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The Trump White House extends the domestic abuse scandal for a fifth day, Republicans fret about staying on their tax message, and Democrats start to fight back. Then Congresswoman Jacky Rosen joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan to talk about Nevada politics and the 2018 election. 

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complex crooked circulating your job has once again, if your hiring dry Is it recruiter for free today, at zip, recruiter, dot com, slash trumpets so broken up this week about what's been happening inside of his White House, that he's tolerated and promoted the entirety of his hold out life cricket what happened in Vegas, I'm down two hundred years. I'm up, he was not. Time is up
it's better! When I come in hot, it's fine, we have show for you. Tonight, congresswoman Jackie rose in his ear games. You got some fun first, we got some news so guys it's hard to believe, but the very stable geniuses in the way has have managed to make news for the fifth straight day. On the domestic abuse scandal that has led to the resignation of a senior warehouse aid in a way has speechwriter so I wasn't even sure that I wanted us to cover this again, but I woke up this morning. I made the terrible mistake of turning on the Sunday shows too in my hotel room. Me tell you the White House is now sending out their best, Sunday shows at all. I'm in a red you guys very different It has answers to questions about
why the presided states decided to publicly defends this man who is accused of domestic abuse, and then I would like you to react. Legislative direct remark short. I think the president is shaped by a lot of fun. Accusations against him in the past Kellynch Conway, the president believes you have to consider all sides something I know if her before I tried I went in be director Mc Mulvaney, trumps tweet was actually about Steve Win, who try? believe, have been infuse and condemned without due process Dan, Yes, why why can anyone get their stories straight here? Well, John. As you know, I work in the White House from our time. That was what our communication structure, I Therefore, I we did the out and was, I believe too, in order to earn twenty skirmishers Elinor twenties garbage
adds skirmishes, probably big in Vegas She could have worked at the White House for one hundred times as long as he did, and it still would have only been as long as damn so any who I was, I was involved in preparing a white US officials are groundless and issues, and so I thought about what this would be in here is the reason why this happen. They are all king wires, who would know the truth of it of any ass her then. I appreciate your honesty Tommy, You think about the way the strategy of deflecting attention away from domestic abuser Rob Porter toward sexual abuse or Steve when that something that they thought would work for them. They're just sprinkling their awful on like every cent already in the new cycle, yeah it's
I don't know, I don't know why you would do that. Why would you do that? I guess it's because you have these. You stories of these awful men behaving in ways that are totally unacceptable. There are legal, they should go to jail for what they did their What the the Porter story, the staff secretary, was an individual who spent a year spent fourteen months scene. Literally the most sensitive documents that exist in the White House. The top levels of information has come to you as President States, without a security clearance, so on top of this guy being a total creep on top of the weight, ass chief of staff in several others, knowing that he had very credible allegations of of abusing his wife, because she told the FBI
He was also allowed to serve in this role, while he could have been blackmailed for that long. So I guess that's why you deflect from him, but it is baffling part the reason they can get their story street is because the truth is obvious and incredibly damning. The truth is they had all heard reports in turn, both from inside the government and from other women who call the White House to let them know that this person was a danger. Not just was duchess dared women, women, but also some of the central to blackmail, the White House and in a combination of incompetence. The fact that this White House is dealing on a daily basis with a dozen. What used to be you know, administration, defining scandals and a total fundamental disregard for human beings that our women come and to me, then, to look the other way and not care about it. That's the truth. They all heard it. They didn't deal with it ignored it. They look
other way and then I caught up with them, and none of them can say that, even though the truth, because they also win caught in some like this, all they can do is lie. I mean how much dear how much trouble is John Kelly in right now, because it is clear not just from reporting but from the White House spokes people's own accounts that John Kelly's account of when he learned about these allegations and the severity of these allegations is incomplete conflict with the public statements made from this people who has and like a lot of reporters recover. The White House are sort of stunned right now because they like some either or the White House spokespeople are lying, but People are lying, but someone is lying about when they found this out and it's a priest, serious lie. I've got a false choice. I know I don't use why it's whose lying more right, I think what are you take away from this? there's lots of rumours that Kelly their Trump his magic Kelly. That here
he was angry in any way for cutting off us access to Jimmy, Piero or refuse other things he's really mad at him because he took away as remote right now because of the covering up the elegant people used a printout, bright Barton. Slighter, that's been stop, that's actually true as a world, so I no so unclear trumped hasn't tend to fire people. He usually just tortures them until they quit. Right. Well, I may have no dignity at all. I just ass. You say to those who say: try, too, we will judge session sessions like manna, organ or Ryan's just gets into a different motorcade and that's kind of right, funded on Twitter. Remember. Why did what I think is notable here? Is he's lost the White House staff and that that's a huge deal for cheapest,
because they have decided that he was dishonest to them in the report's it's that he brought the staff the senior staff in the morning after Rapporteur finally resign and basically tried to get everyone to sell his russian story, which many people must have knew to be natural. Could they were involved in the original crafting of the response? Wait Tuesday night, when the first allegations about Rapporteur came out of the industry in the daily mail that he'd you try to change a different Himself and that Ankara people and off they went to reporters, is it and in basically called him a wire, and you can't run White House, like that so he's days, is an effective chief of staff or Was I sort of effective chief of staff are over we all know you could manage up, but now we can benefit our us reflect on that for. Second, as like for people to work the, why does that, staff we had a rather manual bill Daily Jack Lou Dennis Mcnerney were where people that we not only respected, but in many cases truly looked up to
like revered in a weird pay, the idea of a whole bunch of staffers going to the present you're, cutting them literally minutes after meetings where they asked to lie by Kelly is is remarkable in it but this is a team loyalty. But this is the thing once again. It is a welcome all thing right, like any attention, focuses on VA, malfeasance of one member or other right. But the thing is, you: don't have the loyalty of the peace on your team you're, not working with people. You trust respect because the one problem you have when you work at the Trump Whitehouse is you are sir. And it one hundred percent by people who would work at the Trump White House but that's what that's real, that the parliamentary now building our people debase themselves or were mediocrity sailed their way into the only campaign, hungrier iron rails, who had nowhere else, hungarian criminal. You know people who bought buildings on Fifth avenue and couldn't make it work. You know there is a building.
Of just terror, Human beings are ripe, our troll and they smell any of these are snakes and end the snakes who smells chairman the water sharks. Start the bottom line is getting they eat, it proposes. We need their wounded at all. I'm trying to draw episode title what is a beta wounds they either would work on convening at some time, or so we can get a real time will vote at the end. The current deputy press- secretaries, just Imago hat on the podium in a brief Kosovo's reported today in actually is that true privately behind closed doors is furious with Porter and says our people who abuse their spouse, awful people involved and weird. I guess expected to believe it behind closed doors trump believe this, but then he felt like publicly. He should defend
this guy. What does the incentive for behind the scenes carrying angry and thinking? It was a bad thing, but in public saying oh, no, no, no he's he's he's done really good work and we wish him well can vent on this. Once again: we are getting a little argument with the we need a lot of flights, this trip, and so you and of arguing with borders on twitter. Sunday is, which is not a work, not cool as we do for fun, guys, sweated, what're, you reported this be said for people said that behind the scenes, Trump is really angry at this individual staff secretary, who is a multi time, spousal abuser I'm willing to believe that behind the scenes, Donald Trump is really mad. At this guy for earning bad press for the White House, I am not willing to believe that he's actually mad at him for his conduct or that he doesn't believe his conduct, because why, then, would you go in front of cameras and make statements giving him the ban? the doubt or tweet or nor about due process were spent decades. Defending every mail.
White male, that's on your team against allegations and act like there. The victims here, and so it is frustrating to read this shit because it just so self evidently not was our so called Conway's on the shows and she's trying to do her kelleam thing to defend our and they say you know, what will why doesn't the president condemn people who abuse women and she said in a? Let me tell you about the president's relationship with women. Let me tell you how he thinks about women. She said quote: President is responsible for eight hundred thousand women taking new jobs and twenty seventeen love it should women, forgive the president for defending a domestic abuser, because businesses created jobs last year, Do you think? That's funny guy, he's. Not gonna, take a people whose Conway disgrace
I have loved all over it? I think I'm going to go right. Eleven on the site. Million Conway's a good lesson, I think for human beings, just because there is freedom and killing the part of yours, That experience is Shea she's, the free person on television, she's career that every one of us, every single one of us has had a moment in our lives. We could say to a Bosworth friend, not just a white lie, but something we so fundamentally, don't believe, and we knew we could get away with it. But we do it couldn't get ourselves to make the noises because they were still something in side of us that little voice a little voice that stopped us that's a prison they were Kelly. Conway figured out with that. You could break out of that prison and once outside, there's nothing. You can't say,
You can say that GDP is an excuse for defending people who punch their wives. Sure Neri, there's an extraordinary thing to say on television and then walk off camera and continued to be part of society. Whilst you could do it wants what you could do and once you have go on television will chuck taught in the eye and say yes, surely punch women face. But if you see in the latest GDP forecasts, do it one time, but then you got to get in your car and you got to drive, you got to drive to the road ends and you get out and you walk and you walk until there's nothing but trees and the sounds of works and, if you're not willing to do that, and I know what to say how bad example these are the worst p,
all that I've ever elevated, so high quality and by the way, the serious people under Bush. They fought things up. Pretty bad on their own. Through these people that origin serious as the Bush people, the last administration that almost destroyed the country and they what is more, the White House let them know what they're doing what are we, when talking about the staff secretary of the White House, warned about sensitive jobs in all of government covered up the back that he be his, Is for years he got away with it in charge of national security, another defending it. The president doesn't go out and say: I'm sorry, he says, he's a
a guy. We gotta take your word for it. It's crazy. It is raising cod where the thought came. More assumes the dregs. She was the poles dropper thawed bucking taken the guy. That said, you can stop. Re. Put your mind now: she works at the White House where the smartest, in best people over whether the politics have worked Gimme a fucking break. I I've had a drink, and I love to under dollar that weren't, you by a certain working circular, more detailed, the black guy. Doing ok
any who could actually to show where we must decide. This is the most boring, so sort you. So let everybody, because if it can, you tell me what time is incubating. So so I think you're. In ran had maybe the best respond bring us back John, I gotta do a quick vengeance. Again. I don't use and deliberate, maybe the best response to Trans three about wanting due process where people accused of sexual assault. She said if you once due process for the over a dozen sexual assault allegations against him. Let's have hearings tomorrow, so Dan I dont envision. That's an coming to pass! Nothing! Much requirement Ryan Game for that, but it does raising.
In question, should Democrats running for Congress in twenty eighteen talk about holding tromp accountable for these accusations we ve we ve talked about holding. Accountable for Russia, for corruption, for everything else should part of the message be that we will have a mean that we are going to actually have Congress investigate these allegations credible allegations that were made against the present aid states by women I was going to say now. I think I don't know that. Good political issue or not, but it's the right thing to do, because we gloss over the fact that nineteen women have accused suppress United states of sexual. It is never talked about in the press, has never talk about in politics It is such a world prices for this country. That happens, and so I think there are some other workers in children's exactly right and I hope if in in Democrats take back one or both bodies of Congress in November.
That is something that we do so with the things he is accused of or against the law act like it's been adjudicated in the court of elections, in that somehow Ok and thus we are supposed to move on with people I Kelly and Conway go on the Sunday shows. And they shame ass, enable us in the eye and say this has been dealt with. We lose to these women have a she said: that's I've had their day. That's not how the world works. Now do something horrific. You live with that you're entirely especially if you show up literally no remorse and you lie in you attack the people that you are harmed me like. He is, if nothing else demonstrating to everyone else in the country in the world. That the worst possible behaviour is how you get away with the worst possible behaviour and that's not acceptable to society. So I'm glad as democratic I can see how people here that is from a political strategy and in full screen
about it, but I agree with them. That is the right thing to do. We should be talking about. It should not give this asshole a pat. Well, I think to it. It. I get. It hit my stomach when I think about what it took for all those women to come forward right before the election in, come out and say that and then to have him win and then to have nothing happened. And I think that an before we move on from this, I do want to say that one of the very serious consequences or the many serious consequences of powerful men telling the world that they dont believe victims of domestic violence is that other victims. More reluctant to come forward- and you know we were talking with our friend Honorary Cox about this this morning in She wanted us to remind everyone that if you were someone or you know someone who's experienced sexual assault, please reach out to the national sexual assault hotline. It is eight hundred six thousand five hundred and sixty
or you can go to our eye and end dot org, and you can get help you get paid help. You know it's important to go. Do that together, you you're the one who took another job before we leave this topic, and I say one more thing: yeah, which is most demo I have not yet figured out how to get involved and back and forth what trump Harrison Jeweller brand. To our credit, handle this very well on multiple in trumpets com. George said: horrendously vets have things about issues hamlet, very well, and she handled this exactly right and I think that democratic model adolescence from how she engage with tromp. You know why, because I argue that she does it just seriously. She doesn't try to like make jokes back to him. She takes it. You know she doesn't even know a nickname rate it as a trading nickname him back to try to make out joke him. She just likes says something serious and it's like it doesn't seem like it's to force now thinking she, someone who's, got a real, credible history and track record of fighting for these issues. Rightful role
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Ok, I want to talk about twenty eighteen strategy and when I take Republicans first and entitled Democrats so again, this may be hard to believe that there are quite a few republican strategists who think that defending domestically This is not the ideal message for the midterms. Those people are not gonna get hired in the White House. I know I know there are few and far between so called. To a Jonathan Martin peace in this morning's New York Times. There is fear among party strategists and people like dens Mentor, Paul Ryan Uncle hall of the Polish airlines that they all have trumps crazy too and the Devil Nunez release the memo. Conspiracy bullshit will distract from the tax got message. No shit
So did the peace argues that the conspiracy stuff is what fires up? The base in some of these districts, but there are focused on tax cuts and the economy is the real winner. What do you think this. I think that is actually right, and if there is a true debate about the merits of the tax cuts, were democrats have the courage to engage and argue why this tax get the guy the vast majority, the one point: five trillion dollars. The wealthiest Americans is a moral abomination demo to win that fight by if we it. But if you public is of a lot to run on their party is unpopular, their prayers it is unpopular and competent, and so this is, they have accomplished. Basically, nothing this tax bill and they are going to do they were willing to lie about it. They will say it's not going to affect the deficit. Middle class he's getting all the benefits, and if we see the ground there than yes that work that we have to make sure we don't do that. I'm here is also.
This fascinating peace, because it's basically mission by all these policies and strategies and republican Party that all of this release- the Memo- conspiracy, Anti Mahler bullshit, like bats, That's firing of the very small base that they have, but it's not moving voters for them and the people it talks about this guy Congressmen Matt Gates, whatever our gavel riveting her so easily ease from Florida, and he basically says that he busily and the peace that he says all this crazy bullshit on television, because sometimes when he does Donald Trump calls him up and tells him great job and he also visited that that has no electoral value. When you really loves Donald Trump, calling about tell what you think- strategy, I would be around If I didn't point out that this week there is a story about how dollar John doesn't read the PD be, which is
importance for him as the guy who keeps us safe, but also on an intellectual level. The most interesting thing in the fucking world, but he watches every tv appearance by Matt Guy, and he calls it s. That drive me crazy so my favorite, my favorite of the hope, is House republican leaders are so eager for their candidates to stop talking about the crazy bullshit and start talking about the tax cuts. They are offering a gift of the week or to Republicans who break through with their tax cut message the prize. Is a jar full of Jelly beans lover. What do you think about that? A word. You think that's a You think that's a good incentive for folks. I think a bunch of people giving themselves they give her a war. Tells you a lot about what they think Working party is, I know, a little less about what it actually is rather like it is
really like the Washington establishment Republicans left over. It is not the actual. It's not Troms Party UKIP Riddling guy. It's like the leftovers, the Trump, albeit sitting there, with their poles being like. If we can just talk about free market economy and free market economics and the time we're gonna win, reassuring about that is Democrats rightly have spent the last year being like what How did we get here? What were we wrong about? How wrong where we owe more wrong than we thought we lost up and down the battle we lost the White House and and those urging, I think it's a lot of questions relic. What are the rules of political gravity that still apply You know what are the laws now the trumpets present president? What did we understand- and we did a lot of that very publicly, which is good with interesting- is republican, strategist and republican? behind closed doors are just as unsure about what happened and why it led to this moment every body is floating in space, including Republicans, who have absolutely
no idea what they're supposed to be doing. They don't know whether or not their supposed to be appealing to the crazy part of their base, repealing on the corporate tax, it everybody everybody is unmoored board the winners and losers, which should be a little bit reassure no, and I was what fine, really reassuring. Is this republican pollster David Winston he's a good republican pollster? He basically says in the peace that voters are highly flexible right now in their views of the tax law and that most of the electorate isn't yet aware of what's in the bill, and so he believes this election is a struggle to fine, which party is going to find within the bill which we ve all been saying. We want Democrats to hear, because that means that it's not it's not an win for republic for sure by any means, and even republican pulses are saying that he's out there saying like we
But if I was in the bill, because it's not necessarily win for us, so I mean this is sort of what we were saying. The last three weeks we need. This is, we have fought elections on this issue of who stance and middle class and who is going to fight for the wealthy in Wall Street, and if you can make that what debates about Democrats will win with can't do is go out like this is how this played out. Is the tax law pass all the pulse? It was incredibly unpopular, Walmart a press, release and says I gave bonuses. Democrats point out. Rightfully these bonuses go to a small percentage. People only work to the company for two decades. At the same time, the Walmart is closing a thousand SAM's club stores and putting people out of work and the Republican say. Why do you hate wealth Democrats? just melt into the floor, get afraid instead, engaging in the argument. Rights have a very high melting people, don't know bravely you're it. So it's it's so easy makeup make a pie chart
to pursue the fattest by going to bonuses, fifty percent, more is gonna, go to stop by backs dividends and ten percent of the country owns eighty percent of the stocks. I mean it's very simple message: the relocating we? Should we pray that the Democrats we've been arguing this for a while? Finally, it looks like the Senate Democrats or getting the message this week. They released a report that shows companies have already announce now These seven billion dollars in stock by backs since the tax go past compared to just two billion in bonuses to employ? at the top of our list. Wells Fargo with twenty two point. Six billion dollars when they're not busy making thick accounts in your name. There lying back. Twenty two fucking billion dollars from that tax. Morgan Stanley report,
weeks is that only thirteen percent of the company savings will go to workers in the form of bonuses raises and benefits. So I think, there's a lot. We can learn from the Republicans fought against a bomb care abominate helped a lot of people, it expanded Medicaid it provided! A lot of consumer protection, it lower the lower the uninsured rate, dramatically, applaud, grow Obamacare by virtue of insurance companies taking advantage of a moment of transition as well as Asia. Just deciding to grandfather and fewer viewer plans. There was a subset of people who got letters in the mail telling that their planet accountability costs we're going up. It was a giant, complicated law that help lot of people, but some people did bear. The of that transition, undeniable and probably unavoidable in any kind of big piece of legislation, is going to help tens of millions of people. Republicans didn't get worried about all the people that were being helped. You don't see Republicans while the medicate expansion. How can we make a case of
bomb cared enough? They hammer day after day the parts of the law that people in the public thought were bad. They hammered against individual mandate. They hammered against the insurance company letters. They did not have any compunction about all the ways in which was helping people. We have a tax law that is helping far fewer people that is about. Worse piece of legislation that bar as one point five trillion dollars the vast majority, which goes to corporations in the wealthy. If democratic going to be scared, because a tiny subset of that is going to help people, while the vast majority of it is gonna, go to the people that have been doing incredibly well to the biggest companies to the wealthiest people to Betsy Devices to cope brothers, if we can't just focus on part. Then we should just give up. I think we should give up olitic. It's also say goodbye. It also strikes a how they haven't easier time than we did ride like when you have, when you give a gigantic tax cuts to the richest people in the country into industry
it's very easy to make a call over to eighteen, tea or whatever the company and say hey, wants you announce that you're under your bonuses are because of the tax gut and then someone sees how much from tweets about it in these companies see the press in ITALY. Comes a thing. We're area one year on these companies are being like. Oh, I saw that eighteen Tita compressed. We Mademoiselle Awareness and it's over it's more sinister than that every come have the company's putting out these bonus. Announcements are all companies with business, before the FCC government agencies, who have absolutely no faith that the trunk White House is politically interfering with those disease because trunk goes on television and says I'm interfering with the decision of the other thing. One last thing about it is it's hard to do tax reform that balances winds in losses when you're trying to not like deficit when we are about to emigrate remoteness, I'm talking about the tax benefits for all
a trap. Using do go. I rode revenue dangling. I will talk about revenue neutral tat. What we should have actually should have that revenue jacket or more neutral tax from, but we didn't they bar one point: five dollars from the future and they are distributing it in the present. That is not hard to make popular, and even they fuck that up by giving it to the smallest subset of people. So when we, when they say, look at all the people that are benefiting look at all the people that are winning they borrowed one point, five trillion dollars from the future then gave out that thought impressive, I also that you just you gotta balance it with, like all the problems that exist in this country. Well, Spargo just got twenty two billion dollars from the government. One in five children go to bed hungry every night, three million people less their health insurance. I share. I do know how many people are drowning in student debt right now on a humming people,
and for health insurance know how many people care for job training or the things they need like there's so much need in this country. Right now there are so many people who are struggling takes thirty five minutes ago, from New Jersey, dominant right forget. We have revealed a fuckin tunnel, we have shitty. Airports are bridges, are crumbling and we're giving wells Fargo twenty two billion dollars for fucking what they got bullet train. Women all over China has been called to order miles an hour water. Where were you every day, every three days, a train, all the tracks in Amerika about produced falling down, because you see all your brain, the guy, the guy in charge of the pirates built out of your baby oration, be applauding rising to build a goddamn thing. You got your idea Don't I
so we have used the glee, the democratically at the tax law and healthcare, pretty hardness campaign, but obviously there's gonna be other issues that come up and what I want to touch on briefly before we move on is gun violence, especially since absolutely nothing been done since last October, when the deadliest mastering Dan. What do you think, I regret to say about gun, control and twenty eighteen, as is another issue that they're gonna shy away from that can be worried about Why have we ever want to change policy in this country? We have to run on it because would you and two is not talk about guns during the election and then get in the government and wonder why there's not a public consensus to do what you want to do and I think Denver. We have to learn from our failures on us and peace for a little website called crooked outcome a few months ago, when I talk about this than they ve got someone I website and I've been in politics for twenty years
my first jobs and politics was that the Department of Justice and when I worked out press there. In that in the Columbine shooting happen. While I was there and were You know someone with kids wanted to school, they shut up with dozens of people were killed. The students were killed. And it was the whole country focused on it. We will have a big debate about non violence. Since that time, No gun law has changed it. Things have actually got worse because the assault weapons ban has been expired Congress decided to give immunity to God. If accuracy they wouldn't be sued in part the problem here is Democrats are scared of their shadow. One guts. And what we do is we play with in the frame the Vienna RE points as Democrats got there and say I believe in the second amendment, but I think we should do background checks and if we want it es background checks. Tomorrow with wives would be safe, and that would be good, but that does get it. The core problem is that there are too many guidance in this country
and so you don't we Republicans who I disagree with us on choice right out of their everyday we're gonna point Supreme Court justices will overturn Robbie Wade, That is how I don't agree with that, but we Democrats leave is that we have to agree that the second amendment means you can get guy is easily, as you can get a slice of pizza in there. That's not how what that is an accurate view of the constitution, and we should argue that against this, in court decision and have our first United States that, created the idea that the second amendment is sacrosanct thing. So we should argue against the current the energies argument about the second, a member, make a strong boost the case for reducing gun violence in this country and set up playing on the margins, which has been what the democratic Redeker has been for as long as had been in politics. A far less marked political point than with interest. That is like.
Steelson me, I remember my first campaign was two thousand and two Obama, two thousand and four, and we were scared. Shittless of the gun debate. You know you talked about common sense, gun safety laws, you sort of back and everything you think, there's a cultural component of the powerful interest group. At the same exact time, Democrats were scared shittless coming out in favour of gay marriage. There was a power. There is a cultural overtone. There are powerful conservative interest groups and guess what someone stepped up instead, the right thing in, like the public perception changed overnight, looked at what dance at exactly right. Yet the fight for things you care about and are important, and if you know tens of thousands of people are getting killed per year by gun violence. It should be important enough to fight for and maybe lose some elections, but at least gettin again one more thing: is Democrats tangible. We believe that, like the goal is to be as bold on gun violence as possible without angry the energy, but here's the thing.
The energy? Doesn't care of you use there talking point. They are republican political organization. You can be the first, this right Democrat on guns and if republican rise again, you are going to support that republic. It it's the same. Thing we ve been saying on immigration to you can take all the more server two votes on immigration that you want. That doesn't mean that the in any thirteen ads are commonly or district or to your state it's gonna happen, no matter what, unlike Its guns are immigration. You cannot argument that you do not make and I think, like them, That's me to realise that, whether its guns or immigration, I thought that you ve gotta, make the argument you ve gotta, join it with worthy and looked in this war elections. Matter too, there was a there. Is this national election in Washington State in November. First state Senator Democrat ran first time. She wins, that's
the Washington State Democrats take control of the legislature and now a couple weeks ago. A mother of a victim of the LAS Vegas massacre goes up to Washington State and she testified before the state legislature for new back checks for ban on high capacity ammo for all kinds of gun, control measures that are now possible because of one state says that flipped, and so we get so frustrated about nothing happening on gun violence, but all it takes is for a bunch of Democrats to make the case and win at state level in community level, all across the country can actually start cutting. No honest ever one running scared. No one is everyone running scared. Ever positive, Merrick America's brought by policy genius policy genius. They do a good job of giving us funny ass. Well, that's hybrid aegis! Valentine's day is this week, which means millions of couples
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We talk a lot about the tax bill and the argument in the debate over who is helping who it doesn't help, and so we thought tonight we dive into that Second, we call ok, stop here's how works logically and we feel like it. We say: ok, start to talk about it. This week We are going to watch through two clips versed, we're gonna, hear someone defend the tax bill and second, we are going to see who's benefiting from it. But trot equip. Most importantly, we need to put the american economy in a better competitive position so that we can compete in wind jobs and get faster economic growth and for nine years
big task for families as well give up. This is a big tax cuts for families that well, but whose family, perhaps perhaps one of the families that's benefiting. Most of all, is when you ve heard of other called the coax, and they produce a great many wonderful wonderful people who are out there following their dreams and contributing to society, but continue to clip. My father said to me why it you can do whatever you want to live, ok, This is why a coke. Beyond this, company you may shirts that have literal money bags on that continue to sure you do it well Do it with past? Ok up before we go any further he too heavy set gentleman in a shirt with money bags on for all the people in all the listeners at an end, he looks great. He looks like
looks like he said. Just somebody can? U turn amphetamine into a fabric. Really. I really love what Wyatt Koch says. He said he says my father told me why it you can do whatever you want is life in life as long as you do it well and do it with passion. That is his first sentence. Think about what that is? That has said with the line reading of inspiration, but I dont think it was said with inspiration. I think it was said with You lazy, fuck, you know, do shit you're, my rich air, Sun and you're, making a laughing stock of me. You like me,
in short, go make your gay shirts in Miami you'd. Only to make money get out of my house. Do something to do with some passion. To do something with an energy is like trying to get a kick out of a hobby of any open this video with it. What kind of person a business inserts at all. By saying my dad told me I could do anything. I put my mind. A way soft, rich, douche bag is this. Rivers Wikipedia rate Wikipedia give yourselves the tree and red why it Ingram coax Wikipedia, read about where he summers every day. I got off this island to wade creating the foes? Ok son please notice throughout the video those listening at home, you'll youtube it. Someone told him to do this. Hence I make circular motions keep an eye on the hands. Radical should be able to be worn in the board room or in this
attack on. That requires a discotheque. No John through to the discotheque through the night club to the yacht. I we just decided to pay teachers. So that this guy gets more money from the government Americans for tax furnace estimated that the Coke family will get one point four billion dollars from tax got one point: four billion dollars you this fucking forward. I would point out I've seen a lot of time and business. I've been auto boardrooms, but I've seen
millions. I dont think that seems I boardroom appropriate material and with you don't they gave you a living assured with big anchors on with a different colored. Cuff I mean did he just like watch modern family. I think I could make money. That's camps: are you just can't what I really wanted to create something? That's fine. Outside the box friendly, yet really got. You feel that our surrender, denying in one of those things on the list, goes on San, when Paul Ryan says, we gave a task that the families what he is saying is. I would like to create a permanent aristocracy in which this person gets to live richer than Ninety nine percent of the people in this room, while making shirts this fuck it really for the rest of his life.
It is also worth pointing out that, after a Paul Ryan shepherded through this tax guide, this guy's Father on road uncle wrote a five hundred thousand dollar check to pour Ryan's political action committee and its donating. His work, will donate four hundred million dollars for when eighty midterms a bright spot as much as we are enjoying. This is as much as the cope brothers, hate this, because because they definitely had to watch it out- and I will say if you are democratic, fundraiser or democratic, Billinger or millionaire- and you have some money, maybe take this. Video may be turning into an ad, maybe make it
the lad, maybe put some money behind it, maybe maybe plaster across the screen. How much fur coats got from the tax gut, maybe tell everyone how much Paul Ryan got for taxing from passing the bill. I have a lot of thoughts on this. My dams are open. Let's talk about the problem of summer. Ok, when we come back, we will be having an interview with congressmen, Jackie Road mother, Roger by soothe soon, as we just told you Valentine's day is just around the corner if you're looking for the perfect romantic gesture without all the planning and see with, is what you need age. I done nothing because you are paying attention near realise that February fourteenth was coming right after every thirteen, we're on the roadway now we're in a massage Vegas in LAS Vegas we and were in Phoenix somewhere Denver. Before that I called Hannah during our trip- and I said hey what do you want to do for round eyes, and she said you know what I'm gonna pricks fixed dinner. Psycho summers,
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you're posting nonsense that we do want to talk about, but you girls get cash out. You can buy Bitcoin, you can do almost every. Use it as a deal. You old bank account guy with the cash apps economic account. You can get the cached a debit card. You can use it at the atm. You can deposit your paycheck into your cash count this Valentine's day download the cash up, because you love the shop there. You go tony Pee save as the code. Our artists is congresswoman. Jackie rose in she currently certain House ARM Services Committee, tv Channel, never renewal energy and she might be one of our best. Chances are taking back the Senate, there's no member, someone Jack, you can turn LAS Vegas baby will have enough. Good beer only took me forty years to play the joint. Thank you for your bed, you so much for being here. I wanted to start with some news about the trouble demonstration
his own, be director. Today, Nick Mulvaney was on television and he said that President trumps tweet that Lives have been shattered by a mere allegation which was made just days after one of his top is was accused of beating his spouse was a reference to aren't, see financed Chairman Steve Win, who Mr Mulvaney believes, has been accused without due process. Here's what you thought of that statement, what your responses to Mr Mulder and MR mainly has it all wrong, because for all the women out there, all the victims out there who, for so many years, since time began have been fighting against us. The time is up and I stand with the victims. Let me tell you that I graduated college move chair and nineteen eighty
I was a woman working in these casinos working and technology. I was actually a waitress at Caesar's palace during my college years and no photos in the 70s. I wish there were be pretty fun anyway, but let me tell you that we were just told we had to stand back and take it. He couldn't stand. The heat then get out of the kid but we stood there and we took it, and our time is here and it's now, sulphur everyone, the number you called anyone- is a victim. Anyone whose harassed it's over their time is up. We to stand tall and speak out more Medusa Dean Heller has done enough to
I think they know the arena. We know the answer. Riding repudiates did when I know that he belatedly gave some money back, but he seems to have been very silent on this on this be very site. Isn't silent is very silent. More than just sign when area very, very silent. You know, sender, Heller. One thinks for sure I know is: if you open one of his closets, the amount of flip flop that would fall. There were just fill this entire room, and so I have to say on this issue doesn't have a heart he realized what's going on, and how can he look at people who are victims who are standing up, stand but these women and I don't care he caves. His donors, every time Steve when Mitch Mcconnell, whoever it is, he doesn't vote what he thinks he doesn't say what he thinks and vat, silent, very, very silent. The silence has to stop and dean how
I challenge and to come forward and speak out it's hard for me to imagine the horror of the shootings that occurred in LAS Vegas I know you were on the scene hours days after consoling victims meeting with him at hospitals and seen the real human toll of what happened with fifty eight dead, nearly five hundred wounded, but immediately the the conversation separated people into you know their camps, the Washington Debates moved on. There's been no progress. Than safety, not even a bump stock ban, which seemed like it was a no brainer in the wake of what happened. What do you hear from constituents about the lack of action and urgency in Washington in the wake of something so horrific and in what would you like to see dont in our I hear from every day, and I happened to be here-
That evening I was supposed to go back to Washington the next morning and my gone to sleep early cause. I had an early flight and my daughter called me from New Jersey, she's in college. Hysterical. Are you ok, she's screaming crying if she would be, or she loves country music? She D been that count like she's free. Are you ok? Where would I be its ten p m, I'm in bed, you know, but watching pods listenin, to play save inherent Gather Anna and what we experience and the amount of people that it touched you know think of all the workers. You know you're here in a hotel now, but think of all the people.
Work here that you don't see behind the scenes that now are afraid to knock on a hotel door just to deliver towels to clean your room, to check if you're, ok, to check you into the amount of people across his country in our community and communities across his nation, we kind of estimated was probably half a million people. It touched out of those twenty two thousand when you think of the workers. Very proud of how everybody stood up here and when I went back to Washington. You know you go when you sign letters and I'm on the bomb stock and the reducing the size of the magazine there. So many bills out there and you realize we are not in the majority, so I'm gonna make this plug in November and commit to taking care about borders in November. A quick question if these people are going to vote if they want to volunteer if they want to donate what should they do or sugar rose,
for an about a dot com hours. I've got a place for you in and talk about that too, in a minute, but I want to say is that when you go back there, it's so credibly. Upsetting and there's every day another moment of silence. I understand why people don't get up, because it's absolutely the most hypocritical thing all right. Let's have another moment of silence, but man I'm not going to bring that the elder the floor, and so is law Is there in charge? They control? the agenda. So all we can do scream and holler and email and call and tweet, and do everything that you're doing but I'll tell you this every time you hear one of those horrible tweets every time there's something that you don't agree with: don't get mad commit to do
one more thing: register one more border make one more thought and commit to driving you're here, and this is imminent Nevada. You commit to deriving as many car lots of people to the poles to vote as you can, because when we vote we win worldwide, but immigration and others a significant Dreamer population Year, Nevada
recently, you know, Nancy Pelosi was on the floor of the house. She spoke for a long time for the dreamers she wanted to get a promise from Paul Ryan to put the bill on the floor and up or down vote for the dreamers Enough Democrats that did not vote to everyone voted for the budget bill at past and in the house. I know you were one of the boats, a lot of immigration activists, a lot of dreamers lot of people on the country. You know they've been a little disappointed with Democrats for not fighting harder and using the leverage that they had in Congress. So we get this. I know it's a really tough. If you don't know the politics are tough. What was your thinking on that? We don't have leverage in Congress right now cause we're not in the majority. So all we can. Do as rail added filibuster it right and call and do everything we can and so in every way. In every way we ve been trying to fight for that clean dream act. Paul Ryan made that commitment not to bring immigration to the floor because he knows if he brings that clean dream back to the floor, it's going to pass on hundred percent
So we have a discharge petition out there. There is actually a few republicans on it or fighting. I'm telling you we are fighting every day he actually about five o clock in the morning. This Friday said he would bring something to the floor, but We know that if he brings that dream actor the floor, it is going to pass we know if he brings heard angular to the floor, it is going to pass. He doesn't want to give the Democrats the wind and he needs to quit using these young folks, I'm the grand daughter of immigrants, my father a first generation american, and so even though the immigration laws were different nearly a hundred years ago, I wouldn't be here and neither would
most of us, because that story is the american story. It's everyone story. So to control the agenda, we have to have the numbers. What is on what is a compromise on immigration? Look like that you could live with. Obviously the trump administrations is way out. Are cutting legal immigration. We don't want to do that, but what's what's one that you think that that you guys could live with right now. I want to be or that we take the dreamers off the table. We need to give and earn path to citizenship to these young folks. Two percent. This is the only home made ever known their servant and our military, their working they're going to school they're paying taxes. I mean I talked to him all the time. We can't pick them against their parents, their crying. What do we do? We need? if the teepee s recipients are today. I had you broke into the idea I had Mary Martinez suit was here from El Salvador and and he works at sea.
Your palace, like I did many years ago and he met his wife on Valentine's day. I was hoping that for Valentine's day, I would give him the present of past to citizenship, but I was able to do it and it breaks my heart, and so we're going to keep fight every day in every way and every path we can in the minority. You just don't have the leverage that you wish. You did, but all you can do is how you can help me is this. You can call all Dean Heller every day you can call every Republican every day and tell them what you think you can we'd Adam. You can knock on their door, you can send them an email and you can tell him how you are going to vote November because unless they have consequences now, never change. Last measured view. You are now
someone who has been in politics your whole life is relatively new to you when you, when you ran for Congress and in twenty sixteen there are so many people running for offers, for the very first time now after trumps election more women than ever before, would it would advice. Would you give those new candidates were running? What lessons have you learned from someone who hasn't been in politics, your whole life, but has just started for some of these people who are facing a lot of tough campaigns, it's funny I talked to a lot of groups now, especially alot of groups of young women, and they asked me this question and what I tell people who are think about serving whatever capacity is Library Board your School Board United States Senate, Congress is that life is not linear, and that each and every One of us are more than just what we do for a living where the sun of all the things we are, whether you were a son, a daughter, mother
Father Sister brother, whether we ve had to deal with chronic disease, whether we ve had friendship, died from a drunk driver and opiate overdose. All those life lessons give you passion and give you commitment, and if you understand that- and you realize that you don't have to just check off of linear set of boxes to get somewhere, and you can use all of those things that make you who you are, that passionate caring committed person that you are, then you can run for office and its very freeing to be a new candidate. Because for me this is a gift. Because I didn't plan to do it and I got here because of all the things I've done in my life, and I know that whatever happens, I'm gonna win on my terms. I'm proud of what I'm doing each and every day, because it is who I am and I've earned it. It's a great gift to serve, and it's a great gift to be here and
a great gift to be the senator from Nevada before we let you do we want the play one game: not I loved very excited. I love others. Hello, everybody, I hate being off stage. Ok, so as we have been discussing dirty dean, Heller, dirty politician who says whatever his money bosses tell him to say, is someone who has taken every position under the sun because He seems like we principles, conviction, conviction doesn't have a backbone. He doesn't have a wish. You did. He does it, and so we thought we play a game to explore the various ways in which Genes Heller's positions tend to evolve
That's why we're going to play the inhaler versus the inhaler congresswoman rose. It has agreed to play with us with someone out there like to be our contestants, Progress is in the house. If the tracker won't do it, let's get somebody hi. What's your name Andrew Brett, and are you from Nevada? Yes, Wherein about are you from folders city older sitting, folder city, the great place? I hear it's clear. You do often find that the things you thought yesterday, you continue to think today in public then tomorrow, sir, you are pretty personal play this game, but you did not that's not how to think when you're playing this game
that's a good way to be through life, but not in the game. Okay, if you get yourself in the might mindset, got it breath yes, or are you ready for your first question? I'm ready and you have your car Everybody can organise already. We are ready, dirty Dean Heller said which of the following about the dream. It was a day there should be a pathway to citizenship. Absolutely there should be a pathway. Was it be? I support eighty percent of the dream act or was it see I do not support the dream at a bread was a trick question it's all of the above, but right you can redeem yourself with a bonus question. Are you ready? Yes, what is Dean Heller's position on the dream at all of this,
incorrect, no one knows indeed Heller, has refused to tell us what his position is. Since, like September Tv gin number, two after being pressed on plant parenthood at one of his very rare town, halls Dirty Teen Heller said he had quote no problem with federal funding. What happened next was a day. He responded arguing with his wife at two CBS, because you didn't want to be seen walking down the aisle. The female unmentionable was it, be. He stood firm in his position and was even spotted at the women's March. Bringing indigo Girls tank tap, gets better dancing along to the new, so long, job, while holding a sign that Red smash the patriarch. I hope that the answer is already so poor or was it see not even a day
to say he had no problem with federal funding. He changes position announcing. He was against federal funding of plan paranoid and then went on to vote to advance a bill that would force women to continue pregnancies even at the expense of their own health. I wish you would be that it will see right. It will see you're coming from your you're, coming back you're, getting yourself in the mines question three which are the following? Dean Heller say about supporting Donald Trump. Was it a? Let me be clear: I do not support tromp. Was it be, I'm probably about ninety percent sure that I'm not voting for Donald Trump? Was it see? yes, I voted for Donald Trump Rat was a day. Was it be? or was it say
all of them? It was all of them by the way, something I'm learning as we play the game. If Dean Heller tells you he's ninety percent sure he's going to do something he's not going to that doesn't mean how that hell for him. Finally, question for last fall. All eyes turned to dirty Dean Heller as Donald Trump attempted to repeal Obamacare and face it with a season to dvd of the show. Scrubbs was whether, I found it so you know season two is when he saw a lot of fresh ideas which most about the rhythm of the character, so don't jump Poohpooh it. What did Dean Heller had to say about the Obamacare repeal bill was today this bill would mean a loss of covered from
millions of Americans and many Tibetans, and I'm telling you right now. I cannot support a piece of legislation. It takes insurance way from tens of millions of Americans in hundreds of thousands of Tibetans, or was it be ay ay it is this. There is a third option see I don't have another cope with that one and was in voting for a bill that would take healthcare away from hundreds of thousands of ETA like a week after he said the first fucking quote the guy's fucking preposterous, Do you guys you remember him holding a press conference and standing in one of the podium and say with all the conviction he could pretend to have? I can support a bill like this. I didn't go to the Senate, weird british x.
Another one asked how what your country s air there right. You want our birth to gain power. I don't know about you guys, but I dont think either one of these Dean Heller's ought to be in the Senate for very much longer got out their donate, knocking on doors, help Jackie Rosen, become senator from this great or you'll have to deal with many more years of someone who believes absolutely nothing. Thank you, Brad. Replaying
thanks for paddlers may I do you tiresome and Jackie Road rail appreciated making. So much not arouse in front of an adult learning is thank you so much.
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