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White House staffers are concerned about Trump’s stability but only on background, Trump escalates the world’s first Twitter-based trade war, West Virginia’s teachers have had enough, and Conor Lamb has a chance in a deep red Pennsylvania district. Then former Obama Ethics Czar Norm Eisen talks about the corruption roiling Trump’s White House, and Ira Madison joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy in studio to talk about the Oscars.

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you're gonna get aren't on funny jokes about the press, even though he is personally trying to destroy the and of the cricket welcome to POD save America. I'm John Favour, as I told friends Mcdermott last night after another time time. Keeping we are recording the blood today with sea list. Celebrity John love at not wearing sunglasses. Inside of that's it. I will talk to former white. Has ethics are in front of the pod norm eyes and will also talk. Oscars with the host of the hit part can keep it. I remember it's a hit, John. It's a hit its verify both hit and sign up for what a day today is the day we launch the newsletter. What a day it has been anticipated for a year, you can still get your hands on a copy of what a day, but you run and at a time act fast ACT,
Likewise with applies last hour, newsletter get your hands on that fresh, fresh content. That's coming out tonight, look believe it. How was it Friday very good was it. It was who was on it? When you talk about? We had an awesome other leave it with Patty Harrison. Travail, Anderson and Amanda has New York Times, Darcy Garden and Arcy Cardan came to do a very funny scene where she played there Paul. There came out where one reply- looking from the MID West had never heard of Trump, and so we had her play that character. The delightful episode, one of my favorite and recorded so funny in place is so great. I love the good place. I love a good place. The lover: leave it at the head Tommy. I was part of the world. I was fantastic, is always gylingden trails? What do you say that, like I didn't listen I mean I, don't I don't listen. I can
and everything. That's all you about me. I want to tell you value. I had my guess: we're Ben Roads and Jake Solvent two friends at the pod. They have recently stood up a new organization that designed to combat trump on foreign policy and help Democrats figure out how to talk about the things we believe in and compelling way. We can actually win elections. To talk about that for a while, and then we talked about the fact the head of the USA, is literally screaming at public hearings for trumped to do something to stop russian meddling. Our election the type of IRAN deal? We talk about what means in practice for journalists, security clearance from two people who were in the PD, be who actually negotiated the kinds of peace agreements. A Jared pretend he's gonna do so China and one one point of personal private. Before we go on my brother, my better look brother, Andy Faroe is going to start on. A new NBC show called champions that
airing. This third idea, I taught in billboard on sunset, billboard on sunset, dimly seen sponsorship. Confer for that yet another time, let me add to Miss, was Thomas idea. Time encouraged it too It's gotta be a good shot. We highlighted that's: u free as roomy Siena National Like has come in with those guys. If every side of you any, we are at a brand anyway check it. Let's start with the news from over the weekend, here's a headline from Saturday's Washington, post pure madness, dark days inside the White House, its trump shocks, enrages, very cool also CNN, The great unravelling trumps allies are worried about him, politico, demoralized West Wing Stokes fears of trumps capacity to handle a crisis and USA today just went with king chaos. Guys have Monday? Who thinks we're all gonna die, not good good. So I thought like this. There was a
in the politico story that I thought was instructive about this moments. Has it ministration officials and outside us with windows, into decision making, describe a growing sense of despair within trumps ranks, driven by the mounting realisation that the president's brand of politics guided by intuition and improvisation is income over the competently function executive branch- more, the alarming by these lights is mounting evidence that Trump lacks an attribute possessed by most previous president's and certainly by all, most successful ones, a capacity for self critique and self correction. Fuck that that has been true for a year and a half who is learning that this we re solicitor I had that could towards the end of the section beliefs. Are there? Could I my question was going to be? Should we do one more round of? Why does anyone else fucking quit imposed, but with what this is similar to republicans learning things from this most recent mass shooting, as if there's something too and from the fortieth of something not only
have we known these qualities of trump. We were through a mad king cycle like six months ago. I know well, what's different about this time. It does seem like all these reporters who talked all these fires in the way has so, even though their reporting is good? Who knows if it's true or not, because these people lighted them all that I'm all these are. What is it like? It is worse than we ve ever seen. Peter morale is loads. Demoralising, what's knew about this time, I do understand sure I mean that there is the constant game, a throne stuff with his staff and like yeah, Gary Cone is apparently so upset. He might now leave because Trump siding with the white paper,
MRS Nazis in childhood, and do a bit tariffs might like that. How about getting him? If you want to know if the light is for you know four Gary Conan Paul Ryan, it's enough! It's dare not good people on both sides that Yasser Arafat obstructing of Justice on NBC. It's right, it's tat is all you he's lost sucrose. It's ok, so we lost Keith. Schiller was his bodyguard. No one knows what the guy actually daddy lost, hope picks. Who is basically an enabler, slash, communication structures for tells him what he needs here. So, ok, maybe he's lost some friends in the building and he's more sad, but my fear about his mental capacity is unchanged based these machinations internally, and I always think what have they haven't face a real crisis. Yet I mean the Obama years is a few off the top of my head, a bola. The oil spill. Like the Christmas day bomber and then there's the all these crisis. Is that are happening that they just don't care about, like a aside in Burma, normally a U S, government would actually care about that are slaughter in Syria. So a hundred times,
Hocker recipients getting kicked out of crisis they created, so I mean Certainly we know that he has no capacity for self reflection. He doesn't seem to actually care about the job. He cares about. Cable news hits and how he looks visa. The Fox news but yeah. I don't really get what's new here either. I just can't believe we can't find one person in that Fuckin administration except for almost leaving and in talking about it on big brother who will leave that White House and not background publicly say things are really fucked up in there and it's pretty danger hate and Congress,
If I can do something- I know more of this person. How do you know how I wasn't Dena Farina where's, Dana, oh she's, back of Goldman Sachs never sent over thanking were Dena, you didn't say a fucking were sold out your country and you didn't say a fucking glowing eyes glowing profiles that she walked out the door. Then I'm sure Gary com will get the same thing. We know them if I were in the same category as we look forward to you telling people to tell us that this bothers you and Ryan talk about what happened inside the building Dena rights, to like you, sort of flirt with talking about how difficult and challenging it was, but he doesn't have the guts actually saying things been in is clearly a source in a ton of these stories. Railway, he's one of like eight or nine people on a witness, less that are getting subpoenaed all these documents from Mahler and LO and behold that leaks taxi shows what a surprise so I'm lookin speculating on sourcing here Banning is pushing his own agenda in the guise of truth telling but you're right and is no I'd, like Noah's lightened seldom fire
Another thing that Washington Post story that was just hilarious was Trump says he thinks the american people are finally starting to conclude that the Democrats, as opposed to his campaign, colluded with the Russians, keep thinking body, except that I dont think that is true, but that is a result of just be In the Fox NEWS, Cocoon right, and only I can, I guess, you're only watched foxen friends. You would of course conclude that the american people now believe that it was Democrats who colluded with Russia. If we consider it a good for anyone to think let alone the President. I'd say that maybe He doesn't know all these times. We think oh he's doing this cause he's worry that mothers closing in mobile maybe doesn't really know how much trouble he said yeah, I don't know possible. He's could lied to himself. You know look undergoing all these stories. These mad king stories is the real dark fear of from doing something catastrophic. You know that
salt of this episode of him being in a funk. Is these yourself to structure Steel, an aluminum tariffs, right survivable. It did you there are even some Democrats, you say it's not a bad idea, whatever it's a whatever the. Obviously, it's a terribly made policy in the process is terrible, but its survivable- and I guess the coast I will come back to you when I read these stories. As you know, the president Like you know, sitting at the centre of the earth pulling various levers everything he wants to do. He activates through the people that around him an implicit. All these stories is this guy's gonna do something so dangerous and we don't know we can stop it, and I just and it comes down to the people that around Donald Trump Kelly's mcmasters, the cones all of them. What are you Trying to tell us, will you stop it? Are you can approach thus from misguided or you just stop trying to cover your onassis, the skin. Of the moment cover up these massive proxies created he created a rupture with Mexico by adhering to this promise that Mexico would pay
the wall, a promise that only he believed in pulling people don't really care about. They don't know no borders and believing that none of us can order dont care that much about the while they don't really think Mexico's gonna pay for, but there's this massive com in terms of our economic insecurity relationship with one of our biggest, partners now Isaac on our border and it's just exploded. Its export their relations. I wanted to ask you Tommy because, like how on usual is because I think that the process of even if its survival policy the process of how he made that decision was so incredibly fucked up, and I don't think people realize has up is like for something that's. That's involves terrorist like this. It's gotta be a now Harris like this. It's gotta be a national security process and an economic process are probably involves state. It probably involves defence department probably involves Treasury like what's a normal assets like for coming to a big decision like
yeah. I mean this willows issues that cuts across national security and economic line, so it would generally be run through the annex c. I think, with economic teen input because they invoked what's called section to thirty two, which they trade law. The says you can restrict imports if those imports pose a threat to, national security. The first challenge here is that its rarely use provision in this instant. It's completely ridiculous, an imperfect, but he wants to rail China and in hit them for dumping which still onto the market, but the people who actually hurting, like the top importers, you are Canada, Germany, Turkey, a bunch of NATO allies, so he's hurting all these allies and friends who we'd, actually we should be working with support, pressure on China in the guise of hurting China, so he's completely fuck this up the process was so
It was apparently just like Wilbur Ross in the sky, Peter Navarro, barking at Trump, and you have lost it to people and run around the rest. The national security, social cost analysis opposed to it. Something behold. Economic team is opposed to it and I can't imagine making a decision that momentous tunnels to people on the federal government ignore every one else not telling everyone else, not informing the rest of the federal government. They didn't even To give our allies a heads up that this was coming, I mean it's just like so Jane, also and landing on the numbers, because their their round and sound, which he always lie around number, is so yeah. It's a twenty five percent tariff on imported still, a ten percent tariff on imported aluminum question on. Is this a good policy? We should talk about this, so we, have a strong american steel and aluminium industry and too much cheaper and still an aluminum, mostly from China, is hurting our industry. I think this is what some people responded to some Democrats too, but this tariff that Trump is p
any on imposing its every country, including our allies, and it will basically do little to nothing to stop China from producing so much steel and dumping it. But it's gonna cause all these trees to retaliate? And so now you have european countries saying we're. Gonna start taxing bourbon and genes, an Harley Davidson and then in response to Europe saying that Trump starts tweeting will then we'll start taxing foreign. Cars, the come into the country from Europe, tat of any like highly Davidson's. What are these mid life crisis? Fifty five year old, guys gonna get on Germany? What are they gonna? Do we are going to wear their genes are different, their bourbon yet hymns. The Europeans like that is a pretty impressive little thing to having your back pocket. Ok, Harley Davidson, Paul Ryan, Bourbon Mitch, Mcconnell Debate, which has stuck. It certainly think that the right now in the republican congress- but this is an you- heard- the head of the EU citizens like fine he's gonna do this. He was gonna act stupid. We can exe
but to we're all gonna act stupid, because that's what trade wars are Trump treated this weekend. Trade wars are good they can be easily one? They actually now ribbon one. What is happening in a trade war is eventually all the country's figure out how to de escalate, so at all back to normal or like no one actually wins. The world are one or swimming, but generally more companies in the? U S, you steal them make stuff than make steel itself. So it's likely this will hurt a bunch of yours industries in your seeing it reflected in the stock market. You're. Seeing Ceos Express concern thereafter raise the price, unlike household objects, at Cannes, Forbes soda. Whenever you have Wilbur Ross sector First, it is eighty one. Euro billion are schmo going on tv and holding up coke cans and Budweiser cans document how little it will hurt people. It is the worst messaging, the worse policy, the worst optics like a possibly imagine for me, as it is so half assed yeah I mean this is like I think one of the beer company said this deadlock. Look we first by as much american aluminum is possible, but demand is so great that there's not
of made in America, so we have to buy foreign loom and now we're just gonna have to add, there's gonna be higher costs. What's gonna pay be passed on to the consumer, and people have just gonna pay a little bit more. In the troubled ministration. Their basic argument is yeah people going have to pay more, but like not too much more We don't care like I'm, not too much more, so it's probably find now. The question is like: what do we do about China like dumping too much for instilling the country, because it is a problem you see like shared Brown was support of those Bob Casey, but I think you you work with our allies through the World Trade Organization so to bring a case against China. I mean you, don't piss off the whole world is step, one Seventy eight go to the deputy o and work with our allies. There. You could have conversations, we a secular state, the works with the Europeans the Brazilians or others who might actually align with us here. Who would like to actually blunt the impact and trying to work? We brought cases against China, the debates, YO and
Trump administration is not followed through on those cases that were designed to deal with these specific issues. Yeah and that's the key: it's like we need to work with the rest of the week, to isolate China as a bad actor on steel, and now we are isolated from the rest. World because we have just impose tariffs on everyone. Yeah there's a larger problem, I think even it a democratic politics or on how we talk about trade and what our views on trade are. You know. International trade, open economies are policies that have diffuse benefits and acute harms right when you allow, for you, know importation of whatever products that the places that made in U S may suffer but on the whole The economy does better and I think that is a source of tension in democratic Paul. We actually have not resolved. I dont know what the democratic process On trade is, when you get from me in a Bernie Sanders wing of party to the more free trade me at a party and I think even our language, about how we talk about how we talk, but domestic venue factoring who talk about supporting? U S, industry, verses! Other!
countries in free trade. I actually done Think we have a good language were pushed. This in two thousand to impose tariffs of up to thirty percent and they didn't last because their word about retaliation. But then there was a study that founded the steel prices, costs more jobs than the number of people employed in the industry at the time the support of the New York Times. I believe so. You know that just doesn't feel like theirs. Argument for this. I know shared Brown is out in support because they have steel manufacturers in his district. Had so there's gonna these. Some nimby is on all these issues, but I think writ large folks think this was a bad policy poorly implement. Well that yeah, certainly in eliminating, was because it was it was boarded, made and implemented in a year and a Fox news ridge. But but but it is being made in the context of Donald Trump tapping into something about trade, The trade in immigration were the two places where he found an opening and it was
Opening not just in the Republican Party, was opening in both parties, because you know if you pick on raid on immigration, where the both parties were before Donald Trump got in the race for quite similar. But I hope that such typical, dumb trumpets, like the easy part, is benefiting the globalization, and trade has hollowed out the middle class and a lot of our industries. The hard part is figuring out what the fuck do boat and that's why you have Until you aren't people together and have policy. You know these are tailored thing, is to identify a real source of political anger and outrage and then make it worth and regular. Sweaty does was so speaking of China. He was trouble than a real role this weekend. Apparently he also joked about how great it was that chinese prisons teaching paying has made himself. President for life quote, president I know he's great and look. He was able to do that. I think it's great, maybe we'll have give that a shot someday you. Listen the audio its clear. He was joking, but it's like he does like it here. Like the idea for sure how he thinks it's really cool parity deadliest joking and that's what I think
would have called getting on the square he's joking. I will exercise about it, but like them, the Atlantic has a piece of nine times. He's praised various dictators, He loves that part stir the deck she loved, prudent places where you can control the media, control public opinion control every walk alive, lock up descent. Do you think that sounds pretty good? So then he, the funny man trump. Ten it onto the gridiron dinner, which is like the correspondence dinner, but no celebrities and a half as funny and claws press and friend below our report on the report of the president nobody, I'm sorry, there's no video, so we actually had a few good jokes. One of his best was about North Korea. He said I won't rouleaux direct talks with Kim Jong, whom I just won't. As far as the risk of dealing with a madman is concerned, that's his problem, not my let us face it was where there are some good job with any. Presumably I've lived this by
way a couple of days ago. They said we would like to talk, and I said so it we, but you have to de nuke, you have to de nuke. So let's see what happens Tommy. Does that mean anything? What what did you make that Trump card reaches this concept like it sounds like you saying, there's a precondition for having talks, which has yielded nuclear eyes and then we'll talk to you, which is not going to work there so far down the road and were not there. I don't know if it's a fine joke, but, like you got Lindsey Graham out there saying will be worth it to go to war and then, if we do go to war, like thousands will die over there and not back home, because Trump told him that to his face, about that Lindgren. Firstly, one of the serious people and in Washington has clearly not learned a single lesson from the Iraq war. Talking about a potential conflict that you kill, hundreds of thousands, if not a million. People it is so insane and devastating to consider a war, preventative horror, North Korea or even a joke about it, seems to me.
A little glib if I was a south korean or japanese or one of twenty thousand. U S! Troops in korea- I probably wouldn't last year and again- this is this- is like the big fear here right, but really I can about is Trump goes. Knots gets upset about something levy. Some terror starts. Made war. What happens when it's a real war when both girl handling and straw hat someone tells him strong or jot, God forbid Age, Armagh mastered pushed out and John Bolton gets Install businesses. Adviser to have real voices in the room telling him that wars, the smart policy and political. And people like Lindsey, Graham, who are supposed to know better right, but they dont have they not because that it, you know it's up. It's a party where, with plenty of warmongering, look back at home got into Iraq. So this is as always, all of what's going on with tromp the drama. It's a sideshow from two things:
one the fundamental nature of trump and the policy making apparatus around him in Congress has been unchanged from the beginning and to its all fun and games compared to the actual power he holds and his ability to use it at any time, and that risk is hard to deal with its hard to even talk about. I think it's actually quietly because it so frightening. It's the deeper fear. We are all walking around with all the time and its desire, it's really hard to process it because you want to solve it. You want to solve it, but there's no solving it as long as Donald Trump is in the White House got away to November the leaf we're talking about a big story that hasn't been getting a ton of attention. For the last week, thousands of public school teachers in West Virginia have been on strike because they get shitty benefits and their salaries rank forty eight nation an average of forty four thousand dollars a year. They also are striking because they have so many vacant teaching positions that some schools are putting teachers and positions there.
Not qualified, for showing how little the state gives a shit about education. A lot of these teachers have told the press there living paycheck to paycheck Other big is their health insurance costs arising because the public health insurance programme there on the costs keep rising for health insurance and then they keep making cuts to this programme and was her junior, so they say striking a now are now kids have unbeknown to students at Mcgowan School for the last week, and there trying to strike a deal with the governor, the governors Jim just he's a billionaire Republican was a democratic Republican whenever he basically promise them a five percent pay increase. After that, they have been striking for awhile, but then the state Senate and pass that, and so now they're, so striking because they, basically they are not going home until this thing is done, there are going back to school until this thing is done until they actually didn't want promises. When he's politicians, what do they think about this work itself?
awful remedies that errors we report as he teachers asking for arrays. That's not really true they're trying to keep up the cost of living. I mean five percent is roughly two thousand dollars a year for teachers and then it's another five percent fiscal service personnel which roughly eleven hundred dollars you're. So the total for features. It was to be sixty seven point: four million dollars just these are imperfect, unfair comparisons, but the cost of trumps travel offer last year was thirty million. The federal government spend one point: seven billion a year to maintain empty buildings. It is a lot of money. They could go words educating, kids, specifically West Virginia. They charge you very, very low tax for extracting coal and natural gas. If they increase at just a tiny bit, they could pay for all of the cell. Thank God for unions, because You know when you're, not gonna pay a teacher remotely livable wage you're, not gonna, get to teachers, and things are going to get worse and we haven't let it isn't work time. With this now we have not talked about unions and the labour movement.
Maybe the whole time we ve been doing. This pack asked there's a major that has a Supreme court right now they could change the face of unions forever because they haven't been in the news, and I do think that in the Trump era you know we have seen the In March, we seem to me to movement with national students. In Florida we seen no people protesting the muslim ban. The one thing we haven't seen is working people sort of rise up in whether its delay movement or just on their own, and I think it's fastening that is happening now. Also, it was fascinating. Is the walk out the final walk. I was actually the result of all this grass roots organizing on Facebook that the teachers did with each other and they actually, the head of the union's so like the union's were right to do this, but the teachers, the rank and file or they ready to do at this hour and organise it and now we're go now. We might see the same thing in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma teachers are thinking about doing the same thing you honey look. We have seen in a bunch of states across the country, this push towards cutting
axis that has as a Kansas, Oklahoma, westering other tons of states to make themselves more tried to do business sort of conservative case, but with the government should be doing, and then, of course, what happens well, there's not enough money for teachers and there's not enough money for basic services in all the sun, These resources that used to be there that are the fundamental responsibilities, have governed and it becomes impossible. We can't afford this. We can pay the teachers and pave the roads can pay the roads, and you know make sure that there is lunches for kids in schools. So. I do think this is sort of a breaking point. It is good that these teachers standing up- and this is a state with such rich history of striking the call minors have done this and in the past two also state that you know voted for Trump more than any other state in the country and it used to be reliably democratic state. Now it is a deeply deeply republican state. But when you see something like this, you see this strike. You think yourself. This should be democratic voters and if they are not, what is that
no party. What is the State Party in West Virginia doing to tell these people? We are here you were fighting for. You write like what one of the interesting was a decade ago, the democratic majority, a two hundred and twenty million dollars a year. Corporate tax cut a million dollars a year. Corporate tax cut would have been enough to give every public employ in the state a twelve percent raise, so there were going to create all these jobs didn't create all these jobs in West Virginia dinner, who also like They do that. Like Democrats, you know get off the corporate tax got. Bullshit had it is actually at. This is important because I think this also goes to not just obviously we should be paying or teachers moorish partition were everywhere, but it also goes to what we ve learned about what people want in their cities in their towns, what makes a place attractive and Obviously nobody, you know, lower taxes are more attractive to people than higher taxes, but people want good services. They want good schools for their kids. They were
they want thriving downtowns. Not you know not corporate stadiums, that tax cuts pay for that better. These big Lillian spaceships that land in the middle of downtowns people want thriving places, communities that attracts talented, smart people, and gutting services. Too, for lower and lower taxes does not lay down to the benefit of these communities. The challenge here is: is this: is the seat thing is always how this goes. They pass a massive corporate tax catholic. We just saw our Congress do and then the services get guided later and you end up in these positions where there's brinkmanship with these teachers having the strike and I
guarantee you that the strike is very unpopular among parents who are now dealing with their kids can go to work were wondering whether kids on a school for eight days and socks, and it's hard. We put them in this position, but, like these people deserve money and we need support, and I think that Democrats need to connect the dots for people on all these things that, like, via the reason that there there's cuts to the healthcare programme. I miss rising healthcare costs is because we have not done enough to bring down the cost of health care and we ve just seen a Congress tried to make the costs rise even more and are sabotaging the le, affordable care right now to make health care costs rise. Even faster, the reason that there are education cuts is because we keep passing these tax cuts for the rich for corporations and there's not enough money for services and like this,
needs to be. The message is not just the tax get back to the tax cuts. Bat, like you, have to start connect the dots to all the things that the tax cuts means, which is cuts to education, cause to transportation cuts to healthcare. Yet there is am then this fund, the Philander Castillo Fund, to paper the lunch debts for kids in that strict, I'm people were able to raise enough money to make up for the debt that these kids have, but even ass. We been cutting taxes in states and of the net federal level. We have been putting more more onus on parents. We have a system in which children have to keep track of the debt. For the lunch they have at school all because we can afford. Things were told over and over again we can't afford things we can't afford things can afford things, but why not is because we have put these tax cuts in place over and over again and teachers are buying like pencils, donors chooses is fantastic charity, but it's fucked up that it even exists, because teachers desperately need like one Ipad for a class, fifty kids crazy. Meanwhile, a hundred billion dollars in stock by backs the big
corporations because the tax got going right to their profits and their wealth is investors, that's what we have here. I want. I want something that's going on in another, pretty conservative place. That's rather interesting a week from tomorrow. On March Thirteenth, there is a special election in Pennsylvania's eighteenth district First, I'm Heritage Conor Lamb, a former. U S marine is taking on republican state, Rep, Rick's, acone, Z, heavily white Working class district that Trump carried by twenty points, poles are showing a dead heat. Here's something interesting is from the national journal. Gee Opie outside groups have dramatically scaled back their ads. Promoting the parties. Tax cut with a message Barely moving, the needle in the district working class confines the late round of ads, focuses on surprise, surprise law and order issues like immigration in Crime Saccone was running his trump swing. Man in more than nine million dollars has been spent and outside money from Ethiopia. Aligned groups correct me. If I'm wrong
I thought that Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell and all the republican pundits on twitter and everywhere else told us that the Trump tax cuts would save Congress that they had saved the Republican maybe they're gonna campaign on the Moliere what's happening. What's going on, there guys right. You flip out and if they lose I mean we should all know how touch difficult. This is these also republican groups outside groups? It is our out democratic, outside groups, ten to one the desirable doesn't hasn't really gone into this race, but you know by they're on Tuesday I mean Lamb, looks like he has an actual chance, and so this could be a blueprint to fight every single contested seat everywhere in the country and actually use their policies against because the voters don't like them and if it will be even if he comes up short, even if Conor Lamb comes up a few points on this, because it was a trump plus twenty district. The fact that they have backed off the tax could adds that their go into their plane. The old it's a mess. Thirteen crime other stuff
Paul Ryan, still believe, lives or wishes that his base was motivated by fuckin tax cuts for rich people in corporation and it's not their motivated by all the bullshit. They made Donald Trump President, railing against immigration, xenophobia, all that stuff. That is a really good point, because I do think that for the ways in which Donald Trump appeal to this kind of animal on trade and on immigration there, an others are terrible duties were land can literally run again because district is getting redrawn, so we gonna gain all this name. I d you can run again in another district, that's actually better for him. The other thing I thought was interesting: is that the cones latest. Add is all about info picture. He actually wants infrastructure week to be a real thing effect, but the plan they put forward is not popular because its shitty, it's only two four billion from the federal government. Stick the tab, two states municipality. So, if Trump actually read,
company administration? He might be helpful in this district, but he's not doesn't stop me from going. There he's going to go there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or something so we'll see it's one to watch. That is for sure, Paul Ryan, this is what the Republican Party really is, about the party really is deregulation and cutting taxes in smaller government. This of that Trump says the stuff that trumped up That's not really what the party is. That's really who we are, but then it gets time to try to get people to vote for you, and nobody wants Paul Ryan's agenda, but nobody wants or any living donors do with this for a long time that we certainly know that, since the end of the twin sixteen election, the constituency for Paul Ryan's agenda, which recalls agenda, is so small. There's a concessions, there's a big constituency for the democratic agenda and there is a constituency for the Trump agenda but the constituency for Paul Ryan and the older people haven't realises yet are alive. These concern the Sullivan DC in New York, the regrets of a country veil on it. There's this big set of
problems that are really hard that have caused a lot of economic diesel creation and uncertainty and democratic policies. The criticism has to be. They don't go far enough. Our big enough there an exciting enough, but the republican answers make them all worse and so I trump made of new answers to evade of allegedly once you did, they rose in a phobia that was his new answer: ok, When we come back, we will talk to former Obama. Ethics are normally potter merit, broad. You buy texture this week, sponsors texture the only that offers unlimited access to over two hundred premium magazines, including people the Atlantic time in vanity, fair do sound like premium magazines, John about a recent article, you read with texture, read that vanity. Their story, the Monocle Linsky wrote to those very good. It was very gudge. Cravings has to greater great story powerful. With texture, you get unlimited access to over two hundred premium magazines for just a bit more than the cost
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power. Anyway, we lows krispies: go to scrutinise dot com for a free trial when you're ready to launch use the Africa cricket to save ten percent of your first purchase of a website domain. That squares based outcome. Promo code cricket, We are very lucky today on pod, save America to have back to the programme ambassador norm eyes in former Obama. Ethics are friends, pod norm? How you doing great fab thanks for having me back, Cora so norm. You are, you are one of our first guests here, POD save America, one of our favorite guests, raver views from the fans you tried to. The Trump administration, all kinds of ethical advice which it does not seem they have taken. So my first question is of all the headlines. We keep reading about potential wrong, doing which do you think spell the most trouble for Donald Trump and his gang of both as well it's the same for the driver and the rest of the country,
Car and tat is the obstruction of justice, probably the most serious thing that tromp has done, although it exemplifies is the complete contempt for the rule of law with emblematic too is a pattern of trying to cut off the Justice Department, investigation of the russian attack on our democracy and the possible involvement of the trunk campaign and were still asking ourselves. The question. John, why why did Donald Trump demand?
commies loyalty, when call me wouldn't give it? Why did trump say? Can you see your way clear to letting Michael Flynn go and then, when common currency is way clear, why did Trump fire call me and all the other stuff? That's happened after that? What is he trying to hide its not just about tromp surrounded by enablers than they may very well be caught up in this conspiracy to feel that the most That's where the grass Para lies for tromp. The answer to the question, of course, may be russian business ties, though that leads us back to the thing we talked about when I was very pleased to be one of the first guests of the pod, which is trumps financial and tax. Oh man said he refused to give up on. That may be the motivator may be something else. I guess I. What do you make?
mauler zeroing in on conspiracy to defraud the United States is his indictment of choice, used it, what the Russians he used it with man afford he used it with gates. You think this is potentially a backbone for an even larger case, and as this could this possibly involve trump and other associates. Well, it President often says: no collusion right in one half our interview with in New York time. He said it about. King TAT, danger half an hour. It's like his mantra, an damn. What conspiracy to defraud the United States, is it legal leave, for a collusion? You have the the aspect of cooperating together, that's the conspiracy and then the object of the conspiracy is harming the United States, which of course, is so what each
These individuals is alleged to have done in the case of the man afford indictment and the others have now plaid guilty to em. So I do think that's a vehicle for ultimately going after the president himself or perhaps the tramp camp. And maybe even the Trump Organization, Don Junior Jared. You know we're looking for right now for the evidence to emerge that others, aided and abetted this russian scheme to attack are Denmark, see why it sure is starting to feel like that evidence is out there. I give you one example Flynn: why
I did Bob Modern Y know. I've worked against him when I was in private practice. I'd credibly deal for a cry with his: U S, attorney's office and worked with him when I was in the government, why would he give such a sweet bleed deal to the former national security adviser, Michael Flynn? It can only be this is a classic in the prosecutors play, but it can only be a fling gives up somebody higher up the chain. There aren't that many, though, that guy be Jared Don Junior, the president himself, though I think you know, there's gonna, be other large shoes to drop. So, let's talk about our friends commissioner Lotta NEWS in the past week about Jared, starting with his security clearance being stripped away, the Washington Post reported at least for governments, saw him as a mark for potential blackmail. The New York Times report
about loans, quickness, family business received after white. Has visits with APOLLO and city group? Where does the conversation about cushion go from here? How much trouble is he indeed think well you know, there's a reason that we have anti nepotism laws and it's not just to protect, the reputation of the White House from the kind of damage its buffered with all of cushions problem last week, not just to protect the United States from being ripped off by the likes of a cushion or in his father in law, is to protect the recipients of the nepotism is to protect Europe commissioner, from the exposure that he's received cuz when you get into the white out. You know this because you work there, I mean there's an awesome amount of power the people there have to change the world for good or for ill, and it can go
your head and when you combine that with the blood ties of of a family man, where'd you get impunity and that's what the story of last week was or jeered Kirshner. He acted with impunity and now he's paying the price. I think he is in very serious legal jeopardy number one. We know that he left a really an unprecedented amount of information off of warm bed. He find and certified under penalty of perjury his financial disclosure forms and his security clearance emitting dozens of separate episodes. I've never seen anything like it fast. You know, I cleared all those forms for four all. When you are my car,
in the White House, and that this is totally unprecedented so that the source of the trouble. Then there is the question of why he's hiding it? Now we see, got half a billion dollars in loans from companies that he was meeting with in the White House from banks that he was meeting in the White House. That benefited his properties? I mean. How can you not look at that with a sceptical? I, though, then there is the involvement of foreign governments who are, we now have evidence wanted, cultivate him? Did they succeed in doing so? What a cool awful mess all because of that nepotism, the choice that he and his father in law made.
A year ago, Norma, don't you feel lucky that we didn't keep you working harder than you did. I mean my. I think my financial disclosure farmers, like a checking account with not much money, and I think that was about it. He asked I it was like a collective vow of poverty worthy. I you know the people who came into the Obama administration look. We had really started with President Obama. Our approach was the exact opposite of this. As you know, John, the president came any says: I'm gonna have tough rules. I had the honour of helping him figure out what the complaint programme would be de applied them to himself. He was the first one that I explained the rules do then than my next meal was with the first lady and her staff and everybody live by those rules, and you know we err on the side of caution. Why we wanted to
avoid the appearance of conflict, so we'd never get into an actual conflict and the result is people, savers, whether they agree or disagree with any a whole bomb as other these bipartisan consensus, the only white House in modern history. They didn't have an ethic scandal, no scandals, the White House. Do you know how angry my fellow veterans of the White Collar BAR in Washington. Where, with me, I had no business fabs for eight years as though well we took a very tough approach in Obama. We had the results to show for it. Gang in the White House is doing the exact opposite and your thing, the chaos that is resolved thing we ve never seen anything like it. It's so early in an administration. The only thing that's comparable as Watergate, but that happened in the second term of Nixon. Do you think that some of these
fixed rules that we put in place that we live by ourselves in the Obama. Weight has need to be shrined in laws in the future, because it does seem like a mean, while paying attention to the Russia stuff like the big thing looming out there, but in the background were starting to see the corruption. Its can everyday thing, it's all over the cabinet. It's all these cabinet secretaries vetoed all this on doing taxpayers money on on first class flights. What have you d get Jared Krishna like? Are you worried at all that next administration that comes into the white house- and I think you know what the problem is gotta lotta gotten away, got away with a lot of that shit. We might as well have loose ethics rules to doesn't seem like the public perception was damaged. All that much wouldn't. What would you think about that? Well, that
after in the book of Trump, has yet to be written, Astro and depending on the size of the hemorrhaging and the explosion. I think the however succeeds him may feel they better go back to the old bombers, zero tolerance approach in all. I think that the question is a good one. I do think there are things that need to be enshrined into law and nobody ever imagined that we too have a president who wooden release his tax return. So we could understand his financial posture and his conflict that we'd have a president who that was a norm, but when we didn't think we needed a law, we didn't imagine. We'd have a president who would hang on to his businesses every present in the modern Europe, since the passage of the ethics in government act after Watergate has gotten rid of their businesses with far less cause than Trump, because they
They didn't want this miasma. This think the swamp gas that is now sustaining the White House, though I think those two things to the extent that constitution allows we should require the release of presidential tax returns is no constitutional issue with that and with some regard, for brazen of powers. We need to find a way to make sure that President's do not hang on to their businesses that cause conflict. That's not unrelated the complex issues that you and I were talking about when I first came on the party go are not unrelated to the criminal issues the Trump is getting into today, because what happened was he said By violating the norm, then he started breaking the law. Is the constitution
Now we ve gone from civil violations into criminal violation, though he launched himself down a slippery slope and its head terrible consequences. Then, of course fabs. We often talked about this when we are in the White House together tone at the top. He set a bad town at the tops, though now Kirshner is nepotism, son in law, his daughter and vodka there was a story last week, there's an FBI Counter Intel investigation about a property she's involved in in Vancouver and the cabinet members price is gone for excessive era, travel privileges, Carson Shokhin, Preux, with Thankee all of the idea, investigation of thirty one thousand dollar table it. A cancer that spread throughout the administration, all stemming from Donald Trump, lousy town that he set by refusing to release is tax returns in keeping his businesses. So, yes, we ve got
to fix that in the future. By putting it into law, it seems I've made real progress and going from just you know your average drifters too, to real criminals and, in short up the latest on the emoluments lawsuit that the state attorney general filed against the administration, They know. We talked about that last time. You were here a well. The emoluments litigation has been filed around the country. There is a case that is, on appeal in New York, where I'm co carefully just file the notice of appeal and according to media reports in these state attorneys general case, which is pending in federal strict court. In Maryland, we had a hearing and the media who had
Ended all agreed that the judge seemed inclined to allow the case to proceed to discovery. There have already been document preservation subpoenas issued in that Maryland Agee case. I'm Co Council in my watchdog group crew is Co Council with the Maryland Agee and the Deasey Agee in that Maryland case. So what the press at least fell that the hearing was promising, am Donald Trump is being added. There's a motion out to add him in his personal capacity in that case. So that case
to be moving along according to the papers and there's a third case in the District of Columbia as well brought by members of Congress. So those emoluments walls are closing in on Trump and remember a monument simply refer to cash or benefits from foreign or domestic governments. Trump can't take him under the constitution and they are pouring in from the foreign governments from the United States from the state, starting with his Trump Hotel down Pennsylvania. Avenue, though this is a big legal problem for him, and I am confident not the fastest moving thing, but the arc of the litigation is bending towards justice. I'm confident he's gonna be
the is violating the constitution every minute of every day by collecting these foreign and domestic governmental payments. And if this cases, one of these cases are multiple cases move to the discovery phase. What kind of documents are you gonna get here like Trump Business Record's. Could you get his tax returns? What are some of the things that you could learn and discovery? Well, then, the core of these cases is gonna, be to demonstrate the band of the foreign and domestic government payment that he has collected since being elected though it actually doesn't have to be a once. We get to discovery doesn't have to be a protracted years.
Discovery process we're going to prove that we believe that it is a lay down case. Once you get past the threshold issues, the procedural issues, for example, the New York case didn't say, Donald Trump can take. A monument to New York case raised some standing issues. Now the state agencies, in the Marilyn case totally different and in question ending, is a threshold that doctrine you have to prove harm in order to a compromise arm in order to get the discovery go one at this is not a closed case on the underlying liability. John, that violating the constitution constantly just the question: who has the power to bring that up? So you abolish those violations and you'll want to. We will want to move as quickly as we can to a declaration
general ruling of another kind from the cord thing he's in violation of constitution, I'm sure, once a cord hold that I hear is going to stop doing this. You can imagine a president openly violating the constitution once a court as hell that he's doing that. So we want to get there as quick as possible. Soviet My final question. You said a year ago that the system was brazilian enough to push back against Trump that our courts in our justice system wooden. Let him get away with what he's doing or do you you'll get a year later that the justice system is working as it should. I know you had an up at last week about you know. Just praising Jeff sessions actually, for you know keeping his job and not resigning or or under the pressure of Trump attacking him? How do you feel, like the justice system from the Department of Justice to the courts, is holding up under under Trump? I think the system is holding up a surprisingly well, you know there's kind of an an untold story. We lose track.
Back in the day to day the scandal of the day and the shock and outrage at what prompts has done every day of the past fourteen months since taking office, we both lose track, sometimes of how bad it is. How shocking his behaviour, if there's a lot of stuff that you never see behind the scenes, but then we also lose track of how strong the push back has been and there are a lot of unknown heroes. Who, every day in the legislative branch in the cords among the state jeez and in trumps own executive branch, who are pushing back on him, offer his illegal behaviour I never imagined that you know I'd. Be writing an option
in the New York Times with a former stations aid Lord of session, celebrating sessions, defence of the rule of law, but when the president tweeted its sessions, was disgraceful for not investigating sticking prosecutors on the president's political. Enemies. There stood up to him with great dignity and said I will always act with integrity, and so will the Justice Department going to follow the law. Then there was the picture that night and to me bad. That picture is a photograph of the empire of war, striking back the picture of the Saturday night massacre victims, the potential victims of a Trump Saturday night Massacre the same order of succession when Nixon wiped out the Justice Department in the original Saturday night massacre. Are you
the attorney general you had the deputy attorney general ROD, Rosen Sign and you have the solicitor general, the three of them top three officials having dinner together that was being by tromp. He apparently went into a rage values about how to me about that at all, but he understood that that was the system standing up, though there's a thousand stories like that of ways often done very quietly ways. The system has pushed back on him and Trump is in a terrible box Bab, because he cannot buyer these men and fire Mahler, which he would love to do without creating a firestorm. But if he stays weary is, he is in a bullseye as well cause Mahler is looking at his where we started looking at trumps, destruction of justice for free
straining the rush investigation by trying to block call me and then firing call me that pattern Bell. There's a trump is really checkmated, then dab. You know we're just gonna have to see what happens. The big day, new Mise Gonna be when Mauler interviews, Trump, that's coming sooner or later, that's coming, and that is gonna, be the climax of this drama turned stated: normalizing beg you to stop and by come on any time we we love, haven't you how many times I need to come on before I get the free sure we'll send you that norm. Oh my god, I will send you a teacher right today. Has that's all right? Does it that's the kind of give solicitation that I never would have allowed? We clearly do not argue this is it. This is and mineral now, ok, nor any get. Now I gotta talk to you later, but I now pod, save America's broad. You buy parachute, guys daylight savings this weekend. Oh, I don't know
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good for you know giving money charity, but also your organ five hours in your pockets, Grendel action, most of you most of you haven't done it right. You do that the agenda, thousands right. They were all that any of you. Ve done it yet you're still using the other ones, but we're not using those anymore or not In studio today, we have the host of crooked media's, keep it IRA, Madison IRA, what's going on in Asia, are you is tired of loving is over I'm a little hung over, probably not as much as John. This funding is a fifty fifty Oscars people and I don't give a shit about asking people fairer a world shape of water justices serve the best maybe the one! That's what I'm gonna do that you're take away. I knew it was gonna win. Actually it seem like it. I'm happy three billboards than one
so why don't you know is gonna win is because it is all about the magic of cinema, and so preferential and everyone's seem like they were sort of pushing towards I shouldn't mark, would I haven't seen, but like the clips they kept showing of that fish interacting with people looked like a joke, it was also a joke that they include eclipse from that movie during the times at once. The owners those strange because it's like this is about representation and change in like Holly as many problems but like it's not like fish people, fighting at how unveiling I dont see myself. I don't myself and high with movies until the shape of water, more men and women. Will you surprise me not really actually, no surprise, it was pretty much a boring ceremony only eleven there are no upsets whatever the co eating a minute, it was jarring, seeing Kobe Bryant walk up there. I mean that case was
pretty significant allegations of sexual assault that were you solved in a way that I dont know that would pass muster these I'm in his apology to the written one at the time was like wild yeah, I remember say you did it, but he thought it was fine here, consensual, I guess and auditing Joe. I maybe Gary Old man was up there too, and this on a now. There was even a Hollywood. Just how good reporter always does their corn quote brutally honest ballots? Were they interview some old academy voter who you know just Lester trash everything, but one person said that they didn't care of Gary Old Man, maybe or maybe didn't hit there s wife, with a phone he's really dead, as Winston Churchill who and it's also we'd like celebrating Winston Churchill thousand other
the shape of water clubs and the Gary old men, as was introduced, which, like it, was funny. I think that looks like a like me. Fake Oscar movie, you looked like the penguin from Batman and all the courts or those who, unlike rattling, shares, a revival like I just like you might as well, shall I'm Winston Churchill that too, I am and that's why I'm doing this, his cigar or nor being tough like we used to be, was injured. Look at our fat, my mouth, my fat face. I'm gonna open under here that's amazing. Good- I am never finished the movie, but if that's all the movie is Is it just? Isn't it? What do you think will to Dunkirk earlier? It is what happens after the exact same vague and Gary Open is also like. He wants to do another Winston Churchill movie he's not, What else is more deaths supply of that mask? Frances Mcdermott had a nice moment there. I actually truly
loved Frances, MC dormant and she was Godfrey billboards. Love her as an actress. I've always loved her, I loved her moment actually was pretty. Unexpected, did not expect her inclusion, rider yeah have all of the women stand up while so inclusion writer sounded random in the moment people googled yeah, but it's actually like a pretty cool thing that actors can, add a writer to their contracts to ensure that their projects reflect the real world. Stacy Smith. Had this TED talk where she said that you have your leads in a movie, and then you have a bunch of characters who so
I don't even have lines are they have like one scene, and it just makes sense to make sure that those people in a movie are diverse, sound, that's the inclusion writer and is also that the production staff to right yeah, which is, I guess, friends Mcdermott's had after it, she'd only learned about this herself like a couple weeks ago, yeah and then she thought like how do we not know about this? I wonder if this will have an aim that is keep at it hidden our problem, okay, alright, I'm not going to have this, I'm not going to have you bad Mouth Matt David he's made mistakes, he's not perfect. You know how I feel Matt Damon Madame in this morning, from John my name is Inigo Montoya. Any compromise
No, it's a very important thing that people can add to their contracts its way for actors to start doing more socially actors. Who can you know, sort of effect change in Hollywood? So I thought that was very nice, and then someone stole her Oscar. So will I stole her Oscar her someone stole France's Asgard, but luckily, Wolf gave puck has his own photographers for a hike. The after party had his photographer caught the guy on camera and then he was as the house with a figure of incidents and asked her Oscar and re. It was like a coach actually we're word. She put it down
Well. Yes, we are, we were splitting in an amber. We were putting associated with down low. I want to know that a party of either Party IRA living it's interesting due to me about the inclusion redder. They think that giving actors majestic directors and actors and high profile people who can make demands before they say yes, is something I think these are people who are told yes, of course, and of course, a lot and dont have the word. I dont know what to ask for so it's cool to give them give these people at do. Have some saying this process like here specifically what I want, because now that they have made to ask where there's no one to tell them? It's not possible, of course, but, as you know, we ve talked about it, aren't keep it before, but one of the hardest things is the fact that retort about you know trying to make changes in Hollywood differ.
From politics- is you can tell people you now to go and vote and make their voices heard? And how do you really do that in Hollywood? It's the people like Francis and other actors who have that power and you sort of half to inform them of things that they can do? and ways that they can help. You know, and I am sure other actors now will be excited to be. You know, I'm sure someone's really excited to give an interview with a right, I put an inclusion writer on my new sound, and so it's things like that. That will help, but not just acting like Johnson, the behind the scenes. People too, you know like Rachel Morrison was the first woman nominated first and material the last night she didn't when, but you know there should be more women and that's also the hardest things for women to break into actual, because you it's hard to become a cemetery unless you ve already done like camera worked, none of them and cameras are heavy and people. Justice
only men can carry them and there has been no pressure to diversify those roles, little as there's been a bit higher up the food chain, those early jobs, production assistance, camera operators, those sort of low jobs they just it's easy to not even asked the question about the diversity or gender of those jobs. Of course, most people just assume their men on asset, and and then it, but I also had interested, was interesting to that, just beyond inclusion writers. It was also interesting to see like Annabel ask Europe and other actors serve big like these. A mere serve. You know, envy the montage, because these are people whose careers were hurt by not just specific actors like Harvey Wine scene, but also a system that doesn't create roles for women beyond you know, whatever heartthrob or or a sort of engineer. What have you done so hopeful? I thought what was interesting to us. It was hoped to see the idea of better representation of women beyond,
the movie stars actually yeah. I think that was the thing about shape a water, just the fact that it so rare that a best actress, nominee unit, their film is also nominated for best picture yeah, if you like it, does the industry to sort of tends to celebrate, like Winston Churchill roles, you know or movies like that, and you often see the best actor categories sort of represent. You know the best pictures, but women often get nominated in films, that the academy doesn't really consider Quantico Oscar movies but they like, we really loved her performance. Yes, and so many Oscar movies are the story of difficult, interesting, fascinating men right. That's, like that's fancy. I love phantom trapper. That's phantom thread does not just our that sort of the classic of the genre, and you don't see those roles existing in the same way for women at all. I there's no. You can start to think of iniquity
and have a phantom through head that surrounds, like a Frances make dormant or a marrow sweeper, or what have you I'm sorry Hawkins was nominee and Francis one for three billboards, but that you had. You know those heart raises between Like Allison Janey, She was an eye. Tanya Italia was nominated, as you know, the fort project was nominated, to know how I feel about you about Florida. Project I love you a project and it was robbed- and it was one of the top movies at ear, and everybody should see it here MRS, that firm, starring women about whenever women's issues and never seen the do well, but hopefully that's changes. Can we make fun of serve twitter reaction to the author for one minute because, like
I didn't look at one time anchored faster but ran like the sort of mediocre writer on the national review. I watches forty five seconds of the Oscars and sees a sum city celebrated in some way and declares this is why Trump one it is so tiring and stupid shut them worse. One this morning, s eyes, Bencher Para Shapiro. He wrote a whole peace on this, which I might receive it. Jimmy Kimmel. We make films to upset my pants and then he ran and prepares us. That's true and it's an employer, an yeah. The films are made in Hollywood, Dinginess outer guys upset people's political authority, that is our life, whether they think of it. This is the year that Hollywood sat hiding the bar on its liberalism. Euro Hollywood happen where Mary was made to upset right paths
long was major my ground that doesn't upset my daughter. The iron ladies a man and a woman in a room in theirs. I only see three feet on the floor. At my house. I've made a conscious decision not to look at them. I know that Taffeta Lauren had like a tweet last night where she was like I can't wait for the Oscars you now to see everyone's favorite pastime, bashing trunk, and it's like, I know you where you really like. You are actually excited. Dna made a video to be a part of the culture work. Conversation cause, that's all they had been here. They look for two ruining. Now national cultural moments, the Oscars, the enemies, the
and without a bit more, not that of our about his news, octogenarian sitting at home. Just like I don't like anything any more nothing. I just antisocial timing at the whole country watches together sports culture, musings ruin, it all seems to channel rots. What is they do? Love it, though, because I remember light when there is a show where someone just ignores tromp what they all of the tweet. Loved this show that didn't put politics in anything like they looked forward to this every year, like they ve, probably all seen like shape water. Some of these films is its Verily migrants, Alcott. Colleagues, I think he got rights Gruner as very when and how they operate in a space where they are watching these movies and watching these tv shows listening to these albums and yet they can't just enjoy the damn show like they're, always ups.
At the Grammy's and her heart, and so they listen to their cars. It ironic it because it's under the guise of sang look at whether politicizing look with their politicizing put my goodness. The way they look at things so political, it's always just ready to pounce, unlike they mention the troops, but not the way. I would have mentioned the troops and that's why they hate the troops deserve our thanks. Rostov, you're ethics, we're have everyone you'll be doing a full recap. I'm imagining on this week's I keep it now ignore you gonna do that now, education passing just gonna have our whole. Our about hope, Hickson said Margaret. Everyone to keep this week makes our
alright thanks norm, Eisen for joining us today, thanks IRA Madison, I'm still here and that's all the time we have for today. Sorry, your favorite movie, three billboards did not win best picture. I love three billboards can't wait for we'll see all and taxes taxes remember there's on tickets. Remember, there's! No Thursday products can be Friday morning clouded over. Our Thursday night show in Houston will see them
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