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“'Tis the season for virtual treason.”


Trump offers up a smorgasbord of delusional buffoonery over the weekend, his Administration saber-rattles with Iran, the Democratic debate lineup is set, and Elizabeth Warren surges to the top of the field. Then Senator Harry Reid talks to Jon F. about impeachment and the state of the Senate, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar joins us for a game about student debt from our Minneapolis show on June 7th.

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a well deserved. Welder vacation pajama later in the pod, will have my conversation former Senator Harry Reid joins us for the first time. I miss him me too me too, we're also going to share. At the end of that interview, the game we played with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis about student debt. It was a very funny game. Sadly, we didn't have time for it on Thursdays, marathon, pod, so you'll be hearing that today, up the first. We get a lot of news to talk about. It's a war mongering with the we've got cyber attacks on Russia. We got more from Trump's bad interview with George Stephanopoulos. It just keeps going. We have a democratic debate line ups and Elizabeth Warren's climb to the top of the democratic field. Also, we got a brand new episode of this land out today. Monday. Have you listened yet I'm halfway through and I got to work site stuff, it's excellent! It's about the opposition just keeps getting better and more interesting. It is it's such a great pod, I'm so happy with it down the mass that subscribe button, this land,
podcast com that right, that's right, sure and go buy some tickets to RL a show at the Greek Theatre on August 17th will be joined by Emmy Award, winning journalist Jemele Hill. There will be special performances by Amanda Seales, best Coast and Jim James and proceeds from the show Go to four organizations that are protecting your right to vote, vote, dot, org election protection, the National Redistricting Foundation and think social impact. Great cause great show go: get your tickets cricket dot com! The Greek hum. Ok, tell me: I wanted to start by getting your thoughts on what's going on with the right now, Sunday morning, Secretary of State MIKE Pompeyo said quote, there's no doubt that around was responsible for the attacks on two commercial tankers in the strait of Hormoz last week,
but in addition to IRAN denying this, which you'd expect them to do some of our allies have said they're, not sure IRAN was responsible either an pompeyo has not offered any additional evidence behind sort of the grainy video that was out there last week. The New York Times also reported that on Friday, there was a meeting in the White House over a proposal to send as many as six thousand additional troops to the Gulf region, including warships and fighter jets. What do you think about all this? send them all. John, I mean know on the the point I mean look, we don't have a great track record when it comes to intelligence assessments that lead to work. The country that start with I are. I are a. I guess that was When you say we don't have good credibility as thinking, because the president lies about everything, big and small, all the time, but you're right, we don't. We have kind of ugly from the from two administrations ago that took us to war. The Iraq war was
bad you to also, but I mean look at this there's the broader problem that Trump lies all the time about everything, but Pompey was case was strange, like I will admit, that the video of what clearly looks like an iranian, fast boat, these little fast boats in tool around the street over moves and cause problems. It looks like they are on attaching a limpet mine, which is like a magnet mind to the side of that same ship with the same markings in a similar area it looks bad. It looks really bad, but Pompeyo then went on this longer litany of things that he blamed IRAN for including a id attack in Kabul that had the Taliban and taking credit for so they're. Laying out this confusing case, I think they should, find all the evidence like this is why you collect intelligence is the whole point release everything you have taken to the Un Security Council. Get your partners by in
don't leap to saying this is clearly IRAN's fault within twenty four hours of the incident occurring without any sort of credible amount of time to have an investigation. It's also the fact you know, John Bolton is shouldn't, be your messenger. It's by weather, at Pompeii, about the Bolton, is a guy who is known for manipulating intelligence that helps get us into wars, so you know he's got the wrong team wire at the top in a in a you know, delicate issue: let's see what the politics here, it seems like. We know why certain members of the Trump Administration want war with IRAN, you have sort of long time around warmongers. Like John Bolton, there sort of driving the process from IRAN's point of view, where do the politics with in Tehran that may have led them to attack these boats, carry out some of these attacks and uh back etc. Why is around doing all this? What they want more, I don't think they.
WAR. I think that it's likely that a feel like they cut the J C p away the IRAN Nuclear Agreement right, which was supposed to provide them sanctions relief in return for stopping certain enrichment activities. They have been denied that sanctions relief. In fact, the Trump administration is come down harder on them and not just try to cut off all their sales of oil and gas to the region, but also section there metal industry with the goal of crushing their economy and and leads a regime change in the region. So they are lashing out in response odd, from also designated the I r g c as a foreign terrorist organization which his own chairman of Joint chiefs dissipated in opposed because he thought it
them to lashing out in response, particularly in places like the street or moves with. They know they can screw with global oil supplies. So I think they're probably trying to show that they're not going to just take, take it from the Trump administration, and you know who knows who knows who's really calling the shots years by more hardline faction. But we just don't know if it's a It's not the best idea to speculate. How? How worried are you that this could lead to a wider conflict? I think we should all be pretty worried We should be pretty worried. I mean when you have the Trump Administration Road testing, its argument that a vote in two thousand and one that was taken in response to the nine slash eleven attacks- justifies them going to war in IRAN. It feels like they're, really thinking through this and trying to lay the groundwork for some
getting bigger and it would be a big deal. I don't think we have any international support. I don't think our allies would be with us. It would potentially be disastrous yeah, I mean what worries me about. The whole thing is. I was looking at polling on this and I think the last time it was pulled was basically a year ago. This month they said that only twenty three percent of the public said they'd support the US deciding to declare war on IRAN. Wondering if you know if you're Bolton or your Pompeii and you wanna centered gin up public support for, if not war, at least sort of further escalation. Of this conflict, do you constantly have these episodes were you're, saying, look at around the bad actor they're attacking ships that could attack our troops like it? Do you think they're trying to build support for this their devilish animals for meat? I think Pompeii told a bunch of members of in a closed door briefing that he thought the american people would support war with her hind that leaked out in one of the many stories about the cut the conversation of them, trying to use the a your math as the legal justification
it's certainly they're trying to make a bigger case that goes well beyond these tankers. In the gulf there, pointing to this incident in Kabul they're, you know they're they're, pointing to every bad action that they could possibly credibly tied to run, including things are happening in Yemen. So yeah there to I'm trying to make the case, and it seems really like the only war, Wearier war, sceptical person they need to convince his Donald Trump that it would search here that that we're. Where are we counting on Donald Trump here to rein in John Ball? That's what freaks me out! I mean he said it on the record. He's like I actually moderate John, that shouldn't make anyone feel good and you know I, I think, dunford- and you know that the joint chair of the Joint Chiefs and and that team, hopefully they're providing him appropriate military advice and- and you know, counseling caution about what this could lead to a how can escalate, because the Iranians, it wouldn't just be a fight against the iraqi military. They have proxy forces in terrorist groups like Hezbollah, that
interact. They could launch huge rocket attacks against Israelis or go after our guys in Iraq or Afghanistan or various places. So this could escalate incredibly quickly, it's not well thought through, and it's also just a question something like what is the goal: Well, what I want is that's what I was for. That's what I'm trying to ask right here. Like I come, do we want out of this? I could say actions in of themselves are not a strategy crushing in other countries. Economy is not a strategy if your goal is to prevent them from getting a new, weapon. What we kind of had that one yeah we had a whole deal under control and now we're feel like I'm in a fucking time, machine 'cause we're having the same conversation about it,
doing the same. Things is not allowed to do that now: they're, going to and rich up to twenty percent at Richmond, which makes it easier for them to get to a bomb quickly and they'll, say it for medical research will say you're a liar. It's like I did this. We did this in twenty eleven and twelve and thirteen. We had this conversation with managed it in the Trump administration, against all the the advice from their top national security team. At the time Mattis HR, Mcmaster Rex tellers. We all to stay in the deal and he pulled out and now we're relitigating. The same shitan were no safer, in fact were clearly less safe because the Iranians possibly are going, are targeting commercial vessels in the strait for news, which was always the the one of the nightmare scenarios in terms of,
thing or allowing the free transport of oil in the region like that was what I always freak people up, yeah I saw in the New York Times story. There's analysis piece about this. I think David Sanger wrote that within IRAN, sort of the so called moderates and around or basically trying to argue to the hardliners. Well, maybe we can just wait out the United States, Anbudan change in twenty twenty and if there's another administrator and it comes in then they'll maybe take us back into the deal that Dylan lift the sanctions and stuff like that, which is it's good political calculation from them. In our country. Do the same thing? What a depressing conversation that we used to have conversations in the US that well maybe, if we get past, I could do the job right, Reem leader, we might have a different set of actors. I mean look there, the the
RON Deal was made because a RON potentially have a nuclear weapon was seen as as an existential threat to the US to Israel, and it will create an arms race in the age in the region, which is why we carved out Obama negotiated on its own, but certainly there was a hope that if you, if you cut one deal, then you can think about some of the other things we need to talk about with them a an increase diplom engagement in maybe that work and the sanctions relief of a company run deal would empower the more moderate forces into RON. Like Rouhani, who is not a moderate in in a term, we would use here in the United States, but compared to like Qassem Soleimani in the I r g c cuts force, guys who literally sponsor terror that we we would want. The more moderate factions went out. We don't know exactly how things are going play out in the run right now, but they have real politics and I imagine, that the team of moderates who cut the deal with the US who said this would benefit the people are facing. A raft of shit
but it has not- and that is likely to empower the people who said we need to fight the Americans everywhere. We can because they will always try to take us down and Trump is making their case for them. Drop is making their case in Bolton speaking their case and pay is making their case and cotton. You senator from Arkansas when one of the shows this weekend in said that we should. We should blow up Ian ships, in response, which is setting a precedent that, the US military will respond to an attack on a foreign commercial vessel by blowing up another ship. Which is a troubling precedent, great the cotton doctrine, Card doctrine, ok, there's one more crazy national security
I want to ask you about before we move on David Sanger wrote a New York Times piece this weekend about how the United States is escalating. Digital attacks on Russia's power grid. The most striking part of the story, however, was that officials said that Trump hasn't been briefed in detail about the attacks, because of quote concern over his reaction and the possibility that he might counter Mand or discuss it with foreign officials, as he did in two thousand and seventeen when he mentioned to sensitive operation in Syria, to the russian Foreign Minister, always forget about that. One. The president tweeted that the Times piece wasn't true. Anne was a quote virtual act of treason. The times responded that Trump's National, purity console. When shown the article said they had no national security concerns about the reporting, for what do you think about this story and how unusual is it for DOD or whoever is doing these cyberattacks to not loop in the present
so yeah three things jumped out at me in the peace it sounds like Trump has deferred a lot of authority for what to do and how to do it when it comes to cyber warfare to the cyber command, which is surprising and interesting to me, because this is kind of the wild wild estimates relatively new, but it's made incredibly significant and you'd. Think that way, I said, want to tightly control it to the fact the NFC didn't express any concern about the leak when the New York Times coach them says to me? Maybe they wanted this known? Maybe this is a shot across the bow of the Russians, compares and talk about these things in broad strokes. So I I don't know, but on the fact that there be three that the fact that they won't brief trump on it is troubling to me in a couple of ways like one, you should be able to trust the President knighted states with yeah may shun, but too it's not acceptable for the Pentagon or any agency to just kind of run, shift on its own and not tell the democratically elected president of the United States, where we have civilian control of the military
sorry about offensive cyber capabilities like none of this should make anybody feel good. It's all weird out, I I'm concerned it's like yeah. None of us, like Trump all of us, think fucking crazy shouldn't have his finger on the nuclear button. But what? How would we be feeling if there was democratic president in there or even some more moderate republican president, and just because the folks in the Pentagon or in the sea or whoever it may be didn't like them. They just kind of ran missions on their own if some four star walks into the oval office and was like, oh president, Obama, got to tell you. We planted some mall where in the in a Moscow security grid, so we can take them down if your day, my bad, let my mind is when he's asked would be, would be, fired right away. I mean this is the future of This is not an insignificant thing that the Russians turned lights off in western Ukraine, back in twenty fifteen for hundreds of thousands of people it before they, they took Crimea. So we should care about,
president and rules of the road and what's happening, and then I would think you would want the White House tightly control these things, but it seems like there does not. I also it's just seems like we skipped over the fact that Donna, the president accused in times of treason, which is a word he now uses all the time virtual tree virtual treason, talked about now, former Obama administration officials committing treason because they, you know a stage, some try to save some coup against him with the mother investigation. Now he's talking about the press like this he's he's step up from any of the enemy of the people to something else now than I was on trees and on the whole sort of something we all just move on from on a Monday, or I guess it's all bad right. Let's talk about Trump's interview with George Stephanopoulos, which was aired in full for the first time last night and you see the real toward a force for the journey of delusional buffoonery real smorgasbord, yes, according to C n N's Daniel
the president told at least a dozen easily provable lies. The president also said that quote: Abraham Lincoln was treated possibly very badly. He was treated supposedly very badly Some might argue that Abraham Lincoln history badly. He said that said. Quote Thomas example: we could have used, but nobody, nobody has been treated badly like me and then this happened, which you just have to hear for yourself. I think we have- here at some point. I hope they get it because it's a fun. It's fantastic financial statement. It's a fantastic financial, seven- and let's do that over he's coughing in the middle of my aunts, yeah! Ok, I don't like that. You know your chief of staff music off. Please leave the room shut up and I'll come over here. Just to change the shower. Sorry,
Ok, do you want to do it a little differently? Then yeah? We just change the angle. It's like it's crazy for a couple of reasons. First of all, these are weird germaphobe and whatever that people are like that. The second moments like that shows you that he views the whole presidency as a performance. I know he said to me- was bigger than just the he's coughing. Unlike coffers like whatever it's weird he's weird, he he sounds like a director's like did. You have coverage on all the angles like? Do you want to get another shot of that in any? Did he repeats it in the same? in this. It also shows that he repeats his statement was stupid in the first place. Yes right and it's not like he's losing his train of thought when he said these are things he's purposefully, saying things this up, you know like I, the best financial statements, you we. What do you see my financial statements he's talking by the way about his tax return rate, which once again he's saying you know he won't say whether he'll provide them or not, he's saying that the lawyers are holding them up. That's not true. Georgian really press
on that, but he just sort of yada yada his way through the fucking question about his tax returns. Yeah I mean George pressed him on some things, pretty hard, not everything. Clearly he was trying to preserve all thirty hours of that access, knowing that, if you just kind of stick around the guys going fake news. On something bizarre, I mean it's also a reminder that we only see him in his Fox news, safe space or friendly using even when he does like the the press, conferences or two and two is a foreign leaders. He starts with Fox R, o a n n or some like right wing network. A never gets real. Follow up questions I mean he kind of unravels pretty quickly. If anyone asks him deliberate, repeated, follow. Ups yeah, I thought it was an interesting strategy from George as you could tell, he went into that interview you're right. He spending, however long he three days are thirty hours. Three thirty hours, That's over the course of a couple days: yeah, that's the fucking miserable. It's probably is not there that often
and so he spending all this time with him. He doesn't want to scare him off right away, but it was interesting comparing that, with like Jonathan Swan's interview of Jared Kushner, an Axios like Swan decided, he was going to go at Krishna run Birtherism Anwen, Kushner disassembled. He was to go back to five or six times in this time? In this interview, when George wouldn't get an answer from Trump and Trump started, getting angry at George, you know and started getting a little pissy. You know George B B did one follow up, and then you just sort of moved on because I feel like he thought well. A bunch of other topics to get to. I think he pushed him pretty hard on obstruction, and that was when Trump got the most piston accused him of being a wise guy. But yeah I mean, I think a lot of these guys view it as an opportunity to give him enough rope to hang himself, and he certainly did that many times
He had to do a fifty five, zero minute interview on Fox and friends on Friday to try to clean up his suggestion that yeah, it's totally cool, to take intelligence from a foreign adversary which it was just another thing we're just sort of just. I guess we just moved on from that last week. Yeah it is clean up was basically, he tried to. How hearing works use like first, you hear the words and then you know if they're bad and then F B, I yeah, which is not really really hard about the Russia being in the email to his son. Pitching the Were there any other notable moments from the Stephanopoulos interview that stuck out at you. I think a couple of things I mean it it it looks worse than it read So if people only read the the transcript give the whole thing a shot, it was funny that that he's so inside his own head about Mahler. That Stephanopoulos was like. What's your pitch to swing voter. He starts with the economy and within two sentences, he's complaining about Miller, thought that yes,
can bear and was doing and within like two seconds Trump's like no collusion yeah. He is just like it's shocking. You flagged this on Twitter. He is just serving up health care to the Democrats for the twenty twenty elections. I thought this was the most politically significant comment to come from last night's interview, aside from the portions that were released last week about four election interference, that the New Pope fortunes from last night that were most damning to Trump, I think were his his reiterated promise to repeal the affordable care act. If Republicans win in November of twenty twenty and his promise again to come up with a replacement plan very soon, yeah, that's bad two other quick things. One I
getting really sick of reporters teeing up Trump to blame Obama for spying on him yeah if work and then not following it to be annoying headline grab it's like the fourth time. It's happened either get some evidence or don't ask the question that way, but it it. You know, he's going to concede that Obama was part of it, because he can't back down The claim once he's made it. I will say I mean it was an interesting interview and that you know George really wanted to get trump to lay out what the real like strategy is, and it's basically just
grievance over the mother report. The economies the best ever the military has been rebuilt. Our veterans are doing great and when pressed on something, you might be more defensive about healthcare- oh don't worry. I have a great replacement, which is basically what he's been saying since he started running for president in twenty fifteen and there has been no replacement. I think I mean I said this on Twitter, like every democratic candidate for president should be out today. Talking about this, because I can tell you, I don't think many house and Senate republican candidates I want to be running on Donald Trump secret plan to repeal Obamacare, no a hunch, in fact magically. It showed up afterwards of up there. Some stories and I've been your times the washing post about how Congress is eager for him to let the subject drop. What was his exact line about the vets you to see like I solved vets. I sold vets. Vets have a choice now solve that's that's of a choice. He clearly expects you fix that. He clearly thinks that
the tweaks he made it to the way a VA health care's liver to veterans is one of his signature accomplishments. In the total lack of fluency with which he discusses the issue is baffling is like. I gave that's choice. He just can't you can't speak about it now because they don't know what they're talking about project my com, Are you struggling to sleep these days? You're, not alone, one in three? U S! Adults doesn't get enough sleep. I'm struggling John I was waiting for you to pop up on my wife at a six hundred am flight today, so the alarm went off at four hundred and thirty. Oh thanks Hannah, that's early is really really early and if you're not sleeping enough, it can affect your cognitive funk.
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on the opening night includes Elizabeth Warren, better or Cory Booker, Amy, clover, char and a bunch of candidates pulling at one percent or lower. The second night will feature Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, PETE, Budaj, Kamala Harris and a bunch of candidates polling at one percent or lower the twenty candidates who qualified were split into groups of ten three other declared candidate, Steve Bullock, Wayne Messam and Seth. Moulton failed to meet the criteria and will not be debating first of all before we get into the lineups. How big of a deal is it for the candidates who didn't qualify? I think it's a fairly big deal. I think it's going to be hard to claim. It seems to be hard to get the spotlight. It's going to be hard to show that your kredible or raise money, it's a problem yeah. Should you think they should have qualified? You think the Dnc should have made exceptions. I don't know, I think it's hard to say I mean I like some of these candidates. I think it's hard to say that we need more than twenty people on the stage over those two nights. I also think you know you could look at it and say just three didn't qualify, but they had to set the rules before the race started and what, if it was five or six,
or seven or eight more like this is an imperfect process, and I don't think that even Tom Perez would argue that their rules are perfect, but I think they probably made the best of a really tough situation. You know there was a lot of predictable criticism on twitter and in news reports after this happened, and you know it when you have twenty different, Let's have a different self interest. Of course people are going to take shots of it, but I think the primary is a bit of a mess. The debate process is going to be a bit of a mess. I don't know how you fix that. The only thing that I thought was weird was NBC, just kind of arbitrarily deciding the order of the two debates based on what would get them. The most things like how did we not have that process so that I've been male downtime yeah, I'm okay with NBC, saying they're the ones we're gonna decide, but if they were gonna decide they should have let the campaigns no and the Dnc know that they were going to be
the Dnc protested in the room. Apparently yeah I mean you can see now from the media perspective. You can see why they went with the one the the decision, the late, because the more exciting debate is probably going to be the second. I because that's got the more front runners now about that. We should just let everyone know how this was yeah, how these groups were divided up with the Dnc did. Is they decided that they gonna put all the candidates were polling above two percent into a hat and then divide them evenly, and then all the candidates below two percent went to had word of right it evenly. So actually they went to two gold boxes to gold boxes, yeah, my god so yeah there was some complaining too, like oh Elizabeth Warren got screwed or this person get screwed whatever else it's like it, just no. It was just people put in a hat and picked out, and I don't know that we know that. Right, you know, I mean that, will that will have a gaming out what what how this is going to go before we know I mean we can certainly speculate. Who, who do you think got lucky and I'm lucky in these groupings? I don't think we know the jets yeah. I think that Biden, Prob,
we got unlucky. 'cause he's got a lot of people who are going to be coming after him in this debate. I think I think that probably would've been in either I don't know what buttons like ideal stage would have looked like honestly, maybe lucky that he's not on with Warren, because she's been formulating, probably best message again, I mean there's Amid the warm got screwed because she's, not on the stage with the other front runners, I also think there's an argument that she could just on the night and and really stand out, and everyone will watch both debates and decide that. Well she been on stage a second that she would have won that debate anyway. So I it's impossible to know yeah, I sort of I went back and forth on this too. Like I mean my first reaction was yeah. You know
he's climbing in the polls and Elizabeth Warren probably wants a shot at Bernie and Biden, or maybe one or both, whether whether she takes an explicit shot at them or whether it's more of an implicit shot right. But then the more I thought about it. Elizabeth Warren, especially in fact, actually a lot of these candidates on that second night, that are above two percent, both Warren Beto Booker in clover, char, they've, all sort of state, their candidate.
Is not necessarily in opposition to another candidate like a Biden or Bernie Like Elizabeth Warren, she goes out there. Should we talk about Trump that much. She knows what her story is. What she's saying like she doesn't necessarily need to have one of those other candidates there to take shots at to do really. Well, I don't think you want to take big shots at any of your opponents. This early, I don't think so either I will voters hate that yeah. You want to make a case for years, I'm not and that's it, I don't you go up there and be boring and repeat the same, talking points and attack trump. I think the press is looking for a good story to come out of this so say or do something interesting like don't repeat yourself
to be funny. Tell moving story, make a contrast in a deft way. Show that you could debate Trump well, a you know. It's like yeah a lot of ways to stand out on the debate stage. You have to have a strategy and try that's what I think. I think two candidates were probably happy with where they ended up our Bernie Sanders and PETE booted Judge Sanders, because you know he slipped in the polls a little bit because as warrens know gaining in the polls and he has staked a lot of his candidacy on you know he's been doing this. Middle ground has techno middle ground thing, which is basically about Joe Biden yeah, and so I think, Bernie sort of once the contrast with Biden- and you saw you know his campaign manager, Fecha Kerr, said on the record. We, you know we couldn't be happier with this debate stage wearing, because now we can talk about what's really at stake in
primary like it's yeah he's like Bernie could be the one that goes right after by that's right in in May. Peaceful cases is generational change, yeah and that's what a visual of being with Bernie and bite and certainly will make that case because he's a lot younger in the other person who gets that opportunity, I think, is Kamel Harris because hers, okay, is both generational change and that she can build this multiracial coalition and her being on stage come. You know, as sort of one of the front runner among the top five or six on stage contrast that with Bernie and by and probably helps her again. I think it's funny like it is. Yes, they divided the debate night
equally, but that doesn't mean everyone stage is going to get equal time. That's yeah! There's a lot of discretion here that will go to the moderate are if a candidate is attacked, he or she will get to respond in kind. So there could be some candidates who just get lost. I do think this first debate night. It's going to be fascinating and you don't want to be on anything, but my hunch is that there's probably going to be less conflict among that crowd, because I think the other candidates who probably did well here in the drawing where Beto and clover, Char and Booker, because now those three who sort of been, I don't know whether you call them second tier or third here. You know they're all kind of stuck between two and five percent in the polls. Now they get to be on stage without Biden Bernie, who the moderators might try to make go at each other or even booted, judge or people like that have been getting a lot more,
and maybe they have a chance in that first debate to sort of stand out, but it doesn't seem like any of them are going to stand out by going after Warren or each other. Now, and my guess is the moderators on the first night would still try to beat those candidates into criticizing Biden, 'cause he's perceived as a front runner in in oh hammering away at the end, by name on a whole bunch of issues recently. So we'll see if he keeps doing that- and I can't really imagine anyone in that first night, going after war Can you smell it on on what grounds? That's what I'm saying you know what no one has sort of like prep the territory. No for this! Much of that is interesting. Her candidates prepare for debate like this week. We talked about this a little, but I mean the so. The one argument for saying, maybe your time is better spent not on the debate stage. Is the
not spending two or three days locked down with your advisers at a debate camp, preparing lines going to research for paying responses, literally practice saying having your staffers play, candidates who you're up against I mean. I imagine that these guys are these cameras, went down for two or three days and are are holed up somewhere in a conference room just practicing, nonstop yeah and look. I I I've been in debates wraps and debate, perhaps both for out with Obama when he's been prepping for a general election debate and a primary debate. General election debates are a completely different, ballgame right yeah. We actually have time to make your case so you're practicing different lines of attack and all this bullshit, the primary debate preps, are just like. Okay, you're gonna have five six seven minutes, probably with this these crowds at most. What do you want to say? We have a story, and I thought you know Peter Hamby wrote a story in vanity, fair about the debates and there was advice for
David Koch Chill who was a Republican who prepped both Romney and JEB Bush. I thought this is such a fantastic piece of ice. That is highly guy up. Whoever can tell the best most compelling story in the three minutes. They have will be the one who help themselves the most issue. Laundry lists are useless. Most of these, can it support the same things with a few distinctions. Biography is fine, but I think a story from the trail from their experience from the public service. The put their candidacy in context is the best approach can lines from consultant sharp attacks on other candidates or even a clever attack on Trump will get lost in the shuffle. I thank you. That's it couldn't be said any better total and look. I think you hear that and Elizabeth Warren we'll talk about her plans. A lot in her issues, but again she isn't just list off her policy positions. She talks about them within the larger context of her story. From the very first event I watched weren't you in Iowa she's, going to Town Hall meeting. She was talking about her policies in her plans, but she was linking it to her upbringing Oklahoma and I just felt from the beginning that it was a better way to
deliver message and it was going to play well in Iowa and I think it's benefited overtime, but she's also really interesting, because Warren in particular doesn't go on the campaign trail to deliver a message she really does seem to or but she gets back, and you hear her repeat a lot of stories from people she met in KIA, Cook, Iowa or wherever she might have been better. Does that too? I think that if you can incorporate the things you've learned in the past six seven months, however long it's been that they've been running, that's a beneficial way to tell a story yeah. It shows that you're listening and also shows your growth as a candidate. So speaking of Warren, it's a good segue. It appears as though she has now climbed to the top of the democratic field, along with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders polls are obviously just a snapshot in time. We will say this a million times between now and the election uhm. But when you look at the polling averages in the early states an nationally Warren is now a solid third, and
It actually overtaken Bernie. In a few recent polls, including a few state polls, she's also caught the attention of Trump's team who's, pollster told politico quote, although our own early published polls and internal polls discounted Elizabeth Warren, her recent momentum in May and June, and national and early caucus and primary states into a strong second place to a flat Joe Biden, is now a cause for our campaigns attention. What do you think is driving warrens increase support? I think she's, a good campaigner. I think she invested early in field staff ground in Iowa and that's one of the places you saw and make a big bump yeah. I think that the narative around her went from people aren't covering warns plans to oh she's, the bond with with all the plans right, That's like a good thing to be known as you're the person who's, who has big policies in his role. A big ideas, and I think that you know there's been always a discussion about electability, whatever the hell. That means, but clear,
people are, are deciding that they like the things that she would do in that she stands for, and they want to see her as President self yeah. I've been really press. Also. You know she made a decision not to do these big, fundraising events, so I think she really needed some momentum early to be able to continue to raise money through the fall you're. Reading reports about the various candidates that Wall Street is choosing as their favorite she's not going to have that cash. I would. I would not be happy to be a candidate in that I would not either and it'd f campaign or a campaign ad by Warren or Bernie Sanders would use that headline against the candidates who are mopping up Wall Street money just show why they're different, I wouldn't be surprised if she talked about that during the debate, not as an attack on people 'cause. I don't think she's that, but just touting her own decision, not eliminate that money into so I'm gonna matters there's a there's, a fantastic profile of Elizabeth Warren in the New Yorker right now I think the headline is: can Elizabeth Warren win it all and it really
everything you need to know. I think about her rise in the polls. We we said this from the day. She announced her candidacy right, like the most important thing when you're running for president is to have a biography that links up with your career that links up with your policy choices, the links up with your theory of the case and about why you should why you can beat the opposition, whether it's in the primary or the general election and how you see the country and where it's going, and you know there is an argument that Elizabeth Warren's, entire life and career led her to this moment and when you talk to were all she talks about, is inequality and the and the wealth gap and how you know, corporations have game the system, like everyone, can tell you a little
with Warren's rationale, who pays any attention to politics and there's not too many candidates running where you can say that right off the bat like that yeah, she leaves you with the impression that she's running against something bigger than Trump or any of her primary opponents, that she's running against a broken system against corruption against money in politics- and there are certainly her career before she was in politics- leads you to believe that hold those views sincerely actually wants to do it and and this from being a in campaigns and in politics for a long time, hammering hammering hammering economic issues and like I think we had a yeah there's a long discussion after the
two thousand and sixteen race. We made a lot of fun of economic anxiety and stuff like that, because it is very true that a lot of the vote for Trump was driven by racial resentment among Non college, educated whites. This is a fact. This is true an yet there is this feeling of economic angst in this country. It is a feeling held by Non College, educated white voters, black voters, latino voters, young people, all across the spectrum, that the economy is not working for them in a little bit more in this profile actually said because it's a democratic candidate, you just have to make sure that you were talking to the economic concerns of Americans all the time. Just like I read a line from Steve Bannon of all people in twenty seventeen. You said: if the Democrats keep talking about the economic concerns of working people and actually focused on that I'd, be worried because then they'd with she goes, and I read that line from that. Asshole basically thought to myself like yeah, that's the ticket, and I do think for all these get like she said on that message now. The question that raises so Bernie Sanders would say: yeah. I also have that.
Why do we think she's eating away at support from some birdies and well? Okay means it's hard when you are Bernie and you come in with a with a floor at Sir Thirty percent right when you start stronger
It is much easier for to look like you are losing support. When you start low yeah, like you, looks like you're gaining momentum, so Bernie was always gonna lose some votes. You know it's just it's. It's not possible to jump in a race with twenty some odd other people and not have supporters come and go. I you know, I I think he's fighting its own expectations. I mean the same expectations, game the benefit in twenty. Sixteen right yeah I mean the end, and we said this is the beginning of the primary to how much of the Bernie vote in twenty. Sixteen was a vote for Bernie and how much of it was a vote against Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary and I think we're finding out that a good chunk of that, but was against Hillary Clinton. I also think Bernie is a victim of his own success. He has moved the debate in in the democratic field to the left to more progressive direction. He has won that debate yeah, but he is not the new shiny object in the way that the media is right. Now the media focuses on a new story and it's it's been to you know. Elizabeth Warren has been
These plans left and right. Bernie Sanders is probably sitting there like yeah. I've had a lot of these plans for my whole life, but it doesn't feel as new to people. I do remember thinking that Bernie was pretty good in the debates in twenty sixteen. He usually someone to watch yeah he's relentlessly on message, and he you know, I don't about your damn emails moment. Maybe it wasn't the smartest strategy when you're trying to attack an opponent, but it made him seem like Jen TEAL, and I don't I do it made me like him. That is a. That is an excellent point, because something is about to say, I remember watching those debates and I didn't know much about Bernie Sanders, the timer think Majora Bernie Sanders and when he said that I was like Oh I like this guy. I used talking about the issues that matter to me and I like him, and from that moment even when I got you, even though I was for Hillary Clinton, I never got the Bernie hate. I never really hated Bernie but What I wonder about in this campaign, I wonder how he'll deal with this on stages,
Sometimes it seems like Bernie's campaign, his supporters enjoy being at war with the democratic establishment. They feel like. That's a useful villain and Bertie himself doesn't do that too much, but sometimes he does. Elizabeth Warren has all the progressive positions the Bernie Sanders has and she'll attack the democratic establishment on specific issues right she get the Obama administration some tough time on things right when when it seemed like they were, you know pick and some corporate stooge for with this or that, but she doesn't run her campaign against the democratic salesman, sometimes Bernie supporters. They seem like they don't want you on their team yeah. It's a it's an argument against a broken system. It's not a grievance based argument right. You know. I think that Bernie's on a lot of really smart things. I was a little confused by the speech.
Bleed defending democratic socialism. That was really more about FDR and the new deal you know sort of like a forgettable. Not it wasn't like a really compelling speech. I think the language all that interesting or is kind of long. It, but it wasn't. It also didn't really live up to what I thought it was framed to be right, which was a a a robust defense of socialism, but it's likely to tee up that question from the moderator to Bernie. And all these other candidates, which will highlight a distinction, and I'm not sure is necessarily beneficial, or at least is a little more esoteric than the. Sure concerns of of working people, and I think, he's incredibly good at speaking to those concerns right. If you're Bernie Sanders, would you rap
hang a lantern on the fact that your label is a democratic, socialist and and get into a debate over democratic socialism. Or would you rather want talk about the economic issues, they're sort of driving the debate within the Democratic Party of which you've been at the forefront on for a long time? I mean celebrities videos when they come out. They have that they have someone. You know in the middle the country was going through a job loss in like that they're, fantastic videos. They almost make you want to cry. You know why have a debate about democratic socialist? I don't know- and I I feel like a s- sis approaches for like Adam to give about the labels. I just want to get things done with that very smart polish utilitarian perspective on politics and he's also done a lot of smart things on foreign policy. So there's a lot of ways. Bernie can go. Miss. Are news? Could t up an anti war message for him that becomes incredibly helpful? Who knows yeah but yeah? That speech was actually weird,
When we come back my interview with Senator Harry Reid and the game we played in Minnesota with Congresswoman Ilhan, Hon, Omar and Marie Cox about student debt, she hates it doesn't like it was against it. Roger by Tommy, John TJ, your back this summer. Sizzles do you feel like you're cooking in your clothes. Here. You can't handle the heat. You need new underwear and Tommy John. Has the perfect solution. Tommy Johns, innovative cool cotton underwear for men and women is a summer must have it's like your own on body, air, conditioner, Tommy, Johns Cool cotton fabric features breathable lightweight fibers that keep you two to three times cooler and dry. Five times faster than regular cotton. There, mens underwear features of contour pouch to keep unique nestled plus there quick, draw fly for rapid deployment, saves you two hundred and seventeen minutes of unnecessary fumbling per year, who counts that up a very creepy Laborat
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tell a all everything you got we gotta. We gotta get this going. There's no way you put in the code. Pod save five dollars goes to you. Five dollars goes to mom's demand action, which is pushing for gun control laws all over the country. That's a great cause. You want to get five dollars, spread the cash app around make sure all your friends have to have it downloaded and let's get the going. Let's get this thing going on the potty. Today we have the former democratic leader of the United States Senate Harry Reid, well I'm senator pretty good to be with you. It's good to hear your voice person in most important question. You said a few months ago that your cancer is in remission. How are you feeling how's your health? I'm feeling quite well. Everything is good. My mobility is not as good as I'd like it to be, but it's getting better at chemo, regular, five, a couple back surgeries, but I'm doing okay,
always been a fighter. So it's really good to good to hear that you're better. Thank you so earlier this month, you what you told USA today that you're thinking had evolved on whether the house should move forward with impeachment hearings against President Trump. You said that quote: it's not the right thing to do nothing. What do you think the costs are of doing nothing? Well, I think it would be really wrong to do nothing. I think it would be wrong to jump into it impeachment right now. I think the way forward should be one that is deliberate. I think it should be. Inquiry in Korean or report an inquiry as to whether or not there should be impeachment. I think that would give the american people in their own way
hum and ability to understand what was in the molar report, I think, would help lawmakers understand. What trump is done deserves a real close look. So you that next step should be the House Judiciary Committee voting to begin an impeachment inquiry. Would that be Redmond, I believe the there should be an end he started forth with you. Also. Said in that in that USA, today interview that you were going to reach out to Nancy Polo, see on this issue, can you talk about what kind of advice you gave her about dealing with this? The speaker has done situation markedly good job. I served as the leader when she was a speaker. The first I've never served with anyone that is better than she she is someone who is very smart, she's, courageous and determined, and so.
She knows my position on this is and not going to change anything that she is going to do. So, if you were in speaker policies, position and you had you know A majority of your caucus still not on board with impeachment, and you had you know, I think it's now sixty Democrats who were in favor of it. How, Would you be handling such a situation where you're torn between two sides of the caucus? I think the way that should be handled as a way that she's handling it. I think it's appropriate that she makes, very very large conference she has under games what the efforts being made by others, and that includes the press. I think that
You know when I was the leader I had a very small number of people compared to hers. She's got two hundred and thirty plus people. Eric Conference alone, so she can't jump into anything, so I think she doing just fine. I expressed my opinion there should be an inquiry, but she'll determine what she thinks is best you were Senate Minority leader when Bill Clinton was impeached. What lessons should today's Democrats take from that experience in your view, well that is seared into my mind. I was a new leader at the time and I had really a front row seat right up to the chief justice of Spring Court and in my mind, I can see impeachment how very very difficult it is, and we have
understand at that time. The there were. You know, Democrats Republicans, work together in the Senate. The way things are now you know that not not the case. Peachman is very serious thing. I think it's real too bad. We don't have members of the Senate. We've only got one republican member of the house who is talked about need for moving forward on impeachment. I think that's unfortunate, because the speaker has also that problem involved that her republican Senate are cow towing to everything that Trump wants. Yeah I want to talk about. The Senate is an institution a little bit since there
few people who know it better than you. Do you see any truth in Joe Biden's recent statement that, with Trump gone, we're going to begin to see things change in the Senate? Because quote these republicans know better? Do you do you think that with Trump gone anything would we can change their behavior in the Senate. I sure hope. That's right! Here's the problem. We have hum Republicans now for ten years done everything they can to do away with the Senate that we all loved. What do I mean by that. What I mean by that is that Senate Republicans have created a program now, where If you want to get anything done in the Senate, you have to have sixty votes. That's not the way it used to be a US troops were used very sparingly and I have a responsible for my staff person build Auster
to write a law review article for the New York University's law school. How are you we're in that article? We talked about the fact that unless the Senate chain quickly was wind up turn out to be like the House of Representatives and because you can't go on the way it is now that would be not the way the send it used to be, and that's too bad. However,. Hey. If you had, the Senate was like another House of Representatives, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Do you still have a bicameral legislature? six year terms, house members with two year terms so a democracy would be all that bad. A simple majority would win, however hi. I hope I helped mice. President Biden is right. I hope that you're back to where they used to be but, as we talked about in that law, review article things not headed,
correction. Yeah, I mean you know econo very well probably better than most. You know and he's right now bragging about how the Senate is the legislative graveyard and he's the grim reaper and all that kind of stuff I mean: what does the next democratic president do about the problem of Mitch Mcconnell in this crop of Senate Republicans well You understand and it's easy to understand what I just said for a democratic president, which I think we're going to have, I think would be just fine. You know because majority would rule in the Senate, so so you would be for getting rid of the legislative filibuster for the? If the next democratic president runs into the same kind of obstruction, Obama are recognizing reality and the reality is Republicans have made descendant something that is
no longer the way it used to be. That is really too bad because it's not a question of of simply wanting it to happen. It's just accepting reality, yeah I mean in about in about twenty years, something like seventy percent of Americans. Represented by just thirty senators obvious, the Senate has always been weighted towards smaller rural states, but now that those states are mostly republican and deeply republican, what what options do Democrats have obviously we you know we just spoke about the filibuster. Is there? Is there any other sort of strategy You have in mind for for the Democratic Party that history when they to force her accepted, then Delaware was the smallest state population wires. I had about seven times less.
More power than the state of Virginia, which was the most populous, but now situation has gotten so out of hand that the state of Wyoming he is seventy percent more powerful than California, So that's something to be concerned about now accepting the I don't see any change in. Taking away babe with the founding father set up the constitution, where you have senator each state has two senators. I thank engine a that very quickly, your honor it when you start talking about that just start talking about a lot of issues. Issues such as read. How presence
elected! You know we in recent years we look and we find it. Presidents are being elected with less than a majority right. It's music polling numbers. How many votes last night, but it's a minimum of three million could have been more votes than that. So there's a lot of issues that we have to work on and it's nothing is going to happen very quickly because it's These are all constitutional based issues. Are you in favor of the national popular vote compact, which sort of gets around some of the constitutional issues, but would still sort of effectively eliminate the electoral college? Well, it's something that needs talk about more of the state of Nevada, for example, benefits from what we have right now. That's why governor Select vetoed the Majority vote issue this past election right. So you know it
it's an issue that we have. What what we're trying to come up with is a compact, we're stage would agree and his contact her contract, but they would cast their votes with a personal running for president got the most votes that would. Eliminate did electoral college is we now have it, but that's not going to happen real soon, because a lot of states through just like Nevada and that's issue- that's been going on for generations right. So I know you serve with a lot of the democratic candidates for president and and you aren't endorsing, but which candidates running have impressed you so far in this race, I've been impressed with him you know, Joe Biden is somebody that I served with them for three and a half decades in Congress,
personal friend. Is she is such a wonderful human? Being I like great deal, so you know that show by and I don't think there's any doubt that he would be a good president, but is it he knows. I'm not endorsing anyone, because we have our caucus next February but there are so many people that are impressive. Elizabeth Warren has certainly find her shonen. What proper grammar the the last several months people recognizing her basic understanding of our financial system. I think that people are accepting some of the things that Bernie talked about four years ago. You know there's a real discussion going on about health care with Republicans having eliminated Obama Kerr instances it's good,
having a debate on that we're having a debate on education. How young men and women can get a college education right now, it's even in state institutions. It's really difficult. I'm glad we're having a discussion on that. So there yeah. You know you have her booty judge been interesting and a lot of interest all over the country. You know you go through the list of candidates on their own, really really good. I am personally not at all disturbed by the fact that we have twenty can a Foley said they want to run for president? We have. Our debates are coming up. Next week we have two nights of the page, one thousand and ten candidates each night. I think that's good, I'm think. It's very, very good yeah. I can remember when I served in Senator Obama's Senate office, and you were one of the people who encouraged him to run, for
Senate? I read that this time around, you actually encouraged center. Warren to run what what what made you encourage her to run? I had an issue that I needed some help on. We had. We had stretch, Totally set up a debt commission to find it happened to Wall Street when it collapsed hand them I'd, read one of her books dealing with poor people. I was impressed with her being here Harvard professor. There are no, background, and so I called her mouth. She brought her daughter, I put on the debt Commission and she was a star and you, you remember, hi. She was her idea to come up with the consumer Affairs Department within the Dodd Frank legislation right, but but yeah she could get approved and Republicans fought that tooth and nail result that she didn't take, that job actually ran for the Senate and one very so they wished
inside, but they wish they had done that. So I chose her because she's a very and depth person, I think the world over. But you know there's I served in the Senate with a number of people that are running president there are a lot of really good candidates and I repeat, Democrats should feel good about the fact that so many talented Hum riesling well reason people want to run for president. I think it's good shows our country is on the right direction. What qualities do you think are most important in a candidate when it comes to being able to beat Donald Trump. I think that uh, you know every Canada is different and the reason that I spotted President Obama Is I just thought at that time said he was just what the country needed
Yeah! That's why he called in my office and we had a nice visit and I just thought it was the right thing to do I can remember when he was re elected. I was told presence going to call you as soon as he finished his acceptance speech, and he did. He told me thanks for helping me decide to run till you know. I think that you can't give every person the same Brescia paint every candidate has different strengths and weaknesses. You have to recognize those, sir, if you are Leader in the Senate right now for minority leader right now. What would you be doing to maximize the chances that Democrats flip the Senate in twenty twenty? Well? It would be really wrong for me to second judge huh.
Sherman was tell you why our center Schumer help make my career. I needed somebody to help me take to send it back hi. I called upon thunder shower. I put him in a leadership position. Is he service shared the Dscc twice, which was unheard of at the time, and he did a remark. Really good job and, as you know, we we took the Senate and we had a significant majority. I give a lot of credit to him so he's now the democratic leader I think that people don't understand first of all, how hard he works and two how smart is people do not understand. Chuck Schumer got a perfect score on the essay TA. Perfect score.
Our school aptitude exam. You know I'm. I do not know the list like this. Thank you for making this up, but it's true. I can only be able to have happen very often. In fact, there were early, so I'm not gonna check can judge what he is doing in the Senate. I, of course, am very very concerned about the Republicans being lap dogs for Trump. I think that's really too bad I sent it is. I know it. We had courageous Democrats and Republicans who would stand up against the president of their own party. You don't see that happening with pull up dog treatment trump's getting from the Republicans in the Senate, I mean. Obviously we have some some great recruits for two thousand and twenty. You know Senator Schumer's been doing a great job recruiting some candidates. Do you feel bull?
there are chances or how worried are you about flipping the Senate in twenty twenty? How do you feel about that? I feel really good about the fact that we could retake the Senate. The sad part about what's happened here is that we have a really a fine. Number recruits, are not all done yet. I doctors under Schumer recently he still working on it, but you know one of the things that the Republicans have done is created an atmosphere, where people aren't as anxious to run for the Senate as they used to be because of the republican shenanigans yeah. So last question for you, you came to. Washington as a pretty moderate, even conservative on some issues. Democrat you left is a progressive, having shifted on immigration, gun control, gay marriage, abortion. What caused your thinking to evolve over the years? I laugh when I get questions like
Well, the first time I ran state the Nevada right for Lieutenant governor. I didn't have many credentials so one of the things I did is high in high school, I played football. I was a left guard what we did is we change the change it to right guard, because I had the reputation of always being too progressive. Even has a very young man running for lieutenant governor. So yes, I acknowledge that my positions on quite a few different issues I developed over the years, but I can say without any equivocation? If you find a senator who would comes to the Senate, Ann believes in certain things never changes! You will find a senator who didn't accomplish
much in the Senate. I evolved, and I think I did it for the right reasons. It was good, I believe, for the state of Nevada. I believe it was good for the country and I believe it was My democratic caucus? The leader was somebody who was not locked it step, how he felt when you for Lieutenant Governor's her when I independent will Senator Reid. I was privileged enough to have a front row seat watching you be a leader for for all those years during the Obama administration, and I can remember President Obama, singing praises and speaker plus he's praises almost every day he really loved working with with both of you, and so thank you for all that you Thank you for your service and thank you for joining us on the pod. We really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Greaseproof ladder you guys want to play a game.
Minneapolis in eighteen? Eighty, five, a visiting reporter from New York City called the twin cities, another Siberia unfit for human habitation and like most comments from New Yorkers about the Midwest, it was accurate. It wasn't it's one hundred degrees out today. It also wouldn't be the last time the coastal elite unfairly maligned the people of this fair city by while a certain Manhattan He's been insulting a certain Minneapolis mullet and it's weird cadence mini apalit, and then I get it medium haul it and you say that Minneapolis. What do we say? I googled it Minneapolis. Do you say then? What do you say? Midi, Minneapolis, yeah, ok,
are you? Are you why? Why does that? Why are they doing yeah? I'm sorry! how is there to census were in the fucking city? What do you call this place? Why you calling presidents on our stage right now, I'm gonna go with whatever he wants. 'cause I feel like I am in Omaha. Two minutes here You at you know, there's there's many so it in this audience. That'll happen like dependent clause? A dependent clause supposed to who Lala certain Manhattan night has been insulting a certain Minnesotan.
Perfect that Minnesota yeah! Thank you! Thank you, I'm so sorry for them, a husband attacking the student debt crisis. So let's talk about Congresswoman Omar's proposal to deal with student debt in a game, we're calling hey what if we dismantled, Avastin cruel system that saddles the best and brightest young people in our company student like a massive wait forever pressing down on the chest of a generation. Would someone out there like to play the game? Travis is over here Travis. I really I mean something might happen over here. Hi. What's your name, I'm Dan hi hi, where you I'm a Minnesotan. Have you heard the term many? I'm a love it! So! Yes, it's your right. You got it.
Thank you, Dan. Okay, all right, let's begin is the current total in the United States of all student loan debt. Is it a turn fifty six million dollars slightly less expensive than the yacht. Betsy Devos enjoys when she needs little time away from her bigger yacht, or is it be eighteen point, six billion dollars or how much Melania thought Trump was worth when she agreed to marry him and when he got down on one knee and handed her. The Nda for this. That's how it works for him to get down on one knee and he presents a nondisclosure agreement, no comment or is it see one one point
six trillion dollars or enough to I the world, a coke. In fact it's enough to buy every single person on earth, two, good bottles of coke each or the day D. One dollar John, make any sense or is it easy That is so highly. If you took that money and use it to buy kegs and slip and slides, we have one killer spring break my broseph I told Travis to cut that one, and he told me that it was great. I think it worked out work great. What do you think Dan C You got it question two. How many Americans, under the age of thirty, currently have student loan debt? Is it a one point? Six million people are all the people who signed that petition to remake season.
Game of thrones or is it be? three hundred million or the number of people who have said, listen you're incredible to their significant other while dumping them or is it thirty, two million, I'm sorry, that's how many homes baby boomers own two out of every five homes in the country, I I apologize for giving you the clue where I I mercilessly attack baby attacked baby boom. We're going talk about this later or is it d? million or the number of Harvard grads who wrote about saving the world in their college application, but ended up working at Mckinsey, well that
I get there. Alright, I didn't write this crap already city. Sixteen point: eight million people or roughly the population of junior Idol, Hawaii Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode, Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Washington DC in Wyoming combined what Dan said you got it question three. Some people think that the federal government canceling student debt would cause the economy to explode. What would actually happen if we cancelled student debt? Is it a while cancelling student debt might create financial instability in the short term? The damage would quickly be reversed by the free electric the rating off of furious baby boomer, shutting participation, Trophy Edison, bald, fast casual mother and it Tucker Carlson segment on their seventy two inch Costco tv with the motion, smoothing turned on listen
that baby boomers we've had our differences, ask your children to go into the settings and turn off the motion. Smoothing or is it be. The economy would in fact explode Chernobyl style, get ready to bury some dogs. Who are you mad at who? Are you mad? At or Is it safe? There has to be a disclaimer for the yeah. I know everyone knows it's. How good okay got the guts. This would be safe. There would be a boost in GDP by an average of eighty six billion to one hundred and eight billion per year. The added cash in the pockets of millions of Americans would lead to roughly one point: two million to one point: five million new jobs per year. That's pretty good, maybe
should take credit for that. One. Actually pretty good or is it dean those scammy credit score commercials would disappear. Freeing up add time for more useful products like catheters weight loss up. Burritos with Doritos inside our society is or any free to follow their dreams. More young people could become teachers, social workers and, sadly, magicians harm, therefore vastly outweighing any benefit. So is a surplus of press, the detainer worth the candle as they say. You know right, I think we're going to increase aggregate demand, go with C. Got it ok, then dans where Dans weren't as econ one hundred and one teacher question question four
evening rounds. There's no sound. We're going to redo facts about student debt and you have to say whether they're true or false. Are you ready? Yes, you were going to go down the line and a probably twice is it a wait. No, that is, it makes sense. Yeah John. He goes off unlike other forms of debt. It is virtually impossible to declare bankruptcy to escape it. True God, next after you hit a hundred thousand student debt, they let We drive the zamboni during the broom ball game at your ten year reunion in some places it true but false people with student debt are less likely to get married? I mean yeah yeah, true yeah, People were student dead, blame their debt getting married. When really, how are you supposed to know if this is it
you know, like no relationship is perfect. How do you know there's no manual one or she's the one, there's no there's so many ones out, there's no manual Tommy. Is this a normal problem or just a problem? That means you should leave? How are you supposed to know? What are the next relationship is worse and you look back with regret or whatever better person is waiting on the other side of this relationship. True or false, true got it collection agencies pursue student debt aggressively, including calling borrowers at all hours. True, those with student debt are disproportionately young, which means receiving a phone, all is a fate worse than death. I'm not answering! I not answering when you call me honestly text me Email me screen, Michael. I call my friends buckle up your friends with
see. I call you, you know what that is. That's what I'd be Boomer tell me what you want for. It explains a lot John, the movie. It follows not actually a metaphor for sex relationships. It was a metaphor for student debt file You around like a creep. True! No, that's false! it was about the fact that there's going to be a bonus yeah. You get the point. Half a point to point, have a point: you're right, sorry, yeah! Ok, we get there were game. That's leadership! That's leadership! Changing changing the roses by changing the rules to win one point. Fifty six trillion dollars sounds like a lot.
But it's actually the same amount of the government committed to bailing out the banks, doing the financial crisis through also Tommy are up one point. Fifty six trillion sounds like a lot, but it's only half the size of the bank bailout True, false dan you're up one point: fifty six trillion sounds like a lot, but it's just a quarter. The size of the bank bailout sure Call rob Damn, shame on you, get it get it John you're up. I have something totally different, one point. Fifty six trillion sounds like a lot, but it's just a tenth of the size of the bank bailout. True,
you got it thing. Rescuing students from that would cost only about ten percent of what the government committed to rescuing the banks during the financial crisis. How amazing is that Dan? That's why this is yeah yeah, we we. What are you doing? Are you? Are you your billing? neon inequitable system. We're trying to change Dan you've won the game. Thank you for playing hey what if we dismantled a basketball system that sells the best and brightest young people in our country with student debt, like a massive wait for other pressing down on the chest of an entire generation. Thank you, Congresswoman Omar. Playing for being here tonight, one more time for the congressmen. Take you guys all for coming have a great night thanks to Harry Reid, for joining us today, thanks to converse women, Omar for joining us in Minneapolis and later this week
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