place and about funding the bill in the first place and how you do all of those things in a way. Is also fair to working in middle class. People and you know, deals with the political realities of our current system, and I hope that
at the tail end of this. There is more support, not only among Democrats, bit independence and Republicans as well for a single pair plan for truly universal coverage but now I find myself one to do everything possible to make sure that Like we just said, people know that if you lose your job right now under the Asia, you can still apply and get insurance, but you can't apply for Medicaid if you're in states that of expanded Medicaid, that if you under a certain threshold of income that you're going subsidies to help you pay for insurance on the affordable character act? Yes, I know this is a byzantine system. Yes, I know that it's way too complicated, but it is, This is reality right now. This is what we have and I think it would be really great if everyone just sort of everything we can to make sure that people have care right now when they absolutely need it
yes, I hope we have a debate after this and that there is more support for the politically trickier decision to move to a fully single pair system. Which again would obviously be better right now I think, this wine one addendum to that is like you, are right that the good faith version of that debate is about what politically feasible right now and how you yet to single pair, I think p. On the matter for our crowd, who are pro in this you Dobbs with with, The real seriousness wed argue that, in the end, texts of the campaign it didn't always happen in a good faith way turning their total that, and that is only right, but the argument between the very people like policy people? Thinking about how you get there is about whether you start with the smaller you go right to something bigger in what the political system can baron that's what the debate as yet
I mean this is my disappointment for the primaries. That's a lot of the arguments against Mr Care for all were sort of political talking point based arguments and not substantive arguments about the transition and financing which I think are legitimate and I think some of the police. Though arguments work, you know less legitimate, let's say so that's what trump isn't doing about the economic crisis? Let's talk about what else Democrats want to do plus he's already working on another economic relief bill, known for some reason his face for that she would try to pass in the house in late April at the earliest, She's already floated some ideas like more directly more money for hospitals and medical equipment. More paid leave a big investors infrastructure jobs. Lifting the it's on state and local deductions, and slew of other relief ideas. May
Mcconnell isn't so hot on the idea of a phase, for he said of policy quote she needs to stand down. It would take a lot of convincing to convince me dear, do you think of policy strategy here of trying to sort of do face for on her own. Would you think of the timing and why You think about some of the ideas that she floated. I think policy is being smart about hat passing a house built right. You want like last time we had to work off a text that Mcconnell and manure Indeed, with sir, import friendship, but also Mcconnell, held the pen, and I think policy right, and I understand all the reasons why policy approach it though, She did last time the house was out the I'd houses frozen or out of things like if she had already dont. You already passed a bell, but in this situation you wanted between the Trump plan
in a play house Democrats want that's how they gave divided government should work, and so she should get out there and do it and move the window towards me progressive solution, focused on middle and working class. People. All of the suggestions that are talked about their makes it even I think to him, while I would put it much lower down the party less, but the lifting of the state local deduction because there is a lot, if you do that, you don't do a lot of things that help middle working class people than you have done, your poorly bite, we also need to put money in the economy ripe and like that, as a heat That is a part of stimulus, is you need to you, need people buying goods and services so that companies don't shut down a people on this their job I, what I would put as priorities in a bill if we were in charge- which we are not is like. We like ape the bill should have more Lee checks to people with a trigger,
turns off when the economy hits a certain level, because like Mcconnell statement is its gamesmanship because he wants to hold the pen inadequacy of the pan, but he like he is correct that their with repass it every time you have to go back. The likelihood of success goes down significantly in that as well. Happened in the economic crisis to designate two thousand and nine why it took much longer get out of than it should have and that's true to matter who's in charge. That's one of the things that we, that is its monthly. X. I think we need. Forgiveness, for red payments mortgage met student learned and potentially others, but those three I would put because great that you're, not that many markets are not can have to pay, do not have to pay the rent. Yes, it or pay their mortgages or pay their stuteley bills, but money, is a cruel and even if it is not a cruel, even occurring without interest like
People can off they like there. They don't have the money to make three months wrath. Three rent payments at the same time and some, unless you offer than some forgiveness if we are going to get into a whole, that they could never get out of. I am concerned that Democrats, I'm thinking small, and to traditional, and I realized that, because we ve been through this with a similar, since you doesn't nine the recovery act? the challenges for lawmakers were trying to stimulate the economy in a time of recession is how fast can we get money out the door and in the hands of people because to keep the economy going? You just need cash. And people's hands- and there are a number of exists. The avenues to do that so employment insurance, money to state local governments, which is very important things like lifting tax deductions, re all this kind of bullshit
it becomes so it's it's sort of the fastest way to get money at the door, but I dont like we just six six and a half million people file for an employment five million last week I mean this seems like it is going to be A recession that is deeper and scary More than anything we have ever seen in this country and When you look to Europe right now, Denmark has agreed to comments danish employers for up ninety percent of their workers, salaries in the Netherlands, companies facing a loss of at least twenty percent of their revenue can apply for the guy but the cover and ninety percent of the payroll, the UK now they would have to eighty percent of the wages for as many companies is needed, to help with no cap on the total amount of public spending. Germany, in ships and for part time workers. This is all from New York Times editorial. Last week, like you has basically decided Their solution is going to be fairly simple, elegant and vat, the ambitious and big which is their just gonna paper,
well to stay home They're going to shut down the economy artificially and they're going to employers- don't we, if a single person and we will pay their wages for as long as this goes, and I just can't help. I wonder if we should be doing something like that here, that is, that big, an ambitious that people can under Dan and I looking around for what you know. People set about this kind of proposals our friend, Jason Furman, who was obvious in the Council of economic advisers near by the White House. You know he said that what you're doing is attractive in some ways you he worked is about some smaller businesses who have to sort of pony for their employees on the front end and pay their peril, and maybe dont have the cash to do that and then just wait to get reimbursed by the government. So obviously I think there are a lot of considerations that go into figuring some like this out, but I worry both from a substantive and a political standpoint that you know as Democrats are going to do, what we usually do is try to find the most responsible,
easy ways to get money at the door and it ends up looking like a laundry less that no one can understand, and then we, both of you, the day, weren't ambitious enough and didn't do everything we could to keep people hold during this pandemic. But I mean I think that is the probably this the starting principle that you outline here is where everyone should begin, which is there the federal government, is going- has asked everyone in some cases, ordered everyone stop working and staying home so because we did that we are going to spend one ever it. Eggs to keep everyone whole until this is over That is a simple principle. Yet ad like the implementation of it, is quite complicated. So do not get me. I get Atlanta ghettos start there opposed to a man. Piecemeal plan of keynesian economics, of putting money in the economy plus bail out,
more specifically affected industries plus spanish of existing programmes. If you just say this is our principled. This is what we are going to do. It is in everyone's interests to do that. It is in the twist of people who new public service to care for middle class working people. Democrats, it is in the interests of people who go into public Service in order to expand their own political power like Ms Mcdonald Donald Trump it is in the interest of corporations who need whose bottom lines depend on people having enough money to buy their goods and services that is everyone's interests. You say: well, how do we pay for? We can figure that out on the back, and we ve. If you can decide to do that, for a massive tax kite for now, Harrison corporations. Two years ago, you can figure out how to do that now, because I Do you think, and I've seen people here and talk about this, the question is not how do the sitting is going to be the GDP and unemployment like that is going to be terrible.
Shut down their coming as we tabled. The question is how much power in, or people going to have any while it's happening, and how quickly can we get out of it? Those two questions are interrelated and if you took a big giant aggressive approach, We would come out of this crisis much faster, because people be allowed to leave their homes and they we feel like they had enough money and economic security to return to their normal lives. If you worked in a restaurant you're shot would still be there when you came back right. If he worked at a hotel, the hotel would still be there. When you came back, already small businesses and then I really think you could come closer to the idea of turning the economy back on people had that security add it does bespeak sort of thee narrow parameters of policy making that that's not What the conversation is in this country well. It's also, I mean there's there's another issue here. You know in the last big
comic relief. Democrats were criticised for trying to include a number of provisions. They were unrelated to the emergency at hand. Things like you, no money for the Kennedy Centre, emissions restrictions for airplanes money for her start which the worthy programme, but all the headstart programmes are closed. Right now- and it wasn't Republicans doing criticising here, Michael Brunwalde, who covered that doesn't nine stimulus bill very well in fact, wrote a book on it. He reported The week that one former Obama official looked at the bill and said What does all this shit have to do with anything? The Democrats need to be careful of this next time and face fork, as I really think we do. Yeah I mean everything that you mentioned is incredibly worthy and important, and because, politics is so broken, primarily by Republicans. Opportunities to do. Things are so limited that when you see a train leaving the station, you get you wanna put everything on by it.
The ability to like. If policy passes a bill, it is going to be a political messaging battle to invents Mcconnell and tramped you take as much of that bill is possible, and so you have to protect your flank when you do that, and so there's gonna, be tradeoffs there about what you put in, which I think having overriding, big principles that are we specifically where the bulk of the billows a few things right, whether its Brent forgiveness. Due to my forgiveness, you know these checks What was it like whenever the Things are that people can understand is going to be much better. Having fibres Six that maybe me too, maybe five or six big things. That's they go to helping each people's pain, is going to be a easier political battle to win and having a hundred things to write yet will meet its so important. I think that whatever Democrats come out with that, it is
It draws a stark political contrast with republican priorities, not just that Republicans like Mcconnell dont want to do anything but that they want to help us economy by helping their rich friends, with more tax cuts for big companies and of image. That was the other thing that we had to deal with. The last bill is that there are too many good as for the rich in there, and we had to sign off because it was also a huge amount relief for working people, and so of course, it was responsible to to vote for that anyway. But I think next time around if policies cry, the bill in the house. Should it be like a very tight message about democratic priorities, focused squarely on the crisis at hand and the people who need the money the most and then let Mcconnell and Trump. You know either oppose it or propose something. Dickie less for big corporations or whatever the fuck they're gonna do isn't sort of that the best way forward.
Truck tromp was already out there yesterday saying here, it's interesting, the split between trumpet Mcconnell, which we should talk about his Mccall's like I don't want to do and other bill and trumps already saying. Why wanted to a true two trillion dollar infrastructure bell? yes, you're right, nothing. It's important that Democrats recognised the bill they pass is first it for the political message in document its both your first offer ed what will be a very difficult negotiation with some pretty bad people, but it also going to be your message to the country about why governance Look like Democrats were in charge of the entire guff like this is what we would do. This is what we would do in this crisis in this, and if we had been in charge- and you should put in charge, then your situation would be better off right in there. We're gonna. Do these things. If we were still in this mass come November, I am What sympathetic to how hard the job? that policy has in that switches, You know like you're, a member, and you know the United,
its headquarters in your member from the Illinois and United is headquarters in your district, and so in the middle of this crisis, we are going to vote for something that doesn't help the biggest when you think about that not. In terms of your campaign. Contributions Pherson We spend terms of the thousands of workers in your districts. You're gonna lose their jobs so like it's very hard and it's always gonna be a balance by you. Have they lean that balance towards what gives you the strongest hand with Mcconnell on that's the cleanest easily understood, cut most comprehensive approach. Yeah. I just think you know the biggest danger here is sort of short term thinking. Arrow thinking, small thinking, traditional thinking and not realising that the scale Devastation wrought by this crisis could change politics for a generation. It will like you
People, who are graduate college, who may not be able to get jobs? People who are gonna be out of work for a long time, people again who gonna lose people on this It is going to shape people's views of the political system for, like Nine eleven did like the financial crisis did made even more so worse overture. Marcia there's going to be such rage. And anger and despair, and a lot of it. You know, very, very warranted and this is a moment for the Democratic Party to make clear that we stand on the side of the people who are going to be struggling for a long time because of this and everything we have to do to make that clear, we should do and like. I am I get all that that these struggles, that that in our leaders, have in times like this and try to make government workin when, where the responsible
parties are. We also do things responsibly, and I get that but, like I really hope you don't lose the forest for the trees on this one I'd say one other thing about how democratic approach this, which is not just the next bill but like he like Democrats and we are in a different place in this crisis and Republicans one or two thousand eight s night Republicans, because they controlled nothing, could sit back right, vote against every bill and then blame Obama for everything that happened. Democrats control the house and have a responsibility genes? Are they were never going to take that sort of frankly evil? approach to happen, Americans so, like we have her hand on the knife right, but what I think is important here. Is he the way to frame this is Democrats, What would Republic is to give the president what the President thought he needed to fix the economy and is now responsible for the implementation of that bill. So every
dad won't every give away to a special interests, every missed check right. That is on Trump that is on him right, and that is where the political like we have to watch this like a hawk. Every single miss they make. They have to be held accountable for, because If we don't want them accountable, there is going to do making mistakes and hurting people, and also of this the imports or to tell about what happens when you put in cabinet narcissistic people who he'd government in charge of of the government? Yes, MRS about a whole story ends. Europe is uniquely bad at this, but rob with we have seen us from Republicans from time on end? This is Bush fucking up Katrina, this Bush fucking up rock this Republicans in the house almost taken the global economy over the dead ceiling. These people cannot be trusted to be in charge of anything, and we have to make sure The people understand that if they
What we suspect they will do, which is a mess it up, because they hate helping people, they hate government and the really bad at what they do. Yeah and the only other thing that I The priority that adding policing the Democrats have to make sure gets in the next bill is doing something so that people can votes flee in November, and I know that is not directly related to the economics of this by this issue trains leaving the station on this one, and you know I'm about to talk to me whistler and was caught, what's happening and was concentrate. Now is a preview of what could be happening around the country in November, which is report can state legislatures and Republicans. You know tat. I to do whatever they can to prevent people from voting, which is what they usually try to do anyway. In light of these states, and now there's gonna be Weena, we could
possibly and must be in a situation where, even in November, people or don't feel safe voting and a lot of that's gonna, be universal vote by mail in states that that you know it's gonna, be just for protecting election workers and voters and everything like that. But I think that debt demo We have to demand. That is in the next bell, because if we do the September or October. It's just gonna, be too late to be too late to do. Think about this, and this is what was content is realising right now and it's gonna be hard because its trump never break after now, but the quiet parties with a loud protests went on Fox in France last week in said, referring to But my mail provisions and what the house was talking about that if they were to happen, Republicans would never win an election again. Estate legists state legislature, legislator in Georgia, said the same thing last night, which he opposed vote by male, because it would increase turn out, which means republicans with blues. I would say two things about that: one
If more people voting means you're going to lose, maybe reassess you're parties agenda, Debbie I'm in too I'm not even sure. That's the case in this. Specific example, because If people who are over the age of seventy do not feel like they can go vote. I'm pretty sure I know which party that would hurt most and it's not ours, so that's important Ok, a meadow when we come back we talking to the chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Benwick POD, save America, is broadly by wrote. The parent company of Roman, as the novel corona virus pandemic escalates in the: U S, public, officials are encouraging. Those who are experiencing signs are symptoms of covert nineteen, such as coughing or fever, to seek met. Guidance remotely if you're alive. You're feeling sick or just feeling worried. There is a way to get help without leaving home row is offering
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stamps dot. Com is what we like to call hear: pod, save America a no brainer to no brainer, it's your classic, no brainer, especially now it's saving you time and money and keeping you safe in these crazy times. Right now, I was just going to special offer that includes a four week, trial, plus free postage and and a digital scale Without any long term, commitment just go to stamp out conflict on the matter the top of the homepage and typing crooked, that stamps dot com, intricate crooked and stay safe statement? on today's pod, the chair of their content, democratic party, been Winkler Ben. How you and your family doing. We are doing ok, I'm home with three kids who are currently watching ready jet go on PBS, kids. My wife working, I'm working but we're all safe, so were very grateful. Other than the fact that there is an election in five days in Wisconsin YE.
So let's talk about that. You guys have elections scheduled on Tuesday, it's not just the democratic primary, their local and state elections, including a close race for the Supreme Court. You and other Democrats, and now the governor have all called for postponing these elections since there's a statewide stay at home order but some others still scheduled. Why? So? in Wisconsin. The Republican Party have me a an art of controlling election laws to try to prevent Democrats from voting and a day. Have at every turn. For the last decade. Right to stop young people from voting people of color from voting, done everything they could to restrict voter registration to restrict people's ability to cast votes normal ways? And now, with this pandemic there? absolutely refusing to move the election to people ballots to allow people to request absentee ballots without,
taking a photo of their voter idea, The wild thing is neither also suppressing older voters. There are tons of other folks, you dont know how to take a photo of their voter variety and upload it to a web form. I'm hearing clerks that they're getting loads of selfies from old letters trying to request absentee ballots, but I think dear P. Frankly, I worry that when they look at this election there also noticing the Democrats are more aware of the risk of covered than Republicans, and we can see right now. They, both of the legislative leaders of the Republican Party are planning to people workers and are tweeting about how it's going to be safe because of the safeguards that are put in place. They control election counter they control the date. They control the methods of registering and requesting an he ballot and they are refusing to budge and their intervening in court every time we at the Democratic Party was content, didn't see
mayors, civil rights groups can clerks. Anyone tries to do anything to make it easier to get an absentee ballot. So what is their resolve is that their intention is to stop people from voting. We all know that what what's their official excuse that they're giving Patsy they have given a bunch. One of them is the changing. The rules might be confusing the people, which is extraordinary, because this is a moment. Any word to describe how people feel its other than scared it. Confused pulling locations are shutting down and mass, because peace workers are dropping out because they're afraid for their health is most of them are older, so that at this. The heart of Republican Wisconsin is gonna. I have only one pulling location for a city of seventy thousand people. Milwaukee is down from a hundred eighty two temple locations I mean everything is training about the selection already and we one point: one million absentee ballot requests. The previous, Good for absentee ballots was any fall presidential election in twenty. Sixteen, it was two hundred forty, nine thousand, so
there's nothing normal about this, but none ass. There saying I'm here the process, should go forward. We need the pandemic means. We should have more democracy, not less, and it would confusing the folks, they also in the kind of lower register on your counterparty, Facebook Pages and staff are accusing them. That's a trying to rig the election by me traveling can vote, and I think that goes to the heart of how republicans see elections, which is they don't see? The battlefield is getting more votes its. Would you stop promoting successfully? Who? So? Where does the legal fight stand right? Now? Yesterday we had the that hearing. Recording the western district of Wisconsin and the dead sea, the Democratic Party of cotton, a bunch of civil rights groups, the League of women voters, all kind of rolled our lawsuits into one and made the case for that Some of the civil rights groups had standing to argue to postpone it. We are good for
bunch of changes to absentee ballots and supportive of the of the other groups claims. The judge basically said look. This is on the legislature and governor and frankly now governor would be more than happy to, burning, accessible everybody at the Republicans were refusing to do anything in our state legislature. Ass though he was mad, he said he didn't think he had the power to move the election. I am hopeful that her grandson relief to stuff, like being able, you return and absentee ballot with a postmark on election day instead of having it we received by, Sunday, which would be to make life lot easier for a lot of extra and about. But it is doesn't even she doesn't have the power to wholesale move. Election day, so we're waiting for his ruling and, in the meantime, right now, it's Thursday April. Second, at five central time today, it's the deadline to request an absent about online. So even as this, the fight moves in the courts.
Everything we can to make sure people know how to requested absentee ballot and we're just calling texting reaching out on Facebook every We can possibly due to make sure people know how to fill them out right now. They have to get a signature the castle absentee ballot, and of hard during social distancing if you live alone and then to help us get. This intend before the deadline, so that's really important. So if you're listening right now in your was concentrated know, someone was constant. It's it's five p m central tonight is the deadline to request an absentee ballot so say, the judge does not postpone the election you talk a little bit about how you're trying to push for expanded. Mailing voting What are some of the other things you guys are trying to do to make the election work as best as possible if it is on Tuesday so the elections, commission has been
and with public health experts, to try to make inversion voting as safe as possible. They are, we are working in Wisconsin, elections are administered by municipal clerks. We have one thousand eight hundred, fifty of them across the state, so they Training, man they ve been Finding personal protective equipment sanitize or wipes others, a pdf you can go through explaining that you should wipe down every service? People might touch every ten to fifteen minutes. There's all these things are trying to do so we all hope. That makes a difference Poor workers are dropped, so much that the governor is now ready to deploy the National Guard to be pull workers on election day on Tuesday, which yeah younger than the average per worker, but at that party. How will close the gap there pulling locations have been consolidated. There are some cities that are offering drive through voting
and in Milwaukee that actually drive through absentee ballot witnessing so you can pull up ass, someone will witness your absentee valid and then you can, you can drop it off about getting out of your car The guidance is for any clerk to allow people with symptoms who pull up to do drive through voting. That that'll be depend frankly and how many pull workers they have to be able to process people inside and outside and what we're doing at the party is this. Massive onslaught of of pushing and supporting people doing absentee voting theirs. It very proud tradition. In Wisconsin of voting in person, we have seemed a voter registration. That's been a big part of how Lex work. Here. All our efforts are on voting by mail and the mayor Milwaukee actually he's on the ballot- and he said I don't want you to vote in person on Tuesday is. This is unlike in the election that I think anyone alive has ever seen and its It's happening in five days, can you talk about why the supreme
for election is important. I think a lot of folks around the country look at like no equality to move their primary. The primary less competitive. Now, who really cares, but it seems like there's a very competitive Supreme Court election. That's important on Tuesday, has nothing to do with the primary can you tell us a little bit about that. What happens between now, Tuesday, with absent iversen in person, votes will affect. Whether tromp was re elected in November. It's as simple as that, and the reason is that our states supreme Work is going to rule on voting rights issues potentially multiple times between now no November. That will affect who can a ballot to defeat Donald Trump and whether Wisconsin Gus, blue or red glow. The entire electoral college so the way this works is our state right now and has a five to Republican republican majority, even though non partisan. These are republican operatives on this. Supreme Court. Dan Kelly's kind of the worst hardest. Eight one of the worst of the much he
sort of made his career by defending Scott Walker in corruption, investigations and then defending gerrymandered maps in court. He was an appointment, Erasmus, yeah right. Obviously clearly as someone dedicated to Justice Skywalker then appointed him to fill a vacancy understate Supreme court. So this is the first time that he's faced voters, this, I have a mailing that act. I grab for Americans for prosperity that calls him independent and independent, tough, and fair. That's what and to people like me, have you say this a different message, other folks? But the reason the coat brothers are behind him. The same reason that Trump endorsed him at his last rally and was cotton, which is that they were him to cast votes for thing, like purging voters from the voter roles in Wisconsin, be the case where the right wing group suit get two hundred thirty four thousand voters. Purged was petitioned after the Supreme Court and a deadlock when Republican crossed over DEN Kelly
used himself, because I bet I can only assume he knew was it for him to purge voters in his own election. He has now done. He is no. As said reporters that he would cost under kissing himself after the election, which that there is a whole story about this, where law professors have big, never seen a judge if used themselves from a case, but last, that is his pledge, and that is why I think Republican see this as a as a path, the rigged the election to try to get Donald Trump in office, and it makes it shrewdly high stakes and We are even in his virtual environment report, And if you go ahead, make ends meet and get through the day. We're doing this incredibly intensive virtual organizing operation to try to get every possible democratic, has now developed and vote for Jill Carrasco, whose great, who is running to unseat DEN Kelly. So thinking about November. What is. All of this taught you about. How was cons
and other states should get ready for or a presidential election that could be held in the middle of a pandemic. The. Most important thing- and this is a hard fight- is to get universal, though by male our governor called for everyone to be mailed about every registered butter. Have pushed for that Democrats in our legislature ready to do it, republican, clearly see that, as a threat trumpets said in a press conference that it would levels of voting, they would mean no republican but never get elected, which is an incredible tell Santa quite saying the quiet. Cardella, yes, if any we're that's possible any. County municipality, where that's what it's possible to do legally, what country, if we can fight to make it happen? That would make the biggest parents just to make demur see actually function it is. It would move us a lot closer to having a real, legitimate democracy in this in the United States of America,
There are also a lot of other things we have to do in the first, as we have to get really good at virtual, organizing right now On on this day, I was expecting to be out knocking on doors in every part of the state. We ve had its neighbourhood action to use we ve been building. For since We have twenty seventeen who were ready to mobilise a vast field. Operation to have neighbors talking to neighbours at their doorsteps. That is our most powerful tool. It is totally off the table right now and we are now were you in your phone calls Otto dollars pretty protects messages, relational organizing tools, friend, banking, we're doing all these things, the groups are doing handwritten postcard campaigns every possible medium, that UK contact someone without interacting with them were using about to learn a lot about what things make the biggest difference we ve gotta whom this art to a fine point during the time between now November, because it might be that in November the thing that That's always been strongest out relative to Republicans the feast
these conversations might not be possible and yet- we have to invent other ways to make sure that we have the advantage on the ground game, and then we got over. Republicans with their with me more fair, because they are still coming really strong on that front how do you think about sort of under served and in rural areas where people and voters might not be as online as other places in a world where you have to organise like this? There are places Wisconsin. They dont have cell phone service that done her broadband internet. There are near their communities, especially committed of color that are most at economic margins that don't have access most people, don't have access to printers and things that you need to do that by mail Whatever one still has is postal mail service, wondering what that means. Is that making sure people gets up in the mail? Major that you find ways to reach out to people and help them to Rio
splendid things by mail that can make an enormous difference and I think can't leave out the this technology in the world We can't leave that out in our inner planning, but that's it A lot of folks with landlines. You can call those landlines at make sure that you have cell phones. The Dnc has been doing a lot of investing in getting fresh cell phone data so that you can text people text to have an enormous amount of reach just have to use every every tool in the arsenal and one of the things that I like about absentee ballots. At least it was content, as we can see who's requested them. We get the list every day, and that means we actually know the list of people and we can also see who's returned them, so we can go through that last. I just over and over and over reach out everybody and ask them to the thought out, send it in call em if they need help. So if someone you DR, by and pick up their absentee ballot rigging, gloves like whatever it takes. Together, think I put in so
last question it was just announced just for we started that the democratic convention which is supposed to be held in Milwaukee, will now be postponed until August. Seventeenth, you feel good about that thing. It's a great and clear decision and I've been in touch with the vote today. The commitment that they have is one to make sure that the commission is safe and too that it is was Cotonou and we, if we How do things we can monitor? Allow me in that we have, in the tipping point state and whatever The public health conditions are we're going to do this in a way that that set this up for November, I'll. Let you go, but you know I guess what should anyone who is listening to this, who is Sir freaked out by everything you just said about. What's going on with Wisconsin produced a? How can people help so three? They, That I want to ask pod, save America listeners to do the first. Is it in Wisconsin ORF you're, not treat the link two requested absentee ballot. My vote
W. I got Gov posted on Facebook, actually especially posted on Facebook, than anything- you can text it anyone you know who might know someone who lives and was content. We have to push back out. The second thing is you have a minute an hour, a five days to volunteer go to stems dock work, Slash volunteer, fell on our form and we'll start shifting you into ass lost, especially to fund bank, to help people walk to walk people through the process of getting their boats filled out and the last thing a lot of people are an economic freefall right now. So not everyone is in a position to donate. If you are one of lucky people who is there, a less people doing it, and your money goes further, sir, if you, to wisdom is dot org, slash forward? a page it we have up right now. For this push, wisdom is not org slashed board, and chip in a few bucks or make a recurring donation. Your work trying to figure out how we go the distance for these five days and through November and
knowing that we have resources to count on allows us to keep on expanding innkeeper foot on the gas and the same. The trumpets, drawing on the other side. I really do it. Ben says: had good luck on Tuesday, and I am very glad that you are the one running the show out there. So I state stay safe, stay, healthy and and and thanks for joining us. Thank you so much thanks to ban for joining us today and you know, enjoy quarantine? Everyone we will stay safe and healthy at their stay home don't be, You know Rhonda Sanderson in Brain camp in those idiots and we will will see on Monday by everyone. What's in America is a product of cricket media. The executive producer is Michael, Martinez, are
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