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Trump cuts his first-ever deal as President with the Democrats on Harvey relief and the debt ceiling, and makes Republicans on the Hill very sad. Then, Senator Dick Durbin joins Jon and Dan to talk about passing the DREAM Act and the rest of Congress's busy fall agenda.

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Their dialogue Porsche going to blow over night comes let's crooked, that's blue aproned outcomes. Let's forget its the best meals for Jack, Sally Ann Porsche. Mary Mary, ever blue apron is a better way to lose. Jobs is not case welcomes the pod, save America, I'm John Ferreira on Dan Pfeiffer. Pod today we have the number two Democrat in the Senate: Illinois Senator Dick Durban, also Dan. I am recording right now from the right and new long awaited crooked media podcast studio right here and crooked media headquarters. Congratulations. You have hit the big time
We we want this company in January is September and we have a studio. The only that part of this is the producer reworked with at CBS News, radio bill. Nesbitt is incredible. We love bill, so we will miss Bell. Hopefully, once an oil had backed CBS and do a shower too there, but I want to give a shudder to him because he has been outstanding, but yes, on Alvin Naumann, Kirk Media Studio, so you know- and he turned his breaking we can run in here in record emergency pause, which is also great you're, making a real progress there that you're not gonna want to cape now I know I know ok! So what are we talking about today? Probably the congressional clusterfuck of a fall that we're heading towards once again. Yesterday, you sent me an outline very early in the morning, which meant that you jinx everything but not, not in the normal way the northern avoid use it using the outline in you said, Trump Skinner appear in North Dakota
today, and he could do something crazy there. The changes all this You were right about him. Do something crazy wrong about where it happened when he asked we did, it was crazy, was make a deal with chucks, rumour and Nancy policy. That's faked, here, shimmer to you, the heat, the less. Let's start with that, so yesterday, Donald Trump pants, Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell in the oval office. Oh Paul, Rhino had a bad day as thank you. Thank you we'll get to lose jobs or go to reduce ok, so I think we should give it
some background on what happened, because I've seen a lot of confusion about this deal from people who don't follow: the machinations of Congress and debt ceilings in government funding, fights and all that bullshit. Why would you so here's the background on everything that happened? So there are three huge things they Congress has to do by the end of September is actually a ton of different things, but the three biggest, I would say, are one pass relief wondering for Hurricane Harvey. By the way we have harking Irma headed towards Florida, so we are keeping everyone there in our thoughts and and prayers, and hopefully will you know hasn't, has instead
forty apple has struck some of the islands in the Caribbean. Very very scary, scary storms will be watching that over the next couple days, but anyway, so number one Congress buster Pass relief for funding for a harking. Harvey number to Congress is to fund the federal government to avoid a shut down. Number three cars is to raise the debt sailing which paying the bills that Congress has already wrapped up so that America doesn't default on its debt and cause a global economic catastrophe. Again the dead ceiling is sorted. This made up shit Congress put into practice somewhere along the line where all it does is say too Congress. You are now legally allowed to go. Pay the bills that you already all
de incurred has nothing to do with actually adding more debt to you know too at all. So, even though Republicans control both houses of Congress, all three of these things really funding federal government funding and raising the debt sailing require democratic votes both because you need sixty votes in the Senate. To do these things, and because the crazy caucus in the House, the Freedom caucus, will not vote to fund the government or raise the debts healing without like insane cuts to Medicaid and education and health care and all the rest of it. So basically, Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell need democratic votes to ass these measures so for a while they were like what the fuck are. We gonna do
how we gonna get this done, and then Hurricane Harvey Funding actually presented them with an opportunity there. So the solution was to tie the debt sailing increase to Hurricane Harvey Funding, figuring that even their own crazy caucus. I and the Democrats will not vote against Harvey Fun being the Democrats will attach a bunch of demands to it. If you tie everything up in the hurricane relief package, it's gonna be easier politically to pass this and while they read it, they figured you know what why don't we raise the dead ceiling high enough so that we will? to raise it again until after the twenty eighteen elections, the Democrats won't be able to attach any demands to it. So we'll just get this out of the way. So This is right and Mcconnell plan, Still some of the conservatives in their carcasses. Freedom caucus complained about this plan because
their annoyed that they have to raise the dead zone with any corresponding cuts, which is their big. There big deal there big ask so there was some complaints about it. So, Yesterday morning, Nancy plus the trucks rumours see some of the complaints on the right wing, their Caracas and say. Ok, we have a plan where, and will raise the debt ceiling, but were only going to increase it and found the government for three months not until after waiting Election Dan. What was the thinking behind that move their further from the damage for the Democrats are widening its entire that segment, while I think We don't know yet and I'm interested to talk to Senator Durban about it, but I'm sure the Democrats would like the Republicans who have the majority for election to be forced to vote for the debt ceiling multiple times between now and the election in. Second, it is an opportunity to force votes.
Other things or tie other things to it, because the debts healing essentially becomes em. You know what you'd call must pass vehicle so, which is why they wanted to put Harvey funding on it, which is that will get it through if this house a debt ceiling, because we don't wanna theoretically crash global economy, but I want to say a couple of other things about the debt ceiling. Please do in Europe, very well done very detailed explanation of this. You made it. So we don't. You said is the Freedom caucus who wants cuts, and that is that is but it's important member than that, was the position of the entire republican party. Yes, it when they took power in twenty tat, even though they all, even though people like Paul Ryan, are theoretically smart enough to know better than they wanted to. They demanded commensurate cuts. You needed to raise it gets. You can buy a trillion dollars. You had to cut a trillion dollars from government, which is that a thing you can actually do if you want. I have an army in social security and things like
and that was their position all the way through. Twenty eleven, and so when we were in the White House, we we in twenty eleven negotiation with them, which was they wanted all these cuts we wanted, you're, ok, so we negotiated- and we came up with this, but the set of cuts that word were closer to Obama's opening bid, then their humbug opening bid, but not things we would have done ideally, and that was very painful process and we almost critical. What kind of aid the United States lost its debts credit its AAA credit rating is a part of that stocks are a huge hit, wiping out Billions of that trillions of dollars in overall wealth and broke a bomb had a principle for that, but she would never negotiate on the debt ceiling again right and that it would just give Congo be up the Congress to do it and so here we are now in this new phase for the Democrats and Republicans are in charge.
Their job to do it with rock of almost Africa's John Vainer had TAT what was in charge of that problem charge of the house, and they were refusing to do anything else. It was basically you know stand off in this case. This is Donald Trump is the President states? His party is in charge of government and. Yet he still needs Democrats. Do it not just beyond the eight democratic in the Senate, to avoid filibuster. You need the majority of Democrats to vote for this, to get it through the house most likely right
and again, some are you listening right now might say I dont get it. Why do you need this debt ceiling thing? If it's all its new job? Communist regime is still critical, invention entirely the government, the entire government could function without it. It is not an ideological need. It is not a need for functioning government. It is just a made up, bullshit thing that could cause economic global catastrophe. Great ok, so, in response to Nancy and trucks proposal, Paul Ryan, goes ballistic and accuse them of playing politics with a debt ceiling, which is whole areas because here's Paul Ryan in December of twenty thirteen, and I quote: we are going to meet and discuss. It is. We want to get out of the debt limit. We certainly don't want nothing out of this that limit so Paul Ryan, whose play politics, with a dead ceiling for a living for most of the time
period between when Obama became president and when Trump did now suddenly was upset about playing politics with really amazing, behind from Paul Ryan Dan, I dont know how closely you you listen to the crooked media podcast this without Paul Ryan is not particularly principled individual. He might be full of shit this, maybe another piece of evidence of that so he does his whole. How could they play politics with those Bob Bob lie when I can accept that deal? That's crazy! Fine! So now with all this background. All our heroes had to the oval office. Yesterday, humor policy, Ryan Mcconnell they meet with Trump, Ryan and Mcconnell say: ok, we're proposing an eighteen month. Debt ceiling increase tie,
with Hurricane Harvey Relief and will find the governments, what do you think and Menuhin seep nuke in the Treasury secretary trumps Treasury Secretary also says yes, this is a good idea. This is important for markets. We don't want to short term deal great blah, blah blah blah blah Schuman policy say no. We're not doing eighteen months, and so the Republicans Erika habit. Six months democrats, they know about three months and Donald Trump says deal. Shocking, Paul, Ryan and Mitch, who could bear They contain their anger. At that moment, vodka trump walks into the oval office. The conversation is derailed, because Trump can only pay attention to something for a couple seconds and then That is the ball game signal for money.
Why do you think? Why do you think trumpeted this? Let's start their peak crises dumb ass? Well, Why is it that answer he just paid sticker price for his car? That's what it's it's because the here's the funny thing about it is a wonder the idea, is when tromp became president wise. You know he's not me Some fears. Among you know it's dabbling. Conservatives is trumps now, really a conservative. You may even really be a republic, he may be playing a racist republican on television and he doesn't have doctrinaire conservative views on things like some government spending or entitlements or whatever else in the fear was. He would come and he likes to build things, so he would come to an agreement with you know with the Democrats That's on a democratic priority. They would be in a good politics for him.
And would upset conservatives. That is not what happened here. He took the worst. He had three. There were three on the table in he readily agreed to the worst steel. By far here the long if your president, but you want the long. That ceiling possible repressing reminded us. It would go away forever, but eighteen month, the office after the mid terms, six months is twice as good as three months, and he just took three months. Just cause so mean I thought about this a lot and I realize a general rule of thumb is you're not supposed to think for more than five to ten seconds about trumps motivations, because most of the motivations are driven by narcissistic impulses to get good press coverage appease year. Fox and friends hosts or shine handed IE or like
whatever the last newscast. You saw that day and then you disorder move on and that's that's. Our trump operates right. So I dont want to delve too deeply into trumped psyche here. But two they devils advocate- and I actually saw our friend bright Boiler- was treating about this to like play it the other way around. What could trump have got from chalk and Nancy? What more could he have got like? Let's a they said. No, no. We want. We want three months or else were not providing democratic votes, which you need. What if then Trump said? Well, ok, I'm going to go ahead and tell Michon Paul to put a six month or twelve month that ceiling, Greece on the floor of the Senate and the house, and you now you Democrats are going to have to sit there and say you are going to vote against
Hurricane Harvey Relief and you are also going to vote against preventing economic catastrophe by not raising the debt sailing and you go see how that works. For you guys yeah, that's what he should it. Rapid agree to its like. So patently obvious, then what a truck and Nancy do at that point. They they basically bluffed yet there for their position a blocking hurricane relief and not lifting the debt ceiling and what would probably happen in the long run. Is there then be some negotiation and you would get something in between the two position right, I've been wise in Durban this, but I dont that he considers you, birds, head and leader Pelosi went in thinking there, actually gonna get. I think I was just there starting Bobby aid, so her skirt, the creatures like walked out they like Great six model is probably fine. I think
report. Imagine the Democrats who beat the crap out of Republicans over the debt ceiling. Republican opposition is sandy funding and remember centres humorous from New York, where Sandy hit we're gonna be in a position that they could at the end of that, if there was a call their bluff and they have been very hard to stop that they'll run I think that's right, because what will the other the other thing that they would have had to bet on, or I guess they would have had to say, look look. You can put this on the floor, but if you don't get republican votes to pass this, if, if this measure fails because not only the Democrats vote again, it, but you couldn't even get some of your own report. You guys control a majority in the house that a majority in the Senate. Why couldn't you find the votes? You couldn't even find them in the house to pass this thing, then it looks like it's Republicans who fail to do this, not Democrats right the. What would the Senate, which are sick in just wait. There is enlightened. Josie are appalling,
and you pass an eighteen month dead sailing increase in you pass harking Harvey relief out of your house with your majority. Let's see it and Paul Ryan. Probably I don't know, I don't know if he could have gotten madame because of the freedom he probably he could not. He is also very weak, so it's unlikely can have got into put, but that that suggest that basically humor and policy had all the leverage anyway full time in the meeting and of course they were going to get there three months. They did have to leverage up until you attach it to Harvey, and I think the Harvey part makes it very hard if it's just a straight debt ceiling
rats in easy one you're in charge. You do it when it, when Democrats are being forced to vote vote against hurricane relief. That is hard, and I think a lot of Democrats would not do it over. What is the debt ceiling is important if it doesn't get lifted by its her. You know Joe is just it's. This is basically a piece of political manoeuvring to make them vote for it again, so you also have leverage on the larger government funding bill in December right. So I think it didn't like our Democrats truly gonna vote against perking Harvey relief over three four six months budget ceiling. I think that's a hard thing: if it was the dock, a bill, the dream, the dream act on their there might be a different thing where you had added a stronger, more strongly held principle to adhere to write my theory on what happened here is up until fifteen minutes before that meeting trumpet hurt if the debts
but had no idea what it was and what happens if you didn't lift it and I think they briefed and beforehand and Steve Menuhin did what Secretary Gardner or Secretary Lou did for us and went through the horrors of what happens if it doesn't get lifted They scare trumpets or heat. He took the there's, no question Democratic deals, the path of the least risky path in the short term. It's like great Democrats for this. We need Democrats done take it, and so I think he might have acted out of fear and look it. It's scary proposition. I mean I've said this before, but I do know TIM guided sat me down when I had to write a speech in the event of a potential default on our debt when we were, you know dealing with
ceiling brinkmanship, brinkmanship in the above and ministries in and writing that speech about what happens after default or even when the rest of the world thinks you're about to default. The catastrophe in the markets, the people who don't get paid, the benefits that don't go out, the checks dunkel out, I mean it's pretty frightening stuff. It's it's much for everyone. It's much worse than a government shut down a government shut down, you don't want you want to avoid its bad it. It's a self inflicted wound, you know breaching the debt ceiling is just horrendous. Another that happens in the meeting is Trump also calls for scrapping the dead ceiling. All together, which I agree with Donald Trump. There you go great idea, Donald Trump and Democrats, trying to get rid of the dead sailing for a long time and ten April, as he was like sure, yeah. Let's do it and of course parents had known- and I want to do that, because I want to continue playing politics with the dead ceiling well into the future. I would say
pop parents when parents exploration this is he wanted to keep the power of the purse? The debt ceiling, not the power of the purse. The power of the purse is, when you appropriate money for government funding, which they already did all the debts really. Does it say you can pay the bills you ve already incurred and so that there is bullshit that is bullshit argument and probably in his when he's home alone, doing p. Ninety acts genuine acting at a statue Van Rand Paul Ryan knows this is bullshit, but he is the leader of a large group of morons and the head. It just there's no other way to put it the republic. Is there a good portion, not all of them there? We can further problem caucus run, provoking carcass in the house into two groups. People who are too dumb to know what the debts healing actually does and people who,
with the debts you Ngos but feel like they have to pretend like there dumb and I do not know what does the government of the day be accepted in the end, they can be accepted in their public, a party of twenty seventeen, They are either you are either to dumb or too scared as a republican member of house. That's that's that's one of the two options, so I did you know you say I want asked urban about. This is well some activists, Luis Gutierrez in Congress as well. As you know, we dream in some other actors on the left are actually upset about this deal that Schuman plus you strike because they said they should have said. We want a vote on the dream acts attached to this deal. And so they are upset. They think that the police in tumor caved. What do you think about that? I just wanna know more I'd still vague shimmering, plus he probably had three or four moves left in their game plan, and they still, though, relentlessly cynical jumped down from took this
because I can see a world where there like problems, eighteen months. Democrats want three roads, they will take. Sack Democrats was a great will, take six, would give us the dream act and then trumped just took the three months, and so they, but they lived find another day when we can replay this whole thing out in December year that bad yes, that that's my photos like if, in three months they dont demand the dream act, the next time we do this, then we can criticise the more we want, but it seems to me as if what they did is, let's attach the dream act to something that doesn't have hurricane relief on it, because that's gonna be politically easier to do than attaching the dream act to a Harvey relief package. It's to me that seems like but that's why they did this. So Republicans were not too happy about the steel MIKE Simpson of Ohio, Idaho Republican in the house, a stream of debts healing Why not do a daily he's? The best deal maker, don't you know, I mean he's, got a book out about it.
Another, neither see republican aid told Jonathan Swan? The Democrats have bluff their way into total victory. At another job. He aid said the president just handed a loaded gun to Nancy Policy and Chuck humor. So the reply, gains on the hill or not too happy about it? Also, so what them reaction. The mega media bright part has a picture of trump pollution plus in shimmered together in its has welcomed the swamp but at least at least one member of the republican media. Lou Dobbs is with Trump still on the steel if you have a watch Lou Dobbs, is crazy. Video government video from last night, where he the use of this whole thing is an opportunity to attack Paul Ryan quits, like We don't love Paul Ryan here, but it certainly not polarize followed pouring fought against this deal. This is Donald Trump still, so he
called him Ryan Rhino which, as you pointed out, is a mistake because he should have just gone with Paul Rhino there. I think there's both there there's something bigger lessons: orthe our thoughts to take from over that how this has put out the last twenty four hours, but his first in that Lou Dobbs, is so ridiculous. It he's on Jade Fox, the Heath I'd like on fox business. It's how he is they like. You are a blow hard. You she'll tromp you use in a racist, dad, misogynistic code, words and language, but you're. Just not talent enough to make Fox are working. Jesse Waters on Fox in the movement of said. That's it! four Lou Dobbs. Maybe that's why he so angry, not good for Paul Rhino quite a bad day, but the misadventures of Paul Rhino that was yesterday that support
upset. I know some of the other thoughts about this are letting it says a lot about sort of the ideological vacuum within the Republican Party, because the debt like using the debt ceiling as some mechanism is not an ideological principle. It's not something the Reagan you know said of the nineteen eighty four convention or came from the writings of volume of Buckley. It's just low grade legislative thuggery and that's been taken from them, and so it is in that like there's a world where Trump cut some deal too, I guess I do interest sure wish humor or you re enough. You ever consumer by raising taxes on a wealthy people, something that would violate what our fears equally long held clinical gets a reference was that's. Why not what this is. This is just a big this, the Republicans,
all over a lead slave strategic maneuver, that Trump did in there the wrong way, but I think it also the responsive Media should scared the shit out of Ryan Mcconnell. Right, because Trump screwed up here absolutely screwed up, looks like a moron doing a deal with. Shimmering policy is The only way he could have done they would have theoretically upset the bit the rope. Trot. Media more will be doing it. The old Hillary Clinton ends and broke Obama and so with gene. Are the two bow. He people that they use and response is, for the most part to support tromp, and so each issue but limited leverage, the other Republicans have overdrawn yeah. I mean washing imposed as a story that Mark meadows headed the Freedom Caucus and Steve Bannon yesterday were talking about how to replace Paul Ryan as speaker. This deal happens. Trump cuts this deal and made
about Lou, Dobbs Yelling, about Paul Rhino, and these guys are talking about how to replace him. As speaker, we're tells everything needs to know by have fucked up their carcasses. Fucked up their Paul. Can we can we just diverge a second to talk about the wine as Asian of Steve, bandit and bright Barton Do you know why sixty men are report on day to day and on bright parts best day? It is exponential, less influential in per capita I mean it's not like I'm half kidding, but not really. It's it's. A fucking website does run out of some. Do house and like it or not, that many, not as many as you would think we're not sure how many amateur then engagements Riven by Russian Botz and looked so what see Van and ends Mark meadows met, who cares and they met at the current one bright Bart embassy, which is why bright bar calls their headquarters
is a row house on Capitol Hill. Because they say it's the they ambassador is from real America that row house was purchased by Multi millionaire former Goldens Commons ACT, executive, stiff men in Hollywood elite see, then it's a fucking with adults, but why would I must be valid in in a twenty four hour period. I have agreed with Donald Trump Anti that in what else? It's? U Bonanza Steve and was asked on the sea by a trolley rose on the sixty minutes interview that during on Sunday about Erika any said, Jerry Countries resign, his in his reason was either you support the president and stay or you If you ve ourselves about the present at that, you feel compelled to tell every reporter who will ask that you're upset. Then you should resign northern jarring about that. If that makes a lot of sense hobo yesterday we should breaking news.
Today. That's Gary corn is now not going to get the seat on the FED that he was looking for FED chair, and that is because he was very upset that the present I had states refused to condemn. Neo Nazis in white supremacist so so upset that he got up and went to work for that very same president, the next day, because he wanted the venture, You wanted to be fed chair, and so he decided to keep working for the white supremacist sympathisers, and now he doesn't get it so there you go as loved tweeted yesterday for playing Gary enjoy the stake knives now he sort of stock for awhile, because right he will look even worse, if he leaves in the wake of not getting the job, they were so obviously staying forbidden, wonderment he was staying for, and that makes me happy because Gary Codes Pain
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The new the new bipartisan trump that deal maker number one not only was a stupid deal in the short term. It was all like it's kind of dumb, I think, maybe in the long term too piss, off Rhine and Mcconnell of war, essentially trumps jurors in his impeachment trial down the road like if Bob Mahler comes knocking and makes them Peter recommendation at some point down. The road trump drop, the best friends Trump needs to have our Mitch Mcconnell and Paul Ryan right. Yes, I think that's true, I would say thanks, but that wine Paul Ryan, is a moral coward, so measurer millionaire he'll be therefore he'll, be there for Tom. He will be here as they will be. The last soldier on the island, shrunken every day from Mount. The impeachment trial he'd still probably save him yet, but if I was trapped and
in my goal was to get make it through my first term without getting impeached lol- thing I would do is pass tax reform year as long as tax reform is out there. That's true. He has Paul Ryan emotions republics in the pocket. As long as you, dangle the idea that we can cut taxes for rich people and make poor people pay for it. They will not hold them accountable for anything once that's done, that's it. They have that's all they care about and then all bets are off. Oh that's right! That's very good point So the second thing is like. We are now in for three or four days of fucking. Think pieces about the new by partisan, tromp work and with the Democrats will be on the Sunday shows, Thousands of words will be written about this at all, gonna say like: let's wait, I don't know for five days before
our dragging out their Ronald Reagan. Tipp O Neill Fairytale bullshit, because we know Donald Trump. We know he turns on a dime, something's gonna pick him up. He's gonna go back to yelling at everyone on Twitter. Like I, just let's just slipped its pump, the brakes media, on the new by partisan trump thing. This is not by part of the main text in this by partisan, since the Republicans Democrats are involved, but if too, chimpanzees and walked in the oval office, muslins, rather an act that said three month, debt killing deal. He would agree with that. This, like he, was looking for late, there's no long game here metropolis like I do this with Chuck and Nancy. Maybe they'll be more friendly on tax reform and then maybe we do infrastructure, it's just he just acted too a shiny object and that's just happily. The Democrats are holding up the shiny outraged at the time you are removed.
Like we have some of his men from office as soon as humanly possible, but in the meantime like, we should also do everything we can to limit the damage causes and if his own narcissistic impulses led him to accidently. Do that and help us with that then great, but it's not something we can ever count on you know, why should be established for by partisanship hasn't knows no bounds. Never it'll never go away everybody was a partnership is good. Here we should have its river. Its real does emphasis that will tiny deal? It's kids kicks the whole thing to three months. We're gonna be talking about this again in December and then we'll have to do likewise chip is compromise were once I gives the other side. What they, why, like there's not trumped, did not give in to some poor progressive agenda item in exchange for our kids.
Burbage at item he has agreed to have a vote three months sooner. He was already can have about. That's right, lose sight of that. So let's talk about Dhaka because that's obviously one of the big issues We know we want or resolve over the next couple months, particularly when we get this vote again in December, so the other weird thing over last couple days is that Trump has basically said. Oh, I told Chuck and Nancy I want to do a deal on this. He tweeted the day that Dhaka was rescinded by sessions that if, if you'll revisit this issue, if Congress doesn't, act this morning, apparently on the advice of on the request of Nancy policy. He tweeted A dreamer shouldn't worry in the next six months.
Said no action, which is also confusing because it sounds like he's telling them they don't have to take action which they certainly do. If you re Dreamer, and if you are a young american whose undocumented in this country you should apply within these, you have to apply within these six months to renew your work permit for the next two years and you can apply within the next six months. If you already have one so you know, everyone should know that trumps treat with little confusing but anyway. So what do we think? What do you think he's doing this for didn't? You just saw the awful coverage both from Republican, then Democrats in media, about how bad this decision was, and he wants to do something about it. What what's goin on their eyes are going to assume that per usual he's reacting to something he saw ominous right without much thought. And I don't believe he's ever met a dreamer. I think he probably would cross the street as opposed to speaking to a dreamer, but I'm sure he did not like the
headlines he saw challenged his warped self image of himself, and so he reacted to it and if the coverage was, he was too soft on dreamers than he would bring responded the other way. I do not. I never bought the story. That about Syria that a showed him these photos of young children and that motivated him to act at annulled by the theory now that he He is so moved by the stories of these dreamers that he feels that he was forced into this position because of his deep understanding and reverence for constitutional law that he had to make this move, but he desperately wants to fix it.
Just reacting to pieces, stimuli and the environment without much thought. That's that's probably right. So what else so it seems like we should prioritize a measure that protects the dreamers over the next three months. What else does Congress have to get done, or what else do we wanted to get done now that the decks have been cleared on Harvey relieved? At ceiling and government funding for three months there's a bunch of other things that are critical, mean wine. There is obviously a possibility. They're gonna have there's gonna be. This is not the Harvey package. Those can have to be much more money for Harvey and of her, Irma that you mentioned earlier continues on the path in which we fear it. May then there's a minnow. There may be it in for
the possibility that we have to do even doing an aid package for Florida in Georgia and North Carolina and the other states that are authorized visitor. You know at least on the possible track over the next week here, but also so we have to fund the government. We have two lifted at ceiling. We have to do. Hurricane relate there, the F a bill expires, and so we have to re authorize air traffic controllers, which seems important like pretty critical, I say this to a man with a fear lawyer for particularly important, had had issue from a beast. The state children's health insurance programme expires at the end a month. We have to do that and in the seems like it may be particularly relevant it. This exact moment time. The national Insurance programme also expires in every month today a is what September seventh certificate. With and weeks adds others a shock that
and no discussion is how they can get these other things done, and so that should be very concerning two people with children and people No discussion is. How can I get these other things done, and so that should be very concerning two people with children and people care about healthcare, people, the path of floods or people who like to avoid having Lou, like their planes, take off and land in the right places, and also yesterday there was a bipartisan hearing on how to stabilize Obama care and to strengthen Obama care, and so I think, some sort of fixed that stabilizes the health insurance markets would also be welcome in these next couple months, due to say the least, and to make sure that Trump makes these payments. These cosh airing reduction payments to insurance companies, which would keep
the insurance markets functioning for the people who have healthcare through Obamacare. So I mean there is a long list of demands. The Democrats should force Republicans to act on if they want to keep. You know my my view on this whole thing is playing politics on the debt ceiling and using the dead ceiling as hostage is. You know? I don't like that, because that could cause some real, serious scary damage, but in terms of like keeping the government opening government funding yeah, I think they should make. Demands for that for sure. I also think it's. I think it's worth understanding the difference between what the Republicans tried to do during the Obama years and why the Democrats are doing here, the Republicans controlled Congress. They control the house or objectives they were not. They are the ones responsible for bringing the bill up and they were refusing to do that. They would, unless the bill
met some set of demands, including at one time saying they work going to lift it s even without repealing Obamacare and in this case, Republicans aren't charge. They bring the bill up there. Unable to muster their people enough people to do. And so they need Nancy policies votes today, and so she has every right because of us. Oh you're, on the part of the Republicans too, for something that I can. I know I do not think they should like they have leveraging, they should use their leverage to push for progressive priorities. That is different than one branch of government. Going to the other branch of government and saying we will Story, the economy. Why should give me what you want? This is an internal congressional dispute and if republic, if Ryan was better at his job or there were few dead, Enders in the Republican Party, then this
be an issue, but it's because up all Ryan's failure. He s a good and supposing she's under no obligation to do his job for him, even though she in doing the job of John you're in Paul Ryan, since Twenty eleven when the problem MR over yet when it comes to governing the Republican Party, is a failed state. It has been throughout the Obama, administration and other trumpet Ministration and Donald Trump winning. The presidency does not paper over that basic fact that they cannot govern because, as you said, they have these dead Anders in their party, particularly in the house who just say no to everything, because people elected a bunch of morons to Congress, Donald Trump getting alike, improves their hauling apart as a failed state wreck, exactly the ultimate expression
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we'll pick it's in your best interests. Are the economy to shut down the government or to fall on the net no dad to get into alone. Protecting fight over it nobody's arguing about helping hurricane hardy, victims welfare. So here's offered here we're gonna, give you that's right now all democratic and vote for it? Three months, your continuing this, the federal government shortstop shut down a three month- that's not. It means. In December we ve. A beggar job ahead of us, but we have ninety days before I get there. So, let's work on this together, let's get it by participation, ensure America in the prime of a natural faster crisis. Another external threats can do something about participation, senator How surprised were you that he accepted that deal right off the bat? I won't say but almost and was surprised us. I think it was a surprise, especially the Paul Ryan, much Mcconnell in the same room.
And I said as much afterwards but in others President Kennedy unpredictable in many ways and in this case turned out. He nodded. Our direction, and I think you did the right thing from our point of view. We avoided a protected political battle and all the bad things that could have come if we couldn't reach an agreement, The centre your colleagues in the House, Luis Gutierrez, has criticised the deal long with some other activists like We dream saying that human cloning we have demanded a dream act vote in exchange for the debt, silly Increase Europe, The original author of the dream accurate in fighting for that for sixteen years. What do you think about that? Well, listen, Louis's is my body. We ve worked on this together so many years. I respect him so much. He has the arrest records show for his dedication to immigration. She's a best. We just Agree here in terms of tactics, here's what I think it boils down to the darker dreamers now,
enjoy seventy six percent approval from the american people, fifty percent of them public talk. Deportation people amazingly positive position today, that I think we can build on and will ultimately lead to the passage of a great dream at this gonna help hundreds of thousands of young people Let me put the scenario on the table, but spent suggested by Luis and others. What if we had said? No, you can't go forward, with this bill unless we have the tree MAC involved. So what would the Republicans of said? Oh, isn't that just perfect these folks supporting the Dream ACT Woltz provide help to the Kane Harvey victims unless they get their bill up and and fund centre. It hurts or even threatening, to shut down the government and maybe the shut down the american economy. I think that's bad tactic in a better position for us
ban and I think the seventy six for approval rating would have started to disintegrate the more practical side of it is. I can't get anything through the Senate to help a dream act now or ten days from now or ten weeks from now, without sixty I have forty Democrats on a good day. I think I have forty eight there'll be with me. I twelve Republicans threatening Harvey victim support. If we don't get the dream act, doesn't when they one single republican vote, so I get their anxiety. I get their emotion, but, let's think about this coolly get to the finish line with sixty votes plus in so three months for now. Now that the Harvey really packages off the table, and we face another vote on both funding the government and the debt ceiling. Do you think the Democrats should make that vote contingent on a dream act. Vote is that is that the plant
Kick the pressure down three months down the road. You you're not saying you know we're not saying making a contingency. A quid pro quo were saying that at the end of the day, melody December, when we have a big bill, we want to see two things included the dream act and whenever we need healthcare system moving forward, and we believe because the decision I, which were about to make today for a three month extension, will be in a better position to make that happen. Because look, what we're going to face in December. We're gonna face additional Harvey eight. This is a down payment that billions of dollars at work. What is a front is a front in payment. We know it's a dramatically, be a dramatically larger amount of money. That's gonna be needed, come December. God forbid what's going happen with Turkey, early. In the meantime, the fires in the west, so opponent the scenario of all the things that need absolutely to be done. The problem is the Republicans can deliver on those thanks.
They have a spotty record when it comes to disaster, assist snake tend to be in favour of disaster assistance for their own states home in our only and that to me is, is unfair and we have to but that's gonna be the reality when it comes to the republican vote, many of them are not ready for long term spending bill of them have sworn that they'll, never vote for extending the best selling the Republicans are gonna need democratic votes. We are in a better stronger position, to make sure that our priorities, the dream act, be affordable character, included. Senator speaker, Ryan today was asked about whether he but then the dream actor. The house version of the directive on the floor, and he said he was looking for a measure that would combine border security with
enshrining Dhaka into law, which is something that you are open to end in. Have you heard for Europe from some european colleagues about how their thinking about the situation of the next six months, many of them publicly and privately, have told me. Border security is an important part of it, and I haven't but up, but I have ruled out some specifics. I am not going to vote twenty two hundred mile wall by thickening democrats will many Republicans, incidentally. Secondly, not going to change the sanctuary city provisions. That the general sessions has been talking about and third, I am not going to protect the dreamers with a deal that means their parents are gonna, be deported, so take those things off the table and if you're talking about actual border security, a pull up a chair. Let's talk over about what might get this done. Do you know who those twelve votes are in the Senate that you'll need to to get the sixty on on a dream? Act have even thinking about that pretty house
Four already, One today is ready to step forward, and I know when to grow. It's working, it is well. He believes that twelve be reaching sixteen twelve republic. I'm just not going to be a heavy left. He thinks throughout their once. We put together this package, that he supports and I've gotta before him, because I across the Republicans. There are a lot of them have come up to me. Let's sit down and talk it over oh, I think they realize it's the right thing to do in its popular thing to do and are willing to take on Europe's people on the right. If President Trump endorses, whatever we come up with its going to give some of them cover, to join us. I was curious whether you thought this deal from the other day, was a sort of o o, in time deal or there's you see some opportunity to maybe work a little closer with President Trump going forward? Well, I don't know you know that in politics for awhile and I've had a lot of people sitting across the table from me
political, a and even if we disagree completely, I generally understood there thinking as to how they reach a point of political position. Harry. I find it very difficult to grasp the president's logical train of thought, comes to political issues all he said about immigration. He continued to make exceptions when it came to the dreamers backer over and over again, we love the dreamers told me personally, but don't worry, we'll take those kids in ITALY Tuesday. He shoved our attorney general sessions dropped a ton of bricks seven hundred and thousand of these dreamers not toil years later, his tweeting about how we have to fix. So I'm trying to stick with it. President logic on this in itself: but I think thank you for your birthday. I really believe at this moment as we speak, I think the other day does what effects. If he doesn't want on his record on his conscience, centred
Thank you so much for joining us. May you gotta go vote. We appreciate the time and I got good luck with everyone Sabre Clicker. Thank God. I thank you, everyone thanks again to the centre Durban for joining us today, and we will see you next week my guys
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