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Trumpworld and the Washington media make sweeping conclusions over a report they’ve never seen, Democrats pivot to health care after the Trump Administration declines to defend the Affordable Care Act in court, and Democrats work to counter Trump’s 2020 message that they’re radical extremists. Then Andrew Gillum talks to Dan about his new effort to register voters in Florida and turn the state blue in 2020. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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within the first day. If you're, a friend of the pod, you get to try it for free. Just by going Ziprecruiter dot com, such cricket- we even get credit. If you do Ziprecruiter- is the smartest way to hire once again that the record accomplished cricket Ziprecruiter, dot com, welcome to parts of America, I'm John Fabbro, I'm Dan Pfeiffer. The audio here Dan's interview with Andrew Gillum talks, new voter registration effort in Florida and attempt to turn that state blue in twenty twenty we're also going to talk about the latest on the still elusive Muller report, the Trump administration
renewed assault on the affordable care ACT and the president's two thousand and twenty reelection election strategy. Apparently he has one. Finally, as a little treat at the end of the show, you'll hear a quick excerpt from our weekly pod, save Erica live QA where what a day Priyanka ever been asks us questions that listeners have about the news and we attempt to answer them. You can check it out on wednesdays. If you I know that you watch every Wednesday, I'm not in what you're talking about see. That's why we're doing it on the pod, so more people we get more eyeballs. I won't listen to the light I don't listen are proud. This is this is, is genius okay, I'll So before we get to the news, a quick heads up about a special election in Wisconsin next Tuesday April. Second, for a seat on the state Supreme Court. Republicans are spending millions of dollars to elect a guy who
started a school that allows banning teachers or students for being and same sex relationships. That's who they that's their candidate for the state Supreme Court. LISA? Neubauer is the Democrat. So if you live in Wisconsin make sure to vote for her, I know we talked recently on the spot about special turns and how they're sort of going under the radar. So we will do our best to keep you informed ahead of time of any special elections around the country we see coming up. If you live in Wisconsin, if you have friends in Wisconsin, family in Wisconsin tell them to make sure to vote on Tuesday, that's a very important seat in a very important state. All right. Let's get to the news, the White House is in a celebratory and vengeful mood after Donald Trump's hand, picked attorney general exonerated him from criminal charges based entirely on his own reading of Robert Muller's report, which we have yet to see which Congress has yet to see which no one has seen except Robert Muller his team in a few people. The Justice Department
report in the New York Times describes Trump worlds mood as follows: quote any yeah it's in the letter or the possibility of surprises when more of the report is released, has not put a damper on the celebratory as a downtown Washington, restaurants, the number of teamwork focused photos, posted on social media or the hugs in the White House. Driveway between television interviews quote where colluding Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the president, told reporters that she embraced Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The White House Press a in the driveway. After returning from a Fox news appearance on Monday, one republican strategist told the times quote the mood from the pundit class friends of mine that work in the White House over the moon, ecstasy. Meanwhile, the Washington Post says that Trump reportedly has a plan to see quote vengeance and accountability from his critics. He's accused FBI agents of treason
said that Adam Schiff should be forced to resign. Adam Schiff's republican colleagues on the House Intel Committee. The letter this morning also saying he should resign. The letter know Lee did not quote a single word from mother's actual report, but only made up a bunch of bullshit and talked about bar Summary Dan. We haven't talked about this on the pod you and I, what was your initial reaction to the bar report on Sunday and do you feel any different today Well, John was actually going to cut this podcast short and cancel it and all future podcasts, because if you read all the smartest most both sides, the pundits and journalists on Twitter and on the internet. We would know that this is pointless because not only is Trump going to win reelection, he has won reelection. It is over. We're in for a second term this morning? Judge thirty year over my hand on the latest copy of Greg, Gutfeld newest book, so
It's done, cancel that digit. We should just cook at your, only focus on keep it and you're slightly less political podcast, because this election is over don't even show me the report. I know what's going to happen, but the fuck doing people. This is insane everyone and we at stupid right now, everyone is it stupid. The but people are obviously it's stupid. Congratulations on reducing your criminal exposure by eighteen percent, the yeah is engaged in a bizarre level of self flagellation. The, first people in the internet or at their absolute worst on all sides. Everything is stupid. I will say, then: I want to find the clip from a couple weeks ago, so, where you and I predicted this exact reaction from just about every yeah. We did it quite seriously considering getting back in the prediction game because we knew we mailed this one- maybe we can't figure out
who is going to win, quote unquote elections and who wins? What state do you know, is how the social media. Twitter industrial complex, reacts to things and it's very easy to always bet that they're going to do it wrong, which is what we did and we were right and look will say that the Trump World reaction, which lose everyone from the White House to Fox NEWS 'cause. It's all the same world did not really surprise me in the least like I thought they would be celebratory, I figured that they would start you know, making all kinds of threats against all of their perceived means like that was going to happen, no matter what I guess they would have been a celebrate Tory if, if Muller found that the president committed a crime, for you know and and in terms of conspire, with Russians, but they still would have threatened people. They still would have yelled about the deep state.
I mean, like they're reaction, was pre determined long ago. Nothing about that surprise me, I'm not totally surprised by the reaction of the police media either, but it's a little worse than I expected I am I am. I am even more disappointed and then I thought it would and look again. We should never just what we do. The too much we use the media is a blanket term. The reporters who have been doggedly pursuing this story from the beginning. There's a set of reporters at the New York Times at the Washington Post at CNN. It buzzfeed it all kinds of outlets, there's have just put their heads down and they are continuing to try to report on this and they're doing a great job and they been doing a great job all along, but the more pundit like reporter the reporters that right political analysis, the pundits cable, the media reporters right. They have just been doing such a piss poor job,
self, flagellate, ng fucking talking about like punch, I mean if I was faced with a situation where, even from the bar report, the bar letter. You know that Robert Mueller who's, a pretty guy, is to use the words. The president is not exonerated from a crime. I would probably be more interested in talking about that than writing. A whole bunch of pieces punching down. It's some like fringe e hashtag resistance types and their Fucking Muller Votive candles like it is uh astonishing, would some of the stories that some of these people are writing when we have not even seen this report. But what we do know is that Robert Mueller and covered all this evidence that the press red States obstructed justice. I mean I don't know I don't know. I feel like we all collectively,
even though I would say we warned about this here on pod, save America. Fell into this trap, where an maybe trump lettuce- the trap- maybe he got there by pure twitter instinct- I don't know, but we set the bar pun intended so high for what would constitute presidential wrongdoing that anything short of that was then treated as complete and total absolution yeah. This idea we had to find Essentia Lee it corded phone call between Trump and Putin. Two years ago, sitting out a plan, then hacking distance in campaigns on Facebook, followed by sanctions, relief that anything short of that would mean that Trump did nothing wrong and everyone is like. We all saw it coming the entire political people who engineered the call, conversate media conversation in this country just solid, coming and then
of right off the cliff and like you're right there. It we there is evidence of obstruction of justice. Now, whether that reaches a level to buy which either a person would be convicted or a president be impeached. Is a question not yet know the answer too, because they are hiding the evidence from us which should also causes people's uh spy tends to go off a little bit and certainly before we have to images, it's so crazy that we are all doing this without having read the report. It is four page summary of a report that is somewhere between three hundred two nine hundred and ninety nine pages. We don't know how much and we're just like well or who didn't believe that a president could be charged with obstruction of justice said this president should be charged destruction of justice. So, let's all move on. Let's pivot, everyone.
Self flagellated, pivot and again, in addition to the potential obstruction of justice here, is what we know for a fact, and we know this because Robert Mueller has told us, through various indictments through various court filings. We know that the russian government interfered in our election, two thousand and sixteen that it's stole documents from the Democratic Party and disseminated them that it conducted a social media campaign with the purpose of trying to elect Donald Trump. We know that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself knew about these activities. We knew that Donald Trump was briefed about them by intelligence services in August of twenty sixteen, and with the knowledge that this was going on that this attack was happening. We now also know that the Trump campaign was approached by multiple people related to the russian government, russian government officials themselves offering dirt in the form of emails on Hillary Clinton. We also know
no one in the Trump campaign went to the FBI about this. We also know that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself specifically stood to gain if flat, a mere Putin and his government approved Trump Tower Moscow, which would have given Donald Trump up to three hundred million dollars. His biggest real estate project ever and Donald Trump lied about that. The entire time he had a financial stake in making sure that he didn't piss Vladimir and off by may be telling the FBI that Russians were approaching them with dirt on Hillary Clinton. He I had a steak and potentially winning the election by not telling the FBI that the Russians were hacking, our elections, the Russians were offering them dirt and he didn't do that and he lied about it and various people covered it up. In his campaign, manager committed a crime and his deputy campaign
manager committed a crime. It is national security, advisor committed, a crime, and his lawyer committed a crime and Donald Trump was implicated in campaign finance violations. We know all of this to be true. This is maybe the biggest scandals in american political history and people are running around saying what a great date is for Donald Trump. Will exonerated he is he's feeling so great? It is Well, how is it was a hope. It is beyond all comprehension, we're through the fucking looking glass, everyone has lost their minds. I have one just thought or message for porters and pundits out there. I don't pretend to know what happens after someone dies, but I pretty sure there's no both sides, Heaven where You die you go you go to the gates of Heaven. You have to present your articles to show that you were willing to appease your bad.
Critics on the right it just like little look. I wrote this piece also attacking Democrats, even though Republicans one hundred percent in the wrong Saint Peter. Please let me in like it's just I don't We make the same mistakes over and over and over again, and it's we'll talk about this, but it is highly likely that a lot of people we're going to have a lot of egg on their face. After we read the report, yeah hey. And once again. All we're saying is: let's see the report we don't know. Perhaps perhaps even though Muller said, even though the only words we've seen from Robert Muller include the the president is not exonerated of a crime, there's zero evidence of any kind of collusion with Russians. Perhaps we don't know we haven't seen the fucking report, but we've certainly seen a lot of links between Trump and and the Russians that the Trump campaign lied about. We know that not from the media necessarily,
so they reported that we know that from Robert Muller's indictments and his filings. We already know this anyway, we know the president had incentive to obstruct the investigation because he was guilty of other crimes, different from collusion that we also know it anyway, so it's a lot really a lot of stupid happening. We still don't know when the public or Congress will have access to mothers. Report Democrats have been pushing to see the full report by April. Second, but House Judith, very Chairman Gerald Nadler, who spoke with the attorney gen on Wednesday, told us that Barr said it would be quote weeks not months before Congress could see mothers report which, according to the New York Times, is more than three hundred pages long. Nadler also said that bar would not promise that quote an unredacted full report with the underlying documents in evidence would be provided to Congress and the american people barasat that
defy before Congress. On April, ninth and now Nadler said they may want Muller to testify after BAR Dan. How legitimate is this delay and could this all be done faster. If we were to be as generous as humanly possible. Let's give it away Boo Bill BAR. Let's give it will be the dress department, it is seems very likely. There was classified information in this report from that Originates from the from the counterintelligence investigation that began this whole probe and there must be a process to go through and ensure that you are not publicly being classified information that could reveal sources and methods for how the intelligence you need to receive the information. However, this. Could be resolved much faster than the timeline that they are on an Ipad, So if this was a report about democratic wrongdoing, they could get it done by Sean Hannity's airtime tomorrow and
So, yes, there is a there should be a process to go through and do this, but it is incredibly slow. So it it seems intentionally slow to do what is a pretty clever p play which is get the headline you want on the front page and then get the details on. You know the 17th page three weeks from now. We've all moved on from this topic worry about whatever the latest and probably legitimate outrage of the day is yeah, I mean how suspicious of bar should we be. I mean not at all suspicious John, I don't know what you're talking about. He is a card carrying member of the republican establishment that is supplicated itself to dental. He wears very charming very preppy, zip ups. First that are in vogue with lots of Republicans. Yes, we should be suspicious of He works for he decided to work for Donald Trump in the middle of a web.
Investigations he and for that job. By reading a memo saying that Donald Trump could not be guilty of the which he she was by mere fact that he was president. So, yes, we be suspicious of him on the surface and then his actions since then are very suspicious. Now, maybe I don't want to head into crazy conspiracy theory world here. The Trump administration has lied about everything, and so every reason to want to see the document and see it as soon as possible before we take their word for it. So there is the reason to be suspicious here, an bars if, since this report played on this desk on Friday afternoon and giving us more reason to be suspicious yeah, I mean let's remember that before he took the job bar, who I assume had another job or at least other things to do with his life, decided to sit down and write. A nineteen page memo to the White House in which he's called Muller's inquiry into potential of
directions of justice quote fatally misconceived and quote grossly irresponsible. That's what he about mothers investigation into obstruction of justice before he took the job in a nineteen page Ma'Am. I don't know about you. I don't usually have time to write nineteen page memo about just anything and send them off. So clearly the guy felt pretty strongly about molars probe and then suddenly finds himself the guy in charge of that probe and wrote a letter saying you know what Muller couldn't make a can in one way or the other on obstruction of justice. So I will make a conclusion, and my conclusion is that we should not charge him what a surprise after nineteen page memo yeah and it's the thing that is so. I just so my mind is boggle by what is happy here, because it
the position of the Justice Department that a president can't be indicted. It is the responsibility of Congress to come to the conclusion, based the evidence as to whether their action is warranted a high crime or misdemeanor, as outlined in the constitution. So why we care right bill bar has to say about this: it's not up to bill. No, he can like opinion, is interesting, but it is not instructive for what should happen here, and it's just like everyone is so in are hurry for reasons are fully understand to get this behind themselves that we are rushing to close the door without having the information I mean again like just imagine imagine if this was Loretta. Lynch Obama's attorney general saying that, even though James Comey and his investigation said you, so he could make a determination about Hillary. That Loretta
said I'm going to make a determination. She's. Fine it in reality, with James Comey said, is no reasonable. Prosecutor would ever bring a case against Hillary Clinton. That's what he said and he got in trouble because he also called her reckless or actions. Reckless. This one was can exonerate Donald Trump. You can there's evidence on both sides and then, as attorney general says, I exonerate him. I do it. It's just it's and so that's way, Loretta Lynch was like. Yes, Jim Comey sent me hundreds of pages of information on said investigation, but I will not release this. Can you imagine? I mean I mean the house Republicans would be fucking burning down the White House right now. Our determination here is really like, inappropriately putting his thumb scale like I was listening to your very excellent conversation with Preet from the Monday POD and you know, with everyone, makes the point
that in a high profile case brought by discover the F B, I attorney whatever else it will ultimately the the decision of the attorney general as to whether to pursue that case. It would go up that high right in a in a very high profile. Complicated endeavor except yes, that is true. If we're talking about a decision to charge D'Affaires Spock or some high profile individual, but in this case the policy of the purple dresses, they can't charge that individual they cannot do it is not their job. They do not have per view for that, so he is simply trying to influence the jury here to not,
pick up the case. In this case. The jury is Congress and we're all like. Well, this makes sense, except it makes zero sense. It is a total e inappropriate determination for him to make he doesn't get to make. The tradition frankly should make that determination, regardless of what the evidence says. So last time I checked, we do have one house of Congress Democrats. They currently control the house. No, actually we don't anymore, because some people talked about collusion, Kevin Mccarthy, Speaker, that's right! That's true! That's just over what can Democrats do to get the memo here? What should doing, because I have to confess my find- is even more boggled by the fact that, like you know, Jerry Nadler just said I talked to bar. He said it's go past April. Second, that's unacceptable to me. We need to get this memo, I'm like dude. You got a hollow subpoena cannon. Man like
they do and what it? What should the Democrats be doing? I I, I honestly don't know we are eight hearing to these norms of behavior. That made sense before one party decided to in Asian, a massive inappropriate criminal power grab that, for you I mean, is this even any normal, you should do is say Bill Barr. You were going to testify by expat, yeah we're going to subpoena you you're, going to release the report by this date or we're going to we've already filled out. The paperwork we are, all we have to do is have someone drop it off at your office at like? We like. This is Congress's responsibility. Put aside the politics, how much you know democratic voters, some people go to jail for some set of crimes or whatever, like your axe. Old job. Here is oversight. It is to be checks and balances against in executive branch. They were abusing their power here by trying to cover up evidence of potential crimes, and so every weapon
and tool at our disposal. We should be using and like just friendly conversations, go bar because he is the are. He is the part of the jurisdiction, if your committee is not the way to do it, we have to, we should be. Aggressive here, because if everyone thinks Everyone feels like for Democrats are just acting overly political here. They were given the response the by the voters, to do a better job than the Republicans of holding the Trump Administration accountable for their misdeeds, and that involves investigating this Misty and simply just be like well, he said he wouldn't get it. So I'm going to ask again this time. Stronger is not good enough. In my opinion, they should subpoena mall or two right, yeah issue, the subpoenas like the schedule here in Philippines. They were going to have a hearing on this day and Marla they're going to agree. It is going to be subpoenaed right, Subpoena get bar to testify, get Muller testify by subpoena, if necessary, subpoena the report. And then, if the Department of Justice refuses then
no fight it out in court, but I do think the longer that we wait here. The more the political media, as they have done so far, is just going to say sour grapes, Democrat. That's just hanging on to this thing. Let's move on blah blah like just do it now, You know, I don't understand the wait, no time like the present and then even though it's been less than a week since bars letter, and we don't even know what we'll see in the molars report, some demo leaders have suggested it's time to pivot to other issues like healthcare. The number three Democrat in the House Majority WHIP James Clyburn said this week quote: I've leave at the mall report has been done. That's a chapter! That's closed. Health care is the number one thing on people's minds: deep breaths, then, why are Democrats so anxious to move on to other issues like healthcare so soon.
I really like Jim Clyburn, and he has done a lot of good over a lot of years in Congress, but I feel like in this case he the stage direction out loud. Yes, we're, yes, Democrat want to talk about healthcare in other issues in the twenty twenty election. We know that, because in the middle prior to the complete and total exoneration of all of all of Trump's crimes, Democrats ran an entire election entirely on healthcare and other issues. It's I was who want to do that in anytime. Get a chance to talk about health care is for the good of our electoral chances, but to be just so blatant out. It is a mistake, because you can two things at once: you can investigate corruption, criminality in Trump Administration and legislate progressive parties at the same time in voters get that- and I worry
when we do things like this- that are so obvious that voters have a good, bullshit detector and they see this and they say: oh Democrats are being political right right and oh, it is you're, actually doing yourself more damage in the getting to the issue care about. Then you would, if you were able to do it in a smart, strategic, that a smarter to Temple Tempo. I guess we were among many people who, all through the twenty eighteen election, told Democrats, let's focus on health care. Let's talk about health care all the time, the democratic candidates, to their credit. They did that there there's their campaign. Strategist told them to do that. The american people to do them to do that. They did it. We are currently a year and eight months away from, November election in twenty twenty a year and eight months. I think,
if out of that year and eight months, we can take a couple of fucking weeks right now to demand this report. That will tell us about an investigation that has gone on for a couple years into one of the biggest scandals in american political history like this is such evidence of the fucking short term, thinking that just pervade Washington DC, where all people who work there can think of, is what, in the next news cycle, who's winning or losing that day. I can't deal with any political, that's happening right now. I can't see beyond the next month the next like it is crazy. They all work each other up there, all staffers and the representatives in the reporters and the pundits there all talking to and so they all decided within twenty four hours, that the narrative is bad for Democrats. Good for Republicans, Democrats would benefit from talking about Healthcare Republic,
want to keep talking about how this was a witch hunt and then the narrative is set in, so they all respond. Based on that so silly. We are sitting here in March of, two thousand and nineteen. We have plenty of time to talk about healthcare once we get two, twenty yeah maybe talk about healthcare. Every fucking day we just saw or page summary of a three hundred page report that has not been released. They could show unbelievable presidential misconduct. We don't want to know about that. We want to pivot to health care. Now I don't understand man. I think the best way to understand what congressional leaders say is not the macro politics of what the poll say, or you know what consultants are telling it's really about what members of aggressor are saying to them at the weekly congressional lunch, and I at my assumption,
you know, based on some reporting, you read- is that there is a you know, cliburn close, etc are cross, pressured every day, between's But if you know a set of Democrats, probably in safer districts who aggressively want to pursue something that leads to impeachment right. You ever see to to leave introducing a right. I think a resolution right this week about that Brad, Sherman and others introducing articles of impeachment like a year ago or months ago or whatever else, and then you have a whole set of members who are very politically afraid of that process. Would do to other electoral chances and- and so that is where you like their trip, their reactions are so are driven by that in the idea, if they could put that argument behind themselves and move on to what they believed to be more formal fertile ground, that would be good. But what resolves problems within the caucus? Lunch is not the same
same thing that resolved larger political problems, and this like abrupt pivot to health. There is, I think it does a disservice to the voters and actually treat them is pretty stupid because they do they do care about this, and they do think that you can care about this and health care at the same time, right and also Some things are just beyond political consideration. Right like we deserve the truth about what happened like our election. Our democracy was attacked by the russian government and there were a whole bunch of links between the Gov and the Trump campaign, and there are a whole bunch of other potential crimes that Trump and his the members of his campaign commit like. We deserve to know the truth about that taxpayers paid for this investigation, although Paul man a fort asset, refunded us, but like we we we can. He do that for Medicare, for you has written a, but we we just deserve to.
Know about it and at some point you just have to say politics be damned right like I want to know the truth about this, and it is like. I said it is March of twenty nineteen. We have plenty of time to talk about healthcare and also we can do two things at once. Yes, of course, we should also be talking about health care, imagine an hope that every democrat candidate running for president in two thousand and twenty is out there talking about health care every day, and they should be do that on this pod right now. Here we go so big Democrats should also be talking about healthcare, not pivoting, to health care, but also talking about health care is that Trump's Justice Department submitted a filing to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that, basically, as it is now, the position of the Trump administration that the affordable care act should be dismantled entirely The Department of Justice will no longer defend the law in court White House, chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney reportedly pushed for this approach over the objections of the attorney gen,
another other legal and political advisers, and he convinced Trump to take this position so Dan before we get to the politics of this. How big of a deal is this decision by the Justice Department legally and substantively. I'm not sure it is the legal. And policy substance is as important as the political uh importance. I guess would be the right way to say yeah He I I wasn't expecting the Bill BAR Justice Department to put on a very vociferous defense of the affordable care act, as it were, to wind its way through the court. It sort of says what we've always always known, which is that Trump and his party would have repealed the law and they don't care what comes next, and so it adds more of a political argument in the substance.
You know we had a conversation this morning over text about how much we should worry about the lawsuit working its way through the system and I'm very worried about it and that's based on nothing other than the fact that we seem to be in a world that was terrible. Things happen all the time but weather Track down Trump Justice, department, defense or not, I think, is only quasi related to how much we should fear that lawsuit yeah. I mean look the idea that there's a couple different problems here in a couple different issues to sort so the standard is that the Justice Department do friends, laws that are on the books that Congress has passed regardless of whether a democrat or Republican is in charge. It supposed a political. So the fact that they're- not doing that you know, is where being from a norm perspective, but. What people should know is, so you know
who's going to defend the ACA in this lawsuit right. Well, you know: states, attorneys, general, will step up and defend the affordable care act in these cases so yeah they won't have the Justice Department in court with them, but the law will still be defended by some people, so you're right, like we should be as worried as we were before that a judge judgment is this: a federal judge in Texas struck down the affordable care act as unconstitutional that we should be worried as worried as we were before that you know, as it goes through the appeal system that perhaps other judges agree with that Texas Judge, but the federal government deciding to defend or not defend that law in terms of what the outcome is probably b, and alarming. But it's it's! You know, pretty alarming? In the case of you know, this is a norm that people follow, but let's talk about the politics of this
it seems, like nearly everyone agrees, that this is a monumentally stoop move, including how minority leader Kevin Mccarthy, who reportedly called Trump to voice his displeasure. So I yes, no, no, yellow starburst for him this week. Then how big of a political problem is this for Republicans or Will they just lie about health care in twenty twenty, like they did in twenty eighteen, TR tweet it on Wednesday quote the Repub? in party will become the Party of health care they? Yes, they will lie as they did in twenty eighteen and it's still a big problem. You don't know my favorite reaction. This was Liz Cheney, who has some leadership position in the republican minority. Who said why Now 'cause implicit in that is due. The most boggling cynicism, which is yes,
of course, we want to get rid of it, but we shouldn't tell anyone so after we've tricked all the voters and then we're going to repeal it, it is sort of it's just it's a reminder that Trump is such an accidental president that his response to what is, theoretically the best day of his presidency. Is to immediately pivot in the most aggressive way possible to the issue Everyone agrees, cost him the midterm elections. Yes, it's big deal, we should def, we take advantage of it. Healthcare can should be the driving issue of the twenty twenty election, because it is one that got that has the tool. The fact of motivating quote democratic base. Voters and persuading our you know what we refer to is up for grabs voters who can shift key battleground states into the demo.
And it's just the you know them declining to deal the defend. The line court is just one proof point here like we also, you know they have Trump has proposed budgets and the Republicans propose budgets the basically eliminate the affordable care act as well that make huge cuts to medic. Made that make cuts to Medicare right. So it's not like it's not like this is just One thing that we got them on like it is very clear now that the Trump administration does not want the affordable care act to exist and, despite the fact you know Trump's, like oh we're going to have great healthcare plan, he's been saying that since he was elected president and we haven't seen anything so I don't expect anything now, but it is clear that Democrats should make healthcare and whether or not we keep the affordable care act. A huge issue in twenty twenty right, like that just seems like a no brainer, John and noted truth, teller and MILAN critic MIKE Pence said yesterday that Trump was going to send the bill
planted the hill, at which point I think, Democrats volunteered to drive, said plan to the hill. Do they do it or not? I think what is interesting about this is voters care passion about healthcare. It is really hard to get health care in the news to get to shift the conversation away from Trump. What behavior legitimate discuss the limited, legit very legitimate discussion around investigation into Russia and obstruction of justice other ish? Is it dominate the headlines to healthcare and Trump did that for the Democrats, and so it's good to take advantage of it, and we should look for every opportunity to do so because you point out between now and two thousand and twenty HI there has brought you by swell every hour. The world emits three point: eight million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are those the cal I've been hearing about your right-
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Do you think that removing the current healthcare system and replacing it with a single payer system in which the federal expand Medicare to cover the medical expenses of every american citizen is a good idea or bad idea. Forty three percent said good idea. Forty five percent said bad idea in August of twenty seventeen. In the margin was fifty one percent good idea? Thirty, eight percent bad idea. I should also note here that Democrats in this current poll think it's a good idea by a margin of sixty nine percent to nineteen percent. The poll then asked the following question: do you think that keeping the current health care system, but allowing all adults the option of buying into Medicare is a good idea or a bad idea? Good idea, fifty one percent bad idea, thirty percent, with even Republicans saying it's a good idea by a narrow margin Dan. What do you think of these numb and what do you think has caused the dip in support for Medicare for all.
The history of the politics around healthcare policy is pretty consistent, which is the more it's talked about. The more rising, less popular it gets in. That has to do with the fact that really like any debate around healthcare is a debate between people's frustration with the current system in their fear of what a new system. Looks like and then, when you add on top of that this, the fact that there's been sort of a one way discussion in the media about Medicare, for all socialism and my medicare for all this case, I mean ACE Google system, similar to the one that Bernie Sanders proposed in the Senate and really all of his presidential opponents were in the Senate, sponsored that
it's being hammered, and so you, when it becomes polarized around party lines, are going to lose. Some of that support. I think the question here is that, if you say there's also another like choice, is a huge variable in the health care in the politics of healthcare. In that people always They want choice and it's why Republicans use it as an argument against the ACA it's. Was a big party are good for for ACA and do you have a system that offers you more choice and the other one that one is likely to be more popular on the surface and is indeed know what's got into the details of any of this yet armed? I would it's. I just one important point on. First thing is that choice in healthcare is largely bullshit right, It is usually because most people exist within the employer based system. Your choice is not your choice, it's your employer's choice and so
ability to have the plan you like is dependent on your employers. Willingness to give you the plan you like whether we are existing in the current system resisting the pre ca system or whether existing in a Medicare or for America system where people could move back and forth between Medicare and private insurance system, and so we're we're really debating around the edges here, but you can see sort the contours of where this is headed, and you made an important point at the outset to two things can be true here. A lot of people can say: look I fucking hate my insurance company. I hate dealing with insurance companies. I think all they do is want to profit off sick people. I think that the paperwork they make me do like fifty calls. I have to do every time I want to get a simple procedure paid for that should be covered garbage they can believe all of that and they can still think if, but if we're going to the single payer system. What's that going to mean, could that even be worse than the situation that I'm the
with? And so you know single payer, proponents will say, but the single payer they get. You know enrolling in Medicare is so much better right. Like you're gonna get free coverage, you're not going to have copays you're not going to have duck doubles. You got to to worry about these things, so it is then incumbent upon proponents of Medicare for all in single payer systems to not just argue but proof that the shift from a private insurance system to us hope system would benefit every single American and that you know you're not going to have to pay more. Maybe you'll have to pay more in taxes, but you you're, also not going to be paying copays premiums and deductibles anymore. So you're against going to come out as a wash right, but yet there's still that fear that exists among people that, even if they hate the system, they fear the unknown and that sort of the diner I that's always been a play with health care, so Bernie Sanders then made some interesting news on this issue. The other day in an interview with Chris Hayes
he called for a limited in the insurance industry which he's done before that part wasn't news. But then he was out whether he'd support democratic legislation introduced by Nancy Pelosi, to improve the affordable care act by expanding federal subsidies. On doing some of the damage that Trump has already inflicted on the law in Bernie said he does not support the bill. And this is notable because sanders in the past has supposed supported and voted for incremental reforms and even Progressive Democrat like Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez Support, Polos he's position Dan I think Bernie strategy here is. Why do you think he gave that answer? Well Bernie Sanders: it basically won the policy primary of twenty twenty back in twenty. Sixteen What if it's huge differentiations with Hillary Clinton? Was he had these very progressive, very bold, very pop
among democratic voter policy ideas, including single payer and since then base. He's the problem. Is everyone has started to agree with him on all these things, and so it's harder for me. I didn't say, I'm first single payer, I'm for free college, I'm for x, because now every candidate either supports his plan, and I would note that all of these Opponents immediately endorsed his Medicare for all legislation when he addressed in the set a few years ago, it's so he needs, but he needs to find some sort of Paul here or what I don't. You need to find he's doing quite well otherwise, but he once apparently once find some sort of policy differentiation between him and Elizabeth Warren him an Cory Booker him accomplish Harris, whoever else and the he and he's doing that by trying to go further left in being more pure on single payer. I think that is to therefore operate. I think there is a like if I personally could
wave a wand and make something happened. That plan that I would pick would be Bernie Sanders this planet. I think the best way to do it would be if you could put all people in Medicare. Everyone is the same plane. You remove the power that not just insurance companies, but employers have over individual people by controlling their health care. That would be the best is very much of an argument. That is the best plan to start with heading into presidency, because you know that there's going to be efforts to try to move it closer to the middle and so the to the left. You start the further to the left. The middle list. What I worry about is the other part of the Chris Hayes Interview where he opposes improving the affordable care act, because that, I think, is a dangerous level of purity which is
You can beef, because here that, by doing that, you're saying were, I am willing to hurt people in the current system to aspire to a better system down the line, and I think that that is a mistake. I'll say this about this whole debate.
I think that what we are having in the democratic primary right now is a debate over how fast and in what way we transition to a single payer system in this country. I think, like you said, if and Brock Obama used to say this. If we were starting from scratch in this country, it would make most sense to build a single payer system. It would be more efficient, it will be more just. It would be more equitable, it would produce better health outcomes, it would just be the best way to go. That is not the reality we have. We have an insurance industry in this country that insurance industry employs half a million people in this country. We also have two hundred and fifty million people that get their insurance from their employers, and so the question is: how do we make that transition from this insurance, this private insurance based system to the single payer system in a way that causes people the least harm that is the most efficient? That is
most cost effective and that you know that works for everyone that actually build political support, not like trying to get Republicans to vote for it, but actually builds broad popular support within the country, and that is the debate, we're having Bernie Sanders plan and then, by the way, the fact that we're having that debate is a credit to Bernie Sanders, an not just a Bernie Sanders, but all the activists and all the people in this country who have pushed us to this. It is a credit to all of them, but now we're having that debate and the question is Bernie's plan that has a transition period as well. I think it's like four years. And the way that Bernie's plan works is first, you know everyone up to assert. Age, is enrolled in Medicare and then the age goes down lower and then you know you start from the bottom end of the spectrum, and then you know twenty year olds, girls olds getting rolled, and basically you start enrolling people more and more people every year until everyone's enrolled in Medicare. That's the transition that Bernie's plan envisions. There are other options right on one end:
there's. You know shared brown when he was thinking about running. He was talking about alright, let's lower the age of enrollment in Medicare to fifty. Let's start there and let's have all fifty year olds plus be able to enroll in Medicare. Then there's people- senator senator shots who who proposed a Medicare buy in that basically, is that's like a public option that saying alright. There's all these choices of private insurance, you can choose a private insurance plan or you can buy into Medicare. If you'd, like that's choice, then you go up the spectrum, then there's Medicare for America. This is the plan the center for american progress has come up with Rosa Delauro in Jan Schakowsky in the house have came up with this plan. That plan says all right: let's take every uninsured person in America and everyone who buys their insurance on the individual market and, let's all
medically enroll them in Medicare, let's also automatically enroll every new born child in Medicare, and then, let's say to every American and every business. You have the choice: to move from your insurance that you have now into Medicare, not a buying. Just you get it. You can roll. If you like, and that basically says that the idea behind that is, you know. If you build it, they will come. If you you're worried about Medicare, we will show you how good medic Areas- and you have a choice- to get into this program right now. So all different ways of Trans into a single payer system and look some of them may leave private insurance out there as a viable option. But the idea is, you know we will show you that Medicare is better than private insurance instead of saying. Alright, everyone has to enroll immediately and it's important to understand that. That's
the actual debate we're having we're not having a debate about you know, at least in the Democratic Party, at least mostly in more party, about whether we should have a private insurance. History where no one else enrolled in Medicare or medic air? For all? That's not really the debate. The debate is: what does the transition look like? How fast is it? What does it cost? What is the financing plan all that kind of stuff? And I think, just like you said, there's a lot. You know, I don't know that there are any right answers right now and I think it's a healthy debate to have, but I think we have to be mindful that you know like it's, not just insurance company, fucking executives and Republicans worried about who cares about them, but there's doctors to consider. There are patients. There are nurses, there are people who get their insurance from their employers. There are all kinds of things to consider. We have been through this with the affordable care act. It is not easy and it is not just about insurance companies and Republicans trying to kill our plans, though that is certainly part of it.
It is about peoples, genuine fear and anxiety about how to transfer into a system that we know will be better for them, and it's tough right. It's a tough debate. Two things, I think are prettier one. And if you're a candidate- and you were running around saying you're for Medicare for all, you have to very specifically detail what that means right. Yeah, He has done that better O'Rourke is at least he hasn't detailed specific plan, but he has expressed a very specific piece of legislation that he supports. The Medicare for America plan that you mentioned So you had. I think you have to say where you are on the spectrum of sanders to some other version of Medicare for all. And it's not enough just to like- do the hashtag and move on, and I think that's true forget, it doesn't mean you can't be open to other ideas, which is my id. No plan is sanders, but I would certainly sign a bill like Medicare for America, like you, can have a range of options and then sex.
If you are for, Medicare for America or the cat plan, or something some other form of the longer transition period, as opposed generous? That is not you are not a corporate shill write it like. We should just take a step back and recognize we're having a debate within the Democratic Party which about how quickly to move to single payer and back in ten years ago, back in the two thousand and eight campaign, when we work with Obama. The fact that we were in a conversation about a market based path to universal care, was seen as Nyanta put suicide, and so it is like take the wind here. People like to the credit of the organizer to push so hard and keep pushing, of course, that we're having this debate and look The answer that I gave in the one that you just gave two is basically Elizabeth Warren's answer on this, which is she know she sponsored Bernie's bill. But when she's been asked about it, she said: look there's a lot of pathways to get there. There's you can lower ages. You can have by- and you can automatically enroll people, and you know I'm, for whatever
the way gets us there. I've obviously signed on to Bernie's bill, but I'm open to whatever path gets us there. I think Elizabeth Warren is given great answers on this. Ok, so that's that speaking of twenty twenty strategy, Axios is reporting that President Trump has one one. Former Trump campaign officials said they plan to one former Trump campaign officials said they plan to quote make whoever the nominee is radioactive well before they get the nomination by making them look like a far left. Extremist quote: they play to stay at four thousand five hundred and forty six percent in the polls. That's trump and just the other guy radioactive. They plan to do so by highlighting democratic positions on Medicare for all the green New deal court packing abolishing the electoral college in reparations. This comes as Mitch Mcconnell this week, forced to vote on the green new deal resolution purely as a political stunt where forty three Democrats voted present and everyone else voted. No, so just just isn't the typical incumbent reelection strategy to disqualify there.
Own it by making them look extreme is not what usually happens he. Yes, this story, Ed, no disrespect to the porters who wrote it, but this story is equivalent to someone reporting out like school, multiple siren emojis. We have a secret inside, look at Duke strategy to win and win the NCAA tournament Duke is going to try to score as many points as possible, while holding their opponents to his few points as possible. Yes, it's very captain obvious, like not really sure what the news is here, it's also, I worked so of campaigns and chronicled former campaign officials are generally not good windows into the current campaign strategy so ' This is pretty obvious. We all know this is what was going to happen, but someone got some clicks out of it. So how can Democrats countered this 'cause? Obviously, you know whether it obvious strategy or not, which
I think it is and whether the former campaign officials new whatever the fuck they were talking about it or not. It is pretty clear from Donald Trump's actions. His words for Mitch Mcconnell doing this with the green new deal that they feel like they're going to do is paint. All of these Democrats is extreme. Radical leftists have gone over the edge embrace socialism and look at all these crazy things they embrace how to Democrats counter that. I I think you know we talked this before, but it's sort of the Wayne Gretzky rule politics, which is you lose one percent of the arguments you don't make and which is why I found the democratic strategy on the green new deal legislation to be somewhat troubling like how is going play itself out on the campaign. Trail Republicans are, like you said, this social is green new deal and they're like no. I voted present, look think about making argument for the policies we care about engage that argument nonstop for the next few, but we can't do is before
something see a bad poll and run away because they're going to Tom s with the new green new deal as they depict it from now until election day? And so you have to make the argument. The second point, is it- and this goes to the obviousness of the strategy, but is the bad all in a in a reelection campaign, is between the opponents intention to turn it into a referendum on the incumbent in the incumbents attempt to turn into a choice between the incumbent and the challenger and Klay. What that would mean is that is the job of the Democrats to only talk about Trump. We have to make this all about Trump and That's Reggie has worked many times in the past. I do not think it'll work this time I think we actually have to swerve out of that lane. I actually have to paint very specific.
Be in clearly and concisely, persuasively the alternative to Trump, because there's going to be no, no that would be hard to make things about Trump. Everything is about. Trump Trump makes everything So the Democrat, instead of only talking about Trump, should spend each more time talking about themselves and let Trump talk about Trump, because he does as good a job. Indicting his own presidency, as anyone else could possibly do, and so the typical strategy of just make it all about the come at the one that Romney used against Obama. I think it's a mistake here. Even more so than before. We should be talking about what the kind of what a damn credit presidents mean what define the change that we are arguing for, because trouble do a fine job defining the status quo that currently exists. See. I think we have to make it. I think Democrats have to make it a choice as well, and I So I I would like split the difference. I think that it's a mistake to only talk about Trump. I also think it's a mistake to own talk about our own alternative, like I think we need to
we're going to the ballot box they're going to choose between Donald Trump and a democrat- and I think you have to lay out Here- is what happens if you for Donald Trump- and you don't talk about like you, know, here's what happened. He says more crazy. He has bad tweets, he's mean to people right like you know that that's not part of it. These are the policy consequences of voting for Donald This is what's going to happen in your life. There will be twenty, the people who will lose healthcare. Anyone who has a pre existing condition can be denied by their insurance company. More people will be ripped away from their families at the border right. We will make no progress on climate change. When we only have ten years left, here's what and if you are for the Democrat, we will more people get healthcare right. We will start combating climate change, we will have gun control right, like I do think that you can make the choice on see terms and also on like how it affects people's lives, and I totally agree
that we cannot run away from these positions, which is something the Democrats have done in the past sort of okay. With the present vote on the green new deal, because I think Democrats can say this was a stunt by Mitch Mcconnell and the when the green new deal resolution right now is just that. It's a resolution, there's no policy. There's no legislation, and once we get to a actual deal, and we have legislation, we have details, you know I'm going to be for I'm for an actual bill that could combat climate change, I'm not some resolution that Mitch Mcconnell's put in there just to fuck us, like that's just the stuff, but I don't think that any kind of bad poles or in ads or anything like that. Should force Democrats to run away from this. I think, like you said you have to make the argument you have to make the argument, and we should feel confident by the way that there is a popular pull, Ical support for enrolling more people in Medicare for many of the planks of the green new deal. You know
we just had a piece in the New York Times: yesterday, Wednesday, they dated for Prague, his organization and service, which is you know, run by former Obama. Folks did some polling, they ask the question green new deal would phase out the use of fossil fuels with the government providing clean energy jobs for who can't find employment in the private sector, all I pay at least fifteen dollars an hour include health care benefits in collective bargaining rights to pay for it. We raise taxes on in over two hundred thousand dollars by fifteen percent. Forty six percent were in favor. Thirty, four percent were opposed, so you know, some of the stuff is is popular, has popular support and we shouldn't run away from it. It's also and I'll say in defense there isn't any indication, yet the Democrats are running away from these things right. That's true, is more just like a cautionary note based on passes not behavior, we've seen in the context of this current election, but also the thing about politics it is, it is
to find popular things and make yourself care about right. It is two five, The things you care about and make them popular, yes and weak, can't the the planet, is at stake. Over whether we can make people care about climate change enough, that they will vote people out for opposing it, and so that is the task at hand here and that's why it's so important that people not run away from the need green new deal, but also the presidential candidates lay out what their version of the green new deal us. They do not have to agree with the exact version that Alexander, because you're Cortez it at marquee put out. They can have a version of it. If you could be more aggressive or less aggressive for re some of the aggressiveness among various different initiatives, but, like we had like the key is to define what you about persuade people, that's right and then turn in into policy. That's why we're in politics to begin with hard agree? Okay, when we come back, we will have dans into.
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We are now pleased to be joined by and you get one the former mayor of Tallahassee and Florida's democratic gubernatorial nominee in two thousand eighteen, and I will say in all time, favorite of pots of America how did you thanks for joining us? You know what I think the only favorite part is that video you played me cutting a tree and then slamming Maine. That was all in good fun. That was fun. I do it man I wish I could have been with you yeah. I know you good morning more important that to do that day. We understand that so so you announced last week that you're all in on. Sure, Donald Trump doesn't win Florida in twenty twenty, but leading that effort as a candidate tell us about bring it Florida, and what it's going to be doing over the next two years. Yeah, I mean listen. The road to the White House runs through the state of Florida for Donald Trump. Now I realize that there are a lot of ways for Democrats to get there by If you want to deny the White House the Donald Trump, it goes Florida, and so
then you'll notice from your. You know your time with Obama, but in two thousand n h Democrats, the voter registration advantage in Florida of over seven hundred thousand more registered. As the Republicans when I was the ballot this last November. That advantage had shrink to fewer than two hundred and fifty thousand a precipitous. Decline in registration and, quite frankly, what that is meant is election Is there based on migration trends of sixty five and older white voters that are attending more conservative, as they locate in our state, connected with the fact that we are not keeping pace with our registration, could really signal, something bad for Democrats. If we don't get this under control and so we made a pledge, along with a number of groups on the ground and I'm out here, everyday hustling, since that announcement to try to get the resources pulled together. So we can get a million new voters on the voter rolls, but it doesn't stop there
also. Once we get them, there want to engage with them on a regular ongoing basis. So The last time they hear from us isn't when we registered them and then came back around to ask them for their vote. In the last couple of weeks. We want to build a real enduring relationship voters and, as you know, with Florida being uh, one percent state. Where decisions you know where elections are decided, you know bye, bye, by a few one hundred thousand votes, a million votes can make a big big difference, and even if you can, everybody out an appreciable increase, their inner. Wait where elections are determined by the margins could be very, very significant to the overall outcome of the election, not just for Florida, but obviously for the country It's about the essentially half million registration advantage. The demo lost over the last decade. Is that primarily from migration trends, or is there also been a failure?
and it worked out. Organized I guess, is the question I asked yeah. We I mean. Obviously there are purges that we have to contend with without a doubt but aft Obama's election, the elections. The republic is in the legislature, criminalize voter registration, so you now. Instead of groups who went out there and registered voters in mass church organizations and otherwise who did it and turned those forms in their leg, they just said, if you want to register voters in mass, you gotta get registered with the state you gotta be assigned a particular id number. You've got a return that form in a number of hours after collecting it, and if you don't, you can be criminally prosecuted so that he, the chilling effect on registration writ large, so that, coupled with the fact that we got Gratien trends that have helped to close those margins and, quite frankly, we haven't done the best job we can at at registration. All of that, he Coke inspired to create an
cultural climate in our state, which is very, very challenging for Democrats to win statewide, races and now impact our ability to elect Democrats and nationally. We can't let that happen. There are four million people in my state who are voting eligible and are not custard, all we're saying is we want to go out there in surgically get 'em. Will you new ones between now and November, two thousand and twenty election, and in so doing work with those people that about that. But I believe that we do what we can flip our state. So we gotta get back to the basics, man I mean, I think, then that's what we're trying to do is we're talking about Publicans head out organized us? They keep continuously winning election day. I can't remember the last time with Democrats on election day actually won the state where we gotta get back to basics, communicate to our folks, get him registered, get him engaged and and turn them out, and that is not work that you can do in the file weeks of an election. That is the kind of work
we have to start now. If we want to have impact on two thousand and twenty when out there talking to Unruh stirred voting age Floridians. What you think is the best message to get them off the sidelines registered in eventually into the ballot, because there are like order to tailor their specific issues that you think work in like, and you think that, whatever that please could apply nationally or is it just in Florida. Well, I tell you first of all, we cannot wait to the very last minute to engage our voters. We can't wait to the very in and let them- and you know and then try to communicate to them, that the sky is falling and that everything So the house is on fire and if you don't vote, this is the most important election of your life. Times and and and and and and by the by the way. This is my candidate. Who is going to solve all those problems for you, because the truth is is that many of these voters and they're, not all young, by the way many of them are in class folks, many of them have been op
see around these things. They've been inside and outside elections and they've, been repeat, really disappointed by the fact that their neighborhoods don't change the conditions in their children's schools. Don't change healthcare do become more affordable or accessible to them, and so what? What I think we have to do was try to re instill, a little bit of faith in the system and, quite frankly, level with our voters. You know what change didn't happen overnight by this election by itself. Everything won't change, but some it is going to win this thing and it we can put our shoulder to the wheel and start locating not just for the candidate of our choice but after that person gets selected, do the hard work of keeping them account able to that work and pulling up our sleeves and working on our own really that's how we start to change things for the long term? But if we fail to do that, then then bye. Way. Our conditions are never going to change in our neighborhoods uh. The future trajectory of our kids will never be bright. If we don't,
get involved in the process, my guess is that Donald Trump might be the best stimulus we've seen not because you know he's hold. We, you know unqualified, for the job that he holds, but, moreover, people are getting a gut check here is: is this guy representing me? Is he you know, is my life better off as a result of him having been elected, and if, if Some of the stories that I've heard from people are true people cutting bigger checks to the federal government this year in paying taxes than they ever had before. Working people still not feeling any relief when comes to health care in prescription, drugs and so on and so forth. We got to remind those folks that those decisions get made at that level and, you choose not to engage then you're, not a factor Frederick Douglas Douglas was right. Here power sees nothing without a demand and the best way to make good. In my opinion, on that demand, is that open lead in a fictional elected official know that you get the power to put him in office and you got the power to take them out of office that We've got to get agency again over ourselves and I think leveling with
honestly about what it takes to create. That kind of change is how we do it. People have smart, you don't have to short circuit them. You can speak directly and plainly and let him know that need their help and by the way, this everything in our community won't change in one election, but we gotta show up the next day and the day after that and the day after that and keep pushing for that, change that, we want to see, there's no want to see you here so I think that message is exactly right now. I hope people all around the country use that as we try to expand the voting pool, not just in Florida but everywhere. No now, obviously election day in Florida was tough for those of us who very much wanted you. Play wanted Senator Nelson to win. But. We were excited by the passage of ballot measure that began restoring voting rights, two yeah twenty four right. Now we have the Florida State House contemplating legislation, that's going to make it incredibly hard to realize the promise of that amendment. What is
visual reaction to that effort and anything that Floridians people around the country can do to stop it yeah. I mean I'll, tell you if you were a Floridian. I would encourage you to call in writing. Into your State representative, your state, senator the voters of my state by sixty three percent pass. A member for was basically said that we believe that we are a second chance state. We either. You shouldn't be judged forever by your worst day that once I paid your debt to society? You introduce yourself to the community. You ought to have your constitutional right to vote that passed state Republicans voted for Democrats and independence of like voted for it and now the The legislature has decided that he wants to fiddle with that law. In fact, they want to essentially nullify that law and I'll tell you how they they no, it wasn't included in the ballot initiative itself. They add on top of restitution and complete complete sense of sentence. The fact that
I want you to have to now take up the cost for court fees. Well the printed center put out a study that show when those kinds of fees are added, that only Three percent of returning citizens actually pay those. If that is true, but that's that holds true inconsistent in the state of Florida. You talking about ninety seven percent of those folks not even being able to participate in the process. That's practical! Nullification of the law. And it equates, in my opinion, to a poll tax, we reject whole tags that is not with the voters of this state of Florida decided and now we gotta hold these folks accountable and make sure that we do every so, we can see that the Spirit and the actual constitutional amendment that was pairs is what in but being enforced in the state of Florida. And if they ask Julie, try to update The voters in the state of Florida, then we need to get to the courts and litigate, this thing to make sure that we protect him at four.
You know your race in two thousand and eighteen was in some ways, maybe the the testing ground for a lot of the strategies that will be used both by Trump's campaign and potentially for Democrats, in the sense that your opponent, as essentially running as many trump. What advice would you give to the Democrats running for president about how to win flow order in twenty eighteen? If they're running against someone like Donald Trump. Well, I'll tell you first of all I mean I don't think that the way you're going to defeat him in our state is by getting in the gutter with him. I think you to be agile and able to respond when necessary to his attacks, but you gotta keep this thing as centered as you possibly can on the voters on the people. I say who are going to benefit by your policies elect about the future and whether we, you know, agree your disagree and I, by the way wholeheartedly disagree but try
man, his own election prison, set up a vision for where he wanted to take the country. It happened to be a version of a country I disagree with. He wanted to go back. He wanted to blame black and brown people for every ill that I think class white people have suffered. I do I agree with that, but the idea of making America grade in winning so much that we can't stand it appeal to some people and I think what we have to do is get out there and present a boulder in a brighter in a more inclusive vision for what we're going to do for this country, but more specifically how we're going to uh. Who the lives of everyday working people. If we can stay focus on that, send a message, a message about the future and how we improve this country, an level with people honestly about the road to doing that and the difficulty in that process, but be optimistic. How what role we believe the next president of the United States is going to play in doing that. I think we keep this guy at his own game, but I don't think that is
to be by wallowing in in the mud, with a migraine, Did you say never, never ever wrestle with a pig, because you both get dirty, but the pig likes it right. Well well, in this case, Donald Trump is the pig he wants to wallow, and what we gotta do is make sure that we we hit him, but that we take it high immediately and when I say hi I don't mean being polite. I mean high as in getting back to the issues that mattered everyday people and I know It's still early in the democratic presidential primary, but is there an issue or a set of issues that you think should get more attention or more discussion in the context of this primaries, Democrats are figuring out who their standard bearer is going to be against Trump strong I thought I I obviously I think you know we. We we got to get a little bit more crystallize on what it is that we mean by health care. There's still states like mine, like the state of Florida, where I refuses to expand Medicaid is:
over eight hundred thousand people, without access to insurance and by the way for those of us with insurance, we're still seeing our premiums rise without prediction because of the fact that we got to pay for indigent we're still getting access at the most efficient and least effective form, which is an emerge, he roams. I do think that have to have messages that are customized to some of our states where these problems are real, pronounced in those places. I would love here Democrats talk about in the in the effort to concentrate attention on the environment and and warming and climate change to lift up the economic elements of this, like what jobs get created. When we save our environment, accessible new green economy, can we create, while
protecting our environment, protecting our communities and a state like mine, we're we're surrounded by water on all three sides? You know one three of the four sides. This is a real issue to many people. It quite frankly, has crossover appeal to people but we got to be able to talk about that in Laymans and accessible enough terms that people recognize that this isn't just about you melting icebergs and polar bears, to some extent, even storms, but that this has a really lived impact on your lives in the fact We do something about this, not only to be safe. You know our states state in particular, but we can also put some green dollars in people's pockets. I can go to work, doing jobs that pay them. Ages that are mean full and at the same time or leading a new green revolution mostly. I would just suggest that, across the whole range of issues that our nominee focus on putting the at the center of it helping people see themselves in those issues
not just as abstract. Talking points. You know you brought up. Healthcare in Florida is obviously a state that is very sensitive to agri around Medicare. What how would you tell democratic candidates? They can win the argument on Medicare for all with Florida voters, many of whom are over the age of sixty five. Well, first of all, make sure you know, or that seniors know that they're part of this. Right, I mean we Republicans all, are threatening and and have budgets that brightened social security as well as Medicaid one day. Don't let that mess get away from you in the state of Florida, get ahold of it early and beat it into the ground and then for working people, including working class white people. That have become What part of this conversation of whether you choose to double down on your base or talk to working class white
I resent, and I reject the fact that that's a choice, I think we do both again in my state, is a one percent. State decisions or election outcomes are decided by if, in my case, point four percent of the electorate, but traditionally will percent state. We don't the win, everybody we don't even have to win. You know these red counties necessarily, but we do have to use them less, and so, if there a message that you can provide to those voters who again are struggling to make ends meet or struggling with the health care costs were struggling in order Fatah getting sick is that they get sick. They don't go to work, they can't pay their bills, something turned off. You got to figure out way to talk to those folks in a way this is this: we're not talking about giving anybody anything for free or losing choice, necessarily what we're talking about, is that you want to be able to live a life of dignity and it doesn't make sense that big corporate entities are being able to get over on you profit from your pain,
and from your demise, but there's a way to do this thing to do it with respect for humanity of respect for the labor that you produce the way in which you contribute to our economy and our society, and if you elect- and you were with us that's the kind of health care system that we can produce for you getting into all of the numbers, and you know the lofty arguments around how many billions this is that in the third can be saved again, I think our struggle and and and our opportunity is to be able, voters at a very commonsensical level, where again baby see themselves reflected in the policies that you're talking about. Don't let these get us wrapped off in some. You know, were you know, soup that doesn't produce something that a voter again can connect to. Before I let you go, can you tell our listeners with how they could help support your efforts with bring it home Florida after
loosely so? I would strongly encourage folks and by the way there are remote ways in which you can help us as well, but visit a set forward. L, a dot com where you be able to engage in the work that we're doing you'll be able to indicate where Not you want to volunteer for the for, for what we're thing to do. If you were, if you forget that name, look up forward Florida, which is committee, we've organized to basic, be the umbrella group under which will run this effort. Give us your volunteer hours, make a contribution going to be an insanely expensive. You know effort, but it is smidgens when you compare the billion or so dollars that maybe sent over the course of this presidential election. This is money well spent effort well made and the swing a swing state that there is the third law in all of America the state that has twenty nine electoral votes in the state that it fits slip. It blue absolutely denying Donald
a second term in the White House Andrew we are so excited about what you're doing are to be watching very carefully. Thank you talk to you again soon. Thank you for joining us on pod, save America, absolutely may keep doing great work, as promised I'm here with Priyanka era bendy, of what a day and of our pod save America live Q and a that we do every week, hey good to be here. Yeah I mean what we do every week is a bunch of people on the internet. They ask us questions yeah, and then you ask us the questions at the house. It's great! It's a good time. Sometimes you give us follow ups, sometimes and then sometimes I ask what you order at Dunkin. Donuts, what you're about to find out we're not going many anything anything away, no spoilers, but
if you want to get in on the fun, you can ask us questions on Twitter or Instagram on Wednesday morning, and then we take them every today at around one on Youtube, dot com, slash cricket media. Go there subscribe smash that subscribe button. There you go, she got it and then you can follow along in here a few questions from this week. This next question Elijah and I both really like some really interested to see what you guys have to say Christina is asking what policy proposal from the twenty twenty candidates do, you think is the most innovative and unique and then which policy proposals you think is the most necessary or would do the most good uh. I vote for the most unique and interesting is Elizabeth Warren's proposal to allow workers to elect forty percent of the seats on any companies corporate board, because I think, if you're going
to give a voice to workers and make sure that they have say and making decisions from source saying to CEO E pay, the compensation to benefits than actually having a board. That's comprised of representatives of people who work in the company as opposed to some rich people that the CEO knows that's going to make a huge difference and it's a fairly radical proposal, but it also seems very democratic, yeah, that's my that's my that's. My vote for the most unique smart. I was a again of our Warren is leading the policy discussion. I would say the most necessary and I think the most important right now is. There are the it that are thinking about systemic power imbalance in our economy and to that end again, it's Elizabeth Warren talking about a consolidation and monopoly amongst text, tech companies and elsewhere. Cory. Booker has also talked about this, so a lot of them have. But I look my
personal view is you know, I think, there's a lot of hand wringing about economic inequality in a lot of policy. Making that's down of the problem. You know trying to raise min wage is the right thing to do, trying to Allen's our tax code so that it reflects the fact that wealthy people are doing far better than everybody else is the right thing to do, but both of those are ways of addressing the outcome of what our economy produces and who produces four, and I think, policies that get at the entrenched and growing power of rations and how they've been abusing I would have been using and abusing that power in our political system against workers in against consumers is the most important question for any candidate and what they'll do to take on that power to me is the most important question and to that end. It's minerals with Warren Lee and Bernie Sanders, but a but in terms of new policies. I think it's with one. I would say that the most
as a Seri like if, if, if I were president the first bill that I would put on the floor is a package of reforms in this is basically what the house passed. First democratic has passed first, and I think warrants talked about doing this first as well, and I think almost every candidate has talked about being for this, but automatic voter registration, a new voting rights ACT and gerrymandering giving see voting rights and letting the people of Puerto Rico decide what they want to do. And they better pick fucking statehood, but scientists trying to set up, I think that data, I think, if we we have power right, there's only so many priorities that you can pass right away before you get to the next midterms and I think, being and strengthening voting rights and democratic power is going to be small. The democratic power is going to be most important for for
Sianvar Party, like I just think we need to make sure that the more people that can vote the better half that's for democratic senators merge some of those sort of merge. Some states yeah get those mergers going to 'cause. I'm state politician this next question comes from Diana. She said, I think the people are feeling a little help us right now with the parkland suicides, the awful new budget Republicans trying to got a bomb. The care, there's a bunch of bad things going on the release non release of the all reports. How do we but momentum and keep moving forward without losing hope where? and how should we focus our energy right now? You know it's a it's a good question, I also think it's partially? It's a timing thing you know like we just the twenty eighteen midterms one of those because sequential actions we've ever at were four and a half months ago five and have
they just hang years ago. Ten years ago, we just had one of the most important victories I was in our lifetimes, taking the house back winning some of these Senate seats that people thought we would lose winning a bunch of state legislative seats. So I would Ok, I think it's fair to feel being down by the news recently, but I keep in mind that this is long game like it is early two thousand and we were the beginning of a democratic primary in which we have Democrats out talking about in a really big substantive policy debate. The future of the party that's been generally quite positive in terms of the level live debate and the way the candidates are engaging with one another or not engaging with one. Another yeah, like I think, it's fair to say that if you work hoping more from the mall report, you might be disappointed, especially with the way bar framed it. But again you know he wanted, two thousand and eighteen we don't have a mother report, then so and then you know on issues like guns. It's really tragic. What's happened
write an and it's a reminder to that even beyond. Yes, that caught that are caused by gun violence, gun suicides, gun murders. These mass shooting is, ricochet and the ripple effect they have for communities but and uh. Your sign is just a bad things. Can change reading the first gun hearings in a decade, because Democrats won the House having we're starting to have the conversation we're starting to take power back. So yes, I think This is a particularly grueling, pier because the election is far away and Trump seems to once again be acting. As though he is skating without consequence, but this was so it's going to be a long fight, and this is a period of time where I think we're furthest away from. Where are we have our strength as voters? And that's ok, but you know, go for walk outside check out. I'm going to go see. I want to see us. I want what happens with this. Chris Evans movie: what's it called Avengers, and you know that? That's that's my advice. Yeah, I think
take a step back from the news want to donate, there's plenty of options and go, upvotesaveamerica dot com, slash unify and donate to the eventual democratic nominee, or if you pick your favorite already donate to that person's campaign. There are house. And it's we need to protect the house and they're, probably- and I said this on the pod the other day- there's probably sixty house Democrats who are in a toss up category right now who could use your support because were public going to be coming after them? We're going to have election in twenty nineteen we might be able to flip the Virginia legislature. There's going to be some other elections, also check out Your friends, it indivisible, are doing check out what our friends at move on or doing check out our friends at flippable right there's all these organizations that are both trying to elect people on Local and state levels are also trying to influence policy and legislation go to a march go. You know like there's plenty of activities in organizing that we can do right now and I would say, like focus on
and focus on that enerji because spending too each time watching the news on Twitter, on cable and and with all the bad news there. You know it can wear you down, and this is also a marathon to sprint right like it is. We have a long time until the twenty twenty elections, and so everyone sort of save up a lot of their Ener G and there's going to be fifty million new cycles between now and then so, whatever seems bad now, it's probably won't seem as bad forty eight hours from now you know. Sometimes I think about the fact that the taranis. Saurus Rex lived closer to us in time in the Taranis Saurus Rex live to the triceratops. Oh think about that. That's so crazy thing about that. Taken edibles before they did now. No, no, the edible, I'm taking, is called life itself all right, this one next ones for you,
I'm going to Boston. In a few weeks the world wants to know. What's your regular Dunkin' donuts order, and will you be getting it there? I'm just going to this is just going to delete all the tweets. It is a large french, vanilla, ok, where we going parrot. I can't do the accent charis large, french, vanilla, skim, milk, that's it. You know sooner, though, because that would be too much for the french vanilla, sweet. The french vanilla is sweet. I know those skim. Milk is disgusting. Shame on you for getting skim milk skim! Milk is a problem. Give milk is terrible. It is terrible. It is not good for you, it's not healthier. It does taste better. It is stupid. Skim milk is a vengeful scam from low fat era of the fucking food pyramid. It's gotta go! It's gotta go stop. Putting skim. Milk in your coffee is not a diet, food. Alright, it's basically just carb water,
headed out of their ham, egg and cheese and an english muffin. Two, that's a breakfast from Dunkin'! That's parts! Fine! What's it like, sharing an office, I'm just wondering it's: every Ok is new joy thanks to Andrew Gillum for joining us today and will talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to us rent today, people peak stupid, then alright, bye.
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