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Trump hates the dictator in Venezuela but loves the one in North Korea, Mueller is nearing his end game with a lot of questions still unanswered, and Senator Dianne Feinstein debates the Green New Deal with some student activists. Then one of the architects of the Green New Deal, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, talks to Jon Favreau about why the ambitious proposal is such an urgent necessity. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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The present exports are pod. Save America is recruiter. February has a few well known holidays, there's Valentine's day. We celebrate those we love and, of course, President stay where we celebrate great former presidents and the shady once and while it actually occurs. The first Freddy in March National employee appreciation days equally important now, and I want the paper I thanks guy. I want this. You ll find out about it with our major itobad happened on the calendar, After all, where we be without the fine people that support our efforts, are colleagues coworkers and confidence, zip recruiters the place smart businesses go to find qualified candidates fast, defend the perfect people for your job than actively invite them to apply these the kind of candidates you sure to love the kind that make a person look smart, just for hiring how effective, as it were, cruder he has no hope, How effective for the fact that eighty percent of employers who persons hypocritical equality, Canada, the site within the first day had to be minus withered inflicting a great inflation.
That's it harbours Harvard. I agree that something or someone to appreciate very run tomatoes number trying it is as easy go and is it prepared to come, such crooked and friends, at upon its tried for free that zipper, Gerda complex Crooked, three, that, U r L again zipper Gerda, come flesh. I welcome the pod, save America I'm drunk out, I'm John love. It Tommy Detour in the pod my interview with one of the architects of the green new deal, Rihanna Gun right, there's lots of news However, today, as well from the escalating situation in Venezuela in trumps upcoming summit with Kim Jong IL in Vietnam to Mothers-
and game, and the kids who showed up on Diane Feinstein Lawn Otsego area like a green book noodle, I was thinking I was thinking about that. Because I was gonna call me up because the movie is in the best movie the year there was a little joke today. The Green book New deal, the Green New deal I'll find a joke around it green book. It can love it you to show Thursday It was fantastic, great love it or leave it. Emily Heller, IRA, Madison hurried down to Baku Great Paneless great conversation, talk about all the things cool Coca COLA check. It out also reminder you can watch pod, save America every week on our live stream, youtube dot com, slash
wicked media, pretty thirsty Eliza make Elijah happy and smash that subscribe button. That's it we're those in the coffee that then the copy Michael put that in the coffee. To the news. The crisis in Venezuela grew even more serious this weekend when violence erupted on the country's border, with Colombia or Nicholas Maduro regime blocked. The delivery of mediterranean aid supplied by the United States and other neighbouring countries. They try administration, has recognised opposition leader, one Guido as Venezuela's president and MIKE pants to the rescue scheduled to meet with him in Colombia on Monday Tommy. The windows is made clear that they want Maduro gone and there was a report and access. The trump takes a markedly different view of Venezuela in Middle eastern countries, which he uses hopeless, A senior Whitehouse official also said quote it's a real life example of the failure of socialism and there's an appeal and that what is termed strategy here and
Do you think, Obama or another democratic president would be handling indifferently rather than other inches again in inactive. Is apparently in caves book. He talks about trumpet briefing saying that Venice of the kind of place you should go to war with, because they have lots of oil and will take. That sounds alarming yeah. Although not remotely surprising, since he says it all the time about Iraq, so you don't look, there is a view three dire and legitimate humanitarian crisis happening in Venezuela. Nicholas Maduro came to power several years ago, but his re election last year was fraudulent. He locked up his opponents. There is vote rigging and vote stealing. Like he's not he's a horrible person, he starving his own people. There is serious questions about the legitimacy of his election, so what one Guido did was he looked at the venezuelan constitution and essentially exercise supervision. It says if the
person in charge takes power. Illegitimate leave the head of the assembly becomes the president. So now I'm the president and then the international world recognized him as the new president. Quite so, Trump is just pressing the case on this, as as much as it possibly can. He gave a major speech in Miami. I think it was last week where he was trying to threaten military officials to try to get them. You laugh and come to the opposition sighed over the weekend. There was this clash at a bridge between Colombia. And and Venezuela, where opposition forces are trying to force aid into the country. So there is a very legitimate humanitarian reason to want to push aid in there, but it also seems like this is setting up a pretty serious clash which, if quite often get aid in it, basically says I'm in charge, I'm the one who can deliver for you on the president's alike. I dont think you could divorce the politics here for Trump there is also Florida politics, which is why you see General Marco Rubio tweeting once a fuckin minute about events well over the weekend,
and there is also this broader anti socialist pitch- that I guess he's trying to make which this event as well as such list- that will be your future Bernie Sanders and AIR Sea are the next president vice presidents. Yeah Maduro, has called the international shipments a potential trojan horse that would lead to military intervention. It so is their truth to that, however, happen and wire? I noticed that some international humanitarian organisations like Red Cross, our trying to send aid in there. What what's gonna Zoellick, whose Andreasen organization the role set for kitchens down on the border trying to get aid in there? I dont think that Jose organisations a Trojan horse rehearse the CIA. Has they once regimes? Why I think it would be naive to suggest that the Trump administration we're trying to send aid into the country just have the goodness of their heart. I think that Elliot Abrams, it's been travelling on these planes with humanitarian shipments. He is someone who, in the eighties, works with some of them,
worst right wing organizations in the world, the help lead coups and so, of course, questioning our motives, that you'll be like sending Don Rumsfeld or powerful wits to humanity, in mission in Iraq, really doesn't matter how good the policy is the wrong messenger if this ITALY's Zeta way so, which Democrats be saying and doing here, like Bernie Sanders, who gotten central last week for refusing to call me a dictator then tweeted over the weekend. That Maduro should allow humanitarian aid into the country and, to put it mildly, many of his supporters and folks online were very unhappy was pleased with burning tweet. Why is, that is, that is a justified. What you know, what what's the right sort of the right stance for Democrats who want murder, oh god, but also our very you know cognizant that kind of Sabre rattling, the trumps doing could lead. You know the United States into another intervention that we don't want to be part of
so Ben Roads Centre Murphy, regret up at unless they talked about some steps, democratic one. We should call for offer temporary protection status for venezuelan seeking asylum, others, literally millions of them, following the country they Sangamo Harris Detail, Harris came up further weakened as very smart. We should be giving aid and support to countries that Colombia who are dealing with millions of of migrants coming or the border target sanctions on Maduro and his goons, but we should also be cognisant of the fact that, through the fifty you through the eightys, the U S, meddled in like a half a dozen countries, elections coups in some really dark chapters of their and our history, and I think Bernie is hesitant to jump into the fray, because he knows that
street in the region, because clearly trumps motives are not humanitarian and, like I understand and agree with the play to recognise Guido as the President, it makes sense constitutionally and Venezuela, but I think the next up on in that process has to be free and fair elections and like he also does want to play, Gotcha game of like is Maduro a dictator or not declare it says CNN pondered over the fuck it as writer? Oh, do you think You're sick, you wicked, within all right. I do think the Ban and Chris Movie up at was very smart and one of the things that very hard in this situation is that is one of those rare Times, where Trump isn't getting everything totally wrong. You know this is a situation we're just because Donald Trump has an ideological interest in proving something of Venezuela and just because he is not. He has shown such a difference of dictators.
The world and has such authoritarian tendencies at home doesn't mean that there are places where we align on trying to remove Maduro. It's just that we might have a slightly for an approach. Here I mean look Maduro like people are starving to death babies, children dying like people can't get you to the hospital and you can't get literally anything the cotton Balzac metabolic basic netted ceilings. So yet it is a crisis is an absolute Christ. I think to the question, tactics and the best way to to get to placed for the people of Venezuela not necessarily overthrow a government, because what we're very good at it in this country is the invasion portion of regimes and there we literally dont plan for the part the concepts we sought. It happened in. It happened in Afghanistan, it happened in Iraq like we just Remember remembered history. Destabilizing place is a lot easier than stabilizing and Yes, and that's why you know what mark
Really I was doing over the weekend seemed so agreed. Just yet has their didn't seem to be any purpose for Margaret Marker, Rubio tweeting picture. Of you, no Mamma, Gaddafi being captured other than to to do what to beat his chat like what what diplomatic or strategic purpose? was that withers tweets over the weekend that Emmy like along, like what love I was saying. I see the situation on there and I sincerely want, is the human being to have aid going to this country and would love for there to be a clean policy whereby we could just make that happened, but, as recently as two thousand to the United States Pact, a cue, a coup against Hugo Chavez, and so that obviously sitting in the back of everyone's mining organised by Elly Abrams organised by we have like so in the back of everyone's mind, that's there and then in addition, John Bolton National Security Visor goes before a press briefing with a little notepad. This is five thousand years to Colombia, so that is another. Not very subtle message and then said
go path. General Marco Rubio tweets a photo of a who in tat moment or shortly after that the photo that's depicted, he was murdered in cold blood. Sir. The mind with a bayonet apparently and he thinks that that is an appropriately We- and I say this. As someone who was working in the White House at that time. It was part of the policy in Libya that led to his death and in Thinks of that moment is something we should all deeply regret and he's like chest something on twitter about it. And not the removal of Gaddafi. The fact that it is something that happens with chaos on the street and someone being dragged to the street and murder well so complicated that mean that sort of a two part thing like The lobby intervention was port wine, stopping tank, some rolling. Two Benghazi and murdering an entire city- and there was part to wear it- got the mantle got picked up by the broader national community that really to turn to a regime change strategy which led to his after another. Is chaos? Is regime change strategies invasions?
do not seem to turn out so well Know- and I don't know how many examples we now have throughout history of affinity- well- that that I believe Why? I think sometimes democrat struggle is because I think, under to be Bush, and for a long time before that that that that military intervention is seen as a clear choice, it is seen as a clear direction. You can go to an end. It is eight, it is tough. And it is also you know in the case of Venezuela or rocketing, look at how horrible things over these people look at what this dictator is doing to their people. We should intervene and I think dammit I have not always been very good about talking about why there is an alternative and that, if the only something military intervention that everything else sounds like nothing, and so I think one of the things we struggle with. Even These kinds of conversations is okay, so the trump- able rattling isn't right. The trump aggression isn't right. The trump the trunk kind of old fashioned intervention incident, Latin America isn't right. What's the alternative, and it always is seem to be defined as something less
What's the something different right, let's say about one of the many dictators: the Trump actually likes North Korea's come on who is scheduled to meet with in Vietnam this week as a follow up to a first some. Summit that was so successful. The white has moralized with a series of commemorative coin Tommy. Over the weekend, Jake Tapir asked Secretary of state. My palm pay a why he believes that North Korea is a nuclear threat. When the president says it's not what if any progress has been made since the last summit, none that that was a remarkable interview. You Jake is like President Trump tweeted, the following words and pompiers responses. Knighted headaches like hears of fears that image of the tree
I can't see that I hears it even repeating the verbatim at an event. Last night, you're standing next to him. I don't know what you're talking about the private has at least been disbelief at what the prisoner believes. Is this? What will? Let's not with the present? Please, because this is that's what it does not what he tweeted. He was like on the plane flying home and he basically tweeted. I don't have the exact words and firmly, but there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea was, I believe, the summarize version, so there's been so there's been no substantial progress at all since the last night. We never hammered out the shared agreement on what the term de nuclear radiation means and the follow up talks, which should have happened before the head of state talks. Were you sort out what we have a demand for please verifiable and irreversible declaration Pyongyang callback, gangster like demands so What happened, though, as you know, as we ve been in these lower levels, Hawks North Koreans, keep blowing off, compare, were orbs t begin or other people we send over his negotiator
trouble? Nothing well he's in no hurry, because there's not additional weapons testing that doesn't mean their programme has stopped at Stanford. University study estimates it over the past year. They have may have North Koreans may have created an official material for seven more weapons, CSI asses fund additional testing site, so they are increasing their stockpile, which is challenging in terms of giving them more negotiating leverage. There's a non proliferation threat where they could give them to other bad actors in the region as a whole. Bunch of problems here and so like again, I dont want there to be a war, but he's accomplished thing and is willing to let a great event with good optics in a nice headline, sweep the rest of it under the real issues that there already lowering expectations for the summit. What what? What
a good outcome, be relatively good outcome b of the summit like just another agreement that may be perhaps has more teeth. I don't know I mean I think, if they froze production of fissile material and any weapons testing, while they carry out these additional talks. That would probably be a good thing, but maybe unlikely man, you know, jumped rated The reason is that he said something like look at all these people can ever do anything good. Another you're gonna tell me how to talk to North Korea at its and you know it's funny cause it's it's it's true. It is true right. It is true that you know Donald Trump is confronting the same problem that Barack Obama confronted that George W Bush. Confronted, that Bill Clinton fronted, which is the the incentives for North Korea remain exactly as they always have been, which is to make us
nuclear weapons as possible, while pretending you're going to stop at some point or being open to talks to keep the aggressiveness of the international community off your back? and it won't change your conversation. It won't change were being nice, it won't change with Donald Trump negotiating skills. That's for sure about tat. Of course, the criticism of trumpets not necessarily negotiating skills, he's lying about the progress while, of course is like the lie about the progress aside right. The idea that Donald Trump, found some new way into salvage. This just isn't true, because unless you come up with something that changes, the fundamental incentive that incentives that North Korea has, why would anything This brings us back to General Rubio, who is mainly a moron. In and get off he got off he after the Iraq war gave up his entire nuclear weapons programme and he died in the streets, and I think a lot of dictators since had happened have looked at that an example for why you cling to the strongest weapons you have for as long as
only possible, so just a re. Another reason why the neo composition is not always the brightest, so probably there not yet and solve this week, probably not when we think he could do something splash. Everyone should be ready that might declare that there are now peace on the peninsula for the first time, and that could be literally true these in nineteen fifty three. When the korean war ended, there was an armistice, but never a formal peace agreement. So we could say now there is peace right and it will look, it sound, dig unimportant and help to their credit for it in a minute and a peace prize and all the things he wants, but it will be new. Look over there. Look over that. Second goin crazy, so that you know one of the things that's been. I kind of like an underclass to these conversations about North Korea for a very long time as U S, position has been. That is unacceptable for North Korea have nuclear weapons, and yet because of whisperers behind the scenes is it is acceptable for accepting it is, is our chance that what were marching towards is Donald Trump, being the the weak
the weekend of soft and appease or where we landed a situation where there is some degree of formalization. An acceptable level of nuclear safety North Korea and we just move on from there yeah I mean I think, there's a chance that they can't become a de facto nuclear weapons stay the same way. Pakistan is in a whole bunch of other places, and it's it's a major failing of the entire information regime that we ve been trying to uphold for a long time now, like not entirely trumps fault, but certainly is big. Bold play has not solved the problem and if he gets to a place where he just concedes, that good mean that the Japanese won't be happy this afternoon will get a lot of people in a much risk your neighborhood. If we go that positive, this brought by Tommy John,
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hurried, it's a regime that gobs ledge cricket. Now he had twenty percent of your first order. That's Tommy, John Dotcom, such cricket for twenty percent of Tommy, John DOT com, slash crooked, keep your Don Junior and your Eric close to dad. That's too bad elevator, some of the more investigation they got on Friday prosecutor submitted an eight hundred page sentencing, Animo eight hundred pages, describing forward campaign german Paul metaphor, as a quote hardened criminal, who quote repeatedly and brazenly broke the law. According to the New York Times, prosecutor cited sentence and guidelines of up to twenty two years for a wide ranging conspiracy. And having obstruction of justice, money laundering, hidden overseas bank accounts and false statements to the Justice Department, Guph Paul metaphor may be going to jail for the rest of his life, what did we learn from the memo guys and maybe more important? What did we not learn? It didn't seem like there was
a lot of new revelations inside of these members rail. So I think you are, things that we can. Many people and many people thought that, like he had done in previous sentencing, Mama where there was Cohen or other people Mahler, would sort of spell out more details of the larger conspiracy potential conspiracy with Russians, as he has before, and even by the way in the recent trial or the recent court appearance where man efforts, lawyers and mothers, lawyers squared off with in front of a judge, Amy Burma Jackson about you know why man. A fort had broke his agreement by lying and they went into great detail about some of the lies, including you know, sharing pulling information, private, pulling information with a constant kill, a column Nick who is alleged to be a former russian intelligence asset and
reading between polemic and manner forward, they discussed a peace plan and lifting sanctions on Russia. So all of these juicy details were made public during the hearing over the lies and yet in the memo itself we learn nothing more evenly blending get away from it was that you know, I feel like there's a lot of expectations sitting on robber mothers, broad shoulders, broad square shoulders, but he's not worrying about that he's doing his job right and what I took away from this does a memo is The news maybe looking for new information, the observers, and an pundits like us may be looking for the new next part of this. But this was a document designed to say, hey everything. You know ready to big fucking deal and he's a despicable criminal and deserves a lot of punishment, and you don't need to learn anything new for that. To be sure, yeah he's a crime. Connoisseur is a crime of fishing and other he. He there
He was first warned about potentially violating the fair violations of foreign agent Registration ACT back in nineteen eighty six and he has just been brazenly breaking the law since then. So we know that Paul man afford is incredibly greedy hardened criminal, and we know that that's the guy That Donald Trump chose to run his campaign for along right without a meet again were always were always looking for the the tape recording between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Opponents of hey you, wanna collusion trumps legality colluded in again. What we have here is that the president had states his campaign. Manager and then deputy campaign manager. Hardened criminals hard we're, going away for a long time as well and his end is national security adviser also lighted, the FBI yeah Always going away and his personal lawyer he's gone away. He hired a bunch of to run this campaign and staff as well as with and then, as seems to be pretty bad and they did
I was in a crime aid, as you know, the picnic, in like manner for its most recent crime was in twenty eighteen when he was tampering with witnesses after already being indicted- and I must say you can really tell this memo that that was frustrating to Robert Mccartney about bound that often take a crime gap area. You did not pause and it's unbelievable. I still you know, Marty Wheeler in an and talk about it with you guys, I believe and salesmen writing about. As you know, we still don't fully understand Paul metaphor, its motivation for lying so brazenly when his life was on line right. Some combination of protecting Trump protecting himself from the Russians. We dont We know, but it's a reminder in this: how dangerous and risky and reckless it was for him to do well again so a thing which we still don't know more about manner: Fort sharing sensitive, pulling information from Trump campaign with cold.
And nothing about the meeting with clinic about sanctions, relief, which we also know, are two things that mothers prosecutors told. The judge was quote at the heart of the special council investigation and the judge then agreed with that. So the question is When do we get to learn about this marcy riding over the weekend? She says you know by two. To leave the record where it stands by choosing not to describe what the evidence shows. Regarding the August second meeting in the sensing memo Miller has deviated from the approaches taken every other instance where he had an opportunity to provide a speaking document. That leads me to believe he certain he will be able to provide a report. Some public form, presumably in the same kind of detail he has presented and all his other statements. So that's Mars's belief You know other people may not agree that, but what we
with now? Is this this situation? Where Department of Justice guidelines say, you know you don't put out and make public a lot of derogatory information about american citizen and who are not actually indict unless it's Hillary Clinton five days before, let alone rule but over the up, but the other big exception for this cases. If the Deirdre guidelines also say you can't indict sitting president, and there's derogatory information about a sitting president. Does that mean no matter? What kind of wrong doing Trump committed may have committed if, even if it falls short of a crime it can be indicted for them and he can't be indicted. Then what are we supposed to do if the president is committed a crime? It's quite a catch. Twenty two were our dealing with here I mean the clinic. The sending of pulling information from metaphor to connect to me is still the most interesting massive
of information. We know about collusion. There's all with the criticism and more investigation is that there has been no collusion with the: U S and the Russians trumps campaign in the Russians unveiled well. In fact, there has been. I remember when that news first broke the newer times reported as some private some public polling, and I was trying to be really skeptical say as a campaign. Professional is ism. Half public hemp have private polling document that Nana Fort forwards over to some Could that really help? You actually intervene in our election at a precinct level. The way we all thought this might have happened like a really sophisticated level, and I was sceptical then the more we learned about that pulling information is who is highly detailed, stopped. There was so complicated that most people couldn't understand it in the clinic was needed to serve, explain what it meant and then, within days of maybe weeks, the Russians hacked Hilary Internal that so her analytics again, like
can't gloss over the the forwarding of the appalling data from metaphor to clinic who was a former gr. You and again, percent with the willingness on behalf of the trunk campaign, and we have a multiple high ranking officials in the trunk campaign from parliament- afford to Don Junior to Jared Kirshner till the restroom willing to collude willing to take dirt on Hillary Clinton. By going to that meeting in June that a new and I look asking Roger Stone, wins: Wikileaks, gonNA, dumped the next next tranche of email, if you'd just hack Hillary Clinton, aren't that's not all the information you need because they didn't have was content. They don't even know it so you need that Internal Trump data to find out what's going on in parts of the country. The hurry campaign didn't know about map Twitter handle is Joe love. It don't wanna listen. I know I know I know its first voting right me. Don't fuck entreated me! It's true rights! Its ring at this point and I couldn't help myself. I hate myself more than you ever occurred. Ok, so what's next!
on Sunday, house, intelligence, German Adam shifts that he'll subpoena Robert Mullahs report. If it's not made public and get him to testify about what he found, the Washington Post also published a peace this week about how has Democrats are preparing to fight for access to the but in smaller, has uncovered in any underlying investigative documents is produced and that their prepared to argue that the amount of material released in the Clinton email case has set a precedent for the access they can expect here with Mahler, so seems good. That's great! I look. I love the idea that we're gonna pretend that precedence gonna make any difference in these republican Dunes minds, but I'm glad there may not ok, look good book and make a difference is just that. Finally, we have our power, I mean. Can stars report was hundreds pages long and very detailed and countless footnotes It was written in a narrative format for maximum impact with the public Selby. That's a recent precedent. We could also look
but we also know that whatever is in efforts. Report will not discuss the hush money payments. The Cohen, colonnade, that's being able separately will not discuss any effort to investigate the inauguration and all that dirty money form into that bad boy There are other reports to come here. I mean it's. It's such a smaller building a case here in the house. Democrats really have to put together a case here, but those are we. Of separate legal Sdn. Why give us? Your of York are building a case, but then yes, that that Democrats should investigate all the areas of feel needed was because I think that the question is if there are no more indictments and if Mahler does not make an actual conspiracy charge against anyone, the House Democrats have to figure out where they still want to proceed to impeachment hearings and so far there is already plenty of evidence, including particularly the fact that federal prosecutors has have implicated the president in a campaign felony for directing Michael comment.
Those hush money payments, let's not forget about that, so like whose democratic still have all this wrongdoing and potential criminality out there that they have to do with. We should note we move on that today. According the new Yorker in the Washington Post, more legal trouble for Trump staffer from trumps too, sixteen campaign is suing him because she says he kissed her without our consent, before a Florida rally more than a dozen women have publicly accuse Trump of sexual harassment or assault, but Alva Johnson is the first woman to come forward since he's been present yachting was. I think that the this store, I think, is important. Because it may help undermine that be India is that of locked up a lot of people around Trump YA. Unclean people have worked at the White House, you know so adding to two Tommy's point so the as yet. Why said they could charge manner for if Trump partisan sewing, that's a really big deal and a very good thing, as it means that man of words not gonna score allotted,
play that's going to that's going to land right, but I did one thing we should be thinking about and I'm glad that should have said what he said. You know what we'll we'll subpoena whatever we need to if we have to. But you know I do like the the sentencing. Memo is a small example of the this case and to Mahler right there's a lot of speculation ascendancy memos ascendancy members coming through me, so much called cool shit in their holy shit. I cannot go on vocs. Can we done boxes sending them? he's got a new kind of comrades awesome and It's a portrait. My battery cells tat are used berossus ex, but and then it comes out. As I note, there's not much new and there may be, some of the doctors have could be interesting detail, but no, it wasn't a big revelation and I think one thing we should be doing That is what happens if this expectation is it met that Mahler isn't building some sort? Some big grand report reveals a lot more than we already know a. What does that mean further for Democrats and be what does it look like
it no longer looks as though Mahler and investigators in Congress on the same team. You know where we're now subpoenaed Mahler trying to get money to do things he doesn't want to do, and I I think it is worth thinking through the implications of trying to for smaller hand as opposed to how it looks right now, which is kind of two things happening in concert. Yeah. I think that's pretty easy. I think it is, and you seen some of the Hudson regrets, especially the ones in the entire committee taking this line over the weekend, which has like we. We just want the whole truth to come up like we. What the american people deserve to know all the details of what happens when a foreign power tried to conspire proposed, we try to conceal her with the campaign and then the candidate that they eventually helped when when now the presidency, and also by the way, there are a whole bunch of other federal investigations item, it was just saying into the Trump organization.
Erase everything I got and we need to let those investigations go and we need to learn the truth and by the way I like it, like. We just said even if more comes out with nothing else, even if there are no new details, the President states was implicated by federal prosecutors in a campaign felony. It happened and like if there had been no Russia, there have been no Russia story. That would be potentially one of the biggest news stories of the year for any other present resident was implicated in a crime not by you no witnesses or this Evans by federal prosecutors, so that that there were so sure of it that they put it in their documents that they while the nasty and why- and I think the Democrats have to wrestle with like yeah. What do we do with that? And I don't think I mean the only people now on their team on that. One are Republicans in Congress
in the end, in the White House now, no one else is no. One else is questioning federal prosecutors, a nasty and why for implicating the president, a campaign felony as a else, I'm just curious to about the various jurisdictions right, because one thing you have the near the House Judiciary Committee, which would be in charge of things related to impeachment you're the intelligence committee. This looking into the kind of intelligence related aspects of this, and I wonder why happens as this and what gets fed from Mahler to the Judiciary Committee, something a mercy speculating about and what are the how how much coordinating. You know how much are they gonna be able to do this as one one effort yet
the language about the report that should be created says just at the conclusion that Special council's work he or she shall provide the attorney general with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the special council. So it's like brief and pretty the Hague in Vienna. It could be your long could be short, could be thought of, as this will be a battle, and I think that areas of yet for Democrats has just wait. We want the truth, the details in the american people that ok, let's talk about the green new deal, a video went viral on Friday that showed a group of children who had gone to California, Senator Diane Feinstein San Francisco office. To ask her to support the green new deal in the video which was posted by the sunrise. Movement are relatively new organization. That's been pushing members of Congress on the green new deal. Feinstein tells the kids following quote that resolution will not pass the Senate and you can take that back to whoever sent you here. I've been in the Senate for order of a century, and I know what can pass and I know it can pass. I know what I'm doing
You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I dont respond to that. I've got an elected, I just ran. I was did by almost a million vote plurality. So you know, maybe people should listen a little bit now guys, the sunrise movement later posted a longer video we're Feinstein finally says she may vote for the green new deal. We can, after all- and she even agrees to give one of the students- an internship in her office- did that change your view of the interaction or just what did you think in general, the interaction I tweeted? I quote, tweeted the short version, the video that I quote. Everyone knows it's good politics to tell little kids to fuck off, obviously making a joke. She actually say that, but I do think- and you don't think is good part the Florence coordinating standby. Thank you for walking me out of the trap, but, like I out, but you know I didn't I I've been had a lot of people tweeting at me. Did you watch the full video watch, the full video on Iwatch?
or video, and I dont think it's better within three minutes as John Red she accuses the kids have being sent, thereby someone, I don't think that's an appropriate way to treat a child there's a little girl. Who is talking about her sincere concern that climate change could ruin the planet for her as we know it and in science? I basically says to her we're not going to solve this in a decade, despite the fact that the EU and Report says that's the timeframe we have left to to get to work. So I don't think this is how you should talk
little kids. I dont help think telling little kids I've been around for thirty years. Trust me is is an appropriate response, like the salutary kids, their kids be nice. The reason at an end, I tell you that I say like I kept within twenty four hours later, you know room still scream at each other with Diane Feinstein, partly because I think it's it's not a huge deal like what happened was she was she handled very poorly, like that was that was clear, but also like. I actually think the whole situation worked out as it should write in order to push these lawmakers in and summit, and that includes democratic law makers who have been there and who have been in Washington for
a long time and in look a lot of them fully believe most all of the Democrats actually believe in science. They believe that climate change is happening and a lot of them have a sense of urgency. Diane Feinstein. You know people made the point all she's, she's, very old and she's not gonna, have to deal with the effects, but like she's, a grandmother right. She has kid she knows: she's been, she has got near perfect environmental record she's been fighting for a long time also been in DC for a long time, and so her vision is sort of limited by Paul the politics. That is indeed the right now and I think what those kids are saying is. We have to expand our horizons here, because this is an urgent threat and what you need to do in that situation is direct. Action is called for. You do need to go in it in and an Pressyur senators and your representatives and put them on these things and get may have worked, because by the end she say like yeah.
We are actually we fought for the green new deal resolution after all, so what those kids did was great and it was created and am glad that they did it and she didn't respond well, but that's what you do you keep pushing? You know you, don't you? Does it they're like there's? There's no version of this, where Diane Fine Saint just one reelection for six years and like suddenly, she and a step down over this or or we're gonna push Diane finds that out of the hardly, we need her vote, so the question should be: how do we get over recent more in or office should fight more like? How do we do Thank you. No, I dont Heather Magee on meat from the press was really strong on this. You know, and she was clearly very emotional about it. You know Pointing to your environmental record, when we haven't done enough on the environment for thirty years it while you been in office, not your fault, the consensus has been too far to the too far to the right. We have a care about this enough. And what's happening right now, and you know I believe one of the lessons to right now. As you know, These centres and all these people have been watching on time. Saying you don't understand, what's possible, you don't understand how we get things done, have now
their own sites, in even the resolution she was talking about, that she was in favour of was or limited right well, so that this this is an interesting visitation. To talk about. I read her resolution, you know, and it basically says zero emissions by the middle of a century, twenty fifty right, which is what the international panel, had set the green new deal. The aid of sea resolution is more ambitious and then it says, let's do it by twenty thirty right and then find sense. As let's do carbon lets. You a carbon tax to get there also, let's make sure that the transition is just and equitable lets you some of the money to help com, It is the deal with it. She has also by the way, as senator presided, over in your. She represents a state that has gone for either in meeting its commitments to Paris than any other state right, and so that's part of drugs. But, like now all this said her. It's it's possible. It seems likely that her plan.
Does still not does not meet the urgency of the moment. That is fine, but now that there is not that it doesn't just meet the urgency a moment. It is not aggressive enough to move the debate right like with that that is a resolution where the debate is already over. This is the consensus place where we need to land right. What agency has done with someone progress members interests have done is shown that Democrats have been failing to do something quite basic, which is moved the fucking window move. The debate cannot talk about a welcome talk about a seventy percent, marginal tax rate and all of a sudden, the entire debates. But there's one thing: that's why this is so this. This outcome is so good right because, if day in fine signs and is probably a bit bolder than where we were just a few years ago. But if that's now seen as the plan, that is the shitty compromise plan, then
Algeria has your quarters and the sunrise movement- has already achieved something perfect, but decided waves would like good, but Diane. Fine science is very look. She is, she has already she's very unlikely to be seeking in other, Turkey is probably run her last race. Anything she advocates for three should be what she believes the place. We need to land right Let that that the green new deal goes too far. I have my own version, like the point that I think these activists are making the point that Heather Magee is making- this is in any other issue- is one of the one issue on the list of things are going to care about. This is an absolute emergency and crisis. Everything should be focused on it and and if you an end, if What you're going to say to people is what their advocating is too far. You are making a mistake right or in worse in this instance, if, if a little kid, is saying, but you represent ass, you have to listen to us. We voted for you when you say how it or you kid I'm sixteen you're, not a voter, that is it
so focused on the wrong thing. There's no reason be chiding, Joan reason, caring so much about an issue that they're going to less than God happen. We need more kids like that Nokia, we'll get no reason at all. My thing is just like look. We need dialogue to find signs so how we gonna get the right, like, I think, you know that we have our vote on on these things. You don't you think she's gonna be one of the people that stops us from getting somewhere. We did. We clearly don't have a vote on the green new deal resolution that they brought her office. We don't have it it up, and so what might here's? My thing? You need an outside game and an inside game to get this done right. Those we need those kids showing up in democratic offices and republican offices in their they're they're doing a great job outside Miss Mc Connell's office. To that right we also need hence our game of persuasive arguments and pressure and people who know the lead how legislation works to make sure that we get an we're, not can get fucking Sixty votes the Senate on climate change legislation
How do we get fifty one votes? Maybe if we eliminate the filibuster among Democrats to get something like this past? That's it we need to figure out and, like you know, it can be unfair that we have to deal with this and that we have people like Diane Feinstein, who were not greater but as the sunrise movement and air Sea and others have pointed out, we got ten years, and so we all have to sit and figure out. How do we get the votes but that they can? What do we need to do to get the votes that it could mean the criticism Dian Feinstein, that is like shouldn't, be one of the people. We have two fucking, of course, of resentment everyday reality around and states, and they are of course- and I just find the defences of her very frustrated like you, I've run your last race. This is the most liberal state is a state that leads on this you, you claim to lead. I what I'm saying is: why aren't you in front? Why are you behind? What I say is you know four activists and organizers, it's not about defending her or attacking her. It's like we, we can either vote. That's politicians are like we hold them up. Is that like share? We they have to have the best character this that they just need. We too fucking at them.
So what do we do? That? I think one of the ways you persuade dine find sign is pursuing the people that are defending her that they're wrong. You that I'm sorry that, like this is you know said neither round it gives to the office you I just that little more effective than yelling about online Vanessa thing this. This all got kind of wrapped up into a broader defensive institutions. That was part of the civility debate like Eu Entry Mitchell, who, I think is one of the hardest working smartest reporters out there, like I used to love talking Andrew Mitchell, but she tweeted ask yourself if you use your kids, who ambush assented, Workin Clementine, a solution with demands, it don't include actual legislation now that is, I think so said only. I think it's a very silly defence of process in the status quo that that doesn't reflect the way you actually get politicians to move on things which is generally fear of losing an election fear of losing support from donors. Our constituents are however, and I think or that path in the case
if you know dine Feinstein, who doesn't fear losing other election, causes loved that you'd, probably Ryan, emotion, right, like an you know, maybe those kids get third or maybe the next round of kids get third or no. I thought I might enter images of again exactly is great reporter her responses to Heather Magee on on meat. The press were also just like she's like, although not do not outside public services like what they are doing outside Republican off. As you did didn't you got it and again it's also this sort of like this is part of that part of a central problem. That is not that's that that's than that that reporters their borders covering these issues struggle to deal with, which is if what it can pass, as was defined as reasonable nothing's reasonable, there's nothing reasonable, because one of our two parties is collected and as a kind of a rearguard action against planet earth and write. The republican Party in the United States is. And outlier. It is a fringe and it is the most detrimental for on this issue so like, and we should end, and we should not forget that the Trump Administration just this week is creating a group of their own scientists who dispute
overwhelming conclusion of every other scientists in the world, including a guy named William Happar, who has said quote. The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the porch, is under Hitler. So that's what we're dealing with on the other side as that's it, that's a thoughtful battered, take that's or up against ethnic and exact and people ago. Why are people bugging poor die in fine centuries on? Our team is like the reason they are is because there's no conversation to be had with the report yeah, they are climate tonight. What am I need and we need it We need a hundred percent accuracy on our side, because Brazil are on their side. I mean the woman, There now nominated me, the U N Ambassador says I think, they're smart p. There's more, I like the science on both sides and, of course its because her husband is a billion, are causing yeah I understand that. There's frustration, when you see Lefty twitter, Liberal twittered, including paying people, were very good friends with attacking some,
Do you think is more your allies in your enemy on this issue. I get that like fair, but am you know? I don't think we should be too precious about MRS Cresson, but also like underpinning all of this. As you said, there are their setting up. Working groups on climate science to sell to sell a lie that dovetails with our previous. Conversely, by North Korea right breeze when the top intelligence officials by before Congress, and they The North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons programme. Trump Hall to the oval than next day operated them in front of the cameras. And then the more say they were misquoted. So like we are facts are are being shaped in skewed in manipulated in really dangerous waste like Safari, opera, Iraq or science run climate like an every set of issues, and that's why I think people are approaching this with you know some real emotion in fear about what could happen if we don't act well and
other reasons it so difficult is because, while people are just in making shit up and lying that run, the government world, oh, like every you know, people all over the world are starting to see climate devastation and yet for a lot of people who aren't yet seeing the climate devas in their own lives. There. Thinking like who were all these people yelling about someone's going to happen the future and tell me that I have to pay more or changed Behavior right now and change Those mines is, you know the most important is responsibility of anyone in politics and activism over the next four years, years ten years because we now but we don't have much time and I do think it's like it's. It is an incredibly important. We need more people showing up in offices like this. We need more activism, because this has to be fucking hard. We couldn't, we couldn't pass a cap and trade.
When we had democratic majorities in the house in the Senate, Nancy Plus, you got a whole bunch of house Democrats to vote for a cap and trade bill which, as you know, a market based solution to the problem. A lot of them end up losing their reelection and indicted. It didn't peasant Senate because a lot of the Democrats in the Senate, or from southern in midwestern states that depend on coal and their worried that you know people gonna lose jobs now in their state for something that they're trying to fight in the future and we're going to face that again and we should be listing about the challenges that we face in trying to get the stuff done, but that should also make us figure out. You know sharper strategies like I said both on the outside and the inside. Ok, we're gonna die what this more after we come back with one of the architects of the green new deal, Rihanna Gun right, I've, Rwanda, the green book, you deal positive.
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Sat gambling addiction you on applied today. The policy director for the progressive think tank new consensus in one of the architects of the green new deal real a gun right, Rihanna, wealth, the programme out. Thank you, I'm so happy to be here We too have you, so I want to start with the context for the green new deal because the media is the media, you know they tend to frame the kind of Ex, as Paul the and ideological right. So you know that Publican Party moved far to the right under Trump and as a response, because politics is so polarized, Democrats are moving further. The left in proposing things like you, know, Medicare for all in a green new deal, but it seems to me there's a different context for why the green new deal is so ambitious. Can you talk about that context and talk about why this plan is so different and climate? may have proposed. You know just a few years ago, under Obama.
Yeah. I think actually, the context of their question total points out. Why different we didn't move to the left because of Republicans. We are trying to ass, the issues that people are clamouring about and saying that they are facing and that they are facing in real life, which is witches. We nation income, quality, environmental degradation right Medicare for all, and so, I think the reason why the green new deal so comprehensive as a couple things one it's based on sort of a mass mobilization, not sort of it, is based mass mobilization, industrial policy approach- how to deal with climate, and that has to do very much with the fact that we have such a short time line and we to bring down emissions so dramatic. Which means that we have to throw everything we have to essentially throw the full might of the country behind this problem. If we're gonna solve it, and then I and so that sort of
Information requires different policies in order for you to be able to pay for quota quote with real resources in terms of of workers and physical capital. Often we talk about paying for it when we owing actually mean financing it, but actually for mobilization this big, you are trying to get full employment. It largely because you will probably need all of that, and so We have to sort of have a labour market where people can move around where those a safety net and where there is like us, for entry point for people. A ton of people write. The labour participation for working adult is lower now than it was a decade ago. So you All these people have fallen out of the labour market that you have to plug back in, and so you need
streamline workforce development like skills training which we don't have, and so I think what people often think of it like a progressive wish lists of policies in the green new deal actually sort of Is that sort of is actually about planning for a man mobilization, I think the second part that makes it so different as we take very seriously the fact that this will be economic transformation right when change your energy source. You change everything right, and climate change is an even just because of energy is also about The ways that we think about growth in terms of this like consume consume, consume the ways that we use energy. All of that, and so. The green new deal is just I can neither assembly that it to de carbon eyes at the state at the pace and sort of the speed that we have to and at the sky, but we have to. We are going to change our entire economy and so
if we're gonna do that, why not transform it so that it includes the most people in that we end up with a healthier economy that we did before, and so that's also you see a lot of the things. Related to justice that you see the green new deal and then Think they're, just like really of a very sort of simple third answer, which is that also this isn't a list of policy prescriptions. We approached it in terms of what kind of work needs to happen for us to dig either me, and those also very project focus in the sense that we think about what work needs to be done. How do we create jobs and sort of how to use that job creation is new moment in our economy, to renegotiate power, relationships between the public and the private between everyday folks and the elite in ways that people that the majority of Americans are asking for and just so listeners know what
is the ultimate goal here with regard to reducing carbon emissions. What do we have to get done? Because you know I've seen, some people say? Okay, we need net zero. Carbon emissions by twenty fifty I've heard and then obviously, in in the green new deal, resolution that Alexandria, Ocasio, your court. Doesn't it Marcie put forward? They said what we're going to try to do net zero by twenty thirty. What do you think what has to happen in terms of reducing carbon emissions and by when So the signs are that we have about ten to twelve years There's some scientist now say like we don't have any more time. We are on track to have sort of warming of two degrees, and so I think so it's confused. Because the twenty fifty number is about global emissions right and the? U S. Is that still the law, the economy and in the world, and so we contribute a ton of them.
Those emissions and so for us to reach net zero by twenty, fifty, the? U S will probably have to decrease or not probably we'll have to decrease. Much more quickly than than twenty. Fifty overall in part, because we play such an important role in sort of crime, Technology is making them available to developing countries and in helping them de carbonized, which is going to be a huge part of of this. Overall, you know dealing with climate change and so for us. I forget the exact target. I think it was like the IPCC report. I was like fifty percent by twenty thirty. I have to go back and look at a robber, but I think it's clear that we need to move before twenty fifty, and I mean right now as we hit Greece of warming, like ninety nine Priscilla Coral reefs will be gone by twenty forty right and the human cost of of fossil fuel
Pollution and climate change are already here right. Sixty six percent of asthma deaths in the country are women. Seventy! What three per cent of effort Americans of within thirty miles of coal fired power plants and black children- probably not coincidentally, die from three times more than white children right. Eighty percent are Latinos live in an area with at least one air pollution violation, rights of people and their many people. Have you no black long because of coal mining right so there are already people whose bodies lives are on the line. Because of our reliance on fossil Fuels- and that's not even talking about extreme weather events- and so I don't think we can move to quickly re, because we know that the devastation will increase, and so I think, ACE yeah. So what desired themes actually conclude? So there's a
lot of different ways to reduce carbon emissions, which of course has to be done across every industry, all kinds of different things you can put attacks on car And you can put in place regulations, you can invest in clean energy. What made you select this specific set of policies, which you know, as you described, sort of revolves around large scale, industrial mobilization? Well, I think, there's a couple of things. The first is that mass motivation is necessary to have the reduction that we need in the timeframe, if you're talking about ten years right. Just simply because there's too much work, you're talking about changing the grid, you're talking about decommissioning bunch of new emphasis of old infrastructure, you're talking about a building new renewables and that they are out your tongue about upgrading our buildings, so that you have more energy efficiency, so there's a ton of work that needs to be done. If we are going to decline.
Nice, our entire economy in a time The manner and the other reason I think that we chose this- is because these two issues, climate change and inequality- dovetail and create a particular synergy. Just because their interconnected right in terms of greater inequality tends to lead. Greater missions, but just in the solution, if you have all the work that you need to be done here, creating a lot of jobs. And a lot of need and a lot of demand and then on sort of the income inequality side. There are studies as a we ve done as much means testing or not as much, but we ve had more means tested programme since nineteen, eighties and pre and post tax income are about the same, which means that transfers are dealing with the through the Tec quotas and enough. So you have to intervene. In in the labour market until there has been so much talk about public employment programmes and what not, but the issue is:
want to just make work? You want it to be productive, and so you have the right who things dove tailing so that you can have a strategy where you both de carbonized and you reduce income inequalities. We figure out. Why not? Take that opportunity? A lot of people talk about. Maybe that's too much to me that you sound like efficiency. While I was gonna say, because people's era, you get these two crises, you got climate change and in inequality right, but climate crisis is existential, essential, select solve that. First, our political system is a shit, show any I can only bear so much, but to me it seems like it's not. We the right thing to do to also tackle income inequality. We start there. It's also seems, like potentially a more politically pragmatic thing to do, because you're trying to build consensus on how to transform the entire economy. Obviously that's going create winners and losers and that could actually exacerbate income inequality as poorer families who have to
you know bear the burden of the transition to the new Gee economy like what are they supposed to do, but if you can tell them, look as Transition, you're, gonna, have a guarantee Are you going to have a good wage, then maybe you're and get support from both those people and the people who represent them in Congress? Is that that basically, the strategy, at present, and I think that it works on a couple levels one. So I remember David Robert was actions by gas and he talks a lot about how power is necessary. We have to build power in the climate movement, largely because the GNP has just failed to move in itself. And transfer and you need a lot of public pressure to be pushing this issue and to be pushing it to the forefront, which I think the green deal helps and then the to the second thing is that it also besides. Just me right, it makes political sense. People of color over overwhelmingly in favour of climate age, but a lot of those same people cannot care about
I'm a change or might not make it their first issue, because they are so economically insecure and facing so many existential crises I talked about this before, but having the accidental crises argument is really tough, because what constitutes an existential crisis, depends on who you are and where you are and what are the problems you face so climate? in our view are a black woman, who's, a single mother right whose It has asthma yeah, you want, you want to fix the the environment because your get as asthma, but you also have a brain, his job. You don't have any savings, potentially right, you're a child school is, a great z, worried about that. So climate changes falling far below now. If we can talk the people and connect climate change to the things that they care about. That is a huge potential block of I'm at voters that you just activated that might voted on that issue before right
so you're leaving them on the table and also these are the same populations that, let's be honest, conservative groups, fossil fuel companies that don't want this in those of the people that they're gonna target talking about job loss, about economic loss, about what this transition is gonna take away from them. Why don't we had them off before we give them the space to do that, it makes sense. The other big issue from critics is, as you mentioned, financing you know: people ok, how we gonna finance! This is going to be higher tax. If it's not higher taxes, then you know, maybe it's true. We worried way too much about debt and deficits in the past, but if this is really going to be the cost of a war. War style mobilization, you know, aren't we gonna risk inflation at some point, in a free. If we keep our if we keep just financing it through. You know debt and deficit none economies, but all the economies that I've doctors definitely agree that that fear about inflation is is over,
not only because we haven't met our inflation targets in years. Not only begin the rate of borrowing is in rates are low, but also because we have tools to deal with inflation. Right. This is a problem that we know how to solve climate change as a problem. You can't argue with physics, but if you have just done today, you can argue with physics, but if you have- and we do have the tools to deal with, Flash and then I dont understand quite like such a big worry you I mean, I guess if we were, if this we were under attack like we were in world in one of the world wars. We win there be like. Well, we need him, mobilization, effort to fight the war, but we first we have to figure out how to deficit finance. If we really do about a coral reefs disappear right not existing in twenty years. We're talking about hundreds. Thousands of death is not millions of deaths were
talking about an economy that is already bleeding money because of climate change, and it only gonna get worse. Was a NASA study that just him out there. Like ninety one billion me, the- U S, economy lost just last year, do climate change. There is There is no real city in which climate change does it create a cost issue is. Are you gonna deal with that costs on the front, am pro actively and try to play? and create a better economy. Are you just going to deal with it when it's an emergency? Could you gonna do with it? Rang Rotunda come with the price tag. You just need this I win and where and how you want to spend your money. So what's your effective argument to sceptics and to people you're trying to mobilise around this issue. I think is like my personal story,. I came into this climate fight, really recently, and that was largely because climate has seem like such a white issue, to me
not that it only affected white people but, like I said I was trying like all of my work, has dealt with equity and poverty, these intersection of solutions and so and I'm trying to centre marginalized people in the work that I do right. How do we? need a system that actually worked for them. That gives them power instead of distributing the pain to them right that gives them resources and stuttered distributed violence to them, and I'm talking to those folks like I just never. I can understand how I'm talking to you know I'm trying to write policy for women who standing two days in line for public childcare systems. To like has a shift job her ass, his calling her threatening to fire her, but she can't even go job. If you know for childcare, assistant is renewed She might now you make it to the front on that line after two days. Right and how much time you know her about solar panels were I didn't understand the the connections boat coming
to this work. We did a lot of work on environmental justice at the Detroit Health Department and then Abdul outside who I was his policy director directors of huge advocate of environmental issues, especially from a public health perspective, and then this understanding how the system works. Right and also understanding the fact that, like the we can change this, This is human made and we have allowed the technologies that we need, and so I tried to explain that to be because I'm like I've, amassed an immense amount of social and political capital for twenty nine, A black women, especially in for twenty nine year old in general, I like having a scholarship, I'm educated. I should care about these things and if I don't care until I understand how fit in the system better believe that people who have a lot less time a lot less money, and you know just a lot more sort of passing issues to them are not going to connect with it but we need these people to leave too
this movement, because this idea that somehow we're just gonna get there by trying to like persuade GEO, P power brokers is, is- just maddening to me. They haven't come along, yet I was actually just on a bus. Guys were heard, the leg, conservative white men are the least likely to alarm by climate change right ignoring all of these people who are suffering from these systems and also who would move if they just understood, and so I find that that really effective, because once you explain to people like ok, I and start out and climate, because I think the other thing that we don't recognises that there is quite high barred to entering into the environmental space, so very science heavy space and often it feels like unless you are a particular activists. You can't speak in Russia, climate scientists and was, I think, lowering those barriers talking about how much systems made it
to me and now to the communities. You know talk to a work with really helps you. I do think it's about connecting the for people right. Yes, you can, see you know like there's a repeat when you tell them well, you know the coral reefs are going to disappear in ten years. You know them They are what that's sad but oh! Well, that's not like existential, and once you know that means for coral reef disappear, then you're more alarmed and look in your also alarmed when you start seeing like when it's a drought on your. Farm right when it's a wild fire in your backyard. When your kids are suffering from asthma, because there's a coal plan- and I do think we probably all half- do work harder to connect the dots about why this is such an urgent crisis in people's lives? now, because otherwise you get people saying like so way. We do we have to do a bunch of stuff now, for something that's way off in the future or people are saying is often the future ten years like. Do I really, I believe it. I really want to have a mass mobilization right now and it seems like the big chair
and here is like helping people on me king people understand especially people in power like how urgent this is for people's lives. Right now Salute Lee and I think that again, power building as part of their. I remember when I first came into this like the World WAR, two mobilization example mates. To me, but I also I was always like well in order to get that sort of. Agreement amongst the people. You have to have every one sort of agree, these most people agree that this is like an imminent threat that has to be moved on immediately right. That's how you get the sort of very friendly Congress. I tell you get friendly and willing public- and I feel like right now, because the green new deal helping to connect all these doubts that urgent he is coming right and also the there's all of these other things. While fires going on right, there's cancelling the polar vortex. You know fifteen homeless people in Chicago froze to death,
but this is not normal and then the next we gives, like sixty degrees, like people, understand that this is normal. But doing that connecting work is so crucial well, I'm glad you're doing that work and all the work that you're doing on the green new deal in this movement. To ought to try to get people to pay attention really appreciated. Thank you. So much for four joint I know you're out your very busy trying to save the planet I'll put his ear. The welcome. I don't want to go down ball fire, either I want to eat myself into the grave like good american thanks to react on right for joining us today. We will receive as understood by by
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