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Trump keeps the government shut down over his metaphorical wall, House Democrats bring back PAYGO, Elizabeth Warren kicks off her presidential campaign, and Mitt Romney writes a sternly-worded op-ed. Then Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal talks to Jon and Dan about the shutdown, immigration, and the priorities of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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tor their tickets for upcoming. Shows in New Orleans. Charleston and Durham will be travelling to other cities in February and you can find tickets a crooked dot, com slush events come say: hi. You can also find tickets four lover leave: it is going back on the road pod save the people is going on. Road in February, so all kinds of touring from us you'll be fine. So to get back on the road. It's been a long time since we ve done just nor a usual all positive american tourists opposed to all the travel we did around the each bs stuff in the fossil. Before I'm excited, I, let's get to the news, there's been a bit of new since last time we spoke in I'm unfamiliar with it, because I've already been well, I've all have already been following my nears resolution and allocate my finds out for I join what'd I miss did that not now. Relief efforts have not been great. I want to tell you, because some people have asked me on Twitter, like how's your resolution about twitter going in,
I didn't say I wasn't gonna use twitter or even that I was going to use twitter less. I did says: gonna use twitter differently. I haven't gotten in twitter fights. I've tried to avoid getting in some twitter fights are weighing and on some topics that may have got me into twitter, it's trying to be a little bit more positive. So so far it's going it's going. Ok, but I have to say you know in eighteen, as has just begun, and politics is essential stupid, as ever I beg you to it's stupid, or it is actually as dumb as it has been since anatomic empress. It's gonna be tough on that note on the day, it is thirty it was a recording. This, a new Congress is being sworn in and on this day, president from refuses to open the federal government until taxpayers fork five billion dollars for a few hundred miles of steel slats that he's calling a border wall
Remember that just a few weeks ago, Trump signal that he was fine with funding the government without the five billion dollars, so the Senate past just such a bill, a hundred zero. But then a few people on the president's favorite television shows got all upset with him for backing down on the wall. So trumped up to shut down the government, and now eight hundred thousand government workers aren't getting a paycheck four hundred and twenty thousand have been working without pay for the last two weeks. Parks in museums are being staffed, their filling up with trash, an actual shit loans are getting processed health care in food and education or risk all across indian country, which relies heavily on the federal government. Regular food inspection, are being delayed, immigration courts or cancelling hearings, border agents, working without pay- it is not great- yes, I'm pretty stupid shit happens. Instruct became president. Where does this ranked? In I mean this is the dumbest thing that has happened by far that say a lot there's been some dumb
shit. There have been done things that have happened, but usually there just like exam also trumps. Stupidity is opposed to something that actually impacts. People write like their been really horrible. Things have happened, but they're not the return like substantive, the round substantive battles around issues authorised immigration or health care. Taxes this is just we have shut the government out. We are making people suffer all across the country, hundreds of people working without pay for hay solution to an exaggerated problem that everyone knows when work yeah. That's that stupid, I mean like just to add. One thing they haven't been talked about. Enough is just the absurdity of a border while right, like we talk a lot about how the border wall as a symbol is awful, it is a symbol of division, its morally repugnant to other stuff, but even practically it is so fucking dumb the borders more secure, more Miller
eyes in a time in history right now, apprehensions or at a forty year. Low six hundred miles offence already exists, hasn't stopped unauthorized immigration because most anathematised immigration comes from people overstay their visas to build more hundred hundreds of miles of of wall or fencing, as it is now because trumpets calling it a wall, even though its fencing it will require destroying public lands taking people's homes through eminent domain. All of this comes after President from just lost an election while forty seats in the house in an election were the closing message was about border security and they lost. And now he's holding up he's. Shutting, the government. He will not open aid agencies, the federal government, eight hundred thousand people without a paycheck and earn to get this five billion dollars, which will you know, build a couple hundred miles of of steel, slats
its looting. The people responsible for border security right that is the agency- is shutting down. It is so bad let's talk about number one more point on this sitting is really important that he has really gotten losses, and the coverage of this is that Trump signature campaign promise was not that he was going to build a wall right. That it he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, now he is shut down the government to extort a mirror. And taxpayers into paying for this one. Would you know you know even his own supporters never really believe that Mexico's gonna pay for the wall, as is one of this crazy things that it was like his central campaign promise and even from the beginning, almost nobody believed that it was true, and yet we all just sort of like went along like
Wild guys fuckin crazy lets. You know, let's keep Goin, that's not gonna matter. He's gonna lose, don't let the ban right now now look Warrior narrow courier. Let's talk about how trumpets deftly navigating the shutdown politicos Jake Sherman has suggested the Trump might have blown the politics of the shut down by doing absolutely nothing over the last few weeks, except angry tweeting hasn't given statements hasn't done. Interviews hasn't tried to show is working. Just a bunch of tweets such as this one. You have walls and you have wheels. It was all that way, and it will always be that way. Please explain to the democratic. There can never be a replacement for a good old fashioned wall sounds like a fucking races. Doctors is debt. Is it possible that the great deal make has miscalculated on this one or are there some brilliant tress moves that us lay people just to see? What's going on aid, there is so much to run back here first, who is that tweet? For,
why you? What is the audience of people who were just waiting we told that the pennant pinnacle of human invention happened when we were deaths remove from living in caves like like, like what is that like oh walls, wheels, and then the question is one: is he gonna get the fire like? What is it can remember that fire is also a well worn invention, dumb? so does so that's one too. I was happy and I who, as you know, but work in the White House with us and helped plan present. Obama's events were thinking about what it would be like if we were in the White House during a shutdown of the holidays, like all the things that Obama would be doing right now, we would be like forced to do like we would gather people we weren't able to. We know access their health benefits and we would do an event with Avenant Obama would go out brink coffee, too, you know, parks.
As employees who are working without pet, like we would do all these things there trying to control the message of the day and put pressure on Republicans to concede and as Jake's or manage, and you pointed out, he did none of those things and there is a real fundamental question as to why other than he is staffed by some of the dumbest people ever work in american politics. Yet I think another reason why he actually doesn't if Trump really want the wall, if you wanted to deal he could have made he'll by now, you could have made a deal about a year ago and Democrats were willing to give him some money for this fencing in exchange for Dhaka protections. He didn't want to do it then its clear. He wants as an issue. He doesn't really want the wall itself and heat Then he doesn't have any interest in really negotiating, because this is a play for the people on Fox who want to see that he is tough and strong, and the only way he thinks about this is will I be viewed as tough enough. A strong enough and
My base wants me to get in a fight with my enemies, who are also basis enemies, and so therefore I just have to show that I'm in a fight with these p. Oh and it doesn't really matter if I win in the court of public opinion, because You never really trying to win over. Most of the american people he's just trying to keep us base happy and all his based ones, no is that he's fighting like? How do you think I mean this is pretty should have obviously, but I do think that fighting in losing It's still a net benefit with his base or. Because that sort of how this is why we, it bobby what I was can add, but there's no real chances ends with the stick. Shut down for some period of time and then no border wall and that he will run for reelection with no border while well like most things trump. Does he. He doesn't really think that far ahead, he's not thinking pass the next street, you know, and so I think that I think what he what's gonna happen as if he loses this fight. He is going to pretend
wall is being built anyway? He's going to sail? That's fine! I got the money somewhere else. He's gonna show some picture of border construction, because as we know, the Department of Homeland Security, which was allocated in a one point, three billion dollars last year for fencing, is building fencing as we speak there contracting out. You know projects for people to build fencing, and you know they're trying to take people land for more financing, which is ridiculous, but they're already doing that, so you could see him trying to like claim victory and just making up the fact that he built a wall even as Every fact checker in America, in the lead up to the twenty election, says. No, that's not true. He didn't build a wall, so I think that he's gonna guy, maybe that's a trump trump gets out of things, but just lying right. It's gonna lie but
politically it obviously not working for him. Something like you know. Forty seven percent of people blame Trump for the shut down. Thirty three percent blame Democrats. Only twenty five percent of the american people support the shutdown so he's doing all this, not even for his usual base of thirty five to forty percent of the american people is only twenty five percent, So you have most people blaming president. They don't like four shut down. They don't like over a while. They don't like and this is again. After most, people punish the presents party by a landslide and a mid term election in which border security was closing argument. So how does this end you know what what and what can Democrats do to bring it to an end? Robin? This is an important I I do one other thing is that you don't trumpets on. Little in the way that really stupid people can be predicted. But he has over like the one thing that has been consistent as he is
responsive to bad news coverage right, whether that is if it made he's his responses, are slow and stupid, but they had right like it takes them six months to get rid of Scott Private, but he eventually dies or when there has been no It says only really really stupid. He will least attempt to fix it before he then goes back and double down, so he like he'd, like there is a stimulus it he reacts to, but he has not react lake, here which makes me think that he thinks he is winning the battle right where he is, and I think this is an example. This is, he lives in a filter bubble and when I was flying back from the EAST coast last week, the if you have a small child and you're fine crises goes. You spend a lot of walking up and down the aisle holding your child to keep them entertained and the press in the seat behind me, was main lining Fox NEWS for five hours on the fight from Philly to some Cisco and and so I was like lousy. Can
what they were saying that you could see the tyrants add if you watch Fox news, at least for that five hour period in which I day, which we have now maxed out. My father allotment for twenty maintain is there is like policy blocking deal. Question Mark trot. Call me in some statement like if you watch Foxy probably thinks he's winning this, which is why he's not doing. He doesn't seem to be looking for a way out he's not out there trying to shape public opinion because in it in the world of his own state, sponsored propaganda network and the supplicant, who he talks to you on the phone. He thinks he's doing great. He just like may mining those Rasmussen numbers which I assume are telling him he's winning again. Well, I mean so. What's I got what happens next? Mike pets floated a compromise Democrats of two and a half billion dollars for steel flats, some Senate? weakens voted a compromise that would give trump his five billion dollars in exchange for protecting immigrants who are protected by Dhaka Trump. His reject
did both of those compromises offered pay his own vice president and Senate Republicans, he's saying five billion dollars or nothing and Ms Mckenna, Little is saying this, It won't even vote on anything that Trump refuses to sign, which is also a bullshit excuse by the way, because no, it's Mitch Mcconnell already passed. Something one hundred and two nothing to keep the government open then clearly he could override Trump veto if Trump refuses to sign some bill, opening the government so using Trump as an excuse. All I can't pass anything because Trump won't sign. It know: you're, a fucking, co, equal branch of government. Of course you can pass something if you have the votes to override his Oh, we could open the government tomorrow, but that's Mcconnell on Wednesday Shimmer asked Trump why he couldn't just open all the other agencies that are closed. The seven other agencies, besides the Department of Homeland Security, while they negotiated funding for homeland Security and Trump said because it is because
he would look foolish if he did that and- and he also said the government could remain shut down for a long time. So, knowing that this is how trumps operating like what can democrats do to bring this to an end? Us aside from just wait him out, I guess nothing, nothing, they can do nothing and they have. The political substantive policy moral high ground here, and they should not let it go, and the only going to there's only one way for this to end, and that is for Senate Republicans too, old, like Mcconnell, was trying to stay out of this because he does not want to be the one responsible for undermining trump. Right he's like as long as he said, Sir, why he like it with IE never tiresome turtle metaphor firm for Mcconnell. He is he's hiding by he's, gonna be a half the one he's gonna have to be the one who It has always been the Senate,
but who have stopped a shut down under Obama. There was no nor was too weak to ever shut down because to sort of walk the Freedom caucus would mean he would get tossed in some economy would have to force the house's hand and that's what can happen here because Trump does not care about? the sixty seven percent who oppose his wall. He cares about thirty seven percent to passionately care about it. Nancy Policy is, cannot and should not give him his wall and Oh he's there they're gonna, have to someone's gonna, have to go to him and save going to Pat, like with the Russia sanction spill or the saudi arabian sanctions, build that have happened earlier, that we're gonna pass something with a veto. Proof majority that you're just gonna have to suck it up yeah, that's a Louis connected because of that. I think this could go on for a long time and
Maybe it becomes a fake shut down because they pass these these bills to be paid the people who were not working or give them. There may be some that you can do this to soften some of the pain in this in the short run. But if Travis to me, a wall that he cannot have then is going to go on fur into perpetuity, as he knows a scary as it is well. The next question is how to Democrats continue to remind the american people that it is Trump who is shut, whose keeping the government shut down that it is his fault because he told us he would take the blame on national television, because you know I already saw you know. Nancy policy did in her view with Savannah, got three at the today show this morning, wanna savannas questions was well, you know, aren't you aren't you guys partially responsible for this? If you're not compromising you get like you starting to get a little bit of this in them,
in summary, media about. You know why I shouldn't Democrats just come to the table and give trump something. Because Democrats, you note, should care about all these people who are getting paid. You ve got some stories. I saw this morning from Reuters story. There interviewing you know Taurus at national parks, and you get some people who are just like. Why can't they just talk to each other and come together and do something like how do Democrats prevent this from because, being both sides. Bull shit, as this drags on its going to become both sides. Bullshit made interesting right there I mean it It is because if you look at the landscape here, you have a marquis in partisan hack, leading their public and Senate, and, a complete and utter moron run at the White House, and so you look at it. I the
stomach cancer, you really don't in town fix us right, which is a puts them in a possible position, but you can't voltaire because that we cannot put our stamp on something as fundamentally stupid and we and moral as a border, while it's so damn like you, don't you trumpet I'll get you have a temper tantrum to get the fake think he wants. We just cannot do that. And so what I think Democrats do here is, I think they should continually like our position should be. We want to reopen the government for some period of time at current levels. Right and we're gonna, send that bill to the Senate every fucking day and the in Mcconnell Senate Senate emigrants and go the for Lincoln try to bring home economies going, walk it and like that is a comment the it is. You know. We know this from the ship from their shutdowns potential shut down, so we were involved with Obama when one side, is demanding cuts or additional without demanding something and the others.
It is fighting it like? Then it's a battle right, but here Democrats are demanding nothing, the other. This demanded the government goes open there asking for anything that that was not passed unanimously by Republican controlled Senate. A month ago, right submitted like their position, is so eminently reasonable, so that at one pass. Acr continue resolution at current levels over and over again do it for a week or for two weeks make Chaunt take the in the center romantic unread most unreasonable session possible, which they are due The second I do think I know you say that people don't care about the. Ah. You know that they believe that Mexico's ever pay for the law, but we should not let that issued out now. Yes, you're being forced to borrow money for China to pay for it, and we have pay for with interest for a wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for, and I think we have to continue the hammer that
because that may not help us dislodged Trump from his base, but I think nothing dislodged from from the space, but it will matter with the broader, with the people who sit in the middle between partisan Democrats upon some relatives. I do think the other they met Democrat should do is all the things that you and how we were talking about, that a president should do during a shut down which, as you know, Democrats should start holding events with some of these workers who are getting their paychecks with some of these people who are getting government services for people who are hurting through the shut down. They shouldn't causing a lot of pain in the country like people aren't getting their paychecks and- and these are people who don't make a lot of money in the first place and there trying to support their families, and you have native Americans who aren't getting health care and education, and I mean this is some serious stuff going on, and I and I think that
cried, should constantly remind people every day with new press events, new communications events, whatever that these are the real life consequences of Trump shut down, so that its not just a fight about bills and continuing resolutions and been whose arguing why, when they all meet at the White House, but that there are actually with is a fight about people and me, you know that Trump doesn't give a shit about people and the debt I had to do, which is why they want to open the government in your right. It is a perfectly reasonable position to say: ok, we have this fight over border security, funding, fine, there's a whole bunch of agencies that have nothing to do with where security funding, let's permanently open those agency fund them for the year like we all agree to like a hundred senators voted to do already, and then we can can
need a pass short term resolutions to keep the Department of Homeland Security Open so that we can have some border security and so the damage, as is actually working to protect the country. As we keep that open temporarily, then we can go to the table and negotiate over transport security, but were not negotiating with the government shut. That yeah I mean you put you put that to the american people. That's gonna be a pretty fuckin popular position. The other things they keep centrally do is pass bills that saw specific problems related to the shutdown and make big trumpet the Republicans reject those individually right. So here's a bill to open all the national parks right. Here's a bill to pay, The day, just worker the unity is critical to central personnel at border patrol or t essay wherever else have been working for weeks, not getting paid, here's a bill to give them a paycheck right like there is the image and reject all of those who seem even more unreasonable, but look, it's gonna take a lot of work because just
tromp has a twitter account with millions of followers mostly brought people some Botz and can control, because president can control. There's a reason. Press almost always when shutdowns, because they have the larger Billy pulpit them, because we have to work harder to evade the better position to mate stay on top of opposition in dolt reed like don't listen to dump centrist pundit. I now then fall because there's a guy like that do is there should imposts like our greatest fear here are the is the one and presented or old age, which will almost certainly rights on a bed editorial that will tell Democrats a compromise Nancy Policy, we first have a meeting with a thirty members, the new democratic coalition who read it on the way to work that morning and our panicking do not panic. No one gives a fuck this. Washington is at its worst because they're all stuck in Washington, the democratic politicians are there, their staff or their their consulted, so they're they're, all listening to the same.
Bull. Your arm like these that were already starting to hear these reporters asking the court will shouldn't. Aren't you guys responsible, should new compromised and you do this? No matter how extreme are stupid, the position Trump and Republicans take is there will always be people who say? Well, ok, we know their crimes. But you're supposed to be the adults, so you given to their demands, that's an there. Just get your ate like they're gonna have to resist. Here's hoping. So, let's move on to something else is the has democratic trying to reopen the government. There are also expected to vote on a bunch of internal rule changes proposed by incoming speaker Nancy policy. Another has leaders. Most of these changes are quite good unpopular. They bring more transparency in the legislative process. They strengthen Ethic rules, but there's one rule changes causing some controversy policy wants to bring back. The so called
pay go rule, it's called pickles. I pay as you go. This rule requires every piece of legislation that adds to the deficit to be offset by corresponding budget cuts or tax increases. So if you want a possibility that the Congressional Budget Office says will add five billion dollars to the deficit, you have to either cut five billion dollars in spending from somewhere else or raise five billion dollars and taxes Some combination of the two, a handful of Democrats, including Alexandria or cause your Cortez and Roccanera, have said bill vote against the rule, changes because of pay go which they believe will prevent. Democrats from passing. Big bold policies like Medicare for all and a green new deal,
Dan. This provision has been around for many years. Why did Democrats embrace pay go in the first place? And why do you think policy wants to bring it back? That is great question. Pegre has been around since then that since the ninety ninety budgets summit, which was when George HIV Bush violated his pledged his read my lips pledge to raise taxes, and it was this idea, as you point out that if you we spend money either on spending or taxes than you gonna pay for it been this principle that has been thought to be politically popular sort of in a different. Medical era, but was also serve a fake law because a fake principle, because it can be waived by a simple majority or sixty senator. So, basically, any any coalition they can pack, we can send a bills. The president's desk can wave it and It is also, as you point out, thus our federal law yeah rights. It would
was what the house does. There is a pig along the box in what it really means is, if you do not abide I pay go or wave pay go then there will be mandatory across the board cuts in everything, including Medicare, so is it? idea that you would have this penalty that was so politically unpalatable that it would trim spending. Now this is bad politics and bad economics. Both levels but I'll get to that effect, but what the house is doing is not affecting the law simply to deciding that they as like as a body as the democratic Run house of representatives, will abide by Pegana and what? But what are they So they decide. They are deciding that they will abide by rule there, already law, just just to get the
We're really can get to the absurdity of this whole debate, but go to actually. I I don't think this is an absurd debate in an hour and I'll get to that is why, like they were put like It seems like all obvious- why, when they do that well, pay go a war became was recent as along two thousand and ten, when the Republicans took the hat, in two thousand eleven they in their rules to say, that they will by some they caught pagan, they would buy something called cut, go or something stupid. Like that, Is it Prince principle? Was that go, did not apply to taxes in the house only too cuts, which is how the Republicans were bull to pass without having to come up with any spending cuts, trillion, dollar tax, got and then conquer, but the house in the Senate wave pigs, which is why the deficit is skyrocketing. Thanks to this bill,
and so what Democrats are doing is they are abiding by the wall and Republicans didn't in this. Will this will make it at the end of the world. But it does it it. There is for two reasons and mighty was why I think the debates on observed, which, as Democrats are for limited political it. Basically a press release, saying we abide by Pegre that matters to basically no one who doesn't work for the De Elsie or third way, and we are going to adopt this view this. I think fundamentally incorrect view of economics that the deficit. Spending is inherently bad right. Development is not inherently bad enough, because if you like borrowing. Money too do a trillion dollar infrastructure package or public works package, it put people at work. Or borrowing money to invest in our workers is the right thing and we should
you make it. We should not be accepting the false premise of the deficit. Fear mongers. We should be arguing that bold, progressive investments in workers in the american economy is the thing to do, and so it is. This is purely a symbolic debate, which is why a lot of progressive those occurring and vote for this anyway. But I think it is stake. Read out the gates to accept the premise in incorrect premise, for that does hamper the ability make up a populist, progressive economic argument going forward. It is absolutely stupid, echoes policy and- and I would argue, stupid politics now- she's ok, why they do something so politically stupid. It is true- and I noticed this when I did focus group for the wilderness- that you have a bunch of people sitting around a table, bunch of voters who will tell you within two patents? Is yes,
support Medicare for all, but also the government really needs to rein in their spending because they waste too much too much money. They ways to many taxpayer d, where's, but here's what I want them to spend it on big infrastructure investments met her care for all other Conniston So you had this sort of discordant view from voters and the reason they You probably is because of I don't know for decades of Republicans, saying that Democrats, waste all kinds of taxpayer dollars and when people's lives actually done proven their wages, don't grow, and They know that they're paying all these taxes they think to themselves. Ok, the taxes are being wasted somewhere. So must be someone spending too much money. That is the wrong view, but that the view that Republicans and their propaganda machine have driven into people's heads for over four decades. So democrats- and of course this was like you said, starting in the ninety nineties, with a lot of tourism Clinton types rural like well, then we should show that we are fiscally responsible. We must show that we face, grew transport, so pay go, came from that but, like you said,
most economists will tell you deficit spending can and has spurred economic growth and deficit spending can make possible public investments that more pay for themselves down the road, the green, There will be a great example of that. You spend a lot of money for the green new deal and some of it adds to the deficit well, because we're not going to have to pay for thee, you know disasters caused by climate change, release more of the disasters caused by climate change, because we're about to you know such an investment would create millions and millions of good paying jobs in this country. That's gonna more than paper itself down the road. So it is absolutely stupid economic policy. But the question is so: It's a mistake for Democrats have done this, but how big of a mistake is it because As you mentioned you can wave. Pay: go rules with a sigh, the majority in the house and sixty votes in the Senate, so I've Democrats and passing Medicare for all, or they are passing
the green new deal. They will have only been able to pass that because they had a majority in the house and sixty votes in the Senate. Because they got rid of the filibustering. The Senate, which is another issue but either way. If they have the votes to pass either those bills, then they definitely also have the votes to waive the pig or rules right so technically, it doesn't really matter that much or but on the other side of this, like you, said its law, so even if they say fuck pig. We're not going to abide by it. We're not going by this role. We're gonna pass intimate, increases the deficit then, because of the law. They're gonna be automatic cuts across the board. That's if they dont have the votes so like practically. It really doesn't hamper their ability to pass big, bold, progressive legislation, but, as you mentioned, it does sort of hamper their argument to. You know that we
pass big ball, progressive legislation- it's just its. I guess it's a stupid. My view of this is it's stupid for them to try to include Paco, but I dont think It is the end of the world by any means, because it is something that is easily get around. Yes, that you're you're right luck, very clear ninety nine point, nine percent of one dancing closing the Democrats are doing in the coming out. You're coming into power is exactly right there is so much progressive stuff in this rules package there, like what the coming committee chairmen are saying about how they're going to strategically and aggressive. We investigate the corruption and criminality. Transmutation is great. The people that Nancy Policy is putting on the progressive Nancy Pussy is putting on committees to advocate for things like a renewed deal and Medicare for all is great. So this is this
That can be the reason that Medicare fraud does not become a law it. Yes, I think it is a bad, outdated instinct of Democrats to allow Republicans to define the contours of the argument, and this takes me back to the days of the Obama away campaign in taxes which is, in my first many Many campaigns, the premise among Democrats was Republicans always when attacks rights over publicans bring up taxes. You change the subject right and Obama being having a different politics in that sort of coming up. Do that that the you know the battles of the nineties and sort of this. You know third way move to the centres view of politics in that period. Didn't except that premise. So we ran aggressively against Mccain's tax, cut, arguing that taxes for the middle class were good and that there should be tax ink. This is for the wealthy, and we became in Obama was the first Democrat to win taxes as an issue. Next,
whole since Johnson and sixty eight and Johnson one on every issue becomes a massive landside win. But we took that on and even though the Romans were you able to use legislative procedures to sneak this bill through the republican tax bills, least popular piece of legislation in history in part, because Democrats have not been afraid to take on that argument. I think this we have to be. We have to follow the lead, I think, frankly, people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez and Ro Khanna, then we're going to have to change the contours of the economic argument. If we want to ever get to the point we can do support for some these huge mass of progressive pieces of legislation- and I would say that it that's. Why that's why I came here, and I would say that it is a good sign- is a hopeful sign that worries having this fight in it. There are people like the politicians you just mentioned, who were making this a fight, because We didn't have this fight when Obama was president, and I would say that we got caught up in the deficit bullshit right, like Obama,
figuring out what to do with this Simpson Bowls Commission and how we can reduce the deficit, not to know how many fuckin speeches we wrote about, why it was important to reduce the deficit, and I think we put too much this is on it and there weren't many Democrats back then saying this is ridiculous to talk about it, to focus so much on why the deficit as such problem when we have all this need in this country that public investment that, if we invest in our roads and our bridges and people's health care in their education than that, can grow the economy and not just austerity. Politics, which has now been discredited, I think it's a good sign that release having this fight now, and it means that you know that Britain Window has moved. Can I say the thing that Obama would say if he was here right now in response to your birthday, he would say, what he was trying to do was why economy was crashing and Republicans where control the Congress? He was trying to trade law. The term deficit reduction for short term stimulus like apparel.
Max kite, let's ride, infrastructure, something like that because there are, No other way. We had to put money in the economy to help workers and create more jobs, and we cannot do that with Rebecca, where we can do that without giving something because now did we Lucy argument places sure? Do we sometimes offer too much absolutely, but that was the strategic thinking that put us down this path. Even if we were probably, we did not do a good job making the case for or against austerity politics. Despite our really sweet speech attacking Paul Ryan, I will say, because I know that Barack Obama would add this as well as he was talking about how to sort of. Herb spending over the long term? He was focused prime, early on medical care and not just making Medicare cuts but slowing the growth of healthcare costs which no matter
what we do, whether we pass Medicare for all or whether we don't. Of course, we need to bring down the cost of health care for every one. That is not a conservative position. That should be a liberal position, because we spend too much money on care without getting good results. We spend more money on healthcare than anywhere else in the world and so yeah. Is no matter. What can a healthcare plan we adopt whether we eliminate the private insurance system altogether, we still to find a way to bring down the cost of healthcare set its focus more equality, so that was what he was focused on But you know when you deal with the Republican Congress and John Vainer and all these people who just want to cut cut cut, you do get a little too caught up and in deficit politics but anyway. So yes, pay go down idea, but it's not something too completely freak out over, because it will not stop the passage of big legislation. If we have the votes to pass that legislation, that's
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as before, and announced the formation of a presidential Exploratory Committee for twenty twenty in video announcement, worn said that America's middle class under attack and then it's time to fight back she'll, be Torreon group of cities, and- over the weekend and also announced and big hires in that state, what has been a consumer advocate for most of her career. She came up with the idea for the consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While she was a professor at Harvard LAW, she was later recruited by the Obama administration to actually create that agency, after which she went back home to Massachusetts and ran for Senate and now she's. The first democratic top tier content, to launch an exploratory committee Dan. What you think about warns announcement having those ed. Asked. He shouted who, in Castro you just talk hey man, you know of everyone's a contender is clearly the most well known. Yet. So these are the most well known who ain't Castro? Who was there and it's only secondary is great, and I love you lend me a great.
And maybe more people will know him as the months go on. He is in a different here than Elizabeth Word, at least in terms of name recognition ads. Yes, look her and ass. There was great. She did a good job like me. No one wins and wins the election or their announcement. I guess you get them. They lose ed bite. She's like this with warn the field is better for the moment It is for almost everyone getting into almost everyone, but she makes She makes it a better, more interesting, smarter primary by being in a rage. I think the thing bout heard that is really important is tat, she August two things: one is there she might have the most. Only honed most popular economic message of any that I'm running right, and at some people may say, Bernie by the Ngos, his, maybe with the widest appeal in her in her economic message,
The second thing is that perhaps of all the people running, she may have thought the hardest and the most creative emotion teach equally about innovative solutions, policy solutions to complex problems like run out. She's, probably I think probably wine her had the best them interesting policy that she's been rolling out whether on foreign policy on gum reform are dealing with the growing power of corporations? Ah, you know in this in the run up to this announcement, so I think, like the more policy centric the debate in the primary, the better yapping, we should talk about that. She's she's format to care for all she's for green new deal. But, as you mentioned, has some pretty big. I is her own she's, introduced a very strong corruption bill a very interesting plan to give workers a much bigger voice on course,
boards by allowing workers to elect. I think up to forty percent of the members of a corporate board, which is as of would be. Huge change, a serious investment in housing affordability and most recently, a plan to allow the government to manufacture generic versions of prescription drugs, so the people haven't affordable choice. Medication is basically a public option for prescription drugs. So, like you said, she's at these really great well thought out ideas but like, as you said at the beginning it for me, I always ask these Canada. I think that every presidential candidate have to answer two questions. Why me? Why now- and she has the clearest message- may be of any one whose announced so far and uneven who may announce you know why she's running she says the video very succinctly. America's America's middle class is under attack, billionaires and big corporations, unlisted politicians to help themselves get richer. They rigged game, they ve created a corrupt system and they ve prompted up by distracting into
getting us with fear and hate. I fought them all my life, I'll fight them as president. That's why it wasn't before in this running. You know what you know what one sentence I mean. I said this look what, however, you feel about Bernie Sanders when he ran in twenty. Sixteen. The first line of his announcement speech was something like you know. I believe we need a political and economic revolution in this country boom. That's his message, Obama in no way talked about change, not just changed from Bush, but change from the way the politics been practice done right. Donald Trump had a pretty clear message: it's a repugnant one, but it was pretty clear, one and make Amerika great again by returning to an era of more whiteness, very clear message from a candidate, but I do think then an especially in a crowded field, especially in a media environment like this, you have to stand out
where you stand out without acting like an asshole. I Donald Trump does is by having a very clear message that people know who you are, what you stand for, and Elizabeth warns case, her message flows from the policy that she advocates, which flows from her record and her bio. You know she believes what she saying. You know she wants to fight and that's it and that's a pretty that's a pretty strong asset to have in a crowded primary. I think and like you said, it happens to also be- and we know this from years of looking at poles and focus groups and all the rest, message. Her economic populous message happens to be very popular and have very broad based appeal. You know you'll hear some people say: oh, it's divisive,
people always say that messages are divisive that you know are populist and take on Wall Street all the time, but I will tell you that those messages are broadly popular, not just among progressive, not just among Democrats, not just among independence, but also among some Republicans death. I mean, I think, that some interesting leg pressure points. I think that work I that Bernie Sanders runs is Bernie Sanders animals with worn like fulfil a lot of this. Where they ve been allies on a lot of very progressive YAP economic legislation, pushing Democrats to be more populist of the last several years together, and Bernie Sanders identifies democratic Socialists and Elizabeth, worn has been very be specific about the fact that she is a capitalist through and through, I think is the is her language or something like that, and I think that's gonna, be there like what is the difference between a democratic socialist whose fourth Medicare for offering college etc and a critical democratic
released or somewhere democrat reversal of accomplishing supports Medicare for off, recall it like where what is that way is that fundamental difference me doesn't mean anything at all, and I think that will be an interesting conversation that happens during the primary for assuming all people expect to run run yeah. I do think that is probably one of her big challenges will be. If Bernie Sanders does run, are they are they fighting over the same kind of voters and do those voters that are split their preferences Queen Sanders and worn say I do think, that's that's one thing shall have to deal with, so I hate even getting into this, but in the wake of organs, announcement, political published he's with the headline warrant battles the ghosts of Hilary The whole article hinges on a narrative. The biggest obstacle in front of Warren is her like ability, and then she shares to many of the attributes that sank. Hillary Clinton. The evidence for this within the peace is nothing
actually it's. It's basically reporting that some Democrats privately say this No one on the record as saying this at all I don't know what it. What did you think of this peace and- and I guess what you think of the coverage of her announcement overall, I got very worked up about the peace and in fairness to the reporter. The peace is more balanced and the headline in the tweets. The overall premise is stupid. By cheat there, she does include quotes from people that their counteract the premise, but the idea, the idea stupid, because the thing that Elizabeth Warren and Laughlin have in common is that they are both women who served in the Senate
there's. Nothing is a stupid initial, so stupid, and but its indicative of a larger coverage, which was all these stories about Elizabeth Warrens Rhine were framed through to critically stupid windows. One is the idea that Democrats are engaged in identity politics, because we have women, African Americans Latinos running for president, that we are engaged like that. Somehow, our part that we are trying like the idea of all politics- identity politics in the sense that your Billy a cold- and of different groups of people, to get to a plurality or majority would have you need to wait right, but when the media discuss identity, politics, a they treated as Democrats or trying to cheat by like it is normal to get white people to vote for you prickly white men and then in addition to that of some sort of electoral trek, wake up dead people to vote or something breaketh if it is
and so we like Democrats, irrigation identity debate about who you know who represent women are african. Cancer Latinos and if you going to use the identity politics framework you described Democrats, then you also have to use it to describe Republicans who are making explicit appealed to white men to vote for them. Yeah, like a very explicit re. Spatial Democrats are making a re space peeler generated they're, just trying to have inclusive set of pilots policies and inclusive message. You a gorgeous many people as possible and Republicans are trying to take one group, a very reliable voters in scare the living shit out of them and it's like the framework.
There is a structural and fairness and the backwards, looking way that even some of the you know younger more worldly reporters approach- politics it is like we are, writing like it is one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight over and over again, and that is that it makes it hard for Democrats because we are forced to swim in a swab of stupidity, act opposite of identity politics. We are trying to build a big tent coalition, that is, African Americans, Latinos white people, young like it, is so silly that the party that has been practising it in politics to us couple decades and has finally per Fact it under Donald Trump is the Republican Party, which is a party made up primarily of white man. And, to a lesser extent, white women, but white people. That is the fact of the Republican
coalition right now. Democrats are a party that looks more like America, that's just a fact, and that's and they're trying to build a big ten coalition. That is what Democrats try to do. That is how we win. That is not a value judgment that is just the facts of what the coalition looks like it's so ridiculous, but anyway, back to the vote, but a copious. I mean I'm a few thoughts on that, which you said Lisbon Worn and Hillary Clinton are both women. They both served in the Senate they're, both Democrats, that is where I think the similarities and like I just. I think they could not be more different in their approach to politics in their approach to policy, even though their both progressives, I think those with war and has done depositions a bit further. The left and Hillary Clinton in particular on economics. The way she approaches politics is different. The wish explains politics speaks about. Politics is different. Styles speaking is different, like they are so different as people. I think it is obviously
just to have a headline like that to have a story like that, even if it wasn't the intention of the reports do. That is a sexist frame with which to look at this problem. But I will also say as we think, about how Elizabeth Warren navigates this environment and other candidates have navigate this environment and we as activists navigate this environment like I saw that article because I you know, I was scrolling to twitter everyone's freaking out about it. I open my puzzle app, which of course, you know, gives you all the the goals that are most shared by the people that you follow on Twitter and this like the number one story that was most shared by them. For that, I follow on Twitter and it wasn't shared because people thought it was a good piece. It was shared because everyone was so fucking angry about it. That's all they could talk about, and I do think there's something to be said for
This is one piece and one headline politico, the probably very very very few people would have read and we, I think we do have to consider like what it means to say: sharing and freaking out about these pieces that are going to be written, they're going to be stupid, they're going to be sexist and maybe racist. There be all kinds of bad things at the expense of talking about what these candidates are for their policy agendas, their values, their platforms, the big debates are going to, like I just I am. I am a little concerned, as we had hoped to twenty twenty, that the outrage missed he's gonna take over and we're gonna be sort of. Ups. Like Elizabeth warns announcement was this great announcement. She had a clear message: we should we. Talk about, and we did. You know we started by talking about the substance of our policy and why she's a good cannon other things like that, but so much of her
announcement coverage was taken up by this one fucking piece in political. I was one of those people who share in it without rate, which is the exact like. If you had done it, I would have I told you like we shouldn't get so worked up about wide them. History. Media says do as I say, not as I do. Obviously. Ah, yes, you're right, it's Edith. I think you make the point that in areas where we should not, it should not be glossed over in this, which is that the framework by which a lot of the media treats female candidates is inherently sexist. You did, it was actually working on likeable Donald Trump. No one way yet an entire convention and the entire the only time anyone's anything nice about him was one his billion. Our friends got to write on his helicopter, like no one likes him as a person. People may like him as a president or as policies restocking war whatever, but he is. Unlike what you know. We don't read stories about how unlikely is right like that is not a thing that happens
It was has been the race for seven minutes and she is quite likeable. She is, I mean you will get to make case of the public but their shoes and has somewhat thirty year. History, people saying she's, unlike what we just it is justice. Frightfully tree the press treats women and for the public is not just the press, I guess it's into society had puts a set of expectations in a set of conditions on women that they don't put on men, and I do think we have to find a balance between getting outrage in twist around the axle about stuff and pointing out when these things are happening in the hopes that over the course of the long run, you're not going to fix all of it, but you can make it more challenging, for
You know four days, your Asia challenge these. It is the right into the challenge, these unfair stereotypes and are placed on on women candidates Rafik American can answer, was you know, candidates or anyone, and so that that is the balance which is we're? Gonna have to simultaneously fight against these things and build up more thoughtful, progressive, ah outlets in opera, in media opportunities, to have a better discussion about politics. Yet, may I just say take it from the perspective of Elizabeth Horns campaign I don't know what their conversations were when you know about this political story, but you think yourself. Ok, we live in a world that is unfair. That is the media environment. The political environment is in some ways sexist Hillary Clinton had to deal with that, and now Elizabeth worn and in may become a Harrison, maybe curse Angela Brand and maybe Amy Clover Char will also have to deal with that as they run. How do you
operate in this environment when there is a story like that, when there is a comment from Donald Trump at a sexist. What what do you do in response- and I do think that the way it was before and handle this is probably a good indicator of of how you should handle it. You know, I think she took an answer and video of her on the on the train on the way you know where she was going, but she said a likeable women sit in the quiet car and it's like you know it was funny. After off and then she moved on she went onto our Rachel Motto, show Rachel Motto: ass for substantive questions about her policies as a good journalists. Does she had a great conversation about it? She didn't have to talk about the stupid political story. It's probably good way to handle its a good bye
but you can't completely ignore these things, but you can't necessarily obsess over them. Aided the candidates in the campaigns are gonna, be very disciplined about how they handle this kind of stuff. I think the rest of us in sort of the activists toward her world probably have do think think to ourselves like how can we be a little more disciplined in how we shape the conversation is well, it's just a thought that that that is really there's a part of that you are right, but what you said, we really was mildly depressed to make which is a cap when you said that those of us in the activists twitter world, it's a boy, I met activists slashed toward a world either way like that. That is what we saw earlier work at the White House and our the activists total level of man you know me really ideal. The thing that I think is important here is the less for this for every candidate, whether you are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden Kamel Harris is tell
Our own story. Do not in a world where, yes, aren't you relied athletic ordinary times or even Patsy. America to tell your story, find ways to tell your story that are on your terms and You can do that if you can control your narrative to the public control your message to the public. You are going to be much more successful, never relying on a mainstream media that has all the wrong incentives to the major many an trump frankly to tell your story. Do not let Trump and the media to find the four corners of your story. Do it yourself, that is correct, before we get our interview with privileges, Nepal, let's talk about a brand new member of Congress from the great state of Unita Willard, Mitt Romney he's come to save the Republican Party from the clutches of trumpets em with his up ad pen. Riding in the Washington Post on Wednesday centre? Romney said the Donald Trump quote. Has not into the mantle the office with the nation so divided resentful and angry presidential leadership and qualities of characters indispensable, and it is in this province where the incumbent shortfall has been most glaring
I also said I will support policies that I believe are in the best interests of the country in my state and oppose those that are not. I do not intend to common on every tweet or fault, but I will speak out against significant statements are actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti, immigrant, dishonest or destructive. Democratic institutions. Then how much is this matter? If at all, does he at least get credit for saying publicly? What most other republican politicians say, pray I am going to close my eyes and go to sleep. I would like you to wake me it in not get in the summer of twenty twenty, when Romney steps on the stage of the republican convention in prime time too who offer his ringing endorsement for Donald Trump reelection. Because that is what is going to happen. I saw you tweet that yesterday I think I could take the other side of that, but I don't think he will be there. I don't think you all speak of that convention in support of around forty two who this we're
we living this is where the seven years of seniority, or so I have on you- are very critical our six years, but is that this is like Bush Mccain in right, where in at this point in young thousand right red, then Mackay, because Rami problem was run for president again and he's goin to then that has been require him campaigning for Trump to run for reelection he's gonna campaign form he one hundred percent is adds weight on. I thinking and Mccain spoken, prime time on this. In the two dozen for commission favor of Bush he said, was by deep, like head much of the same being less of a moral case against Bush as a substantive case, the Mccain had, and he completely fucked it and campaign for Bush and ran his aid foolishly, as they did, is sort of continuing the Bush legacy and another made. So anyhow,
Well, look, let's be fair, saying it is better than not saying it right right. What I like that is that's great. My company is going to be wake me up when he actual uses the power of his office to stop trumpet somewhere I think this is another debate that is so fucking silly to me like everyone's focused. Unlike should he be applauded, should he be condemned? Should he be believed Would he be nobly? I dont know we don't know. Agree said like we can place a fun bad on the times when convention who the fuck knows what he's gonna do. He might you know he could be. It new Jeff Lakers, or he something else, although I will say in flakes case least at the very end, even though it was quite belated, flakes stopped judges because he was trying to get a bill to protect robber, Mahler and Romney, who you know was interviewed by Jake Tap on CNN on Wednesday tapirs. Are you gonna? Stop judges like like Jeff did around me. Like I don't know. I think that might be unproductive,
and you know, and then he said, he'd vote for the border. While and again it's like. I understand that you can be conservative, have conservative policy positions and still take action to stop some of trumps worst impulses and actions right. They don't have to do with being a conservative. I think that's that's possible. I guess I guess that's what Jeffrey doing when he stopped these judges. But rob me like the border wall is an example of that right now, because, even though Rummy is I theoretically for border wall like he knows how bullshit this whole situation is. He knows that the Senate voted a hundred to nothing to keep the government open and that five billion dollars for steel slats is complete bullshit, and yet he doesn't want to take a stand even in this first issue of keeping the government open because I dont know what,
because he he does. It really wants to write an opt out about it, not actually stand up to trap, so you know it I don't know whether whether Rami will rise to the occasion or not whether weird full about it doesn't really matter. Let's just see what happens either he acts or he doesn't if he acts good for him. Like you know, please come join us in stopping trumps madness and then vote for your can of policies whenever you want fine, we don't agree with you, but that's your thing, but if you're not going, Anything you just gonna write our beds. Then you know fuckin great good for you. It's like it so stupid. The of heed, the eight, the fact the fact that Mitt Romney is currently a monument two principal consider. Integrity is the perfect example of how, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, you have Mitt. Romney is someone who has had flip loves named after him. He was the pro choice, governor of
it uses who passed the model for the affordable care. Who then ran for president in ran far to the right. Just now everything he ever stood for then physicians again to run again in twenty twelve ran away immigration hardliner eyes. In order to beat in a way that was a model for tromp. Nor did beat riparian the primary who, Then a fierce advocate against tromp, who then was wont, from Secretary State, which I think was okay, but there when running for Senate End Utah, say disavowed the idea that he'd ever been consequent, never trump. So I like see what he does. But if passed, is prologues that this is not gonna go well yeah. He doesn't actually yeah. Not a lot of evidence did Mitt Romney has some core principles and beliefs. I do not like Mitt Romney. I have not like them from the very beginning, and I got two thousand and eight I hate over two thousand twelve. The rest.
People who ve applauded? Am I still don't like I'm? I am never going to like em Mitt Romney is bad but trouble so try I thought would said morbid. Mitt Romney is Mitt Romney and, like you, I feel the same way like I said I don't. I don't wake up thinking about me round that much an early care, the geese gonna have a big impact on our on our public life. I thought what it said about there. Hoboken party was more interesting, Trump, obviously fired back. That's trump, which was a funny thing, here we go with Mitt Romney, but so fast question. B. Is he a flake? I hope not, I one big and he didn't be a team player and when and then the rest of the cult got up ran Paul went after and pretty hard after Rami pretty hard, this Same ran Paul, who called trumpet delusional narcissist in an orange faced windbag, who was less qualified to be president than a speck of dirt, ran politics as he was upset that Rami attack Trump admit Romney's own niece, the raw formerly known as Romney Mcdaniel chairwoman of the Republican Party, attacked her,
Sylvia tweet culling is up a disappointing and unproductive cool party had an awkward feathery union. I just like these people, like he wrote in our bed basically saying I will vote for just about all of trumps policies. I am a conservative don't worry about my vote, but I'm going to say the guy is offensive and degrades the office once in awhile, which is what all these reports can say privately. One report congressmen went on background as they often due to the daily beasts and said: oh yeah. What he said was a hundred percent true, but we're just upset that he set it out loud, like this party is just so they are. I don't know I've run out of adjectives. The the other thing is this an important context. This is Republicans, don't like Mitt Romney yeah. They do not Republic elected officials think he is full of shit. They thought it was full of shit. They didn't really want
You know when, in twenty twelve they thought he ran a shitty campaign. They thought they ve always thought he was full of in two thousand and eight. The big thing was the only thing that unified the republican primary field was they all hidden, Romney, in two thousand and twelve. As you remember, republican voters, right so hard to give the nomination of someone else, and he was right. And a collection of clouds, and they were like well Romeo Gingrich, so maybe we'll try Gingrich. We you like himself, then of my well Gingrich. So, let's give Santorum a shot. It's with it. I did, like Republicans, are forced to choose between two people. They do not like to like it. Only adding I'm having trouble or Romany are real Republicans they're, just somehow there
I do not mean is yeah. I don't think you others, including not alone, not allow lover him in the party, but it also just shows. I think that this is the way it really is. A call to personality run Donald Trump, and you know the never Trumpery dream that some Republican, like Romney, is going to rise to the occasion and run for President Primary Donald open two thousand and twenty seems just that: a pipe dream. That's not really going to happen, or if it is that person is not going to get much support in the party, because it's Trump's party, they all love them, they love his politics. They love his policies. He is the id of the Republican Party, as it has been for some time now and that's where we are anyway, who well that's Mitt, Romney on that, no more hopeful. We'll be right back with our interview with the culture of the congressional progressive carcass.
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the congressional progressive carcass privilege Depaul, welcome regulations on starting your second term. Thank you. So much hard to believe it's already here. It is here big day so you're the chair the congressional progressive carcass. What is that tail and what are you hope that Progressive can achieve in an era of divided government with trumpets President. What's the strategy for the next two years it could it be about, went through the progressive Caucasus, the largest it has been, and probably the most progressive. It's been, and quite some time we have over ninety four members, and we continue to have members wanting to join the c b c, and so that's a significant number for us to be able to move critical priorities that have been at the top of the list for working families and progressives across the country, and that is lose everything from fifteen dollar minimum wage to our progressive caucus budget, which, every year a sort of our statement of our
I use, as well as moving big pieces of legislation like Medicare for all, and so I think that this is a great moment for you, as we take control here in the house, momentarily to really be to talk about these ideas from the perspective of what they do with the economics and for the opportunities of across the country and so being the co chair means that we try to keep the Caucasus as a line we can. We try to develop strategy, we work with inside and outside. So we work with our aggressive allies on the outside to really build the movement and the infrastructure to help make these changes. Real is the strategy to get votes on major pieces. Legislation like Medicare for all within the next two years, or you sort of working to build support until no twenty. Twenty, when, hopefully there's a democratic president. It really very pending on the issue on Medicare, for all that, I can say it here. First
The guy there is big article that you came out in the washing imposed, but I just secured a commitment from speaker policy. Speaker designate soon to be speaker policy on holding hearings on to care for all and I'll be taking over that bill in introducing the legislation shortly and so with Medicare for all we will hold hearings and will see how much energy and momentum we can really bilbil? in twenty twenty and the presidential elections, as well as a sort of the strategy on the inside and outside, and if we can get there, of course, we'd love to have a vote, but I am also somebody who recognizes we're talking about a massive transfer, nation. That is long overdue up the healthcare system, but massive transformations don't, come easy and we ve got a build it and we have to do that at multiple levels, and so the hearings will be a critical piece for Medicare for all on some other,
like you know, infrastructure and jobs and of fifteen dollar minimum wage. The support levels may be differing, and so we may be ready for a vote on some of these critical pieces of legislation mocker, see. Reform will have HR one coming out. I have and the correspond of the least sponsor of a big anticorruption bill that Senator Warren's bill in the Senate, and so each of these things have a slightly different strategy. But what we have to do is be thoughtful strategic and recognise that you really need a strategy for how to me but within Congress, as well as a strategy for how you build support on the outside. So all of those things are a part of it. On carver someone on what is a very joyous day, obviously for Democrats who worked so hard to regain power in this country, brought it. This is also happening while the government is partially shut down and hundreds of thousands of people are either
working or working without pay. How do you in the commission Democrats plan to bring the shut down to an end? Well, first of all, it is absolutely outrageous that this president and the Republicans have allowed this, but that they have put eight hundred thousand people across the country in jeopardy of not being pay the rent of not being able to make their everyday living and all because, Vanity Wall. I think it's important to just remember that Republicans did control until today, the House, the Senate and the White House, and still were not able to keep the government going. So we will vote immediately on a couple of proposal. Both of which have passed the Senate in a bipartisan way to bring the shut down to an end. There's not going to be more border while money, but there is an agreement that pass the Senate or, with bi partisanship,
port around how we continue the government either until February A with certainty- the money for border security, but not for a wall? Lord, that we continue to have these discussions but but path appropriations bills for all the other pieces except homeland security. So we have. We have a couple of different, options on the table, but I think it's really really outrageous that this president has even admitted publicly that he just can't foolish before the american people. Well, if you don't look foolish, then dont be fully and let's reopen the government and let's go is eight hundred thousand workers back to work? Is there any kind of deal compromise around border security or immigration that has Democrats would accept other than just funding dna tests at last year's levels, or is this just Basically, you know we're gonna wait for trump we're, her trunk down here and wait for him to blank, because.
I've given him anything more than than the Sierra. Well, I don't know what compromise really looks like with a president who has done every he can to limit even legal immigration, and, if you think about it, you guys certainly remember twenty and the bipartisan immigration reform bill the past and twenty thirteen? I worked very hard on that. You know that we have almost put as much money into border security since twenty thousand and thirteen as what was contained in the twenty thirteen bill and yet with no fundamental reform of the system itself. Nothing for undocumented immigrants, nothing for Dhaka risks. And I remember in twenty three key when John Mccain Said- I'm gonna hold my nose and vote for this, because I dont think we need all this money for border security, but we're getting so much in return that that's the nature of compromise with this programme and has done is moved the rhetoric and the you know the Vienna phobia so far to the right,
Every time insisted on. Essentially, shutting down asylum, shutting down refugees seeking shutting down family reunification. That is difficult to talk about what what you know, what a compromise means Democrats of always put money into border security that that has been true for a long time. Some of us think too much, but now We really need to reform the underlying system and make sure that we continue to be a three that allowed that opportunity, for somebody Me who came here when I was sixteen years old by myself, with nothing in my pocket and now get to be a member of Congress. That is the America that were so proud of, and we need make sure that we continue to advance that vision and not some. We know crazy, xenophobic, discriminatory vision that is prevalent, put forward
congresswoman. If I understand correctly, you have said that, even though you oppose the idea of Pegre you're going to vote for the democratic rules package, that includes Paco curious as to ah a why you're doing that and be what you're. Little concern is that the House Democrats are putting into see. That's putting their stamp on ah service centrist economic view of deficits yeah they eat out. None of us think in a progressive Kok has none of us like that pay go is in this in this rules package and we have raised at multiple times to rule sheriff Mcgovern to Nancy below sea and I did a lot of work to try to get it out and what we have managed to do, though, is also recognised, that number one? Statutory Paco is the law and we, if we really want to eliminate the need for asset than we can't, do it
HU the rules package. We have to change the laws that we are introducing more cocaine and I a bill to to repeal pay go. Obviously that stands very little chance of passing the Senate with the Senate, but I think we still have to recognize that we got a mendous amount from this package, including making sure that we got rid of the three fifths rule making sure that we could get vote on a number of issues that are critical to us and justice more. In ensuring that we got not only commitments to have hit the way, the rules that we could have hearings uncritical pieces, the progressive legislation, but also now the speakers, commitment and hearings on Medicare for all, first time ever at that we'll have hearings on Medicare for all in the house. So we have to just be clear.
What we are trying to achieve and make sure that we try to stay as the lines as possible fight for as much as possible and and then also paper battles. And so we understand because this statutory They can't fix that by taking out the rules package, so I am going to vote for it. I wish Paco wasn't in it. We did everything we could to stop it. We got a lot of great things and written in that we wanted out of the rules package and in terms of commitments and they are telling me that I gotta go to vote through now. Ok, well we'll watch. We will let you go, though, because then, because the votes are very important and you should Macedonia at the first vote for speakers. So you need to go and be there, but thank you so much, and hopefully I can come back on and do a little bit more next time. Thanks for joining us and congratulations. Thank you. Thank you so much
thanks a formula jive all for joining us today and we will talk to you on monday- have agree. We can everyone you're, happy Democrats are in power day whew big day by
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