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The United States becomes the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump blames everyone but himself for the bungled response, and public health officials persuade him to abandon his Easter deadline. Then PBS's Yamiche Alcindor talks to Jon L. about covering the Trump White House during this crisis.

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virus we ve already raised around five thousand dollars is helping a lot of people in need out there. So we appreciate that and we appreciate zipper greater. I welcome the pod. Save America, I'm John Favour, I'm John love. It and Tommy Leader Today's pod Lovett talks with PBS Whitehouse corresponded Emission Elsinore before them we'll talk about America's new position as the epicenter of this global pandemic trump. Impulse to make it all about Trump and how?
This might re frame what we talk about the twenty twenty election, but first love it. How is the show this week? Another big crowd The applause in my mind, was deafening. John, the now we had we did our first episode from the couch Stephen merchant Switch back. Bennet all were incredibly funny. Incredibly smart guess. We speak to some listeners about their where new, Hobbes and all in all, I'm, an essay lover or leave it yet another huge success, fantastic, fantastic, a few quick note. It's hard to keep up with our news out there. So if you want a quick summary at the end of the day that comes with a much needed dose of humor and a little hope have we got the new butter for you sign up for, what a day at crooked dot com slice newsletter guys. The news that has never been better or do you think absolutely you will love what a day and we haven't signed up yet do it
There is always something that makes me laugh out loud, which is increasingly difficult. These days, yes, exactly well put. Finally, while you're sheltering in place with nothing to do, go ahead and fill your senses. Is that so important to do other than the fact that its required by law does the senses determines how many members of Congress, electoral votes and resources your community gets for the next ten years is a very big deal. So take five minutes and fill it out remind your friends, my Twenty twenty census, DOT Gov! That's my twenty twenty cents, a stock of ok! here is where we are today, the United States has passed a grim milestone. We now have more confirmed. Cases of corona virus than any other country on earth, and we have all most last more Americans to the pandemic than we did on nine eleven on Sunday doctor she estimated that the? U S could see millions of infections in anywhere between one hundred and two hundred thousand deaths hours later Donald Trump,
who had an offered a word of condolences all weekend about the thousands of Americans who died. Instead tweeted along quote about the popularity of his daily press briefings that began quote President Trump is a ratings hit, so gonna get to trumps sociopath narcissism in a bit, but I want to start with the question of why we ve already become the country with the most confirmed cases of Corona virus Tommy. Grim, milestone so yeah you used? The word confirmed cases in there, which is probably unimportant caviar, that we don't actually have anything closed. Good, handle on the real number of people who have had the virus in the. U S replied on I've accuracy, Is that a China I'm worried about what happens when this register India? So like a few caveats, but you know, like the he's in for why we are where we are as a couple things mean with the response the,
original sin was trump downplaying the virus, or at least not taking it seriously for months our failure to ramp up testing which will get back to you. And then there's the spread and the reason we have the most cases, because the virus the? U S way earlier than anyone realise mean. There are clearly pockets in Washington State allay New York New Orleans now seeing community spread, but no one knew for sure, because we can test. We didn't know how how widely spread was in that lead to slow, inconsistent government, responses, regulate the best case was the Bay area which issued a shelter in place March, seventeenth, the entire state of health when you follow suit pretty closely after, but New York, for example, didn't move a more restrictive steps until the twenty fourth there is already that lag there, and on top of that, Our government responses all over the place. Trump went through many phases of denial delay the process at every stage he modeled bad behaviour. You wouldn't use the power
the presidency to prepare us or for social distancing like in February. My compare was tweeting about the state Urban, facilitating the transfer of masks and protective suits and gloves to China, and he was eighteen ton. So that's a good, and decent thing to do, but maybe not the step. And see the White House taking if we had an actual handle on the problem. So now tested, I think eight hundred fifty thousand people as this recording in fairness. A large number of tasks is probably why we now have a larger number of confirmed cases, but it still too late the spread and now, if we tested eight hundred, fifty thousand people in February made officials in Louisiana would have known shut down Marty Grass, but instead people party, for weeks and now people look at that as The reason why Louisiana has The biggest explosion of cases may be anywhere, so it the very horrible series of new stepson and missed opportunities. Let you go,
Turning to other! Well, you know we can talk about the Times peace that looked at. What happened in this last month, when they weren't ramping up testing? I think what striking in reading that peace is what Trump was doing publicly to fail, the demonstrate leadership was also going on behind the scenes yeah, they really didn't. Take it seriously enough, and you know that pieces methodical right. It goes through the CDC it talks about the FDA. Failure to talks about the failure of the wider, asked her to take this seriously enough, including the fact that MIC Mulvaney the sensibly the poorest at the White House who was point on this as he was being pushed out, but what, when you look, All these different variables in we should talk about them their important, the heart. Thing just to talk about, is what what isn't in peace, which is just genuine presidential leadership that when there was this delay on testing, there's no
at the White House saying: where are we on this? Where are we on this? This is important when the FDA is dragging their heels, about letting private companies get involved. One really stark example: is South Korea convened twenty companies to help them get ahead on testing? Meanwhile, American comes he's an international companies were beating down the door of the FDA, saying please change these restrictive, rules about getting our test approved. We want to get you test and right now we can't do it, but because no one was taking this seriously, nobody was really in charge. Things could languish for days and days and days me. We know this from all kinds of government responses. It's really important that there's someone who says Where are we on this? I want this done too. I want this done by the end of this week, because a group of people were no one's in charge, can talk and talk and talk for weeks, and it seems like that's exactly what happened yet.
The Times peace, which is called the last month. Just you know very accurate, just lays out pretty simple timeline and, in others, a couple dates that we know from other reporting as well like they have our CDC director on the phone with his chinese counterpart on New year's and they said One conversation the chinese counterpart, the head of the CDC in China, actually burst into tears, telling our CDC director how bad this was. That's new year's, January twentieth is when the first case is detected in Washington State February. Fifth Alex Aser. The Secretary of Health and human services is pleading with the White House to buy two billion dollars. Worth of masks and other supplies trump cuts. The request by seventy five per since February. Seventh is what me mentioned earlier, a tweet from our secretary of State might pontio talking about how we're sending eighteen tons of medical supplies to China to help them
deal with the crisis. This was, after our health and Human Service secretary said we need to buy more equipment and then on February, tenth Trump propose cutting the CDC budget that than those are just a few of the day, as in a view of the things that happen in this last month, while a government officials in the aid states knew exactly what going on new, what's happening in China, knew what the threat was and fell behind and testing, and this last month cost. I don't know like how many lives is going to cost. How many difficulty more cases are we gonna have because of this like it's was immeasurable addressed point, but what I learned at the White House, especially on the annex, is that readers it is in making a big decision and that's the end of it. It is constant management like like the the apple Edison government it can be slow and bureaucratic and cumbersome and your times report made me think that in a lot of these jobs trump. Had the wrong person in place, even in places like you know,
the CDC Fda, other, more technocratic institutions, but it's a bigger conversation, but you know, like It doesn't sound like he was going to the corona virus passports meetings. He wasn't saying: why are we testing get us up to speed right now and like pushing The government to act- and it was they leadership. Failure that is catastrophic back and we will be tried, to deal with until two years from now we have a vaccine in everyone's vaccinated yeah I mean so. You know they really fucked up the preparation for this. A lot of the more popular ads and videos over the last few weeks have been about this about trumps failure. Prepare how much do you think it's important to focus on what he fucked up then verses? What he's fucking up now, as we continue to sort of to hold him accountable for the administrations failures but what you think? I think it's really hard question. I think we'll talk about it more when we talk about how this is affecting the politics of this moment.
Thank you start to see Nancy Policy things that are kind of. I don't know from the from the play book. We need to do investigations. What did the president now and when did? He know it language and that's really important, you know, and I I do think. Sometimes you see build a blog who is taking correctly heat for his. You know that the critical loss of days in terms of New York's response said what we shouldn't be looking backwards and I and stand. Why politician would say that? I also understand why people of good faith might say hold honesty we shouldn't be spending our time talking about what happened before, because we have emergency right now, but it isn't a choice because trot is still fucking up right now he is still actively the same. Twisted motivations, lack of discipline, narcissism, ego, ignorance,
led to that last month, our guiding the decision making right now, so that the the heat we bring on the bad process and bad worse. Bons from January February and March- is going to make sure that these people are accountable and what they're doing right now. So you know we just have to talk about it, because we need White House and we need the the the people managing this response to know that that their eyes- on their continuing for misadventures Yeah me look. You can't understand why things are so bad now, unless you understand the record that got us here in the series of catastrophic failures, and I think you know to love it's boy, like prioritizing the stock market reaction in that might come from taking drastic steps led to every and getting worse mentality is still serve coursing through this administration level will get so than walking back. This absurd Easter reopening I'm frame the trumpet prior to size, but that
key is like the only time he walks back bad decisions in the face of bad press and criticism, and clearly he got a tunnel blow back on this Easter deadline. I think that's why pray run him is so important that we have to tell story of his record for the action in November, but then on time. But that we'd be course correcting him every day and making clear the american people that they should not trust his response, couldn't believe what he is saying at these. You know massively watched weight. Ass briefings, every day, it's pure propaganda and we need a robot. Those lies or people believe them, because his local brilliancy repetition- you will say this was unprecedented. No inside coming. The response has been great in future that enough times believe him and we have to say the truth. So let's talk about what Trump is fucking up now, which is making sure there's enough masks, gloves and protective gear for healthcare workers, and an
to keep sick people alive. So David Sanger and Maggie hey Remit, the New York Times have a great story about the two big reasons why the self proclaimed manufacturing president. Feel that getting enough ventilators made one, because he ignored all the warnings. That was a problem in the first place in too, because he and his son in LAW Jared Kirshner, are terrible, terrible fucking managers in the process. I tell me what you think about that. I mean like it was devastating, but is also totally predictable, and this is why you need competent technocrats right at me what I love about working at the White House on that skirted Council was like when the Fukushima nuclear disaster happens. The next day you have the foremost authorities. In the government in a situation, room talking, three, what happened about it's gonna get. What needs to be done during the bp Spell Stephen Shoe a Nobel laureate Secretary of Energy. Compare that two fuckin Rick Perrier rivers in there now was part of the team trying to figure out how to fix it, like
when it came to surge production. Ventilators Trump sent in Jared, commissioner and how he's apparently asking Peter Navarro like his aunt, I trade zealot guide to oversee the defence production network work, and that is a recipe for disaster because, like you can just in the defence production ACT and that's a pat panacea. You dont flip switch and say a hard now we have ventilators its management of the process, and so what gets out? simple and great sedgy. I made tanks in world war, two they can make ventilators now, but you someone who understands insanely, complex supply chains right and instead you a trump tweeting that he wants to to build ventilators at a Lord ten Ohio facility that they had closed and sold, and it didn't he the facilities necessary to make mass to begin with again like we need technocrats, we need scientists, we didn't effort, it is coordinated by the White House so that all the well meaning people who are trying to solve the problem out an industry art coming it out,
at each other and like buying the same supplies, jacking up the prices flowing everything down and so on. The frame of the story is brutal and accurate, and also like an unravels, the narrative that he was ever like a real manufacturing or building guy or use a prick who inherited money from his dad used government loans and stiff contractors. That's how you turn a profit. I make a bunch of ventilators like he's. People like Craig few gay running the show right. He ran FEMA for Bush and then Obama in the thing I liked about him was the dude could rattle off how many palates of water be pre positioned in Miami area when a hurricane was coming like stuff, like that, the only people who are immersed in this understand yellow. It disorder reminded me that at the last couple years we have had this running debate, you know about incur the verses malevolent. Sin is Trump dislike danger, authoritarian, who has a plan- and you know, strategy any or is
ministration filled with just a bunch of fuckin, incompetent buffoons and this story and basically Most of the response to far makes me think the latter that he's just a really bad manager who doesn't want to pay attention to anything other than what helps him polluted we in the short term and a short arm in the short area in the short. Yet it has to be the short term because he's not helping themselves politically in the long term. You know he isn't right, you don't. Donald Trump is, as always, is his own worst enemy and that has been politically advantageous to those looking to remove them or at least fight em, and you know Had he mounted a significant response and taking it seriously would be politically saving thing for and right one of the only things that it could change the underlying political dynamics. There were in yeah, I mean they go hand in hand. You know I was thinking about Katrina. I remember door Katrina, what
The message is that the Bush White House was putting out repeatedly. Was we didn't have enough authority to address this, and so one of its The connection between malevolence and incompetence is you make up for a ban, Response by claiming you weren't, incompetent, you weren't, you did imagination you didn't like foresight, you didn't like the right people. You didn't like this when you just didn't, have the tools you needed to give me more power and we've seen consistently. The Trump administration tried to do that. The other piece of this, too, is you, know, Tommy make when these right about competence, righteous sort of knowing how to do things but You know Susan Rice, certainty to you and ban on parts of the world made this point about all the other things that the military could be doing right now to help the assembly are happening. There not happen Well, why not well its expertise? is not just about knowing how to do things. It's about a wealth of experience and background that gives you the imagination and and and and and and
arsenal in your mind, for different things that a government can do to help people in an emergency you now, that hey, we these resources at at this facility. We have these these exports at this research centre and because, this. This has been a administration with an incredible amount of turnover and has not attracted the best of power of republican politics, let alone politics These are yes, there is, you know, trumps Nor is it an ego guiding this, but this is also a group of people who work in over their head and have been from day one of the administration while and like you said so, that's that's being competent side of it. The malevolence comes when you respond you criticism about how you failed. So, let's talk about the president is handling that over a few days. He is research. It's a Michigan governor, Gretchen Whittemore is public request for more federal support by calling her name's in saying she's a failure. He said that he didn't believe
governor Cuomo when he said that New York needed thirty thousand more ventilators and during his Rose garden press conference on Sunday floated a conspiracy that health care workers have been hoarding, and maybe even stealing masks because they keep asking for what he feels are too many said quote something's going on, and you ought to look into it as reporters. Where are the masks going? Are they going out the back door? What Why is he doing this? I think like just really like look I just think. A lot of these nurses got into this game because they saw an opportunity to make a quick about when you see a nurse just remember they are fucking, just like shifty money, grubbing people, that's the thing about nurses and die Yours and you know it is, but obviously it's incredibly offensive, like you know everybody
of us no doctors and nurses that that we ve been touching base with this whole time and they are exhausted. They are worried. They are scared. They are away from their own families to protect them. They are trying to decide how much of a risk their willing to take themselves when they integrate a pay. Can't when they go into a dangerous circumstance: wondering when they are going to run out of ventilators they're gonna run their wondering when they run out of beds. They have do not have enough masks there reusing their mass. They are desperately trying to figure out workarounds because they dont lack the equipment and Donald Trump thinks thinks The good fellows is happening with the mask he's sending its it's. Obviously, you know it's despicable Tommy. What you think I just mean but then the playing assignment editor about the stolen ass was just like to such madness. I can barely stomach at the lake. Keep thinking about the attacks on these blue state governors I mean,
Imagine George W Bush, saying he wouldn't call back some democratic governor who is worried about now Qaeda Attack, its its inconceivable right and lay. I goes to the question is why I mean I don't want to go off psychoanalyst here, but clearly he's a total narcissistic, there's more about him. Standing in treatment press then actually helping people and we didn't need the corona virus to tell us that we saw during Hurricane Maria with his men of Porter Rico and the elected officials, air and the people there and I dont know what I means it that states of democratic governors are getting purpose. Harmed or getting less than they need in these governors, yet seem to suggest that my pants is working with them in good faith, there is probably a lot of people in there I ever working good faith re like no one's out motives. And even within the White House, like we reached out about booking voucher, POD save America, a nice person called us back to about the interview that prompt person probably thinks my political views,
is, are abominable and my tweets are caustic an awful, but they gave us consideration is they want technocratic people too to know? What's going on so like a lot of children right thing, but the problem is. From himself in so we don't know, if he's reducing shipments to miss again of mass, but we do know how much a matters when President person, gets involved in matter and says guy, J easily or Gretchen Whittemore what they need in Washington in Michigan right now. Dead he sang he's, not gonna, call them and it is like maybe one of the most insane things. I could imagine a politician doing from me. Policy or humane sort of response level, but also politically he's telling state of Michigan that their second Our citizens in the run up to election and it's maybe the dumbest thing you could ever imagined. Well, he said on that Fox news. Town. All you know it's a two way street. They have to treat as well
She said it's a treasure. Whitehouse AIDS have said this is a New York Times, peace, its understood that governors who nice things about the federal response are more likely to be spared public criticism from the White House or threats of withheld assistance, and remember we knew this before this pandemic this week, why he was impede right. Remember remember there was that there's a moment in the hearings in the impeachment hearings, when PAMELA Carlin was one of the law professors that try to talk about why this was in peaches. She said imagine imagined. Donald Trump during a national emergency calling a gun? of a state and saying I'm not gonna, release design, Stir assistance funds. Unless you do me a favor, and here we go four months later here, we are when brutal Giuliani spelled it out. I mean he said on Fox. Yes, sometimes got around to the boss and golf with somewhat eats up. Is that what is obviously you
explain it with psychology, but you can also look at it with in politics. Right down, Trump is afraid of the politics of the corona virus. Turning against him, while the over the people who have the power to do that, he doesn't think CNN has the power to do that. He doesn't think MSNBC as a power to do that. He thinks that they Governors have the power to do that, and so, when he brushes Andrew, were Andrew Cuomo, who has been, I think, trying to be deft in beef, critical of the administration, while not pressing any buttons that call a storm that may hurt his state of New York. My state issue like a criticism about ventilators, very carefully worded and trumpet the roof and and and came to the pony with a bow to say, like actually was injured, Cuomo, who didn't have the right amount of ventilators and he's hiding ventilators. It he's got ventilators in his basement. Why but during that like why is he doing that he's doing that? Doesn't signal to all these other governors do not attack me, I will make your life miserable before I,
then get to be impeach able offences of not calling you not giving you despise. You need not helping you, and it's not just a signal to the other governors. It's a signal to all of the right wing propaganda outlets and to his voters that when things get tough the people you should blame are not me. It's other politicians doesn't matter which party, mostly Democrats, but any politician that crosses me. It's the media, which has been blaming nonstop and you saw in the tweet where he started flipping out at GM about the ventilators which, as we saw from the New York Times or article, was his administrations fault. Besides, blaming the head of GM, so is gonna. Blame businesses Who's going to play in the media, he's going to blame politicians all of the fucking tricks in the book, as things start to get tough for him, and you know that was part of why he sort of like we did those fucking. That disgusting, you know quote from the New York Times about how President Trump is a ratings hit, because he saw the people don't want.
The briefings live and he decided to blame the media for well, I'm doing so well and now they're mad that I'm doing well and that's why they don't want to take it live they just hate me so hate the media right. It's always blaming someone else it the buck, never stops with. I think there's a little bit of good old fashioned excitement in his head, did the old apprentice star was pretty pumped about those guys like you could feel he really cares about these things and the fact that the fact that he doesn't realise Joe how disgusting that is too, brag about the nation being so terrified that their tuning in to a brief about whether they might live or die and think that somehow reflects on you and makes you look good, it's like theirs. There's a wire broken up there, That means I just heard can't understand him as a human being, and nor can most people it that I
I've been like plenty enraged by Trump over the last four years, like that tweet in the middle of you know, we had just passed. Two thousand Americans had just died from this pandemic and he tweets that had offered any condolences that just fuckin broke me. I was like this guy is. He's it's it's true socio, like he's a real sociopath, he has no human emotion, I will say it like. You know we talk a lot about how okay there's a you know. There's these You there these two ways and right one, is the actual substance of the response right, there's the actual. Where has he got where the test, where the ventilators where's your attention and then there's this, the pr side of it right. The bologna takes the way he treats people the way he talks to reporters, and we ve been talking a lot about over years. Now, like
Gotta stay over here on the substance, because it just seems like a lot of people to not the noise and that sort of baked in to the Trump cake at this point. But there is a real illiteracy like to me. The Easter, we're gonna be ok, by Easter and that moment where he was talking about the county by county maps, that to me, but when I saw the rating street it didn't floor me because I was so much more taken aback by what he said about Easter, because I do think that's where there's this connection between the p Side of it and the substance use, here with Rhonda Desantis in Florida, trying to blame New York, because he'd enclose the beaches and heat into his job still hasn't still hasn't the county plan. The attacking New York attacking Michigan attacking Washington until this weekend, where he did seem to be shaken by what found she said and I think actually by someone he knows getting sick, which is the only thing that could get into his narcissistic brain
you saw that they were moving towards this pr front to try to blame the states for their own failings read, but in order to do that, considering opening up their country early so that he could push it out to other places, and so too me like. That is where the substance and the the the politics and a pr kind of come together and why his way of behaving is action in a cost people's lives. In America is, broadly by quip, quip makers of the quick electric too. Brush want you to know the one single discovery that matters most for your dental care. It is simply this that if you have Good habits, you are good, let me russian for two minutes twice a day and flashing regularly, no matter what brand you use quit makes it simple, starting with electric toothbrush, refilling, floss and anti cavity toothpaste you gonna wanna, you gonna want some of them
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right now, you'll get your first refill free. That's your first refill free, get quip dotcom slashed crooked, spelled g t Q, you IP dotcom, slash Crooked, clip the good habits company, whilst SOAP Joe Biden called trumps comments about the visit conspiracy about the health care workers, selling masks on the black I'll he he'd call them among the most reckless and ignorant moves. The trump has made during this crisis and challenge the president to use the defence production act within the next forty eight hours to direct the production and distribution of protective gear and ventilators to completely fill the request of every governor. I thought, that was smart, partly because of what you just said love it is he hits sort of the awful disgusting thing Trump said, but then he also offers a substantive criticism and a challenge for him to actually use the GPA. I think that's obvious that the obvious route
Joe Biden, these presidential candidate, how do you handle it if you're like a governor or a mare right like how does Newsome Handle, is how does Cuomo handle this? How does Whittemore handle this like? You do need this lifesaving equipment, so you need a working relationship with the federal government, the White House, but you also now have the president out their attacking you. Every time you say, hey actually need more help. I need you know very carefully. The like of two minds of this because I actually thinking this morning in a while, Cuomo immensely Newsome Whittemore modeling as best they can, the kind of leadership trade. It rather see in your president. They. What we're seeing but I remember when Ensley took that call from pence any criticized Hence right away right after the call and I and stood why he did that he was killed. Act on the merits completely correct on the merits, but I remember thinking
that's a dangerous game to play with this White House, because their terrible people and their vindictive and they care about their own politics and they do the people of any state in this country. So Maybe unfortunate reality is like you saw this with the five. As in California, that that that that the lead- having California was Jerry Brown or gave a new sound like being very careful and how they talk about what the Trump Ministration is doing, because there trying to get things they need- and I do think sadly like these governors, light you need to eat some shit because they have to protect their people and stay out of the fire. Tromp, while making sure they do signal at really important moments where the administration is failing, being really fact base being really clear. Being really odd, wrecked about it, while knowing that they have to play that game You think I don't know, and you look. I don't have the responsibility of managing this relationship or getting what I need from federal government. So, like it's very easy for me to sit here and in and say that the thing I just
the thing it's in the back of my head is like this. Your timeline river. So I'm very glad that you are preparing to listen to Pouchy and all the scientists and then back to my office, crazy, Easter deadline to reopen the government, but that still meant that lots of people endure days of panic that our government was gonna, do something that would endanger all of our lives and like the Trump propagandist spent weeks priming their adherence to believe that this You're deadline was real and that hurting the economy was worse than the virus itself, and that grandma was willing to sacrifice herself to allow that five hundred index to go up a couple points and you can't turn a diamond fix that, so I do think that the most of the world. Trying to not be at harmony but are like rebutting mistake, hence in bad ideas repeatedly and speaking, choose the power in that sense. I do think that the right approach- I also don't think like
sending Florida whenever they need cuz. He thinks the swing state that he needs to win that other he's ever Do a solid too a bunch of blue state governors, whether they're nice to him or not, raised that just like not in his dna, citing nations What they need and like let voters treat him according we and be accountable. I know I wouldn't shouted in necessarily that felt you now pull punches on what you need in what you are, or you know person all, but I do think, like you, can't pull punches what you need and what you're getting and how you gotta responses going or bad policy proposal. Because in the name of keeping him happy thou be my I completely agree. I also think look all these governors have high approval ratings than him right now, he's gotten a bump, but they ve gotten bigger. Bumps
Andrew Commerce sitting it like seventy percent right now, Gretchen WHIP mergers between sixteen seventy percent and, I think, look, I think, criticising him or at least criticising the response and asking for what you need is a life or death situation is not just about politics and I think you're right there's a balance that we have to strike there, which I should think Gretchen Whittemore did quite
well on one of the Sunday shows this week, and I remember where she would have me. Depression basically said like yet meet the press she's like we. We don't want to fight right now. She's, like people's lives, are at stake. We need to be working together. We don't need to be divided into be pitted against each other right now. What people one thing: people hate about Trump, most voters, not just partisan Democrats, but they don't like what they don't like the tweeting, the fights, the pettiness, the childish. The chaos that divisiveness so that if these democratic governors and other democratic officials can talk about how Trump has turned this into a political issue has turn this into a partisan. Football has decided to use this crisis to divide people to deflect the blame from himself. I think that's, a message that doesn't seem like it too,
cheap shot. But it also rings true, and I do think if, if these governors don't led the criticism of the administrations response, then no one else will say it or, unlike our people, will still believe that he's doing a great job like at some point we all have to just you know like we can all yell about it on I can in the end, reporters can do it, but right now a lot of Americans are looking to their local and state leader and there are proving of their handling and they're looking to them for cues on what's happening, and I think they all need to be honest about where the federal government is falling short, even if it means that trumped goes crazy as it like the leader, the scientific leader, the export of America's role. I asked you to run a virus signalled that he believes there may be between one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand deaths. And trumps respond to. That is to go to the podium and say, but it could have been two million.
To try to set expectations down the actual actually said if it ends up between one hundred and two hundred thousand fatalities quote, we altogether have done a very good job. That's what he said at the podium on Sunday that that I do think I do they one of the challenges here and I do One of the reasons you know see: trumps approval rating being going up is very disheartening. It's very sad. He is progressing, should be going down because he felt his. Three dramatically but yes, you see the comparison to other governors who have gone up even more in that's assign, okay, this this is there something going on here that maybe you can wrap your head around, but also the vastness of. What's about to happen, I dont think has really hit people the scale of what we're talking about we're done that yeah, fifty nine eleven, that's what we're talking about all because they miss their opportunity to do that, testing when it could have contained it to a few key places. That is an
egg world historic failure. That is not. That is not we'll trumps Katrina, that is Donald, Iraq and everything about the next year is solving this incredible crisis, but also tell that story to protect us from the next crisis, we also we saw some polling and August groups awhile back long before the virus hit that shit that a lot of things that I think liberals, myself included, focus on Twitter did. The personal characteristic tromp dont really resonate with voters, but the best argument against him is really that he's incompetent and that he has made it broke in corrupt system. Worse and I tragically, nothing has, in that out more than this response, it was predictable abuse of the disdain for Fourteen than nepotism, the vetting of staffer for political views and not qualify,
locations, and so I do think focusing on that. Every single day is a way. Democrats will do well and Biden needs to show leadership and resolve it and you'll make clear the how he would be different. And empower scientists, but you know I do think like we're gonna need governors and other elected officials are really carry the more brutal argument against Trump and this response- and you know, look tragically, it might just play out screens anyway, because, like you said love it I mean it's gonna get worse, while there that sort of lead us into the conversation about twenty twenty. In the campaign we ve talked a lot about how the pandemic will change the way that twenty twenty campaign is run There is a big New York Times story over the weekend about how the way candidates communicate and organ and fund raising will change Let's talk about how this pandemic could change what the campaign is actually about the times. Has a lot of candidates talking about how the pandemic will either effect or dominate,
about every other issue. In politics and quotes republican congressmen Tom Coal, saying quote: this is the question that is going to dominate the election. How did you perform in the great crisis? Do you guys? he's right about that is is everything that happened over the last three four years: sort of out the window, and- and this is this is the main event I think so. I mean I think, after nine eleven that a paradigm changing event in american politics in and the fear and the desire to Then a future nine eleven became all consuming, and I think this is this is similar in. I think whoever does the best. Of addressing that fear in showing how you'd handle it is gonna get elected or if its Trump reelected and I know I just don't know that it's hard for me. To imagine trumps stumping and saying talking about record stock market gains that have been erased or trade fights with China that small and meaning
driving the only enduring damage that is done in terms of his record before this or these fucking judges that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. But I do I taught for me to imagine a November elections that is about anything but this issue, and so yes- and I do think like by NASA competence and leadership and resolves, but you know it's a harder job for trump because of how much he failed to date. In defending that record, become impossible, love everything yeah. I guess I do two things one yet The Tommy's right, I do think I've. I read that that yes, and I just found myself feeling completely uncertain right, I'm uncertain about what it looks like a campaign in this environment. I dont like yes, I do, but it's gonna die. Obviously it's gonna be dominating our politics indefinitely, but it lot depends on what happens with response: where are we in the fall? How many cases are there? Have we come out of?
self quarantine or our or staying at home. Have we not yet? How much is the country pass this. These are all questions I think we just don't that are just of swirling around the other This, though, is I do think that there is sort of two kinds of races. One is the presidential and joy Ireland is known, he is a known figure. I think about all of the unknown the candidates, all the unknown Senate candidates, all of the character You are not just going to try to define the issue but try. To find themselves in an environment which they You may not be able to do campaign events, they may or may not be able to do fundraiser they may or may not be able to go to tv studios so right now, I do think we're just, very early stages of it, and I I just feel like feels like they're, so many unintended and unknown consequences. What we're seeing and and and how will shape the campaign that I just think it's the incumbent upon very, very smart people to be thinking about this and try things and make mistakes and realise what working in what's not working
has no one's ever had to campaign for president during during a pandemic, in our in in a hundred years. Yeah I mean I re. Election campaigns are usually about the incumbent and a referendum on the incumbent, and the incumbent vote share usually matches pre closely, what their approval rating or their job rating is at the time of the election. That's usually the case. Ada we debated this on the pod before you know. Dan has argued that this time around its not just a referendum, the Democrats need to make it. A choice as well, and I think in a regular election with someone irregular like Trump on the ballot. That might be true, I wonder now, with this pandemic, with this dominating everything else, and I do think even if even
the utmost optimistic scenarios? If you know Trump says I will be rare and ago by June first. Well, if we're ready to go by June first, that still means how many thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans have died. What the economy will look like at that point. The pandemic will not have gone away at that point. Maybe it will have subsided, but there will still be outbreaks in different parts of the country like. I also find it really hard to imagine this not sort of dominating the election, and I think like as much as what Joe by you know. We ve talked unless committees about Joe Biden, gotta figure out how to communicate and break through, and I think what Joe Biden does is important here, of course,
but I think that more than ever, this is going to hinge on Donald Trump as it was in the beginning. It's going to be all about Trump, and I and I when I worry too, that the dark scenario is- and we we sort of alluded to this earlier. This thing drags on, there's a lot of suffering and a lot of death and a lot of pain, financial and health wise, and what Donald Trump does is. He starts blaming everyone else and he starts being racist and xenophobic and partisan and divisive, and he blames governors and he blames Democrats and he blames the media, and you know he makes that the fall campaign- a very, very dark campaign where he tries to pit the country against each other, which is even worse than the original campaign has been around, which is to try to make job. I look like a corrupt old cook. You know, that's that's not enough anymore. Get ready for that! That covered caravans that are coming to every border. I mean levelling tearful,
I have no idea who will be helped her harmed by this pen. Action in the election that disgusting thing to say. I just think that will be our consuming. I think we all remember like why we're doing social distancing, it's not because it's gonna make the virus go away and life goes back to normal it so that we don't overwhelm all of our hospitals systems and people die in the parking lot right, and so, if we start living like we did before before, there is a vaccine which is likely to take a year. At least cases are going. Slowed against. I just think we are went to be living with some version of life. It is right now for a year. And a half two years, which certainly encompasses the election, and I just think the whole thing will become about this new way of life and how we get through it. I also you know. This is new for democratic politics. Its new for republican politics here four trumps politics in a trump wants. Your unity Johns point wants to go to fear, wants to go to the dark place, is to excite his base and you know ferments
chaos and uncertainty and a lack of trust in the media and all the rest, but you know the fierce trump is interested in it under if there fears of a disease of a pen my coming for your family. Coming for your parents like we're talking about mass death, we are talking about People dying alone, gasping for air, that's we're talking on and a huge scale and so Do you think these? The emotion of that the depth of that is something we are not fully understanding not fully letting and because it is so powerful and it is so painful- and I do
right now, from this new position of being at home and and learning about this in real time for the first few months, I dont think yet we fully understand how this will reshape our politics. We just can't we just can you know, but I do think I think what Democrats can and do is be like knowing that so much of this will hinge whatever you not. We can predict much, but knowing that so much of this will hinge on the substance, not just the politics on trumps performance. How trump response, I think, continuing to hold him accountable to point out the administrations failings to say what should be done differently to point to you know this is what we could have done to save lives. This is what we still can do to save lives and not being afraid of his bullshit. Yeah is probably going to be the best way now
knowing where this lands and and and what the political outcome as he is Hoover? He is Bush like it is. We are we, as all of it, is all hours things into learned and examine excuse in american history rolled into one right, and I do think that, like a sad as this moment is like like when I think to myself as equal. What's our mission, what's our job, it is to us this story and remember that every point above fucking zero of his approval rate, on the corona virus is a failure yeah in there The diversion Chris is my buying over the weekend is Chuck Todd said you know. Is there blood on Donald Trump's hands? And you know he didn't take the bait on that question and I think. I am a ok with Joe Biden, not letting Sunday show host put words in his mouth, because what I think people were from bite in is someone to show some leadership in some solve into tell us it we're gonna get through this and not in a fucking sir. Green phony. There will be no sacrifice way, but you finally level with the american people who just went through three
of a president telling you that the virus is gonna, miraculously go away and word fifteen cases and soon will be down as euro. And now we're at a hundred thousand death is a good debt is a good job, like note, talking to be lost on anybody like they know what happened there living through this together as a Biden, can just predict competence and, like he's a good humour, in it in all the empathy that we know is inside him, I suspect, Dont know that that will be a compel alternative to what we're living with now, which I agree, look at it and you know if you dont care for Joe Biden, it's not just Joe Biden. That's doing that that people are approving of like that's what intercourse? most doing that's what Gretchen Wittmus doing. That's, what giving us a nuisance doing and a lot of these governors and mayors who now have sort of sky high approval ratings, because they are carrying themselves like that. You know a competent leader who calls in the country to pull itself together
and it's funny because clearly there's someone in trumps White House who knows that's what he should be doing because he goes to these fucking briefings and he reads: is dumb speech. And when he gets to the end about Americans must come together and overcome its likes. You know this Sea plus Santa Monica fascist writing there and he seem so uncomfortable and it seems so out of character and he just can't fucking way to just dive into some press questions or you can start attacking the press because that's where he found those good. He doesn't feel good as someone trying to bring people together, even love it when he was talking about the friend of his who has it all Elmhurst Hospital, which he knew because he used to live. By their you just it was. It should happen this real human personal moment, and it's just sat. It came up. So phony and weird and robotic because he's a fuckin sociopath he doesn't. He doesn't have the capacity to lead a nation through the crisis, even if he were at any any doesn't even have the capacity to fake it because right
as because leadership leaders is hearing a criticism from Gretchen Whittemore and saying. Thank you for telling me yes, and he can't do it and so he won't bite off his nose to spite his face and he will her all of us in the process. Because I'm bundle with time, I tell you guys to things that made me happy over the weekend please you're blind there's this incredible hospital ship the: U S S comfort, it counts as a thousand. Patient beds, adjusting into New York Harbor today and Can twenty Tantalus Master Monaco and I were down in Haiti? Try how bout with the earthquake reliefs up there and we got to go on the comfort and meet those people and tore it and see their capability. And they like the greatest human beings in the world, are on this boat like saving lives interest in seeing it steam into port this morning, made me hopeful and then also like seeing the press coverage yesterday with Trump Bird. During our guest, maybe,
enraged, but then CNN Jeremy Diamond finally showed press corps solidarity by giving his question back to you mean when Trump had caught her off rudely and politically and so seeing that kind of solidarity happen and not let reports get seem rolled. It made me think ok, we're figure, out how to do this life press conference thing. So it's not a propaganda festival, oh and one more thing that that just remind me of the open it makes us all hopeful here can media is how much you have all donated to arc. On a virus relief fund, and so, if you can, and this is going to the people who need help the most and we had no idea. It would be this much money because we know this is like a tough time and scary time and we ve been overwhelmed by the number of donations and how many people of donated? So, if you can please go
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also staying away from people that I love and unfortunately I have a really good friend, that's ninety six years old and I would love to go there her, but I'm staying away from her, so evil it's more me keeping other people say. I also think that I have a lot of exposure because I'm at the White House, so that's kind of how how we live, our lives now wash our hands and I have has been that I've been still talking to you in seeking every day have not according the way from him for newly wed. So we can do that. So you know yesterday, at the briefing trump accuse you of trying to get him told you to be nice, to be threatening me. While you are quoting tromp him now you are just quoting him on Sean Hannity, why do you think that specific question elicited such a caustic response I think yet survey, as the president has has last out in the past. He was
the position where he had to backtrack after giving out some misleading information. So the president been saying he wants a church, act on Easter Sunday that this was gonna be a miracle. The corona virus in cases would go down to zero and then they get up in front of the world, and they actually, we have to extend our guidelines till the end of April and by the way Four hundred thousand people, the two hundred thousand Americans die. That's a job well done So I think he was in that frame of mind. When he was already taking questions and my She was one that was, I think, pretty, Ford which, as you said very clearly, that think governors are asking for medical equipment that they don't need, and I The president was just caught off guard with the idea that you would have to answer to his to his own words, and that would have to explain what That would mean for governors were desperately trying to get ventilators and mask and all sort of medical equipment, and so I think that, why he was so upset. There was the frame of mind of what was going on before asking.
Question and then there's this of course, this report now coming up in saying here the words that you used. Could you explain this to the american people and, of course didn't like that? right. There's a major vines really outrageous. To be confronted by things. He said even a day, now, a days ago, weeks ago, throughout this now, that's always been true, but it is specifically pronounced. Now and yet it seems like he laughed She's out, he attacks the questioner. He attacks the press, the attacks the media so that he does and actually ever get around. To commenting on the substance of the of the question, its? How do you How do you manage that strategically in that room when the whole point of the briefing is try to get some one to be how reliable for their words and actions, and he has no He has no shame? He has no appetite for actually protest. Painting in that dialogue,
gets by continuing to press him on the subject: you decide if you want to press them on for me yesterday. It was about the fact that I really wanted to know how his thinking was going to be impacted when you have when you, when you don't believe that governors need what they're telling you they need. So for me as the right there was lashing out. I can t you say my question is my question: is my question: is afterwards. I these pointed out, hey the president, didn't answer me directly, so we should just note that for whenever we come back to this subject down the line so that if in two weeks, New York says actually present didn't follow through on the orders of ventilators we did and by the way. Maybe this amount of people suffered because of that decision we can go back to them. And they won't here, was the moment where we pushed the president on that score. Big issue, any didn't answer. So, even if you didn't answer, I think a non answer is aware: illuminating answer and clearly
like value, even if he's not answering, there's value to how his his his thinking has evolved in their servants and a record of when he said there. Wouldn't be more cases when their wins, when when it would behind us. You know when them when they, when he would open us upper Easter and all the rest, but others Don't you know, there's this question now about whether the briefing should be taken live because, even as you point out, you're able to kind of get important information, you know it Our station in Seattle last week said they weren't gonna, hear them live anymore, because it's impossible to prevent dissemination of misinformation in real time? You know you're in that room, you're, trying your beauty you're, trying to kind of hold the taskforce account to the truth, where do you stand on the question of whether this information should be broadcast live. I think that this question, I'm not a network executive, I, I'm a reporter. So in some ways I will frankly say that that issue
That decision I saw above my pay great literally a thumb mark, as I am I to the two room apartment that recording in here I can tell you is that I think that American Americans are so thirsty for information. But our soul eager to know when or their lives gonna go back to normal. I think, having doktor fatty, having the President explain hey this, my you going on until June. There might be two hundred thousand Americans who die. I think that information is important and that people It can choose for themselves whether or not they want to take that in life or not. I do think this president is a president who begs for a fact, checks and context, and I think, when I tweet his his press conferences alive. I try to really have notes or context, because I think that just quoting him without actually saying well, here's the actual numbers that he's talking. My here's, where he's right, here's where he's wrong it's a disservice to the viewers into audience members, so I think
supporters have been really good at that, even with after the briefing people say. Ok, let's walk through all the things that the President said that aren't true People stick around for that information and I also think Republicans the crowds having interviewed a lot of trump supporters. They also I understand that even if you support the president that he's at least at its best case in me, mines in exaggerated and at worst case of full on mire. So people, Americans, unfortunately, have gone to the point where his credibility is shaky, even if your supporter of present from so you know, there's in this very rapid evolution right he he said last week that he was looking at Easter Sunday, as is very important date, obviously could see such a M spiritual person. XO but and her. He has let he said no they're extending the guidelines and then he let slip in that in the breathing. He says the word June right, which is not so
he did by accident. What have you learned from your reporting about that shift? The shift something that's always been there from the very beginning, the federal plan, the White House Planet, it was late to the New York Times. I got a copy of it afterwards. The palace makers were warned that this could go on this corona virus outbreak. This need for social. Since I could go on for about eighteen months, that was the original idea so the president before yesterday, saying June. Before that he had said this might go till August, so there every now, and then there are times when the president can I let slip with health officials are telling him these numbers of people a hundred thousand Two thousand Americans die. Those numbers have been out there for a while, I think they're, just now thinking and to the president, because he's watching tv anything body bag his old, neighborhood in Queens New York. Anything while this is really bad, so I think for a lot of help. Experts and rapporteur
leave all kind of known that, though, that the worst was coming, and I think that the present now becoming sober with that idea. One of your colleagues do- the breathing. So you had asked your question. The president behave the way that he did and the boy being continues and then one of your colleagues in the brief your rooms had. Actually I wanna go back and let you mention asked the question she was going to ask for follow up and it was a striking moment because it's not something that seems to happen very often is there any move to kind of work together to follow up? Now that there are? a few are reporters able to do these briefings and be collectively were all focused on one story I think so? I think a special with what I have to say. Thank you. Sir Dear me, diamond CNN. Now it was a gracious moment. He had my back. I felt like I felt seen and heard and I felt like those are all the things that you want as a journalist-
As someone who you who is waiting for me, I feel like is really and civil rights journalism and things that, like peoples, within a certain peoples perspective, and I that's everyday Americans were working class or just trying to figure out what what the heck is going on Oh, I think that that was what was going on in that moment. Some eternally grateful. I I think that reporters understanding that, like covering President Ciampi sort of a team sport- and I think that we have started to learn that I would say over the last two to three years: there's really, because you realize now there have to be followed questions to colleagues question If I ask a question and answer, I it sometimes and NBC reporter or CBS affordable, follow up and issues This is what has to happen, especially because now, as you just noted, the quest the kind of basic goods like will want to we're gonna get army, we're gonna, get enough. Regulators are people gonna get tested. Are there,
we're going to get what they're asking for our we're all gonna die this I need real. We have simple questions so in some ways the fact that the questions are so little down. I think that it makes it easier to follow up on colleagues, questions Do you think that the breathing is combative enough do think reporters are pushing back hard enough when Trump is not telling. Truth when pencil misleading when Aser is misleading, doo doo doo believe there is still too much solicitous in that room ass. It is, I think, when one I've asking questions ending up being combative. So I didn't, I think, I'm literally trying to hold people accountable and asking simple questions and asking people about the statements that I made in the past, namely the president dates. So I dont know if if, if these settings are combative inasmuch as I think that not enough the setting suppose we can I think it's most Libya getting into at at at at the truth,
and I don't know what you know. I know that that looks at times like I'm fighting with the president, but I like joke. They like people, what we mean by people who know me know what am I gonna fighting and I'm not fighting I'm actually just like asking questions that then turn into like little moments where the presence, bad No, that's only bear, I guess I dont mean right. That's that's. A combative is the wrong word. I suppose I mean questions that the White House Combative, because their exposing in some way like? Do you believe that there is enough of that? I think my view having my colleagues, I respect so we have so many of my colleagues in the White House Brusque or that ask a lot smart questions that come this way I love when I'm a reporter. I love him. Where did ask questions, because they kind of red, long statements on tv, you're gonna talk to try to simplify your question is as much, but sometimes you really do need a long interval to understand. What's going on, so I think in I think there A lot of people are asking really smart questions and
moment. I am proud of the journalists that are sitting around me because I guess the questions are simple. It's like water doing to stop this and are we? Why are we behind other countries and what is the federal government doing? so I'm not one as one more question about just some of the that desert of cast of characters that are coming out to the briefing you know it. There is sort of pence, as the leader of the tests were representing in a trump and kind of being deferential to Trump and protective of Trump, to put it mildly, you have FAO Chee, who, I think, is widely respected and some one is generally regarded as doing his best. You get information out there, while delicately balancing chums Ego, Durban, lot of questions. I think about Doktor Burke's specifically as to whether she should be in the kind of faulty camp as we think about what he's offering us someone who's, trying to get us real information and then at times is behaving more like a trump,
ministration political figure like when she held up that charts. When the testing process that turned out to not be true, some of her defenses of the IMF, illustration, to your mind, sitting in that breathing examining these people every day. Do you believe Burke's is an honest Your locker and honest rip, an honest scientific viewpoint that we can rely on. So I think that as the rapporteur, whose effectively covering them, it's probably not my place to say whether or not I think someone's honest or not. What I can say is that, based on, like my health export of sources,. People say the doktor bergs is someone who is credible. Who has been I've been a scientist and been working with on infectious diseases for very long time, so I take her. Her word a lot of times and I have not found her to be someone who
is, is intentionally misleading people in some sort of pattern. That seems nefarious, but again that I think that there are people who can right who will write, columns who can say what I personally think of kind of different administrative administration officials. It might is really to ask them questions and not to make a judgement on who they are right and fair in other areas as well do you and in asking Burke's questions expect to get scientific information or do you expect it to be more political? I guess asking her information. I mean she her role as both it seems like her. Her titles like White House, Koran virus taskforce coordinator, so that title is- both Doktor Bert Doorn, Burke's, as a scientist, and also by as an administration official whose whose coordinating formations, I think, are titles. Both one last question. You know there have been
There are times in the living room where reporters look for chances to mix it up some of the tv reporters do that I made make a moment out of it, but you know tat this come after you before repeatedly, and this is just my observation and you can t If I'm wrong, but sincerely You don't seem like you relishing, you seem a tough, and waste and unshaken, but you also seem sad- and I say that because it seems like even in the moment, you are open to a dialogue with president that doesn't come to the table. That same sense. Have openness, So how do you maintain that posture day after day I maintain that, because the reason why I became a journalist was because M until this fourteen year old boy in Mississippi was killed it sparked the civil rights movement- and I am at my heart as civil rights journalists, and I met my heart. Someone who is constantly thinking don't have time for fur,
foolish news. We don't have time for first I chose we have- reason why I'm a reporter is because I really believe vulnerable people in this country don't have of waste in, I think of them every day as a craft. My questions, so it can never be about me. It should never be about me because I'm so focused on all the people. In this country who will never see the White House who will never get to speak to a president and deserve me to be professional and do not lose my cool and for me to be so focused on the truth that I'm not I'm not wave on anything else. That's going on around me you mean two thousand or thank you so much for coming on. Pod save America stay safe and dumb. Thanks for joining us things but our do you mean- shall send door and archives good good talking here, Can you tell me? Maybe you are you will listen? I just want you to know that. I I
the ring light. Ok, look I gotta and I said I you know I love it- delivered to my own use and that to us of it I thought I had. I send my mother. I didn't realize that I mean I mean, like you know, I had held, but I think so Brian's and does the ringlets it's just gives me is the thought that counts array like like Steve jobs in the film Steve Jobs. I play the orchestra by river were eight hundred twenty thousand dollars. Eight hundred million dollar goal so holy shit and using the best. Thank you I everyone will what's artisan, soon, bye bye. POD save America is a product of cricket media, the executive. User is Michael Martinez, arson. Producer? Is Jordan Waller its Stan edited by Andrew Chadwick. Carl Sagan is our sound engineer,
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