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“Trumpism fuels a pandemic.”


Donald Trump’s disastrous Oval Office address fails to calm Americans, Republicans fight Democratic proposals to provide economic relief, Joe Biden inches closer to an insurmountable pledged delegate lead, and Bernie Sanders vows to debate on Sunday. Then Governor Gavin Newsom talks to Dan about what the state of California is doing to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

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he's been responding in a state of California have been responding to the threat of corona virus. If you want More about the global response to the corona virus, check out pod, save the world here's a pair you from Tommy quote this epoch, old mother fucking slaps these are just getting. He was. I just can't. I can't believe you even said that I read it. It was it is very often ran for the positive, the world pitches? you're, very substantive and serious, which robbers like how to solve a global pandemic? What is that in South Sudan and why human rights are the fundamental challenge of our time on positive while this week, hoping apparently dump me, doesn't think that I read out keeping items ahead of time, because it was hoping that I would read it for the first time on air and not know that it was that it was there. But I did- and I kept it
anyway. You gotta could do not begin to this bit from Ankara man you're in episode that motherfucking slaps you'll also get up to speed in the pandemic. You'll learn why the saudi Russia, oil price war in Iraq, in the global economy and have Lattimer Putin might be resident for life. So it's a good this episode check it out. If you are notes from us. You may seeing that because of kroner virus, we cancelling the upcoming pod, save America and love it or leave it March towards in San Diego Phoenix in Seattle. We hoping to reschedule once we can ensure everyone's health and safety, full refund will be available at the point of purchase and taken holders will receive an email with more instructions we are, Mary bombed out, but everyone's health comes first and we can't be holding gap and actually, when we decided to cancel it, we just did it. Internally, but Thea State of California has now said no gatherings over two hundred fifty people. So there you go on the plus side.
We will be doing our group thread for Sundays democratic debate between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, we'll all be doing it from home join us a crooked dot com, slash group thread starting at five p M Pacific, eight, p m Eastern. So that's great right. Let's get to the news, Donald deliberately primetime oval office address about the threat of corona virus on Wednesday night, where he made we're policy announcements, three of which had to be corrected immediately after the speech Trump, so that he was issuing a thirty day ban on all travel from Europe to the? U S, but the Department of Homeland Security quickly clarified that the ban doesn't apply to EU citizens, the immediate family of? U S, citizens or permanent? U s residence trump and said Travel ban would apply to trade and cargo. The way later said that was wrong trump, so there health insurers have agreed to waive all co payments for corona virus treatments. The insurance industry later said that was only for testing. The day the DOW Jones hit bear market territory for the first time since the two thousand eight financial crisis trump also
for the Small Business Administration to provide stopgap loans to affected businesses delayed the April fifteenth tax deadline, most Americans and urge Congress to pass a payroll tax cuts. So would you think of the speech? Would you like to start with your great for US style or substance? Look, I wanna be fair here, because in sea we want to be an honest broker situation, but on a rhetorical level, a political level an economic level on a substantive level. It was an absolute fucking. Disaster is, without a doubt, the worst gnashing televise address at any american president has ever given it. It had the opposite effect of everything he possibly could have intended, because he and his administration in his White House team are two fucking stupid. To do the basics of their jobs, and he stated the policy wrong which then, led to mask
other rings at airports during a pandemic in Europe, meaning like an we wake up the next morning and the market has to stop trading. Has it crash so quickly because the present inspired so little confidence in the American in in himself in his administration? It was a disaster here. Just honestly needs a shut, the fuck up and stop talking. We obviously don't agree with Trump on much. We have different politics than him, but just from a basic nuts and bolts level of like to put together a speech like that and roll out policy announcements like it. It's the fact that he issued three policy announcements that were wrong, that they had to be terrified immediately after it He does show that in case you just thought it was like dumb Donald Trump anyhow It's like sort of incompetent people working random know. He has really fucking stupid people working round him like the idea that an oval office, prime time address would not get forget about even factor
like you know him lying about the best economy. Ever all this bullshit, like basic policy pronouncements, where was the policy staff. Why didn t just what are the department for security, see the speech in advance, like Stephen, or Jared Krishna working on the speech. What the fuck are they doing letting a speech go out with policy announcements that weren't check. Again, it's not like tat is sitting there proposing his big plan for the economy. Fucking global pandemic and urgent health crisis. The speech finishes, I get a call. From a friend of mine who son is in Paris and he and his wife were panicking because they don't think they can get son home from Paris because he just said no five Europe and I had to have been weight and find that the day just clarify and then they come down but using pictures today it Charles De Gaulle, here: in paris- and it's like- may him in panic, because a bunch of people trying to buy like three thousand dollar tickets home, because they didn't know that it it didn't apply to american citizens. I mean that just one small, tiny piece of how badly he has fuck this up?
if he did not have they give that speech last night he did not have to tomorrow night, you could have given it next week, the he was basically living in a fox news bubble about this fund. Recognize that there were some all attacking decide to give a speech without having any idea what he was gonna say, and that is the worst fucking thing you can do you The speech when you have something to say you don't say you're and give a speech in reverse engineer, a bunch of policy. So you have something to say when you do that already bad it's your job and his staff, the government, with the dregs of the Fox NEWS, green room. This is what we end up with an More people will be sick because of this and in People are gonna, lose their retirement and their economic well being and their jobs. Because of us, because the president opened his mouth without thinking and we should to it? It's not. Just even the policies corrected and clarified are not even
close to the scope of what's necessary to address this crisis. I'm he's talking about a ban from Europe. For thirty days he accepted the United damn for reasons we dont know. Even though the United Kingdom has more cases of corona virus, then end the other european countries outside of ITALY or any other, there's that are part of the ban, so also it doesn't address the fact that we probably have more cases in country and he never addressed testing the biggest. Is this we have right now is that we do not have available testing that's readin available for everyone who needs a test on fraud. From told us when he was at the CDC, CDC everyone who needs a test can get one that is a hundred percent false. It was fun. The time it remains false. Today there was senator length. Further republican senator said that, after a briefing today were two weeks away from four, liable fast testing for everybody to weeks away. This has been.
Running through the United States of America for weeks, people cannot get a test. I need one unless they say that they were travelling to one of the infected countries. In many places there are not enough it like boggles my mind every morning I wake up, and we still, Have available testing and people cannot. People in the government. People in charge cannot tell us why it's the length This is the nightmare scenario we have shrunk has been up sitting in a situation where all the crisis is he faced were once of his own making, and there are political in nature, and this is age. Through governmental crisis, a true crisis that what would test even the most well functioning and whilst after Government- and he is one hundred percent not up to the job. It's I don't know if you do that do you think he has any grasp of how serious this crisis is or, or does he know
in, not care, not know what to do like. I just you know it's. It's always toughness what's going on in his fucking addled mine, but I don't know anything you I don't know. I'd say why. I think the fact that he gave the speech last night recognises at least that he is beginning to understand the political crisis. He faces not necessarily public health crisis, that the country world faces in all. Ultimately, is like everything else. It is Trump First America last in so he is thinking about ways in which he can help himself, not ways which he can help of the problems for the country, regardless of how of whether it helps rehearsal politically and did the policies that he offered just business. A massive ignorance to what's happening in America and its not surprising, because he has been watching Fox NEWS and Fox NEWS would if you think that this is all in impeachment hoax as Trish Reagan from Fox Business said the other day or its Democrats
fanning the flames for political gain, as opposed to an actual public health crisis. I mean the NBA cancelled? It sees him last night you mean the. This is a very real think. As you said, the Governor California recommended the cancellation of every gun retorted. We will. This is a real crisis, but Policies are about preventing infected people from coming to America, not trying to stop the spread of disease among Americans, which is what the true problem is right. That is what's happening, California in Seattle to New York, and that is because, like ultimately Donald Trump is a german phobic I hope- and that is the worst possible set of characterising you could have to deal with a crisis like this. He looks at this and ceases and immigration problem, not a public health problem in the United States. Because he's unwilling to admit the crisis, because I think he thinks it's bad for him. I mean here, train them, ass, constructive questions here, what
We think we would be doing differently if Burma was in charge right now and we were at the White House like or what would that of redress looks like last night. How would it have differed totally substantively and aid and of all the policies, but wait? What do you think, while I am not sure he would have given at last night I think we would have waited until we have all either you with. This would have on one of two way ass. He would have given us each two weeks ago, at the front end or We would be waiting until we had very specific sets, a things we could do. It would have certainly included a set of rights conditions for what the Congress should do to help deal with the economics loud and stop the spread of disease very somewhat, and I will talk about this first and wonder what the Democrats here in the house, but forward today. I think it would be good if very specific recommendations on how people prevent this Zis in their own families and communities around social distancing. I mean we work
in the White House, during a near pandemic actor in the each one and one flew of Joseph Night and the amount, like I very much remember, present Mama spit doing videos and p essays impress telling people to do things as simple as sneeze into their elbow yeah right and to do Bobo bumps, instead of shaking hands with this bombs and all those things because they like you, we understood that that we had a bully but we had a megaphone that we can keep communicate, important information to people and he used it for that. What I think are present. Obama would have done my site. It would have been too two very forth rightly described the situation. America was to give people usable Actionable advice on how to prevent the spread of disease in their homes, their communities, and it would be- I reckon What was the things that he knew, that the country needed Congress to do to prevent the further spread Aziz? Add healthy economy recover, does what it thinks we would have done.
We certainly would have not stated the pulse wrong answer. They would have been coordinating with the global community because by that thing not to mention is that Trump forgot. His administration did not tell area Europe that he has created ensued. A travel ban so down there. Furious at the United States in this, like so they present of imo to be on the phone or in meetings are in video conferences with leaders of the world. Talking about coordinated global action. Yes, to try to stop the spread of disease. Yeah Donald Trump will not do. That cannot do that because he is an escalation IST who does not have interest in our relationship with the other leaders in the world who could but who would be to be involved in collective action to stop hee hee, reportedly, doesn't even want to get in a room with Nancy closer to negotiate a and an economic recovery package, because he still matter over impeachment. So you won't get near rum, let alone a coordinated global response with other were leaders. I having Brok Obama would be on the phone every day, with, like every minute,
ethical expert and insurance industry, ceo and drug company, ceo, moving, heaven and earth to get testing. Up and running faster and look if there were bare Here's to that he would be telling the american people here's where we are on testing here's, why we still can't get wrapped up yet here's the timeline, here's, what we're hoping for? Here's, what I'm gonna do here's what I need help with kind. As for to push this our like, we would be. We We would know that that is the heart of this problem. Is that we're not fast enough, as other countries have started testing like look for South Korea has fucking drive through testing right now. Ok, China had like You know that the number of new cases yesterday was in the tens because of all the measures that they instituted, which many of which are dramatic like it is possible to mitigate the risk here, and not the spread of this early slow, the spread of this because we see other countries are doing it and it's just it's pretty. Raging to look at countries with DR through testing,
about how their slowing the spread of cases and we're just not doing that here and we don't even get an explanation from our leaders about why we're not doing that here. I believe the sea see director was in front of Congress yesterday, and The reason that we don't have drive through testing is he didn't want to affect the relationship, between patients and their providers, which you know I tweeted about an ass, a bunch of doctors like what that means, and no one thinks it makes any fucking sense. So I do think, like president and will be doing a lot to address the actual core problem here, where I also think the tone would be different to write and- I do think it's very challenging to figure out what is the right tone on that's right. You do not want to spark panic, but you also dont want to downplay the severity of James, the governor of Washington and They instituted a ban on gatherings with two hundred and fifty people or more in Seattle in Seattle Region, which is where one of the outbreak says and one of the report. Ask him at a press conference. Is there a penalty? What's the penalty for holding a gathering of in twenty fifty people in January said
penalties. Are you might be killing your granddad? If you don't do it and, like you know, a lot of people What did that statement like while, but that where we are right now, that's how serious this is, and you didn't hear anything that level of seriousness from Donald Trump throughout this whole crisis? Now it's I mean it is just that it is a massive government white earlier and it starts at the top. So now this moves to Congress. We're Republicans have been told by Trump that they should pass. Harold tax cuts that lasts until the election The White House is also floated taxpayer loads for airlines and crews three and the hotel industry. But the whole thing is so far fallen flat on Capitol Hill Republicans are reportedly worried that that tax cuts costs too much money. While Democrats correctly argue that apparel won't help. Workers were laid off because of corona virus and then be less impact. Full, then more directly. Yours like paid medical, leave, expanded Parliament, insurance, food security, food assistance,
free, corona virus testing. That includes and ensured protections for health workers expanded Medicaid for poorer Americans who who can access healthcare so did it, looks like the House Democrats will pass build today with these measures called the families first curve virus response ACT, then? Why hosts republican leader, Kevin Mccarthy, said this morning he's against the democratic proposal. I believe the White House is called this radical left proposals. What I just talked about you know sick leave food is this. For people there com this radical socialist left proposals so center. Republicans house, Republicans and Donald Trump are now against this package. Much leverage of the Democrats have to make sure enough help gets to the right people? be they have a lot of leverage here right like there isn't it oh response. Bill can be passed without Nancy policies. Ok,.
And they should use that leverage and it I do think it's a balance between ensuring that we get something that actually matters. It will make a real impact in people's lives and what the White House is talked about in terms of a broad based payroll tax cut is in and of itself in Sofia, because it does nothing for the people who are going to lose their jobs in this process is not going to help people get more acts The testing is not going to help. People who don't have insurance are therefore unable to get checked out or get care or any of those things, and but have that leverage emission and they should use it and I think, it's very smart of them to get that bill out there now and let that be the sort of the base by which we have this conversation construct, doesn't have a plan? The centre Republicans don't have a plan. Let this be the thing that they work off in, so I think that should push for aggressively, and I think it is just notable that I would like let's flip this around thoughts. Imagine it is march of twenty twelve,
and the economy has just Take it a massive hit in a similar situation. Could you and John Banner in their Paul Ryan and Republicans putting forward a massive economic rescue package in the Obama's election year. No! No! I can't, I mean it's that silly, of course, not because they belong to a tax cuts and getting rid of regulations what they would have done If anything, we end, even if Obama supported everything they wanna do they would they would rather hurt the economy and Obama then help the country and the Democrats are different than what is a fundamental difference between the two parts. But I dont mean, like the others, The question like so: let's play this out. Democrats have this package, trump people say: no, we want a payroll tax cut, maybe a bail out for some of these industries. This is, we're going with Nancy. Was he says no, we passed our bill were now.
Site, I'm not passing any kind of bill. The doesn't include these specific direct. These specific measures that are gonna help people affected by the by This and by the economic follow that is my priority. We gotta get a pass this and I'm not going to pass anything that doesn't do that Ben Donald Trump public and say democratic structuralist dammit That's her standing in the way the radical left social Democrats are standing in the way and and hurting Africans by sea in a standing away of progress in any kind of relief for people and blah blah blah. What what happens. Then what do you do for the Democrats who I look. I think Democrats should be willing to negotiate on like this. That was either starting offer and there can be other. Like a payroll taxes in and of itself, depending how its constructed and everything is not offend It's just now, which is not efficient, And so There is room for negotiation here and I certainly Nancy posing the Democrats understand that, which is why they push they pass this bill first,
if there is something that they can pass, that makes it that actually helps, and I think that it is in and pay leave be a part of it. I think obviously, free testing us to be a part of it all, but if they can like nation, willing to negotiate by it Donald Trump decides that he would rather just paint the Democrats as obstructionist then actually get something done. That would be cutting off his nose to spite his face, because in a situation like this, they re out on the ground is much more impact for then any rhetoric from Trop brightly yeah? What do you think it's? What you hurt more politically, the Nothing can be done to help people and maybe stabilize the economy, whose economic effect Donald Trump Ryan Sea policy. A bunch of tweets from Donald Trump and so that this is where the democratic leverage lies, which is Donald Trump, need something to happen. Any kick it. I think that with Nancy Policy, so you better, get over himself in Ghent and get in a room and figure it out because otherwise
He is going to be running for reelection as impeached unpopular As an issue lost my three million votes with a an economy that is hurtling towards recession and another crisis. Yet because he people are going to sit there and say where's payroll tax cut holiday. They are gonna, be sitting there in saying. Why can't I afford treatment that I need right now. Why am I not getting paid when I'm forced home from work because corona virus wire than upward. Actions for the healthcare workers were handling this. Why is there not available testing right now? That's what people going to be they're sitting home and if Donald Trump it they know the Donald Trump in there begins or are standing in the way of that? That's not gonna, be too good, for them now mean that it like that is where the leverages and just aimed as very glad to have Nancy Policy in China Everyone should be that this is this Imagine if we had won the house and twenty eighteen right now what would be happening? That's right!
What's the right message from Democratic Party, so just like that's broaden out here, because that was legislative strategy. But how should you know giving a speech, probably as where recording this. I think it starts it at ten M Pacific Coast time You know, Bernie Sanders is out there talking about this as well, and then we have the whole to the party everyone who goes on tv. Everyone talks about this. What would you think the right messages at this point? I think have to be leaders and we have to use up it forms that we have to provide people with the important actual information. The doll drop us not providing you write like that. That, I think, is what I we expect to see from Joe Biden later today when he as is remarks as why we ve seen from many members of Congress from democratic governors for sure, but also that we be very clear about who is responsible for the failures in the system and that a stout trump, and we should not back away from that, because some people will scream
unity or you'll, get etiquette lectures from you know: cable news, pundits, etc. Like we people need to understand. Who is responsible for the failures and that is the Trump administration and so helpings The problem comes first by. We don't have to pretend like politics. Is God, because the Republicans entrapper knocking politics away. Yeah I mean they're going to scream dont, be political, don't be partisan! Guess what Donald Trump should not be in office right now. The people, the Donald Trump, has high to work in the White House should not be in the White House right now during the crisis. So, yes, I am absolutely everything possible to make sure that they are not an office. Please come now. Number, because we're in the middle of an urgent public health crisis and better really an economic crisis. That's coming in these people are not cut out for the job and lives depend on it, so that
I'm trying to do make sure they're not bear any more of it again. This, hence look don't be political. Yes, I'm gonna people, in that sense because they are going to get people killed. You know it's not even an oh, it's not it's. It is not an exaggeration appeal that you references former like Donald Trump, and Sean Hannity and rush limbo and all the propaganda out there had their already tried to do play this crisis have already tried to downplay the public health aspect of it. Worry it's going away. We have fifteen cases down to zero. It's gonna be fine. These are all things there saying that is going. We'd to more people refusing to social, distancing or other things, and that is going to keep this disease spreading unnecessary speed. That is what they are doing. So, yes, want to get them out of office and I'll be doing everything I can to do that. I mean Fox news tromp just now This way,
whitewashing this whole thing and trying to say like dont worry, is just so stew. Right and so daintily stupid, because the Van diagram of people most vulnerable to this disease and hucks news viewers, Are too perfectly overlapping circles like that, What we are talking about here, it p, add it like the the hip, giving a potentially fatal disease to each other to own. The webs is probably the ultimate manifesto of trumpets and in twenty twenty. It's not I mean it's not even funny it's just it's fucking sad, so Before we get to the primary and leave this topic outlets, a current of ours, will affect the actual active campaigning in twenty twenty. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders have cancelled rallies this week, trumps. Did his by even Trump
after the last after last night, has announced they were cancelling as events in Colorado in Nevada this week dear? How does this change the key pain and we'll trump be able to hold off doing his rallies for long, the the ports are very interesting question because he talked about elderly p. Not gathering. Last night I was like one thing. He said there was somewhat useful and I went down on travellers. Elderly person, primarily supported by elderly people, suffer having rallies, seems to run counter to anything and everything you would do in the middle of the corona virus pandemic, and I think that's her. It's gonna be a real test in terms of like the nuts and bolts of the campaign run, These provide a couple of things right. They are in organizing opportunity for campaigns it's where they get people to sign up to be volunteers, registered and vote this where they get people's data, so that you can reach out to them for GEO Tv and volunteer recruitment later on, and Every missed rally. Widow is want
facts that right and affect your daughter, Billet Organization, for the the text of Joe Biden campaign like right now. It makes it I don't think it's a it's, not a sort of a devastating blow that you can't have rallies it marked for an election in November by it is well. I had n D. Accumulation and volunteer recruitment, and so that matters bide ultimate way the other part of railways that are there. You know you, unlike other a lot about is their message. Opportunities right there were, you can drive news coverage and say things in both and binds is gonna have to be by New Bernie want that to be very good. About ways in which to get your message out without, I do think in the context of the primary it really freezes things like it's not totally evidence. We know we're in this place where talk about it, where
the campaign is, in a certain stage, add now. No one can do this sort of active campaigning that you are required to the dynamics of the race, and so it's probably froze in a place, that is very fair one, Joe Biden yeah. Look. A lot of this depends on how long this lasts and how long were sort of locked down- and you know if you read the advice from medical experts and people who are really studying this, we could be at the very beginning of this, partly because we ve been so far far behind on testing But you know this is sort of the period where you know Joe Bernie Centres are still sort of going out at this primary. You know it I would say, there's a period of calm before the convention's, because obviously you know Joe Biden wraps this thing up next weak or in the coming weeks. He's already, as you mentioned far behind Trump on organization and everything else, and so he's gonna do a lot to catch up. But there is a difference between having campaign rallies and I haven't got of active campaigning in the spring of twenty twenty than there is
we're getting into the summer of twenty twenty in the fall of twenty twenty relic of we're. Still here in September. That's a very different way in a very different campaign, conventions themselves might be at risk if the disease is still spread throughout the country is, without a doubt, there will now be a gathering of tens of thousands of Democrats in Malawi, and what that means is that the most Orton. Most watch speech there are not many gives, will not happen, at least in its traditional form and keep the party in a campaign will have to be very creative about ways in which to get the message out, but you're gonna lose Rapture best chance to tell your story to the country before election day. POD, save America's Roger by noon, noon, getting in shape doesn't have to be about losing a specific amount of way just agenda look, I'm just a general motorway or magic number on the scale of our building healthier habits and feeling better about yourself it fitting into that favoured pair of
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Biden is currently leading in Washington and has already won Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho in Michigan, the biggest delegate prize. We're Bernie Sanders One and upset victory overcome Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen in needed do the same in twenty twenty. After falling behind, binds ninety delegate led by at least another seventy delegates. Saunders announced that he staying in the race and looking for to the Sunday is one on one debate with Joe Biden Biden used his speech, a call for unity. To turn to the general election challenge against Donald Trump hears clip- and I want to thank Saunders support for their tireless energy and their passion. We share a common goal and together will defeat Donald Trump We feel station were regenerating democratic The democratic Party, the african mercury
high school educated folks, like the ones I grew up with a claim are not far from here in my neighborhood labour suburban women veterans, firefighters union. So many more people of economic station or who are struggling and they are struggling in this environment. The middle class. Worries about we're not going to be able to hang on to stay. There maintain economic secured there the reason John. I got involved in this campaign in the first place. Another reason why I became a Democrat so long ago, then, would you think of a speech? It was great and I think it's one of the best speeches by given, certainly in this campaign, in my absence as much as possible, it was the tone was exactly right. The message was right and it was delivered with. I think, strengthen
a motion which is really hard to do and what was essentially an empty arena because they yeah cancelled the the rally portion of it for the other is of even talking on the sparks, and so I thought I thought it where he had all the right marks look. I've always been a fan of rallies because of the energy, but is I watched him deliver that speech? I thought you know, maybe a campaign without a bunch. Rallies is a good thing, because I thought his tone was perfect I thought on Super Tuesday Biden was just yelling and screaming little too much about his tone in the south. Carolina victory speech was perfect too. Maybe I did this was partly even better because you know who says this is a very serious sober moment right now, with this virus spreading in this pandemic and the economy catering, and I think what people are gonna be Looking for what they're looking for now, what they'll be looking for even more in the days ahead, is sort of Some serious competence at another point that speech by said tonight were a step closer to restoring
decency, dignity and honour to the White House. At this moment there so much fear in the country there's so much fear across the world. We need presidential leadership, its honest, trustworthy, truthful and steady for a very large chunk of voters out their party some of the swing voters at we need. That is a message that is enough for them. That is the message that is going to say, ok, if Joe Biden can deliver on that? What he just said, that is, for me, I M ready to vote for him instead of Donald Trump. It is not all he needs. It is completely sufficient. There's a lot more work. He has to do with a lot other groups of voters, a hundred percent, but for a big chunk of people out there, I think that's exactly what they wanted to hear. What would you think about that? yeah. I think that's right, and I think it is no they're, just like in a laboratory. Even I would design a campaign there was built on the idea of decency
now Raven hanging like: what's it s, what is not sufficient by I, I, when you take on any company right You know, as our friend, if it acts right, always says you want the replacement. Not the replica right into like what is your biggest point of contrast with Trump, and you going to be your most successful, when your biggest point of contrast with your opponent lines up with your greatest strength, Many people know about Joe Biden is it he has a decent human being that he cares about people that he has been through tragedies, life, a comment on their side and he lay he. Like. That is his greatest point of contracts which are like. There is an argument words like well, wouldn't it be better why would they stronger point of contrast, be a a younger, dumb,
crash, or you know someone they put a judge who was not for his up and part of the political stabbed him for a long time or some, unlike Elizabeth, worn, are commonly Harris Right who are very different in experience in and policy than tromp. Everything by that but Biden also is very different. The trump there they are personally, the diametrically opposite people, write and law. Like that. Is it making that assent or not the entire campaign, because you're going Policies and you're gonna need vision to to go to bide as a innovation. The difference in character between the two men, I think, is a huge asset, and I thought that they used it very effectively switch yet well. I think this there's two main things. People are looking for an a precedent that trumps not offering right now, and one is decency and
dignity and honour and honesty of all the things that bind just spoke about in that clip. The other thing that you and I have talked about is a president who will not just focus on himself but focus on you focus on people care about you, and there was a hint of that invited speech when he talked about sort of the kids. I grew up with near here. The working class commuters- I grew up in he's, talked about himself as middle class Joe. I think the element to the message it by I've. Seen him do it before, but he needs it now, in addition to I'm gonna, restore decency, indignity incompetence, which I think is it's gonna, be baked it a lot of people, even though a lot of people want that is I'm going to fight for you, I care about you. I know what you ve gone through. An trumped doesn't care about you, but I do and and then there is a policy component to that. You know primarily economic and I think it's more natural Elizabeth Warren,
Bernie Sanders territory but and we're gonna talk about sort of what Biden can do to reach out to and attract support from Bernie Sanders supporters. But I think that is a key part of this whole equation. So what kind of voters or giving bite in these wins? How is what is driving? success in these primers is fundamentally to things. It is the fact that he is winning north of two thirds of our our voters in that. Giving him a massive, delicate advantage, particularly in the south, but instead like Mississippi On Tuesday night, but then after why Virginia North Carolina etc. In the previous contests and suburban voters he is seeing a surge in the same group of voters that deliver the house to democratic two thousand eighteen by who is benefiting from the post Trump Ria wide man in the electorate. Yeah, particularly suburban women,
This- it's not you just as big as age, but there's a bit of a gender gap between him Bernie as you go for all these states and its women in the suburbs. These women who have organizing resistance group. Since the day the trunk was elected, organised the women's March and look I've been saying this you know when you get to the suburbs, there's that cohort of voters who are sort of liberal in nature, but just having participated in politics as much before Trump was elected. And then there is a group of more moderate voters at the folks I spoke to in Phoenix who were Miss Clinton, voters who used to be Republicans and because Trump has become president and the Republican Party has become I realized over the last ten years, maybe longer they they're more moderate now in their willing to vote for, add more moderate Democrat, and that's that's how you doing the other other way he's eating Bernie is in twenty. Sixteen Bernie was crushing Hillary Clinton.
Among rural and non college, educated white voters. Not those voters, make up a large part of the demo. The coalition anymore, but they still make up. You know around a third of the democratic coalition, which I know it's hard to believe and in twenty sixteen Bernie was crushing, but those voters now Joe Biden, is mostly beating him among voters there's a few places where their running a little closer, but special in Michigan, some of the countries in Michigan Joe Biden which, one, every single county, Joe Biden, crush but Bernie among Non College, white working class voters and burning entire and we'll talk about this, but Bernice Entire, like debility case or one part of his like debility case, rested on the fact that he could do better with white working class voters, then Hilary did in that somehow made him more competitive in the election against Trump and and Joe Biden has been winning those voters. So. Let's talk about Bernie Sanders like what what went wrong for Bernie Sanders, both in Michigan and and elsewhere words. It is
two at its three fundamental things, one Bernie Sanders is doing as port. In some cases, worse laughing american voters in its thousand sixteen he had for years to solve that problem and he did not and like we, a question about whether it was ever support us all that, when running against sprung Obama's vice president by it right in a meeting in the Sanders headquarters the day after the two thousand and sixteen primer came to that, and you said if we are running again in four years. How do we have a different outcome? the a number one on that list is in provoke, performs aftermarket butters gives you win, the democratic primary because of how the parties made up and how delegates are allocated without doing very well with african market butters, that's one two is sanders a coalition. Allowed him to do very well in a multi candidate field and they work.
We're, not prepared for what hat for the fact that the recent narrowed, much sooner than I thought, and if enclosure PETE Buddha Judge and all the others What still been in the race odd super Tuesday, then centre probably would it was almost certainly ended where we thought he would add, which is with a substantial, if not insurmountable, delicate lead and the third question. The third ass she was in an election were elect. Debility was the most important issue. The vast majority of voters he was unable to convince a majority vote. Chronic voters that he was the most electable or particularly electable think, a whole series of things that happen between Nevada of Carolina, most notably the car, oversee around, which I think it's always was perfectly unfair, but the controversy around his comments on Castro
hurt his elect ability case and voters concerted about ability flocked to Joe Biden when it when it became clear. There was one alternative to centres yet we have talked about Elect ability complained about. It talked about how hard it is to measure how a lot of it is wrapped up in sexism and racism and are you know all all the problems with liked ability? We have been talking about from the beginning of this race and yet like fear fear of losing to Donald Trump is the, overriding emotion that has driven the entire primary and I think it's fair to say that democratic voters retreated to traditional notions of what elect ability has always meant at the last minute and you, You can say it's fair enough, but that that seems to be what happened here and it seems to have happened. You know by pretty pretty big mouth
ends in a lot of these states, and- and I wonder, I've always wondered like if this was a two thousand and situation, where we're sitting here and Donald Trump second term as president We know that a Democrat has a good chance of winning this. Action and Donald Trump not running again, and we don't have to worry about that. Would Bernie Sanders of one that would Elizabeth warring of one that primary would calmly Harris have one that primary. I think it's very possible. I think we ve got. You know Morocco, A part of the reason he wanted. Two thousand and eight as a lot of primary were more willing to take a risk. They knew that whatever was gonna happen. George W Bush was not gonna. Be president for a third term: so that you know the one thing that the Bernie campaign is pointing to is he's just crushing Biden among younger voters, and it's not just eighteen to twenty nine. I think in a lot of AIDS is beating, I'm even with voters. Thirty, forty four as usual? winning everyone, forty five and up so why have been enough to sort of care,
the victory at least made him more competitive. You know when he has promised assertive sort in, Listen. You ve, turned out in the centres campaign is saying by the way that if you look state by state in raw numbers were seeing more young people at the polls than we did in twenty. Sixteen in some of these states, because other groups are turning out at a higher. And while the real numbers are robbed, the overall percentage, if the electorate is he they're the same or down, and that is the challenge for Sanders, and it is a it's a be big blow to his elected Billy argument, which is, he should be hurrying out not like. Yes, he is turning out voters in a young voters in a larger number than two thousand and sixteen, but not in another they would suggest that he is bringing a wave of new young voters into the process even in in much the same to produce that he lost among first time democratic primary voters to buy. It has very specific
and I think one of the narratives that needs to be turned on its head, that everyone believed in the sinners campaign pushed we certainly bought, was it Sanders was a candidate who would benefit from a high turnout election. That is actually not the case. Biden is the one who has benefited from higher turn out and all these waste but Bernie has the highest floor, but well below the ceiling of the candidates who were of that you get into, yeah he's a cop? and who can win at thirty five percent, but he had the has not demonstrated the ability get from thirty five to fifty one anyone anywhere in the country. Yeah. I mean that the fact that the the turn out, Sir, urge happened in the suburbs and it happened among more middle aged Americans who are more moderate or at the very least, who lived in the suburbs and didn't necessarily you weren't as young as some of the Bernie voters that that's his problem, even though more young people might be turning up in raw numbers, so in full
I did this. How concerned should Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is a whole be about his a port among young voters in the general election massively consort. The huge issue where there is no margin for error in this election. This is not a national action, the ability, Joe Biden. Any president's gunnery is going to depend on another, factors at one of those factors is certainly turn out among young people in places like Madison, Wisconsin and Ann Arbor. Michigan Stay college Pennsylvania, Tallahassee Florida and everywhere else where there are universities, and where you are in an in areas in these swing states, where young people make up a disproportionate part, the population, so it is a You'd think is it's not that they are going to vote for trumpets of they may not vote, and so I think job number one, or at least near. The top of the list for the bombing campaign has to be thinking about how he could make an explicit in substantive appeal to these vote,
and that is on how to America just sorry that some sort of that something in my throat I've never been one option, but I have some other ideas through the wicked dark about are there's no suggestions by it. It has be adding sittings. What is, I think, it is policy right like that policy matters to young voters, and we should not be dismissive of that and binds inability to win over. Voters or even do I think exceptionally well among those voters is not because he has other because Bernie it is also it is late seventies and it's not because he sometimes talk he. You know we needed this is theirs. Your time say about how Biden struggles, the youngsters gesine talks about to see senators at record players, and that's not it. It is a three young people raised in shadow of the recession of a very specific in red.
Six set of concerns. Fears about the economy and have been impact by the economy in ways that people over the age of forty five, who were more economically stable in two thousand and eight it have not. They have a deeper concern about climate change he's gonna have to find ways to address those in Berbeus inner succeeded with those voters, even though he was the other candidate running because he spoke those concerns and bite. You can learn a lot from that and look I've been there There are some policies that you know whether Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren or some of the other more progressive candidates in the primary have proposed that Biden could potentially adopt. I also think that Joe Biden, because, so much of his message was centred around elect ability and decency and dignity, incompetence, and all that he is not really talked much about. The agenda has already proposed and the risk of lighting my mentions on fire job
is running on the most progressive platform of any Democrat. It would be nominee in history. If he, if he is the nominee, if we take that stage in walking, is that it is the democratic nominee, his platform will be more progressive than Hillary Clinton and Rock Obama's in both of his terms- and you know, he's got eight The sunrise movement is not happy with with with Joe Biden Climate plan. I know that right if they ve, given it a poor great, It is a one point: seven trillion dollar climate plan. No Democrat has ever proposed that much spending that much money on trying to combat climate change and yet realize it's an emergency. He could do more. I realise that he should talk more about you know, he's got he's, got very progressive plans that the campaign is not talked about, and I think one strategy would be talking about the more did. Some advertising around them and another strategy would be like rolling them out again, perhaps with a few policy, that he borrows from some of the more progressive candidates.
Send a signal to the party that he really cares about getting young people to support him that he cares about party unity here. I think you guys talks about this on my days, passed by the suggestion that, by adopting the ITALY Warren Climate Plan, I think, is a superb idea. Yeah, I think so too, and look the reason. I think this is port and that he will you ve turned, I think, is very important and I also think its african American turn out as well, because we have seen Joe Biden win african Americans by crushing margins against Bernie Sanders, but we have not seen black turn out up in many of these states and so I think, in a state like Michigan suburban surge of voters. It was enough to carry Gretchen Whittemore to victory in twenty. Eighteen is the governor of Michigan. She won by a good margin
and I think in a state like Michigan that could be enough for job, I'm not sure, but go extorted. Wisconsin the suburbs of Milwaukee, are notorious for not for being stubbornly republican. They have not me like other suburbs around the country. Around metro areas have moved, and so I dont think Joe Biden can on that same suburban surge in the suburbs of Milwaukee and what do you do to win was content? Will? Then? You have to drive, you turn out The college hands you have to cut the Republican more, genes in rural areas- and you have to boost African America turn out in cities like Milwaukee, and that is going to be a big challenge in that state specifically, and that is why twenty eighteen, one that you know Whittemore winds, her grace for governed Michigan. By about ten points, Tony avers in Wisconsin barely wins over Scott Locker, and I think that's. You know that That's why these are important. We should now be. We ve been talking a lot about the suburban, urge and how it match twin.
Eighteen- we wanted twenty eighteen, so maybe now Joe Biden, fine. Now it's a different race with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, he's going to increase, turn a lot among his voters and now I'd needs every last voter in the democratic coalition that he can get. And I want to rein in your parade. But I asked you don't think it's too. It would be enough in Michigan it may not be I'm just sitting. There was a path for graduates, show that there is a path. It ain't just We have not yet experience and we have to recognise- and our friend David plus talks about this- a lot, which is that tromp is going to turn. More people yeah book first, there is. There is a large pocket of. Non voters who demographically model out as Republicans in Michigan as walls was concept, and so tromp is going to turn out a bunch of people. He did not turn out and two thousand sixteen. It did not turn out two thousand eighteen. So didn't didn't the wrong number of votes were guinea to win, is gonna be well north or when it wasn't succeeded, team, and so that Europe
they write about. That was content is even harder than Michigan by it. We like you right, we need you turn out. We'd aftermarket turn out me to keep the Romany Clinton Republic in voters. We have to keep a belief that we have you everything, and this is gonna- come down to a hundred to two hundred thousand votes and across three to four states. Add there is this year a margin of error. We have a much bigger, much more diverse coalition in there, publicans, and that is why the harder for us that's what always weitzman harder diverse in terms of background diverse in terms of ideology there much more ideologically aligned, they are all older white people in her public inside it is much easier to run. A campaign when you have Homo genius mix of voters in your coalition. We do not in many that's a good thing for us, because the Democratic Party looks more like America, but it makes it much harder have a story and have a candidate that appeals to that broader code. And that's why we always how harder challenges?
So, let's talk about where the progressive movement goes from here Jonathan. She wrote a piece about how Bernice campaign was based on a misreading. The twenty sixteen election, the aid Hilary lost in white, class voters abandoned her because she wasn't enough of an economic populist. What do you think of its argument, and what would you do? if you are like running. Does Democrats right now, if you were a yo, see like what? What is next for the progressive movement, the chain making this point for a long time He saw her makes it with. I think, joy in that article, because He was proven right by a lot of this by how we saw that two thousand and twenty primary spite itself out, and there is there is some truth to it- that the. The politics changed a lot from two thousand to two thousand and twenty, and whether Bernie Sanders was right about what happened in two thousand and sixteen, and I think there is some merit to the fact that a more exposed We populist economic argument from Hillary Clinton. Would have been beneficial, but
but enough to win with all of their headwinds that she faced from Jim Commie to Russia? Everything I do not know the answer by we want the economic argument, two dozen sixteen and that is one of the reasons at least why down jobs president. So we I understand that theory there. I think, as we look at twenty twenty, I think the question for the left are the following things: why is, as we mentioned earlier, why through introspection about why it is their economic message that is so powerful with the younger voters and was very persuasive to Hispanic, at least in the west, just failed miserably with african american voters. Why is that? Because it- the theory of a class economic message means it should be, it should work. Ass, the entire working class regardless of race and geography, and why
It not work with aftermarket voters, a group who have suffered as much as it as much, if not more than any one, at the exact forces that Bernie Sanders talk so passionately in eloquently about Is it a question of policy? Is it a question of message is requested? A messenger might is Happily the Bernie Sanders was a was an imperfect messenger for that group of others. And so I think that step number one either. I really think the other thing that has a really and in question for the left. Is What role does socialism plan this right, which is is there an alternative scenario where you run on Bernie Syn, This policies, but under the banner of the Democratic Party, and the animals, which is what Elizabeth Worn was trying to do and because you think about two thousand sixteen and some of the reports are that the British,
would not have run for present. Two thousand sixteen of Elizabeth Warrant had done so was with worn someone who is a Democrat in goods adding. She has relationships in the party she's, a proud member, the democratic Party- and she kids for the vast majority of the same policies that Sanders does, but she use for them. In that context, the democratic political tradition add it is just not them in a very polluted dangerous label of socialism, which is funny because the policies the bushy and centres advocate for our not socialist, that's clearly this thing clearly stench there, the Extension of, as Santos himself has argued the new. Deal policies that have been central to the Democratic Party since Franklin, Roosevelt and it breaks enters, is Fox NEWS, Town Hall, which I thought he did an excellent job in having the crow. Boo. The Fox news hosts for some other questions, I think, was
enjoyable. Even if I have a general opposition to Democrats, helping Fox news by it, he's he's asked this question about these very popular policies like Medicare for all in the context of other Elitist Stalinism which is not something that would happen if they were pitched in the context of capital right affixing what is wrong with capitals of because you can be a catalyst country it have universal. Scared, you can be a complex country and have a strong. The social safety net, you can make out what country and have free college is. It happens at it like that is a possibility, and I think where America needs to go and so for all of this sort of? We know that so the left, who we know who have embraced the democratic, so of America who advocate for socialism, which is more important right, the eye of bringing socialism or democratic socialism like Finland, These various areas example or is it you get these policies in place, my guy
is ultimately you better chance of getting Medicare for all done are having a true having a plug. A progressive candidate with Bernie Sanders release with warmth positions, if you're not doing it with under the banner of socialism and look, I got they also need to realise that on the policy front, so much of what the progressive movement has done over the last ten years is working Joe. If he's, the democratic nominee will not have the most progressive form of any nominee in history, because Joe Biden woke up one day and decided just have a progressive platform. It's because progress says: Bernie Sanders Elsie. Others have push these issues in me the overturn window. For years I mean, like I, keep thinking about sitting down with those voters in Phoenix who all voted to a person from Romney Mitt Romney voters and they didn't like the care for all but every single one of them said: I'd love a public option, absolutely public
Can we need it in healthcare? And you know fur people who are pretty young. They may not, then that's a big big deal or not think it sufficient, but you- and I were there when we tried to pass, public option in this part of the affordable, correct in two thousand and nine and the entire probe working party said it was socialism and we couldn't get Democrats on Board and Joe Liebermann killed it and a bunch of other moderate conservative Democrats tried to kill the public option now we have former republican voters sitting around saying. Yes, I really want to public up. And the reason there saying that is because of Bernie Sanders and because the progressive movement and Vision, Take a minute- and I know, their observing. I totally understand that, but what what you guys are doing is working- it's just not gonna happen as fast. Or as quickly as as you wanna too, and I do think they have a good strategy aware like a see launching a primary against Joe Crawley in a sea Blue Sea is totally ok. You know
Crowley ran a better campaign baby who would have won, but we know we're going to get that seat anyway, so you might as well have the most progressive member you can have in that seat. I think what justice is narrow, did against Henry Clay are in Texas, who super right wing. That was a good what Marie Newman is trying to do with Damn LE pen, in Illinois who voted against the SBA she's a challenge there, that's great to like you know, I hope, really big. Of candidates continue to challenge? Democrats were in safe seat so that in a safe blue sea we have the most progressive Democrat. We can, I think, where they had prob In eighteen is running, progressive candidates in red or purple districts who. Almost all of them lost. The primary big they just warrant a fit with the electorate and that's ok. Change happens slowly over time- and I think I know the ABC gets that should get that better than most lefty politicians.
That I've encountered. So what happens next for Bernie on Wednesday, he gave a press conference where he admitted that these results were tough but city, staying in the race and looking forward to Sundays debate. He can, Did that he's winning the ideological debate but loose? the debate about elect ability that we just talked about, and then he laid out a series of questions that he intends to ask Joe Biden at the debate on Sunday. Here's what he said on Sunday. I very much look forward to the debate in our resolve with my friend Joe Biden. Let me be very frank as to the questions that I will be asking job. What are you gonna do for the five hundred thousand people go bankrupt in our country because of medically related debt, and what are you gonna do for the working people of
country and small business people who are paying on average, twenty percent of their incomes for healthcare Joe. What are you gonna do to end the absurdity of the United States of America being the only major country on earth where healthcare is not a human right are you really going to veto a medical care for all bill? If it is passed in Congress so. What did you think of burmese remarks and sort of his message? There. I thought his tone was exactly right for situation. He was, then it sounded very different than the tone of his campaign in two thousand and sixteen when Hillary Clinton got to a similar insurmountable delegate lead. It seemed very realistic about the prospects and I think.
I believe, and I guess also hope, that there's. This plan is to use the debate to give bite an opportunity to make a pitch to his voters, which that makes easier for sanders to support Biden, but and he would do wonder ass near ass. He said so, but ought to do it in a way that brings as many of his supporters along and so he's given by the road map, he told him, the questions are ethical he's trying to land the plain and so binds gotta come with some good answers to those questions they medicare for all veto question is get the most trickiest. I think, because of the way by an answer that question it's o Donnell last week, while in the way it was it it's a I like Lorenzo down, it was a really bad question. Theirs there's no universe where there's a demo Congress and they suddenly surprise the democratic president with a piece of legislation back there and there would have been a lot
or planning and strategy coordination between Joe by your president, Joe Biden in the Democratic Congress over what exactly a healthcare reform bill looked like? I don't think answered it in the best way, but I think I think here an opportunity to sort of clarify that at the debate- and I hope he does and I will be real. I am sure his debate, prep team is listening to all those questions from Bernie and figuring out that sufficient answers there hot. How do you each candidate should handle this debate, which, as we ve been recording, has just been moved from Arizona to Washington D C. Oh really, I do realise that decision making is right here does Michael just texted me well we're talking, so I think that they should use the platform. They're gonna have to talk about the krona virus. What should be done? What Trump has not done? Give actual information to people like, I think, every put every person with a platform
Therefore, the platform should do that and the use of the opportunity to talk about to raise the stakes in the election and that have a conversation that Bernie Sanders said he wants to have add. He called you Biden his friend if they think it is friendly substantive friendly exchange and I think it would be Every the party itself in our nominee will be better off for it Paul woman in the Washington Post said that it's the debate could be the difference between Joe you need. Go farther to fight inequality, which is why my proposal is better and Joe. Your corporate sell out, nobody should vote for you now. Bernie has never come close to sustain the latter sends anyway, so obviously Probably here, but I do think, right that there is a way to have a debate on Sunday, but is a productive debate about issues and their record, and what they're going to do, hopefully mostly about the future and what they're going to both do for the country going forward that, I think, could you know bring both of their supporters together. Bring the party together.
As I was saying land this plain, I realized that could be me being naive and optimistic. I get that, but that's what they should both try to do. Because I'm a we wish. They haven't talked about this, but you know it is, Extremely hard, almost impossible at this point for Bernie to actually win this nomination by winning the most pledge delegates- it's not mathematically impossible. Just yet, but we're pretty close day. I think Nate Kennedy after when every state, Romania, and when it is by benchmarking, you're going to say and when it by like ten points, which you know I think I think we're Bernie thinking. Is he had this one debate? This is the first one on one debate. He wants to take the opportunity. As on Tuesday, he's got a series of dates that aren't that he's not pulling well in, but especially Florida. Where he's pulling me
worse than he's pulled in any state yet, and there is a ton of delegates there and Joe Biden if he's even comes close to his polling and then Florida could mathematically and the race. On Tuesday I think that's it is where we are and again you know, Bernie Sanders has said, and we agreed with him when he said this. The whole primary the person with the pledge delegate lead should be the nominee and credit to him for saying that, You know it looks like after Tuesday that will be the case, we're not going to have a contested convention, the videoconference, oh that would, but that would be damn. I would be very bad. So you know you might be wondering which it everyone else do in the meantime, while we're, Still in this primary waiting for it to end and we got corona virus fear all over the place. Well, two things We are a hundred thousand dollars away from reaching our goal for the leave at all in the field fund. This is the
is gonna help, put organizers on the ground and support organizers and states across the country again like, even if primary ends. Next week, Britain would already be behind Donald Trump and organizing and making sure that he's got the keys. Pain. He needs, and so we need to recruit and train organizers all over the country. Help people help the democratic. Build the ground game that we need. Gotta votes have America Dotcom, slash field again only a hundred thousand dollars away so be great. If you could help also, on Tuesday the date of the primary in Illinois Arizona, Ohio and Florida. It's not just presidential primary big primary in Illinois that I just mentioned. The primary Newman is running into primary race against conservative Democrat Damn LE pen. Key in Illinois. Third Lappin ski voted against the affordable, correct he's anti choice and he's bad on eligibility rights, and yet somehow he still a democratic Congress in twenty eighteen.
Remember, renew my loss to LE pen ski by just over two thousand votes so you can learn more volunteer or donate to Marie Anne Marie Newman for Congress dot com just too little things You can do while you're hanging around weight for waiting for the stand right so that when we come back, we will have Dan's interview with governor gave a nuisance. This episode of POD save America is brought you buy. Parachute. Jenny did any of you have trouble getting up the sweet because of sprang forward. Yet I I have my love. I have ray to it, because I'm fine we blight and its dark start in the morning, don't like the darkness and the darkness in the morning. I think is partly why the possum sprinted in front of me about a foot away and then ran under my car and scared? The shit out of me to a three pod save America hosts here, have had Hassan Runnin yeah pundit.
It's not about some did you know that possums have by four created genitalia the males, thanks to you texting as this being I do, we are not now. I know that from earlier tonight was reared website, but there's no pictures anyway. Betting point did the point: is yeah yeah. It was hard getting out of bed, not just because a vague, anachronistic time jump we participate in for reasons that surpass. I understand at this point, but also because machines are so comfortable. I got a parachute dovey or do they have? blush pillow shams in their kind of quilted fabric of a blanket there at the end of the bed. Does my bed look beautiful shirt, so we have that we have the journey and the pillows too, but our path did she turned the wash em, so we had other sheets on terrible. I miss my parachute
it's like sleep and other than April in sleep as well? They also came off the bed. I hate that when the sheets come off the minute never happens, main allies parachute passionately at all either. I am because goes all the way around I've. A very deep. Address is deep it's all around the mattress Maison raising stuff, Heritage Mission- is to make you feel at home with their soft cosy sheets. Towels throws rugs and more and they believe that nothing feels home here. Fast. Nothing feels holier than settling into your spot that one launched year your side of the bed, that section of your cell phone with the chains. You can just say, Chase. Chess visit parachute home dotcom such cricket for free shipping returns on parachutes, premium, quality, very comfortable homosexuals. That's parachute home, dotcom, slash, crooked, We are now please be joined by California. Governor gave a new some governor news, work on a pod, save America gotta, be God be with.
Governors have you made a very big announcement about how California was dealing with the krona virus. Can you tell her listeners what you announced today and why you announced it we'll just enough to protect public health? Moreover, to slow down this rate of, transmission of covered nineteen. What you want to see the postponement of the cancellation over the state of California. Gatherings that are non essential that are greater than two hundred fifty People in the whole idea is to forgive me for abusing this kind of way. Good, but its direct. We want to maximize inconvenience to the she's that are non essential so that we can am I the impact on things that are essential in our lives shop. That's the point of it that's any gatherings over two hundred and fifty people, and that is that it does it around radiation from the state of California
your recommendation, but it was. It was followed up with an executive order which directs that guidance. Look. I have the legal authority to enforce, but that enforcement comes with me triggering and- and this might sound gold, but it shouldn't, but you can trigger martial law- can enforce. I dont believe we need to do that. Majority of people. I've talked you up and down state help directors, overwhelmingly supported this director business community overwhelmingly supported, so we expect no deviation from it, The only deviation will be some people Wanna go to smaller numbers within communities, be allowed two hundred fifty threshold. And there has been some conversation about large theme parks
Disneyland and elsewhere. Any update on that day, bill they'll be make it an announcement very very shortly. Other theme parks as well. We put this announced without late last night. And the theme parks added some particles and processes they wanted to advance on their own they're gonna make those announcements momentarily, and I would expect, are moving in the direction of the Spirit of our directive obviously a response to a pandemic robust. This requires cooperation between state and federal government's how's, the your interaction with the Trump administration. There. Are there things that you need that they have not yet, provided you bottom Did you seem? California was flattened centre on this going back to late December. We first got our initial contact with the administration, for one
and we wanted to do in other states were not wanting to do about the respect. What other states still unwilling to do that to repatriate Americans a lot of states and must be specific here? The state of Texas won't take any repatriated people off his grand princess coups line that are not Texans. Contrast that to California it took in not only has taken in not only people on that ship from overseas and from other states, but we also took six flights from overseas in January, so we ve had a framework and engagement administration and, as a consequence of developing a partnership where, to answer your question, everything we that's where we ve gotten, with one caveat that we have all been frustrated by the testing protocols- and I want to make this clear whose task kids do not allow you to test needed test kid. You also have to have an extraction kit that they cause. Aren't you
we're gonna get which is about these three agencies, chemicals, that allowed attested kid to be fully functional and one of the mythology is out there that is being perpetuated across the board because it's not socialize, broadly with the public or for that matter. Even the policy makers- and I think, are unaware of this- is that you're having a backlog, reagents the so when you hear the caskets at one thing, but you have to know there's other points of level. The car and is an ingredient less so to speak. That has to be also part of that conversation quest and these other commercial labs were absorbed that anxiety because, as they ramp up, they have automatic systems. Automated systems that will provide for full corporate asked button tell their fully functioning and their real. I'm doing so. This remains an impediment.
They tested what we want in terms between members. What do you have a sense of what is causing the slow down both on the test cats in there and the reagents massively as your talking about? Is there something that could be done to speed it up? That has not been done for other their work in a real time. On its about second say, it's been appointed frustration. Look. We have over eight thousand test that and were eighty labs instead of California right now, you have none of them back like yesterday, when I I thought you did. Yesterday we had a hundred and eighty that were back want because some of our clinics didn't have the reagents envy rna extraction. Kids, we were able to shift to some of those labs access kits that existed in other lapse, but the federal government needs to provide more of those kids, but the Good NEWS is we transition from thing than community lapse and federal maps into the commercial market.
The commercial markets like Quest that operates in California, Denison one camp astronomer, there already doing twelve hundred death a day, the hub capacity for five thousand by the twenty. Fourth at this month, because they have these new automatic processes, and so we can see this my great away from the anxiety I just expressed a goddess here to a different protocol that gives me more confidence moving forward. Obviously, in addition to the health impact which I know is your focus, everyone else's primary focus. The krona virus has serious economic consequences You know how, as California thinking about those consequences, what are you guys what to do about it and what you know? What do you want to see? The federal government do to help minimize the economic repercussions of this. They are markedly a few weeks ago to Emma shaded state talking
I'd recommend on applying the record eyes reserves in an operating surplus of five point. Six billion dollars and clearly we're in the middle of our budget negotiations would have to admit that we assume there. Pay would be at three thousand one hundred and twenty by the end of two one of the sheer. Obviously, the markets drop significant lay so that that is the economic health of the state budget, but the economic reality of households and medium and small businesses. What concerns me most and in that respect, we are doing what we just waved under an emergency declaration executive order last night, the week long delay, forgetting unemployment insurance the week long at the delay of getting disability assurance by sick leave, and we did. Similarly, what the federal government did to waive penalties and finds associated with delay in getting your taxes in addition to that, we are working hand in glove with speaker policy and with our congressional representatives to make sure that whatever the package to come
negotiation, but final novel, I really is haunted in an hourly workers- are the most vulnerable Americans, those that are most impact. Hospitality, retail restaurant industries to make sure that their secured governed I will not cost me for I let you get back to when I was a very busy day, but where should people go to get the most up to date and accurate information I mean, I think, the most immediate and still most reliable is local health departments. Could you have to contact July's conditions where you are an eternity up the state, certainly by piling up the federal government conditions, can change. So I always maintain- and perhaps, as a former mayor saying, that that that the more immediate sites are local that said, Miss Corona, Violets thought Gov, it's pretty good, aggregated site just broadly of how one should conduct themselves in terms of their own social distancing strategies.
Families in their businesses, and it actually is remarkably, I think a comprehensive cite. The federal government is providing governors and thank you so much for being a passive America and good luck with everything. You're dealing with right now my pleasure will get through this, and I appreciate the good work you guys, you're doing tell him the truth about. What's going on out there. Thank you, governor thanks to Governor- gave a Newsome for joining us today and then I'll talk to you sent by everyone by pod save America is a product of cricket media, the executive produce There is Michael Martinez, our city producer is Jordan, Waller, its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick. Carl Sagan is our sound engineer, thanks Tom you so Maneater, Katy Long, roman puppet, meter, you Caroline in Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our did team Elijah Cone, Normal Conan yell freed. In my look him who filming blow. These episodes is videos every week.
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