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"Paul Ryan's my dad". (LIVE from Madison)


Erin Ryan, Randy "Iron Stache" Bryce, and Rep. Chris Taylor join Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan in Madison, Wisconsin to talk about gun safety, Tillerson calling Trump a moron, not draining the swamp, and much more. 

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We have a great show for you tonight the man who could defeat Paul Ryan, Randy Bryson. We will be talking also to member the Wisconsin State Assembly has been leading the fight against voter suppression in the state representative, Chris,
Taylor, I'm am done. I'm Erin Gloria Ryan, I'm John love it, you guys notice that the time in the leaving of space for applause after my name, what do you think? That's about? It's your fault, Also in case you guys in here Creek media had a few announcements. Yesterday we have a new website dot com with me to put it to tax with our new editor in chief Brian boiler, we have a new tribute network, which includes our friends errand, I'm from the daily. We have a new podcast. You guys can subscribe to called crooked conversations and, of course we have a store with
so ucommerce it just applauding for commerce to talk about the news: yeah, ok, good yeah, I know so. Let's start if what are friends in Congress may or may not do in response to the worst mass shooting in american history that left fifty eight dead and more than five hundred Woon did in LAS Vegas. So there was some talk today that Republicans may be open to banning bump stocks, which was the firearm accessory that the Vegas shooter used to. Essentially, transform his rifle into an automatic weapon. Apparently, the NRA now has approved this, because this is what you need. John Cornyn said that for the issue. Paul Ryan said it. A couple Republicans said: they'd vote for it so Erin. Do you think Congress will finally do the absolutely
They can do and pass this, and do you think it would make much of a difference. Well, John, I think Congress has a long and rich history of doing the bare minimum. So I actually think that this is an easy political point for them to score. Like It's a it's, a no brainer that they should be banned, and this way they're not doing nothing they're actually doing something yeah I'm, but it should be legal in the first with his yeah yeah I I was like reading somebody talking about why they used one and it it seems like, like a psychological, Would you want to shoot super fast? I don't I don't understand it's really. Taxing
that's true! Well it less you get buff fingers. You can go to the gym and working things out. Well, so Dan, you were in the White House when the last push for real gun safety legislation happened under Obama. This was after Newtown, and I was talking with this 'cause there's a bipartisan piece of legislation to expand background checks, and it was supported by Joe Mansion who Even though he's a Democrat like had an ad where he actually shot a copy of the affordable care act, there's a climate bill time is well sorry. Now he's forty four shot a copy of the climate bill, he shot a bill and in front of the bottom end of the positive friend of the pod. Now two thousand and seventeen is a weird year and Pat Toomey, a conservative, senator from Pennsylvania and the whole thing went down so like what is politics like around guns? What is like the legislative process in
trying to pass something like this. Well, we knew that this is going to be very hard and we, the pool, proposals we put forward which, for universal background checks, Just within this were the best possible solutions. We come up with that. We thought had a chance. They had. Ninety percent support. And we thought we had a chance in the Senate, But even then, in the wake of Newtown, we knew that Paul Ryan, and the Republicans in the house would not reduce all night, hey guys that is she's going to deny it now he's not my uncle he's my dad better Wisconsin Ryan, just in case there was any
animal, constant yeah, I'm from what town I'm from a town called Frederick Fredericks. Nobody knows it there we go wow it's the one person I did it anyway. Your time agreement yeah and so? We know it's going to be hard, even in the wake of Newtown 'cause. These Republicans remember the Newtown parents got organized and they went to Congress to meet with members of Congress and the Republicans refused to even meet with them months after their children were slaughtered in one of the most horrific mass shootings in this country and because they didn't want us, they knew What they, what they were about to vote against, was the exact with they were unwilling to have the uncomfortable conversation, try to justify their positions, then it was unjustifiable, and so when the bill went down in the Senate, so Republicans there's a majority of fifty vote. One hundred and fifty dollars on the democratic side
and a majority in the Republicans filibuster did, and so that day you know, Obama had decision make, did what he go out. And speak as you normally would not go out and speak to say we just lossed, but he was so angry it's. The most angry I'd ever seen them in the ten years. I've known the guy, that he had to go out there and just sort of call everyone out on, and that's just the Republicans, but mostly Republicans, but also the Democrats to from the south to fill about sue worked with the public to filibuster the bill. I think I remember him saying that was the first time he actually felt discussed. Yes as president, he was rightfully livid. What do you think about this? A you know, a lot of people say it's easy. You know the NRA has a stranglehold around these members of
yes we, you know, everyone shows all the donations that went to republican members. Do you think, is it all NRA or is it? This is an issue that they really care about. Is that their voters like? What do you think I mean I just want it like? I was looking at some quotes from some senators who were asked like what can Congress do to prevent mass shootings? I don't know if legislation can prevent mass shootings. We cry that everything is a government problem in a government solution, but everything is not Richard Shelby Johnny Isakson First of all, you never accept the fact that you can prevent mass shootings. So I'm not even going to address answering that question. I mean, like imagine, a comment that defeatist about terrorism right. It's just so absurd that they would just give cry uncle, so I don't know if it's if it's Year of the NRA 'cause. I don't know that these guys really fear the NRA. At this point, it's like it's an issue, that's been so thoroughly. Co opted that even discussing it in a rational way. We're talking about the PA
be that a law or regulation could somehow maybe prevent gun violence. It is now off the table. It's like it's just beyond screwed. It's not the money, because republican members of Congress get more money when they pass the co. In the hall in the enter a gift on its it's. It's the fact that the NRA has been organizing gun owners for forty years in this country, in the the proponents of gun safety have not been doing that, and so it's not it's, not the NRA is the it's only an array of the political pack, it's the NRA members. Well, I think it's also interesting. The way that people who are like gun advocates tend to view any concession, as like the beginning it's slippery slope yeah, and I think about it in the context and- and I know we're not talking about this right now but come if you compare and contrast it to like women's health and of the abortion debate, like hey abortion, if you
You can dress it with that? It's like you, see, people who are on the women's health side of the issue or the the health advocates are the abortion access side of the issue who are willing to give small concessions, and the anti choice side has over the course of decades, slowly chipped away, and I feel like people on the pro gun side, see any concession for on their part as something that will lead to a like a long term erosion of their rights, and I don't know if it's right, but I feel that, like that's our approach to it, yeah I mean its especially It's especially true when you look at what's being proposed in within that it'll be being proposed, is a half measure when they know full well. The Democrats would do much more if we go head because going after bomb stocks is such a tiny acts in the wake of such a massive shooting in the wake of so many dozens of other shootings over the years right yeah. If you don't have a bump stock, he could have killed forty nine people. It does raise the question like if you
it's the acceptable rate of fire, my god, what's the how many bullets, how many bullets in in a in in a minute, are you comfortable with well being the It's like, but that's the avoidable, unavoidable question. So this whole issue of incremental steps and incremental progress in the New York Times today, everyone's favorite climate denier, Bret, Stephens, conservative columnists. He wrote a piece about how he wants to take away your guns, just great Fred Stevens is gonna, but basically it so he he talks about. He wants to repeal the second member. He thinks we should, but he he goes on to talk about white liberals keep losing the gun control debate and his argument is basically that, with liberals called common Sense gun safety measures, don't actually work. You know that most gun deaths are hand, guns, not assault weapons, that background checks don't have a huge effect, because when police cover weapons they usually don't belong to the owner. So he goes through all these three
This is why the half measures don't actually work, and he said if liberals were honest, they would say we don't believe in the second amendment. We want to take away all the guns and they would make a real argument and that would be the only effective solution. What do we think about that? Are, I think, yeah all right: applause for Bret Stephens, careful here on pod, save America. Careful because we're at the part of the movie the edge where you fall backwards into a trap, I you know, I don't know I feel like it is a little bit of a concession there, which I don't know that we should make, which is the idea that the only way we can have a society not over run by by weapons of war on our streets is by repealing the second amendment right, which is, I think, a herculean task that would become this focal point of our politics and we'd be saying all together. This is what we want to fight every election on.
And that we want to make this so central, I'm maybe we do, but we be making that decision. So so I don't know I mean I you know what's happening with the second moment. Right is a radical interpretation of the second amendment that says an individual should be allowed to have whatever they want in their house in any regulation is a violation of a second them out like that is a fundamentally new thing that wasn't the interpretation of the second second amendment for the majority of our history right. Well, I also you know, have a little, but take a little bit of an issue with the premise of Stevens is peace, which is that because As we can't solve all the problems by passing small laws, then we should just say it like it and not pass any laws, which is ridiculous. Like we've got a special one day, exactly yeah, if it may, it may be a bomb stocks were illegal. Then this would've been more difficult or maybe it would you know. Maybe it wouldn't happen that I don't think that there's anything wrong with putting forth a lot of effort to prevent.
Some tragedy like this and and then you know once once the most dangerous, an egregious violations of of you know: people's right to live without getting shot once those are dressed in will have new ones to address and work down from there. But I think, like the fact that we're identifying these extreme examples is not a bad thing. I thought I was gonna say I think there's two there's legislative strategy, which is if there is a chance to pass and to get rid of bomb stocks. I think that his entire purpose is to make a legal weapon. You legal, like great preponderance of evidence, let's we'll take that if we could do universal background checks, which would have an impact, but when out of her we should do that, but what I think it the problem for Democrats as we've adopted the for.
Rating of the of the gun, committing the array, every Democrat matter who they're has to begin their stand with, I believe in the second them and the rights of sportsmen and hunters the right to protect yourself. But we should do those things. That's bullshit! That's not what most Democrats, but most of us do not think. The second amendment means that some guy can go into a store and buy an air fifteen that wasn't the intention and they don't that's, not the legals, the legal interpretation all they believe. But we feel this obligation to say it in order to buy to try to appease the Arabs, gun, owning voters or two. I hope the NRA will spare us when we're running in red states, and if we want to win the actual battle over the course, the long term, we should just argue what we actually believe. Instead of we set entire victory like you would you would think if, if we pass in respect of Jack's
and you saw him dancing if you listen to anything that would solve all the problems, and so we have to make a political group in the country for a better position that we're currently making, if you're a Democrat who yeah, if you're a Democrat who owns guns and does believe in the second amendment, then by all means say that. But if you don't, then don't start all of your political rallies, like I believe in guns. Here's a picture in an Do you like that John you're saying you would have us believe John Kerry wearing a camouflage vest to hunt birds was ineffective. That didn't send them. I wasn't going to name name name name was reading Hillary Clinton's book before we interviewed her and there's a section on guns, and she goes through a half a page of this standard issue, pablum about her respect for sport
you want to do this anymore. Does your book, if you're not doing this anymore, I didn't grow up, hunting and shooting us playing sports media Massachusetts like I, so I don't really have any affinity for guns, but I agree with them like I'm. If the middle is here in the extreme is here- and we are you like about this sort of distance- you never end up in a reasonable place. I think we should fight and say we think this. The talking about things like in distance is good for a podcast. Other than here. So there represented a spectrum with his arms yeah, it's all he was doing. Love it. You wrote a piece for a wonderful website: calledcricket dot com,
it's a great piece called the death loop about how we should get out of the cycle of a gun tragedy happens. We talk about what we're gonna do nothing happens, and then we move on to the next one. How do how do we get out of the death loop yeah? It's, I think part of it is recognizing the performance aspects of what happens now that we kind of all go through the motions versus reported that people start tweeting about it. Then I everyone treats their thoughts and prayers and then Republicans and and the worst of the pundits say this is not a time for politics and then it's finally time for politics when everybody's forgotten- and I think you know look. Obviously the biggest source of the problem is intransigence on the part of Republicans who don't want to take steps necessary to prevent mash
thanks, but I also think that we as Democrats have allowed a kind of fatalism to creep in because it to the point that that Tommy was making we we are and and Dan was making an error and John were making wealth anyway. So we're in this chamber and and no so no so we we recognize how difficult the fight isn't. So we call for half measures and we we we talk about the importance of things like background checks and and other small bore solutions, because I think we're afraid to really think about this, like we would think about health care. One other issue where you don't just say like we have a massive, uninsured population. Let's propose a five cent discount on on drugs or something you you come up with a plan. They say will solve the problem and we demand our politicians try to solve the problem. So I think that, rather than the stock, a gun control the sort of big like what is your plan to solve mass shootings right? What is your plan that you can say? I promise we're gonna do these things and when we do these things, you
see a sharp reduction in the number of times every single year now about one a day where multiple people are shot somewhere in America. It is a it's a crisis. We've slowly walked ourselves into and we've accepted it. We really have some accepted as the background noise of life like we were talking about the fact that you know the polls that shooting rides, the biggest one we've ever had fifty people are killed is a terrible tragedy. We talk about that for two weeks. The Vegas attack, which is today yeah. We talk about a little bit less and we're track. It's this strange equilibrium where the shootings get just enough coverage based on how novel they are so the more novel, the shooting, the more coverage it gets more coverage you get, it seems like it's first, this virus of people decided to do this kind of thing, so you know the the the it's a loop and- and I think we break it by demanding of politicians- actual answers,
that we believe will slowly reduce the number of deaths. So that is one thing tech to counter the pessimism. Shannon. What's is the founder of moms demand, action and and also a board member of every town. The other day she tweeted out a list of what they've accomplished and sandy hook, and a lot of it is on the state level. They've helped pass background check. Laws in seven states help pass laws to keep guns from domestic abusers in twenty four states, including red states, bright spot in twenty. Sixteen gun safety ballot initiatives passed and about a in Washington and California, and the groups of also kill hundreds of and are a bill that would have like guns in school and dismantled permitting. So there is good news out there. It's happening at the local level. If you about this issue, go check out. Every town check out, moms, demand, action and, and you can make a difference- hi. Let's talk about friend Rex to listen
I just say no wrecks it. It's a much, not just ok, talk about this nonsense. I really like name. You could also spell it W r e c k s. Like the rump shaker still haven't seen enough of those jokes. Are you serious? I don't know what's wrong with me, I think about it like there's wrecks, wrecks, Tillerson's, very good, So yesterday, NBC ran a story about how, during a Pentagon meeting in July Secretary of State Rex, Tillerson referred to his boss, President Donald Trump as a moral I don't know the direct well followed, reporting discover this is not entirely true and in fact, with solution called
was a moron for the tuition for and to resign over the summer to listen that held this press conference where he said, he's never considered leaving his job. But pointedly he did not deny that he called his boss. More moron. So my first question Erin is Donald Trump. In fact, a you about it. I've I've never found Rex more relatable this week. Up until this point, I I really thought I up until this point. I really thought he looked sort of like the only way that I could connect with him as a human as if I was like imagining him as like a children's illustration. Badger working at a bank
and now I I've, I find it pretty relatable, but one thing I think that's really funny, but this whole ordeal is, you know, go on one hand, it's funny that like he is like, I didn't say that stuff about Regina George, whatever the second thing is like Holy middle school girls have been clear, large cap of tell me what are some of the reasons, the tellers and might think that Trump is a moron hey this in. This is a serious question in the area of diplomacy. What are some of the places that Tillerson his disagreed with Trump? An just? Why do you think Tillerson has been so bad in an effective, as secretary of state sure, so the interesting thing about when he apparently called Trump a fucking moron was, after a two hour meeting the tank, which is where it it's it's a
room in the bowels of the Pentagon were like the most important meetings happen. So usually a new president comes in, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs walk you through the threats in the world and Tillerson's take on Trump's understanding of the threats after that was he's a fucking more so setting it's obviously all right. You know that so there's a couple like the reason why he might think that Rex, you know is used to being the boss in Trump is below, pulling him like a child. He talked about having a channel open, N Korea, but in having dialogue, Trump undercut him via tweet the other day. So like time after time, he is just cutting Rex off at the knees not taking his advice, not listening to him in practical terms. Sure possible, regular sensors, a good judge of character yeah, I mean like a straight shooter, widely respected on all sides, but
the problem with this is a couple pulled. One rex to listen is made the defining piece of his job and efforts, you got the State Department not hire anyone relevant into no one is home, so career officials were brilliant and non partisan. Any political are resigning en masse, because no one listens to them respects and the rest of the meeting so problem get a problem is when Rex to listen, goes to China and try to sit down with like she's in pain or some leadership and Trump cut his balls off via tweet. They think this guy's got no juice, I'm not wasting my time with them. The best secretaries of state are seen as like close confidants of the president, so he is banging around out there. You know giving statements in taking meetings that everyone thinks who knows what he thinks. The other part of this is six. You know to like
killers and the guy ran Exxon Mobil, which is a real and very big company. Donald Trump is a grift He is a world class drift. I mean his kids were almost indicted in twenty twelve for lying to sell apartment buildings. Like you want to like Exxon Mobil, but it's a business. Company. I family crest, there's like two people lying to to a buyer? So there's a thirty right over on these, the four corners right. There's someone lying to refer the buyer! There's someone telling a black family that there's! No vacancies and the other two are both box.
Of so the question is: is it a good idea for to listen to stick around the Washington examiner reported that to loosen defense secretary, James Mattis and Treasury, secretaries, can you can have forged a suicide pact, we're if one of them gets fired or if one of them gets target by Trump that they all go, but they all think they're there for the good of the country. We've had this conversation many times like. Is it time for them to go? Do you think you stay? I don't know what you think. Madison
others and had this discussion in the new commercial. I would not trust Stephen again. The suicide yeah, I'm quite sure, he's gone, would not be low not trustworthy, suicide squad to be to be serious, for is like I think when you can is only there because of the debt ceiling, because he is not like Mick Mulvaney who's. The OMB director would say like let's just blow through the debt ceiling and cause of global financial catastrophe, canuck in because he's like a rich guy, he's like no, no, no, that would ruin the economy. I think that's probably. Why he's
so. You can have a he has a role. He really likes his private private charter plane. Still. He also likes that he also likes that so also Tommy. There was a report today that Trump will in fact next week, decertify the IRAN deal. How would that process work? What happens next? What are the consequences? Take us through? Something else should be horrified about trying to do a short version, so the IRAN deal requires is required to be re certified to Congress every ninety days. It showed that IRAN is in compliance with a bunch of technical things that show that they are complying with the letter of the deal, but Trump can basically say for not complying with the spirit of the deal. It's no longer national security interest. So it sounds like that's what he's doing well, throw it back to Congress and they'll have sixty days to decide whether to reinstitute sanctions on IRAN. What it sounds like the grand plan is is in that time he wants to use it to put more pressure on IRAN to change certain parts of the deal that doesn't like. Certain
the deal sunset after decade, which they believe means that, after that time, around all of the green light to start reaching uranium and restart its nuclear program, he wants to get rid of the sunset provisions. Ron will never go for that. There's just no chance in Hell, so if you go to the Un Security Council to try to get more sanctions, it's very unlikely that are that Russia and China will do it. If you go through the Europeans who have already started creating business deals in IRAN, it's very unlikely that they'll go along with whatever he's trying to do so. Then will be stuck in isolated, I we will not have the international community, United and our choice will be Keep doing it we're doing or to put sanctions back on a run and then have to like sanction european entities. Are french companies are german companies, so I don't see how this plays out as a win for him. It seems to be a middle ground that make mass in the gang tried to to forge to give them away to, even though the entire national security team said keep the IRAN deal Trump, because Obama did it so this
is their way of like dealing with his rage, yeah it just just two of its. It relates to the teller, sand and Maddox and Kelly piece of that, which is you know, try as they might they they right right, but it is true that they can't seem to stop them, but I think it is fair to be worried what would be happening if they weren't there yeah yeah. I worry about, like the Bannon Wing. That's still kind of present in the White House, in the form of Stephen Miller, like I worry, of like the isolationist wing of the White House kind of just running amok in the absence of people that are a little bit more sensible yeah and it's not like bands Colin Trump. He calls a lot of people seem less Santa Monica fascist Stupid one more thing before we bring out Randy Bryce. I wanted to talk about the Propublica story from yesterday that reported that Ivanka and Donald Trump Junior were close to being charged with felony fraud. Few years back,
up for lying to prospective condo buyers, which we know is on the crest? Apparently New York prosecutors were preparing your case, but then the DA overrule to staff. After a visit from one of his top donors, who happens to be Trump's lawyer, that's very cool, and I thought about this story in conjunction with the fact that the inspector general or inspector general's and multiple by government agencies are now investing investigating secretaries cabinet secretaries, like Interior Secretary Ryan Stinky, and others for their private jet issues, the same issues that brought down Tom price. You have Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump, there we go. Thank you. I, like we talked about that you have errands dad or should Donald Trump, not to fire Tom Price, to keep it. So I'm wondering like should, should Democrats be talking about the corruption issue more and sort of tying it to a lot of these other issues that were debating like tax reform like healthcare
as we move into two thousand and eighteen, do you think this is? Do you think we're talking about enough? Are we not talking about enough? Then? What do you think about? I think there are two things one. It will be very important both in people, hate, establishment, politicians right now and the established politicians are all Republicans, and so, if we want it, we need to tie in the corruption. That's happened in the Trump administration, the sort of moral, an economic corruption, that's happening in the tax code in the taxpayer, trying to pass, which is going to be giveaways for a bunch of their donors and tie that all into a story about how the Republicans are not fighting for people, Like for average, people were fighting for their rich donors and let in trying to make a buck off of it. So it's got to be a coherent story. We're not going to win the house back just because Tom Price and Ryan said he takes too many problems. We have to tell a coherence, the rest of narrative about Trump and his cohorts in Congress who doing corrupt things that benefit themselves and people like him
I think that's a little bit of a tightrope though, because like on one hand like yes, these people are grifting or like terrible people kind of like suckling from the teeth of the government. But on the other hand, I think, like part of Trump's appeal to some of his base was like look what I have, and you should have this to. If these other people hadn't stopped you and I think that the danger of demonizing like people who are in his circle is is making them feel like it telling somebody they got. Swindled is not something that's usually received well and like if you wear them, if, like the left, is the messengers of that. I I can't I I would be wary of being like you've been had. I think it is the argument there is not yet like people celebrate Trump's wealth, it always has been that's. Why he's famous he's famous for being wretched, he's rich because he's famous at, but I do think there in his message about the swap and watching this, and
a powerful, and we have to put Trump in Republican Congress in that swamp. If we consider banning realizes how hard yeah, yeah yeah one insight from the ban and wing of the party is that they get how toxic the establishment, Washington it is and how powerful the drain the swamp is, which might be the reason why of all the ups in the Trump administration they actually fired Tom Price, you know, he's the one, so the the it was interesting to me about the of AKA Donald Junior Fleecing story was not the part about the donor, which is you know, which is bad, but to me it was the part of your time story. That said as part of the settlement that the Trump family made with the buyer they gave him back their deposits most of their deposits. That kept a little because they're talking grifters for keeping ten percent of your time. Is it yeah, but negotiating over that we went a little bit, but anyway
when they gave back the ninety percent of the money to the people that were drifted. Part of the deal was they couldn't participate in the investigation and to me that is sort of the two sets of rules that to me ties it back to what's happening with these guys flying around one day and then saying: there's not enough money for the middle class or for health care. The next As you know, you know a rough people out you're not allowed to you're not allowed to use the you know. You know a lot of kind of intimidate witnesses, but you can buy them and you can say: oh you're, not gonna you're reading, if you're a legally investigation by telling you you four by two giving you this money, and I just think that two sets of rules- things with also happen. It also speaks to how stupid done here is in this- includes not forget that Don Junior in these emails was like guys, it's cool. We can rob these people, no one knows about it, except for the people ccd or we are fast forward to the campaign. When he's like
hello- Russian. Yes, let's colluded with like the guys, so I would like to commit a crime yeah yeah. If you were, I I've. I've thought this like so many times. If you were a character in a script about like a stupid son, I would be like that sun is you stupid nobody here he's like he's, writing emails. It's like doing crimes together, you want to come. We were crying with me: asap Love, Donan, like fingerprints in his face with the day's news. Ok, when we come back, we will have the man who could replace Paul right POD save America is brought to you by proflowers.
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no sales pressure in 0hasslepolicygenius dot com, because statistically one hundred percent of people will die at some point so far so we've been asking for a friend, that's being left for those of you who don't know. Swimming laps is an organization that helps you find and support progressive candidates in the swing district closest to you so they're, currently targeting sixty four. Tricks that they believe are winnable for Democrats. This is based on polling other factors. Tonight swing left has asked us to announce that there will now be six. Five swing districts because they are adding the first district of whiskey.
Johnson, which is held by Paul Ryan. Yes, but this is going to be. This is the closest race of Paul Ryan's career polling is already showing that he is less popular among Republicans than Donald is in the district. So, if you want to tonight when you leave whenever go to swing last dot, Org slash Crooked Madison and you can contribute and the money you can contribute will go to the eventual challenger. The democratic challenger that will take on Paul Ryan and that person may be our next guest Randy right right. Thanks for coming thanks to write me good evening,
it's good to see you guys in person yeah, you too. So the crowd is very familiar with you, here's why we're gonna have a whole bunch of people listening to the podcast, you want to know more about you. We from why you running for Congress, why do they call you? The iron well? I I live life longer turn of southeast Wisconsin. Aside from years, I spent in the army in a union ironworker for the last twenty years, and I'm a father, I'm a son and who would have thought that doing laps, just a couple blocks away would lead to Congress taking away all rights job got Walker got involved, so the running of the working class populace. You've also said that you are very pro choice. Pro gay,
Marriage yeah, throw the Paris climate accords pro path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, against the war on drugs. You are running a fairly conservative districts. So what is the plan to win plans just talking to people we we've had pulling? That's that's shown that all we need to do is to show somebody that there's somebody running against call Ryan, one of them running pretty much just have to be the other person right. Well, I've been told he maintains a residence in the district that I mean it's been over seven hundred days since he's had a public town hall and people We don't have any representation, it was actually
six hundred days. At the time I was, I went on White bouches Shoul, which is a local tv show in Milwaukee and told him. I said it's been over six hundred days since Paul Ryan had a local public town hall and his campaign didn't like that. So they said we're doing these teleconferences and talking to companies. You know the captive Ladies and and this is the need, political act checked it in a side, so I had to correct myself: it's not been sick, so it wasn't six hundred days. It was six hundred fifty days since he's had a public on high, so in and that's all that the campaign is is going around talking to people and it's like who's more like you who you know some me that gets up before the sun does packs. A lunch goes to work and literally builds a community for somebody like Paul Ryan who's. Adding. I mean- and I was leader of congress- he's trying to take away health care from twenty three million people in order to benefit multi billion dollar corporations. The the
choice is pretty clear. One thing we've seen in in in some reason, races. John also service in in Georgia, was an effort by Republicans to nationalize the election by by running as a Nancy Pelosi. For some reason it do you support Nancy Pelosi as leader the in the house. Do you worry about sort of efforts to nationalize this election, or do you think you know Ryan. Being the you know, apologist for damage from kind of a knock relates this race against that. Well, it's it's funny watching Paul Ryan. Try to take a stand on anything. What do you find? he'll stand up. You never know he was in the crowd. He'll stand up. How well there's Paul Ryan and he'll. Take us and also, I think this, and then it's almost like Donald Trump is waiting for him to pop up someplace and he'll come up with a different position he's like
I think this and then Paul Ryan is he's like shocked that somebody else is in the room. It's like that's what I meant to say: people are seeing what that Paul Ryan doesn't stand for anything and, and he pretty much a fall for, everything. So when you talk to voters in your district, what are you hearing? What breaks through to them from the Trump Freak Show in Washington, because I I always wonder this like we spent a lot of time talking about politics. What's in the news, there's the DC chattering classes all this stuff, and I was wonder what how much of it breaks through to people in the country how much they actually care about. Like are people talking about Russia? Are they talking about Rex to listen as latest news, or what do you?
here when you actually talk to people and go campaign. The big thing in the first district- and I think you from what I'm hearing around the rest of the state as well to talking of the gubernatorial candidates- is that working people just want to be heard. They want people to pay attention to and and to acknowledge that they exist and they're the ones responsible. I should say we're the ones responsible for what we have today. People voted for Trump and I'm getting a lot of people that say they voted for Trump with they're going to support me and the thing that happened is they're, tired of what's going on and watch in DC. They they liked hearing let's during this one, but now the people are finding out. You know when Paul Ryan they see. Is that establishment he's the leader of Congress, that's responsible for any kind of legislation. It's heard in front of the house what people are saying that Donald Trump? He never meant to keep any promises that he made so its they're finding out at the bottom of the swamp. They they don't like what they've seen and it is more toxic than what they
possibly could have imagined people have had enough of being lied to and- and I was telling the guys in our union and women before it was like nothing says- sticking it to the man like bone for a billionaire right and and that's exactly what they got. You a guy that made his living not by helping out other people, and that's all people in the district really want, and I I would say that goes for the rest of state too. We need representation of people that just treat each other like human beings that are going to be honest. We care about you because, because Donald Trump Paul Ryan, they don't care about us. They really don't. When you look back in twenty sixteen and see the results We all obviously a do. You think that the challenge was, do you think, there's a fundamental problem with like the Democratic Party's brander identity or how it's viewed or do you think the challenge was more specific to the Clinton came ticket
uh. There wasn't a lot of excitement in the area for the last presidential election and I think people everybody was watching tv and saw Donald Trump and there was just a total. You know any kind of belief that this guy could really get elected. We knew what he was about and I think two People sat at home and didn't go vote a because there wasn't a lot of excitement and be because there's just there's no way this guy could get elected and it was just a shot. I mean you could hear lack of anything in the morning when I woke up, I turn the tv on I I saw.
That's where I turn the tv back off: let's, let's try to reset this and turn it back on, and I tried that one too. So people are very cynical about politicians these days. Obviously, for many good reasons promise all kinds of things during the campaign. Then they go to Washington. Nothing gets done, I'm sure you must be getting that on the campaign trail. How? What do you tell people who ask you like? How are you going to be different? How
gonna get stuff done with all the gridlock and lobbyists and influence in Washington. The thing is: is that the majority of people, not just in the first district but in the in the country are, are working people that we bust over and we're proud of what we do we like what we do and you wouldn't have it's. It's almost like out on the verge of a political civil war in the state. Right now, between Republicans and and the Democrats, words, if you see a business that had a Republican signed, you're less likely to go there. It's I mean that's just the way that it is and as far as being gridlock, I I just look at in the military, be in an army and it's that's an issue now it's where it's one way that you can like when we had all the big protest.
On the capital and the tea party. You know the ten tea party people were there. There are hundreds of thousands of us marching around him. I always made it a point to go up and find. There is always one guy that had a you know like Vietnam. Veteran are proud to be a veteran hat and I made it a point to go up. There shake his hand and say you know. Thank you. It's because of. We did another people stand around, saw that that we we had this interaction. It was it a peaceful interaction and people were put more at ease and that's what we need to do is is something being a veteran I was like. I don't care if you were a republican or Democrat, I put on a uniform to protect you and that's the same thing. When I go out to get a job for one of our union members, I go on. Ice dies, talk in front of a city, council or or County board, and it's talking about our membership as a whole. Everybody
if it's, whether you vote Democrat or Republican, I don't care it's about helping. You take care of your family and it's that mentality. That occurring really. Thank you so much for for joining us before we let you go, we did want to play one game, they're all right. I think yeah hello, so you have these alright hi guys. Postal worry about that now for a game we call, which quote was from our. Excuse for speaker. Let me tell you how the game works. John Tommy, in the stash each have cars in front of them. Some of those cards have statements by random republicans. Some of them have statements by the speaker of the house of who is currently
Ryan are now here's how it's going to work great, I'm going to tell you about something: Gregis are that Donald Trump, currently, the president out? What something that he said and then John Mr Stash, I stash his name. I don't want to calling Randy it felt it. You don't have a microphone. They each going to read a response and will be one of your jobs to figure out which one was the response by Paul Ryan would end you like to play this game, I I see a from the pot right there. No no you're saying don't you staying down there, you're not coming up here. The MIKE is in the house,
This is close enough. Ok, hi! What's your name It was a high calorie food. I didn't mean you earlier: it's fine, okay, I totally dead. So you understand. How do you love me or leave it right? There? Are you from Madison Kelsey, I'm from Apple S, I'm so sorry the love iron sand from the day he had his first. Commercial Kelsey, we don't want your life story, Kelsey
The games are in response to Donald Trump asking FBI director James Comey, to drop an investigation into Michael Flynn. Are Republicans offered this response? John, your first okay, this Republican, said the serious allegations affect our national security and they carry very real consequences. It's time for call me to testify before Congress could even Paul Ryan. Maybe somebody else comma you're up, I would say it's very inappropriate, could have been Paul. Ryan could have been someone else. Ok, the presidents do it this he's new to he's just new to this Kelsey, who do you believe, was speaker of the house. Paul Ryan, ok super hard, but I'm gonna go with iron statue.
One hundred one. Forty, the comments offered by various republicans in response to Donald Trump's, first announced Trump's of Muslims entering the United States. John you're up, I Deere the administration to halt enforcement of this until more thoughtful and deliberate policy can be inflated by that's so sensible Tamir up. Ultimately, we fear this executive order will become a self inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism and may do more to help terrorist recruitment can improve our security. What a cogent response! Randy Bryce President Trump is right to make sure we're doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country. That's a shame. Kelsey? What where's your head at okay, that's kind of hard, because I want to see number three.
You got it. I know what it was hard because he said something else during the campaign, so we flip flop. Great. Thank you. I got attitude. I like it. Your next question on Trump's racist response to what took place in Charlottesville. No, not the same one side is racist, bigoted not see. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes Tommy, my person. This is pathetic. This is terrible present.
Knighted states need to condemn these kinds of hate groups. Randy Bryce, he's learning. I know his heart was in the right place: Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey. It is time for you to answer which one of those was offered by the current speaker of the house, a job meant to check the executive branch it is three you got it in response to Trump's decision to end Dhaka, deferred action for childhood arrivals people who came here as children. That's gonna kick them out of the country John. What was what was one response? We as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their sensible Tommy. It would be wrong to go back on our word and subject these individuals to deportation Randy Bryce, President Trump was trouble as decision
The right call healthy again, another tough question: where would you think you know it was really hard from going to go? number three for last one. This is your last question France is on Donald Trump's leadership. Generally speaking Johnny, I'm worried Tommy Europe? The president is not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful and now and finally, to the iron stache, I'm starting to notice something I think the president is giving us the leadership. We need to get the country back on the right track. And whoever said that one
can fucking still see. You know what that was really hard, but sorry that means say that I'm going to go with transaction, you are correct, update, healthy or fifty four thousand five hundred and ninety one. Fortunately this is love it or leave it. There is no price for you. Hi POD tours America, See you in the first row over to leave. It don't go. Okay, if I knew I was going to call on you twice so my how and, if so may, have guys give it up for Randy Bryce, but the America is brought to you by parachute parachute who, in Washington most needs a good night of
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Well, we know that Paul Ryan is terrible, but we cannot forget he. Not even be the worst person in Wisconsin. You also have Scott Walker, who our next guest is the state Rep from the Pacific right here in Madison who's leading progressive voice, fighting back against Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican Party. Please welcome, Taylor, alright, one of the leading issues that you've been working on is voter suppression, and we know that Wisconsin is ground zero in the republican experiment to try tonight people's voting rights what's happening here,
and what can we do about it? Well, first of all, welcome to Madison she's, a good politician and the seventy six assembly district right here. So so look, this started after really two thousand and then there was unfortunately a cheap party wave for the first time in forty years we had Republicans take control completely of government. I wasn't in government, then they did inspire me to run for government because I was so disgusted. So if you know the first thing was to gerrymandering hi and even though, in this last election was pretty much split statewide in the assembly. Republicans got six four sixty four sixty four percent, the Seahawks, So if we could not, yes, it was very much rigged, and so you know this.
Week? How many of you listen to any of that Us Supreme Court argument? I killed the Woodford Super important case OZ, so we will see what happens, but you know it. We have the worst gerrymandered assembly districts in forty years of any state arm, and so we now, you know, was done in secret. The legislators they came into the map from they sign. There's Chrissy pledges back in two thousand eleven eleven they actually to me before. I was even elected for my election, I ran a special election. They You know I'm lucky, they didn't put me in Mars. That is coming. If they get to against a kind of review. A little bit like this case is is in the Supreme Court argument in were heard. This that's like garces was a real day keyboard. That's right, he was. He talked about his like steak, rub for barbecues for an extended period of time, which is very odd
I wanted to say is: like I said I I I would like you to walk people through in his they're, not super familiar like your your it's totally cloak and dagger, like twenty ten is that was a census year and after census years they re district. So what happened in twenty eleven there's a seizure. Room where there was a secret matte or over at Michael Michael best, which is a law firm. So law firm, and you know they basically used some state of the art social science in drawing maps that they knew were designed, regardless of the statewide turn out really, regardless of the turn out to keep them in a permanent majority and they picked kind of the worst most evil map that they went to West, and so after that you know we
dude, there's lots of lawsuits and finally, the plainest they're Democrats, one thousand two hundred and fourteen Democrats working with some social scientists at the University of Chicago who developed, finally, a method to actually measure the effects of these gerrymander maps So if you listen to the arguments you now, you know it was justice. Kennedy, Justice Kennedy, Justice Kennedy that was totally the focus to make the case but you know we're hopeful, we'll see. The problem, though, is if they say yes, these are horribly gerrymandered, which would be the first time ever. The Us Supreme Court came to that conclusion. It goes back to the people,
who made the evil maps in the first place. So we really need. We have a bill that were pushing in the legislature. We need a nonpartisan process to make the maps in the first place. So, in addition to gerrymandering one of the other voter suppression tactics, including the state, is voter id. Can you talk about what's being done on that sure they evil voter id? well. So many of you know if you're from Wisc then you know we are so proud. We have typically very high voter turn out. We very premise of what we had very permissive laws. You could you, you know you could early vote, yes on the weekends you to go at night and essentially what the Republicans dead wise. I dropped a very strict voter id law this
mine in the strictest in the whole entire nation. An what we know now is. We have lots of studies that have been done. We just had a study come out this week that showed the voter suppression. That happened just in Dane County Milwaukee County. By about seventeen thousand voters who didn't show up who should have you know they either had the id or, and they didn't know they thought they didn't or they didn't have the id. So you know what we're doing bit by bit is trying to obviously turn back that voter id law. It was again Thank goodness we do have some courts left to actually care about people's constitutional rights and again a lawsuit, thankfully, was was brought by the League of women voters in some other one Wisconsin now and we did get a court right before this last election to kind of ease. Some of those risks it's a little bit on early voting, but look why wouldn't you people to vote, I mean
well, I think I think that brings a really important point. How many votes did Trump win Wisconsin by about twenty two thousand seven hundred and how many people are the did? The estimate were able to Well, it's interesting. So there was at eight just to county seventeen thousand people in just two counties. There was another priorities: USA Study. Now that is, you know, progressive pack that found about two hundred thousand people did not we're not able to vote, because One thousand is bigger than its bigger. We do know that it's much bigger, so we had. Actually. This was the first time since two thousand are voter turn out declined by about three point: three percent: and that's not. You know, we love to vote here in the badger state, so
very unusual. We usually have some of the highest voter turn out in the nation uhm. Well, I have a question for you as- and this is a little bit not necessarily about issues just more about, like generally carrying one of them, so I I'm from Wisconsin. I was born here lived here until I was eighteen and since twenty ten, since you were spurred to to run third, been up like that Republicans in charge have guided the amazing public education system. We have they've taken away access to abortion services for women, especially role women, they've, targeted public sector, employee unions that to somebody who works alongside it every day has to be extremely demoralize And yet here you are so what makes you carry on? Well, we don't quit here in the state of Wisconsin. We don't- and you know,
I am in this amazing community and incredible work is going on every single day locally. So that is super sustaining, but look the people want an advocate. They want someone who has their back and the problem with all that the rigged elections is you get policy policy that nobody's asking for nobody was asking to take away collective bargaining It's for public employees nobody's asking to coax work, yeah well, the brothers, but they're, not with God. Tonight you know the people date. They want a pay raise when middle income, people I'm at a pay increase in the state really in decades and low income people their wages have gone down. People are really quite someone a lot of ways. They want a chance, a one chance to succeed, and so I'm totally committed to that. I think everybody here is, and you know I think, most people in the state they want government to work for them. They want people have their back and that's not happening, and so we will fight this out until we win and the people represented once more in the state. So that's what I'm it is doing
hi? Can I ask my rear bumper? Yes, you can ask a question, so I have one final question for you before you were in politics. You worked with planned parent at as ad in one of the things, one of the things that you've bought four with comprehensive sex, Ed in schools in Wisconsin, so my question for you on my first day of eighth grade in Frederick Fred Wisconsin, we went into human growth and development class and we had to go around the room with a vocabulary lists and all of us had to read the definitions of an it's obviously correct sexual terms. Is that your fault? No, I did not do that. I absolutely did not no, but I do want kids to get medically accurate age appropriate, comprehensive sex, ed that is sick. You feel better now. Thank you. I feel much better yeah. Well, thank you so much for joining us and we're doing
thank you I think when we come back we're going to do some Cuban a sort of open up on the right. If you want to ask a question, thank you. So much. Patrick's right by the cash at where in Wisconsin that's why it smells like cheese in Canada here, this trip on this tour. Perhaps we buy each other things and we need to pay each other back. I can't believe the reception we received when we arrived here. It was insane as if we paid for we'd like liberators with the cash out. If you guys don't let the cat shop and you haven't had it yet or you get a friend who doesn't have it to download it, and you put in the code pod save you get five dollars. Five dollars goes to the irc the International Rescue Committee, which refugees all over the world.
That's something that you're going to want to do so download the cash were switching to the cash app we're not using the other ones in everybody's, like what do you do not have that we're not using that one for using the cash app now the cash app download it today all right. We have time for a few questions: hey first thanks for coming listen hum. I really question about something you were talking with Randy Bryce about which is a after the ossoff race. We saw that a lot of these special elections and upcoming elections in twenty eighteen or getting nationalized. And there's another candidate in the race to replace Paul Ryan, a Cathy Myers who is a local school board? Member has a lot
a local endorsements- and I was wondering, is: are we reaching a point where only the candidates, who kind of get that viral national attention are going to be able to run for races like the house? Or do you think that there's still a chance for local sort of more local grassroots campaigns to take hold going to best candidates are going to be local grassroots candidates? I think this is probably unique race, because it's against Paul Ryan he's a national figure, and he's a national figure that has become the single most depressing, embarrassing apologist for Donald Trump of anyone on the national stage. He said he looks like he makes Marco Rubio look like a hero
well well. Well, I think that's that's not too bad. It makes this unique, but I do think like people are going to win. Congressional seats are from the community with strong ties who go door to door and win that way. Yeah. Thank you. Hey! That's a logical, thank you for being here. I think it's really great, but I'm wondering is like your platform is so big and so impactful. Um. How can you use this platform to combat racism, which is so important in this community? I just like joined a two day conference. For racial justice, and I'm just wondering how you can use that platform that you have to combat and tests
there's just so much something bigger than us and like I just want to know how you plan on using your pot. A really good question. I love you down. Let me know I got the best question: you ok, ok, Everyone meet love. He needed a win with your perfect question yeah, I mean look. We've we've talked about the ways in which Donald Trump is explaining racism all the time. I think we should keep doing that. I I think all the different shows a two Sean this in one way or another and will continue to do it uh, I think it's pointing it out when it happens. It pointing out when it's subtle. You know when it's I so I mean down. Trump is done, something which which
You know he is brought back in. Old style of racism into our politics, right saying that they're very fine people, his refusal to condemn White Nationalist, except when he's like, dragged kicking and screaming when he jumps on black NFL players, because it's obvious, so pointing that out, but also not be afraid to point out the race. The racist outcome of policies like the refusal to expand, Medicaid, an and I like that- which are the kind of more underlying subtle systemic forms, races so also happening. Every single that, I also have to say, is a new addition to the cricket media contributors group. I'm really stoked about the group of people that you have in the perspective that they're bringing I think a lot of people that are that are coming to the group are coming with specific up perspectives that are like looking to combat racism specifically. So thank you good question. Seven eleven,
Ok, hi, I'm! My name is Chad, hi Tommy? How you doing thanks for tickets by the way yeah, I got a question about uh when the podcast started earlier today we talked about gun control in how it's mostly about the actual weapon itself, and not so much. The ammunition that is going into the guns is there a way that we could actually through legislation, stop people that are mass murderers from eating and gaining ammunition, and more or less the hunter is the ones that actually hunt dear and such give them a certain amount of ammunitions. Just for hunting, perhaps
instead of giving them access to thousands of rounds. I mean, I know that one of the proposals that had been batted around- I don't know how many years ago now is banning Hi Capacity magazine clips and again it met defeat like some of the the other gun safety measures that we've tried to push, but that is that is one of the proposals that that would be out there. But he says yeah I was using, I think a bit I mean someone was saying that, like just registering people who have guns and having a a database in a national registry uhm. You know the killer in LAS Vegas had bought, purchased fourteen rifles an under a year, and if you have, perhaps at an NRA conference at the same place? What that, how do you get the weapons into two you're like was a per
they're in bottom at a conference. No, I think you just bought them at his local gun dealer chef and John, our John love it. You said something once that I thought was really profound. Wasn't the first time I could never tell, but it's just quiet enough that I'm not sure if I'm being insulted or call no, no, definitely not insulting. You about the Hillary Bernie Divide, and you were saying one of the things that keeps happening. Is we have these big idea, politicians and it gets like put through this political machinery and it comes out the other end with something that's not inspiring, and it's just put into words what I think I was feeling during the whole two thousand and sixteen elections. So thank you for that. But my questions, Brittani, it's related. I cannot believe that it's related okay, Tommy, your podcasts on Venezuela's scared, the daylights out of all of us. I think and
one of the things that was so scary about it was that Hugo Shabbos seem like one of those big idea: politicians that was like hey we're going to actually look out for the poor and we're going to do all these things in that country went to Hell and basket basically, and so in two thousand and twenty, when we, if we manage to get another one of these big idea, politicians what they're going to say well, look at Venezuela! That's what happens. What would be our response to the Chavez is I mean his big idea. Was you know having enormous amount of oil reserves in selling them and then sort of subsidizing the entire population. With that funding that works great, when oil is one hundred and twenty dollars a barrel, one hundred dollars barrel, not so well, when it's at thirty specially when you completely mismanaged the economy, there's corruption up and down and you fail to diversify and you no longer grow anything in your own country like food or you know things you're you're importing everything right. So that's, I think, a pretty specific economic example that said like-
buffoon Foon Nationalists like Chavez, I think it there's a bit. Familiarity with the tone and tenor of the rhetoric from Trump and it's something I think, worries me. It worries people that I've spoken to who living in Venezuela because things change slowly slowly slowly slowly, then you look back a year and you can't believe how up things are compared to a year ago, is something that is in the back of my head. When I do interviews with people who live, like in a dryer was than that then, as well at the soda I like you mentioned, so you know I don't. It's a it's a it's a apples, apples comparison per se, but you know it's good to learn from these things. They're instructive troubles are shot as chip from his off Trump, because China's
not like also dead. Thank you very much. Thank you for that. Second or third, that, like a cool, thank you for coming to Madison, I am concerned about the in the city is creeping credibility. Of Donald Trump when people sit around- and give him credit for, say, for example, thinking about or his ideas about Daca when he doesn't know a fucking thing about Daca and as wordsmiths as writers. I'm serious about the thing we have to do when his name comes up and we have to say that he's a belligerent, ignorant, incoherent, four all malevolent toddler who needs to be condemned and dismissed. Discounted, as honorary rate, regular reaction. You have to end this with a question mark and this the
question mark is, is what is the shorthand rhetorical propaganda to say he is a vandal of the constitution of, and you know what you just became president right now. This is the day that you became president today doing man, I'm partial, to dotty old, racist yeah, I say this as a speechwriter- is someone who's written a lot of words? I do not think. Our problem with Donald Trump or why we couldn't be Donald Donald Trump, is because, like we didn't, have the right words to convince people what a liar he was, and I and I I do I like We call him names all the time we do. We do it twice a week, all the time um looked, must be made in the radio. Look how much progress we've made, but I just I think when someone at the people who either are with Trump or the people who didn't vote and
I think that they that their vote matters or that they don't have another candidate, that they want to vote for instead of Trump or that they voted for him because they just wanted to say you to Washington or whatever else I think, We have to remind people of all the falsehoods and all the times he lied and what his characters like. Of course, we have to do all that, but I think, what's going to tip the next election is to actually persuade people. Why we have, our vision and that why the alternative that we're offering is better than with Donald Trump yeah, I think that's and we have to figure out like words- are important there, but we have to figure out the words to describe what we believe in, and that is to be the first task as opposed to yelling about- and I I agree with you, but when he says crooked, Hillary and Lion Tad and that bullshit that gets the headline yeah. Let's call him out. I come up with the coin terms to in order to nail him whenever that name comes up yeah,
I just you know we got it. We got break through the plug we got. Your passion and we agree with- I I think you, your your heart, yes, will do do it. Thank you. Lady gentleman in love, it This is going. Do you have a question? I don't? I don't live in Dade County anymore. This is a wonderful place, but I live in a county now that votes mostly republican rural Wisconsin, county and most of my friends, while they wouldn't call themselves republican, have always voted for.
I can see, and over the past ten years or so we would, we would go play volleyball or we go do our thing and, and afterwards we get a beer. We talk in the exchange of information was wonderful and generally fairly honest about June of last year. None of them will talk with me at all anymore ever about politics, and this is continued for more than a year. Now. How do we fix that? I think that's. The most important right now personally, how do we fix that? We get? The role was cut was confident yes, yeah well. My advice is I like this, I like to think a boombox stand out. Side of their house and I like to play pod save America. No, I mean, I think, that's an something I've encountered, because I still am in touch with a lot of people from home. My parents still live in the area, and you know it's it's like a tough thing, but I think because I'm a journalist if I read
out to people, and I'm like. I want to ask you this question, because they know me they'll talk to me, I don't know how I would handle it if I wasn't working in a in a like information. Brokerage like conversational type job, but I think like couching it at like. Let's just have a conversation like hey, we haven't caught up in a while, like let's just go, get a drink and have a conversation and promise night. This is going to get mad when we leave like I don't. I don't see how that is like a lose lose situation, especially if you offer to buy That always works. Thank you. I guess, we have the Wisconsin Union protests here and it was a similar vibe to I see you going on right now in the a lot of people were really excited about politics. For the first time we had people like life to Senate. Sessions who previously didn't know who their senator was? It was pretty awesome, and
Scott Walker is like week right now. He is low poll numbers um. He kind of got pushed around during the budget fights that ended recently My question is basically when the gubernatorial candidates are kind of basic lack like a better or the or the campaigns are kind of shity like what can you? What can we is like? Voters and citizens do to like get other people excited and like on to that energy If what you're saying is, how do you get people excited to vote in an election? It's really important, but they're not about the candidate on their side is that what you're asking yes, hypothetical will probably never experience. Let's say so.
I know a few things that don't work really hard, but I think. I mean you guys have any I mean I don't know. I think that we all have this fresh example of what happens when you don't vote or when people don't vote, and I think a lot of people who didn't vote probably feel bad about the fact that they didn't vote it's right. It's literally, it live.
Just happened like we could just be like hey, remember that in November, when that happened and how much you hated it like. Let's make it not happen. We are personality obsessed when it comes to politics, and so all the stories are about the candidates and the presidents and the politicians and all the dramas around them, and it is at the expense of talking about the issues, and I think what you'd find. If you talk to people and talk to your friends and talk to voters, what they care about is not the drama between the players in the game, but like the issues that are actually going to affect their lives, and so I think we need to figure out a way to have the issues breakthrough. In the conversation,
and to talk about that if you can get someone excited about stopping climate change in affording college and health care like that, can get them to the polls. You know, Scott Walker is terrible and we should get rid of all. The album is also contagious and if you care- and you get some in your used car and the two of you care, you can go, take that out there and make people passionate too, so you have to say, invest in the fight and you have to care a lot about how this fight ends.
Thank you guys so much. This is great. You've been awesome, crowd.
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