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The political fallout from Trump’s immigration policy intensifies, and the midterm campaign heats up. Governor Roy Cooper and Rev. Dr. William Barber II join Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Symone on stage in Durham, North Carolina. 

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What's her gown calm down, welcome the pod, save America on joint Browborough, John mother Vander Resort.
On tonight show would be talking to the culture of the poor peoples campaign, Reverend Doktor, William Barber, and we will be talking to the governor of the great state of North Carolina why we had a good crowds yeah so a lot of the news and commentary over the weekend has been about the political follow from trumps decision to take children away from their parents who are seeking asylum, and we can use that power
So the New York Times reported that one person close to the president said that he told advisers that separating families was the best deterrent to illegal immigration and that he said quote my people love it. Yes, so he continued his mission to appeal to his people on Sunday Tweeting that undocumented immigrants should be sent back immediately, with quote no judges or court cases. So now he is into suspending due process. The president is correct about his people. Loving it a sea battleground pull out today shows that seventy, Percent of Americans are against separating families. That's good I, but it's too low that well fifty one percent of Republicans and sixty six percent of self described Trump supporters are in favour of the policy
Simone, what are those numbers say to you that never fail? me a big we talked about the other day about blank. Tell me that they go was on Fox NEWS. That basically said these are our kids and I think those we say to me that six, at least sixty six percent of folks identify some supporters I think it's ok because they view these immigrants and is not being their kid. I bet my bottom dollar if they were, if they were snatched away, little white babies from why mothers being breastfed on the border. That number would be love, but it also says to me that the Trump supporters are sticking with, which would the p. Will that already dont, like the President Argon, don't argue like him anymore, any and less but truck move trying to win trouble. This is not the way to win in the mid term elections, and so these never going to keep coming out and folks are, I think, waiting with bated breath that these types of borders, somehow turn away from the present at every single thing than he does they dig they're here
then people would love me know that they are not. Donald Trump, so we not be focusing on those voters, I think folks need to focus on the bay. We turn out the totality of the democratic base in the mid term than postman terms. We will be Ok, but what happens is when we have this conversation about these imaginary people that we think are gonna somehow come back to the I haven't been therein like fifty years. We're wasting our time here, you're not leaving Trump over separating children from their parents and jailing tab I don't know when you're leaving here and I would say we don't try and find out about. I find that line or even better the tweet for a second cause, like he tweets fifty angry things a day and in a word or abuse to it. I mean he's talking about ending due process. I am not a lawyer, but I followed,
on twitter, which means I could be booked on cable as a lawyer, and I and I believe, that's unconstitutional does matter. Are you have certain rights? So it's scary, it's also but like it makes me think of what he might actually do in a time of extreme crisis after nine eleven every autocrat on the planet declares some national emergency in suspense certain rights when things get really bad in the name of law and order or what have you, and so I do think you know we we deal with his barrage of information and attacks on them all day long, but sometimes we have to stop and think holy shit. That's a very lightning suggestion wealth and take on the way to the golf course. Yes, it is you shouldn't be that past. If you're gonna Gulf, it's the biggest
fucking story that happened today that the president called for the suspension of due process and even if you think well he's talking about suspended due process for undocumented immigrants, not to know what that means is that ice can basically stop anyone for any reason that they want to stop and say: ok, we're deporting you because who's going to stop them since no cases, there's no judges and there's no due process. It's not law and order. Judges are the law apart. If don't have judges have judges overseeing the execution of laws, its lawless order, it's just the suspension of the law in the pursuit of order, and it's not a coincidence or surprise that he is starting with vulnerable people that are seen as other, especially by his base. It is you know, Donald Trump, testing things out and if we're willing to suspend due process for undocumented people, then we have no the who will be next so to go back to Simone's point about who we should go after them in terms Jerry Peters of the New York Times.
Decided this weekend to dive into a new genre of political reporting and went out interviewed a bunch of trumpeters because We still do not know the Fog Bank that no we had. So I am all over the New York Times their opinion pages, a commentary interviewing the truck photo clearly now what the rapporteur is going to be some black women. Can we get a recent young people here? We find some actual independent bodies, like the links with the New York Times, is contorting itself to see like, whereas the white supremacy when you really know what the white supremacist think about. What's going on now, we really need to do another profile, because I'm really not sure just do they really think it's such a different way. The cancer- I don't have enough, like I'm over many a time and their profile of the trouble
Yes, I'm fucking, but it's the same voters they. They were not very clear, but they were not necessarily being transparent. The people they interview, because one of them and that was interviewed- that they talked about the top of one of these articles. Gina Anders they believe they said you know she made. It seem like with some one that could be persuaded if Merkin foot, then let them like a party activists should start body and if you were me, live all well, maybe perhaps the winner over zealous coming around three helped create super. A pack shoes bigger on Paul political activists and she, The confederate monument activists, United, can wicked Thrummmm supporter decided. Voters do not start political action committee that is on the list of like threshold activities voting.
Donating, knocking on doors, three, more steps, starting a political action committee is not a swing pack maker away along the fence, but I do so on the fence. I care so much stern, a political group about it. Well, so I bring because the theory of this particular Trump voter piece of in all these trump supporters, said near the reaction from the left over family separation is overblown and Germany take away, which he spelled out in a tweet. In response to our French, I love it was. That quote a lot Republicans are galvanise, but what they see well, what they see as an angry radical left is so tell me that way. Fifty one percent of republican support runs policy of taking children way from their parents to own the lips that
today. They lay like the idea that children are being separated because it will piss off liberals sure there are these cultural grievances that I think, when their played ad nauseam on Fox NEWS or right wing radio can exacerbate things and make make people remain. That they feel aggrieved because they weren't told five minutes earlier on Fox at their aggrieved, but I think that's gonna happen, no matter what I think, what what Jeremy in that article one anecdote. He use that I thought was was that a lot of these people he was talking to had not heard the audio dig. The Scruciating audio of the little babies crying at the detention centre, and that was on purpose, gives Fox didn't play for them. That audio, and I think that aim doesn't show that they're dug in and that they're going to still for Trump. It shows that there is a state run, media that is playing for them, the most and it down varnished positive version of the Trump world they can possibly
until we can break through that balkanization and media or if we had some problems. So how much does it matter that Trump has more republican support right now than any President's George Bush after nine eleven? How much of that matter? Electoral orally for Democrats, I don't necessarily know if it if it matters much, because if you talk to people, lots and lots of other groups and I'm goin, I have the opportunity. Travelin talked a lot of people. If we talk to people they'll say actually personally, they do like Donald Trump, which is bravely to me, but when you ask them like do they like their health care, Do they like the fact that you know the there's a millionaire is getting better tax cuts than them do, or do they like the fate of their? patient in me all these things on the line. They have some conflicting feelings, and so I think that's. Why is really important, because the president is popular with his base. You cannot go and run Foley against the President wrapped around on the issues and met that that's what these numbers.
We are a constant reminder of you're not going to get folks that already, like President Tromp, not to like him. What is crazy to me, regardless of what he does, and so what you have to who was run on the issues and turn out the folk? that our enraged by what's going on then, are upset about the lack of their health care, and you have to remind felt that Republicans lonely in charge of everything and the couple things that they got done. Undercut hardworking people across the country and it's a Germany, has its in the peace but the way down at the bottom. It also says that recent polls show that the number HU, who identify, as Republicans, has shrunk by about two percent, and twenty seven tee. So it's like you are having you have a party. That's left over. That is more supportive of Donald Trump than ever before, but you have fewer registered republic and then you probably had at any time in recent history right now. So that's the Good NEWS, yeah, it's a em. It's a baby.
Rumour supernova, that's what is it. I pretty angry about the conduct of Paul Ryan and chance by certain Sarah occupants Anders just to be honest with you, but, I can think of a single position that I hold to show them right like I got, I was it like. I'm not permitted care for all to make sense, How could be sanders? Sad right and like I don't need, any person is room can think of a position they hold because they want to show Ben Shapiro how to that, whose You know it's nonsense, but what is true that, aren't you don't look, you had trump and we'll get you a trump. You saying wacky Jack and Pocahontas and then you had, with warrant and Jackie rose, and talking about health care and taxes and also responding to Trump, I guarantee you that
portion where they attack. The Republicans on healthcare did not err on Fox news. He did so they get papers. So there's no there's it's not surprised that that that hard core conservatives are telling well that these liberals have lost their mind because what are they see? They see, as Tommy said, a sanitize version of Trump and then they also see the worst part of what it to be a liberal right now, which is the herculean task, the on ending task of responding to Trump at a level that Trump argues with us, which we have to do every single day. So you know it's like this. Somebody declared a culture war. I dont believe it was us and then there are very bothered when we decide now to go down without a fight. Do your original question? I think Trump was in Nevada yesterday, right campaigning with Dean, Heller, dirty Dean,
Keller, the dirty or in the Senate, and the reason that Dean Heller, sucked it up and campaign with them is because Trump is wildly popular among Republicans, and he knows that midterms are a base election, so that kind of one question years. Are their swing? Voters do they still exist because I felt like, I think, what I'm looking for one of these pieces. One day is you: can you can interview Trump voters interview the and, if the Obama from voters, the people who voted for Brok, Obama and twenty twelve, and I love to talk to some of them. That's pretty fuckin crazy, but I'd like to hear what they have to say. There's also people who voted for another, very interesting group of people. People who voted for Brok abandoned twenty twelve and chose not to vote in twenty sixteen or voted for third parties and twenty sixty So there is this universe like- and I am of the people are in here that we need to know about this bar. I don't want our lack of biological about love. Equally ere, I know, Pat on the back for your lack of a boat into anything, please out if the archipelago of into any eighty guy just to be clear.
I dont know if the message that we need to excite our base to win for some of these Obama Trump voters and to win over some of these Obama Non voters is all that different. If their because look at Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania. He color Lamb, one because people who voted for Donald Trump voted for cleaner Lamb and a bunch of democratic base. Voters got out and voted for Governor Connally. Let's wait do to your point. Swing voted absolutely doing this on, but there is not. Specialized, tailored methods that we have to pull out of angels of the Democratic Party than when we can talk about the economy. Just like we talk to lead nets. Voters, just like we talk to black photos just like we talk to working people who were also women shopper. There are many Democrats with their heads up the annals of these kinds of refugees. They like there, then this idea that we have to be there, specialized, the just for these Obama places, but there's way the based missing this but there's way more base people. This is a prison
asian and turn on election all across the country, but not just persuading these, the small politically Obama to voters can constitute eight percent of the electorate in twenty six, in which doesn't sound like about fifty six million people or Donald Doktor. Now, whenever I am so, why don't you see what happened about, but only eight percent, so weak the April thinking get locked in what the base of the Democratic Party, but we have to take. We have to take the issues the people care about that they're talking about the kitchen tables and they not talk about. You know somebody points out my russian with the end of the day. They want to be able to put more money in their pockets like put more food on the table to feed their families. They want to keep their health care. They are tired that the Republicans keep attacking everybody with the pre existing, condition which is basically everyone in Israel. So those are the gang had both should be talking about, and that is not like them again. Some crazy message from the corner. RO at the main message- and I just wish people would get into their brains
that the matter is that we want to be frank folks to scale democrats across the country is scared. They are scared that, if they that, if they talk about immigration, that if they talk about black people, that they talk, reproductive autonomy for women that they're gonna lose one of these swing voter that they really needed to push them over the line, and The matter is that we learn anything from a public body. There publicans give virile at about anything. They will go out there, and so I just want them democratic. If you are absent glad, therefore, what we say we believe in a democratic society, there are still many Democrats who approach swing. Voters like Indiana Jones trying to fit the right way of sand to swim. Shout the amulet, you know, and it's like just grab it and run the boulder is coming. So it does seem like every time Trump says it does something extreme cruel, racist, inhumane, whatever
Conservatives and various pundits will make big fucking deal out of some reaction from someone opposed to Trump this time over the weekend, it was it was Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave the red hand restaurant, they love farm, to fork, their farm to table cuisine like Virginia the owner said so the owner said employs run comfortable sanders, dining there and that This feels like a moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their moral so sanders than tweeted about the incident from her weight, as account saying that she always tries to treat people respectfully. Yes, we ve noticed that's that's what comes across and and then it says more about the owner, the restaurant than about her. It seems like they were Two basic reactions. To this view,
Mary, dumb story from the Pandit class first reaction was whatever happened. Civility love it. You know, whatever happens, civility yeah Donald Trump hid in the back of the head of the two by four. I then drag behind it all of garden and murdered it with a boot, not died, why you gotta bring out of guiding without an avenger civility war. Now the good movie civility so important, what? Why is there a tendency? Why is there this tendency to think to equate now? stillness and name calling. Although there was an even asking us in a situation in which we very respectable broadside Astor, would you please my leaving she then paid for their cheese plate, which I thought was nice but why is there a tendency to equate nastiness name calling over with policies that are racist with afford
in his own like what? Why can't wake you, people in Washington get that there's these things are an equivalent as one of those pendant within that television is, I wasn't part of its funding class excited. Aren't you reward you happy to be here, and I was very mindful happening. I think that the problem is Many people are art are concerned with appearing that they're, not full. Inside of the other, particularly the media, because they have been under attack by the president, they are often you know. Many people he's call and everybody fake news media without the calling people fake news, and so there is a tendency for the media to make sure that everything all sides of the situation. But at some point like the Democrats, the media has to stop being scared and they have to be willing to call it what it is without this attempt to both sides that there is no both sides to like racism, and why does not other sides, racism, Lloyd, supremacy and music?
hey. I would like you to leave my restaurant to be clear. I am trying to go to you know to shake check when I get home tomorrow and you know the prison at that tells me they want me to leave because they like the fact that I call them some white supremacist, but you know owners have found that. Try, I'm not advocating the people of putting faults out of there. Rather anywhere else. I want you to the sector to be clear. The boy. That's why? What man or woman? I want my double sack martyrdom it, but I do think that the dead that there is this this tendency for folks to what to retain their access the way supporters, the congressional what does that want to be able continue to walk into the republican leadership offices and that's what this is really about, and so it takes people like us folks, like you, all everybody listening, I'm so call about when we see it and to not let the portico both sides bullshit remain because there is no both sides to any of them there. Really
Is it like there's no arguing with with the fact that what this white houses and ministration is doing has a very like bleeding racial long on either not undertake? These are not like dog whistle visa Frickin born We think it is simply Bobby say why I wanna make it by right, because it is about right there why people laugh when why they want to get in synergy now call in Norway, a shithole country you not be this is this is absolutely about race in the moment that we are Kay with saying that understanding that we talk about raising. Also talk about the economy which also something to do a re fellow. Ok. For the moment, we understand that we can have a fuller and more high level conversation but to many people. Media don't understand like they are just talk about God and understood I don't know, I would you be black gelatine over there, yet this.
The every once an incident like this happens, Robert De Niro says something in his speech. Sarah hungry Sanders doesn't get to either restaurant. She wants to go to and like just going to know it's going to spawn a thousand takes, and the first thing to know is the White House wants to talk about this? That's why she tweeted about it and kicked up the level of outrage right in the press. Is more than happy to talk about it because it's a lot easier than talking about complicated policy. Things in the White House knows that they have a horrible policy problem to tell in we're in a talked into. Maybe you should you to a bunch irreverent barber. Sermons and speeches we about you talked about look, look in Ass, the immorality of foul language and fidelity to the far greater immorality of the policy choices that are getting made in kicking down. Beating down on people who are in the worst position, and so that's why?
so frustrated with these debates, because, ultimately, who cares where she ate or dinner. It's out. It is not a problem of civility. It's like Ireland, ask he's on tv mocking little children and he is an awful person, but that is in us were born of a policy choice. We're somebody dinner is not a problem at Washington needs to solve. This is this is this is an issue about which stories we choose to blow up, in which we started this show by talking about the present aid states threatening to suspend due process. Today he is the most powerful person in this country. Last night. Ninety nine point: ninety nine hundred nine percent of restaurants serve Democrats and Republicans and
tromp administration officials and they all eight together peacefully and it was fucking fine. One person didn't go to a restaurant last night, sick of incentives and that's what we're going to talk over. That's we're going to the decry the end of civility like there's it's it's wanting. It also happens when you have these civility conversations. You realize just how little thought people talking about politics and television have thought about the relationship between politics and the actual physical world made of earth- and you know, water and bone like that, like civil, He isn't the opposite of cruelty. Some of the most heinous acts in history have been conducted by very civil bureaucracies. Any opposite of manners, isn't disrespect even on Sarah Huckabee, its own terms. She is disrespectful in that breathing
every single day. She does with a smile on your face. You does with a pleasing to thank you, but she just respects our building. She disrespects that the White Algiers expects those reporters and disrespects all of us when she lies and assembled in Right Europe, where it's just what would last week. I think she said to do because, like I know you don't understand short sentence yet, yes, indeed, so so so by our on her own standard? She fails, but, but it's not a surprise that this, blown up in our politics, because so much of our politics now is about symbolism. It's about how things look and how things sound in the politics of. Of how things will be perceived rather than what actually happens in that's really, so that there is no wonder that this gets blown up more than what Trump says about you process, because we're Trump says about you process is ultimately only matters and in how it manifest in the actual physical world. But a cop rotation about how people are talked about and how people are treated well.
That's what we do every single day now that's what we do on Twitter and Facebook. We just talked to Ann about each other to a politics. That's all about talking about and to each other is a politics where civility is elevated more than the actual mass stations of the policies that very civil people polite people like pence and Sarah Hockney Sanders and John Kelly execute every single day. So, but wait he be clear. We only get to talk about stability. When can one of our conservative, friends or conservative friend unease feels wrong We never talk about civility when it's the snowflakes. Why were only having. Apparently, the kind of things about stability only comes up with concern bring it up in that goes back to how Democrats and people on the left. Always end up having a conversation within the context of what Republicans wanted to talk about Again, defining the conversation by making by Bay.
The US and the media in the talk about there have to be standards being denied. You know her teeth like my pension had to go to Hamilton needed had once I know my god they bade they. They both football, how to go to a football game and be offended and walk out of. It What are they do this on purpose? And then that goes to the second reaction from a lot of progress, which was done
grants are never gonna win if they keep kicking Republicans out of that party whose level about like a wee, I'm sorry are we so should we not nominate the owner of red hen in twenty twenty? Is that word what with island lacking? Was it a Dnc memo mental? We must monitor the owner of red, head and handled of Balkan conference call with the Detroit to figure out strategy her serving advertisers. Now we re just Democrats own everything. Everyone does around the country or a person felt something in their hearts. How dare they may not help and swing districts? I can accordingly comparable wrote that message memo about keeping people out of restaurants. What was he thinking where we want your cue to re at the DMZ baby? Literally I'm pregnant tat? Sometimes they don't know anything because these funds that are not involved in action
it's I'm a leg. So these are people, they don't even know anybody this on the ballot. They never knocked a door. You know they worked like twenty years ago, and now they sit on tv pontificating about it. I haven't been out into a state, they ve been Durham, ok, so that is why people say those things like I hated when people talked about on the near on they were like this is this is just given given fire to the to the top people. Have I don't give a thing about it? You know that in the work of other parties, if is June the viewpoint voter, whose interviewed on Tuesday In two thousand and six seven eighteen and they walk out that ballot box, whatever they walk out about birth there, like honestly informatics for all, but after that red haired woman, I voted republic in all the way down a fucking break gas lighting On one hand, he's dealing toddlers,
other hand that democratic, not say anything about Samantha B. I remember a time I remember a time when someone said please and thank you when getting the child back from the government. Where do you think there's. There is a question and a debate to be had around what is the best and most effective way to oppose Trump and his policies and his administration. I think look when people are out there doing errands on the weekends think it's pretty simple go to those we go home or building. I work can be put into practice. I wonder what better back this up, we'll get that we need to get you to do do what we are doing. Republicans. What have you think that we are losing all across the country we have actually been winnings? Has twenty seventeen we
been winning they ve been moved and sell. Their strategy is literally the dad liners and believing all this other be exits. That's so think all these other things are happening on change strategy. Our strategy is actually a pretty saddled one that we could do better about talking about the issues we could do a little bit better from a national level, elevating unlikely voices and women and people of color, but the board in state the mid term elections, we're doing what we're supposed to do? What we should Do you get caught up in the truck trap and you know because he wants the car folks, Pocahontas and wacky Jackie, we're like where you're you know, you're the whatever, whatever whatever like we're, not gonna, be trumpet that game, like the very he's a bit dirty. What was it in the cabin Dirty Donald Duck area that, like none of that today at last on injury added, said, President George, None of that word without a big, but what works is when we point out how near their policies are we point out how democratic gonna do better
different, we point out how they're lying: that's? What's the budgets under Donald Trump skin, and so that's all. We need to be focused on need to call the media. Everyone should be calling on all the folks at only talked about. Ah me, Jack RO, then, and Senator Warren, irresponsible, Donald Trump set about them and not about the healthcare policy and tax policy. Like that's the shit, this don't get us, but not in twenty eight p m and if people want to go, take action to get rid of trump and get rid of his administration best way to do. It is knock on some doors. Some phone calls registers and people to vote like that's where to put your energy. If you ruined that's what most that's, what most Democrats, most liberals and most activists around the country are actually doing get off. Twitted ideology can be able to twitter fingers, and we say that to our selves, about my life to me that I'm only sometimes follow I listened to the trips in about a on Saturday. We get a preview of the twenty eight in campaign, maybe even twenty twenty Trump went and about it some for dirty the hour.
Before and went to some for his opponent, democratically Rosen. As you because mention weren't unrisen talked about healthcare and tax cuts and then Trump called. And Pocahontas, he called Rosen wacky Jackie and he talked about them That's one violent gangs to take over the country would wish so unfair, because there is debate about it and we took it out of the platform and twenty six. You know it was like it was pretty contentious, but I feel like it was a good place Maoists and they are right next to the red had only for partisan and play its part of the new deal part of the better deal with my first question, but this was done from campaigning with Dean, Heller, help Dean, Heller, helped Jackie rose it. I think I think Trump there, The tendency at present is unpopular, whether it was broken in two thousand. Brok, Obama than the terms to say, maybe the present just stay away from races. I think that in an impossible strategy
and an pollio flawed one white orally, because these are turn out base elections and talk. Trump can go and get every one of the people who supports him to turn out. That's probably the You can do that the elections about Trump, whether he go. And about our. Not you re, like, I think, for Heller if they can make it referendum into about Trump or the tax vote. For example. That could hurt him. But I think, like he's going to be on the campaign trail and that's probably the right choice, I would say of all the states it you can go to. These gonna go to some red states to campaign against red Democrats. This is the one state with the Senate race, where illegal in one the state. By two point, twenty five percent of the population is latino. If I was doing of Christine how it doesn't know what he wants. The funny I used to be a senator after that he's ambivalent, doesn't even so funny that you're that in twenty fifteen Heller gave donations he received from Trump a charity after Trump launched a campaign by
talking about Mexico, sending Erebus across the border and then Heller refuse to say if he would even vote for Trump now just up until now. He's evolution is amazing because he gives the donation back then says he won't go from that admits after Trump wines that actually he did vote for. And now he's doing a fundraiser. So do you Heller's, ever Jean, how are things yes to be sure that no areas like Spain grab Jeff? I think we have the card and not on method. Quite so he's not helping being held a number of ways, but I mean there are lots of other Republicans on the ballot in Nevada, in twenty eighteen as well damage on the scene with gubernatorial candidate, Adam, lacks also republican gubernatorial. Canada item like that, which is also not a good look. So I just Think that folks, Nevada, R R. I think they're very clear on how they feel about Donald Trump. United, like a much like people across the country and so get down I'm going to Nevada, isn't gonna make anybody.
Filled any differently. You hey them, you already hey them. If you love him, you Eddie level and I actually dont think being held on due to whip. I think he might be loses rings, tat rose and only one thing. I would ask what experience, because this is going to repeat itself everywhere in the country North Carolina in every state Jackie Rosen Elizabeth worn they do exactly what we ve been hoping. The Democrats do and say at which is. They talked about health care to talk about tax cuts they stuck to the issues. Nonstop and Donald Trump did his thing where he just call album nicknames on stuff here, some of the headlines, New York Times before and condemns Trump in Reno. He answered in LAS Vegas with a slur political innovation, Trump goes after wacky Jackie, so over the, even though they stuck to the issues. It was really hard to break through media coverage, and I wonder if in twenty eighteen and then again in twenty twenty, if trumpets still gonna have this ability to just,
take the media spotlight away from democratic. Even Democrats are just now you Leon Method absolutely, but that means that we have to be creative and soda. Donald Trump steals the method in the New York Times a lush imposed and political all talk about them, the floor and none of the policy. And then on television, the clubs that they play or just the floor and under the policy. Then it's the in my opinion of Democrats and liberals do not their own. Social media before also the candidates to get on tv and counter them. That so many Democrats, tell me that they want to get on tv. They went up by Russia. You don't just want somebody Trot, but I'm like you can't be afraid. You need to address it than pivot of the issues that people care about and that's what we did not frankly dwell in twenty six thing. We lead Donald Trump, does one and dominate the coverage and involves got on television and just responded when he said, and so that's all anything was that without there and so We need to be on the doors and everything else, but there's a whole media strategy, but I dont know if Senator warns people call that the New York Times.
Let her go in all the cable networks and rip them into an obligation on the part of the pressing. It had been. My also ya. What's out by now, you can give me, I had our health like that, what you have to do, you need to be in their tail because of your they don't receive any pressure. They're gonna continue to do they ve always That's right also message. Discipline is sticking to a message when it doesn't get covered it. It wouldn't be message: discipline. If it always worked, better. Work does really well he's out there talking about the issues every single day, it's not always getting covered, but he's out there doing it. You know, campaigns are one in a variety of different ways, and one of them, it is worth rub, are one by just saying things: on the ground to the people in your state. All over that state. I dont know how we combat other than Terry. I am all for the tearing them of new Assholes Really getting into the analysis, annals of their coverage and you don't have read but but but
I'll. Have the gravest I'll get in there. We're about to talk to a reverence the, but with we, whether many times but the beginning, your sentence can be about russian. Beginning it ascends can be about cheese plates and whack Jackie, but the second have your sentence needs to be. They wanted so about cheese blades because they want to talk about. Take me or health care unless worried about this, the cheese Sarah, how could we Sanders get served in the health care they're trying to take away from your family there's a lot of ways you can be in the midst of this dumb, fucking political conversation. You're getting some policy out there and that's maiden who we fail to do because we were off we're all dealing with a crisis. Don't blame her personally much but the but it's something. But we can forget the simple rules of being discipline. That's so they an end Pfeiffer, always as is, but we recognize in twenty two that the media is a tool to get our message out. But it does not veto.
And we need to that's: that's digital, organizing, that's grassroots, organizing, that's using Facebook, social media having your own. You know, communications operation. That gets the message out directly around the media times. Ok, When we come back, we will be talking to read doktor, William Butler it has brought you buy, Harry's. What do you love most a budget with Harry's removing my face? you said I was artists were already taken at last at previous that what you said Harry stands by the quality, their play they better, but they know that switching razors isn't an easy. It is easy to say even the monarchy. Sorry, it's easy, so they safe space, nonsense empty. My way, this good since the third one, hey snowflakes, blade, trinity eggs, love them, so they created a trial offer claim years. Pagoda Harrison, complex crooked. I'd want to
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Lenin were switching to pursue. Betting bedding were not using other betting anymore he's the president and senior lecturer at repairs of the breach in the culture of the poor peoples campaign. A national call for moral revival, Reverend Doktor, William Barbara. Reverend begging for joining us people there. So this year marks The fiftieth anniversary of the original poor peoples campaign started by Doktor Martin Luther King Jr today, you mark the occasion by leading a march in DC, that was ten thousand people strong, In what ways is this new movement similar and in what ways is it rather than the original poor peoples campaign limits a couple of things. It was not, the king it was rabbi has show it was
women's rights was twenty five organizations. It was black and white, brown and see the charge is, he was taking on militarism and poverty and was making on racism is as anti Fucking injustices, one and thought it was tens of thousands yesterday was nearly fifty thousand people. Actually, we ve been organizing for two years from the bottom up, because helicopter leadership does it doesn't help us. We use a lot of the moral Monday movement we have now cordon the committees in coordinate academies and thirty nine states, and it is Colombia. More than three thousand people is civil disobedience over four weeks and yesterday what we have is not a marginal. Rather it was a launching a two year campaign with people who are impacted by systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation away economy and the false narrative of of christian and nationalism. Choked broke themselves. This was different, one people speaking for people, it was peoples,
for themselves and saying that if America it's gonna be one thing: we're gonna have to get progressive democratic wherever they stopped doing, is just about middle class and military their honey. Forty million poor and Louis people in this country, what a million die every year from poverty and low, with thirty seven million people without health care until We can say the word poor and policies that impact the poor we pass a winner going to change its electorate, but the poor and the rejected can lead a revival in America. If we dare to reach out to be a believer rebel we are talking about, is a bit earlier, there's been a lot of OPEC being penned in proclaiming debate washed it right now about people going to arrest. Ants and whether or not they could dine their cars.
Maxine waters called on sports to protest from officials wherever they see them. What do you think is the appropriate in most impact full role of protest in civil disobedience at a time, crisis like this politically, let me just ask for if they want to know more to text action to nine hundred and nine, you going to do this. Ninety thousand nine hundred and seventy five all the poor people's campaign. National call for more, we believe three things have to happen. Number one we have to organise Mara leaders impact at people and advocates what impact of people number two The change the political narrative too often our narrative, is too puny and too weak to stimulate power and pushed back left person right. Liberal versa, conservative is too weak and you steal
Somebody's healthcare does not left versus right. That's about right, verses, wrong is a moral issue and a number two. I believe we have to have nonviolent Morrow Fusion, civil disobedience, where we take these into king injustices and never separate you don't you want to deal with already got the racing. What duration we got a deal with ecological devastation and militarism and in third. We must, build a massive motor, more mobilization of registering P particularly in impact the community's pork is where, where other forego- and we often don't go like Harlan counting like Western, Allow me like Eastern North Carolina, and then we have the Beale power from the bottom up, but what we get into, concerns me is evil tromp. We can't of him too much by you know he's not God. He's, not the worst thing that ever happened to. America is not the first
I'm a president, didn't win an election by popular vote, but got putting about electoral cadet actually happen in eighteen. Seventy seven removed the behaves he's, not This time a races was in the White House, TAT was Woodrow Wilson. He was also want in nineteen forty. What we need to do is wreck. How did he get here? Tromp is the symptom? of a greater moral malady he the result of the southern strategy. This that began in nineteen sixty eight when the poor peoples campaign was assassinated. He the result of people still being able to you fear and pit white poor people in black people are gets one another who ought to be allies and always been a deliberate, but we ve got to speak to that and if we're gonna have civil disobedience, let it be around not just individuals, you know, resin, we don't talk about race, I'm so tired women
we ve got. My recent US talk about rosy and bars, word rob forget rosy and bars were racism is when you deny voting rights and what restored a voting right. That's racism, Rick race, racism is racism is when you try to put racist judge on the federal bits like they're, trying to put Tom, far less talk about, and then a stock about this that every state, pass? Races, voter suppression law since two thousand ten before trot was thought about. Tat three states have done that every state the new border, voter suppression, loud talking that black and brown people have once people, gotta elected using racist voters, suppression, what's white, Those who call themselves Republican got elected using races, racism, racial, I voted suppression once got in office. They pass love to hurt mostly wiping her South Africa
if ever every state that suppress the vote did not Medicaid expansion, the prompt, the majority of the people to benefit from medical expansion away every state. Suppress, devote passes I was just hurt: the poor. There are a hundred forty million poor low where people in this country seven percent of them are women and children. The majority of them are white. That's forty. Three point. Five percent of our country is poor low, with every state that past border suppression, laws or, did not living wages, the majority of the people working below living wages, white job as a matter of their of their race, a black percentage rate, but in raw numbers right and wrong number. So so, if, if you it is a direct line from racism too. Comic injustice? And I ask people, How could you trust trot? Who was a racist they? He was gonna do right by workers. If you
scratch a liar. You find a fee if you scratch a right races, you find somebody s against working people, that's against economic progress, that is the gets America, and so we ve got to find a way to bring black poor people and white poor people and brown poor people and reared poor people and yellow poor people in low income people together, because guess what? If you don't make a living wage? If, before we have four hundred families in this country, to make an effort of ninety seven thousand hours now and at night some found out now, four hundred, while we lock people up for more than fifteen on the union, but the bottom line if you make less than a living wage and of somebody who is upheld, taking a guy like voters, oppression blocks rays, living weighed and you
a pay, your light, be we all black in the dark, so we'd better learn how to come together. You see what I'm saying to that point. You you said something that I love, which was we to take the risk of believing that people have not lost their humanity, that a lot of people have been bamboozled into thinking that we're all indifferent teams. What is tat That risk look like and how do you get people of different races and political beliefs to recognise common humanity in common struggle. That's what we're! Doin! The poor peoples camping, we'll saying there are these interlocking injustices that you can't separate- and we can't always have movement- has just about a reaction was silo right. So you re sick, interlocking and just issue systemic racism, but specifically part about policy. Not
words and personal attack: systemic poverty, ecology the devastation, the war economy and False, more narrative of salt christian nationalism that says gods position. Opposition is a gay people, hate abortion, beef for pre, school, for gun, right before tax cuts and and be four states right that not gods position ass, a crazy position, they gonna do it got so so so got the God. I've got a lot, but but now the five interlocking and just then, what you have do is risk going around. We ve been traveling going training and having mass media so go to haul in county. Run away from Harlan County kind of whether Hatfield Cinema caused in the coal man. You go there and and you help people in Harlem County understand how they are connected to care.
Greer in Alabama, whose daughter died because Alabama refused to expand medicate, but the majority to people in Alabama being heard by the banana medicate, a white right right, juice began to teach people how they connect. You go to graze harbour. Washington are but they just came from where you have more work Millennials live homeless than any other zip code in the country, but you didn't connected in graze harbour with the people. Michigan and the people. In Charlotte North Carolina, where we have great that loud high levels of poverty, even in a banker and what you begin banking competence or what you begin to do is show people their common humanity and rarely are launch yesterday. People put cases on the facts. Sometimes progress is our great at the facts, but we not good at the faces, so we had black and white,
brown and red and yellow and gay, and straight a young and old and christian and Muslim and Jews, and even agnostics and eight, but they want to link together body. Common, more roll theme and that is everybody has a right to leave. You daddy somebody's hurting our brothers and sisters and has gone on for too long. One other way. Do it is you don't get caught up? Lastly, in in ingest issue at the moment, this limit spend up just with quick right now we're talking about snatching, cheese, light and separating children, and we ought to be is ugly is vile, is against what the scriptures I like it nicely attained wits and woe unto those who legislate, evil and robbed a pool of their rights so make women and children their prey pr, yeah, but but we got first of all, this is the snatching of brown children. It is
net to two white nationalism: white nationalism, dunning like white people, whose white nationalism is against democracy. Richest Spencer said the fight immigration was the proxy war and the White National and that he wanted to be what tromp, because Trump gave the signal that he would be against immigration, but if we can, spanned is is not just about what's happening on a board of furs, literally means be first in stature in health care from families and children be first in stature and living wages from women and children, that America first means be first in undoing the Fourteenth amendment, which is in the middle of the members of the costume- and it to undo the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection under the law for every person that hurts all people regardless of color. So when we can expand these issues. Then we find a commonality we can find our humanity and we can.
Say that we are. We are refusing allow not just the destruction of the Republican Party or section of the Democratic Party, but the destruction
of the soul and a heart of America itself and we're not gonna give up on America will not give up on my brethren barber. Thank you so much for joining us. You are an inspiration to everyone. Tell everyone again how they, how they can join the poor peoples campaign. Will you can join it back? Taxing action to nanowne man? Seven five yesterday was the launch we're going into a multi year. Our first move now is gonna, be massive border mobilization and in places where they don't think we can go from Alabama to Alaska from California to the Carolina, and what we're gonna do is go forward together, one step back, but the Americas brought you by our friends. It
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our back. He was the attorney general of North Carolina member about the states that any state house- and he is the current governor of the great state of North Carolina. We welcome Governor Roy Cooper Governor. You have some fans in the house. You, like a whole raft of. I had made it until now. Until now, pod save America now admit it is that I think one of the reasons why people are so behind you here is because they don't you been up to since you took office, so some researchers wrote something pretty extraordinary about what's been happening in North Carolina, they said,
North Carolina overall electoral integrity places this state alongside authoritarian states like pseudo democracies, Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone, a deeply flawed partly free democracy. That is only slightly hair ahead of much of the developing world voter. Distraction rank alongside ran and Venezuela Carolina is not only the worst state in the USA for unfair distracting, but the worst entity in the world ever analyze by the electoral integrity project. That is what you have been facing. What is the status right now? A visit Sorry guys. What is this that is right now of visceral, ongoing attack on the democratic institutions of this state, and what are you doing or to fight back against the first? It begins with technologically diabolical redistricting, the gerrymandering that has gone on here
you guys we're a purple state. We are we We have voted for Democrats traditionally, nor Caroline has been a beacon in the south, but to draw districts with a politician. Choose their voters instead of the voters, choosing the politicians than that wrong. You have a purple state. Is you have ten a book and members of Congress and three Democrats you have about a third heard of the state legislature who were democratic forces. The Red being republican at that is and that is why you get the attacks on public education why twenty thousand teachers can more. On Raleigh teachers. By the way tease you by the way, you are much more interested in outcomes and they are incomes. They care about their kid
This legislature continues to give money to private school vouchers that are unaccountable. Vague, Ten you to make sure that we are right. Thirty seven the country and teach repay and thirty night than per pupil expenditure, and that is unacceptable. They refused favorite used to close the insurance gap could expand. Medicated, ensure six hundred fifty thousand north carolinians. They could create forty thousand good paying job. It can help control health care costs for small businesses, their hurting, women's health and reproductive health. They they are. They are making cuts that her out Efforts for clean water and clean air. And time and again they take steps. North Carolina backward guys.
How to change this doing this November, this November will be carried over things. You came into office with a with an idea that things are gonna go one way and then Many things have happened as they legislature where republican members of legislator, I've tried to literally snatched powers away from you. Your ability to appoint just as on down the line. So what my question to you is What have you learned? How have you had to get creative in terms of growth, nay, being exec. An executive in the state will first item You can see me in court, come on They had had more than a dozen of their laws overturned anyway, because the doesn't allow them been overturned. They because I'm you all, have directly challenge them in
we ve challenge them. Everyday citizens have challenged them group. Across the state and across the country have challenged and challenging the cost two should reality of what they ve done, but have also been able to use North Carolina, its executive branch, the number one up by far the most, adverse and talented cabinet in North Carolina history, I've joined the climate alliance saying this legislature may want to go backwards, but North Carolina does it and when you see chilled and being ripped from their pair its arms, I can t our national Guard troops you come home, but maybe maybe the most important thing we're doing Simone is.
You ve started an organization called break. The majority in North Carolina, every house e in every Senate seat or two year terms. That means we body is up for election. This November, and I need your help out there and I need. I need people's help all across North Carolina. We for the first time in history we recruited, democratic candidate for every single c in the legislature. Seventy seven, seventy seven of them are strong women, and in their leaders in their community and their great cannabis- and let me tell you about calling them late at night
asking them. Please run for the state legislature. They say they say in this job that pays about thirteen thousand dollars a year, and I say yes I just wanna. Let's, I just want to point to govern a guy. I know I don't know, but but you gotta go with your hardier. They say they say an implicit. I gotta raise about a half a million dollars or more and I'll say yes, and those in plus. Everything about my life is gonna. Be research now probably see the worst things. I've ever done, tv, and I said yes, far back of it, but then I say, but you have a chance to change history with me in Carolina ends.
So many of them said: where do we sign up and seventy seven women on about ready, banter, really phone? You may need to a briefing supporting people, the national level, where the procurement. But then you gotta go get him. Some of you got you gotta convince them to run and show them that you are going to support them and his governor AB raised about five million dollars for break the majority. We get this under the umbrella of the North Carolina Democratic Party. We didn't form a separate committee and what we do is we told these candidates we're going to provide for you, the structural support we're. Gonna provide for you the message, for example, education, what they ve done to education, guess what it that they keep cutting the taxes for the corporations and the wealthy people
and they even have more tax cuts, even after this federal gift that that the wealthy people got, and after this legislature, time and time again, it's got their taxes. Next, here they have another corporate tax schedule, cut schedule and tax cuts in income. Here's what I said- and this is what I've told the legislators that they ought to tell the people. I said how bout this don't do that corporate tax cuts next year and how bout let's Do attacks cut for people making over two hundred thousand dollars a year and lets that money and put it into two, your pay within the teacher. You all doing some very amazing thing here on the ground. You uprooting your raising money, you ve got four from the doors, but they are
barriers to act when it comes to access to the ballot box for folks, not just across the country, but expressly right here, look reliant on no. In twenty, seventeen more than forty states have, since twenty seventy more than forty states have introduced well over a hundred, unlike twenty build at this point to curb the right to vote at the ballot box. In some ways they perform weathers water. I d weathers thing down the relocations, every everything. So how? How is that fight for voting rights? How does that fight to expand access to the ballot box, affecting basically trying to turn up in the mid term and making sure right to vote is protect, like John, was reading before their there their voter restrictions were so bad that most of them thrown out in court, so What we have now is an opportunity, this November to put away this later in place is gonna work with me. We oughta be making.
Easier for people to rather than harder for people to vote, but but there still messing with it. They gonna put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, foreboding I d take early boating there tenuous to do those things to make it harder for people to vote, and we know who they're going after going on at the tell it well the the court. Port told us they were going after African America since with surgical precision This is how point they were in in what they were doing so It's pretty clear what was happening in their continuing to try to do it again. This why we have to break The majority in November, even with these bad gerrymandered districts, it looks good out there. Right now we can, rely on this blue wave that, I believe is coming. We do I know how big it will be. Our job
to maximize whatever there is that we, make sure that every single district is challenge in there. We can get as many seats as we possibly can to make with Carolina the state we know it is. But it is not the state that the legislature says little. One final question on that score and their governors agreed to play a game of us before we get to that. So I think there are these two stories and one is incredibly brightening as a harbinger of the kind of anti democratic policies were seeing cross the country, the attacks on institutions of partisan desire to control power, but the other is hopeful. We see the activism irreverent are the to vex you one in twenty sixteen estate wide race at every a year in which Democrats had a terrible terrible night, as we remember. What is the lesson for Democrats across the country who look
why in two thousand and ten, when they won- and they got control of reach- Pay attention to state races, Republicans have done it for DEC aids. This is why, in two thousand and ten, when they won- and they control of redistricting they were able to redraw congressional maps so that that's why we have the kind of Congress that we have in place now and we have to have positive message of my c o mission statement for North Carolina- is simply this. I want to was Carolina where people are better educated, where their healthier, they have more money in their pockets and they have the opportunities to live a more abundant and purposeful life That is my c o mission statement. We have that we have to be consistent. We What do things I did when I ran for governor? I had the same message everywhere. I went with every I spoke to and what we have to is? Make sure that Democrats across North Carolina or giving that message now
Thank you, Governor Cooper before we let you go, give it up for your governor before we let you go Jonathan you're, going to come back out, we're going to play a game, in Durham
Paris of North Carolina? Not knowing what do I do? This North Carolina is known for its barbecue that down to earth kind of kind, hearted people who go to do University, John. So can I show you something to show you one thing: that's a larger sharing that well look. At least we can all agree that you were first in flight.
up up up up up. What's the hurry ass, you know very well that well, I think, he's just troll on everybody right after all, right all right, calm down. I did what you did say. North Carolina was first in flight. Did you I never did a type oak as this is from when we were in Ohio. I welcome it. May get it out. John. It was a bicycle shop. In July on the plane flew in North Carolina. We are forced to have a governor even taken any tonight again its work, I'm with you gonna Cooper with unfounded. The point is.
Obviously, North Carolina is also been associated with some pretty extreme legislation out of the legislature, not only bathroom bill that cost the state almost four billion dollars, but also budget makes other extreme policies that we ve been discussing with the governor. So we thought we'd highlight some. Besides of bullshit and again we're calling first in flight last and legit, with someone out there like to play the game they Travis is out there or their who travelled over here does give it up or Travis we came to Nashville Ay Hipster Gromyko Park. You left with that hat. I what's your name marry me and are you from North Carolina,
not originally were actually was born here. Wailing trombone. Whenever this happy I was born in pay it bill, but then a new draft, let's go. Let's go get off earlier this month, Governor Cooper vetoed the state budget, but its veto is overrun by the republican state legislature. What was in the budget? The Republicans wanted to pass so badly. Wasn't a funding to purchase ten thousand dollars worth of Dennis Robbins? the currency pot goin to be for New Memorial to honour all the confederate memorials that were removed. Was it see tax? breaks for corporations and rich people, while not giving more remotely enough to public education funding, despite the demands of,
in two thousand public school teachers who rallied and rally to demand more resources, and rightly pointed out that North Carolina currently ranks thirty seventh. Indeed, your pay in thirty night than per people, expanding thanks to the republican legislature or was it gave lots of pork. Not as in spending to benefit interest groups, but literal pork, slow, barbecue to perfection lathered and more Carolinas signature, vinegar based us only barbecue, sauce people nor Carolina, like everyone here, agrees that vinegar based is the best known to debate about it. It was this was written with a sarcastic tone by a guy named Travis. You bought out yesterday national who prefers Brooklyn pork I believe the words as written I'd like to say pork? I think I have to go with sea
You gotta question number two and two thousand eleven. The republican legislator passed a voter law with the express purpose of suppressing democratic votes when it was struck down in the courts. What did the judges say about? It is the day it is the most recent. Your voting law North Carolina has seen since the Arab, Jim, Crow and the law targeted African Americans with almost surgical prison. Where is it be? This law would have probably worked if it didn't write, infinities Quantum, let's plastics blue blue people from being able to vote. In quote also, you wrote it on the back of a confederate flag, which was a big red flag. I guess it was a red and blue flag, but you didn't come to say, or was it c? judges is weird What's the deal with a black robe. Why can it be do Blue or Carolina Blue or North Carolina Central moved, Merou,
anyway, this last disgusting or as a d opium my leg and tell me it's raining. I liars for breakfast, I'm judge in parallel to go with a. Is? It is up so clearly, I just last week are public later pass another discriminatory but ideal, all right, that's just tweaking margins of their last attempt at this, and so that sucks here shut that shit down. Keep your heads on a swivel question three, what other revenge you got there! I've been in itself for a week, I'm wearing Travis his hat on the inside question three. Over the last decade, laughter law passed by the Publican legislator has been struck down in the court, including gerrymandered policies. How are the Republicans and powers
Is it a after a period of soul searching and a few surprisingly productive group therapy sessions? The Republicans and rally realise that they allow power to consume their judgment and vowed to be a different, better party. Registering voters every Saturday, or is it be sharing a meme on Facebook, with the text triggered yet next to a photo Calvin, paying on a judge's gavel and also there's a menu snorkel for some reason, or is it see, gave up pride to subvert the constitution through themselves, fully into a new passion learning to play? energies greatest hits on the ten acts or It's me they try to remake state courts. They would be more conservative, putting forward a proposal to gerrymander judicial maps and forcing come and liberal judges to run against each other, which would like a result of seventy percent. Prolegomena majority on the bench. On top of that, pose a limiting traditional elections altogether in requiring all judges to be non. By the republican legislature. Who just happened to be the same people proposing this chain,
I'm triggered every day. By this I say it d, you got it all this question to a false representative, David Louis, when the architects of the jury mattered maps. Admittedly, equal admitted the following: We said quote: we draw the maps, give a partisan advantage to ten Republicans and three Democrats, because I do not believe it possible to draw a map. Levin Republicans and two Democrats tree Yes, that's true- and you are definitely not supposed to say that part question for after Roy Cooper, when a whore for battle for governor the Republican controlled state legislator was terrified of a Democrat in power. What did they do in response? Is it a twitter? a crazy distract where they claimed Roy Cooper was hiding a sun named Adonis. Will it be before it be sworn in, held with surprise and secret session, where they voted to steal a bunch of power away from the governor. They remove
chickens cookies control over the State Election Board cut the number of employees working for the governor from one thousand five hundred to three hundred and even force all of his opponent, to be approved by the Senate think they never wanted under a republican governor or It see, left Jim, Albert style, pranks around the capital they bubble rat the floor, put the staple or the jello and quickly took away as many rights for minorities and L Dvd you people as possible or is it day started, Tax without recuperate called welcomes the elephant. Then no Dems aloud and have been nonstop roasting behind his back and using the frog Margie so much it's kind of worrisome well I wish it were bubble wraps, but I'm afraid it's be. It
You got it, you ve won the game and the parish gift card. That is person. Why lasting legislating, give it up or your governor Roy Cooper Cover right covering goes. We have we ve been untoward since October. This is our last show until the fall beg you guys were come on. We're big everyone is come on. I think all of our crooked contributors have joined us on stage like Simone Sanders. What to think our cricket media staff we may be shows possible led by our core manager, Chris Costello's back there somewhere with us on every door and fake you guys. Thank you so much for coming out. We love you.
Carolina will see again against.
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