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In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, a new student movement is born, the Republican/NRA conspiracy nuts go crazy, and Republican politicians start feeling the pressure. Then Jon and Tommy talk to comedian Billy Eichner about Glam Up the Midterms, his new effort to register young voters. 

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order now yeah. I would say this. I can't imagine anyone who saw all more over the ten years of the Obama decade of two thousand and two thousand two thousand. Seventy thousand seventeen then ban yeah, he is a beautiful right, are how they always says that every band right speech find a way to make her cry. I mean that's a low bar, but then I said Beautiful Right It's got an amazing story to tell Ann I am super excited this book. I have preordered my copy and I would encourage everyone to do so. It's going to be, I think, when people look back on the I'm a year is many many many years from now. Bands book will be a very important part of the story. I know I can't I can't wait to read this book so anyway, everyone go get it it's in on Amazon now June. Twelve is the date okay. So let's talk about Everything that's going on around guns in gun control, then I would say that yesterday,
was one of the more hopeful days for the gun, control movement. I can remember in a long time in states all across the country, so I kids walk out of schools and support of the Stoneman Douglas High school students happened in Arizona Happen in Maryland and Kentucky and Texas and Florida thousands of protesters marched straight to Tallahassee. They slept on a cot the civic center the night before and then they walked into the state capital and demanded new gun laws. Obviously there is appointment as there is with Republican controlled legislatures in Florida and all across the country, the Republican led legislature, in Florida rejected a ban on assault weapons, but there now talk Think about a deal that would raise the age from eighteen to twenty when you can buy an assault weapon Institute three day waiting period. Ban, bump stocks arm school personnel, which we can talk about, and I believe this sort of a terrible idea, but Dan. What do you think about?
sort of the deal that's happening in the Florida legislature, which is completely republican, controlled, better nothing. What one hundred percent better than nothing. Obviously, like you said, I'd have very real concerns about a society, thinks think the best way to protect students. To give guns to their teachers, more guns in schools. That's the answer give just whatever the that is not the right. We are closing the barn or after the horses left, if that's our solution, but here's the thing which is the the gun lobby, the NRA, the right wing, the fear mongers on Fox NEWS, their success, has been in defeating every piece of Legislation two sap hope from the movement of people who want to make this country safer, so this success is it everything we want is going to solve all the problems that perfect no. But it is something to build on. You can't build on now
so that this is a tribute to those kids more than anyone else, those families and in the public for a row. Playing behind these children, these students, and so if we can get something done if some lives will be saved and there is no doubt that would be the case. If this were to pass, then that is a victory like we have not seen in a long time in the fight over guns yeah, I think, with some more what will ultimately be more important and lasting from what's happening around parkland right now is not the legislation that will be passed in the short term, but the move
that's being built that will last for the long term, and I think that you know at least from now, until November we are going to deal with the politics. We have with the Republican, controlled Congress republican President Republican Legislatures republican governors across the country, but this is building towards November, when we can vote a lot of those people out hopefully and get a lot of pro gun, control, Democrats in office and then look at the movement it has to last for years, because, as we saw it during the Obama era, even having Democrats in Congress is in a guarantee that we'll get the gun safety legislation that we need, and so you have to keep fighting. But but it's different out of the base of this movement now, which is the student students not just in Florida, but students all across the country in these high schools being active, and that's something that to me
is incredibly hopeful, because these kids are not going to be cowed by the NRA and they're not going to become cynical because you know they didn't get the assault weapons ban. They wanted on day one they're just going to keep going and I think that's incredibly inspiring yeah. It really is- and I think you were looking at a generation of leadership, and I think We'll look back five hundred and ten years from now Some of these students who have risen to the should enable be political, the generation just like there are people who help read the movement against the Vietnam WAR, who were leaders their generation or the movement against the Iraq war or people like Our friend array who who came to prom It's in Ferguson in the black lives matter movement- and this is the future of this country, and it is
to be for as dark as everyone thing seems as a something to feel really good about, because these kids are impressive, his house yeah. So, let's talk about the prospects for federal action this morning, another big morning for Trump to its the drum tweeted about how we should put more guns in schools by arming teachers who had quite a few to on that, we should note that first, he started saying like fake news says: I wanted to give guns to teachers. That's not true. What I want to do is give guns to teachers he's basically what he went on to say. You know. Just was trying to say is that you- I only want to give guns to the teachers that are trained for this, and that would being about twenty percent of teachers across the country. You arm them with guns. Let's talk about this idea, a little first of all, I don't know if we've already forgotten that There was an armed guard at Stoneman Douglas High School, who never encountered the shooter once
is there. We know that in certain states, where they've said that it's okay to arm teachers, not one school district, has taken up. The states offer to do that because they don't believe it would make kids safer police officers have warned that that's not going to make kids safer by arming teachers. Teachers don't want to Dan. What do you think about this idea? It's insane in insane view that my mom was a teacher for decades. Elementary mine, too and the idea that- and that is a hard job to which Teachers are dramatically underpaid, it's one of the most important jobs in our society and at the same time that we are cutting funding for education. Classes, his are getting bigger the teacher ratio is getting worse, we're going to say that, in addition trying to teach with less resources a generation of kids to be prepared for the real world to learn prepare for the new economy you are.
Also going to have to be a law enforcement officer in your spare time. So just that idea is crazy, but then we are giving up. If we believe that it is so hard to stop with the wrong people from getting guns, we just have to give guns to more people to turn elementary School into the ok corral, is crazy and trained professionals. Police officers, members of the military in close quarters combat well sometimes shoot the wrong person. They will miss the idea that a teacher or a coach or a janitor, to use the terms that Trump using his event yesterday are the right. Solution to this is insane is absolutely insane and the only reason people are promoting. It is because the gun lobby, more people to buy guns. So if you have teachers by guns, those are more guns sold and
make schools more dangerous, not less less that safer. It's a completely insane idea. I mean, even you know, Marco Rubio at that scene in town all last night said and good for him for saying this, that it was a terror, idea. This is something that you know the NRA was talking about. After new town after the elementary school shooting at sandy hook, they waited a little bit longer than the may have this time, but that was there for a solution to to teachers. So they've been saying this when they now, I look back at some of the coverage than when they said this right after saying hook. Everyone thought it was the most insane thing that ever heard and people were saying it was crazy and all that kind of stuff. Now we the President knighted States advocating for it. So that's where we are one stat error that how I told me this morning, but then I forgot to add Google that we're doing this, but is the park City Police Department. These are train professionals only had an accuracy rate of about eighteen percent, so you have police officers, miss
sometime between seven hundred and ten times or eight hundred and ten times depending on the year, and so idea that teachers firing, weapons in a close quarters situation with these students is just so dangerous, it's dangerous! It's funny. When you mentioned your mom, like my mom, the teacher too. I cannot imagine if there was a god forbid if there had ever been a shooting, when my mom was a teacher and then the next day she went into and they were like here's your gun, MRS Vavro. Good luck, just she would be like excuse Maine. Are you crazy god? It's such a bad idea so Trump also tweeted about. He said that he's he's going to be released, wrong on comprehensive background checks, with an emphasis on mental health. For raising the age to twenty one for assault weapons and he wants to end the sale of bump stocks on Tuesday Trump announced that he signed a memo directing Jeff sessions to propose regulations that ban bump stocks and other devices that turn semi automatic firearms into machine guns. Now this last part
bump stock, seems like bullshit, because the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, the agency that regulates guns, the federal government just said after the Vegas Massacre, that they cannot regulate bump stocks unless Congress changes the law which Congress refuses to do can't get any publicans to do that after Vegas, even though people thought there's some going to something that was going to happen there Dan. What do you think about the bump stocks? and also Trump's other tweets about background checks and raising the age and all that kind of stuff. It's important to draw a distinction between comprehensive background checks, which tries what Trump mentioned in universal background, So there are a number of loopholes in the current background check law including gun, shows, among other things, private sales and so in twenty thirteen after Newtown. What Democrats some Republicans tried to do while President Obama was in office, was to pass a universal background check law, which would mean that if,
all virtually all gone. People who buy guns would need to get a background check, and that is what Trump is talking about here. As far as we can tell, he is talking about a different piece of legislation. Still also a good thing, which it would strengthen the current back check system to make sure that more information got into the quote. Unquote Nick system miss it's called to ensure that people get flag like do that. We should have done that one hundred years ago, it's talking and saying that we have it, but it is not. Significant step towards something real and Chris Murphy, who one of the sponsors of that ledger. Vision along with John Cornyn from Texas, says as much he was like yeah. Obviously, we should pass this bill, but no one should tell you that this bill will actually do anything to solve the problem in a big way. Basically, that bill it increases grants for state that send the federal background check system, at least ninety percent of their records on people with serious mental illness? So it is basically a bill that coordinates
should already be coordinated between the state and federal background check system that already exists. It does not expand them, it does not close the loophole. That means that people who buy guns on the internet or from at gun shows up don't have to have any kind of run check at all. It's not it's not real. I mean great, do it fine, but on the back forward trump. Also, of course, then he tweeted that leaders of the NRA are great people which you know was interesting to do right before the CPAC speech. Where Wayne, Lapierre and Dana Lush went out and said awful things like that. The media loves shootings. In that you know, Democrats are part of a authoritarian plot to take over the world and blah blah blah, so that was fun, so Trump also met with students, parents and teachers. Yesterday, I don't know if you saw I'm sure you did the the card he was holding, who who gave him like instructions on how to talk with these p
and number five said. It was a reminder to have him say I hear you, people just sort This is the one thing I'm not super worked up about it, it's more fun, than anything else. It's sort of instructed empathy for Donald Trump. You know I'm sure the staff, if do this when you work for Donald Trump- and he says the ship that he says, you probably feel like you have to put that on the card you know I have a hierarchy of outrageous when it comes to Trump in this one is actually pretty low on the list. I thought this was more funny than anything else. So what do we think? I mean, let's step back on all the trump stuff. Where do we think this leads? How serious do you do you think he is about this? What kind of obstacles does he face due to his own ineptitude, Also politics. This is going to sound crazy to say I think he acts Lee thinks he's serious about this yeah. I do, I think, he. I don't think it comes from some place of
for the students or parents or law enforcement officers. It's demonstrated no empathy for any human being other than himself Roger Ailes and Roy Moore and Steve Wynn over the course of but I think he likes to ride the wave of news coverage, and this is what the world is focused on. So he's got to talk about in order to be on tv, and I think he probably thinks he wants. Do something that challenges threefold. He has the intention span of a three year old who had a case of fun dip. He Peter has no knowledge of either of the fix the issue or the politics surrounding it, so he doesn't even know what he's saying when he says things: like's arm teachers in comprehensive background checks and what that means, and three the Republican Party by proxy, the NRA, are against doing anything real here, so
the fact that he's saying Trump is said: many things Dhaka. First structure, all of those things and they've never gone anywhere because he's incapable of doing the actual work of governing. Yes, I mean he is this. It is fundamentally about his laziness and his ignorance of just about everything that he gets all of his information for cable television, primarily fox. So you can imagine that he was watching television over the last week and probably probably watched a lot of CNN too, because he likes hate watching CNN and he probably these these students speaking and he said you know that that makes sense. You know we to to the people is fucking. It, our logo and he's like yeah. That makes sense. I want to be better on background checks and better on this, and also he talks to some crazy people and they say arm teachers. So he says he's for all this stuff. There will be legislation from Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats will have actually real legislation to do something about this. Weekends will have whatever the NRA supports, and then the republic
will go to him in the White House or his staff will and they'll tell him. This is the good legislation that we're supporting and what the Democrat Supporting is horrible and will destroy the second amendment and destroy America, and so then you know week from now Trump will tweet whatever the Democrat bill is, is horrible, Awful in the republican bill is good because he doesn't know any better because he doesn't pay attention because he can't read, and that will be that it's this exact same thing. He did on immigration when he said yeah. No, I love the dreamers. I have a soft spot for the dreamers, except when there's actual legislation to protect the dreamers. He says that it. Awful and that only his legislation is right because that's what its staff and the Republicans tell him and he's easily misled and easily fooled because he's an idiot he's an idiot who shouldn't be president. I mean that's just I don't know that, there's more analysis than that. You know yeah. I mean like there are these larger structural things about politics and are rice stage. The ace and polarization of the Republicans the influence, the monetary
cultural info Cra, and then there is just the fact that Donald Trump is uh people in an interested. In actually being president no he's interested like you, know, riding the latest cable news cycle and that's about it and just to get a good understanding of how difficult this would be to pass anything in Congress House Republicans have already said at least the the portion of House Republicans the control. The entire congress, which is the Freedom caucus, say, they'll only vote to strengthen background checks if they're also able to pass concealed, carry reciprocity. What's that well
Some states allow teenagers domestic abusers or convicted stockers to legally obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. If concealed carry reciprocity passes and you have a permit to carry from one of these states, every other state is forced to recognize that permit, no matter how tough their gun laws are. So it basically would shred the gun laws of any state and for them to match the weakest gun laws of some other state doesn't sound like a great deal, then no, that's bad! That is That is one step forward. Eighteen steps back- it's just also it's worth noting those PETE's rights Republicans really it's. So if your state, which Womans care so too much about passes. Tough.
Gun laws than people from other states can move there an impose their laws on you. It is it's pretty gross. Let's talk about what would work and what Democrats should be proposing here I mean some people have talked about bringing back assault weapons ban. So everyone knows in nineteen. Ninety four Bill Clinton passed a federal assault, weapons ban in the ten year period before the ban, the number people who died from gun, massacres which are defined as six or more deaths from a single shooting dropped. Forty three percent- and this is the ten year period after the ban- it dropped forty percent compared to before the band. The number of gun massacres dropped. Thirty, seven percent after the ban expire in two thousand and four because Congress refused to extend the assault, weapons, ban, gun, massacres then went up. One hundred and eighty three percent in death went up two hundred and thirty nine percent. So this in people do believe that it's all weapons ban, along with a ban on high
pasetti ammunition, would be, you know some of the most effective gun measures out there. What do you think do you think Democrats should be saying? Yes, we should be for that. An more write! It like the fact that there are a large portion of elected members of Congress and people in the country who believe that it is their that their second amendment right in kludze ability to carry weapons through the ones used to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Soup seeds, the right of students, teachers, people walking on the street. I'm getting shot is one of the fucking craziest things about America. It is bad. I didn't say there are some real discussions about people be able to have guns for home protection, for hunting and shooting for sport and all kinds of things like that, but assault weapons ban. The fact that there are people arguing against assault weapons band is fucking crazy.
And if you watched Marco Rubio at the town hall last night, C9, which I will say, I'm obviously biased, because I'm a senior contributor that was a really great thing. Cnn did, I think, you're going to see your bias because you hate Marco Rubio so much oh, I do I do, but I thought it was a great Jake did a great job with it. You know yeah I thought there. It was really a very worthwhile piece of journalism at CNN did I think everyone who saw that is better for it on either side of the aisle and those kids and parents who set up there are amazing and so brave Jake did great, because I think I imagine it must have been very difficult to moderate, things like that, because I'm sure Jake had a bunch of follow up questions. I'm sure Jake could have fact checked. You know the NRA. Open a whole bunch of other people, but he really made a conscious decision to just let everyone talk and only tried to make sure that everything was moving smoothly. You know, and so I think,
good job of it yeah, but in their Marco Rubio tried to defend his opposition to an assault, weapons ban and his Argument is basically that the last law was in perfect in there are loopholes in we're going to run it, so we should have no law, which is possibly the dumbest argument ever made by any human being, which is because we can't stop all of the killings. We will try to stop none of the killings. That is argument, and that was one of the great things about our argument for everything. That's there that the entire gun argument. It's the it's, not even it's not I think the argument of the NRA. It's the argue of the most spineless republican politicians in consultants. They somehow think that they've got us on that one you know like: oh well, can't stop all the killing, so we shouldn't try to stop any of it. Haha we got now. Democrats like what are you fucking talking about it is so stupid. It did Marco Rubio and I will say also this Marco Rubio go
sing two. There was a good thing for him. As a senator from Florida, not chickened out. I'm told other members of Congress. I believe I read other members of Congress. Republicans did not go now, Rubio staffing. She should get the congressional Fuqing Medal of honor during a town hall, which is embarrassing it's going was. That was better than not going for sure yeah. But it was good that he went. He also he's the senator from the state of Florida place in which there was a mass shooting and after the mass shooting, there's a town hall with the survivors of that mass shooting, who are students and he came to take there. Questions. I think that is the least someone can do and I'm glad he did it, but like when we started giving out participation trophies to people who just show up and do their jobs. You know I mean it is Marco Rubio is better than Rick Scott for,
going to that town hall and good for him for answering the questions in good for him for listening to those kids and doing his job, but he did his job. You know. Yes, it is table stakes right. Those people pay. His salary, so it says a lot about how the I think this might even be a tweet time. We have last night, but the soft bigotry of low expect that just merely showing up to take questions from your constituents days after their students and children were massacred in a shooting incident isn't. You should really shouldn't yourself on the back for I think it is just expose for the world to see, as Marco Rubio can do, how intellectually bankrupt the arguments on the other side of this discussion are that's why people treat up he said yeah. If you start bringing some assault, weapons will start leading to banning all assault weapons, and then everyone just stood up and cheered. You know just like yeah man, that's because the idea of banning semiautomatic military
weapons is something. That's fairly popular, in fact, Quinnipiac just did uphold this week. Sixty six percent of the american people support stricter gun laws. Sixty seven percent support the assault weapons, eighty three percent support a mandatory waiting period and universal Background checks, ninety seven percent to two never seen a poll question like that in as long as I can remember ninety seven to two now. This is a Quinnipiac poll. If you but other polls, it would show the here's our little closer, but still these already positions in this country, which is important to understand yeah, there's, no, no, better, testament how the Republicans are broken or politics than than these eight thousand and ninety percent issues can't get done. Something so important. This is not Eighty percent of people want to close loop. Tax loopholes. Allow companies that ship jobs overseas would be a great thing to do. This is something that eighty nine percent of people support that involve,
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so. I want to talk about the reaction from The NRA, an from just the in general to parkland, which has been as disgusting and awful as you'd. Imagine: first, let's talk about some of the right wing. Conspiracy theories that have been floating around and peddled by some of our favorite people about the students, the students themselves. You had former republican congressman and CNN contributor Jack Kingston say that George Soros is paying to mobilize seventeen year olds against gun violence. This is also something that sheriff David Clarke said, who was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention, so they're going with just sort of a hint of anti Semitism there talking about George Soros, paying these kids, then you have the things are crisis actors, conspiracy, which is being promoted by TED Nugent, who has a nice picture with himself in the oval
with our President Gateway pundit with who has White House Press briefing path, they can go to the White House. Press briefing room you have Alex phone saying it was a false flag. Of course he said the same about sandy hook. You have Donna, Trump Junior liking, two tweets that suggested one student was attacking Trump to cover for his father, who is a retired FBI agent. What the FUCK Dan, I just d had so many thoughts about this first. The only thing that Donald Trump Junior has ever succeeded at was being a worse person than his father. Second, this is not the fringe. No, this is not a bunch used to be against on the grassy knoll, not anymore. This is the Republican Party and this Paul Ryan Mitch, Mcconnell Mitt Romney. You are responsible for these people because you have nurtured this culture paranoia and hate you. Let them in the White House
put them in the White House, and then you supported their agenda. You still support it. To this day, come on yes, Mitt Romney. He is courageous and his opposition to Trump during the election? And I don't in begrudge him for being willing to be Donald. Trump's secretary of state, but let's not forget that in two thousand and twelve Mitt Romney sought to benefit politically from the birther movement, I quoting Donald Trump and then doing an endorsement event with him. All of these people, any point at any point. Over the last ten years, Paul Ryan, John Baynor Mitch Mcconnell, stood up and said something about birtherism the strains of racism within the party. They could have Kik Steve King out of the caucus, they could have said something have refused to be on Fox NEWS shows with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, but instead they decided to benefit from it, and this is what has happened. They have become a party of kooky conspiracy, Chris, who tried try to fuel racial animus to
elections in it's disgusting, and I don't really know whether Paul Ryan Mitch, Mcconnell someone who works for them. This is on you. You are on the wrong side of history. And you could do something about it, and many Republicans have I tweeted that this is the Republican Party as it is now and John Weaver, a longtime republican consultant for John Kasich in John Wick in others, tweeted back in who has been a strong in his opposition to Trump through the back at main that John Kasic in John Mccain had not become this. I think that is a fairpoint that it like that John Kasinga, John Mccain have have resisted some of that, not all the time, but others, but for the most part this is who you are this is you become, and this is you're trying to keep in power. If you go to work in the Republican Party today and it's disgusting yeah oh look. I mean you mention John Mccain. It just reminded me, you know there were John Mccain was one of the four republican senators who voted for the mansion to me. Universal background check bill that Obama tried to push in the wake of sandy hook.
That failed, because Marco Rubio and a bunch of other republican senators and honestly, a few Democrats like Heidi Heitkamp and some of those people didn't vote for it, a bill that had like ninety percent support. So you know the other thing about like padding Marco Rubio on the back to. If we're going to Florida, like maybe he's look at Marco Rubio changes all his positions on guns in votes that way Marco Rubio. I will praise him on this podcast, but he was there. He blocked a bipartisan bill. They had ninety percent approval rating to expand universal background checks. Two extra strength and background checks didn't do anything about it and now his staff things you should get some award for going to the thing last night. Just imagine be Marco Rubio staff You went to work for him, you thought he was going to be. The Savior Republican Party do everything and he basically lost the Ben Carson, the presidential election. You scraping the bottom of the barrel here for good good news moments. I thought also by by the way, but if you have a great story yesterday about how the students have fought back in some
these conspiracy theories and they've done so in a better way than the victims of these conspiracies, when they're politicians or you know, members of the mainstream media, that the way these kids treat them is they're all on Twitter, although students from Stoneman Douglas tweeting right back there tweeting about them, they're making jokes about the conspiracy theory they're, exposing these people for who they are. We are a bunch of fucking clowns and it's working. You know like it's an interesting look into sort of like the that these students are growing up in right now, which is you know, they're all Twitter they're all on Facebook, they know this world just as well as the Trump conspiracy theorists know this world and you know they're winning that fight. Yeah I mean I mean on every dimension. These kids are just something that gives you great hope for the future of America but they're. Also the internet generation they've,
If you are seventeen now, you've spent your entire life on the internet, around social media, your entire. You know you've Facebook, it's been around ten years, you've been off more than ten years. I have been on even on Facebook. Much offends you understand these things and you they're just better they're, more internet savvy about how to deal with what is essentially cyber bullying from the right than a lot of Democrats politicians. There is a generational gap here, some of the younger Democrats or people who came into politics later in life are simply better at social media than people who came into it later. You know you look at Jason, Kander or Chris Murphy or Brian Schatz, who are great at twitter and cheese. It is different, but there are so many lessons we learned about how These kids have seized the moment how they've responded to the right, how they have been unbowed by the prospects, the limited prospects of success in willing to push through
and unwilling to accept the world as it is right. So you go in your life, we I want to change gun laws in Florida, the NRA in there in the gun, rights, people own Florida, you knocking anything down here and they said that's how it is we're gonna change that it is, it is powerful and it you know. Would remark obviously reminds me of how our old boss thinks about the world by there's just these are dark days, and there is there's hope the refrain. Emma Gonzalas Speech, we call BS, is not just a refrain about guns. It is sort of an answer to so an entire older generation of politics and that the phoniness of politics these days phoniness of the right wing in their conspiracy theories and how ridiculous it is, instead of trying to argue it point by point,
this call out. The bullshit you know, and- and you just mentioned- are old boss like in a lot of people. Remember him for being you know, hi flute, rhetoric, inspiring and all that kind of stuff, but part of but made Obama affective when he was affective. Is that he sort of call? the game of politics and he called out the bullshit of politics and that's what these students are doing right now and I think that's what's so effective and that's it and and that's what we need you can't you can't sit. There and fucking argue with the NRA point by point: 'cause, it's on the level. It's not a good faith argument. These people are fucking Shield Wayne LAB we're talking about elites. You know I did destroy America. Wayne Lapiere makes fuqing five million dollars a year. You think worried about some. Like you, know, authoritarian takeover America. He is the fucking elite class. In this country republic, control all three of government, they have the largest fuqing media organization in the country and they're running around talking about elites. They fucking run country. They are the elites.
It's so ridiculous. We're going together in a second here, but one of the were there. Man alright get one of the bright Bart wannabes from the Federalist. I don't remember who work which one but said tweeted that something about the assault weapons ban and how the government that spied on us wants to take away our weapons, so we can't defend ourselves from it. Ok, I have a message, for you This ain't, fucking red dawn right, if you think you, with your Ar15, we're going to take down the United States government. That is a deeply stupid way of going about life. That is not going to happen. That is not how it works. It will not. I understand that a well regulated militia made sense a long time ago. That is not world we live in and, if want to change, your government go vote. That is how you do it you're not doing it at gunpoint.
If you tried you were going to lose that battle. I am sorry whether it is a Democrat. Republican in charge. Get with in the reason, the NRA and their acolytes make this argument, is that the NRA is not an organization that represents gun owners. They are a lobbying group for gun manufacturers, so they want to convince as many Americans possible to buy more guns because of manufacturers, make more money. They will give more honey, the NRA. They will spend more money advertising in the NRA obligations and on their websites and it is what it is. So they want you to think that they want to create this fiction, that for the last line of defense between an authority we take over of the government that has never happened in the plus years of this country, they want you to think that immigrants, and terrorists are coming to kill you, so you have a gun, even though all of the public research that is, we've been allowed to have in this country. So
that you were more likely to death in your house with a gun than otherwise that is who they are, and so, my here's. What I think we should be on the NRA ignore him An array is not the fucking problem in this country. They are the face of the Prob in this country- and so you saw this- the pray owns Congress. The NRA doesn't own Congress. The NRA actually spends less money than many other industries. We have larger cultural problem in this country, but we we should be going after the gun manufacturers and we should be pressuring people who do business with the gun manufacturers. So Facebook and another a number of other social media internet platforms. Don't allow gun sales on their on their platforms. When I worked at I mean we didn't, allow you to raise money to purchase weapons, to purchase guns. An Andrew Ross Sorkin, the New York Times Financial had a really interesting article about what would happen if the banks in the credit card companies stopped,
allowing that. I think that's a very interesting thing and so look for a different people lawmakers who vote for the agenda, but we are, we get wrapped around the axle about the NRA and we treat them as some mythical. Organization with MAGIC powers- that's not what it is, the NRA got, their asses kicked in two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve. They lost the board. We want a Senate race in Fuqing, North Dakota right, This is in Missouri States with huge gun owner populations. That's not the thing, but we should look at all the public pressure points. There's a campaign happening right now, on the internet. That is gearing up because Amazon Errors, the NRA Tv on there. I think there video platform really one of them. If that isn't that is I've learned that from the internet. If that is incorrect, I will correct that later, but I been told that by multiple people who have access to, you're right about. That, though, like look, I mean
I believed Marco Rubio last night, when he responded to Cameron who is question about. You know NRA donations, and he said I'm not by anyone's agenda like people buy into my agenda and never donated. I'd still believe these things believe mark Rubio when he says that and beat him defeat, him believe Paula and republican politicians when they tell you that the NRA donations don't make a difference and that these are their genuine beliefs. They're, probably telling the truth, and that's why they shouldn't be in office yeah. They don't agree with us secretly and then just don't do what we want, because the NRA gave them a check. That's not. That is not the problem. The problem is they're, more afraid of gun rights activists. Then gun safety activists right, and so the only way we're going to beat them is to say, is to win elections by organizing
campaigning on this issue among others, and send a message that you should be more afraid of gun safety activists that gun rights activists. No, and I agree you're right about the NRA too, and it is what they are trying to pull on American what they have hold for a long time is the same con that Donald Trump has pulled on America and the Republican Party today, which is a bunch of rich, powerful elite, assholes tell Everyone else at their problems are caused by other fictional, rich, powerful elite. Assholes right. It's just like this whole thing. This is the Republican Party today be scared of someone else. That's that's screwing you over when these people are the rich powerful,
people who are in charge right now. That is true, the NRA that is true, Donald Trump and his tax cut. That is true of him in his health care plan down the line, these are rich, powerful people who protect and enrich only their own and they're, trying to fool everyone else in this country to believe that someone else is responsible for their problems. That is the whole game right now, and our job is to just point out that game is bulshit. Last question: what impact do you think this could have on two thousand and eighteen? Where does this go from here? You know, that's a great question. I don't know the answer to and I think it's even bigger than two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and twenty wish. I was a little bit the beginning, which is, we might be seeing a generation of young people get engaged in. Politics like we have not seen for at least ten years, An whether that is around the people who went to airports to protest the deeply offensive muslim band, whether it's the people who have been organized on the women's
March in the me too movement around this you're, seeing a level of activism in this country, and if these kids keep working and people keep saying motivated, Weed Don't give into our national a dd and fight for the things like we can make a real difference right. So if we have a democratic house and Democratic Senate, we can pass bill after bill. Universal background checks, assault, weapons ban and then now you're in the game now you're in a negotiation with the Trump administration you're making you're, either making, do it or you at least have it. You are at the table having a conversation about how to get something done it, maybe not the perfect thing we want, but it's progress, and then you build on that progress and go forward, and one more thing I want to say on this: is you know like this? One feels different. Yeah. It does right- and I think that says a lot about these- the eloquence and courage of these students and
and I think, they're tapping into a vein of activism in this country- that's been going on since the day after the election in two thousand and sixteen, but it's also You know I was in the White House during your town, and I mean you were if you were there, any town in the fire for gun safety and like those new town, parents are just some of the ray just the amount of courage and poise they had to fight so hard in the wake of something that is so unimaginable happening is just breathtaking, and there is nothing that made present Obama or any of us more angry or more sad than when Republicans in Congress refused to meet with them and then voted down the loo legislation in the wake of children being massacred in their school little small children. But we are here today with a chance of progress in Florida and in Washington also because of that right.
Yeah, as Obama would always say, change is hard and it takes time, and so you know the Newtown parents move the ball really far forward with their organizing their activism and their voices. And you know these. These kids at from parkland are hopefully push it across the finish line and then three more people are going to take it forward, and so we just have to it's, not that the previous fights failed. It's that they didn't get us all the way there, but they moved us forward- and we wouldn't be here today without the activism of those Newtown families, and that's an important lesson is an important lesson to learn. Also especially all the students who are you know taking up this fight right now is that these things take a long time, there's a lot of disappointments along the way and there's a lot of setbacks along the way, and you know it's not just. I think I think the reason this time is different is not just the story of the parkland students. It's sort of the story.
Activism in the Trump era, which is a lot of people in this country. Waking up and saying, like I am sick of this I and they they thought that things are going to be taking care of and they thought that they wouldn't have to make this their whole lives. But whether it's the women who marched in the women's March, whether it's the people who went to those airports, whether it's the people who, for the first time in Alabama or Virginia whether it's people have been part of the me too movement. These are people who are saying you know I realize that politics is an everyday struggle and that it is not something that just happens in Washington that it has to be something that happens in my community and you know that's inspiring, and it's also it's necessary. It's the only way, we're going to change things and- we're going to lose a bunch along the way, but that doesn't mean
You just pointed out with what happened in twenty thirteen after Newtown. That doesn't mean the story is over. The story keeps going as long as you as long as you keep it gone, so you're not going to win every fight in politics, but you're always better off for fighting the fight. That's right! That's right! All right! On that inspiring note. When we come back, we will talk to Billy Eichner, who has a great new effort to glam midterms and get young people out there too. Vote hi there. America brought you by parachute which politician. Most needs a good night of sleep right now. Oh man, I mean you know I've said this before, but look I don't believe sleep will solve Donald Trump's problems, but if you could just cut out the diet coke at night and get six hours instead of four hours, he might be at tiny I'll, tell you those tweets last Saturday night went very late and then I thought. Ok
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That's it we're not using the other payments anymore, we're using the cash app. That's it. It's done! Welcome Billy, Eichner, hey God save America, I'm so excited to be here. I'm a huge fan right ahead regarding main yeah. I listen all the time. Not every episode but my wild amounting to sort of get by when I can squeeze it in but uh. Very upset that John Lovett is not here, so he's very upset. Oh, is he he didn't say that, but I think he's probably mad that this was scheduled. Air John Lovett not be here. Doesn't he know who I am. I invented loud gay Jews who love to hear themselves. Talk, ok, show a little respect, love it. Loader leave at any left.
I'd say about me: he is busy with his solo career right now, yeah the spin off yeah, the spin off is, is hey yeah yeah. Thank you guys are the Kelly, Rowland yeah I'd say: is America out there? It's you and Destiny's child guys. I know that it was not a thing: yeah, okay, okay, they're, a band. They were a band yeah. The band tell us about a glimmer of the mid terms, so I I started a voter initiative campaign. A call glam up the mid terms with my friends at funny or die. Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay's company they've been producing my show Billy on the street for many years, I'm very close with those guys, and I call them up trump had said something. God knows why can't even remember what it was 'cause there's so much everyday, but six months ago, so I called funny or die, which has, history of doing politically oriented initiatives like this, like they did with Obama CARE and between two ferns, and I had done a billion
free video with Michelle Obama few years ago, and so I said I wanted. Let's do something, but I'm sick of angry tweeting all the time and it doesn't feel like the most productive thing, even though I'll keep doing it, it always there's some great. How could you not make a living it's right exactly ours is arctic can actually think angry. Tweeting can be productive in its own way, but I will to do something I had a tangible effect and then we got all the statistics and which said that in the last mid term election, only twelve percent of millennials voted in twenty fourteen derailed, which is very bleak yeah. But then I I thought before I just get sort of self righteous about that. I thought to myself. You know I'm in my late 30s. I am more than willing to admit that I have. I have skipped a mid term or two in my day, and maybe you guys
have, and we all had a. I think we all have a right. We all have right me. Twelve percent, over all skipping the mid term and the percentages. Are that much better as you get older, you know, but for millennials it's particularly bad. I know millennials, probably don't wanna be called millennials, but I'm sorry, that's just what you are and so so I said: ok, that's a dismal bleak statistic: what can we do to register voters knowing there's a mid term coming up and knowing now compared to two years ago? There is so much outrage and so much anger and people want to be productive. But thought. How do we focus this anger? Voting? Let's vote, there's a mid term coming up in November. Let's get out there and register as many voters as we can you know we're in comedy were in entertainment. We thought what's a funny. Take on that I thought well, there's nothing less glamorous than the mid term elections right, there's nothing less exciting or sexy sounding than the mid term. So let's turn that on its ear and let's glam up the mid term
all that means is we're going to go out. We've pinpointed several districts in the middle of fund raising and we're going to actually go. Yes, they will be viral videos. We did a launch video with Chemo and John Oliver and Seth Meyers, and all these guys just to get the idea of the campaign out there, but one of the most exciting parts of the campaign is that we're going to go to districts where they're going to be hotly contested, races coming up and we're going to be signing up young voters, it's a bipartisan campaign by Billy Eichner, I'm not bipartisan, but the pain. Is bipartisan? We're not looking for Democrats or Republicans to sign up looking for young people to sign up in general an also while signing them up give them information, as you guys know, like the midterms, it's different in every state, it's different, every district, the average person may not even know which races are going on in their state who the candidates.
What the issues are and so we're going to be giving them this information, sometimes in a very dry, informative way and sometimes in our own fun entertaining way, and that's the idea that for your just going to sign up Democrats right now. I'm just kidding no, no. I swear that we are not. It is a bipartisan. For it. I don't know how many please listen to this podcast, but with more yeah yeah. Exactly so. No it is a bipartisan effort and look. I can be in my own way on social media and advocate for certain candidates that that I support by glam, the midterms is a bipartisan effort, I think it's such a good idea because registering to vote it shouldn't but, like there's, friction to prevent people from doing it right exactly critical. But you look at those numbers like eighty percent of young people took a pass on voting to decide if Obama CARE is repealed to confirm Trump's Supreme Court justices, whether Trump.
Be impeached, maybe one day. Hopefully how do we convince young people not just to register, but the stakes in these elections and these off year? Elections are just as big as presidential years right. Well, that's okay, I do think young people like we're seeing in Florida, obviously but all over the country and even before the this most recent shooting young people are more engaged now than they have them. I would imagine it definitely looks like that: yeah So what I want to do is go out there and try to capital lies on that interest and passion and say: oh you're, interested in this now great here's. What you have to do, there's a mid term election coming up. You know the media doesn't give a ton of attention to me. Elections, it's very easy to get involved in the presidential race. There's two candidates were focused on nationally. Everyone is
These are focused on those two and the whole country is focused on the same race. More or less. The mid terms are different. Everywhere you go, and so you know not. Every race in every state will bubble up and become something that you CNN or vice, or you know you guys will be able to focus on there's just simply too many candidates and too many races, and so we want go out there and do our part and let people know young, an old, hey, you're fired up now great beyond being fired up, there's a big election coming. And it's not trump versus Hillary, so you haven't heard as much about it but giving you information here, the dates. Here's. How do you register here's information that can help you decide who you want to vote for and just go fucking do?
Are we going to see little Billy on the street you like running around yelling at millennials? Do you have to pay me a lot to do that? I mean you know it's still inaccurate market, so we're going to we're going to do whatever we're going to do whatever makes sense. So you know what I don't want it to be. Is you know I'm not going to choose some we're not going to go to Pennsylvania and just randomly drag the cast of Grey's anatomy there you know like I don't. I know that people just don't want random, Ihollywood folks showing up and telling them to vote there can be nothing more irritating than that. So what going to do is Katy Perry Concert. I blame Katy Perry for everything that happened in the last election. No, I mean I do think, look, I'm someone with a platform right and I'm engaged and I'm angry. So I've been shouting at people on the street for years about bowl set pop culture bullshit. So now I want to shout at people about something that is actually important that can actually affect our lives, but beyond that well another
order. The glam up campaign that I love is that we're actually in these districts going to be pinpointing local heroes right local Celebr, is whether it's you know high school athletes, kids, who have a big platform on their college campus, the local bar. Who people just love and we want to engage the hometown heroes and sort of impact. For them to use their voice, no matter how many twitter followers you have or don't have those people have influence in that district and we want them to help us. Let people know that the elections coming up so You were obviously born to be the lead Can you not only? What are you talking in this address? You believe mazing supporting cast year, you've James Cordon, Sir Silverman Seth Meyers Coning came John Oliver rub. Have they get these folks to go to their district? How can people listing be like
come to my district rally? Voters registered voters. Well I mean that's on me really I mean when we made the launch video I reached out to all those people you just mentioned personally, and I said: hey we're doing this campaign. Here is what it is. You know I have a platform you guys haven't, even platform. Will you help us out and that's what we're going to keep doing district by district and say hey. What do we think will be effective in this district? I don't think it's about dragging James Cordon around wherever he's willing to go as lovely as James. NFL com will sing. A song will do a dance. You know love to entertain, but it's not about that. We want to do things that we think the people in that district will actually respond to and care about. Now that might be someone who happens to be famous who has a personal connection to that district coming and talking to people and helping rally, people or like I said it might be talking to someone local it might not. You know it might be putting on,
like an improv show for young people and also having them register as they walk in the door? You know there's any number of things you can do and glam up the mid term as you well know, is just one campaign Yes, that's going on. I know you guys are working with swing left. You know, indivisible's been doing incredible work. For over a year. You know so on level where piggy backing on those guys and we want to work together. This is a bipartisan effort in the ones I just mentioned are not as bi partisan, but you know when it comes to Just sheer voter registration, we're just doing our part. You know so I followed you on Twitter for a long time. Thank you! So much so you're you're welcome. You're, welcome lot of faves he's a big deal and I notice you know you. You obviously been much more little since Trump was elected. Have you always been interested in politics?
that something about twenty. Sixteen that really got you into this, because you know a lot of your tweets are serious about Trump in them, yeah out well, yeah. I have I describe myself as someone who's always probably been more interested in current events, maybe than the average person you know, I've always loved what was going on in the world and keeping up with that. But, like I said that, didn't It always translate into me going to vote as in gay as I was superficially, I wasn't actually taking that step. You know wasn't necessarily going to a rally or going to a protest or even just going to the voting booth. Sometimes I did. I wasn't completely out of it when it big race, sir. I would focus on it the way any other purse my, but but did I have interest in what was going on yeah yes. I remember hating Giuliani,
after nine hundred and eleven in new 'cause, I'm a new Yorker, hating Giuliani and he was like shutting down art exhibits and that, like made me livid you're ahead of the curve very happy here, I will tell you how ahead of the curve I was I hated Reagan. I hated Reagan back when it wasn't cool. I was like eight years old and I was like he doesn't mention AIDS like the gates of the late year old, never seen, but so I've always had an interest, but but I have never fully sort of if this makes any sense capitalized on my own interest to do productive things and that's what this camp pain is about to trump change that for you. I think he did I think he changed it for so many people and now look I don't agree with what Susan surrounded said about Jill Stein back in the day and yes, I did just bring up Susan Saran. Well, head butted, I will say there were people. Well, I don't agree with. Obviously you know I was very pro Hillary and not pro Jill Stein in any way, shape or form, but
I remember she, however, comes out in favor of Jill Stein on pot sales, director Akinola breaking news. I'm a russian bot this whole time it should have been bought on the street instead of building on the feet. But I will Today there were people who said you know what I think electing Trump will force people to rise up out of this, like semi coma that a lot of people have been, and now I wish she didn't I wish, we didn't need him to Energiz us the way that he has, but he has you can't deny that he has so every cloud, and this is a big mutherfucking cloud, but every cloud has a silly lining. I think Al Roker is the first person to ever say that wonderful meteorology, but every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining here is that we're. We are waking up that we were all. Not all a lot of uh. We're very complacent. We thought
was a more tolerant place. You know we took Obama's victories as a sign that we were progressing and you know what we did progress. That was progress, but now we see oh shit like you, don't just keep progressing You can actually step backwards, and so you know he has invigorated us. He has energized us, and- and here we are so to trump- We don't want to be more productive and more engaged yeah. Of course he did because he's terrifying yeah. So what happened in Parkland riffic, the CNN town Hall last night. She had these kids out front, asking Ruby at the toughest question mark, oh Rubio, look identical, saying like even with all my friends are on Twitter saying
Marco Rubio gets points for showing up? No, he fucking does it job for his dropping to his constituents. I don't clap for my dentist when he finally agreed to look at my teeth. That's his fucking job, you fucking sweaty little hypocritical. Weasel can hate that guy right. How dare he that's all we wanted? We've just been attacked America Review, Hey Marco Rubio you're, never going to be president. Never this ship. Failed. It sailed along time ago so at least try to earn a few points. Showing some integrity, but it just shows how lost like there's lost their souls are poisoned. Permanently damage like there poisonous people yeah, and so I find those people to be a lost cause, he's a lost cause, but. Seeing those kids out there being tougher on him than any journalist has been in like ten years and believe it was amazing so like what I think we should do to keep those kids out front in this an like support them in their message, but make sure that you know
Susan Sarandon and Joel Stein, don't hi jack. What they're trying to do and mailed out, I would be a great sound and Louise RE, both the one we've been waiting for Gina Davis, again thrown under the bus for no reason. But what was I going How do we have to show up for them? You know. What's amazing? Is there now showing us the way right, which is incredible, we're supposed to be older and wiser, but you know you get jaded as the years go by and what we're seeing in them. It's a great lack of jaded ness. You know a great belief that just having integrity and fighting for the right thing is actually enough. You know that putting passion energy and time and money behind? That is enough. You know an, I think, we're all out here. Fighting and shouting on twitter or since Trump got elected, but we're still very jaded were still very cynical. You know and they are there's something about it. That seems very pure an. I think we just have to show up for them
in all the ways I just said, like I'm going to go to the march on the 24th I'm going to march with every town and I'm sure a lot of people will, I mainly will get Amal Clooney's autograph, but beyond that, I think nice side effect is I'll, be marching. That's it's crombie right. The smart cool thing to say on twitter, after a gun massacre is nothing is ever going to change. You know everyone is just to be cynical and these kids are lacking that cynical bone and it is so nice to see. I mean Obama had an incredible tweet morning. You know I can imagine. I can't speak for the man and you guys know him better than I do, but I imagine after sandy hook, I've gone and re watched his speech in the this garden after Congress decided to do nothing of after sandy hook. Those kids were younger even in the kids and park land right and he seems to be wilder and can confer,
use like he seemed at a loss. He said he said that was the most disgusted he's ever been in politics right. How could you not be at that point yeah? I just got chills thinking about right and so seeing his tweet this morning, and I want to speak for him, but reading between the lines, if you haven't seen it, he basically was talking about how inspiring the these kids in Florida are and how, like I just said, we have to show up for them and that were hit where you know we're here with them when we will support them but good sense, even in his tweet a shock that we might be able to make some progress yeah. You know that that they've they've they've been encouraging to him. I think, on a real level. You know those are just words that he was too you're right that showing up for them. I mean we got an email yesterday from a father of one of the kids killed in sandy hook, and it was a reminder that, speaking out for them showing up for them years later matter so yeah. It's also like we were talking about this earlier. It's so cool watch, these students, which is the refrain
Emma Gonzalez speech like we call Bs calling out bullshit on these politicians, even at the town hall ideas, for you know not just being give a journalist and asking Rubio question letting him do his talking points and then move on. They ask these follow ups and they keep pressing him- you know, and they just sort of in the conspiracy theories are out there, but the kids and then they just go on twitter and they just call them out as bullshit. Don't even know the rules. Yes, they don't have to play by that right now, they're just being on and I said to a friend of mine. Last night. You know as much. It? Is we give social media? And Lord knows there are major pros and cons to social media. I mean I would have a career without you. So I'd like to thank everyone at the wonderful Youtube company for supporting me, but there are major pros and cons of social media. But when I looked at these kids, I thought my God: how do they have such poise and such self possession just hours days after an event which would
in some people integer bedrooms for the rest of their lives right at which I knew would. Understandably right. How do they have such poison, such conviction and such confidence, and I thought maybe Maybe this is just a theory: you guys don't at me but Maybe it's because they grew up with social media, seeing kids like themselves on Youtube that they are the media savvy generation we've ever had because they've been in uh and with media in the palm of their hands. Twenty four slash: seven, since they were young children, so maybe they're, not as scared of the camera and maybe in a way in this situation at least that's a good thing. I think and then, like you said they don't know the rules yet or they know the rules and they just don't give a shit about them anymore. They don't give us about the political rules that are right, size or the media rules that have been in place. All these people defaulting to arguments about civility, drive me:
crazy, like how would you feel if your son mocked a senator on television pretty good? If they have breakfast was refusing to do anything about gun military Seville they got thrown out the window along time ago? Have you have you seen for your fat, I mean you know that even now is like ten years ago civility. So how do people get involved, one of their terms of website where you can go to glam up the mid terms, dot com they can sign up and we'll send them alerts and all kinds of information? You can also follow glamour of mid terms on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter at Billy Eichner.
I did want to announce that our first trip to a district is going to be to California District forty, nine in San Diego, I saw your old, I said alright hold. I said, districts he's not running anymore, that NRA should bag, and so the seat is open. But what people don't realize? Are you guys probably realize it because you're the host of pod saves America or whatever, but I'm not impressed? Ok, we'll see how long each other we tv show works out, but it's an open seat in district forty, nine we're going to go there and there's a California. Has this somewhat strange rule which was actually minted by voters called top two. I'm sure you guys may be talked about it right now, we're losing sleep over it yeah exactly the top two candidates in that district, regardless party will move on to the actual election in November, but there's a primary on June. Fifth, which means that if there are in theory, tomb there's so much
over on the democratic side that there are a lot of Democrats who want to run, but they could end up cancelling each other out and you could end up in November having to decide between two republican candidates, which means people have to get registered not before November, but before primary in June right- and I think you have fifteen days prior to June Fifth, to register to vote. So if you, Republican who doesn't want to see two Democrats running in November or a Democrat that doesn't want to see two Republicans running and have no democratic option. In November, in district, forty, nine in California you've got to register to vote in the primary and then vote in the fuckign primary. So we're going to be doing not to San Diego registering voters prior to primary and so go to glam up the midterms com. Sign up me. Doesn't San Diego get registered, help us register people, and you know
something with your fucking lives for one who doesn't love San Diego bill, you're going to be in Jon Favreau remake of the lion king. How does this compare pod saves America, yeah? Well I'd say there was less hot. Save America make a similar story. Pod save America right, you do it once well, there's less beyonc in this, then there is in the lion, king, which is of course a bad thing, but maybe she'll do you show in your on HBO? good we're going to know that we want to do another. Thank you, Billy, thanks for stopping by. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me, I love the show. We love you and Kelly on the street. Is the funniest thing you'll ever watch? What about my other for shows to watch I don't know that's right, ok, Thank you to Billy Eichner for stopping by thank you Dan. Everyone go sign up for Ben Rhodes, new book and mens book all of the books by the books by the
and that we will talk to you guys on Monday by everyone by
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