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Trump pretends a staffer doesn’t exist as his will-they-won’t-they drama with Kim continues, Customs and Border Patrol begins tearing away children from their parents at the border, and the trouble grows for Trump’s inner circle. Erin Ryan joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy on stage at Boston Calling, and then our interview at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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The present exports are pod. Save America is, the procurator sure is in honour of memorial Day and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for a country. Today, Gerda wanted to highlight the exceptional veteran workforce in some of the challenges they face. Specifically to find out that under employment impacts, more veteran job seekers than non veteran job seekers super a partner with the call of duty endowment to better understand this key. Finding and other employment challenges, impact and veterans, and what are they found out? They found that roughly one third veteran job seekers report that they are under employed. Even a majority of employers report that veterans reform quote better than quote, or quote much better than quote non veterans on the job vision with that's just wanna nature. People understand one another was owing to the eye. It would be where material stealing the words I dont, holding a played, rising airport, non quote. Employers also reported that experience, perseverance, leadership and directly relevant skills top the list of qualities and employers are invaluable in their veteran employees, employers.
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John John, MRS harboured, whereas by below School outside of Boston. Welcome the broad save America, I'm John Faroe. I'm John Love, it I'm Aaron Ryan. I found the door the today later on will be listening to the interview that we did yesterday at the Edward I'm Kennedy Institute with Senator before, but just so. Everyone here is clear. Do you not, on their part, not yesterday, that's for the people at home. You guys handle the well. You clapped that's what we needed, so we have a lot to discuss this afternoon, but I want to begin real quickly with
some developing news today about the on again and off again. Will they want relationship between our two favorite nuclear Our maniacs Donald Trump and Kim Jong IL today there was a surprise meeting between came in south korean President Moon to try to salvage the summit, the trumpet cancelled and then Trump tweeted, two countries may meet on June, twelve after all, Tommy what the hell is going on Here- God the only day now that's the problem and then the other thing Trump tweet about today? Was he he plucked a coat out of a New York Times article? That said, we might be so close to the actual date of the proposed summit that the logistics would be too hard to put it together in time and he tweeted fake news from a fake source? The failing your times? Does it again and then a bunch of reporters out the fact that this was a background. Briefing done by his senior director for
affairs in front of literally hundreds of reporters there's a transcript. There is audio There is video like they haven't dead right, so this Can guy doesn't know what his own team is saying. They don't know. What's going to happen, there's no reason that we needed to like turn this thing into a public break up Now you might be doing this on Instagram. Who knows at this point, I really like. I really like Trump like a member of the National Security Council speak Sir several dozen reporters and then Trump says actually that guy doesn't exist. I just sick picture picture that that Asia Policy- Certainly, like Mr Trump, I don't feel so good reply was greatly. Has. Finally, our report, not a White House reporter who agreed to the on the record off the record deal. Other porter, you thoroughly said he revealed the name of the staffer Skype Matt putting her. He does exist. He's fantasy director for Asia. Fares on Lithuania who might not exist right
Yesterday, actually Donald Trump in front of a bunch of reporters again pointed to a window in the White House and was like there's Maloney or she's right there and everybody turned around, and nobody within the lawyers like we're a couple days away from Single Lonnie and Mass, get a pipe organ. So Tom you do. Do we think that the summit happens on June twelve it seems pretty soon like a man who knows that the real problem here is that Trump cancel the summit without telling the South Koreans. So they were very test and upset because they live adjacent to a nuclear armed madman, as I so do I cannot tell and down, and so this afternoon president had a meeting with Kim Jong on today to try to peace it all back together and historically, we spent a lie.
At a time when I was at the White House, I'm going see trying to coordinate our activities with the South Koreans with the Japanese because they find that to be very important like they. They really need that reassurance in Europe they like planning and coordination, but I got money talks our allies in the fact that trumps behaviour has led the South Koreans, discharges breaking away from us and meeting with the North Koreans. Really without us knowing or having any say, and it means the alliances is splitting, which has not yet not good. It's, not get a title I want. I want to talk about what I think is the most crew. Inhumane policy of this presidency or, I think any presidency in our lifetime. The Trump administration is now. Taking children away from their parents at the border issue that their children young is eighteen months. Old
ripped out of their mothers arms, put into a government detention centre This has never happened before in these aren't necessarily family better sneaking into the country. A lot of them are showing up at the border asking comes in border patrol for asylum, because they're scared the violence in their own countries. A lot of them are from Central America from places like Guatemala, Honduras, where there's a lot of violence in the government's response is to take their children away area. Homeland Security Secretary, Kirsten Nilsen has defended the practice same. Children are taken away from criminals imprisoned for breaking the law, all the time chief of staff, John Kelly, said in an MP our interview earlier this month that the new policy is supposed to act as a deterrent and the church it will be taken care of put into foster care or whatever So what is wrong with these people and how does that even work as a deterrent at sea
You know I was thinking about this today and it's one of those things that I'm and makes me so angry. I can't be funny about it. No, but the one way that I was able to be a little funny about it was. I was thinking about ice and customs and border patrol and and the people that are in large of enforcing these awful immigration laws and hurting people, and I think what what's I was what kind of a person would become somebody that in worse this kind of policy it almost Like you're, not brave enough to join the military and actually go fight, people that have guns but you're So to raise this to be a cop. What what's really upsetting to me, though, is that I have always trusted that there were. There is some kind of layer in between this sort of mouth breathing idiot group that
keep the worst of their base instincts from being made into. Why now, there actually invasions of authority linked, on Kelly. You dont for the credit he got for being? Somebody would be a moderating person in Donald Trump Circle. He is not here just he's just as bad, if not worse and all Nielsen's kind of imagery. To where there is an article in the Washington Post about her. And Trump allegedly clashing. I'm I'm wary of any news report that paints a Trump official, That seems like there on the verge of exiting as in some way sympathetic because it so this to me like it's a it's an apology to her so that they can get on. Like you know, Santa and in Foxboro The other thing is John Kelly Months ago was asked about this by Senate Democrats. Are you going this, and he said no, we are not considering separating children from their families. We wouldn't do that.
John Kelly is a liar. Will exactly Kelly John Kelly got in front of the White House Press briefing room and he said that Florida coming Frederick wells in had bragging about dedicating an FBI centre and, in reality, video evidence to the contrary, existed John Kelly lies he's a liar he's, not somebody who can we can trust it all love it. So Trump responded with one of his worst ever tweets this morning. I think it said. Put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from their parents, ones they cross the border Democrats or protecting Emma S. Thirteen thugs- I guess that's in reference to eighteen months old, is, I guess what I'm wondering is is this? Is this live and he told on Twitter a sign that even Trump knows how gross inhumane and unpopular. This policy is, unlike
is he that much of a coward that he can't even own this policy yeah it's you know. Wants to have his kids ripped away from their parents and eat it too. The I felt the same way as Aaron did about it's really hard to find something to say other than just to be horrified. You know, as always, transport trump wants to muddy the waters. He knows that that for his base, he's making a point and that's a point- that a lot of people unfortunately will welcome, and we should be honest about that- that there are people who will this and that, ultimately, why he's doing it at this? time. You know he is a creature of tell us And television will not make this look good, so he'll be cowardly about that It is interesting that they're, using the defence of our wee wee rip children away from their parents all the time and we lock them up and its
reminder that all that this is not out of nowhere. That this is the end result of a process. By which these kinds of ideas came rationalize. Not just I'm saying that immigrant their animals and reminder. We had a whole debate about how new wants Trump was in the use of the word animals when, in fact well we are seeing is the result of a process by which you dehumanize people coming. To the country. But also we do take a lot of kids away from parents unjustly we do take it a lot of kids away from parents who then go and incarcerated, For too long, often for minor drug offences or minor offences, we do have a State, separate children from their parents. We do that every single day. This is. You know you see a lot of politicians. Democrats. This is not who we are, and it is very annoying because.
What we do is exactly who we are its we're doing it it's who we are because we're doing at its we don't want us to be you'd. Rather I shouldn't be issue, we shouldn't be, but it's exactly who we arts? One hundred percent who we are and its not just something that Donald Trump did. Donald Trump is able do this, because Republicans have capitulated to this politics, Republicans across the country or not campaigning on the Paul Ryan built trillion dollar task. For what millionaires civilian areas incorporation their campaigning Amazon, Emma S, thirteen and fearmongering about immigration. This is the end results of a shift in the Republican Party and a shift in our culture that makes this feasible and I'm glad people are decrying it. But now we will see just how far the Republican Illustration Republic, as a Congress have fallen, because I am not competent that we're going to see some kind of an outcry from Mitch, Mcconnell and Paul Ryan. I do not anticipate that happening, which tells you that is exactly where we are
The other thing that's important to note here is that were throwing more people into a system is already broken. So if you're a kid, You show up at the border, unaccompanied you are placed with a relative or some sort of sponsor of the H. H, asshole services and in within thirty days there was the checking on you to make your okay. Now it's Bachelet Chris you did they wait a month to check and see if a kid is ok, but full twenty percent of the kid they checked on, they couldn't locate, so then their missing one fifth of these kids are now and accompanied me. And our shows up and were ripping more kids. From their families and you're reading stories about people who are separated from an infant for four months and that those people- psychological damage, we decided and convenience user kids. You can't talk their terrify the Parents are terrified me did the level cruelty. It's not just like bureaucratic and competence leading to cruelty its will
policy choices designed to scare people by being crow and to add. We know that it's not just bureaucratic incompetence, because a different justice system exists for people who have means Harvey Wine statement has been charged with rape and he was or to turn into like in a choreographed effort In a one million dollar check to the bridge, in court house a he was being rain and walk, and meanwhile there are people who are lost. Fifteen hundred kids, been loss. They can be located. So it's just we live in two different America. I will say, like. Our immigration system is badly broken, it's been broken for a long time. It was broken during the Obama administration. It was broken during the Bush administration. It was broken during the Clinton Administration problem that you reference saw me alive. Those kids or missing that happened during
the Obama, ears and part of what happened was in twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen. We surge of unaccompanied minors who came, the border by themselves, childer they were children as young, as the ones were being ripped away from their parents right now, but there are like thirteen fourteen year old, with their parents sent to the United States, because There was horrible violence in Guatemala and Honduras and they show up and you get to the border and you don't know what to do with them, and so, but the first they do is they try to pare them with the relative, and if they can't find a relative in the United States, then they try. To put them in Sir CARE, and if they can't do that, then they hope when they try to send them back to their so they're trying to do the right thing. But the system is so broken if they can't figure it out, what's happening So that's bad system right, but what's happening now, look at. I think it's important to realise that what Trump has done has never been done before. This is the level of cruelty
far beyond what any administration Bush Obama Clinton like, because it is, or even even when Obama, the Obama administration was dealing with immigration and deporting people in everything else. There was always always a belief that we would keep children with their parents, and now we ve decided that that's not something that we're going about all this from the party that that towns itself as being pro life. Is that really drives me insane? How can you call yourself? How do you call yourself pro life or pro family pro family is another label pro family. Are you fucking kidding me and families Edward and they know what they're doing because John? How said look, hopefully we want, to do this for too long, but we need to dissuade them from coming in, which is also ridiculous. Do you think the people in Guatemala, Honduras were fleeing from violence, are looking at the Fucking NEWS like. Oh, I better not go to America. There taken away children out as well as on Twitter, like what they look they want. This is also
You know we're only as good as, like the unfairness, well taller, they believe based they ever since. Sear belief that these are people seeking asylum. These are people they just want to come to America, that yeah escaping violence, but there's always been bout. That is really count right. Trying to escape with your. It's from violence from drug cartels are or just the administration in parts of your country, shouldn't TK enter encounters asylum and they view brown people trying to come into this country just start over because where they were living was so heinous, and so unfair being that they needed to try everything to escape, that they don't, but they think that's taking advantage of the system, and so they view that taking advantage of this Stumm as more wrong, as so COS to us as Americans, even though it doesn't cost us anything to welcome people who we're gonna come in and get jobs and and build lives here
you know that it's worth this punishment of people that their dehumanizing other thing to is just to your point about the broken. As of the immigration system, one of the reasons all of this is happening is because not just Republicans, but so Democrats over many years have decided that the only pain to be Viz it upon people in our immigration system. Are the people trying to come into the you know we build an extra legal system where you can come here and work for cash under the table, We can all kinds of industries. You can become a sub contractor so that you can work at places that couldn't technically higher undocumented people your kids can and and common, have new wives. Here we built a system on the acts of undocumented people. But when there are raids, you don't see owners. Companies being chart carted off in handcuffs you see, undocumented
people as the only people who pay the price. So we have spent thirty years building a system telling people to come here and the only people who get hurt are the people who are the most desperate and most in need, and that that is. That is a collective failure to adopt. So I think the question now is is is what can we do about this, and I think that it's the weekend right now, you're probably into this on a Monday but like there should be an uproar or in Congress next week. Over this end democrats. Should we it right you're right that we can expect Fuckin Mitch Mcconnell to do anything about it. But like I've been looking around for statement, Commodore said something and Ryan Shots range of Hawaii and Chris Murphy and a couple of other democratic centres in some democratic congressmen to every
single elected democratic should be up in arms about this should be screaming from the rooftops about that, because what so you know, call your Congress people next week, as is my You can and also there's a lot of lawyers and there's a lot of people trying to help public defenders trying to help these immigrants help, these children on the border right now and they kaluza way. Could we use a lot of help because they don't have the resources, so you can do NATO United. We dream you can do. To the ACL you, those are to organisations that are that are helping out a lot and am I oppose the links on on twitter afterwards, and and and people should go down it I'll, just it's a crime is a crime to take it away from their parents who are coming here and following the rule It's not just wrong, it's not just more reprehensible United States is committing crimes. Once these people inside and there it state terrorists as bad as it gets off. Just as it is
and just a policy on what you know. Chris Haze did a great segment about this last night and he had an acl. You lawyer on in a lawyer said: if some of these politicians could go sit in one of those eyes: detention centres and one of those quorums when the child is written, from the mother of the Father and see what happens. I dont think they would be quiet right now you should tell your congressmen to go. Do that so let's talk about some real criminals Michael Cohen, Roger Stone and John Junior restart with coal in a few weeks ago is real. The Kohen received a million dollar payment from private equity, firm owned by Victor actual burger russian oligarchy, so shady been sanctioned by the government for interfering in our election in question by Robert Mothers investigators at an airport. Now, the New York Times reports the vet The bird met with Cohen Trump Tower. To talk about: U S, Russia relations just allow
days before trumps inauguration in a few weeks before the million dollars hit. Michael Cohen's accounts and we know this because this span camera caught them from TAT, So soon, we have over that camera. Like I wonder what use supposed to be it's a fucking documentary of crime, there's Kanye and there's the russian oligarchy helping interfere in our election. Tommy? What do you think about the story? I mean so fucked up so just like real quick on what an oligarchy is, These are like a win win so when the Soviet Union broke up they privatized. All these assets, like oil and gas, like aluminum, binds a big things and but there were politically connected, took ownership of them but you have to be like powerful and influential and then so these guys a master ton of power, and then Putin came along and was like that I met a slap
guys down. So we took the richest guy in Russia arrested. Him put em on trial had literally sit in a cage like Saddam Hussein or like someone in a banana republic he was like you work for me now so when you about what Cohen meeting with an oligarchy. This isn't some like rich prick from, ah street or like a guy who exit data VC firm. This is someone politically connected that is probably like a pseudo agent or agent of the russian government. So when it's car about its useful because it gives them some distance, but no action Ford
These guys are sending five hundred Grand Michael Cohen, there's a reason. Why are they for real estate advisable, real estate advice, they weren't gonna, get to the taxi medallion Michael, going like a kind of look at around two thousand dinars like taxi medallions. This over thing, sewers of flash in the pan go on all in on long term, taxi related assets and print newspaper just fascinating today that somebody who has you now five hundred and dollar deposits going into his account million diet of us it's going into into his account. How does he, still so as look like shit, why about much money? I would amazing spending some of that oligarchy, unless it's not going to. U, maybe it's going to Donald Trump, the M, whereas the sort of when this question about like what how what what what kind of option. Do we really need here like do? We need the equivalent of like blocks
cash. They find in a refrigerator like we're getting there that's what this is were now at the wheel. When reading the reports of it really knows what we again, we don't know a robber mother knows, he probably knows almost definitely knows a lot more than we do ripe overnight, but these reports are reports of basic. Like we're, not complicated corruption, not influence peddling I'll, give you money, you give me a government service like we're like might their ship Michael Cone at somewhere, where we take one of a photograph, would like a briefcase withers cartoon dollars coming out of the sides of it. You know those! That's how you know. That's how you know, like he's gonna, be like an a nineteenth century, muck making yellow journalism cartoon. With a big top hat. I mean So my might take on this is I think that as long you know the economy for right now, which is pretty much decoupled from decisions that are made on the executive level. Or its lagging enough that we're not seeing results of these decisions right. The second
the economy as long as people feel like the economy is doing? Well, I think they're not going to freak out about corruption cuz, it's like well, whatever I'm doing fine, I think, eventually, the ships going to hit the fan, eventually, what we're seeing in our own lives and our own pocketbooks is going to be a reflection of what's been happening the last two years and when that happened, yours you're already seeing right when I announced in double digit premium, increases after the Republicans trade sabotage the affordable, correct for next year. You see like people it's starting to happen to its not Norton on a broader level will honour recession, but right, yeah but you know here to be fair, though, if you, if you dont, want high medical bills issues just consider not getting sick, that's so it's not just mobile coin. We should talk about Roger Stone obtained by the wall. Street journal show that, in September of twenty sixteen stone asked a New York radio personality who'd been in touch with Julian Assange of Wikileaks for access to stolen
Clinton emails, stuff with held these documents from the House Intelligence Committee, which seems rather problematic, and things have also seem to sour since then, between stone and this radio personality Randy greedy go slow, wrote to him in an email in April, everywhere says you are wearing wire from smaller, according to an email, critical provided, some other Johnstone, also wrote to him the spring prepared to die cocksucker. But he could have space in between cock and sucker wins. I love the moves will understand why I appreciate about that. It really is focuses you on the true meaning of the term. You know, So even if I go, it's like a diet, Coke usually think of it as diet and copious diet. Coke, like we, Cocksucker? It's like you know. The term of insulting in the back of your mind, you know what it refers to, but cock soccer
is so much more vulgar, somehow subtle but worth highlighting. Who can earn that explicit rating on today? That the news John, is like ninety ninety eight all over again and talk to the children? look at how funny would it be if Roger Stone goes to deal because of Hilary females? I hadn't thought about that real, so lock him. You know that is terrific Rogers seems eminently screwed. It's like every its like there's no one, has ever met Roger Stone. Who would care enough about Roger Stone to not fucking rat in the fuck out to the FBI, like no one who spent at any time with him he's walked away. Saying I fucking die for that man, I jump in front of a train, Rogers, what they say is yuck. What do you want to know? So? That's cool butler
You know. There's no justice in the world will be on a list of ten names. Pardon in between you know, it'll be a from a Samsung S too, with a bunch of names and Trump says I hereby pardon them to stop the democratic witch hunt. Also Children should be in jail, the common Lars vote. For me, that's it that's the method Last but not least, we have done junior everyone's favorite. Democratic. Senator Chris Coon's wrote a letter to send a judiciary, german Czech, gradually this week that concern dull juncture. May have lied to Congress. We need test I then he wasn't aware that any other foreign governments, besides Russia, had offered help to the Trump campaign, and then he hadn't thought that kind of help. The region, He thinks he lied is because the New York Times reported last week that trumped Junior took a meeting with an emissary representing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the head of an israeli social media company that had drawn up a plan d carpet bomb social media for trumps campaign does seem like you. Lied to Congress
Meanwhile, not enough redone Junior to have that happen. Yeah news reported Friday that the FBI has obtained wiretaps collected by Spanish, prosecutors of Congress, nations involving a close Putin ally who met with trumped junior at an end convention in twenty. Sixteen, the man leading the spanish investigation of the Russians who are monitored said this week. Mr Trump son should be concerned for that we is great. Man What do you think goes. Dungeon you're, going to state by a dog junior rotting in spanish jail seems also cool things it now. I would say it's me move deeper Tito, but also, I think I think it's really funny that that done. Juniors like espionage and and corruption form is about as good as his squat form these here. Real! I don't know if you follow them and Instagram is now
following an instrument, but I follow him and Instagram he arose, and so you don't have to keep us photos themselves doing like squats. Yes, in a way that will figure is seriously injured. His knees, gonna walk you out of this back his these are so far over his fucking toes. We we an physically right now when you think about it, might be that there is less my favorite jumped in your views that I read today was about how his recent instagram posts are your classic thirst trap. Because he's newly single picture themselves, sweaty at the Jim, with captions, like literally Donald pump he's out there. Other Ladys, meanwhile he's on those bird legs, because you know he's the kind of guy
just doesn't do the lights, and now he's gets like day he ejaculated anyway, as Ngos, every evil which, like he's doubly during air squats and calling it like day we get into it, but it's vain and reveal, I will say, though, just going back to it. I don't know, Donald has its place in the pantheon pop culture. It does you. No other people have pointed this out, but it does really bother me that, as an else characterisation of him is that he's the dumb one and not Eric, are no that air accident one and not dine has done is like clearly the idiot. Eric Smart enough to shut the fuck up, yet I fear we are sort of getting a picture here, though, where this might go, even though the story is pretty vague, hitting us back on track areas like a big eyes, ears collusion happening. It does seem like We also found out that Russia, following money to help the Trump campaign through the and
and now we have- and we know that National Russia as the title herbicides, nor will it work, and now we know that the F b I have these wiretap so It tells couple things one again that Mahler in the F B, I have a lot more. They know a lot more than we do into. The whole thing is like everyone's. Like their cushions in our question. It's pretty all out in the open there. At this point there is a lot of trouble. Belgium, juniors, taken meetings, he's accepting it Roger stones asking for hacked emails at this point, and I think a key point about all this too. Is it all, doesn't have to add up to one grand master plan right. These are a lot of different different people. Kind of you know, operating either with Donald Trump explicit or it encouragement, to just try to help in any way possible? Does a man knows legal legal issues, didn't matter being scrupulous or moral, didn't matter and they're just
brings up to him. John Junior desperately wants the love of his father. And it cannot have. It is Donald Trump- is incapable of love. It's the it's! The core everything you see, whereas on his face every single day, there's not a picture of John Junior to doesn't say how can I get my father or love me? Is it possible? What is it like to feel? love of a father, but. Yeah I mean I hears here's the thing about about donging you're, obviously, the intent to pollute there. It appears that, like the semi, successful collusion is there, but I will say that all of the Trump KIDS that Donald Trump like knowledge as his kids, so like sends Tiffany and Baron like their entire life, what are you doing? No period must be real good for activity and good for bear and growth, but like what's so, I feel like Don Junior Eric and vodka wherefore
we're going to the office with their dad and being given like up of pretend phone to acts like their work, with their dad but now their fathers, the president and there still thinking that there are no states, but in reality they are, they might have been compromising american interests at the expense of writing. And chaired was the one that we are all told was the smart one and married into the family Harvard grad. I believe we learned recently good work. All of you get what you pay for displayed on it, and it was this. What you're that, when the questioner arena relearned recently that all the people in the south, radiation, the! U I e that he's been closing up to you enter handing over one policy decision making to refer to him as the clown prince because they think he's a fucking idiot. The crime family is very stupid. Tell valiantly thine own! Well, ok,
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wakening of the American Spirit and of Eric my fight must come. There is no other alternative Winning. Ok, stop what is talk. Ok, ok, why we're ok so the other day, my pants tweeted hashtag, winning in response to the NFL rule Change right now, Donald Trump hissing, winning in this speech to the region, Nation of the origin of winning was curly sheen, in a manic milligram meltdown when he used the concept of Tiger blood to America. Like I, for I will say it ironic we when I have just thrown up from drinking too much. It's not it's not cool. Honestly. The drop administration is
Charlie, Sheen, manic, episode of governance reloading through a raw deal with a writer I was wondering about as a result, I don't make point about Donald Trump eyes. I dont know if he's tanning or if he is refusing to put down his phone when he's getting make up around his eyes. I dont know, but the rack the american Psycho nineteen eighties tanning bad raccoon. I thing. I think it's the way. I feel it is a poor mental there that somehow combines the word raccoon with a word on balloon, but like wreck raccoon, Brooklyn Buber recoup balloon by one just one, What about the speech? this being the Naval Academy, John Mccain grandma. The Naval Academy service. For many years. Prisoner was tortured in Vietnam. Served in the. U S, Senate is is dying of cancer dimensional.
Once in the end, also not surprising in the least surprising thing in the world, speech we prepare for that. You seem stand warp drive for what are you talking about you talk about North Korea or that amazing commencement speech, barley, commencement speech for the workers, for the second wave models in the room, MTV used to show music videos. The woman there and yellow is named Kennedy. She was a dj. That's Kennedy had what happened. I was, why least favoured Kennedy where are they now, but if it were pronounce? Where are they now? So I was trying to figure out how the FUCK Kennedy jumped from failed J to this shall living people can feed at home. With a look on her face tells you I need to know so I by I gotta be doing. This is a law like Mister T selling. You know info
Evans, careers or long safe. So I was a save money You dont yeah size. Googling are today should a big Nixon, fancies republican and then and then she said, what was social conservatism was quote, really bringing me down, so she became Libertarian, because Kurt Loader gave her an iron ran, but I swear to secure that with everybody that is from Wikipedia page, that is real. That's a bummer, her loader. How do you like that in a language that Everyone around the world understands including our adversary, so many states as stuff that is conveying America first and we're back and we're great it's kind of met for Russia. Its met for China is not why, All right, ok though it may be, half of the Trump guys are all evolving into the same kind of vague. A ranking and bass villain guy,
like Jeff sessions looks like a little bit of a off. Oh yeah. Great guy is evolving into acclamations hours, Roger soon, also acclamation off. It's just an observation. I beg you. Does that it's its like other force when you go to side, it slowly starts to show itself and how you look just inevitably. I just think you can't sit at the table and do this without it slowly coming out of your poor. Second, like I'm talking about the America first message like the headlines are filled with the fact that they asked Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, to help them when an election and like took a ton of money for them and then there is still scope here. Talking about an America first policy right, it's so helpful to see Fox it like to see it. Form now because its well know in any future administration. Just like be aware, this entity would defend anything. It's our version of state tv like its worthy and our raise version of fascism doesn't look like German.
Show me doesn't, like italian fascism, looks like american fascism and our version of state run television. Propaganda doesn't look like north korean propaganda, which is somewhat in, like a nineteen, eighties sort of pink big pink shouldered. Like business suit, which I got field in a fucking Unocal, it's great, it's Gregg out there. This is what american propaganda will look like it's red, white and blue and somebody from MTV at the far end of the long iron bar met for everybody into actually understands it, and I know that it works because it upsets the It's who prefer the flash extra. What are these? What is he talking about elites? Labor was ironically placid. I dont want to imagine anything involving hardness or softness in the context of great godfather. No, I I just what this is
something that happens on Fox NEWS all the time this, like decrying of elites like what would it look like your party controls the presidency. There Congress the judiciary and you're on the largest most popular cable network in the country, right you're havoc in their body early and drag the very top of the fucking pyramid, your winning Gregg. I feel the same way there also in this, like alternate universe, where they, the only the only way that they know how to talk about anything as if their own position of of imagine themselves as the victims rights and an like. Like you, know, we're in a world where, like beyond, say as the President Fox NEWS, we're all then like a cotton camp. Is culture is out of control and like snowflake, Are dictating when everybody can say and its What's this is on top of each other s run plugs it's. The most box news is the representation of most powerful human beings on planet earth who want to feel like nicknames. The typical,
political platitudes. This speech was about America. First, it was wrapped in patriotism. He wrapped himself in the flag. He wrapped himself in the military. I think that's Jesse why he spent time here. Wants them and their stamp of approval and their high approval ratings among the american people to transfer to him when you question somebody's patriotism, tat means you can read their mind if somebody's actually ok. What was one William saying we receive is so glaring? It's like it's almost hard to talk about the notion that Fox would take offence at questioning someone's patron tourism, when they just savage John Kerry for years when they accuse Brok, Obama
rising for America not loving, is country of not being born here for years and years. It's just so fucking infuriating. It's also by the way, not a trump thing. Memorable Marco Rubio said that he didn't think Rock Obama had America's interests at heart: failure intentionally trying to destroy Mary tenderly, trying to re America beyond the the patriotism like They, like we know this guy the elites all hot and bought it like winter. Wonder Tromp says we're gonna put American first, an american might and other we're. Not. I don't feel, as there were few, I think we're rolling our eyes and also remembering that he did a bunch of anti american crimes which Ten you, it's not it's getting us, it doesn't make us. You know. What's up It is like the idea that, like I got those liberals again by saying America comes first, I mean, and also to bring it back to a kind of a downer of atop the retained. But earlier like talk about people, their value, America, people that are risking their lives to come to America because they value
like the idea of America so much and what it can do their family like like these people, are sitting in an air conditioned sooner. That might be like five degrees to call. Meanwhile, there are people coming up from Honduras and Guatemala who, value American more than anything, and they got to work in a town car. They picked them up every day when they really wanted the super that review. They run these amendments. I read these guys are full of shit. As you I think, they're Felicia. For country, you can say out: that's just you know he's trying to play to this audience, but you don't know that You don't know that, so what you are doing is not an architect had already said. You call gave it just went through all five of the five, with pride of eleven suddenly his poor. Yeah we have an ovum Jesse waters. The stamp of the group vixen, we had in her. I have I hate them.
Beat his mind. Yes, you did. You basically said it was all it at a rapid pace and youth wrapping itself in the himself in the flow. Maybe he was maybe we loves America I think we all learned a lot from that: the worship showing tv just poison being pumped into the the brains of exertion. Senior citizens all over America, although all day long through your game, and that's ok, saw. Now for a game. We call alternative Berytus. Harvard University where you student, who has worked tirelessly on every paper assignment and task if only sit shoulders. Older and the same classroom is the docile semi literate grandson of a coal magnates. I say, I see how it goes, how many people you went to Harvard
If I ever get worse, if you are really that smart, you would have no, not too will theirs. Some good students here at Harvard or is the worst of you would say. Cambridge students like Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt Movie, Obama, Jeremy Lin, but for every but every fifty are. There is a real p s, When it comes to american Public Life Harvard is not sending its best. We thought we'd highlight some terrible harboured alumni in a game. We're calling alternative. Berytus What anyone out there like to play the game in merge, big, but, but I already done I choose the biggest back. We does. I work in a good you're playing went to Yale there well what you play its fine. We do say hi to harbour one second cause you were so I'm an aims, grey
some big fan of all view thanks for coming to Boston, final, rubber grace, I what's your name Matt your Yale had on a do. Ok, I like trolling. I appreciate that. I don't care where we went to school. It's not that big a deal about You start making its ensuing deal well now go to the nest cat, that's right! I'm out of Ease Matt, you stalling, here that I gave you the work when I read your questions about various people who may or may not be Harvard Graduates, be up to you to figure out the answer ready to play. Great question number one academia is often accused of being a safe space for deliberately to get together smoke pot, ungenerous, lock rooms and shut down some free expression. Pretty good now, which is proud, non pc. True tellers grace the halls of Harvard we're conservatism, Isabel. The crime is a famous
sexual harasser bill O. Is it be why crack and anti gay thought leader Antonyms Scalia, or is it sue? I wonder it's a lawyer who is selflessly taken on the adjust the accused in desperate need of help like Oj Simpson, Harvey Wine scene and Donald Trump see it's all of the above Riley went to the Kennedy. School Scalia went to Harvard LAW, Dershowitz youngest, professor, ever at Harvard LAW. I don't know what you're shouting question number two: These are people. I call on me call on me, give it a goddamn rest. Your d got in the only hard part is getting in getting through the application process and its a plus is that you get it into the law. School question number two.
It is that harbour demonstrated the first successful heart valves surgery, introduce a small backs vaccine to America and luckily, for Donald Trump invented the blood tests to detect syphilis, but, but by saving all those lives which famous killer, walk the hallowed halls of Harvard Diversity is a day attractive. Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. Is it be Unabomber and tiny house enthusiast TED Kaczynski, see what kind of all time John Wayne, Gacy or de the Zodiac Killer, TED crews it's b, its be Andy, What will give it to you? I will give it to him, will give it to him it's true cuz. He got a ba in Mathematics and TED Cruz. The Zodiac killer went to Harvard LAW School before he
They filibustering and murder question number three parts It has been home to great musicians and poets, like PETE, Seeger, TS, Elliot and friend, of the pod Tombarel ovum rage against the machine. You always play guitar next to Michael more on the steps of Wall Street banks, but which are is this Harvard not so proud of? Is it a guy who told Drake LISA is called Duffy. Is it be all four members of the band nickel back is it see. Is it see Ernst Hopkins a former harbour cheerleader and Hitler confidant. You claim to a based a famous Nazi March of the harbour fights, or is it d the odd YO terrorist- you wrote all just intimidates most recent music where he finally lets us meet the real justice human. To be. Do you think you say d know it's the
I think they re the Nazi. Like two hours were canadian really began Justin Bieber, an nickel back both Canadian anyway, it's weird were reared, we're dead Yes, the urge half shrug go class of nineteen o nine even came for his reunion in nineteen thirty four, while he was Hitler's leading international propagandist, I hope they had punch other fact he met him at the refrain from a hasty pudding. Question number four Matt from Yale. Donald Trump Cabinet is filled with the best and the brightest minds of our generation, which of these Trump cabinet members proudly war, the Harvard crimson. Is it a senior advisor to the president. Shared culture is a b Senior advisor to the President's Steve Bannon see
cocaine and human form Anthony scary movie. They separated they might pomp AIR Ii. The guy, who held up a soup can on Tv Wilbur Ross S, disgrace piece of shit, Rob Porter G Secretary of Labour, Alexander, CASTOR, H, the vice chairman of that bullshit voter Fraud Committee, Chris Kobe, I technically thrift nations secretary, rose and everybody gay Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Child K, associate attorney General Rachel brand. I the only person behind us in certain death ROD Rosen's time what do they Matt? I think this is why I went to Yale oh good.
Not a great comedy programming out the tiny I've just kidding, I'm just then a growing together. I hate Gale and Harvard it's like an alien predator. Whoever wins we lose it all of the above. I got it, that's only the interests of time. There are fourteen other names, we didn't list and we didn't look that art and that doesn't even include Kennedy. School visiting, fellows shot by their rights previous an Corey Lewandowski or senior fellow d Pow. What happened at the very top Harvard you now. When you think about it all those Ok, Carson and John Bolton went to Yale
So I just think another plug Williams College here and that's our game, give it up for a man who want a parachute gift card. When we come back, we have our interview with Centre Elizabeth Warrant from me, Edward I'm, Kennedy Institute. What's it? Work is broadly by betterment. The sun is bright. John summer is starting Tommy residing in talking about goal base in testing will betterment of the largest online financial adviser, designed to help customers build wealth plan for a time and achieve their financial goals, or in other words its mission is to help us make the most of their money, how wealth? By taking
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we are very lucky that Senator Elizabeth Warren is in the building. Welcome your senator centre fatal for joining us. Thank you until I used to be here. This is funded you bring Duncan. No, not this time I had this morning I was relax, John in LOS Angeles, John Posts, Mates Duncan doughnuts, coffee and breakfast aim, which is to his home. Yet on a regular basis, is it's a long standing story? In fact, I you know me, I'm always watching the finance and of things- and I saw when the announcement was made John and Tommy, we're gonna be here that Duncan Stock went up another fifteen percent that it we're we're staying at the doubly hotel in right across the street. There's a Duncan doesn't jacket, and I woke up this morning, my wife. She we get
first ordered. We go to a nice. Restaurant was grave, replace in Boston, MRS Home for units at an hour ago, right across the street or exactly you don't think they actually amend the directions on year on year. App here you don't most abso like you go down five aids of a mile here. If you go down to Duncans and then turn laughed. And then you go past Duncan on your left than at the Duncan on your right. You, you make another turn and then come around excellent added works works so the last time we had you on the pod? You talk with John and tell me about the partial repeal of wealth, reform that we are debating Congress yeah. You called the bank lobbyists act which we like to call it so the president scientists repeal this week after thirty three, House, Democrats, and so Seventeen Senate Democrats voted for it. You have already starting now, it's fun stuff was. Why do you think you're democratic colleagues, all of whom supported
Frank. They voted for this why didn't they voted the way they did, and I guess Importantly: where do we go from here? I saw that you treated this. Isn't the end of this five right up? Let me start with the fact that Well, the majority of Democrats voted against. It took a strong stand and said: no, and just to remind everybody what we're talking about here with the bank lobbyist ACT and the reason we call it the bank lobbyists that is is driven by the by Lobbyists they're the ones who made big money off this they were high by the giant financial institutions to push this now for those who voted in favour on both sides. They said hey. There was help in here for community banks and this what's frustrating about Washington both sides were willing to offer some help to community banks. That was not the dispute the community banks were held hostage.
So that the Republican said we're not moving this thing forward unless they help for the community, banks is accompanied by help for the giant banks, and for the giant. Banks came in two different forms: one form is that we have about forty giant banks in the country right now. That are on a special watch lists? That's just the way to think of it. So they get extra scrutiny. Every other bank is cut, gets the regular regulatory stuff, but those banks A more often you do stress test. Why? Because in vain screw up, take them. Whole economy. And they are the ones out their run in a lot of fast plays. So the this thing this bill does. Is it takes twenty five of the? Eddie biggest interest moves him off the watch list, so it creates a bank that is a two hundred and twenty
five billion dollar bank, as if it were the tiny little community bank Enid, Oklahoma, ok and poses no more risks to the economy than a bank of that size and by the way, just everybody's clear on this about kind of what that means in terms of size. Anyone in here remember country wide country. Why country why that was the bank that was pushed now the lion sheet and mortgages that basically blew up this economy at their height in two thousand five, two thousand six, there were pushing. One in every five mortgages in the entire country and was country wide capitalization about two hundred and twenty five billion dollars, in other words the country wide, will beat It is like a tiny little community bank has been taken off the watch list. So that's one problem, the other
Is there were few just small technical adjustments? Don't worry you're pretty little heads about them. Tiny little adjustments that name that the ones that are still called the too big to fail bank so that we still leave them in India. That designation can do like reduce their capital standards so that if things go wrong again, you american taxpayer can pick up the ticket on it. And keep in mind on this in terms of risk, assess that's what this is all about. With these big banks, terms of risks, the boss, treat journal who realized against this bill, saying? Don't let us stake on more risk. It doesn't work out well for the rest of America. When that happens, Bloomberg Business editorializing against it. When the government agency stepped in and said not a good. And yet Congress.
Roll this one on forward end? If you'll? Let me I wanted to one more piece: cuz just drives nuts. So it's bad enough. The big banks are pushing muscling this thing through their whole, the community banks hostage. But as long as it's moving what they do. Is they so what's good? I'm couple a more punches for hard working families. First punch line discrimination lending discrimination is real in America. To study that came out that showed so step one cities where they did the analysis and found out basically that effort, Americans Latinos have a harder time getting loans than whites who hand the same credit scores same credit histories and when they look at those loans; they pay more and think the implications of that over time. Ok, sixty one cities, new study, now
get a study like that. You get a study like that with something called hummed a data. Ok, when welcome to Washington but the point is data that every bank has to report man. You ve got a winding discrimination problem. There, too, approaches. You could use one You could say we need to attack wondering discrimination had on. We need to call out the finance what's what's happening. We need to We need to enforce the laws, the ETA discriminatory laws right. That's one approach, the protein this bill is too eighty: five percent of banks no longer have to report data. On lending discrimination. Think about so that's in this bill and one more home, workers, that's, that's how does big banks, blew up the economy last time they did it one family at a time selling on one lion, cheat and home mortgage that
People do not understand why the bank was clear. They knew they knew that you want to be able to repay that think that you're gonna have to refinance and that more money or if you couldn't they were get the house back and resell it again, which in an upmarket was money money, money right. So why Dodd Frank, was past Congress, say we're: gonna, create ok, every Get ready to apply we're going to create this new consumer agency, the consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but just in case also going to say there are certain things, no matter what else the csp begets tied up in, they must do on mortgages. There can be some new rules would have to come out. Based clear to say if these, if the big banks, one or two people in the future. They are not going to be able to do it through how mortgages so some is about. What's cos, steering and yields
had premiums which is just kind of a way of doing kickbacks. In some tie and arrangements on how they could make more money and she or people. So these get past, and these rules apply just want everybody to follow me here to regular bricks and sticks homes, mortgages on those kind of houses. The kind would expect they apply, I d, condos sounds write to me. And they also apply to people who live in manufactured housing, trailers, double whites, people who are trying to buy their homes, that's their entry level point what spill says: The rules are still going applied, bricks and sticks. There still gonna apply to condos, but you know. As people who live in trailer parks, let him get cheated. It's not gonna, make a big difference. This occurs, turf. We have happens. So they say why how does it what kind of government would
what something like this happen to its own people, what kind of government would say we're gonna help out for the profitability of the giant financial institutions, or in this case, for the companies that. Make these manufactured home, sell em re poem, sell em, reprogram cell on RE poem and make their money that we were going to? Let them just look at move the needle over, let em trick people a little more cheap people, a little more fool people, a little more so that the fund, at the top can improve their the bottom line their profits, and here, if it weren't enough, at one moment in America. Does this happen, it happens at a moment when the bank industry is making record profits For all of us, so the rich, And everybody else, it's stirred. That's what that
New law is all about bad law. So just sort of to follow up on that a little bit I mean. Obviously there are big banks. Financial institutions and their army of lobbyists, making pushing for laws. There could clearly self interested in her people, but I I think you have incredible well educated? Well, meaning people may policies in making decisions, based on you now policy papers into things they learned. How do we ensure that more people in Washington who are Working in the White House or Congress have actually sperience poverty in your stand. The implications What they're doing on everyday foe so that its not just lobbyists,
and then think, tanks figuring out what happened, so I'm going a slightly different direction and then to talk about what I think is really going on in Washington. We gonna name it for what it is: corruption This is just corruption and in its corruption, in so many ways that pervades what happens in Washington and what the amount, can people have tumbled. Two parts we talk. A lot about campaign finance reform on our side, about citizens, united. We need to get money out of politics and what yes that, when they all belong, it would help a lot by its the only way that
Influence of money is felt in Washington. It's not just the campaign contributions, and that really goes to your point. Who Washington hears from every day, so folks go over. Never think about this. This has happened before people say, I'm going to the poles to vote the bombs out and then they go to the polls and they vote it keeps working just where work before it is the change, and so the cycle starts again. This I'm going to the poles to vote the bombs out it stays about the same, maybe gets a little worse what's the reason for their work The reasons is because people who are really running much Washington aren't on the ballot much less likely Yet, if so, what least pick the peace
is that are the most obvious, I'm working right now, I'm working on a bit, piece of legislation is just an Annie, corruption, legislation, clean government. That's what I want to say and let me offer three quick parts: just as a just a taste right. The little is the previous of coming attractions, but three quick parts to it. In thinking about all the work that gets done through agencies through the administrations through the cabinet officials right all that work that gets done in Washington. So what could you? all I can think of three things. The first one is, you could say nobody gets to bribe people. On their way in some business, for example, of giant financial institutions that pay millions of dollars to there. Employees to go to
a leave of absence to work in government, so to regulate the very institution they are leaving. Anyone see anything wrong with that right. So the first one is now. If you want to serve in government, that's great, but you don't get a parting gift from Nor company that suggests that maybe while you're in Washington you're gonna, be doing a lot of work to help out your former and future employers that that would be one one would be when you got We're going to government. You gotta get rid of your
assets that create no more conflicts of interest. You gotta divest, that's too fast in this wise and, if you're not willing to divest and disclose, then doubt take the job we'll get someone else and the third port is when you We ve government, especially one of those really fancy jobs in government, you shouldn't get to trade on the the list of friends you made while you are in government, because I think that changes, how people think about so here's one? How about if we put a life time ban on lobbying. Just a start on every president person who serves in Congress agency, head and cabinet secretary to say
You want a fancy position like that: fine, but you're signing on the dotted line that you're not going to turn around and become a lobbyist afterwards it might help. You know this this bill, the teams but more power in the hands of the banks has just passed through Congress. The Supreme Court just rule against workers who have arbitration clauses in their contracts. There is if there is this debate about? How Trump happened it's a long one, but but I think there's aura shortly sure, but I think there these competing theories. One said: oh, it's our norms are our values. They ve undermine but other hand, that what we are seeing is entrenched corporate power using power to consolidate its authority in Congress in the agencies in the courts. Seventeen Democrats
for something that you think is in emblem of the power of these banks. We you're, you're, saying that we have elections where people vote for change, and I don't get it out Democrats right now. Representing the kind. Of change, we need that If we were to win in twenty eighteen, people would fall was though their votes were validated our I, that is a really good question. I'm gonna Take this question really seriously affects big part of what I talk about. Is we gonna win in twenty eighteen and we get? We actually have to watch this in pieces. We went and twenty eighteen we still don't have, Control to get everything through that we need to so let me just play it on out: we women, twenty eighteen and that puts us in Much stronger position, able to, for example, top
some of the worst nominees that the Trump Administration is pushing through particularly lifetime judicial nominees. That's up our cely important thing. If we have control of the Senate it gives, the chance to put a brake on, something like a tax bill that gives away a trillion and Anna Half dollars to giant corporations and billionaires and puts us in a position to put a brake on where leave least the house as an actual descend. Republicans say they want to go next and that is to cut Medicare, to cut Medicaid, to bring them the budget closer back to balance so it permits us to do that if we are in a position in twenty twenty two please God hear me. Have Democrats in, the house, in control of the Senate and in the White House. Then it's
Not just that's the end Oh, that's only the beginning. At that moment we have got to deliver real change for the american people that has to be our job. We can't just so ok we're here now it can be that our goals to go forward and we're not as bad as those guys we do not suck as bad as the other side. They actually have to do something so one followed by one of the men many things that keeps me up at night. If that, if the Democrats take the Senate, if we should be so fortunate, twenty eighteen, and we get to the place where there is a Supreme court vacancy. Yes, if it's bird if its Kennedy. If it's some on the court democratic that point. You have the power to make sure we don't get another corset. But two. Is that power? It may look like what Mitch Mcconnell did.
And holding that see open for gorse edge and making sure the garland it get it. Do you think the Democrats, if faced with a nominee like corset, when they are in control in the Senate, will hold the seed open or will block a nominal So. Let me rephrase that's just slightly it and thinking about it this way. This is how I think about it. We had alabaster for a very long time, but it was very rarely used. And the reason we speak knowing that there was a Le Buster, She had to kind of keep those folks within a certain rage. I get it. The p will. The George W Bush would put in, wouldn't be exactly the same as the people that Barack Obama would put it, but they be maybe along the same road right it be somewhere in closer merit garlic
MRS Doyle and is the kind of man who could have been nominated by a Republican or a Democrat and decades decades in decades in our past would have been worded in that kind of guy and watch changed first, with the law so the filibustering. Can we also talk blue slips, or will they just make a sound so wonky that everybody else I write it? cause people to die and not as proud. Now we're we're sitting right anyway. There's a set of inertia It's very frustrating. It was turned against us, yeah yeah there, but the but that the bottom line is all of that was there, but rarely used because it was a way to get to come together and not politicize the judiciary, not gap bill had said things just or disqualifying on its face and not get people who come in wisdom.
An ideological bans or already beholden to someone here. The big pro you you just mentioned actually in the Supreme Court. You specifically went to the most recent decision that just jump in where's can require you to sign an arbitration clause and, to some folks that may sound like ok, So what's the big deal arbitration sense cheaper than going to court who pecksy arbitrator and you get treated if you get harassed is you are discriminated against and told, go to our bought and paid for arbitrator. That's a bit of a problem, bit of a problem because it takes legal rights to Europe. Title to answer you no longer have redress in american court yes, you're, an american citizen? Yes, your rights were violated. Sorry wave
at the beginning of this employment relationship before you knew who that guy was that you were working for what this company was going to do you signed and somewhere there in paragraph thirty, nine in technical, legal, please you just said I don't care, What you do to me, I never gonna have the right to take you to court and I'm not gonna have the right to join with other people who were. Screw emanated against who were harassed and take you in a class action loss. That's pretty stunning so which Supreme Court Justice in a five for opinion, just delivered vat gift to court? Amerika answer Neil corset Neil courses, but here's the point, but what would you held the sea weed? so. The question is: who you put up
That's how I see it I'll see a story now saying no care who you put up, I'm holding the sea. That was what Mitch Mcconnell he said you send me any body, If it comes from Barack Obama, there's a to utter answer, any answers. No, I think wrong but do you think you send a Neil Gore such to us, and the answer is no. We do hearings, we do it substantively. The answer would be no center. We we have to let you go but which one last question, because I read something you you said recently and I I frankly founded a little shocking. I need to use this opportunity to ask, which is that you said that you're, a big fan of Hell bottlers. Now, where were HBO guys, but the Thrones John Oliver, berries, really good, but
the rock. Is it the whole thing like? Why bothers? It is the rock ok very goal
Thank you so much Romania, Better Elizabeth. Why that's our show beg you guys so much for coming back to us.
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