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Trump prepares for Hurricane Florence by denying the deaths caused by Hurricane Maria, and Democrats spend the final months of the midterms talking health care. Then Mike Levin, the Democratic candidate in the CA 49th, joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Erin Ryan on stage at the El Rey theater in Los Angeles.

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Hello, LOS Angeles, welcome to pod, save America, I'm John Fabro, I'm Erin Ryan, I'm John love more, I'm Dan Piper later in the show, we will talk with the democratic candidate for Congress in California's forty nine TH district MIKE Eleven, but first its check in on how the president is but our nation prepare for a deadly
Cain. That's barreling towards the Carolinas So over the last few days, Donald Trump has said that the federal government's response to Hurricane Maria, which led to the death so. Nearly three thousand Americans importer Rico was. one of the best jobs. That's ever been, and unquote unsung success of his administration on Thursday morning, he tweeted the following three: And people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I the island after the storm had hit. They had anywhere from six to eighteen deaths as time we buy? It did not go up by much Then, along time later, they started to report really large numbers like three thousand. This done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible, and then he ended with measure. I love porter rigour. which definitely came through Tommy. like to start by offering a bit of a fact check on the president's tweet sure,
right. No he's not it's insane to suggest that the only that matter occur between fall and when his plane took off to leave. That's such an insane way to scope this, it's fair to say that the that was escalated overtime for a while the official death count was sixty. Four people later on the New York Times did a study where they compared death rates over like the forty two after the hurricane, with comparable periods previously, and they estimated around a thousand, and then the government of Puerto Rico paid George Washington University to do a comprehensive study where they use similar, similar methodology and whole bunch of surveys and interviews, and they came up with this number that to three three thousand people died, six months, so that stories actually worked for him, then a horrific hurricane and killed a lot of people on the day of and and moved on, because it means the disaster response was so inadequate that people died at an alarming rate for months and months and months after it.
Yeah I mean it's like you can understand that when a storm hits in people die immediately during storm, but that's not the fault of the federal government, but when a whole bunch of people die after the storm leaves because the governor step in that is, by definition the fault of the federal government for not providing the resources necessary right. Erin. Is this a new low for Donald Trump or are we for getting all the old lows. Well, I think it depending on who you ask Donald Trump is either like the cartoon baby from Popeye just crawling through a construction site with all these things swinging at him and nothing is hitting him or his side show Bob walking through a field of rakes just getting it in the face over and over again. I think that to people like us, people who are correct
the correct people. I think people like us. He seems like somebody who's constantly stepping in it, but in reality for a lot of people, we're forgetting about some of the stuff. Some of his scandals, like do you, remember, Rob Porter the White House aid who was alleged domestic abuser. Who did, we'll tramples like he's great and the more allegations came out the more he was like he's super great That was one of the things that that is concerning about this new low in a presidency of new lows. Is that Donald Trump? Does this thing where he equates everybody who is an other to the Democrats like, I don't think it's any mistake that the people living in Puerto Rico are brown and he they're, the ones that are coming up with the numbers, three thousand academically, but Donald Trump is saying everybody who doesn't
with him, everybody who is brown, everybody whose other is lumped in with the Democrats and that's really disturbing. What's also really disturbing to me, is the fact that Donald Trump took that ice is so over budget. That funds from other agencies are being diverted to fund imprisonment of most and and that to meet what's what's really awful about that, is that, like it's, the coastguard, its FEMA? It's different organisations that seem to really matter. It would be like if you paid your roommate for the electric bill, and you came here bill and you came home and your apartment was just full of spiders. He just we are all of electricity. Money on spider, which would be is not very frustrating, are all these spiders. Maybe have you they spiders beat you mad at me, talk to me about it first, but
you mean you raise a really good point like is there? Is there any doubt that this would be different if three thousand people had died after a storm hit Florida right That, like would it be acceptable for the federal government to say, oh well, the governor of floor with Florida was incompetent and they have their change is not stay there. Certain infrastructure problems like could we imagine having the same reaction from the federal government if it was ass if it was like somewhere on the mainland, even though forty Rico is part of Amerika its rights to its red safely, state thing I learned anything, they found really insidious about. That's like if you compare the trumpet ministrations response to Harvey example that was, you know. They're totally different animals like Houston, was a totally different city than Puerto Rico, which is niland. but at the same time, Donald Trump lavished, the aid sorry to help Texas recover on Texas Red State, a state that voted for. That to me is like
It sends a message like if you voted for me I'll help you out when something bad happens like it's very, like old, school gangster like oh, it's a nice, they state you got. There what you say, but something happened to it Dan. Some Republicans condemn Trump, including a few foxes, which is very weird Republicans like Wanna, be speaker, Kevin Mccarthy did All I haven't seen the tweets are no you're talking about what tweets. If the Republican Party wasn't a cult, What could they actually do about trumps response to Hurricane Maria? While John? I'm glad you asked me, when the founder set up the system. It was three equal branches of government and it was the role going way back to the beginning. Yes, the legislative branch to have checks and balances on the executive branch unless course they were both control by Republicans than theirs. Thus did nothing what is so.
in a normal world if three, that, because what happened, three thousand Americans died due to some measure of government incompetence, Congress will look into it. Would be a commissioner. It would be by partisan and its the thing that is so disturbing about this is not just about an allocation of blame we're doing this to learn how to make sure it doesn't fucking happen again. Because we live in an era of climate change there going to be hurricane after hurricane that is headed to Puerto Rico, and people will die because this Republican Congress decided they would rather ignore. This problem, then do the job that we pay them to do. after Hurricane Katrina, there were republican leaders on the relevant committees, the oversight committees, nine hearings about the federal response and obtain more than five hundred thousand documents from George W Bush's administration, and they prepare this detail, report months later about like how to fix problems, and so that we've been
four had another Katrina. Again, Republicans in this Congress. Haven't we said a single document from the Trump White House held more than a single hearing on what happened, love it You move any move from like traditional partisan. which has cynicism baked into it. When I hits. There was a blame game about what happened. There was blame of them. The mayor of New Orleans there was blame levelled against the governor of the Bush administration, tried to blame the fact that it didn't have enough authority to conduct itself which, at the time reliable, that's vaguely. our attention, because if you are in company I should we give you more power than they were like love, that's vaguely, authoritarian weight but but I repeat begins were reluctant to go after their own Democrats were more willing to attack the Bush administration for its fault, that is politics, but it
the machine work because you fought it out and the Republicans had some measure of shame and a sense of responsibility what we are seeing now is a total abdication of that response. Billy. It is fundamental new, it is worse than it has been before richer Nixon ultimately had to resign because he started losing Republicans, but those Republican didn't have a propaganda apparatus that was there to protect the incumbent? and attack them if they ever went against the party line- and it is incredible, We dangerous it. Does make us less safe, it does mean that Trump continually seems to face, Accountability, anything as it is source of anger that we feel all the time? It's not just the trumpets incompetence. I trust that trumpets evil it that it feels as though we ve made partisan just cause and effect. Just Truth and consequences are not connected anymore, and it's one of the reasons that this election is so important because we have to store, some semblance of consequences for actions in our politics
Tommy in light of the fact that another massive hurricane is about to hit. Do you think that the incompetence in dysfunction of the Trump White House extends to agencies like FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security that are going on the front lines of this response like how much do we have to worry about that, I feel There is a real risk that it does so when we were at the White House. John, Brennan later became a sigh director. Had this like homer security role where that did a lot of counter terrorism. Somebody also help manage a lot of the disaster response work, and the person who had that job and the trumpet the outlining Tom bosses who the right wing MA stash now Purity Visor John bolting. He shoved Basra out the door the day after power and I dont think Basra has been replaced and if he has its by some lower level person and like that's import
because you need someone that seen as having clout running meetings, demanding action, demeaning resources, so no that the Trump staffing plan was right. They didn't have anybody that they vetted you based on whether you were nice to trump on Twitter, so you had a twenty four year old being the cheapest. At the Office of National Drug Control policy, for example. So that's it worry us? on top of that. We know. Trump is not personal engaged in this in any way like he's not in situation, room saying this is too slow. I demand action like heard, fuck up good. Yes, toys that really about carbon capture Nick all day long like he was doing literally a year ago, exactly this time so now none of this screams competent. We learn our lessons. Let's do it right this time. Other thing to United I think, a lot of times the government and how it functions is seen as sort of mysterious and opaque like it doesn't work like a normal office, doesn't work like a business. It doesn't work like a school or any other normal place that it's it's a different kind of entity where the rules don't applying people, don't really understand how it works
Normally, when there is a storm, it is a project that has to be managed. It is, it is a It is a response that involves a lot of desperate people coming together to try to solve problems unexpected, things arising and it requires working as a team. It requires competence, acquires people who know how to follow through. It requires solid, dedicated civil servants and political people who care about doing their jobs and doing those jobs. Well, those kinds of people have been joining. This administration is administration staff by the rejects of republican Paul we have seen an exodus across the government. People who don't want to be connected to this administration and the end result is we. Absolutely no idea who is in charge of these kinds of operations. None of them seem to be going well and will never find out unless we went Congress because there's no one to answer hard questions. After the dust settle yeah, I agree, but one The things that this kind of moment has betrayed is that I was about this either Donald Trump has never worked a job in his life, where he wasn't paid with it,
with his own name on it like his dad gave him a job, and then it was his company and he's all this has never been a good business man and he was elected because he played one on tv and it's real these scary to me to see somebody who is so ardently. Qualified to do right. Anything except to play, maybe a business guy in like a W W s wrestling, sure what I try to run, try to run the country and the thing that is like I just go back to this kind of The ring business. The thing it's really disturbing is that it seems to me that there is a kind of tectonic shift going on right now in american government that is trying to unite people who are white and afraid against this, like amorphous other like Puerto Rico, and the victims of Hurricane Maria are part of that. Other people who are migrants are part of that other, and I think that everything that Donald Trump does it. you look at it through that lends it makes sense, and it's so much scarier than just income
its incompetence and malice, at the same time, but there is still some debate among scientists about how much you can blame climate change for hurricanes. There no debate among scientists that climate change is contributing to higher storm surges when we have hurricanes Estimates in Washington Post today say that the storm search from Hurricane Florence will be about six inches higher because of rising sea that is a tremendous amount of damage success, extra inches of water. How did Democrats in any American who cares about this force a debate? over this issue again We are not just talking about climate change. The days before a story. after a storm or when some Republican, says that they don't believe in it yeah the first We need to do is stop debating whether in our climate change is real and we need to stop carry But the answer to that question is like there's only Demi, for
petitions is really only two answers. There is the truth and people too stupid or craven to tell the truth and so it's not on the level. There is a whole profit. apparatus that exists to make it impossible for people on one side of this issue to tell the truth- and you know the opposite: line applies, you can get some can somebody of some in their livelihood depends not believing. So I think we need to stop debating whether climate change is real and also stop talking about climate changes. Some perspective future of that mean to talk about climate change is needed. happening right now. Are we to be asking people to the question for Paul Ryan, the question first, for for people like James in half, we don't indulge in their pretend game of of not believing in climate change. We say what are you do about the harm that is currently happening to people because of these changing weather patterns. We have seen it in full. We have seen it and Maria. We have seen it across California. We ve the most severe weather in the history of this state. Again and again, these changes are happening in front of our eyes. What is your plan to address it and they can
come back with whatever they want, but we need to stop giving in to the idea that the debate is between. Is it happening and is it real it's happening, and what are you going to do about it all right? Let's talk about the midterms enjoy about every election since the passage of the affordable care act. Republicans, paint against Obamacare to great effect it sure that help them when the mid term, some twenty, ten and twenty fourteen, maybe not in twenty eighteen. Here's from today's Washington Post Democrat, pummeling republican candidates for governor and Senate over pending lawsuit by twenty Republican led states that could allow ensuring companies to stop covering people with pre existing medical conditions. This issue is being they did more than any other right now and democratic television commercials did How serious is this lawsuit and how much is the Republican Party is a whole responsible for it?
it's very serious in its incredibly serious for anyone who depends on the affordable care act for their life right? It is exactly what that is. and it is just the latest iteration of a non stop republican effort to take health car away from people. We've seen it since the day Brok Obama signed before we're character in the law and what is interesting. Now is I was around and that campaign in two thousand and ten, where Republicans hammered us only ok I gotta government run healthcare, deaf people, all this, other bullshit and Democrats did not fight back. We tried pivot to something else. Let's talk about tax cuts, There were whatever whatever the was something different than the elephant in the room and in its a corollary to copyrights, aim which is to use a hundred per cent of the arguments that you don't make and further. This time with a brief exemption of the two thousand twelve election, where Brok Obama took the idea of repeal head on and that campaign internally to our advantage. It maybe affordable care at its most popular, I'm during his presidency for the first time,
rats or on the office on this issue, and they are making the case and it the single most important issue for most voters out there, and it is why I think he's gonna. and when the democratic the house is, can we because we made it argued that we are the ones fighting for healthcare for every American and they're the ones finding take away from them there we go so Erin in two thousand and ten that campaign the day was talking about West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin released a painted where he literally shot a copy of Obama's climate change bill. we keep released and add where he shot a copy of this Anti Obamacare lawsuit Versatile he's come around with every gets is: can we get this guy schoolhouse rock? This is not how any of it works. We can't we can't shoot our way out of this. I ve never been able to suit our way. It's it's not just mentioned right, like every assumes that every red state Democrat in the Senate, who's up and twenty eighteen,
even though they might not be with the National Party and a whole bunch of issues there? they're on health care and affordable care. They're all running adds about protecting pre existing additions. Why do you think the politics around healthcare have shifted so dramatically over just a few years. Well, I can't put my finger on the why I think it might just be kind of a mass realisation, so just kind of The wind, when I was in high school back in rural Wisconsin? I worked at a nursing home, and one of the things I saw working at the nursing home was that I saw how much it costs every year I saw how nursing homes would look at people's assets to decide whether or not they could afford to be in a nursing home, and I saw families that we're completely decimated by end of life care. I that what's happening right now is baby. Boomers are aging to the point where this is a thing that they need to think about, and talk about.
Both among themselves and with their families, and it's it's a real threat that the biggest the biggest threat to baby boomers having any while their quality of life going into their later years or for millennials or generation exercise having any qualms of life not have spend all their money taken care of their parents is some form of healthcare. That's affordable both for people who are elderly, and who are younger, I think that this is a really good. For the Democrats to be hammering on, like especially my home state Wisconsin. Scott Walker is joining this twenty state lawsuit and it is isn't going Well Walker, who survived a recall election and been massively unpopular. This might be the thing that takes them down, which is really exciting. Yeah tell me: what do you think It's like this. There is little that is right that it's it's really hard to take away a benefit once you give it to someone- and this is proving that's be true in what like, twenty succeed, we a lot of states. Yes, I remember
like these ads are up in Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota Indiana, fifty percent of all federal, democratic ads or about healthcare think that's really interesting. Seventy percent of Americans think it's really important to guarantee coverage of pre existing conditions, including nearly sixty percent of Republican, so vague they handed us. An issue by trying to Peel, the affordable care ACT over and over and over again approval further affordable care. I went up these morons kept running at it and they did a rose garden event when it passed the house where they are at each other on the back and fucked it up about having a rip. Healthcare we ve built is what an answer. Those like it's a real issue for people and the other thing they It is when they failed to do at federally. They push it into the states. So now all these sectors, of state or governor candidates in states are getting hammered for being on part of this lawsuit for signing this letter. So it's become like one of the most potent user are for Democrats, so you know Trump might a great economy, but a good economy doesn't make up for pushing the economic policies and they're gonna
that the hardware. It doesn't really interesting than a lot of the voters who Tipp the election to trump in rural in urban counties in Erin, home state of Wisconsin Pennsylvania Michigan Ohio the people, who voted Obama, two thousand and twelve trump in two. Sixteen have a very high approval rating, affordable care act, so. This is an issue that helps us both with the the non voters in our base. We need to turn out and also with the voters we need to persuade in the red or districts I mean just to something to that, though. I think that this is an issue that really resonates specifically with women, who are voters to women who might leave a little red. Women were routinely charged more than men before Obamacare for the same for the same healthcare coverage having Baby is an expensive nightmare. There's all
kinds of plus there's healthcare it but enough about anyway. But I do think that I do think that women's health care expenses are something that are huge and in front of mine for female voters, and you know why women extremely fuck up in twenty sixteen, but I think that while there are there's enough of them that are convincing people, and I think that this is an issue that specifically can appeal to women. Man, if you told us after the two, ten elections when we lost that don't worry eight years from now the affordable character, will be so popular that the Red State Democrats will be running on it, but also Donald Trump will be president and then one finger on it really, slow and steady, wins the race and believe about you. Remember we don't worry, now that it's a law,
people. Can a that of? We tell twists and turns perhaps three Scott Brown Donald Trump. Then you like it well so some Republicans are still running healthcare adds their running adds against Democrats, who proposed here for all some of them are running that adds against Democrats. Who didn't proposed medical well, but then a really care and it's interesting. The argument they're using is this Democrat wants to pass Medicare for all and what that's going to do, that's gonna, steal Medicare away from senior citizens in America, and so traditional Medicare is going to be weaker because everyone has Medicare. Do you think this is effective? I dont know if its effective think we should be. I don't think we should dismiss it. I think we we should go into for at a care for all with open eyes the fact that we are heading into
bathing something that hasn't really been fully debated. Yet that's good, that's part of the process is arguing for it and why we believe it's the right policy. You know Donald Trump's, sinister gift, is understanding that people don't always tell the truth: about what they think trenchant observation ex overnight, but I'm angry that I mean that a slightly smarter way than its home. What I said, but not here, but that at that that because he is so monstrous because he has no values, he understands it. Sometimes people claim to believe something claim to support something, but they hold the dark reservation. He is the human form of like that reservation and one thing that you know he's gonna. He said this damn thing that, like they're, trying to take your Medicare for socialism- and it sounds stupid right, but one of them do think. We should be aware and ready to to argue on is. I do think that there are a lot near retirees who look at Medicare for all as something that would save them right, there's so much
people who are years away from being eligible for Medicare and they're playing russian roulette right. You insurance, don't don't have insurance friends, the baby boomers, the baby. where's absolutely well. You know my parents wearing this boat right. They were they were they weren't eligible romantic here, yet there were struggling to afford insurance, which is getting expensive, and when you, if you face any kind of medical emergency before you hit that threshold, it can deplete you're savings right before you get universal. How here from the government? I do think that seniors hole to their medicare and would be worried that, ETA care being available to everyone. Might diminish their care. I don't think do that deserves so skirting they want to protect. Their benefits, didn't give a fuck if the money runs out for us. Right, if the oh. So so I would say I just think it something to be aware of it. We have to make sure that its policy front. We have to make sure that when we are proposing Medicare for all, we are doing it in a way that a sure
people who already are on Medicare, that their benefits won't be less and that there will be enough doctors, an availability, all the rest and then on a political front. We just need to know this is an argument that will come at us pretty hard. Let's be clear about it too, when they say other people are going to get Medicare. That's your your Medicare we're not talking about your friendly no class neighbor right. This is back to what saying was saying about, and people these, as are saying, yeah Medicare for all Means health care taken away from senior citizens, and it goes to legal aid goes to undocumented immigrants and it goes to poor people who are working and that's the argument that they're trying to make absolutely and unjust will end. It is another example of why this you know this number that we ve been talking about, that only one in five young people turned out to vote and last election important seniors vote. They take that golf cart, so clubhouse and they vote they turn off Hannity big in their cars they beep they.
I gotTa Hogan Horn of where you back at once. He had seventy. I'm glad they do it. Well, yours it here's the thing. I think that that Medicare socialism is stealing your medicare nonsense. Argument is something that appeals to just someone who is a giant fuckin asshole like so, let's get too fine a point on the voters with was designed for the old people figure out, podcast they're gonna get Romero. Ok, you know what they can go ahead and try to catch me I'll, be running. Second thing, though, I think, like one thing, I've kind of going to have to vote when you have a busy life or your young, you have a job, and his Harvey to take time off can be a little bit of a challenge when you're young, but you have to do it and one way that always is motivated me as I like to picture and elder fucking fucking who votes in my district, the opposite of me and I like to imagine myself just canceling their vote-
that gets you going the first vote. You want to cancel and then go vote. Pet is a really good idea for some sort of a campaign of some kind cancel out an asshole vote. You can do it picture them in your mind that dies. I locked you in a blue recycling bin in high school. You remember his name, but you won't say it now, because it's a real story. Dan back on topic, people, in addition to health care, What is the closing economic argument for Democrats in these next sixty days many this doesnt. When you listen to me forever, the I think the importing understand is that ultimately, Any campaign message well economy or health care? Anything else is a question about it's a proxy for fresh, much values in your character, and it boils down to who are you gonna fight? If and when you get into office
I think it is so important that this is a contrast message that we are going to fight protect health care, raise wages for working class. Americans, while republicans are giving massive tax cuts, two million there is growing areas in Wall Street banks paid for, by Jack, premiums on there's this. working in middle class Americans any Finally, with through cuts for Medicare, it's scary it is they who are? We are fighting for average every Americans, who are working hard out there and their problems are fighting for people like Donald Trump
old elderly, ass, all the rash elderly ass. We even within our own interests. We have also fighting for the working class elderly assholes. When we come back, we will of democratic candidate for the forty nine district, MIKE Levin POD, save America's Brody. You by simply suffer simply say: here's why I'm a big fan of simply say from identity is ready for anything that gets thrown at it. Oh yeah, if a storm take your power simply safe, is ready on entry cut your phone line, it is ready, go say they destroyed keep out or siren simpler get you you the help you need know, hate hate, safe, who burglars
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Thank you for for being here? First question: before you are running for office. You worked as an environmental lawyer. environmentalism is not the sexiest topic, but it is its vitally important. So how do you as a candidate conveyed? people that the environment is important. How do you can you make people care about the environment? Will I think most people care that we have an environmental protection agency that actually believes in environmental protection against one, and you know the district that I'm running. It's got South Orange County and Nord San Diego County, fifty two miles of coastline and but he cares about the beach, everybody cares about getting the nuclear waste off the coasted, Santa no fray, and you know Whether we have clean air clean water, it shouldn't be a partisan thing. Everybody remembers that when the EPA was for, Richard Nixon was the President when California, its waiver under the federal clean Iraq. Ronald Reagan was governor
and then somewhere along the way we allowed the coke brothers in some of the other big oil companies to base we hijack the Republican Party, this approach to environmental policy I know that in my district there are plenty of people of all political persuasions. They just- clean air, clean water and in growing up in southern California? There were the smog alert where you can go outside during recess because of the air quality and I'm not going back there, my wife and I we have a six year old in a four year old and I'll, be darned. If we go back, those days in southern California, where kids can't play out, because of smog. And we know in california- and Republicans know they just don't owe admit that you can have environmental protection and grow the economy with the clean energy jobs of the future, that things are not mutually exclusive, so you are you're running a traditionally long time republican districts in Orange County. I think
a lot of Democrats or some Democrats. If they are running in that district, would maybe you know consultants would tell run to the centre moderate, your views, you're running on Medicare for all fifteen dollar minimum wage, very progressive platform. How do you know? How do you, how are you convincing in persuading voters that that's that way to go and what kind of reception it again you ve gotta stand for something John. What good is running unless you stand for something in you know my wife and I after front, was elected. We said what good is any of it. You know what good is our education or background or experience are relationships all the things that we ve done. Unless we do something for our country right now, and, as I mentioned, we have a six year old and are in a four year old little boys. Girl, and we tell them some very simple things. We say: don't bully, we say tell the truth, say, treat everybody with respect and dignity and in your six year old now actually as homework. If you can believe that we say Reed and be prepared,
and do your homework. So if we can expect out of our six year old and out of our four year old shouldn't, we be able to expect it out of our president. Should we be able to expect it out of our members of Congress basic decency? One would think that there will be a six year old, absolutely, we don't we don't let him listen to our policy of America, we're sorry but more years and then we'll let em list road do offensive version. so California is a place where a lot of districts could be foot tell. Domestic? Are you moving forward and once you get the Congress, what do you want to do what I used to run the Democratic Party in Orange County, and so I care more about these other races, probably than I should, but I can tell you, we ve got incredible candidates running.
When you meet Harley Ruta who's running against Dana Robot, you just saw or gills Snaros or Katie Hill who's running against Steve Knight, Katie Porter running against Mimi Walters. These are incredibly good candidates, and I know that if we work hard and outward the other side we're gonna win multiple districts. I hope we went for five of these. Districts, maybe more for my race in particular. Things look good right now we're doing very well, and I would say that ours is low hanging fruit out there, The other day I was asked by one of the reporters. What's your margin of victory going to be, and I said, there's no way, I'm going to tell you what a margin is victory. Victory is going to be. The only thing I will predict is that here in November six, we will outwork the other side. We will knock on every door. We will make every call, leave no stone unturned and so for your listeners, if they to involved. I would encourage them to come out to California come out to knock on some doors. I can offer an ocean view. I can offer beauty
beaches and are. We would love to have them over the next two eight weeks, so do you think fifty one percent of new technology, So your theory, ten years old, the average age in the house and the Senate is much older than that. there's a lot of young first time. Candidates running. How do you think Congress will be different? if there's a lot more younger candidates from from your, generation that go to Congress. Well, I To tell you- and you know this, because you've been studying some of the races across the country. We we've got an extraordinary group of young candidates that are running all across the country, my friend, while has something called the future forum? You can give Ericsson Macleod yes and a future for- and they just announced the the forty candidates under forty years old now, I'm gonna be forty and like a month, so I'm an enjoy there's a seminal. Last month
I am so incredibly excited about the future of our party. I know that if we stand for a bold progressive If we actually fight for basic decency and civility again by the way great to have your old boss, Barack Obama in Orange County past weekend, and wasn't it nice when we had a president who actually acted with stability and decency and integrity and honesty? I think I think we're we're long past due for that kind of behavior, but I know that the Democratic Party has a brighter future ahead. we're in the wilderness, as you like to say, right now, and we're gonna see our way out of it. It's gonna come on November, sixth, and I know that if we do everything that we can do between now and then that if we wake up on November. Seventh, with no regrets we're gonna be just fine. Now I remember two years ago- and I imagine the millions People that listen to the pod they remember two years ago and for personally, I was very active and Hilary campaign, and I that I could have gone to risk
sooner Michigan or Florida North Carolina to knock on some doors make some calls. You know I don't a whole lot in my life. But I regret that I didn't do more, because I thought we had it in the bag. So what can tell you is that we absolutely cannot do that again and I might not be Will they go to Wisconsin Michigan, but I can go to Vista. I can go to Oceanside Ensign Eaters and Carlsbad and I think, all of us candidates we are sick of it. stuff going on to Washington DC and we're going to do everything we can to take it back great MIKE Levin. Thank you. So much for joining Camerica pot, Ame America is brought you by movement watches. You guys have heard me talk about movement to up about your watch. There's two fucking college dropouts started their own watch company. You know what I think about calling the call drop outs. Again again. This comes
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I don't know what you ve got to lose. Ok, brain all right, listen Molly, who just said he's just tried to build me. Three hundred dollars for L, sat prep prep that Molly Mcqueen It is a molly I dont know because I made you want to be a lawyer. I don't hate For me are but I want you know that if you become a lawyer, I sat on me It's not you. We didn't tell you to become a lawyer yeah, do whatever your heart desires. If it's be a lawyer, I support you but it'll help. Much well help put you through podcast school yeah. Here, yeah get a mic. You graduated, now tell us your opinions, you say them confidently no other is the uninformed double Kesha, the cash ever not using other payment. Has anyone ever back it you're. Like me, the only time you want to talk to strangers is when you called dominoes, because they forgot the kicker sauce you can tickers where's the hoping point
there was a real but sometimes heroes need to make sacrifices and right now Uncle SAM. Is calling and real patriots once, and that should avoid spell because in terms are just eight weeks away, and if you want to save this country, you need to get out of your comfort zone and talk to some strangers, and we thought we'd highlight some of the science behind. Why, in a game, we're calling? Yes, we canvas. Would anyone out there like to play the game? Travis is over there he's going somebody, hi. What's your name, my name's Michelle shall. I from Michel I from Alisa Vho in the forty eight. Oh really right. Do you have a plan to vote? I absolutely have a plan. And have you signed up at vote, save America COM. I have
I asked you correct answer so far under question number one. According to a comprehensive mega analysis of fifty one election experiments, what is the single best way to turn out voters? Is it a open up twitter to This is not normal and then wait for those sweet retreats region. it's to start rolling in like a mighty stream or is it be? the door canvassing involving face to face interactions with real live, registered. Voters or is it see arrange a meeting between russian operative and eighty eight children of your favorite candidate stay with me here then you say: meanings criminal, legal quid pro quo, in which your candidate receives a legal help in exchange for favourable policies. If he or she wins or as a day
every day between now and the election wearing, sweatpants it'd, say hashtag resist on the butt which he embarrassed bought from Jill Stein when she fundraised all that money for a recount that never happened. What do you think I am going to go out on a limb and say b, you got it and we still want to know what happened to that Jill sign money, but that's a different game. Question number two and you should know if you have a conversation with a voter in a household that voter will help turn out the other people in his or her house. It's like an std, but you're spend a model question number two Michelle that was a that was a vulgar thing. Sorry question two phone banks are another important way to influence voters, opinions and get people to the poles, but it takes violent. here's to make those phone calls when campaigns We have enough volunteers. What you campaigns have to use instead is a mailers. Old, AOL Cds,
but instead of connecting you to your favorite chat rooms, this cd rom plays an audio message explaining the exciting nuances of tax policy. Also roller coaster. Tycoon is on there too, just for fun hold on There was a debate about this applaud. If you know a roller coaster, or is it be a large of carrier pigeons but like the real cities? Second tier carrier pigeons, because the Cook brothers have already booked up the good ones months in advance. So that could be what it campaigns don't have. Volunteers is at sea Robo. Which study after study of proven, have no statically significant effect on voter turnout and even in their best scenario, only turn out around one vote for every nine hundred calls yeah or is it d a chain letter where, if you dont for the alleged information to ten other people, your love life will be curse. For ever in a racist, old troll and a red hot will run America for a decade. When you think Michel, I think it's.
that's true the Robo calls they don't work. The only reason campaigns rely on Robo calls is that volunteers are hard to come by and often flake Robo calls are twenty five times less effective than a person making those calls which ex far fewer tries to turn out a voter question. Three, which are the voting, is not a scientifically proven messaging tactic for canvassing and calling it a asking people if there to vote and have a plan for voting. This is called the self prophecy effect When you ask someone, if they're going to do something that they already think they should do, they become more likely to do it and when you about a plan. They feel obligated to follow through on a plan or is it be social reminding people that everyone they know will be voting can make people feel like. They also need to vote for social reasons. Social pressure may have something to do with the fact that turnout is high when people think turnout will be high and if they think going to be low, they're less likely to vote, or is it c people likely to vote if they see it as a virtue of their character. Not just the thing you do this. Why banks colors often asked say things like how,
porn. Is it for you to be a voter in the upcoming election as opposed to how important is it to you to vote in the upcoming elections or Is it d using the word civic duty over and over again until the potential it is reminded of the terrifying civics test they took in tenth grade where they could remember the number of Supreme Court Justices and it tanked her whole GPA for the semester. Let's ultimately was the reason they couldn't get in a Cornell and their father made it clear just how important Cornell was the family name and now that's over forever, because you don't put in the work Daniel, you just don't put in the work. What do you think Michelle? Which one is not a fact about? Canvasing? I think it's d yeah, you got it! You got it, you got it final question: why she, You bother volunteering when you already donated all that money, so they could run tv ads. Twenty four seven in their district is a day because, because very little evidence the tv s work and even when they do it's only in the last few days of a campaign, and
political scientists and podcast hopes have argued that if you had only remained a popular tactic because they may campaign consultancy, shit ton of money or is it be. because you know how much fucking time you waste every weekend, branch of eleven drinks at nine. What happened between noon and eight? Did you do those errands? You promise yourself, you do because you are too tired after work. Now you turned on that british baking show and watched for episode, and now you know what hot water crust is where you haven't done anything for yourself, your community or your country, or is it city because someone else isn't going to do it. There's no one else. There's you and you can tell yourself you care that you're upset by what's happening in this country. But if your shoes don't touch the fucking ground, you don't mean a goddamn thing. the day because it may not be likely, but maybe just maybe the door. You knock on watch us deliver a vote, but the first after a love story you and the person behind that door, we'll tell your grandson Barak and your granddaughter bra.
What do you think Michelle? Those all sound? Like very good reasons to canvas? I got all the above Michelle, you got it and you've won some sort of a gift which is a parachute gift card, guys give it up for Michelle. So look. We only have eight weeks into the election. That means only eight weekends. For you to make a difference in stop Trump at his track, they are volunteer events happening every weekend in every swing district in America, so had to vote, save America COM or contact your local campaign to get started. There's not a lot of time left, be a canvas or be a volunteer, be a fucking hero to your grandchildren. Who will know that you did everything you could to stop Donald Trump from destroying America and that's a
Thank you. I gotta get out there like love and become the next time you guys.
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