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Welcome Mr James, I'm Aaron Ryan, John of it these or their voices. There's your tv shows legionnaires Jimmy human gene emerging diseases, giving Nunez easier than what it is.
Up there? What is it? What is the Senate in STAR wars? Gold? Is this: if the imperial scented, isn't it so goes before we bring in our special guess we should. We should talk about the most important public disclosure since the Pentagon papers a set of on source republican talking points they were too and into a twitter hashtag Devon Newness member was out in the world will never be the same, So before the memo is released over objections of Democrats, Senate Republicans and the liberals. The FBI and the Department of Justice here are some phrases that Publican congressmen used to describe it sickening
jawdropping. We're then Watergate shocks, the conscience, democracy to its core and my personal favorite from hungarian fugitives. Last Fox NEWS: analysts, abashing Gorka, the times bigger than what caused the american revolution an open air another. You read the memo No you studied what think, with more than a hundred was at less than a hundred What are the memo actually reveal, sir, so it revealed to me that the people that we're hyping it snowflakes, because what was in it was basically that's the investigate the Pfizer weren't. There tat part of it part of bridges phone. There was suspicious man in the world by the way. Like you surround like twirling occasion, like suspect me, that's why?
himself. As a Kremlin consultant, you have. The man is ongoing. Do Certainly this girl Throb administration, which is an entire, an entire body of people who are all horny to be vigilant. It is perhaps the most horny and adapted being about, because we found out in this in this memo that he had been could have often on under surveillance, since twenty thirteen and that's the reason for his violence was not the steel dossier as soon as it had been saying in the first place, it was just one piece of evidence: also fewer different republican appointed federal judges approve surveillance. Carter, page Informal Kremlin, adviser because they believe there was sufficient evidence to suggest you may have been acting. An agent of the referendum more more specifically the first time you apply for a visa warrant. It's based on a whole bunch of evidence,
gathered, you have to renew it every ninety days and you have to prove it in Ninety days, you gathered evidence during that time period that affirmed what was in your original warrant. So three republican judges said yes, you ve got information on this more on that your initial weren't, so they are getting actual real information that worry them down. What did you think Oh, I think you did revealed to us that american politics is getting dumb every second, let's just presume for one second- that that the Republicans are right. In this fight and warrant never should have been issued and where there was a. Why the system that the Italy pro Hilary If the eye the election, the Trump they did so they hit this information and get this bearer with her. Yes, even if it changes nothing because
the title, which has happened, the trunk giving dollars Carter page was no longer affiliated with the campaign that has nothing to do with trumps. Prudential business deals with Russia has nothing to do with Donald Trump, junior dumber than fight our meeting with Russia on the explicit promise to get cortical dirt on Hilary, its like so far as a side issue that we should all be careful not to let that distracted from what the real crimes are happening over here? We're is like an adjacent crime. Planet geologists. What's the worst worse, Go down the Robin Hood. This dump fucking memo like let's this memo was supposed to prove that the Fbi helps President. Hillary Clinton win at the expense of Donald Trump who lost the election because of the intervention of a partisan FBI on his behalf
I dont know. If you guys are news buffs it didn't work out for her. But that is not how it went down. The republican named James call me, who is the most moral man ever for, This doesn't every sort of our greatest person, ethics, but seven America made of just just moral wisdom out the out the Yang, Syn the bible- the latter that caused the buggy alike. No, I I would like to it. You know what I think. The reason that Republicans were so you know encouraged to support. The first is Carter. Page is just so lovable who doesn't love and trust Carter. Page beloved national hero Carter he's a wounded, the biggest self,
from this entire memo, was it all reveals that the The item launched its investigation into the Trump campaign in July. Twenty sixteen after Trump Adviser George POP drunkenly revealed to an australian diplomat that a russian official told him that they had stolen emails from Hillary Clinton- George Poverty, Those who were guilty to lying to the FBI, so the whole thing was found. Darcy A starts investigation and the actual memo said no, we started the investigation was George popping up less getting drunk and saying Gimme the emails interest. On top of that, like the idea that in Many are usually perfect angels that come in drop documents on the table at the FBI and wanting way without any self interest is ridiculous. In fact, a bright Bart editor wrote a book called Clinton, cash That is a story about uranium. One Donald Trump demanded that the FBI
investigation on Hillary Clinton, because what was written by a bright Bart editor. So if their starting point is that partisans can't give information that lead to FBI investigations, they have some explain to do. The whole thing is just fucking, bullshit you're on the guy added it, so stupider than even that somebody those stupid to Cuba, because they're trying to claim right now that this proves that the whole investigation is a witch hunt in which they won't find anyone who committed any crimes that might have worked up until a few months ago, when they charge
Several people with crimes connected to the investigation for Papa poet when gave there are criminals, do not employ guilty. We will conclude its there's fire when we did not smoke when you plead guilty, that's the fire at the bottom of the smoke, even if you believe that that James Commie, Loretta, Lynch, deputy regional, celebrates, were engaged in this plot to take down from then you also have to. But if you believe from talking what you believe that, when obsessions rod, road disdain and Christopher RE arrived with, the Justice Department, hand picked by gonna, throw down or terms picks that when they are rather like here's, where the executive washroom is here's, your ideas are also please,
our secret plot overthrow the elected president, there were those guys we're playing along on repair, they relate, we just gotta, wait until we get into the translators and then we will become vengeful liberals. I want to talk about the M the masterminds behind this memo. Mr definiteness, may we go here and we can that's good, so this was this was leaving. This is not Devon, Nunes, his first rodeo tell me a second Rodya second Tommy. What even up to since the investigation into the president began. What was yet If you remember around couple months, ahead of this time last year, Devon held apron. Conference at the White House, where he said he found evidence that Donald Trump had been wiretapped by the Obama administration, so the Trump team flipped out about this Sean Spacer
read his allegations allowed at the podium Donald Trump tweeting about it, Don Junior made an Instagram video cause. That's how here in the political space, but newness newness lied about the world, the information he said he got it from intelligent source. In fact, he got it from the Trump wait out his buddies. So I Senator Richard Bur, a Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee said that essentially, Devon Yunus had cooked up this whole thing and it was nonsense and it was bullshit. In fact, then the House Ethics Committee started investigating newness to look into whether he disclosed spite information now in a sign of how broken Washington is. The oversight committee investigating whether he disclosed classified information was not allowed to review the classified information he may or may not have. This was so use exonerated here we are rinse repeat: dumb: ass death, is back on the scene.
The media and in the press course like aren't report. This thing out, I mean what's also funny about this- is like you know that the human sent PETE of investing in that it allows data, but also the fact that trade- de a Republican from South Carolina who is also the chair of the Wraparound shades caucus, Now, how had has cut you he's? The only person is actually read. The actual visor application has dismissed the Nunez memo. Folklore Debbie newness wrote the memo, hasn't the underlying classified information. There are numerous, hasn't read it. I guess. Again all a bit. You cocky, let's all point out that we as a group were defeated. By the dumbest bunch of fucking criminal level, you why that's that's good Zagreb,
because, as you hell, we're we're, not fans of Devon newness. Here's cricket media and we we'd like to help make sure that our first he's out in the Central Valley, California, ponderous tonight. We are expanding the crooked seven to include the California funny about all of you to help. Don't you needed to eventual challenger, you can go to crooked, not palm flesh. Crooked seven will be honest, is a very tough district but Donald Trump only wanted by fifty fifty one. Fifty three percent of the vote and twenty sixteen and a recent poll had it like within five points, so anything is possible. Beat Devon units
there are other than Paul Ryan. At this moment there is no human being in Washington with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, we're doing more to undermine the federal government and our trust in institutions than is dumb fuck them? Nunez too stupid to have that job long before he decided to become drums lacking. He gave up his whole higher life to wander up to the White House and stake his reputation on Donald bucking Trump. He is despicable, and he may win his seat really shitty.
Top ending of that sort. But what we can draw the him adds that make it look as stupid as he is because he always looks like someone whispered a really our mouths question in his ear to me, hundreds and hundreds of guy, a critical dear, Speed, Paul Ryan, who is your idle, I think he has used this opportunity to be as Paul Ryan is humanly possible. Paul Ryan these camp. Yet it is only used until your borders that it was important he's the memo, but at the memo should not impugn the mother investigation. Your thoughts on these hope that Ryan is trying to well,
only example, I can think of because poorer went out there in great seriousness, said This should not appear them all our investigation, but we must have transparency and then the second. The memo came out the memos author, all the power my colleagues and horror. Its idle Donald Trump all went out and use the memo too, puny, smaller investigation which is sort of korean, was shocked and saddened by this fact. It's not like Paul Ryan, gave the matches to be a baby. We're like I gave you some for fire safety education, and then the house burn down certain starting earth trader right like he is both a trader and nodded they must also take a sort of boils down to the process for how a Pfizer it's gotten and that's a valid conversation that we could be having like a lot of Democrats, alot of privacy advocates. Don't think that there's enough protections for american citizens in this process, but all these guys just vote- did to re authorize. The act for
more years and honest of that Donald Trump. Does. I understand the issue. We know this because he tweeted one thing seeming. Oppose or to support changes to defy the act and ninety minutes later, his staff had clean up on our three and made him fix it. So like we're just skirting over the bigger picture issues once again to go down rabbit Whole Donald Trump Tawny, I am sorry. Are you suggesting this is not a conversation about reforming the five senses? I dont believe in Israel. Well, I'm sorry to tell me I would ask you to some was they now? Ok, it's memos no big deal. Why did the Democrats? Do you FBI fight so hard against its release. I now it was weird bees When I was in government Pfizer derived info,
information based on intercepts of moroccan citizens was like some of the most sensitive stuff. We dealt with there was like the really sensitive CIA stuff which compartment it in you. Now only they dealt with it, but like Pfizer Intelligence about american citizens, supposed to be treated differently, because there is a legacy of abuse. I think in this instance they may have been published. The focus so much on the two sources and methods, and that there be centre of intelligence equities, harmed by the release? This memo, it doesn't seem like that, has been borne out and that something it's over and over again when you're fighting the release of something that's class fighter asked me report or not but it is not like confirming that there was a fire, a warrant issued as here's. What I think. I think that there was some other piece of information about this visor warrant was granted that, like a human source or a source within the russian government that we still, then we have not report it out and hopefully, never will be in, which is why they are freaking out about
whether Justino playing fast. What has actually like why we shouldn't be fucking around the stuff and just right doing it for political, where you don't issue a memo just for a narrative for so it looks like what the reaction to the memo from politicians in the media. Obviously there is no surprise that, like a letter, Trump media outlets treated this Lake Lexington and conquered but one hundred Lexington income, but I think I think we would all agree that by far the best reaction came from Sean. Entity happens to have a clip now her. Second, we call ok, stop we roll equip when we are created by it or pigs, our interests, we say, ok, stop and then we talk about it very simple: let's roll the cliff.
And these revelations assault so profound this corruption, so indeed it is so obvious that the special council meeting to be shut down immediately and that's not even taking into account mothers mass of conflict of interest and sell and how his gaze tat Oh, this is actually a really good freeze for aim account. I wish I could make this May twitter background. That's like it's just Johnny entities in just right. There, You know what's funny to me, as is that this has become such a divisive issue most people who are non partisan or Democrats are just like this- doesn't mean anything but people on the far right or like this is this: is it a million revolutions are whenever I think it's funny like reality is like this is the spin off of reality. This is a new reality, its own seriously. We just watch it episode by opposite. On Sean Hannity every night. This is the moment
it had happened. Yeah you know. First of all, you guys can see this re listening at home, Gaza is up next on how to say to her that so Doktor Gorka, but this is the line is the vicious circle, because this is the the laundry system that takes us from John Hannity, two Sean Hannity right. It starts with crazy on the right again, Donald Trump on Fox NEWS and bright barred, and they say more corrupt and com, is a corrupt and deep state, and all these Republicans in the just
department or are out to get Donald Trump and there's no justice, and it's not fair. That gets laundered up right. It goes up to people like Devon Newness and it goes up to people like you, Hewett anymore, respectable, reasonable people, and they take this and they translate it into the more digestible thing. Then that goes up Paul Ryan says: what can we do? We ve gotta release it. I gotta get the information errand. What are we gonna? Do we gotta get there are, then it goes out there and then we all talk about it. It gets filtered again through the press and then we spend days talking about it and then it released and we digest didn't. We tell the truth about it and liberals have their liberal taken and the mainstream press does their best to adjudicate this battle. But of course there always gonna be one day behind whatever the fuck he's doing, and then China becomes out it's a here. It is the smoking got it proof that much needs to be disbanded and the whole cycle start all over. Again. We put it's worse, oh no. Donald Trump doesn't do what he does
because he's smart and cynical and creating a narrative, he watches this. He believes it he's that conspiratorially he thinks he's, out together. This is going right into the tutor hatred happy big democratic donors and people like Andrew Weissmann that, with exculpatory information in cases and gets overturn, nine zero Supreme Court is no one knows these, It's like the only people that no these phrases like the people in his red it threatens so deep in the radical nobody's producer. So like what is he saying we have no speaking in homes, I don't think he's. Well, I return. I know its scope will work with the Germans gurgling exculpatory. I like this looks like a report from set Like Robert
Dollar looks like Sean Kennedys, older, more successful brother who was given given control of the family businesses above company they make both and the thing is shown jealous and his fury, but the reason is mad is not bad that Mahler his brother was put in charge of the boat company he's mad because his fathers vision was the right one and it breaks my heart: the jail overturned, chirping court of appeals, look me as a country If we care about the constitution, if we believe in civil liver, you know, it's every time I want I don't. I don't make a habit of watching Kennedy, but every time I see a clip of him, it reminds me of lake being caught talking to someone that I like don't want to. Talking to and second thought
I'm tired of adding gate to the end of every scandal. We need to read, either figure out a new thing. They did on the screen riot or we need to pronounce it like the italian way. Like my God, the thing that blows me away is that there are two in people every night finish. Their dinner they have one million choices of things to watch on television Netflix, and they choose that It was a lot of problems, but they pay a price for it, because this is very, Potato nine. You know you finish your dinner at the golf club. You go home to your home and then each sign in to get quite angry and then all of a sudden, you finish the under the episode you like now, I hate football.
What did that have loved about two weeks ago. I was a boy. Why pay did? I think the FBI was great. Now it's a bunch of pink goes scum, I feel weird and to make matters worse. Shun Hannity is slowly turning into a thumb before. If we believe in those protections than this the council must be disbanded immediately and by the way
nobody else will say this. All charges against poor manner for Michael had no one to say that, because it's fucking crazy, those unrelated cry like breach which one of them put guilty do I did it. I am working with modern investigators found handwritten journalism burned out ukrainian home with unwritten pay millions of dollars the poor man afford. That's. Why he's going to jail? No one thinks that this is not yet there's a run. He was laundering money through a rug place on a lorry that I, like you didn't call metaphor, is watching like Sean, that's nice, but you know he's got a problem. One of the reasons it is so hard is. This is not one giant conspiracy. He got together a bunch of people who had
ready, been in the process of committing several terrible cry like when we try to kidnap some guys. Albania pull my heart is in so deep with the Russians. He was stealing from booking every body whose own daughter was texting. We're dead, going to jail is very important, also to bear Bob Mother was doing when that scrutiny, sketchy finds a warrant was issued with it, He was that of our investigations. Using private practice probably put a lot of golf. I don't get you the details to details, Goebbels Gabriel, to be dropped. Its that simple in the meantime, all this, while the liberal mainstream media they wasted an entire year hold against, carry hoss, doesn't know,
conservative know anybody who knows a thing about graphic design. This offensive to me. The departure has earned our I'm sorry, but we'll just have to go through a year, so we ve got. We gotta get upset our opponents answer. How much retail do we need for people to undermine its interest in the Fox NEWS, o t s thing nation, with different colors of fines and a bunch of different screens with indeterminate things on it looks like wrestling and maybe basketball Ok guys coming up from allergies, showed a night unhappy the false narrative based on a conspiracy theory that present in tromp colluded with the Russians. They have and have had no evidence whatsoever because it doesn't exist. The media has been corrupted lying to the american people
the end of the day there nothing but propaganda. An extension of the democratic filthy awareness is not destroyed. Propaganda tinfoil hat had conspiracy theories that pathologically locked into their hatred. President from they don't know any better. At this point,. There. You go guys Beautiful did you John. Before we move on. I want to talk about how much damage behoves Republicans and Trump are doing to the mother investigation now. A new people are today shows that even forty percent of Republic, not even forty percent of Republicans approve of the FBI anymore, massive drop from when they pulled this last year than
even need to fire Mahler to protect himself. At this point now they are succeeded. It is eight Cain legal theory by that. Europe has what is called immunity by Republic majority, because There is no. If Mahler comes in, presents actual phone calls between Trump imprudent Talking about pillar emails, money laundering, whatever else present the Paul Ryan parents, going to stick it in his desk, roared with laughter the election, the gate as long as republic is in charge of Congress. Mulder fines is not going to affect whether Donald Trump, his praise United States full stop. Think that's true. I think. There's too that there's two reasons I think to be a bit more hopeful one. A pull, also came out that show that the vast majority of Americans bleed Donald Trump should have answer, Robert Mothers questions, a big super majority. Against and that's a lot of Republicans to an end, that's important. I'm
you know? I think that All pretending as if we don't live in a culture in which the news treats us, not a citizens, but as pundits everybody's and analyse you, you know we're gonna talk. Can we Kimmel Jimmy came all did great secondary talk to people who are against allowing people from Doc and- and you can see that there are expressing their opinions, but there also doing a performance. We have all been trained to be pundits too. Argue for our side and people answer a pole. There telling what they think they're saying what they think, but there also saying what they think they're supposed to say to help their side, which honestly doesn't is the same difference. But when that Fbi director has to put out a statement to the entire FBI. That says I said, with you. I know you're under attack right now, but we are an institution that defends the values United Sates. What? citizens. You have the FBI like America is bigger than Sean Hannity and Donald Trump and the people that make these kinds of arguments and there the vast vast middle of people who may have their partisan biases, but
There are going to see a statement about the FBI director feeling under assault by Republican Congress and they're, not gonna like it. I don't care what a pole says. I don't care about any of it, but I think we have to understand that this is, and this is why we get so upset with the media. To make sure the headlines are and that their telling us the full story and that their not buying the Republican Spain, because we are not in a legal, a purely legal battle. Right now, even though that's what mothers and we are in a battle for public opinion because, like dad said those hosts republicans per If everyone in the country was so angry and was so upset the trumpet used to answer my question or lied to or line under oath or did some kind of crime? Then it would pressure their house Republicans do something, but they are going to mean Nunez Oh, I just finish this memo. I'm onto a state apart. Remember, amalgam investigates determined, they're, not gonna. Stop ecstatic king. That guy is prolific going to be able to keep doing this and they are going to try to undermine its investigation with these bullshit conspiracy theories every day
and from now, until the end of this investigation, and if I'm Donald Trump, I know that firing Mahler would cause such a firestorm that its much easier for me, not to fire Robert Miller and to just make sure, The entire investigation that he's pursuing is undermined by all these conspiracies, not because people believe with the Republicans are saying but they're, not sure which truth is right. The Republicans have their truth, secrets have their truth and who knows, it's all messed up. That's the whole point, what trump in Hannity in all these people want to do even if they're, like stumbling into this big, is there to a person idiots what there We are creating a permission structure for Republicans to support trumped despite mother fights right so they like they were. Their skeptical of that giving Trump might have done something wrong. It's weird, by they. Dont want to leave their tribe in so their creating an excuse for them to say whoop.
Yeah, I mean he why but mother was corrupting everyone's dirty and that no, I was just going to say, I don't know of a single person whose an FBI voter No one person is like a lot. I was going to vote for a Democrat, but now I discuss the FBI, so I'm going for a republic and I think it feeds into a Jen. Overarching attitude toward a specific party. I think people vote. You know based on the economy Donald Trump has taken a lot of credit for the, economy and Donald Trump has conflated the stock market with the economy and right now, what we are seeing is Republicans not being grave at messaging about the economy just today. I think if any of you went on Twitter, you saw that Paul Ryan. Tweeted, a real, charming anecdote, Paul Ryan and not my dad, the lesser Wisconsin right he treated amounted to about how we heard a story about it. To the to the secretary to publicly School Lincrusta Pennsylvania said she was pleasantly surprised. Repayment of adults
fifty a week said said that will more than cover her classical membership for the year so I did a little digging into this and a Costco membership just for the basic one, costly sixty dollars a year and so a doll, Fifty a week would barely cover got. You could get like a cask of membership in one of those big things, a red vines and that's about it. You get the peace, you gotta pizza, there's a pizza, you get pizza, you could get a couple of places the ever. They don't keep very well. You can even created there either you eat all others that they they have hot pizza. Ok so the real task, but anyway my my point. My point is: I think that you know there's there's a messaging opportunity for Democrats when it comes to the economy we too want, that happy- that we don't want people to have pizza at all now? What I was, what I was thinking was, you know, Nancy Policy kind of bungled state and about how corporations word netting most of the tax breaks, and she said that people are getting crumbs three
it is that you know of the tax breaks. Most of them are going to high earners and and corporations. People are getting a tiny percentage of what those tax breaks our overall. So you know the field that you get when you are sitting in coach and you walk past first class, like I feel like Democrats, can make that part of their messaging going into the twenty eighteen mid terms. Like you, you ve seen on an airplane yeah, but like these people, have we flat bed and hot towels, and you have twenty inches of space and you're going to get a tea. In the back of a link between the spaces. Haven't you hear about the other now you're like us, they get like cucumber facial as well. We wait to take, are what's economy, comfort in them A kind of recovery just has a little extra padding. It's really nothing! That's a secret So this this is my my last question here, which is We all know all the polling, although
search, all the focus group says that voters are not going to decide this election based on Russia. They dont care about Russia. They care about this investigation as much as they can about the economy, about health care, about taxes about everything else. So we know that, I also know that this resting and the investigation into the investigation from Republicans going to suck up media oxygen every single week from now into the election. So the question is how did democrats handle that and is there a message that uses what errand was talking about with, some kind of message about Mahler in the investigation and the abuse of power than with. I think the way think about your choosing your messages. We are going to the new several came out. Everyone had a reaction to it. Not a single mine was changed. And that's how this is gonna play out till the variant. If you
Donald Trump is innocent. Now you think he's innocent election age, one eighteen by so collusion is not the democratic message for twenty eighteen. It should be corruption, because there what ties all this together, it is whole lion and Donald Trump, giving massive tax cuts for themselves in exchange for five, thousand dollar contributions from the COPE brothers. It is about that teacher in like us we're getting a dollar fifty while Wells Fargo gets three point: four billion dollars in the taxpayer and Democrats after they have to be disciplined run up and We need their own plan because what happened here was these borders, This came out Democrat. Pointed out: what would the robber governs we're over selling their really only people who had been at Walmart for two days? AIDS for special qualifications got this bonuses, Republicans yelled at Democratic, said, you're out of touch and the Democrats ran away and support for the taxpayer and so we need our own point. One
eggs, wells, Farragos, tax, break Donald Trump Tax, break repeals it and gives a bigger tax cuts and middle class, then this tax stem gave them. I don't think you can. You can actually fooled me. Corruption allows you to fold in what's happening. At the moment instigation I did you say the Republicans run. Washington have abuse your power to protect the rich and the powerful being protected double. Not because they are allowing him to instruct justice there allowing his cabinet to fly around on private jet planes. There alone, his family to use the office to enrich their visit, their allowing people to give huge tax breaks up like that. So abusing power in terms of protecting Donald Trump from bowlers investigation in their abusing their power to like enrich power. Its also from a political perspective on your right and it's pretty. Than that, and I'm not sure how to talk about this in a way that really sinks into people, because the damage he's doing instead
you: shouldn't is so much longer lasting than this White House, and this like at the FBI, agent, being a CIA officer being in the state of that's, not the greatest job in the world. You don't make a ton of money, the tough hours you were conflicting, tough places. You can't tell your family what you're doing He is a rotating. Their ability to recruit great people we rely on to do a lot of important things for us and like that, used to be something that was sacrosanct in in revered by both parties in to see the Republican Party too, on the FBI in a matter of weeks is really Gary Development in this whole process. I just every day, Republicans in Congress or during the bidding of Donald Trump they're, not talking about what they can do to help people. They don't care about your family. Don't care about your problem. No one help their donors. They went out Donald Trump, Everyday Donald Trump is treating out about obstruction treaty by the FBI. We need a hurricane because no answers for you. It is corruption
CORE interruption folds in the mother investigation, but is also about this. A taxpayer that is favoured more heavily to the wealthy than any tax bacon history, including bushes tax, because Republicans are gonna, be running on they get that they can talk about the investigation everyday, so they're going to talk about that tax, but the idea that they think that they're gonna get away with talking with this text that and if they in companies give out thousand dollar bonuses, that's gonna be a political winter and that's it when they have given like in billions of dollars to all these banks and ripped away consumer protection and Donald Trump. You know tat ass rule Strong owners can take tick from their waiter. Waiters and wages is like there's so much good stuff here and should be talking about everything that sounded weird, but it's scary. It's very scary, though. The way the numbers have moved on this tax bill in very short period of time to be economic wisely, unfavourable wig because we're not making me. I guess we're not we're not fighting this fight and they're they're, making announcements where they say this cooperation.
And gave employees. One thousand doesn't Heller Bonus, which was two percent of the aggregate tactics in that context. Never, and also- let us be honest- it's doing a tax reform plan is hard. You're trying to be neutral when you're trying to fund the government when you care about healthcare and you care about education when you care about roads, it's actually not fuckin hard to borrow one point: five trillion dollars from the future and distributed thieving fucked up right, even thought that out, because they gave way too much of it to the wealthy, but the benefits accruing to people because they borrow it from the future and from the from the front ability to pay for things. We care about moving forward and they are a fitting from that, and it will help that that's just true at its unfair and is wrong, but we If an argument against what they're doing, despite the fact that it is true that people are getting these bonuses is, it is true that corporate tax cuts mean that cooperation I have money that they can use their can use even a billion francs but that they will use to give back to their employees. Even if it's just four p m
and I will say that, historically aside on your applause Levin, I know never again, and I will say that, historically, when wages have gone up, that's caused a freak out from bigtime investors which, because they think that interest rates, are gonna, go up and usually interest rates going up, cause stock market to go down, which leads companies to lay people off so right we are entering a kind of cycle with a dangerous precedent, so I'm I'm think We Democrats have a stronger position than they think they have, and I just you know, don't let's get when they get a pull back. It says TAT. God is a little more popular and peoples. The economies of the better and, unlike all, we gotta, find another issue. Now This is the issue that were fighting with and we can forget the message set up when we come back, why Jimmy Camel Modern America's brought you movement movement. You guys Let's talk about movement, you know:
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here we are Jimmy came alive on ABC any is hosting the ninety annual Academy awards right near Adobe Theatre thanks high everyone. Thank you for having I just. I miss the first part of the shore because talk about from you waited for you man, thank you for doing this. They like it's great, could be here. Do you remember the first time we met yet in my office at the White House Tiny little window is basement office. This is eight about Milsom, its value and- and
You, I was hosting the White House correspondence, dinner and you'd written President Obama's material for that a lot of it and those wanted screaming backstreet. These green backstage failure, we had almost it was. It was funny I'll, never forget it, because you didn't want to tell me what any of the president's jokes were. I didn't want to tell you what any of my jokes were. He's going to do. I get me funding. We looked at each other for a while and I it'll be all right, so you stepped into the political fray last year. In May, because Your son Billy underwent surgery for congenital heart disorder and I remember when win you can speak about this. You said to me that when you,
want to make this argument. You don't wanna, be preaching to the choir. You wanna be try to persuade people who don't agree with you. So how did you go about doing that? And since you ve been talking about it like you had. You know, people come up to you and say you ve changed my mind and it's been working now. No one who said that early no one is at best I get a lot of hate mail, it does mention anything like that I will say when you know I've spoken about a few different subjects, and when I spoke about my son, the reaction was largely positive and in fact, most of the negative reaction that I got at least an online seem to be from people who are just trying to get others to click through to their article. So you know just taking a contrary position.
And I think that was, I think, most people. At the very least they said our rights, while the guy you know, I don't agree with them, but his son had heart surgery and I could see why he's upset. He seems to care about the other people. I don't care about the other people. But he cares about the other people, and so God bless him, but does it and then I spoke about gun control and it was very, very, very different and that those people yeah yeah, that was a whole different thing. Do the ugliness factor ratcheted up significantly by and then they kind of went back to the healthcare thing and then hated me for that too. So I got retroactive hate. On the health care thing and I became as I think they like to call me a truck shimmers puppet, ok, very multifaceted, yet said: you're Are you taught I remember seeing you host the Oscars
and whether we can. I am sorry to interrupt the last time I was on this stage. Warren baby standing next to me. Well, you look like you ve seen a ghost. He had two envelopes in his hand for no reason, and I walked. I want to the wings and just everyone went crazy. That's good, because I was just about to ask you some questions for John Legend cell. He sent me and making a mistake. You know you you mentioned when Ask as last year reaching out in talking to people that disagree with you and how Everybody was watching reached out and talk to somebody disagreed with them that maybe we can make a difference so fast to last week you made it a video where you featured a woman who is a darker recipient who was facing a panel of people who were people who didn't believe in Dhaka, and I what started watching But thinking like all this is going to be great donation. I thought it was an excellent one,
wasn't great leathery was the version that we showed on television. The real version was much much. Uglier, however, that worse what happened? Why me- and I was gonna fight with one of the guys yeah there were some the edges. There was no respect being shown for this family and did they were being? Is this followed for? If you didn't see it, what happened was, and I thought this was a slam Duncan. I thought this was gonna, be great and really have a positive effect, and we, of course you know, we're all worried about dark at and we found a young woman who's in our twenty. She came to the United States when she was a year old parents, broader you're, she's lived in Kansas for her whole life. She had a baby and now she's potential subjected deportation, so she's in nursing, school Vista grew.
Person, so I brought these these six people. Actually, I will say one thing that should give us a little faith in humanity. Is we tried to find people just out of the three pedestrians and war? unable to find anyone who opposed darker and we lot of tourists and we're not just about aligning almost nobody outside this theatre is from our and so it's true tourist and super girls outside so so we found people who would talk about.
Their against stock online, and we brought them an end. I thought, okay, so here's how this is gonna go we're gonna, sit them down. I've been introduce them to this woman. She's got this adorable baby, who was born here United States, I'm going to tell her story and explain that she potentially could get deported to Mexico. Her daughters, an american citizen, you know how does outwork exactly and then I was gonna bring out her fiance, who is in the military and he's about to get sent overseas and we'll be there for how long he doesn't know, and she could potentially be sent back to Mexico with his daughter, while he's fighting for our country- and I really thought that This would have an impact on these people and did it has almost no impact whatsoever? In fact, they seemed matter basing matter if I brought somebody who then
for sure my favorite moment was the woman who is leg. Why don't you get an immigration is certainly like it wouldn't have occurred to them. Years ago to get an immigration occur attorney, since they were trying to deal with immigration and the shipping arguments if they try to make as well. Why don't you guys just get married and then you can become an american citizen? Will? First of all, it's not that simple! You do have to go back to Mexico and you have an you, could potentially be there for ten years according to their immigration attorney, but also what, if they didn't, want to get married. What if they had it? altogether, they planter raise the trial together. They weren't marry me his child is an american citizen. The idea that the child mother would be sent to another country. Doesn't it make little sense to me? I assumed it would make no sense even to these people who are, but they had
Billy. It really did not one woman. At the end, I thought what was she was a sweet woman and she was at least compassionate. She at least had some empathy, I'm not sure that she necessarily changed her opinion either. Plus it says wasn't it when you almost got no site where she was not, she was trying to plan the wedding. What would she there's no way I can describe year almost getting into a fight over this. Your word, one guy in particular, who kept into when Michael the military man who works here in United States kept, was trying to explain his position. This guy kept interrupting him with this shit. How did he bullshit over and over and over again- and it was upsetting him and upsetting his wife and upsetting me in the baby- was sleeping? the baby was fine, but everybody was upset air carriers. I mean. Obviously you spoke about healthcare. Is you had this family connection? Your son went through surgery,
and then he went on to gun violence, and now you ve been talking about Dhaka with me you embrace not just political comedy which a lot of committees have done in the trunk era, but with political advocacy. What what made you do that well real serious concern for the future of this country and having children, and I have four children have to older children, their twenties, and when I had them, I was in my twenties. I didn't necessarily think about politics in the future. You know I've just try to pay the rent and make sure they had food and may be taken that Disneyland every once in a while. But now you know, as on fifty years old and my son went through this situation. I saw these families and I saw
a lot of low income people being served at this hospital that relies on donations, and it seems wrong to me that a hospital ship even have to rely on donations, and I saw that even though those kids were getting great shock treatment at children's hospital- LOS Angeles that and it's a great hospital. They re dockers that go all over
country and all over the world and work in every town. But I saw that these people, you know they had to take months of work in all the date. They can't get Melissa Mccarthy to fill in for them than we you know like. I was able to do and in it upset me in, and I wondered how they're like making in free even think you can't work. Europe set your whole families upset. It's sometimes in own heart disease, at least in my situation, is an operation and hopefully works, and then you done with it, but their children with cancer and these long term chronic diseases that they'll have to deal with further the entirety of their lives, and it just just so happens that at that time the affordable care act was was in jeopardy and I dont necessarily believe that things happen for a reason. I really don't, but it sure
like a coincidence, and it seem like I just felt like I don't know if I felt like I was a message being sent to me, but I just felt like I had to say something about those other people and doing so in order in late. I television, always the history late. I television is don't show your hand, don't tell people what your political affiliation is. I think John Stewart really change that
four, but but when you, but when it came to network television, that will really still was the case, a mean wasn't until late in Letterman's career that we knew what his affiliation is. You know J Leno. I think most people thought he was a republican and he's not he's a Democrat. You know, but you wouldn't know it from watching you show, and there was some wisdom to that, because when you tell a joke, if you think the person telling the joke is unbiased, you can just appreciate the joke for what it is. The underlying reason is, you could potentially lose half your audience if they feel like you're, not one of them and a lot of it is. Do I like this guy and you know that's part of the deal, but maybe the good thing about now having a hundred different channels and thirty different talk shows is you can be honest and you can talk about these things?
these things. That means something to you and it also just so happens that pretty much every late night talk show host is a liberal. Go figure and now because it requires a measure of it Health is not a tremendous amount of intelligence. You do have to be over the baseline, Sir said so I guess speaking of it intelligence. One of the things I been really fun to watch. It has been when you take people on twitter who are much dumber than you for example, Roy more, I think you and Donald Trump Junior have gotten into it. I think lackey of a lackey of a lackey of of power. Is it therefore lacking anyway, there's a
the multi level lackey and Paul Ryan have gotten into it. If you could fight anybody on Twitter, who would you fight and how did it go? Well, it's hard to top dung junior because, first of all, these Donald Trump Junior, we are what could be worse than being done. From your not even that animal from that junior. At the end, I would die every time if I had to choose between being Eric Crop and Donald Trump Theater, I would never did they t J is not the guy that I don't think publicans even like him- I don't- I don't know his wife it doesn't like an. Let's be honest. I mean it we want and, unlike apple character, want somebody that
Roy, more which pretty great, is like whose on Roy more side in this badly it out of my gonna, lose in this fight a horse. But I think the president would be the red line himself, the president, would you like what would what would prompt you to take on the president? Well, never start any of these fights day. Someone else always starts them, so I would just wait. Were him to say something imbecility first, I probably point out the spelling errors or bodies of quotes pursuing, but true, been quotes, the other more caught up with that than the message like why trumpet quality. Like you know, it's not easy to put quotes on your phone. It's do we capital is, and in its written, our ass insanity I haven't- I haven't
idea, and I think I know this is. I know that this would be. I know a lot of people would have a problem with this, but what, if we were all required to taken IQ test and that but I had to be a part of our twitter handle had to. That's it you want to be on twitter is a test. It's gotta, be there. And then we just kind of nowhere, everybody's coming from would solve alone. Before we let you leave. We did want to play one game. And we have John love to hear her elbows on how you doin, oh yeah, we're gonna, make. What am I know, but I didn't know I mean your panties using their very patriotic
In fact, I think those shoes we can't hear you at all nice He bought issues at marshals I did, how you guys my my being off is my greatest fear, up, The fact that it happened in the midst of a battle of wits with Jimmy Kimmel unbeliever? I'm sorry. I guess you know what this is. Home turf. I see what is going on in my neighbour right. A memo arrive
now her game, we call stay in your layin. Here's the deal as you were discussing last fall in the middle of the bay of appealing Obamacare Jimmy managed to to cut through the noise and human eyes the issue in a way that actually really did change there But there were more than he did all that, but there were more than a few conservative pundits who thought that Jimmy should stick to comedy. You should leave the healthcare debate to the coat brothers, russian boss, Paul Ryan and the rest, but we could Media believed that health care is everyone's lane, so we wanted to play this game now in this game. Jimmy is going to be charged with reading statements from conservatives about various members of the coastal elite who should have stuck to their land. They should
state in their land, and you, your job will be to write to answer questions about these statements. Would anyone out there like to play and your lay Antonius out there she's here pick somebody in March, not like merge real March hi. What's your name MEG in I just want to mention for the people listening the progress there a lot of people here tonight, I've been there almost four thousand people to press it. It's really cool, it's pretty cool. No, I know they're not for me here for me. In fact, my my son's girlfriend told me tonight. You said he I had tickets to do this a bed tonight said. Oh, why aren't you coming? She was baby sitting for our young daughter and she said well, I didn't know who the guest we're going
be so I saw them. Energy found out, I was the girl. She sold her tickets, unbelievable no accidents spiriting. Tell me about it to you. You have a card. Okay, that has your questions. Megan. You stalled for long enough who said this about famous tv star Jimmy Don't say that I dont come down a Jimmy Kimmel side, I'm not gonna get into Jimmy Kimmel he's not a serious person was a day The aim in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie, before being blocked from the VIP line at Newark internationally wasn't be Anthony Scurrility before US screen test
dancing with the star, or was it see Eric Trump during an appearance on Fox and friends that he hoped might result in his first from Donald Trump, so maggots said that about Jimmy came or was it Chris Christie, scary Movie or Eric Trump was, I may guess Eric Trump right, Megan, your o in one it was actually Criss crossed. Chris Christie said that about Jimmy Camel, unbelievable, unbelievable him. He was killed. Rock TED Nugent Scott bail about who remain with me Steve do see. Will interviewing Lara tromp about tax reform in the Federal Reserve, which focused on the power of art, free press and human empathy.
I am concerned that somebody with a platform like merrill streets is inciting people's worst instincts. was a shown here during an interview with Kid Rock TED Nugent Scott Bear about Hilary female. Wasn't me Steve do will interviewing Lara tromp about tax reform in the Federal Reserve or was it see Kelly? Conway as she placed the final nail in the coffin of eight says. You're irony so Megan was it Sean Entity steed do see. Or Kelly, an Conway Don't help her would you, like the quota- ok, I gotta go with my ex nemesis Kelly, an
correct, you are one and one I think, MEG in from Portland. This is your final question. This is for all of it. Now, former congressmen, Joe Walsh, said this about me camel he said, I'm is Johnny, Carson, didn't even know what is politics work? He was just funny chemical bear these guys role, nags and boring here's the thing. A lot of people have said that what happened to you Carson. Remember the days and Johnny Carson Jimmy what happened to Johnny Carson he died. He die. Why can't you be more like the Johnny Carson then No walls remembers Jimmy Kindle you mean nourishing death. I need a lie and on offended by crimes by the prison,
here's, the thing mega. We did some dig it. I was interesting to me in nineteen. Seventy four, the height of Watergate Johnny, Carson, invited the journalist in com, is jack. Anderson onto the tonight show for each won T minute discussion on the details of the reports and allegations and evidence against President Richard Nixon Anderson, detailed, not only allegations of obstruction, bribery, another malfeasance, he spoke about the failure of anyone involved to speak up for more prince which of the following our quotes from Johnny Carson from that interview, was it that scene, to be the greatest criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. It's not a particular partisan thing. There. No one seems to say at any time that hey something is wrong here. What's it pay the price because almost become immune or ignored, as these revelations come up
Well, all administrations are guilty and that's kind of sad to hear you don't really believe that politics has to be this way or was it see or probably He is by people now being the eastern liberal establishment, and I have made jokes about what is happening. I hope not unfairly, but just trying to make we're about what has happened, but that is considered when you do that almost an american or mega wasn t all of the above. I was gonna say. If I look at your questions, I want to go all of you know what that is correct. It turns out tat people go her member, but Johnny Carson when deep on Watergate and he was. You fucking trouble, but I had no thank you.
Applying say in your life. You ve a power should give car beg you Jimmy Kimmel beg you alive in order that I appreciate you haven't. We thank you for being here for Jimmy give when we come back John larger, what emerges regiment square space you ready, make an item of things you can do it squares? it's beautiful website away. I know what you can do you're beautiful website you will know make it you want to turn your cool idea into a new ups. I you wanna showcase your work. Yes, you might EL products and services of all kinds. Isn't he blogging soon bricks and mortar and online store? You know what Tommy they don't even have that what I know I am sure you can announce an outcome upcoming event or special project. Like my wedding last year's local dance,
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Dela. The casual today is the easiest and fastest way to send money, we're switching to the cash app we're switching to becoming no, no, no, no you're about it. But when you know it's the catch up as a feature both come down and he's a grey me award winning artists, he won the Academy award for best original song is a leading voice and activists and issued of education. Criminal justice form the founder of Free America and a friend of the pod John Lennon, Thank you
hello everybody here. So have you friends in my head? because you're? Actually, you know if I had a lot of times when I'm at the German, what not really it's nice to finally meet you guys, nice to meet you very similar in person. We turn it down on Unfortunately, the on the pod and the off the pot is so similar that our fancies wives in boyfriends, dome of it. But what are you? Ok Johnny. You are an advocate for criminal justice form yet aunt, you think it's an issue that do not million jeered, cushioning human Jared he's not evade by self interest. We have a lot. We want to do together and collaboration. We we want to you we tackle this problem. I think he wants to tackle it.
Time for his indictment, this strange bedfellows bunny, its outcomes, will serve ochres. His father gave the four million to Harvard before he applied and similarly Jarrett is trying to create a comfortable space for himself in the Yeah, you know re at a cushion or wing of the penitentiary. That's that's how you know. That's a real grown up. Affirmative action works right. That's it that's the original affirmative action, so you didn't just start working on this issue. You spent a you're touring the country, visiting prisons, jails, detention centres, yeah, reentry programmes, listen peoples. Please I actually, I spent a day in a prison recently, and it was this life changing experience. Where you understand that these are human beings, the worst to be and were failing them. Is there a moment that stands out from that year that you carry with you when you
this work, I carry so many stories with me. First of all, I experienced this from dealing with it family. So we had folks it we're locked up friends and neighbours that we're locked up, and so many people in our community I've gotten really used to losing members of our community for long periods of time and I think we're so used to it that we ve come a become almost none to it, because it happens so often and its decimated allowed a community's alot of families and You have to be this way and when I went on this tour, I met so many People so many people that we're dealing with addiction, so many people we're dealing with trauma and a lot of times. The reason why there committing crimes is because of all the trauma that they have dealt with in because they ve been victims of crime before and users came to understand when you met. Are these people that the system is broken and its hurting,
people that have already been broken by life and, by their circumstance, its hurting them even more, and it is motivated me to get involved were at a time of historically low crime. Yes and yet One of the most radical members of the Senate has become our attorney general he's not going to reverse some of the efforts that have been made, a criminal justice reform and he wants to crack down he's like decriminalizing marijuana. We have a president who uses crime escape time. Are we moving backwards we are we failing to make a case about these two people. Well, I think the look thing about the silver lining in the very a cloud of Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump kind of tough on crime and law and order candidates. The silver lining is that they actually control, a lot of policy that affects most people so most.
We're locked up in local and state jails, prisons and very very small percentage of our total prisoners, actually in the federal prison system, and so most of that, things that the president the attorney general can do don't actually affect a large. Synergy of the people in jails and prisons. Right now, so a lot of the activism the good thing right now: it's it's not necessarily great. When you have somebody that may be more pro reform at the federal government level that you know, maybe you'd want more things to happen more quickly, but in spirit of time. It's good that a lot of things happen on the state and local level. So that's where activism has to be so we ve been being we ve been working with activists here in California we ve been working with folks in Texas, we ve been working with books in Florida. We ve been working with folks in New York. We ve been work. We're folks, all over the country that are met in dense in this system and in making real change happen. That's gonna affect a lot of people's lives,
We can do that, regardless of who is the president and regarded, of whose the attorney general, so I think there's slow awakening, but probably too slow to the understanding of the connection between race in mass incarceration when you gave your we accepted the Oscar for for glory in here. Without better than Rayner Nothing could be better than nothing he's a proud. You said: working on mass incarceration issues, because you thought Martin Luther king would be focused on these issues if you're alive today. Why is that? What's the? Can between race and mass incarceration. Well, race has been tied to mass incarceration since the beginning. So as soon as the slaves were freed. Folks, trying to find ways to contain the slaves again too, to control their labor, to control their movement to
police them too to Lynch them all kinds of ways to to control the movement above people in America, because there was this fear of us fear what bodies would do to them and fear of fear of us being close to? their women fears of all kinds of things that they believed it at do the time and so put laws into place to contain us into strain us into make life as difficult as possible for us in America, and so, a lot of the laws that we see now descendants of that time, We see our efforts to legalise now
even as there are millions of people of color in jail for those crimes. Pneumonia, and thank God for people like George Gascoyne in San Francisco, who, after the the law, was passed that weaken recreational use. Marijuana here in California, he said we're not just gonna start from start You know that point we're going to go back and look at all these of the people who have been locked up unjustly over the years and we're going and we're going to clear their record, we're not going to make them jump through hoops to make it happen. We're just going to clear their record because they shouldn't have that record because We as a society have decided that this drug is ok for recreational use and we're not going to prefer the punish people and four scarlet letter on people for the rest of their lives because they broke. That we deemed is unjust? Now, so
we hope that our idea will do the same thing. Correct figure out what's going on with the permitting the Beverly Centre has been ongoing job. As far as I can recommend greater civil rights issue, birth rates at sea- and I got out of it- I just went round to why. How can you continue to inconvenience love like this awful John legit? Also, listen celebrity. I do. I do proof point gas much. So a lot of people here tonight a lotta people listening at Home- they care about justice. What can they do to help push policymakers reform the criminal justice system to get things in a better place. Words like us It is about state and local elections in a lot of ways. We have to know our DA's added a protein.
With the ACL of California, which was all about knowing your dna, so you can look up online it and actually look we're DA's in and understand what their policies have been in there progressive at their thinking about the community when their enforcing laws are they you know doing like Gascoyne is doing in San Francisco these a kind of things we can hold, our our local elected officials accountable for, and so we have to pay attention to those things that love everybody's getting involved in the twenty eighteen election. I love it because we have to be active on the state level if we want to control policy, there's so much that happens in the Republicans. They were ahead of us on this over the last decade, or so they they filled up state houses they gerrymander the district. They did everything they needed to do just that. Power and they put a lot of laws in place like in Kansas that really fucked up their state and- and we can t
Is this power back? If we vote in these local elections and criminal justice reform won't happen if we don't have a voice in these local in state elections even seen in place: they Philadelphia the more progressive Canada unable to win in the civil dialogue and that election I was involved in Florida election. I was involved in Chicago whenever we have a progressive candidate and we find we get behind them. We support them. We try to get a message out to all the people that that listen to us to pay attention to it. Elections in both because there are often times when people want that focused on politics are not usually in you know presidential year election I'm period, so we have to really get people to focus, and that's it we're trying to do that.
Now. Look John Lennon, you eat John Lennon you're, a musician and, frankly, on the said you are sounding. You are barely making sense. You need some help needs you need some backup, which is why we wanted to bring out Chrissy T. Get you one day to look at Tommy and Tommy. Look at me the way the two of you look at each other when you walk on so listen guys. We feel incredibly bless TAT, Creasy and John here on stage, and so we wanted to play a game, and so we're gonna bring out Dan Pfeiffer because we wanted this to be a team game Dan. You go there. Look the bottom line is I want to look at what here's? What we're looking at these are too.
America's mostly we're power couples. Thank you, John and crazy. I've been together for more than a decade. They are America's sweethearts, Tommy and Dan worked together for a decade and there they there was one. Rock Obama won the election in two thousand eight. They briefly change a single brief and uncomfortable hot, and we wanted to pay game the not so newly what game and we wanted to see. I have a question: why do you get a brand the games,
when we're on parts of American. Just you know, John. I was wondering same goddamn thing. We re a little other leave it magic into the pod. Save America lives. Rightly the people demand it and start rights between. You guys do for a guy that as personal question as it is so where I get to bully Jimmy Kimmel and John Legend. What a strange events so here this is gonna work, I'm gonna, ask our couples, push and they are going to write on the white boards the answers and will see if they agree they disagree will see who wins at the end. We are you running for
yeah they are. They are the favorites, my mother and the answer River Chrissy, as well as by locating your loud. All of you are we gonna facing other John. You guys can turn. You know what you professionals and european gas. You guys should base its other. That's why you guys can do whatever you want. It's a union sharply should not move the chairs, Creasy and John I'm gonna start with you Chrissy Tory I thank you and John we're on a flight to Japan that turned around lids and came back because one guy didn't have a ticket. Although do we really believe that. Absolutely not. I would conspiracy. There is something that we shall get went down with dial. We don't know, we don't know, here's the question. Who is it your flyer, you or John
in what regard just six leading out here. Fear handling it. Well, just you know what you guys, don't even need to talk to each other in Asia was be writing a knave supposed to be redrawn. Legend follow the rules you gave to cool, devolve rules. I pull off this jacket. If I put on their jack I'd, be laughed out of the doll baby, you can also go I'm gravitationally drawn towards there are. I let's see the answer is precisely what you put. I said, John John. One hundred one Tommy then was out of line with rock Obama that accident landed in the wrong city. Where were they and where were they supposed to be two answers
Ok, where are they supposed to go. Let's see the answers, voice. Tommy says Cedar Rapids Dance by presenting dab imports, and you guys who spoke in their Dan Cedar Rapids trouble a paradise for Danny. What disgrace figure? Did Rock Obama defeat? spite this planes mishap? Who Tommy actually worked for four? several you man. Then, what's your answer John, ever John Edwards, it was John Edwards Tommy. How long did like eight months of months we months a glorious months. We're on the campaign videographer
You got passed over five, that's going on here, John Lennon. Yes, Creasy was recently blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter. What was her tweets since Donald Trump over the edge. I know Chrissy remembers, you don't need you to say, because I think she we know it. I dont.
Remember what she said, but I remember it wasn't that bad relative to other things. She said to him, and I was like: will that put em over the line like this will have made it? This was a bridge too far. This word viper get what it was. I have it exactly. You don't remember what it was pretty, what we the tweet, I got, you block, it was aloe. Well, no one likes you receive. This is why I love you
I think this was too easy, but let's see what happens John, what an academy award robust song after writing the movie glory using what film writing the song glory for what will I must say I never saw this ever in the mood for that kind of fill a guy. This is why lover to tell her what the answer Selma I'll. Never let me forget it. I sought hit anselma, but it is a win. Dan was like what's Selma? Oh, my girl. Relax want to kick back, want to forget your troubles and watch sell me. Ok
Was a question about a winning an academy, rang Ward and setting the table Dan Tommy was once arrested and our nations capital visitor, motivate choice, question margin with Doktor King I That was one of the options Dan. Why what was arrested, for, was it a shortly, look up Was it p? breaking hearts on Capital Hill. Was it see chaining himself to the White House to protect the Bush administration's clear Skies initiative, also shirt less or was it d driving within expired license plate.
I need, I guess it's. The final question for John Merchants, who does Chrissy think should be the democratic nominee. In twenty twenty, you dance she'd. Neither of us neither I nor the twenty twenty nominee do. You know I don't know, please tell us now- I just end- is getting that applies to Chris he's gonna. Keep it a secret because that's part of anticipation- and maybe She'Ll- tell us next year, because, though
I'm back. Probably I don't know this guy, please give it up or job they agreed to raise their brethren. We combat job margin is going to perform any one game rates. Everybody has been so good. You know these guys. The van big friend of the pod. Maybe Atta play lever to leave it son
The! There That's good, John! I'm actually never play there, but I figured I could try it and it will work. As close, it was perfect, I'll? Do one myself song I go. I want to thank you guys were hanging out with this tonight. My lovely wife Creasy digging for joining us on stage joyfully cuz, I feel, has more has more than I do tonight and that's cool, but She is really agree. Life and she's very inspiring to me, and I would urge those on for her. It's got all of me
Why would I do jars? Man drawing me, and you can get me out-
God spent three new work going on in them. You remind your colleague, Mr Iran, so dizzy, don't know me, but I will be brief. Review Bianca. Ah, you read all your back again with many of you.
Ah, how do I have to tell you you will do is be new through your downfall, your views, but worse distraction, blooms. I can't stop see this boy. You brooded gravy me. You know you read all your beginning of with you and you may be argued that we could be
all you love your registry all you get when you gave me help me you,
Are you.
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