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Trump’s shutdown has plunged the country into crisis with no end in sight, Michael Cohen refuses to testify because the President intimated his father-in-law, Mayor Pete Buttigieg announces for president, and Joe Biden has some Republican friends. Then we hear from listeners who called in to talk about how Trump’s shutdown is affecting their lives. Also – Pod Save America is going on tour! Get your tickets now: crooked.com/events.

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I welcome the pod, save America John favour Andean Pfeiffer. Later in the pod in lieu of our traditional interview, you hear stories from listeners who called in to tell us how Trump shut down is affecting them and the people they care about and think you to everyone who called in and shared or stores with us before that going to talk about the latest shutdown developments, including policy. Taking wait trumps. Tv time so talk about Michael coins decision. In order to will also tell you what my good co decision not to testify before Congress all the latest twenty twenty news, also
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And so get somebody to those three cities. We still have a few left to check it out. You can also check out things for love it or leave. It shows coming up in Chicago Madison in Milwaukee and positive. The people shows coming up in Philly, Brooklyn, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and allay ok, with the news. The state of our union is a clusterfuck Dan on Wednesday the President wrote a letter to the speaker of the house telling her that, despite her earlier objections, he still play I'm coming to the capital on Tuesday night, to which Nancy Policy We responded, no you're, not and so wait on Wednesday night Donald Trump tweeted that he will deliver the state of the union when the shutdown is over Dan. What think about this outcome. Are you surprised, trump folded as fast as a Trump casino we're just on fucking. I appreciate you passing up the trade low hanging fruit state of our disunion, miss virginity with failed state of our union in all kinds of options here by
to the. I am actually surprised that he did he let the fight go so quickly because, as parliamentary resolution, I have been steadily reducing my phone time. I got my phone away last night and order washed and television LA game. The avenue- and I and none of that did not see until later that he had full than. I was quite surprised to see that I think they're a couple it's about this is, I think, what and you know sort of the way this happened as near as we talked three weeks ago now suppose he sent a letter saying I move inside the union has a security concerns Trump then set. The letter yesterday that sad check on this it concerns noted, tell her Kirstjen Nielsen, says it'll be fine, I'm coming anyway. I look forward to seeing you and then Nancy Pelosi was like Nope and Trump called her bluff. Only to find out, like thirty seconds later, that she was holding full house and
he and I, and so the things, are interesting about it, our wine. He gave their two options, which I think will hardly talk about, one as he could have pearls long a confrontation or prolong the fighter done. Why? If I showed up at the at the house or done something or we could have given this meeting alternate location and the fact that he chose none, these. It gives me some measure of hope that he starting to see all the doors close around him, a rat for this conference, yeah I mean we all were trying to predict. What might A on IRA on Arctic media like Channel yesterday. Brain boiler, thought there's going to be an arm, stand off between the capital guards and the secret service. That was me I said. Oh, you know that I owe Ryan's brain had brain. Had the best suggestion of where the alternative would be all right.
Brian was Amy Arms enough to both of you thought the arms enough. I have tax evidence by either one might think alike eyes to be part of the same weird conspiracy theories with bright, with my view, I thought it would be another location. That was my guess and then Brion said obviously he's going to deliver the state of the union at Covington High School. I had this plan that I've been working on for two days was I was going to do an outline that was completely fake. It send its. You were like the first half of the publishers can be our take some becoming think how thing is, I think, I'll, be bemoaning the state of journalism, fur buzz we ve been getting something wrong you're crazy Toyota really started by violent fire in its interest in a real ally. That would really push my button I guess, Tommy and John answered a question about Covington on the lies free yesterday, so they finally had to get into it. But I'm stayin out
so yeah. I actually thought, though he would go to another location and because you know he gets there were some reports. It maybe he'd go to of western border their other reports, and maybe he do you Maggie rallies somewhere and then I did read after he gave into policy, Someone said on background that some people in the White House thought that may be giving the speech. Somewhere else would diminish him and would make him look small, which it's funny that When the White House still think about actions that would make Trump look small you don't think I've brought civilized life, tweeting Tucker Karlsson, nightly basis. Nations looks like he's a fucking factory floor. People focus at the big picture. Here: the tweet from egg and last night she said White House believes policy aired in getting into a tactical fight with Trump that involves testing? Who can kick more dirt den? there. Any evidence. Finance policy made an error. By doing this now we
We have a point which says that no net he believes is beating tromp innocent people are more approving of the wishes hinterland, then trump by pretty large mark, and the whole thing the whole conversation around this is stupid and then actually gonna go having it was, did the right thing? One percent you, if you want to shut down the gun, temperature over your fake wall. Then you don't get to come to her house and give the state of the union by open other government than you could give your fuckin speech like. That is the right. But the whole discussion around it. The distraction from the most important thing, which is the actual crisis happening in this country, So in that sense I am glad, as ever by Nancy Policy handled this right trump, but me sadly it for a while and then actually did what was probably the the first strategic thing he would done, which was quit a fight. You know, you're gonna lose early,
Yeah, it did seem like he by treating that There is at least a glimmer of hope that he wants a path out of this. Perhaps, who knows I just think it's hilarious that someone in the White House told Maggie like She made a real mistake getting down in the dirt with us. Just just an admission that the White ass most of their time it strategies as just down in the dirt like don't play there with us. You know because then you'll get then you'll get burned, it's just so it's so cynical as it is cynical being the set. I mean it's important. Remember these people are the other than ever dominated right. They were dont, you know there dumb could decide to work for top, and then you know they got dumber because being around tromp makes people stupider. It takes it people, even people having serious in other parts of the wives in drags them down into a swamp of stupidity. So like why we're even quoting this people why they get. We get to hear their anonymous, takes on these things as a grey FARC in question
and look. We also had a slew of polling yesterday about the shut down there was taken over the last couple days. Associated Press has Donald Trump separating it. Thirty four percent down from forty two percent last month. So that's a new record. Fifty nine percent of people disapprove of Donald Trump and the latest CBS pole. That's the highest number since he's taken office. Seventy percent of Americans told CBS News that the you of a border wall is not worth a government shutdown. Seventy percent when have seventy percent of Americans agreed on anything recently, and then you know the morning consult political power. Political Paul had fifty four percent of Americans blamed trumpet the Republicans for the shutdown that has climbed by six points since their last pole. So so much for trumps, big praying. I'm speech working not only did not work, it actually probably heard things and then my final number here by twelve points. Forty seven per the thirty five percent people think police,
he's handling the negotiations better than Trump and what are those numbers tell you? It tells us what has been obvious from the beginning, which is from the perspective of power. The text, which is the least important perspective in everything, is having the country right now, this is a disaster for the Republicans, and it is. It is getting worse by the minute, and actually I think there is something encouraging if you really like digging, fucking deeper, a silver lining There is something encouraging in the fact that some measure of the normal. The corporate, normal or old rules of politics still apply yeah. If something incredibly stupid that does damage to the country For no reason you will pan political price, which is something that we in the post twenty sixteen environment. We were. We wondered if that was still true
I mean Trump has not suspended the rules of politics. Political gravity does apply to him and as applied Republicans, especially when you do things that affect the lives of ordinary Americans right, and I do think me, it is very sad and our politics right now that, in order to you know dry I've trumps approvals down this much or have this many Americans agree on something which is that we should but the government down over wall you have to, cutting into trumps base into the republican base and so you know, you're starting to see his approval rating, even among Republicans fall and that's frankly, because there is probably a lot. Folks who work for the federal government or who somehow connected to the federal government and therefore hurting in the shutdown who are I'm supporters or livin you, no bread states and I think for them. This is probably one of the first actions Trump has taken since becoming president than his actually
hurt them. There is a threat that they were gonna, be hurt by his decision to try to repeal the affordable care act, but he failed at that. You know they didn't like the tax plan that much because it went to the rich farmers have been hurt by trumps trade deal. But that's not everyone. I think this is probably the action is taken that has caused the most widespread pain to. All segments of the american population since taking office, would you agree the out up? Definitely it is like it has had they the biggest impact on the most people, but it is also the stupidest fucking thing that has happened in politics and fifty or set up. It is on cautionary stupid? What is happening? What we, everyone knows the wall is bullshit tromp knows it's bullshit, the republic, No, it's bullshit the Democrats. No, it's bullshit, the public knows it's bullshit, and we have shut the government down over this thing. It is so like, if you just watched Trump in
room yesterday, after Nancy Policy, first rebuffed his speech, and he, assuming some meeting with the conservatives, because, as the only kind of meeting he dies- and he just had this heap he's spoken press and it was the most incoherent thing in the world. We need We are building a wall we build. Crime will fall. That's new slogan, oh, and by the way, crime is really well like what the fuck are you talking about. It is so like people get it like. Four, All of the noise in the twitter and propaganda. There are some things that still breakthrough in this is one of them because it so people get it right. Yeah and put a blind eye on it and even if you think it's stupid, abandoned trump on it, but the over majority the Americans can agree that this is really stupid and it should stop so, let's talk about what's next today, senators will vote on two competing proposals to end Trump shut down.
Bill from scented Democrats will simply open the government for a few weeks so that both parties have time to negotiate a deal. The other bill from Republicans will only open the government if Democrats agree to five billion dollars and steal slats an stricter asylum laws in exchange for deporting hundreds of thousands of immigrants, but only for three years, So by the time you are listening to this, the vote will have happened, which means that there is probably a good chance that its unexpected so a recording this now, but it soon. If neither bill, has the sixty votes necessary to pass. So why do you think Mcconnell and humor agreed to put these bills on the floor? This is a tough one disorder figure out, but I think to understand this from a Connell's perspective, chamber just wants to get Republicans on the record voting against in danger. Republicans getting on the recording and voting for a straight up or down proposal to reopen the governor right, that's what he wants. Ad
Does he think they should have to, like the Republicans in the house, be forced to vote against these bills to open the government right and so it makes to please answer I'm. So why did Mcconnell, who rules the Senate wake a dictator, allow this to happen and so from a college respective Mcconnell, only he doesn't care about trompe, doesn't care about the wall. He only cares about power, Republicans being in power, that's like whatever. That means he's for and so I think he will allows us to be on the floor because he will- to wine? Give his vulnerable members like Corey Gardener, who announced today Republican Colorado, the he's gonna go for a chance to get get themselves well on this two. I think he wants to send a message to trump that the It may be all other Republicans that nothing is passing trumpet this was not addictive sooner. He can kill trump
proposal from a week and a half ago right the sooner we can now move on to something that will actually open the governor, because as long as Trump and noted Dillon jerk criminal running around making. You think that you can pass this absurd proposal that they waste of our time with eighty eight it's a permission structure for Republicans to not cave and Macao. Former like like mama. Once is for Trump to end this to end it doing as well as little damage a trumpet possible and not be able to cast blame on Mcconnell, and so I think this is at least starting to get us to that path. I think that's right and I Mcconnell also wants to show that the democratic bill, to simply open the government for a few weeks also can pass. Then you know he once all the Democrats saying well, Mcconnell just allow a vote are. We could open the government immediately and he wants to approve today that that's not true. Now the big question there is: will it get fifty
yes, thousands going to say so. We know that Corey guy he's going to vote with the Democrats to open the government, Susan COM, and said that she would vote for both both bills. So that means that we have seen so bill, There is at least then forty nine votes for, the government and the question is what will LISA Mccluskey do What will I think Tom tell us, is another vulnerable centre from North Carolina, but he said he's running for trumps plan. Who knows if you vote for both what would Joanie Ernst do maybe produce in Georgia Maybe you have someone like Lamar Alexander, whose retiring you know that wants to open the government. I don't know, I can't tell you everyone will know by the time it was with this package, but I do think you know we have the situation then, where, if both bills die, it seems like they may I wouldn't we have Joe Mansion Fuckin Joe Mansion is gonna. Go with the Republicans and the Democrats he's gonna vote for both bills as well, I don't know of any other Democrats will do that. Do you think any other Democrats will do that
I don't know you surprised by I don't know so they most of the other that the most amid sadly most of the other likely suspects for such a move, lost Ryan, twenty eating. So I guess the question is what happens right so if both bills fail Van Like I said, don't think Democrats should just say: ok well, we'll start negotiating, because our whole position has been opened. The government then will negotiate greatly. Doesn't there at least have to be a sequence here where Publican say okay, we were vote to open the government. If we are I missed a vote on X, wired, z or we can immediately enter negotiations like there's gotta be some face. Saving me, therefore the Republicans here, even though everyone's gonna know the Democrats really one the fight
There are some things that had been done in previous standoffs over things, much more consequential like the future of Medicare or how much the government spends on the military or health care things like that. They could happen here, if we had something resembling a front governments are one thing, would be going to pass a two month, can you may resolution open the government get everyone paid? and we're going to have a process with three people, point by Mcconnell Yahoo appointed by Shoe Mirth revolver policy through the Wall- a point Skittles, Mccarthy and suitable smock upper those initiative that should have been starboard, Mccarthy, God damn it hits. I'm a writer says: were they and there is ever going to negotiate from a proposal at the end like another, some guarantee. That, though, be a vote on it like there's something
that which is totally fake and leads to nothing, but at least gives the Republicans talking point to come down from where they are right, add, but that is that there has been no discussion around like no one is talking and reduce the eggs. Of health services, is that the fact that the only proposal on the table was This is a proposal to get Democrats and Republicans together over the government was concocted by Trump MIKE and Mitch Mcconnell endured Kirshner, none of whom are Democrats without talking to a single Democrat, and then, if that out of certain off. You guys pointed out. On Tuesday, then Stephen Miller went around and inserted all kinds of poison pills into the bill, So there is not even like no one is talking. There is no effort to get going and that's it, because the Republicans are too wrapped around the axle of stupidity, to make progress in service or a stock. So, as item
The Democrats can do here and also it does seem like at least a few democrats are getting anxious. For reasons that I can understand. There are reports that somehow Democrats were thinking about making a counter offered to tromp. That would include more funding for border security but not the wall. Jim Club, and whose number three in the house even talked about five billion dollars for ACE quote smart Wall that basically involves technology in drones and shit like that, I thought I was a bit of a head scratch her, what What what are they doing their Dan what's Goin on can make a recommendation that for the Democrats that the only ball, thou to speak or Nancy Policy and people in Congress less than eight years like everyone, every one else just take a step back and let these people had no it because it's just I just it's a mess, Do you have a question for you? Do you think Democrats
our head, never put aside the actual strategy of trying to open the government without endorsing. Ah legislative hostage taking as a means of governance. Do you think the Democrats are approaching this the right way or doing enough? doing enough to end the shutdown. Yeah just like from every perspective right? Are they taking seriously enough or they messaging it right at a messenger, get enough, etc? I think they are buying. Large, I see the pro with what Kleiber said yesterday, is we have a message- The message is: opened the government and will negotiate right, and I think that maybe Kleiber earns position and he was just like quotas of getting out ahead of ok once the government is open, perhaps woman shake up to five billion dollars in Non Wall Security funding rate, which I still don't know why you throw fucking five billion dollars, which has trumps number but whatever, but I do think
message out of every single Democrats, mothers like we are open to negotiate anything that is not a war from wall, but anything around border security and immigration. Once the government is open, through a normal legislative process, government shut down. Are bad. They are inflicting pain on this country that has to stop. That is number one just has to stop. We are open to all kinds of negotiations once this govern Open and people in this country are getting paid again, and I think, as long as they stay on that message and at that negotiating position and therein good shape. I do think you know we're just gonna talk about this, but, like I think all of us need to sort of ratchet up pressure on the outside I heard that cause to do so it still were more, pro wall and try. But then they were programming, position of ending the shut down, which is not reflective of public opinion by a Fuckin country mile. So
that there needs to be a lot more pressure, and you know, there's gonna be move ons, organizing a protest. We talk about that in the second, and so I think that an setting the Democrats could do even more and we're gonna try to do this. And the pod to sort of elevate stories of people who are being hurt by the shutdown, because, the stories are multiplying and they intensifying, and they are very sad and they are very painful for people, and I think we need to sort of step up the urgency, and that's why I'm here, I'm I'm glad like, like you were glad of the state of the union. Silliness is over because that whole thing just looks like it tit for tat Even though Nancy of the did the exact right thing in Trump caved like. I want to get back to the real crux of crux shut down, which is the pain that people are feeling across this country. The fact that by having the government shut down its putting the rest of us in jeopardy, our safety or security, whether its flying planes eating food that hasn't been inspective. You know, Mick
The FBI doesn't have enough people, I mean it's like crazy. What's going on right now, putting in danger and jeopardizing jeopardizing the economy and potentially sending us into a recession, so I think, like it should be the main democratic message in they should figure out a million different ways to get that message out every single day. So I agree with everything you said, except, I think. I grew the democratic strategy, Egerton direct message. I do think- body language of a lot of them rats ourselves. Sometimes the press inconsistent with the massive crisis is happening in the country. We ve become so a nerd to the stupidity. In the insanity of the trump error I greater account of all going along with our lives. One eight hundred thousand of our citizens are not getting paid. I totally out we're not inspecting airplanes. Air traffic controllers data systems about to break were not expecting. Let us the coastguard.
The branch of our military is not getting paid right. Now over this- and it is This weird thing that if you turn on the new, like this cost, he's getting lots of new governance, getting a lot of local news coverage or local impact, and that's very important- there is also it's just? I didn't you, feels to me like, were not fully focusing on the fact that we are in the process of doing real damage. People who work for the government who are theoretically have good, solid government jobs are going to food banks. Yeah and being left out by Wilbur Ross, and for that that we're just not doing in so I guess what would say is we have to like, I think, a part of that is because we, we don't believe, that the normal rules of policies can pressure trump into doing something. So we're not doing the things we would normally do. I've been a part of it as you have shut. Deaths in the crisis and people who go home for the weekend by the title,
How to comes out. Most of Congress is gonna foreign. Hopefully we can I'm sure they're going to their constituents are affected there but like. Why Are they not like camped out in front of television cameras holding press conferences? Why is a senator not trying to keep the Senate Open with filibustered cover thirty six straight out to try to draw attention to this like it doesn't feel like? We are using every tool in the tool box to try to bring this to an end? And I think there's two groups that I think could do more like, where are the ads, targeting honourable vulnerable members of Congress, both in the house in the Senate, to try to push you put pressure on them to do the right thing. Yeah like there isn't. As far as I could doubt like it, if someone has seen those ads, they are happening, I would be excited to be corrected. Seems like everyone just like air, were we the poles they were waiting, so we're not going to do more. In the second group, are the the. Half dozen or so democratic presidential candidates there b, for the most part the best messages in the party, which is why the right they think they can win the White House and
by virtue of the fact that they are now potential present United States. They command more press attention than every Democrat other than maybe Nancy policy. And so that when they are giving them announcement speeches when they're doing their innovation. I'm going I wouldn't have today, should be talking about the shut down for. Inform us more than anything else like idiot like theirs, we like, I'm watching somebody videos, he's campaigns are pointing out some of the things there saying and it feels disconnected from what is happening like what universes help forest the government open again by using the bully pulpit that you have by virtue of being presidential candidate. That is the right. Nor do I think, from even good pilot It's for you. My camera Harris is giving her announcements Beach in Oakland this weekend That is to say it, but I hope you spend a lot of time talking about the shut down and you. That is its. We shall probably covered live on, cable news, it'll get press coverage and
should use it to hammer home the exact message, your time at the shutdown we have. I think we have to do more. We have to do more members of the present you have to do more. Democratic groups have to do more. I think there's it's just feel like more, can and should be done here, because this is a hot crisis in every. This keeps going something really bad. You're gonna happen to families and something really back it up in this country, because we are taking our eye off the ball on things like airline security. Ya know, I completely completely agree those and it's like if Do you like years from now? If you look back at this period of time, I'm in TWAIN nineteen and you look at last weekend. You will be fucking bewildered beyond belief that the top story was my fucking Covington High School and something that was going on and the National Mall win Hundred thousand Americans in the country were getting a fucking paycheck. It is fucking gross we are so
attention. Addled that we can focus on like the big problem in crisis at hand in the car. Three and we have to go to yet another like fucking Twitter generated controversy, and you know gathered- ends- the today show, in all across the news in everything like that, it's it's obscene I was a Europe like if you choose on tv, the higher american business community, as far as I can tell, has put on very expensive fur coats. Yeah me in Lima Davos to tackle since your Cassio Cortez, like while the like Rome is burning people like let's get filled, the economy made. Contract may have zero growth. This quarter, which affects everyone, people who need jobs. The better wages and your companies, who cares much richer bottom lines, where you're spending you're fucking Trump tax,
an artisanal hot chocolate, get back to America and do something for your company in your customers, artisanal hot chocolate, Sounds like honest, delicious recipes that economy that other measures are nothing new, look you're right about the candidates to. I saw Kamel Harris's interview with mad out last night and shit. About it, which was great, I think Elizabeth Worn was with tee essay workers Logan Airport Amazon. Imagine that I think she was this week to which is good, but you're right like it. It could it be a part of every presidential candidates announced what they are, what they are talking about and also by the way like you can connect to larger message about you know: government being fuckin broken in the Trump era and politics being broken and in democracy being at risk. Here I think everyone, the flesh on first happened. You know better wrote a media medium post about that as well. How like it was. It was a larger it.
You have our. You know democracy, but like everyone's now, gotta go. Do something about that right, like show up, join protests, use your platform to end this thing. And events like the most amazing that the number one priority of presidential kids both because it is the right substantive thing to do for the country and you have the power to help, which is the most important thing, but also like it can easily into your political message, so you don't have to choose their own, better pointer car, the direction of some unpaid federal workers go. Do a press conference of them and you could blog about it at every one's, got a struggle, because this is everyone for Europe and yeah everyone. So what can people there? call your senators and tell them to open the fucking government, especially if you live in a Skype, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia Kentucky I remain or North Carolina, which all have republican senators who were up in twenty twenty or could be vulnerable or are moderate enough to possibly vote with the Democrats. Here.
I'm too old to two to four three one to one then On Tuesday January twenty ninth, which was supposed to be the date of the state of the union that has been cancelled, move on DOT, Org is holding a shut down. The wall opened the government day of action. You can a move on dot, Org, Slash, shut down to find an event near you so check that there's a lot of people a lot of events. So that's it! That's a great thing to be part of Importantly, no matter where you are, you can support federal worker, in your community by donating to local food banks and helps further How others can help so definitely look up local food banks in your area. They really need the help Wilbur. Fuckin. Our billionaire calmer secretary, was on television this morning, saying he doesn't stand. Why people would need to use food banks who are getting by the federal government? Is I can't they just get loans? Yeah, you can get a king loan. That has a crazy high interest rate. There are few
banks that are actually providing bridge loans to federal workers at zero percent interest rates, but they're, not that many and so there's a lot of people who can trust get a fucking loan that their knock to able to pay back, because they can't pay back the interest rate in barometers and get that because he's a fucking billionaire, just like everyone else in the trunk cabinet, and they have no idea how normal people live. It's over. It's really bad It's really really bad anyway, that's what you can do. Pots of marriages brought by the new Yorker, which represent best writing in America today beyond publishing the best. In the world. The new Yorker holds people in power accountable the rigorous report in compelling storytelling yeah, but sometimes sometimes some of that reporting is done it might I tabled by someone who works there, raises hours. A human being can work? Do you don t know
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save ten percent off you first purchase of website or domain good luck with turning that dream into a reality. The squares ok There are some other news in other news on Wednesday, Michael Cohen, announced that he's indefinitely postponed in his testimony before Congress, which was scheduled to take place in early February. That would have been the craziest news ever, except for the statement from Cullen Lawyer, Lenny Davis, about why he's not testifying quote due to ongoing threats against his family from present. Prompt and Mr Giuliani. As recently as the weekend, as well as Mr Collins? Continued cooperation with ongoing de by advice of council, Mr Collins, appearance will be on to a later date. Hopefully normal right down the man who implicated the president. Multiple felonies is scared to testify, because the president keeps issuing vague, it's about investigating his father in law should I mean to go and be areas at this one thousand times and trot became president
it is worth noting again. That is true, had communicated these threats privately through a letter through a phone call second hand through one of us, goons sons, it would be an obvious crime and people would forget about, but because trumped. Has all this crimes out in the open? We think it's fine like twitter is not Amsterdam like them. Apply there. You like if you terror, the witness on Twitter, it still witnessed hampering like, were hitches and ever Republican is like core. That's fine! Yeah I mean like coming, doesn't seem great, like temper way threaten his family. He's threatening is fucking family, like a third tier character from sopranos. The whole thing is you, in the New York Times, Chuck Rosenbergs, a former senior deejay, an FBI official he was saying like even if Cohen the trumps comments didn't intimidate him and then he would,
defy those comments? Could still constitute witnessed hampering because windows tampering is even trying to intimidate witness or tamper with a witness's testimony So you know we find this morning that the Senate Intelligence Committee is issuing a subpoena to co into come testify. Clear whether that's closed door or up look hearing. But in the past I have asked for him to come to do closed or testimony. I think has Democrats have basically said that they're gonna issue a subpoena too as well. They might have already by the time you listen to. This is that there is at the right moved in yeah. I think so. Let's weed No, whether Travis, to fire mauler losing a shuttle investigation. Now, when the Mulder Report will never see the light of day based on wide, ah actually future attorney General Bill BAR said. So the Democrats neat like Let's have a belt despite his approach to our criminal president and let's have Congress. Creating a rat of what he did, because we may need it for
the impeachment hearings in a trial in the Senate one day, you know what I think back to. The first thing we raised, which is like should Democrats, also be formal. Looking into the fact that the President is trying to intimidate witnesses, I mean that you know as we were just saying, the countries in a crisis right now, because the government shut down but the reason, I want to talk about this common thing is like the prison intimidated a witness, a potential witness against him lead that windows decide not to testify in front of Congress is like that seems to be big, fucking news, yes, we're being in its part of a pattern here. Let's Forget trumps. Attorneys talking about potential pardons with man affords attorneys earlier in this process the strange joint defence agreed. Dead man has had with trumps attorneys, continue talking to them throughout this process, even after Manafort had agreed to plead guilty incorporate the special council, There is a lot of smoke here. Yeah and look I mean,
It raises a larger question which, as you know, Howard rats handling their overall authority. So far, you know with that couple weeks now, com. In session. I know they're still setting up the oversight committee. They just added air sea and a few other freshmen to the committee They know that just this week, so everything still getting set up, but did you think the democratic will be moving even faster by now or should I think I'm surprised, I know it. Takes time Where dies you gotta get. Your committee think they're just added people to the Oversight Committee, and you gotta get up and running by time is of the essence here like we're. In the middle of a national crisis, add there is two years of constitutional checks and balances to do, and we got it. We gotta go I am surprised in its obviously the shutdown hangs over this Y understand. It doesn't effect the what Congress during because
Congress is getting paid in the shut down, but there I am surprised or has not been a high profile oversight hearing yet and that there have not been subpoenas issued yet, and I think that should come that women should happen as soon as possible. I'm not jolly sure what the benefit of waiting is. It look, you know Adam shift gave an interview this week, where he sort of throughout some concerns he has, which is that you know William BAR trumps nominee for attorney general looks like he could get confer. And even though he is suggested in the past, it sitting president should not be indicted. Not clear whether bar will end up. Sharing everything that mauler comes up with with Congress with the public And so you know if those things happen, Trump starts closing
all avenues to hold him accountable for his behavior and basically, the only recourse at that point is shift and other Democrats in the house, like you just said, ensure there is a record of all the misdeeds for either potential in p when hearings, or at least for the public, to judge at some point, because it does Like what we don't know how bad it's going to be as a g, but you know if he doesn't indict Trump, then appeal, it's the only remedy, but to impeach Trump, and to have a you know, a full, fair, transparent patron trail. You need to know a lot of information, and you know if trumps hiding information or fees intimidating witnesses I Cohen, so that they don't share the info Asian then the public's not gonna, have the information. It needs so that their representatives can, you know, hold a trial and it's important to remember that
that trumps criminality is not confined to his dealings with Russia or even the contents of the Slim initiative in York, investigation into the Stormy Daniels case, yeah That is only a small fraction of the crimes that Europe may or may not have committed, and the you could put. You could almost certainly make it an incredibly compelling case where the impeachment presidencies, without ever using the word Russia and therefore that all these other avenues beyond just Russia, the half the time, tell emoluments all these other things that are incredibly sketchy that need, looked into the Trump inauguration, for instance, which seem like a giant money laundering scam, since they, more money than anyone. A history had fewer people. Imagine that and like getting to the bar of all of that is incredibly important like week that
Mother will handle some of this, but he won't handle all of it and we can ever be part of the mother. What could the opportunity finish? Job yeah Trump has corrupted the office of the presidency. In many different ways. And among many other priorities, is the Democrats job now to reveal to the country to stick together a narrative with proof with evidence that he has corrupted the office of the presidency and put all that together, and I think they need to get work on that. I let's talk twenty twenty. The newest candidate competing for the democratic nomination for President is the mayor of Sir Spend Indiana PETE Buddha Judge The thirty seven year old military veteran would make history as the youngest president and the first openly gay president, President Obama named kept him in a new Yorker interview a few years ago, is one of the future faces at the party He recently made an unsuccessful bid for the Dnc chair booted
it has not released a platform yet, but he said that he supports Medicare, for all a green new deal, he's all supported minimum wage increases during his time as mayor and helped echoes golly turn around the city of South bent down? What do you think of mere PETE's candidacies? To think that, basically, I support better care for all is like the password. They get you into the democratic. Primarily when you knock on the door there like what's about we're, viewpoints, Export Medicare for all they do. Is they sailed at Lord Help, a person who has great? I am all for that. I look. I When you say the mayor of South Bend, DNS running for president is on its face, seems absurd. Bite I will say that I think but a judge is incredibly talented politician. I think, something very compelling a bow. Certainly, here
His life story and Bio is as impressive and you can get from serving in the military to being a road scholar to the work he did his mare of Indiana, I met Even I interviewed on the opposite market. We did last year as a friend of the, but two years ago we were doing this so long. Two years ago it was when he was for Dnc Chair and I supporting tamper, as I can remember if you had sorts wearing temperature that point, but we had all the candidates on, and I I knew of people to judge from, many people in broke upon himself talking about it. But I had naturally spoken before you and I walked away being incredibly oppressed with him he is compelling he's earnest. He thought I think he's got a lot to offer. I would not. Is he the favourite to win now. Is he is it a a long road fer a may evolve. Smaller smaller city in Indiana, two b of the prisoners, it's absolutely by. He has talent, and he in both I mentioned the sea the case he makes yeah
look I'm always interested in the case, particularly in the message, and I do think watching. You know his video yesterday and seeing him speak He is leaning heavily on his age, his young age, as an asset, the line he used was what will America look like in TWAIN? fifty four when I reached the age of the current president, which is funny it also up a good question. He said you know, I'm the only one to live: a middle class lifestyle and a middle class city and Middle America. He was saying that his underdog status, which he's embracing, allows him to embrace big ideas talk about new ideas, so you know that has now is: what are those new idea? is right and what are those big ideas? I think the channel is he will have, are obviously experience. Like you said it's was mayor of a small town, though yesterday he answered this by saying I have more executive experience than my pants. I
more legislative experience than Donald Trump, and I have more military experience than the two them combined, which is a good report, is a good. I wanted to read a tweet from our friend and former upon the White House colleague bend the bolt about this yeah. So this is what the bolt tweeted yesterday doubts meant. He said, there's talk about whether the mayor of South Band is ready to be put us, but a credible, we gave candidate. The breaks down, every oldster type is good for America. I came out. I reference willing grace. Imagine what a gay kid seeing PETE Buddha Judge run more think any like that is having a really important thing to think bout the power of this, particularly when you were just when you know five years ago, the democratic everyone run if the democratic presidency was opposed to urge right and sixteen years after the president dates, ran and was right, acted on
a homophobic attack on gay people in this country, with a concept by running on a constitutional amendment ends we ve come up. And I think that this, like you, should not for all the other conversation, but whether we can be president whether he will be president. There is something in important, powerful happy here. That's gonna meet a lot, a lot of people, and so I thought bends tweet really summarised look and I think that the challenge will have as of also standing out as all of them will have. A lot of them will have standing out a very crowded field when you don't start with a lot of name recognition in the country and you know he's not even potentially the only mare who I am Castro was as the mayor of San Antonio huh, running potentially Garcetti runs Marabella potentially Bloomberg was the May, have New York so the only mare he's not the only young candidate problems, the youngest candidate tied with Tulsa Gabardine The thirty seven in there some other candidates potential candidates in their early forties. So you know it's you may be one of the only veterans in the feed
actually. Unless there are friend John Kerry gets in, so it's interesting like you know how he ll stand out in this field, but you know we'll see every one in the pool let's talk about our PAL Joe Biden Wednesday? The New York Times ran a piece about how the former vice president loss friends among Michigan Democrats when he gave a paid speech for the economic Club of South western Michigan in which he ended up, friendly things about Fred Upton a long time. Applicant member of Congress, whose families foundation supports the economic club and later used, binds praise in an ad and ended up winning his race for reelection and in November. By about four points, this morning Joe Biden responded by saying quote. I read in the New York Times today that one of my problems is, if I ever run for president. I, like Republicans, bless me Father, for I have sinned, but from where come from. I dont know how to get anything done. Then, what do you think about all this
I will stipulate now and many times of the next two years of your Biden runs president that I am hopelessly biased. When I was a german yeah, he I am from Delaware. He has been Omni President in my life, as my senator and then broke a bomb as vice president. I think he is a truly remarkable and very human politician. His face but unbelievable personal tragedy in every time handle it with strength and use that tragedy to help other people, whether its find a cure for cancer or just stopping People in the hallway at the White House are going through tough times to talk them through it from irrespective of what he suffered. He is a. He is not a perfect since he has flaws, as a person cannot like. We all do, but he is one of America's. Must human politicians question for Joe Biden. If he decides to ride is, is his old, school approach or politics born in a different era in Rio,
into a very different republican Party than the one trump leads now is that are appropriate for the crisis moment in America, and I'm not sure it is I don't I I would love to live in a world where the by an image or cut off and get in a room and they could figure out how to get met. Here for all, when you know cut some deal like that mythology that it doesn't really true of Djibouti honour on a regular like is that possible? I don't think that's possible. The only way to return american politics is something like Ga Normalcy, is to beat these Republicans and beat them bad and beat them over and over again. And I dont think befriending them is the way to get it done, and I think that that Joe by adding to it can be a tough case for Joe Biden to make. If you were to run furred running the democratic primary. Now too, Credit He is not changing,
he's been very clear about what he's doing like there's nothing in Poland Twitter and kurdish democratic activists is justice is a good message, but is what he believes in he's doing it in their either be a market for it. Are there won't yeah? I mean he's a vow but he said that this morning means is not shying away from this at the very least, which you no good for you. If that's what you believe look at that this is a tough one like you, you read the story and you can see why Joe Biden did this right. Fred Upton was in Mental and helping increasing funding for cancer research. That means a lot Joe Biden last Sunday, cancer and so and Joe binds already prone to want to work with people across the. I also he said something nice about Upton you, you know you, you understand why that would happen. Upton also try to repeal the affordable care act which, as you know, bit discordant with trying to increase funding for cancer research. But
a job. I know that a person is, as I don't agree on one thing, but I like what you did on something else and I'm going to say you're a good person to work with you, because I want to work with you again, but you are right that the bigger COS gin around there is. You know how democratic candidates and twenty twenty candidates handle the fact that the Publican party, since at least as far back as two thousand and nine, when Brok Obama took office but really before that An unwilling in some cases unable to cooperate or compromise with Democrats. In any significant way potentially around the margins. You know you get a free Europe in centres and democratic centres working together on some bill that they can both stand up there and say, look at us. We pass by partisan bill it's great, but it's not like a significant significant policy, try. These are like smaller legislative achievements. There have been republicans willing to cooperate with Democrats on any significant pieces of legislation, and that includes the affordable care act which was
parts of it were born in the Heritage Foundation and parts of it were Mitt Romney Republican, Mitt Romney is planned in Massachusetts and they still try to paint that of socialism so. I think we learned over the core of the Obama presidency could Obama was of court. Obama was vice president who came into office. Saying I want to work with Republicans Democrats. I want to bring people together to get things done and we learned over the course of eight years painfully that that was not the boy, maybe even when republicans wanted to compromise with Obama they couldn't because the teapot And the right wing and the people who eventually made Donald Trump President refused at other Republicans cooperate with Democrats, that is the Michael reality of where we are right now, and the question is how to democratic candidates and twenty twenty grew Apple with that political reality, while still appealing to those voters and the party and people in the country who
No Washington has broken dont, fully no to blame Republicans for this and just want the endless political, we're warfare to end, and I don't know I think, it's time look. It's not just Joe Biden right like there. Storing the New York Times about better friendship with moderate republican Congressman will heard any didn't endorse? Gina Ortiz Jones because of this friendship is pre friendship, Corey Booker talks about the need to love our political opponents cursed Angela brand emphasised working with Republicans to get things done many times since she's during our interview she did to you here that kind language from Amy Clover, Elizabeth WAR and even with an eye what talking about working with Chuck gradually on hearing aid legislation. Why do you think in Canada emphasising this anyway they seeing something in pulling as there are feeling in the country that they are trying to reflect
I think in some cases these are personal decisions. I think Biden. Is who who he is in his experience, plus, as you say, he was grateful for what for adopting dead and Joe Biden has not gonna, not say that publicly. Joe Biden always says what is on his mind. That is both his strength and his greatest weakness as a politician, and so he that Betelgeuse decision. As I understand it, was very personal over relationship it he had built with well heard. I do think that people want to get things done like. Politics like for all of this into says more about politicians. People run for office to do things, and ultimately, the only way to do things is to be able to get both parties together. That is except in those rare moments where you have single party control of that of the gun, But even then for me, things. You're gonna need some number of Republicans to get to six, your whatever out
and they just do they want things out and that's the way to do it. I think I think that country. Wants to be unified? I think they're. They would like that They know what is happening is wrong and tear up the car is, how do you get there and you get there with more cocktail parties and more pats on the back right, and that is a different world. I think that this is done and I think better. You and I both like a white and have spent time with, but I think he was wrong- to not endorsing minorities giants, and I say that only because the Republican Party under Donald Trump is one of the greatest threat. Two american democracy in decades weather, The authoritarian impulses of trump voter suppression. Allowing billion errors to run our government and lobbyists to run a government. The only way to stop that is to get Democrats in office
that is more important than anything else than personal relationships, then gratitude for examine wants. It does mean you can't say it doesn't mean you can't be back just about it, but it is. Like this is it and I, like my approach to politics, is fundamentally changed in the last few years. I have I have seen I now think Democrats to change our approach to politics to reflect the spirit of the times. The Republicans stole a Supreme Court see two years ago, the UN it will for decades affect every progressive policy that we are, if that we will ever be, fourchan after pass and if they are willing to do that, if we do not, we should not be like. Then we should not be a pillar shade of orange, but we have to confront the threat with the seriousness of the three I agree, and I mean I've gone to the same experience as well, like my my approach to politics has changed because of what we,
in his during Obama's presidency and, of course, now the Trump presidency. My question is: has the country's view changed and has democratic parties you change. So I would look this up as pew asked these questions, Pew research. They say: no, would you prefer politicians who are willing to compromise with the other party or politicians who want to stick to their principles and positions, and as recently as last July, ok, sixty nine percent of Democrats said they preferred elect. Officials who made compromises- I was a big number than Republic in the republic and don't want to compromise. Democrats mainly did, but today, just forty six percent of Democrats say they prefer elected officials who may compromises, verses more who believe that they want their politicians to stick by their principal. So the Democratic Party is changing on this and I think that Trump may have changed a lot of them too. But you know forty. Six percent say this that still a big chunk of the party
would rather their politicians, may copper rises than always stick to their positions, and that is that a tougher position for us to be? That's- that's more of a heterogeneous position and not within our party, then Republicans who most of their parliament just don't fuckin one compromise at all and what their politicians to stick to their guns, and that's that we are a more ideologically diverse party than they are, and just a more diverse party in general, and I think, you're, seeing a lot of these twenty twenty candidates contend with the fact that there's about have our party who still thinks compromise is the answer. And I wonder what I wonder: what policy regions and what leaders and the party do about that I think what you see is you see this army? We saw this during my interview with Jill Brand right, like I asked her and I hope to ask all the candidates this. We all asked the Kenneth US. You know you have this Bold progressive agenda Medicare for all green new deal, the only way has that is with fifty one vote,
Maybe there's no way. You're gonna get sixty votes for that agenda. So are you gonna get rid of the filibuster, and you know she said she think about but she had some discomfort saying that should get rid of the filibuster. So you have all these candidates out there with these being met. A careful a big progressive agendas, and yet there all sorts, so far. At least these many them seem well free of playing politics lie, Mitch? Mcconnell, New Republican and Republicans have played politics over the last decade and I think that's good. B, something they all have to grapple with. So I can, you. Can you run on and be a politician and a President who tries to heal the wounds and of division in this country. While still aggressively pushing for your progressive sees that actually have majority support in the country right D, failing that, national, like Medical, for all.
On its face. Very popular elements of the green new deal be very popular tax. You know, since your cause, you're Cortez this tax plan or something like it very popular like you push for popular policies and try to unite people around them without allowing the Republicans to be equally have minority veto on ever on what matters and you say like compromise, is an idea where you get half, I get half The problem is how we can move the window so far, the right that you basically get a quarter or a third or nothing. If you want something you can you can you fight fire with fire there? What chance and still try to unite, a country so that at some point, if you can break the fever, in this version the public, a party we can have a more united the unit unified, better America going for in that. I think that is the test for what will be the best democratic candidate, whoever that is yet and look one potential option here for democratic candidates.
Is to talk about the division in this country as something that has been caused and fostered. By done. Tromp and the Republican Party and republican politicians right. I dont think you need to go after republican voters here, because there's republican voters, not many, but there's a few- that dark that's could get, and certainly you get of independence, and you need a whole bunch of independence right. So I think that you know Donald has divided us against each other, and the Republican Party over the last decade has tried to divide us against each other by race by gender by class. They have continued, do this. You know an and why do they do it? They do it so that their rich friends bear donors, their powerful people can stay in power, and I'm richer and they hope that by dividing everyone else against each other, that no one will notice. That, therefore, can taken all the spoils and enriching themselves in the process and
We shouldn't be as divided as we are in this country by race by gender. By where we live, because there could be more that unites us than divides us, but there are people what you have to point out: the people who responsible for the division in this country. It didn't and by magic it didn't happen because our politics is broken and both sides did x or why it happened, because a specific group, a very powerful wealthy people in this country, wanted to have it happen that way, and so there is a possibility for unity in this country, but we have to unite around these forces that have been divided us for far too long to me that one way to sort of bridge this need for progressive, more democratic agenda, small democratic agenda with the fact that there are people in this country you dont, want endless political warfare. That's are, I think the answer is accurate thee we. What we are advocating for is not the flip side of what Republicans advocating for right, like an ending. That's important remember why
a large part of the of the republican agenda under tromp, which is essentially, as you point out billion are funded racial grievance politics, yet is too. Give more power to the wealthiest in this country and to demand the political power of the individual, yet I making their vote count last through gerrymandering by making their voice countless because of campaign finance was that benefit corporations and donors and Kate like? Can you make an argument for and have appeared see platform that is Democrats small d write that is good democracy liked it to be waiting for every individual. And to have a voice in this country to share in this country and are able to benefit from it by having a universal right to health care or univer or pre hey or childcare. Whatever the thing is, it is turn power to the person from the wealthy and its key.
You do cannot be a unified message and I think I think it can. It is but you don't have to write off all half the country to do that. Right I may have to write off half the members of Congress. I think about Are you know our friend ADI Barkan wrote in the nation and when he said you know, we ve learned that the cure to what ails democracy is more democracy, and I think that's true. When it comes to voting rights. That's when it comes to how we handle economic policy in this country. It's true, you know it's true for everything, and so I do think that is a very strong message for for democratic and its to run on. Ok, when we come back, you will hear from folks who have been affected by this shut down his face. Have been affected by the shutdown who have called in to crooked media over the last couple days and left messages. And so we will hear those voices next again donate to your local food pantry and call your son,
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Have the cash out, please send you know any for healthier food. He lives in a don't send me money, it is funny to request money for me is that I don't have to. I can just read it joint feel free to request money for me, which I will just or if you send me a dollar, I d go through an undue it and honestly you may not get, Fuckin dollar, back maybe the people who who purchased its add at catch up? One requests money from your because there when we talk about the but here's the thing: here's a thing does the beauty of it. That's the beauty of it, use the cash out all right. Whether you're buying dominoes pizza or whether gonna, try to go to Amelia, who way or or a full way men yon, which, by the way, is the most overrated. A piece of meat in the Fuckin business wants a flaming. I get yourself a rabbi, aright or New York Strip, extra any with some some some some that run right through the middle of it anyway
The gas cash, I might add, is out to pay people back into get pay back. If you put in the code now five those goes to you: five dollars ghost world central Kitchen, Jose Andreasen group. They feed people and help with disasters all over the country write another thing: people in DC federal workers who you know- maybe the government still shut down when you listen to this little voyage. Hopefully it's open by now, but who knows the catch up, putting the code Patsy, putting the code Spencer, oh by the way, just have bringing all the way back. Did Spencer did cash at me for dinner the night before the dominoes night, because we ate the Fucking Cheesecake fact I am on a bender. Ok, catch up where we go to lunch, affected by the shut down to call in and share your story So we set up a voice mail. Couple days ago and ask everyone who has been affected by shut down whose families are being affected by the shut down to call in and share stories and
we were overwhelmed with calls. Thank you so much for everyone who called then, and we did to go through and share some of those calls with all of you right now. So here then hey, this is Tommy Detour from POD, save America. We won here have shut down, is affecting you. So let us know how, as a government up an effect in your life, let us know your name and where coming from and thank you so much for letting us know. My name is I'm twenty five and I'm calling from Washington DC I started my job work in international trade for the federal government, first week of November the shut down happened less than a month just over. Month after within two weeks: the one I had moved into a brand new apartment where went and security deposits were do after all
moved across the country from Texas with no furniture. Now I live with a girlfriend and rely on her income. I have to walk to food banks five year old, who has to restructure his student loans and who hasn't built up, all of the savings and who hasn't even built up the credibility within city to lean on friend or have support groups the shut down hit me every day. No more being level on a mental being level not only so many hands even toward the law. You have your apartment and locked the door before you start till one, You feel like you're, being held hostage by the president,
my name is SAM. I'm calling from Ireland City Iowa, I'm not gonna worry research. You here at the tolerance hospital. We have two very sick. You born boy who need access to an experimental draw breath currently held at the end. I h. The problem is that out of the age- is currently shut down. So we contacted the FDA, the aggressive grants them access to the drugs TAT Dna. It really is it, but tat. Part of the SBA is also shut down. So we contacted are local. Senator truck gruffly was nothing by unhelpful for the entire process. Going back channels contacting anyone, we can think of trying to get these boys access to the structure of the thing don't die there. We ve been doing it at it for two now, you ve gotten pretty much nowhere. So one of the boys got a lot sicker two nights ago,
and we ve had to resort to getting emergency access to the struggle for these newborns don't die, thankfully, emergency there had access person at the FDA is one of the only people so working there. Unfortunately, unpaid and she's been trying to help us to get the drug for these two, Dr Weir, hoping that we have a great enter. The story in a couple days were able to get the girl. But at this point we just don't know how you pressed calling from me. I work in the national service and I don't call to share my story, in how to shut down is affecting me and my family personally we're summit, lucky ones, that movement you house, and were able to sell our old condo, enhancing savings to fall back on something that
you people that I work less or not lucky enough to have, but I call to tell you guys more about somebody untold costs of the shut down. I originally decided to work for the national, whether service, because that's where the best of the best forecasters a meteorologists worked when I was growing up in through school- and my fear is that shutdowns, like this, is going to depress interest in the future of this country. As far as the forecasting community to come up and decide to work in public service, that is appointed to me and in a more immediate impact, is making this country less safe. When it comes to weather forecasts, equipment is harder to fix it harder to find money to do that. Preventative maintenance and outreach and researchers orbits thought that this
and we have hurricane season just around the corner and after what we just experienced with hurricanes Irma Maria, getting that public awareness and getting emergency management community prepared for Hurricane season is the biggest things we do this time of year. And that is not happening at this point and said as a whole. It is it's a disappointment in CAN in fact, we more people than just the nearly four thousand of my colleagues that are not being paid for the work they are doing. Twenty, Seven, three sixty five- and I just want to thank you guys for allowing people to share their stories I'm trying to minimise summer and I'm trying to ban Pennsylvania and my husband an essential worker that he has been working and, alas, Three days now without hey, it's suffer I'm a family we have asked
you're all societies expelled and a thirteen year old. This kid's require things like food and new clothes then they had activities with their end that they love and they don't want to give up their. So my husband is has seen now that's the good kind of the king, the Spanish through dismantled yourselves, but the pills are pretty expensive every month and on the top heavy pay out of pocket from that, and that's one of the things that we have to consider whether or not they obviously we're gonna keep up with the best part is the hard hard decisions are being made. I will say the only positive aspect of this is that my husband has. My long time has been. Lifelong Republican has become a Democrat. He puts his better registration over manufactured crisis
and that's something at least thanks by high meaningless Genovese. My own firm, gainful border be government. Shut down is affecting my family in the fact that my father was set to retire at the end of December, but you get the shirt down, he is not officially retired was not receiving any good, my mother, is retired and greater cancer shipments right now, so this will have stressed and issue and now I am I I'm going to have to help pay their mortgage and buy gas and groceries, because they are only two paychecks ahead of everything in their life as far as our finances- and this is incredibly stressful and it strips away the dignity of all Americans and Trump and Republicans are actually response.
For us. I am living in Washington, D C. I dont know. If my name, I think one thing you should know Yeah I've heard a lot about how there hasn't been a lot of strike action in protest things- and you know I thought her own place- were scared. We spent two years being politically targeted, even a civil servants, and so for us to come out and protest is scary. Thing were worried about losing our jobs and takes it you ever get paid again, but that this again I you know my family and I are lucky. We have ceilings, as you know, our backs, former. My mother has money that should get one. Thus, if we really site, it's been really
Are you guys? I've worked my whole life. I don't want to a school for a reason and pleasant to stay on this matter. I love my family and I love my daughter. I feel like I'm living in. You have descended mystique like I don't have anything to do. I have been trying to the frontier I've been trying to structure my day that it is hard and it heard tonight be doing the job that I love and I ve making a lot more money and private practice, and I chose public service because I believe in it and its importance and I believe in the work ideal and illicit, and I wanted my job and you know like it
said my family and I can already tell the other people are so fortunate and overnight and grateful for that day. You know when I get together. Occasionally with my friends, we see TAT had just cry because it's hard to feel like you, dont have a purpose at its heart. You feel like no one cares and it's hard to distil forgotten. He can tell a lot of us feel well anyway. Thank you for everything that you do. Thanks again to everyone who called in shared your stories, we will keep sharing them over the next couple days and we will talk to you next week, Collier senators.
By everyone by.
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