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House Democrats try to pass the American Rescue Plan by the end of the week, President Biden says he wants schools open five days a week by the end of April, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Administration is under investigation for undercounting Covid-related nursing home deaths. Then Georgia State Representative Bee Nguyen talks to Tommy about her fight against a new round of voter suppression legislation from Republicans.

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well what applies in America. I'm John Favour. I'm John of it and Tommy later on today. Show we'll talk about. Our publicans are failing to stop violence, Kobe Relief Bill, even though Democrats might not, everything they want? We'll take a look. school reopening debate, talk about why New York State under reported the number of covert death, nursing homes and Tommy Interviews, Georgia, state representative, be win about her fight against a new round of voters, oppression legislation from Republicans love. It tell us about the shoves. We get Emily Heller, Jason, Serbia and making gaily. I took to Adam Grant about his book on persuasion. I talked to Eliseo Garza on the protesters, by the administration and played a bachelor game tourmaline,
Episodes in while John call very cool Also, if you haven't check out what today's making black history episode from Friday, thirteen put together a fantastic montage of black men and women who just became the first in a variety of fields and what it means to them their more. These coming out over the course of black history months, subscribe to what a day and check it out let's get to the news turbines. One point: nine trillion dollar american rescue plan is moving, has Democrat
introduce their version of the plan on Friday and hope to pass it by the end of this week and includes all the president's priorities. Fourteen hundred dollar checks a four hundred dollar per week: expansion of unemployment, insurance, money to speed up vaccinations, open school safely, save state local jobs like teachers in first responders, and an increase in the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour in the spirit of bi partisanship and compromise. Has republican leaders responded by urging all of their members to vote no on what they're calling the pay off to progressives acts? Cool love at first? The Republicans DR complain that the bill wasn't unifying a partisan. Then they tried to pretend that they care about the deficit again said was too expensive, now they're calling it path to progressives. The plan is still one of the most popular pieces of legislation in years Yankee decades. Seventy percent of american support it. Why do you say
the usually very effective republican propaganda machine has yet to dent the support for the bill. So it this extremely popular. Our polwarth change found that it has six. Nine percent support nice, but also thirty nine percent report. Among Republicans, mentioned. Seventy percent, that's where the times found today it's gone up. Over the last months, even from fifty nine percent, over seventy percent in the times Paul there is, there is a right, when the poet I thought there was a apparel, the hypocrisy understated about their challenge here. Right republican push back is complicated by the pandemics ongoing economic pain, with millions of Americans do a lot of work and the recovery slowing. It is also hampered by the fact that many of the lawmakers objecting to Mr Binds proposal supported similar provisions, including direct checks to individuals. While Mr Tromp was president, so there are still huge economic crisis dulled its popular and they all supported this stuff. Before
so. I did I tried a couple of things. I think what is striking about going to this progressive bailout languages. It doesn't feel like it's an argument for the country and all it feels like now, they're just into their own members and trying to keep as many defections down because they clearly lost the the public relations fight on the actual bill itself, starting their distress to try to make this is painful as possible for any Republicans, especially in a house that might bow. and join with Democrats to vote for it yeah and Tommy. I mean there may be a few defections because, like isn't it at this point like politically stupid for Republicans to oppose this bill, so much of the discussion of a less. Weeks has been Biden, environs need in the Democrats me defined Republicans, or else it's politically damaging for them, but like how politically wise it to oppose a bill that seventy percent of people support yeah, meaning if I'm a state, wide elected official or in a moderate district? I would want to be for this,
I think the answer to your question. Is it politically stupid to oppose this bill? I I think unequivocally. Yes, it does, mean that the bill is gonna, be you know the number one issue in the mid terms and twenty twenty two or some like silver bullet politically for Biden, but I am very confident that everyone in the country wants the pandemic gone everywhere. they want to get vaccinated. They want schools open, they want. Economic relief is if there are out of work like this is basic stuff, Mother was saying me. The arguments against the bill are either whining about unity. Whining about the all being too big or they boil down to some sort of version of this money he's going to liberals and liberal states, and you hate liberals more than you want help. It does not working around seventy five percent of independence. What looked like the bill to forty percent of public and support the bill in the New York Times, for I would want find a way to be for this, and I think you know Republicans are really showing their colours here. After all, this crying about unity, if there
whipping against a bill calling it like up a progressive bail out or a boost bail out rights are very shallow. Stuff is also been a lot of parallels to two thousand and nine in the recovery act over the loss of a week's it that the big difference here is in two thousand and nine. We were staring into a very uncertain future and that even if the recovery ACT passed, we had no idea where the bottom was in the and the economic crisis and when the economy would fully recover The difference now is now that we have the vaccines, and you know economic projections are looking so far. Fingers crossed I quite good for the end of the year in international year, and so, if Republicans wanna be against a bill that passes soon.
after like it on we're all sitting here in late, two thousand and twenty one or two thousand and twenty two and the pandemic is- is much more under control and the economy is back, it does seem like it is a much bigger risk than being against the recovery act Doesn't it not also to say to you know, even if you take, if you are, as you are so generous gesture us beyond reason on this progressive bail out, Sarbanes able, what do they mean? They mean there against a state and local aid, because they believe some of it will go to cover budget shortfalls for blue states. That had problems before the pandemic. The issue of state and local aid is still popular. It's not like you, you, you pull one of these issues that they're trying to drive home and you find something where there's some weak underbelly of the of the bill up and down the major pieces of the bill are popular from top to bottom. Also,
for it is gonna, get check taxes gonna get check. There are going to get the czech growth gonna get label. I get reserve state local government, yet there are they're gonna get their checks. They're gonna get their unemployment insurance, they're gonna get their state local government funding. All the red states get at all people who voted for Trump get into its fuckin absurd. So with most republican- posed in Congress? This closely, divided just about every Democrat, has to support the plan for it to pass. One place where that might be a problem. Is the fifteen dollar minimum wage increase the Ella Times reports that Centre Joe Dimension said he wants a smaller increase. such as eleven dollars in Centre Pearson Cinema said she I believe the minimum wage is appropriate to pass through the fifty one vote. Threshold budget, reconciliation process, Budget Committee, Chairman Bernie, Sanders, disagrees and said that he's quote confident that the Senate part
material, will advise next week that we can raise the minimum wage through the reconciliation process Tommy. How do you think that by should be handling this issue, because he is now said both that he doesn't think the parliamentarian will rule in our favour on a minimum wage and that he's owing to compromise on the size of the increased yeah me does seem like he's, trying to do a little bit of expectation setting when it comes to the minimum wage piece of ass, an end, as you said, he's got two problems. The first is this person zero matter where this random power Humanitarian gets to decide if the minimum wage can pass as part of the reconciliation, process, because he will decide whether it impacts the budget and in the second piece, is getting both from Joe Mansion or Kirsten Cinema, because Mansion thinks fifteen bucks is too much in Cinema. Thinks is inappropriate to pass reconciliation. I think, if I were bite in, I
do a little bit less talking out loud about expectations or how the parliamentarian may or may not score it out. guess on. Why is important to get done why people desperately needed recent minimum wage. Why than wage is not a living wage. In most states I mean there's a dyke a bigger message you could make about how its ludicrous at the? U S, and it is so broken that this random humanitarian gets to make a decision, this big, the Good NEWS, that Bernie Sanders is confident that it can be part of Conciliation he's made the point that opening up the Arctic National One life refuge for oil and gas exploration was part of reconciliation package, and this clear he has a bigger impact on the budget than that did so, but I would just that the messaging, I would just focus on the need in in why'd. You know this is long overdue. Frank. yeah. I love it. I kind of think I agree with Tommy on this, but he should be so get caught fighting for this and
if mansion and Cinema wanna be the ones to think at or potentially other democratic senators like then make sure We know that they're, the ones sinking at night, you, the president, who is the one who put it in your package in the first place, yeah yeah being so there's three things at ease. Sit up so but mentioned has a policy, as it seems very little to do with a parliamentarian policy opposition to going to fifteen It seems like there's some negotiation. Their cinema has two objections. Right. One of them is around she. She said she doesn't want you go the parliamentarian image as a another objection which is, she doesn't know, It's totally germane to this shouldn't be. Could it's not in the spirit of unity, a good idea to included when it's not part of covert? Neither right now. The parliamentarian peace, I think, is she's, been definitive about innocence, saying I won't basically undue to filibuster for any of us to get this end of a parliamentarian of joy.
She has not been as definitive on whether she would vote against the package. I've had a hard to believe should oppose a minimum wage increase she would support, but for the fact that its in the wrong billeting- that that's your friendship regardless I, I think, some of the expectation setting, though, might be, if you look at, if you look at where this is heading, your Bernie is extreme bullshit I getting into the package mansion seems like he would fight to get it to be lower number. I think if Biden is basically setting expectation and I'm not sure we get any minimum wage on, and then they lie that, somewhere between what we are now, which has seven twenty, five and fifteen it were, I do think it important to people to declare raising the minimum age for the first time in so many years. victory even of job I imagine gets at lower too. I agree on the thinking out loud, but like little bit of like hey if we get to a minimum wage increase, which is incredibly difficult under these circumstances, they'll be a lot of people angry that it's not fifteen, but but at the same time it would have been a herculean achievement under the circumstances.
Yeah, I mean it. It seems very clear that the chances of us getting a fifteen dollars wage increase right now are very low, because Joe Mansion has been very clear that he doesn't wanted at fifteen and we need his vote or we don't get it. So. The question is, though, then, if your Biden and other by Ms Region and and and Schuman, everyone else, you gotta mentions a ok if its ruled that it can be part of it. deletion. What does it take to get you to? Yes? Do we delay the increase longer? Do we make it? You know a lower, There are minimum wage in some states like Virginia, where the cost of law thing is lower than in California in New York, where fifteen dollars doesn't get you as much as it does a Navy West Virginia. So like that, you gotta figure out. There is room for compromise, but I do think that this point is hard to see a fifty Norman on wage passing, as is if mansion is so opposed, one place where mention is definitely causing problems for the Democrats is with near attended, the senator, said he's opposing her nomination for director of the Office of management budget.
Because she sends a mean tweets, which he said would have a quote toxic and detrimental impact on our relationship with Congress. He framed his decision as a quote: meaningful steps. and the political division in this function that pervades our politics this morning, senders, Collins and Romney also came out against nears nomination. leaving her without many options for the fifty votes she needs me. Tweets guys. Tell me: why do you think mentioned? Did this and what what happens now completely lose I'm just just one note on people who want to impact your mentions vote on a minimum wage Reverend William Barber. His poor peoples campaign been organizing rallies in West Virginia with folks, who would benefit from a minimum wage increase. So that's one way to like actually impact politics in West Virginia Why Joe Mansion is drawn, the line on mean tweets, Don't know like, maybe I'm just being you now, this cuts close to home. the guy who sends mean tweets, but I believe, freedom with ass much, I believe
I believe in fact I vote There's a lot to criticise in Washington like if he has a substantive critique of nearest qualifications or her I'll see views or her work at the center for american progress. That would be one thing: that's a conversation that they could have but I mean you have members of Congress who are vicious and dishonest and cruel and do rule things all day, long prioritize their own political futures over a good policy and what this To me says: is you can criticise us or you can advance in Washington, and I think that is total bullshit. You know, I think, It's like the message. This sense too. anyone who wants to climb the ranks in in C is shut up and you know never color, outside the lines or speak honestly and me. I think it's terrible terrible president.
You won't see any of us at a confirmation hearing in Washington newer, a number of reasons for one of em. What booth is definitely because of the meat you treat that we have set. that's been very honestly, that's been the hardest part of the past couple days. It just watching my own confirmation chances swirl down the drain yeah. I saw out also it's your mansion voted confirm Jeff sessions. He was denied a federal judge ship for being a fucking races like this is Writ Grenelle, ground and rigour in our rural. So, like it's, beyond absurd its redeem like criticising your attendant on substantive grounds, denying it over tweet is bullshit. I dont pay to understand Joe mansions motivations wet, what he's trying to project again I say that as well. biggest your magic fans in the world right Rwanda devoutly when I got away from Europe, but there is a little bit of like
obviously very high stakes in terms of you know the administration not one to get pushed around its high stakes for near at hand in but like clearly, people like Joe Mansion saying that near tat. It should not be confirmed. People like Hugh Hewett writing that she should be conferred it sort of like almost like a free chat to demonstrate some kind of bona fide ace in one direction or another when you know that the ultimately like Ideological stakes are very low. Like the Biden can we know the by general position? That's gonna come out of o n B. It's true whether or not it near at hand in some of the others have been floated like genes, whirling and So you know, I do think it's really hypocritical and despicable that that a Senate may or may not be able to confirm something. You know when the previous per and it was a monster tweeting like crazy all the time and a lot of those no votes will come from on the basis of tweets from the people who supported Donald Trump for years hooves. Donald Trump and pretended to never see those tweets.
things that really annoyed me most about this is: is Susan Collins, she doesn't necessarily that near it doesn't necessarily have the experience to run a and b, of course, near atavistic illustrates to run oh and be. She had high level positions, the governmental, reticent of american progress. Again, you can take issue with her. Positions on certain issues. If you would like that's completely fair, the addition of the experience is fucking. this is but it is. The perfect cancel culture like anger story right, because all like that publicans. You go on tv all day and get really mad about cancel culture are also never impacted by the actual events there mad about relic all the people. Fox NEWS, anger we about in marking the San Francisco School Board D
live in San Francisco and dont send their kids to public school there and thus will not be impacted by the names of said schools, but they want to find in seek out and highlight these issues to get people not about them and is a ridiculous waste of time. I mean a lot long term here. I think you know, and by the time we require this could be over, but I think the of the White House other pushing ahead on near his nomination, I guess you could still get she could get more caskeys votes needs. One republican boat now mentions a nose. I guess you again rakowski. I don't know who you start looking at beyond that, unless When does something Yandah wild life? like another bill Cassidy moment Ray, I don't you get it, but by the way like actually totally plausible like who knows by again, it could be withdrawn by the time. This is how, but I also first of all fight for the posters fight for the right to post
I threw the fifth honestly, we want people and government who grab a glass assured, nay, eleven p M are arguing with people that have no pictures with their vigilance, but we will have that failing freedom of speech like our or are we fear, Reimer speech or not? I just it's. So frustrating everyone is for freedom of speech until a bit hurts their feelings, and I will say that if we, if, if nearest poles- and we end up with like Jean sparkling, you know that is another out standing progressive to be in that role was very experience, and you know I like long term big picture for the future of the binding restriction that bind the gender. It will be ok, but it is fucking, bull, shit, but all shares near Pfeiffer. Nearer I want, every red rose out there to fight for the right to post
This is about shit posting avars they gain about near. It is an understanding of budget. This is about ship. I mean early aim for near agendas tweeds, but I did not speak up. I just prize, awarded Bernie and primaries. If any speech should be acceptable and almost any circumstances, its criticism of powerful elected officials, I mean it's like the thick Any chilling of free speech of elected officials is a real real problem. This is not like getting now listen Tom cotton going on Fox news being mad about the muppets being dead right. He's he's Greece voted down. Someone who, like was critical of his colleagues, because he's your pissy about it, I was gonna go records. I am not standing up for the San Francisco schoolboy. some of that students, Craig, I mean sure, like. I look, I totally agree, but it's like Why is it national news? Because
a bunch of Republican sorted out because they wanted to lifted up and get people mad about around. That's where this whole conversation get so exhausting. This aid is its dear totally right light. They they pick something that is annoying or sounds silly and they lifted up to put it on the same plane as much larger. More consequential debates right, it is king, absurd and positive. Russia is brought to you by Beth. Bed is a female first canned wine Brandt. There was founded to change not only the way a product is consumed, but the wine industry culture have operated for generations. That mission is rooted in taking charge of your choices and responsibilities in giving a voice to those who ve been historically silenced in an industry that is almost exclusively masculine. Beth is breaking oars and creating something from the female perspective that is approachable, fun, consumer centric. They get five riles Tommy prosaic.
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well currently an estimated sixty percent of students aren't attending imprison classes full time either fully remote or hybrid The bite administration has been saying that passing the american rescue plan would help schools reopen safely by funding physical distancing, testing contact, tracing ventilation, the nations would also help the challenge there is as of now, educators are only on the priority list in twenty. Eight states doktor factually told me on Thursdays episode. The timeline for vaccinating children is probably sometime. This fall report, and strategies are looking to exploit. Parents is frustration. Of course they are by blaming school closures. Are Democrats in teachers, unions, one former House republican official, told the New York Times quote school measures have radicalized suburban mothers for the last six months. Let's start Tommy with how much power and influence does the federal government have when it comes to real schools very little. The programme has very little authority when it comes to pushing for school reopening saw a lot of the controls local. What biting
and do is fight for his covered relief package skip pass, because that a hundred and thirty billion dollars in it. That will be used to safeguard K through twelve schools. and it's also what the teachers unions are pointing to in saying hey this is to happen to make the school safe for everybody before we can go back in Biden can also you know that his name Judging can be powerful. They can use the boy pulpit to make the case for school to reopen to talk about why it's important He can also you know just handle covered better than trumped dead right. That will make it safe to reopen schools at some point, but in terms what comes of forcing schools to be open. The president has
very, very little power yeah me love it. So the federal government you know, does offer guidelines on how to safely reopen schools through the CDC which has recommended at least partial remote learning wherever there's high community transmission of the virus. A category which currently includes most of the country yellow is tricky for the biomass region here and I sort of get digging into this debate. You should have get why there's been the press, calls it mix messaging. I think it's more like some new ones. Messages, partly because of the CDC guidelines like buying campaigned on a promise to follow the signs on covered. So if the science deceit see a saying? Well, if you're in a high transmission area, we wouldn't recommend you opening, unless you can in here to really strict guidelines. Is there anything? The by demonstration can really do to push schools to go faster than the CDC recommends servers
It's yours! It's it's extremely complicated there. It matters how old, Kids are, and by the way, saying that ninety percent of schools shouldn't fully reopen is different than saying most. Schools should have some form of partial in school so at home, different fur Kate through eight, then then nine through twelve different depending on the community transmission, so these are really Well, did you, I will say like, as I was just reading and prepping, this conversation, I found myself more and more angry about the last year and just the loss. Here that we had, because I I would say, like. First of all, there was just an absence of of leadership, just just just words about words to express our sympathy and support about the difficulty of this situation, the best we know what we want. We got out of the past Present was just like. Schools must reopen with no guidance to leadership, Betsy disasters that are fucking like us, so it was a disk
a couple abdication of leadership that caused a lot of theirs, and then you know, there's been as ever it. I think, on the part of some Republicans to make us about parents versus teachers, unions, I think teachers unions are also local and there has been incredible variation in terms of what they ve done in terms of what they have called for. The other piece of this is that her parents for teachers very body like there's no great I'll, come here. You know that two times looked at what what happened in Rhode Island when they re open schools. Incredibly difficult. A lot of you know sacrifices. You look at places where schools are an open. Kids are falling behind in having mental health difficulties, parents especially MA was about to stay home or give up jobs, it's horrible issue, and so you see that in the pulling where it's like, should schools open safely. Of course people say: yes, are you worried about your kids going back to school? Of course they said. Yes, our school say I should schools reopened, yes, kind of Rio yes not reopen. Yes, like parents, everybody is all over the place, cause there's no great answer, but, like
giving money to help make sure schools can do testing ventilation, making sure there is masking making sure that you're setting up pro call so that kids can stay groups that, like the way you divide children changes- I mean this is what Russia who is here. U S idea and Rainy Weingarten who's, the head of the F Tita, the union, basically of of written up what we need to do to get schools to reopen safely. It's just its exclude takes money. It takes incredibly sophisticate. and thoughtful planning- and it just Hasn'T- been there and now we're almost in March. Even if you pass widens plan when that money going to be able to make a difference so like I think they should try as try very hard to get teachers vaccinated. Put these plans in place. Do safe school reopening but in reality I think we're still looking at to do as much as you can for the end of this year, but making sure schools or open into fall. I think that's the reality. I think what gets lost in this discussion is that Almost everyone is in agreement that remote learning is bad and it doesnt work well
I have several family members were teachers and they they have described me the process of teaching children remotely and in some of these school districts, the hybrid learning where some kids go on in summer, and it is a disaster. It is hard Do it. The students are developing well academically, they're, not developing. Well, emotionally, it's not easy for teachers to do these lessons. They don't like it. The parents, obviously don't like the administrators, don't like it like. Everyone is in agreement that kid's should be in school. Attending in Paris.
Classes. Of course there are trade offs and there are risks in the region is not easy is because you can say, but two things can be true, that remote learning is bad for children and that there are risks to both children and teachers for being in schools. When there is a deadly virus running around out there so like it is, it is a fraught, difficult issue. I do think that so far the messaging has been. We want schools to open right, they want to be on the side of schools opening and, I think, trying to say we want to give schools and teachers and children every resource possible and available to make sure that these schools can open safely is sort of the best position to hold, because in it and again it's not just a question of resources, though it certainly is a lot of this comes down to two trust and to feeling that you're gonna, be your kids are gonna be safe when they're in school? If your teacher that you're gonna be safe, when you go to.
and because the message has been so mix and because has been such a lack of leadership from the trumpet ministration over the last year. It's gonna take some real time to sort of rebuild that trust just around the messaging of what safe and, what's not yet mean, there's just so. We haven't equities here. Teachers obviously want to feel safe in the classroom. Parents want their kids to go back to school, but I also don't want their kids coming home with the krona virus and getting them sexual everyone's gonna different vantage point, there's a lot. We could do right now to make school safe or right you, I'm asking you group, kids and teachers into stable groups. They don't change so that one person gets the virus. Only a limited number of people are exposed. They need vessels. Better ventilation that could be open windows. It can be h, vat units and then using like lots and lots of testing, including asymptomatic testing for kids, for students for teachers to spot these outbreaks item, but like Well, I guess I dont totally understand is why teachers weren't up
priority. I won a when it came to the acceleration in every states. I think something like twenty eight states teachers can get vaccinated right now, but like for example, here in L, a county yours or in the one beer one beats here, which means starting in March, ten percent of covered vaccinations will go to teachers like so the one a was healthcare workers, but, for example, I went to the dermatologist last week, everyone in that office had been vaccinated, I'm glad they were. I greedy, they should have been vaccinated, but those are healthcare workers who were treating covert patience and thus needed to get vaccinated right. So If we, if the priority was opening schools right away and Sure the environment was safe as humanly possible. I would imagine you just want to make. explanations available to every
teacher on day. Why, rather get sometimes this tearing that we do? I think I can get in the way of even our own priorities. I totally agree that time I mean I think for this, for those states that do not have teachers on the priority list as of today, they should do it immediately and I think the federal government well, while Joe Biden, the federal government can't forced the states to put teachers on the he was right now they can certainly talk about it, a lot they can use the bully pulpit and they have you no common Harris had this. Last week, Joe Biden has set a doctor factories that it's me like teachers should be our priority right now. If you are a teacher, you should be able to get a vaccine immediately. Now, where you know where there has been some confusion, is because forty in the CDC also said it's not a requirement for,
every single teacher to be vaccinated for schools to reopen- and you know what he said to me is basically, I think, that's that's a question of demand to write like if there are some teachers who don't want the vaccine or don't get the vaccine like you can't hold out to open schools because some people- you know- I don't want to get it, but it should be available to every teacher. Certainly we will look back on this period and we will find it abhorrence that we open bars, but not schools. We should have done everything in our power over the previous year to get their transmission rate low enough. That schools have been first, not last, they should have been first and more more evidence is come in as as we now see that, like kids can get it and they can transmit, though not as much as you get older the times gone reporting on this the older the kids, get them where they looking and transmit. Like adults, it's not partake in places that have open schools. Is it's not gone very wealth in Rhode, island I am generally well you read about it. I decide incredibly stress over the teachers and teachers and savage gotten sick
are open and close an open again. They create wreaked havoc on the parents, try to figure out their own work schedules like there's no good options here, but Tommy pointed out to the to the forceps that, like even the teachers unions have gotten behind, and it is incorrect Well that we haven't been able, as a country, to rally enough resources to get those things done, because one thing that they have found is the places that have done that that have take been able to take those steps. Keep the kids apart, keep the mask, heed them unstable cohorts. Do the testing do the tracing? Do the masking it works, it works and kept it could save. It must be made possible for them to get education, so the good there's like how to bind we, we just had this conversation that you know we all decided as a very nuanced difficult debate, which is like a bull s, eye for report can demagoguery. Any of nuanced complicated discussion about a policy issue, so
How to Biden and the Democrats and teachers Union sort of handle the political challenge from Republicans on this issue, because they are really ample up their criticism, on this, as it is one thing which is, we shouldn't be cowed like the idea that there is some rapid position going on that like oh, there do not do. I don't see any of that it any polling. What I see in pulling is that everyone understands this conflict that there is a if there is a sense of that there are tradeoffs here that nobody has perfect answer. So my my view on this issue, just acknowledged the difficulty in and set out like adding? Basically what binary we want schools to be open, we want to follow the scientific short son safely be want teachers to be vaccinated. We want kids back in the classroom as soon as possible for as much of the weak as possible. I think, as long as they're, reflecting that the difficulty of the debate in the trade offs in what parents are going through, kids are going through. Teachers are going through it that's all you can do Tommy. What about whereby you uranium?
The first thing, I would say is if you want schools, are reopen, then vote for the covered relief bill, and if you refuse to do that and review refuse to give the hundred split billion dollars at schools need to two retrofit and be safe. Then you're, not really serious here I'll, send you think, like Natalie. Please speaking this, I feel like an acute short term issue, but if, but if cases, going down as they are, if we're all vaccinated by the end of the summer, I do think just handling cobra generally solves this, this school question, and you can you know you you can manage the problem, but yeah it is incredibly cynical. No, it's way it's what you said at the beginning, Tommy, which is like it's. like when we would always say you know the best buying what I always say during the campaign best way, when the economy again is to fight the pandemic and to get the pandemic under control is also the best way to open schools. Again, if the CDC saying that schools can open for
person attendants where transmission rates are low, Van get the transmission rates low on the way to do that is to vaccinate everyone as fast as possible? Yes, this could be. This could be a problem that gets that get solved by the by the Summer and all, and I think that the message saying is so far. The messaging is right, like Sean Patrick Neither has member whose run the Dietrich will see. The sheer size, you know you're gonna see an area after area the republican attempts to exploit frustrations, while the Democratic Party addresses those frustrations with real solutions that was sort of his message about the republican attack on schools, then I think even near the teachers unions, Randy Weingarten said like. If the NFL could figure out how to do this in terms of testing in the protocols, then we should be able to do it to my members want it. They just want to be safe right, which I think is sort of the right side to beyond. Yet I just like I just don't get why vaccines are least avail
to every single teacher, I mean in twenty seven twenty eighteen, that school year there are three point: five million in full in part time: public school teachers in the United States- that's not that many, I'm not saying they also get vaccinated right now, but they also have the vaccine available to them right now. If we're saying that this is absolutely critical in that need them vaccinated to reopen schools and we should vaccinate them in the same way. We ve decided that the German just office is absolutely critical and therefore all of them should be vaccinated so that office can be open safely in the same way the dentist everyone a dentist audiences vaccinated, because dental cares critical. We just need to priority. Eyes education in the same way that we have health care. I think that seems entirely appropriate. Galileo agreed last story, for today,
the Wall Street Journal reported last week at federal prosecutors in the eastern District of New York are investigating how Governor Andrew Qualmless Administration handled the pandemic in the States nursing home after New York attorney General Latisha James, released report. That said, the States Department of Health published data that under counted the number of covered, related nursing home deaths by as much as fifty percent. This comes on top of the criticism Cuomo has received from March Health Department directive. That said, nursing homes couldn't refused to admit a residents who came back from a hospitalization and had still tested positive. Or covert nineteen love it. What is the commitment to straighten side of the story here and how well do you think it holds up while others seems like their defence is twofold: on the communications front, there saying they never, they never failed to communicate any deaths, but that they were just referring to people who died in hospitals versus people who died in nursing homes and that they were worried about.
front misinformation misusing their data and then on. The actual outcomes of this in terms of the nursing home. Does that took place in New York I dont know what their explanation is other than they were moving quickly to make a bunch of very different decisions in an unprecedented pandemic. Yeah I mean Tommy its use. You know what the Cuomo administration says. Ok well on the decision to you know tell nursing homes that they have to admit patients, even if their covert positive back from the hospital is ok. Well, that was the CDC guidance at the time. Other states like Florida did it as well. You know you can argument the merits of that decision, but it does seem like withholding data about nursing home deaths and then trying to not count them is deaths,
just because the person died in the hospital, even though they were originated in a nursing home. So you don't countered, is a nursing home death just because the port, the place that the person actually died was in the hospital and out the nursing seems pretty pretty bad to withhold that data yeah I mean this. Is this: seem very pad island. So what what you know in terms of disclosing the data to the legislature. This Cuomo age who was recorded on a conference, call talking. Others issues said that basically got an enquiry from the legislature about nursing on data, and then they got one from the Department of Justice and they decided to pray. Or a ties responding to the inquiry from the Department of Justice first and then they also argue that the data set they had were inconsistent. They took a wild, a clean up its act. I do think that, like any
criticism of New York's handling of covert does have to be viewed in the context of them getting hit first getting hit the hardest, like EDA, laid Bare just how unprepared the entire Terry was to manage covered, because if you look at Tis James's report Ah nursing on DAS? It talks about the lack of p p and how that put residence at risk. It talks about the lack of testing and screening and how that there was no training for staff rain. Is that founded bad nursing homes had more fatalities, All things you would expect all that said, I can understand any excuse to withhold This data to screw around with numbers. This way, I mean it seems completely inexcusable, it's good the d, the tissue shame. The attorney general's office has put out a reply,
despite also being democratic, is no there's no cover up by the party here. There's something weird happened in comas office or we're getting the bottom of what happened, but it looked extremely bad yet and so, like you know, this there are three parts of this story: there's the original directive about nursing homes, and you can debate that policy choice that was CDC guides at the time. Then there is the sort of miss reporting under reporting of the data, the withholding of the data from the Deo J and from the public and from the state legislature. when they asked for it and then the third part is you know: Assemblymen RON came in the New York State Legislature told the new posts that the Cuomo administration needs to show contrition to the public and the families of people who died in nursing homes. He said that the post in response to those comments, can says that Cuomo called him and threatened to destroy him
Do you think that episode will be included in the paper back version of performers? American crisis leadership, lessons from the covered nineteen pandemic? with an expanded epilogue. Ah, you know it's some in an hour president a pandemic. There will be there'll, be mistakes. There will be mistakes that look avoidable in hindsight. There's a lot of things: they got right there are gonna, be a lot of things. They got wrong. We were learning about this, this virus in real time, but I do think that this moment is sort of an acute like Cuomo has had a reputation for a long time of being a bully of being Vindictive of being you know a bare knuckles fighter. Whatever would be that euphemism that would be an airport. Also then set himself up as a here. and this crisis, as a leader in this crisis, wrote a book about. It
The combination of the scandal and the scandal exposing some of his bullying tactics in the past. On top of him, I think, getting over his skis and deciding to declare victory over the pandemic in the middle of the pandemic is it looks very, very bad. It just all comes together to look extremely foolish yeah- I mean you know to look to top Tommy's point like there are some, because the federal response was so bad and because New York was hit first and hit so hard. You can't really completely fault the states, leaders in Como included for how bad things where, at the same time, you can try to take all this praise and unlike write, a book about leadership, when you know that things have gone perfectly and at sea summer. The reason that be things got better in New York is because the waves hit so hard, and so early riot like it's like me,
If you dont want all the blame. You also can't try to take all the credit your house, it will say to like you know this is true of of of of. Have a Newsome in California as well. In that I do like that does not detract from the I think the important role these governors played in being more honest communicators about the seriousness of the endemic being about you know rejecting the downplaying of the pandemic. That Trump was putting forward. through the entire time he was in office during a pandemic, and I do think that that was important, and I do think that that played a role in this image that I think has been you know, undermine to say the least by what's come out in the last few days about the honouring of that
I do think it is a it's a lesson that so far to buy a ministration is heating, which is like in a pandemic like there's going to be bad news, there's going to be failures of times. You just got to be honest and you got to communicate with people constantly, and you could have make sure that that communication is on When you make a mistake, you ve got to own up to the mistake rival in that, but the nazi irony here right because, like New York, I hit hard in his early in the fatalities were awful situation was bad. But what Cuomo got credit for was holding these daily televised press conferences were it seemed like he was communicating rationally and clearly That was a stark contrast, Trump and then, if you go on and withhold very important data sets and act like you know that doesn't really matter that you did so because you, a death, is a damn. You under caught your entire argument for why your leadership was good,
and you you know you do so in a way where you look pretty callous, say other is a big problem. Before we go there. That is a very serious story, but it has led to some reporting about Cuomo bullying tactics and there is one out there did make me laugh in this difficult time is important, only there were some kind of a list for people who don't get ya that and this as in the Times peace, state, Senator lives, Krueger Democrat from Upper Manhattan who hold sway in the legislature, etc never been yelled by the governor for a reason she said Joseph per Cocoa, a former aid. She was on. They do not yell at list. I responded you people have such a list. He said is very small. Mr Peck, cocoa is in federal prison. It could not be reached for comment, do not yell at this? Is so good.
Like the little touch of couldn't get em cause he's in prison are right that I had I radio. You know you talk to people who work for him who worked for him for years like yeah. He- that's the reputation as he's an asshole big big people say that all the time, it's not great oh that's. When we come back we'll Tommy's interview with Georgia representative, be went but emerges by carry humor. This episode upon the Americas brought, you may carry you mother, sustainable sneaker, brain, creating cool, seriously, comfortable kicks and await its better for you and the planet. the ogre is their best selling all season sneaker, but the low top hi topsails or hand made from organic cotton canvas with a natural rubber outsold. That's actually stitched on for extra durability. Tommy I'm wearing some carry him is as we speak, I said I ve shown you know ass, comfortable, ass, ever burglar, rates or a kicking around the house, walkin shoes, but they were really get. I have appeared
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growing conversation about voter suppression in the wake of the twenty twenty election, and Georgia, unfortunately, is at the centre that Republicans and George have introduced a sweeping voter suppress bill in response to their election losses in November. That again January, can you fill us in on some of the specific things that this piece of legislation would do sure Oh, I do, and as our off by saying this in the past for sessions that I've serving the Georgia General Assembly, I have seen bills related to that or suppression every single year, and obviously the country has seen that the long lines here in Georgia has sometimes spinning up to allow in hours for people who are waiting in line to cast a ballot, and we saw a lot of the vigour of suppression manifests itself in twenty eighteen, and so this is not new Georgia, though
this year? It is more aggressive than it has been in the past because of the results of the twenty twenty election and then to U S: Senate run off seats in twenty twenty one observe Republicans dropped a forty eight page omnibus those sort of encompassing all of these things that they ve been talking about. the past year in the past several years, and so it doesn't number of things that would be damaging to both local election boards and to voters. So to begin with a highlight some of the top liners wine. It restricts local election boards from receiving any kind of grant funding. In twenty twenty. There was grant funding that all local election board. Could apply for its you make up for a summer. They added financial costs of running elections in a pandemic, am running an election with unprecedented turn out and say that restriction, would take money away from election boards. In thus far, we haven't seen the Secretary of State Mitt to allocating more fun.
And the messaging behind that is its liberal organization, specifically targeting certain counties and giving them liberal money, but we see that republican counties have also received those grant findings. They have been given the discretion to use them that, in a way that worth, although there are some of the things, were new equipment, p, p and hazard pay for their workers, two there's a massive attack on absentee ballots, which republicans have been planting that seed. Prior to the results of the gene primary prior to the results of the November, an January elections, the messaging around absentee ballot, is that it opens the door. or it is right for fraud that we have actual no evidence as it pertains to absentee values being in secure. I'm in fact, auditing COD County show that out of fifteen thousand ballots too came back, but they were both valley,
legal voters, wine with a wife who signed it out for her husband, which is understandable. I think in a lot of situations. Family members say: oh, go ahead in silent for me without understanding the full application of the law and the second ballot was somebody who signed on the front of the ballot verses back of the ballot and answer the restrictions around absentee ballot voting are related to showing Idee. When you applied a vote in Georgia, when you pie for registration, you already have to show a form of Indeed, one of the reasons absentee ballot voting is so successful for older voters for rural voters, for people who basically not have access to internet smartphones printers is that that information is already stored with election wardens Secretary of State and so the new permit, it will require somebody to interfere in a driver's life. This number or a valid stay idee number and if they dont have those things that they have to make a copy of an idea and send it in the mail which
so am, I think, is disconcerting. integrators for security reasons, because we know that load Fraud is an issue in Georgia, the identity that certainly is an issue. There isn't tat, unsecured drop boxes. This is probably one of them is absurd pieces about legislation we successfully into implemented secure, bought a drop boxes in most of our counties, especially our metro counties and there's. Dropbox is already have regulations around them; they have to be monitored. Twenty four seven by video surveillance. They have to be bolted to the ground. They have to be on government property aid, It's a sensible and Luxembourg have to empty them at least once a day in this bill, those secure drop boxes can only be located at early voting location inside the building, and only during the hours in which the early voting location is open. That means, if you are a worker,
Who works in non traditional hours like many workers, do you would have to go between seven and seven or whenever that be ours are. For that specific day, the convenience of the secure draw boxes were also our that people would not have to go inside and expose themselves further to other people. So the other people that is a Luxembourg ambassador a lot of money in these drop boxes, and now they are going to potentially see all of those financial investments being wasted in testimony last week, all the election directors that testify said that they liked the drop boxes and voters like the drop taxes as well- and there is also a provision that will no longer allow a voter who came to the wrong precinct, but was in the right county to cast a provision,
oh ballot, that would automatically throw out a significant number of valid ballots. The example that I like to give is on election day in November. I was a pull monitor and the pricing that I monitored with also in early voting location, so voters thought that it would also be into everybody on election day, and so they came to this early voting location to cast their ballot. They were in the right county. They cast their ballots per, finally and those are automatically toured at the end of the night by elections boards, and so in that particular precinct. there were probably about six hundred people who voted in person over half of those were provisional ballots. That means automatically three hundred people in just one precinct in one of our largest counties. Their balance would not have counted, even though they are good
legitimate voters, I'm. So there are a few other things on the table in this forty eight page omnibus bill seems wildly complicated and solving a problem. It doesn't exist. What what communities do you think would be the most impacted by this bill, if it passed. Oh, I actually forgot Azure asking me about the community issue. One of the most blatant things in this is the prohibition of local election boards to expand, weaken voting until eliminate Sunday voting altogether? So in twenty twenty over? Seventy thousand voters voted on Sunday and others. Seventy how's in over thirty six percent were black Georgians. So the elimination of souls to the polls is directly targeted at black voters who turned out an unprecedented numbers, so it will be blocked.
voters, older voters, world leaders and then people who simply just can't we go to the polls because of the demands of their job. What what argument a republic? putting forward for eliminating Sunday voting like while less pretend their acting in good faith for five seconds. What does he do? better. There is none, they have been very, I think, smart and strategic not to address that specific portion, and so we are talking about this bill. A lot of their focus is around absentee ballot, an alleged fraud I'd or just one thing Is it fried being a justification for changing these laws, and so they haven't had a response to Sunday bearing it is just soberly, and we obvious that it is targeted towards go to the polls and I'm not sure that they will be able to come up with a reason as to why eliminating Sunday voting improves election security or elections integrity in any way.
you're, absolutely right that either we have seen a number of other suppression Dell's before it was had a huge impact on Stacy Abrams Race and in twenty eighteen one of the reasons we want to talk about the specific built days, because it is we widow it. in this light that the election was stolen from Donald Trump, that our elections are no longer trustworthy and we suspect that that will be perpetuated in lots of states that are controlled by Republicans is part of a broader voter suppression effort. You have spent more time than most people have or possibly could trying to disprove that lie going through voter roles. How effective is that effort to correct the disinformation and how much damage do you think has been done to Georgians faith in the voting process? You know they have repeated. This lie so many times and they not only repeating the lie that allow misinformation to go and check. So in the committee hearings in which Rudy Giuliani an Trump
team came in. There were so many instances of lies and misinformation and Republicans were silent. Knowing that what was being said by witnesses, These committee hearings was not true and in some cases they weren't even controversial. It is true that it is legal for both parties to have a ballot curing programme, not disputable, it is in our state law and so the fact that they, They were unwilling to speak up at any point in that committee meeting just to correct some of the information. The fact that we have birth sign onto the Texas lawsuit, knowing that the election was not stolen and the fact that they continue to Now, all of this to go on, it is really challenging to undo, because we know if you hear a lie, a certain number of times we'll begin to believe it, but what they're doing a disservice to their voters- and we saw that with a January election in which-
Our voters were enthusiastic. We turn out. People were excited to them. When I was a pole. Monitor indicates county on that day. I talked about the republican and democratic voters. Republican voters were angry, they were we angry, but they were not angry at Democrats they were angry at their own party. They were reluctant to though they felt like their vote in account or it didn't matter. In fact, I had to help a republican woman, look up her vote on the Secretary of State website to show her that it did count and she did leave after that, but she pulled up in her. Heart is yelling and angry. So good that it has an irreparable harm. We saw violence towards our election workers, threats towards our election workers,
and we see massive pressure from republican constituents to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place, and I think that some of this stuff is gonna come back, invite them in the, but because the bill that pass no excuse absentee ballot voting in two thousand and five was passed by republicans to turn out world voters suit. Some of this is going to suppress their own boats, so Europe hardware, ravenous conversation today- is these voter suppression. Efforts are happening in dozens of state and a lot of people are looking to the? U S Congress for help. There's a bill before, the Senate and Hauser dates are one and as one that would do a whole bunch of things to help prevent voter suppression efforts like this. like what's happening in Georgia from happening, would each hour one impact. Georgia's ability to fight back against disperse oppression law
like we have been. You know, banking, on willing these two. You estimate seeds, and one of those reasons is because we need to have a federal voting rights ACT that can act as a safeguard against some of the things that we are seeing in the state legislature. And specifically the pre clearance provision. I have seen that that would be restored and protect some of the things that are going to get past in the state of Georgia by age or wine also dies a lot of things that we been proactively trying to do in the state of Georgia, such as same day, voter registration such as codified, the ability to use secure drop boxes to use absentee valets with knowing, excuses, so it is extremely critical that Congress passes HR wine, because what we're looking at in their state of Georgia with US omnibus bill is I'm being that is going to have a devastating impact impact on voter turnout in the state of Georgia. But all
No, it is taking us back to a time in which people, having to fight for the right to vote again- and I think some send it back when they said this is Jim Crow in a suit. It is Jim Crow in a suit, and when we about the history of this country, it was founded on the premise that the only people who could vote were white men who own land and if we think about what is happening Now- and it looks like this Those restrictions are going back to a place where I'm Republicans, I believe, and the severe limitations of who should be allowed to vote. It's gone. As far as a Republican women who served in the legislature a couple years ago, suggesting that there, ought to be an education level associated with the ability to vote basic illiteracy test
and so it is where, in a really dangerous place, as we begin to see that voters of color are the Lessing and building these broad based coalitions so that we can see policies that change our lives in a meaningful apposite. way, and so I think you know we're in a really dangerous place and the state of Georgia. We need Congress to act and to act swiftly, because these election laws are not related to voting in elections, but it will fundamentally change so many things and our state. And then we have redistricting up as well and some of those things pertaining to redistricting are also covered in bed- the eight hour wine and the companion bill well we're going to really feel buzzer gotta passes bills.
they went. Thank you so much for you in the shower. Thanks for your doing to raise awareness about this and to fight back on these voters, oppression efforts, it is, it is ugly stuff, and we really appreciate your ear. Things it s. Thanks for having me on things for all I'll do banks to representative be when for joining us today, and we will talk together, Pod save America is a crooked media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. Our associate producer is Jordan Waller, its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick Kyle. what is our sounded year, thanks to turn you so mediator, Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline rest in adjusting how for production, support into our digital team, Elijah Comb, normal Conan, yell Freed and my lookin film and upload. These episodes is videos every week
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