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Jon, Jon and Tommy pierce their liberal bubble by traveling to Brooklyn for a live podcast. They're joined by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Alex Wagner of CBS News.

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Let's give it up for the biggest show these guys and ever done. The gentleman from POD Xaver Mayer I mean it's the biggest show, yet it's the biggest show for now. The first of the Oj C amount Swear gardeners, Has everyone feeling but when I got faintly debate and everyone, my c for having us? We have some very special thank you for coming with special guests. The mayor of New York is here buildable.
Consider the news in the Atlantic Alex Wagner's here and, of course, my two girls I go faster cricket media, John Levin Tommy Vittorio, mostly I let's get into it. Let's get into it. So It has now been three weeks to the day since Donald Rob was inaugurated. The forty five present United States Turner Factor go feel like a lifetime. Our want to start tonight by There has been a lot of news drama com. Thrown at us over the last three weeks, an asshole Maybe we could try to separate out what silly inconsequential and What really matters in terms of what Trump has done over these three weeks? Can we do that, like ten, fifty Asher sure, ok
love it, let's start with terms nation ships to our institutions to the President's yeah. To the judiciary, to the media law. What is alarmed you most in the last few weeks. softball. So think it's like doctrine which the election, honestly through me for a loop and it led to a lot about, but no seriously, single scariest moment has been his threats to the duty to the judiciary. I think that is the That to me, as like our bright red line, you know we can handle his calling CNN fake NEWS, like CNN
take it. We can offer kind of like a little bit, not fair, but it's it's ok, here, Brides Delta, very right he's somewhere out there and Brian. You know how I feel that I can see you we take good, but I would say that after the executive order was first staid and you no doubt from took to twitter and said so called judge, and I cant remember the rest of it because I ve been so many between. Now and then, but I think that was a thing tat was. That was very scary, especially you know. I went to a lax take themselves that approach and while I was there, I happened to see what was going on a hand. It was incredibly inspiring and was incredibly moving to see these lawyers and these translators of people coming out of the woodwork and supporting people ever too
to pick up their family members who had been detained or supported or can get any information. They What was going on and why standing there you know you could see the chaos of what happened after that order, and you see lawyers desperate to try to get information, those early days when it seemed as though homeland security wasn't going to obey the courts. At the request of the present, and when and now in hindsight, we know that many people are treated incredibly unfairly, any violation of court orders. During that time I mean that to me is the single scariest thing. Donald Trump can do because we really are reliant on norms in institutions to enforce these traditional orders, and without that. You know we are artist. So that's right, I mean I was actually in you're saying this. I was hard by the fact that he has said that we last night said see you in court class, but At least that means that he is
court of legitimate its seat in court. Is he sees it as a reality shows drama moment, but at least he recognizes that the court exists and we ll have some kind of dramatic say in the matter say in the matter right. You know it's better to say I don't want. You know that anyway, where do you think the EU could end up Tom? I mean it seems unclear there? They are going to try to fight the saying or their gloomy, rewrite it and fix all the obvious fuck ups. They made it, try not to swear Why my girlfriends daddy elements? Firstly, Demille is very nice, but bright sellers here I know, but I thought it unclear there and fight the singer. They're gonna try to get a do over. You know, but either way I mean the damage is done in terms of like the way were viewed abroad. The damage done to tramp in terms of people across the country. Thinking these people are woefully incompetent and the damage done to the rest of the government, realising that, like Yes, what the days of working together in trying to do things in a smart, reasonable four way, maybe over and Steve Ban in his buddies, are going to go into their little cave in like throughout these
I didn't the one that we have to be prepared for is, even though he lost in court yesterday, because they said that the state couldn't can together. We're going to have the ban happens continue while they were appealing this. The trouble ministry can rewrite the executive order in a way that is possibly constitutional in accordance with the law and the president does have a huge amount of power to determine who is allowed in this country, and who is it so you have. We had this little victory so far, but they could gets. I mean they handle this weather. For the ban, or not they handled it, so in common Nobody here is where the ban- those of you out there, so maybe it transpires that wasn't so the shots razor or under the pod. Well, if I go crazy, but yes it, we should be aware that it also seems to go from isn't really to site about the job. Right now seems at political level.
Today was that neither much harder than he thought it was going to be ass. He saw the american president which, given the idea. He's like a meet somebody, reading. It is ready and baffled yeah you just want, or on the in a bathrobe. Looking at the picture, I don't I don't have that is didn't you like is getting pressed for the foreign because you are now on the foreign policy side. You know I hate her reflexively opposed everything he does. We are, but there's nothing. I've seen it giving me any confidence at. First of all, you need a good people to help. You manage all these things. Right because it is biggest set of issues you haven't, you come in. Something happens. The next day and you need a structure and the team Topic things, and then we read today that, despite denying that he mentioned sanctioned relief, the russian ambassador, nine sources, nine sources say that General Flynn was negotiating sanctions, relief, the Russian Vassar,
big nano yeah against the law. That law has never been tested. Everybody force, but you know site regardless, regardless. If you're, not smart enough to know, you shouldn't break the law, a in not smart enough to know that your call to the russian ambassador you're, probably not the only guy, in the line. We have a problem- so his team, if Michael, was fired, you think we'd be like five percent safer. Now I mean who comes next straight. I mean that lost the apprentices in three rats. I never like to think you're knows me, love honestly. I would fucking take him we'll do the things I give Stephen in like written around in there like a little evil trouble pig down and then an he's making shots imaginatively codifies politics is the cornerstone of national security, making, and I sat in a million meetings in
Room, and I literally saw Dennis Mcdonough like just dress down someone who dared to mention in an election in that room like that. Doesn't come up but he's pudding bandit in their anything, determined, joint chiefs and the entire guys? You can show up when needed? That's a scary thing, and I think you know they're making their pissing after us really and for no reason their pissing off the entire muslim world. It's like you know, there's a couple ways you can deal a terrorist and that's their seemingly their sole focus. In one is. We can do things on our own, like you saw, we try to do in Yemen, and that requires permission and- and you know it requires a president- that's gonna really go over the fine details of an operation and not like approve it had dinner with a vodka Jared in there. And in that apparently is what's happening on a big of Argos they're, just wanna know I keep reacted, maligned sort Jared while the longest Jarrett, as there are thirty six year old guy he's never gonna fucking. He did I mean I did get that its.
Easy to get into Harvard. Your dad's as I'll give you guys two million dollars after my son gets in, and then I mean Bulgaria, so not a lot of people before about it. I know I it it's like you wanted you immediately. Gallic cushions can do Middle EAST peace like right when we read the New Republic once what foreign policy action has taken that worried you, the most in my kids, is you can't kill, way out of terrorism problem. You cannot, you cannot take enough drone strikes. You cannot undertake in a military operations, there's going to be a threatened and you're going to need to work with partners and they're going to need to have the political capital and places where we're not necessarily well liked to work with us and partner with us and by pissing off the entire population of those places. If you making that harder,
he's also, I think, I believe, giving ISIS their literally cheerleading a client, the blessing ban he's helping them recruit and that's not the sole reason. People join these groups. We don't really know that's pie case by case thing, but there's there no security reason why this ban makes sense right? Refugee vetting is the longest most onerous process we haven't in terms of letting people of this country, and he seized on this piece is politically advantageous and the fact that he won't let them go and is doing such damage to a reputation in the world is really, a nerve into me. Ok, let's good, well sure I'm it'll you our guy generally as a good news on domestic. Follow me I So I have, I have some of the more hopeful knew how good I think, the fight to save the affordable care act is going to be incredibly difficult, but is one that we can win
I think we have already winning, and I think the one that worry when so. I think the trouble the Trump is going to face on domestic policy is. There is a part of his campaign, a big part of his campaign that was economically populist in a way that the Republican Party is not enough oh Paul, Ryan's economic agenda. His domestic policy agenda is lots of tax cuts and lots of cuts to about every government programme. There s an that's what most of their public and Party Congress Watts Trump has promised things like he's, not gonna cut Medicare he's not gonna cut Medicaid. He said that He wants to have health care for everyone and now look it there. Working parties message was and trumps message. Was it not the role of the federal government to be involved in providing health care for the american people, then they could say that they have the votes they could push repeal through and that but that's not their message now right and their message now, as we wanted
we too have healthcare. We want people to have more, affordable health healthcare. We want everyone to have access to healthcare. We don't want a bunch of people to lose their insurance. It is nearly impossible to achieve that goal by repealing the affordable, correct and placing it was something remarkably similar. You see like there's like all these healthcare exports that are now trying to figure out this republican replacement. It's like they go into that the health care woods and the re excited and they got their rocks acts They just crawling out. The others that it is we who are out of Luther Virus, regular miserable Bragelonne survivor under attack, is like call repair now for love, God don't repeal it doing very nobody. The blessings decreasing Jason Shape its congressmen. Where is he you touch just because the word member memory memory memory look is got her in the face, after that, the access Hollywood, taking its only on an organic senior. Since there is no member Congress who is more completely advocated his duty than that
it's easy on the Oversight Committee and he was to investigate people when they like by constantly or user user office to sell goods. Their daughter things. I got in these areas you might yet, but he like sex and our people, a town hall, ass night chanting at him, bore you guys to protect Asia. You guys metal. I watched it. I won't. I watch it. No, just that's what I chose to do you pay so too. I opened up the live stream and I watched You're walking down the street today in some organised, very nice woman hurt us talking about Trump and she started ranting maternity leave. A ghost you wanna periscope was always because in all ways, depots content is king, we're here because of it but the boy they verbal characters. What speaking of content and content management, happy birthday Tanya wherever you are one August last name- is this going to go out to work
Oh yeah does alighted to progress from the yoke of tickets. We please please come up, so you know I think, on the affordable, correct what there's gotta be something like executive orders where drums a lot of power, I think, on the affordable, correct people can make a difference record of these town halls. There's gonna be a recess weak coming up not next week to week. After and a lot of these problems are gonna hold town hall. And if they are swamped with people who are very angry about their ability, verbal, correct, they're, gonna think twice, haven't what we say this because We want you really about Agnes Region in two thousand and nine. We do not have very great summer in the summer to doesn't I'm we're trying to pass before block erect because the tea party swamp those townhouse, any note Jason shave. It's who has basically abdicated, has responsibility Four oversight happened to sign onto a letter with the democratic chair of the committee could rising Kelly Conway, our hockin shoes and the free press, briefing room insane
try these issues on I like when they look at my feet. I'm crying alone in my bathtub eyes it if I use the term When I can't look at myself in the mirror. What we decide onto the letter, because he knew we had the town hall that night any needed, something to say to a roomful of incorrect, we angry constituents, so Rep Ray it's going to be hard. We're gonna lose some fires, but it does make it does We have a very special guess irish brokering about now, mere build the plaza Aithra Cunning cried the man. Ok, like I feel a little under dress when I'm moving shirt. So it's fine. You're doing merchandising. It's all right always be sent, What are you getting little giant
my reply. The amateur journey on your very little show her so about a month after the election, politico ran a story about you. They very political headline. It was build. A Blasi O finds his mojo as the entire. Looking for my motive, I was going to say on the budget. Is that a fair characterisation but more seriously how his trumps presidency change your tenure as mare, yeah? I think it's not a fair characterisation because the vision that I've had in so New Yorker shares. We had to change this place. We had the shake the foundations of what had been the status quo in York City for decades, and that was gonna happen, regardless of who was pressed states by think what has happened with the Trump P, fancy it is crystallized
our sense of me and people in the city and mayors. Oliver countries crystallized sent a mission of what we have to defend our people. How we have to build a resistance. Have we have to make national and dumb looking you wish you didn't. Fiercely, but I have to tell you I'm sorry some things that I wished. I had seen a long time ago in terms of people organizing in mobilizing and an owning the political process, and if that is a by product of trumpets and that we can turn into much bigger change, there's potentially something great there. What do you think it took trump to sort of galvanise that reaction and in it didn't happen as much during the the twenty sixteen campaign? What do you think you think progressives were just sort of you know, look I've. I think that this was
painful lost opportunity, and I was at the convention in Philadelphia, and I felt at that moment where the most progressive platform, the Democratic Party, had decades There was real unity, it wasn't perfect, but in this scheme of big political party was pretty damn good and die. The juxtaposition was so clear and then just I think the campaign became about the wrong thing. I think, unfortunately, Democrats and I have immense respect Henry that the Democratic Party writ large in the Clinton campaign in specific focus on what was wrong with Donald Trump, his characters personality and not what we need to do for american people, how we need to change things and didn't reference that extraordinary progressive platform enough and the one thing you learn: if you're sort of listening to people is they, No. I need something about for not just something to vote against, really elemental, notion in politics, all those folks who stayed home that there's no question a Hilary had a working majority in Michigan and Pennsylvania
and states that she lost, but people stayed home because it didn't feel it was enough about them and for them, and that is a fix, while problem. So that's why I'm not without hope but its painful to think about that victory was staring us in the face him and that's. That's acknowledging that she still one by three million votes right. You know and that that's kind of ice try and start your wherever I go. I say: hey, let's go! The conversation with everyone, with three million votes, the democratic boats and then everything else gets a little bit clearer because we have a president who does not have an electoral mandate in any way shape or form, and that's empowering for all of us to remember. That you know it's our country. We have the majority. We just have to make it real now You say you brought up, I mean.
I want to know how you handle this is mare when you're talking about Trump, because I think Trump gives us like a hundred targets a day, upright and I think the Clinton campaign for I would have said you know we're out there given economic speeches, but everytime Trump opens his mouth. Everything becomes about trumpeting have to respond to tromp bright. I guess you're gonna, perfect, camping, radio. You know what I think I think they could have been a lot more creative in trying to break through our that's the job of any politician, but going forward. How do we and does so many things that we disagree with like how do you get that message? I think we have to take away the exceptionalism argument around Trump, because a notion that he was doing things that we're different. You know he was using tromp, because a notion that he was doing things that were different. You know he was using twitter differently. He was something outrageous. Every day you right give all these looks, guess what that's been done down through the ages, indifferent for
anyone who at any given moment or a movement that dominated the political discourse, did some variation of that he was in the four. He didn't he and invent fire. You know it's not the first person to do so. The creative that threw off the opposition is not tell him about fire, a strike that from rhetoric that could be dangerous, but I think the answer is he he did. I think he creates chaos purposefully. I think he's quite Katy about it. And, if someone's doing that, you after either create counter chaos or you have to create a consistency that people can latch. And the guy is. For. He had his cabinet sex elections. We knew we had a millionaire billion or whatever it is. We can debate But whatever is these are really rich guy who's, a son of a really rich guy, born with silver spoon cheated. Workers sent jobs overseas. This script rights itself,
de legitimize him in the eyes and working people, including all those folks and rushed belt who are looking for solutions and said hey. I could go that guy that could have been blown Sky high, it's not as character it's it's. His life is exceeded is everything he did against working people So that was one way was tat, just disrupt his disruption. It's easy, you all been part of this process is not easy, but there is a game plan there and give people something. Watch on. Do I felt very strongly the party was saying: what's tax, the wealthier make them pay their fair share in taxes like people want to hear that they want to hear inherent enough and They are in a platform. Was beautiful, democratically party wanted to tax the wealthy more use that money to help people, but that didn't come across consistently? Yeah. I think the lesson- and this is what have we done right right. We didn't write. I think we now have- and we saw this on the day after I really think the histories incredible, there's a largest demonstrations against a new president in the history, the republic,
like in the entire history right and think about. The main issue that an organised and ways we'd never dreamed of before this is what makes me hopeful, and the town hall means you. Into an people rising up locally and affordable care, acknowledge ownership, mission now is to build a national movement, he always say that Trump says built, a movement. Not sure it's my definition of the word movements, but he says he built a movement right with some of them are in little carts yeah, but He says he built a moment. We need to build arm of armaments. Gummy bitter armaments What's going to be bigger and demonstrations program that Saturday, and what you see on Asia you're exactly right. It's I seeing people retreat from a position this quickly, a long long time right, side. Remember Monty Python, runaway right! It's not like it's like that, immediate just in full retreat. That's me as people are moving and that is the seeds
different political climate. That's what exciting about so, let's over the protest for because you think it's these protests you seen across the country after I debtors and grow the woman's mark, but also at airports across the country, was one of the few adding really bright's Bosnia and inspiring things that happened in it. Rest, a microphone away from dollar trumped up and at some attention- and I feel, like you- have two hats: you're you're, someone who is actively leading fighting trump in the city but you're. Also the mayor of the city and in charge of making sure the aren't disruptions at the airport. How do you draw that line? You know there were people trying to get to the protests. Jfk Oleson Airtran shut down to get your traps, the airports too crowded. Where do you stand? How much destruction disruption? Will you allow me to make clear that were opposed to double trumps agenda, I dont see this disruption to begin with, nor does Nypd, and this is one thing that I think is very powerful about the city. We have a long tradition of understand that protest as part of American.
In democracy and will say there are times in history where you know I don't think, there's any government, then why did you do the way? Should the number I think now we're in a much better place where I look at the protests? The four hundred thousand people the day after in operation I think it was extraordinary example, and that would expect to be something much smaller. We expect things Haven't we're gonna flow with it gonna make it work, even something as care has airports we worked with I think this is a moment where people have to stand up and rework the agenda, because what you said a moment, those truth. This is how you rest back the attention and then it's actually. You know that Esperanto government argument right, it's great that the judiciary is showing its independence. It's very important, it's great that the Congress is, turning to freak out about things like the eighty and and showing not necessarily noble independence, but maybe electoral survival, independence right, but the fourth branch, the people in effect and now
people are starting to dictate the agenda in a way we have not seen as nation. We have to do a lot more, but Michael you running this city? I can on this. Define and still respect and support people's right to protest is no contradiction. I think you know some of the journalists in New York City have gotten this habit of like oh, don't don't pope the beast, don't say anything new wrong. If the anti nasty Donald Trump he'll, hear so vindictive he'll. Take funding away right. Why it's? every time you know, there's only thing he's not respond to its strength, Weakness, show deference and your definitely dead right, so so strength, people numbers resolute being resolute, being willing to go to court and take him on. And an show right. The number cities banding together around the country states banding together. That's how you under cut the momentum here pens on momentum? I will name drop for a moment. I had a one
what kind of regulatory conversation with one of our great activists, who also happens to be an actor mark Ruffalo, who is extraordinary and he made a very powerful point to be some weeks back before an operation that Trump not only needs the attention he needs. Unfettered momentum disrupt the momentum, disrupt the fur oh and a he visibly kind of spin. Control for one may be seen there met, you might say Trump smash yeah. I was deep had a whole minutes, we're gonna write. I saw you write that wouldn't forget it, but but yeah. I think this is what is so interesting because the fact that not mainstream, on the one hand, its young troubling, and we ve seen things that we really haven't and shouldn't see, on the other hand as a vulnerability because it stick depend
on this kind of swirl, that if you, But it's like it's like you know a whirlwind or tornado and you get caught up in it, but if you disrupted, if you just sort of Throw the monkey rent in doesn't have a next act, a lot of the time and that's where, people have to feel their own power, and I honestly the movements were seen right now have only begun. This is tip iceberg and my view. So I'm one where you see where this is where I want to ask about the role of the press, you obviously, rather than a city, with a rabbit voracious press corps, Donald Trump figured out the nebula ate them many of them. The campaign against other, not right. It's a midwife diminished greatly over time, but I'm wondering wondering a what you think the role of a press corps is Trump administration when they will lie to your face in be. You know if you think politics
Are you yourself have learned a lesson from his handling of the press and maybe maybe it's the wrong one right, which is they just give them the Heisman and refused to answer questions and I'm wondering We go from here. What what is the role of reporters going for you? I don't. I think we should be cautious to think more has changed than it has. I don't think the fundamentals have changed at all. I think he is attempt you know the fact free environment a heavy. He had taken its like the germ free value for itself. I think the media has a really sharp opportunity here to just do pure visible, sharp fast fact checking. I think it works. I think it's quite clear. There is a big, their millions and millions of Americans who are looking for that want that and being thoroughly on into. David by Trump. You know it's a double edged sword for trumpet. You can try and keep your boys press conferences. You can try and deny mainstream media mainstream. Media I wish you know
The sea and ends of the world would challenge the status quo more often, but that being said, they are no one can call them. I would look at that. You know there's a super liberal media out of the super concerning me and now: they're too mainstream and and they do perform a function of fact checking and that matters and people want it and then and I don't, I think, they're for the the notion that Trump is affecting other people supposed to be. I don't I don't know anyone who wants to be like him in the relationship with the media or with the the electret. I think he's you know it onto himself, so I don't see it. In fact, I think I think folks will try and be like you know, foe Trump or the next integration aren't gonna, get very far honestly believe it I think in the end, the public domain, king of the media, that that Everley things will give an example. You know the russian intervention in the election right. Was super hot for a few days and then another
hundred things happened. That one of these media has to do, and I ve done in previous heiresses. Don't forget that part about another country intervening in our election right. You got me Coming back to that right, you are you are you? Are you worried about the rise of blatantly partisan, dubious media organisations like bright barred or crooked media, adding an elevated role and the discourse yeah. But I said the other day and I meant it don't don't think for a moment. They just emerged two years? I am Newscorp Fox, the new post, we're doing that the precursors of this for decades and let's be clear, and they helped build the platform that lead to Donald Trump, so There's that there's a little bit of revisionism going on here there again, are. There are purely mainstream corporate media, and these out there, you tell your cm, ends and your your network televisions and nearly wash impose your New York Times. But long ago we had a model of something that was
partisan and ideologically driven. I was trying to change the entire structure of the public discourse. Newscorp did that bright Bart than did in a different, even more extreme You gotta be worried about it, but part of it is just you know, fighting back with information, because I think most people. You know. I love this. I think you're totally right about the photo correct. I think most people get down the kitchen table issues really quickly right. So they, let's. Let's take a trump voter, including one whom I have been an Obama voter. Before that famous Obama Obama Trump voter right, they felt that Washington has delivered for them. Well guess what Washington hadn't delivered for them, so that was not an unfair feeling. They were angry and frustrate was to ask. I can understand that day, looked at from a thought. Well, maybe he's differ enough to do something and they famously they didn't necessarily take all his words. Literally well then he says I'm actually gonna take away your health insurance. That is from voter anymore.
The person is not lose their families, health, insurance, has been lied to about their jobs coming back or who thought here drain the swamp, but he found pretty much every single human being Goldman Sachs unnamed into account position right, that's not draining the swamp and then attacks cut. This is remembered what about to happen. This is the one that's gonna like the match: tax cuts for the wealthy tax cuts fickle. Patients and Deregulation Wall Street. Do you think those trump work? glass voters want change, are gonna about that they're, not they're, gonna drop him like a hot potato and into for the twenty eighteen congressional actions, so we should windows. Report, but I will make my analogy. I was thinking about this before joining your August. Show this evening,
I needed something really high minded that would like appeal to a well educated audience. So I was moved in the last year by the trailer to the extraordinarily tacky videogame becomes movie called hit, and forty seven? Why? Why might bring for? Why? Every it because it see the trailer where hit man this. This for being who's trying to us made all these evil people is in prison. Evil, interrogators are there in a lot of them and they haven't been prisoners, a super secure facility. And their mocking him, because he's locked in here with his captors and here says a variation of line. I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me, my point. We're not we're not locked in here with Donald Trump released.
In here with us, and we do and escape routes that America is in an escape route and we just have to solve the puzzle yet, but we think about Emily. We are again, we have worked majority, three million Boats in the election biggest demonstrations against the present history, people are going immediately all over the affordable care acts republicans in retreat. It's not a triumphal s vision. We have huge amount of work to do and I'll be ups and downs, long way, the point being we have much more high ground and strengthen the equation than people felt in the we simply the weeks after election were incredibly depressing right. We are, it was very hard to feel your power in those weeks I hadn't medium Oberlin. That's I get for other people, but but that of a people's people lost track of their own power. Their own impact. And now it it just first, on January,
first, like that. The whole thing reset the whole thing reset and now the question is people feeling their power and their offer, to make an impact and really he's the one who has the problem now in the last forty eight hours have been reports that there has been an increased number of ice raids in various communities, cities across the country where their deporting undocumented immigrants. You ve said that in New York City you would risk, lest any order to deport undocumented immigrants. How coffee cup confident are you that you have both the legal and financial resources to to win that fight? So let me let me make it clear that the threat that was put to us, with the executive or on immigration, was that the federal government would de fund us
If we did not cooperate in turning over any and all on document individuals and our response was we have never in for decades by the way, ironically, including the commission no really Giuliani. As mayor we have not. Allow would have to that guy we're losing my screen about a muslim and far less than we ever heard from him again has, but the order sitting came to the realisation that if a city would now half a million undocumented folks at eight hundred thousand permanent residence, a lot on document folks here loved ones in the city who are citizens amidst all mixed together right and talk about the fabric of our city so that if an undocumented person couldn't walk up to a police officer report, a crime couldn't go to their child school to visit or can go to a public hospital for
here of their identity being uncovered and their documentation. Stew has been uncovered and therefore a mad half a million people would couldn't participate anyway, and society long ago, consensus emerging city. We could not run this We couldn't have a safe city. If we didn't say guess what you're not going to have any problem with anyone here this evening and I can be asked you're not can be reported, you can come safely forward as a human being as a result of our city and that helped us to become a safer city for twenty five years straight. This city's guns safer and safer, the safest, big scene, America. One of the reasons was that a pact was formed with folks, including a document say you matter to your part of this, and you can go about your life without fear of deportation. Ok, what we have recognised in this
executive order is, it literally would undermine the fundamental safety and security of the city and cities. Although the country by breaking that bond. And so there is a long time ago, said the many times will cooperate with ice is for very serious and or violent crimes. We literally to legislate. We have a list of a hundred and seventy crimes that we can agree that a matter of city law, that's world cooperate very very few. Undocumented immigrants commit those crimes. The vast majority of a document- and this is this- is one of the things we have correct in this discussion. The vast majority of undocumented immigrants, like everybody else, commit no crimes about their business and then to extend people. Commit crimes is like the general population than those common crimes or quality of life crimes right, someone littered they very small, thinks we're not gonna deport people cause they letters
right. We're just that. I will end and have children left behind. Other parents are taken to another country right, so so for every point of view, both a humane point of view, a public safety point of view What do you do with a family is torn apart? That's not fair to them, and then we end up having to somehow pick them up and help them every measure. It makes sense to have a very, very high standard around a certain number of very serious offences, so in these active order came down first, while it was like a swiss cheese. Like we looked at with this thing is through, early thoroughly challenge born right. I just never so many elements of it. There were contradictory that make sense. Second, It said that he knows it's a court decision of years ago by none other than justice robbers. Thank you very much. That said, you can't, Take away all the funding when there's a disagreement over a substantive area, so the two areas that were mentioned, homeland Security and Justice Department, guess where their funding goes and why it is so now the Trump administration wants to take away anti terrorism, funding for and why PD right,
they want to do that in the name of Canada. Right in the name of safety and security, there are takeaway anti terrorism fundamental right. They have a problem, there her problem right there in the number one terror target in the country, but we also think there be people in court on the face of it. This notion They can reach in and take away. All your funding is just plain unconstitutional. Don't ask me Ass Justice Roberts. But that speaks to what you can do when the decisions you can make right with administration also has power here, and they can come in, they can do raids, didn't conduct Oh, you know deportation raids inside of Manhattan City whenever they want, what is your response? Something like They have. They have a relatively small force. I have a police department to thirty six thousand officers who are not every part of those rights.
And we're gonna have a clear standard of anyone shows up from any federal agency. They best have the proper warrants and everything better be correct, or we have problem, as we would by the way outside of immigration or any other situation. If anybody appears for another jurisdiction and doesn't have the proper warrants we dont participate, but you know I'm not gonna shocked we ve heard just in the last day of rage, beginning in some places. I think the challenge here is rates here about generate tremendous public feeling, just like the executive order around. The refugees did and the impact it had the airports, not if they really want to see that all over again they can come in here other cities and that's the kind of opposition will get on the narrow question. Is it possible for ice agents to go and find some individuals and take them into custody with a proper warrant? Yes, they can do that.
I can't do that every day. They can't do that to everyone. They have limits if local police forces- and not only has my police commissioner, made clear that he's not gonna, let the men and women and might be returning to enforcement agents. Rice, please, commissioner, She's all over the country are saying it, so that means ices on their own, so they can do some things, but they could know by no means do sort of a broad, huge national effort without local. Please horses participant material down from one more second, because look situation where things move fast, you some crazy. Don't I'm crazy! outlaw gravely I re waters and says I thought it was a joke. Rigour warning about Syria theories, Romania, which is if, if we view this, as some sort of me now omen of something to come, and there are attempts to do deportations out of cities like New York, maybe it
of strength they may have. They may bring it enough people to do deportations, but then, to be able to bring in enough people to quell protests. You know he's already just in the first rate that we're having in California, we saw protesters are people getting in the wheel, wealth of ice trucks of ice vehicles and by an and police need to be involved and the dispersing those protests again through the mayor of New York, your posts, trump What happens? I think this is, and I don't mean to belittle the challenge of these asset question. I know you know. I like value of one tell me you got moxie only wanted. Even one government tell those guys guys are real, go get it
not belittling that the potential for Norway, unprecedented things, but very messy, even dangerous things happening, but I'm trying to put things in perspective. There is not a national police force. One of the things that tromp sort of tried to project under the country was his own special rightwing vision of, like you know, a federal government that could do whatever I want it. Well, there's a constitution in the way of that to begin with, and then there's the just the reality of a country that was built on law localities, that's the whole concept, America and State Senate, and everyone has their own persona values. So he's not gonna have a population of a huge number of the major police force round countries. So there you're right. You could concentrate a lot of federal agents and go someplace else, that sometimes but then you gonna, have a massive public protest and, as we said a few minutes back, I think a point you made when the when the energy shifts to the massive public protest
and the attention is on all the people are saying. This is wrong and by the way, the faith communities are part of this year. The Catholic Turkey is a part of opposing this summit is a lot of moving parts here. When you got it, police chiefs and a bunch of catholic bishops, this is wrong. Think twice, Donald Trump Right, so I would argue sure they'll try some. I agree, though, try some mlb some dangerous and Messi moments and we're all that have to stand firm and we'll have to mobilize, but I think it's not going to be a winning equation. I think it's going to show a moral line that most Americans, whereas women. This is not what I signed up. They american the american people, I think have. Obviously there is a strong split does country of operation immigration, although a lot of times you see a majority, say we'd like to find a way forward to something that, once and for all answers to questions some pathway to the eleven twelve million people resolve positively their situation.
Yeah. I dont think american people in general like to see families torn apart. You know, I think, when you, when you break it a bit like the Asia debate. Right folks didn't like some folks didn't like Obamacare, because they either didn't understand cuz, I thought it wasn't being able Medwell cuz. I thought it was for other people, not them right, or they thought that they would like to keep their doctor and then they couldn't. These are legitimate concern that as progressives and Democrats is our job to answer or or show improvements and and respect people's feelings. Well, there's a parallel immigration. I think people in this country want to hurt others that they want to hurt families who struggled to get here. I think I wanna know there's some rules that make sense in some way forward if it develop. Of into literally seem mothers and children torn apart with you're very eyes. That's one.
Moral outrage takes over. That's what happened: the civil rights movement in the sixties right when sort of the damned broken american public opinion. Folks who didn't think it was their problem started. Thinking was their problem. I think of the Trump administration pushes that button to hard a counter movement starts. That's much bigger than anything that were. I really do ask you one last question: you been very generous through time you, were a political operative before you in elected official. Forgive
Father Ives. What have you learned as mayor that you were you wish you knew when you were a campaign manager? I have learned that what we thought where the rules of the game, we're not the rules of the game that a lot of us who were brought up in political work. Now I say before I did electoral politics. I did issue organizing and grassroots work, anti nuclear power, nuclear disarmament efforts to end. U S, intervention in Central America back in the eighties, and me I did. I did activism before I ever did electoral politics in any appreciable way. I think that was really good, because it reminded me that the issues and the organizing undergraduate really matter, but what I found when I got more more involved. Electoral politics is there's always kind of rituals and traditions and presumed rules that have been.
Increasingly being thrown out, but a lot of people in this work? Don't recognize? And now two thousand and sixteen with kind of the object lesson, and everyone is of course talking about Trump. I think you could have the same. About the rewriting the rules at Bernie Sanders did I miss breathtaking. He had no money, he was this Corky guy from Vermont. There's no people right and he was supposed to have no chance, but he had a clear vision. Any had authenticity. And he had the willingness to speak truth, the power and suddenly you know we saw a type, organizing, a type of fund, raising that we have literally never seen before on a vast level that happened the space of months. So the hire dynamic is changing so profoundly. That's just would be really healthy for love us to throw the traditions and the rituals and assumptions away and see this moment for what it is. And I even this conversation evinces we're trying to me sense of what happened not a year ago a month but we're trying to make sense what happened this week and how changing the rules right, but that, but enough
anyway, that's liberating in A creative sense ones ok why the rules were gone where it were an uncharted territory bunch. Our territorial also allows you to do things you we'll do before we are able to organise people faster and better than we ever have we been able to form coalitions. We didn't used to have the ability to think up, because people are divided along class or racer gender. Whatever lines it was so what fine exciting about this time as we sort of we're we're unmoored what sort of cut from a lot of things that used to give us a sense of clarity, but they also help us back. I actually like the freedom of this moment, and when I saw on January twenty first convinced me that whether we know we're on the March forgotten or not. We are on the march right now start to us,
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Let us bring next guess. She has responded, CBS News and the right of the Atlantic and a friend of the pod alleys Wagner hi, it's in my rider contractually that a mayor has did might be my warmer back as consumers have an office in Chicago it's wrong here. How you do it? I mean, There is a lot I answer to that question. Every day in the media, like someone throws up a giant handful of disaster. Confetti and it floats down under the floor, and we are tasked with patent picking it picking it up and pecking at it. Lands on for loans, but exactly
Where are you taking me? That's a good place to start, which is so much comes out us every day, and it is the job of the media are one of the jobs the media to make. Sense of it all for people and how How do you go about on a daily basis? Figuring out? here's, what matters? Here's, what does it matter? Here's, what might get more clicks but he's probably what's more important and have a bigger impact like how do you see the agenda and a thrashing we're trying to start immediately it we ve got you happy. Rather, I think so. I think be honest. I am not sure that we figured that out, because the morning news live No, because a venue
Michael, was speeding up even before Donald Trump Donald Trump sort of added a sixty horsepower engine to it, and I think, there's always a pressure, especially in television to to get to the story. That's fresh s right, but especially in the aid of trumped. The story, that's freshness is not mess. Clearly the most important story. Right I mean, and today there are seventeen different stories do. Do we write about the fact that Trump didn't have as Europe, Then, when he was having a bilateral press conference its genes or are they do we re now? How do we re a wee bit than that see? You didn't even know that, like you couldn't hear anything translated, I mean he has no idea what was said. We were here but little guys guys, big, japanese. He nodded he just now because he's a fucking throw me the ral. While I was backstage.
See at hand and buds Peter reporting. The elements of the thirty five page dossier have been confirmed to be true rates alike. Granada on the lid, the only one not the one party have not necessarily yours or like they're, not even talking about the situation more you're at you like that, just in the last three hours. So I mean he is really put the media, I think, is putting the media through its basis in terms of like what What are you just going to cover and then what are you going to deem important? And it's it's it's hard I've been hide sort of impossible. This, like my hobby horse lately because you're right so much is happening in this time I think, we're having a very our time, helping to understand that the media is their voice and without them they're not going to figure out the information they need, but I'm watching access get eroded in it just sort of happening, and I'm wondering what in the world
where's my suspicion due to stand up and prevent this because getting on re comedian at dinner, shots placement reeling letter like eleven minutes long now and it used to be the ape. He would call it after an hour right. He didn't one press conference during the whole transition. They lie with reckless abandoned its like white. What stick does the press have to enforce these norms or rules are exactly costs, so things, you know you take much on Spacer and the way you can that's conducts a press conference today at the bilateral press conference Donald Trump only called called on Murdoch owned American NEWS outlets level, thoughts, businesses and the nearest. That's it. That that's that's that mean that I think that is something that we should be talking about writer who is getting preferential treatment whose even whose getting treatment period you know, I think,
I cover the windows. I was away as rapporteur and I went to those briefings everyday and I will say I think it is important that the depressed days in the West wing, I think it's important, that they continue have those briefings, but I think there was a kind of complacency that can set and in terms of that, beat in particular sort of spoon. Read these these things every day. The best reporting that comes out of the White House is is the reporting that happens behind the scenes. The reporters are really working for it and I think it is now incumbent upon the press to circumvent this white house in many ways and go to the agency's cultivate sources. I mean it's, it's gonna be hard, but you know that we all work of reporting as as urgent as ever, and I think that there are a lot of really great reporters that have any Maggie remaining Glenn Brush the New York Times, to live? There have been breaking incredible stories from the lion fail in New York time. We re emulated fact is Donald Trump,
says he hates these mainstream media outlets, but he follows them religiously and obsessive. Maybe the only reason we know the lives. We have this wonderful image of Donald Trump wandering around the White House. Rob yelling about John Lennon is because failure in Maggie, which either denied it equally part even hold a bathrobe kimono, perhaps not about bathrooms. What're. You there's a worse image than Donald Trump and about how to complete a second IRAN Odo, no European, maybe he speaks japanese. What? But this means that the issue of trust in the media right right is here Speak English rested at first, but rather as a regional Japanese in his mind, translating japanese back now so before Trump Trust in the media was sort of at an all time low right now we have a president who, just about every day, tries to undermine
the media and tells people that there's fake news at the media's lying to them. The trouble is that mean we can all make fun of it here, but, like there's, a good portion of the country who does look at the New York Times CNN and allow these mainstream media publications and now says yeah. There they're probably lying its fake news there just out to get Donald Trump, and he I mean he didn't started, but he certainly contributed yet so when you're, one of these publications, or what he's outlets like? Where do you begin to start? Rebuilding that trust or is it even I mean well, there is a certain sections of the three. That truly believes that thousands of Massachusetts voters were bust into the state of New Hampshire, to throw the race for against. Donald Trump, and we re never drive out with the claim made today by the president, president of the United States, and
I don't know how you get certain parts of the country back. To be honest, I mean, I think, if you have dismissed places like CBS and the New York Times and and CNN is fake news. I mean, I don't know where you're getting your yearn for me. But I don't know how you pull people back from that other side. I think it's I mean, but I dont think that that's a bulk of the country, making them and a fairly narrow slice. I think there is much softer middle. That kind of like sort of gay about one following the news, because it s all seemed kind of depressing or Congress is riddled with inaction and- you know, and now as the mayor's at the stakes are just a lot higher and I feel like I have friends in my life who didn't follow politic closely and now our completely fucking obsessed with it and thou rate I reawakening of civic engagement is where people were complaining. When Trump announced its pick for Scottish. There
like all the networks, are falling into the trap, they're giving him a prime time slot, and I think you know what its awesome that America is getting. A prime time announcement Portal Supreme Court nominee and that people are like going around the term YO as short fact you'd, have ordered me, like that's, that's great, there's a new there's, this sort of rejuvenated, fluency and in political terminology and people understand how the system works. Better control of patient with, like newlyweds, people texting me, like you see this, like gas and oil revenues from my entire life yeah, your lover doesn't: do our outreach Tanya harder? We regret for the mayor of a question. You have no idea, I just under a jug, also true, but I interrupted the mayor
No, so I want to break down the deserted distrust in the media, because I do think some of it is there. Is this right wing media that sort of began, done and all these things, but I think that there's a larger issue of mistrust that doesn't have any they do with partisanship has to do with the way the news is poured its insatiable ism, a feeling as though there not getting the whole story that they can trust that its corporate owned, and these are problems that long predated, dongle, yeah Fisher ratings, Pre Data, Donald Trump? right and ratings are a real driver. I mean there is that it is not a coincidence that you know we talk. The cable news ratings for the election? That really matters that advertiser rates have gone up in smoke from has become more money is at the root of a lot of decision making in the news industry, and that is abhorrent to a lot of people. That's also the way it works than the United States of America. That is,
that is not to see that money drives every decision and that there is a very well intentioned. I mean I can say it: CBS, there's an incredibly strong sort of institutional mindset about news and being judicious and trying to cover things fairly and and comprehensively. At the same time, there are think their basic sort of their practicalities. The that limit like time I mean you know you. Would you start on the news media? Someone tells you oh yeah, it's going to be an hour minutes, forty five seconds and you're like the fuck. Am I going to say in a minute, I've negative and then you're, like all my gotta, have a million forty bucks again because you whole way of sort of processing information, changes, the longer you're you're sort of in the industry, and there good side in a bad light. To that it's hard to be, you know, to discuss topics I think in the detail and as comprehensively as one might want in the timeframe and which will give it up.
Is it to butter up your plan to five hours? That's, how is sixty minutes? How CBS manage to like have institutions that are persevered re like sixty minutes has been great for decades. You Charlie, rose it has been doing based bang on our alike because they put him in that room with a table like thirty years, accused the final act like on a day when the youth survive like you'd rather millennial than the Finnish. You really know the ins and outs that travellers, world framework is certainly yes, we loved her. We are generally very early on the man, S Lionheart. He will be back on the EU. S done it right for a long time we ve done is substantively and like great shows that people love I'm wondering like is there are special sauce I may well yes, there is. I was that it had an easy before that Ray. I mean I haven't been CBS balance I wouldn't presumed, I would not say I'm not speaking for the organisation- and I say this, but I you know and I think,
Integra David roads as the President of of CBS and and takes the sort of mission in the history of waste heard of that. I was rather really seriously and they made a bad emulated. You see this most concretely in the morning, which is all about music back and there is. There is a thinking that is both. I think, strategic and substantive, that you know what everyone else is doing this, so why don't we do this thing and this thing happens to be news fact: information. So ok, that's a! We talk about readings route under what people want Now we have this strange phenomenon which is public is. Is that I mean that's, a question was so I don't know but but but clearly you know these morning shows right are incredibly attuned to what people are tuning in for and why you see, you know less substance and you see more cooking and what have you kind of entities shows, and he has. The question is: how do we have a situation where people on a whole distrust the media because of the thing
pursues for ratings. Those ratings are determined by the consumers want, and so how often comparable dumb? No I'm not I'm I'm calling on much of hypocrites, dumb, However, as this Some of the media really Corinth criticism of of news consumers. Well, I think there is definitely a self loathing aspect of criticism of the news, Ray By that I mean it's a really tough question it I mean to certain degree you could say. While the reason people like you, know, Q pet videos is because you keep giving them to us. The recent reason you're eating, so many damn Doritos, because on sale at me. There's like a circular logic dollar. This. I can, and I can do for me like. I can't I'm not here I've, let it be great if we had a version of the BBC in the. U S to write a many think, there's a place for all different kinds of sponsored media in the world, but the reality is what it is, and I think
overall, I've been really heartened by the fact that subscriptions to the new york- I'm are an all time high, but people are you know people feel like they need to double down and reinvested the news media and I gotta tell you- I was down in Washington Inter Alia, inauguration and aid to cover the women's protest, and I, I've been in the lot of public space. It people were coming up to me, ended a camera crew with me in there are like for you we love you, you part of the media headlines were then never ever happens. People like how glad I usually there is a sense that, like the work we're doing that it really and an that's really nice, because that has not been think the general. You know President Obama, who garage
forget about that? That's the thing is most knows no boundaries Ba about afforded the average unemployment unemployed official. He you know he was not great with access. The White House and yeah yeah auxiliary lapping hide. You know aware. I have these perfect, general angel. You never met jarring upwards, gonna open now. Remember, I'm not I'm not making I'm not drawing any given that we know is Donno job, but but you know he it was I. I thought it was really interesting that in his last press conference he went on and on about how important the press was now you guys know I mean I will ask you this John and John and Tommy.
You, you wasn't super psyched about the press for most of his media criticism from time to time YAP. Exactly maybe I started I'm just a little, but I think I think his his issue with the press. Is you ve heard a lot of our complaints This is sort of a love it was getting out, which is not the partisan, nature rain. It wasn't like Damn fox. Every day you know it was more like there is this tendency towards since the NATO and what's trivial and worthily they allow the horse re and all the silly stuff and not what's really substantive, and these are like well challenge me, where you disagree, where I'm doing wrong but like let's make it serious and the angel makes me wonder. Like do you think any truth to the grapes from the Trump administration that their being covered completely unfair like is the. Is there any mean? You know, there's this like telling says she's walking around. The wounds
Did you see the tour de Force interview between Jake Tavern, Julian Conway, Brian Brian Skelter? We do not want Jake to know, don't tell him my landlady Ryan is I just I think he's got enough good press legal or not. I mean we all know. How is an email crop up in order to be good thing. Is that this pod gases- and nobody listened? No one ever was given a modest ii. What an amazing amount interview with she tries to sort of make the point that, like the real thing that you get going back to my valid, was veterans like every every question eat he'd ask her. You know whether the accusations about you know violence. An all time high, we're not lies and she'd somehow work the question back to better infancy, but we're doing amazing work on better now much respect, people who were doing actual work on veterans issues,
but it seems so, it was so manipulator what I feel like journalism classes will study them, interview in particular her responses in decades to come, because it is an amazing sort of at all with soft shoe is putting it mildly, but she she kind of like ass. She go in and out of, the actual, like conscious, lyceum she's, like the liquid metal terminal women can walk through bars and you just come to any other search engines like I'm a cop again Montpelier, you have been a little accredited. Did you like picks up a piece of resolve of the floor as it back to the collective crowd of all you nailed it tell him that interview that she was trying to was like I'm not going to appear defensive, I'm not going to peer wounded, I'm going to just try to be nice and going to appeal to what Jake likes.
I'm gonna say complimentary things about Vienna and they may fly in the face of everything that my mom I'm not going to answer any questions about you know, Sir new institutions that This is the result long winded way of trying to get back to the original question, which is like is their self they're doing that we're not paying attention to. I mean possibly it's just that so much of the step that they're doing is so egregious and abnormal as we're talking about you know, sort of institutions that I think those other things take up most of the By the way we have been very clear, quick, crooked media. We do but criticism on a battle between the media and the trouble administration we have picked aside right, I mean like there are. What we know you can't paint abroad brushing their great journalist right, wholly unaccountable everything Defence right. I went on like every Obama foreign foreign trip before years and never once was the main shortcoming that foreign trip anything we're talking about is always something like reverberated back from home rights. I get that frustration but, like you kind of gotta, just role with the guys.
Like this, is your job now. Well, they call you and say: hey we're corroborating, some, these things in this dossier. What you're common front by Sir says CNN, fake news, I hate you, please don't lose my number. I will do this all the way over time. Airily, let's, let's practice doing the correct response from shocked by which could in no comment. Well, you may not believe this to be true. Exclaiming, not like the only corrects. The only correct response from transpires is. I am leaving. This is an out of office message in my car and I'm driving until runs out of gas, and then I'm gonna get out and walk until I find water. We make our official offer to shun. Oh by the way you Sean, who we know occasionally Vernon Bud rendered upon this occasion I am are thrown into the bus and then backs the bus over you and then they get some of his cronies on the bus. And drive the bust him our logo, when you get yourself up
They take couple days, look you're, so you know figure out what you'd mistakes you made kind of pocket, little the title. We will give you a project called pod saviours. Oh by the way we are ready. We are entering a new era of unfair, attracting great talent. It's a burgeoning concern. How do you think the media handle the campaigns? that's a big question. It is a levy on, but my blazer for that it started out. I was still at a show and MSNBC when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, man, a lot of people in- and now I think, was the flourishing of the not taking from seriously and more
and in all of our defence like it really didn't, seem like he was gonna end. He wrote an elevator domes, go, we write rate of Armenia was a carnival dawdle raises and is afraid of stairs and had ringers in the audience. Cheering for Heaven's was not normal politics. So, yes, absolutely think we didn't taken seriously in the beginning once he started winning primaries. I think that there was a daunting realisation, but to be honest- and you ve seen this shift even in the mainstream media, like the New York Times, the the sense the feed that you could say what the president or the President elect the saying is a lie that sort of blood that that sort of definitive like me Donald Trump, is lying about X Y, see. That was not something that was done or said by any one in the sort of mainstream media until very very recently- and I think, there's been this sort of dawning realization,
Ok by calling him out, in fact, checking and saying these things are actually what they are, that's not being partisan, that's being truthful and- and that is a sort of a new development and its. And it's it's hard to be that angry, because it doesn't make sense that it took him winning could everyone did back into lose everyone right. Oh yes, it is something about him, winning that helped a lot of people figure out how to react, but partly because he's present now and you should be treated differently. Yes, and I think when you talk about, I mean this is the perennial question that I get asked law which is well when you got a sub coverings tweet. So much I M M answers, probably never, because these are probably the most truthful expressions of Donald trumps. Inner like thinking about either deliberately brain yet see you and are or not is everyone's like this tree this tweet about the year was a distraction from the other thing that also terrible which actually distraction from this other thing, that's
so terrible, which is a distraction from the original yeah if they can seven layer burrito destroy. It may be that the answer is like everything is forever change because of who this person is and worth seeing that play out in the media. Do you think that the parties in the clinic campaign could have handled the mediocre maybe not robbing them together during fourth of July we re getting. I did a fair amount of some campaign in fair amount, a campaign covered on the road with as part of the circus, whether it was Showtime and super interesting, because that you know the Clinton campaign. I think MRS scar tissue that has occurred, over many years as a result of the Clinton's being, the spotlight was o paranoid about bad press. Which is something Donald from, is not afraid of apparently and be
the level of access. Emily was just so difficult to negotiate, even the most basic things, to the degree that it was kind of, like your create your phone bad will is being created here for no reason it's not like theirs. I can t his interview and you're mad about with we haven't even had the interview, yet I think, should have been a lot more open and more accessible. I think you know. Hillary Clinton is a remarkably accomplished and very smart person. I don't think she's very comfortable in you know, interfacing with the media. That you know they. They could have you now they they, they probably should have been more aggressive and more open with a lot more. But until she I dont upon reorganization. That's perfect. I dont think that that's why she lost the elections, but it is a vicious thirty, eight of them right, which is their cautious,
towards the media because they ll say in the past. The media has treated fairly and so then, by being more cautious than their feet in Florence. But you know you don't get something you don't get to do you don't get through that forever, but our or even where an extended period of time. If you want to be in politics, as they say, John Politics, ain't that ain't lag and these people are our friends and like no one is trying to kick anyone after very brutal campaign. But I think the moment to me that crystallize, like that there are some self created wounds, was when she fainted and it should have been a big deal. But I think this is the time lag in terms of getting back people effect. It seemed like only the bubble knew that should even second, my mother had given recent nowhere survive gaudy double later in Canada and at a time the charges I don't really know my role supposed to vote as they were going to. Let us just let him spinning wheel
while as well question and then we'll let you go? What is here What is your biggest concern with political journalism and what is your, what gives you the most optimism? Man? That's a tough question. What is my biggest concern You know, I am the by vocation of the media. Landscape is really problematic to me. I think the most to most important people right now are probably Laughlin and James Murdoch, because they, organ, be running the show it fox and they are by all outside accounts, not as conservative as their father and could play a huge role in supportive me ameliorating the break things in large mainstream media division. But it
worries me that end this isn't so much fake news, verses, realness, it's just that you know we have. We are increasingly developing public appetite for two different lenses on the country, and that seems really dangerous, because the implications of that not just for media but for governance are pretty dire you now. If people can agree that this happened, and how do you legislate from there? I most optimistic that podcast like yours, well I mean you know. This is not a butter up your whole thing, but I think that there is it I don't know, that's really. You know I've meriting this block book plug and one of the questions is like this sensibly courier people and what I ve realized this moment is my people are the people there Hair and are hitting send on the emails and two are pressing plan. The pie CAS enter tuning
into their dvr actual live television because they want to stand formed and are equally informing the public, and it feels like this is a remarkably rich moment for the exchange of information and for people giving a damn about facts and news, and this the plight of our fellow man and that often our baby. This is pod. Save America stick around you're, just great stuff. Coming was a great stuff puzzle. Erika is brought you by psychic if he couldn't get tickets to tonight you. Have it at a lock. Perhaps perhaps there is another show that you can get tickets for on seeking hey, let's say I'm you're watching a White House implode right before your eyes and located a stadium in front that people are, does inherent to buy tickets for maybe get those seats on each month. Gimme set of those bleachers by those tickets unthinking seek is the place that POD save America goes to get tickets. Get the sea keep up on your phone
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a visual job. You guys ready for his work live outbreak? Podcast people listening? Could you can get tickets? Did you missed about eyes whereby they murder sweatshirt took it off? Trivial party meditation does good radio right there happens. Will I ever since ruin in Brooklyn we already bit on brand and ask about Israel Are you Tom Face, so Israel is an issue that I tend to argue a lot about with a lot of my liberal, liberal friends, and I have a hard time convincing people or explaining to them that,
can be pro Israel and prose to probe two state solution, but also anti Netanyahu and anti settlements and is there any way Is there a way that you think, as it is a good way to have that argument and explain that you can be for a jewish state, but also against some of the things that are going on very good, very hard question? I think that you know there's a lot of a lot of people had a very emotional response to present Obama's decision to abstain on the. U N vote criticising settlements despite the fact that decades of presidents and administrations have had as U S policy in opposition to settlement instruction, and I think what people don't necessarily understand is that, with respect to creating sediments, there are certain areas that are called within the blocks that are likely to be swapped in two state solution
rights of palestinian territory, but he's really is so really territorial go thousand euros are close to the border so close to the border. Those are understood to serve be likely to happen in any solution. What's happening now. Is construction deep, deep, deep into palestinian? What would be palestinian territory to the point where it makes it unlikely that they could actually have a contiguous state where you could travel from point a to point b and actually to govern the entire thing? My argument to those people would be if you care deeply about Israel, if you wanted to not just exist but thrive, you want to resolve this issue sooner than later, because it has been such a source of tension.
For so long, and you want a viable palestinian authority with a working government with institutions with a population that is employed and paying taxes and occupied and not you know, serve this disaffected youth balls. You see across so many places that is a hotbed for extremism right into you want this to work out and you wanted to say, solution to occur and for them to have a lasting peace agreement to remove that's your team from the relationship and into help both sides move on to bigger things that forget. We work together, and so I think, Obama get in trouble for saying this and in today's at sixes and sevens like you can be pro Israel, but not necessarily pro like food, which is the conservative party and
that time, Netanyahu every time is how to reconstitute is government has lurch further the right red suddenly like object or Liebermann, who is set some pretty of orange things is the foreign minister and you got enough Tally Bennet, who denies that there should ever be a two state solution like these people are getting pulled into the cabinet. I think, ultimately, if you want young people to move to Israel and in it to be seen as a thriving, Craddock State. I think people believe it to be this a beacon of hope in in a tough region. Then you want decides to come together and figure out a password.
So that's really fuckin long as we want to save the world over here with the blood of good, doesn't learning to read and goods which are we dear. My question: are you guys talk a lot about the twenty eighteen elections, but I know that we have these special elections that are coming up on twenty seventy, and I wondered if you could talk about any sort of hope that we have in those elections and what we should be doing here in Brooklyn to help in those cases. Going on there copper with it, you know what it is. It has been common practice.
History, usually in the off here elections right after presidential election. If the president, a power is in doing so well, maybe has a pretty bad. Are proliferating like Donald Trump does those are pretty prime opportunities for the other party to creep into power, so those are very right targets, I believe, usually it's governors race in Virginia and governors re somewhere else, Jersey, Jersey, Cheers, Jersey, of course, Mary was, it was running for reelection here. I don't think you'll have any too stringent republican opposition here, but I think in Jersey and Virginia yeah like we'll meet, especially in state like Virginia. I think that will be a fairly that will be a very competitive race, Virginia of course, in twenty. Sixteen went very, very blue, so there's a huge opportunity to keep the governor seat there. So I do think that yet volunteering Donating to the care of your choice, that's gonna be a primary and Virginia Tom, Parry, yellow and Norton.
Temporary. I then I think I did. We know that one of the partners- good those elections, those election these are looked at his barometers. Yeah the mood of the country in that's a great way to scare the hell out of everybody was up and twenty eighteen and suddenly those people are running from Donald Trump in ways that allow us system space in terms of protecting Asia, and On the other hand, it's not you, it's not just the win. It like the size of the wine of Democrats win by a big deal than by a big margin in this November. That's like the earliest signal to you know to disrupt administration that that they are in trouble that maybe they don't have these magical powers to tweet about it. That's three I think we should see their name. What is your name was about to say that ok, greater
caught up up up up up up, and am I so I do have a question before I get to it. I just want to say that, because of your high past, I have gone to me. First protest and I've called for want of monthly donation set up, and I literally have never done then my entire life, and it was entirely from those of. Hu. Thank you, MR ok. So here's my question and it's a little bit too you paths, because I am fully grasp
turns Ivan Butter proceeded, so I'm not as an enemy. So I had a bachelor party coming up with a full bunch of Israel's recovers from supporter of the errors were right out of the balloon there. Now, I'm like still very into what this question. Are you aware that worry and it's not about large people have, which is? How are we supposed to communicate with these? I mean I'm really. Every day, half the day, I'm filled with primal rage at anybody was a republican and the.
The other half the day. I remind myself, you know that I need to be more understanding and we need to reach out and baby. I don't need to destroy my friendship with politics and and on and on, and I'm just wondering what you guys think about the best way, talk to somebody who voted for Donald Trump requests will where's the part. Where is this? Where is about supporting national sires it National Nashville that make Are they any further? You know what to do with stereotype Asheville, I'm not honourable in Nashville, but I get taking national when you have now these are not like rust spell. You know, steel workers or something these are. Girls have a right to know what this is
Right towards as like a month before the election and my fiance was like woke up panic and she's like one of my best friends from high school she's from Cincinnati, one of my best friend from high school. It's just, I heard from another friend that she, Donald Trump and it was like panic in our household it all morning, sleep. Well, I'm texting her now. What do I do? Write the texts- let's, let's figure this out and I guess there's everyday letter. We did not get stuck on the wedding and Hilary lost Ohio coincidence. Rate speechwriter can get one I will say earlier.
It is a great exercise to go through, because when we- like this. We make a lot of assumptions about the audience threat. And we did this to each other all the time, someone's not so much frustration are respected on both of you know, so I started by asking like why. Why do you like him? What are the issues that you care about right, like just very basic stuff right, like don't go to my? Did you see twitter. He just did he's crazy like now. The problem is a lot like with her. It was well you calorie, like killed all those people in Benghazi ends. Then I had to go through the entire explanation of Ngos and that I like text autonomy and was like Gimme, some more bengali facts loves you. You still have to start feeling bad her didn't you still today on. You still have to start now. Here's thing I think in an election, this is tougher than when someone's president
Doesn't someone becomes president? It is just that, and there is no other person. There is no other candidate right and so wait for better or worse. We judge President's on their performance. We don't judge in the opposition? So there's no more Hillary Clinton to complain about anymore. There's! No! For Democrats, opposition complain about anymore, and I think you should ask them like how do you think about how he's done right like what is. Is he doing everything that you voted for? Right and what are those issues and then start going going issued by issue? I think on someone like Trump ultimately Ultimately, you are going to want to fight him on the actual substance of the issues. Right like just jumping right too, he's completely crazy and out of his mind, all about like you can get there, but I If you want to go issue by issue, I do think the incompetence of the is the exception right, like No one, no one. For me, the party wants an administration that seems completely incompetent, not of controlling chaotic right and so to the extent that they
ten you to roll out these executive orders like this as poorly as they did with the, but the ban and stuff like that. I think that's gonna be an issue of weakness for him, regardless of what party or for it, like, maybe republican. But you don't want a president who is just incompetent other time, then it gets a make sure. But then I would actually go issued by it. And actually try to debate the substance? Are they drinkers? Would you do I? I really gets I don't know you, I mean I don't I want my friend of my bachelor party green, like I have some political things. I want to talk about it, and so I ve, like maybe like Brunch Next day you can my kind of and I would also do it in that, like the language of feelings, like here's, how Trump makes me feel, because that's how like that, just like therapy stuff that you get from Doktor Kathy Nobody but our ideas, a threshold question as to whether you actually like you should go
your bachelor party with your friends and not really worry about it, because there is enough but worrying about it all the time like we're all worrying about Trump. All the time we're treat people are dreaming about like You can go to natural. I just liked forget that Trump exists she wants resume way. Do you want to persuade I'm sorry that you want to hang it up with no actually said she wanted to know what to do. She wanted to know how you should feel about it. What should she do right. Do I know you're right? Well, I right you. We ve been right the whole time we were you are incredibly smuggling thanked. Might for election. Have you seen its lasting israeli unaware, I'd obligations so to be smog for the country It felt like to keep spirits up. We I think, like I did a lot of soul searching over after that, and you know it doesn't always come through that think about.
But I do think you know our friend Honorary Cox report of empty, be news, really smart woman like hilarious, but she the simple recommendation which is like when you're talking these people, don't try to dump approach it as debate. Why do you feel the way you feel? I don't that's really smart way. Would then someone ask you why you feel how you feel and then it's a conversation. It's not like you need, but the deal on the thing read I gotta get to a better place or do in love. However, today is treated outlay and thank you for doing all that stuff. You don't have to bring up the politics of the bachelor Party in this. You like really feel like it's a good whether I can resist. Right. That's right! That's that's what I get that I get that then So I am a lawyer. I I represent a client and rock I'm gonna call within tomorrow morning.
Europe is in decline in Iraq on Iraq, the ease of use, a translator were for the: U S: Marines, in solution during the worst, the worst fighting there. You know when he's he's, trying to get a visa emigrate with his family to the? U S and even working for it for over a year, you now, obviously it's tough to go through the whole process an hour. I basically set up a call to talk to him. You know and respond to what's going on over the last few weeks, and I don't know what really to tell him you know, except maybe there there's going to be an exception for for? U S, interpreters, were there, and so as I've, I've really two questions. Anyone you know what what would you tell him? You know, reinsurance and into you know. If you oppose the yo you now, what's the most effective way to work against it, you know what
Would you recommend me, I would tell him that I tell us, ninety nine point nine percent of the country thanks, that's the worst fucking thing I've ever heard, though he would tell some translated for ourselves and our new abandoned them. It's it's immoral. It's wrong! we level. I dont know we theirs special type of visa for individuals from Iraq. We did exactly this and I have to think have to think that Congress or someone will fix this on behalf of, Videos like him, because that there's there's no planet where that person shouldn't be not just to be welcomed into the country. Allowed right. They did a lot for us on the speaks like the broadest epitome of this of this lobby. As you know, we have people have gained a sand doing some work. We are places
We have the CIA all over the world, goes to people and tells them. If you help us with information, will bring you in your family. I'd, say it's and on these seven countries that's no longer an option, and in every other country, people think that were full of it, so that the huge huge problem and it like. It bothers me to my core that this is happening. I forgave second question. Let go my high same question is what to do, and I think you have one of those stories that will help change people's minds. So you should tell that story. You should find get it. We're telescope Journalists is we're just three guys Tanya help us by that's a really important story in that stories about innovation. Like that change people's minds. You know when it's not a coincidence that
ACL, you brought their first lawsuit and a moment after this year was filed. It was for a translator who did exactly what your client was doing, and people with families and indecent good people who deserve their chance come to America. As we promised them, so I think there's something we all can deal which is protest at airports and and and keep up the momentum and go to these town halls and remind people how wrong this is in and they suddenly felt the pressure on that. But you particular in particular, should find ways to get that story in front of the media, because it's really important, if you can get this guy on film, will put it on our website will tweet. It will go nuts, in Calabria? One we know about this because, like this is exactly the kind of thing I care about, I will. I will also say that the reason this is one of the reasons is his own partners artist or a couple weeks ago, an iraqi being interviewed, and
the eco and she said you know for a long time. I wondered whether America, United States cared about Muslims and then this happened, and I saw the protests and I saw the reaction and I realized they do you know, and so like that that actually matters. You know what, like this, the scenes that we're projecting to the rest of the world in how we respond to this and ministries and is going to make a difference in the opinion of the rest of the world, and so even if all those protests don't change the executive order because they rewrite in the more info in a more legal way and they can get it done us continuing to resist and protest in to speak out into show the rest of the world that we believe in a different kind of America is going to be very important in the in the. Gather. Pisses me an interest also we joke and we try to keep our spirits up and we do Java. That's why.
We're in the middle of a national emergency Donald Trump International emergency does what it feels like that's every day you can still get Brito. You know we ve said about our business, but we're in the middle of a crisis and Donald Trump presents a crisis, and now we talk about this in the past, but it's a combination of malevolence and incompetence, and it is dangerous and her people going to kill people and its long hard fighting. We divide everyday, that's it! That's it! I'm Bob love my girlfriends hearing. She might love you more than she loves me so
was lives and values for her as a good news, real Tommy John- and I guess you guys had issue many of the chairs nominees for chair the Dnc come on pod as wondering, if individually, you guys would be willing to endorse any of them tonight. And secondly, it is true tat. I am so. I was worried. We, you guess, had murky last week and I was wondering if you guys thought there was any credence to the theory that he represents sort of a nice and middle between the temporary status meant and keep Ellison kind of super. Rest funny that that's the, but I didn't know that we I bet I would give us.
We're politician answer on this one, and I I've been thinking about it for a while. I slowly I just if Perez or Ellison or Buddha Judge CS I like, and give me your last name, the edge Buddha judge. Buddha judge footage. Any one of them would make an excellent dance. I really do believe that, and I am I I was impressed with all of them like I've. No press for while he was like one of our first gets on keeping at sixteen hundred. I really like Tom, like listen has sparked some real enthusiasm among a lot of Bernie Sanders. Support is a lot of other people in the party and he has a good story to tell and cited then I don't know anything about peat and then he can when the progress and that's what I like Most about p is that he talks like a normal human being, and this has been my hobby horse, especially as a speech writer- is that and Mere de Palacio was talking about this, which is like,
no rules anymore and, although the rule books and thrown out because of Trump and one of the good parts about that, is you shouldn't if you position you shouldn't, go out there and figure out like ok, understand my talking points that are what my pollster gave me and he said that this is. Right in this line is right in like we do all this, the candidates as advisers and consultants, to try to keep them on the right message and save the exact right words and it comes office phony most of the time, and I think most most politicians just started talking like they have conversations with everyday people on their life. They would be a lot better off and I don't mind I think that was a proud. I honestly think that was a problem with Hilary in the race. I thought there was a problem with most of the other Republicans that weren't Donald Trump, it's wrong with many politicians who stayin for too long, and so I think, when I heard when I heard Mare p talk like this is someone who's speaks like a normal human beings, refreshing who doesn't sound like he spent his whole life in washing endorsement, so I think, like you know, I find myself not feeling
like I know enough to make a decision about because they almost like it's impossible to know what the right choices right now and other problem. But you know- and I am very, very sympathetic to Dan, whose very smart you who, who is a huge fan of of press at the same time. I am also sympathetic to the argument that there is an incredible groundswell of people who want to know that the Democratic Party is listening and rightly, or wrongly, fairly, are unfairly. They basically drawn a line in the sand. It said it has to be kept else in or has to be someone other than price because he represents establishment. I they it's actually really unfair temporary, whose being tagged with kind of owning the mistakes of the deep sea, which is not really something he was doing. Regular, screwed up state party building, which we can acknowledge that you know that was wearing the wilderness like Tom Prison, Havana,
right and so like racism is progressive, cabin member we had so I, like, I really like mere PETE. I actually I like that. I like key thousands rhetoric and that the price that the his record on getting the vote. I think Tom President smartest guys who had a lot of really crazy say when you talk to us. The most important thing is that We can't fault part of this. You know I think, there's a chance Perez going to win and when he wins, I really am to be very annoyed with SIRI, like the Democratic Party, didn't listen on out; no, it doesn't matter. You lost. But what a thousand wins people being like that, if it were now the parties with two of ordering laughed, you now or may repeat winds in everybody's happy so everywhere, PETE. I think you Debo their names are gay really as they are these. As
I gave veteran and I want to add an then I want you. Began when performing likes register and honours. Is I'm a game? I guess I'm just get gave better I feel, like I don't know, I don't I all that I'm happy that way and if I have a strong feeling I just want someone is run an organization really effectively and raise money and recruit the hellenic candidates and, like
it starts in this room right. If he has a friends who could like run for local anything like go to your town figure would board see through opened. Do it right like empty slates, but there are. I just want someone effective. That's gonna, find great people and raise a ton of money and help us as private messages and like I'm kind of agnostic as to who that is, I serve share. Johns frustration with some unity is right. It is it's us when they sell soldiers talk normal. It's also say something on the Dnc, as I get operationally drop it really, it's really hard to know who's into a great job right now, honestly, I think we just they can make their claims. They can all make there s argument in no way the best person when, but it's really a turnaround job that someone's enough to go down a decent, deviant, building this party and actually figure out what the Dnc is for. You know, and it can just be a fundraising operation. It can't just be a you know, a thing that exists to do big, jive fundraiser as an ally in New York and and we
to figure out like the Democratic Party is broken. It is a broken institution and has failed us failed us at every level, and I think all of these candidates is what it's true, reelected Barack Obama. Tonight, rising number do yeah. Well, you know also know the Democratic Party didn't do that. I mean the Brok Obama Organization to that Barack Obama do that the Democratic Party has what is down in a lot of ways and we've left the Democratic Party down and making an organization that can compete across the country, and I think no one person going to solve this. No one term of the ents going to solve this. We have- I don't it's a lot of work, there's a big! This is going to be rough, Well, it's gonna go to identify how angry front of apart from the part about our friends. The very least.
The three part question so feel free to answer the part which most convenient outside the evolution of crooked media and loved shamelessly selling tee shirts. What do you think the long term, perhaps positive effects of each of them? The stations will be ten twenty years on road to what is your favorite slash, most inspiring trump tweet part. Three: if you were to be the characters on Ass Adele, who would best play each of you, but it is our right or you're born for this. Let's go. Let's take him on the bottom, I play myself to compliment trumps tweets for a second, I think, if you weren't such a liar and a racist, we kind of recognised that he's
honey. He is funny any is charming it sucks, but it is true. And I we don't normally see it and are not x. You know where he is what he is, but that's where he says. Happy new year, especially the haters and losers, like that's some that he's funny he's a funny guy, I will compliment him there. Positive effects of down tramping present I'd, say it's a negative ten. Twenty years we have the election monitors like two days away. Fine serves again ways. What do they? Just in watching me up the t shirts again, these are they are to convert our concepts cook. It were there it's not Monday. My work is done. Now I know
I would say honestly: I think that the single don't trumpets forcing us to go back to first principles, what we believe in what we don't what matters to us and what does an hundred thousand people to death to listen to the moral arguments for the night circuit? What Alex set about people striving to newspapers and paying attention there is something happening in this country that really inspiring and dumb, and we know the protest matter and we know that people going to airport matters. No, we joke protests as new brunch like coming soon media consumption. If you buy that he's all right, but I think that I think that Donald Trump is forcing us is. Is it really putting the less leffertses right, but pro democratic, institutions in norms and someone who has absolutely no respect for them, and I think that will have a positive long term effect know it's. It has to be it's the engagement right, and it's also, I think,
I have always been troubled by the view that politics is purely transactional, that you give a politician your vote some day and then you walk away and that's it, and there are sometimes. I think that that frustrated us. When Brok Obama was in the White house- and everyone was like- why didn't Obama fix everything on his own you now and it's because democracy requires everyone to be involved and engage, and there are a lot of people that are paying attention right now because of a bad thing, because telephones president, but if that leads to Creasy engagement and activism, and people just paying attention more to the news into politics on every level, then that's going to be good for this country. When worse quitting Donald Trump really did exposed a lot of unpopular dogmas inside their public and party, you know it's not a coincidence that Donald Trump is. Ensuring everybody and Paul Ryan is going in the morning, show the same no review and place restocking original, replace enemy, Paul Ryan.
The agenda of tax cuts, deregulation, trade, those things don't have? Is bigger, constituency and, and and and exposing the fact that these voters, weren't conservative, is as parent thought they were had, will be good thanks to good answers. The third part Cindy, so I live in New York. Obviously, and it's a pretty little place, I mean we give meals from blue apron, we're Indonesia bag? This is in the plot version. This is worth going to decide what we did. A great blue apron read today earlier You know I mean my friends have been very sporting events would tickets from data gives me up, but not my casper matches. How can we help people in the more battleground states or they are in the purple states that you know aren't necessarily.
Other than synonym. It was in the material. I feel like that. I was a rhetorical question: what do you do for people in the purple states? Budgetary shouted, because I fear I failed to convince the better, My party, I think I think that the biggest thing I think this is a question I think them. I think the most important thing. I think that the lesson of this big popular vote when I think the popular vote win is heartening right because it does mean that on trumped up and have a mandate, but also to forces s, questions like. Why did all the peoples on the wrong place like if we had buses and we rely? we should put them in the right way, why don't he's dead people vote in New York useless? No, but I think that.
I think that we made a lot of assumptions and- and I think it pains me to say this- but I think the single smartest point about the two thousand sixteen election was made by colleagues Conway. Tricks you to respect on all sides, one time was there is a difference between what offends people and what affects people, and we focused way too much more offence, people and not enough on what affects people, because we made a we. Maybe we were right when we're done about you. No doubt this is not who we are you know. Donald Trump is Dino disrespects people he makes fond of people he's a bully, he's the wrong kind of person he's corrupt, he's everything we set about industrial. We did it make the next step, which was- and this is why it's gonna hurt you. This is why it's gonna make your life worse and the bad news is, I think that causes the election. The good news is when you president, you can't lie about what is actually going on.
The people's bank accounts with their health care on their roads in their schools, etc, which is why Betsy Divorce broke through, which is why these protests are breaking through. It's a question of focus, though, because it is going to take relentless focus on those issues and those are not always the sexy issues that breakthrough, but to appeal those voters away from him. It is we have to talk about how he affect people's lives and even. Even the conflict of interest stuff, it's like you have to not just say that he has obvious conflicts of interests and he's using the way has to enrich himself. You have to make the next step and say he's using it to enrich himself and thus making your life worse in this way right, and so we have to constantly connect those dots for people that this president, whom you elected Have you thought you may change Washington for the better and improve your life, for the better is not actually doing so and that's it. That's the end of it.
You know it's not a lot of he's crazy this or that it's just. He didn't improve your life and he said he was going to it incredibly galling right. When can I Conway or shot spice her Donald Trump himself is, like you said you should get my taxes. I Didn'T- and people living care and we'd get angry about that or we can be challenged by that and figure out. Well, if this is important, why isn't? Why doesn't matter. Why didn't costume everything? Why didn't he lives by fifteen points? And I think it's making it so Crystal clear that this person is lying to you and it's gonna hurt you as a battery there was worth thinking about And until about twelve weeks ago in my corker then came in and told me that your pocket, they didn't know very much about politics. So my question is, since he's been elected, and now since even office, we keep hearing, he's breaking the law Kelly and Conway and her
the Russian, whatever the dossier Ali things right and it's breaking the constitution, it written law, but the only lawsuit that's really come up. So far is the one with the EU and the ban, and I'm wondering is there: are there other losses that are in process and we're going to see those soon or is there a time. Here are we waiting on the Republicans and our with some of these issues, like you're, very good questions like what if she broke the law on tv wizened, a thing like that should be easy: some of this, is some easy. Like you know, you have historic, Howard, Jason Chaffetz, who refuses to do oversight. I, like that's one problem with wind at the house, so we could do real oversights to get subpoena power and hold hearings Do something about that you will see like normal in amateur painter in those guys continue put four, I think, of ethics related lawsuits and engage yoyo any challenge things they view is unjust.
Unreasonable and then with Flynn that seems like that could be some kind of FBI investigation. So there's like to survey whole bucket of legal issues, swirling. That could be damaging to him at any point along the way. It is not clear when or where how so we can't bank. On that. I guess it's my point. We can rely on our hope for that we have to win. Messaging fight- and maybe some of that several spring up at a useful time, but it probably gonna take a while. You know, and we do have, do we mean we and went about. We have oversight power again. Some of these shorthand. Is ocean obviously broke the law, but it is a little more murky than that right in Oregon requires an investigation or anything. Requires the their own attorney General Jeff sessions to get involved? That's not happen.
In most things that require the Republican Congress again, while bats are happening rates of this, when there's an isn't that, like clear cut that they broke the law in somewhat consume, they can do that, but a lot of them are more murky like Tom. Is it now, and I think we also like carrying Conway making one? I think like killing, Conway Meeting went off comment about how you should go by shoes like we don't want to live in a country where she goes to jail for that want to live in a country where she gets centre for that and embarrassed for that and criticized for that, it may be fired for that maybe ingratiated period they give. Hello boys are Ronnie Joe, they re
Obama field organizer. From way back in the day, I was out of seven first time long time. One thinks someone who considers you guys like a big brother. Thank you for doing everything you're doing to give us a voice to those that, at the end of the buttering up the hosts, Secondly, as our own boss, Brok Obama, who still the most popular public political figure on earth, What is done here, what is the most effective and important thing he does for this generation to help bring us back from the dark side. What can he do to to inspire us again, and what can we do to empower all of us to believe in hoping change once more,
I mean, I think they d, the mission of the Obama Foundation is going to be civic engagement, which, as you know, the more boring term for getting people active getting people involved. He said that he specifically wants to focus on young people and he wants to make sure that this generation isn't cynical and the battle against cynicism and public life, which is the battle he took up when announced his candidacy as ten years ago today. Springfield Illinois vat. Fight continues even more today and when I say cynicism, it's it's not that you know when you get involved in politics, sometimes you're going to lose. Sometimes things aren't going to turn out the way you want sometimes you're, going to get Donald Trump as president. That doesn't mean that it's not worth trying that doesn't mean that the fight isn't worth it and that you shouldn't continue the fight right, and so I think, if he
I think it during the fight like in the foundation. He will probably use his. You know, uses voice in hell speak out on this, but I will also try to lift up a lot of the voices and a lot of the young people out there who are doing incredible things were getting involved, an incredible ways and being involved in public life. And I think that would be. I think that will be his legacy in the next ten years. He's going back to his community organ enchantment for our discussion has anything yeah. Thank you, Sir John Wayne, like he cannot save us re lucky he's not gonna be present in again. I don't think, but I saw him in DC last week and he is literally tanned, rested and ready. So, like the guys going to be around you give me inspiring people that work for us to run for office. He is going to be like fighting for things he believes in so you know, I think we should all take inspiration from for what he did, what he accomplished, who he is the way he conducted himself in office and remember that, like yes, we are looking at this or monster but like there, that ideal still out there and like that, so we all aspire to
If we take away everyone got from that was, I saw a rock of analysing and that's what I heard, and I think that was the point. Isn't it but I would say, like I guess it work which will be. Do you think it's sick, bird twenty eighteen September. Twenty eighteen is campaigning for house candidates as he raising when he's leaving some speeches, I think he's campaign. I think he'll campaign a twentieth. I'm out of the others, but it's not I mean look. I don't have ass. Much like a nice idea. Is that what you doing twenty eight? Were you where you and what do you want me to Ohio I got into politics and to inform the carry him pain- and I remember bill Clinton- was out there all the time you know, and so I think that is very young ex president and hill, I think he'll be other, so campaigns can be put me wrong, but rougher officer
you got, it my name is John and I have a question about the did. You guys are time about on the package yesterday of this long term trend that Obama believes in toward a quality. If you look at the scope of american history and toward progress on reservations, I take more pessimistic view that I feel like there are major fundamental change happening to how society functions particularly around the internet, they have produced Donald Trump, for example, about seven believes that tramples, to the internet and I'm wondering if you feel like the internet other changes that are unprecedented in american history are changing. Our could be changing
idea of a narrative of trajectory toward equality toward progress on progressive issues that has been kind of steadfast or do you realize that holds up that continues? Nothing that is happening today could be modified that trajectory in a way. That is worth the great question, I think, listen to tat vision part of it. I started it We did we went on it, I'm not sure what it we go over. This isn't about others, Ipod. I acknowledge, is more of a tool than anything else, and so I think yes, the internet help give rise to Donald Trump. It also help rise to break Obama. It help give rise to the protests were saying it how you like, I think it can be used good or for ill. I think, You know when Obama uses, I quote, the arc of the more likely universes longer depends justice, he would always add in his dumb speech, but it doesnt bend on its own, you have to put your two hands on the Ark Unbending rate, and so I think,
There is no inevitable march towards progress, but there is the history. This country has shown that when people are engaged and they are fighting and they are paying attention that good things happen that we move forward, and so I do think that but that's the lesson that I've taken from history. Despite all the backlash, all the struggle of the pain that people have gone through and in we shouldn't wash over there I mean we. We say this all the time people were, people are gonna, get hurt. You turn from presidency. It's not it's not like some happy story, we're down from points and then we're all engage in everything's. Wonderful, again like there will be bad things that happen. We will lose fights. Every once in a while things, you get pretty bad relax five hundred years really did this. I think that the sooner freaked me out because, even though even internationally. I D betrays like you know. We have this like we, this world order, we sort of Bin the leader of fur power may decades that we didn't get there by accident and you
kind of abandonment and come back for years later. We have the thing back where we are going to completing everywhere so fragile, and we need to really Pfeiffer things. We believe which gets me back to the question about this guy stuck in Iraq. Like we need did. I think, projected images and opposition that constantly shows the things we believe in and like the internet is a powerful force, but there have been forces along the long. The think we're zillion can adapt that I think it's like it's a fundamentally here and values and things that are bigger and timeless. That will come to help us navigate this thing and ethics like metabolic. You made it a point which is like trumps them. Easy Now- is not a matter measures not magic just to daddy all races to actually became president and offer any loss, any loss of popular vote and and look, I think, they're big forces that matron possible little things had to go wrong for him to actually went and and a little things can make him loose and little things can make enemies, that's right and look economic inequality. The strain of our media that the the the
hardiness and an vulgarity of our culture things open the door to a real villain and he puts the hope the american project in jeopardy. It really is but were protesting, were marching. He's most unpopular president were already divided country as to whether we should already be impeached, we can win the house and twenty eighteen. We can hold them accountable Kick him I'm twenty twenty and get back to business, and we can do that and and and then and then we can all look back and say what factors have another and we're gonna play Kelly Clarkson since you ve been gone and it's gonna be awesome. Just remember like I do we wait over the really bad hang over. I highlight- or you know I know this is like a crazy time in its it's scary and it's horrible, but, like there'll, be a last day, trumpets president and it's gonna be fantastic
hi. I am rob those began. Looking towards the future. I made public school teacher. Between the south round about sixty percent of my students, maybe a little bit more are either immigrants or have families at emigrated from other countries, and I think that the most difficult day but I've had to teach was the day after the election just having not really processed it
self, not having slept very much and having to go in and face students who are fourteen sixteen seventeen years old, who knew that something bad happened, but they weren't shore how bad and they were sure what to do. Do you have any advice for helping empower these young people who will either vote in two thousand and thirteen and definitely deserves and twenty how to make them feel empowered again through your question look. I would your teacher rate like I would take them mondetour through history, and I mean I've been. I was sent us on the Pike S lot, but It's like everyone's, been reading the books about like fascism and Nazi Germany happen and Hitler room I've been finding. My of wanting to read more about the civil rights movement right and like
I was an easy and it took about a decade took more than that, and you know there a lot of people be on that bridge and sell and a lot of other places, and but I think, teaching children today and teaching. Students say that progress is possible in America and it has been over the course of two centuries, even when we faced war and depression and really really really difficult challenges that give them hope that they can do something Let them know that only happened, because people got involved in they paid attention. And may you know they studied, and they you know like. I think it's it's a great maternity and made it very difficult. We raise him. It's also a great opportunity to let children know that if they are engaged, if they pay attention and if they fight for this than than they can they can make progress happened this country that they have the power to do them to eat a permission slip to take them to
protest. Yes, we're gonna story, a story, remoteness, reduce their stores happening all over the country right. Now that are good news story right, whether these protests or whether you know people looking out for other interests. Find the Good NEWS out there. That's why it cuz there's it's very easy when you turn on the news right now to only see bad news, because there is a lot of bad news and I think we have to work harder to find the Good NEWS stories out. There find the stories of people protest, people helping each other people serve living american values, the ones that we believe in, and I think I think that that will give inspiration and maybe take your protest. Maybe
and we got on we got our. Can. I think that's what I don't think. That's like a totally president should lead to more crushing Jessica version of my question was asked earlier about us about having impact outside the bubble. More specific savagely when Europe is very liberal city is a sanctuary city. Most of our representatives are on our side. Protested outside, apartment and not too long ago, so act together? My mother, my mother, is taken to you now putting on a fake southern accent and call resonates I've done my personal acted in view. Well, I mean overly dependent other the accidents woollens Regan.
Giving in the idea the I dont know that Israel while calling people whose work is like from forty five main, treating a way by doing how I feel about it, issue, but if our representatives are already kind of voting with, as you get those calls to action, we are now in a great wall. I artist I tweet from my representative, another moaning my way than what else, I think that's amazing that she's that committed good for her seriously but if she's, that committed at that much time and energy to put into this, that use something like swing laughed at work defined year, nearest swing state in going to the county, meaning people going to that Prieta District meeting people face to face probably a better use of time and more likely to effective, more likely to be inexperience it rewarding for her. As well as her like a chance to move somebody on a that's it. I wouldn't do unrest
Last pressure, guys hey minds, Nathan, Reuben, big fan of the pod loving. I love your shoes by the way. Thank you really slick my question actually similar. But it comes to you know our biggest resource constrained time and when you have organizations like swing laughed run for something millennial, power takes indivisible these organizations out there for us working folk who don't really have damaged free time? How do we most effectively use our time to resist the Trump administrations agenda? Wasn't I think, the figures, I don't know serve a silly answer but like to me his eyes. Like when you try to do everything you end up doing nothing and if you kind of written eyes Your commitment is the cause. Every week, every month like if you're going due to our canvassing a month- God bless you, that's amazing!
and like figure out what that is and hold yourself to it, and that could be our commitment or like ten bucks a month to the ACLU or twenty bucks of the DNA. Whatever it might be of use. I hear you the news we we, this for a living, allegedly we having to pay But we were it's impossible capabilities we Alex till the things we never hurt and so I hear you in and like you, have a job and have real obligation, but I do think we forgot like what is their contribution and sticking to it and then becoming was most glaring getting two or three friends had it with you, like that's higher force and green, I raise. This is a good point is that thanks Because we have so much news on so many different issues and so many things to freak out about everyday, it's like figure out a way to help all of it and resolve all of it, and you can't do that. Then you should one issue that you care about pick one race that you care about and donate
weekend hours to write whether its canvassing, whether its found banking, whether it's you know, I think that probably makes more of a difference in long. It's not always is immediately satisfying, because you don't see that we want. We want to meet seaward patient rights, we want to say, like I want a tweet and then solve this problem right and that's it doesn't happen, and so it takes effort and takes time. But you know It is often the end- and we saw this on both Obama campaigns, right- that these organisms started like a year in advance yeah. They were in random places in Iowa like was not yet you are. There were ten of us on the ground and I well. It was a Ronnie show and like a bunch of us working out a gas station and by the end of the campaign Ronnie, organized it. Seventy five volunteers making calls for Milosevic scaling impact So unbelievable if it's a dedicated committed and another we don't work, don't with a perfectly I meet a guy like there are lots organizations it's actually hard for us even to sort out like which is what we should.
Talking about which is the best one and three. This is great that there's all these new things that we need indivisible these chapters popping up its exciting and their great, and if there's one year you should go and check it out. It is a protest. You should go, go give that a shot. I mean, I would say, the single most important thing we have to do as it to save these countries when the house and twenty eighteen and of and if You find a way to help when it how seed somewhere, you can protest. Our attention and make these people popular and make our trouble us popular anyway. You can like you're helping and its awesome. Yeah, maybe guy here. Thank you. Thank you to radio love us we're having us thanks to the ban theatre for having on six February my say, listen to our partners will put up your shocks that people like this thing. I wasn't really nice of you to listen, I'm serious like that. They cause
Java people treated us that they go to protest this ass. A thank you. Thank you. I thanks Alex Wagner, bear the Guardia. I thank you.
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