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The fallout continues from last week’s Trump-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, as the House prepares to impeach Donald Trump for the second time, and the President’s personal Twitter account is banned forever. Then former Bernie Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir talks to Jon Favreau about how Joe Biden can get a progressive agenda through a closely divided Senate.

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I welcome the pod, save America John forever, Andrew mother and tolerated, or on today's pod, followed from last week's Trump inspired attack on the Eu S capital, including new details about how close we came to catastrophe. The debate over a second impeachment and the end of trumps tweets forever. Then outside talk, former Bernie Sanders campaign manager and Harry Red senior adviser fetch a clear about how Joe Biden can get a progressive agenda through a closely divided. in it. The first love it how's the show Gray, Lavater, leave it Jason conception.
joins us to break down the week's news. Midsummer gay jokes about sports when very well talk about deep loose starring Samuel Jackson and then, as energy veggie was back to talk about social media and incitement and the vaccine relax. It was good upset empty. The ratio of the royal Also check out these series finale of gaining ground the new Georgia, where hosts rubber In June, which will dive into how organizers pulled off one of the most incredible victories in political history last Tuesday to faint ass, Dick, listen, any much needed dose of good news, so check it out wherever you get your pie cast get to the news. I think the more that we learn about last week's terms, inspired attack on the capital that left five dead, the more terrifying and enraging it becomes disagreements out fight disagree. I know you think it's fine
for five days later still haven't, had a briefing from a single government agency about what happened, but we I've had some outstanding reporting, including two big pieces in the Washington Post in the New York Times over the weekend. There's a lot we still don't know, but what's clear is that the attackers plan the insurrection online in public. It worried members of Congress. Who were then assured by law enforcement that they'd be protected, which they weren't, because the eight thousand or so Trump supporters overran the fourteen hundred capital police and about fifteen minutes. They had long guns pepper spray, fireworks, climbing gear, metal, pipes, baseball bat, molotov cocktails, pay palms and zip ties we know that they intended to injure hold hostage or assassinate elected officials, particularly Nancy policy? In my pence, in order to stop the certification, the election, and they were mere seconds away from entering the chamber full of senators, but we're courageously diverted by capital police officer, Eugene Goodman, who the mob in the other direction at great risk to his own safety. So all
came after the present I'd states told his arm. Supporters to go quote, show strength at the capitol in his lawyer regionally Annie urge them to engage in quote trial by combat sure enough. What are the attackers can be heard on video inside the capital? Saying quote our president wants us here, so I just want to ask shut off, like have your views of what went down changed at all since Wednesday and how have they love it? I think that's what it is when you read the accounts of what was taking place in the capital. I think you will have been seen enough of the footage from in the capital as it was unfolding, but in these accounts particular the one in the times you realize how close we work. Just seeing two dead members of Congress or hostage situations or the capital burned to the ground like, and I wonder how differently Conversation would be There were dead members of Congress right now or if a part of the Senate had burned, and the fact that the only reason that didn't happen now seems to be because of luck is pretty cheap
in an should mean we should act as if it did happen. Cause it very well could have happened Tommy. What about you? look, my my instinct is to mock things that frightened me in and make fun of them, and that was made easier by some of the initial photos that came out of like ridiculous. Looking people write your dress like they're gonna, burning man, but that They really did obscure the real risk. I mean you mentioned the weapon these folks having one day at home, Maiden a palm right. I mean, Did these guys were minutes away from killing people this is a a mob of fascist domestic terrorists, in the capital, and they wanted to take other enemies to help Trump inside. We need to be clear about that. We need to be clear about how the language used by Trump and British Giuliani and like Louis murmured other members of Congress incited these individuals. well. I guess you know I've been thinking about a lot since Wednesday is
when sectarian violence starts or political violence starts. It can be very hard to stop. It started with the two face back in the tube Gus. You're already seeing a lot of these folks openly planning their next attack in their excited about what they think they accomplished, and so I think we need a real accountability and we need it fast. We need a lot of people arrested. We then tried sentenced. The FBI needs to do a lot more to focus on the threat from these white supremacist groups. move that weigh up the agenda, and then I think everybody especially Republicans need to acknowledge that the language they're using the lies that they are telling that's part of the problem is part of the bigger story. And yes since day, one tribe is created this political dynamic where, if, if you don't agree, everything he says, no matter how wrong, no matter, how absurd your against him, you're his enemy and the Republican Party by and large, has gone and lockstep. With this this, this constructive created- and I think you can draw direct-
I'm from that decision and the lies they agreed to tell with in the weakness frankly that that shows with what happened in like we. We need to put an end to all of it, so it's better scary, scary, weak yeah. I think I'm most scared about the possibility that this wasn't the end of something but the beginning, and it's not just what happened in the capital you seen as happened in state capitals all over the country. There's plans to sort of occupy state capitals all over the world.
tree. You know you mentioned the FBI, there's an FBI bullet out this morning that set their planning. You know around the inauguration between the sixteenth in the twentieth more, they call them the f B. I call them armed protests. Think it's something old different than that at this point around the capital around the integration to disrupt the integration. So it's really scary and its also it's happening out in the open right like in the attack, was planned out in the open on a lot of these platforms like storm the capital, the free storm, the capital is mentioned a hundred thousand times in thirty days preceding January. Sixth, according to signal labs, immediate insights company, so is the evidence that another question is what do we know so far about why the capital police were so unprepared and white
Nearly three hours to get a National Guard deployment approved, love it yeah, I mean look at. It seems like, as with all things in the past four years, there is a mix of malevolence and incompetence. We are still learning about what the Trump Administration did. Tim prevents the National guard from being deployed. What happened in the very important minutes and ours as the attack was unfolding before they could get the guard deployed. It does also seem, like their wishes, a lack of preparedness writ large. That was not political but actually just grew. Just incompetence, failure properly. Imagine just how bad this could be. You know there's a moment in the in the in the times. Look at all of this, where you have members of Congress
Jason Crow Visa, a veteran restarting where they set that members of Congress took off their pins and were led through the hall of the capital through an unidentified swatting and as they're moving through the halls of the Congress they're holding back rioters their finding pass to get to safety and when you realise is like in that in that moment you're the fact that they had to take off their pins was because they did not believe that they could be checked it and they were trying to fight that they might have to pretend they were members of Congress or they do. You wanna, be obvious members of Congress and to me like that. That captured, like the total lawlessness of the moment, that what happened once the siege was unfolding was entirely improvised right. You have armed members of US creed details holding people back with guns on the house, for you have improvised escape routes being planned
real time. You have desperate calls from steady Hoeyer from Slot Nick of Michigan from other members of Congress completely outside of what the process should be just to try to get help from somewhere. So like there is a break down from top to bottom. It does seem like one important piece of this: will be the inability of people inside the Trump administration to do things that would run counter to what trumpet want, and that I think, is a big piece of this. But then you also have what looks like just a lack of preparedness from sergeant. Arms from the capital police, the leadership, not the members leadership and from the city of easy spark of Yosemite seems I mean one thing to understand: is that the duty to protect the capital and to pick members of Congress is sort of a patchwork of different agencies right, and so, if that capital police force to protect all the capital building, then you ve got sort of the House Security services which the house Argentine
arms the Senate Security Services, which the such a sense and its origin of arms, the Senate sergeant Rams how surgeon of arms and the capital police chief have all resigned. At this point, capital police chief gave an interview, the Washington Post late last night, basically saying he asked the House and Senate sergeant at arms to beef up the forces to beef up the protect in advance of this, and they refused in part the reason they want National guard troops because they didn't want that. They didn't like the look of something like the look of what an end and the apparently deities at this to the look of National guard per unit, directing the capital, especially after what happened this summer win win security services, security forces and police forces were deployed against peaceful protesters. I mean it's, it's enraging yeah me, I think fit the look that they're talking that there was when their helps clear the way for Trump to walk to a church. For us,
no. I mean I agree. That was not a great luck, but when we make we need hearings, we need hearings under oath before we know what really happened, because a lot of people are pointing fingers, you know the one thing I'm a little bit sympathetic to is this idea that they missed a lot of intelligence in plain sight, because people post, crazy or scary stuff online every day, but in this case there were specific, clear warnings about extremists. Jobs in their planning and those were just ignored in their flag for them? So we need to figure out why those were ignored Trump a ton of crowd. Building for the event, I think helped it explode in size right before it happened, and so the cat probably just had nowhere near enough manpower to deal with the crab this bag and like there was some capitol police officers. You saw on video, responding and fighting like incredibly bravely, but candidly like Capitol police, aren't
Swat team members There- not? U s you good service, like cat teams that are heavily armed and are like the former Veto college football players right there, Morlock Security Guards rights they were, they were out guns in and out. Man and so the National Guard wasn't propositions and then, when it was wasted seeming lead that the Pentagon was slow to deploy them there's a lot going on here. They're like that, the failure- These are multi layered in interest disasters leggy selling their needs to be. You know we had people under oath unease. Me investigations has a lot of blame flying around and it's hard to sort of sort through all the bureaucratic morass here. The one piece of reporting that needs to be borne out here is the idea that Donald Trump himself delayed the national resisted, deploying the National Guard and was actually enjoying the image it. Yes from the White House at but those sources on the record put those
This is, I guess, I'm sick of reading. Multiple sources Tell CNN then the new times Times worshippers, who was it was like Matthew, passenger right of national security, guy, who just resigned. Why? Who is it? Agnes, who saw this, who witnessed this put on the record and there is also some reporting as it was unfair, during that, like the order to send them was happening outside of the chain of command that it might have been through pence yeah that it might have been through the army directly? Unlike those things are all those would like. You know it. The deployment saves lives, but is done it against what the President wish because it's an emergency like that, raises a whole host of questions, the other, the other piece of this you, as, like I've, seen some there's already this push of like a what laws do we need to change like? Where do we need to beef up? And man like me, Ben decades, building a national security apparatus to protect buildings and institutions around DC, but they don't work
not employ. They didn't work. If the people in charge don't recognize this red and the idea that, like I hope that we spend the time investigating how much went wrong, because procedures were now well, because policies when I are inadequate and how much of it was just a lack of agitation, a lack of preparedness in the moment that doesn't require me pinky see even more of a police state that has already become since at eleven. So someone tell me what authorities you don't think that these law enforcement has like what it? What what? What specifically are people referencing when they say they need to pass new laws? Is it to deal with like the proud boys, the oath keepers? Is it about Dcs out you'd like jumping to action like that seems very dangerous and they end like it's not as though we lack the power or two to clear the capital to protect the capital. it showed up at. You showed up really fucking light and again we do pray the capital once a year, every year around the around the state of the union and its guarded, like you know, a fortress,
So, let's go I'm holding those responsible for this attack accountable, starting with the present United States on Sunday needs. Closing out of the house will vote today on a resolution calling on vice President Pence in the cabinet to invoke the twenty fifth amendment. I believe they tried to you see that initiatives can smell pacify unanimous consent. Obviously, a republican directed because the Republicans another vote on it. If, if they refuse, if pence refuses in the cabinet, refuses, as they most likely will policy so that the house will vote midweek to impeach Donald Trump. For the second time, the resolution, which has already been signed by two hundred and ten Democrats will need just eight more votes to pass. Democrats say they have those votes. The resolution reads as follows: quote Donald John Trump engage in high crimes,
Demeter's by wilfully, inciting violence against the government of the United States. So you still need at least seventeen republican senators to convict and remove Trump and Mikhail who said that the earliest he begin a trial is January nineteenth, which is the day before Trump is scheduled to leave for office. He said that because, in order to bring the Senate back, you need unanimous consent, which is all a hundred senators which, of course you would get Knowing others. Tommy is impeachment the right move. Here I mean, I think it's the only move. You know the press, I'd states, incited an armed attack on the capital. If you dont impeach him then went when do you do it and alike again, I can't get over the reporting coup from AIDS who say he was pleased with what he was watching right I mean he is dangerous, and these groups he's terrorists. Use domestic terrorists are planning more attacks on.
Federal and local governments Raina, I dont think we took seriously enough. The kidnapping attempt on Gretchen Whittemore, the government Governor Michigan and we're not gonna get. Another warning seem like that. Show that our warning to prevent this fascist attack on the capital and so I had a politics: are gonna go if the Republican Party was smart, they would see this as a gift to them. They can impeach him, they can remove Trump and they can prevent Trump from running again for federal office. It could be the greatest sink ever happen to them to get out of jail. Free card, get rid of this guy for Fuckin ever just I think they have to do it and look I'm. I understand all the downsides and word about the dino Genda I'm worried about Republicans, never ever doing the right thing, but I just think. Oh what other choice you at her lover? What think
Look, a lot has changed, and in the weeks since we last recorded, I think that, like you, the The political implications are, I think, completely on we're. We don't have an election for two years or so does this make us safer as a country to send them to send the impeachment to the Senate? I think the answer is yes. I think one of the great tricks Trump is pulled over the last four years is convincing, mostly republicans, who have told the too, not just ass, but to themselves that Trump doesn't respond. Incentives that he's just a kind of Yo Trump will be trumpet actually time and time again political incentives, pressure cons. We are the only things he cares about is a solemn says, he's a narcissist. He doesn't have any value. So the only thing that's ever mattered is is pressure, and so the idea, these impeachment
of an impeachment hanging over Trump over the next ten days to me, I think, does have value and does I think, at the very least, force Republicans. Confront what they have participated in and doesn't allow them off the hook with easy statement, so yeah, like I don't know what other choice do you have any beyond people being honest about Donald Trump. Are the insurrection is in the capital and Democrats who want to impeach? Those? Are the people being honest about dollar from those the people take them seriously, and I think we should be taking him seriously as seriously as insurrectionists. The only people who are taking him seriously are the Holly's increases, and and Mccarthy's antiphon, Exxon and ends and zillions of the world who want to
who form an insurrection and not be held responsible for it, who want the benefits of of trumps, fishes Dick Movement without the cost and, I think gum. We should not pretend that this is on the level. We should just do the honest thing, yet we got it. I dont have, I don't think, there's any greater chance that republicans convict him today than they would have a week ago. I don't think you'll find the seventeen senators, but I don't think we have an option to impeach. I think that that is what it like. You said Tom, if that is what impeachment is for, and I think we have to try and I think we have to throw in their lapse and they can decide that they wanted to protect Donald Trump after he incited attack on the capital and fits the decision that they want to make then report, kids can make that decision. I also think like the politics, but this is binary. They you peter more you down. If you dont impeach em, like we, have we some Rakowski
Pat to me, Ben SAS, Mitt Romney are out there saying he should resign. You get Chris Christie whose just fuckin prepping the guy. For the last presidential debate, saying he'd vote to impeach M Mic Mulvaney, what former chief of staff his saying, he'd vote to impeach M, Adam kissing Republican and the house saying he'd vote in future. You can't have all these reports. in saying that they vote to impeach for fifty should resign and then, as a Democrat you just like and take a pass on, their use is just not. It is not an option. So the counter argument, I guess just to make It- is that it will take weeks. It will delay Biden from getting his cabin nominees, confirmed the old delay, putting on the floor, two thousand dollar checks for covert relief and relief to states. To help the deal with the vaccine distribution in just the lots of other parts of the Biden agenda it might be. thing that Republicans rally around politically and suddenly helps them get back on track seem I mean those are worthy worth
I'll counter arguments to hear I still land in the place of like gold pieces guy. So I understand why Mcconnell, who is down to very few cards in his hand, just staring out there. Just they keep losing good cards, but but The saying oh, if you do this, I will begin impeach after Biden takes office and that will screw buying. But it's not actually clear. If that's that's a choice right, that's gonna, be a choice, in the center, but would, by the way, it's not me nodded and not his choice. Anyone provide I it's not clear to me that Democrats can't move forward with nominations are with with legislation around the impeachment, because I mean I was one of the best one of the the arguments we may, The last time we ll be shelter. I cannot do other thing, I don't really know yeah. I want to both
the arguments that Tommy raised separately, because I think they both have different responses. The first is what you are saying: love it and Jim Kleiber over the weekend said the Democrats might wait until after buttons, first hundred days to send the articles and impeachment over the Senate, which would give by the time it tackles agenda before a trial which could take quite a long time. Any higher than number two Democrat today said he wants them sent immediately. So obviously, there's always fantastic coordination, the top three democratic house, just legendary message, coordination with those three but anyway, like I, was looking at the what you could do for a schedule like this. Is
This is one article of impeachment. You could bring the case extremely fast once you send the articles over it, could you could do it in a week right and so now, let's say some of these appointments are really important to confirm. You could actually maybe take a week till I confirm tony Secretary state Secretary for a couple of the big ones and then do the trial that could last week. I think you could. I think it's it's been over exaggerated. How long and drawn out an impeachment would take like. I think you could do it relatively quickly on the second part which, as you know, it could rally the republican base. This is sort of the argument that a lot of republicans are making a group of house Republicans who actually too, the bare minimum right thing and voted to certify binds win, wrote a letter to buy, urging him to persuade policy to drop impeachment in the name of unity and healing us, and also said so that Trump supporters don't become angrier and more violent. Like
I know it, I made us do well, the look of course. I don't think we can make any decisions based on what is going to do to the Trump base, the Trump bases, pretty fuckin, angry and and and a good portion of the now are fucking violence, and we saw that and if you don't impeach em they're gonna be violent. If you do impeach him, they're gonna be violent, and if you don't impeachment, gonna be angry, and if you do they're gonna be angry, and I dont think is this were if this were foreign terrorists it. This was after eleven, and they said if you strike back at us, we'll hit America. even harder. With that stop us from striking back.
yeah. I find that it imperfect comparison. I still thick answered, for they are the idea, the idea that would visit that that someone's going to commit more violence and so we're not going to hold them accountable because they're gonna commit more by. I think I think it's weaken pathetic in the way that Republicans kid gets through. That concern is by telling the truth to thereby. Is by letting them know that the election wasn't stolen. Donald Trump lost that it votes have been counted fairly. That did the steel is not occurring in, nor does it need to be stop that That is. That is the way through that. But that requires a tiny bit of political courage and the now the Don Junior may come to your backyard in like campaign for your primary upon it. At some point, the Republican Party has to decide that they don't give a fuck. Otherwise they are there. A party of Trump through
twenty twenty four we do! What we did is. We cannot let ourselves be held hostage to domestic terrorism like this. We can. You know we can't. We can't not acts because we're afraid we're gonna live in constant fear that any political move that's made is going to enraging inflame base of people who become violent. Yeah me look. I was at this rate. This, like these calls to unity and its you know it's a it's obviously not being made in good faith, as many have pointed out like was It is your goal when you, ready to overturn the election right like I think you're out now after this each? But after nine eleven unity was defined as embrace our world view. You know like
If you we want unity, embrace our worldview and it feels like after the siege of the capital, unity is being defined as like ignore our worldview. Just pretend what happened didn't happen, and you know what to tell me like yeah like oh, this space is inflamed. This base is angry. This base has violent elements that we saw on full display. In fomented by by Trump and Mccarthy and and Holly and crews. But what is the way out of it right in its like when people too about unity like what do they mean they mean elections aren't viewed as Ex essential that we argue from a shared set of facts that we treat each other in good faith and and respect each other, as you know, with intellectual honesty, and we don't attempt to bring the capital to the ground right at the outset, fair, fair number of things that you would want in unity if it has any meaning in our politics. It means some version of that. How do you get there? Well, you'll! Never get there. If you don't tell the if you If you basically allow a huge swathes of the country to be complete, outside of the honest,
aid about on a set of facts about the real, of our situation, that you have to be honest. You have to start it. May it is divisive. Impeachment is divisive, wiser, divisive, because, right now the truth is divisive. You change that. Will you change slowly by being honest overtime and being as just ass, you can and and hoping that over time the truth becomes less divisive. That's the only way overturning the election is divisive. Pretty device is like asking Joe Biden all and they're all you know Joe binds their target because Joe Biden campaigned on unity and healing rights. Are they all run too? Joe Biden to say: oh, stop Nancy Policy from this impeachment you know but like. Why do they keep asking us to somehow for work to forge unity like what have they would have, and what is a single Republican done to bring about unity, since this attack or since election. What have you? Because they are the party of victim looked there? The party of grievance, they always
have to be under assault, whether it's from social media or Joe Biden or or anything else, and so like this, that that's kind of their there. That's their say, space, that's where they end up and so like either he's gonna fight through that in called out for being nonsense. And hopefully the media will help here, since they witness what happened, but also the idea that you could put this conversation a hundred days and say: hey America. remember that horrific trauma we all experienced three months ago time to dredge it back up That to me, is the worst of all worlds. I don't know what that does for you. It's the This is intended. You can't delay its really set up. You know it but finds an audience are like A short memories is also one of the best arguments for impeachment and impeachment. With the additional vote. The Donald Trump can never hold office again because his lot of people and some are public and still like he's. Done just get him out of office. No he'll will never have to think about and began now that's what we're saying now a year from now, when he
You know runnin around campaigning again tutor to run another race and twenty four winds make. Oh, What do you do that cap? I? What ever you know- and this is what happens all the time? Memories are fucking larger. The bats back profiles find it is stride NEO, Donald Trump, today, blah Blah added a vent endorsing Marjorie Green from an already leader, Donald Trump, etc. He needs That's a he needs to be banned from ever holding office. Again it at that as the waiting. My message to all Republicans is Donald Trump said. The ILO election results were rigged. Twenty sixteen ready, cues TED crews of cheating. He did it again about the popular vote. In TWAIN succeed. They did it again at twenty twenty there. Train is coming for you guys right like it. If he doesn't win and twenty twenty four, it's gonna be rigged again. This model, is come after you all your primary opponents. All you, officials, like you, do, with it now. Are you deal with it later? You know I look. I I do things to screw over future me all the time
aren't wise decisions like deal with it now. I don't think that better these people have no long term. Thinking has not been the look. I'm there, I'm talking about dinner plans of people. I don't like to get an imperfect comparisons, but you get the m yeah. It is a sad, a guy, may be necessary, but it is quite a sad statement that we generally view the only way to stop Donald Trump from suck. The fucking life force out of our politics in the next republican primary is from permanently banning from seeking opposite is quite a sad state at the state of politics. Yet these are very he's a continues to be a former before us, but that even as you say that he isn't, we are these three years away from voters in republican primaries, proving that so even If someone else emerges, even if there is a hope that he is no longer the leader of the public and party, we are years away from having that can years away and want to live like this for years, just cause him the House, the Senate and the presidency.
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so crews and Holly are already facing calls to resign or to be expelled, which would require two thirds vote of the house in the Senate, which is a steep climb to get them in your papa can votes much like impeachment, and conviction in the Senate was one of the good hundred centres that yeah boot TED Chris get wherein like unity, unity, I guess you're. That would be funny this just EDGAR's agenda. What are some of the other ways these assholes are being held accountable. I mean Look he's got like in some way these guys driving the most crazy, like the crews in the Holly's, because they know Trump lost election? They know they're lying and it is doing as I want to run for president and so I love that everyone's calling on them to be expelled. I'd love to see it happen. Like you, John, I am sceptical, but I do think it. That, like Big Republic in political donors, men tourist for each of them are calling them out there doing so publicly their edit. Real boards in their states are calling on them to resign. Ebola trumpet seeming we ban,
immune to some of these political forces. I don't think that's true for TED crews. I don't think that's true for jolly, like. I think you should treat them like pariahs Navy. long term. They will be able to you suck up to the mega base enough in a the twenty. Twenty four nomination front doesn't run again Consider me a little sceptical because at a minimum that support is going to be split between you know the Pompiers Tom Cottons, the Don juniors of the world but will see, but I do think that this is like a thing that can be memory hold. I wouldn't be co, sponsoring a bunch, bills, with Josh, Holly and TED crews going forward. I would treat them like prior yeah yeah. I think it's very important I think, what's been clarifying the last week is, I think, further
long time. The prestige of elective office has been used to wash off the stink of the Anti democratic, fascistic, intellectually dishonest, right wing shit coming out of republican leaders, and I think, for the first time the stink is gonna washing off the prestige, like we see major corporations and we won't donate to these people, even though it has been our practice to donate to both sides. It that's really important coming for their money is really important and not letting corporations up a hook who simply say. Oh, we donate leaders about parties ABC it's all a fuckin nesting doll of shit like that. We live in that that that so important like corporations. Just flooding with their packs in their donations to both sides is how these politicians get and stay elected is obviously very sad, but I think that that's important, the other. I saw there is an effort among Democrats in this house. Do not work with Republicans who voted after the siege, and I think that that's right,
Remember you know when I worked or Hillary Clinton the Senate now she was very proud that she had sponsored bills with virtually every Republican, but the one she wouldn't do it with was with sacks be Campbell S because he ran when the most despicable campaign of against MAX Cleveland that anyone had ever seen, and it was a point of moral pride to not work with somebody you going to do that and I think making sure that what these people did has consequences in every way possible is, I think, really important, because I agree, I think expulsion is very, very difficult and I'm not really possible while it's it's it's difficult, in any circumstance and difficult the Senate in the house. It would be so they get rid of most republic. I mean this is what was truly scary. There's a lot of attention rightly focused on Josh, Holly and TED crews, and a few of the other senators are sort of like new member. You know wing, that's all oh you know Rick Scott was one of them, so there
originally was sick senators, because that was who objected to the Arizona one. But then there is the late night objection by Holly the Pennsylvania, which also brought in Cynthia massive Wyoming and Rick Scott, The head of the National Republican Senate campaign committed. They also decided that he was going to vote objection to and they also just reelected run around needs a head. Aren t. You know, she's been like d chief propagandists of the stop. The steel lie so yeah they ve learned lessons, but but in the house, like Kevin Mccarthy is a very good chance that may become the next speaker of the house and he he objected after the attack after the attack. Just drive me in saying, like everyone who objected before the attack awful, of course, but like the idea that you could be the target of that attack, go through that walk back into that chamber after everything just happened and basically finish the job at the mob.
To do by force then tried to block the certification of the election is unconscionable. I think that the problem, obviously in the houses like that's where you see the the fruits of Gerrymandering. Really flowering in growing like that of the worst crazy people, and politics are in the house in districts that they will never ever lose unless they cross Donald Trump, like that. So that's why I'm especially hard and people like Josh Ali in TAT, grew in Rex God, because their their state. Why, like that officials are more powerful, they should know better because of their educated, relatively intelligent people. I think somebody's house members, you have to wonder how much of this stuff they genuinely believe, because they're kind of now all together there, but it's it's ugly. I may come Mccarthy knows better. He doesn't know about her nose. He knows better. Cowardly knows better he's gonna end, but he is in a bright red district. He wins by you know, Sir DE six sixty seven percent with six vote is more worried about a primary, and he has shown us
to be. I am completely valueless weasel. He was. You know, Paul Ryan. Another policy, chops, I would go down the list of all the has members. Were the republic has members who voted in like our five hour? Plus five districts are less and start Tatyana targeting Nagras went down to four defeat like Might Garcia, who just be Christie, Smith, hearing California, twenty fifth like he voted, jack that guy's a district. That's almost democratic, there's! No way he can survive somethin like that at least a frantic decided guy for Margaret during a and is reckoned a bunch of republican trumped donor money, and now she is decided that that's her path going forward and in perpetuity in public in politics, in its very sad one of the biggest consequences for transactions on January six came Friday afternoon in the president's personal twitter, account was permanently suspended due to the risk, further incitement avail gotten guys trump, we got a mere. Never again will we say: did you see that drug tweet I this aid?
while not waking up to a dozen of them has been nice. It's been nice yeah, I know it's I mean you know, deploy forming works. he's also been banned or restricted from the nearly every other social media platform, including Facebook Snapshot, Twitch Instagram Pinterest interests. Always what are they doing? Why the thread on vendor as shop? If I even stripe has stopped processing his campaign donations, with a weak, an apple in Google announced they were removing parlor from their appstore is a right wing on moderated alternative to twitter or much of the capital attack was planned out in the open Amazon dealt who are the final blow in a company? Kick it off its web hosting service altogether, so people have been calling for the company for Twitter to ban Trump for years, he's had much worse tweets in the two they finally banned him. For one was, you know, my support
voices are important, blah blah blah seventy four million people and an one wise, I'm not coming to the migration on the twentieth, which, by the way I've ever had any Republicans, say that he should go to the inaugural. Our unity is eight as the other. Anyone criticise them for that, so why? Why did Twitter finally make this decision and in what did you think of that? is any Tommy, so I mean I I think they suspended in because they were worried about further incitement to violence and in Facebook made a similar argument about their suspension. I until the end of his term and so forth We think it is in sight. To violence was your concern that the time to suspend and was probably when he tweeted when the looting starts, the shooting starts. That seems pretty clear at the time, but this whole discussion. I think it's a lot easier for these companies when Trump is the former president for sort of, like you know
first amendment adjacent issues, but also because he's no longer to be powerful, deeply warming him will absolutely curtail is reach. It had a big impact on people like Alex Jones and in my allow and those creeps, support to remember that Trump incited this riot at a speech at a rally He's going to be able to get a message out, he's gonna be able to incite people again nor does this solve the broader problem on these platforms right like they. Let face what you do, others they like you and on faster and grow for years, and if you think about you not from it- and you think about we saw happen on wednesday- is sprawling almost impossible to understand conspiracy theory, but the justice at the government is run by an elite cabal of satanic pedophiles, who rape killing each other and now to meet
it's a crazy thing to believe in and I get what people market, though you that's. That's european. Ninety one independent, but if you sincerely believe that's happening, of course, you're willing to do extreme, even violent things to stop children from being harmed rights alike. this deep platform, it doesnt solve the problem of misinformation. It doesnt solve the problem of facebooks refusal to two fact: check political ads Lastly, bathers all these problems with these platforms still I see a getting worse before it gets better. Whether or not trump is on there firing away. I just not that hopeful about it. This impeachment right. It actually doesn't even this this impeachment around trumps incitement that we all believe is necessary It actually doesn't reflect in isolation and trumps tone. It reflects an escalation in crumbs consequences and
the same can be said about banning Trump from Twitter or Facebook. The decision to remove parlor decision to not process payments. It is not about really an escalation in rhetoric. It is about of an eight. A final is about the attack on the capital, causing a a collective recognition of consequences, twitter has been failing to enforce its policies for years. Facebook has been failing to enforce its policies for years, because Trump was the president, and you know cynically, you can also say it is interesting that in the days after it is clear that Democrats will control the House, the Senate and the presidency have the ability to regulate these industries in May. Pursue changes in, and you know against anti competitive practices against against hate speech against incitement. What have you that suddenly either behaving more with more integra.
You know what I'm says. I'm Republicans immediately pointed out that, like you know, there are other world leaders. Authoritarian means dictators, hoof, incited violence with twitter that they own twitter has enforced. the terms of service, and I hope they do and we do it like. I hope- and I hope that I hope that after this twitter enforces their terms of service more broadly and does more about these problems. This is, and I think it's a very tough challenge right because, like do, we want mark, Zuckerberg and and Jack making all the decisions about who gets to use these these platforms, which her private companies, but have also become you know. You could argue public utilities re there the way the people communicates like. Do we want that, making the decisions? No, but do we want like do we want the next kind of Trump administration making the decisions either about happens. I don't know if I want that their rights are. You clearly need a legal structure? They can survive both
You know the legal structure that is sort of different than either corporations making too genes on their own about everything that control most of the market, because their basically monopolies and let it be I also like people like Trump making. These decisions, if really terrible people end up in government, is that it is a tough balance. It I also say I told you this was in up to fetch who's been thing about this a long time- and you know some of this is- is fundamental challenges related to the business model, in that engagement is how you money. It's how you get. People see your ads and click on your ads and share your content and what we have and is that engagement crows with extremism with radicalization with with with you know, hates with with the most extreme version of an argument. Right, that's what causes this kind of escalation, and so that these are really hard questions about how indeed with each other like no removing the president for inciting violence is not a first amendment issues, but there are really important free speech issues that will be at stake that are really difficult and
like you know, I celebrate. I am very happy that we have de platforms white nationalist to pursue violence and foment insurrection, but I do think I like The answer is it putting who gets to speak and who doesn't into the hands of a group of a capricious billionaires act as a fuckin recipe for four four for the disaster to capricious billionaires or future authoritarian right right, especially the way how, with how broken our political system is right now, and so it's it's pretty. It's pretty scary me the directions. I do that you know the future I'm paid to Heaven yet resigned or spinning reporters that this band is a political gift to Trump, because going to rally conservatives against big tack- and you know sure enough- most of them have been spending the weekend train. The band is a bigger crisis than the attack on the capital. Trump is apparently, who know sometime today
giving remarks? I guess there we broke has to millions of people about how is being silenced. That will happen to I, don't you, I think this is gonna work as a political issue for about yet However, I think that they will rally around this year already seeing it again like they are the party agreements. They did the facts, don't care about feelings, crowd constantly wine about how it makes them feel, and so it doesn't matter that they have a propaganda network com, Fox NEWS, as matter that there Russia, Linda dozens of Pakistan and news outlets. That will you know basically are our political weapons in not news in any way, shape or form they're just going to say that their silence- and so you know, but like at the end of the day. I'm I'm glad there off their God. The trump in some of these two worst actors are off platforms, lichens, Instagram or Facebook that have billions of users that can get sucked into their garbage.
Yeah. It's like isn't my. I am concerned about social media reveals these problems and exacerbates these problems. I am worried about the part of this where there will be festering nationalistic movements that we don't see right like that is that is alarming. Right, like we like the sentiment, won't do appear overnight, but the pardon in which these these entities by an incredibly important rowan fomenting any. After reading these problems out really important that they're gone yet meet facebooks researchers, found thousand and sixteen that sixty four percent of all people who joined extremists, Facebook groups did so because the facebook algorithm recommended it that is really behead right, like there's no constitutional right to end The grand there's no law requiring facebook to ensure that the proud boys are heard and, like the two The problem that got us here is executive, like Mark Zuckerberg care more about being called partisan. then about spreading this information in the EU.
Answer was adopting this. Like absolutist policy, on free speech and in practice, what that meant was at Facebook. Didn't ban, Holocaust denial until October. Twenty twenty, like feel like you, had a lot of time. the figure that went out, and so, if I'm thinking about the future of Facebook, business? I would worry about the the way that the algorithm get out. You know rewards engagement, and I would think about ways to create a platform that actually fun but it safe when you want to be in that probably means booting Nazis and means clear the road enforcing them more humans, to help you moderate, like not deluding yourself into a I being able to like you, know, fixes for you, I'm a guy. I too am nervous about White NASH unless being able to coordinate on the parlour and Gavin a while back
created a little sad puppet account for myself on parlor, just a ship post at like assholes over there and legos blast? I have a lot of fun doing it, but you know what what is important to me is that there are billions of people on these platforms and, like your aunt or your nephew, aren't going to get recommended some extremist group or or sucked into the staff and the like, but the law enforcement is going to have to be on some of these platforms, dealing with violent element or threats in that. But those are always the case you. I think that a lot of these big companies like Facebook wants you to believe that its there's this neutrality right in theirs is justice. It's just this public square, where they're just connecting people and people can do what they want, but the AG algorithms give life of right and that's especially true with Facebook and you too, more than a lot of these other platforms is that they actually send people to these two, these bad places. I do think one woman point about Trump to like it is interesting, like Trump couldn't
we haven't Trumbo weakened because and over the wall is banned from twitter, but Trump could have gone to the briefing room at any moment this weekend and could have sat for any inner he could. You know I can't imagine anyone like lives, dreamed him on unhurt twitter account. I owe you d, like there's a million ways: truncated communicated that residents he could have been getting a farewell fucking addressed in the oval office, prime time, but it all shows how lazy he's become with the way he communicates right. He stopped first start doing interviews with real news outlets, then he was even afraid of doing interviews with places like Fox is like Chris Wallace. You know slapped around a bunch and like he doesn't, he gives the he'd be gives us those video it has as video recordings, sometimes where he sounds like Stephanie doesn't sound like himself like the only place where he's really him. It's twit
which is why he is like step back from communications being banned, which is why I think it actually. It is going to have an impact not just in the near term to hopefully prevent more violence, but I do think in the long term politically for him like, if, if they don't get conviction and they don't get him banned from public office, I think him unable to use twitter in the lead up to twenty four, could be almost- is damaging yandah his future prospects, which would be fantastic and look on more of an individual level. It also means he can't like target specific people on Twitter. Unlike back. Then we these little like twitter mobs to go after them. I mean it can really dicey for a lot of journalists who have seemingly cry. Still more in his mind, crossed him, especially women, especially people colors like, I totally understand why people have been advocating for this decision is just hasn't that simple
It's also. I think it right it does. It matter is more when he's not the president, because, as President he's had unease had the ability to say whatever he wants across, where's platforms and are also matters that it's all of them doing it at once, because if he went left twitter he be able to spread filth on Facebook and be left Facebook into an instagram. No more. Maggie Macro may on Pinterest, like that's death, ass good the picture thing so funny dangerous hardest hit. When we come back he's on, I will talk do, learning on ethics we go back out, our former Bernie Sanders campaign manager fashion, God save America is Roger by zip recruiter. finally a new year to reassess your business, calls for twenty twenty one and determine the resources you'll need to achieve them. That's where zipper
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Ran buildings are brain fuel and say: fifteen percent are gonna beekeepers, natural dotcom, that b e k, e p r s end. Eighty, you are a l s, dot com, slash cricket fifteen percent off and meet your new medicine cabinet or enter the code. Crooked check out that's, b e k, e p r s any to U r L S, dot comes much credit. Is a fifteen percent and meet your new medicine cabinet I am now joined by Bernie Sanders. Twenty twenty presidential campaign manager and former adviser to Senate democratic leader, Harry Red friend of the pod fashion gear you're coming back in the pot fast round me John, I see you to want to start with. How the Georgia run off have completely transform was possible in terms of democratic governance, which I feel I got bit lost last week in all the chaos. What, in your mind, is the biggest difference between
an extremely narrow republican Senate majority and an extremely narrow, democratic Senate majority, which we will now have was the most practical impact is that with a new set of majority leader in shock shimmer, you can schedule votes that you otherwise couldn't have in that's an incredible power. I mean that did that the gridlock that much Mcconnell has had on the site. It has really been affected, waded through the fact that he can just schedule shit and he schedules it all. The time re Ain Duns way doesn't schedule so obvious. In the last two years, when Anti plus he held the speakers gavel, they passed various things like a fifteen dollars, minimum wage like each hour, one that had a series of democracy reforms and you can have your difference of perspectives and opinions on things. But at least you want things to have a vote and with church humor have holding them join later. That power over the calendar and scheduling is incredible and obviously changed. The dynamic for Joe Biden and and his administration as well hopefully knock on what he can get
out of his appointments, threw him get you digital perforations through all, pending keeping all those fifty votes, plus Comma Harris's. Vice president in the chair, well Spear that it, it seems like the Joe standing in the way of progressive legislation, won't necessarily be Biden but Mansion he already criticised making to the US dollar stimulus checks are priority last week, If you are in binds white House or if you weren't in office, you you ve, been in reads office before when he was majority later. How would you deal with someone like mansion, who seems relatively insulated from political pressure as a senator in a deep red state. Who's got four years left honest. Her right mean first love
to start with the assumption that maybe there aren't many things hopeful Mucho mentioned in it. If we tried everything that changes, conscience and morality, and that, on these things, certainly time by the centre, who many ways gets his rocks off of identifying kind of a stiff arm of the democratic brand at times, and that helps him in West Virginia, so you ought to be almost very intentional about where you're picking issues that resonate with West Virginians in this that unit, What is baffling John as you and I haven't conversation about two thousand on direct payments because of yours Imagine life, that's something! That's gotta have! Eighty probably eighty percent support in an area, particularly rural West, Virginia interact that he started proposition. Absolutely not held no makes you say what would you We are talking about the one thing we could count on, hopefully was even if you are going to be as loyal demographic soldier, you would represent West Virginia interest. So on that one day I am baffled a dozen start, a good trend here. That said, he has suggested that he's moving off of that position, a bit for
you know those of us in the press. We ve been trying to push these issues. It were a means image reflect on one instance, where Germanic actually moved on, which was during Asia ratio. Repeal when republicans come, he had had a position of fixing it in doing whatever he wanted to it. He moved of that. Obviously there in a lot of grass roots on halls, not only in West Virginia around the country the changed in and gave him, essentially the argument to say listen, I want to talk to this person. West Virginia Yemen, had a position before, but I've been compelled and moved to the ripest should now. I think we You have to give him the permissive permission slipped and here's all these people who are working people and West Virginia. What would you do? with that extra fourteen hundred hours. How much would it change your life? Go? Tell your mansion and give The permission is left to say have heard from so many working people and this matters. This matters lads. So therefore do the right thing. like the first instinct of a lot of us who been on the outside.
Right, activists and organizers is to put pressure on some. Unlike us from your you know, your old job and Harry reads Office is there an inside game there to a sum of this carrots as much as it sticks like net they're? Bringing back earmarks Scoggins. Do you think there's possibility? Is there so we'll things there. One is the traditional tools of the you know, he's good loyal Democrat that that doesnt work, great Abu Jamal and the traditional tools into his office. I have all these people around Twitter saying that that's not gonna work on it. That does not how it moves on. Your point is right What's a sassamon face value and take him at face, while he's a politician who are represents West Virginia, what works for his constituents and what doesn't work for his constituents well being able to deliver. If you, if you read his arguments, are understood his arguments on CNN the other day about why he has concerns about direct payments. Was making an argument that way I wanna do work Do jobs programmes I wanna to get people to work
Obviously we agree with that to you can break off right behind you stopping you from doing both as this austerity minded politics. That says we can only spend Ex dollars, but if you get rid of that, we can create fair jobs programmes in West Virginia and can deliver direct payments to mention. Let's do it an interest, as we buildings infrastructure programmes, there's gonna be carrots for West Virginia and there should be, quite frankly, re should and I think you're are you're absolutely right that, as you cut those deals- and there have been those deals in the past- and I remember well where you you make sure that certain senators are targeted and they see the benefits. that's right, it's gotta be in exchange for a damn boat, Roger yeah. You have jobs, if your mansion wants to be for a federal job guarantees now great good good to hear So what do I do
The priorities. Do you think Biden should tackle in his first hundred days or even the first year, what sort of at the top of the list for you? Will you get these tensions here, John chasing a plan as well as I am which, as these, what what has been in the bucket of these structural changes and in many others, are less a voting rights, filibuster reform. I'm getting judicial confirmation start getting his cabinet in place. In my mind, there's a lot of things there that are both accruing to democratic power, but also affects awaiting power and maintaining an intense, basically exhibiting competency of government and maintaining the competency of government Those are valuable. What I worry about it, I can't let those proud out the things that are going to directly employs prove people. lives right, so you can argue. Some of these are things that we're time met over here there are going just make deasey function better and help us build long term governance. That's great! Now, let's talk about p. all of us who are going to directly see a benefit in their lives.
And I want to make sure that those are getting down, as was obviously a fifteen. Our direct minimum wage, of course, struck aim is, of course you I, of course you even Healthcare Expansionism compound, of course, you something people can hang onto and say without Joe Biden without a democratic majority in the house. My improvement in my life would not have occurred and they delivered it in You know my mind that that's really important in marrying. Those two is incredibly important, that let me just give you a quick anecdote on this. John, is that we pass the six hundred dollar removal would Centres Anders, is kind of agitation and push you get these direct payments into the covered relief. But did you know John that, despite the fact that we pass accidents, six hundred dollars direct payments, there are millions of Americans who didn't receive those direct payments right because- This is now Eve and I are as internal tax in all this other nonsense. It. My point there is as much as we're gonna do stuff. We gotta make sure that the competency of governance is strong. People gotta feel it their experience of the government. Having not delivered that you, I check
not deliver that directly? It hurts dramatically. So I would really Guess I'm holding in both administering Thirdly, in legislatively what does get improve people's eyes measure Casta, well, meaning We ve been there before you know when we passed the recovery act in two thousand, and nine people got tax cuts. How They got it by like changing the withholding tables in their biweekly paycheck, which was you know, barely noticeable by many people that Obama ever gave them attacks garden. We saw that and poles years later, the people than think they got attacks cut from their correct, so its competence in its ants delivering for people in a tangible way, but it's also serve drawing the connection. This is why you got this benefit that everything, echoing a hundred percent, where you say I would sage on the air, because that you were talking. I was reminded of the other thing that I'm two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, which was who degree I'll say. Your generally I felt was discounted, was the housing crisis in the impact. And I was felt because people are living in a house and you get it from house and
think there was a little bit of an oversight and like just our in also just like not the same empathy and care for that issue, as it was to make sure you know, large institutional financial institutions were functioning back up on their fees, for the way they could lend right but like if you are thinking about from the perspective of a person sits in a house is about to be effective for the pain and make sure it's delivered, because I say that now you're gonna revisit We're little going to revisit that in a month to month. Here, as we hit in a kind of the mortgage cliff, the rent cliff like people are gonna, be compelled enforced, evicted out of their homes. If you feel that pain and in love, they govern from that perspective, I worry that were repeating the mistakes of twenty two dozen. Ninety thousand ten. Of course, there's political ruin attached to also the other reason. To prioritize truth. Like tangible benefits. Economic legislation is because it's gonna be easy.
the pass in the Senate. The way this works is, you know you, you still need sixty votes, if you can't get rid of the filibuster and it doesn't seem like- will be able to get rid of the film because of your mansion and maybe a couple other democratic senators, but you can still passer by reconciliation bill once a year. That only requires fifty one votes in order to pass a budget. Reconciliation biller pass something through budget. Reconciliation obviously needs to affect the budget. So what what can be done through bucket budget reconciliation? They you're, hoping Joe Biden, gets down and the Democrats and what can't alot on so I can get them and should get enemy in and just to add one point away you just as you could you could in this first year, Polly do better reconciliation twice, because we impassive budget last year under Trump and so is actually up indeed by early on here and then again about oil and later in the year, which is in fact, what trumped it. He did a twice whether first one, if you remember, was on Asia, repeal lost by one vote, John Mccain's vote and then
back of the well, and did it a second time later that year to pass corporate tax cuts right? Does what happened in the first year trot? so we can do it twice here in the Elisa he's got a unique opportunity to it, and that means you can. There's that there's a lot of things. This is where that that the kind of hyper competency of of the legislator, the fifty votes, is gonna, be circular. because you gotta move things quickly, get a bill that first package, you agreed to set up a vote, and then you We have to the second one to you, you can do your. I think the need is to try and then the reason I say that is when you look at the last you'd take the housing issue I was talking about. You, take education and leaving yes, student debt issues are making caused to tuition free me things that Japan campaign on you take the climate infrastructure stuff. You take the car basic covert package of just making sure back Things are distributed and we can set up mass vaccination sight. All these things cost money. Schools need money
There's a whole array of food assistance needs money right, there's a whole bunch of things, a unit, do they can all be done through reconciliation? That can be done? The way formerly it works as they will pass. You know general budget that sets a top line number and then send these kind of in this you send in the house, you send these essentially the budget chairs of each party's entered being in the Senate would send out an instruction to the Senate. Help committee I need you to work on. You know him. How blind number ex billions of dollars and you need to pass healthcare expansion that meets this target, and send a finance committee united you'd. I need you to work on housing and here's your issue and here's your top. I never go and then they gotta bring it back. You gotta put it all together and you have put on the floor and it gets fifty votes in its limited debate to what a wonderful tool
limited debate, fifty votes, you could get a dime and then, as I said, hopefully March off, to doing it again and having to bite at the apple of seed. Some conflicting reports on this. Do you think that a public action can get done through budget reconciliation? And do you think I think this is easier, but an expansion of Medicare by changing? Eligibility age could also get done through better reconciliation and in theory occurred. I mean our getting into the ways of the Senate where you get Senate the role of the Senate parliamentarian and direction. We will obviously no dummy about any of this stuff, so he's isn't. He and his staff will certainly work with that parliamentarian. sure that we're in a good place, but as you go through at you, you know there is a question of whether things survived the quorum for bird rule and are going beyond the other spending powers and taxing powers
of that particular butter resolution. So I think that the answer short answer is yes, John, that the limiting factor isn't, I dont think will end up being the parliamentarian. The limiting factor will be there desire of senators and house members to spend and you ve already seen Joe Biden say, were he's comfortable with Us- is spending. We need to encourage economic growth now's the time and people are hurting. We need dress inequality by by the gunman stepping up, if that, even if he can prevail across the carcass. I don't think there's two may limit limitations here on the ability to address these things in healthcare, especially as it is easier and your honey and on the right one you can economies expand, Carol. Djibouti age, you can also just make sure Medicare covering all the costs of people right now. So if you are you're uninsured, you went to the doktor just Bill Medicare, for that right a war. You are ensured. You went to the doktor, the insured gonna pay that have the part that you had a paid bill, Medicare for them, right. There would be an easy way to execute, helped her right. Now
Speaking to things that got lost last week. I do think that binds statement that we should be investing in deficit spending was pretty significant. just a year and incoming democratic presidency that- and I say that working for a president having worked for a president who spent you know a lot of time on deficit reduction, with what was said and many time anyways wasted message about that, because you obviously are part of the movement of people who have concerns about a bomb added, the sequester, all of the things that happen as a result, the boat, the politics and the policy were upset about it. Blast lasting upset. You know for about ten years, plus and you know that the goal of those of us who had concerns as to compel him move people to your perspective right too, to agree with you in robot, and here is telling you essential I may have been part of. Those deals are cut deals with minimal com, yet you know, may not about the best impact in the water. I'm telling you I agree with you and I would urge all
People who are you know with work with us on these guys were Bernie Sanders Manifesto, except to take the yes vote there's, a hey, that's great, you're you're Those now will you there's there's some problems in the past. What you're with us now, let's get this done, was la arms. Had that multi trillion dollars which was the other key homage. If you heard what he said, he was a trillions of dollars, which is exactly right you Mary, went wrong. Men were back in two thousand nine famously was dont. Give you anything tea in front of it was his view on on John Recovery, nothing with a tiered job? I'm saying trillions, I'm telling you, I won't try. So how do we? I guess it's a question about sort of expectation setting that I serve worry about, there's a set of it. It was addressed by the reconciliation, is a set of priorities that will be subject to a filibuster right, whether its democracy reform, as others HR one, whether its
statehood for DC fifteen dollar minimum wage you talked about so you know Joe Biden- can push for these trucks. Rumour can put them up for a vote. Republicans can filibuster and kill them. How do you like strategically sort of keep the base of activists and organizers, feeling excited and energetic, and not you know after two years or for years thinking. What is this? We had a majority in the house in the Senate. We had chauvinist president. We can get any the stuff done like. Maybe it's not worth it after all alike, is it just about getting caught trying? Is it about really go? And after the Republicans on this, like? How do you navigate? I do not think that there is an easy answer is governing his heart in the weed out responsibility of governing. So you there's not a simple answer, but some of the thoughts I would come immediately to my job is you wanna, leave some space for people to push push healthily on. You even Ryan, and I think wrong plain and the White abide White House as understands this pretty well
You wanna call you want that healthy pressure, pushing you to the positions, it isn't to say. I lay in a good position. You guys shall be happy about. It would like you to be be nice and applied, may not like they have welcomed sure. I would also say that the other parts of it air couple a legislative approach with an executive approach. right, which is to say, ok, if I'm gonna put for fifteen our minimum wage why- and I also figure out what I can do- executive lay on a minute, fifty diamond away for federal contractors. and then tie these campaigns together, so that one, what have I can show executive action, I'm going to do as much as I can I'm going to go. Tell the american public. I am doing everything within my power and now I'd have a campaign set, to go and compel senators who are on the fence or of filibustering that I'm hang on them. They need to take the next step. I'm gonna push on them to do the same thing, so what I'm saying the agendas coupling executive action
a campaign around your legislation that requires Benefits the people are up in twenty twenty two and insensitive seeds and going there and was content and Florida Pennsylvania tat, go into their states, go on local media and push interpol you're running a campaign. The campaign has not stopped your campaigning for your legislative items and you should make it difficult on you talk about housing, other other priorities that using binding should be pushing more aggressively on that aren't being talked about enough. So far only touch on the baby here I just. I just think that this healthcare she's gonna, be a big deal, nature. In the reason I say that John is Gladsome haven't heard a great I've got a great on policy solution from them on it, and our friends in the Democratic Party have said that cobra extensions are the way you write like it for those of you who have lived and it had cobra. It is awful right in aid
at the Costco up. It is unaffordable and if you were going to, if you're going to the government, pay cobra, it's a huge windfall for health insurance right because they were get you, they were going to get the nine hundred dollars from your month or whatever it was going to be one thousand dollars. Now the government's going to pay it what a wonderful deal for them and if you can spend that money as a government, why the hell weren't you thinking about a different approach that would more effectively efficiently have public sector playing that role, so there's a theirs I think, in my mind at least two easier solutions that the even if they were going to go for Medicare for all, which I understand your job. I wasn't there in the primary and honest like them to be. There is a precedent, but there's too, Other solutions ray, I was suggesting earlier, having Medicare just pay for the initial go in, go, get a covert, testimony, poetry and go just have manicure pay built biomedical right would get it done, and in that way you got universal health insurance. Also permit Jai pauses proposal on American Roma. Have you lost your job during covered and you sure Souci had healthcare with have just put him in a federal, pointed
You know in this immediate momentum, put him on the role so that they're gonna have health interests. We should have made millions of people out there a lingering, and so I think this issue of healthcare is gonna end up becoming a big one, been there before, for maybe there again, because it just has some are significant impact, we're living in John through health care we sometimes gets lottery rising economic crisis, but is a health care crisis who can t to be that if we don't addressing yeah now, I completely agree that makes sense makes. Thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it come back. I come back any time and ticker. Thank you, John Procedures, based as for joining us today will I will two guys later this week, Kashmir, parlor seegars there the terrible eyes book. site on his work on parlor. Most of most parlor is people complaining about not being on cooler, social media platforms and then like like
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