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The Democratic primary is relatively stable heading into the fall campaign, voters are still trying to define electability, and Stacey Abrams passes on 2020 to focus on protecting the right to vote. Jemele Hill of The Atlantic joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan on stage at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Amanda Seales joins for a special edition of OK Stop, and Maggie Rogers, Jim James and Best Coast play a round of Pollercoaster Tycoon: Family Feud Edition.

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What's up LOS Angeles, save America, I'm John Fabbro, I'm Janelle Hill, I'm gonna love it. I'm sorry he's order. I'm in favor happy birthday, This is John level. Thank you. This is what you always wanted for. Your
almost the amount I need to feel happy so. Let's get to the news. We are six months out from the Iowa caucuses and the unofficial labor day. Kickoff of the presidential primary is right around the corner. This is a time when most voters start paying attention start making up their minds. Here's where the race stands job, remains the frontrunner with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders right behind them, Kamel harassing people to.
Right behind them, Cory, Booker and better work right behind them in another, three thousand or so candidates right behind them. So the race has been largely stable since it began, but we're heading into a fall. That includes more campaigning, more television ads, more a smaller debate stage and news this week that the economy may be headed towards an economic downturn or recession. Then you have some people saying its early anything can happen. And then you have other people are safe. Yeah, it's actually not that early, which is closer to the truth, about where this race is right. Now how fluid is it? What is history tell us about you know what we can know about a primary race at the end of August
which subjective judgment is trudean yeah. I know those are great believes that was a great summary of american punditry right there right. I mean history says that we have. A lot can happen in front of us right at this point in two thousand and eight, the leaders in the polls in the democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton by thirty points, and then the republican primary it was Giuliani by double that, and so why don't you like Ani, ended up in a greener pastures? Don't you through him yeah Giuliani's in Kiev with a with a magnifying glass just calling into Chris Cuomo repeatedly the so history suggests a lack in change. What it did. It would have been really struck by this raises the point you made, which is that it's been incredibly stable, yeah with the exception of Elizabeth Warren. It Bernie Sanders for second in the polls. The races stayed there's a lot of applause for second place
The polls say basically the same since the beginning, is very little undecided vote. So for this to change the candidates, I think you were at the bottom of the sort of the middle tier. The ones you mentioned are going to have to get to work right now to change the dynamics. I mean, if you don't, if your candidate, who doesn't make the debate stage in September, where nine candidates, I believe, qualified so far and there's another two or three on the edge Do you think? That's it or what I mean honestly, yeah yeah yeah. Let us here does anyone listening yeah? That's it yeah time you just been a few days in Iowa which candidates are
yeah. She tell me and I'll be right here for Tommy being in the state of Iowa your Instagram followers here today. I'm learning a new medium shadow for Iowa, right yeah, which candidates are impressing Iowans right now and which candidates have sort of the most impressive organized Right now I'm so I was there for like four days I saw Bernie to Blasio PETE, Michael Bennett. I hung out with the staffs of Warren Booker in that the thing is that I took away from my trip. There was one like in twenty. Sixteen Hillary person or a burning people and there was no cross pollination. It was ultimately like a turn out election, which is weird for the boxes, this time who is getting a look and they're going to lots of it, I went to a House party hosted by undecided voters for the Booker campaign. Try to
you're out. If you would spend an hour of your life doing that on a Wednesday, but the thing that really stuck out to me was the degree to which the National NEWS narrative was like in critical this time because when we were in Iowa in two thousand and eight there was George W Bush was a thing of the past. You could bet on hold you could be excited about your nominee. Now it's just existential dread about what's coming next, so people are everything they talk about is through the prism of electability, so I have to say, Warren's field staff was incredibly impressive, the the If you talk to people who, who sort of spend more time than I did there, they say that Cory. Booker is actually building a good field team. You haven't seen it manifested in the polls yet, but they have some time Mayor PETE had some huge crowds on a Tuesday at the state. Fair, we walked around. We ate pork chops on the stick. We talked, but you know
the story of Iowa is. It can ultimately be wide open because of the need for retail politics. But it's just harder this time, because you can have a candid in your living room, but if you don't see them on Maddow the night before maybe you're, not thinking they have a chance, yeah but you wrote a piece in June about how Trump has killed democratic voters sense of what's possible, and this is like what time he was talking about. Electability? What did you mean by that and looking at the race today versus when you wrote the piece in June. Do you think it's still true or not? I think it's definitely true and I think Joe Biden, the fact that he's a front runner speaks to that. Ruth and a, and I feel like every time I talk about this electability issue, which is very annoying in it. It's a new sense that it it is the people- feel like I'm unnecessarily banging on Joe Biden- I'm not, but I think when you dig deeper, you talk to people about a lot of the reasons why they support. It's not because he has the best ideas. It's not because he is the best policies is because
look at him as being a old white dude and who another old white dude in old white dude, so it's kind of so to them? This is Captain America picking up Thors hammer it spoiler alert. Sorry should have seen the movie Ok, but now I mean I think this is what's frustrating for me to watch, because I think that part of what can be invigorating and exhilarating about. The political process is enerji New ideas is, you know, hearing you know from different in a thought process of critical thinking, process that happens, and I like that part of politics has been squelched and there's so much focus on how to beat Donald Trump that it killed the sense of the possible right. The reason, if the reason you're not going to vote for Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris or PETE Budaj age or Cory, Booker is because you're only
well I don't think they can be Trump. Then Trump has already won right: 'cause you're supposed to be voting for people who can help change and better the country, an if you're not doing that you're part of the problem, and so that's why I wrote, out. I don't like to give him credit for much, but unfortunately I think that's what he's stolen from a lot of people yeah, I mean there's something very real there, which it's, the it's. The p t s d for Democrats of was in two thousand sixteen area which makes us play not to lose instead of play to win right, and that is, in sports and in politics, a terrible strategy. I love it, they so the times wrote a piece this week about Warren about the electability thing again If you're sitting in the Warren campaign, You do about sort of this electability thing that continues to hang out there yeah. No, I think it's it's a good question and I actually think it goes to what Jamal is saying, which is
yeah. You can start you can make an electability argument actually believe she started to do that and there was an argument she made in the last debate which went you trust me on all these policy matters. Trust me when I say I can win you think, I'm smart. You think I know what I want to do as president. Trust me that I not that I thought this all the way through and I think there's value that, but really what we're talking about is pain, right, there's so much pain, and I think people are trepidatious about the field. I think they're nervous about who to pick because there's so much trauma from twenty. Sixteen as Dan said, and I think, speaking to electability, is really speaking to that deeper sense of hurt that people feel that they don't understand their country. They don't understand how someone like Trump could get close to the White House, and so we come back to that same question. We've been talking about for months, which is who can speak to the fundamental fear and crisis
of this moment. That goes beyond just economics. That goes beyond just like to believe that goes to what kind of country were going to live in. What's going to happen to our democracy, what we're going to do to attack the political rock, the Cultural Rot and the pain that people feel and I think Any candidate currently running in Iowa, who finds a way to really make that their case will do better for it, whether they're trying to beat by non electability or trying to I don't know either pork chop, hey, you know what's weird it's funny, but that is like. Ultimately, every some speech feel like a greatest hits album right, because you hear so many times. I saw Bernie the fair in it felt like a throwback albums like a tv t right, which is, interesting 'cause he's consistent, but I do wonder if people are like, if you want a chance and you only played coloring book would be a good show. You be like the culture is moved on like where the new hits groceries is fine right but, like
like what are you telling me about today and like? I would worry if I were him a little bit: yeah I mean. I think, there's also there's an important you come along with Tommy on his analogies. You follow him wherever he goes. If you don't like chance, I can't help you. I think it's just as historical reminder. Is it at this point in two thousand and seven? No one thought proc about
I was going to say that we have this same electability in the thing that changed that was winning the Iowa Caucus winning elections. Brusett Elizabeth Warren said this week, he's like winning is the best way to alleviate considerably only waited to find an indefinable term. It's Rebecca bulshit until people actually vote yeah. I will. I will say, though, like in two thousand and seven people were worried about taking a risk on Barack Obama and they thought that Hillary Clinton was the more electable candidate 'cause she was more experienced. I think people in two thousand and eight were a little bit more willing to take a risk because, like Tommy said, George W Bush was not going to be president again and so people had this sense. Possibility I do think and act. You made a really great point in your piece about which is, you know, for a lot of voters. You talked about especially african american voters like they're gonna, be very pragmatic about this choice, because Donald Trump winning a second term represents you know a real existential threat to our country to people's lives, and so I do think that
fear sort of pervades this electric in a way that it hasn't in a long time, not just fear but also Jerid. I think part of the reason- and this mean about the stolen sense of optimism. That is very disappointing to kind of witnesses, as you pointed out, if you leave again. Elizabeth Warren has and and I'm just using her as an example, but if you believe these candidates really have good ideas, but it comes back to everybody thinking deep down in the places they don't want to talk about, will never elected will. Never let you know another black president will never like that's. That is what is keeping people back, and I think one of the really sad things out, you know oppression and racism and all those other things is that you eventually adopt the mindset of the people who exercise those principles so
black people in many ways are Joe Biden carries you know the largest black supportive any candidate, but part of the thinking of why that is the case is because they also have adopted this thinking that leadership. The only leadership that'll be electable in this country is white leadership. And that's kind of sad to see that being stolen from people not being able to believe that we can have leadership that looks different in this country. If we did it, you know just literally a few years ago. Why couldn't we do it again, but that's just how deep seated, pain really is, and I also think it's it's worth. Remembering too electability is thinking to yourself. What will other people think it's one tree, it's! What is someone else, going to do in that voting booth, it saying I want people to judge, I want Cory. Booker Kamala Harris, but after what I saw before
based on what I'm seeing now, I don't trust my fellow citizens anymore. I don't trust them anymore because of someone like Donald Trump, getting close close to will office, and I don't understand how you overcome that mistrust, because in some ways it's legitimate legit. Am it it's a legitimate fear? This is the most important presidential election in history. The New York Times did a piece about these concerns about Elizabeth Warren. In someone quoted in the piece said. If it were up to me I'd vote for Warren hey you're, going to the polling the well. So here's here's the Good NEWS about this. I think Warren and some of and all the case, Warren Connell, every candidate who's, not the front runner's. Dr Biden have played it really well because they don't it with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Who does talk about electability quite a bit? They don't actually talk about electability lot. They just show it and I think the best thing about the the the way to overcome like abilities, to show that you're electable in not not tell- and there was pulling this week that shows that fifty seven percent of them are
that are now saying that Warren can probably be Trump and that's up from fourteen that's up fourteen points and shoes um an you know, biting fill in the lead with sixty five percent, but that number hasn't changed over the over the last couple of months and Warren is actually rising a little bit, and so you know she might be doing something right there I do want to Joe Biden he's had a relatively light skin in August and in some allies are reportedly advising his campaign to scale back his appearances in order to reduce his gaffes. Dan is a smart Well, it's another campaign says this is not true. We should say, but that's what we report If there are people who are advising him to do that, they should not do that, and those people advising him are telling the press are advising him. Those are bad advisers, but I think to be fair to Joe Biden onto.
Points. We have no job right along time ago. We have a lot of great personal affection job and we work with and the fact that he is making gaffes or making verbal misstatements is not something that is actually related to his Age right. This is been part of his it's like in this. I'm not being mean about it. He is someone if you, if you will take that as a back handed compliment real good, a real hit like that is something he has done for a long time he's actually for much of her turned into a political strength as an example of his authenticity, and he speaks off a coffin, not off the teleprompter, but I think that his life schedule has more to do with the fact that his campaign is dependent on big money fund service in online fundraising right. He has to leave Iowa to come to la answer, Cisco, a New York to raise money because he does not have the grassroots fundraising base of all these other candidates. Like there's a certain times which said his five best online fundraising days of this campaign were in the his first week, so Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Kamala. Harris to a lesser extent
can stay in Iowa and New Hampshire and campaign because they can raise money. Online. He's got to leave to get to raise money. Yeah. I can't even repeat his own website right. Yeah But you know what that's going to be things online fund raising so yeah. Here's. The thing, though, like that's Joe Biden right, and I think that his campaign has to make him as available as possible to the press and do as many events as possible, like the only way out is through for him. You know, like, I think, he's going to be up and he's going to lean into the gas right. This is me, I say things wrong:
You know I screw up, as I think, but, like you know me, you love me. You know who I am. You know where my heart is like. I think he has to be, but the more he sort of pulled back because he's worried about the gas I think, the worse. It is for him. He's got anything with the age right. Turret, like the best politicians or their weaknesses and the strengths right in his age is run up. A weakness in his experience could be extracted. You can bill what, as both that experience is the best way to be Trump and the best way to bring stability and security back to this country. The age question is important because it's I I don't think we all talk about is openly and honestly, as we might in the media, but I you know I was sitting there across from like a seventy year old woman. Who is saying. I don't think that I should be president. I think I should someone younger than me should do it and I do think that a lot of the questions about gas or misstatements or slowing down our proxies for this age question. You don't hear that about people who are just
a few years younger than him like or Bernie who's, older Bernie Sanders or Warren who do does not seem like someone who is seventy years old by any stretch. Well, I think it comes down to does he seem too old? That's what we're talking about. Does he seem too old to be president and the thing is it's not just about winning the primary and I don't know, maybe you can win the primary by scaling back of, by trying to minimize gas by doing less things, but I don't think well whatever the case is, the point is not to win the primary. The point is to win the presidency in Donald Trump. Is that you know if your son very he's. He is going to make he's going to stand in front of a microphone in front of his audience of. Fellow Americans for for two hours and he is going to ramble an consistently and incoherently and he's going to make lots of vicious negative attacks that are going to blanket across the news he's going to feed off of that energy he's going to do it every day and he's going to sit across it on top of an incredibly sophisticated political organization, backed by billionaires in the Republican National Committee like that that is going to require somebody who is going to be able to
as if it's as, if it's part of the game wasn't hard enough and ever, somebody who is able to go toe to toe with that person every single day ready to I him every single day, and so, if I had to buy new ones this story to go away, he's the campaign hard everything like that. I don't have to do in a matter what I will just say: love it that it. What you just said is the reason for all of us not to completely throw away the idea of electability, because what you just did, as you made an elective the argument against, of course, but I'm just saying like there has become a thing like we shouldn't talk about elected, but no it. The problem is that it's hard to judge electability we're not talking about electability right right exactly, but I'm not saying I'm saying these things 'cause, I'm talking about what a candidate will or will not do on the campaign trail. What can it will face? I'm not trying to put myself in their heads of a swing vote, because that I we can actually be on stage next to Donald Trump yeah yeah in the important part of that is you can judge
make a decision at the end of the case, but who what the best candidate qualities are take on Trump. But you do that you have to widen the aperture, because the poor, the problem with like you, as you put yourself in the minds, people all the pundits put ourselves in the mine, white people in Midwest, and we don't ever ask the question in the terms of younger voters or voters. Color or not voters all over this country. I don't know they're black people who actually live in the Midwest right yeah. That is actually right. You know who knew I will say this, though I do think part of it. If I may make a sports analogy here,
both are stale. Not so Joe Biden feels a little bit like what has happened in college basketball when you have a player, unlike the rest of them, that, like you, know the really good players leave after one year, one in Dunnes right, but if you're a senior or you're a junior, you give him more time to pick apart your game and unfortunately, Joe Biden has been in politics. You know, since the horse and buggy, and so because of that he was unfortunately a politician during some times where there was racial segregation. There was issues that look much differently now than they did then and he's
the record for some stuff and these gaps would be the way easy to minimize. If Joe Biden just learn to words, I'm sorry agreed that all the I do like we realize that it was a different time that most of us are smart enough to understand that part of it, but he is still doubling down on dumb things and that's what's getting him in trouble. It's not the age. Okay, because again he's in a race with Bernie Sanders. I mean Donald trumps, three thousand years old, I mean it's not that part of it that should actually work for you. It's just his lack of accountability for when he was out for earlier in his years as a politician that to me is really under cutting him in this. In this primary season, okay, we will be back with more news right after Games Potter, America's brought you by blue apron. This is
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search for a band you really don't like, but everyone at the concert is huge fans of the bands when they play a song, you think is awful. The crowd goes nuts, and you look around and say how are we so different? How do you like this? What is music? Why do we like it? Why do rhymes feel good? Does anything feel good? What is pleasure anyway, Donald Trump, at a rally on Thursday and boy did some of his fans, love it. Let's roll the clip and it's a big decision do we give up the greatest theme frame, this logo, whatever you want to call it and the issue of politics risky for a brand new one because make America great again we're really sort of there and we have a little time left- ok, stop yeah, we're there yeah. We got it where there is a conflict, it's in the car. What the was that was the what was with a the whiskey.
I know you likely, and this room is a love fest. I know that all right, yeah call us when you made the call of duty. I know you like me: it's just and you know when I agreed to do okay stop. I was like I'm gonna have to like say eloquent things I just have sounds like when I watch this. It just makes me want to be like, like I, don't, have a lot because I'm just meeting him at his energy and his energy lacks anything of intellect, but he's actually right about that and that's what screws me that's? What freaks me out he's actually right about that they loved full fucking love him. Why he. But you have no choice but to vote for me because the 401K's down the tubes everything's going to be down the they stab your
airplane pitch cannot be schitt's fuckedup an I fucked it up, but still because I'm all you I did the same thing is like I don't get like if there's a recession before the election, that that's but there still like yeah. That's like that's like a guy telling you or significant other or wherever romantic relationships, a you know what I should I cheat on you. I won't do shit for you, but you ain't got no at least I'm honest. I want you to know that. I appreciate that you decided to d gender that, but I think it it was gendered a good way in a only a man would say that so I got it was fine. Whether you love me or hate me, they got to vote for me. Okay, stop, okay feeling, so I
quite validated by that, let me tell you why this is personal. No, we talk. We talk about this. A few times that has been his that was was to be his under message right, which is within I'm terrible and disgusting bonds. The economy's doing. Okay, things are pretty good, don't mess with something that's working. So it's interesting to see him get fully explicit basically just saying, but it's a weird thing to say in a week where there is news that we may be headed towards that. But that's why he's device is yours yeah? I think you're missing he watches Fox. He doesn't know doubt finally had thirty six thousand on Fox. Monopoly man throwing everybody wanted a beauty contest on Fox. Before the election
our factories were closing hey. Who knows it better than you you like central casting for the closing a factory. reference like I said after a reference like I know, there's like a husband happens that there was something it's like people like has central casting like wait. What is he I'm? Not really the he's so out of touch, but yet in touch with the fact that, like he can just say what ever it's live, he just pulled. His dick out and they're like can I suck it? But but but this is my problem with Democrats, because what we do. That's my problem. None of our Democrats are willing to pull their dick out like that. An I'm saying
it's, not a dick like pull out of pity, but I just I need to see, I think, you're forgetting the Clinton administration Suchet, but that's exactly how he won, because playing saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show is pulling a dick and balls out. Ok. So, but my point is that there's he show extreme and like if you want drastic change, you have to create drastic changes to do something. Drastic- and none of our Democrats that are currently out here are drastic there simply just like bland there season. Chicken go on now. The party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term, abortion and socialism. The republican Party is the Party of freedom. We are, The party of the american worker, the american family and the American Green, who is this
I know I was thinking about Amanda after boom, convinced that the hostage that's a hostage, I'm like Blake twice go tonight, my man. He got their central casting that dude is not breathing. I he's not he's I think he's actually holding up today's newspaper that weird. What does got a serious weight problem? Go home currently built, as I call it somebody else out about. There is a trump supporter yeah. He called he called the person the next day because it was a fucking truck. Why listen if you fat p?
the I don't know you like. I it's only wrong if you like. Only this. Is you Catch up on stage right: okay, yeah I wanna make it clear about anybody's appearance. He looks like a place of pizza with cheese, What do you think Trump sees when he looks in the mirror? You guys ever worry that. Okay, stop is a little common denominator, 'cause, I do not do. I am not worried about it at all. And that's okay, how many ceos? Thank you back to you, John? Oh, my god, all right, good, all right! Let's talk about some news that was made this week by one of our favorite demi,
Rats and all politics, Stacey Abrams, so the former Georgia candidate for governor knows that you will pass on the twenty twenty presidential race in order to focus all of her efforts on fair fight. Twenty twenty, an organization that she founded to fight voter suppression and expand democracy, Abrams told the New York Times quote: there are only two things: stopping us and twenty twenty. The people have a reason to vote and they have a right to vote. I've decided to leave it to a whole bunch of other people to make sure they have a reason to vote. Tell me: what do you think of Abrams decision is focusing on voter suppression, potentially more impact
Well, then, either running for president or running for Senate in Georgia, which she also passed on good question. Well, I mean look. I think I think entering the presidential campaign right now would be a very bad idea for literally anyone, even someone as talented as Stacey Abrams, because you just need time to like build an organization raise money like do all the things you need to do. A lot of us would love to see her, be a United States senator, but she said she didn't want the job. So that's totally fine. Now I think the key point is that she would be owner, if not for voter suppression right in so the fact that someone as savvy and smart and and amazing, as her is going to run an organization that could try to prevent voter suppression around the country, is enormously important for almost everyone running in every state. So you
The only thing that I've been thinking about is like she said she wants to save five million dollars like why not ten thousand one hundred and fifteen everyone in this theater right now could help her build the biggest, organization we've ever seen so yeah. I think it's an incredibly important job and I'm glad she's taking it on yeah. I should just say so Abrams Organization is basically going to provide technical and financial assistance to democratic voter operations in twenty states. It's, like you, said it's going to cost. Forty five million dollars are going to help fix inaccurate voter rolls address shortages of voting machines and ballots, provisional balance, formalized rules around counting absentee ballots, they're, even going to help make sure that communities of color participating in the census, so they're working on everything all over the country, which is really great Dan What can Democrats learn from the campaign in the organization that Stacey Abrams built in Georgia, because we often
talk about how you know it's really hard to persuade some Obama Trump voter in the Midwest but it's going to be a lot easier to actually go out and register voters and expand. The electorate and Stacey Abrams actually did expand the electorate in Georgia. So what can Democrats learn from that? I think, the lessons of Steve Seagram's campaign other than running against a corrupt crooked secretary of state with access to the voter rolls is that you can't you start organizing very, very early. You go everywhere. You talk to everyone. There is no get on registered are unlikely voters. It is too small for you to talk to cz rooms. Didn't like the bulk of the democratic vote in Georgia, is in Cobb. County is Amanda she did more than that, the reason she got more votes in a democrat history was, she campaigned everywhere, everywhere. Where there is any chance, you get any small head of what she was there. She an organization getting those people
What she's doing is so important because in Washington there are skyscrapers full of Republicans whose only job is to our democracy yeah nice that we finally have one person in the Democratic Party was taking upon herself Recognize that all the things we talk about Universal Healthcare free college near me, a fucking post office. None of those things will happen unless we fix our democracy and that starts in two thousand and twenty, so One of CCA rooms. Achievement in Georgia was turning out a record number of black voters. Did you change the electorate so used to you know. Try to basically assumed they would have the black vote and then they would try.
To get moderate white voters and that's basically the path in Georgia. Seaverns change that she tried to basically expand. The electorate boost black turn out as much as possible, and then she also campaigned in rural areas with plenty of poor white people. So in the twenty sixteen election, black turnout decline for the first time in twenty years, a lot of this has to do with voter suppression. Some of it has to do with the fact that Barack Obama wasn't on the ballot for the first time in eight years. What do you think that the democratic presidential candidates in the party itself has to do in twenty twenty two match? Basically, what Abrams did in Georgia all over the country. Well I mean here's the thing. I think our strategy is sound in the sense of she's. Not I mean well, I think, flipping voters who may have gone. Another direction is part of it, but I don't think she emphasized that as much as maybe The other candidates might have. I mean, there's a lot of energy. A lot of conversation in this democratic field about flipping that trump voter
well. Sometimes you can't negotiate with terrorists right so the best way, the this way to combat, that is to get more people to vote, and a lot of it was just appear. As you said, appearing in places where people weren't used to having that one on one interaction with people registering and empowering voters who didn't really feel like they were a part of the political process. I mean I, I can't speak for all black people, but I will, for the purposes of this state, never did that the choice, the choice that most black people made was okay. I may not be feeling Hillary, but I'm not voting for races, so I'm staying home, so you have to get the people who decided stay home to come out and what is it that will energize them? What is it that will inspire them and a lot of what they will be? fire by is feeling some level of connectivity and hope within the candidate, and she tapped into that and you know, there's a lot of research that shows that young,
I mean millennial voters, especially, like millennial. Voters could be our untapped resource and you have to figure out beyond just okay. Can cancel student loan that what is the conversation that you can have with black millennials? That will inspire them to be a part of the process, because the other downside of twenty sixteen is that made people more disillusioned and made them feel, particularly with. Oh, I don't know the russian tampering as if their votes didn't actually count, so Are you at the voter suppression to it? So you have to figure way to let people know that You are mining this process and that's why Stacey Abrams what she's doing is really important. The Republicans, play the long game on voter suppression. Okay, and Democrats fell asleep at the wheel. There's no question about it. If people know. That there is a concerted effort to try to combat that. I think It will do a lot in regards to connecting with the voters who feel like their vote quote, doesn't matter if so search
in the Trump campaign apparently already is handing out literature and black barber shops now they're doing micro. If you send it to a black market, he manages his. He send it to the black bar. I think we should take I take a moment to just recognize that they are brave. Yes like we don't have to like them. But, let's be honest, I need video because I minute call to go ahead with this and they're doing that there had there my targeting on Facebook they're doing all this digital advertising? Well, but it's not, it doesn't seem like strategy strategy of the Trump campaign is to win the black vote. They like no. They can't do that, but it seems like they're going to try to do what they did in twenty. Sixteen is basically say yeah. We know that you don't like Donald Trump, but the Democrat is bad too. Maybe you should just vote for third party or stay home like how to how to Democrats deal with that dynamic yeah.
I mean look so. First of all, one thing just add: on's Abrams. The other thing she did is she running incredibly progressive and unabashedly progressive race in Georgia that excited a lot of people and gay people have reason to come out and vote for her to believe in her you know, she got out there. He organized that you give them a reason to give them a reason to be excited and to help. You know. That's his strategy across the board and its sophisticated in is to go into every crevice and every community and and plant a little seed of doubt plant a little bit of fear played a little bit of hate plan a little bit of dissatisfaction on and to try to chip chip away just enough right. That's that's part of how you became president, not just by turning out white voters in in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Michigan, but also doing his best to and and with the help of, a lot of misinformation. Antagonize black communities get just enough people to stay home. That's the strategy, that's it! It's there on he's, gonna! Do it again! Then it's going to be and- and I think sometimes we- we allow Trump's lack of sophistication to loss into a sense of security.
I think some of that was in the coverage of twenty sixteen about. How do you know Jarod? Is this what wonder candid, obviously that stupid? Because he's not- but you know I you know Dan talks about it all the time, just how sophisticated organization that they're putting together- and I think we underestimated at apparel. They will be everywhere and we need to be everywhere too, and we can't take any any rely. Democratic vote for granted, because we just. I assume. Maybe this is going to be a blowout, but we have to assume it's not, which means it's not just winning the places where we have people it's about preventing tiny losses everywhere because will win or lose on the margins. There's I think in the mind of the Trump campaign.
In an ideal world. They would love to shave one or two percent of the african american vote democratic nominee. That's actually how Bush won in two thousand and four was have. It was over performing with african voters in Ohio, but what he's really doing is when he campaigns for the black vote he's not really campaign that he's really campaigning for the white vote. It is part of a strategy to show
so white voters that he is not as racist as we say he is now that is undermined every time. He opens his mouth right, but that is the like. That's the idea on the whiteboard and I need the term White Board. How do you think that we like reach a lot of these voters? Because you know right now, then you complain about this. All the time like Donald Trump, is spending an enormous amount of money, his campaign on digital ads on Facebook. Ads I mean I remember when we talked to Stacy Abrams and we interviewed her. She was like you know. The typical strategies in the Democratic Party were telling me in my campaign. Oh you gotta be up on tv, you gotta be up on tv and what I did is invested a ton of money in organizing and digital strategy. Do you think that Democrats are heading down that path? Do you think we need to go there faster? This is for you to start screaming about.
I. I think that some campaigns vertically calmly arses giving of thought a lot about this and that's in part, because that is our strategy to win the nomination right right. That is that we got it. That is a vote. She needs a she's got overtake Warner buying, whoever else, but we can't wait to have a nominee because we are not going to have a nominee most likely until June, under the most ideal scenario June and so it should be happening right now, and I think what that is moving over here. Just gas on a later show will talk about why the increased odds were brokered convention, but but not tonight. So I think it's two fold right. It is, or it is and I think that is happening in communities right now. It is not waiting for a nominee or general actions. Normally that organizing starts in the summer and fall of two thousand sixteen Joe the of the residential out here, but it is also designed as in because if you think you're going to reach young people completely of people of color,
by doing CNN interviews and doing everything, are times you have fucking lost your mind. What yeah yeah, if you want to, if you want to speak to old white people, have already made their decision. That's a good way of doing that. The other thing that we should just know is that there are some state parties that are doing a better job than others, and I think that the Wisconsin Democratic Party understands that they under perform in Milwaukee and that we need to prioritize. Sending much organizers to Milwaukee early and like being those communities early on and not wait for the very end, yeah, just one stat that I think should just both give people hope and make you want to bang your head against the wall, which is Trump Trump won by seventy thousand votes across three states. Like that's what made him president? Across the country there were four million people who voted for Barack Obama, two thousand and twelve, who didn't vote in twenty, sixteen
studies show that that is a disproportionately large group of people of color, African Americans and Latinos, and I- and I I mean I think, when you think about that population like there is this feeling and you see it on twitter, you see on cable, sometimes that if Democrats just adopt very progressive policies, these voters will suddenly fell. Okay, Well, I'm going to go vote now, even though I didn't vote in twenty sixteen and the truth is about these voters is they are more cynical about government and about politics in about the possibility of politics, improving their lives than almost anyone, and so I feel like getting these voters out to the polls requires a lot
Than just you know, spending money and taking policy positions like I think it takes real organizing, it looks communities where there's a problem. The I think the Democrats are facing is like all the things that young people like and by the way I feel super old, but I'd like the arising of what young people like, because that's all people do, but all the things that young people tend to that invigorates him about pop politics are thing: things that the older establishment in the Democratic party does not like you know. The reality is that the younger people that they want to vote like a see a whole lot more than they like Nancy Pelosi. That's just the reality right because a sees real and she's authentic and what they don't get it from a lot of these politicians is authenticity and that's the part that they, they connect With- and you know, you're not going to be able to energize people if you're sounding like mom's on Facebook and a lot of
Democrats kind of sound like mom on Facebook, ok, yeah 'cause. They are right there. Just like tell me teach me about that new dance the kids are doing is like no you're, not shit like that, so I would say if they know, rather than look inauthentic Austin how to add coolant in the lingo of the young voters. I think the digital campaigns are smart, but they also have to tap people that the young people listen to so that means in North Carolina, Kamel hair. You gotta, call J, Cole, call J Cole and ask him to do some campaigning, we have, if you're in Atlanta 'cause, that's the thing that happened: Stacey Abrams you had killer MIKE. You had a lot of you ti you had them mobilizing people, young people who listen to them and they because they sign her. They came. Out in voting and so yeah. If that means you gotta have an ad with twenty one, savage do it. I also I love you see that we have. We have two politicians in recent years that have done and
unusual job of exciting young voters and on voters, Brocco, Bahman, Bernie, Sanders and are ideologically very different, and yet you have these two people who managed many ways different. Print bagel orders I assume, but all orders, waksal the day off, yeah bagel, seven, seven almonds blocks, but
Both have in common, is they represented change and they in everything they do did in their campaigns and continuing to do with burning in his campaign is convince you that they mean what they say and that they genuinely represent a movement seeking the kind of change people want and- and I, if they do, that with authenticity, they back it with that with their character, they back it with their policy, they back it with their way of speaking about the country, and I think it's just you know we're not doing this in a vacuum. We we have. We have examples, we can learn from what people and I the last thing is- and this is in the other similarity between Sanders and Obama. Is, you know, Sanders Slogan right now is not me us yeah, which was which Brock about miss it all. The time is both of them understood, and I think it was before and get this. I think a lot of the candidates get this right. Now is the need to build a movement
right is that you have this. This is this election is going to be one. I know this is a cliche, but it is going to be one on the ground in these communities with people knocking on doors, people don't buy television ads as much as they used to anymore, like they want to know what their neighbors are. Thinking with, their friends are thinking what people in their communities and thinking art so like. When we get to this election, knocking on doors, talk your neighbors talking. Friends, that's going to be the way we win this election, that's going to be all right when we, back, we'll have a game did you buy Rathi Rathi? Have you heard about this company making stylish shoes for women and girls out of recycled plastic water bottle holyshit? Oh. And they're insanely comfortable in machine washable. My mind is: blown Rafiz has quickly grown to a most loved gotta. Have them brand? It's no surprise. They have over one thousand, nearly perfect reviews, their stylish, sustainable, comfortable, washable, really all in one pair of shoes they're the perfect flats for
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sing a bird scooter through the Mcdonald's drive through on my way home, because in and out as bad We still love you. Do you some people mock this city, but the truth is play isn't all cocaine and terrible bagels In fact, this town is always also been home to some of the most politically intelligent folks. There are, and by politically intelligent I mean people who pay like two grand to go to a fundraiser at Elle, Annex House in Brentwood, so you can beg Cheston, life rights to make the make of a limited series on Hulu or fingers crossed quippy. Who was that for It was for Travis, but not tonight we're going to prove we're not in a bubble.
Tonight we're going to show that there's more that unites us than divides us from the snow covered lakes in Wisconsin to the sunlit concrete to we call call river in LOS Angeles Angelus. So let's play polar coaster. Tycoon family Feud Edition. I'm here to help us are some real Hollywood elites are musical guest. Tonight Jim James, Maggie Rogers and Bethany and Bob from best coast come out guys welcome. Thank you for being here now we are going to divide into two teams let's bags over here, Jim James so. I see a super linear high high high good to see you. How are you were old pals? Last week we run a pole with our friends at change, research that found that two thousand and twenty racing Wisconsin is going to be insanely close. There was only a one point: difference right now between Trump and a democratic candidate, but in the same poll we also asked for some open ended. One
answers from some folks in Wisconsin and we're going to see how good our players are at guessing those answers, family feud style, Tommy and Jim L you're on a team with Maggie Rogers and Jim James, Dan and John you're, with Bethany in Bombay thanks, Cortana now I see what now I see what happens: Everybody shut up. I'm not a game show host. I do this as a hobby. All right What's your job, it's kind of my job! That's that's weird! To realize here we got one of those little thin. Mikes yeah it'll spend my computer made in your damn it alright. So I'm going to ask a question: we're going to go back and forth trying to guess the answer at the very end, votes will decide who had the highest highest ranking answers. You guys ready, yeah. Alright, I'm going to start with Tommy
delete of this team question one. If Joe Biden were an animal, what what type of animal would he be? Do you guys think honey bear Honey, Badger, Meerkat honey. I feel so sophisticated how many you'll are in right now that sounds good. We're going daughter, John, now it's not not honor Wisconsin right, you guys are up and dog, I do not advocate it back over to Tommy give us another gas,
again yeah family, Bugman. Ok, what else can see family feud, something like Steve Harvey we got bear bear bear biggest bear no, afraid, not self hating, Wisconsinites yeah you got I'd won this round. But let's see what the answers were at five, pat we have made a winds are gonna. For Tiger. Three was lion who was wearing animals? Two was sloth, Little heads little edge on our let's face it and number one John all right. Whatever yeah right question number two:
which one celebrity who's never been involved in. Politics would be most likely to impact your vote if they endorse the candidate, and I will tell you That two of the top answers were none an nobody. So we took those out. John Dan Any bomb kick us out, I'm pretty not involved in a cell. You required by. There is not involved at all yeah, Yeah? Okay, John Obra, got it hi that was uh, yes, that that was a good guess that that's like is it and then there's like a really good spot to start on and it sucks up the whole game? 'cause it's six hundred and fifty nine and you're like fuck. That's a lot of. Would you know what I mean What do you think?
No he's been involved in House wait. So his way from did you say the rocker, Barack, the rather Rock yeah. I thought I heard Varrato right up. Thank you who is who that guy, that sucked up at the end of that award show that also hosts family feud Steve. Yeah, I'm Steve Harvey. Alright, we got two this one closes a tactician. I would pick Beyonc yeah yeah the you're, not even sure, you're. Ok, with this domestically yeah. No, I am ok we're going to go with Beyonc now, what swiss Conson. What do you think yeah? I thought she is universal T Swift, No man I'm going to give Maggie gym, change about one more guess, just 'cause. They got really fucked on the
thing that was just sitting there: Springsteen Springsteen in Wisconsin, that's on Maggie collected Maggie we should have done all right yeah. Who should you doesn't have any honest Yanni? yeah as it is now not aware of all righty Yanni, all right. Five was Ellen I feel like that yeah yeah yeah people of the dancing but if you look at Allen's eyes, you can tell that she does
for her was Keanu Reeves. Ok, that's right! That's right! You liberal bubble John Wick, one John Wick, two John Wick, three, every single one of the hit. How many people on this stage of seeing all the John Wick movies? Ok, ok, alright, alright, always been. Oh, maybe they shoot a dog, I'm not watching that movie. Three was Dwayne: the Rock Johnson who is Tom, Hanks just sitting there just sitting there, and I was just sitting there. An number one was of course Oprah. So we win guys. Bethany Bob John and Anne you've won the game. That is the family feud. That was fun
probably the stage, but I don't want to thank you too Amanda Seales, Jemele Hill, Jim James, Maggie Rogers and best posts. Thank you guys. Thank you all for coming out. Please go to votesaveamerica dot com. We have four hundred and forty four days till the twenty twenty election make. All of them count. Thank you, but I don't want to go.
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