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Trump tries to make the election about Barack Obama, Democrats come up short in a California special election, Joe Biden announces a set of policy unity task forces, and Democratic strategists offer his campaign plenty of advice. Then Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal talks to Jon about her Paycheck Guarantee Act and her role as the co-chair of Biden’s health care unity task force.

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learn more welcome, applied, save America, I'm John Favour. I'm dyin Pfeiffer Today's pot, I talked to Congresswoman from Illinois about the Democrats, economic relief bill in her new position on the Biden Sanders Healthcare Unity taskforce, but before that, what's trumps decision to make this campaign about Barack Obama. The result The special action in California Twentyth of District- What the deal is with all the democratic inks over Joe Biden campaign, but first check this week's positive the world where Tommy and then explain how trumps director of national intelligence is already hard at work, using the flint affair to punishes political enemies,
then Petrograd keep the host of wind of change joins attacks. But the CIA propaganda and how culture became a weapon. The cold war, if you haven't yet listen to wind of change, go to Spotify, check it out now binge the whole series spent fantastic. It stands. It's gonna it in our house. It is on the sun, at all times, also check out this week's episode of six feet apart without Wagner, which is What sex? In the time of covert very many, more of a plugin that do I hear you you can find the show, wherever you listen upon gas by searching for six feet apart, Finally, some great news, on a virus relief fund has now raise over two million dollars to help people we're struggling right now. Thank you so so much everyone is donated. You are all generous, wonderful people now that we ve crossed the two million,
Mark were adding a few new organisations to the fund Jose Andreasen world Central kitchen, which helps feed people over the world and now here in the U S and masks for people, one fair wage and a couple more. If you can, please make a donation at crooked dot com, Slash corona virus for a very good cause. Aren't let's get to Is this week as the corona virus death toll sword past eighty thousand Americans and we hit depression, levels of unemployment, Donald Trump and much of his attention to the real threat facing America. Barack Obama after weaken, Bender but included more than a hundred tweets. That accused of were president of unspecified entirely fictional crimes that seem have something to do with convicted criminal. Michael Flynn. Trump was asked by the Washington Post, Phil Rucker, what in the fuck he's talking about, and he said this.
Mr President, in one of your mother's day tweets you appear to achieve President Obama of the biggest political crime in american history by far those where your words, what crime? Exactly? Are you using President Obama of committing and deeply the Justice Department and prosecute him, Obama game, it's been going For a long time it has been going on from before I even get elected and a disgrace that it happened and if you look at what's going on and if you look at now, all of this information that's being released. And from what I understand, that's only the beginning of September. Both things happened and it should never be allowed to happen in our country again. And you'll be see what's going on over the next over the coming weeks, but I've had I wish you'd right honestly about it, but unfortunately you choose to do so yet, John, please I'm! What is the crime exactly there? Giving you know at the crime is the crime is very obvious to everybody. What you have to do is read the newspapers except yours, so this is. My low key favorite part of that is silver
starting by saying in one of your mother's day too heavy most day, everyone, the former president, as with the crap, so Didn t our question for you can you Splain what Obama Gate is and do you think Trump can explain what of as we know the answer to the second question, because obviously he can't I mean I was trying to figure out what the best lag pop culture version of trumps, answer that and there I came up with two options. One is Billy Madison, doing the debate against broadly Woodford where the judgements as everyone is now stupid. For that think they more recent and relevant unless dating wine is when Roman is asked about that book. He says he reads in the last years in succession. You know the book Everyone knows the book is about.
So job has no idea why he didn t and bother to re pass the hashtag, which is sort of also emblematic of his pandemic response. But if we were to try to explain what Obama Gate is it boils down to Obama, administration officials following all the right protocols to find out. I trumps incoming national security adviser was having conversations to undermine. U S. Foreign policy with the Russians in weeks after the Russians had interfered in a in election on behalf of the incoming president, that is the crime to which he is accusing about I mean you know. Adam government in the New York Times has a great piece about this. Today, it's like a pretty simple, explain her. If you want to go down the rabbit hall which end, if you don't that's fine tube, It is a rabbit hall. But like is I just a few things
Remember to add what you're saying like Russia sabotage is the election. We know that, on behalf of and trying to elect Donald Trump, so this the fact. The Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee have concluded this as well I find put forward by could by off by also criminal Richard Burton. Yes, another the whole other story. So this happens. Obama, the Obama administration, sanctions on Russia, Russia does not retaliate for the sanctions, brow Obama, the Intel agencies and says: can you find out why Russia didn't tell when we just sanction them. So they look at some of the calls because we monitor some of the cap. Made by russian officials. Look at those calls and ambassador, Russia's ambassador to the EU. S is talking with an American and the American saying. Don't worry about these sanctions when Donald Trump takes office-
we'll take the sanctions away and they end so then the question is: who was that American? Because in the interim reports those the Americans are mass, so no one knows who Thea? if is talking to the russian ambassador, promising sanctions relief and too nothing you s foreign policy? So there is a process you go through that everyone admits even Bill BAR, even Donald Trump is was legally followed. You uncover that the person talking up to the russian ambassador is Michael Flynn, the incoming national security adviser and then, after that, Brac Obama warns, Donald Trump. During the In addition, when they meet hey, just some advice, don't higher this Michael Flynn, guy he's pretty sketchy, Donald Trump doesn't take the advice. Hires Michael Flynn is report. That Michael Flynn was talking to the russian Ambassador
undermining. U S foreign policy Donald Trump says: ok, you're fired Michael win because you lied to MIKE Pence about it in my pants the country on meat, the press in so because you lied were firing you, my pencil, asked about. He said he made right decision in firing, Michael Flint, and now now we are told Donald Trump. That somehow Michael Flynn going down was an Obama plot to bring down Donald Trump makes zero fucking sense, and if any, these fucking people peddling this conspiracy would talk to anyone outside of the Trump media bubble for five fucking minutes. The whole thing would fall apart. The entire thing, a couple of points on this one. Wanna on masking. Were you like in the what the reason why american citizen information is kept private initiative Saps is often too,
time's, the russian ambassador in this somebody was being surveys. Be having many conversations, american citizens that are of no interest to the federal government, AIDS intelligence agencies and every once in a while, you will see one, and this happens with both of suspected criminals suspected terrorists, archives of intelligence targets both at home and abroad. And there was something interesting and they will make a request to see who that person is because the the other party of the conversation is relevant to the information trying to find out. That happens all the time it's happened, I think Tommy mention of a day. Eighteen, thousand times under Trump there's a very common thing. This is open shut case of when you would ever do it? like it, I'm sure it happens, a grey areas and I'm in I'm sure the Intel community sometimes is overly aggressive in on masking. But this is no question. You have a incoming government official explicitly telling the Russians you just here nor election do not work
the sanctions we're gonna fix it, for you is that's one too because of the lying was interviewed by the FBI. He wide in that interview and that it like that? It's not open for discussion That is a well known fact, as he lied about what he told them about who I donno fired him. He loves you have me, I think he knew, and then Michael Flint, admitted that multiple occasions under oath. He played guilty to ask me if I'm guilty twice. I lied to the FBI and it's not even imagining a separate crime involving Michael friend where he was representing the turkish government as a foreign agent without Reggie during and then lying on, his forms that he filed afterwards about his work on behalf as a foreign lobbyist for the turkish government, which he also admitted to under oath.
As part of his cooperation deal with a smaller investigation. So here guilty of many crimes he's if it is all under oath. The procedures were followed and now he's on the short list to be returned to the Trump administration in a second term. Best part of the entrapment there there's and where the FBI entrapped Michael Flynn, to try to its perjury trap to try to get him to lie the FBI, literally red words. The transcript of his call with the russian ambassador and said: do you but this or giving you a old chances? We don't want you to lie to us and get in trouble. Do you remember were these words from this transcript. He said now, and I did not say that I did not say that it's like and the other crazy thing about is again here. We are down the rabbit hull. Some journalists like Marcy Wheeler, has have pointed this out that these do face is released. Look releasing fighting list of all the times that Michael Flynn was unmasked. We have proven that
most of the times that someone was unmasked and ended up being Michael Flynn. Talking to four, officials wasn't the kiss call, because up until a later it was before that so Michaelson was cut, has raised up kinds of alarms with all bunch of other conversations before that gives we actually just as who more Porto like a flame, which is its thou, remember. He will pay If towards Belgium's reelected, he will probably elected, he will probably work in the government of defence Can we now know probably on the campaign trail? The ad so, let's put aside that he is, it admitted criminal right so that should be that's one disqualifying factor for serving an oppressive measures, The other one is he's a particularly dumb criminal. He We remember what his job was when he was in the Obama administration, the head of the defence hellish its agency. So of all The people in the world who show I've known Debbie Russian,
ambassadors calls were being surveillance, would be Michael Flint. Yet he still have a call still lied about it. I made it here here's the Obama scandal why we hire Michael flat on the vertical axis before The vote was not a good one right there. Every year is realising our military official, but we did fire and so points to Obama. Boys will end in. We thought points to try. For firing, and but apparently you know now are in fact in Louisville, so Parliament's approval rating is sitting at around sixty percent right now he is the most popular living president. One of the most popular public figures in the country. Is there any kind of strategy here on transport, or is he just losing? fighting mind this morning. He actually called on sent
judiciary, Chairman Linsey Gram, to make Obama come testify before the Senate, which Lindsey Graham, has rejected, written statements that if both presidents come testify about their thoughts about each other There are more than welcome, but that's going to really help the country that much I mean You know something has to be a terrible fucking idea for Donald Trump suggested and Linsey Graham to reject it yeah puddle, yeah no rats. Things have got our troubles like Lindsey Gram, run out into traffic Linsey grandma. Do that so This is obviously a terrible idea is there a strategy, of course, not There is never a strategy for the things that really does that's that that is not how we operates. That does not mean like this it. This is born of a desperation of the political situation in which he finds himself right now and he's just massive insecurity complex when it comes to brag about
but just because there is a strategy for why Trump does things does not mean there are not strategic consequences for the things he does right in, like we too often discuss tromp on one of two poles. One is he's a fucking moron, whose always doing stupid things and the other one is He'S- is strategic political mastermind who, as some sort of magic and figured out to win the hearts of selection and is much more complicated that, like all things, This is a bad political strategy for the following reasons you mentioned, and we can get to a few. Others have a second, but it's not a terrible pr strategy in the short term, which is Trump once the press to cover something other than his massively incompetent failure to respond to the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis. Any NOS one way, to do. That is to go right, a fire over here, and so he has done that and it wall
even if the coverage is not good for jobs like then, your time story you mentioned is terrible. It is coverage of something else, and so in that sense like there is like there is instinctive. All this is the institutional pr part of trumps brain. Has him doing this distraction point that he does a lot usually think that doesn't work. Has, like you said, or in the middle of a fucking pandemic. You know thirty million people don't have jobs right now. I would not say that responds to the pandemic is going smoothly and like tom- and I were just talking about this- during impeachment. Our hope is that you know wall to wall. Twenty four and hearings broadcast on television would move a lot of voters to care about impeachment. That did not really happen right much.
To our chagrin, that was a moment of relative peace and prosperity in the country and a lot of people when you ask them when you type them and focus groups, I'd say: yeah either I think trumps guilty, because I'm a democrat and partisan Knower or someone who thinks trumpets, fucking, nuts or I love trumpeting trumpets fine, but mostly I would say: well I care about my health care. I care about my job. I care about my wages. I don't know that. I care that much about impeachment, so now imagine that feeling in the My fucking pandemic, when all these people are out of work, and you turn. Dear federal government and the president, screaming about some vague conspiracy that the last president dead and he's yelling about Barack Obama and he's not talking about the pandemic and is not talking about I've. Put people back to work like it seems like a fuckin political, lose It's me. I mean there are reasons to be very alarmed by this. We're gonna go into, but from a political standpoint I just I don't. I can't get why it helps him, except with his based and his problem is not in space
right to the executive role should obviously the base gets excited about this obvious, but, like the base was never going to leave it, there is no evidence that he is he's losing its base or as bases not as fired up as they otherwise would be. So he has a base political ploy. To try to solve a problem that existing in the middle of the electorate right where he is suffered in we're here to do. The most work is between the forty three percent has and the forty seven Eighty per percent he's indeed to need to win in these battleground states like that is, and this does nothing for that, and I think to your point, he's leading with his chin in two ways. One is He is focusing on something other than the thing people care the most about an think he's not doing a good job on right it sort of we like, and this is even Wes Severe, but would be like if Brok Obama focused on a bunch of survival.
Random things in the middle of the economic crisis in two thousand and nine and actually even we for politically, because we for a lot of people, we did not connect health care to the economic crisis. The people's opera bombers are this. Other thing said the thing they care most about which was their job Imagine if, during the economic crisis at the head of the economic crisis, Brok, Obama was scream about how John Mccain needed to be prosecuted for something he said during the campaign. Death right like that would be a political disaster. So is so that's it one piece job is focusing on the wrong thing, which is theoretically poker mistake in two. Brok Obama's numbers are a sixty percent with the overall public. But that's when you include trumps base, which has Obama in the single gets in some cases. I have seen private polling from a number of different places, but that hat looks at Rock Obama's pulling among the
up for grabs universe, the persuadable voters and his numbers are in the seventies. Particularly popular among the people who will decide the selection and so That's ants tribe is absolutely reading with his chin politically, but leading with your choice politically, is only bad. If someone countries, even the fucking job that's the question for Democrats is how do they make Trump pay for this right and it's not just enough to make fun of him being conspiracy. There is this not just enough to continue focusing on the pandemic. You have to tie tromp focusing on all these absurd things with the thing is not focusing on right. This is about I from trying to pull She's enemies and exercises personal grudges instead of helping other people egg years away, you tie it to the Trump First America last message that we have talked about a couple occasions and if you do that, you like Democrats in buying have the capacity to make pay for this. Well, let's talk about that. I mean one concern I have now is how the non try,
media is handling. This concern is putting it mildly. You know I'm one hand there was a fantastic Washington Post piece on Tuesday. To lose all Rania, that red quote since Sunday trumpets treated more often about alleged crimes by his perceived opponents than he has about the pandemic, ravaging the country with mass death in unemployment and called it quote, a familiar political tactic. That's what the Washington Post label this. So that is to me the model of how talk about this and report on this. On the other hand, we about acts Yos retweeted quote Joe I'm presence on the list is Joe Biden was on the unmasked list of people who asked for these to be unmasked because he can because he was a vice president. That was his job, Joe Biden presence on the list could turn it into election year issue, though the document itself does not show any evidence of wrong doing in Georgia novelists asked by multiple questions about transferring conspiracy on good morning America. This week, here's part of Joe Biden response
can you imagine any other President United States focusing on this at the moment when a country is just absolutely concerned about their health, their children, the health of their families, the health of their. I mean this is that what we are economic crisis. We have a health crisis. This is all diverting attention focused What's in front of us, was to get us out of this. Mr President, Sudan, it seems like. Would you what's about the media? Second, for payment of a bad, and would you say that binds response? There is in line with how you're suggesting the Democrats taken Yes, absolutely, and I think it's the right message actually thought that that was Biden's best interview in a very long time. I thought he was very strong and very passionate ad
has sort of begun to settle on top narrative, and you see it in him, focusing on himself and sort of the margin area of american life and not what is affect people's lives. And so I think that is like other. That was very good, and northern do like interviews is not enough fry. It's gonna like this is and has become a context of paid a communications. Going forward. But yet I thought I was getting that sort of thing to do on. The media side is this inevitable, that a lot of reporters and editors are going to fall for this an end. Is there anything we can or should do yes and no well, then we will continue to scream into the void about bees. Reporters learning zero lessons from twenty lasting it That was a particularly glib answer that I do stand by, but the press
One is not like there. There's gotta be plenty of great articles that pudding contacts the absurdity of this year, just like like I said: why should imposed exemplary for calling it a political tactic and an end just basically reporting it What it is I thought and government the new times did a great by just simply laying out the facts of the case. So you know how ridiculous the conspiracy is- and you know I've heard Some reporters to think this is completely fucking ridiculous. So. I do want to say that many reporters seem to have learned lessons from twenty sixteen. My concern is, as usual, like usual suspects that we always talk about in plus this gets filtered through to the Networks and their broadcasts re to editors were writing headlines as off fuckin horrific Ellie Times. Piece about this, which is basically like bought into trumps framing like it does worry me up there, s actually shed and
The challenge here is, I think, like when we talk lessons she doesn't. Sixteen like there are many if there are many of them for that for the median ever everyone ourselves include, run us about by one of the ones that I think up. A lot of media have not yet wrestled with is their view we focused on the accuracy and fairness of the story. They right right in some we'll be very accurate, very fair, some of whom we less like it's gonna, be on a scale because involves people, but I think too many of them do not think about how the things they write or weapon eyes too, in our modern social median. Far right like that's where headlines, moderate right, like there's a political story that is on its face. Fine, I think, but then wine is like. Obama administration officials on involved in on masking right that have lied like exponentially. More people will read that headline in their social media in them will ever read the story, and so
the headlines do not get sufficient scrutiny, Have you recognize? Do they know it's all? There was a quote trump saying of also right trump pending. From where I am from a lap right, which is trumped, did say that in a normal body would like you can you can put that because people would be picking up on their newspaper and most of them would read the story, doesn't how the world works anymore ad so this is gonna, get completely distort it's gonna go through the funhouse mirror of all this. The question is, What a Democrats do about the short term, what we do on a long term and that question will you bought the short term cartoons revolves around. Can we work? The rest is effectively S. Republicans work the rats and I believe the answer that is now. Why do you think because the oh Adam, Sir, were of the Atlantic had a very good threat on. This. Is something that I spent a lot? time about in my book, which is. It's a fundamental thing. The right is understood for a long time, which is It is true that most
Ah, but most reporters and decision makers are more. Road than the average republican politician or voter and they are very sensitive to criticism of liberal bias, and so attack the right about their coverage is a reason for so examination about whether they are giving their intolerable bias in an attack from the left is a proof point that they are not giving until illiberal bias. So, Like you, we see this all the time and some they're putting up in your times. In two thousand Seen in beyond, is that critiques from the right get you a meeting with the editor through takes from the let's get you another right there. Like we, as for we have to understand that this is a fundamental fact of journalism in this damage: it does not apply to everyone. There are some who have been very, very good brothers. I think the post, while that perfect by such serious measures,
has been more resistant to giving in to the impulses of the right than a lot of other media outlets and has light There is a question of our we treating the symptoms. Are we treat the disease of the conservative advantage in media had working reporters I thank and sort of yelling about. It is just the symptoms, not trumpeter disease, which is why, like my big impetus, is always on building up progressive media that is not dependent on the same economic model and same cultural institutions that
Traditional journalism is what I would say to reporters editors headline writers, producers, because it's all of them. It's not just reporters. Sometimes it's mostly the other people who are writing headlines in Cairo on on television like this is much bigger than partisanship. What's happening right now, and when Donald Trump attacks the press when he attacks the freedom of the press, reporter stand up for their rights and for the rights of reporters everywhere, and they don't see fighting back as partisan at all. They think that that fighting back against attacks on the press is the right thing to do, and I grew them. It is the right thing to do so. How is that different? then an attack on the rule of law, an attack on democracy itself, which is what's happening right now, with what Trump is doing. It is not about like Democrats, verses Republicans on this. It is much bigger.
It may seem to recognise that when it comes to his attacks on press freedoms, all I ask is that they recognise that when it comes to attacks on the rule of law and democracy itself as well like I just that that's let's say because the lasting will talk about this is like this isn't a trumpet not just like it. Writing solo on the train to crazy town. Here you gotta, he's gonna, hold tat the characters it with it, but to do that right. Wing lunatic from Fox to the Federalist he's got bill bar, You know running an investigation into all this nonsense at the Justice Department. He's got fuck and former twitter all turned dna head, Rick Ranal, giving republican centre a list of senior Obama officials, including Biden about this, on masking bullshit
and now he's got republican centres like ran Paul, demanding Senate hearings and making the same wild accusations about Obama like what is your level of concern about the consequences of trumpets Republicans using the full power of government and law enforcement to go after their political enemies. I am deeply concerned about it and I'm is empty. I concerned about it in the here and now and I'm incredibly concerned about what happens if trump whence a selection could just think about this we are six months from the election and in the last couple weeks here, trumps incredibly partners international, his reached his hand into the normally independent decision making process among her prosecutors and drop charges against trumps long time. Political adviser, Roger Stone has, I'm dying a guilty play from trumps. Now Jerry, Visor and really Paul metaphor, trumps: campaign manager from jail, even though he
none of the tests for the prince nurse low risk, prisoners were being let out of prison to avoid the spread of front of ours. AIDS and you have taken an alien may rip? It is may of the election year? What the fuck do, you think happens in May of twenty twenty one Maintop, never us to face the voters again, and so it is deeply. Deeply concerned in the middle of a pandemic, an historic recession by the way. That is the other backdrop to this like trumps fucking, like disregard for basic, laws democracy. Everything else is terrifying in a normal time, at a time where there's been a double digit unemployment and a disease of virus ravaging the country, and everyone is fucking on edge anyway to have a president who can punish his enemies or his critics and protect his loyalists. Is fucking terrifying? It is terrifying, do remember when it's it's not an accident. This is happening
either. Do you remember when I guess it was two thousand and four way both Bush and carry were in Iowa and those guys robber. The banks. I don't remember that, while maybe I admit that I made that up romance a plot of oblivion, Either way, basically he's using attention on something else to its, we can also do the die hard with a vengeance version of this with us. Scavenger hung a lot of analogies at its while we had an extra hour to record today. Some really did modulate my caffeine in take appropriate appropriately for this by we did it that, like he's getting away with this, because we were focused on other things like an there? Is the element of slowly bore the rays of the temperature of the water with a frog in part B? Does it involve themselves any one of these things individually, absent all the things that came prior with trumps, creeping authoritarianism and attacks on the rule of law would be the greatest scandals and political history
The attorney general force, the Department of Justice against the wishes of career prosecutors to drop. The charges against a man who had played guilty to a crime eh, because it may happen to be a close adviser of the president. Like that. If that is what happened that like that makes a lot of what happened in Watergate locally Walking but we're just move at all right, because people can't leave their homes, Did we get railroads? Rhinos can survive a pandemic nets? Well, it's not then we are so but are we talking about the twenty election. Is one a really quickly talk about Tuesday, special congressional action in the California Twenty Fifth republic? MIKE Garcia, defeated Democratic State Assembly, woman Christie, Psmith too the remainder of former Congresswoman Katy Hills term, which ends in January. That also means, though, that Garcia and Smith will face
again in November, to determine who will represent the district for the next full to your term in the house, they're still coming ballots, since most of them are male then, but on Wednesday afternoon Garcia had a twelve point lead over Christie Smith, who did can see the race den Why do you think this happened and how big a deal? Is it why it happened is a great question and I can hey, gay glass, half full or a glass, half empty approach them After what we just talked about, let's do glass, half full for now. Ok, let's see last s, all this is a MIKE our sea ass, the republican candidate was a perfect fit for the district did not. Do not have a voting record that could be attacked with fighter pilot in not attached to the Republican Party in a serious way
so he had so great candidate low turn out. Special action in a non battleground stayed in the middle of a pandemic suggest that perhaps we shouldn't raw too many conclusions about what it means for national politics and places we will talk about Second, there was also an election in Wisconsin on the same day, where no. The Democrat lost the race they ve outperformed. Partisan, patients are. The districts of that is that the route was consumers Belies the idea that their sums, that Garcia, when as persons are of national trend in trumps direction,. Now it. Yes, I think they can learning part. Now, just now go glass haven't even that's, usually I then begins in part is like you know in sort of way.
Just talked about is the recognition that we didn't have sort of the surge of voting in this district that both allowed Hillary Clinton to sort of win this district and twenty sixteen and Katy Hill. When this district in twenty eighteen now you could say, while there is presidential turnout for Clinton, there is like record high turnout in the mid term for Katy Hill, but, like its, it seems like the people. Specifically, you didn't turn out in this district were sort of non white Working Class Democrats live in the Alley County part of the district, and it was sort of a a road test of what a mostly mail in election will look like. Doesn't give you some concern, as we had towards the fall about Democrats, ability to organise voters, especially voters, who don't always turn out in the middle of a pandemic in a mostly mail and election.
Ass. It gives me great concern and that's why I tend towards like our whether I'm half full or half empty, two thirds empty whenever there when I think about it, it is, I think, Democrats would be unwise. Eyes to ignore the result here, because, yes, we have these- this result in Wisconsin earlier this week in and the amazing result that happened Sate Supreme Court race last month in, but that that should also not give us too much comfort, because what happened account four and twenty five is proof that it is very hard to turn out low propensity voters in a vote by male election, particularly in places. Our vote by mail is not part of the political culture right, and so, if you think that's hard in California, which has offered robot nails and option for a couple cycles, now think how hard that's going to be in Pennsylvania, where this they're doing that for the first time Michigan Words new
North Carolina. All these places where, like this is a real challenge, and even though we we were able you Ben Whistler in those kind of party proved it could be done. They have the best organization in the entire country and there a wider and was constantly has ace as a much more in grain, culture of civic participation. Historically, very I turn out and so oh, like there are real challenges here and we're gonna have to build tremendous organizations in order to do that, as you do we're gonna do. Seventy is by getting a lot of low propensity voters and battleground states or vote by mail for the first time, depending on what their in person options are so like this is not at. This is not a put. What happened in covering twenty five is not predictive of what is going to happen in,
between twenty, but it is a warning sign that we got a lot of work to do if we're going to be able to succeed in the new environment which we find ourselves and to end on a hopeful note, its also prove that, like organizing matters and what you do in the course of this election, matters like everyone should go. Fucking learn for Benwick learned. There was content democratic party who were able to organise an entire state.
You mostly a melon election, just a couple weeks before that Supreme Court race and they were able to do it and, like you know, we need to have that capacity that that ban has shown in Wisconsin has shown in every single swings date for whether it's for the presidential for the Senate for down Belarus is across the country. S going to require a ton of help and it's gonna hafta require a ton of people getting involved and being organised and its doable, but we ve got a fucking. Do it I mean it was. It was its was tough to get people excited or interested in this race. In the twenty fifth, we had
Christy Psmith, fine, we tweeted about it a time we talked about on the pod. It is just it is very. It was very hard to get people involved and excited, and it should be a fucking warning sign for Democrats that, like we have to do the work doesn't matter how unpopular trump gets. Doesn't matter. How much you fucked up this response. We have to do the work, and that's message that I took from it, get as they obviously easier to get people excited in presidential race that over one that was coming, but prefer we have zero margin for error and there is I've been thinking about this. A lot recently, as we were sort of dumping on trumped for having this stupid attack on Obama, derives thanks as we as Democrats. Have you understand that the Republic in Electoral college and structural advantages are such that Trump can do everything wrong and still with a narrow electoral college margin. We have like last time exactly we have zero margin for error here, and so yes, a little bit
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Endorsement announcement, if your member a few notable appointments, Congresswoman Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez and Secretary of State John Kerry. Will co chair the climate change taskforce. Healthcare task force will be co chaired by our guest today, Congressmen Primula Jaya, Paul in former Obama, surgeon general that Mcmurphy. It also includes our crooked media. Pal America dissected hosts Abdul else. I had. Dan. What was your reaction to the announcement and to the groups? This is a very well executed piece of business by Biden Bernie, like it lengthy delay. These are people you would want getting a sea, of course, most notably to be in charge of the climate change. One I would note that really is its heard a funny that air sees what and wife is to work on crime. Issues with seven year old men from Massachusetts. So like this, it like, I think, like all
is bringing the party together as a very precarious piece of business, you in a lot of people on both sides. Frankly, brooding for failure on this, you get people who still angry, apparently for two thousand. Sixteen you got people on the left, too, are very distrust worthy of Biden, and having in the way this world out was with all the right people in very well. Then I think it's. It is a credit to both sides if they were able to do this without any real public bumps in the road. Yet So I think that as yet in their some serious people from the progressive movement on these on these policy councils, not just at sea like vaccine per cash from the sunrise movement Stephanie Carlton's to Bernice. You know economic folks. These are serious, progressive activists and progressive leaders on this, and you know you'll hear from my conversation with Conniston Magi of, but
they. Everyone seems to be really excited about it and they're all sort of going into this in a really good faith away, hoping to come out with some sort of exciting policy ideas. Obviously this can have a policy benefit for Biden. Do you think it could also have a political benefit like Canada actually help him with younger progressives, who might still be skeptical of his candidacy? absolutely, I may be able like if you are in organizer, I was gonna, say you're in order as our having a conversation at the door, but viewer and organizer having a conversation on the soon with You know a Bernie voter who are sceptical of Biden, particularly because of climbing climate changes. Their main issue then able to say that its intricacies Cortez is working on climate change with the Biden campaign is a very persuasive piece of information. That Biden is welcoming to their views in there their ability, push him either now or over time, in a way that you want more. So I yes like
a policy working group is not going to move all the voters acme huge deal, but I do think it creates and an entry point to a lot of votes on the left, who have policy based scepticism of button and there is some research, the points that is well next gen to the study on young voter attitudes a couple weeks ago, and they talked to Bernie supporters who were less enthusiastic about Joe Biden, and they did find that just clearly stating not sort of overdoing or over exaggerating, binds progressive credentials. But basically, by saying you know, Joe by while he has always been with us. You know he's listening to progressive leaders, he's working with them and he has adopted some progressive policies hears his agenda, actually move them towards vine and made him feel better, and it was introducing new information to these voters that they had never heard before. So some of this network a credit to the bombing campaign for doing this, because there also was risk here right like if else
these progressive ideas, dont get adopted, and some of these people these on these task forces start complaining. Like that's better risk. Barton campaign right is also a risk by the way. On the other side, the Irish Sea already attack these unity task forces for like by moving to fire. The left he's got fuckin. I saw that donors. Democratic donors wordy like what you doing you're moving too far to the left on this already, which is you know, I'll, probably a signal that he's doing something right, but still like it's not without risk to do this, and so I do think the Biden campaign gets a lot of credit for putting these together and being so open to them. Just as the progressives who have joined these task forces get a lot of credit for short of coming to the table and working in good faith. I listen. What are the parties feeling about twenty twenty if you ve noticed this stand, but there are quite a few Democrats out their offer. An unlimited supply
of absolutely free and very public advice to the binding campaigns and in many of them are in a mild, but you know constant state of play about November. You know, of course, I'm sure the divine campaign is absolutely thrilled to to get this advice that they did not seem to solicit. Anyway, you can apart fat from their tweets and I'm sure they were especially tickled. When quote more than two dozen donors, advisers activists and party strategists talked New York Times, as they did for Wednesday peace and democratic, worrying and said that the bombing campaign quote is exhibiting some of the same difficulties that prove troublesome and the primary slow decision making processes and multiple power centres across Mr Batten. Sprawling political network generation differences between some long time, buying advisers and younger operatives, inadequate. I think it a tendency to be reactive in the face of controversy. Divine votes will, of course say that the former vice president of the steady lead over Trump, which is now about foreign
half points nationally and between about two to three points in some of the key battleground states. Obviously, Democrats will always bear their souls to political reporters justice is the sun comes up, but would you categorize this New York Times storing some of the concerns you ve heard, as healthy worries or problematic panic. I salute rank at near. I do think you gave in a play. Intro to a segment of the packages were probably can offer I stood by me campaign. Believe me, I was fully Aware of what was about to happen, I mean it's it's kind of hard to say, which is. Everyone should like worrying is fine, and everyone should be worried, not specific, play because of something the buying campaign has our hasn't done yet, but because
this is the most important election history. The literal fate of the planet and democracy are on the line and tropical is, a ton of money, Anna Propaganda Network and already but a willingness to break laws to win the auction. So yeah you like there is real. To worry, I think how that worry manifests itself is in some cases. The advice of the constructive. In some cases it has not been in some cases the advice is bad and great some cases the advice has been bad boy
I think this is not to say. I think that by Japan is doing everything right and that there is no changes need to be made. Of course, that is not the case that there has never been a campaign that everything right, whether it's our champion and await our campaign in twelve any of that right, but I do think we have to give them a little space to build up to the general action and dont great them for what they're doing right now and panic about it. Let's see where they are in a month, because the transition from a private to a general is really hard. You are doing massive hiring. You are scaling up you're, trying to preserve the culture and the processes that put you in a place to win to begin with, while adding a collection of people, many of whom you have never met, many of whom work very hard to feature in their new boss. You are like a primary general, very different, generally and communications capacity, like what you're strategies are free reach. Why, like your
and says you ve, just on a two years with appalling on democratic voters who now you have to do like you have to learn about crew. Your target voters are, and so it's really hard to do any fine campaign, is doing this in a pandemic. They have a brand new campaign manager who, basically, I think, went to get to go to one meeting at the headquarters and hasn't got it began to be in the same room with her candidate or her stay since then, and they are doing a lot of things there already. I know for a fact, having talked to them, they're doing a lot of things that. People are already suggesting they should be doing now. Does that mean that they're doing as fast as I can be, or as fast as they should be, what we're going to find that out soon and so I think, worrying, like as with all things everyone should be worried and but panic it like it's not time to panic. Yet right, panic
however, like the advice to panic is worse, yet you always do those that were worried about everything panic about nothing less than that. That's right! That's where I am that's where I am. And I would just say like I have worked with Jen O'Malley Dylan Fur forever, like a she, and I worked in I was doing I get like thing it's. Rather this morning we worked together in the two thousand and two cycle by two thousand and four cycle. They two thousand mates Ike all day, two thousand and ten cycle that two thousand and twelve cycle, and so we sent a gazillion campaigns together in she would be My number one draft act you run a campaign in should especially be my number one traffic to run a campaign in a situation where you had to try figure out how to do organizing in a world where most of all take place online like she is leg, She's got a huge task in front of her. The lot of impediments by like before you decide to like layer, a verdict on Champagne, you gotta, give it a little bit of time to wrap up
the general then, let's see what they built for the general with our strategy is there have been alive. There's been some promising signs. I think that we should give them as much credit for as people have been dinging them for our stuff. I haven't done yet. What a lot of their concern and advice has been focused on their digital strategy are good friends. David Azra, David Bluff List Smith, all published up at New York Times, should have urging the buying campaign to up their digital game and increased by. Visibility. Why do you think everyone so focused on the digital strategy and what advice do you think has been good I think everyone focus on it, because we are convinced ourselves that that's why Trump one or two thousand sixteen- and it is that it is it is the most vis. Bore manifestation for political junkies of how campaigns operate right like we all live on twitter and if you spent the two thousand and twenty democratic,
primary on Twitter, all you saw was Biden getting dumped on twenty four seven by every one. Slight. Obviously, Bernie Sanders had this massive digital operational, as with warranted a much more things, peach producers ever. Where common Harrison, but like all these cancer and all these things- and you didn't see- by doing it now- pine still one two out of every three Democrat, primary votes, so there is it's? What we are care What we are saying, it's also is definitely a weaker part of his campaign in the programme and in matters more in general, in a surly matters, worn a general in a pandemic and It has a very tiny matters more because in a primary it's easier to reach democratic voters who are more activists anyway, more There is people vote in a democratic primary. General election you're trying to reach folks who don't necessarily always turn out or pay close attention to the news, which means that it sorted
you need more. You need to have a better digital strategy to actually reach those voters where they are. But that's right, that's right! You can Rachel Matter of meadow, in our view, a positive Merrick interview just to pick something out of a hat. Be a good sort in our times are all phenomenal ways to reach democratic primary voters. They are like these are people who are deciding to engage very actively in the political process. In a general election year. Try as you point in trying to reach people who do not consume that political media at anywhere near the level. If at all, right and that's a much harder task. You have to fear Does audiences Argo figure how to get front of them you have to, and you can't just do it by doing a series of interviews from Cameron Headquarters, your basement or whatever else? It is much more complicated, this piece of business and they have to build up. They are massively behind Trump on that on a whole host of measures, and I got work to do there. I think by
indications from, but they have told me what they have. You know they said there is a big story in the post over over the weekend about something is they're moving on it. Will they be able to move fast enough to build the operation they need? That's the question ended, but it's really to say tat the answer to that. So you, the other big concern this out there is that bind hasn't, been able to leave his house because of the pandemic Jen, who you just talk to Ramallie done she dismissed some of the complaints about this to be associated Press she said quote: don't give a shit about where he's filming from what they care about is what he sang and how we connect with them. What do you think about that? I think that that it like. There is definitely this obsession in within the checks of a lot of this advice, culture about the about Biden. Only filming from this one room in the basement, which I think is where it is, are we just decided it's the basement? just called it. The basement just state is to be judged to be profound model now somewhere, but from this one room and I think
Jen is right that no one gives a shit, whether he's doing it from its basement, his kitchen and its yard, because the the people who know he does all just ten interviews and arose from his basement are the people and politics who watch ten interviews you think we always forget, as you do ten, and interviews not to reach the same people ten times as give you ten opportunities, too different people, and so many of you I have only seen Biden with that bookshop behind him once if at all, so, yes, my mother separate point will be- is it true, out in the country campaigning. Why visiting factories going to some sort of quiet socially distance rally in Biden can only speak directly to a camera from his home. That's a huge of Biden has also we should be just for all the people free advice. I know this because my parents living Delaware not far from buying Stevie Studio,
that Biden is abiding by these stay at home order in Delaware right it would not be appropriate or good behaviour or anything that we would applaud for him to violate them. You know what sorry governor Gurney I'm going campaigning wake when that order is did the question will be? What does he do? That gets sort of the mix of images and energy that put them on a par with what tromp gets are closer to? What trunk gets that, but like right now, It's not a solve problem. Yes, he doesn't footing me from his back yard. Doubt that looks very nice. Why? But I don't think, that's ultimately critically consequential, the bigger things went Lincoln he get out there, and that is. That is not something that he wears campaign controls right now. Lesser America met a question about this, like how do you think, Jan and the binding campaign should deal with all of this unsolicited advice that will come from Democrats that will come from us like what what did we do in two thousand and eight? Obviously it was an environment where Twitter,
hadn't taken off yet so that helped like what what were some of the lessons goes. I didn't feel then either ship, but I'm sure you didn't do that. If we were really like one of the reasons that Obama and plan it Axelrod were so keen on having the campaign in cargo wise? We We only hung out with each other. We weren't going to like DC cocktail hour He's, or even like going to a bar and running into much reporters or our friends who worked on the hill or the clinic campaign who would sort of Tell us like why you would tell us what a terrible job we're doing you're just like spit commercialism, interface and One of the truce of twitter: now, as you can't escape at right, you can't there's a where you can move where you're not gonna, get that all time The only thing I would say this narrow, specific to Biden as it is to every campaign at any level, is one.
If there is good advice, take it bright. If there's that advice, ignore it and you're gonna be You haven't you only. You know what you're strategy, as in their ideas offered that ladder up to your theory. If a case of how you win and like death off his get right, a lot of it is basically an alternative theory of the case. That is not related ears, but the bigger thing is: don't spend a lot of effort trying to win the conversation right now just try to win the election red. That's a big thing! You see, campaigns do and we fell victim of this two thousand twelve a couple times an inch or two thousand. It was like you want to get you like. It is personally painful when people you respect suggest publicly private possess publicly, I primarily, but that you're not doing a good job, as you could be doing like that is paid for. And you know you, you know you're doing a better job than they think you work as they dont know. All these things you're dead. So it's like we need to go out and put on a dog. When he shouted show we're doing a good job.
And there is some value in that for When did you like it for me, while I was going to say once they're all related with donors right where the potential and reserves which are very closely connected with the media and gather their or lady doing- and why are we so I do sometimes, but all that way, sort of better off putting head down doing here, to be able to show results a month from now two months from now than in I tried to convince everyone that you were right in their work. And I would say, like on the advice, giver side
It's not me. We talked about like sort of democratic strategists, giving advice and we give advice but like we also live in a culture where voters have become pundits and basically everyone will be giving advice, and I do think all of us who will continue to give advice to the campaign criticise the campaign do whatever like. We have to decide whether we want to be pundits or organizers in this in this race and like you have to have to decide like? Is it more important to be right about the Biden campaign, or is it more important to defeat Donald Trump because, like we can sit around and criticize them all day long and say what they're doing is wrong and some of what they're going to do is going to be rock right and they're going to deserve some of this criticism, but we can focus on all the time
then if Joe Biden loses we can surrounds. I oh yeah. We were all right or we can be like this. The outcome of this election is just as much on us as it is on job. I like we have a responsibility to affect the outcome here, not just by giving advice to the Biden campaign which they may or may not listen to, but organizing voters getting people excited like all the stuff that you know David Bluff talks about all the time sharing content. You know promoting Joe Biden policies talking about why Donald Trump is bad. Talking about why the stakes are the lecture import finding new ways to reach of voters in the middle of the pandemic, like that is a responsibility that all of us have just as much as Joe Biden has a responsibility to run. A good campaign like everything is on the fucking line. Right now, the whole countries on the line so like it is on each one of us to like do whatever we can to help this man when the prince.
Nancy Right, and that goes far beyond just giving him advice in criticising him on Twitter, which is ok but like just remember what the main goal Yet it is like sometimes it's ok to put down the pen and pick up an oar and start Rowan. The steamboat right, yes, but it is also my Iraq, IRAN. Oh it's not like. There are degrees of this right like like we're. Obviously this is our job. We do a pike ass, and so we talk about a campaign so there will be advice, american thoughts in critiques, yet some of them will be terribly wrong and hope for some other. We write, but people are later, I was thinking about some of spots on wine to apply an axis Abed and then your time job- There is a lot of anger that they wrote the up add, and I can like look. If I was on the like. We are Hunter percent, biased response it acts would, neither of us would be anywhere in our gallery are without them in there the smartest people and, of course we ve ever known and like I,
all the advice or give me right on anything right, and I was buying a car. I want plotting access vice our aesthetic, the, women on access to definite blocks, the the the same was, I think, was the day before that Abed came out. We were all part of a fundraiser. The David cloth Help post moderate that raised a million dollars for the bombing campaign, so you can do both right. You can offer a eyes and be constructive and the like that you, your worry, can be channeled in multiple ways, but channeling it tour ticket generally anxiety and activism is going to be the healthiest most productive way to navigate this very treacherous and repeated violations. I call it goes back to twenty sixteen for you and I write like what I have regrets about and twenty. Sixteen, mostly, is that we focus probably too much on pundit
three and like prediction of what was gonna happen, and maybe not enough on what should happen and what to do to make that happen. You know and that's why I like Everyone go to vote. Save America sign up like we are going to have plenty of opportunities for people to contribute to, hopefully a Joe Biden victory, but it is going to require a ton of work and worry is good because worry, you can channel into Action Panic is not good, because panic just makes you freak out and not do anything, and so you know we that we were not going to talk about bed wedding again, but part of the whole penetrating thing is like it doesn't do much good to freak out over a pole and to talk to people about it. What
you will forget about pause. I will certainly forgot about poles, but the answer when you see a pole that bad or when you hear some bad news about the campaign is to call up a few more fuckin people right reach out to a few more of your friends, try to get a few more people registered like we just gotta get into this rhythm of when there is bad news, when there is criticism that it is then channeled into concrete action, and not all of us just like waiting for the Biden campaign to do something right right because, like we only have so much control or that we have a lot of control over what we do and how we organise, go to vote, save America, dot, com and and sign up and we'll have some some great stuff. Soon there will be rolling up when we come back, I will talk to come. Woman, Primula pot. America is broadly by simply safe with
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he'll campaign in the? U S, representative for Washington, seventh district congresswoman privilege, I appall thanks for joint. Es. Thank you. It's so great to be with you, so I want to with the Heroes ACT, which is the three trillion dollar stimulus bill. Nancy policy introduced this week. You have been trying to incorporate something called the paycheck glaring, He act into their bill, but so far haven't had any luck. Could you explain to people what the paycheck Guarantee ACT is? Yes, So the peach I guarantee ACT essentially says we have to stop mass unemployment. We have to keep pay checks and people's pockets and we have to help businesses be able to not shudder through this crisis and so the federal government actually guarantee the pay checks of people up to a salary cap of ninety thousand and my proposal, an end businesses would just get that through a book or through a three month, grant initial
based on whatever their revenue losses. So if a businesses operating personally, but they ve got a seventy percent revenue loss, there would be a seventy percent grant to cover payroll and benefits up to ninety thousand and to cover a twin. Five percent operating costs. John. This is something that would go directly from the IRS too the business so very streamlined, very efficient known to deal with the bank flying over dealing with right now, exactly no winners and losers right because of a bank. Isn't gonna decide based on their relationship with the business, whether or not you're gonna be able to have access to someone in which may or may not be forgivable and has all kinds of things that you can't me in terms of really making it work for your business so we ve seen a tremendous failure of the PPP programme. It was a very good ideas on, but I would
like this, a little bit too. What we did with airlines and cares what you know in the airlines package, we had money that went straight from the federal government to the airline to pay for pay tax benefits and, of course, if we do that, we don't kick thirty five million a projected thirty five million people off of their healthcare when they lose their jobs and we don't have to do expensive, cobra subsidies to cover that healthcare. So at the end of the day. We also make it retroactive by the way so that we could recover need next, so people who had been laid off after March First due to the pandemic, would be able to come back on to their pages. And it would be guaranteed. It would stimulate demand because you know if you, if you know you're getting your pain, and you know you're not going onto the unemployment system which, by the way, is overwhelmed with the number of claims that we're dealing with you later. We are in a place where you're, not gonna. U, you dont know. If you can put food on the table, you don't know if you can make your render mortgage payment
so it stimulates consumer demand at the same time, simple idea, most kind, he's around the world in Europe have already implemented it, but also South Korea's or Malaysia have all put this in place to stop mass unemployment to stop people from going onto the unemployment insurance to keep the productive relationship between workers and their employers in place. And to allow businesses to actually, whether the crisis and be ready to go back once it's time. So it sounds like a great idea what what are the reasons that democratic leadership has given you fur why they did not included in this bell? you know it's it's all over the place. I would say that you know, but most of it has to do with how you think about the cost of this have gotten you know when you don't
have legislative text. You can't get a cost estimate on the bill and legislative text doesn't get written unless leadership prioritizes the legislative text, so that has been challenge, but I didn't want that. Stop me. I, when I did a full white paper I got JANET Yellin, the former Federal Reserve Chair on board. I got Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Prize Winning Economist on board. I got Mark Sandy, the chief economist and Moody's on board. I got the entire spectrum of the democratic Caucus on board from conservative member. Frontline members on board with the idea, and I had Sandy Who'S- been really great on this, and nobody would call happen. No girls go so we used to call him all the time and you haven't even the campaign as he was. He appeared advise Republicans before he has his advice, Mccain, but young people, so I mean he is. He is a very well respected economist and I wanted to have. I had some estimates from.
Some other more liberal, leaning, economists and groups about the cost of this, but I wanted to have somebody was respected on both sides, undue and estimates for me, and so he estimated the cost of the proposal, and we went back and forth at Vienna one a number of different pieces and his estimate is that it. The entire package is about a trillion bucks for thirty six million workers. But then, when you look at the facts, the Heroes ACT, we are expanding unemployment insurance for everybody that is costed at a significant amount. It's it's over three hundred billion vineyard, fifty billion, probably so, if you in, clued. If you, if you would understand that unemployment insurance costs will go down because a best program, you oughta quickly knock about three hundred billion off of that trillion. Then, on top of that, you look at Congress
these which again we're doing in the Heroes act that Knox off about two hundred and fifty billion, because you don't have to do over subsidies if you're doing this- and this is frankly hearts now we're down to under five hundred billion. There said the cinema half a loaf measure called the your t, see the employee retention tax credit. That's been put into the heroes activists and cares one it's been expanded. I will tell you very few businesses and certainly small and medium sized businesses- have trouble using these tax credits to get money back as you gotta get accountants. There are lots of restrictions, but that programme Zambia estimated, is about three hundred. Two billion. You knock that off now, you're down to a hundred and fifty billion you're, not pushing people enter medicate you're, not you actually bringing taxes in four state local governments when people get their paychecks and they continue to pay their benefits, you're, doing work for peace, says you don't allow for unions to die because all of a sudden, I got nobody in jobs. Membership goes down so
all kinds of benefits that, ultimately, I think if this were to be put in, you could even The stimulus tracks were doing another round of twelve hundred bucks for a stimulus check to have to a huge number of people? You can cut that number or you can- the entire amount of stimulus checks, but you could target it to the people at the bottom of this scale. So you know there are still workers who may be getting paychecks, but forty percent of people who have lost their jobs according to J pals testimony two days ago, under forty thousand dollars, so they still may need some assistance and you could target our safety net systems and- other stimulus, Jackson written mortgage relief, those kinds of things to people who desperately need it, whether or not they have a paycheck. So it would be a much more targeted approached. How we deal with this- and I actually think that cost argument makes no sense, because every economist that I've talked to exist, This is actually cheaper, not just in the moment, but all
go down the road because it helps businesses to continue to make it and it puts our economy on a quicker recovery track and it stimulates demand for for all of the things that people might buy up there. Each accommodate. Yes, I did hear some liberal economists ok. Well, if we have this expanded unemployment insurance where people average workers are still making, you know, maybe a hundred percent of their wages through unemployment, insurance, plus cobra and if employers, are following employees? It's not totally severing the relationship, so maybe expanded unemployment plus cobra is effectively. The same thing is yes. What are you an end? The other argument is enough: that's easier, because we already have an employment system set up a cobra set ups. He would have to set up something new. What what do you think about that argument? This is
you ve hit on one of the big tensions for white, so challenging to get a new idea into into the MAC bride, because people feel this tension between and we felt it during the first several cares. I packed does your let's do something immediately the response and we felt that during the recovery ACT, that was the whole problem of clay and we should learn from their inner. We should learn, I know brimming, and I just think that there's a difference in stages to when you have to respond immediately, to the crisis. So I put the first three cares package's into that category. We had to respond immediately? You use whatever systems you can you you expand unemployment insurance. This is not about U I verses a paycheck guarantee, that's really not what it is. You need different things to come in to meet different needs
and did you I system here, so I would say about the EU system. You know our stay: fantastic, governor, governor immensely fantastic employment security department really working hard to process these claims and doing much better than most other states. I would say we ve processed about fifty to seventy percent of the claims that have come in depending on how you look at it. But you know my constituents wasn't my concern when still haven't gotten their money, but the claims are being processed. That's not true in Florida is not true in taxes and even here in Washington State that the system is just overwhelmed. So that's one problem is with the Eu Isis is were putting too many people in there are. Some of these systems have cobalt as their operating platform. Ok, they were built in the seventies and that the other is what happens to the psyche of people. When you push him unto unemployment insurance, most people have not ever access the unemployment.
France system, they also, then, when they, when they get put on cobra, they get put Medicaid. They get put on any number of things you have to navigate, of those systems and what we ve learned about our safety net systems as we lose a lot of people when they have to navigate the system and particularly low income folks and people of color, who really have a tough time. I mean our office is flooded with calls China. You know just help. People of all kinds ventures. Not just stop folks color, but that is a real problem in navigating the systems and also when you push people into unemployment we know about Rachel disproportionality in this country. Is that its baked into our systems? What happens when somebody, trying to get back into getting a job, the people that had the hardest time because of workplace discrimination and discrimination against workers of color or low income, folks and people of color. In terms of getting John
at the other, but I will make a messaging point to you, because you are such a political animal and establish the political animal cells. Democrats should be the party of keeping workers in their jobs of supporting a capitalist economy of the genuine to show that this productive relationship between workers and employers as well the best things that we have any in the world and so my belief is we can claim this recovery by, say, Democrats, Democratic Party of keeping our economy going, being our economy, strong by preserving the ability for people to stay in their jobs instead of pushing them to safety nets. Reducing the strain on the safety net systems and actually targeting the need for safety net to those who need it most. That seems like a winning political witnesses to me rather than
let's push everybody on the safety net systems, and yet I hope for the best. I have been saying some similar about this, but so here's, my speaking of politics, is misery. Broader question about the Heroes act. Troublemakers I'll, have called is build, that on arrival would the best strategy going forward like should she Democrats tread a compromise the Republicans to get some kind of stimulus past again, knowing that so many people are struggling, even if it's far less than what's in this bill. Even without the page, I guarantee ACT or is this? Should Democrats just take some version of the Heroes act or maybe in including the paycheck guarantee to the voters in November and that this is our platform. This is what we're running on and we give the voters a choice. How do you sort of sea this plan yeah, so everything
depends on you know what we think we need to do and what we think we can do. I mean those are the two factors and politics all the time so bright. You know in terms of what we need to do. My hope is that this democratic, only bulk is that's when it maybe we'll get one or two republican boats. I don't know, but it's gonna be a democratic. Only bill should be the vision that we put out to the american people. That is, that is evergreen for this moment to push for what we need to have a very clear defined message. What we need in this country and to me it would be. Yes, we should fund our state, local governments, but state local governments is something that politicians understand. Regular people don't see why that puts money in their pockets result on you know. I understand that all the governors want us to vote for the euros act and and all of that, but I am try figure out how wait till my constituents that their life is gonna get better and The twelve hundred dollar stimulus check is not going to do it as much as I love that it's not gonna hurt. None is that so
I think we should have used this bill and we still could still good if there is the will use them, bill to say we think that there are no sort of four or five critical pieces that that we're gonna put into this bill number one that we do fund our Saint local governments. We ve already done That's not really a messaging point number to We have a way to stop mass unemployment, that people are gonna continue to get their paycheck studies. My paycheck guarantee, I know three, that we address health care so that not a single person in America is gonna have to worry about cost if they want to go for carbon, related testing treatment, etc. We can't be people often ask your. We got a lot of ways to do that, but the bill doesn't do that right now, number four, that we have a comprehensive testing contact, tracing treatment, and and that it is tying state governments too,
we see guidance before they reopened, because that's one of the things that's happening as people are reopening too quickly. Some other economic pressure. But a lot of that is, you know just negligence and intransigence and so tie the ability of some states that art listening to CDC guidance. Luckily, that's not my governor, but he's feeling her everybody is tie that, Do something like Donna shall Leyla and Jamie Ruskin reopening America at you know how a real plan that you put in their around how America reopens and finally, yes, invest money in our health systems are testing contact racing. You don't get the defence budget, to find an end round and run around the defence production act so that we can actually manufacturer the things that we need? here not just leave the president to figure out how to use it incorrectly. So to me. Those are the things that should be in this bill and
that allows us to say a very clear vision that we are spawning with scale and that we are respond, with certainty that people will have certainty that I can go back to any one of my constituents any one of mine businesses and say you know what you're a small or medium sized business were not picking, winners and losers. Everybody gets this paycheck guarantees that your business can survive if you're a worker everyone, Gonna keep getting a paycheck and you will have a job at the end of that, because that anxiety is killing people. I mean I see the damage just devastating and we ve got a real plan on the public health side, public health in a kind of me or not tradeoffs there. One I'm saying one and the same thing. Job number one is to beat the virus if we want to meet the virus, you gotta keep people at home. If you want to keep people at home, don't I'm the economic pressure and you gotta have a plan for them to go back to work.
Safely, so the binding campaign announced yesterday that your co chairing the unity task force on healthcare with former certain general civic marthy. What made you decide to accept this role? And what are you guys, hoping to Well, you know I've been healthcare than my thing for a while. I'm the sponsor of Medicare for all in the house I've been on your show to talk about this before I'm, why I think healthcare or so essential and I think the pandemic has shown as anybody that wanted to argue with me before that employer covered healthcare, with such a great choice, and I would say that if you lose your job, you ve got no choice. Well, I don't need to make a theoretical argument. Now I was obviously a huge supporter of Senator Sanders. That's the vision I ascribed to, but there is no progress as possible with Donald Trump in the White House, and I think that I need to do everything I can to help.
President Biden find a set of truly progressive policy platforms and that, once that he can authentically push forward, because you know people can smell it enough interest, in politicians, as you know, he's gonna believe in it, and I am somebody who is very progressive, but I also understand the political process, and so I want to try to help the vice president to craft that set of policy proposals, and I would help move there not me US movement and even further forward, because I think we ve done it. His job and Senator Sanders did an amazing job and we have to get young people and immigrant communities in some of the communities that Senator Sanders really inspired to feel like the vice president is gonna fight for them, and I had a fifteen minute conversation with the vice president before before
I decided to endorse him, I mean I was always going to endorse them, but the question is: how enthusiastically you know, what do you know you at where what brought you play, and so I wanted to be able to be enthusiastic about him and I needed a conversation with him to suggest. We understand and hear from him, and it was a very good conversation. I do believe he's very open to these ideas and I think you know when they asked me to turn to culture the task force. It seemed like an incredible opportunity to really be at the table and to bring the voices of people that I've been hearing from our movement has sought really my voice. It's like all the people that we ve been hearing to the table and to help. Grab some real policy proposals that will make a difference and it's a pretty amazing task force. I mean you know. I wouldn't pick some of those people off the figure out the problem. So doctrine worthy. Obviously, as you know, we are the ones
full initial conversation we're having another one today, we're gonna do you know, have our first meeting of the task force on Saturday, Dunbar work on our side, doktor outside of oilseed yeah. Ok Henry I mean that there is some no really wonderful people on this task force and on all of them, and I just hope that this can be the unity flat, form that actually move us forward. Not just saying showcase, you know not just like for show right, but actually helps us put together some policy proposals that do allow people to have some certainty around a real healthcare system that that they can count. Just two nerd out for second on the policy. So binds plan, I guess I would describe it as robust public option more generous subsidies, and now Oh, you know, lowering the Medicare age, to sixty. So
obviously he's probably not going to just embrace your matter. For all bill or burns Medicare for all bill, but in the mean, between where he is now at and where you guys are what kind of policy areas, and I realise that this is going to be the work of the task force. Off the top your head. What are some policy ideas, you think are on health care that could be realistic, forbidden to embrace, Well, I think we should start with the principles right before we get into the palace users who thinks he can do that are really technical. That will make a huge difference, there's something he can do that were in the affordable, correct that have never been never been activated, but if the principle is, for example, to an end. I really want the task force to do its work, so anybody might be I think that this is not really To be allowed to let the process world, but if we can hunters some agreement around a national health insurance proposal with
a certain number of years. That would be a huge step forward when we met a care for all immediately. If we can call to some agreements around how to cut costs, because you can't it's it's it's about. Access is about coverage in its about cost, and it's about the services. How comprehensive is it? You know the quality of care, those are all pieces, then I think we can make significant progress on. Perhaps if we leave behind the label of Medicare for all which obviously I'm attach too, because I've been pushing this bill. But it's less important to me, no, I dont. Maybe we have to choose the name for whatever it is that we come up with. So that we're not getting into this flashpoint argument. But I think that, if we're going to, for example, if we're, not gonna, be able to move to two having everybody cupboard through a public plan, r, ways that we can ensure that if summit does lose their employment that they are, ethically do get covered. I mean what
the ways that we can start to move us in the right direction? you know: can we look at the Medicare system and really think about some of the benefits of it? Some of the problems with it I mean, I think, Medicare advantage is a problem, and I dont know if the buyer, people will agree with me there, but you know, I think there are ways to strengthen the comprehensive set of services that are provided through Medicare. I think ways to. Perhaps you know we could look, ideas around. Should employers offer a public option type plan as one of their options, they can opt into So I think there are all kinds of things, and you know I'm very open to what those might be we ve had initial conversations sort of with them? You know we're done Berwick, who is speed up now, administrator for the centre for Medicare makers of medical services.
And abdul- and I am in you Know- and I I hope that we can have a structure. That allows for some of the best ideas to come forward and we can debate the. Maybe there are things we ve, never thought about that other people, s thoughts so I'm really excited about it, I'm looking forward to it. It's not gonna, be the easiest thing in the world, but not as exciting. When you're in ever greater came to the United States, its extreme by yourself, your use pushing boulders up mountains, You know, my rosy muscles. Good luck to you lack last question on this. We're talking about how you hear so much from through progressive activists. How confident Are you that progressive support, support and enthusiasm, even from younger people will follow sort of progressive policy in the Biden campaign embracing progressive policy because, obviously you know enthusiasm among younger
there is progressive. Voters is a challenge, and I always wonder, is it? Is it policy based Is it something else? What what do you think about that? It's a lot of things, I'll tell you what I said to the vice president. You know people have to, I mean one give that he has is. He is very authentic. I think people really Ok, he has an ability to connect with people on a human level that very few very few people do, and so I think, that's a great strength, but he d I need to have a vision that isn't just rooted injures when I did you know with President Obama, it's got a recognised that the risks structural issues that were in this country. Even during the Obama administration before Trump came at troop, is both a symptom and a cause. Your hand
So I said to the vice president: you know: sixty percent of Americans only had four hundred bucks in their bank account before the pandemic up her head, and that is what Trump exploited is the fact that people feel left behind by governed they feel like government crap. You know everybody in the administration Congress, everything that they are. We're interested in fighting for special interests than they are in fighting for real people, and I think that if job and has a set of really expansive policy proposals that recognise the pain that young, you'll feel you know. Lecturing to young people is not a good idea and the mouth of the twenty three what I can tell you that perfectly well, I'm also the mom stepmom a forty year old in an ape continues. You know you feel like doing is not the way forward and certainly not when they get to a certain age, and so you you have to, I think them,
right, I think, I'm with our young people, that we are we to use a technical term screw now many we're leaving them with a planet. That's burning, we're leaving them with no health care, no real chance at a job tons of debt on college, and so you know what what are we telling them and I said to the vice president- that businesses, just about winning in November of twenty twenty. It's also about what happens in twenty twenty four, because if the next president, including a democratic president, does not drunk manifestly fix some of the income inequality, the racial inequity, the gender inequity, the healthcare inequity. Then We will continue to leave the door open for another Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is both a symptom and a cause. And so he really needs to be able to fix some of these things and have it.
In answer to young people, which is not you know, guys are too naive, you know you're too, you know you eat you. Dont undressed, That's not what we can do. No, if politics is the art of the possible, then it is our job as activists as organizers and as elected officials to make the case for what is possible and to lead people, people are looking for leadership there. Now looking for somebody to say you, I did that ten years ago or twenty years ago, you know I was a champion back then look we're in a crisis and We need people to recognise the pain and the devastation, the suffering that people have and then able to really say I'm in a fight for you and here's, how I'm in a fight for you, then I think people will come out of it if its half baked if it's not me, you know people will I go, I'm worried about. You know how to desert. Whatever, not you know it
but was sniff that right away and they won't go for trumpet those stay home and that well up and down the ticket being a being a wet blanket has never been a winning our political message. Well, that's great! You guys what you guys bomber didn't run on. No, we can't he ran out yet Well, that's good news. As you know, I have been some of us have your saying right now, I've been hearing Joe by say this recently more more over the last couple weeks. So if it seems like here you're getting through, which is which is good news Thank you so much for joining us today. Please come back any time. It's always a pleasure to speak with you. Well, you could you guys are wonderful, thank you for the job you're doing on the past, and thanks for everything that you have contributed through your time and government and public service as well, thank you and I and stay safe. Thank you. Take care thanks to congresswoman dry up all for joining us and have a grey weakened by everyone
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