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President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris deliver victory speeches after the race is called, two-time popular vote loser and soon-to-be one-term President Donald Trump refuses to concede, and Democrats debate how to govern and win in a divided Washington. Then Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown talks to Jon Lovett about the power of organizing and the Georgia Senate runoffs.

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we're: gonna, pods America, I'm John Fabric, Anja another, I'm Tommy retort on today's love. It talks to Latasha Brown of black boaters matter about the organizing that helped when this election and how it can help the Georgia Senate run off before that. We'll talk about Victory speeches from President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamel Harris after them, was called by every news outlets. The talk about Donald Trump, continued refusal to concede, and what's next, as Biden prepares to take office in January, but first love How is your celebratory pod this weekend, greater I'm talking to a lesser. We live very loose Benwick we are talking about winning Wisconsin,
design, empty veggie, because you know why it has been a long election and I felt we deserve that. I want to talk about models and poles, so we did I finally at got a chance to talk about why I'm bothered by the models it was. It was a very good it gave us out check it out, check it out, it's over. I don't. I don't blame it's over. I blame the people that this year's models, people missing who's the models. None of US playmates over, we all five, thirty, eight one, more quick note we mentioned in the last pod, but coming soon adopt Estate Georgia, for those of you who want to get involved in the two Senate run offs, but you can already request your mail ballot if you're Georgia voter and you can do it directly to John US off Rafale Warnock at vote. Save America dot com, slash, get Mitch and stay tuned soon. Soon. Soon Doktor State Georgia Orwell becoming. I just feel it gets a little bit like someone just finished a marathon and they're kind of leaning over and breathing, and you
tell them you like hey. I just have some really bad news bid a tiger right behind. You know my parking cards you miles away. We gotta go together, we're so glow I area I area, let's get to the news on Saturday morning after America collectively watch nearly ninety six consecutive hours of cable news, every major news outlet followed crooked media and finally, Pennsylvania and the presidency for Joe Biden Then, on Saturday night, the President Elect, and Vice President come on Harris, deliver their victor speeches to drive and rally full of supporters in Wilmington Delaware. Before we get to the speeches. how about those spontaneous celebrations all over the country after the race was called the congratulations from quite a few foreign leaders. Would you guys think there was just the best? It was just the best I, I finally left my couch after for her,
three hours of watching cable to drive to the liquor store, as one does, after winning an historic collection? When I saw people on the corners chow think Joe Biden name up and Santa Monica hyping people up. Just like you. our joy, it the most unbelievers, sense of relief. I've not felt that way, and in four years I really love it. Yeah. I felt the same way. You know I felt as though the victory was meted out in pieces starting Tuesday night right. Susanna comes, it feels like deeply unsatisfying. The results are coming and slowly we know there's a red mirage, and yet it still look. Like a real area that you can go yet it's like I'm still trying to drink the sand. You know, then, they morning, things are looking brighter than the colors are, are coming back into um. You know the world Thursday, you start to feel Friday and but by Saturday was but was just a reminder to that. Like No. The term President Elect is not a term of art, theirs
magical moment where you become President Elect like week. We call him present like because there is a collective appreciation of the fact that this, now done right at it. It is so resounding that doesn't matter that Trump didn't give. It matters that the media calls it. It does, because this is a democracy where redo rely on the press, like all the others petitions that Trump has spent so long, a sob. in undermining you really fell on Saturday that we have hard fights to com. There are fake legal challenges to come, but you felt those institutions do their job and a collective side. leave and millions of people, especially in cities that had been called names and deal with generalised and attacked, told there, not real Americans for so long, come out into
street in like big cities across the country and say like it's, our fucking country, to its our country too, and we won and we won and it felt fucking great. It was cathartic more than anything and is interesting when they call the Saturday morning. I of course missed it. I was but who trophy down for a map when watching cable nonstop reflected in the five seconds them away from the ten you like when it actually like Walter, Martha turns away from the plant and Denis the menace in our last requisite worry about. It so in our watching it and we're like very happy, but it didn't really hit me until outside. I sent her to let people were walking up and we're in a pretty quiet, neighbourhood, and then people verge but like you were walking up and down the street banging pots and pans screaming, and that's when it hit me and then we took it
I've through the M Swing District of Hollywood on Santa Monica was bugging me MA. Am I like people leaving out their cars people who weren't like some people, combine Harris stuff, but some people were not and just walk on the streets, but if you beat them, they give you a thumb It was like a knowing excitement from everyone you ran in. I was like the allies liberating Paris after World war. Two, it was just ass. It was unbelievable bar that's due to differences. In that case the fascist did surrender or something I don't know. I was surprised, but I would certainly like very happy to see all the foreign leaders rush to congratulate him. What did you? What did you think about that from like our foreign policy?
that's pretty sweet right yeah I mean it was very, even bebe, even baby in the Socrates and re they took their sweet ass time and trust me. I notice that you know you. You had Boris Johnson coming out of the gate pretty fast on Saturday, you real you mode, in India putting out a statement pretty quickly like people who have built relationships with tromp, will align themselves with a trump were pretty fast the gate selling Emma S, nice, known yeah, it's been fun. There was great you're, not almost as if they were motivated by a deep sense of loyalty to him as a yes and right everywhere were using a relationship with a spoon It was a real sort of spell has been broken moment. Yes, What's so then later that night we had the speeches and Wilmington Delaware at the drive in rally lets us into a clip from vice President Elect commonly Harris's victory speech.
While I may mean the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight says that this is a country of possibilities and to the children of our country, regardless of your gender our country has sent you a clear message: dream with the ambition laid with conviction. and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they ve, never seen it before now that we will applaud you every step of the way I feel like com a Harris's barrier breaking,
history making candidacy here with something we spoke about when she was selected as as president and then all of a sudden. We won- and I saw her up there and, like oh yeah, this election was history, making bright like just sort of like it was totally under the rate after a couple months, and it was so wonderful to see what you guys think of her speech. It was a great speed but I know I swim in a liberal bubble. I from so many people who are toasting, who are cheering poor, crying like beyond proud, were overjoyed watching calmly speak and then I suggest, to step back for a second. I think vote should think about the fact that Common Harris spoke for a second. The truth is most politicians are petty. They don't want to get staged by their vice president or anybody else in Joe Biden, those damn well. What a great speaker. She is an
knew. There was a chance, be my come away more excited about her remarks than is needed and care he's competent himself he's coffin in their partnership. You wanted to celebrate the historic nature. Recanted candidacy see he delivered man I mean that was a hell of a speech. It was firing, goosebumps, steers the whole thing yeah I was struck. I do. I felt the same way I felt like it was. I think soon by the scale of how much of a threat trump himself posts, but seeing her up there, the first woman first women of color, what I really thought when I saw it was we're, never gonna have in all white or all male democratic. Take it again, and I thought, and I thought what an extraordinary thing that it was subsumed by their nature of this moment, that what mattered that that she was path breaking and she did talk about it, and it was inspiring, but that what was overwhelming to when seeing and both up there is that
have these two righteous Kay but moral leaders who are now who have been saying these things about what they were, to do speaking all on the right ways, but now they were doing it with the power of the presidency behind them for the first time and you they didn't mention Donald Trump. By name, I didn't notice. I notice really he's disappearing is disappearing, like a photo like he's from a photo from back to the future is just fading out. and that to me was like it was on, I'm sorry, is that each moment by just some I'm feeling the amount science of every step right look at every step. It is hitting me that, Now how important it is that they want and what it represents. That's it just bit. It just felt so good to have a happy moment
like and in a moment that wasn't like you, said it wasn't just day. You know there are plenty of trumpets, gone, Anti trump moments. Those speeches calmly speech and bind speech- I thought were pure moments of this- is just a positive, unifying good thing happening and you have to think about Trump Bethia Camel hair is being elevated to the vice presidency. Just wonderful on its own has nothing to do with Donald Trump, and so here's a clip from President Elect Joe Biden speech it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric. Laura the temperature see each other again lesson each other again, and to make progress. We have stop treating proteids as our enemies. They are not our enemies, their Americans, There are. The Bible tells us everything there is a season. time to time
What time do so at a time to hear this the time on an urgent, it just struck me that once again this was Joe Biden message from the very first day that he entered the democratic primary and it is once again a very fitting message for the moment. I also thought it was interesting that we know we play the clipper. He talked about a time to heel to come together, which is typical of his message before he got there. He really did speak a lot about the diversity of his coalition, and it wasn't just about unity between Republicans and Democrats, which, as you know, sometimes he gets criticized for it was about coming together. Is a nation in all of our diversity in any sort of spoke about that that the broad diversity of his coalition and then ended by saying, and especially the african american community, that was there for me when I was down and out
Therefore, you too- and I thought that was a really nice moment, because sometimes unity can paper over other important issues, which is Europe something that he mentioned. What would you guys think Abiden speech you not? I wrote down. One thing about Biden speech was that it could have been, as announced in speech, and I too was struck by the consistency and the narrative that he's pull throughout my think, luck There will be some people on the left to will maybe before. Treated by that interpreted as not wanting to fight. I did not interpret it that way I interpreted as reading the room and understanding with a nation which has been through four years of trauma and now wants to heal and wants to come together. Even if there's factions on their side, who don't, and yet I also struck by the inclusiveness of the speech. Jake Tapir did a great segment or a pointed out. That Biden Speech spoke directly to the disabled community in for a lot of activists they felt like. I was the first time they had ever heard themselves represented in his speech,
at this high of a level and how big and meaningful that was for him, and you know it just shows the care and the thought and decency that went into the drafting of a speech in the candidacy, any others. It was a happy I've been, fifty one time and it was so nice adjuster like saw the whole thing and I thought so proud for Joe Biden. I could not help thinking about Bo Biden in how proud he would have been of his dad and how Europe, how much that family has dealt with the matter. several months between other ship Moody, Giuliani in the trunk campaign and how unbelievably proud they must have an interest. In a credible moment, there was a there's, someone is holding up a sign in the crowd. It was on CNN right before the speech. That said, you kept your promise to bow and I was like yes, economic broke me yeah. I also say to you know: he also mentioned Trans people yeah De Rossa, another another another first and end,
It's a reminded me of the convention. To that you know our and disability rights around algae, BT. Q writes that you know Joe Biden as a kind of avuncular safe whites. Moderate right much like under girding, by kind of a part of the Elect ability argument that was a little bit pernicious during that the primary but see him up there talking about unity, you see him using compassion and grief and and kind of the values that have him safe as a means reach out to trans people. Talk about criminal justice reform, talk about black lives matter kind of knowing how you can have an incredibly progressive policy platform while at the same time, being this unity figure. Being this figure of normalcy, I think, speaks to kind of a Europe that to be ultimately like the great victory of his campaign, and you felt it there. It also speaks to the coalition that gun him elected.
right. That is the absolutely not as we dig into the results more. You know there was some he improved on Clinton's margins in some of these places, especially somewhere or places by a little bit, but this is the coalition that came out in twenty eighteen after you know have two years after Trump, and it is the most First coalition that the democratic parties ever had yeah- I just one other one other piece of it too. I also think what he said about the pandemic today what he said about the pandemic just before we recorded righteous like a serious adult talks about this using reality, and science right Pfizer announces that a vaccine may be successful. He's like this is great news here, the reasons to be concerned. Here's where we still have to do those things. You know I was thinking about this because I
We talk about in the last debate how the bar was set so low for Trump, because trumpet so bad that if Trump was just somewhat normal, he would like jump right over that bar. But it's also true that, because Trump was so bad Joe Biden just by doing things that formal president's. Do just baseline shit, however, have a covert ask force that has scientists and health experts on it didn't special about that. But of course you should have a health experts and scientists and you're. Ok, I'm not I'm, not I'm, not a radiologist. You saw a news max, you know, but it seems like refreshing, M M and brilliant wonderful because, like we haven't that before you're right, you know I'd. I want to know what are the challenges facing the incoming Harris Administration, but their most immediate former reality tv star, Donald Trump, the two time, Popular vote, loser and soon to be one term, president is refusing to concede the race because it is fragile ego, and so
tweeting, conspiracies about voter fraud and threatening frivolous legal actions, none of which would change the outcome of the race. even if a judge rolled and drums favor Nevertheless, Trump is also reportedly planning to hold a series of campaign style rallies in order to undermine the integrity of the election. Though there is another point, this more that maybe they'll just be spontaneous rallies that he doesn't appear ass and he's he's also getting help from most elected Republicans, who have either used to congratulate Joe Biden or pirated trumps conspiracies, like TED Crews and Lindsey Gram did all week Basically, in the Senate, all we have is Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, LISA Mc congratulating President Elect Joe Biden. That's all we got big surprise. First, question Tommy how serious are these legal challenges I'd I'm not taking the the legal challenges seriously at all. It's.
A lot of them have been laughed out of court. Since we last talked about this, it seems pretty clear that a lot of them would maybe shaved down the vote at the margins, but there's just there is no legal pathway that we ve seen articulated that would overturned the results of the election Jared Kush nurse. What's to find a gym baker, like figure former White House, chief of staff, Treasury secretary sector states, statesmen of all statements that they search up in Washington DC ended with David Bossy. these citizens, United Guy? Who is not a lawyer? So that's the crack legal team leading this. Why am I to tell me that they had wanted Jim Baker, but they absolutely got Jim Baker total landscape? Half an hour we got its half your father died away. Ass, gaping events show that the legal day, but we should talk about the transition at some point. That's more concerning lover: what do you think about the boat? The legal challenges,
Look, here's what we now murder Giuliani sound out. While I live on television that all the networks and called it, he then looked up in pray to God and introduced a registered sex offender to lie about what happened in Philadelphia. I am not particularly concerned about it. I think it is much you It's like you know, I mean Has there ever been bought, allow all from grace more profound and full I mean yes, there have vs. There have been others that are worse, but my goodness route Giuliani, yikes, but so now I look, I think, What is sad about all of this is and should be deeply Deeply worrying that people like TED crews, people like Lindsey Grammar signing onto this and then a bunch of kind of invisible, Republicans putting out mealy mouthed statements that are like we count all legal votes and no illegal votes, which of course, is what we ve already done. It should be alarming to us, because it would mean that if this election had been closer, if it didn't turn out after the vote,
was done that we had really one ultimately, the states we plan plus ERA Zone plus Georgia, that it was an undeniable we be in a much different situation because they might be in a better position, actually still its election. That should be terrifying. Also, it dangerous. It is dangerous step there, not accepting the result. We can talk about how dangerous it is for the transition, but he's gonna be dangerous when you see a bunch of right wing leaders telling millions upon millions of people that this is not about Don illegitimate, legitimate outcome, we talked about stochastic terrorism to ashes in the past. If enough people here that a few we'll take this literally and it is fucking dangerous, it is dangerous, even if its stupid and doesn't work. Well, it's not only dangerous. It is the most predictable thing in the world. Everyone predicted this because it happened months before it happen. No one ever the trumpet concede. Everyone knew the trumpet pedal conspiracies about the stolen election, and
we all know by now, after four years, that that works with his base, not just because everyone blizzard from said because he has an entire fuckin propaganda network, the does that that is poisoning people's brains in this country, so that at least half the country is gonna go on believing that this election was stolen, it just what it was like is shocking and horrifying also inevitable, and just as you know, this is not a contested election. Joe Biden Margin over Donald Trump in the states sowing the election. Michigan Pennsylvania was. Content is already two hundred and twenty thousand votes, which is far more than the just under eighty thousand votes, where that Donald Trump be Hillary Clinton by you. Look at every single lawsuit he has filed. Even if you want all these lawsuits. It would not shave nearly enough off any of the states, let alone the multiple states he needs to quit. Selection, has gone. Oh in ten imposed, elect
litigation Owen, ten according to Mark Elias he's getting like lawsuits turn out left and right is getting laughed at a courts, even courts with republican judges he's getting wet that is so like this is the annoying. This is what really fucking infuriating about TED crews Linsey Graham and all these Republicans, we're like well and even Susan Collins in her statement, was like the president, should be afforded all of his opportunities to challenges in courts. Yet if it was like we're not talking about by, hundred votes in Florida in two thousand here right, we're talking about losing lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit and then just keeping them going. Like when three December: how many times did you get to challenge? The results he's been here? already been lose it like he's just going to do this forever for the next Viking months. He's going to do this until the elector sit in the Electoral college like what is this? It's also on. You know
these Republicans that are humoring tromp either because they plan on running themselves want to claim that they did or because they're just profound cowards. Whatever the reason is that they're doing us, they are, they are living in the large ass. Our democracy has afforded them that we can handle this undermining of those institutions They are relying on the strength of our system itself to be robust enough that what they're doing does it matter because we ve been through so many elections where, where the first step wasn't the certification of electoral college, wasn't the certification of the results. It was institutions like the press, calling it an individual's accepting it calling and conceding not because there aren't exhaustively legal remedies that you can pretend exist before you, but because they understood it was the right thing to do. We will be fine because we can handle one asshole, whose ego and narcissism prevents him from doing this and a bunch of power to go along because of the
economics of their media, environment or so heinous, but just because it will come to nothing doesn't mean it shouldn't, be incredibly saddened alarming yeah like on one hand, I dont really care what Donald Trump tweets. At this point, I dont really care that Rudy Giuliani, PAM, Bandy Corey Lewandowski, showed up at a place called four seasons: total landscaping after the president tweeted out that there's gonna be important press conference at the four seasons and then had to correct himself and say it was four seasons. Total weapons skipping, which is next to an erotic book shop that hosts dildo madness sales and then repeat Giuliani? Add that press governance you said, love it invited someone who he claimed was a republic and Poland. In Philadelphia who'd been obstructed from the pole. Watching process turns out that person is actually just a registered sex offender,
by the way, I don't know I just like perfected. Pert thou adjust it symbolizes, the entire legal entity or derail desert and my finding about this dildo self from you. What are you doing here? Tell me: how much does it matter whether or not Trump concedes this race? We were just mentioning the transition munch. Yes, look a bit. The transition, the pure between the election and inauguration is quite short, and so you know you have a lot to do. You have to pick heads of agents yes, you have to name a million staffers. You have to weigh our policy proposals, you ve the draft executive orders like it. It's it's complicated stuff that takes time and takes manpower, and so the thing that's a that's concerning to me is that the the G8 say: that's a government body that overseas all these resources for the transition has
certified Joe Biden the winner, yet because she is scared, Donald Trump to the political appointee, and that means they get access to office. Space resources classified information, all the things you really need to do to plan their stuff. Like I flew from Chicago DC like two or three days after the election to work on the transition team. I said I found myself parked in some. I think I can FBI this building or something downtown will realities. I cobbled together and started journeying, but you know that was a new environment for me, but by law. You have to have been working on this stuff since, like May, first, you had to name a transition director by MID September you had the name secession plan and you had to find you know all these individual to run. Agencies like this stuff takes time. It takes effort. It's like
grinding it out. You know it's with work that requires people and manpower and a place to do it, especially on the national security side, where I, like. You can't even get access the information you need until you start the transition process, so it still pretty early like I think you know, the vine team can catch up here by it's something to watch, because that that's a real world implication and is something that happens and they're not able to like. I don't know, do some national Purity planning like that intelligence get ahead of the pandemic, like that. This could be a reason why.
And again it's just it's it's the danger of the last four years right, like Trump, can tweet do whatever you want yell and hold this fuckin rallies and speed is bullshit, that's up, but if the entire republican Party just goes along with him and starts spewing, these same conspiracy theories allowing him not to let Joe Biden launches transition, potentially fucking with D. You know the bus GNP legislatures fucking with the electors like Ben Ben, were in some shit. You know, and so I do think there needs to be a lot of pressure on Republicans and elected Republicans in these couple weeks to push push drummed out the door here, because that's that's not right and also do decide. Once again. Here we are in a situation where we are confronted by the fact that protections were not legal. They were social there political. They were moral like the G
say acknowledging that the transition has begun, depending on their concession of the president and the president is one term president won't do it right like? Oh, that's it interesting problem. When we rely on the fact that people can see Georgia Bush famously delivered an incredibly warm concession and letter tat took two billion right as a part of our our story, and so like now, in a situation where we have to have this kind of informal transition. My hope and expectation is that the people around Joe Biden, the people that will become the leaders of of of his administration are gonna do their best to begin the transition, despite the obstacles trump puts in front of in front of them by its yet again something else we have to look out after Trump has gone to strengthen and putting our rules against these kinds of abuses. That's all Party America, Roger by blue apron as well into the holiday season. Blue aprons here to help you stress, less weather,
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so. Tell me first question what are some of the quick consequential moves that bind can make without so you could do a lot of stuff when it comes to executive action. One of the things there too about is that abide in well, send a letter to the United Nations indicating that we are going to rejoin the Paris climate accord, so that walks backs trumps decision to two step away from Paris. The great news along has been that that action by Trump really go into force until right now, so finally will be back in Paris. I think that's an enormously consequential decision It sounds like a day. One he's gonna create some sort of national supply chain commander to take on the pandemic. To make sure We have all the stuff we need is a bus actions like that that he can be quickly he can get rid of the muslim ban. You can walk back alive the Trump agenda you know things you have to do to Congress is a wholly separate matter
there are things we should all be excited about, that he can be able to do pretty quickly permanently end family separation. I mean that one of the you Know- and this was the promise last four years just about every single thing- that Trump did around immigration was the executive action. He did know me didn't do anything about emigrate. with Congress. So you know Muslim ban immigration, I've summit shimmer! Well, yes, Sir Biden can cancel the first fifty thousand dollars in student debt via executive order and plans to do so in the first hundred that is, transforming idea for people yeah Neither I thought I'd worry round of their origin and and by also just dreamers no longer
to worry that the president's is gonna, use them and treat them like like an enemy. I mean that as an extraordinarily from and those whose view people would have been through the opposite, ringer being threatened by this present over and over again, you know I I want to see what happens with trumps efforts to remove trans people from the military machine Weekly turbine can resolve that. So you know there's a number of places where day one undoing the damage tramp trump is done. I think In short, an area environmental regulations that that have probably not that, some of which have gone into effect, some which, having gone into effect, can be rescinded. I mean they're, just it's a long, long list of really positive changes that can happen almost instantaneously. I am hope
that Biden will push as hard as he can on executive actions, just as just a sort of set expectations. The challenge is going to be with the Supreme Court. The way it is in the courts the way they are. You know he he should try as much as he can and then see what gets struck down and what does it, but at the very least, undoing the damage that prompted with his legs. Get a borders should be, should be doable. So there is already a list of names being voted for cabinet positions. Obviously, quite a few considerations here. What kind of experienced people have what the cabinet looks like in terms of both diversity and ideology? And, of course one complicating factor is that if the Senate is controlled by Republicans Mitch, Mcconnell might be able to have veto power over any of buttons. Choices for the cabinet has already been some reporting that Mcconnell might force him to have a more moderate cabinet because of that
tell me, how do you think Biden should think about his cabinet are handled the appointment process? Yeah me when I think back to our transition, the net. around our cabinet was team of rivals. It was because there is a book on Ebay. Lincoln out what that same name but also was because he kept on Bob Gates of the permitted offence. Who is republican from the Bush administration and named his chief rival in the primary Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of States is viewed as it. to be by partisan, to touch various constituency groups and A lot of it was like selling a narrative of this sort of bipartisan ever to to lead the country. I Think in hindsight, picking your cabinet for messaging purposes for optics purposes is not a good strategy, for example, keeping Bob Gates of the apartment offence
got you a day or two have good headlines and then two years of headaches, because you had a republican and a fire breathing republican staff around him still addio these. I think the Joe Biden should pick the most progressive, the most competent the best people he could find in name them and if Mitch Mcconnell wants. It means finished and block everyone make him do that? Make him leave the country unprepared to run a military or or run the state Department like move swiftly, move quickly, use power named company people, we're gonna, get the shit done. You want don't worry about the Department of Transport, and having a republican head. Just you can say you by part of the cabinet: no one gives a shit. I'm convinced that no one gives a shit. Well, what do you think he ain't? The challenge, of course, is Mitch. Mcconnell can block it and say I dont care and then
You don't have a cab, then, like I was like a guy, but the vacancies act to as well right. We ve seen that's what I'm using Donald Trump used. The vacancy act and really gross ways. I would like to see Joe Biden parrots. Some of that and say you were cool with this, then why is it not? Okay? Now, yet it's interesting right. You see Mitch Mcconnell and his people already kind of tread of putting the out there that they're gonna try to get Joe Biden to not nominates some on the left in advance. Right, All this is kind of posturing, right, like they're doing now Joe Biden to nominate the people that Joe Biden wants. I think right now, right and so like we do not play that game right like he should put forward the cabinet that he wants a thank you, but I think that does mean we need to go into with eyes open that, like he's, gonNA fights and some of them we might not went right. Mcconnell does have the ability to prevent Joe Biden from putting people in the cabinet of debt
had happened during the Obama administration. Right, like you know, I was with Warren, was so gonna run the CFO famously right, so I it's gonna, be a lot of those fights agree on using the vacancies act. I do think too, like you know, one of my hopes that if I do think one of Obviously, we have to fight like how to win the Senate, and when those Georgia run ass, I will say that something I said before this action is over. I continue to believe it is a it. Is that the first that. We know that mission economy is going to be intransigent and make legislating so difficult, then puts it the onus on Joe Biden to use the powers of the presidency, which has been have pattern we ve had for the last several decades, which has expanded the kind of legislative role that, though, that the presidency plays dead. Donald Trump has made that worse with the abuse of the vacancy acted should make us all concerned. It is a sad statement there were at this point where, like these levers, are so broken by republican blockade,
of legislating in Congress, but I just think it's the reality that weren't, my my hope is that Joe Biden has quite a few progressives, and his cabinet in the cabinet truly looks like America like. I know that because its Joe Biden and because of what his message was and how he ran, it's not gonna, be a cabinet full of progressive, that's just who he is like forget about Miss Mcconnell, but I do agree that he should not be basing these decisions on fucking threats from that asshole,
Your fate like like go with the pioneer, like anything, that's also under discussion. Catherine appointments they're all about ideology in posturing rate and a lot of times. It's just like. He needs a lot of experience, people who are ready to hit the ground running during what Britain a great crisis that we are facing right now, but the pandemic and in the economy, and so I am sure that, as their picking cabinet appointments, alot of it's gonna just come down to. Who can really do this job? That's out there right now, but I'm I'm I'm very excited to get creative about the vacancies act. I mean, I think you can have some of these appointments for two hundred and ten days I think, was the with number which, as you know, if you can
yet three or four hundred days agenda with the cabinet that you want at the Cabinet Mitch. Mcconnell wants you to have. I think that would be that yeah. I'm sorry! If, if you didn't sound the alarm about Rick Grenelle, a literal, twitter, troll being head of the dna that I don't want to hear, you have to say about Joe Biden, cabinets elections and just the competency point is so important to think about what Bill bar has been able to do compared to Jeff sessions like knowing your way around. The building yeah get out on is so crucial. Now we need to get into the nooks and crannies get in there. You know like we need the Isles of Jose, though Tommy to your point about whether or not job like you know. Nobody wants in point one Republican, thereby cabinet. I know it is you got a deal at the zoo, normal and look like all you can hope is that it's a it's like the one of the best republic. You can get in a cabinet position that doesn't a much better idea. I didn't like it very
Well could ride with me said she and I remain like we just suggests it's just the whites. Look, it's a tradition job. I like What are you thinking about like we had Reva heard a trans, that's why they really had always a Democratic Republic Administration, railway, perfectly fine transportation, Well, I'm a note about sort of ideological debates within the cabinet. We should also but the coming debate within the Democratic Party over how to expand our majority and for the Senate, starting with the two George run off. There were a pair of New York Times, interviews over the last few days that instead Herndon did with AIR Sea and Conor Lamb, who just squeaked out a victory in his western Pennsylvania district Elsie took objection to the idea voiced by Congresswoman Abigail Span, burger phone call. Democrats last week Span Berger said the policies like Medicare for all and the green new deal costs Democrats their seats in more concern.
Districts. Elsie instead pointed out that these Democrats didn't focus enough on digital advertising and organizing, and she specifically mentioned Conor LAMP Lamb said that was wrong and then his experience his constituents kept telling him that they were extremely frustrated by the messaging of defending the police and banning Frankie. We're out the races letter you think about this debate since bass lower. What did you think about this debate and is there a way to resolve it successfully? resolve it know. This debate is the conversation we want and that's a good conversation. This is a good. This is the conversation I think. There's ways avenue. I think spam, burger getting angry and a conference call leading to a sea doing at Times interview leading to Conor landing a time, then if he was most productive way to conduct this very important conversation that tempers are high and their legitimate, sincere disagree, probably not probably not you know like making, is like imagine if, instead of doing telephone through
Step hundred in the New York Times is the car lamb. Just I've got an assume that was like brought ass life to everyone and then just like sort of talk to each other. There, perhaps moderated by media company, that tries to create a place where all these different vat, if after knocking on together- but I know what I want, I will young Turks only entered yeah. I mean look what I thought. First of all, I felt like this feels quick like exit polls are completely unreliable. Like I want to see more information, I want like the full vote, counting to be done. I found one of the more interesting parts of the Conor Lamb Interview. Is he basically points out like we're? my constituents are really bring this up and that we should take him at his word, but but then the question is well. You know No bind doesn't embraced that Nancy Pelosi doesn't raised that the vast majority of Democrats tone of his what exact neither did Connell. I am neither did Conor Lamb. So what so, like, I understand, being frustrated by feeling like you're being
a slogan or policies you don't hold are coming into your district and creating a problem for you, but when he was what should the Democrats do differently on that? He didn't really have an answer, because a lot of what he's talking about are attacks that are deeply deeply unfair, sobbing. Misinformation about him? He sang that you know attacks in bad faith against him and other Democrats in that, as a problem for every part of the Democrats. Coalition from air Sea to Joe Mansion. Is misinformation and attacks that mislead about the positions are Democrats? Take so now that the US, who said that that's me, was the missing piece of this whole debate. Is that the role that republicans their propaganda machine play in these attacks? Tommy? What do you think yeah, I mean look- I just I cannot stress enough to all listeners that if you see some hot take on twitter or in the column or something about how people this year and why you should really read it with a green us all, because the exit polls these are normally bad this early they have to
We waited to match the actual outcome before you can we learn from them, but this year did them so differently that there are likely to be even more off, and you know when he succeeded. There was this misnomer that fifty three percent of white women voter for Trump when they went, I can really dug into the numbers, was actually forty seven percent of white women voting for Trump. That's a huge difference, but a narrative that was set- and you know, was never effect, so are you look arabic, the Lamb in an air sea, Sir back and forth, I got love reading it, but I'm a person that lives in this space. Why probably care more than the average person? I read that, like all elections are basically nationalize going forward, all news stories are national news stories because of the internet, and so I dont think that is an area where Conor Lamb can tell yo see not to fight for and belief in the she wants to believe in and where I see can too Conor Lamb what people care about in his district. I think we have to trust everybody to voice Always is the concerns of their own districts and to be able to
believe what they want to believe in do what they want to do. That's why they got elected, I think or jobs, our jobs, a democratic party, as if here had a win those elections in the face of dishonest attacks, nationalize elections, and so that a lot of things were really gonna need to dig into. I really want to better understand some of these heavily latino districts. It swung hard and then we should ignore the national numbers, but we should look at South Florida. We should look at the Texas, Rio Grande Dally counties in really trying to do a deep dive that will involve like on the ground, face to face interviews with hundreds, if not thousands, of people to try to hear from them to sort this stuff up. He's gonna be crushed
going forward. I think, like part of this, will be reimagining. The map going forward, like maybe George, is going to have to be absolutely central to our strategy. To win the White House win the Senate. You know redistrict a bunch of house seats to get back majority. Cuz things are about to get pretty tough when we go through another round of redistricting again, like that's the real bummer this election. So I've been thinking about this two thousand and eighteen. We went all these seats in the house, even intuitive, more conservative rural districts, Conor Lamb was one of them in twenty eighteen was a big debate over abolish ice, which impose was an incredibly unpopular position, and there were a lot of frontline democrats in some of these when districts that were very nervous about abolish ice. It did
matter at the end of the day, Conor Land One and a lot and abigails Bamberger one of a lot of these. These countries want so what changed between twenty eighteen, twenty twenty, as Tommy said, we dont, know demographically yet because the exit polls are sort of fact, and so we have to hold on that. What we do know is that Republican turn out surged. In a lot of these places, there were just more people who four Donald Trump who didn't vote for him and twenty sixteen who didn't vote at all and twenty sixteen and came out. So if you have a bunch of trumpeters in your district that weren't here in twenty eighteen, you're gonna have at a time and if that ends up being like a big part of the explanation, then it's not necessarily about a lot of these ideological debates within the party is about the fact that there is a whole bunch
Republicans in your fucking district, but you had to deal with, and that means that we have to sort of double down, like you said, Tommy on in organizing and turning out and registering voters in some of these states, that demographically are starting to look better for us like Georgia, like Arizona like you know, we didn't get there in Texas this time, but I guarantee like looking at the margins in Wisconsin and again in Pennsylvania, nice edge those margins and did not swing that much between twenty sixteen twenty twenty Arizona swung a lot between sixteen and twenty Georgia swung a lot between sixteen twenty and Texas swung a little bit too just not enough to close it. So if I was thinking about like what to do in twenty twenty I'd start, organizing on the fucking ground in Texas, like Petko and a whole bunch of others had been less couple years, because if we need to replace Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania four years from now. If they get even more conservative like Texas would be able to replace them with electoral votes, and then we need to hold Georgian Arizona, but
that is the case. It sort of on the ground or that's that's where I do agree with Elsie like a lot of this is canvas organizing digital strategy, like we ve got, we do have to figure out a way to get even better at that. Also, by the way like to fund the police and abolish ice, you don't they played a central role in the national conversation, in the sense that that we need people to be in the vanguard of these conversations. It does begin to move the over can window. When you have people saying to fund the police, and then you have a Democrats, more moderate and It's you, the reform, ideas that I can get behind right now hear the places where I think we need to make changes or abolish, isolates your conversation that a reformer immigration is like. This is politics right. This is how we shift the overcoming of this is something Republicans have been extraordinarily good out for a really long time so like we need to do both and we to be able to win. While there are more progressive, further left candidates on the edge of pushing our politics for pushing further and more radical ideas could be want that, while making spaceport trust you win in more moderate parts of the country. We just have to do about something you guys
well. I just I tweet David Basi tested positive for the corona virus on Sunday, so that I guarantee you. He too was at the White House Victory Party Victory Party with than Carson, so they may have super spreader than on their hands. Great work guys way to learn the lessons well, what did you guys are the cyclic? I understand I've seen the polling how on popular defined the police's right. There's no Democrat that, like ran on defined the police, is a platform activists have talked about defined the police, even if it was the right thing to do to tell the activists not to embrace deepened. Please which it's not just the activists and they believe in it and organise believe in it. It's like you're, never gonna be what to do that, you're, never gonna be able to tell people in streets to not support something right like that. You think that I to listen to Connor
Lamb in the end in or even Joe Biden or anyone in the party to not like fight for what they deeply believe in. No so you're going to need to figure out a way around that. That's that's her before I come down in this like you, just people are going to believe the things they do and talk about things they do, and the right wing is going to twist the positions around and spread missing Asian and that's how we have to figure out. That's that's all we have to come up with some of the tactical stuff was silly like sure it makes sense to criticise, like Conor Lambs, digital advertising expenditures when he just one the campaign. I like big picture. I agree that, like Stevie add spending more early investment. Organizing is important and more digital organised, important. That said, I I people over the weekend. I do think we may be under asked and made it how much it hurts Biden and Democrats not to be knocking on doors, because I talk to some folks.
who said that after they started knocking on doors, their contact rates at the doors were through the roof and they were reaching people that they were just not getting on. The phone and that might have been part of why we just Didn'T- have visibility into what the electorate really looks like they sent all the crappie poles that we're also trying to reach people on the phone and on the internet. I was someone who prepared that decision. I think by the right thing to do for a while in fur for health reasons, but was seemingly in electoral impact. That was hard. That decision by weight with just stepping back. You like, I think that that support, because I also think like before, there's plenty of inviting we need to do and have I'm in uninformed. I said you know when squash is done. Let's infighting, that's it saying to me, but like there are gonna be pieces of this. That will be so generous to the pandemic that we just ran a campaign in the middle of that, and that will be in some ways unique to Trump and we have done
That's you. There is a lot that we don't know still that's and wealth, but the one thing that will absolutely help us, regardless of any kind of. ethical debate is on the ground, organizing and on that note, when we come back we'll have loved. Conversely, and with one of the best in the business Latasha Brown of black voters, pod save America is brought to you by article we've. Had some experience with article because we are office has lots of article furniture in that we got chairs, we got tables, we got bookcases, they look great, they were extremely affordable. We love Tell me what you think about article that you know it it's the number one reason I miss the office. You guys are fine. I just want to sit on a sweet, sweet, yellow chairs and just you may their longingly am I the neighbouring countries, which was of course made by article n. Their newest collection, Tommy, is inspired by a sense of wanderlust.
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to analysis before we get anything else. How do you feel you know filled com? Is it in fact, gray is interested and I was so happy. I thought I would do every most just listen. I went through every emotion you can have this week because when you were saying going through the days I like fried, I was like- I don't know Friday and Thursday. A little shaky the IRA Complete melt down tools that are really confidence like we got. This and I knew that the work that the votes will come in, but I think, a really show me and its funding, because on Wednesday I knew there bite in and the hairs Barton inherits ticket was going to win. But the fact is, five million people voted for this bully man who has just been so crying ah to people in this case tree and racism massage listen. Ah, you know
that's a lie. You're like the fact that seventy five a million people would vote with support him really like I actually had a meltdown. I actually Krajina Wednesday. What are we doing where people don't love? Each other like because for me he has been so rooted in hate and division and fear it just it was. It was a a solemn moment for me, but I will say and the Easter we both like all right, I'm not novels, come of a job to come on now hurry. I feel and then so Saturday what I felt as I felt resolved. I felt like all of this work that way done, and so many other groups has been doing have been doing for the last four years
is some of us even more than a decade that this moment this this moment was all resulting from the coalition of people who love democracy coming together and San we're going to defeat eight weeks. defeat bigotry we're going to be like bye, bye, bye, So nowhere was that fight more important than it Georgia, where we saw the combination of organizing that I've been going on for years organization. You help leader relations safely, They see. Abrams help lead you, don't you were so bullish about. Georgia was an keep an eye on George Wash. Georgia gave just at the moment when finally happened, and we saw the birth change and the votes had been counted and Joe Biden, to any common Harris had taken the lead in Georgia and we knew that John US
and Reverend worn off we're going to run off well what it was first John. Is I'm never going to tell you I told you so? Did I tell you I'm not those they didn't, but they didn't. I I didn't. He doesn't care I just now can I would never tell ya, told you sell, but just in case Ah insane you say why would you say I did say it? I saw it. I can't tell them people I kept saying yes, at this rate, until it ain't right, so that is my much of what actually year as well. as I know, the organised the power in this out. What we ve seen is yelled the south and ran a blue. The south has been under invested, and so will you, yeah who makes up the south, and when you look at the diversity of the south, you would know that the potential has always been there was a by accident and what we saw on that on that counted. But I can tell you what I felt what happiness I was watching her neck and he is right on them for you ever west of us, we're doing right, be fascinated
if our lot one or one of those greens at home, that what was interesting is when im talking about Georgia, Fulton County. There were several counties that we're still out. There was chat, Chatham was fourteen counting and Clayton County and I'll videogame over like it. one of my game over, because I knew the work had been done with fourteen. Can I knew that the voters there were an end of thought in Canada and what the projected numbers were and so, when I saw a bad light before its. Let you know what I saw I knew when I saw the numbers company and I wish to say I will surprise, but I was it like I, as you told us, I told you all they had so I I wasn't surprised I fell like if I felt affirm and resolved I felt like I want here everybody I just want to go on to say I told ya, then Azalea yell, and so that's what I felt I felt like
power there. I knew the power that is here that we hear that. Certainly there was some that has been changing and in Georgia and the peace, I also wonder, cannot lift up is poetic justice bad in the state. That was ground zero for voters suppressed in an odd warmed all over this nation and protect out from Alabama right volume. Tell you a bit about borders, arrest and so forth. war, the kind of voters, oppression that eye witness- and I saw in the state of Georgia Right just two years ago, I knew foot for four days to be the stay that way. Really. The turning point even in the election predictions to be the state, their black boat come out en masse and actually on the brink of delivering right, a balance of at least two seats to The democratic party there was something very poetic about that. I am one of those people. I am one of those
that I believe ensigns. Yes, on her on that person and like this is assigned gal. I told you I was that we were campaign on Monday. I know to day until they were campaign and not an I'm. It will on a street corner yeah man we're trying to get to the end, and we were still an arm victory boulevard, and then I look over and is like this Walmart chalk shopping, cart, Plaza and its victory square I draw people crazy around science of I told you, I wasn't going the win given my. Why are you know that we have worked well visually boulevard? I told you will go away, and so it was not exactly like. The sign was right. So you know you mentioned this- that one of the things early on, especially as we are watching vote numbers come in. We saw that Trump had turned out republican that turned out an extra Your turn out, second, only to the churn out of Democrats across the country was the turn out,
in modern history, you know you help do that organizing. It is very clear that weary and a tough fight here right. We have to keep up this momentum to keep making sure that people feel invest in the process we have is to run off coming at one thing, you said that you, you admit, Minister NBC that one thing you learnt it Obama years was there to keep demanding policies of significance to black communities after this election is done. How do we this momentum going. How do we make sure that people feel invested in winning these? Senate runoff invested in the success of this presidency of those that we help to elected Alexa that we can This turn out going because it so clear that we're gonna need it? You know, I think, there's a couple of things I think part of it is in the messaging that even for us, we had a message that said this is and binding that, while certainly we wanted to see the bet the by our President, Lech binding in office and and vice president calmly hair, the sound so good a lesson in it.
I'm off. Is that what was important for us to know is that this was a real opportunity for us to beat back fascism that we had to commit ourselves to building a collective democracy, and in order to do that, we can't just be transactional, and so, if we, I think that we do not vote this election and everything's gonna be fine we're delusional. The truth of the matter is that, as long as that, thirty eight million people in this country that are involved and the wealthy, country in the world are fundamentally, we have to have major structural changes for We're gonna be the nation that we believe that we deserve, and in order to have that you have to have healthy democracy order haven't healthy democracy. You to have an engage electorate, and so what I I think that we have to think about is while this election was key. I hope that we don't see this as a just as a team. its action moment that we reduce it? This was just about getting trot out of office. Now. What
this is really about. Is we have to shape the future going forward, not just because trot with an office? What funds yet the give that from the brain, we didn't bring us something. What trot brought us is trapped made it real for us to understand the fragility of this democracy right made it real for us recognize. We start see, and you know it's come like even in my home, in my home, at Durham Quarantine asked looking at my walls and start notice and imperfections in the wall that never saw before I thought my wife Was fine in my Office of Wallace and I started seeing these will professions and wall, because I was forced to sit in here you're a quarantine and pay attention from forced us to pay attention to what is really happening in America. We can no longer just go, buy our day to day lives and we're going to go to our jobs and go to school, and everything is fine and we
about politics. They'll. Take care that right. We have to recognise that he has forced us. Sit in this room to look at these walls to look at the shape of democracy look at the Bonn ability that, in this moment, Corbett. Ninety there ever a crime that we we haven't that discussion around comprehensive health care and health care access? It would be now there's any time that we supposed to be really thinking about this economy. Like think about this the wealthiest nation on the are on the planet right here. It is she could not even sustain her people for two months without screaming and yell, and I'm not gonna make it. Something is wrong if you a wealthy person, and you followed by a time for two months
and you get something you'll find as a devout something's, not right. My point is: there are some economic structural economic issues that we ve got to deal with this in this in these countries will and then when we're talking about racism, you know is just not enough for us not do there was this this this sense of american exceptionalism, that its head, everybody loves asleep for years that no there was this belief like we can look at the market, all of you ever freedom. economy in a correct itself. Right we look this thing around democracy all year hey there. Republicans are doing both a suppression of black people right, but worry about it. Democracy will correct itself until millions of white people in this country got a taste. It feels to feel disenfranchised until wine will that country realise that the very thing because I remember one of my free of very good friend of mine in California.
I love to death. With an early on in the trot went when Trot first went in office. There was some day there are, he was non, do what should like here. Do there he won't be, is not allowed to do that and he did it and I said a the reason why I know there is because on from the deep south and we leave which from everyday like that drop, is not a new phenomenon, as there are many trout a live. Graham, I I can go down the list bottom line is that all of us can be disenfranchise just by having a bad leader that puts himself in a position of an abuse is his power. Were in a way that he undermines democracy, none None of us are immune. from bad when we learn the very fabric of protecting democracy, be unravelled, and so what we don't fight The voting rights of Afghan Americans
native Americans or any American in this country. We leave our sails all of us viable, magic, both suppression by vulnerable to the dismantling of democracy. So I'm hoping that we recognise in this moment how critical it is for us to How we shall come on some level we have been complicit and where we found ourselves the last four years, so we have been Bacchus. One threat right of Trump rightly will remove him, and now everybody is paying attention you're right. There are millions of white people who got a taste of disenfranchisement, they hated it and they're paying attention and his big. beautiful coalition is paying attention? Where do you want that attention to go next? after you, take a break and and get a chance to turn tat every all get a chance to catch our breath. What, to you the next place, you want to direct this, this big coalition towards towards the work that we stopped
You know I got meal million policy ideas I can put on the table, but I'll just tell you what's coming up. It must be a right now to say that at the end of it what I want people to do things just take this one phrase and let this star drive and our politics for the love of humanity. What would policy look? like that, we start operating in, say, and I want to support this policy for the love of humanity. In what I mean by that is even when I vote, I don't Based on what I think about my tax break. It like not like, yet somehow tat record of the Annan plan, but back then, is when I bought I'm always voting for them. valuable in my community I know that if there's a safety net for them, viable of us than the rest. the bus will also benefit from there, and so I am hoping in this moment that what this coalition will see themselves, as is beyond the confinement of our party affiliation, reuse,
the combined of what we see ourselves as race engender that beyond that that, at the end of the day, at the core of our humanity there s we go for talking about governance that we govern the way forward below of humanity that we create a and a man policies that are what's wrong with everybody haven't healthcare? I'm so views around there. I don't even understand why this debate, why? What not want everybody to have helped here at the end, the worst case scenario. People can get sick people who get well I'm light the day is ludicrous for me, because I think part of what has happened is We have, we have been what they did is ok to be so in our politics right not just in terms of just the political parties, but has been selfish in politics and in some ways we have been. Eighty in a proxy of ash providing more power being caught up in the part of the parties, right that we have around people and saw everything gets defied
in the context of a party paradigm right is evil reboot anyway on rating no, the humanity. That's what team on and so really want people to shift their paradigm. of what we are doing. This that we're getting so caught invites and fell caught up in even the very notion my right. As a boner is safer, whether there's one party another party in office now, I know that's true because what the political landscape in right now republicans right now, just crazy! There's nothing else. I can say right button allow a man who has just been vicious right, like a man who had left our country viable in them the largest helped pandemic, they are complicit and I'm not going and I'm not saying that, because a Republican I'm saying it, because that is inhumane and if the democratic, then, to the extent that do there. I will call that out to and fro you don't have to have the courage to move
to really be able to force the parties to be responsible and accountable to us. Instead of the We can no longer just continue to get caught up in this football game of which team you re looking. We gotta be humanity and we ought to be on the Rainbow team, and so I think that is really important for us. In this moment I am, I wanna just show, this little store that always about around diamond in layers. That is No, how a diamond is created all Adam and Eve is a piece of coal that under extreme pressure, overtime becomes a diamond that glow have all less is, is Sandefur compacted right in what he and all becomes Blair's? and we know both of those things. What make both of those elements and never get to us is that their properties is because they become clear. They have clarity that, in fact, the pressure creed
a circumstances and change, transform them that they became clear substances. I think the we ve got to do that in this moment, We gotta take all of his pain and this trauma that travellers create in this moment, and that pressure, I'm hoping that Russia doesn't say well, we got drop out of let's go back home, but that debt that pressure transforms. that we have more clarity about what we need bring a nation together that what really Poland is alarming, light and life ready for healing tomorrow. No, we now when I read if we humans have. We haven't been honest about whether pain we understand, the pain. If you want to start heel and stop the pain a million Americans poverty stop. The bay where you got a prison industrial complex that we millions of Baltimore they any place in the world that are in both up and turn away. The key and act like the knack human being stopped the pain we want to see pop hundreds of thousands of people that are done,
being recovered. Nineteen stop the pay. Would you got? Sixty eight percent are black women who are voting? Who are working Well wage job. They don't have any echo. security but continuously show up for Nation state America found herself stop the pay Ethel. I won't us, also feel a certain level of discovered and pressure in this moment that we take this opportunity to really be able to shape policies boldly and force the police, apart is right to literally not go back to their comfort position. the thing about the Democratic Party in power. For me now, for some of them may be right, it me it is about people having a say and that people being taken care of and that At the agenda that works, gender there has worked the best and been the most responsive. as has been the agenda by the Democratic Party, but it doesn't go far enough and they
I've done enough, and so we have to pressure ourselves can ask involves, took called the weapon anybody else. I'm saying me, I'm not done enough work. I worked sixteen eighteen hours away right and so even as much as I've done, I've been very reflective of how I've been complicit in what America has become right, and so even my own behaviour, I'm looking at how ever consumer? How have I treated earth where, when I'm looking at climate change, how have? I good steward of the earth? Have I been a good neighbor? Have I been a good friend? Have I just been a good human being, and so I think I so want us to make this moment BB on politics that I want us to make this moment be centered
and I know it s corny, as it may sound a song, but literally within the quotations for the love of humanity, Atocha Brown. Thank you so much like you. People have me yeah emaciated is right. We still got we see of the seller, before we hit the ground and do it all over again. I gotta take break and then go back to it right we get a break, got to celebrate the wines you make unsustainable and you want to tell people that live. We jump radio like what we gotta do they take the time just as America. Thank you those and had heard they do this. What, while black people literally, and I think that when one forefront let black women and let me I want the forefront a lead charge- this was a collective victory. This is what happens when we work together and just We were able to defeat this.
Regime or whatever you whatever. You call them right, fundamentally, we can literally radically re. Imagine this nation and created to be what we wanted to be, not what the political power feed us, but what we want it to be. So I'm just asking us to leave at this moment to celebrate and really Orient ourselves every commit ourselves to literally creating the America that we observe a dash brown can they are better. Thank you. So much for being here, I've got my basic Latasha for joining us and great Monday ground reminder business. It was nice to have a weekend after Saturday to kind of like get some sleep. think about it. Let it sink ends. We can have this conversation. I was nice. I was nice nice now, it's all give until it hurts and Georgia a threat by us.
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